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Strategic Plan 2018-2023

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.� Proverbs 16:3

Who we are

President Matt Proctor

Ozark Christian College recently turned 75, and with age can come a fading memory. There’s an old preacher joke of an elderly couple driving to meet friends for the evening. “Honey, you try to remember where we’re going,” said the wife, “and I’ll try to remember where we are.” At OCC, we still remember who we are: a Bible college. • We still train men and women for Christian service, with 90% of graduates heading into some kind of ministry. • We still teach God’s Word, requiring 50 hours of Bible classes. • We still remain centered on Christ—as Academic Dean Doug Aldridge calls us, “a Jesus school.” I’ve described what we do using the acronymn BRAND—a Biblical, Relational, Affordable, National, Doable education. We teach God’s Word in a Christ-centered community for an affordable price at a doable pace, and we want to do it so well that we are nationally known. That’s our brand. In our 75 years, we’ve faced a crisis or two, but we’ve never had an identity crisis. We know who we are.

The OCC chapel was built in 1965 and expanded in 2017.

Where we’re going While our mission doesn’t change, our strategies do. G.K. Chesterton said, “If you leave a white fence post alone, it will soon be a black post. If you want it to be white, you must always be painting it again. If you want the old white post, you must have a new white post.” For Ozark to remain a thriving ministry training college, we cannot “leave it alone.” We must always find new methods, “always be painting it again.” So we think prayerfully, boldly, strategically about future plans (Is 32:8). We plan in five-year increments, and each strategic plan includes a handful of initiatives on which we focus our time and resources. By God’s grace, we’ve reached most of our goals. (See the back page report on our last five-year strategic plan.) We’re sharing our current five-year plan (2018-2023) to invite your partnership: in prayer. Pray we do not run ahead of or lag behind the Lord’s leading (Prov 3:5-6). in promotion. Share with others the good work God is doing here (1 Thess 1:8). in provision. Support the next generation of kingdom leaders financially (3 John 1:8).

2018-2023 Strategic Plan Increase Enrollment

CO-Chairs: Bob Witte and Damien Spikereit

• Implement strategic recruitment plan, including department restructure • Develop student success plan to improve retention • Revise scholarship program for improved recruitment and retention

Expand Resource Base Chair: Sergio Rizo

• Create advancement advisory group • Develop clear communication strategy for Endowed Scholarship Fund • Create major gifts strategy

Launch Graduate Program Chair: Shane Wood

• Present curriculum for graduate program for ABHE and HLC approval • Implement graduate program marketing plan • Recruit first group of graduate students

Modernize Campus Facilities Chair: Damien Spikereit

• Create Campus Master Plan, including ADA compliance and dorm renovations • Improve IT infastructure in classrooms and offices • Improve campus recreational spaces

Promote College Through Targeted Initiatives Chair: Jim Dalrymple

• Implement comprehensive marketing strategy • Leverage the NextLevel Program • Promote faculty service for coordinated opportunities

2012-2017 Strategic Plan Emphasize Personal Holiness Hired Randy and Julie Gariss in July 2016 to lead Life and Ministry Preparation Center (LAMP) with pastoral counseling for students Developed Authentic Human Sexuality class to teach biblical approach to sexuality

Explore Regional Accreditation Applied for regional accreditation with Higher Learning Commission in 2014 Achieved candidacy with Higher Learning Commission in November 2016 Maintained national accreditation with Association for Biblical Higher Education

Enhance Campus Diversity Increased main campus students ethnic diversity from 11% to 16% Increased faculty/administrator diversity by 5% Hired Matthew McBirth in July 2016 to direct Diversity Department

Encourage Church Connections Launched NextLevel Online in 2016, used by 800 churches and thousands of individuals in all 50 states and 35 countries Expanded job placement and career counseling services in Idleman Ministry Center

Expand Online Learning Named Shawn Lindsay Associate Dean of Online Learning in 2012 Launched online Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies in August 2015 Enrolled 81 online students, with 15 online graduates since 2015

For more information on partnership opportunities, please contact: Sergio Rizo 417.626.1218 rizo.sergio@occ.edu occ.edu/donate | occ.edu/legacy | occ.edu/thedifference

Profile for Ozark Christian College

OCC Strategic Plan 2018-2023  

A look at OCC's upcoming strategic initatives

OCC Strategic Plan 2018-2023  

A look at OCC's upcoming strategic initatives