2021-2022 PAA Annual Report

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Advocate for psychology’s unique value

The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) is the voice of, and for, psychology in Alberta..

PAA is the voluntary body that: Advocates for psychology in Alberta. Informs the public & the media. Advocates for consumers of psychotherapy, psychological, & mental health services.

2022 Psychology Month

Enhance the development of psychologists across the career lifespan

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As a PAA member, you build on the strength of our profession in Alberta. Our core values of access, inclusion, collaboration, leadership, and psychological health are shared. Together, they are realized. And we collaborate with every psychology professional association in North America to maximize those benefits for us all.

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We support many initiatives that seek to enhance psychological health & wellness in our province by: Having an active communications strategy. Operating a province wide referral service. Providing professional development, and networking opportunities for our members.

Promote the psychological health of all Albertans


This report is one of reflection on our 01 April 2021 to 2022 year, celebrating successes in our targets to advocate for psychology’s unique value, promote the psychological health of all Albertans, enhance the development of psychologists across the career lifespan, focus on PAA’s membership value, and ensure financial sustainability.

Focus on PAA’s membership value

Table of Contents 2020-2025 Strategic Plan


PAA gives you a voice at the table where it matters most • CMHA Alberta • Alberta Workplace Wellness Network • Alberta Women’s Health Leadership Council • Alberta Palliative Care Competencies & Education Project • Health Coalition of Alberta and AMHAC/psychiatry PROVINCIAL ADVOCACY GROUPS • The Canadian Psychological Association • The Council of Professional Associations of Psychology of Canada • The American Psychological Association • AHS Psychology Professional Practice Council PSYCHOLOGY GROUPS • The Alberta Pain Network • APS Working Group on Chronic Pain • AHS Addiction & Mental Health Strategic Clinical Network • AHS Addiction & Mental Health Research Hub • Collaboration with the other Health Professions Act Associations • Family collaborativePhysiciansnetwork for pain & addiction HEALTH GROUPS • Alberta Region Parole Board • CMHA Rural Mental Health Project • CMHA Depression Advisory Council • Edmonton/Calgary Community Mental Health Action Committees • Family Violence Community Initiatives Project • Blue Quills University addiction and mental health program TARGETED RESPONSE GROUPS AVOCATE FOR PSYCHOLOGY’S UNIQUE VALUE

APA Division 31 Representative Nicki Wilson

APA Council of Representative Dr. Lana Hawkins

Contributors: Dr. Judi Malone, Dr. Ganz Ferrance, Dr. Denise Larsen, Dr. Linda Hancock, Dr. Brent Macdonald, Ms. Connie Leclair, Dr. Jody Carrington, Ms. Baljinder Sull, Dr. Angela Grace, Dr. Laura Hambley, Aimee Reimer, Nina Hornjatkevyc, Dr. Jeff Chang, and Dr. Marjorie Mayer. Dr. Candace Konnert, Dr. Nicole Racine, Tara Boothby, Dr. Pauleen Kamps, Dr. Janet Miller, Dr. Mitch Colp, Dr. Kerry Bernes, Katie Birnie, Dr. Marjorie Mayer, Jenny Peetoom, Dr. Carmen Dodsworth, Dr. Cory Hrushka, Dr. Christina Rinaldi, Larissa Predy, Devyn Rorem, Michelle Buckle, Dr. Gina Ko, Dr. Jon Amundson, Mark Korthuis, Dr. Caroline Buzanko & Katrina Hewton, and many others who continue to speak about psychological topics in the media. PODCASTS RADIO Interviews NEWS Interviews OTHER


83 8 COLUMNS 22

Psychology in the Media

Psychology Shaping Landscape

Appearances of PAA members on various media platforms

Advocacy efforts continued beyond pandemic leadership informing the Alberta Pain Strategy, family violence, gender based violence, women’s health, addiction and mental health, rural mental health, trauma informed care, nursing wellness, health equity, depression, ending conversion therapy, and always for increasing access.

Psymposium Editor Dr. Michelle Vandegriend Disaster Response Network Coordinator Dr. Judy Moench National Committee on Psychologist Wellness of ACPRO & CPAP Tatiana Lund

APA Rural Health Coordinator Representative Robert McGarva

PAA Representatives and Editors



CESPPA Representative for Alberta Dr. Judi Malone

Dr. Erica Dunn Clinical Supervision Award

Laura Flanigan Doctoral Research Award

Megan Cowie Masters’ Research Award


Dr. Erik Wikman 2021 Psychologist of the Year Award

Patricia Pedraza Cruz Community Service Award

Carmen Tessier Undergraduate Research Award

Dr. Lia Daniels Excellence in Teaching Award

Bonnie Rude Weisman Pettifor Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Michael Stolte (chair), Dr. Trevor Josephson, Eileen Noel, Dr. Jose Domene, Tracy De Boer & Andrew Luceno. Board Liaison Dr. Jacqui Linder

PAA CAP Joint Task Force TRC & Alberta Psychology

This task force has completed a broad scan of the literature to identify existing practice guidelines for addressing racism in the practice of psychology. Additionally, an environmental scan was conducted specific to related educational and treatment resources. There was also an opportunity to align with related efforts from the American Psychological Association’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office. A final report is being prepared for the PAA Board of Directors in addition to resources for PAA members.

PAA 2021 Awards & Welcome to the Profession Celebration was hosted online. Your Awards Adjudication Committee adjudicated 22 nominations for 9 PAA Awards and collected 9 Best Poster Award Submissions. This committee meets twice yearly to: a) review existing award nomination forms and criteria and recommend changes to the Board as required; b) review award nominations and select the recipients of the awards, and c) review and address other issues related to awards.

Dr. Judi Malone, Dr. Richard Spelliscy, Wilma Spearchief, Loretta McConnell, Meaghan Farquharson, Janice Minoose, Dr. Karlee Fellner, Dr. Deena Martin

Mentorship Task Force

The purpose of the Alberta TRC Taskforce is to review the Canadian Psychological Association’s Task Force Report, “Psychology’s Response to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Report” within the context of psychology in Alberta. This group has worked collaboratively since 2018 and is currently finalizing their contributions to our profession. This 8 member group includes 5 Indigenous psychologists in practice and have established a core strategy, began consultation with regional Elders, and piloted a grant based training program for leaders. Tangible outcomes to date include PAA’s educational resources and formal advocacy with Indigenous Services Canada as well as CAP’s related Practice Standard and Guidelines, LEAP question, and required annual continuing professional development. Final initiatives will include developing Indigenous leader resources and a provincial Indigenous Psychology collective.

Task Force Reports

Technology in Practice Task Force

Awards Adjudication Committee

Racism in Alberta Psychology Task Force

Mateo Huezo (co chair), Caryn Tong (co chair), Chelsea Hobbs, Asma Al Sakaf, Nathan Foerger, & Noreen Sibanda, Board Liaison Carmen Bellows

Dr. Judi Malone (chair), Kerry Mothersill, Dr. Erik Wikman, Dr. Lynda Phillips, Dr. Jessica Van Vliet, Sally MacLean

Katie Bradley, Patricia Cruz, Dr. Helena Dayal, Heather Gower, Jessica Heil, Chelsea Hobbs, Nathalie Mercier, Dr. Terilyn Pott, Julia Russell, Vanessa Siso, April Salciano, Board Liaison Tamara Stuart

This was a significant year for the Mentorship Task Force (MTF), as we accomplished our objectives and wrapped up our work in April 2022. Over the last three years, the MTF has worked diligently on developing and implementing a mentorship program for PAA members and reached some significant milestones. We started the year off with a win when we advocated for the purchase of mentorship matching software, which was accepted by the board. Over the next few months, the task force designed the matching process and engaged in testing and refinement of the Memberssoftware.should anticipate over the next few months receiving further information regarding the launch of the mentorship program, and all of us on the MTF encourage you to sign up as a mentor, as a mentee, or both! We strongly believe that this program will strengthen our community and benefit all psychologists, at every career stage.

The Task Force continues to focus on its mandate by the PAA, meeting approximately every 6 weeks to discuss and make recommendations on how to use technology in effective, efficient, and ethical ways within the practice of psychology. Past year highlights include the recruitment of two more members; attending a webinar by Psious (a virtual reality company out of the U.K.); discussing telehealth training and options in Canada; identifying email security options to maximize benefit and minimize risks; identifying how and why we choose certain technologies; and meeting with Dr. Jonathan Perle a researcher in the field of telehealth from the United States. Numerous articles were also written for Psymposium. If there is enough energy, the TiP Task Force may do a follow survey in the Fall of 2022 to better inform telehealth options for psychologists that many Alberta psychologists have more experience with this practice option.

Psychological health promotion efforts continued beyond pandemic leadership. We are grateful for the hundreds of member volunteers for their commitment to the PAA Disaster Response Network, presented at career fairs and public sessions, and worked with the media to enhance psychological literacy. And we are delighted that our social media presence continues to expand.

PAA Infographics/ Posters/ Videos


Our online referral tool keeps growing in popularity! And PAA is exploring ways to make this service even better. The numbers of daily searches exceeded last year’s total of searches by 1,468. The service is frequently accessed by clients, community groups, and media. We advertise this service tool in town halls, on HUTV, via 211, our website, videos, on all PAA promotional material, social media, and at PAA continuing professional development events. We want to thank all the members who are part of the referral service and continue to contribute to this valuable resource. Issues,

Stress, & Assessment issues.

Throughout the month, PAA celebrated Psychology Month virtually.

24,889 Website searches 95 searches a day 33% searches were Anxiety, Depression, & Adult ADHD 15% Covered Trauma, Relationship

PAA Referral Service

Province Wide Town Hall

February IS Psychology Month!

The Psychological Services Fund and the Amina Beecroft Endowment Fund were established in 2005 with the purpose of subsidizing psychological services for Albertan who could not otherwise afford such services. The Psychological Services Fund is a partnership between PAA, the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Calgary Foundation, and the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Alberta Division.

CMHA disbursed $12,469 to thirteen Alberta psychologists for services provided. Funds are expected to be $13,969 starting in October 2023.

Psychological Services Fund


Practice Advisor Program

Our accredited continuing professional development continued to evolve with a range of learning styles and opportunities realized. We targeted assessments, addiction, vaccine decision making, EPPP preparation, private practice operations, eating disorders, emotional support animals, psychedelics, active living, anxiety, and clinical supervision. This year we contributed further to this by launching professional ethics round tables and communities of practice from our career development division.


online platform. Each Community of Practice is geared toward a specific area of practice and includes Assessment, Clinical/ Counselling, Indigenizing Psychology, Private Practice, Public Education & Workplace Wellness, Rural & Northern Psychology, School Psychology, Social Justice, Equity & Diversity, Supervision, and Teaching.

Our top three Practice Advisor request topics for 2021 were, in order, Release of Information, Private Practice, and Other. Requests in the ‘Other’ category include complex family issues, supervision, and regulatoryquestions.

Thank you to our volunteer Practice Advisors for their significant contribution to the PAA!

The PAA Professional Ethics Round Tables are a new peer support program intended to enhance ethical professional practice and decision making. We held six sessions in 2021 2022; topics included Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Supervision, Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality & Consent, Professional Competency, Rural & Small Communities of Practice, and Provision of Supportable Services.


Professional Ethics Round Tables

(CoP sizes relative to each other)

PAA’s award winning Practice Advisor Program provides our Full and Life members with free, confidential advice regarding professional practice and/or ethical issues. These experienced experts voluntarily provided information and guidance to a colleague in a difficult situation by responding to over 215 requests in 2021.

Affinity partners 24 Infographics Task Forces and 7 Staff and 5 Interns noisulcnI daeL e pihsrPsychologicalCollaborationHealth 10 ofCommunitiesPractice 9 Online PresentationsPoster 3 PAA science fair recognitions

All members have discounted professional liability, home/auto, & office insurance rates, and discounted rates for goods and services. Full members also have access to practice advisors and the referral service.

Provisional with Referral

Member 1486



We advocate for psychology & its consumers, defend scope of practice, enhance psychologists’ opportunities, and informthe public & media.

Advocate, learn, enjoy benefits, contribute, seek practice advice, and market your practice. Membership in your professional association means you have a role in shaping issues that matter, accessing quality CPD learning, getting group discounts, making your mark, joining your peers, seeking practice advice, and promoting private practice.


The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the Council of Professional Associations of Psychology (CPAP) co own the member funded BMS Liability Insurance Plan ensuring that our members get the best possible rates on the most comprehensive psychology liability insurance. As co owners (PAA is a member of CPAP) we administer this programto the benefit of our members

Referral 74 Life Member 176

Early Career with


Member Benefits

We connect, understand, & support psychologists, students, and affiliates.


member with Referral 223


Career 760

Out of




Life Member with Referral

Professional Development


We offer discounted, accredited, & responsive CPD opportunities, & annual awards & recognition.

The past fiscal year PAA provide online webinars and events. The online delivery of CPD events was widely popular and PAA observed a large growth in the attendance of webinars. Online platforms have the advantage of reaching a larger population and having the ability to accommodate more attendees than in person workshops. The most popular webinar was “General Assessments for Counselling Psychologists” by Jamie Dyce, Ph.D. The most popular primer was “Trauma & PTSD in First Responder Populations” by Dr. Meghan McElheran. The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) is approved by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) to offer Continuing Education (CE) for psychologists.


We publish Psymposium, e newsletters, & offer discounted advertising to members; are active on social media; & provide opportunities to network, get involved, & shape the profession

Professional Identity

Continuing Professional Development


I am honored and delighted to serve as the President of the PAA for 2022 23. It has been a privilege to sit alongside Nicki Wilson on the Executive Committee for the past two years. Nicki has been a thoughtful and unwavering leader. I am grateful that she will continue to support the Board and Executive in her new role as Past President. This year, I am proud to sit with President Elect, Heather Gower and Treasurer, April Salciano.I

On behalf of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Judi Malone, CEO, and her dedicated staff at the PAA. Over the past two years, Judi and her team have worked tirelessly to ensure our members have had timely access to critical information and resources. They have pivoted to provide valuable professional development events and found innovative ways to bring our members together across the province through virtual town halls, PAA Connect meetings, and the PAA Collaborate platform. Their work has allowed us to stay connected, engaged, and informed during a period of potential disconnection and isolation. I am grateful for all that they’ve ’s Note

Out Going May 22 Tamara Stuart

Heather Gower

Dr Sally MacLean

Member at large


Member at large

d also like to welcome Mira Singh as our newest Director at Large and Board Custodian and thank Tamara Stuart, our outgoing Treasurer. She also served as the early career representative and chaired the Mentorship Taskforce during her time on the board.

I look forward to spending the next year carrying out the mission, vision, and goals of the PAA.

Board Custodian

Vanessa Siso


Dr Jacqui Linder

Tammie Austin Member at large

PAA Board

In Coming May 22

President Elect Nicki Wilson Past President April Salciano Treasurer RepresentativeProvisional& Dr Sandra Dixon Early RepresentativeCareer

Treasurer Mira Singh

Your President, Claire Petersen Registered Psychologist (AB)

In accordance with our bylaws, Mahon + Associates Chartered Professional Accountants served as the auditor. On the Board’s behalf, I take this opportunity to thank them for their outstanding service. I’d also like to express my thanks to all PAA staff, board members, and key contributors for their prudent and responsible approach in managing our budget and financial resources.

Total Liability $ 749,989.00

Internally restricted $ 80,508.00

Invested in capital assets $ 69,232.00

$ 1,684,335.00

Excess of revenues over expenses $ 56,924.00

PAA Staff

PAA’s strong financial status provides a solid foundation upon which we can collectively address the various opportunities that arise through our association over the next fiscal year. Importantly, the Board will work to determine how to best invest surplus funds to benefit PAA members. As treasurer, balancing member services and the long term sustainabilityof the association remain high financial priorities.

Excess of Revenues over Expenses $ 56,924.00

Net Assets end of year $ 1,029,788.00

Jessica Dubauskas Career

Wages payable $ 7,447.00



I am pleased to report to PAA membership on the financial status of the association for the 2021 2022 fiscal year. PAA’s audited financial statements for the fiscal year April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 ended with a surplus of over $56,000. Accordingly, the association’s net assets increased from $972,864 to $1,029,788. Notably, PAA experienced increased revenue from membership growth (+9.5%), workshops (+75%), referral service (+47%), and website advertising (+74%).




Treasurer’s Note

Statement of Operation

Dr. Judi L Malone

Financial statements can be accessed by request. For more information, contact the PAA Youroffice.Treasurer,

April Salciano, MPsy Registered Provisional Psychologist (AB)

Goods and services tax payable $ 3,516.00

Ada GovernanceNieminenOfficer


Prepaid expenses $ 18,996.00 $ 1,703,331.00



AccountsCURRENTpayable & accrued liabilities $ 42,655.00

Unrestricted $ 880,048.00

increases (over 20%), targeted affinity partnerships, diversification in revenue, and temporary decreases in operating costs provided us with significant financial sustainability to reinvest strategically to the benefit of members.


Deferred revenue $ 696,371.00

Total Net Assets $ 1,029,788.00

Kim CommunicationsBernardOfficer

CAPITAL ASSETS $ 69,232.00

Expenses $ (866,631.00)

Statement of Changes in Net Assets

Revenues $ 923,555.00

Total Liability & Net Assets $ 1,779,777.00

Net Assets Beginning of year $ 972,864.00



Total Assets $ 1,779,777.00

PAA MISSION is to advance the science based profession of psychology and to promote the well being and potential of all Albertans.


Please do join me in thanking our stellar group of volunteers, volunteer leaders, and staff. Our commitment is one of continued growth and development to benefit our profession and all Albertans. Together we (all members) are the PAA!

In Closing

This has been a year of growth, challenge, change, and reward. That has inspired us to move forward and set ambitious goals. After all, we are leaders in health!

Special Projects 2021-2022

Pandemic safety and leadership remained our primary objective again for this year, but we also remained actively engaged in advocacy initiatives. In the past year, these special projects targeted Indian Residential Schools mass grave findings and our TRC responsibilities and included land based mental health leadership for Indigenous psychologists and psychologists in training.

Dr Judi L Malone PAA CEO R. Psychologist (AB/AUS)

PAA VISION is that PAA & its members are recognized leaders in enhancing the psychological health of all Albertans.

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