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International Fundraising Director

November 2023

International Fundraising Director © Michaela Skovranova / Greenpeace

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Welcome to Greenpeace International Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning network, which uses peaceful, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and develop solutions for a green and peaceful future. Our vision is for a greener, fairer, safer planet; one that can sustain life for generations to come. We cannot build this future alone, but we can build it together. If you are passionate about defending our natural world and creating positive change, then we want to hear from you. The heart of Greenpeace has always been its people. Whether you are working in Campaigns, Communications, Engagement, Logistics, Fundraising, Legal, IT/Data, Finance, People & Culture, or Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, we all have an important role to play. Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. It needs you.

International Fundraising Director


Letter from our IED A note of thanks from the International Executive Director of Greenpeace, Mads Christensen Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. A green and peaceful future is our quest, which began in 1971 when a small group of activists set sail to the Amchitka island off Alaska to try and stop a US nuclear weapons test. The money for the mission was raised with a concert, and their old fishing boat was called “The Greenpeace”. Since then, Greenpeace has grown into a global network of organisations. Today, we have a presence in over 55 countries, made possible by its 100 million supporters and grassroots allies. Greenpeace has always been part of a movement of people willing to put their hope into action to create a better future for us all. It is that hope in action that we need in great measure to address the catastrophic challenges of the climate and biodiversity emergency. Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Safety are more than just words for us. They are more than aspirations: they are the path to a greener, fairer, safer world. They are principles that guide us in everything Greenpeace does, including how we build our teams and cultivate leaders. We understand the benefits of a diverse workforce that is reflective of the diversity of the global community Greenpeace serves and of the wider movement. As an organisation we must continue to focus on flipping the balance of power away from private profit and influence, to public and planetary health and wealth. We must continue to build counter power. Will you join us?

International Fundraising Director

The role and its priorities

Join us

We are looking for an International Fundraising Director to join and work alongside our Strategic Management Team. Responsibilities include leading a newly created International Fundraising Department, ensuring a strengthened focus on our income-related challenges at the global level, and working in partnership with National and Regional Organisations (NROs).

The heart of Greenpeace has always been its people. No matter what your role is, we all have an important role to play. We plan to become a leader in building and supporting a workforce that more accurately reflects the diversity of the global community Greenpeace serves as well as the values the organisation has. We really welcome applications from people who come from marginalised and less well represented backgrounds. As part of the onboarding process, we will support the new International Fundraising Director to ensure they have the tools needed to thrive in the role. In this decisive decade, will you join us as our International Fundraising Director, to support us in leading in the fight and victory in the biggest battle humanity has ever faced? We hope so. We look forward to receiving your application soon.

In this role, the International Fundraising Director will oversee a department of talented fundraising specialists, contribute to and coordinate global marketing, and provide senior strategic guidance and leadership to the global network. The International Fundraising Director will be accountable for further developing, monitoring and delivery of the Global Fundraising Strategy, as well as maximising the fundraising possibilities of the potential construction of a new Greenpeace ship. The International Fundraising Director will also play a key role chairing the Global Growth Committee and the Fundraising Investment Fund, and for convening the Fundraising Directors community. Thought leadership and excellent people skills, to support the global Greenpeace Network to tackle acquisition and retention issues long term, are fundamental.

Mads Christensen International Executive Director, Greenpeace International


© Muhammad Adimaja / Greenpeace

About Greenpeace Our Mission Our goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity. That means we want to: • Protect biodiversity in all its forms. • Prevent pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air and freshwater. • End all nuclear threats. • Promote peace, global disarmament and non-violence.

Our Structure Greenpeace is a global campaigning network. It comprises 25 independent national/regional organisations (NROs), and a coordinating organisation, Greenpeace International. Please see the map here for our presence in over 55 countries across Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. Greenpeace International’s role within the Greenpeace network includes the following: • Facilitating the setting of the long-term global campaign strategy (The Framework). • Creating a tight strategy for the global network, so that NROs can implement campaigns, and then providing the evaluation of such campaigns. • Supporting the campaigns carried out by NROs to make sure they are consistent with and contribute to the global campaign programme. • Operating the Greenpeace fleet. • Monitoring NROs’ strategic and financial performance. • Developing Greenpeace presences in new priority regions. • Providing fundraising, HR, training, scientific and legal support to NROs. • Managing and protecting the Greenpeace trademark. • Providing cost-effective IT/web support to NROs.

International Fundraising Director

Greenpeace International employs approximately 350 land-based staff (residing in 39 countries), plus approximately 100 ships’ crew members (residing in 34 countries). Greenpeace International is the registered name of Stichting Greenpeace Council, a foundation (stichting) incorporated in the Netherlands, with its office address in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our Values Greenpeace’s work is based on a number of principles. They are reflected in all our campaigns, and they guide whatever we do, wherever we do it. • Personal responsibility and nonviolence. We take action based on conscience. This means we are accountable for our actions and take personal responsibility. We are committed to peacefulness; everyone on a Greenpeace action is trained in nonviolence. • Independence. We do not accept money from governments, corporations or political parties. Individual contributions, together with grants from foundations, are the only source of our funding. • Greenpeace has no permanent friends or foes. If your government or company is willing to change, we will work with you to achieve your aims. Reverse course, and we will be back. What matters isn’t words, but actions. • Promoting solutions. It’s not enough for us to point the finger; we develop, research and promote concrete steps towards a green and peaceful future for all of us. Read more about working for Greenpeace here.


© Lorenzo Moscia / Greenpeace

The Role Role International Fundraising Director

Location The successful candidate may be based in a country where one of the independent National/Regional Greenpeace organisations (NROs) is located. See the locations here and be advised NROs may have hybrid work policies. [Please note that we are currently unable to host new staff in a number of NROs at this present time, due to various restrictions. We are unable to support hosting new staff in the US, in addition to some other NRO locations. The recruitment team may reach out to you to provide an update as necessary, depending on your location]. Relocation may be considered for candidates in locations where hosting isn’t possible on a case-by-case basis but cannot be guaranteed. It is our preference to hire people where they may be located for this role.

Salary Competitive (compensation and benefits per location vary, therefore will be shared with successful candidates ahead of 1st stage interviews).

International Fundraising Director


© Pierre Baelen / Greenpeace

Job Summary The International Fundraising Department within GPI ensures a strengthened focus on our income-related challenges at the global level, and in partnership with NROs. The new department will manage potential global fundraising sources more effectively, contribute to and coordinate our global marketing work, provide strategic clarity of focus for fundraising specialists at GPI, and provide senior strategic guidance and leadership to the whole network.

The purpose of the job is to: • Drive the further development and implementation of an impactful Global Fundraising Strategy supporting the objectives of Greenpeace’s long-term Framework. • Ensure that all staff members of the International Fundraising Department contribute in the most effective way to the development and delivery of impactful Global Fundraising strategies. • Ensure that all resources managed by the International Fundraising Department (financial resources, expertise, people) support in the most effective way the development and delivery of impactful Global Fundraising strategies.

International Fundraising Director

• Ensure the International Fundraising Department provides guidance to income (or impact) critical National and Regional Organisations (NROs) to support the development and implementation of strategic fundraising plans in alignment with global strategy and the International Development Department, and other relevant GPI stakeholders. • Create and maintain strategic alignment between Greenpeace International’s (GPI) Fundraising Department, and all NROs in the global Greenpeace network to develop and deliver impactful Global Fundraising strategies and programmes, with a focus on income and impact critical regions. • Ensure strategic alignment with other departments across Greenpeace International (specifically Tech, Devo and Programme). The International Fundraising Director (IFRD) reports directly to the International Executive Director, and the IFRD is a member of Greenpeace International’s Strategy & Management Team (SMT).


© Mitja Kobal / Greenpeace

Responsibilities 1. Strategy Global Fundraising Strategies • To drive the further development and implementation of an impactful Global Fundraising Strategy supporting the objectives of Greenpeace’s long-term Framework, and embedding Greenpeace’s people-powered approach. • To drive the successful alignment of global Fundraising and Programme strategies in order to ensure that Greenpeace’s programme plans are data-informed and contribute to successful fundraising. • Working closely with the Technology department, to ensure the effective use of data, monitoring, evaluation and learning processes to monitor and demonstrate progress for the Global Fundraising Strategy development, implementation and monitoring. • To do so, they will collaborate with all teams and leaders in the GPI International Fundraising Department, with NRO leaders and with other functions in the organisation (e.g. Tech, DEVO, Programme, Finance). Global Fundraising Communities • To identify and lead strategic discussions and to make decisions with the Global Growth Committee and the NRO Fundraising Directors (FRDs) community to achieve a high level of shared analysis, strategic alignment and orientation, and to nurture working relationships to benefit each part of the network in delivering the agreed Global Fundraising priorities. • To prioritise the support requirements of NROs on the basis of whether they are income or impact critical to the global organisation, their relative market opportunities, and in alignment and agreement with the geo-prioritisations of other GPI departments. • To regularly assess the impact of our Global Fundraising initiatives and priorities, and discuss issues of strategic importance.

International Fundraising Director

Strategic Support to IED • To support and work together with the IED in order to provide a strategic perspective to discussions related to fundraising and the direction of the GP network in internal forums like the Global Leadership Team (GLT), the GPI Board or the Executive Directors community, especially providing Global Fundraising guidance and advice around NRO Three Year Strategic Plans.

2. Leadership • To support the IED and the other members of GPI’s Strategy and Management Team (SMT) to lead GPI in order to build a highly capable management structure and environment, and an enabling and positive culture that ensures the continuity and quality of GPI performance. The IFRD should lead by example both in their knowledge and experience but also in how they work with others.

3. Management International Fundraising Department • To lead the International Fundraising Department, and line manage the Strategic Fundraising Managers and High Value Manager in order to ensure the focus of resources and support to the delivery of successful fundraising strategies and programmes that will collectively achieve the goals of the Global Fundraising Strategy. • To oversee and support the GPI FR teams’ work with income and impact critical NROs. Provide guidance to ensure the implementation of strategic NRO support plans in alignment with the International Development Department and other relevant GPI stakeholders. • To create a supportive team culture that focuses on impact, flexibility and innovation while maintaining a permanent attention to diversity, respectful people management and staff development. To demonstrate a high standard of pastoral management for all line reports, including mentorship, guidance and support as required. The IFRD advocates for collaborative leadership models across the department. 7

© Patrick Cho / Greenpeace

Responsiblities Greenpeace International Responsibility • Together with other members of GPI’s SMT, to support the IED to ensure the effective performance of the SMT to manage, lead, enable, coach and inspire teams across GPI in order for them to reach their maximum potential and to deliver on what the global network needs from GPI. Integrated Management • To develop a collaborative working relationship with GPI’s International Programme Director, Chief Technology Officer and International Development Director to ensure a holistic, well-integrated approach across these functions in our Global Programme. • To collaborate with the International Development Director and International Finance Director to support a high standard of NRO planning for fundraising, aligned with global priorities, to ensure the stability and sustainable growth of the network, and to prevent or mitigate global financial crises.

4. Representation and external stakeholder relationships • To represent Greenpeace as a senior leader in internal and external environments. To speak on behalf of the global Greenpeace network, presenting its views and communicating information to and from non-governmental organisations, donors, supporters, the media, governments, and representatives of civil society, faith and religious leaders, representatives of trade unions and the public at large.

5. Finances • To ensure the strategic management of GPI financial resources allocated to the department so that supporters’ money is allocated efficiently and used effectively in the area of Fundraising in order to achieve the most impact in support of Greenpeace’s mission.

International Fundraising Director

• To chair the Fundraising Investment Fund (FIF) committee, to advise the group on funding proposals based on potential for growth in critical income markets, and to ensure NROs are supported with the application process for the FIF, where required. To coordinate FIF funding decisions with other global funding mechanisms to ensure a coherent approach to financial support. • To allocate the relevant budgets, including Fundraising Investment Funds (FIF), to NROs, teams and activities, consistent with agreed Global Fundraising Strategy priorities, and to ensure effective management and transparent and timely reporting of the budgets in order to optimise the distribution of funds across Greenpeace and meet internal and external obligations.

6. International organisation As part of and together with the SMT, the IFRD shares leadership for the international organisation’s commitment to grow and be an accountable organisation. The IFRD, has the responsibility to lead and strengthen GPI in order to build a highly capable management structure and enabling environment with both excellent functional qualities and effective people to ensure the continuity and quality of GPI performances. The IFRD should demonstrate a commitment to practise, support and be an advocate for: • Accountability and ownership; • Trust; • Transparency; • Collaboration; • Participative decision making; • A safe space, where people are treated equitably, have a meaningful role, and a good work-life balance, and their skills, expertise and performance are valued and recognised; • Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Safety; • Greenpeace’s Core values.


© Boy T Harjanto / Greenpeace

Candidate Profile Domain expertise • A demonstrable understanding at the highest level of fundraising issues and how they relate to the work of a people-powered campaigning organisation; • A deep understanding of the broader social change and environmental movement and the challenges in different contexts that we face; • An intimate and experienced understanding of fundraising strategies design and implementation in a global context; • An extensive expertise in financial management in complex, global working environments.

Skills and qualifications • Strategic thinking and an ability to translate strategy into organisational output; • Significant (10 years +) experience in a senior strategic fundraising role, of which a minimum 5 years at Director or equivalent level. • Track record of leading the design and implementation of impactful fundraising strategies at a global scale. • Track record of delivering ambitious public/supporter engagement strategies, and a deep understanding of multiple engagement techniques. • Track record of contributing to successful change management processes. • Significant experience of systemic and strategic thinking. • Significant experience of designing and working with JEDIS principles. • Significant experience in communicating complex concepts in a simple and empowering manner; both written and verbal. • Significant experience working in multicultural environments with staff, across different geographies and timezones. • Exceptional strategic, influencing, negotiation, communication and facilitation skills. • Experience with collaborative management.

International Fundraising Director

• Experience with bringing together people with a wide diversity of views. • Experience in developing and delivering cross-functional strategies. • Experience in operating strategically in fast changing environments.

Competencies (as per the 5 E’s Leadership Framework) • Identification with Greenpeace goals and supports its values: Understanding of and commitment to Greenpeace’s core values and a passion for delivering Greenpeace’s mission. • Energy: You act with integrity because you uphold agreements, keep your word and ‘walk the talk’ even when it’s not easy. You are trustful, trustworthy, and you know what you stand for. • Energize: You co-act with, and empower others by giving them space, attention, and freedom they need to perform in their roles. You are also able to embrace diversity because diversity describes your workforce; inclusiveness is its culture and makes it possible for everyone to contribute. • Edge: You manage complex issues, can see the big picture and emphasize the primacy of the whole because you have the ability to switch between perspectives, scales and cultures to see the interconnections within the system. You can act flexibly to changing circumstances. • Expertise: You demonstrate the ability to see a situation accurately with a broad set of perspectives because you can make the right judgement calls and decisions. This means you must have a high level of understanding of the changing external context in which Greenpeace operates and the ability to make a judgement about how to respond. • Execute: You demonstrate management qualities and the ability to take time and space to think and plan by thinking things through before acting. You accurately scope out length and difficulty of tasks and projects by breaking down the work into process steps. You also know how to delegate in an effective and efficient manner.


How to Apply We welcome everyone to apply for our positions. We understand that some candidates hesitate to apply unless they meet 100% of the criteria. However, we strongly encourage you to apply if you meet some of the key criteria for our roles. We’d love to know how your unique experience can bring value to our team. We believe in people power and having representation from many different communities to effect change. All correspondence, at this stage, should be via Oxford HR. To apply for this post, click on the “Apply” button on the job advert page, complete our online application form, and submit your CV and cover letter as two different documents, which should be prepared before applying as they will be considered in the application process. In the Cover Letter we ask you to address key criteria for the job, beyond your overall motivation to apply and suitability for the position. We therefore ask you to address the following questions in the Cover Letter: 1. Please tell us about your experience in leading global fundraising strategies, including the design and implementation, in a people-powered campaigning organisation. In particular, please share any examples that illustrate your depth of understanding and experience of fundraising issues in this context. (max 400 words) 2. Could you tell us about the public/supporter engagement strategies that you have contributed to developing? Please share any relevant examples showing your understanding of multiple engagement techniques (max 300 words) 3. Please tell us about your experience in developing, delivering and collaborating on cross-functional strategies in fast changing environments.

International Fundraising Director

How did you demonstrate systemic and strategic thinking? (max 300 words) 4. Please can you outline your people management and leadership experience. In particular can you tell us about a time you empowered and enabled a team to thrive in a multicultural and diverse working context. How did you achieve it and what was the result? (max 300 words)

Selection Process

The document should be saved in PDF in the following format: Your First Name-Your Last Name-Document Name-Date (mmyy) e.g., Imani-Mensah-CV112023-Greenpeace or Imani-Mensah-CoverLetter-112023-Greenpeace.

Greenpeace International is an equal opportunity employer with a longstanding commitment of providing a work environment that respects the dignity and worth of each individual. We recognise and value the benefits and strengths that diversity brings to our employees and the whole organisation and we thrive in an environment that encourages respect and trust. We do not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of age, ancestry, citizenship, colour, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic and would like to invite you to apply.

Timeline Closing Date 20th December 2023 First stage interviews TBC, please note applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and interviews might be scheduled before the closing date. Panel interviews - Round 1 Week of 15 Jan or 22 Jan (may be subject to change)

All candidates will receive an update regarding their application after the closing date. We advise candidates to add the role email to their safe senders list and regularly check their spam folder.

Equality Statement

Get in Touch If you have any queries on any aspect of the appointment process, need additional information, or would like to have an informal discussion, please email at in the first instance.

Leadership Assessments TBC Panel interviews - Round 2 Week of 29 Jan or 5 Feb (may be subject to change)


© Tommy Trenchard / Greenpeace

About Oxford HR Exceptional leaders can have exceptional impact. They can inspire change and propel social and environmental impact organisations towards reaching their world-changing goals. Finding such leaders can be a challenge; and yet their transition into leadership is vital to an organisations mission and success. At Oxford HR we understand this because we’ve worked in organisations across the breadth of the sector ourselves. We’ve also worked with such organisations since 1995; so we appreciate just what benefits impactful people can bring. This motivates us to enable organisations to recruit and support remarkable leaders – to look beyond the obvious choices and find leaders with refreshing perspectives grounded in solid skills and experience. Leaders who can navigate challenging times and intimidating transitions. Leaders who can make a difference in our journey towards an inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. Not only do we appoint and support these leaders, but we also work with our clients in partnership to bridge the gaps in leadership and to strengthen their culture of cohesion and collaboration. • • • • •

International Fundraising Director

More than 300 assignments in 2022 52% of our longlisted candidates are women 61% of our longlisted candidates are non-EU/UK/US/CAN/AUS/NZ 50% of clients worked with in 2022 were repeat business 50% of clients worked with in 2022 were new clients








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