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£4.95 | August 2013 | Issue 108


Rising Force What does the future hold for Britain’s new sprint king?


• Eve Johnson Houghton on finances and famous fathers • TBA Awards: British breeding’s biggest celebration • Exclusive preview of the European yearling sales


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“Based on foals seen this year, I think Pour Moi will have a great foal sale this year. I have two resident foals who are quite simply the best I have had since Authorized” Ted Voute, International Thoroughbred, May/June 2013


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Vincent O’Brien

“He’s a great horse with great acceleration. The speed he has is exceptional” André Fabre

A brilliant, ❝ brilliant horse

Willie Carson, BBC on Derby Day

Brilliant Epsom Derby winner by MONTJEU

Contact: Coolmore Stud, Fethard, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Christy Grassick, David O’Loughlin, Eddie Fitzpatrick, Tim Corballis, Maurice Moloney, Gerry Aherne, Mathieu Legars or Jason Walsh Tel: 353-52-6131298. Fax: 353-52-6131382. Tom Gaffney, David Magnier, Joe Hernon or Cathal Murphy 353-25-31966/31689. Kevin Buckley (UK Rep.) 44-7827-795156. E-mail: Web site: All stallions nominated to EBF.

13 SWs / 32 SHs

#1 Sire of Stakes Winners Worldwide Sire of 3 G1 Winners in 2013 The Definition of World Class.

6915 Harrodsburg Road | Nicholasville, KY 40356 Phone: (859) 887-3200 | Fax: (859) 885-2666 | Also Standing Talent Search LGB, LLC 2013 / Photo: Joy Gilbert *Statistics through July 17, 2013

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Rising Force What does the future hold for Britain’s new sprint king?


• Eve Johnson Houghton on finances and famous fathers • TBA Awards: British breeding’s biggest celebration • Exclusive preview of the European yearling sales


nnual general meetings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, yet for anyone concerned about the future health of our sport, this year’s ROA and TBA gatherings made for intriguing viewing. We know that racehorse owners in Britain get a rough deal when it comes to prize-money, especially compared to our friends across the Channel, but, as we’re often told, most of the them couldn’t care less about purse sizes, could they? They’re in it for the fun, the thrill, the spectacle… Actually, that’s a load of tosh, because nobody, from the sole owner with his own stable to the single-horse syndicate member, wants to come away from a day at the races feeling humiliated – and that’s after victory. Dr Jim Hay, with wife Fitriani, is a huge investor in British racing and breeding, valuing his bloodstock empire at over £20 million and counting a Gold Cup at Ascot among his triumphs. He’s clearly not short of a bob or two, so when a man like Dr Hay stands up to bemoan the level of prize-money in Britain, as he did at June’s ROA AGM, the powers that be really ought to sit up and take note. We certainly did. Dr Hay expands on his disillusion with the UK racing model, particularly a dismal average cost recovery figure of 21%, in an exclusive interview with Richard Griffiths (page 64). He makes it clear that the industry cannot take owners like him for granted any longer. “Last year we had a very poor season and covered just under 15% of our training fees,” Hay says. “In our best year it was 30%, but that was with horses like Precision Break. “He ran 12 times, winning seven races, went from 59 to 93 in the handicap and won over £25,000. You can’t really do any better than that but he only just scraped past how much it cost to keep him in training! “Our recovery in the US is 117% and yet our training costs are at least a third higher than they are in the UK. Here, you can go racing and win prize-

money of £2,000 – it doesn’t even cover the costs of running.” (Eve Johnson Houghton continues the poor prizes theme in Talking To, pages 32-35). The TBA AGM in July was equally informative. Chairman Richard Lancaster reports on the fallout elsewhere in this magazine but I would like to make specific mention of comments made by BHA Chief Executive Paul Bittar, who addressed the audience. Having heard, from Lancaster, that the number of racehorse owners had declined by 1,300 since 2007 and that UK foal production had fallen by about a quarter over the same period, it would have seemed sensible for Bittar to remain open-minded regarding the number of future fixtures. However, Bittar stated that cutting fixtures was not an option because the bottom end (of the fixture list) crosssubsidises the top. He also reaffirmed his belief, aired a year ago at the ROA AGM, that if owners ran their horses once more per season, it would solve the problem of small field sizes. You don’t need a maths degree to realise that sustaining fixtures at their current level is nonsensical when the hard facts – fewer owners, breeders, foals, horses in training, even racecourses – tell you that our domestic industry is continuing to contract, regardless of top-end investment from Qatar, welcome though it is. The problem, from the BHA’s perspective, is that they are keen to entice bookmakers to commit to funding deals, like the one signed by Betfair last year, and they know that any reduction in fixtures will be looked on unfavourably by the betting industry. It appears that the BHA is prepared to accept criticism over the size of the fixture list in order to keep the bookies on side, hoping that, given improved economic conditions, owners and breeders might return to the sport or increase their investment, therefore justifying the current programme. Perhaps this strategy will work, but as we know, there are no certainties in racing.

“Why will we not

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£4.95 | August 2013 | Issue 108

Meeting of old heads is not always a meeting of minds


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Cover: Lethal Force and Adam Kirby record a resounding success in the July Cup Photo: George Selwyn


cut fixtures when every piece of data says the industry is contracting?


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ROA Leader


TBA Leader






Changes Your monthly round-up


Tony Morris


New museum gets go-ahead


Richard Edmondson Mtoto and me

COVER STORY The Big Picture Lethal Force’s July Cup


Talking To...

TBA Awards Glitz and glamour in Newmarket


Yearling sales previews Arqana, DBS and BBAG

Around The Globe Joel Rosario riding high

Remembering Guy Reed


Continental Tales Pastorius’s royal owner/breeder

Good debate at AGM

Ashbrittle Stud Birthplace of a Classic heroine

View From Ireland You can’t knock Knockcroghery

EC ruling gives hope



Sales Circuit Store sales overview


Caulfield Files War Command looks a star

104 Flashback Soba and David Nicholls

Trainer Eve Johnson Houghton Yearling colts at Ashbrittle Stud, including Harbinger’s full-brother, second left

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BLOODLINES Simply the right policy – without the fuss We are able to provide cover for: 쮿 All risks of mortality 쮿 Theft 쮿 Stallion’s congenital or permanent infertility 쮿 Broodmare barrenness 쮿 Prospective foal 쮿 Foals from 24 hours


쮿 Yearlings unsoundness of wind 쮿 Horses at grass


ROA Forum AGM review plus exclusive interview with Dr Jim Hay


TBA Forum


Flat Committee extends race sponsorship


Breeders of the Month Sir Eric Parker and Geoff Russell


Next Generation Club A chance to visit Frankel


Vet Forum Limb fractures: treatment and expectations


Racing Welfare Latest news and views




European Pattern


Group victors on the Flat

101 Global Stakes Results Winners worldwide

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100 75

“this is truly one of the strongest sales I’ve ever seen... anything with quality is selling through the roof” HIGHEST EUROPEAN FOAL PRICE IN 2013


Lot: 1023 B. Colt - Galileo/Healing Music Price: 500,000gns Consignor: The Castlebridge Consignment Purchaser: David Redvers Bloodstock

500,000gns+ mares/fillies since 2006

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Mares/Fillies selling for 500,000gns+ at principal Breeding Stock sales in GB, IRE & FRANCE


Tattersalls December Sale 2013


Enter Now

2006 - 2012 25

FOALS in 2012 9 of the top 10 foals in Europe 47 lots sold for 100,000gns or more More than double 100,000gns+ foals than the rest of Europe combined.


Reilly McDonald - Bloodstock Agent, RACING POST, 5th December 2012


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RACHEL HOOD President Racehorse Owners Association

European Commission ruling renews optimism French levy sanction could be a step towards closing our offshore loophole


acing and breeding is now a global business. Ideas are exchanged between countries determined to embrace international racing, hence the need for major jurisdictions to adopt a uniform policy on medication. These jurisdictions also share the same desire to stage a financially vibrant sport. Yet while others have taken successful measures to ensure a fair betting return from their product, we in Britain have been kicked into the long grass by government – and not for the first time. Nevertheless, recent developments at the European Commission give rise to renewed optimism that racing can be successful in its efforts to secure levy payments from offshore bookmakers. In May the EC approved a French proposal for a levy on online bets placed on French racing, irrespective of the point of consumption. Its purpose is to “improve the bloodline and promote horse breeding”, which sounds remarkably similar to the general remit of our Levy Board. The ruling’s mechanics remain sketchy, since details have yet to be published. But it appears the French succeeded where our government dares not tread as the commission accepted that improving bloodlines and promoting horse breeding amounted to a Service of General Economic Interest. The EC determined it was in the PMU and competing online operators’ interests that assistance was provided to the horseracing sector, and that, under a treaty introduced to “facilitate the development of certain economic activities”, the levy was both legitimate and free of state aid implications – the latter a concept that seems to paralyse our government from tackling the issue head-on. Interestingly, the commission also accepted that the operators’ contribution to the “cost in the common interest” of organising racing in France should be set at 5.8% of turnover. A similar ruling in respect of British racing would transform the sport’s finances overnight. The French funding model is very different to ours, of course, but this ruling provides food for thought. It is also similar to progress made in Australia, where the New

South Wales government introduced legislation obliging out-of-state operators to pay a levy of between 1.5 and 2% of turnover. This legislation is underpinned by the introduction of a bill rendering the avoidance of levy payments a criminal offence. It has focused minds to the extent that NSW horsemen, who drove the push for legislation, have benefited from payments of A$266 million since the scheme’s introduction five years ago. The threat to NSW’s racing finances from out-of-state operators was removed at a stroke by a government prepared to recognise the injustice of ‘levy avoidance’ within a rapidly-changing environment, and was prepared to legislate for it. That legislation proved sufficiently robust to withstand legal challenge in Australia’s High Court. It also ensured that owners attracted to the sport can expect healthy prize-money returns. In Britain, owners contributed £369m in costs last year but their return from prize-money was £21 for every £100 spent. In France it was £54 – that’s without the benefits of the EC ruling. With governments around the world securing payments for the provision of racing’s product from bookmakers irrespective of their location, it is not surprising British firms are so anxious to maintain the status quo. The suspicion has long been that they do very well out of it. It also allows them to retain key information on offshore turnover, making it impossible for racing to establish what its product is worth within the commercial arrangements now advocated by government. These are frustrating times. No sooner does a position arise where British racing can be optimistic, then it recedes, often for political expediency. The French have proved adept in negotiating the EC minefield. It appears they have done so again, to potentially lucrative effect. Our government recognises vast benefits would arise from taxing offshore bookmakers at the point of consumption. Our industry is both a significant employer and a substantial source of revenue. The time has come for racing and government to resolve this damaging issue as a matter of urgency.

“No sooner does a

position arise where British racing can be optimistic, then it recedes



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B BLOODSTOCK LOODSTOCK INSURANCE INSURANCE IInsurance nsurance R Renewal enewal Due Due ? N Now ow iiss tthe he ttime ime tto o cconsider onsider tthe he T TBA BA

Insure Insure your your m mares, ares, foals, foals, yearlings, yearlings, racehorses racehorses and and stallions stallions

Call tthe Call he people people you you know know T TBA BA IINSURANCE NSURANCE L LINE INE 0 0844 844 8 879 79 4 4955 955

Authorised a nd rregulated egulated b y the the F inancial Authorised and by Financial Services Authority Authority Services

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RICHARD LANCASTER Chairman Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association

AGM debate stimulates further food for thought Issues raised will continue to be addressed by your Board and Executive


his year’s Annual General Meeting stimulated some interesting debate and the questions posed by our members clearly demonstrated that they have engaged with the issues that will largely determine the long-term strategy adopted by British breeding in the years to come. It was my intention to face some hard facts in my AGM address and I remain convinced that only when the economic situation shows signs of substantial improvement can we be confident that an appetite for racehorse ownership in Europe will expand. Ironically the success of Tattersalls’ July Sales underlined the strength of the international market for horses in training with a decent rating. British form is recognised the world over and it is thanks to its clarity and reliability that these horses are capable of recouping their yearling sales price. While I doubt that the resale value is a significant factor for yearling buyers, if there is a buoyant market for horses in training it will effectively generate the funds needed for owners’ reinvestment in the yearling market, which is a positive signal for the producers. The loss of these good horses to the British racing industry and fixture list is perhaps another aspect of underfunding which BHA should examine, particularly if their answer to the shortage of runners is to encourage one more run per starter. I look forward to Paul Greeves’ presentation at the TBA Annual Seminar in which he promises to provide more statistical information to help the industry respond to the changing dynamics and we can enjoy further debate on whether the horse population should meet the fixture list or the fixture list should be more responsive to the horse population. Again the outcome of our TBA Economic Impact Study will also be hugely valuable in determining the future of the industry. A not entirely separate initiative to address field sizes

has been proposed by the BHA with a view to converting 80% of all maiden races on the Flat to novice events. While seeking to even out field size concerns and creating subsequent opportunities for those horses who win on their debut, the downside of this proposal for the breeding industry is that it will have the effect of creating fewer maiden opportunities and therefore producing many fewer maiden winners. The TBA will lobby on behalf of breeders to maintain winning opportunities. The AGM also debated the industry’s incentive schemes with some members keen to see a reduction in their number. While I can sympathise with the view that additional production costs are unwelcome, breeders’ registration fees for both schemes are now £150 minimum each. For that outlay breeders have access via BOBIS to £1.1 million in funding from the Levy Board (rising in 2013) and a scheme which has a wider scope, offers returns to owners, and uniquely breeders, trainers and stable staff. The RPYBS has a much sharper commercial focus, and has been successful in adding value to yearlings offered at sales in Britain and Ireland. There was a view that the EBF and BOBIS could possibly come together, but it is clear that while BOBIS continues to enjoy significant funding from the Levy Board, which must be targeted at support for Britishbred horses, it would require a restructure and new funding model if the BHA felt there was value to extending this beyond a domestic self-help initiative. We should reflect positively on what the schemes have achieved in terms of raising awareness of our industry and, importantly, the collaboration between the organisers to ensure that the bonus funds are used to stimulate racecourse executive contributions and improvements in the race programme – all of which must be welcomed.

“The downside of this

proposal for the breeding industry is that it will create fewer maiden opportunities



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NEWS Stories from the racing world

Guy Reed’s passing a big blow to racing Yorkshire owner/breeder enjoyed Group 1 and big handicap success during 45 years in sport




his year has been a bad one for losing stalwarts of the turf, and racing has lost another high-achiever with the passing of one of Britain’s most popular owner/breeders, Guy Reed, at the age of 91. For the past 45 years, Reed’s yellow, black and pink colours have been a familiar and popular sight in winners’ enclosures around the north – arguably most notably at his beloved York, where his homebred filly La Cucaracha captured the Group 1 Nunthorpe Stakes in August 2005, 30 years after another homebred star, Dakota, had landed a famous local triumph at the same meeting by taking the Ebor. The son of a Yorkshire farmer, Reed served in the RAF during and after the war. Once demobilised, he took to breeding chickens, becoming an agricultural tycoon thanks to his firms Buxted Chickens, Buxted Turkeys and Nitrovit Foodstuffs. He subsequently made a second fortune through his transport firm Reed Boardall Cold Storage. When Reed began to own horses in the late 1960s, he chose Middleham-based Sam Hall as his trainer. Acting on Hall’s advice, he bought a foundation mare for his newlyacquired Nidd Hall Stud near Harrogate – and she proved to be a marvel. Purchased at Tattersalls’ December Sale in foal to Sovereign Path, Ardneasken duly foaled a colt, whom Reed named Warpath. Hall trained Warpath to win several races, including the Extel Handicap at Glorious Goodwood (then one of the top prizes for three-year-olds) and the Doonside Cup at Ayr’s Western meeting, before the horse retired to Nidd Hall to start a stud career in which he sired many of the hundreds of winners who bore Reed’s colours. Ardneasken subsequently bred Dakota, whose triumphs in addition to his Ebor victory included the King George V Handicap at Royal Ascot and the St Simon Stakes at Newbury. She also bred several daughters, whose descendants continued to the present day to breed winners for Reed. These included her grandson Apache, one of the first good horses trained for him by Chris Thornton, Hall’s protege who had succeeded his mentor at Spigot Lodge (by then owned by Reed) in Middleham in 1977. The best horse whom Thornton trained for Reed, though, was the Warpath colt Shotgun, who was ridden by Lester Piggott to finish fourth to Shergar in the 1981 Derby, having

Guy Reed: integrity matched popularity

won the Heathorns Stakes at Newmarket in the spring before finishing second in the Dante Stakes. Other very good homebreds trained for Reed by Thornton included Path Of Peace and Flossy, each a winner of the November Handicap at Doncaster (in 1980 and 1999 respectively). Path Of Peace proved very versatile as well as very good, as he proved by winning the County Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival.

In later years, Reed sold both Spigot Lodge and Nidd Hall Stud, instead consolidating his broodmare band at nearby Copgrove Hall. He continued to breed and own good horses right up to his death, with his good friend Barry Hills providing him with many notable victories this century, headed by La Cucaracha’s Nunthorpe but also including the 2003 Lincoln Handicap at Doncaster with Pablo, a grandson of Apache’s half-sister Siouan. Kevin Ryan (trainer of Group 2 winner Tiddliwinks) and Alan Swinbank also enjoyed notable success with his horses. Reed also sent some to France to join Andre Fabre’s stable and enjoyed a Group 2 success last year at Deauville with Pablo’s half-sister La Pomme D’Amour, who is still running very well, as she showed three days after her owner/breeder’s death by finishing second in a Group 2 event at Longchamp. Guy Reed was much more than a very successful man: he was a true sportsman, a larger-than-life character whose integrity matched his popularity and who enriched the turf by his patronage. Racing will be the poorer for his absence. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

Kirsten Rausing made Honorary Associate of the RCVS Lanwades Stud owner and former TBA Chairman Kirsten Rausing has been given an Honorary Associateship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in recognition of her support of the veterinary profession. During a ceremony at the RCVS Day on July 10, at which she was presented with her award by outgoing RCVS President Jacqui Molyneux, Rausing was commended for “her understanding of veterinary issues that affect thoroughbred breeding and racing, especially those involving infectious diseases. Kirsten constantly strives to improve standards and has made invaluable, perceptive contributions to the development

of the equine veterinary profession.” During her chairmanship of the TBA, Rausing also chaired its Veterinary Committee and has been a member of the HBLB Codes of Practice for the Prevention of Equine Contagious Diseases Subcommittee and the Veterinary Committee of The Jockey Club. Further backing for veterinary research and facilities comes from The Alborada Trust, a charitable foundation which Rausing set up in 2001 and is named after her dual Champion Stakes-winning homebred filly.

Kirsten Rausing, left, accepts her award




Royal Ascot such a success With two winners, two Group One thirds and a Group Two third and fourth, Royal Ascot was a great occasion for all connected with Qatar Racing Ltd and David Redvers Bloodstock.

The Charlie Hills-trained Kiyoshi won the Gr.3 Albany Stakes under Jamie Spencer, while Johnny Murtagh partnered Extortionist to victory in the Listed Windsor Castle Stakes, a first success at the Royal Meeting for the Robins Farm Racing team of Olly and Hetta Stevens. David Redvers Bloodstock bought both as yearlings on behalf of Qatar Racing, paying £30,000 at DBS for Extortionist, and 80,000gns for Kiyoshi at Tattersalls.

Kiyoshi, led in by Sheikhs Fahad and Suhaim

STAFF PROFILE Werner Aucamp Farm manager

What is your background? I was brought up on a cattle farm three hours from Durban in South Africa. In my early 20s I visited Britain, then a few years later, back in South Africa, I met an English girl who was on a game rangers’ course. We married, and now Charlotte and I have a daughter, Chloe, who is five months’ old. We moved to Britain in July last year. Tell us about your role? I’m responsible for groundworks around the stud, from topping and harrowing fields, planting and harvesting oats, cutting grass, maintaining fence rails and a variety of small jobs to keep the place running and looking smart. I also look after 98 Aberdeen Angus cattle, which clean up paddocks and eat the longer grass horses ignore.

He said: “It was a great thrill to be involved with two winners, who are both young horses with exciting futures, but some of the placed horses were no less pleasing.

Wind Fire proved best of the fillies when finishing third behind two very good colts in the Norfolk Stakes – and the winner set a course record by a juvenile – Pearl Secret ran a cracking race in the Group One King’s Stand Stakes on his seasonal debut, and Just The Judge was third in the Group One Coronation Stakes.”

1st Makfi yearlings to auction

David gets taste for Japan

Thirteen eagerly-awaited yearlings by Makfi will be offered at Arqana’s Deauville sale from August 17 to 19.

‘Bowled over by the service’, was David’s summary following his first visit to the Japan Horse Racing Association Select Sale on the island of Hokkaido.

These include Lot 89, a half-sister to Gr.1 winner Moonlight Cloud, Lot 150, a halfbrother to Stakes winners Best Name and February Sun, and Lot 156, a half-sister to Gr.1 winner Floriot.

Cooling off period Staff at Tweenhills Stud could not let the boss’s recent birthday pass off quietly, and he was duly grabbed, carried across the drive and unceremoniously dumped in the duckpond. A perfect habitat for goldfish, insects and amphibians, but alien for humans, David says: “I knew the game was up when Werner and a few other lads grabbed me, but I made damn sure I wasn’t going in alone, and Nick Tideman joined me in the sludge.”

Leisure time? I enjoy time off with my family, but I also like a game of golf. I’m a rugby fan, and have played one game for a local team here in Gloucestershire. We won. Horse racing? I’m starting to get to know certain horses that have an involvement with the stud. I don’t bet, although I might have a fiver on for fun if someone tells me a likely winner. Ambitions? To own a herd of pedigree cattle.

Extortionist (Johnny Murtagh) takes the Windsor Castle Stakes

Media scrum at Japan’s Select Sale in Hokkaido

Held in mid-July, the event sells yearlings on day one and foals – many still at foot – on day two. The hospitality is superb for all visitors, but the Japanese hosts could not have been more accommodating to David and Sheikh Fahad. “We bought five horses, comprising three foals and two yearlings,” said David. “Sheikh Fahad is keen to race the best horses in the best places, and racing in Japan is an exciting development for him. “The level of service and professionalism shown by the Japanese was extraordinary. During visits to Northern and Shadai Farms we inspected 130 yearlings in three hours, but that was only possible because they run such a slick operation.” Hokkaido is invariably under snow in winter, but that is countered by building covered gallops which can be five furlongs long and cater for five horses abreast! “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said David. “Nor have I witnessed such a level of media interest at sales – there were hundreds of photographers.”

Tweenhills Farm & Stud Hartpury, Gloucestershire, GL19 3BG  W: T: + 44 (0) 1452 700177 / 700545  M: + 44 (0) 7767 436373  E:

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in association with

Racing’s news in a nutshell PEOPLE AND BUSINESS Frankie Dettori Signs retainer with Qatar-based owner Sheikh Joaan, although he will not ride the likes of Toronado and Olympic Glory, trained by Richard Hannon.

At The Races Set to keep broadcasting rights to Irish racing, along with production partner SIS, in a deal that runs until 2018.

Rachael Gowland Appointed Marketing and Nominations Manager at Shadwell Stud, having previously worked for the National Stud.

Aidan Coleman Jockey best known for association with Venetia Williams’s jumps string takes out licence to ride on the Flat.

Channel 4 Agrees deal to broadcast the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe on October 6.

Karl Burke Returns to the training ranks having been granted a licence by the BHA; he has been assistant to his wife having received a one-year ban in 2009.

John McDonald South African trainer has his licence withdrawn after a number of his horses were found in a neglected state.

More people and business...

Great Leighs Essex track has its application to stage fixtures in 2014 rejected by the BHA.

Racecourse judge Dave Smith is sacked by the BHA after mistakenly calling a deadheat in race at Kempton, a result that was later amended. Conditional rider Brian Toomey suffers serious head injuries in a fall at Perth but is reported to be stable. Paul Carberry will be sidelined until October following surgery on his left shoulder. Conditional jockey Laura Collett, the event rider training Kauto Star, is in recovery after being injured in a crosscountry fall. Roy Gedge, stud groom at Hascombe & Valiant Studs for 47 years, will retire when he turns 70 in December.

e n i t i n L-Car sm Increase


ut. work outp ild-up. aximum c acid bu ti c la s e supply. s a re Dec s energy Enhance

Russell Baze US jockey, 54, becomes the second man to partner 12,000 winners, following South American rider Jorge Ricardo’s achievement earlier this year.

22 Riversdale Court, Newburn Haugh Industrial Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8SG. Tel: +44 (0)191 264 5536


Aga Khan Owner August13v2_Layout 1 19/07/2013 11:26 Page 1

THE AGA KHAN STUDS Success Breeds Success

Aga Khan Studs stallions represented at Arqana August Yearling Sales, Deauville.


Reliable Man Valyra


Sea The Stars

His 6 Stakes horses in 2013 include Gr.3 Musidora Stakes winner Liber Nauticus.

The winner of 6 Gr.1 races from 8f-12f. His first crop are 2yos in 2013.

2 colts and 2 fillies

1 colt and 2 fillies



Sire of Gr.1 Classic winner Valyra.

Half brother to Galileo.

Multiple Gr.1 and Classic sire.

Proven Gr.1 sire and Gr.1 damsire.

His 13 Stakes horses in 2013 include Gr.1 winner Reliable Man, Gr.1 placed Manndawi, etc.

Sire of 4 Gr.1 winners and damsire of Gr.1 winners Flotilla and Trading Leather in 2013.

2 colts and 2 fillies

1 colt


The only Gr.1 winning two-year-old by Pivotal Half brother to multiple Gr.1 winner Siyouma, out of a Danehill half sister to Slickly.

6 colts and 3 fillies

www.a ga kha ns tuds .com

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Awesome Patriot Son of Awesome Again, a full-brother to this year’s Preakness Stakes hero Oxbow, will stand at Spendthrift Farm next year.

Highly Recommended Group 2-winning son Fastnet Rock will stand at Berkley Stud in New Zealand at a fee of NZ$4,000.

Camacho Sire of talented sprinters Humidor, Winning Express and Ambiance will return to Morristown Lattin Stud in 2014 from Mickley Stud.

Snow Fairy Brilliant mare is retired aged six due to tendon injury; owned and bred by Cristina Patino and trained by Ed Dunlop, Snow Fairy won six Group 1s, including the English and Irish Oaks, two QEII Cups in Japan, the Hong Kong Cup and Irish Champion Stakes, banking almost £4 million in prize-money.

Weird Al

Sugar Boy

High-class chaser at his best, winner of the Charlie Hall Chase in 2011 for owners Andrew Brannon, Andrew Dick and Philip Holden, is retired aged ten.

Son of Authorized, last of nine behind Trading Leather in the Irish Derby, moves from Paddy Prendergast to Marco Botti following private purchase.

Borderlescott Dual winner of the Group 1 Nunthorpe who was retired last year goes back in to training with Robin Bastiman.


PEOPLE OBITUARIES John Ayres 60 Owned horses with Richard Lee, including 14-time winner Victory Gunner, and set up a company that manufactured jockeys’ safety equipment.

Tom Bannister 48 Point-to-point enthusiast who was a clerk of the course in that sphere and owned pointers Classinaglass and My Old Piano.

Werner Krbalek 101 Lightweight jockey in Germany before and after World War II, later becoming a trainer.

David Johnson 67 Champion jumps owner on six occasions, his best horses included Grand National winner Comply Or Die and top two-mile chaser Well Chief.


Fasliyev 16 Champion juvenile when trained by Aidan O’Brien dies at stud in Japan, having sired more than 400 winners.

Guy Reed 91 Yorkshire-based owner/breeder who enjoyed Group 1 success with La Cucaracha, home-bred at his Copgrove Hall Stud.

Millkom 22 Won the Prix Jean Prat, Grand Prix de Paris and Man o’War Stakes for trainer Jean-Claude Rouget, and later sire of Group 1 winner Milk It Mick.






30 YEAR WARRANTY call 0808 2344766 for more information w w w. h o r s e r a i l . o r g . u k


Aug_108_Big_Picture_LethalForce2_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 15:16 Page 16


HAVE FORCE, WILL TRAVEL Lethal Force has quickly established himself as the most exciting – and quickest – horse in training with dazzling performances in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes and July Cup. The four-year-old speedball, owned by Alan and Robin Craddock, led from pillar to post in the July Cup under Adam Kirby, routing an international field of top sprinters and smashing the course record set by Stravinsky in 1999. Trainer Clive Cox is now contemplating future races for the son of Dark Angel, with France’s Prix Maurice de Gheest, run over six and a half furlongs at Longchamp on August 4, the preferred choice. Further ahead, Lethal Force has been invited to Australia’s Patinack Farm Classic (6f) at Flemington on November 9, worth A$1 million, with a A$600,000 bonus up for grabs as part of the Global Sprint Challenge. “All the options are open but France is the likely target at the moment,” Cox said. “He’s got lots of pace but he’s done his winning over six furlongs on stiff tracks and definitely won’t be running in the Nunthorpe. The Sprint Cup is a possibility, too. “I’m so proud of him breaking the track record at Newmarket – Timeform have rated him the top-rated sprinter in the world and I’m just grateful to train him. “As for Australia, it’s just a ‘maybe’ at the moment. Discussions are continuing but taking a horse down there is not as easy as it sounds. There seem to be lots of hurdles in the way. “There’s also the Breeders’ Cup to think about. It’s a nice problem to have.”

Aug_108_Big_Picture_LethalForce2_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 15:16 Page 17


Bobis OB Aug 2013_Bobis OB Aug 2013 18/07/2013 13:24 Page 1




Dutch Courage recorded a landmark victory for BOBIS at Newmarket on July Cup day when becoming the scheme’s 50th winner of the season. Cheveley Park Stud’s Dutch Art filly,

qualified the BOBIS winner Saayerr,

bred by Barton Bloodstock, landed

who runs in the colours of Sheikh

her second £6,000 BOBIS prize when

Ahmed Al Maktoum.




... A


winning the 7f Class 2 nursery. She is



the scheme’s fifth double BOBIS winner to date, following on from Mick’s Yer Man, Ventura Mist, Lexington Rose, and Cool Bahamian. Cheveley Park Stud has now seen its famous red, white and blue colours carried to victory three times in BOBIS races, while the stud also fully


Dutch Courage is the fourth BOBIS success for trainer Richard Fahey, although Richard Hannon continues to lead all trainers with no less than 13 BOBIS victories to date. With over 280 races and £1.7m still to be won this season, owners and breeders have plenty more to look forward to with BOBIS.


We speak to Richard Kent of

Kingman provided Juddmonte with

Mickley Stud who has won two

A: I thought it was a good scheme which

its second BOBIS prize when taking

BOBIS breeders prizes from the

gives us a hand in these hard times.

a Class 4 maiden at Newmarket in

victories of Lexington Rose, sired by

British stallions have to prove themselves

hugely impressive style.

his resident first-season sire Captain

on the racecourse as they are not always

Gerrard, who has also sired BOBIS

as well promoted as the Irish stallions,

Trained by John Gosden, the son of

winner Madagascar Moll.

and so anything that promotes them to

Invincible Spirit is out of the Zamindar

Q: What does it mean to you as a

trainers, who we have to get to buy their

mare Zenda, making him a half-brother

breeder to have won two BOBIS

progeny, is a huge help.

to this season’s Group 3 Tercentenary

prizes already?

Q: Captain Gerrard has made a

Stakes winner Remote. Already quoted

flying start to his stud career -

at 16-1 for the 2,000 Guineas, Kingman

did you expect his stock to be

looks sure to follow his older brother into

early two-year-olds?

Pattern company success.

A: For the last few years we have paid out so much that to suddenly get a dividend is a great feeling. We thought Lexington Rose was a beautiful filly and had hoped to get £25,000 for her at the sales. She sold for £15,000 but we are still getting a return for her now with these prizes which is great.

A: Captain Gerrard won five times himself as a two-year-old, and he has a very speedy pedigree. Trainers like his progeny as they are speedy, precocious and very easy to handle, and he is getting some good results. He has just gone to Australia

Q: What made you decide to qualify

for his fourth stint at stud in the southern

your horses for BOBIS?

hemisphere and he is very popular there.

Bobis OB Aug 2013_Bobis OB Aug 2013 18/07/2013 13:25 Page 2

Congratulations to all the connections of this month’s £6,000 BOBIS winners:



Dutch Courage

Miracle Of Medinah


Kendal Mint

Cool Bahamian



La Tinta Bay


Sunset Shore

Madagascar Moll

Dutch Courage

Suzi’s Connoisseur

Cornish Path

Truth Or Dare

Fast Track

Woodland Girl






£1.7 ER MI



Noble Metal


For all the latest news and winners and to view upcoming races, visit our website or follow us on Twitter. t @bobis_uk


Aug_108_Tony_Morris2_Owner 19/07/2013 14:13 Page 20


Tony Morris The new National Horseracing Museum, costing £15 million no less, will be three times as big and will provide a compelling tourist attraction for domestic and international visitors


fter the steroids scandal, the death of the sport’s most loved trainer and sundry other depressing developments, British racing – the town of Newmarket, in particular – was in dire need of good news. And in mid-July, coinciding with the long-delayed onset of a spell of real summer weather, we were at last able to crack open a bottle or three with a view to celebration rather than to seek oblivion. It was eight years ago when a plan to re-site and upgrade the National Horseracing Museum was conceived, and plenty of local residents – myself included – were thrilled to learn about it. Then we were told how much it would cost and hearts sank. Who was the bright spark that imagined the sum required could be raised? £15 million indeed! A phrase featuring the words ‘pie’ and ‘sky’ came to mind. However, many prominent racing folk were enthused by the idea and among those recruited as patrons of the fundraising campaign were local trainers Sir Henry Cecil, Luca Cumani, John Gosden, Sir Mark Prescott, Sir Michael Stoute and Mark Tompkins. That group could surely wield some influence, but it remained a tall order all the same. Then came the news that Suffolk County Council had pledged £1m. Forest Heath District Council promised to stump up an identical amount. Local councils don’t generally go in that deep unless they recognise a feasible project

and one that promises to yield substantial benefits to the neighbourhood and the community. If they believed, this was perhaps more than pie in the sky, and it would encourage others to become believers.

Convinced by the concept Sure enough, others did come on board, and a lot of good work was done out of the public eye by a lot of good people before I came into a position to know more about it. Formerly just an occasional visitor to the High Street premises opened by the Queen in 1983, I was invited to become a member of the committee of the Friends of the Museum and not long after I joined I was shown a video depicting how things would be if the funding could be found. It looked fantastic and I immediately became passionate about the project, counting down along with those more closely involved as the target, still remote, crept nearer. After the Heritage Lottery Fund stepped in with a grant of £4m, optimism grew. As many will know, the museum in its current form offers plenty of attractions and I would strongly urge that anyone unfamiliar with the premises next door to the Jockey Club should pay a visit. There is much to fascinate and educate anyone interested in the history of the sport that has made Newmarket synonymous with horseracing around the globe

these last 300 years. But space there is limited, meaning that some items cannot be displayed to best advantage, others cannot be displayed at all, and facilities for visitors are less than ideal. The move around the corner – well, two corners, actually – into Palace Street will provide an experience enhanced in every way. If the project had merely involved the shifting of current exhibits from one building to another, it would never have flown. There is a much grander vision now, and from autumn 2015 visitors will be welcomed to the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art, the new museum being just one of three major attractions that will draw vastly greater numbers and transform the centre of the town. Palace House Stables are the oldest racing stables in the world, occupied initially by the horses of King Charles II, the so-called Merry Monarch who moved his court from London for long periods, establishing Newmarket as the natural home of horseracing and effectively the nation’s second capital. The property was in the hands of the Rothschild family through the latter 19th, and early part of the 20th, century, and remained in use as a racing yard until its last incumbent, Bruce Hobbs, retired in 1985. Those of us Newmarket residents who are near-neighbours of the trainer’s house and stables – my house is about 30 yards away, as

Palace House Stables will be the site of the National Horseracing Museum come 2015, one of whose key benefactors is Sheikh Mohammed



Aug_108_Tony_Morris2_Owner 19/07/2013 14:13 Page 21

the crow flies – have watched with dismay as the buildings gradually became more derelict, a veritable eyesore and a disgrace to the town. Things are finally going to change.

More space, better facilities The trainer’s house, which I was shown over at the risk of life and limb a few years ago, and the King’s Yard are to be adapted and restored to create the new museum, providing three times as much space to display collections to best effect in a setting appropriate for a national heritage property. It will feature, among other facilities, a number of permanent and temporary galleries, a significantly enlarged library, a study centre, a meeting room and a dedicated education suite accommodated in the main building. Palace House itself, largely restored now and retaining some features of the building as Charles II knew it, will be the subject of further amendments, upgrading the environmental conditioning and physical security to national museum standards to provide a home for the collections of the British Sporting Art Trust and the Tate Gallery, featuring items of national and international importance. The restoration of the once-beautiful Inner Yard, built by Leopold de Rothschild in 1903, and the paddocks beyond – the site in total covers some five or so acres – will involve their adaptation to provide an equine attraction promoting the work of the Retraining of Racehorses charity. There will be live horses, former racing heroes, on the property, and the opportunity to see saddlers and farriers at work. This significantly enhanced visitor experience was made possible only by the collaboration of the National Horseracing Museum, the British Sporting Art Trust and the Retraining of Racehorses charity, unified under the Home of Horseracing Trust, the fundraising body. It will prove a compelling tourist attraction for national and international visitors, providing interaction with horses while also showcasing the town’s unique sporting and cultural heritage. If I had enumerated all the attractions even as recently as the spring of last year, I would have been tempting providence. The target was still a long way off when the public launch of the project was initiated at the 2012 Craven meeting, but in little more than 12 months a further £2m had been secured. We were counting down in the £14 millions for a month or two before Sheikh Mohammed, Newmarket’s main employer, came forward to supply what was necessary to get the project over the finishing line. The days when this venture smacked of pie in the sky had vanished by the spring of this year, when companies were invited to tender for the construction job. A total of 59 entered the fray and that number was reduced to six by June. The firm awarded the contract may well be known before you read these words. It is barely two years since my peace was disturbed for months by the demolition of the snooker club next door and the erection in its stead of terrace houses. Behind me I’ve long been suffering from the racket caused by workmen who are taking an inordinate amount of time to erect flats. But I’m actually looking forward to the bulldozers moving in to create more noise pollution just across the way in September. The National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art is going to be the best innovation in Newmarket for generations. I’m going to make a concerted effort to remain alive for the opening ceremony.


NOW IN UK CALL 85 28 5 8 (01379)

“I’m going to make

a concerted effort to remain alive for the opening ceremony for the museum�


TWYDILŽ VIGORADE With its new formula enriched with pineapple extracts and prebiotics, TWYDILŽ VIGORADE which also contains 10 vitamins, 7 trace elements and a yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, rich in chromium, is an ideal preparation before a competition. With one sachet per day for minimum 10 days prior to the event, TWYDILŽOB@HK:=>gZmnkZeer_Zohnklfnl\neZk]^mhqbÛ\Zmbhg induced by effort, gives additional energy and brings the horse rapidly into condition. H_Û\bZeer\^kmbÛ^]!Z_m^k\hgmkhelhgÛgZeikh]n\m[nmZelh hgnkbg^Zg][ehh]h_Zahkl^aZobg`k^\^bo^]Zgho^kZ`^ h_ma^[Zm\a"3\Zg[^nl^]pbmahnmkbldnimhma^]Zrh_ma^ \hfi^mbmbhg' =^\eZk^]\hgm^gm`nZkZgm^^]ngmbe^qibkr]Zm^'

TWYDILÂŽ is used by most of the successful trainers in the world. PAVESCO AG A^Z]H_Ă›\^ CH-4010 Basel, Switzerland Tel. (41)(61)272 23 72 Fax (41)(61)272 23 88 PAVESCO EQUINE HEALTH USA, LTD 321 N, 22nd Street St.Louis, MO 63166, USA Tel. (314) 421 0300 Fax (314) 421 3332

PAVESCO U.K. LTD. 116, High Road Needham, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9LG Tel. (01379) 85 28 85 Fax (01379) 85 41 78



The force could be with you. LETHAL FORCE - July Cup, Gr. 1, Diamond Jubilee Stakes, Gr. 1 sold 2010 Tattersalls Ireland September Yearling Sale by Timogue Stables to Clive Cox for â‚Ź8,500

All horses catalogued are eligible* to run in the

â‚Ź125,000 Tattersalls Ireland Super Auction Sale Stakes 2014

September Yearling Sale 24 - 25 September 2013 *Terms and Conditions apply

T: +353 1 8864300

Aug_108_R_Edmondson_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 14:14 Page 23


Happily, our columnist never forgets his wedding anniversary: it’s the day before July 23, a date recalled for the victory of his favourite horse

By George, I loved Mtoto!



recall it well even though it happened 25 years ago. My soon-to-be father-in-law was nervously pacing the halls of the wedding venue of Great Fosters – a former 16th century royal hunting lodge now on the edge of the Surrey town of Egham – periodically peering out through the mullioned windows. It appeared for all the world as if he was trying to remember the words he was about to deliver as he handed over his precious elder daughter to a northern oik. In the event, he used the then buzz words of perestroika and glasnost, which gave a nod to the later buzz word of zeitgeist. But I knew Max was not worried about the scribbling of his notes. He was more concerned by a single word he had put on another piece of paper days earlier: “Mtoto”. Outside it was raining and we both feared this might compromise Alec Stewart’s colt’s prospects of getting the trip 24 hours later in the King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes at nearby Ascot. We – and my young bride Alex – should have known better.

“Alexander the Great had Bucephalus, Roy Rogers teamed with Trigger and it was me and Mtoto”

As usual, Mtoto gave them a start and a beating. The last to be vanquished was the favourite Unfuwain (pronounced on television as “Unfwahn” by two other buzz words of the time: Julian and Wilson). It seemed a propitious start to the union. To this day I never forget my wedding anniversary, which I know is the day before July 23, the date in 1988 when Mtoto won the King George. Just recently the horse and myself celebrated our silver anniversary. Since he won the first of his Prince of Wales’s Stakes at the Royal meeting I had THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

Mtoto and Michael Roberts power clear to win the King George at Ascot in 1988

enjoyed a fixation with Mtoto. He had everything: the looks, the demeanour, the after-burner acceleration at the end of his races. It seemed a little odd to have an equine hero, but he was mine. Later, I almost formed a club, when Greg Wood, the subsequent racing correspondent for The Guardian, expressed a similar adoration for this horse and this horse only. Where Alexander the Great had Bucephalus, the Duke Of Wellington was linked with Copenhagen and Roy Rogers teamed with Trigger, I felt it was me and Mtoto, with the acceptance that Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum was his technical owner. There was to be one further triumph for Mtoto in the Select Stakes at Goodwood, before a ghastly career denouement in the Bois de Boulogne and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. I’ve scrutinised the replay of this race so many times that it could be considered a form of madness. To paraphrase Einstein, I watch the same race over and over again and expect to see a different result. To

date, Mtoto has yet to run down Tony Bin. For most people that was the last time they saw the great one, but I visited Mtoto’s new post-racing digs at Aston Upthorpe Stud, where the likes of Shaamit, Celeric and Presenting were conceived, the fruit of the old boy’s loins. Mtoto was an unusual horse and here in Oxfordshire he was in an unusual setting, his attractive chalet-style premises just moments away from the 200ft-tall chimney and six hyperbolic cooling towers of the Didcot power station. One of the most beautiful creatures ever seen on a racecourse was sideby-side with a jumble of buildings once voted among the top three eyesores in the land. I managed to touch Mtoto before he left my fenced portion of his paddock and before he left us all in May of 2011, aged 28. Alec Stewart is not here either, the victim of cancer, and Max, my father-in-law, is absent also, the victim of a good life. He always said Mtoto did not pay for the wedding, but I bet he would have covered the funeral.


Aug_108_View_From_Ireland_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 15:18 Page 24


Nicholson knocks back Knock sale call In-foal mare signing off with Galway festival success would be dream come true



will sell the yard and the house before I sell the mare,” was trainer John Nicholson’s reply to a recent call for his multiple winner Knockcroghery. Last month was the ninth anniversary of his father Tom’s death and with this six-year-old now in-foal to Fame And Glory, he will stop at nothing to continue the pedigree that has been cultivated by his family. “My father, like me, kept a small string and was maybe more famous for the winners he bred and owned than those he trained,” Nicholson said. He owned the 1967 Irish Grand National winner Vulpine, part-owned his homebred 1982 Irish 1,000 Guineas winner Prince’s Polly, bought legendary Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Captain Christy as a foal and trained Bigaroon to an Irish Cesarewitch treble, putting all his money back into the farm his son now runs. Knockcroghery is the lasting legacy. Tom bought her grand-dam Oh Jemima back in the 1980s and not only did he produce Knockcroghery’s dam She’s Wonderful from her, but also the 1999 Italian 2,000 Guineas winner Alabama Jacks, Group 3 winner Oh Bej Oh Bej and four other winners. She’s Wonderful was the only winning mare he held on to, but she didn’t truly shine until she was in foal to King’s Theatre and it was in that period that she landed three of her four wins, culminating in the biggest of them all, a 1m4f handicap at the Galway festival of 2000. In great symmetry, the late mare’s oldest racing offspring has been aimed at Galway too.

Owner and breeder John Nicholson, left, with Knockcroghery and Mark Enright

Nicholson said: “She’s such a pet, so easy and kind. We decided that once she was scanned in foal in June we would barely ride her out at home, just keep her busy on the track until she has to stop racing on October 1. “She ran so well at Galway last year that we

had to come back. She’s already won three, but I’d love her to sign off with a win at Galway.” He added: “I named her after a place in Sligo. On the way to the course I always used to pull into the town and stop for a pint. It is a place that has great history.”

Apprentice school reunion aims to build ties A mechanism for the industry to contribute further to the Racing Academy and Centre for Education could be crucial as it celebrates its 40th year of operation, according to its Director Keith Rowe. The apprentice school is hosting a reunion it hopes will be thronged with several hundred graduates during next month’s Irish St Leger meeting, in an attempt not only to mark the occasion of its anniversary but to build an alumni to help future generations. Rowe said: “One of our big aims with this gathering is that we can build a very strong network of past graduates. Those that have


come through here are now spread out all over the world and we hope that by meeting at this reunion they can create new ties that will help future generations to progress. “Johnny Murtagh is one of our most famous graduates and this year he has become a trainer and is taking in trainees, and has even taken on a graduate full time. So it has come full circle for him and we hope it will for many others.” He stresses that the school is much more than a training establishment for jockeys. “Generally people come here wanting to be jockeys and we prepare them for that,” he said. “But they are here for 42 weeks and in

that time we also prepare them for life in racing. We keep their education going and because of that have a higher output than other schools. Anyone who finishes the course tends to go on and be productive.” RACE also runs further jockey training, giving apprentices courses on money management, media, nutrition and exercise, and it tests all riders’ and trainers’ proficiency before they apply for their first licences. There are also IT training courses and a farrier school, and regular contingents of overseas trainees. Rowe added: “We have always had a strong international element too and having


Aug_108_View_From_Ireland_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 15:18 Page 25

When Cash Or Casualty first ran at Galway in July 2011 he was in the last chance saloon. When the five-year-old lines up at this year’s fixture it will be as a leading contender. He lives 15 minutes from Dublin Airport near a town called Balbriggan, in a ten-stable yard owned by trainer Damian English, and spends most of his mornings at the beach and his afternoons in the paddock. “He takes it seriously two days a week though,” English said. “He’s just so easy to get ready.” In this calendar year he is the winningmost horse in Ireland, with four victories to his name. His wins are what has brought him up to a handicap mark of 88, which will allow him to sneak into the bottom of the brand new €100,000 7f premier handicap on August 4. Two years ago, though, he went to Galway for the very first time and disappointed so much on the opening Monday evening that when he was loaded for the mile handicap four days later English felt it was going to be his last run. He explained: “When I first started I was still riding out for James McAuley on the side for a bit of extra cash and I broke in this fellow. He definitely had ability but he seemed to lose his way and when his owners wanted to get rid of him I jumped at the chance to get him. “We were getting no results out of him,


Galway glory would pay for ten new stables

Cash Or Casualty and Rory Cleary stride on to score at Naas this spring

winner.” The trainer’s star last year was dual nursery winner All Ablaze, who rocketed to victory in a premier event at Dundalk over five furlongs back in September, and in March he acquired the useful Flat handicapper Enigma Code, who bolsters his Galway team after getting off the mark for the stable at Down Royal at the end of May. It is unlikely, though, that either will ever surpass Cash Or Casualty in English’s affections. He said: “He owes us nothing, but for him to win a €100,000 handicap would make us. I don’t think some people realise what a win like that means to small trainers. “It’s everyday stuff for the big guys, but for us that would be our ten new stables sorted. It would mean the world.”

though. While Rory Cleary had gotten a great tune out of him earlier in the season, I put Colm O’Donoghue on him at Galway just because my father had been losing faith in the horse and I thought that once he knew there was a big-race jockey looking to ride him he would get back on board. “He was very keen with Colm wearing blinkers for the first time and he broke his draw, dropped him out and never put him in the race, then came back in saying that Galway was no place for him. “I didn’t listen to Colm and ran him on the Friday, staying up there the whole week for the laugh to make the most of what might have been my last time up there as a trainer. I told Ben Curtis going out for his race not to leave anything in the tank as it could be his last run and he won, becoming my first

to help future generations


Places are still available for the third annual Jog For Jockeys fundraising run. This year it will be held at the Curragh before its meeting on September 28, and as well as a 5km there is a 10km event too. People are encouraged to enter as teams and entries can be made on


foreign students here for a period gives us the potential for extra income, as well as promoting Ireland as a destination for learning. “We are planning a little revamp to produce another barn, maybe dedicated to smaller groups, and there’s lots more we want to do, though there are the usual financial constraints. We are at a point where we are looking to garner support for what is a key pillar to the industry and this could be a perfect time to take stock.” In addition to all the human education, RACE offers a home for ex-racehorses with a 40-box yard always full.

In Brief

Johnny Murtagh: famous graduate

Kerry rider Bryan Cooper is on course to return from a broken leg next month. The jockey sustained the injury in May, a week after the end of his best ever season, highlighted by his first Grade 1 wins at the Cheltenham Festival and Aintree Grand National meeting.


Aug_108_Continental_Tales_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 16:01 Page 26


Single-mare breeder just racing for fun Owner of Pastorius has turned down several big offers for his Group 1 winner




Prinz Franz von Auersperg: enjoys buzz of Pastorius (below) running on big stage


acing at the top level is now such big business that finding a multiple Group 1-winning horse spending his entire career racing in the colours of his singlemare breeder is extremely rare. So take a bow Austria’s Prinz Franz von Auersperg, who, in less than a decade, has gone from owning his first horse to winning two of Europe’s top races with one of her progeny. Now, it may be hard to think of a man with a royal sobriquet as an underdog but in racing terms von Auersperg, owner/breeder of the German Derby and Prix Ganay winner Pastorius, certainly deserves such a title. And, despite confessing to owning properties in Munich, Berlin, Majorca and Vienna, the immensely likeable 64-year-old reveals that his family, who have been living in the Austrian capital since way back in 1640, lost 80% of their wealth as a result of the Second World War. So, Prince or no Prince, Franz has had to work for a living. He has fared rather well in the business world, initially during 25 years in the music industry, where he promoted European tours by the likes of Bob Dylan and Nirvana, more recently in film and television production, where his hits have included children’s animations and the 2005 comedy movie ‘Thank You For Smoking’, which grossed $40 million worldwide.


However, his childhood was filled with horses, thanks to his father, Karl, a dressage trainer of world renown who coached the US Olympic Team. So it was horses of the dancing variety, or at best showjumpers, rather than racehorses, that young Franz spent hours aboard. But he describes his father as “too strict” hence, apart from a spell in the saddle at the Austrian Military School, once he left home his equine involvement lapsed. “It was only after my father died some 15 years ago that I started to miss horses,” Auersperg recalled. “And I saw a horse running in a claiming race in Milan that I rather liked, so I bought her for €14,000.” That horse was the Monsun mare Princess Li, who ended her racing career in

ignominy a few months later in autumn 2004 by lying down behind the Munich starting stalls and refusing to budge. But she has proved a revelation as a broodmare. Her second foal, Point Blank, still races for von Auersperg, having accumulated more than £100,000 in prize money, and her third is Pastorius. A sportsman to his core, von Auersperg gushes about the buzz he received when Pastorius last year took part in races won by Danedream, at Baden-Baden, and then Frankel, on Champions’ Day. “I have received many big offers for Pastorius but in Germany they sell all the good horses so people can’t identify with them,” he said. “We need the stars so that the racing public can form an attachment to them. I want to keep racing him both this year and next year – his sire, Soldier Hollow, was still winning Group 1 races at the age of seven. “Another reason that I do not sell is that I do not have a big breeding operation to pay for. I spent some stupid money at the beginning without knowing enough about racing, but I learnt. I still have only one mare, though I may be tempted to buy another one soon.” His Corinthian values and sense of fun are encapsulated by his purchase as a yearling of a rare coloured thoroughbred, since named Silvery Moon and put into training with Mario Hofer. Now two and sporting a speciallyconceived pair of splodgy brown and white silks to match his coat, Silvery Moon finished runner-up in a maiden at Cologne on June 16.


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Veliefendi in Istanbul has become the happiest of overseas hunting grounds for British raiders over recent years, so numerous familiar names from these shores are sure to be in evidence when entries for the richly-endowed Istanbul International Racing Festival close on July 31. The festival takes place over the weekend of September 7-8, and includes four races boasting prize-money of almost £940,000. The record of British visitors in these races is sensational – over the past three years they have been responsible for seven of the 12 race winners plus nine runners-up. What is more, horses seem to thrive for a visit to the course located on the banks of the Sea of Marmara. Last year’s Anatolia Trophy winner, Godolphin’s Hunter’s Light, went on to achieve Group 1 glory in both Italy and Dubai, while the fourth home in that race, Belgian Bill, has won three times since, including at Royal Ascot, and Rhythm Of Light, who landed the 2012 Istanbul Trophy for Tom Dascombe, plundered a Grade 2 in California only two months later. The festival’s race conditions have been tweaked in two significant aspects. First, the Istanbul Trophy over a mile for fillies and


Belgian Bill’s form at home improved after his fourth place in the Anatolia Trophy

mares has been upgraded to join Sunday’s two features, the Bosphorus Cup (1m 4f) and Topkapi Trophy (1m) as a Group 2 contest recognised as part of the European Pattern. This means that only Saturday’s £93,495to-the-winner Anatolia Trophy, run over a mile and a quarter on Polytrack, has yet to be awarded Pattern status. The other change has been implemented by the Turkish Jockey Klub, in an attempt to stop a repeat of what happened in last year’s Bosphorus Cup. Incredibly, given that British challengers had filled seven of the top eight spots in the previous two renewals, not a

single international runner was attracted, leaving three locally-trained animals to battle it out for the £150,000 first prize. Now race conditions will include a clause allowing initial entries withdrawn at the August 21 forfeit stage to re-enter at the September 2 final declaration stage – presumably once authorities have alerted their connections to the likelihood of a small field. As a further sweetener to overseas visitors, a travel allowance of £6,097 will be paid to any foreign horse that fails to finish in the first four. But don’t try to enter a gelding – they are forbidden to race in Turkey.

Brandt increasing quality and quantity

Dastarhon has Glorious Goodwood’s Thoroughbred Stakes at the top of his list of potential targets. And, should the French 2,000 Guineas runner-up make it to West Sussex, don’t be fooled into thinking that his trainer, Pia Brandt, is some wet-behind-the-ears rookie flitting over the Channel for a jolly day out. For Brandt has already held a licence for 13 years and, despite still looking for her first Pattern victory, is a burgeoning presence among Chantilly’s training community whose string is ever increasing in both size and quality. Brandt hails from Sweden where her mother, Yvonne Almqvist, was a long-serving member of the office staff at Taby racecourse. She credits British ex-pat trainer John Huber with getting her hooked on the sport by offering her the chance to race-ride, and her future career path was sealed when she married the Group 3winning jockey Joakim Brandt. By that time she was acting as assistant trainer to Janos Török and when he died suddenly in 2000 she took over the licence, initially with just five horses. Soon one of them, Mr Carrera, was winning in Listed company with Joakim in




Further tweaks to lure overseas competitors


Pia Brandt: now settled in Chantilly

the plate and it was not long before the size of the stable had increased eightfold. But husband and wife were disillusioned by the lack of facilties at Taby. “We could never get our horses 100 per cent fit,” Brandt revealed. So when, in 2005, one of their owners suggested relocating abroad, they jumped at the chance. Getting a French licence was relatively simple. “I had already trained for five years and

spoke some French so just had to pass a couple of exams,” Brandt explained. “The regulations are much harder now.” But finding the right premises in Chantilly was more demanding. “We moved yards five times in the first five years before we found a suitable stable,” she said. But find it they did and, now firmly ensconced at 7 Avenue Montpensier, the yard’s progress over the past few seasons has been relentless. Miss Liberty gave them an initial French Listed success in June 2010, three more followed the following season and last term the number of horses under their care reached the 50-mark for the first time. When Dastarhon gave them a first Group 1 placing by finishing a neck behind Style Vendome in the Poule d’Essai des Poulains at Longchamp on May 12, the first reaction of his trainer was joy at this breakthrough effort rather than disappointment at the narrow defeat. Dastarhon’s run in the Prix du Jockey-Club was a write-off, as he was struck into after less than a furlong and returned home “very sore”. Now refreshed after a break and with Brandt convinced that a mile is his best trip, that elusive first Pattern success is at the head of his agenda.


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by Steve Andersen


Rosario enjoys career-defining spell

Joel Rosario returns to the coveted winners’ spot at Royal Ascot after landing the Group 2 Norfolk Stakes on No Nay Never


here will never be a six-month period in the life of Joel Rosario similar to the one he experienced in the first half of

2013. On March 30, he won the $10 million Dubai World Cup at Meydan, riding 2011 Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom. Six weeks later, he won his first Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Orb. The following month, Rosario rode his first winner at Royal Ascot on No Nay Never in the Norfolk Stakes. Through all that success, Rosario has been easy to spot in the jockeys’ table in the United States. To July 2, he was top-ranked rider in the country in wins, earnings and stakes wins. “I’m having fun,” he said in his heavily lilted Dominican Republic accent. “I’ve been working and taking every chance I get.” Rosario, 28, is having the best season largely because of a decision he made in June 2012 – to leave Southern California and ride in New York. Rosario was a leading rider at California tracks such as Del Mar, Hollywood Park and Santa Anita, but New York has larger purses and a higher profile. It did not hurt that Rosario teamed up with Ron Anderson, a veteran agent who has worked in the past for such leading riders as Gary Stevens and Jerry Bailey.


Rosario’s American seasonal statistics include 182 wins and earnings of $12,370,066. Javier Castellano and Rosie Napravnik were joint-second in wins with 164, Castellano was second in earnings with $10,021,569. Rosario had 34 stakes wins, two more than John Velazquez. In 2012, when Rosario spent half of the year in California and half on the East Coast, he finished with 231 wins and seasonal earnings of $15,248,705. He finished well behind Ramon Dominguez, who led both categories with 342 wins and earnings of $25,634,852. But Dominguez suffered a head injury in a spill at Aqueduct in January and was advised by doctors not to return to the saddle. He announced his retirement on June 13. Dominguez’s absence has created a void at the top of the American standings that Rosario, Castellano and Velazquez are trying to fill. They are expected to be the three leading riders at the prestigious Saratoga meeting, which covers the second half of the summer in upstate New York. To reach that level, Rosario has had to abandon days off – at least for the summer. His schedule in the last days of June and first days of July was a prime example. After winning twice at Belmont Park on Sunday,

June 30, he rode a winner at Gulfstream Park near Miami the next day and travelled to racing at Philadelphia Park on July 2, where he won a $200,000 race. He was back at Belmont Park on July 3, ready to go. The Royal Ascot meeting was Rosario’s first time in England. Though he was replaced by John Velasquez aboard Animal Kingdom in the Queen Anne Stakes, Rosario insists that he did not mind. No Nay Never lifted his spirits two days later on a week when Rosario conformed to Royal Ascot’s dress code for the first time. “I never had a chance to wear one [top hat] before,” he said of the experience. “It was a little different. It’s a beautiful place. Hopefully I can go again next year.” Rosario, who is from a ranching family, moved to the United States in 2006, having started his career in the Dominican Republic in 2000. He became established at the San Francisco tracks in 2007 before moving to Southern California in 2008. The latest move to the East Coast has vaulted him to worldwide recognition in racing, though he says it has taken time for the recent accomplishments to sink in. “It’s what you work for, special moments like these,” he said. “It’s something I will never forget.” THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

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by Stephen Howell

Waller smashes Sydney record


Racing Victoria as being on Waller’s books showed 22 – or 10% – had been bought in Europe. Other good winners and big earners include Kellini, Moriarty and My Kingdom Of Fife. With Waller’s winning tears in post-race interviews always comes praise for staff.

“Eigelstein and

Secessio are good, solid horses; these German horses are good value” Champion sprinter Black Caviar’s senior owner Neil Werrett, who has shares in Fulgur and other Waller horses, said the trainer’s “processes and skill to have a good staff around him is second to none. He is particularly good with stayers”. Waller, who got his NSW licence in 2000 and reportedly had to borrow $10,000 to put up the required guarantee, said he had 117 horses in work at Rosehill, in 20-horse barns each run by a foreperson who is in

charge of another half-dozen stablehands. This crown was Waller’s third, after 124.5 wins in 2011-12 and 117 in 201011. Looking further ahead, Waller could pass Waterhouse’s seven premierships. However, Smith’s 34, with 33 on the trot from 1952-53 to 1984-85, could be beyond reach. You’d want to back Waller to win again next year, but maybe not to better this season’s record tally, as there are ten fewer meetings scheduled. Waller is not short of starters. After his fourth win on that Rosehill day, his 159.5 tally had come from 948 runners, and prize-money earned was $12,207,830. Waterhouse sat second with 77 from 436 and $9,101,355, with Peter Snowden, who trains for Sheikh Mohammed’s Darley Australia, third on 71.5 from 462 and $7,040,645. Waller is beginning to spread his runners across Melbourne and Sydney, rather than having them compete against each other in Sydney, having applied to the Victoria Racing Club to increase his Flemington satellite stable from ten boxes to 20. “We just try to place the horses where they are suited and hope they reach where we want,” Waller said. “This record is something I’ll look back on. I just want to keep going along and improving.”


Late in the Australian racing season the only threat to Sydney trainer Chris Waller’s record-breaking bid was the rain that washed out meetings. Here was a fresh-faced 39-year-old New Zealander who had made Sydney his home and was rapidly bearing down on the metropolitan record shared by two of Australian racing’s icons, the late, great TJ Smith and his daughter, the acknowledged first lady of Australian racing, Gai Waterhouse. Their record seasons in Sydney brought 156 wins, a tally few believed would be topped, the father setting his mark in 197576, the daughter in 2002-03... until Waller made his mark from his base at the city’s second major course, Rosehill. Then it became a matter of when, not if. The wags said Waller himself was the one delaying the record-breaking day of the 2012-13 season, because his deluge of tears had flooded on to the metropolitan tracks. Waller had cried tears of joy with most of his big successes, and they were many. They came from several of the 159.5 wins (the half for a dead-heat), including the four at his home track on July 6 that shattered the record with seven fixtures of the season left. It is interesting that a visitor who settled and became the local champ has had considerable success across the board with horses sourced abroad – the best known in Europe of his winners is Reliable Man, the Prix du Jockey-Club winner when trained by Alain de Royer Dupre. Reliable Man has gone to Westbury Stud in New Zealand and will serve his first mares this spring. Beaten Up, trained by William Haggas in Britain, claimed the Doomben Cup among Waller’s elite band, while further down the scale is the ex-Luca Cumani inmate Fulgur, who has achieved three wins and three placings in six Australian starts. Secessio and Eigelstein, recruited from Germany, have also proved their worth in Australia. Waller said he was showing an increasing interest in Germany because horses in England were becoming expensive. “Eigelstein and Secessio came on the same plane,” he said. “They are good, solid horses; these German horses are good value.” A search of some 220 horses listed by

Sydney’s champion trainer-elect Chris Waller has excelled with European imports


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Published here is the Provisional List of the stallions registered with the EBF for the 2013 Covering Season. Full eligibility of each stallion’s progeny, CONCEIVED IN 2013 IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, (the foal crop of 2014), for benefits under the terms and conditions of the EBF, is DEPENDENT UPON RECEIPT OF THE BALANCE OF THE DUE CONTRIBUTION BY 15TH DECEMBER 2013. Late stallion entries for the EBF will be included in the Final List, provided the full contribution is received by 15th December 2013.





























































































































































EBF OB Aug 2013_EBF OB Aug 2013 18/07/2013 13:33 Page 2











Prepared by: EUROPEAN BREEDERS' FUND, Stanstead House, The Avenue, NEWMARKET, Suffolk, CB8 9AA.

























































































Stands Stallion USA MIZZEN MAST (USA)

Stands USA

The stallions listed above stood OUTSIDE THE EBF AREA IN 2013 and have been provisionally registered as International Stallions for that year by reason of stallion nomination payments. Full eligibility of each stallion’s progeny, CONCEIVED IN 2013, (the foal crop of 2014), for benefits under the terms and conditions of the EBF, is DEPENDENT UPON RECEIPT OF THE BALANCE OF THE DUE CONTRIBUTION BY 15TH DECEMBER 2013. Late stallion entries for the EBF will be included in the Final List, provided the full contribution is received by 15th December 2013. Further details from the European Breeders’ Fund.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1638 667960 Facsimile: +44 (0) 1638 667270 Email: Website:

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Eve Johnson Houghton: her ambition is simply to train “quality horses for lovely people”

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All about

EVE Eve Johnson Houghton does things her way at a stable steeped in racing tradition, but her famous father is an invaluable assistant trainer By Tim Richards • Photos George Selwyn


oming from a family steeped in racing – your grandmother Helen Johnson Houghton trained Gilles de Retz to win the 1956 2,000 Guineas and your father Fulke produced numerous top class horses – were you always going to follow the family profession? I don’t think so, certainly not originally because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, though I loved racing. I wanted to travel and I also went to London for a while. I wanted to see the world and was desperate to visit Australia and the Far East, which I did while I was away for two of three years. Having said that, I love being at home and I love Woodway (the family training centre at Blewbury in Oxfordshire). That brought me back here, though I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do. I wasn’t helped by my all-girls school, which was hopeless at pointing us in the right direction if we didn’t know what career we wanted to pursue. And at that stage I certainly didn’t. What was your first job in London before you started running syndicates for Henry Ponsonby and later becoming assistant trainer to John Hills? I worked for a market research company. I started off temping and I must have been very bossy because I ended up as office manager when I was only 20 something. It was a very small company and basically I saw it as paying a wage. I enjoyed being there but it was nothing more than an office job. I loved living in London, where I had a great group of friends and I used to come home at weekends to go hunting. You must have the most experienced assistant in racing. What have you learnt from your father, and, at 73, does he still play an important role in the yard? Patience, though a lot of people would say I am not learning very well! But I am trying. He teaches you to have an eye for a horse, what to look for in a horse and very importantly he invariably spots a problem before it occurs. He is brilliant out in the yard; if I am worried about a leg he will come and look at it and make the right suggestions. He is another pair of hands and eyes, and I realise I am very lucky. Dad is always pretty hands-on and goes through the entry book and calendar trying to spot opportunities for the horses. We are not always in agreement, but I think that is pretty normal. >> THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER


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Which of his many achievements stand out in your mind, and why? I suppose it would have to be Ile De Bourbon’s King George in 1978. I was at Ascot and just about old enough to remember it. That was an amazing day and I was so impressed that Dad met the Queen! Another pretty phenomenal achievement was when Dad and Granny went over to the Keeneland Sales in the States and bought the brothers, Ribocco and Ribero, in consecutive years and then Dad trained them both to win the Irish Derby and St Leger in 1967 and 1968. Your grandmother was a pioneer for female trainers, yet women still struggle to break into the upper echelons of the sport. Why is that? I think because the sport is all consuming; you’re either in or you’re out. You can’t do it part time. But I do think we are breaking into racing, albeit slowly. You have people like Susannah Gill of Betfair, trainers like Jessica Harrington and Amanda Perrett, and Rachel Hood, President of the Racehorse Owners Association. What I think is really difficult is attracting younger women into racing; perhaps they don’t see it as a career option. I know there are lots of women in the stables but not in the upper echelons of the sport. Racing is the last of the great male bastions.

CLOSE UP AND... PERSONAL Actress to play me on screen… Renée Zellweger I am annoyed by… dishonesty Four dinner party guests… Eddie Hales and Alice Plunkett to make me laugh, and Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp for totty! Karaoke song… ‘Brass in Pocket’ by The Pretenders My ideal desert island companion… Bear Grylls

CLOSE UP AND... PROFESSIONAL Favourite tracks… Newbury and Sandown My racing hero is… Andre Fabre and Steve Cauthen I feel the pressure when… horses go wrong Most memorable day’s racing… Frankel’s Guineas I handle defeat by… smiling through gritted teeth and swearing to myself


I realise how lucky I am to have the Johnson Houghton name to help me. Racing can be wonderfully old fashioned but it isn’t so wonderful when you are battering your head against the system. However, we are getting there and women jockeys are certainly making their mark. It’s happening but much slower than in other walks of life. You have saddled Alutiq to win this season for Qatar Racing. Do you train other horses for this ambitious Middle East enterprise? Not at the moment, but hopefully we will have some more in the future. They are very forward thinking and outward looking so I hope we can train more for them. What is your biggest ambition and how many horses would you like to train in an ideal world? In an ideal world I would like to train 60 or 70. That would be perfect for me. I wouldn’t want to train 200 because I like to know every horse personally. I have 35 at the moment. My ambition is to train quality horses for lovely people. I want to do the best for each horse however good that horse is. I class myself as a boutique trainer, trying to hit that niche market, if I can. Since taking over from your father in 2007, how tough has it been to compete in the recession? It’s tough going for everyone in any leisure industry. The leisure pound is the first pound to be hit so you have to make every pound worth spending for your owners. You have to make it the most enjoyable experience and make it competitive with other sports. You just have to keep your head down and keep going. It’s no good moaning about it. The debate about the importance of prize-money, especially to owners, never seems to go away. What are you hearing from your owners? Like all owners, they’d like more prize-money. If they own a decent horse they do expect a bit of a return, nothing huge, but enough. Not that long ago if you won two or three races your training fees for a year would be covered, but now you can barely pay your training fees for a month if you win two or three races, which is ridiculous. The ultimate for me was Beaver Patrol, who won a race in Dubai, but gradually declined with age and the last race he won at Brighton was a small affair, and do you know what his owner Gary Stevens received as a prize? A pot of jam! Of course he got a bit of prize-money as well and we were happy to win because Beaver Patrol wasn’t the horse he was. But a pot of jam really was embarrassing. If we’re not careful it’ll be rosettes next.

I accept that owners are in the game for leisure and pleasure, but we mustn’t forget that racing is an industry and should be treated as such. They need to look after the owners much better. After all, they are the people that put the money into the business in the first place.

“Beaver Patrol won

at Brighton and his owner received a pot of jam as a prize! It was embarrassing” You buy most of your horses yourself, including stable star The Cheka and exciting juveniles Alutiq and Cool Bahamian. Who helps you? My dad is brilliant at going through all the catalogues for me and knows all the back pedigrees. So we know which ones we would buy if we can afford them. We work the sales together, but his depth of knowledge on the pedigrees is fantastic. He will look at yearlings and have a very good idea whether a certain individual will stand training on our gallops. I did buy Alutiq on my own but only after dad had explored the pedigree. He will spot things in pedigrees several generations back. It does have a downside because I don’t use an agent and an agent can bring you new owners. But dad and I work very well as a team and I think we are good at buying. Where will we see The Cheka next and is he the force of old? I don’t know if he is the force of old; the jury is out on that. He clearly wasn’t himself at the beginning of the year. He has since had a little wind operation and we turned him out for a month. He is now back in training, looking much better and a different shape to what he was in the spring. He doesn’t owe us anything and has been an absolute star for his owners, Anthony Pye-Jeary and Mel Smith. He is a great character and likes the whole world to revolve around him. If you’re not paying him attention he gets very cross. His favourite trick is to stop dead in the middle of the string at the most inconvenient moment so that no one can get past him or round him. He likes to see how many people he can upset. Up-and-coming jockey John Fahy has ridden the majority of your winners this season. What are his main assets? He comes and rides work once a week so he THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

Aug_108_TalkingTo_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 15:30 Page 35


Eve Johnson Houghton, who rides out two lots a day, is lucky to be able to call on her father Fulke (right, with wife Gaie) for assistance

knows the horses, particularly the two-yearolds. But he is not my stable jockey per se; I like to use the best available. He can lack concentration at times but he can ride all right and keeps horses well balanced. At 22, he lacks a bit of experience but he’s getting there. As an accomplished amateur rider you won over 20 races, including two ‘Diamond’ races at Ascot. How much riding do you do nowadays? I ride out two lots a day, except work mornings because I can’t ride and watch the work. I hunt with the Old Berks and also travel a bit to other hunts, which I enjoy. The BHA has recently appointed a new Chairman in Steve Harman. What would you put as the first item on his ‘to do’ list? To look after the owners much better. After all, the owners supply the product and are the most important people in the sport. I know they deserve more prize-money, but I feel they could be better looked after on some of the racecourses. I think too much racing is concentrated on weekends, obviously to THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

attract the public who are available at the weekend. But there is so much leisure competition at that time and people cannot do everything on a Saturday. People enjoy taking a day off midweek to go to one of the festivals, but some of those have been moved towards the weekend, like the Ebor. The spread of fixtures means that there is very little prize-money midweek. Can you give us a horse to look forward to at Goodwood? I have a nice two-year-old filly, Persian Bolt, by US Ranger, bought at Deauville last year.

There’s a chance she could run at Goodwood and she is one to look out for. Spillway, who has won at Kempton (twice) and Sandown, could run in the Gordon Stakes. We might have some two-year-olds in the maidens also. Training racehorses is a 24/7 kind of existence. How do you switch off and forget about the pressures of work? Hunting in the winter and skiing. And I love walking the dogs on the Downs. Even walking the gallops up here and realising how lucky I am to have such wonderful facilities, and not to be sat in an office all day.


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Victory in this year’s Oaks was a landmark success for Ashbrittle Stud and its owner James Rowsell, who is enjoying a fruitful collaboration with Mark Dixon Words Emma Berry


n one sense, Talent’s Oaks victory can be seen as a coming together of the old and the new: an established bloodline nurtured by the Hollingsworth family since before the Second World War now flourishing at a farm with a relatively short innings in the thoroughbred industry. Ashbrittle Stud, which sits poised overlooking a Somerset valley, with views of its neighbouring county of Devon, has a sense of history all of its own, however. Its paddocks take their names from the Domesday Book and the contents of those lush, sloping fields boast pedigrees that ensure we will be hearing plenty more from James Rowsell’s thoroughbred nursery.

“You have to keep

your best fillies, especially when you are trying to build up a stud” Alongside Talent’s dam, Prowess, can be found Mambo Jambo, a full-sister to Divine Proportions, and the well related Whole

Grain, whose Lawman colt topped his session at last December’s Tattersalls’ Foal Sale when selling for 120,000gs to Timmy Hyde. Among the boarders is Penang Pearl, the dam of Harbinger, whose brother is heading to the October Yearling Sale. Intriguingly, Ashbrittle’s three Frenchbased mares include Pax Bella, the dam of the talking horse of the French stallion ranks, Kendargent. She was bought before her son’s rise to prominence and the stud plans to race her yearling filly by American Post. Mother and daughter, plus the mare’s current colt foal by Silver Frost, reside at Alec Waugh’s Jedburgh Stud in Normandy. The link with Waugh has also meant that

Mares and foals in Ashbrittle’s lush paddocks formerly used for a dairy herd



Dayton Investments Limited, which Waugh manages for the Wildenstein family, has sent five yearlings to board at Ashbrittle before being sent to their respective trainers. The quintet includes colts by Galileo and Monsun and Beauty Parlour’s Invincible Spirit half-sister, Blue Kimono. The acquisition of decent bloodstock is a clear declaration of intent and it was this which attracted stud manager Brendan Boyle when Ashbrittle, a former dairy farm developed by Rowsell, whose ‘day job’ is as Chief Executive Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald Europe, was in its first year of existence some nine years ago. “I’d worked for various people in racing and breeding, such as David Loder and Bob McCreery, and Richard Venn suggested I meet James Rowsell,” recalls Boyle. “I could see straightaway that he was a gentleman and a man with ambition so it didn’t take much persuading for me to come here.” Sitting in Boyle’s office overlooking paddocks of quietly munching mares and foals on a glorious midsummer’s day, it’s easy to understand why he has stayed at Ashbrittle. There’s an Oak sapling just outside the door, given to the winner of the fillies’ Classic, and one senses that Talent’s earning of this novel prize has ensured that Boyle and his colleagues will extend their commitment to see the offspring of the stud’s most famous daughter growing up in tandem with the young tree. “I think we’re all still a bit shell-shocked really,” says Boyle. “The repercussions of it are potentially very positive for us – people


Aug_108_Ashbrittle_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 15:20 Page 37

Ralph Beckett, Richard Hughes, James Rowsell and Mark Dixon with Talent’s trophy

like to buy from proven farms who have produced good horses – and we’d like to think we have a few more black-type performers coming through for the future.” Before Talent’s victory in the Pretty Polly Stakes in May, Prowess has already gathered some black type courtesy of her first foal, Skilful, a three-time winner who was runner-up in the Listed Royal Windsor Stakes last season. Having started her stud career by being mated with Selkirk, a proven stalwart of the British breeding ranks, Prowess’s next foal Talent emanated from the first crop of the Derby winner New Approach. While there was a question mark prior to this year’s Derby meeting as to whether New Approach’s son Dawn

Approach would last the testing mile and a half of Epsom, the stamina of Talent, whose first three dams are by Peintre Celebre, Rainbow Quest and Grundy, was never in doubt. Prowess’s current two-year-old, Much Promise, is with Skilful’s trainer John Gosden, and Prowess returned to that filly’s sire Invincible Spirit this season but failed to get in foal. Waiting in the wings at Ashbrittle are Talent’s yearling full-sister, who is to be named Forte, and a colt foal by Fastnet Rock, who will attract plenty of attention when he appears in the sales ring. Prowess’s presence at Ashbrittle is down to bloodstock agent Anthony Stroud who introduced Rowsell to Mark Dixon, nephew


Aug_108_Ashbrittle_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 15:20 Page 38

ASHBRITTLE STUD >> of the late Dick Hollingsworth. Dixon inherited


Hollingsworth’s Arches Hall Stud and its equine residents upon his uncle’s death in 2001. Though the Hertfordshire stud, which was bought by Dixon’s grandfather Sidney Hollingsworth in the 1930s, has subsequently been sold, he retains four broodmares, plus his half-share of Prowess, all of whom trace back to Dick Hollingsworth’s great foundation mare Felucca, through the 1980 Oaks winner Bireme. “Anthony Stroud kept badgering me to sell Prowess. I didn’t really want to but he said that he had this nice chap who was interested and that I’d get on really well with him if we went into partnership,” says Dixon of his introduction to Rowsell. “Everything has been whittled down now from the stock I inherited from my uncle and so much depends on Prowess for me, but there are good mares from this family all over the world.” Still in Dixon’s ownership is Bireme’s last foal Lakatoi, Prowess’s dam Yawl, now 23, and La Spezia, out of Prowess’s half-sister Genoa. The trio all board in Ireland at Luke Lillingston’s Mount Coote Stud, while Dixon’s final mare, Jump Ship, a grand-daughter of Bireme, is also at Ashbrittle. When Talent lined up at Epsom she became the fourth generation of her family to run in the Oaks. Following Bireme’s victory, her daughter Yawl – the final Pattern winner for Hollingsworth in the 1992 Rockfel Stakes – finished 12th in the following year’s Oaks, while Prowess was ninth behind Alexandrova in 2006. Dixon says: “Prowess was never going to run into a place in the Oaks but nevertheless she

Stud Manager Brendan Boyle with Talent’s dam Prowess and her Fastnet Rock colt

ran. It’s really something special for all four generations of the family to have run in the race.” If there’s a downside to suddenly being the owner of a Classic winner, it’s that age-old conundrum of to sell or not to sell. Following Talent’s Epsom win, the decision was taken not to offer her sister at this season’s yearling sales and it seems likely that when Talent eventually retires she will return to her birthplace. “I know James doesn’t want to sell her and I don’t want to either,” admits Dixon. “The old dictum still stands good – you have to keep your best fillies, especially when you’re trying to build up a stud.” The heroine’s return would certainly be


A taxi driver’s labour of love

Bireme is led in after the 1980 Oaks

For London taxi driver Barry Thompkins, a chance encounter with the Dick Hollingsworth homebred Buoy in Epsom’s parade ring in 1974 led to an obsession with this great equine family tracing back to Sidney Hollingsworth’s Felsetta. Thompkins has recently launched an enchanting website dedicated to her descendants and their success around the world, which is a lovely resource for


pedigree enthusiasts and can be found at Thompkins became a regular visitor to Arches Hall Stud and recalls his first visit there, saying: “The stud was at the top of a hill, with the valley and river Rib running below. I parked the cab and crossed the river. I walked up the main drive noting the beautiful surroundings, everything so peaceful, in stark contrast to the pace of driving a cab around London. I felt like I was on holiday.” It will no doubt have given the family’s biggest fan immense pleasure to have been able to add Talent’s name to the list of major Hollingsworth winners on the website – all of whom carried the owner/breeder’s famous crimson colours with silver braid, so closely reminiscent of those worn by Talent’s stable-mate and Oaks runner-up Secret Gesture.

something for the team at Ashbrittle to look forward to. Not only was Talent foaled there but she was broken in by Boyle’s assistant manager, dressage rider Ginny Whales. She is not the only member of staff to be actively involved with bridging the gap between stud and racing yard, as stud secretary Lucy Bosley is also adept at breaking in young horses. “Talent never gave us a day’s worry in her life,” says Boyle. “She was very straightforward and easy to break in. We had her back here for a holiday in the winter. Most of our paddocks are sloping so she was well used to going downhill before she got to Epsom.” Though originally from the north of England, Boyle is quick to point to his adopted home’s proud record of producing top-class horses. He says: “It’s not just us – the south-west is batting above its average for Group horses produced here. There’s Oaks runner-up Something Exciting, the Pococks at Stringston Farm bred Golden Sword, and Brian and Jane Hammond bred Irish Derby winner Treasure Beach and two Royal Ascot winners. “This is being done with a broodmare band of around 70 horses. It’s a healthy area with a mild climate.” How soon Talent returns to the fold certainly depends on her degree of success throughout the remainder of the season. At the time of writing she was about to make her first foray outside England in the Irish Oaks. The last filly to win the Oaks on the back of a Pretty Polly victory was Ouija Board, who also claimed the Curragh Classic and much more besides. Whatever Talent’s future holds, the time from the stalls snapping open to her crossing the line in triumph at Epsom is likely to remain the best two minutes and 42 seconds in the lives of all of those entwined with this thoroughly well-named filly. THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER


Fills Winners Circles Around the Globe


European Representative: Ed Prosser • 85 Blackstock Road, London, N4 2JW • Tel 0207 359 7803 • Mobile 07808 477827 •

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19/07/2013 09:11

Aug_108_TBA_AwardsEditorial_Owner 19/07/2013 14:31 Page 40


Britain’s got talent - and that’s just the breeders! A

n outstanding honour. That was owner/breeder George Strawbridge’s verdict on hearing he was to receive the Andrew Devonshire Bronze in recognition of his significant contribution to British breeding. Joining the awards ceremony by the wonders of new technology from his home in Wilmington, USA, Strawbridge, the third American to receive the award after Paul Mellon and John Gaines, said: “I will cherish this for a very long time. As we all know, breeding horses is such an uncertain business. The only thing that is consistently good – and this is a life lesson – is where they’re raised, like Whatton Manor Stud. That increases your chances of success.” The breeder of such greats as Selkirk and Rainbow View, and the winner of two Breeders’ Cup races, Strawbridge, a self-confessed Anglophile, considers Lucarno’s 2007 St Leger victory to be his greatest achievement. Among those gathered in the Jockey Club Rooms for the TBA Awards were representatives of Prince Khalid Abdullah’s Juddmonte Farms operation, which for the ninth time since the turn of the century was named leading Britishbased Flat breeder. During yet another wonderful year for Juddmonte graduates,

Frankel recorded five Group 1 victories to retire unbeaten, but he was not the only major winner for the team, as Cityscape triumphed in the Group 1 Dubai Duty Free, while Famous Name, Bated Breath, Sea Moon and Noble Mission added to the 22 Group wins around the world for the organisation in 2012. Juddmonte also received the Barleythorpe Cup for Oasis Dream, whose leading performer during the year was Irish 2,000 Guineas winner Power. Paul Greeves, Operations Director of Weatherbys and a TBA Board member who has served on many committees throughout his 43 years in the industry, was honoured with the Dominion Bronze. Darley broke Juddmonte’s run of success for leading British-based sire by earnings, with the BBA Silver Cigar Box going to Exceed And Excel for the first time. Another debut success was recorded by his Dalham Hall Stud companion New Approach, who was awarded the Tattersalls Silver Salver for leading British firstseason sire, his runners including the 2012 champion juvenile and subsequent 2,000 Guineas winner Dawn Approach. “It’s thrilling and it’s absolutely what Sheikh Mohammed deserves for his investment and

effort,” said Darley’s Director of Stallions, Sam Bullard. “New Approach is the most exciting young stallion around – to have done what he’s done in such a short time is quite an achievement.” A son and a daughter of the Rothschild family’s Magnificient Style recorded Group 1 victories in 2012. Eclipse winner Nathaniel and his sister, the Irish Oaks heroine Great Heavens, ensured that the 20-year-old daughter of Silver Hawk received the accolade of Flat Broodmare of the Year. No Triple Crown but three Classics Camelot was narrowly denied in his quest to become the first Triple Crown winner since Nijinsky’s 1970 triumph, but he is still a treble Classic winner, his victories in the 2,000 Guineas, Derby and Irish Derby earning his breeder Sheikh Abdullah Bin Isa Al Khalifa the TBA Silver Rose Bowl. “Sheikh Abdullah is very grateful to receive this award – he’s been such an enthusiastic breeder and supporter of the industry,” said Lady Carolyn Warren of Highclere Stud, where Camelot was foaled and raised. “He gets so much pleasure from it so one’s always delighted

TBA Award winners for 2012 (Flat) and 2012/13 (National Hunt)



Aug_108_TBA_AwardsEditorial_Owner 19/07/2013 14:31 Page 41

The TBA Award Winners The Queen’s Silver Cup For the leading British-based Flat breeder by prize-money Juddmonte Farms The BBA Silver Cigar Box For the leading British-based stallion by Flat earnings Exceed And Excel The Barleythorpe Cup For the leading British-based stallion by individual Flat winners Oasis Dream Tattersalls’ Silver Salver For the leading British-based first-season sire New Approach George Strawbridge addresses guests by Skype from America

when someone like this does well. Sheikh Abdullah’s son, Sheikh Isa, is also now very keen, which is lovely, and Camelot was followed by most of Bahrain.” From a select band of mares, Meon Valley Stud continues to enjoy much success, and 2012 was no exception. The Weinfeld family’s operation was responsible for five Pattern winners, with Izzi Top, Shirocco Star and Caspar Netscher among the leading performers. Mark Weinfeld received the TBA Silver Salver for his farm’s notable contribution to the British breeding industry. He said: “We had lots of excitement last year. We seemed to have a representative in most of the major Group races at one stage. We had a lot of fun with Izzi Top – it was quite unbelievable really. We’re lucky, we have very dedicated staff on the stud and it’s very much a team effort.” David and Emma Armstrong have enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing their homebred Mayson not only winning the Group 1 July Cup but also retiring to one of the best stallion farms in Britain, Cheveley Park Stud, on the back of his success, for which they received the Langham Cup for small breeder of the year. “It’s a great honour,” said David Armstrong. “It was an unbelievable year – we couldn’t have dreamed of anything better really. Mayson went to Newmarket three times and kept winning, and now he’s living in Newmarket. “Cheveley Park Stud and Mr and Mrs Thompson have been fantastic people to deal with. It’s such a successful stud and they have a great strike-rate with their young stallions.” Breeders of all sizes recognise that to operate a successful stud farm, good staff are every bit as crucial as good stock. The TBA Annual Stud Staff Award, sponsored by New England Stud, recognises the efforts of those behind the scenes whose early handling of potential stars is as important as the care the horses receive once in THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

training. The 2012 winner of this award was Sarah Goodwin, Stud Groom at Fittocks Stud. “What’s amazing is that Sarah has achieved so much at such a young age: she’s only 28,” said Fittocks Stud owner Sara Cumani. “She is everything you could hope for in an employee. She is hardworking, dedicated, loves her horses and gets on well with all the other members of the team. She’s incredibly efficient and I am absolutely delighted that she’s been given this award.” Awards for the National Hunt season of 2012/13 were also presented. The Meon Valley Stud influence was to the fore once more, with Overbury Stud’s Kaya Tara being awarded the Whitbread Silver Salver for the fourth time. The 19-year-old dual Ascot Gold Cup winner is a grandson of one of Meon Valley’s great foundation mares, Reprocolor. Kayf Tara also shared the honours with Shade Oak Stud’s Alflora for the Horse & Hound Cup, which is presented to the British sire with the most chase winners – remarkably they each recorded 21 individual winners of 27 chases. Dual Cheltenham Festival winner Cue Card is one of the most popular jumpers in training and his breeder, Roland Crellin, is now the holder of the Dudgeon Cup for his National Hunt broodmare of the year, Wicked Crack. Sally Aston received the award on Crellin’s behalf and it wasn’t long before she and her husband Richard were called to receive the Queen Mother’s Silver Salver for the National Hunt Achievement Award in recognition of their all-round success as breeders and consignors through Goldford Stud in Cheshire.

The H J Joel Silver Salver Flat Broodmare of the Year, discretionary award Magnificient Style TBA Silver Rose Bowl TBA Flat Breeder of the Year, discretionary award H H Sheikh Abdullah Bin Isa Al-Khalifa The TBA Silver Salver Special Merit, discretionary award Meon Valley Stud Langham Cup Small Breeder of the Year (Flat), discretionary award David and Emma Armstrong’s Highfield Farm TBA Annual Stud Staff Award Generously sponsored by New England Stud Sarah Goodwin, Fittocks Stud Whitbread Silver Salver Leading active British-based National Hunt stallion by earnings Kayf Tara The Horse & Hound Cup Leading active British-based National Hunt stallion by number of chase winners Alflora and Kayf Tara The Dudgeon Cup National Hunt Broodmare of the Year Wicked Crack The Queen Mother’s Silver Salver National Hunt Achievement Award Richard and Sally Aston The Dominion Bronze Paul Greeves The Andrew Devonshire Bronze George Strawbridge


Aug_108_TBA_AwardsPictures_Owner 19/07/2013 14:49 Page 42


Glittering occasion

Guests took advantage of a beautiful summer’s evening to enjoy drinks on the terrace of the historic Jockey Club Rooms

Keith Harte and Edmond Mahony

Chris Wright

Philip Mitchell

Emma Armstrong

Richard Aston

Helen and John Worboys with Joan Langmead

Kevin McAuliffe and Jenny Hall

Aug_108_TBA_AwardsPictures_Owner 19/07/2013 14:50 Page 43

Richard Wayman and Richard Lancaster

Sally Aston

Ian Balding with Gill and Paul Greeves

Kitty Elsaas

Gordon Johnson Houghton and Dianne Mockridge

New BHA Chairman Steve Harman

Guest speaker Ian Robertson

Sam Hoskins and Gina Bryce

Libby and Trevor Harris

Aug_108_TBA_AGM_Editorial_Owner 19/07/2013 14:34 Page 44


Chairman sounds note of caution over declining number of breeders


receding this year’s awards ceremony, the TBA held its annual general meeting, at which Chairman Richard Lancaster spoke of the need to halt the decline in breeder numbers. He said: “Since 2007, the number of racehorse owners has declined by over 1,300 and British thoroughbred foal production has fallen over the same period, from a high point of 5,920 foals in 2008, to 4,366 foal registrations in 2012. This is the lowest recorded figure in recent years and indications are that the 2013 foal numbers will fall further, emphasising that there is a vital need to stimulate production. “Correspondingly, British breeder registrations continue to drop. We have more work to do to clarify the actual individual numbers involved, but with 3,648 breeding entities recorded in the 2012 GSB Fact Book,

“One particular

reason for the sales recovery has been the reputation of the British thoroughbred” down from 4,750 in 2011, this suggests that whilst a number of breeders have left the industry, those remaining are showing considerable caution in terms of replacing or adding to their broodmare numbers.” BHA Chief Executive Paul Bittar, who attended the AGM with his new Chairman Steve Harman, also addressed breeders. The Australian admitted that he is an “unashamed advocate for British racing” and added: “Given the international reputation of the British-born thoroughbred, it is our role to work closely with the TBA. The breeding industry has a lot to be positive about.” After outlining the decrease in budget for the BHA from a pre-recession figure of £34 million to £28 million this year, Bittar highlighted difficulties faced by breeders throughout that period. He said: “The breeding sector bore the brunt of the recession – after a decade of growth and demand, sales fell significantly


and British breeders responded sensibly by decreasing production. “One particular reason for the sales recovery has been the reputation of the British thoroughbred.” An overcrowded fixture list is a topic which concerns many people in the racing and breeding industry but Bittar sought to assure his audience that the BHA is “very conscious of the supply constraint” through a reduction in the foal crop, which is yet to stabilise, and the smaller number of breeders in operation. This theme was picked up on during the members’ questions session by Larry Stratton, who asked for clarification on whether it was TBA policy to boost foal production to meet the needs of the fixture list. “It seems to be the tail wagging the dog,” said Stratton. “In my experience, a lot of smaller breeders want to cut numbers, not breed more horses.” Bittar countered that is wasn’t necessarily a case of producing more horses but that the BHA is keen to encourage owners and trainers to run their horses more frequently. BOBIS concession threat During his speech, Richard Lancaster reported that 1,616 juveniles had been signed up to BOBIS in its first year. Peter Stanley asked if BOBIS would be merged with the Racing Post Yearling Bonus Scheme (RPYBS), to which Vice-Chairman Julian RichmondWatson replied: “I would love to bring the two schemes together but I very much doubt it will happen. The Yearling Bonus Scheme is more of a sales-driven scheme. “The European Breeders’ Fund is much closer and I could see the schemes being

Paul Bittar praised GB-bred success

Lancaster: concession must be kept

amalgamated within two years.” He added that talks would continue between the organisers of BOBIS and RPYBS. Lancaster also raised the issue of the potential loss of higher returns to members from BOBIS. He said: “One issue I must draw to your attention is the BHA’s proposal to remove enhanced rewards to TBA and ROA members. We know that the Levy Board have no objections to a differential, as this was a fundamental element of the administration fee concept which supported the Breeders’ Prizes Scheme. “ROA members enjoy discounts on a range of BHA registration fees, the loss of the Breeders’ Prizes Scheme and the withdrawal of enhanced BOBIS prizes for TBA members means that TBA will no longer be in a position to recruit and retain members via a similar centralised concession.” Julian Wilson, Chairman of the Newmarket Stud Farmers’ Association aired his concern over the increase in Equine Herpes Virus outbreaks, saying: “The recent EHV cases in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Hertfordshire from a mare which returned from a stud in Devon with over 150 horses on site highlight the risk to us all. “How can breeders protect themselves further and can the TBA advise breeders on best practice or more importantly issue a checklist of practices to avoid?” TBA veterinary advisor Professor Sidney Ricketts reminded members to follow the HBLB Codes of Practice and recommended continued vaccination for mares at three, five, seven and nine months of gestation, and a six-month booster for empty mares. THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

A lot mor e thAn


To us horses are never just lots. They are marvels of nature. Deserving and getting respect and kindness. Letting us live by their sides. When we escort them to the sale, it marks only the end of a beginning. Now it’s your turn.

CoUlonCes ConsIGnment HARAS DU GRAND CHENE Anna Drion +33 6 76 74 94 74

Etienne Drion +33 6 37 06 01 31 |

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2013-06-24 15:33


A highly palatable and versatile sweet feed, specially formulated for putting body condition on evenly. High in oil and fibre, it keeps yearlings level-headed and manageable in their work and calm in the sales ring.



A highly digestible rice bran A fortified conditioning supplement that supplement that is very effective at is a combination of rice bran and milled adding condition, muscle definition and linseed, providing a rich source of topline. It helps to give sales yearlings a Omega-3 fatty acids. Increasing dietary sleek, well-toned look and levels of Omega-3 has an extremely an athletic outline. beneficial effect on a sales yearling’s 500 grams (1 lb) of Equi-Jewel® coat and skin. contains the same amount of energy as 250 millilitres (1/2 pint) of oil.

THE SALES - where 1st impressions are critical. For that extra bit of back up and support during sales preparation, Saracen are here to help. The combination of the correct feeds at the right time and a fresh pair of eyes at regular intervals are all part of the service. Our clients know they can rely on it.

OUR GOAL - to help you make the right impression.


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Contact POLLY BONNOR Tel: +44 7973 802 210 CLARE AITKENHEAD Tel: +44 7714 768 250 or visit

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Aug_108_Bloodstock_Intro_Owner 19/07/2013 15:28 Page 47


Our bloodstock coverage this month includes:

• Yearling sales previews: looking ahead to action at Arqana, DBS and BBAG – pages 48-54 • Sales Circuit: stores rejuvenated; Qatar boost to Tatts July; JRHA thriving – pages 56-58 • Caulfield Files: War Command bred to be precocious; Desert Style on the up – pages 60-61

Two great names combine in juvenile star


The resolve shown when taking on the eventual runner-up Somewhat and outbattling him to the line was impressive indeed. His trainer Richard Fahey, one of the best handlers of juveniles in the business, admitted that he is not overdoing the horse at home and is learning about him with every race. There’s clearly plenty more for Good Old Boy Lukey to learn, too. I doubt we’ve seen the best of him yet. Good Old Boy Lukey’s breeder, Sarah Hamilton, purchased his dam Pivotting as an unraced three-year-old for 35,000gns at Tattersalls’ July Sale of 2009. Her first foal, the twice-raced daughter of Oratorio named

something good always comes out of them. “Pivotting has a Sir Percy filly going to the October Sale at Tattersalls but she didn’t get in foal last year which meant she could be covered early this year by Dutch Art.” Good Old Boy Lukey is Hamilton’s first Group winner but he is not the only successful juvenile for her this season as she also bred One Penny Piece, who became the first British winner for freshman Archipenko in June and won again in July. She says: “Sadly I couldn’t get to Newmarket on the day Good Old Boy Lukey ran but I watched him on TV and cried!”

And so to the next crop


hree days after the TBA Awards ceremony at the Jockey Club Rooms, one of the most interesting two-year-olds of the season, whose existence is closely linked to two of the recipients, emerged on the July Course. Good Old Boy Lukey is a member of the penultimate crop of former Lanwades stalwart Selkirk – who was owned and bred by the winner of the Andrew Devonshire Bronze, George Strawbridge – and if he continues in this eye-catchingly progressive manner he has every chance of giving his much missed sire a posthumous last hurrah. In the bottom line of his pedigree sits a name redolent of success. Reprocolor, arguably the most noted of the four broodmares to have got the fledgling Meon Valley Stud off the ground following her purchase as a yearling in 1977 for Egon and Elizabeth Weinfeld, appears as the fourth dam of Good Old Boy Lukey, whose grandam Spinning The Yarn is a three-parts-sister to Kayf Tara and Opera House. Kayf Tara was also honoured at the TBA Awards, named as the leading British-based National Hunt sire for the fourth time in 2012/13. Now unbeaten in three races, Good Old Boy Lukey has already defied expectations to a certain extent. That’s not to say he doesn’t have the pedigree to be absolutely top-drawer but it is one, along with his physique, which would have suggested he would make a later appearance on the racecourse. As it is, he started his career over five furlongs at Hamilton in May. We have to rely on that wonderful euphemism ‘coltish’ to describe his behaviour when pacing Newmarket’s shaded pre-parade ring prior to his success in the Group 2 Superlative Stakes. Tally, leggy, chestnut and flashy – a description which could be applied to so many of his sire’s offspring – his appearance led me to wonder if the fast ground would suit the late April-foaled swayback colt with so much growing up still to do. Not for the first time, I was wrong.


The unbeaten Good Old Boy Lukey

Hadeeya, went through the same sale last month and was very shrewdly bought back by her breeder through Kirtlington Stud at 5,000gns just three days before her halfbrother became a Group 2 winner. “I had an inkling that Good Old Boy Lukey was going to be decent so I thought it was a good idea to get her back,” said Hamilton, who lives in Monmouthshire but boards Pivotting and Hadeeya at Kirtlington along with three other mares owned in partnership with Chris Budgett. “Pivotting broke her pelvis which was why she didn’t race and probably why I was able to afford to buy her. It’s a family I’ve always loved – you can’t beat these old families,

While we’re yet to see many of the yearling graduates of 2012 appear on the racecourse, the focus of much of the bloodstock industry is now firmly on this season’s yearling sales, as our previews of auctions held during August in the following pages will testify. Of the two winning juveniles mentioned above, Good Old Boy Lukey failed to find a buyer in the ring at 12,000gns while One Penny Piece was bought by her trainer Charlie McBride for 2,000gns, emphasising how hard it still is for many breeders, despite a boost in trade at recent sales. Of course the success of these two will increase the value of their dams and forthcoming relatives but it’s understandable that many smaller breeders have felt the need to scale down or, in some cases, leave the industry altogether. Looking at it from another perspective, for those prepared to buy horses that appeal to them on type rather than following the latest craze for the most fashionable stallions, there is certainly value to be found in the market. This year’s sales will doubtless exhibit the same level of polarisation as regards ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ sires and to a certain extent it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as perfectly good stallions are shunned often for little reason other than a pack mentality at the sales grounds. Potential owners can reap rewards if they are lucky enough to find a bloodstock agent or a trainer who is prepared to take an independent view.


Aug_108_ArqanaPreview_Owner 19/07/2013 15:06 Page 48



Henri Bozo Haras des Monceaux


enri Bozo is a regular face at the Arqana sales in his role as stud manager to Lucien Urano’s Haras des Monceaux. Under Bozo’s management, Monceaux has become a major force in French bloodstock, which was evident last summer when the farm was leading vendor at the Arqana August Sale thanks to a draft which included the top three lots. Bozo is a son of Antoine Bozo, who managed Haras du Mezeray, and so his involvement in the industry was a natural one, as he explains: “Having grown up on a farm, I quickly became passionate about the breeding side. “After completing business studies, I spent two and a half years training abroad with breeders, trainers and vets and then took over from my father at Mezeray. “I spent five years at Mezeray and then was offered the opportunity to build up a farm for Lucien Urano at Haras des Monceaux. I have been manager at Monceaux, which now has 65 mares, for eight years.” Hope for the sales season: “I am optimistic. We will offer 25 homebred yearlings at the Arqana August sales. They are from young mares with pedigrees and performances and by the best European stallions.”

Gwenael Monneraye and Lucie Lamotte La Motteraye While the auction results of Gwenael Monneraye and Lucie Lamotte’s La Motteraye consignment warrant attention in themselves, they go hand in hand with an impressive track record on the track. La Motteraye was launched in December 2009 and the following summer sold its first draft of yearlings at Arqana. That octet came to include Group 3 winners Leaupartie and Abu Sidra while the following year they sold this season’s Group-placed three-year-olds Glacial


FORCES Ahead of Arqana’s August Sale, we get the lowdown on some of the dynamic young operatives of the French bloodstock industry Words Nancy Sexton • Photos APRH and Emma Berry

Age and Holy Dazzle. Last year’s Arqana August draft was topped by a €450,000 son of Dubawi. “I am from Brittany and Lucie was born not far from Chantilly,” says Gwenael. “We met at Haras d’Etreham and then spent ten years travelling in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England and the US where we were lucky enough to work for some great horsemen. “We always liked the consignment part of the industry. But the breeding side is also important for us and we keep around 20 mares on the farm for various people. In the future, we would like to develop our own band of mares.” Hope for the sales season: “Since we started La Motteraye our consignment has become stronger and it should be again this year as we concentrate on quality rather than quantity. We have room for so many horses at the farm so we can get to choose our draft which is a big plus for our consignment.”

Coolmore Australia and Luca Cumani, to whom he was pupil assisant, and within five years of going alone, was buying on behalf of Sheikh Joaan Al Thani. Last year saw Mandore sign for a host of seven-figure lots at various yearling and breeding stock sales while securing private acquisitions such as Toronado and Olympic Glory. Other clients include Sea The Stars’ owner-breeders Ling and Christopher Tsui. “There are some quality three-year-olds that have shown plenty of promise in the first half of the year,” he says of Sheikh Joaan’s current string, “and I’m excited to see what the future holds for them. “I’d keep an eye on Mshawish, who has performed well at the top level and proved consistent in both the Jockey Club and the St James’s Palace Stakes [when fourth]. He could potentially be a Breeders’ Cup hope for his connections.” Sheikh Joaan Al Thani’s breeding stock is overseen at the newly acquired Haras de Bouquetot in Normandy by Darley Flying Start graduate Benoit Jeffroy (pictured below, left, with de Watrigant right). Jeffroy joined Bouquetot in January following five and a half years as a member of Darley’s nominations team.  Hope for the rest of the season: “That it proves as busy and fruitful as last year, along

Nicolas de Watrigant and Benoit Jeffroy Mandore International Agency/Haras de Bouquetot Since establishing Mandore International Agency in 2007, Nicolas de Watrigant’s rise to prominence has been rapid. The 31-year-old cut his teeth working for the likes of Haras de Fresnay-le-Buffard, Shadwell, Lane’s End Farm, THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

Aug_108_ArqanaPreview_Owner 19/07/2013 15:06 Page 49

with the excitement of seeing the debuts of last year’s purchases on the racetrack.”

Anthony Baudouin Haras du Hoguenet Anthony Baudouin is accomplished in different areas of equestrianism as a qualified riding instructor and former successful eventer. However, he was brought up in a racing environment and so it is no surprise to see him working today alongside his family as head of commercial and marketing development at Haras du Hoguenet in Normandy. His father Yvon Baudouin managed Hoguenet for 16 years on behalf of Jerome Blum until 2006 when the Baudouin family purchased the farm and merged it with their Haras du Manoir Pottier, then managed by Anthony. Since then, Hoguenet has developed into a major stallion farm – today it stands four stallions including new recruit Desert Blanc, an American Grade 1 winner, and Binocular’s sire Enrique – while maintaining its presence as a vendor at the majority of Arqana sales. Hope for the sales season: “We are looking forward to Arqana’s new V2 sale, where we are presenting three nice yearlings, including two homebreds (by Redback and Namid). We hope that these yearlings have all the qualities to seduce potential buyers looking for two-year-olds.”

Richard Powell Le Lieu des Champs Ambitions run high at Haras le Lieu des Champs in Normandy. The 60-hectare stud, a former dairy farm, was taken over earlier this year by Richard Powell following 33 years under the ownership of his father, bloodstock agent David Powell. The stud’s facilities include 40 stables but work is already underway on another 15 to enable the stud to increase their focus on sales prep. “I was born in Deauville, right beside Arqana,” says Powell. “I have worked around the world – UK (Ted Voute/Genesis Green Stud), Ireland (Arthur Moore and Kildangan Stud), the US (Walmac Farm and trainer Neil Drysdale) and Australia THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

(Widden Stud) - and lately was sales manager for a feed company. “We bought the Le Lieu des Champs from my father early this year. Our wish is that it becomes a respected stud farm where people would be happy to have horses.” Hope for the sales season: “Having the trust from people to prep their horses and increase the quality of horses to consign.”

Alban Chevalier du Fau Channel Consignment When Alban Chevalier du Fau went into partnership with Jamie Railton in 2010 to form the Channel Consignment, it marked the beginning of an association that is currently leading the way in France’s juvenile market. The Channel Consignment made an immediate impact, ending the 2011 and 2012 Arqana Breeze-up Sales as third leading vendor. They dominated this year’s renewal by selling 12 lots for a total of €1.396 million led by the €520,000 sale-topping son of Sea The Stars. “I met Jamie Railton, a talented horseman with lots of experience consigning,” explains Chevalier du Fau. “I wanted to increase my activity while keeping with my speciality – young horses – so we decided to join forces. We found four investors to start pinhooking yearlings in 2010 and since then we’ve had three good years of sales.” Chantilly-born Chevalier du Fau himself has a wealth of experience, having completed the Irish National Stud before working for trainers Nicky Henderson and Christophe Clement. “Afterwards I came back to France to start my own business on the family farm near Angers,” he says. “I started as a pre-trainer because I’ve always liked young stock. My farm is now more than 100 hectares.” As well as overseeing The Channel Consignment, Chevalier du Fau also pre-trains for several prominent owners and breeders including the Marquesa de Moratalla. Hope for the sales season: “To keep improving as we have done these last three

years. In our selection of yearlings we always give the priority to the horse as an individual, he must be athletic rather than being selected on a pedigree speculation. We also want to increase the average level and profile of horses we offer and sell very good winners every year. Hopefully we will find what we want during the yearling sales!”

Anna and Etienne Drion Coulonces Consignment The Coulonces Consignment, which is today based at Etienne and Anna Drion’s Haras du Grand Chene in Normandy, didn’t have to wait long to sell its first Classic winner. In 2007, just

one year after Anna Drion started selling as Haras de Coulonces, the operation sold a Noverre colt at Arqana for €100,000 with Anna’s parents, Jan and Maja Sundstrom of Team Hogdala. Named Le Havre, he won the Prix du Jockey Club for Jean-Claude Rouget. The Coulonces Consignment has come a long way since then. It was the fourth leading vendor at last year’s Arqana August Sale thanks to a group of yearlings that realised nearly €2.1 million and in October reached another milestone when sending a first draft to Book 1 of the Tattersalls October Sale. “I sold under Haras de Coulonces in the beginning,” says Anna, originally from Sweden, “and in 2009, we started up Coulonces Consignment and Haras du Grand Chene.  “Every sale is a highlight for us! There are horses that we will never forget; some because they made a lot of money and others that touched our hearts. But the biggest highlight is when they win!” Hope for the sales season: The Coulonces Consignment has 31 yearlings catalogued for the Arqana August Sale, among them the half siblings to Group 1 performers Four Sins and Royal Bench. “We are very positive,” says Anna, “and we are sure that we have a couple of champions in our yard...!”

The Arqana August Yearling Sale runs from Saturday, 17 to Monday, 19 August with the new V2 Sale taking place on Tuesday, August 20 2012 figures: Offered Sold 440 289

Aggregate (€) 28,394,000

Top price (€) 1,200,000

Average (€) Median (€) 98,240 65,000

>> 49

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Fast company


Speed and precocity are very much in vogue at Britain’s yearling season-opener, where there are plenty of youngsters by freshman stallions on offer Words John Berry • Photos George Selwyn


s the yearling sale which leads the way as regards specialising in the supply of fast, precocious horses, the DBS Premier Sale naturally features a good stock of appealing yearlings by popular young stallions. Making the running this season among the stallions with their first runners has been the Ballyhane resident Dandy Man, a former top sprinter himself whose debutants are hitting the target with regularity. The pace set by Dandy Man this term is impressive: he was the first freshman sire to reach double figures as regards both individual winners and races won, and he also sailed past the £100,000 barrier in progeny earnings before any of his rivals were even halfway there. Leading Dandy Man’s charge has been his Royal Ascot-winning son Extortionist, the Windsor Castle Stakes winner who (it almost goes without saying) is a graduate of the 2012 Premier Yearling Sale, having been bought by David Redvers (in a private sale) there from Hillwood Stud for £30,000. There are seven members of Dandy Man’s second crop in the catalogue for this year’s Premier Sale, yearlings whose vendors will have been hugely heartened by the stallion’s success. Ballyhane Stud is set to offer three of this septet,

with its daughter of Kiss And Don’Tell (a Rahy half-sister to the former Group 3-winning sprinter Raphane, and already the dam of the smart miler Desert Kiss) sure to attract attention. Among the other Dandy Man yearlings to stand out on paper is Tally-Ho Stud’s colt out of Balance The Books, a juvenile winner at York in

“Zebedee’s contingent in the Premier Sale is particularly eye-catching, being 26-strong”

her younger days who has already bred the Listed-placed Chunky Diamond, a winner at Windsor and Ascot as a two-year-old in 2011. Dandy Man was not, of course, the only stallion whose profile received a hefty boost at Royal Ascot. Arguably the most eye-catching among the many who registered big results there this year was the Morristown Lattin

Premier Sale graduate Extortionist is the first Royal Ascot winner for Dandy Man


incumbent Dark Angel, whose first-crop son Lethal Force broke through at the highest level by landing a terrific win in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes – a performance which he has, of course, subsequently repeated when breaking the track record in the July Cup. As a former Middle Park Stakes winner, Dark Angel always had the profile to appeal to Doncaster’s clientele, and his ten yearlings in the Premier Sale are bound to be popular. His Rossenara Stud-consigned daughter of Thawrah is sure to be popular, bearing in mind that she is not only a sister to the very fast Heerat, who finished sixth in the recent King’s Stand Stakes, but also a half-sister to Ambiance, a two-yearold son of Camacho who won the Listed Dragon Stakes at Sandown in July. Almost similarly appealing is Dark Angel’s son of Cute Ass, offered by Brendan Holland of Grove Stud. Cute Ass was one of Britain’s fastest two-year-olds of 2007, when she won over five furlongs at Musselburgh before finishing third to Fleeting Spirit in the Flying Childers Stakes at Doncaster and second to Captain Gerrard in the Cornwallis Stakes at Ascot. Bearing in mind that Dark Angel only raced as a two-year-old, the excellent start which he has made to his stud career will be very cheering for the connections of Approve and Zebedee, who took up stud duties as three-year-olds in 2011 at Morristown Lattin Stud and Tally-Ho Stud respectively. Both had enjoyed very rewarding juvenile campaigns in 2010 with Approve having landed the Norfolk Stakes at Royal Ascot and the Gimcrack Stakes at York, and Zebedee having taken the Molecomb Stakes at Goodwood and the Flying Childers Stakes at Doncaster. Understandably, each is well represented in the Premier Sale. Zebedee’s contingent in the Premier Sale is particularly eye-catching, being 26-strong. Approve’s team is only slightly less extensive, numbering 17. Several of these, naturally, have pedigrees with precocity stamped all over them, including Oaks Farm Stables’ Approve colt out THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

Aug_108_DBSPreview_Owner 19/07/2013 15:08 Page 51


Paco Boy’s first crop will undoubtedly be well scrutinised by the Hannon/Doyle team

of Miss Assertive, who was thrice Listed-placed as a juvenile when trained by Nick Littmoden in 2002. Miss Assertive has already bred one very fast horse, her daughter Meydan Princess having won a Listed race over seven furlongs at Ascot prior to being sold to California, where she showed very solid form in Graded stakes from Jim Cassidy’s barn.

Following big brother Camacho’s half-brother Showcasing is another new stallion boasting top-class two-year-old form with a solid representation in the Premier Sale. The Whitsbury Manor stallion was a terrific juvenile in 2009 when he landed the Gimcrack Stakes, and he kicked off his threeyear-old campaign the following year with an excellent second place in the Duke Of York Stakes. His draft of eight looks sure to throw up some smart juveniles. Another former top juvenile with plenty of first-crop yearlings in the Premier Sale is Fast Company, who found only New Approach too good when beaten only half a length in a vintage edition of the Dewhurst Stakes in 2007. Although that proved to be Fast Company’s last race, the son of Danehill Dancer did not retire to Rathasker Stud until 2011, so might have been in danger of becoming a forgotten horse. He has clearly proved popular, though, and his batch of 13 sons and daughters in the Premier Sale looks certain to include some nice horses. While Fast Company only raced three times, a pair of first-crop sires sure to be among the most popular at the Premier Sale are Paco Boy and Equiano, two of the toughest top-class horses to have raced in Britain this century. Having been well patronised at Highclere Stud and Newsells Park Stud respectively, these two admirable horses have 20 and 19 yearlings in the sale respectively. Paco Boy became a byword for toughness during his four seasons racing from Richard Hannon’s stable, during which he won 11 of his 24 starts, with his days in the sun including a defeat of Natagora in the Prix de la Foret as a three-year-old and further Group 1 victories in THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

the Lockinge Stakes at four and the Queen Anne Stakes at five. He proved a real bargain for the £30,000 which Peter Doyle paid for him at Doncaster’s breeze-up sale in April 2007 – and it is fair to say that Doyle and Richard Hannon are sure to be paying his stock plenty of attention. Equiano’s racing record is similarly impressive. One of the few horses to have landed the King’s Stand Stakes twice, Equiano was particularly remarkable in this respect as his two victories in Royal Ascot’s principal speed test came two years apart: as a three-year-old in 2008 when he led home Takeover Target, Fleeting Spirit and Dandy Man, and as a fiveyear-old in 2010 when he landed a popular victory for the father/son combination of Barry and Michael Hills. He has been well patronised since retiring to stud, with a wide variety of breeders complementing the support given to him by Newsells Park, whose draft at the Premier Sale includes an Equiano filly from the Listed-winning sprinter Clifton Dancer.

Equiano’s first yearlings sell this year

Other first-season sires whose yearlings at the Premier Sale look sure to find favour with purchasers looking to find a precocious juvenile include Hellvelyn and Arcano, winners of the Coventry Stakes and Prix Morny respectively. The former, who stands at Bucklands Farm and Stud, has eight yearlings in the sale, while Derrinstown Stud sire Arcano has six in the catalogue. Another Shadwell sire with first-crop of yearlings on offer is the regally-bred Group 1 performer Mawatheeq, who has colts in the sale from the Shadwell-bred mares Tanwir and Amhooj. A Shadwell-bred whose name will be on plenty of lips during the Premier Sale is the 2,000 Guineas-winning Tweenhills-based sire Makfi, two members of whose first crop feature in the catalogue. Makfi, who followed up his 2010 Classic success by beating Goldikova in the Prix Jacques le Marois, is bound to be a popular stallion, a remark which applies to several other Group 1 winners who also have first-crop yearlings in the sale, including Rip Van Winkle, Lope De Vega, Lord Shanakill, Alfred Nobel and Youmzain. There are also four yearlings catalogued by the top-class sprinter Starspangledbanner – but sadly these will not mark the start of a prolific stud career for the impressive chestnut son of Choisir, as poor fertility saw him returned to training last year after his stint at Coolmore in 2011. Another son of Choisir who should be set for a lengthier term at stud is the Llety Stud-based Stimulation, 11 members of whose first crop are entered in the Premier Sale. The Group 2winning sprinter/miler is well qualified to make the grade at stud, as is Vale Of York, the 2009 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile winner who has two yearlings in the catalogue. Also represented in the Premier Sale is the Sweep Lane Stud-based freshman Le Cadre Noir, a son of Danetime who won a string of good races in Italy before coming to Ireland, where Dermot Weld sent him out to win a Listed sprint at the Curragh. His yearlings’ presence in the sale is a reminder of the internationalisation of modern racing – as are the yearlings by the champion Australian stallion Fastnet Rock and Animal Kingdom’s Brazilian-bred but Florida-based sire Leroidesanimaux. These celebrities are but two of the stallions who add a further dimension of class to what is sure once again to be a sale which churns out a torrent of fast, precocious and high-class winners.

The DBS Premier Yearling Sale will feature 258 lots on Tuesday, August 27 with another 220 to be sold on Wednesday, August 28 2012 figures: Offered Sold 494 396

Aggregate (£) 10,641,000

Top price (£) 185,000

Average (£) Median (£) 26,872 20,000

>> 51

August Yearling Sale August 17-19, Deauville

Aug_108_BBAGPreview_Owner 19/07/2013 15:11 Page 53

On a sound

FOOTING Philipp and Marion Stauffenberg, who sold Deutsches Derby winner Lucky Speed as a yearling at BBAG, are enjoying the resurgence of the GER suffix Words Martin Stevens of the Racing Post • Photos Marc Rühl


he large sums paid by some of the world’s leading owners for stock bred by Philipp and Marion Stauffenberg of Schlossgut Itlingen, who sold this year’s Deutsches Derby winner Lucky Speed as a yearling at BBAG, pay the German breeders a considerable compliment. Lady Marian, originally a €49,000 yearling purchase by Gestüt Hachtsee at Baden-Baden, was sold to Sheikh Mohammed for 1,800,000gns after the daughter of Nayef won the Prix de l’Opera, while Japanese breeders – who grasped the quality and soundness of German stock a long time ago – snapped up Blandford Stakes winner Four Sins for €620,000 as a broodmare prospect.

Four Sins, now owned by Northern Farm, denotes a special achievement. When the daughter of Sinndar was offered on the Stauffenbergs’ behalf by Abbeville and Meadowcourt Studs at the 2005 Goffs Million yearling sale, she became the first yearling sold to the Aga Khan at public auction since Blushing Groom 30 years earlier. It was not the first time Four Sins’ family had delivered former show jumper Philipp Stauffenberg and former dressage rider Marion a good result. As he explains, it was Four Sins’ grand-dam Fraulein Tobin who brought him and Marion together: “She owned Fraulein Tobin and was looking for a boarding stud. At the time, I was managing Gestüt Karlshof

and her trainer suggested us. “The first foal we bred out of Fraulein Tobin together was a son of Acatenango [Nord Paese] who we sold as a yearling to Teruya Yoshida for Fr950,000, and the next foal, a son of Lammtarra [England City], was also sold to Japan as a five-day-old foal. “Fraulein Tobin died ten years ago but we still have Four Sins’ dam Four Roses and Firedance, her daughter by Lomitas.” Four Roses’ yearling colt by Galileo is set to be offered at the Arqana August Yearling Sale by the Coulonces Consignment for the Stauffenbergs. On paper, he looks one of that catalogue’s highlights. Stauffenberg helped build Karlshof from

Yearlings on parade at the picturesque Schlossgut Itlingen


Aug_108_BBAGPreview_Owner 19/07/2013 15:11 Page 54


scratch during his nine years at the helm of the stud. He bought most of the stud’s foundation mares, including the brilliant broodmare Sacarina for the equivalent of around just €4,000. She produced two Deutsches Derby victors, Samum and Schiaparelli, a Preis der Diana winner in Salve Regina and a €750,000 Deauville sale-topper in Sortita. At around €5,000, Asuma was another bargain – she produced her third Group winner this year in leading German three-year-old filly Ars Nova. Stauffenberg Bloodstock was formed in 1994, offering services including matings consultancy and international nomination booking for German breeders, as well as buying foals, yearlings and mares. With a growing mare band of their own, Philipp and Marion decided to take over the former Gestüt Quenhorn at Schlossgut Itlingen in Westphalia.  Stauffenberg Bloodstock uses the facilities for preparing and consigning mainly youngstock for clients and heads to BadenBaden with a draft of 13 this year. Lucky Speed was sold for €46,000 on behalf of the nearby Gestüt Hof Itlingen, so after Samum and Schiaparelli, the agency can lay claim to having an association with three recent winners of the Deutsches Derby. “Lucky Speed did not seem a special horse when we started prepping him,” Stauffenberg says. “He was backwards and lacked confidence and muscle, but he had a good frame and a good walk and he improved considerably during his prep.” Among the first horses Philipp and Marion bought together was Que Belle, a Canadianbred daughter of Seattle Dancer who cost Ir70,000gns as a yearling at Goffs and went on to win the Preis der Diana carrying Marion’s silks. “We sold her to B. Wayne Hughes in America – she paid for the founding of the stud farm,” Philipp says. Schlossgut Itlingen is home to around 12 of the Stauffenbergs’ mares, with no permanent boarders but visitors for the breeding season. “We have had many mares come in from abroad,” Stauffenberg explains. “When Monsun was alive we had some very good boarders from owners and breeders across Britain, Ireland and France, including Hamdan Al Maktoum, Faisal Salman, Team Valor, JeanPierre Dubois, Haras de la Perelle, Haras de Saint Pair and Eric Puerari.” Germany may not now be able to boast a proven stallion of Monsun’s calibre – indeed, he is rated as the most internationally successful stallion ever to stand in the country – but Stauffenberg has identified one countryman who could lure mares there. “Hopefully Soldier Hollow can pick up from Monsun,” Stauffenberg says of the Gestüt Auenquelle-based son of In The Wings, whose first crop contained Deutsches Derby and Prix Ganay winner Pastorius. “But we are not keen


Marion and Philipp Stauffenberg

“The Japanese

especially are very keen on adding good, sound German blood to their stock ” to have too many boarders – we have 62 hectares of paddocks and like to keep four hectares per mare.” On the subject of Germany’s lack of sire power, especially those with commercial clout like Monsun, Stauffenberg says: “It is understandable, really. There is only a small number of broodmares in the country so the stallion population is low and it is hard to keep the good ones. It has always been a problem in Germany; Monsun was an exception. But it took a long time for foreign breeders to take notice of him and it is a shame that by the time they used him he was relatively old.” “If you want to sell in Newmarket, Goffs or Deauville you have to use stallions outside Germany – you have no chance in the ring if your yearling is by a stallion no one knows.” The Stauffenbergs have dabbled in stallion ownership themselves, partly out of convenience, partly out of loyalty. Their purchases Que Belle and Rose Of Zollern, a 6,000gns Tattersalls foal buy who landed the German 1,000 Guineas, were both by world record $13.1 million yearling Seattle Dancer,

so he was targeted as a potential purchase. “We purchased Seattle Dancer in partnership as we had bought two Classic winners by him, and Fraulein Tobin was very old at the time and we couldn’t travel her to be covered,” Stauffenberg says. “We had wanted to buy Lomond as we thought Seattle Dancer would be outside our reach, but the Italians wanted too much money for him. So we asked John McCormack to inquire about Seattle Dancer and bought him from Japan and stood him at Auenquelle, where he covered around 60 to 70 mares. We do not have the facilities to stand stallions at Schlossgut Itlingen. “We have no plans to stand one in the future, either. If you have a home stallion you always have to support him and there is the risk of overusing him, as he may not suit your mares or he may turn out to be a failure.” If German stallions do not always boast commercial appeal, the country’s strict breeding rules – stallions can only stand in the country if they have never raced on drugs and they must have achieved a certain rating on the track, for example – have meant its stock has a reputation for quality and soundness that has made it hot property around the world. “Our rules are beneficial for the breed,” Stauffenberg says. “We have a small population and those rules are needed to keep it healthy and in good shape. “Some international breeders used German mares some time ago, to produce top horses such as King’s Best and Slip Anchor, but nowadays quite a lot of breeders do it - Fame And Glory and Farhh are recent examples. The Japanese especially are very keen on adding good, sound German blood to their stock. “Germany is not seen as a third world country in breeding any more. It will never be the same as Britain or Ireland, but I think back to when we started selling our first crop of yearlings in 2000 and people asked why we were trying to sell horses with a German suffix – we would have got more money if they didn’t have it. “Now those three letters GER are seen as a positive advert. People are looking for it.” Among the Stauffenberg Bloodstock offerings who combine that hallmark of quality with a top commercial sire are the Galileo halfbrother to Four Sins at Deauville and a Montjeu filly out of a half-sister to Lady Marian and a Soldier of Fortune sister to Group 3 winner Norderney who will come under the hammer at Baden-Baden.

The BBAG Yearling Sales takes place at Baden-Baden on Friday, August 30 at 10am 2012 figures: Offered Sold 261 168

Aggregate (€) 5,647,500

Top price (€) 320,000

Average (€) Median (€) 33,617 30,000


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Your gateway to France

Aug_108_Sales_Circuit_Sales 19/07/2013 15:52 Page 56


Renaissance in the store market Clearance rates at Goffs, DBS and Tattersalls Ireland point the way to brighter future

Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale Continuing the wave of store-horse success the Derby Sale saw upturns in all figures and an aggregate unmatched since the heady prebust days of 2007, despite a leaner catalogue. Topping the bill was a corker by oh-sopopular sire Robin Des Champs – a Frenchman who now stands at the Cashman family’s Glenview Stud – and foaled by one of Ireland’s many stellar mares of this millennium, Asian Maze. It took a bid of €250,000 by Coolmore Stud’s MV Magnier to secure the three-year-old gelding. Jimmy Murphy bought the youngster as a foal for €30,000 in the same ring, and reoffered him under the name of his County


but the familiar element of fashion among sires persists. A handful, all standing in Ireland, dominate. TBA chief executive Louise Kemble said smaller foal crops had lifted average prices, and added: “The most positive and encouraging signal for breeders has been the increase in demand for NH fillies, albeit from a small base number. Trainers can no longer afford to ignore the female population. With significant upgrades to the mares’ race

programme and corresponding prize money on offer both here and in Ireland, it now makes commercial sense for trainers to include fillies in their yards.” Richard Aston, whose Cheshire-based Goldford Stud sold at Doncaster, Goffs and Tattersalls Ireland, is a noted consignor and TBA National Hunt committee member. He said: “The success of store horses in big races at Festival meetings was very evident in the spring. Going into the store sales I said that if we couldn’t generate interest off the back of such good results we never would. “The sales companies did a very good job of selecting horses, and we are now seeing the decline in foal production impacting on the market. If we can hold this number that will be fine, but there is scope for a small rise – we don’t want to get back to the scenario of five years ago. “If there is a rise it will come in Ireland, but I don’t expect a surge in Britain. There is a small number of professional [jumping] breeders in Britain, but the rest are hobby breeders, and their numbers will continue to fall.” Breeders of jumping foals must be optimistic of tapping into this feast later this year, yet pinhookers might be wise to heed the cautionary view of Jimmy Murphy, who says: “The foal sales are always strong, although the wastage is high enough and you have to remember it is three years from the day you buy to the time you sell.”

Kilkenny-based Redpender Stud. Asked what he liked about the youngster as a foal, he said simply: “Because of his mother. She was a four-time Grade 1 winner and I hoped he would prove a bit of value.” Fillies, unwanted in recent years, are making a comeback at store and in-training sales. At the Derby Sale that resulted in a €160,000 top price – another product of Robin Des Champs – thanks to a bid from Northern Ireland’s Ian Ferguson. Eight fillies’ prices exceeded €50,000 and overall they clocked up an average mark of €29,087. Tattersalls Ireland reintroduced a select horses-in-training section, selling seven of the 12 lots offered, topped by €100,000 bumper winner Rathvinden, now bound for Willie Mullins’ yard.

MV Magnier bought two of the top lots

Not that some of racing’s biggest names were unaware of this value. Top prices of £100,000 (Paul Nicholls at DBS), €215,000 (Willie Mullins at Goffs) and €250,000 (MV Magnier at Tattersalls Ireland) make that clear. Tight selection by sales companies and incentives to buy fillies through an improved race programme on both sides of the Irish Sea – and an optional bonus scheme in Ireland – doubtless also helped the market’s strength,

“The success of store horses in big races at Festival meetings was very evident in the spring”



t is proving a lucrative year for many store-horse vendors judged on results delivered at auctions held by DBS, Goffs and Tattersalls Ireland. Store clearance rate was 84% at DBS’s Spring Sale and 88% at Goffs’ Land Rover Sale, where despite a bigger catalogue there were substantial gains in all figures. It was a similar tale at Tattersalls Ireland’s Derby Sale, where 86% of stores changed hands and 71 of the 307 sold made €50,000 or more. Further sales are to follow in slightly lower tiers, but hopefully the goods on offer will have been lifted by demand up the scale. The unbroken young jumper has enjoyed a renaissance, boosted in several ways but particularly by strong trade at horses-intraining sales where promising young pointers, bumper horses and maiden hurdlers with looks and pedigree have been in big demand, and six-figure sales frequent. That has helped the store market in two ways – it has encouraged pinhookers to buy these raw youngsters with a view to breaking, racing and returning to market, and secondly by lifting interest in stores with those who do not have big sums to buy proven young horses. As Jimmy Murphy of County Kilkenny’s Redpender Stud puts it: “Store sales have always been a reliable source for finding a good horse. The in-training sales seem to have become too competitive for some – you can buy three nice stores for the price of one horse who has shown form.”


Aug_108_Sales_Circuit_Sales 19/07/2013 15:52 Page 57

Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale Top lots



Qatar’s champion trainer Gassim Ghazali

Tattersalls July Sale All sorts of intriguing nuances and comings and goings arose from a busy and figureslifting rendition of Tattersalls’ three-day mixed July Sale. The most striking was the spending power of Qatar-based owners and trainers – and we are not talking Sheikhs Fahad or Joann Al Thani, who have quickly become significant figures on the European racing and breeding scene. The July Sale’s buyers from the tiny Gulf state – with a native population of less than 250,000 – were trainers and owners based in that gas and oil-rich country and wishing to buy European stock to take back to the Middle East. Hence Qatar’s champion trainer on eight occasions, Gassim Ghazali, was the event’s leading buyer, officially for purchasing just Group 1 performer Miblish and lightly-raced Zarkiyr for a total of 450,000gns, although he did in fact secure 18 horses for 920,000gns under variations of the name Ghazali. He said Zarkiyr (and possibly others) would race for Sheikh Mishaal Al Thani, the eldest brother of Qatar’s Emir and a cousin of Sheikh Fahad. His fellow countryman, Ibrahim Saeed Al-Malki, accounted for the sale’s top lot, Durand, who made 260,000gns, and a look at the accompanying table shows six of the top-ten horses will continue their racing careers in Doha. It seems only five minutes ago that buyers from Dubai in the guise of Darley, Shadwell, Gainsborough or Rabbah were significant at the July Sale, but now their trading at the event is limited to selling. British and Irish jumps trainers have been feeling the squeeze of competition at the July Sale for some years, but it did not deter them THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER


Price (€)


G Robin Des Champs-Asian Maze

Redpender Stud


MV Magnier

G Flemensfirth-Spirit Leader

Goldford Stud


Conor O’Dwyer

G Presenting-Theatre Girl

Goldford Stud


MV Magnier

G Flemensfirth-Ain’t Misbehavin

Ballincurrig House Stud


Aiden Murphy

F Robin Des Champs-Tropical

Ocean Abbey Stables


Ian Ferguson

G Network-Gelee Royale

Moanmore Stables


Jim Culloty

G Shirocco-Impudent

Mount Eaton Stud


Aiden Murphy

G Turgeon-Acancagua

Mill House Stud


H Kirk/W Mullins

G Flemensfirth-La Fisarmonica



Aiden Murphy

G High Chaparral-Victorine

Castletown Quarry Stud


MV Magnier

Five-year tale Year


Agg (€)

Avg (€)

Mdn (€)






Top Price (€) 250,000

























Tattersalls July Sale Top lots



Price (gns)


Durand (Motivator-Rouge Dancer)

Highfort Stables


Ibrahim Saeed Al-Malki Gassim Ghazali

Miblish (Teofilo-Triton Dance)

Carlburg Stables


Zarkiyr (Acclamation-Zarkalia)

Copper Beech Stables


Gassim Ghazali

Lover Man (Lawman-Seltitude)

Castlebridge Consignment


Bobby O’Ryan/Keith Dalgleish

Duroble Man (Manduro-Jalousie)

Kremlin House


Highflyer Bloodstock

No Such Zone (Oasis Dream-Return)

Juddmonte Farms


Richard Knight Bloodstock

Zamoyski (Dutch Art-Speech)

Shalfleet Stables


Irvin Naylor/Steve Gollings

Seamless (Beat Hollow-Fashionable)

Juddmonte Farms


Abdulaziz Al Boenain

Peter Mac (Kodiac-Open Verse)

Musley Bank Stables


Hussain Ali Bukannan

Beach Club (Footstepsinthesand-Dunya)

Averham Park Stables


Hussain Ali Bukannan

Five-year tale Year


Agg (gns)

Avg (gns)

Mdn (gns)

Top Price (gns)































from attending, and many familiar faces were present. Alan King was not, but agent Anthony Bromley gained his client, Max McNeill, the useful hurdling prospect Duroble Man for 135,000gns, while the most valued horse bound for America is also set for a jumping career. Zamoyski will race for Irvin Naylor, a frequent champion owner in the States. US Flat trainers made no apparent impact – in the past there was always a smattering in attendance – but one extremely wellknown name appeared in a Tattersalls catalogue after an absence of at least a

decade. HH The Aga Khan opted to sell a small draft, including Zarkiyr. The July Sale registered its best figures since 2008 and a clearance rate of 87%, with the result that many traders left the premises vowing to be back next year with horses of the right rating and calibre to tap into Qatari wealth. County Cork-based John Murphy, best known as the trainer of top steeplechaser Newmill, did just that with Durand, whom he bought for 6,500gns as a yearling, trained to win his second outing over ten furlongs, then put him through the ring and gained the top price. >>


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Arqana Summer Sale Figures achieved at horses-in-training sales vary with the whims of vendors, but during a healthy era for auction ring trade it was no great surprise that Arqana’s Summer Sale produced improved results and an 84% clearance. Held for the second year at Deauville following its transfer from Saint-Cloud – and now a two-day sale – the event offered Flat-bred juveniles and jumping stores in addition to horses that had raced, a cocktail that attracted leading jumps trainers from either side of the Irish Sea. Among them were David Pipe and Willie Mullins, whose interest in four-year-old gelding Dell’ Arca – a winner on the Flat and placed over hurdles – generated a record top price of €280,000. Pipe, dealing through agent Hubert Barbe, won the encounter, while Venetia Williams made a significant contribution to turnover when agent Guy Petit signed for Baradari, an Aga Khan-bred half-brother to Evan Williams’ smart hurdler Barizan, following a bid of €235,000. Also heading back to her Herefordshire yard is Marcilhac, a €110,000 purchase for Katenko’s owner, Andrew Brooks. A two-year-old daughter of Sinndar named Burford Belle proved best of the unraced lots when knocked down to trainer Marc Pimbonnet for €120,000, but, in his auction summary, Arqana President Eric Hoyeau rued French breeders’ preference for selling jumping stores privately at a time when the market is so strong for that type of horse.

JRHA Select Sale Japan’s premier auction of yearlings and foals achieved record turnover and provided another showcase occasion for the stallion Deep Impact. The 11-year-old son of Sunday Silence will forever be remembered in Europe as the horse who emptied Japan when starting favourite, but finishing only third (and later disqualified) in the 2006 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. He retired as the winner of seven Grade 1 contests and soon became a champion at stud. His moneyspinning daughter Gentildonna won last year’s Grade 1 Japan Cup. With Japanese breeders – headed by the Yoshida brothers Teryua and Katsumi – eager to buy race fillies and broodmares at auctions around the globe, Deep Impact has not lacked for high-class mates of European and American breeding, helping him to produce some stunning foals. At this year’s Select Sale, held over two days on the island of Hokkaido, his offspring filled the first seven places and nine of the top ten. Leading the way was a Y240,000,000 (£1,594,976) colt foal produced by the mare Azeri (Jade Hunter) a Breeders’ Cup-winning champion in the USA and bought by Katsumi for $2,250,000 at Keeneland in 2009. Her son


Arqana Summer Sale Top lots Name/Breeding


Price (€)


Dell’ Arca (Sholokhov-Daisy Belle)

Laurent Viel


Hubert Barbe

Baradari (Manduro-Behra)

Aga Khan Studs

235 000

Guy Petit

Dispour (Monsun-Dalataya)

Aga Khan Studs


Tom Malone

Piana (Doyen-Gaudera)

Yan Durepaire


Alain Bonin

Smashing (Smadoun-Faragreen)

Mickael Seror


PB Bloodstock

Burford Belle (Sinndar -Rainbow Dancing)



Marc Pimbonnet

Ashjar (Oasis Dream-Asharna)

Aga Khan Studs


PB Bloodstock

Marcilhac (Smadoun-One Way)

Marcel Rolland


Guy Petit

Cheg (Kheleyf-Ansina)

Thierry Lemer


Anthony Stroud

Adriana Des Mottes (Network-Daisy Des Mottes)

Patricia Butel


PB Bloodstock

Five-year tale Year


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Top Price (€) 280,000

























JRHA Select Sale Top lots



Price (¥)


C f Deep Impact-Azeri

Northern Farm


Desk Valet Co Ltd

C f Deep Impact-Malpensa

Northern Farm


Hajime Satomi

C f Deep Impact-Lily of the Valley

Shadai Farm


Takaya Shimakawa

C f Deep Impact-Shes All Eltish

Northern Farm


Riichi Kondo

C y Deep Impact-Persistently

Northern Farm


Takaya Shimakawa

C y Deep Impact-La Boum

Shadai Farm


Hajime Satomi

C y Deep Impact-Ave

Shadai Farm


Yoichi Aoyama

C f Victoire Pisa-May Kiersey

Shadai Farm


MMB Co Ltd

F y King Kamehameha-To the Victory

Northern Farm


Takaya Shimakawa

F f Deep Impact-Love and Bubbles

Paca Paca Farm


Yoshiro Kubota

Five-year tale Year


Agg (¥)

Avg (¥)

Mdn (¥)

Top Price (¥)































was knocked down to agent Shigehisa Tanabe of Desk Valet Company, while a colt produced by Argentine champion Malpensa fell to computer game king Hajiime Satomi with a bid of Y230,000,000 (£1,528,790). His advisor, Yasuo Ikee, trained Deep Impact. With so many superb mares now in their midst, the Japanese are not only producing topquality stock, but also engaging interest from global buyers who would like to retrieve some enviable bloodlines. Thirteen horses over the two days were sold to overseas visitors, including no fewer than five to a debutant at the auction, Gloucestershire’s David Redvers, who acts for Qatar Racing Ltd and Pearl Bloodstock. He spent a total of Y174,000,000 (£1,157,035), headed by the Y90,000,000 (£598,197)

purchase of a King Kamehameha (Kingmambo) yearling colt out of the Sunday Silence mare Pink Papillon. Like so many at this sale, the youngster was offered by a Yoshida interest, in this case Northern Farm. Redvers said the five would remain in Japan and race for Sheikh Fahad from the stables of Mitsumasa Nakauchida. Australian investors bought five horses – three to Paul Fudge’s Waratah Thoroughbreds and two by Phil Sly – while a single lot was knocked down to Singapore interests. There was also further evidence that mainland China is tiptoeing into the world of top-level racing and breeding. Buyer Yida Zhang spent Y75,000,000 (£503,142) on two yearling colts, one by Neo Universe, the other by Gold Allure. THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

„German Breeding is a source of class, stamina and first of all soundness.” Barry Irwin – Team Valor

Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud, Gr.1 winner


144. Deutsches Derby, Gr.1 winner


a BBAG Yearling Sale graduate

a BBAG Yearling Sale graduate

Sales Dates 2013 Premium Yearling Sales 30th August 2013

Sales & Racing Festival 18th to 19th October 2013 Entries close: 2nd September

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Precocity no surprise on pedigree


Manner of War Command’s Coventry Stakes win echoes his notable grandsires

War Command impressed greatly with his devastating run in the Coventry Stakes


here was no shortage of impressive winners at the latest Royal Ascot meeting, but the performance which made a lasting impression came from War Command in the Coventry Stakes, when he burst six lengths clear of a field which featured a dozen other previous winners. Judging by the subsequent records of the last six winners of this Group 2 test, War Command must have an extremely bright future. Henrythenavigator, Art Connoisseur, Canford Cliffs, Power and Dawn Approach all went on to Group 1 success, with four of them becoming Classic winners. Even Strong Suit, the weakest link among them, twice finished a close third at the highest level. A quick look at War Command’s pedigree is enough to establish the source of his precocious talent. Both of his grandsires, Danzig and Red Ransom, burst onto the American scene with the reputation of being exceptionally talented two-year-olds, which they justified to some extent. Regrettably their careers ran along similarly unfortunate lines, as they both managed only three starts. Although Danzig was the son of a Kentucky Derby winner in Northern Dancer and Red Ransom was by the Derby-winning Roberto, these two Classic winners raced in an era when it was normal for potential Classic contenders to be thoroughly tested at two. Despite being a very late foal, Northern Dancer was successful in seven of his nine juvenile starts, whereas Roberto was an easy winner of his first three juvenile races, starting in July. Danzig raced before the end of June as a two-


year-old in a five and a half furlong maiden at Belmont Park, finishing more than eight lengths clear in a near-record time of 1:03.6. He had led through the first quarter mile in :22.2 seconds and a half mile in :45.2. Although he looked destined for a sparkling juvenile career, this was denied him when bone chips were found in his near-fore knee and screws had to be inserted. Sidelined for 11 months, Danzig was just as impressive when he reappeared over six furlongs at Aqueduct in

“A decade later it was Red Ransom’s turn to dazzle and the Danzig comparisons became inevitable”

May 1980. He made all to win by more than seven lengths, again in a very fast time. Danzig was back in action later in May, when he won a seven-furlong allowance at Belmont, once again scoring very easily after leading throughout. Regrettably, x-rays showed that Danzig was developing a slab fracture in his problem knee and his career was over before he’d had a chance to tackle stakes company. A decade later it was Red Ransom’s turn to dazzle and the Danzig comparisons became inevitable. Bred and owned by Paul Mellon, Red

Ransom made a spectacular debut at Saratoga in early August, 1989. Sensationally, he stopped the clock at :56.8 seconds at the end of five furlongs, setting a new record for the distance. Joe Hirsch, the greatly respected Daily Racing Form journalist, said that Red Ransom “showed as much potential at Saratoga… as any twoyear-old since Seattle Slew.” By the end of August, Red Ransom had won a six-furlong race at Belmont Park in a time of 1:09.8, but all the big two-year-old prizes went by without him. That didn’t stop him being the winter favourite for the Kentucky Derby. He was sent to Florida to be prepared for the 1990 Triple Crown events and there were reports of some exceptionally impressive work by him. But then Red Ransom could finish only second in a seven-furlong allowance at Gulfstream Park and worse was to follow. Six days later he damaged a tendon sheath during a fast piece of work and he fractured a sesamoid in July, forcing his retirement. Trainer ‘Mack’ Miller described Red Ransom as “the most talented individual I have ever trained,” even though Miller had previously handled many high-class performers, including the champion turf horses Assagai, Hawaii and Snow Knight. It could be argued that Danzig and Red Ransom might have lasted longer had they been given more time or been sent to race on the more-forgiving turf courses in Europe. Certainly both excelled with their turf runners in Europe. Several of Danzig’s best European representatives, such as Green Desert and Danehill, showed none of their sire’s fragility and there is no reason to fear the worst about War Command, as his Grade 2-winning parents – War Front and Wandering Star – both proved much more durable than their sires. War Front raced 13 times over three seasons, whereas Wandering Star, a winner of the ten-furlong EP Taylor Stakes, raced nine times. Red Ransom sired precocious two-year-olds and top-notch middle-distance performers, such as Casual Look and Electrocutionist. Coincidentally, two of his sons, Sri Pekan and Red Clubs, won the Coventry Stakes before going on to sire Group 1 winners. War Command has already won over seven furlongs and his strong-finishing style marks him out as a possible winner of the 2,000 Guineas, a race which the Danzig male line has taken with Sea The Stars, George Washington and Rock Of Gibraltar.


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Expect Iffraaj to be popular at the sales When judging a young stallion in today’s industry, everyone has to be prepared to cut them some slack – if only because support tends to drift away from these unproven stallions until their first progeny pass the test either in the sales ring or on the racecourse. Even though Iffraaj is part of the Darley team at Kildangan, he proved no exception to this rule. This late-developing sprinter had absolutely no problems in his first season, covering 144 mares at €12,000 in 2007. With his fee the same in 2008, the son of Zafonic wasn’t quite so busy, with a book of 120, and a reduction in his fee to €8,000 wasn’t enough to stop the slide, this time down to 88 mares. By the end of 2009, Iffraaj’s first yearlings had reached the sales and, with some help from the Maktoum family, they achieved such prices as 140,000gns, 115,000gns and 70,000gns. These prices, combined with a further fee reduction to €6,000, helped restore demand for Iffraaj’s services, with a book of 139 mares in 2010. Another contributing

Rizeena, a member of Iffraaj’s fourth crop, wins the Queen Mary Stakes at Ascot

factor to Iffraaj’s popularity that year was a spate of early two-year-old winners. By the end of 2010, Iffraaj’s tally of first-crop juvenile winners had soared to 37, headed by the Group 1 Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere winner Wootton Bassett and the Group 3 winner Espirita. A further first-crop Group winner emerged when Stay Alive won the Group 3 Premio Regina Elena, but he was always going to find it hard to maintain that level of success. Sure enough, there have been no Group winners so far from Iffraaj’s second and third crops, just a handful of Italian Listed winners. Signs are, though, that all is not lost. His

fourth crop – the one sired at €6,000 – has made a bright start, thanks largely to Rizeena, the impressive winner of the Group 2 Queen Mary Stakes. It will be a surprise if this fourth crop doesn’t again produce a large number of juvenile winners, but the batch which should make or break Iffraaj is his current crop of yearlings. His feat of becoming leading freshman sire of 2010 bumped his fee up to €15,000 in 2011, when he covered 155 mares for a crop numbering around 120. We can expect some good prices at the forthcoming yearling sales.

Stylish run for Green Desert’s long forgotten son With Green Desert’s reputation as an excellent sire of sires owing a great deal to the achievements of Cape Cross, Invincible Spirit and Oasis Dream, the exploits of another of his sons, Desert Style, tended to slip under the radar. Having commenced stallion duties at the comparatively modest sum of IR£3,000 at Corbally Stud in 1996, Desert Style never commanded a fee higher than €12,750 during a career which saw him leave Ireland for France in 2008. In the circumstances he did remarkably well to be represented by Group 1 winners in Britain, France, Ireland, Germany and the US. Between them they collected 11 top-level victories, including Classics in France, Ireland and Germany, with the largest contributions coming from the triple Group 1 scorers Paco Boy and Mandesha. Bearing in mind that only around a dozen of his daughters earned black type, and only three won Group races, it didn’t seem fair to expect a great deal of Desert Style’s broodmare daughters. No doubt these reservations still apply to the majority


of the 183 which have so far produced progeny of racing age, but that hasn’t stopped Desert Style enjoying a memorable 2013 in the role of broodmare sire, with a particularly good run in June and July. We saw the two Group 1 sprints – the Diamond Jubilee Stakes and July Cup – fall to the impressive Lethal Force, who is out of Land Army. The Group 2 Railway Stakes went the way of Sudirman, a two-year-old son of Shermeen. There was also the Group 1 Prix Jean Prat success of Havana Gold, a son of Jessica’s Dream. Interestingly, both Jessica’s Dream (a dual Group 3 winner over five furlongs) and Shermeen (Group-placed in Britain and the US) figure among Desert Style’s black-type daughters, while Land Army is a sister to another of them, the French two-year-old Listed winner Ascot Family. Ascot Family herself ranks among Desert Style’s successful broodmare daughters, as she produced Family One, a quickmaturing French juvenile who was sold for €400,000 to Hong Kong. It will be a surprise if Desert Style’s best

daughter, Mandesha, doesn’t also make her mark. Her first foal, the Smart Strike colt Mandour, was third in the Group 1 Prix d’Ispahan and won the Listed Gala Stakes at Sandown, and she has youngsters by Elusive Quality and Bernardini. Although Desert Style was never the height of fashion, there was good reason for thinking that some of his broodmare daughters would make their mark. His sire Green Desert enjoyed plenty of success in this role, appearing as the broodmare sire of Makfi (2,000 Guineas and Prix Jacques le Marois), Was (Oaks), Wrote (Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf), Almutawakel (Dubai World Cup), Lyric Of Light (Fillies’ Mile) and Total Gallery (Prix de l’Abbaye). Then there’s the fact that Desert Style had links to Barathea, the Breeders’ Cup Mile winner who was sired by another Northern Dancer line stallion from Brocade, a halfsister to Desert Style’s dam Organza. Barathea, of course, has also proven his worth as a sire of broodmares, with Shareta, Monterosso and Hunter’s Light among their numerous Group 1 winners.


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ROA FORUM: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The special section for ROA members

Racecourses must commit to investment President Rachel Hood tells tracks to increase prize-money levels or risk losing runners


he future funding of British racing was the central theme of ROA President Rachel Hood’s speech at the organisation’s AGM in London on June 25. Acknowledging that the amount collected by the levy had fallen in recent years, Hood said that ever-increasing media rights revenue must be reflected in a higher contribution to prizemoney from racecourses, as owners struggle with cost recovery of £21 for every £100 spent. She argued that formal agreements between tracks and horsemen were the best way forward and that prize-money of £120 million – a figure £22m higher than in 2012 – should be a realistic target for 2014. Hood said: “We recognise there are already courses who take this responsibility seriously and basically put a reasonable share of media revenues into prize-money. But you have only to look at the prize-money tables that appear in Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder magazine each month to see the tracks that should be embarrassed by their current efforts. “Contractual prize-money agreements will

ROA President Rachel Hood wants contractual agreements with UK courses

not only require improved performance from these particular venues but also mean that all courses would commit to ensuring that as media revenues grow in the future, a percentage of any additional income will be directed towards horsemen. “Any racecourse that isn’t prepared to act appropriately must be left in absolutely no doubt that horsemen will, quite rightly, choose to race their horses elsewhere.

“Having dropped to £94m in 2011, prizemoney totalled £98m last year and it is anticipated, this year, it will top the previous high of £110m, although this will mean an increase in the rate of return for owners to only around 24%. “Progress on issues relating to betting and racecourses, however, is essential if we are going to achieve a step change for members that would see prize-money of at least £120m,

Bethell and Silk elected to the ROA Council after keenly-contested vote Yorkshire-based owner/breeder Sally Bethell has topped the vote in this year’s ROA Council election. She becomes a new member of the 15strong Council, alongside second-placed Professor David Silk, after an election contested by six ROA members for two places. Mrs Bethell has been an owner for 25 years and is married to trainer James Bethell in Middleham. She is a partner in her husband’s horseracing business. Professor Silk was first elected to the ROA Council in 2005. He was subsequently coopted in 2009 following that year’s elections. An owner for 25 years as well, he is professor of clinical nutrition at St Mary’s Hospital in


London and is Chairman of the British Horseracing Authority’s medical appeals committee. ROA President Rachel Hood said: “I would like to offer my congratulations to the two successful candidates. I warmly welcome Sally Bethell to the Council for the first time and it is pleasing that we now have another northern-based person on board. “Professor David Silk has provided invaluable expertise to the ROA over the last eight years and I look forward to his continuing presence on the Council. “I offer commiserations to those candidates who were not successful in a keenly contested election. I hope that they will consider putting themselves forward again next year.”

Sally Bethell joins the ROA Council

ROA Council Election 2013 Sally Bethell Professor David Silk

815 568

Charlie Parker Dan Abraham Alex Ridgers John Brown

417 351 232 94


Aug_108_ROA_AGM_Owner 19/07/2013 16:17 Page 63 a realistic target the sport should set for 2014.” Hood welcomed racing’s improved dialogue with the betting industry, highlighting Betfair’s five-year deal worth £40m, but said a new funding mechanism was long overdue and that the government must be more pro-active in helping to find a solution. “We continue to be short-changed by a piece of legislation introduced in the early 1960s,” she said. “The levy has declined considerably since peaking at £115m in 2007/08 and primary legislation is required to bring the relationship between racing and betting into the modern world. “Whilst we warmly welcome the inclusion of the Offshore Gambling Bill in the Queen’s Speech, I urge the minister to remove the issue of our sport’s funding from his ‘too difficult’ tray and display some desire and commitment to facilitate a fair, sustainable and enforceable mechanism that would enable our sport to receive a reasonable return from all betting on British racing, not just the portion that takes place with bookmakers based in the UK.” On the subject of the use of steroids in racing, Hood said: “British Racing has a positive message to send out on its approach to equine welfare and integrity, and the BHA and its stakeholders must ensure that this message is communicated loud and clear. “The ROA supports the BHA in its pursuit of leading all major racing jurisdictions to adopt a unified policy on medication and drugs. “Steroids are a violation of the thoroughbred and there is no place for them in horseracing, neither here nor, indeed, throughout the rest of the racing world.”

Student raceday set for October During his presentation on the progress made by Great British Racing (GBR), which succeeded Racing for Change as British racing’s marketing and promotional tool, GBR Chief Executive Rod Street revealed that October 26 will witness the first ever ‘National Student Raceday’. All six tracks racing that day, including Newbury and Aintree, will provide a uniform entry price of £10 to students, aiming to create the UK’s biggest ever student attendance in one day. The raceday has been inspired by Limerick’s April meeting, which attracts in the region of 12,000 students. Tickets will be available through student unions and


Cheveley Park Stud owners receive the Chris Deuters Award

Rachel Hood presented the Chris Deuters Award trophy to Patricia Thompson

Cheveley Park Stud owners David and Patricia Thompson were the recipients of this year’s Chris Deuters Award, presented at the ROA AGM. The award recognises individuals who have made a significant contribution to the horseracing industry, named in honour of the ROA’s former President Chris Deuters, who passed away in 2008. A presentation of a silver alms dish was made to Patricia Thompson after the ROA’s AGM in London by ROA President Rachel Hood. Chris’s widow, Antonia, said: “I am delighted that David and Patricia Thompson are receiving the Chris Deuters Award from the ROA this year. “Without doubt, Cheveley Park Stud has set the bar for UK owner/breeders, establishing a level of professionalism for which they continually stand out. “They have not only bred and acquired world-class stock, they have also assembled a world-class team to run their operation. “Chris and I have always been huge admirers of Mr and Mrs Thompson, who

have achieved so much without a shred of ostentation. For almost four decades the Thompsons have remained a discreet but significant presence in the industry, and they continue to support generously industry charities through the Thompson Family Trust. Cheveley Park Stud is renowned as one of the most successful thoroughbred horse farms in Europe. The Newmarket stud extends to just under 1,000 acres and is home to six top class sires, while the nearby Sandwich, Strawberry Hill, Ashley Heath and Warren Hill divisions accommodate the company’s other bloodstock interests. Cheveley Park Stud has produced an enviable list of Group 1 winners, including Lockinge scorers Medicean and Virtual, now stallions for the operation, plus topclass fillies Nannina, Peeress, Hooray and Confidential Lady. David and Patricia Thompson follow in the footsteps of five previous recipients of the Chris Deuters Award: Sir Eric Parker, Jack Berry, Sir Peter O’Sullevan, Rod Fabricius and Michael Harris.


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At the ROA AGM, prominent racehorse owner Dr Jim Hay asked the Council what they believed was a fair return in terms of prize-money in Britain. He told the Council that his racing operation in America was run at a profit and that his cost recovery in Hong Kong was close to 100%. In an exclusive interview with Richard Griffiths, Dr Hay explains why prize-money matters so much and says that the UK could learn plenty from the likes of France and America...


hat prompted you to attend the AGM and was your decision to raise the prize-money issue pre-planned or spontaneous? The reason we came to the AGM was that the President, Rachel Hood, said ‘we need to get some of the more prominent owners to come along and raise the prize-money issue’. As every year passes the situation is getting worse. For example, last year – because of the weather – we had a very poor season and covered just under 15% of our training fees. In our best year it was 30%, but that was with horses like Precision Break. He ran 12 times in 2008, winning seven races, went from 59 to 93 in the handicap and won over £25,000 in prize-money. You can’t really do any better than that but he only just scraped past how much it cost to keep him in training! In the ROA annual report, it says the recovery rate for owners in Britain is 21%;

France is 54%. Our recovery in the US is 117% and yet our training costs are at least a third higher than they are in the UK. Here, you can go racing and win prize-money of £2,000 - it doesn’t even cover the costs of running. That 21% figure is based on £19,000 training costs. Our average training cost is £21,000. Maybe that is a reflection on our choice of trainers but it is still pretty pathetic.

gambling is done in this country. That’s maybe something we should think about. I think we should aspire to where France is with that 54% recovery rate. That would be a step in the right direction. I have spent more than 50 years of my life competing in the ring with bookmakers. I’ve loved it. But I think they are dinosaurs. Their whole approach needs to change.

On that basis, only two of your horses in Britain have covered their training costs so far this season… Have a look at the other 46!

How would you change the relationship? Only government can decide: does it want to step in and make a radical change to how betting is done in this country? There are chinks of light appearing – Chester has adopted its own on-course betting service – and my personal opinion is that racecourses should look to do more of this. Bookmakers would not be in the high street without horseracing. Many people are concerned about what happens in these shops in poor areas (through the use of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals). It is under-regulated. If you put these things [FOBTs] inside the racecourses, you could regulate them. If you look at the States, the reason prize-money is so high is that they have got casinos in the racecourses. But they are highly regulated, very controlled – nobody under 21 gets to step inside these places – and that is why racing benefits. If the government regulates and says ‘you can put in slots, sports books, inside the stadium,’ it would change the whole funding status of racing. You would move to what Hong Kong and Australia has. France hasn’t gone that far, but the model (for the UK) maybe should be what the States has. And over a period of ten years that is what racing in this country should be migrating towards.

So what do you actually feel should be done about the prize-money situation? What I suggest the ROA should do is define to the government what we believe is a step in the right direction. You can’t expect to go from where we are to where the US is, for example, unless you completely revolutionise how

Dr Hay with wife Fitriani (both far side) at Royal Ascot in 2011


But would the money raised by the racecourses through slots make its way to prize-money? THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

Aug_108_ROA_Q&A_Owner 19/07/2013 16:19 Page 65 The government would need to legislate so that if racecourses were allowed to do this, then x% would go into prize-money. I think in the States it is something like 70% of audited turnover. And that’s why prize-money in America is seriously good. In the USA, in our best years, not only have we handsomely covered our training costs, we have also had enough capital to buy more horses. Just playing devil’s advocate for a moment, isn’t ownership of racehorses just a rich man’s hobby -– after all, you wouldn’t expect to get money back on your golf club membership? If you stay in this sport too long you can get poor pretty quickly! Sorry, this is not a hobby; this is a passion. But if you are in it, you have to be in it pretty seriously and treat it like a business. If you are going to approach it and invest in it at the kind of levels we are investing in, you must treat it like a business. Precision Break just covered his training costs despite winning seven times in 2008

But at the sales, when you invest at a certain level, you are possibly paying an amount that is disproportionate to the likely return on that investment?

“Our cost recovery in America is 117% and yet our training costs are a third higher than in the UK”

Yes. That’s the only way you can do it. We never buy anything unless we think it can end up in the breeding shed. Our aim in racing is to run this as a business. So the aim is to have stallions and mares.  At some point soon we will have 20 odd mares. And we have shares in Cape Blanco, too. So if you are going to invest in this to the kind of extent we are – our horseflesh as we valued it is over £20 million so it is not a small investment – you have to treat it as a business. This is not a game that we are in. We run it very deliberately to try and create mares and create stallions. Otherwise all we are doing is creating fun for the punter. To have to try and make money from breeding to pay for the racing does seem like putting the cart before the horse? That’s what you have to do. We have come into this eyes wide open. We knew what the prizeTHOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

money situation in England is like. Now that’s not to say we were complacent and we accepted it. I think it is sad, and that is why the government needs to get its head around this. Racing in the UK employs a very large number of people, even without the betting industry, which let’s not forget is increasingly based offshore. Much of the employment created by the betting industry is not sitting here, it’s somewhere else.   To run a successful business, you have to get the management structure right. So, in terms of racing and its management structure, how close do you think it is to getting it right? Racing is like a lexicon. It uses all the letters in the alphabet in creating all these organisations. How many letters does it need to go through to create enough bodies? There are 26 letters in the alphabet and racing uses every one of them in some shape or form! Here’s a question, what is REL – who are they? I’m not sure how many people could tell you. So you have got BHA, REL, ROA, TBA, HG – how can you form a cohesive case with so many acronyms? You can’t. How could you streamline it? It really all comes back to the discussions we had at the AGM, that the ROA needs to take the lead on all this and lobby government. Don’t just talk about doing it, but actually put an organised case: this is what we aspire to; 50% of training fees [as an average cost

recovery] would be fair, and in the next four to five years we want to move on to that. We need to say that the way bookmaking works today, especially through the levy, is totally out of date. Explain to government that year after year after year, ownership is getting less and less and less, and that the foal population is falling. Take away the Maktoums and the Qataris and UK racing is in trouble. If you ran a betting firm, would you be happy with the levy staying as it is? Does the levy suit bookmakers? Yes! But if I was the Chairman of Ladbrokes or Hills, I would be worried. Because companies like that should be looking 15 years ahead. And I would be concerned – is UK horseracing going to end up like greyhound racing if we neglect its funding? Have you seen much progress in terms of bookmakers and racing together? Not really. There is a little progress and when I talk to bookmakers, especially those of my generation, they do want to change things. Do you know how they want to change things? I think they accept that there has got to be a fairer distribution of their income. I think they are as frustrated as we are in that they have got this lexicon of entities and there is no cohesion. Could you ever see yourself thinking ‘this isn’t working, I’ll take my horses away from the UK’? That thought is always there. The horses race internationally. There is no reason why we are wedded to training them in the UK.


Aug_108_ROA_Reception_v2_Layout 1 19/07/2013 16:11 Page 66

In high spirits After the formal business of the AGM, ROA members and their guests mixed with key industry figures at the champagne reception, kindly sponsored by SIS Photos Dan Abraham

Natasha Power and Ruth Quinn

Mike Cattermole and Carla Kyle

Nigel Roddis and Peter Jones

Anna Powell, Angus Gold and Stephen Wallis

Rod Street, Chief Executive of Great British Racing, told the AGM audience that the sport had made giant strides in the general media


Mark Kershaw and Justin Wadham

Aug_108_ROA_Reception_v2_Layout 1 19/07/2013 16:11 Page 67

Sponsored by

Julian Richmond-Watson and Philip Freedman

Tony Kelly, William Gittus and Simon Bazalgette

David Bradshaw, George Irvine and Rupert Arnold

Kate Hills and Robert Waley-Cohen

It was this big: guest speaker Richard Pitman in full flow

Julian Muscat and Mark Johnston

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Malton open day treat for horseracing fans More than 20 racehorse trainers will be opening their doors to the public at Malton’s annual open day, which takes place in North Yorkshire on Sunday, August 25. The day offers a unique opportunity to view horses, talk to the trainers and to see first-hand the area’s racing industry. The Malton area has been associated with the training of thoroughbreds for more than 300 years and is home to more than 1,000 racehorses. Last year they produced the winners of 600 Flat races, 150 jump races and more than £4 million in prize-money. The open day is sponsored by Betfair and is being staged as a fundraiser for four charities, Malton Hospital, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Jack Berry House and Racing Welfare. Many yards will host individual demonstrations such as physiotherapy, equine dentistry and farriery, and there will also be the opportunity to watch renowned horse whisperer Gary Witheford as he reveals the unique techniques he uses to deal with equine traits and behaviour, and there will be a display by Retraining of Racehorses. Equine celebrity honours go to the 2012 John Smith’s Grand National winner Auroras Encore, who will be paraded by his trainer Sue Smith. Classic-winning trainer Tim Easterby, who last year won the top trainer in Yorkshire title at the Go Racing in Yorkshire Awards for the fifth time, said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Malton Open Day again. All three of our yards will be open and all our horses will be on show. “There is a tremendous community atmosphere training in this part of England and the open day is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see what we have to offer, and have a really lovely day out with all the family.”

Sue Smith will parade this year’s Grand National hero Auroras Encore on August 25

Malton Market Place looks set to be a hive of activity, with the legendary former jockeyturned-TV presenter John Francome, Jack Berry and David Elsworth taking part in a question and answer session, a display of local racing memorabilia, horseracing photography, a children’s section hosted by the British Horseracing Education and Standards Trust, and refreshments stands. The yards will open from 9am until 1pm, with Tim Easterby’s opening half an hour earlier, and admission is £10 per adult with under 12s free. Admission includes a free park and ride system, with a bus every 15 to 20 minutes

Epsom trainers prepare for the public Epsom’s racehorse trainers will be welcoming visitors to their annual open day on Sunday, August 25. This is a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in the closest training centre to London and support Epsom Racecourse Staff Welfare. Racehorses will be exercising on the gallops from 9am and trainers and vets will be on hand to chat and answer questions. Participating yards will be opening their gates from 10am until 1pm. There will be a


courtesy bus service between Derby Stables Road, the gallops and the racing yards. All proceeds from the day will go to the local charity, Epsom Racing Staff Welfare, which provides affordable accommodation and other welfare benefits for Epsom’s racing staff. Tickets to be bought on the day only. Adults £5. Children 10-16 years £3. Children 9 and under free. Further details can be found at

taking visitors to all the yards in Malton and Norton. Included in the price is a £3 discount off admission at Beverley races in the afternoon. For further information please visit

Bumper Sunday Bonus for High Jinks The High Jinks Partnership had double reason to celebrate when their twoyear-old Miracle Of Medinah won at Salisbury on June 30. The colt, bought for £3,000, won-prize money of £7,762.80 and the connections scooped an additional £6,750 worth of bonuses through the Sunday Bonus (£3,150) and BOBIS (£3,600) schemes. The colt's trainer, Mark Usher, said: “These self-help schemes can make a huge difference. I think they’re very worthwhile and should be encouraged. “It shows that smaller owners can benefit from signing up, and in this case the horse’s breeder, Andrew Spalding, also benefits.”


Aug_108_ROA_Forum_Owner 19/07/2013 16:24 Page 69

ROA members enjoyed a superb private tour of the Kingsclere estate

Andrew Balding visit goes down a storm in the sunshine The sun was shining on Friday, July 5 when a group of just under 50 ROA members and their guests were treated to a special tour of Andrew Balding’s Park House Stables in Hampshire. Guests were welcomed by the leading trainer and his family, Anna Lisa, Ian and Lady Emma, before watching third lot exercise on the private Polytrack gallop, located less than half a mile away from the

main yard, on the picturesque Kingsclere estate. Members were then taken on a tour around the historic yard and shown the top-class facilities on offer. Daphne Du Pre, who attended the tour, said: “We had a wonderful morning being entertained right royally by Andrew Balding et al – and the weather was a splendid bonus!”

Shergar Cup offers value and variety US starlet Rosie Napravnik and comeback king Gary Stevens are just two of the world-class jockeys set to line up at the Shergar Cup at Ascot on Saturday, August 10. This year’s competition features six races, all on Channel 4, and offers great value to owners, with £30,000 in prizemoney and only nine opponents in each contest. Two of the races are for horses rated 76-95 and the other four for horses rated 81-100. It is free to enter and run. Connections are guaranteed to land a minimum of £369 in prize- money even if their horse finishes last. Owners and trainers can enjoy a free buffet lunch, afternoon tea and a free bar all day (four places per owner, six for partnerships). There are two reserves in each race which can be brought in up to 45 minutes beforehand. If the reserves don’t get a run, there is a travel allowance of £500 and the owners can still enjoy the free hospitality. Joao Moreira (Singapore), Yasunari Iwata (Japan) and Gerald Mossé (France) are other big names set to ride. THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

Rosie Napravnik (left) and Gary Stevens (right) are Ascot-bound


Aug_108_ROA_Forum_Owner 19/07/2013 16:24 Page 70



Diary dates and reminders SEPTEMBER 20 Newbury Regional Meeting ROA Regional Meeting before racing at Newbury. Members who live close to Newbury will be invited to attend. Any members interested in attending can contact Keely Brewer in the ROA office or email

OCTOBER 19 QIPCO British Champions’ Day Exclusive fine dining package for 40 members and guests in a sumptuous private box for ROA members at Ascot. Full details on the ROA website.

DECEMBER 5 ROA Horseracing Awards The ROA Horseracing Awards, the ROA's flagship event of the year, will be held at a new venue, the InterContinental Hotel, Park Lane, London.

Lightning Cloud wins for Hambleton Racing and Simon Turner (inset) at Royal Ascot


hen your job is to know the form book inside out, your selection of trainer is going to be based on extremely solid foundations. For Simon Turner, the decision to place his faith in Kevin Ryan around a decade ago has never once been regretted. Explaining how the tie-up came about, he recalls: “I’d been interested for a while in becoming an owner and plenty of research led to a visit to Kevin’s yard. “I was a big fan of Kevin’s work at that stage and my best friend and I agreed to try and buy from the Horse In Training sales. We liked the look of a cheap horse called Blue Patrick, who won four races in 18 months for us.” The success story of Hambleton Racing began shortly after, as Turner adds: “Soon after Blue Patrick was sold, my friend, Cosmo Charlton, and I were sharing several drinks with Kevin and the idea of a professional syndication company with him was born. “Soon after, Hambleton Racing was launched. We have had around 30 horses with Kevin over the last seven years.” Shoshoni Wind, a three-time winner, was one of the best, while the current star is fiveyear-old gelding Lightning Cloud, decisive winner of the Buckingham Palace Stakes at Royal Ascot. As the Racing Post’s juvenile handicapper and tipster behind Racing Post Ratings for the


Flat, there would be no pulling the wool over an owner like Turner, and Ryan has consistently delivered results. He continues: “My day job ensures I eat, drink and breathe form, and that leads to scrutinising everything closely, not least trainers. When we joined Kevin I genuinely felt he was amongst the best in the country, and results since have done nothing to change my mind. “His consistency in terms of not just

“York’s facilities are

outstanding and their post-race winning experience has set a new standard” producing lots of winners but also big-race winners every year is staggering. Kevin has trained Group or Listed winning two-yearolds in each of the last eight years, and has a similar record with older horses. “He boasts a great record at Royal Ascot, saddling four winners there in the last three years at an average cost of £25,000. The only other trainers to have managed that are Aidan

Bookings for all events can be made online at or call 020 7152 0200

O'Brien, Jim Bolger and John Gosden, who operate with vastly different resources.” Racecourse facilities and service to owners vary wildly too, although Turner feels that there is general movement in the right direction. “There is a great deal of variation but many racecourses are waking up to the fact that syndicates are helping to underpin the industry to some extent,” he says. “York’s facilities are outstanding and their post-race winning experience has set a new standard for other courses to aspire to. “We are clearly a long way behind other countries in terms of prize-money, but there is some good work to make positive changes under way. “From our point of view it is just as important to have a positive experience at the racecourse, and with this in mind it would be nice to see further investment in owner facilities where needed.” Further positive experiences with horses and trainer seem certain to follow. • Following discussions with the ROA, York racecourse has created a specific viewing area for owners on the steppings in front of the press stand in addition to its existing viewing balcony outside the owners club. The course will monitor use of this separate viewing area and assess whether owners take advantage of this extra facility. THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

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Flat Racecourse League Table Ptn Racecourse

1 Ascot 2 York 3 Epsom Downs 4 Newmarket 5 Goodwood 6 Chester 7 Doncaster 8 Sandown Park 9 Newbury 10 Haydock Park 11 Musselburgh 12 Newcastle 13 Ripon 14 Salisbury 15 Ffos Las 16 Ayr 17 Pontefract 18 Thirsk 19 Windsor 20 Warwick 21 Hamilton Park 22 Kempton Park 23 Carlisle 24 Bath 25 Leicester 26 Beverley 27 Redcar 28 Catterick Bridge 29 Nottingham 30 Lingfield Park 31 Folkestone 32 Yarmouth 33 Wolverhampton 34 Southwell 35 Brighton 36 Chepstow Total

Figures for period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013


Avg racecourse spend per fixture (£)

Avg HBLB spend per fixture (£)

Avg owner spend per fixture (£)

Avg prizemoney per fixture (£)

Total no. of fixtures

Total prize-money (£)

Avg racecourse spend per fixture 2011-12 (£)


364,707 158,029 123,818 83,914 82,138 75,840 55,062 50,738 44,408 37,822 32,524 27,508 25,412 24,378 22,021 21,868 21,523 20,603 20,130 18,998 18,907 18,038 17,727 17,576 17,149 15,480 14,636 14,415 14,310 12,857 12,542 12,353 10,957 10,119 9,692 9,449 35,396

109,631 90,847 63,888 72,335 67,875 37,577 53,419 51,051 57,157 44,926 20,743 15,690 25,005 24,962 9,212 32,382 27,797 19,536 19,472 18,762 19,992 13,842 17,798 10,979 18,914 19,139 17,146 13,743 21,654 19,315 10,724 16,970 13,968 14,862 15,853 12,533 28,062

157,887 76,134 81,270 73,915 24,065 7,021 36,678 21,958 29,080 14,572 5,195 7,043 4,383 5,322 2,766 8,180 3,688 5,757 4,928 4,296 3,371 3,230 4,582 3,152 4,429 3,009 16,904 2,531 4,995 2,717 2,748 2,888 2,163 1,814 2,344 2,619 14,806

632,224 325,010 269,560 231,060 174,709 121,237 146,789 124,856 134,436 98,539 60,642 52,029 55,566 57,165 33,999 63,059 54,195 48,237 45,421 43,168 42,871 36,975 41,731 32,748 41,948 39,889 50,326 33,347 42,897 36,496 26,371 32,849 28,957 27,568 28,388 25,517 79,686

18 17 12 38 19 15 25 17 17 23 16 17 15 15 7 14 15 15 23 9 15 89 8 22 18 18 15 17 16 102 7 27 120 36 16 12 884

11,380,037 5,525,163 3,234,718 8,780,263 3,319,477 1,818,561 3,669,730 2,060,117 2,285,416 2,224,160 970,275 884,500 833,490 857,479 220,995 882,828 812,923 723,550 1,044,684 388,508 643,063 3,290,799 333,850 720,450 755,066 717,997 754,886 566,907 686,349 3,722,565 184,600 886,913 3,474,813 992,434 454,214 306,208 70,407,983

376,503 153,008 119,611 89,252 79,981 66,179 60,614 44,803 47,531 37,313 32,905 22,151 27,091 25,431 26,327 25,627 20,795 22,399 14,007 16,814 20,944 16,520 17,171 17,612 14,610 15,343 12,416 13,183 14,896 12,728 10,739 12,490 10,875 9,088 9,977 12,029 35,182

Up/ down

▼ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ▲

Jumps Racecourse League Table Ptn Racecourse

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 42 43

Cheltenham Aintree Ascot Haydock Park Sandown Park Kempton Park Newbury Ayr Perth Warwick Chepstow Musselburgh Cartmel Wetherby Newton Abbot Newcastle Wincanton Stratford-on-Avon Kelso Market Rasen Taunton Ludlow Fakenham Ffos Las Wolverhampton Carlisle Exeter Hereford Doncaster Uttoxeter Fontwell Park Plumpton Hexham Southwell Worcester Folkestone Leicester Lingfield Park Bangor-on-Dee Huntingdon Towcester Sedgefield Catterick Bridge Total


Avg racecourse spend per fixture (£)

Avg HBLB spend per fixture (£)

Avg owner spend per fixture (£)

Avg prizemoney per fixture (£)

Total no. of fixtures

Total prize-money (£)

Avg racecourse spend per fixture 2011-12 (£)


236,956 235,377 109,586 87,068 67,068 44,662 42,259 32,818 27,604 27,256 26,551 24,399 23,841 23,488 23,070 21,429 21,121 19,949 19,845 19,181 18,722 18,485 18,469 18,385 17,500 16,779 14,605 14,439 13,969 13,372 13,702 13,196 13,166 12,986 11,724 10,384 9,682 9,543 9,467 9,412 8,945 7,654 5,470 31,218

100,692 114,745 72,839 68,647 64,629 49,865 60,345 43,855 21,370 36,116 25,558 29,776 15,964 24,623 22,776 26,086 30,101 17,459 27,134 20,716 22,323 24,239 22,484 19,766 24,500 24,175 26,133 8,000 37,507 17,305 17,026 21,214 13,281 15,883 14,162 11,470 23,781 21,157 18,715 22,294 13,682 19,173 28,813 29,421

60,830 62,942 16,877 16,573 13,740 9,715 14,798 11,678 1,859 6,863 6,904 4,632 5,167 4,625 0 3,689 4,569 4,223 3,203 4,205 4,726 4,654 0 3,907 0 3,864 4,613 2,841 6,198 4,514 2,960 3,611 2,070 3,022 3,590 2,179 3,394 1,966 2,236 3,532 2,764 2,596 2,695 7,316

398,478 413,065 199,301 172,289 145,858 104,550 117,402 88,831 51,833 70,665 59,663 59,933 44,973 53,474 45,845 52,679 57,133 42,131 51,432 44,802 45,771 47,664 40,953 42,058 42,000 44,818 46,582 25,800 57,674 36,291 34,048 38,256 29,058 32,678 30,665 24,033 37,571 32,665 30,618 35,861 25,690 29,422 36,978 68,423

15 8 7 7 10 13 10 10 12 7 12 8 7 16 15 8 17 17 12 18 13 14 10 18 1 11 13 5 9 23 21 14 12 15 17 3 7 9 13 13 15 14 9 507

5,977,171 3,304,518 1,395,107 1,279,859 1,385,649 1,359,151 1,174,016 888,315 610,000 494,652 715,950 479,462 314,809 855,585 687,679 421,434 971,261 716,230 617,189 806,427 595,022 667,298 409,534 736,023 42,000 492,999 605,569 129,000 519,066 834,685 715,000 535,590 348,700 490,173 521,302 72,100 263,000 293,983 398,032 466,194 385,357 411,914 332,800 34,719,806

209,617 226,828 122,357 81,366 56,975 45,908 43,018 28,208 24,784 10,368 24,676 17,126 17,631 20,463 20,466 20,611 23,753 18,993 23,557 19,110 19,094 14,720 16,563 17,543 0 14,665 13,856 14,622 26,363 12,145 12,610 11,714 8,948 11,207 10,039 9,997 8,799 11,657 14,856 13,046 8,374 9,110 5,558 29,062

Up/ down

▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▼ ▲

EXPLANATION The tables set out the average prize-money at each fixture staged by a racecourse over the last 12 months. They show how this is made up of the three sources of prizemoney: 1. Racecourses’ contribution 2. Levy Board (HBLB) 3. Owners The tables also confirm the number of fixtures staged and the total amount of prize-money paid out by each racecourse throughout this period. The racecourses are ordered by the average amount of their own contribution to prizemoney at each fixture. This contribution originates from various sources including media rights, admission revenues and racecourse sponsors. If a racecourse has increased its average contribution at each fixture compared with the previous 12 months, it receives a green ‘up’ arrow. If its average contribution has fallen, however, it receives a red ‘down’ arrow. As these tables are based on the prize-money paid out by each racecourse, the abandonment of a major fixture could distort a racecourse’s performance.

OWNERSHIP KEY JCR Jockey Club Racecourses

ARC Arena Racing Company

I Independently owned racecourse Gold Standard Award


Smith & Williamson OB Aug 2013_Smith & Williamson OB Aug 2013 18/07/2013 13:44 Page 1

Securing bank finance: the new normal It has been termed “the new normal” and there is little doubt that the past few years have seen a subtle change in the balance of power between banks and their customers. Until recently, it was effectively a buyer’s market, but the banking crisis has been a game-changer for many. All of the banks will say that they have billions earmarked to lend to business customers and this is certainly true. What is less publicised is that the banks have tightened their lending criteria, which can make obtaining the finance that your business needs difficult and expensive. Furthermore, some banks are attempting to rationalise their existing loan books and either seeking repayment or price increases. We are frequently asked to assist in negotiations between bloodstock industry clients and their bank. Our industry experience means that we are also often called upon to perform an expert review of borrowers’ businesses with a view to securing future finance or maintaining an existing facility. In many cases this will require writing a detailed business plan to explain why the finance is needed and how it will be repaid and secured. The three most common types of finance that are likely to be relevant to most businesses are: F Overdraft: this is intended to deal with the ebb and flow of a business’ day-to-day cash income and expenditure. An overdraft is a facility on a current account and covers only short-term working capital fluctuations. The current account would be expected to move between being in credit and overdrawn on a regular basis and the facility limit would typically be tied to the regular and foreseeable timing differences between income and expenditure.

The interest paid on an overdraft depends upon the daily balance and is typically calculated according to base rate plus the bank’s desired margin. It is normal for overdrafts to be secured. Unsecured overdrafts are expensive, increasingly rare and are only likely to be available for small amounts. F Short-term loan: where a business wishes to purchase an asset (for example a horsebox) the optimal method of finance is often a short-term loan, which is repaid from the enhanced cash flow resulting from the acquisition. The loan may be secured on the asset itself or on other collateral already pledged to the bank. Costs vary according to the asset purchased and the strength of the resulting cash flow. Rates may be fixed or variable and loans might be between one and five years’ duration depending upon circumstances. There may also be other ways of financing the purchase of an asset such as hire purchase or leasing and the choice between the most appropriate types of finance is often a matter of preference. F Long-term loan (mortgage): this is intended to fund the purchase of major assets, for example a property, and is often repayable over a long period; 20 years is typical. Any lending bank will wish to be satisfied that the borrower can make repayments without unduly stretching the cash flow in other areas and jeopardising the viability of the business. Affordability now dominates a bank’s lending criteria and security, whilst still important, is rather lower on the list than perhaps before the banking crisis. The bank’s view of the overall risk will determine the amount they will lend compared with the value of the asset (loan to value) and the price (arrangement fee and interest rate).


Smith & Williamson OB Aug 2013_Smith & Williamson OB Aug 2013 18/07/2013 13:44 Page 2

Securing bank finance: the new normal

Currently bank base rates are low and even large loans can seem affordable. That said, at some point interest rates will rise and all parties will need to be satisfied that higher interest costs will not render the loan uneconomic. It is not uncommon, therefore, for a lender to request that the borrower takes some form of insurance against higher interest rates. This might be a simple interest rate fix but more complex hedging instruments are available. Very great care must be taken if such action is contemplated and professional advice is essential to ensure that you understand what you are committing to.

The business plan Whichever type of finance is under consideration a business plan or funding proposal is likely to be required by a prospective lender. A well-written plan will enable the reader to understand the business model and the assumptions that underpin its forecast future performance. This said, any lender will regard the strength of its management as integral to the decision making process and will therefore be a key section of the plan. While there is no set format for a business plan, and it should be written according to the precise circumstances of the enterprise, we would, as a minimum, expect the following areas to be covered in most plans that we write or review: F A one page prĂŠcis of the plan.

F A detailed description of the business, its structure and where and how it operates, including the resources that are needed and the funding required F Detailed coverage of the management team and their relevant experience F A consideration of the market within which the business is operating and its principal risks and challenges F Where relevant, a summary of the main competitors F Financial projections, including cash flow forecasts, profit expectations and predicted balance sheets, and the assumptions upon which they are based. The financial forecasts should cover at least three years and include a number of “what if� scenarios so that the reader can understand the sensitivity of the projections to changes in the underlying assumptions. Examples might include how many horses a trainer needs to break even or what would happen if a major owner is late in paying his monthly invoices.

Summary and conclusion In a changed world it is important for all businesses to understand fully the funding options that are available and the criteria likely to be applied to achieve the most appropriate solution in their particular circumstances. Whilst business planning is essential in the obtaining of finance it should not be regarded as important only for the benefit of the bank. A coherent plan is an important tool for the business owner and management as it is their money that is ultimately at risk.

Smith & Williamson is a top ten firm of UK accountants* with a specialist bloodstock and equine team that advises on the tax and financial issues facing owners, breeders, trainers and others in the industry. Drawing on the wide resources of the firm, the team provides comprehensive financial advisory services for both individuals and businesses. The firm also ',!*3"#1,',4#12+#,2+,%#+#,2&-31#5'2&-4#0ylo ,-$$3,"13,"#0+,%#+#,2,""4'!#H12nlGknGmklnJ@

Key bloodstock and equine specialists at Smith & Williamson:

WINNERS Joss Dalrymple Head of private !*'#,226 020 7131 4297

Penelope Lang 6 partner 01722 434845

Brigitte Potts VAT associate director 01722 434822

Peter Treadgold Assurance and business services partner 01722 434821

*According to the latest survey in Accountancy magazine Details correct at time of writing

Email: i012,+#@*12,+#:1+'2&@5'**'+1-,@!-@3)F555@1+'2&@5'**'+1-,@!-@3)G *--"12-!)Q#/3',# Principal offices: London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Glasgow, Guildford, Jersey, Manchester, Salisbury, Southampton and Worcester.

The value of investments and the income derived from them may fall as well as rise. Investors may not get back their original investment. Past performance is not a guide to the future. Tax and financial planning for the equine sectors is highly complex and this article can only provide an overview. The article does not cover all eventualities, so it is important to seek advice from a specialist if in doubt. Smith & Williamson LLP Regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales for a range of investment business activities. A member of Nexia International. Smith & Williamson Investment Management LLP Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Smith & Williamson Financial Services Limited Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate all of the products and services referred to here. The word partner is used to refer to a member of Smith & Williamson LLP.

F',4#12+#,2+,%#+#,2F.0'42# ,)',%F26

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TBA FORUM The special section for TBA members

West Regional Day in the Cotswolds By Alain Yuill-Walker It is a defining moment. Willie Carson is standing in a gateway, his mobile rings and immediately he tells everyone that Sir Henry Cecil has died. In the paddock behind he points out Polish Lake, a very close relative to the dam of Frankel no less. The occasion is a TBA visit to Willie’s Minster Stud at Barnsley outside Cirencester and during the course of the morning he provides a running commentary spiced with the sort of endless quips that only he could make, as to the running of a ‘middle of the road’ commercial yearling operation. Wearing a distinctive bush hat (a favourite trophy from his well-publicised Australian TV sojourn) he describes how he purchased the property in the autumn of 1980 when it was known as Ampney Stud, which had been home to a few modest stallions. He then set about adding to the original 60 acres and updating all the facilities. “I changed the name to Minster Stud because it used to be called Glebe Farm, land that had originally been owned by the church,” says Willie. “And Minster Son was named after the stud, not the other way round.” It was, of course, on Minster Son that Willie won the 1988 St Leger, to become the one and only jockey to ride an English classic winner of his own breeding. Willie patronises both Tattersalls and Doncaster sales. From eight yearlings to be offered this time, the solitary entry in Book 1 at the October Sales is the New Approach halfbrother to the Minster–bred celebrities Tungsten Strike and Al Shemali. “I might get rich on this one,” laughs Willie, “but I can’t afford New Approach now.” Fortunately though the dam Bathilde also has a colt foal by New Approach and has been tested in foal to Nathaniel. The TBA visitors and their guests (amongst them James Delahooke, who was responsible for buying Bathilde in the USA), then made the short journey to Christopher Wright’s Stratford Place Stud in and around the picturesque village of Coln Rogers, which is more about beautiful Cotswold stone than post and rails. Fortified by an excellent lunch (courtesy of the Wrights), the TBA troupe then spent a most engaging afternoon as Chris and stud manager, John Wall, who has been with him since the stud was founded, explained the raison d’etre of the establishment which has a broodmare band of 20 with another three in both the USA and Australia.


“The object of the exercise is to sell all the progeny as yearlings be they colts or fillies, only retaining the occasional female to preserve a particular bloodline,” explains Chris. An entrepreneur with many sporting interests, his name is synonymous in the music business with Chrysalis so when he decided to turn a farm he bought next door to the house he already owned in Coln Rogers, he called it Stratford Place after the road off Oxford Street where his record company was based. Although he has bought many more expensive fillies over the years it is one of his original purchases, Crime of Passion, purchased for 12,500gns as a yearling in 1981, who has proved his foundation mare. Successful in the Cherry Hinton Stakes, she has no fewer than six descendants amongst the broodmare band who have won 35 races between them. Last year’s top juvenile Bungle Inthejungle is the latest star for the family.

It’s typical of the vagaries of breeding that the best filly Chris Wright has ever owned, Culture Vulture, winner of the 1992 French 1000 Guineas, proved contrastingly inept as a broodmare. Operating at the top end of the market, Stratford Place Stud has enjoyed some substantial prices at the yearling sales, headed by a Galileo colt sold for 750,000gns to Demi O’Byrne in 2007. Last year Nicolas Clement paid 320,000gns for a Monsun filly now named Zakiyyah. Two homebred fillies on view that must be in the same league were the three-year-old Tequila Sunrise, a three-parts sister by Dansili to Grey Lilas, and a two-year-old half-sister to Donativum. By Sea The Stars out of Miss Universe, she was due to be named at any moment as Chris explains, “The trouble is no one seems able to think of a name good enough!”

Michael Greaves wins our July Award The TBA’s July Stud Staff Award winner is Michael Greaves, second man at Julia Scott’s Glebe Stud in Cheveley. Glebe Stud provided Michael’s introduction to thoroughbred stud work, and since arriving in 2008 he has shown a huge appetite for learning the business, becoming highly competent in all stud duties. In particular, Michael excels at yearling preparation – he shows exceptional expertise

at turning out and handling yearlings, as well as being well-organised and completely dedicated. Most vital to stud work, he is a good team player, and the high regard in which he is held at Glebe Stud has been demonstrated by his promotion to the position of Stud Groom, which he will take up in the autumn this year, when the current Stud Groom, Graham Nicklin, retires.

Michael Greaves receives his award from Julian Wilson at the July Course


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TBA sponsors prize for Thoroughbred Management Degree The TBA has established links with many equine colleges around the country with the aim of raising awareness of careers in the thoroughbred breeding industry. These include Oxford Brookes University, which, in association with Abingdon and Witney College, offers the only BSc in Thoroughbred Management. For the second year running, the TBA provided a prize in recognition of the achievement of this degree, which went to Anna Munro-Faure, who demonstrated dedication and a keen interest in the thoroughbred breeding industry in which she plans to make her career. Anna’s year out was spent working at Arrowfield Stud and Eliza Park in Australia and her final-year dissertation examined gestation lengths, comparing mares in Victoria, Australia and Newmarket. She plans to spend a sales season in the UK, followed by gaining further experience overseas in 2014, and the TBA will follow her career with interest. The TBA’s Caroline Turnbull with winning graduate Anna Munro-Faure

RoR/TBA Retrained Racehorse Challenge Series Winners May 30 - Bath & West Show, Somerset KEEP TALKING (IRE) (Religiously (USA) – Celia Barros (IRE) (Insan (USA)) Ridden by: Sara Thorman Bred by: Michael McEvoy Race Record: Trained by: Neil King, Raced under rules: 13 times, Won: 1, Placed: 5 June 12 – Yorkshire Sport Horse Show, Yorkshire BENNO’S BOY (IRE) (Accordion – Arctic Tartan (Deep Run)) Ridden by: V Hallas Bred by: M Doran Race Record: Trained by: Nicky Richards, Raced under rules: 4 times, Won: 0, Placed: 1 June 14-16 – Three Counties Show, Worcestershire SHERKHAN (Septieme Ciel (USA) – Joemlujen (Forzando)) Ridden by: Rachel Thomas Bred by: J T Powell-Tuck Race Record: Trained by: Tony Carroll, Raced under rules: 3 times, Won: 0, Placed: 0 June 19-20 – Lincolnshire County Show, Lincolnshire DON’T CALLMEGINGER (IRE) (Fruits of Love (USA) – Scotia Rose (Tap On Wood)) Ridden by: Katherine Howe Bred by: Seamus Murphy Race Record: Trained by: Mark Tompkins, Raced under rules: 12 times, Won: 1, Placed: 2 June 23 – Derbyshire County Show, Derbyshire INCHING BROOK (Alflora (IRE) – Inch Ahead (IRE) (Over The River (FR)) Ridden by: Sarah Tideswell Bred by: Shade Oak Stud Race Record: Trained by: M G Sheppard, Raced under rules: 0 times, Won: 0, Place: 0



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South East Regional Day at Whitsbury Manor Having spent the last 15 years training in Lambourn, Marcus Tregoning and his family moved to Whitsbury Manor Stables earlier this year and the TBA were delighted that he opened his yard for the South East Regional Day on Wednesday, June 5. Some 40 members attended the day and were greeted warmly by Tregoning and his staff. After enjoying some refreshments, members were shown six of the most forward two-yearolds doing a piece of work on the gallops before heading back to the yard for a tour of the facilities available. Following a lunch at the local pub, the afternoon was spent at Whitsbury Manor Stud, where the five resident stallions, including Compton Place, Foxwedge, Sakhee’s Secret and Showcasing were paraded in the glorious sunshine. Particular interest was shown in the recently retired Dubawi Gold, who had arrived at the stud less than a week before the visit and will be covering his first season in 2014. A selection of mares and foals were also singled out for the breeders to cast their eye over.

Dubawi Gold will be joining the Whitsbury Manor Stud stallion roster from 2014

Atalanta Stakes heads fillies’ race sponsorships The TBA will again sponsor the Group 3 Atalanta Stakes at Sandown on Saturday, August 31. The race, which was sponsored by the TBA for the first time last season, was won by Dank, trained by Sir Michael Stoute for her owner/breeder James Wigan. The TBA has also agreed to sponsor five fillies-only handicaps across a range of distances. Through the sponsorship of £5,000 each, these races have been upgraded from Class 4 events to Class 3, supporting fillies within the 81-95 handicap range. Each will be run for a total value of £15,000. The first of these was run at Newbury on Friday, July 19. The four remaining sponsored races are as follows: August 3,

Hamilton, 3YO+, 6f; August 6, Ffos Las, 4YO+, 12f; August 9, Newmarket, 3YO+, 8f; August 16, Nottingham, 3YO, 10f. TBA Flat Committee Chairman Julian Richmond-Watson said: “These races have been chosen to give a geographical and distance range to support good fillies just below the black type level. We chose racecourses that were already running Class 4 races and who agreed to upgrade them to Class 3. “We hope that these are good quality competitive races that help demonstrate to the racecourses that Class 3 fillies’ handicaps have a place in the programme.”

Breeders’ Prizes National Hunt HBLB Breeders’ Prizes worth £1,000 or more Breeder







Harbour Court

Karinga Bay

Royal Squeeze





Harry Hunt





R. A. Bonnycastle & Marston Stud


Changing The Guard

King’s Best

Our Queen Of Kings 25/06/2013

Newton Abbot

Countess Goess-Saurau & A. West

Prize (£)

Based on date money was paid

*See the table of breeders' prizes effective as from January 1 on the TBA website, These prizes are subject to confirmation of qualification with Weatherbys



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Benefit in Focus – TBA Advisors As a TBA member you are entitled to specific benefits including access to our industry experts who, in a range of fields, will offer you free initial advice. All our specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry and are there to help and assist when you require.

Accountancy & VAT Our specialist accountants have a dedicated bloodstock team within their large organisation and also have an inhouse bloodstock taxation advisor.

Legal Our solicitors are experts in their field and our advisor has a lifetime of experience within the horseracing and breeding industry.

Stud Farm Ratings Assisting TBA Members for many years,

our consultant can assist with making sure you are paying the correct rates as well as helping members with appeals.

TBA Fillies’ Handicap at Hamilton Park

Pasture Management

TBA members can gain free entry on production of their membership card.

If you require advice on pasture management, our advisor is happy to help. His practical experience is underpinned by robust, informed, science-based information.

TBA Fillies’ Handicap at Ffos Las TBA members can gain free entry on production of their membership card.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 9 TBA Fillies’ Handicap at Newmarket

Full contact details are available within the members’ section of the TBA website, as well as articles and fact sheets relating to the differing topics. When calling our advisors your will need your membership number handy.

TBA Fillies’ Handicap at Nottingham

TBA members can gain free entry on production of their membership card.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 16 TBA members can gain free entry on production of their membership card.

MONDAY, AUGUST 31 TBA Group 3 Atalanta Stakes at Sandown Park TBA members can gain free entry on production of their membership card.


Updated Fact Sheets

Quarterly Employment Law Update no 2 The latest quarterly employment law update covers the new Employment Tribunal Rules as well as proposed changes in relation to settlement agreements, whistleblowing, employee shareholders and flexible working. It is available to TBA members in the Employers’ pages on the TBA website at

Members need to register to access the Employment pages – just follow the link on the homepage to register. If you are having trouble registering, please contact Caroline Turnbull at the TBA or email

A visit to the Royal Paddocks at Hampton Court, lunch in the Tiltyard restaurant followed by a private tour of the Palace and the Royal Collection. Contact the office for an application form.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 North Regional Day A visit to Richard Ford’s Lancashire Racing Stables, the Oakhill Veterinary Centre followed by lunch and a guest speaker.


New version of industry Health and Safety Guide out soon



Two veterinarians from leading Newmarket Equine Clinics are available if you have a query, or require a second opinion.

The following Employment Law Factsheets have been updated as of 1st July 2013: Working Time Regulations, Dismissal, Sick Pay as well as the sample Contract of Employment. Visit the Employment Law Downloads page on the TBA website at for more information.

The sixth edition of the Guide to Health and Safety in the Racing and Breeding Industry, commonly known as ‘the Red Book’ will be distributed to TBA members who employ staff in September 2013. The Guide has been reviewed and updated by the TBA and BHA in conjunction with Taylor Vinter Solicitors, to make it user-friendly and legally



Notes for Employers The TBA continues to provide members with Employment Law factsheets sample policies and updates to changes in legislation, all of which are easily accessible on the TBA website.

Diary dates

compliant. This manual provides health and safety guidance for employers large and small and will be supported by a series of accredited training events. For further information contact Caroline Turnbull at Stanstead House, email

TBA-sponsored course at the National Stud – ‘The Mating Game’ A one-day forum on broodmare mating decisions. Please contact Caroline Turnbull at for information.

TBA NEW MEMBERS M J Albett, Hertfordshire; M R Baldry, East Sussex; W Derek Corless, Merseyside; James Kay, West Yorkshire; C Kilroy, Bedfordshire; Mrs N McGreavy, Suffolk; A Nicholls, Yorkshire; W Nicoll, Gloucestershire; Qatar Racing Limited, Gloucestershire; Mrs K Smith-Maxwell, Worcestershire; A T West, Gloucestershire.

18-35 MEMBERS Matthew Brown, Staffordshire; Stephanie Gibb, Lancashire; Jennifer Harbison, Buckinghamshire


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Breeders’ Prizes Breeder

Prize (£)






Cheveley Park Stud Ltd






Lingfield Park

Miss K Rausing


Sunset Shore

Oasis Dream

Summer Night



Juddmonte Farms Ltd







J R Shannon


La Tinta Bay

Compton Place

Cumana Bay



Mill House Stud


Hatha Hooh

Exceed and Excel

Mystery Ocean



Alvediston Stud


Lilbourne Lass

Pastoral Pursuits

Talampaya (USA)



Mickley Stud & Richard Kent


Lexington Rose

Captain Gerrard

Silca Destination



Barton Bloodstock


Dutch Courage

Dutch Art




Glebe Stud


Kendal Mint


Windemere Island



Simon Tindall


Chutney (IRE)

Exceed and Excel




Miracle of Medinah

A Milk It Mick A

Smart Ass



A C M Spalding


These prizes are subject to confirmation of qualification with Weatherbys

CAPTAIN GERRARD b. 2005 Oasis Dream – Delphinus (Soviet Star) Fee: £3,000 1st Oct

Won 5 times as a juvenile including Gr.3 Cornwallis Stakes and two Listed races, also third in the Gr.3 Molecomb Stakes to Gr.1 winners FLEETING SPIRIT and KINGSGATE NATIVE. At 3, winner of the Gr.3 Palace House Stakes beating Gr.1 July Cup winner SAKHEE’S SECRET. 9 winners from 33 runners – 21% strike rate incl: • LEXINGTON ROSE – trainer Bryan Smart • MADAGASCAR MOLL – David Evans • WEE JEAN – Mick Channon

The exciting young sire, first crops now running 29% winner to runners ratio over 5 to 6 furlongs Check out his yearlings selling this August at Doncaster Richard Kent at: MICKLEY STUD, Tern Hill, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 3QW Tel: 01630 638840 • Mobile: 07973 315722 • Email:




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Leaupartie Gr3 winner, Abu Sidra Gr3 winner, and Glacial Age Gr placed, Holly Dazzle Gr placed, To my Valentine Gr placed, Auction Listed placed...


Lucie Lamotte +33 (0)6 67 35 74 58 Gwenael Monneraye +33 (0)6 67 71 21 41 14140 Les Autels Saint Bazile - France

For the Finest in Fencing

CHOOSE NORCROFT Over 40 years of expertise in fencing the world’s leading Stud Farms and Training Centres, supplying Pressure Creosoted Post and Rail Fencing, Stud Entrance and Paddock Gates - providing the complete service from concept to completion. The UK, Ireland & European distributors for KEEPSAFE & SQUARE DEAL - The Original and Only Proven Wire Systems from Keystone Red Brand Products.

NORCROFT Pa d d o c k Fe n c i n g CONTACT RICHARD S JERMY â—† NORCROFT EQUESTRIAN DEVELOPMENTS 1 Norton Road, Loddon, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 6JN UK â—† Tel: 01508 520 743 Fax: 01508 528 879 â—† Email: â—†

Insurance that leads the field Shearwater Insurance, leaders in leisure and sport horse insurance, now has a specialist bloodstock department that understands the needs of race horse owners. 'MBUSBDFSt)VSEMFSt$IBTFSt#SPPENBSFTt4UBMMJPOTt:PVOHTUPDLt4UPSFT $PNQSFIFOTJWFDPWFSBUUIFNPTUDPNQFUJUJWFSBUFTXJUIQFSTPOBMBOE QSPGFTTJPOBMTFSWJDF

Hayley Sparkes 01992 707318


Personal and Professional


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Manufacturers of

Words Alan Yuill Walker



Geoff Russell


Sir Eric Parker

Havana Gold, winner of the Group 1 Prix Jean Prat

As a commercial breeder, Sir Eric Parker, owner of 1991 Grand National hero Seagram, was due for a Group 1 winner and on the last day of June Havana Gold duly obliged in the Prix Jean Prat. He receives a supply of TRM’s world-famous Calphormin plus a bottle of premium Irish whiskey. Parker’s Crimbourne Stud, near Billingshurst in West Sussex, has been knocking on the door in the Classics as Havana Gold was fourth in the local 2,000 Guineas, while Oh Goodness Me had finished third in the 2009 1,000 Guineas. Oh Goodness Me is a daughter of Galileo and Havana Gold is by Galileo’s son Teofilo. Both were consigned to Tattersalls’ December Sale as foals, the former selling for 120,000gns, while the latter was retained for 50,000gns and resubmitted as a yearling, when realising 80,000gns. A dual Group 3 winner, Jessica’s Dream, the dam of Havana Gold, was acquired as a filly in training for 115,000gns in December 2002. Having just produced her tenth consecutive foal (a colt by Dream Ahead), she is now back in foal to Teofilo. Her yearling filly by Fastnet Rock is scheduled for the Deauville sales in August.

In recent years, Australian raiders have dominated the major Royal Ascot sprints. While no such winner emerged on this occasion, there was a King’s Stand Stakes winner bred by an Australian. Octogenarian Geoff Russell, the breeder of Sole Power, divides his time between his native Australia and England. The six-year-old by Kyllachy was gaining a second Group 1 victory, having landed the 2010 Nunthorpe Stakes, and in May the Irish-trained gelding had added to his Group tally in the Palace House Stakes. Russell, who now uses the pseudonym Equine Breeding, currently boards four mares with Peter Stanley at New England Stud, but it was from Charlie Vigors’s Hillwood Stud that Sole Power was sold at the 2008 Doncaster St Leger Yearling Sales for £32,000. His first two dams, Demerger and Merida, were both homebred by Juddmonte, and so too were their respective sires Distant View and Warning. Sole Power’s third dam, Metair, was one of just nine mares in the original Juddmonte stud book published in 1980. She had been bought as a yearling by Britannia Bloodstock, a joint venture between former Newmarket trainer Humphrey Cottrill and Oliver Pike, who named the filly after his freight business. The daughter of Laser Light won seven races over sprint distances trained by Bill Wightman, a long-standing friend of Cottrill, so she was an understandable choice when Khalid Abdullah asked Cottrill to find some likely breeding stock. Metair, the third dam of Auction House, has a particular significance in the Juddmonte story, as her son Fine Edge became Khalid Abdullah’s first homebred winner when scoring on his juvenile debut at the Guineas meeting of 1982. Sole Power’s unraced dam, Demerger, is also responsible for the prolific winner Cornus. Another DBS graduate, he was consigned by Tim Lock of Hedsor Stud, who had purchased the dam on behalf of Russell for only 4,000gns. Demerger currently has a yearling colt by Exceed And Excel, a filly foal by Poet’s Voice, and is in foal to Sepoy. Russell’s other three mares include the Italian Oaks third Miss Meltemi and her daughter Ada River; both have foals at foot and are in foal. Ada River is one of her three useful siblings by Dansili and her first offspring, a Cape Cross colt who is now in training with Clive Cox, realised 120,000gns as a yearling last year. This time her representative in October Book 1 is a colt by Royal Applause.

Gastric disturbances are of concern to trainers, breeders and owners of all performance horses. One such disturbance, Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) has become more prominent in recent years, with up to 93% of racehorses found to have ulcers on endoscopic examination.


Excellence in Equine Nutrition

GNF will assist in the nutritional maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.

Available to purchase in the UK from: Farm and Stable Supplies LLP. Tel +44 1730 815 800

Manufactured in Ireland By: TRM, Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Tel: +353 45 434 258


Follow @TRMNutrition for all the latest news.


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Hugo Palmer and Darley serve up a mighty double

Hugo Palmer with members at his Kremlin Cottage Stables in Newmarket


hirty members of the TBA’s Next Generation Club (including lots of new faces) were treated to a fascinating morning with Hugo Palmer, one of the rising stars among the training ranks, followed by a visit to Darley’s Dalham Hall Stud, the birthplace and conception-point of so many starts of the future. Hugo gave us a great welcome and ran through his 28-strong equine team at Kremlin Cottage. We were also just in time to see the returning of Hugo’s ‘Homecoming Queen’, Making Eyes who, only 18 hours earlier had notched her second success at Listed level up at Newcastle. We then proceeded onto Warren Hill to see some of Hugo’s string exercise and where he detailed his weekly routine and life as a young trainer in Newmarket. From Hugo’s, we went onto the magnificent Dalham Hall Stud, where we were greeted by Mark McStay and Ali Rea and were given tea and coffee in the hospitality room whilst watching the Darley video. Members were given a parade of the Dalham Hall stallions, which included three of the leading sires in the world in Dubawi, New Approach and Exceed And Excel, in addition to Sepoy, who has recently completed his first season at Dalham Hall, and Poet’s Voice, whose eagerly-anticipated first foals are on the ground. We were then taken on the route mares take on arrival at the stud, from the unloading bays (an impressive six-bay area) to the passport office, where all the paperwork is checked and horses are scanned for their microchips. THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

From there, it was on to the covering barns, where Mark gave a fascinating talk on the process of selecting mares for each stallion and the difficulty that this can cause – and also answered all questions thrown at him left, right and centre by the enthusiastic crowd! Our thanks go to Hugo and his team and to Mark and Ali at Darley for making this wonderful day possible.

Your chance to see Frankel By the time you have your nose in this month’s edition, our NGC members will have had the pleasure of a unique visit to Robert Waley-Cohen’s Upton Viva Stud in Warwickshire to check out his highclass National Hunt breeding stock (Liberthine amongst others) and some notable horses on summer holidays, including the mighty 2011 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Long Run and 2013 Cheltenham Festival winner Radjhani Express. Stratford races will have kindly hosted us at their meeting that afternoon. Photos and a brief report will follow next month. We are hugely fortunate to be able to visit places like Upton Viva and we are very grateful for the support. On Saturday, October 5, 50 lucky NGC members will have the chance to meet the best racehorse of the modern era, the awesome Frankel, who obliterated every equine in his path on the racecourse and whose job now is to look after all the finest fillies in Europe. In the end, he is a ‘just’ a horse (whose best mate is a cat called George) – but try telling that to every racing fan in the country, and the NGC members that will be present on the day for that matter! What a day it promises to be.

The stallion yard at Dalham Hall Stud, home to Dubawi and New Approach

The importance of social media One of the Next Generation Committee’s key areas is encouraging like-minded horseracing and young horsey people in general to take an interest in the NGC events. The overall message of the NGC is through the use of Twitter and Facebook. Details of events and general chitchat can reach a large, captive audience with a minimum of fuss and

expense – a great way to drive people to our website and to take an interest in the NGC and its events. So, if you are on Facebook or Twitter already and have not ‘Liked / Followed’ us, then please do so. And encourage others to do so too! Facebook: TBA Next Generation Club; Twitter: @TBANGC


ownerbreeder ad pages 08.2013_OwnerBreeder Ad pages 07.2013 18/07/2013 14:32 Page 82

THE BREEDERS’ CUP Friday 01 & Saturday 02 November 2013 Departing 29 October, selected tours to California for the 2013 Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita. Prices from £2,250 per person to include: Club House Loge seats and Sirona’s restaurant facility • 5 nights’ accommodation • Return flights with BA from London Heathrow • All transfers • Services of our representatives throughout.

Join us today

For your FREE copy of our Racing Tours brochure please telephone:

(01244) 355 486 or visit our website:

Call 01638 661321 or visit

Haras des Granges Raised at stud TORRESTRELLA Gr.1

-$-+, #!*'&($ !'# #!-.&''# 0 N° 203 f 0 N° 208 c 0 N° 215 f 0 N° 235 c 0 N° 303 c 0 N° 355 f 0

Raised at stud SHAMALGAN Gr.2 Gr.1

Come and visit our 2013 Arqana consignement

#!*'&($ !'# -$-+, N° 397 f N° 472 c N° 473 c N° 475 f N° 476 c N° 482 f N° 487 f


0 -#+"!/ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

,% -$-+,

,% -$-+,

Haras des Granges – 32430 Touget Mathieu Daguzan-Garros Tel. : + 33 (0)5 62 06 80 32 – Fax : + 33 (0)5 62 06 81 67 – Mob. : + 33 (0)6 81 41 25 55 E-mail :



Aug_108_CareersInRacing_Owner Breeder 19/07/2013 16:16 Page 83


Careers in Racing

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but perhaps the motto ‘you’re never too old to learn’ is more applicable to racing. Courses may be second nature to young people fresh from college, but for older people they can appear daunting. Yet it’s the older professional who often has the most to gain, particularly in the thoroughbred industry, while there are also courses for non-professionals simply wanting to increase their understanding of the sport, writes Lissa Oliver Michelle Douglas of Careers In Racing, at the British Horseracing Authority, says: “We promote the industry qualifications, which are offered by the British Horseracing Education & Standards Trust (BHEST), the racing industry’s own awarding organisation. “These are for people that are new to the industry who want to learn or those with an interest in racing who simply want to increase their knowledge. “The courses are self-study so that participants can complete in their own time and it doesn’t matter how long they take. They are open to all ages from students to retired people, whether as a pastime, for those looking for a second career or who want something completely different.” Judith Allen, Executive Director of BHEST, adds: “Achieving a qualification and having their skills and hard work recognised can give people a real sense of achievement and fulfilment, whatever their age, boosting their confidence and inspiring them to progress to higher levels.” Modern technology and methods require a constant updating of existing skills, while some areas of the industry can force early retirement on individuals who need to consider an alternative career when riding or yard work is no longer viable. It can be difficult to identify personal skills and recognise your own value outside of the world you know. This extends to many people who work with horses, who reach a crossroads so quickly in the horse world. Fortunately the industry is attune to such changes. With a variety of evening classes, distance learning and short courses available, re-training and professional development has never been easier, but training is also a key foundation to gaining employment in the first place. Many training establishments and stud farms are filling their vacancies with graduates of conventional equine degree courses and practical courses that cater for young people. Administration and managerial work, too, has always relied heavily on formal qualifications but there are plenty of openings offering the same opportunities for mature students and those in full-time employment.

Courses for school leavers and mature students There are numerous degree courses in Thoroughbred Management and Equine Sciences provided by such specialised institutions as Oxford Brookes University, Sparsholt, Myerscough, Hartbury, Warwickshire (in conjunction with the British Racing School) and Hadlow Colleges, while in Ireland CAFRE,


The British Racing School guarantees its graduates a job in a racing yard Maynooth and Limerick Universities offer internationally recognised courses. The syllabus and specific targets of each Equine Science course can vary from college to college. Many of the colleges also offer shorter courses or distance learning opportunities and for a formal, classroombased choice it is worth spending time studying the prospectus from each relevant college to find the best course.

Practical basics in horse care The British Racing School (BRS) and the Northern Racing College (NRC), along with the Racing Academy and Centre of Education (RACE) in Ireland, offer a complete start to newcomers, while 14-16 year-olds can complete a one-day-a-week term-time foundation course while still at school. NRC’s 12-week residential Stable Staff Foundation Course is open to complete beginners (16+) with no previous experience with horses. The course is free and applicants must have completed school year 11, are not planning to return to full-time education, have not obtained a degree and have been a resident of the EU/EEA for three years or more. Successful graduates will achieve their Diploma Level 1 in Work Based Racehorse Care, Functional Skills Qualifications and a First Aid Certificate. They may then go on to an apprenticeship placement in a racing stable where they can go on to achieve their Level 2 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care and their Level 3 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care and Management. Graduates of the apprenticeship programme can progress onto the Advanced

Apprenticeship programme. This includes a Level 3 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care and Management, an Advanced Technical Certificate in Horse Care and Functional Skills. Similarly, the Trainee Jockey course at Ireland’s RACE is a 42-week residential programme sponsored by FÁS and is free of charge to EU citizens. Graduates are awarded the FETAC National Skills Certificate and can attain a full Level 4 certificate on the National Framework of Qualifications, providing the option to progress at a later stage to many thirdlevel institutions in Ireland. BRS offers an Apprenticeship in Racehorse Care, a Level 2 Diploma, to school leavers. The course is free and guarantees a job in a racing yard at the end of the initial nine-week training programme, after which they are placed in a fulltime paid job as they continue their qualification over the next 12-18 months.   The course couples riding and care of racehorses with functional skills in Maths and English where necessary, resulting in an Intermediate Apprenticeship. Beginners are invited to attend a five-week programme prior to starting the nine-week programme.

Stud farming courses The National Studs of Ireland and Britain also offer practical courses, aimed to provide the foundations for a career in all sectors of the thoroughbred industry. National Stud school leavers with limited equine experience can avail of the nine-week Apprenticeship combining instruction with a paid work placement. For the more experienced, the Diploma in Stud Practice and Management is a five-month residential course for 18 year-olds and over, with practical experience of working with horses. Both courses are free to EU students and are recognised both nationally and internationally as a source of highly trained stud staff. For the last five years at least 90% of graduates of the National Stud have found employment in the thoroughbred industry. The six-month residential Breeding Course offered by the Irish National Stud is open to applicants from all over the world, but a fee is payable and experience with horses is essential. Written, oral and practical exams are held at the end of the course and successful candidates receive the Irish National Stud certificate.

Administration and management training Those who prefer an office environment are also well catered for. The National Stud offers the Stud Secretaries and Stud Administration Course, developed for secretaries new to the



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(ITBA) also has an educational programme involving full day seminars and evening seminars, open to members and non-members. The ITBA 2013 Educational Programme, cofunded by the NDP, will include a series of “Smart Approach” full-day seminars for breeders, to be held at the ITBA offices Kildare. All seminars will include a visit to a nearby stud farm. Cost for these seminars are €30.00 for ITBA members and €20 for YITBA members.

BHA Graduate Programme

Graduates of the Darley Flying Start scheme, which lasts for two years


thoroughbred breeding industry. The course runs over five days, with speakers from organisations such as the BHA, Weatherbys, and the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, covering a wide range of topics and giving an overview of all the areas a Stud Secretary would encounter. The cost for the course is £540. A comprehensive Racing Secretary course is available from both NRC and BRS, designed for secretaries new to racing and anyone considering work in this role. The BRS course is run over three days, at a cost of £170. Along with guest speakers from the big racing organisations, an experienced and wellestablished racing secretary will also give a practical insight into this demanding role. The NRC course is run over two days at a cost of £105. The BRS also offers a course in Bookkeeping/Sage, at a cost of £170. NRC and BRS both hold taster days for anyone wishing to look round the facilities and get a feel for what the schools do and can offer. The NRC taster day is held every last Friday of the month, except in December.

Enhancing existing skills The National Stud offers an Evening Lecture Programme throughout the year, which varies in content. The lectures, presented by internationally renowned speakers, are open to any interested parties and represent an ideal educational forum for stud and stable staff wishing to advance their knowledge. For example, the Mating Game will be a oneday forum on broodmare mating decisions, sponsored by the Thoroughbred Breeders Association (£90 for non TBA and NGC members and £40 for members) and Managing Stallions For Longevity And Optimum Fertility is another planned day, sponsored by Saracens (fee to be decided). BRS also offers a variety of short courses designed to assist in licensing and the enhancement of workplace skills and knowledge. Trainers Modules (£750 per course); Assistant Trainers (£200); Yard Managers (£160); Intro to Riding Work (£85); Riding Work & Giving Feedback (£85); Category A Seminar (£120);


Category A Assessment (£120); Point-To-Point Pre-Season (£125); Level 3 Diploma (£161.50 unless on the free Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme) and the Racing Industry Course (£1,200), a residential course that runs over five days. Each day is themed to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the world of racing and breeding, featuring a host of specialist speakers from the top industry organisations and tours of leading racing establishments. For competent riders from other disciplines who would like to switch to racing work, the Transition To Racing course is £600 (with a student discount of £100). The Wiltshire-based company Haddon Training, a leader in the provision of learning and training support for Work Based Diplomas, NVQs, apprenticeships and other qualifications in the land based and business sector, also offers a wide variety of equine specific courses for all levels of experience and competency. A Life Skills Programme is available from BRS and NRC to help learners meet the many challenges they will face as employees within the industry. The evening classes available include cookery and domestic skills; personal financial management; physical education; personal and social education; mentoring and leadership skills for learners identified as having the potential to support their colleagues; crime awareness & self defence; effective communication; dealing with life changes; and citizenship education. In Ireland, RACE also provides an intensive and varied on-going education programme for former graduates and adults. Various night classes are offered for those who want to develop their knowledge and skills or continue their education through the Further Education system. RACE is registered with FETAC to offer programmes leading to FETAC awards in the National Framework of Qualifications and offers FETAC Level 5 modules in Equine Nutrition and Equine Anatomy & Physiology as part of its Adult Education Programme. The Irish Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association

For over 20 years the BHA Graduate Development Programme has supplied the racing industry with a succession of talented employees. Designed for university graduates who have a passion for racing, the programme starts with a two-week residential course, featuring guest speakers and field trips. Graduates are then assigned a paid placement with a racing organisation, such as the BHA, Weatherbys, Tattersalls, Levy Board or Racing Post. Placements usually last around eight weeks although some may be longer. The Graduate Development Programme has produced many of today’s leading industry figures, including Racehorse Owners Association Chief Executive Richard Wayman, Levy Board chief Alan Delmonte, Jockey Club Regional Director (East) Amy Starkey and Racing Post News Editor Andrew Scutts. Information on the 2014 programme will appear online at later this year.

Darley Flying Start The final word in education must surely rest with Darley, who provide the ultimate training experience for 12 lucky candidates. Darley Flying Start is an education charity that provides 12 scholarships annually to people who want to study and experience the global thoroughbred industry at the highest level. The Graduate Certificate in Management (Thoroughbred Industry) is accredited by the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in Dublin, Ireland and the two-year full-time management training programme combines a dynamic range of lectures, visits and hands-on experience. Training takes place in Ireland, UK, USA, Australia and Dubai. Further information available from:



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Make Your Passion

Do you have a passion for horses and horseracing? Horseracing is a vibrant and exciting sport offering a wealth of opportunities. At the British Horseracing Education & Standards Trust we are proud of the part we play in supporting young people to make the most of these opportunities.

Your Work For information on careers, jobs and training in horseracing

Job profiles ● Career case studies ● Free job board ● Taster days ● Education/curriculum resources

Working with horses requires a unique set of skills, which we can help you to acquire. We develop and award nationally recognised qualifications, approved by industry, which provide the practical grounding for people to build careers and businesses in British horseracing. From racehorse care to thoroughbred breeding, equine transport and farriery, there are many ways to progress your career.

Go to to find out more.

Do you want a career in the thoroughbred breeding industry? Gain the internationally recognised Diploma in Stud Practice and Management National Stud graduates are actively sought by the industry in UK and global bloodstock markets  5 month Diploma programme - intensive and realistic experience of commercial thoroughbred breeding farms.  FREE to EU citizens.  95% employment from graduation 5 years on the trot.  2013 graduates now working for leading global stud farms.  Past graduates in high end administrative and practical roles throughout the international industry.

Stud staff recruitment via The National Stud Apprenticeship scheme In January 2014, the National Stud will be looking to place the 21st annual cohort of Apprenticeship trainees into the industry for a 12 month period. Apprentices will be aged 16 to 24; they will have been interviewed, selected and trained in basic skills with Thoroughbred horses at the National Stud. As junior members of your team apprentices gain valuable on the job training. Visits by National Stud staff are scheduled to support both employer and apprentice. Government grants of up to £1500 per apprentice can be available to employers. If you would like to employ or recruit your own Apprentice for the scheme, please contact the Training Office.

call The Training Office on +44 (0)1638 663464 or email For further information on the Diploma or Apprenticeship courses please visit



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Limb fractures: treatment and expectations Examining the advanced techniques used to return injured horses to full training


he whole discipline of equine orthopaedics has made massive progress in the last 30 years. The principal developments with respect to fracture management have been:1. Improved imaging, particularly with x-rays 2. Safe, dependable anaesthesia 3. Understanding of fracture mechanics and appropriate use of implants 4. Improved casting materials and techniques 5. Arthroscopically guided fracture repair 6. Training and experience of surgical teams and critical evaluation of results

Some fractures, particularly stress fractures in the upper limb, can heal without surgery but the most common lower limb fractures sustained in training and racing require repair. The principles of fracture repair have been defined by the Association for the Study Of Internal Fixation. These were initially proposed for use in man but have been adopted and are equally applicable to the horse and other species. There are four simple goals: i. Atraumatic operative technique i.e. minimising disruption of adjacent tissues ii.Accurate anatomical reduction i.e. absolute accuracy of reconstruction iii. Rigid internal fixation which in the horse principally involves the use of screws and plates used to stabilise and in most circumstances to compress fractures iv. Early postoperative ambulation i.e. movement should be introduced as soon as fracture stability will allow

supply and bone turnover) but provides little information with respect to fracture configuration. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) similarly identifies changes in substance make up; in this case predominantly movement of hydrogen in water and fat and again is not generally suitable for surgical planning. In future, computed tomography (CT) may provide useful three dimensional information to assist in fracture management particularly implant placement.

from anaesthesia is now rare. It can, in some circumstances, be reduced further by assisting the process. At most hospitals these involve rope systems with varying degrees of individual limb protection. However, the restraint created is not tolerated well by all horses and in these instances it can be counterproductive. On occasions, fractures can be repaired without general anaesthesia. However, this is not suitable for cases with potential displacement as it allows no assessment of the fracture and associated joint surfaces. It also compromises sterility.

Anaesthesia Most fracture repairs require general anaesthesia which carries risks in all species. In the horse the risk for life threatening complications is considered to be approximately 1%. In recent years, the drugs used have meant that the quality of anaesthesia, principally the smoothness of induction and recovery, have improved markedly. The safety of anaesthesia is largely determined by anaesthetic training and experience. The nearest professional analogy is that of an aircraft pilot. The highest risks are at take-off (induction) and landing (recovery) when attention to detail is critical. The bulk of the flight (anaesthesia) consists of continual monitoring for small variations in conditions (blood pressure and oxygen content, anaesthetic gas concentrations, etc.) in order to anticipate and therefore avoid potential problems. Provision of monitoring equipment is important but specialist training and experience are critical. The potential for injury during recovery

Fracture mechanics and implants From a repair perspective, the important mechanical considerations to understand are the reasons why an individual fracture might displace (move), if it has displaced, how to reduce it (put it back in place) and finally how to maintain its reduced position. The first two considerations involve equal and opposite forces. In racehorses the majority of fractures are repaired with screws which are applied in compression (lagged). Cortical screws are the standard implant. These are fully threaded and the head has a spherical profile. In order to compress fractures, the side of the bone nearest the head, is drilled to the diameter of the screw threads while the side furthest from the screw head is drilled to the core diameter of the screw. A thread for the screw is made (tapped) into this piece of bone. The screw will therefore glide through the first fragment of bone and the threads will engage the second

Imaging Radiographic examination (x-ray) is the cornerstone of fracture diagnosis and assessment. There are occasions when other techniques can add information but most treatment plans and prognoses are based on this. The development and adoption of digital radiography has permitted greater accuracy of assessment of fracture configurations (size, shape and complexity) than previously possible. The sensitivity of the systems has also meant that all parts of horses’ free limbs can now be imaged using reduced and therefore safer levels of radiation. Scintigraphy (bone scan) is a very good means of detecting stress fractures which, particularly in the upper limb, pelvis and trunk, are not readily evaluated radiographically. This identifies metabolic activity (principally blood




A complete, minimally displaced fracture of the lateral condyle of a third metacarpal (front cannon) bone which is the most common long bone fracture of horses in training. (a) Arrows marking the fracture which extends from the fetlock joint surface through the lateral (outside) surface of the bone. (b) The fracture at completion of surgery. Repair has been effected by 3 x 4.5mm cortical bone screws and, above these, a 3.5mm cortical bone screw. Note the smaller head on the latter. The fracture has compressed well with only a faintly discernible line in the joint (arrow).


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fragment so that on tightening, the screw head will compress the fracture and close the fracture gap. In order to minimise point contact between the screw head and bone, thus maximising the efficiency of compression and minimising the stresses on the screw, a circular groove is cut into the bone at the point of screw entry that corresponds accurately with the curvature of the screw head. The individual fracture determines lengths and diameters of screws used. Screws must be positioned at points that will reduce and compress the fracture with maximum efficiency. This requires three dimensional preoperative planning and is critical to a successful outcome. Creation of a complete, pre-surgical plan including the sizes, locations and trajectories of implants is now considered standard surgical practice. Adjustments may be necessary during the procedure but thorough planning improves the quality and safety of all procedures and enables the surgical team to consider prospectively clinical scenarios that may be encountered. Fractures of the metacarpal and metatarsal (cannon) condyles (condylar fractures) and proximal phalanx (split pastern) which are the two most common fractures of horses in training are most commonly repaired by 4.5mm diameter cortical screws. On occasions, 5.5mm and 3.5mm diameter cortical screws can also be necessary (see below left). Bone plates are used when it is necessary to bridge fractures which cross the long axis of bones. As most fractures in racehorses are longitudinal or oblique rather than transverse these are uncommonly indicated. Wire is occasionally used in complete fractures but its limited strength and lack of precision in closing fracture gaps means that it is rarely a first choice implant.

Thoroughbreds must be in absolute alignment if the horse is to return to training and racing. Arthroscopic assessment is both minimally invasive and permits an accuracy of articular reconstruction that is unmatched by any other imaging technique. It also facilitates accurate, three-dimensional, implant placement. Arthroscopy is therefore recommended in all complete fractures which involve joint surfaces whether x-rays suggest displacement or not as there is now very good evidence that subtle displacement cannot be recognised radiographically. Reduction techniques have been developed that permit reconstruction (realignment) of joint surfaces under arthroscopic guidance (see above). These require substantial arthroscopic experience combined with threedimensional thinking and manipulative skills but in such hands have revolutionised fracture management in the equine athlete.

Casting materials and techniques

Current treatment principles

Cast support and immobilisation of limbs is rarely needed for long periods following fracture repair but it is frequently important in the immediate postoperative period. Use in horses is a balancing act between provision of strength and rigidity without excessive weight and mechanical compromise to the limb. In most circumstances the horse must be able to use the limb to stand. Fibreglass tape impregnated with water activated polyurethane resin is used for all equine casting techniques. It is strong, light and rigid, but the latter property means that an inner conforming layer is necessary to avoid skin excoriation. Plaster of Paris or a commercial foam are both suitable. Thermoplastic polymer on the solar surface of the cast adds abrasion resistance and reduces slipping.

As rule of thumb, incomplete (partial thickness) fractures are likely to heal with rest alone but we now know that many fractures, particularly of the pastern and metacarpal/metatarsal (cannon) condyles are, despite their appearance on radiographs, complete i.e. full thickness through the bone. Incomplete fractures can also progress to become complete and by definition these are unstable i.e. able to move (displace). Natural healing of bone involves production of callus which bridges the fracture and eventually becomes organised into dense mechanically strong bone. By contrast, when a fracture is repaired and compressed it can heal directly. This so called first intention healing is similar to the healing of a skin wound which has been stitched or stapled compared to one which is left to heal by granulation (second intention healing). The first is more efficient, better quality, quicker healing and in managing fractures involving joints in equine athletes this is

Arthroscopy Fractures involving joint surfaces which include the most common fractures in racing THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER



Arthroscopic views in the fetlock of a horse with a lateral condylar fracture. a) x-rays cannot predict the incongruity (step) on the joint surface illustrated by the large arrows. b) The fracture following arthroscopically guided reduction and repair restoring joint congruity and eliminating the fracture gap (small arrows).

important for restoration of function. Additionally, as outlined in the first article, avoiding protracted immobilisation and an early return to conditioning exercise, minimise the risks of other injuries. One of the most potent predisposing factors to stress fractures in equine athletes are prolonged periods out of training. In considering fractures that occur in horses in training, limb biomechanics, surgical implants, instrumentation and techniques mean that the majority of fractures from the knee and hock down are optimally managed by surgical repair. Most occur in the long axis of these bones and are therefore amenable to lag screw compression. Fractures in the upper limbs and pelvis usually have more oblique orientations, complex biomechanics and restricted surgical access such that they more frequently have to be managed conservatively i.e. by immobilising the horse. If they are incomplete this can be perfectly satisfactory (apart from the length of time it takes and the long-term consequences of restricted exercise) but when they are complete and, particularly when they displace, then currently few are amenable to repair.

Results and prognosis When fractures are managed conservatively i.e. without intervention, it is possible to look at the published literature to determine expectations. However, when surgery is required results taken from the literature are likely to be the work of others and, by and large are irrelevant. The most relevant results are those of the team treating the individual. Connections should never be afraid to ask. Generalisations are dangerous and for each fracture its precise location and configuration, the health of the bone and adjacent tissues all produce variables. Fractures in the upper limb are fortunately less common than those in the lower limb but when complete these remain genuinely life-threatening.


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Best Turned Out Series The Best Turned Out series, sponsored by EPDS Racing for the second year running, aims to highlight the hard work and dedication shown by working staff in preparing their horses for a day at the races. In each BTO race, the groom who leads up the horse judged best turned out will receive £50, together with an EPDS/Racing Welfare gilet. Points will be allocated to the groom’s yard and a league table will run until the finale which will be held at the Racing Welfare Charity Raceday at BangorOn-Dee on November 13. The yard with the largest number of BTO series points will receive a trophy and £1,000 to be shared between the staff. To help prevent a tie, the judges in each of the series’ races will award 15 points for a BTO, 10 for second best and 5 for third. So far, the field is wide open with results to date as follows:

Get back in the saddle with Racing Welfare A recently-launched pilot counselling service will aim to help men aged 45-60 deal with setbacks in the racing industry Racing Welfare has launched a pilot careers counselling service after a year-long investigation revealed that males aged 45-60 were the heaviest users of the charity’s support services. Delving further into why this was, a detailed study was made of Racing Welfare case notes on men in this age bracket, and interviews were conducted with 15 beneficiaries selected at random. A subsequent bespoke survey, based on these interviews, underlined that many stud

and stable staff get into difficulties when finding themselves struggling to cope with the physical and/or mental demands of the job. “You’ll get few lads to talk about losing their bottle, it’s a taboo subject to admit you are physically unable to cope,” one participant in the research responded. “It’s all about being supremely fit and strong.” Racing staff can also experience feelings of being ill-equipped in terms of qualifications, aspirations and experience to consider alternative careers, research found.

LATEST NEWS FROM RACING WELFARE Gabrielle Gajova with Jonjo O’Neill

Plumpton – Feb 25 1. Linda Jewell (Yard) – Frankie Howard (Groom) 2. Brendan Powell – Katie Williams 3. Nicky Henderson – Aaron Rid

Huntingdon – March 21 1. Gary Moore – Steph Young 2. John O’Shea – Sarah Guest 3. Garry Woodward – Isabelle New

Ffos Las – April 23 1. Philip Hobbs – Rebecca James 2. Evan Williams – Rhiannon Burchel 3. Nigel Twiston-Davis – Rachel Phillips

Newton Abbot – May 9 1. Jonjo O’Neill – Gabrielle Gajova 2. Ron Hodges – Christopher Hawks 3. Susan Gardner – Abbey Crabbe

Hexham – June 4 1. Ferdy Murphy – Abi McDonald 2. Jane Walton – Trish Robson 3. Robert Johnson – Peter Johnson

New Fundraising Executive in post In line with Lesley Graham’s stated aim to expand Racing Welfare’s Fundraising team in order to increase income, a new Fundraising Executive was recently appointed and is already involved in the organisation of a number of events. Jo Littmoden is no stranger to the industry. She has worked in racing for over 20 years in various roles, which include jointly running a pre-training yard, working as a racing secretary, as a groom, as a work rider and as a member of racecourse staff. For the last ten years she has worked at Fontwell Park racecourse while riding out for John Dunlop. Her responsibilities there included reception duties, organisation of weddings, conferences, parties etc and general hospitality. Her biggest thrill while working for John Dunlop was riding out Times Up, one of her all-time favourite horses. Jo said: “I am really excited by the prospect of working for Racing Welfare. It’s a fantastic

Jo Littmoden: new challenge charity which is vital to our industry and I am very much looking forward to meeting its supporters”. Although it will be a demanding post, Jo will still make time to ride out for Ed Dunlop.

Visit our website or contact us on 88


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665 SERIOUS ACCIDENTS 213 IN A&E 7 WILL NEVER WALK AWAY The pilot scheme will assess the feasibility s and efficacy of a careers counselling service within the racing industry. Lesley Graham, Racing Welfare Chief Executive, said: “This is a really exciting initiative and another example of Racing Welfare seeking to initiate positive change for the benefit of racing staff.” The scheme co-ordinator is Rob Wylie, a former trainer and amateur rider who was employed in the racing industry for 25 years. He himself re-trained and has recently worked on the government-funded ‘Welfare to Work’ programme. For the next few months he will be setting up the pilot scheme and recruiting participants. He will select half a dozen employers, each of whom will nominate five to ten employees to take part. The trial will be conducted over the subsequent eight months. The British Horseracing Grant Scheme, the Wates Family Enterprise Trust, National Trainers’ Federation and Racing Welfare are funding the initiative.

YOU CAN HELP TODAY CALL 01638 560763 Anyone for Bridge? Fundraising is of primary importance to Racing Welfare and, without a great deal of help from our supporters, we would be less able to provide our vital services to racing’s workforce. A great example of this is the bridge lunch being organised by Jennie Humphreys, in Batcombe, Somerset. This is being organised to raise funds jointly for Racing Welfare and the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, a charity closely allied to us. It will be held on Friday, October 4 in Batcombe Jubilee Hall, 10.30 for an 11.00 start. The entrance fee is £20/person including coffee, lunch and a glass of wine and the format will include fun bridge and Duplicate Bridge. For further information and/or an entry form, contact Jennie Humphreys (01749 830091) or Caroline Stevens (01749 850300).

Run The Walks Racing Welfare, in conjunction with Newmarket Open Door, is organising a fantastic fundraising opportunity on Sunday, October 6. Now in its second year, ‘Run The Walks’ is a community event involving a 12k run and a family fun run. The 12k route offers a unique chance to run through the historic town of Newmarket, onto the Heath, along the celebrated Rowley Mile course and then back to the town and the finishing post via Newmarket’s famous Horse Walks. However, you don’t need to run 12K to be part of Run The Walks! The Severals will be hosting a Family Fun Run for individuals of all ages, including junior teams to represent schools from Newmarket and the surrounding area. Entrance fees for the fully supported 12K, if paid in advance, are £10 (if affiliated) and £12 (if not). An additional £3 is applicable to those registering on the day. The Family Fun Run entrance fee is £2 per person.

Rob Wylie will run the new scheme

Helping deal with substance abuse Three years into the government’s ‘Recovery Agenda’ (as set out in the 2010 Drug and Alcohol Strategy), it feels that the culture of supporting people to live totally free from alcohol and drugs is growing in our society. Since 2006, we at Racing Welfare have been working to develop supportive responses to these very human issues in the industry. It is well recognised that totally abstaining from all substances offers the best odds for anyone to recover fully. Our approach is based on the knowledge that addiction is absolutely human, and that recovery is absolutely possible. The 2010 Strategy calls for ‘Recovery Champions’ to contribute to recovery at three levels: community, therapeutic and strategic. Recovery champions are individuals or organisations who actively support the growth of recovery in our society. Our industry has champions across the board. At a community level, racing people are W central to recovery in towns like Newmarket,


often as key members of self-help and mutual aid support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous. In last month’s issue we profiled the work of Reverend Graham Locking, who is hoping to set up chaplaincy services across the UK for racing communities, having already done so in Newmarket. On a therapeutic level members of the racing community have taken their knowledge and experience of recovery into community treatment services as peer supporters and support workers; and as student and qualified counsellors at Racing Welfare. And strategically, Racing Welfare continues to provide input into the policies of addiction support in Racing, and into the ‘Recovery Agenda’ itself at local and national levels. For comprehensive information and support with any of these issues please go on-line to No one needs to be alone with their problem.

For further information, visit:;


e-mail: or Twitter: @runthewalks

24hr¬ Helpline: Follow ¬ 0800 6300443 ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ us¬on Facebook¬ and¬ Twitter @racingwelfare ¬



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1. NOVELLIST (IRE) 4 9-6 £32,520 b c by Monsun - Night Lagoon (Lagunas) O/B-Dr C Berglar TR-A Wohler 2. Waldpark (GER) 5 9-0 £12,602 b h by Dubawi - Wurftaube (Acatenango) O/B-Gestut Ravensberg TR-A Wohler 3. Technokrat (IRE) 5 9-0 £5,285 b h by Oratorio - Tech Engine (Enrique) O-Stall Grafenberg B-Gestut Wittekindshof TR-W Hickst Margins Head, 2.5. Time 2:24.65. Going Good to soft. See race 139 later in this issue

102 GERLING-PREIS G2 COLOGNE. May 30. 4yo+. 2400m.

1. GIROLAMO (GER) 4 9-6 £32,520 b c by Dai Jin - Golden Time (Surumu) O/B-Gestut Ebbesloh TR-P Schiergen 2. Runaway (GER) 6 9-0 £12,602 b h by Slickly - Rain Lily (Red Ransom) O/B-Gestut Weiherwiesen TR-A Trybuhl 3. Wilddrossel (GER) 4 8-10 £5,285 b f by Dalakhani - Wild Side (Sternkoenig) O/B-Gestut Rottgen TR-Markus Klug Margins 3, head. Time 2:32.71. Going Soft. Age 3-4

Starts 9

Wins 2

Places 4

Earned £146,966

Sire: DAI JIN. Sire of 7 Stakes winners. In 2013 GIROLAMO Surumu G2. 1st Dam: Golden Time by Surumu. 2 wins, 2nd Frankenheim Alt Pokal LR. Dam of 8 winners: 1997: GESPIELIN (f Greinton) 5 wins 3-5 in Italy. 2000: GRAND PLACE (f Law Society) Winner at 2. 2001: Georgienna (f Baryshnikov) 2002: GRANTSVILLE (f Trempolino) 5 wins, Japan Racing Association Trophy LR. 2004: GO EAST (f Highest Honor) 4 wins at 3, Premio Giovanni Falck LR, JRA Trophy LR. 2005: GOOSE BAY (f Groom Dancer) 3 wins at 2 and 3 in Germany, Italy, Oaks d’Italia G2. 2007: GUANGZHOU (f Konigstiger) 2 wins at 4. 2008: GEREON (c Next Desert) 4 wins 2-4, Herzog von Ratibor Rennen G3, 2nd Europa Meile G2, Mehl-Mulhens Rennen (2000 Guineas) G2. 2009: GIROLAMO (c Dai Jin) 2 wins at 3, Preis von Europa G1, Gerling Preis G2, 3rd Deutsches Derby G1, Derby-Trial LR. 2011: Giant’s Cauldron (c Peintre Celebre) unraced. 2nd Dam: GAUKELSPIELERIN by Windwurf. 1 win in West Germany. Dam of Golden Time (see above). Broodmare Sire: SURUMU. Sire of the dams of 87 Stakes winners. In 2013 - GIROLAMO Dai Jin G2. GIROLAMO b c 2009 Nureyev Peintre Celebre

Peinture Bleue

DAI JIN b 00 Shirley Heights Dawlah Urjwan Surumu GOLDEN TIME ch 91 Gaukelspielerin

Literat Surama Windwurf Gaukelei

Northern Dancer Special Alydar Petroleuse Mill Reef Hardiemma Seattle Slew White Star Line Birkhahn Lis Reliance II Suncourt Kaiseradler Wiesenweihe Frontal Gauklerin

103 PRIX DE SANDRINGHAM G2 CHANTILLY. June 2. 3yo. 1600m.

1. PEACE BURG (FR) 8-11 £60,244 b f by Sageburg - Peace Talk (Sadler’s Wells) O-Cuadra Montalban, Ecurie D Primes B-Ecurie D TR-J-C Rouget 2. Topaze Blanche (IRE) 8-11 £23,252 b f by Zamindar - Pearl Earrine (Kaldounevees) O-HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani B-Stilvi Compania Financiera SA TR-C Laffon-Parias 3. Kenhope (FR) 8-11 £11,098 b f by Kendargent - Bedford Hope (Chato) O-G Pariente B-G Pariente TR-H-A Pantall


Margins Neck, 1.5. Time 1:40.57. Going Good to soft. Age 2-3

Starts 6

Wins 4

Places 1

Earned £131,398

Sire: SAGEBURG. Sire of 1 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PEACE BURG Sadler’s Wells G2. 1st Dam: Peace Talk by Sadler’s Wells. unraced. Own sister to PALME D’OR. Dam of 5 winners: 2001: Peace In Love (f Octagonal) 2002: PEACE FONIC (f Zafonic) Winner at 3 in France. Dam of PEACE OF OASIS (Prix Rose de Mai LR). 2004: Peace Dream (f Linamix) 4 wins at 2 and 3 in France, 3rd Prix Occitanie LR. Dam of ROOTHAM TRIPLE E’S (Star Shoot S LR). 2005: Peace Lina (f Linamix) unraced. 2006: SILVER MOUNTAIN (c Linamix) 5 wins 3-6. 2008: Mahfal (g Dalakhani) 2009: PEACE TOUCH (f Muhtathir) 2 wins. 2010: PEACE BURG (f Sageburg) 4 wins 2-3, Prix de Sandringham G2, Prix d’Aumale G3. 2011: (f Sageburg)

2nd Dam: Noble Princesse by Windwurf. 1 win in West Germany, 2nd Dortmunder Stutenpreis LR. Own sister to NOBLE ROI and NOUVEAU ROI. Dam of NOROIT (c Monsun: Europachampionat G2, 2nd Grosser Dallmayr-Preis G1, 3rd Grosser Preis von Baden G1, Europa Preis G1), NOEL (c Acatenango: Premio Federico Tesio G3, 2nd Premio Carlo d’Alessio G2). Broodmare Sire: ACATENANGO. Sire of the dams of 48 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ANIMAL KINGDOM Leroidesanimaux G1, NOW WE CAN Martillo G2. NOW WE CAN b c 2009 Danzig Anabaa

Affirmed Maltage Analisa Acatenango NOTRE DAME ch 96

2nd Dam: PAMPA BELLA by Armos. 3 wins at 2 and 3, Prix Penelope G3, 3rd Prix de Diane G1, Prix SaintAlary G1. Dam of PISTOLET BLEU (c Top Ville: Criterium de Saint-Cloud G1, Grand Prix de SaintCloud G1, 2nd Prix Ganay G1, 3rd Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe G1), PALME D’OR (f Sadler’s Wells: Prix de Flore G3). Third dam of Western Lady. Broodmare Sire: SADLER’S WELLS. Sire of the dams of 309 Stakes winners. In 2013 - RELIABLE MAN Dalakhani G1, AKUA’DA Shamardal G2, PEACE BURG Sageburg G2, TANNERY Dylan Thomas G2, BALTIC BARONESS Shamardal G3. PEACE BURG b f 2010 Storm Cat Island Kitty Ogygian Myth Yarn Mendez Linamix Lunadix Sagace Saganeca Haglette Nearctic Northern Dancer Natalma Bold Reason Fairy Bridge Special Mossborough Armos Ardelle Klairon Kendie Amagalla Hennessy Johannesburg SAGEBURG gr 04 Sage Et Jolie

Sadler’s Wells PEACE TALK b 96 Pampa Bella

104 GRAND PRIX DE CHANTILLY G2 CHANTILLY. June 2. 4yo+. 2400m.

1. NOW WE CAN (GB) 4 8-11 £60,244 b c by Martillo - Notre Dame (Acatenango) O-Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges B-Gestut Zoppenbroich TR-N Clement 2. Haya Landa (FR) 5 8-8 £23,252 b m by Lando - Haya Samma (Pivotal) O/B-Mme Odette Fau TR-Mme L Audon 3. Remus De La Tour (FR) 4 8-11 £11,098 b c by Stormy River - Calithea (Marju) O-Barthelemy Vives B-Mme A De Clermont Tonnerre TR-K Borgel Margins Head, short neck. Time 2:33.16. Going Good to soft. Age 3-4

Starts 6

Wins 5

Places 0

Earned £114,847

Sire: MARTILLO. Sire of 4 Stakes winners. In 2013 NOW WE CAN Acatenango G2. 1st Dam: NOTRE DAME by Acatenango. 3 wins at 3 in Germany. Own sister to NOEL. Dam of 7 winners: 2002: NOWADAY (g Dashing Blade) Winner at 3. 2003: NOW THE TIGER (g Tiger Hill) 4 wins at 2, 4 and 6 in France. 2004: Now Again (f Lomitas) 4 wins 3-4, 2nd Grosser Preis des Hannover Airport LR. 2005: Now Forever (f Tiger Hill) Winner at 3 in Germany, 2nd Preis der BHF Bank LR. 2006: NOTA BENE (f Slickly) 2 wins at 3 in France. 2008: NEUMARK (f High Chaparral) 3 wins. 2009: NOW WE CAN (c Martillo) 5 wins at 3 and 4 in France, Grand Prix de Chantilly G2, Prix Lord Seymour LR. 2010: Nobility (f Three Valleys) in training. 2013: Nessun Dorma (f Lawman)



Noble Princesse

Surumu Aggravate Windwurf Nagaika

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom Gay Mecene Bamieres Exclusive Native Won’t Tell You High Echelon Night Owl Literat Surama Aggressor Raven Locks Kaiseradler Wiesenweihe Chief III Norbelle

105 PRIX DU GROS-CHENE G2 CHANTILLY. June 2. 3yo+. 1000m.

1. SPIRIT QUARTZ (IRE) 5 9-2 £60,244 b g by Invincible Spirit - Crystal Gaze (Rainbow Quest) O-Qatar Racing Limited B-Ballygallon Stud TR-RMH Cowell 2. Catcall (FR) 4 9-2 £23,252 b g by One Cool Cat - Jurata (Polish Precedent) O-Mme Gerard Samama B-Fern Krief TR-P Sogorb 3. Gammarth (FR) 5 9-2 £11,098 ch h by Layman - Emouna Queen (Indian Ridge) O-Gerard Mimouni B-Mme M-T Mimouni TR-H-A Pantall Margins 0.5, 0.75. Time 0:57.63. Going Good to soft. Age 3-5

Starts 25

Wins 6

Places 12

Earned £271,345

106 GERMAN 1000 GUINEAS G2 DUSSELDORF. June 2. 3yof. 1600m.

1. AKUA’DA (GER) 9-2 £56,911 b f by Shamardal - Akua’ba (Sadler’s Wells) O/B-Gestut Brummerhof TR-A Wohler 2. Calyxa (GB) 9-2 £22,764 b f by Pivotal - Chantra (Lando) O/B-Gestut Ittlingen TR-FJ Leve 3. Senafe (GB) 9-2 £11,382 b f by Byron - Kiruna (Northern Park) O-Mubarak Al Naemi B-Mrs ML Parry TR-Marco Botti Margins Short head, 3.5. Time 1:38.95. Going Soft. Age 2-3

2nd Dam: Jumilla by El Gran Senor. 1 win at 2, 2nd John Musker S LR. Own sister to WINTER QUARTERS. Dam of JONQUIL (c Machiavellian: Jebel Ali Mile LR). Grandam of AMADEUS. Broodmare Sire: RAINBOW QUEST. Sire of the dams of 153 SWs. In 2013 - JAVA’S WAR War Pass G1, JUST THE JUDGE Lawman G1, GLEN’S DIAMOND Intikhab G2, SPIRIT QUARTZ Invincible Spirit G2, LAST TRAIN Rail Link G3. Northern Dancer Danzig Pas de Nom Green Desert Sir Ivor Foreign Courier Courtly Dee INVINCIBLE SPIRIT b 97 Sharpen Up Kris Doubly Sure Rafha Artaius Eljazzi Border Bounty Red God Blushing Groom Runaway Bride Rainbow Quest Herbager I Will Follow Where You Lead CRYSTAL GAZE ch 01 Northern Dancer El Gran Senor Sex Appeal Jumilla Mill Reef Refill Regal Twin

Places 1

Earned £78,578

1st Dam: Akua’ba by Sadler’s Wells. 2 wins at 3 and 4, 2nd Glencairn S LR. Dam of 1 winner: 2010: AKUA’DA (f Shamardal) 2 wins at 2 and 3 in Germany, German 1000 Guineas G2, 2nd Preis der Winterkonigin G3. 2011: Akua’na (f Monsun) unraced to date. 2012: Akua’rill (f Tiger Hill) 2013: (f Monsun) 2nd Dam: GHANA by Lahib. 1 win at 3 in France. Dam of Akua’ba (f Sadler’s Wells, see above) Broodmare Sire: SADLER’S WELLS. See race 103. The Shamardal/Sadler’s Wells cross has produced: AKUA’DA G2, BALTIC BARONESS G3. AKUA’DA b f 2010 Storm Bird Terlingua Rahy Mariah’s Storm Immense Mr Prospector Machiavellian Coup de Folie Troy Helen Street Waterway Nearctic Northern Dancer Natalma Bold Reason Fairy Bridge Special Riverman Lahib Lady Cutlass The Minstrel Land of Ivory Ivory Wand Storm Cat Giant’s Causeway SHAMARDAL b 02 Helsinki

Sadler’s Wells AKUA’BA b 04 Ghana

107 PRIX DE ROYAUMONT G3 CHANTILLY. June 2. 3yof. 2400m.

1. ELEUTHERA (FR) 9-0 £32,520 ch f by Spirit One - Class A Fair (Shining Steel) O-Mme Philippe Demercastel B-P Demercastel TR-P Demercastel 2. Orion Love (GB) 9-0 £13,008 ch f by Zamindar - Okocha (Platini) O-Horst Rapp B-Chevotel De La Hauquerie TR-H-A Pantall 3. Dance In The Park (FR) 9-0 £9,756 b f by Walk In The Park - Danse d’Amour (Dansili) O-Elevage des Monts de Blond B-B Bargues TR-D Guillemin Margins 1.5, 2. Time 2:31.80. Going Good to soft. Age 2-3


Wins 2

Sire: SHAMARDAL. Sire of 52 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DUNBOYNE EXPRESS Polish Precedent G1, MAYBE DISCREET Bluebird G1, AKUA’DA Sadler’s Wells G2, PUISSANCE DE LUNE Unbridled’s Song G2, BALTIC BARONESS Sadler’s Wells G3, CAMEO A P Indy G3, MUKHADRAM Timber Country G3.

Sire: INVINCIBLE SPIRIT. Sire of 65 Stakes winners. In 2013 - SPIRIT QUARTZ Rainbow Quest G2, SPIRIT SONG Kingston Rule G2, RAWAAQ Silver Hawk G3, TICKLED PINK Indian Ridge G3. 1st Dam: Crystal Gaze by Rainbow Quest. unraced. Dam of 4 winners: 2006: MADISON PARK (c Montjeu) Winner in Spain. 2007: CONTRARY (f Mark of Esteem) Winner at 2. 2008: SPIRIT QUARTZ (g Invincible Spirit) Sold 105,000gns 2yo at TAAPR, 5,238gns 2yo at DNNOV. 6 wins 3-5, Prix du Gros-Chene G2, Premio Tudini G3, 2nd Nunthorpe S G1, King George S G2, Achilles S LR, Woodlands S LR, Hever Sprint S LR, Premio Bersaglio LR, 3rd Temple S G2, Gran Premio Citta’ di Napoli LR. 2009: CASPIAN PRINCE (c Dylan Thomas) 2 wins at 3 and 4 in France. 2011: (f Rock of Gibraltar) 2012: (f Rip Van Winkle)

Starts 4

Starts 16

Wins 3

Places 6

Earned £89,147

Sire: SPIRIT ONE. Sire of 1 Stakes winner. In 2013 ELEUTHERA Shining Steel G3. 1st Dam: CLASS A FAIR by Shining Steel. Winner at 2 in France. Dam of 1 winner: 2004: King Class (c Kingsalsa) 2006: Chichina (f Chichicastenango) unraced. 2007: (f Chichicastenango) 2008: Prince Ethan (c Chichicastenango) unraced. 2009: Shining Class (f Chichicastenango) unraced. 2010: ELEUTHERA (f Spirit One) 3 wins at 2 and 3 in France, Prix de Royaumont G3, 3rd Prix Cleopatre G3.


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Caulfield on Biz The Nurse: “He has now won four of his five starts, notably the Gran Premio di Milano; his third dam Poelish Hills was half-sister to top-class stayer Niniski”

Broodmare Sire: SHINING STEEL. Sire of the dams of 8 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ELEUTHERA Spirit One G3, STEEL CAT Mountain Cat LR. ELEUTHERA ch f 2010

Allez Les Trois

SPIRIT ONE b 04 Sicyos Lavayssiere La Clouere Shining Steel CLASS A FAIR b 97 Natalia Fair

Northern Dancer Danzig

Pas de Nom


Anabaa Anabaa Blue

ANODIN b c 2010

Kris Lady Moon General Holme Vanila Fudge

Danzig Balbonella Riverman Allegretta Lyphard Sigy Riverquest Bey Bey Sharpen Up Doubly Sure Mill Reef Moonlight Night Noholme II Generals Sister Bold Bidder Lace Curtain Lil

Gay Mecene Balbonella Bamieres Blushing Groom BORN GOLD ch 91 Riviere d’Or

Red God Runaway Bride Lyphard Gold River

Nearctic Natalma Admiral’s Voyage Petitioner Vaguely Noble Gay Missile Riverman Bergamasque Nasrullah Spring Run Wild Risk Aimee Northern Dancer Goofed Riverman Glaneuse

109 PINNACLE S G3 HAYDOCK PARK. June 8. 4yo+f&m. 11f 200yds.

108 PRIX PAUL DE MOUSSAC G3 CHANTILLY. June 8. 3yoc&g. 1600m.

1. ANODIN (IRE) 8-10 £32,520 b c by Anabaa - Born Gold (Blushing Groom) O/B-Wertheimer et Frere TR-F Head 2. San Marino Grey (FR) 8-10 £13,008 gr c by Clodovil - Montagne Magique (King’s Best) O-Baron Van Gysel B-Petra Bloodstock Agency Ltd TR-A Fabre 3. Gengis (FR) 8-10 £9,756 b c by King’s Best - Ashiyna (Green Desert) O-Claire Stephenson B-Edy SRL TR-G Doleuze Margins 1, head. Time 1:39.09. Going Good. Age 2-3

Starts 5

Wins 2

Places 2

Earned £54,341

Sire: ANABAA. Sire of 87 Stakes winners. In 2013 STYLE VENDOME Dr Fong G1, ANODIN Blushing Groom G3. 1st Dam: BORN GOLD by Blushing Groom. Winner at 4 in France. Own sister to GOLD SPLASH. Dam of 12 winners: 1996: GLAMADOUR (f Sanglamore) Winner at 3. 1997: GOLD ROUND (f Caerleon) 3 wins 2-3 in France, Prix Cleopatre G3. Dam of GOLDWAKI (Prix du Lys G3), SPECTACULAIRE (Prix Right Royal LR). 1998: Born Something (f Caerleon) 4 wins 2-5, 2nd West Virginia Senate President’s Cup S LR, 3rd Prix de la Grotte G3. Dam of Tarbawi 3rd Meydan Classic LR). 1999: DEMONIOUS (g Dr Devious) 7 wins 4-8. 2000: SUPERFONIC (f Zafonic) Winner at 3. 2001: Red Tune (g Green Tune) 3 wins 3-7, 2nd Prix de Guiche G3. 2002: GOLD SOUND (g Green Tune) 11 wins, Prix de Guiche G3, 2nd Prix Noailles G2. 2004: NEARTICA (f Sadler’s Wells) Winner at 3. 2005: GOLDIKOVA (f Anabaa) Champion older mare in Europe in 2009, 2010 & 2011. 17 wins 2-6, Falmouth S G1, Queen Anne S G1, Prix Rothschild G1 (4 times), Prix de la Foret G1, Prix d’Ispahan G1 (twice), Prix du Moulin de Longchamp G1, Prix Jacques Le Marois G1, Breeders’ Cup Mile G1 (3 times), 2nd Queen Anne S G1, Poule d’Essai des Pouliches G1, Prix de la Foret G1, Prix Jacques Le Marois G1 (twice), 3rd Prix de Diane G1, Prix de la Foret G1, Breeders’ Cup Mile G1. 2006: Born Again (f Cape Cross) 2007: OCEAN SEVEN (c Green Tune) 3 wins 2-5. 2008: GALIKOVA (f Galileo). 5 wins, Prix Vermeille G1, 2nd Prix de Diane G1, Prix Jean Romanet G1, 3rd Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud G1. 2010: ANODIN (c Anabaa) 2 wins at 3 in France, Prix Paul de Moussac G3. 2011: Goldeo (c Galileo) unraced to date. 2nd Dam: RIVIERE D’OR by Lyphard. 4 wins, Prix Saint-Alary G1, 2nd Prix Marcel Boussac G1, Prix de Diane G1. Dam of GOLD SPLASH (f Blushing Groom: Coronation S G1, Prix Marcel Boussac G1, 3rd Poule d’Essai des Pouliches G1). Grandam of ROYAL GOD. Third dam of Beyond Thankful. Broodmare Sire: BLUSHING GROOM. Sire of the dams of 146 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ANODIN Anabaa G3, HOT SNITZEL Snitzel G3. The Anabaa/Blushing Groom cross has produced: GOLDIKOVA G1, ANODIN G3.

1. MOMENT IN TIME (IRE) 4 8-12 £34,026 b f by Tiger Hill - Horatia (Machiavellian) O-Mrs Julia Annable B-LKI Bloodstock Ltd TR-DM Simcock 2. Nymphea (IRE) 4 8-12 £12,900 ch f by Dylan Thomas - Neele (Peintre Celebre) O-Stall Nizza B-Juergen Imm TR-P Schiergen 3. Ambivalent (IRE) 4 8-12 £6,456 b f by Authorized - Darrery (Darshaan) O-Ali Saeed B-Darley TR-Roger Varian Margins Head, 2.25. Time 2:30.87 (slow 4.37). Going Good to firm. Age 2-4

Starts 11

Wins 4

Places 4

Earned £54,066

Sire: TIGER HILL. Sire of 47 Stakes winners. In 2013 - MOMENT IN TIME Machiavellian G3. 1st Dam: HORATIA by Machiavellian. 4 wins at 3 and 4 at home, USA, Vinery Matchmaker S G3, 3rd Long Island H G2. Dam of 3 winners: 2002: MUZDAHER (c Danzig) 5 wins. 2003: Valerie (f Sadler’s Wells) ran a few times. 2004: Venoge (f Green Desert) unraced. 2006: Annesley (f Sadler’s Wells) unraced. 2007: Fontley (f Sadler’s Wells) 4 wins, 2nd Fortune S LR, Pipalong S LR, The Coral Distaff LR. 2008: Fine Art Dealer (c Oasis Dream) ran once. 2009: MOMENT IN TIME (f Tiger Hill) Sold 30,000gns yearling at TAOC1. 4 wins at 3 and 4, Pinnacle S G3, 3rd Tapster S LR. 2011: (f Nayef) 2012: (c New Approach) 2nd Dam: Ahead by Shirley Heights. 1 win at 3, 2nd Godolphin S LR, 3rd Princess Royal S G3, 3rd La Prevoyante Invitational H G2. Own sister to CRIQUETTE. Dam of OPINION POLL (c Halling: Goodwood Cup G2, Lonsdale Cup G2 (twice), 2nd Ascot Gold Cup G1 (twice), 3rd Prix Royal-Oak G1), Smart Alec (g Diesis: 2nd Earl of Sefton S G3), Winsome (f Kris: 2nd Prix Petite Etoile LR), Isadora (f Sadler’s Wells: 2nd Harvest S LR, 2nd Premio Giovanni Falck LR), Capitano Corelli (c Sadler’s Wells: 2nd Premio Federico Tesio G3). Grandam of Impressionism.

2. Pastoral Player (GB) 4 9-0 £12,900 b g by Pastoral Pursuits - Copy-Cat (Lion Cavern) O-The Pursuits Partnership B-Whitsbury Manor Stud, Pigeon House Stud TR-H Morrison 3. Red Jazz (USA) 6 9-0 £6,456 b h by Johannesburg - Now That’s Jazz (Sword Dance) O-RJ Arculli B-William F Murphy, Annabel Murphy TR-Charles Hills Margins Short head, 2. Time 1:27.99 (slow 1.99). Going Good to firm. Age 2-4

Starts 13

Wins 3

Places 8

Sire: HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR. Sire of 27 SWs. In 2013 - AMARILLO Royal Academy G3, MAUREEN Linamix G3, VICTORY LAUREL Fasliyev G3. 1st Dam: Alte Kunst by Royal Academy. 3 wins at 2 and 3 in Germany, 3rd Preis von Koln LR. Dam of 8 winners: 1999: Art Antique (f Darshaan) Winner at 3 in Germany, 2nd Furstenberg-Rennen G3. 2000: Antique Rose (f Desert King) 2 wins at 3 in Germany, 2nd Frankfurter der Mehl Mulhens Stiftung LR. 2001: ALTE ROSE (f Monsun) 5 wins at 3 and 4 in France, Germany. 2002: Alter Lord (c Winged Love) unraced. 2003: Alter Kunstler (c Monsun) unraced. 2004: AMADEUS (c Monsun) 2 wins at 3 and 4 in France, Germany. 2006: ALAKHAN (g Dalakhani) 2 wins at 3 and 5. 2007: ASLANA (f Rock of Gibraltar) 4 wins 2-4, Grosser Preis de VGH Versicherungen G3. 2008: ALMROSE (f Holy Roman Emperor) Winner at 3 in Germany. 2009: AMARILLO (c Holy Roman Emperor) 3 wins, John of Gaunt S G3, Preis der Dreijahrigen LR, 2nd Premio Vittorio di Capua G1, MehlMulhens Rennen (2000 Guineas) G2, Preis des Winterfavoriten G3, Grosser Preis de VGH Versicherungen G3, 3rd Grosser Preis vom Audi Zentrum Hannover G2, OppenheimRennen LR. 2nd Dam: ALTE ZEIT by Surumu. Champion 2yr old filly in Germany in 1987, Champion 3yr old filly in Germany in 1988. 5 wins 2-3, Preis der Diana G2, Schwarzgold-Rennen G2, 2nd Deutsches Derby G1. Dam of ALTER ADEL (c Konigsstuhl: Jean Harzheim Rennen LR, 3rd Union-Rennen G2). Broodmare Sire: ROYAL ACADEMY. Sire of the dams of 116 SWs. In 2013 - NASHVILLE Darci Brahma G1, ANA LUISA Elusive Quality G2, SUMMER APPLAUSE Harlan’s Holiday G2, TWILIGHT ROYALE Testa Rossa G2, AMARILLO Holy Roman Emperor G3, COFFEE CLIQUE Medaglia d’Oro G3, HITCHENS Acclamation G3, VIVI VELOCE More Than Ready G3. AMARILLO b c 2009 Danzig Danehill


HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR b 04 Secretariat

Broodmare Sire: MACHIAVELLIAN. Sire of the dams of 86 Stakes winners. In 2013 - VERXINA Deep Impact G1, MOMENT IN TIME Tiger Hill G3.

L’On Vite Fanfreluche

MOMENT IN TIME b f 2009 Danzig Danehill


TIGER HILL b 95 Appiani II The Filly Tigress Silver Machiavellian HORATIA b 96 Ahead

Mr Prospector Coup de Folie Shirley Heights Ghislaine

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Spring Adieu Herbager Angela Rucellai St Chad Templeogue Raise A Native Gold Digger Halo Raise The Standard Mill Reef Hardiemma Icecapade Cambretta

110 JOHN OF GAUNT S G3 HAYDOCK PARK. June 8. 4yo+. 7f.

1. AMARILLO (IRE) 4 9-0 £34,026 b c by Holy Roman Emperor - Alte Kunst (Royal Academy) O-Stall Nizza B-Juergen Imm TR-P Schiergen


Earned £156,542

Royal Academy ALTE KUNST ch 94 Alte Zeit

Nijinsky Crimson Saint Surumu Alte Welt

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Spring Adieu Bold Ruler Somethingroyal Northern Dancer Ciboulette Northern Dancer Flaming Page Crimson Satan Bolero Rose Literat Surama Arratos Alicat


Sire: SOLDIER HOLLOW. Sire of 6 SWs. In 2013 PASTORIUS Monsun G1, ARS NOVA Surumu G2. 1st Dam: ASUMA by Surumu. Winner at 3 in Germany. Dam of 7 winners: 1999: AOLUS (c Winged Love) 6 wins 3-4, Gerling Preis G2, Idee Hansa-Preis G2. 2000: Akihito (c Winged Love) Winner at 3, 3rd Grosser Radeberger Pilsner Preis LR. 2001: APEIRON (g Devil River Peek) 6 wins 2-6, Fruhjahrspreis des Bankhaus Metzler G3. 2002: ASTON MARTIN (c Winged Love) 3 wins at 4. 2003: Arduinna (f Winged Love) Unplaced. 2004: Adamas (c Kutub) unraced. 2005: AIAKOS (c Devil River Peek) Winner at 2. 2006: ASIAN TIGER (c Tiger Hill) Winner at 3. 2007: Admiral Nelson (c Samum) 2008: Amituo (c Samum) Unplaced. 2010: ARS NOVA (f Soldier Hollow) Sold 32,840gns yearling at BBAGO. 1 win at 2 in Germany, Diana Trial G2. 2nd Dam: ARVA by Scottish Rifle. 10 wins 2-3, Ceskoslovenske Derby LR, Memorial Ing B Tichoty (Oaks) LR, Czechoslovakian St Leger LR, Velka Jarni Cena (2000 Guineas) LR, Velka Cena Ceskoslovenskeho Turfu LR. Broodmare Sire: SURUMU. Sire of the dams of 88 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ARS NOVA Soldier Hollow G2, GIROLAMO Dai Jin G2. ARS NOVA b f 2010

SOLDIER HOLLOW b 00 Island Race

Surumu ASUMA ch 92 Arva

112 GRAN PREMIO DI MILANO G1 MILAN. June 9. 3yo+. 2400m.

1. BIZ THE NURSE (IRE) 3 8-6 £77,235 b c by Oratorio - Biz Bar (Tobougg) O-Scuderia Aleali B-Massimo Parri TR-S Botti 2. Wild Wolf (IRE) 4 9-7 £33,983 b c by Rail Link - Mary Rose (Royal Academy) O-Effevi B-Ascagnano SPA TR-S Botti 3. Romantic Wave (IRE) 4 9-7 £18,536 br c by Rock of Gibraltar - Eurirs (Indian Ridge) O-Effevi B-Razza Del Velino TR-S Botti Margins 2.25, 1.5. Time 2:27.40. Going Good. Age 2-3

Starts 4

Wins 1

Places 3

Places 0

Earned £306,665

1st Dam: BIZ BAR by Tobougg. 2 wins at 2 in Italy, Criterium Femminile LR. Dam of 1 winner: 2010: BIZ THE NURSE (c Oratorio) Sold 32,840gns yearling at ITSEP. 3 wins at 2 and 3 in Italy, Gran Premio di Milano G1, Derby Italiano G2, Premio Botticelli LR. 2011: Cospirator (c Ivan Denisovich) unraced to date. 2012: (c Arcano) BIZ THE NURSE b c 2010

1. ARS NOVA (GER) 9-2 £32,520 b f by Soldier Hollow - Asuma (Surumu) O-Stall Salzburg B-Gestut Karlshof TR-W Figge 2. Oriental Lady (GER) 9-2 £12,602 b f by Doyen - Oriental World (Platini) O/B-Gestut Auenquelle TR-J Hirchberger 3. Artemisia (IRE) 9-2 £5,285 ch f by Peintre Celebre - Antique Rose (Desert King) O-Stall Nizza B-Jurgen Imm TR-P Schiergen Margins 1.5, 2. Time 2:04.90. Going Good. Starts 5

Wins 3

Sire: ORATORIO. Sire of 35 Stakes winners. In 2013 - BIZ THE NURSE Tobougg G1, RAVE Dancing Brave G1, MOONWALK IN PARIS Singspiel G3, VIZTORIA Darshaan G3.

BERLIN-HOPPEGARTEN. June 9. 3yof. 2000m.

Age 2-3

Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Shirley Heights High Hawk Sunbittern Kris Common Grounds Sweetly Caerleon Lake Isle Inisfree Birkhahn Literat Lis Reliance II Surama Suncourt Sunny Way Scottish Rifle Radiopye Libanon Arnika Arie Sadler’s Wells

In The Wings

Earned £10,915

Danzig Danehill


ORATORIO b 02 Vaguely Noble Mahrah Montage Tobougg BIZ BAR b 04 Ulanova

Barathea Lacovia Trempolino Poelish Hills

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Spring Adieu Vienna Noble Lassie Alydar Katonka Sadler’s Wells Brocade Majestic Light Hope For All Sharpen Up Trephine Danzig Virginia Hills



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European Pattern >>

2nd Dam: ULANOVA by Trempolino. 3 wins at 3 and 4 in Italy. Dam of BIZ BAR (f Tobougg, see above).

JIMMY CREED Citidancer G2, LAUGH TRACK Touch Gold G3, SLOW PACE Seattle Slew G3.

Broodmare Sire: TOBOUGG. Sire of the dams of 1 SW. In 2013 - BIZ THE NURSE Oratorio G1.

1st Dam: SLOW DOWN by Seattle Slew. 3 wins at 3 and 4 in France, USA, Hillsborough H LR. Dam of 4 winners: 2003: FASTMAMBO (g Kingmambo) 6 wins to 2013 in France. 2004: WITHOUT DELAY (f Seeking The Gold) Winner at 3 in USA. 2005: Slow Sand (f Dixieland Band) Unplaced. 2006: El Rapido (c Seeking The Gold) Unplaced. 2008: SLOW PACE (g Distorted Humor) 4 wins 3-5, La Coupe G3, Prix de Suresnes LR, Prix de la Porte de Madrid LR, 2nd Prix Guillaume d’Ornano G2. 2009: SEGWAY (c Giant’s Causeway) Winner at 3. 2010: Arkhip (c Arch) in training. 2011: (f Mount Nelson)

South Africa’s breeding industry appears to have acquired a significant asset with the arrival in February 2013 of the former Coolmore stallion Oratorio. This son of Danehill had been a truly admirable racehorse, combining top-class ability with considerable toughness. After tackling six Group races as a juvenile, when he won the Gr1 Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere, Oratorio went on to defeat the Derby winner Motivator in both the Eclipse Stakes and Irish Champion Stakes. Oratorio also made a quick start as a stallion, with a first crop which contained Beethoven and Fencing Master, the first and second in the 2009 Dewhurst. Unfortunately he failed to build on that early success, to the extent that Coolmore decided against shuttling him back from Australia after he had completed the 2011 southern hemisphere season. That virtually guaranteed that Oratorio would have a good 2012. Sure enough, his domestic representatives included the smart performers Eton Forever and Pearl Mix, while his Group winners featured Temida (Gr1 Rheinland Pokal), Faciascura, Cherry Collect (winner of Italy’s 1,000 Guineas and Oaks equivalents), Esentepe (Gr3 Nell Gwyn Stakes), Moonwalk In Paris (Gr3 Prix Edmond Blanc) and Takar (Gr3 Minstrel Stakes). His widespread success has continued in 2013, with the top Hong Kong performer Military Attack leading the way. He added to his Italian Classic collection when Biz The Nurse took the Gr2 Derby Italiano and this colt then proved too strong for his elders in the Gran Premio di Milano. Whether the Gran Premio was worthy of its Gr1 status is very questionable, but Biz The Nurse has now won four of his five starts. His dam, the Tobougg mare Biz Bar, won the Criterium Femminile at two and was fifth in the Oaks d’Italia. His third dam, Poelish Hills, was a halfsister to the top-class stayer Niniski (Irish St leger and Prix Royal-Oak). 113 LA COUPE G3 LONGCHAMP. June 10. 4yo+. 2000m.

1. SLOW PACE (USA) 5 8-11 £32,520 b g by Distorted Humor - Slow Down (Seattle Slew) O/B-Wertheimer et Frere TR-F Head 2. Smoking Sun (USA) 4 8-11 £13,008 bbr c by Smart Strike - Burning Sunset (Caerleon) O-The Niarchos Family B-Flaxman Holdings Ltd TR-P Bary 3. Harem Lady (FR) 4 8-8 £9,756 b f by Teofilo - Luminosity (Sillery) O-Robert Nahas B-Vision Bloodstock Ltd TR-D Smaga Margins Short neck, short neck. Time 2:09.24. Going Good to soft. Age 3-5

Starts 15

Wins 4

Places 6

Earned £203,112

Sire: DISTORTED HUMOR. Sire of 80 Stakes winners. In 2013 - BOISTEROUS Cox’s Ridge G2,


2nd Dam: CORRAZONA by El Gran Senor. 7 wins in France, USA Beverly Hills H G1. Dam of OLMODAVOR (c A P Indy: Native Diver H G3, Whirlaway H G3, 2nd Hollywood Gold Cup G1), SLOW DOWN (f Seattle Slew, see above), Smart Ellis (c Smarty Jones: 3rd Twilight Derby G2, San Juan Capistrano H G2), Seeking The Heart (f Seeking The Gold: 2nd Audrey Skirball-Kenis S, 3rd Adoration H LR). Grandam of Shared Heart. Broodmare Sire: SEATTLE SLEW. Sire of the dams of 188 Stakes winners. In 2013 - SKYRING English Channel G2, TALE OF A CHAMPION Tale of The Cat G2, SLOW PACE Distorted Humor G3. The Distorted Humor/Seattle Slew cross has produced: ALTERNATION G2, GAUDEAMUS G2, SLOW PACE G2, CAREM CRESCENT G3, SPIN MASTER G3. SLOW PACE b g 2008 Raise A Native Gold Digger Tom Rolfe File Continue Northern Dancer Danzig Pas de Nom Mr Leader Sweetest Chant Gay Sonnet Boldnesian Bold Reasoning Reason To Earn Poker My Charmer Fair Charmer Northern Dancer El Gran Senor Sex Appeal Stage Door Johnny Heartbreak Royal Folly Mr Prospector Forty Niner DISTORTED HUMOR ch 93 Danzig’s Beauty

Seattle Slew SLOW DOWN b/br 97 Corrazona

114 BALLYCORUS S G3 LEOPARDSTOWN. June 13. 3yo+. 7f.

1. LEITIR MOR (IRE) 3 9-2 £31,707 b c by Holy Roman Emperor - Christinas Letter (Galileo) O-Mrs JS Bolger B-JS Bolger TR-JS Bolger 2. Lily’s Angel (IRE) 4 9-9 £9,268 b f by Dark Angel - Noyelles (Docksider) O-Mrs Clodagh Mitchell B-N Nugent, Mrs N Nugent TR-GM Lyons 3. Yellow Rosebud (IRE) 4 9-9 £4,390 b f by Jeremy - Nebraas (Green Desert) O-Mrs C Regalado-Gonzalez B-Irish National Stud TR-DK Weld Margins Neck, short head. Time 1:31.68 (slow 5.98). Going Good to yielding. Age 2-3

Starts 16

Wins 2

Places 10

Earned £183,982

Sire: HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR. Sire of 27 SWs. In 2013 - AMARILLO Royal Academy G3, LEITIR MOR Galileo G3, MAUREEN Linamix G3, VICTORY LAUREL Fasliyev G3. 1st Dam: Christinas Letter by Galileo. unraced. Dam of 1 winner: 2009: Invincible Vince (c Invincible Spirit) 2010: LEITIR MOR (c Holy Roman Emperor). 2 wins, Round Tower S G3, Ballycorus S G3, 2nd Dewhurst S G1, Phoenix S G1, 3rd National S G1, Curragh S LR. 2011: Intensical (c Intense Focus) unraced to date. 2012: (c Intense Focus) 2nd Dam: Danemarque by Danehill. Dam of Whip Rule (c Whipper: 2nd Golden Fleece S LR).

Broodmare Sire: GALILEO. Sire of the dams of 14 SWs. In 2013 - ARCETRI PINK Rock of Gibraltar G3, CHOPIN Santiago G3, LEITIR MOR Holy Roman Emperor G3, REHN’S NEST Authorized G3. The Holy Roman Emperor/Galileo cross has produced: LEITIR MOR G1, SMASHING LR. LEITIR MOR b c 2010 Danzig Danehill Razyana HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR b 04 Secretariat L’On Vite Fanfreluche Galileo CHRISTINAS LETTER b 04

Sadler’s Wells Urban Sea Danehill

Danemarque Circus Ring

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Spring Adieu Bold Ruler Somethingroyal Northern Dancer Ciboulette Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Miswaki Allegretta Danzig Razyana High Top Bell Song

115 BALLYOGAN S G3 LEOPARDSTOWN. June 13. 3yo+. 6f.

1. FIESOLANA (IRE) 4 9-8 £31,707 b f by Aussie Rules - Tidal Reach (Kris S) O-Kieran Leavy, Lorcan Cribbin, Amanda McCreery B-R De Vere Hunt TR-W McCreery 2. Boston Rocker (IRE) 3 9-0 £9,268 b f by Acclamation - Rocking (Oasis Dream) O-Lady O’Reilly, Eileen Lynam B-Wardstown Stud Ltd TR-E Lynam 3. Hanky Panky (IRE) 3 9-0 £4,390 ch f by Galileo - Mariah’s Storm (Rahy) O-M Tabor, D Smith, Mrs J Magnier B-Pacelco TR-AP O’Brien Margins 1.25, 0.75. Time 1:13.93 (slow 2.13). Going Good to yielding. Age 2-4

Starts 12

Wins 6

Places 4

Earned £137,735

Sire: AUSSIE RULES. Sire of 11 Stakes winners. In 2013 - FIESOLANA Kris S G3. 1st Dam: TIDAL REACH by Kris S. Winner at 2. Dam of 9 winners: 1997: STEP AHEAD (f Shalford) Winner at 2. 1998: INNIT (f Distinctly North). 6 wins 2-3, Honeymoon H G2. 1999: Bengali Lancer (c Perugino) unraced. 2001: ARFINNIT (g College Chapel) 8 wins. 2002: TIDAL FURY (g Night Shift) 9 wins, Grand Course de 3yo Hurdle G1. 2003: MISS LATINA (f Mozart) Winner at 4. 2004: STONEACRE GARETH (g Grand Lodge) 3 wins at 2 and 7. 2005: CEKA DANCER (f Danehill Dancer) 1 win at 3. 2006: Rockinit (f Rock of Gibraltar). 2007: TIDARA ANGEL (f Oratorio) 7 wins, Prix Alain du Breil d’Ete 4yo Hurdle G1. 2009: FIESOLANA (f Aussie Rules) Sold 28,735gns 2yo at GBMBR. 6 wins 2-4, Ballyogan S G3, Brownstown S G3. 2nd Dam: DAVIE LADY by Bold And Brave. 2 wins at 2 in USA. Dam of DAVIE’S LAMB (f Unpredictable: San Jose H LR, Tizna H LR, Pink Pigeon S LR, Buena Vista S LR, 2nd Golden Poppy H G3, 3rd Palomar H G2). Grandam of Spy Hill, Caleb Pond.. Broodmare Sire: KRIS S. Sire of the dams of 77 Stakes winners. In 2013 - MARKETING MIX Medaglia d’Oro G1, DARK COVE Medaglia d’Oro G2, FIESOLANA Aussie Rules G3. FIESOLANA b f 2009 Danehill AUSSIE RULES gr/ro 03 Last Second

Kris S TIDAL REACH b 92 Davie Lady

CHANTILLY. June 16. 4yo+. 1600m.

1. MAINSAIL (GB) 4 8-11 £32,520 b c by Oasis Dream - Docklands (Theatrical) O-K Abdullah B-Juddmonte Farms TR-P Bary 2. Laygirl (FR) 5 8-8 £13,008 b m by Layman - Freak Out (Bering) O-Mme Maria Desander B-Ecurie de l’Homme TR-J-M Capitte 3. Poupee Flash (USA) 4 8-8 £9,756 b f by Elusive Quality - Modesty Blaise (A P Indy) O-The Niarchos Family B-Flaxman Holdings Ltd TR-P Bary Margins 1.75, nose. Time 1:41.94. Going Good. Age 2-4

Starts 9

Wins 3

Places 4

Earned £96,285

Sire: OASIS DREAM. Sire of 67 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PEACE AT LAST Barathea G2, CHIGUN Nashwan G3, MAINSAIL Theatrical G3, STRATHNAVER Lahib G3. 1st Dam: DOCKLANDS by Theatrical. 5 wins at 4 in France. Dam of 8 winners: 1995: SILVERTOWN (g Danehill) 18 wins. 1996: CHELSEA MANOR (c Grand Lodge) 3 wins at 3 in France, La Coupe de Maisons-Laffitte G3, 2nd Prix d’Harcourt G2, 3rd Prix d’Ispahan G1, Prix Ganay G1. Sire. 1997: Stone Dock (g Bigstone) Unplaced. 1999: MINDS LOCKED (c Zamindar) 3 wins 3-4. 2001: Textile (f Grand Lodge) Unplaced. 2002: SHIPPING LANE (c Grand Lodge) Winner at 3. 2003: RAIL LINK (c Dansili) Champion 3yr old in Europe in 2006 (11-13f.), Champion 3yr old colt in France in 2006. 5 wins at 3, Grand Prix de Paris G1, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe G1. Sire. 2004: CROSSHARBOUR (c Zamindar) 6 wins 3-5, Prix du Conseil de Paris G2. Sire. 2005: (c Oasis Dream) 2006: MILFORD SOUND (f Barathea) Winner at 3 in France. 2008: Canada Water (f Dansili). 2009: MAINSAIL (c Oasis Dream) 3 wins at 3 and 4 in France, Prix Bertrand du Breuil G3, Prix Matchem LR, 2nd Prix Daphnis G3, 3rd Prix Jacques Laffitte LR, Prix Montretout LR. 2nd Dam: DOCKAGE by Riverman. 2 wins 2-3, Prix d’Automne LR. Dam of WHARF (c Storm Bird: July S G3, 2nd Lockinge S G2, San Bernardino H G2), MOORING (f Zafonic: Prix de Lieurey LR). Grandam of LINDA’S LAD, ZAFONICAL STORM, Ulterior Motives, Buffering. Third dam of Hurricane Havoc. Broodmare Sire: THEATRICAL. Sire of the dams of 51 Stakes winners. In 2013 - COIL Point Given G2, ANTONIUS DU BOIS Antonius Pius G3, MAINSAIL Oasis Dream G3. MAINSAIL b c 2009 Northern Dancer Pas de Nom Sir Ivor Foreign Courier Courtly Dee Lyphard Dancing Brave Navajo Princess Mill Reef Bahamian Sorbus Northern Dancer Nureyev Special Sassafras Tree of Knowledge Sensibility Never Bend Riverman River Lady Empery Golden Alibi Charming Alibi Danzig Green Desert OASIS DREAM b 00 Hope

Theatrical DOCKLANDS b 89 Dockage


Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Razyana Spring Adieu Lyphard Alzao Lady Rebecca Crystal Palace Alruccaba Allara Hail To Reason Roberto Bramalea Princequillo Sharp Queen Bridgework Bold Ruler Bold And Brave Bases Full Blue Prince Basie Blues Family Pride Danzig


CORK. June 16. 3yo+f&m. 12f.

1. MIDNIGHT SOPRANO (IRE) 6 9-9 £39,634 b m by Celtic Swing - Midnight Glimmer (Dr Devious) O-J Monaghan B-J Monaghan TR-PD Deegan 2. Magical Dream (IRE) 3 8-12 £11,585 b f by Galileo - Red Evie (Intikhab) O-Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor, D Smith B-Roncon, Wynatt, Chelston TR-AP O’Brien 3. Cubanita (GB) 4 9-9 £5,488 ch f by Selkirk - Caribana (Hernando) O/B-Miss K Rausing TR-RM Beckett Margins Head, short head. Time 2:40.81 (slow 9.81). Going Soft.


Aug_108_databook_Leader 19/07/2013 14:08 Page 93

Caulfield on Treve: “The style of her Prix de Diane win, which avenged the narrow defeat of her fourth dam, raises hopes she could be yet another champion from her distinguished family”

Age 3-6

Starts 15

Wins 8

Places 5

Earned £166,182

Sire: CELTIC SWING. Sire of 25 Stakes winners. In 2013 - MIDNIGHT SOPRANO Dr Devious G3. 1st Dam: Midnight Glimmer by Dr Devious. Dam of 2 winners: 2005: Celtic Soprano (f Celtic Swing) 4 wins 4-5, 2nd Listowel S LR. 2006: Devious Soprano (f Orpen). 2007: MIDNIGHT SOPRANO (f Celtic Swing) Sold 700gns yearling at GOYHT. 8 wins 3-6, Noblesse S G3, Saval Beg S LR, Finale S LR, 2nd Curragh Cup G3. 2011: (c Whipper) 2nd Dam: NORDIC SOPRANO by Nordico. 2 wins at 2, Orby S LR, 2nd Railway S G3, Silken Glider S G3. Own sister to Nordican. Grandam of Blackman. Broodmare Sire: DR DEVIOUS. Sire of the dams of 16 Stakes winners. In 2013 - MIDNIGHT SOPRANO Celtic Swing G3. The Celtic Swing/Dr Devious cross has produced: MIDNIGHT SOPRANO G3, Celtic Soprano LR. MIDNIGHT SOPRANO b m 2007 Mr Prospector Damister


CELTIC SWING br 92 Welsh Pageant Celtic Ring Pencuik Jewel Dr Devious MIDNIGHT GLIMMER ch 00 Nordic Soprano

Ahonoora Rose of Jericho Nordico Angor

Raise A Native Gold Digger Roman Line Whistle A Tune Tudor Melody Picture Light Petingo Fotheringay Lorenzaccio Helen Nichols Alleged Rose Red Northern Dancer Kennelot Lorenzaccio Fanghorn

118 PRIX DE DIANE G1 CHANTILLY. June 16. 3yof. 2100m.

1. TREVE (FR) 9-0 £464,553 b f by Motivator - Trevise (Anabaa) O/B-Haras Du Quesnay TR-Mme C Head-Maarek 2. Chicquita (IRE) 9-0 £185,854 b f by Montjeu - Prudenzia (Dansili) O-P Makin B-Ecurie Des Monceaux, Ecurie Skymarc Farm TR-A de Royer-Dupre 3. Silasol (IRE) 9-0 £92,927 b f by Monsun - Stormina (Gulch) O/B-Wertheimer et Frere TR-C Laffon-Parias Margins 4, short neck. Time 2:03.77. Going Good. Age 2-3

Starts 3

Wins 3

Places 0

Earned £488,374

Sire: MOTIVATOR. Sire of 15 SWs. In 2013 - TREVE Anabaa G1, FELICIAN Inchinor G3, FEREVIA Cat Thief G3, MOTIVADO Time For A Change G3. 1st Dam: TREVISE by Anabaa. Winner at 2 in France. Own sister to TSIGANE. Dam of 2 winners: 2005: TROIS ROIS (c Hernando) 4 wins 3-5, Grand Prix de Marseille LR, 3rd Prix Greffulhe G2. 2006: Trevimix (c Linamix) 2008: Tocqueville (f Numerous) unraced. 2010: TREVE (f Motivator) Sold 18,062gns yearling at AROCT. 3 wins 2-3, Prix de Diane G1. 2nd Dam: Trevillari by Riverman. Sister to TREBLE. Dam of TSIGANE (c Anabaa: Wickerr H LR, 3rd Shoemaker Mile S G1). TREVE b f 2010 Sadler’s Wells Montjeu


MOTIVATOR b 02 Gone West Out West Chellingoua Anabaa TREVISE b 00 Trevillari

Danzig Balbonella Riverman Trevilla

Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Top Ville Toute Cy Mr Prospector Secrettame Sharpen Up Uncommitted Northern Dancer Pas de Nom Gay Mecene Bamieres Never Bend River Lady Lyphard Trillion

Broodmare Sire: ANABAA. Sire of the dams of 37 SWs. In 2013 - TREVE Motivator G1, BUFFERING Mossman G2, DALKALA Giant’s Causeway G2. The Motivator/Anabaa cross has produced: TREVE G1, Million LR.

Back in 1977, an undefeated, twiceraced filly made a very bold attempt to take the Prix de Diane. After making the running, she fought back so well after being headed by Madelia that she was beaten only a head. This filly, a daughter of Hail To Reason named Trillion, went on to become a fixture in major middle-distance races in France and the USA. A winner of the Prix Ganay at four, she also finished second in a total of ten Gr1 races, including the Arc. Thirty-six years later, Trillion’s undefeated, twice-raced great-greatgrand-daughter Treve also contested the Prix de Diane and she avenged her fourth dam’s narrow defeat in tremendous style, slicing two seconds off the race record. The style of Treve’s victory raises hopes that this daughter of Motivator could be yet another champion from her distinguished family. Trillion produced an even better filly than herself in her second foal, Triptych. This daughter of Riverman raced 38 times from two to six and became a legend in landing such prizes as the Prix Marcel Boussac, Irish 2,000 Guineas, Prix Ganay, Coronation Cup, Matchmaker International, Irish Champion Stakes and the Champion Stakes. Although Triptych died in tragic circumstances, Trillion had two other Riverman fillies which made their mark. Barger, winner of the Gr3 Prix Vanteaux, is the second dam of Tawqeet (Caulfield Cup), while Triple Couronne is the second dam of Amorama (a dual Gr1 winner on turf at Del Mar). This made Riverman a natural choice for Trillion’s unraced Lyphard filly Trevilla (who is also the second dam of the high-class sprinter Tamarisk). Trevilla’s first Riverman filly Trevillari failed to win in 13 attempts, but her second, Treble, won the Gr1 Prix Saint-Alary. Trevillari made amends by producing nine winners and now ranks as the second dam of Treve. Treve’s dam, the two-year-old sprint winner Trevise, is a sister by Anabaa to Trevillari’s best winner, the smart international miler Tsigane. Treve follows Ridasiyna, Ferevia and Skia as the fourth daughter of Motivator to win at Group level in France, where his son Sky Hunter was a good third in the Prix du JockeyClub. This success suggests that Motivator’s connections did the right thing when they moved him to France. 119 UNION-RENNEN G2 COLOGNE. June 16. 3yo. 2200m.

1. IVANHOWE (GER) 9-2 £32,520 b c by Soldier Hollow - Indigo Girl (Sternkoenig) O/B-Gestut Schlenderhan TR-W Giedt 2. Empoli (GER) 9-2 £12,602 c by Halling - Estefania (Acatenango) O/B-Gestut Ebbesloh TR-P Schiergen


3. Orsello (GER) 9-2 £5,285 bbr c by Mount Nelson - Ogmore Vale (Silvano) O-Frau I Hupe, R Hupe B-Stiftung Gestut Fahrhof TR-N Sauer Margins 2.5, 1.5. Time 2:14.01. Going Good. Age 2-3

Starts 3

Wins 2

Places 1

Earned £37,585

Sire: SOLDIER HOLLOW. Sire of 7 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PASTORIUS Monsun G1, ARS NOVA Surumu G2, IVANHOWE Sternkoenig G2. 1st Dam: Indigo Girl by Sternkoenig. Winner at 3 in Germany, 3rd Preis der Diana (Oaks) G1. Dam of 2 winners: 2007: Ignacia (f Monsun) unraced. 2008: IRVING (c Singspiel) 3 wins at 4 in Germany. 2009: Indigolith (c Motivator) 2010: IVANHOWE (c Soldier Hollow) 2 wins at 3 in Germany, Union-Rennen G2. 2012: Indigo Eagle (c Adlerflug) 2nd Dam: INDIAN JEWEL by Local Suitor. 2 wins at 2 and 3 in Germany. Dam of IRULAN (g Monsun: Jean Harzheim Rennen LR), INDIAN BREEZE (f Monsun: Preis Baden-Badener Hotellerie & Gastronmie LR), Iolith (g Monsun: 2nd GP der Landeshauptstadt Dusseldorf G3), Indigo Girl (f Sternkoenig, see above). Grandam of Ice Cool. Broodmare Sire: STERNKOENIG. Sire of the dams of 7 Stakes winners. In 2013 - IVANHOWE Soldier Hollow G2.

Thomas Bryon G3), CONCENTRIC (f Sadler’s Wells: Prix Charles Laffitte LR, 2nd Prix de Flore G3), SPACE QUEST (f Rainbow Quest: Prix Joubert LR), Light Ballet (f Sadler’s Wells: 3rd Prix Minerve G3). Grandam of KOCAB, PENCHEE, Porgy. Third dam of VIRTUAL GAME. Broodmare Sire: SADLER’S WELLS. Sire of the dams of 311 Stakes winners. In 2013 - RELIABLE MAN Dalakhani G1, AKUA’DA Shamardal G2, PEACE BURG Sageburg G2, TANNERY Dylan Thomas G2, BALTIC BARONESS Shamardal G3, FLINTSHIRE Dansili G3. The Dansili/Sadler’s Wells cross has produced: PASSAGE OF TIME G1, TESTOSTERONE G1, THE FUGUE G1, FATHER TIME G2, THOMAS CHIPPENDALE G2, FLINTSHIRE G3, STIPULATE G3, DANCE MOVES LR, DARK ORCHID LR, DISCLAIMER LR, East Meets West LR, Porgy LR. FLINTSHIRE b c 2010

DANSILI b 96 Hasili

Sadler’s Wells DANCE ROUTINE b 99 Apogee

The Soldier Hollow/Sternkoenig cross has produced: IVANHOWE G2, Kassiano G1. IVANHOWE b c 2010

121 QUEEN ANNE S G1 Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Shirley Heights High Hawk Sunbittern Kris Common Grounds Sweetly Caerleon Lake Isle Inisfree Kalamoun Kalaglow Rossitor Wauthi Sternwappen Sternwacht Blushing Groom Local Suitor Home Love Gulf Pearl Indian Pearl Indra Sadler’s Wells

In The Wings SOLDIER HOLLOW b 00 Island Race

Sternkoenig INDIGO GIRL ch 02 Indian Jewel

120 PRIX DU LYS G3 CHANTILLY. June 16. 3yoc&g. 2400m.

1. FLINTSHIRE (GB) 8-11 £32,520 b c by Dansili - Dance Routine (Sadler’s Wells) O-K Abdullah B-Juddmonte Farms TR-A Fabre 2. Park Reel (FR) 8-11 £13,008 b c by Country Reel - Adeje Park (Night Shift) O-Gerard Augustin-Normand B-Appapays Racing Club TR-E Lellouche 3. Tres Blue (IRE) 8-11 £9,756 b c by Anabaa Blue - Tres Ravi (Monsun) O-H Rapp B-Chevotel De La Hauquerie TR-H-A Pantall Margins 3, neck. Time 2:28.03. Going Good. Age 3

Starts 3

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Razyana Spring Adieu Ile de Bourbon Kahyasi Kadissya High Line Kerali Sookera Nearctic Northern Dancer Natalma Bold Reason Fairy Bridge Special Mill Reef Shirley Heights Hardiemma Ile de Bourbon Bourbon Girl Fleet Girl Danzig


Wins 2

Places 1

Earned £48,211

Sire: DANSILI. Sire of 80 Stakes winners. In 2013 FORETELLER Warning G1, DANK Darshaan G3, FLINTSHIRE Sadler’s Wells G3. 1st Dam: DANCE ROUTINE by Sadler’s Wells. 3 wins at 3 in France, Prix de Royallieu G2, 2nd Prix de Diane G1. Own sister to CONCENTRIC and Light Ballet. Dam of 4 winners: 2006: DELIBERATE (f King’s Best) Winner at 3. 2007: IDEAL MATCH (c Rock of Gibraltar) 3 wins at 4 in Hungary. 2008: DANCE MOVES (c Dansili) 5 wins 3-4 in France, Prix de Boulogne LR. 2010: FLINTSHIRE (c Dansili) 2 wins at 3 in France, Prix du Lys G3. 2012: (f Oasis Dream) 2nd Dam: APOGEE by Shirley Heights. 2 wins at 3 in France Prix de Royaumont G3. Dam of DANCE ROUTINE (f Sadler’s Wells, see above), APSIS (c Barathea: Prix du Chemin de Fer du Nord G3, Prix

ASCOT. June 18. 4yo+. 8f.

1. DECLARATION OF WAR (USA) 4 9-0 £198,485 b c by War Front - Tempo West (Rahy) O-J Allen, Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor, D Smith B-Joseph Allen TR-AP O’Brien 2. Aljamaaheer (IRE) 4 9-0 £75,250 ch c by Dubawi - Kelly Nicole (Rainbow Quest) O-Hamdan Al Maktoum B-Corrin Stud, Sean O’Keefe TR-Roger Varian 3. Gregorian (IRE) 4 9-0 £37,660 gr c by Clodovil - Three Days In May (Cadeaux Genereux) O-HRH Princess Haya Of Jordan B-Rathasker Stud TR-JHM Gosden Margins 0.75, 0.5. Time 1:38.48 (fast 0.52). Going Good. Age 2-4

Starts 8

Wins 6

Places 1

Earned £286,924

Sire: WAR FRONT. Sire of 19 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DECLARATION OF WAR Rahy G1, LINES OF BATTLE Arch G2, WAR COMMAND Red Ransom G2, DATA LINK Known Fact G3, DEPARTING Pulpit G3, JACK MILTON Forty Niner G3, SUMMER FRONT El Prado G3. 1st Dam: TEMPO WEST by Rahy. 3 wins at 2 and 3 in USA. Dam of 6 winners: 2005: BRIDES FOLLY (f Tale of The Cat) Winner at 2. 2006: WAR POWER (c Pulpit) 3 wins 2-3. 2007: VERTIFORMER (c Dynaformer) 4 wins 3-5, Grand Prix du Lion d’Angers LR, 3rd W L McKnight H G2. 2008: War Pact (c War Front) 2 wins at 3 in France, 2nd Prix de Suresnes LR. 2009: DECLARATION OF WAR (c War Front) 6 wins 2-4, Queen Anne S G1, Diamond S G3, Heritage S LR. 2010: WAR CORRESPONDENT (c War Front) Winner at 3 in France. 2nd Dam: TEMPO by Gone West. 2 wins at 3 and 5 in USA. Dam of UNION RAGS (c Dixie Union: Champagne S G1, Belmont S G1, 2nd Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile G1, 3rd Florida Derby G1), Geefour (g Dixie Union: 3rd Le Grande Pos H LR) Broodmare Sire: RAHY. Sire of the dams of 98 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DECLARATION OF WAR War Front G1, MALTES Red Runner G2, FANCY CRUZ Giacomo G3. The War Front/Rahy cross has produced: DECLARATION OF WAR G1, War Pact LR.

>> 93

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European Pattern >>

DECLARATION OF WAR b c 2009 Nearctic Natalma Admiral’s Voyage Pas de Nom Petitioner Fappiano Rubiano Ruby Slippers Forli Lara’s Star True Reality Red God Blushing Groom Runaway Bride Halo Glorious Song Ballade Mr Prospector Gone West Secrettame Nijinsky Terpsichorist Glad Rags


Northern Dancer Danzig WAR FRONT b 2002 Starry Dreamer

Rahy TEMPO WEST b 99 Tempo

In May’s Caulfield Files, in my brief look at American stallions capable of making an impact in Europe, I wrote: “I suspect the one to keep an eye on is Danzig’s son War Front, whose cumulative total of eight runners in Britain and Ireland includes Declaration of War (Gr3 Desmond Stakes), Lines Of Battle (recent winner of the Gr2 UAE Derby) and Warning Flag (a Group-placed twoyear-old winner in Ireland in 2010 who has since done well under the name of Sweet Orange in Hong Kong).” War Front justified this comment when Declaration Of War won the Queen Anne Stakes for a partnership which includes his breeder Joseph Allen, who also bred War Front. The Claiborne Farm stallion wasn’t extensively used early in his career, no doubt because he won only four of his 13 starts, with his only Graded victory coming at Gr2 level over the nonetoo-fashionable distance of six furlongs. However, his current crop of only 43 three-year-olds contains the Graded winners Departing, Jack Milton (on turf) and Lines Of Battle, plus the French Listed winner The Brothers War. A stallion career surely awaits Declaration Of War. He comes from an excellent female line, which traces to the distinguished fifth dam, Dryad. This Irish sprinter produced the high-class sprinter Victorina and the fast Italian colt Doney, both of these being by stallions with plenty of stamina. It was a similar story with Dryad’s High Hat filly Glad Rags. Fast enough to score over five furlongs on her debut, Glad Rags later won the 1,000 Guineas despite barely staying a mile. Glad Rags received a stamina boost when mated to Nijinsky and the resultant filly, Terpsichorist, stayed well enough to win Graded stakes over a mile and a quarter and a mile and a half. Terpsichorist was mated to Gone West to produce Declaration Of War’s second dam, the lightly-raced Tempo, who gained both her wins in dirt sprint races. Even so, the staying blood in Tempo’s pedigree helped her produce Union Rags, winner of the 2012 Belmont Stakes over a mile and a half. Union Rags also won the Champagne Stakes over a mile as a two-year-old. Tempo West, the dam of Declaration Of War, won at up to 8.5 furlongs. She has three winners by War Front, another being War Pact, who looked to have the makings of a smart miler before he was injured.


ASCOT. June 18. 2yo. 6f.

1. WAR COMMAND (USA) 9-1 £68,052 b c by War Front - Wandering Star (Red Ransom) O-J Allen, Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor, D Smith B-Joseph Allen TR-AP O’Brien 2. Parbold (IRE) 9-1 £25,800 b c by Dandy Man - Gala Style (Elnadim) O-David W Armstrong B-Tony Cosgrave TR-RA Fahey 3. Sir John Hawkins (USA) 9-1 £12,912 b c by Henrythenavigator - Peeping Fawn (Danehill) O-M Tabor, D Smith, Mrs J Magnier B-Orpendale, Chelston TR-AP O’Brien Margins 6, 0.75. Time 1:12.86 (slow 0.46). Going Good. Age 2

Starts 2

Wins 2

Places 0

Earned £77,308

Sire: WAR FRONT. See race 121. 1st Dam: WANDERING STAR by Red Ransom. 5 wins 3-4, E P Taylor S G2. Dam of 9 winners: 1999: WONDER WOMAN (f Storm Cat) 2 wins at 3 and 4 in USA. Dam of WAR OFFICER (Prix Montenica LR, Prix Sigy LR, 3rd Prix Eclipse G3), DOO LANG (Grand Criterium de Bordeaux LR). 2000: American Patriot (c Mr Prospector) 2001: WIZARD OF GOLD (c Seeking The Gold) Winner at 3 in USA. 2003: Crescent Moon (f Seeking The Gold). Dam of Lake Victor (2nd Gazebo S). 2004: MY LITTLE MARGIE (f Giant’s Causeway) Winner at 3 in France. 2005: FOREIGN AGENT (g Deputy Minister) Winner at 4 in USA. 2006: NAVAL OFFICER (c Tale of The Cat) 3 wins at 2 in France, Prix de Conde G3. 2007: WAR CZAR (g Pulpit) 2 wins at 3 in France. 2008: WARBIRD (c War Front) 4 wins at 3 to 5 in France, USA. 2009: STATE (f Johannesburg) 2 wins at 3 in USA. 2010: Beaming Star (f Giant’s Causeway) unraced. 2011: WAR COMMAND (c War Front) 2 wins at 2, Coventry S G2. 2012: Movietone (c Blame) 2nd Dam: Beautiful Bedouin by His Majesty. unraced. Dam of WANDERING STAR (f Red Ransom, see above), MAJOR HERO (g Major Impact: Finlandia Cup S LR, 3rd Cinema H G3). Grandam of ROLLOUT THE CARPET, KISSIMMEE KYLE, ANGELO MINNY, March To Victory. Third dam of DEMANDING LADY, BRIGADER, A Quiet Rush. Broodmare Sire: RED RANSOM. Sire of the dams of 62 Stakes winners. In 2013 - VO HEART Show A Heart G2, WAR COMMAND War Front G2, PIANIST More Than Ready G3. WAR COMMAND b c 2011 Northern Dancer Danzig

Pas de Nom

WAR FRONT b 02 Rubiano Starry Dreamer Lara’s Star Red Ransom WANDERING STAR b 93 Beautiful Bedouin

Roberto Arabia His Majesty Gris Vitesse

Nearctic Natalma Admiral’s Voyage Petitioner Fappiano Ruby Slippers Forli True Reality Hail To Reason Bramalea Damascus Christmas Wind Ribot Flower Bowl Amerigo Matchiche II

123 ST JAMES’S PALACE S G1 ASCOT. June 18. 3yoc. 8f.

1. DAWN APPROACH (IRE) 9-0 £198,485 ch c by New Approach - Hymn of The Dawn (Phone Trick) O-Godolphin B/TR-JS Bolger 2. Toronado (IRE) 9-0 £75,250 b c by High Chaparral - Wana Doo (Grand Slam) O-Sheikh Joann Bin Hamad Al Thani B-Paul Nataf TR-R Hannon 3. Mars (IRE) 9-0 £37,660 ch c by Galileo - Massarra (Danehill) O-M Tabor, D Smith, Mrs J Magnier B-Massarra Syndicate TR-AP O’Brien

Margins Short head, 2.75. Time 1:39.23 (fast 0.77). Going Good.

2nd Dam: MERIDA by Warning. 2 wins at 3 and 4 in France, USA. Grandam of PENCIL HILL.

Age 2-3

Broodmare Sire: DISTANT VIEW. Sire of the dams of 18 Stakes winners. In 2013 - BLUERIDGE MOUNTAIN Giant’s Causeway G1, SOLE POWER Kyllachy G1.

Starts 9

Wins 8

Places 0

Earned £791,514

Sire: NEW APPROACH. Sire of 6 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DAWN APPROACH Phone Trick G1, TALENT Peintre Celebre G1, LIBERTARIAN Darshaan G2, MONTSEGUR Flying Spur G3. 1st Dam: Hymn of The Dawn by Phone Trick. Dam of 2 winners: 2004: Fainne (f Peintre Celebre) ran once. 2005: (c Lil’s Boy) 2006: COMADOIR (g Medecis) 3 wins at 3 and 6. 2007: Wake Me Up (f Rock of Gibraltar) unplaced. 2010: DAWN APPROACH (c New Approach) Champion 2yo in Europe in 2012. 8 wins 2-3, Dewhurst S G1, Vincent O’Brien National S G1, St James’s Palace S G1, 2000 Guineas G1, Coventry S G2, Rochestown S LR. 2011: Prudent Approach (f New Approach). 2012: (c Vocalised) 2nd Dam: Colonial Debut by Pleasant Colony. Dam of Galantas (c Tale of The Cat: 2nd Futurity G2, 2nd Sea O Erin H LR, 3rd Woodbine Mile S G1). Broodmare Sire: PHONE TRICK. Sire of the dams of 43 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DAWN APPROACH New Approach G1, MADEO Apprentice G3. See race 40 in the June issue for analysis DAWN APPROACH ch c 2010 Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Miswaki Urban Sea Allegretta NEW APPROACH ch 05 Lorenzaccio Ahonoora Helen Nichols Park Express Match II Matcher Lachine Icecapade Clever Trick Kankakee Miss Phone Trick Finnegan Over The Phone Prattle HYMN OF THE DAWN b 99 His Majesty Pleasant Colony Sun Colony Colonial Debut Alydar Kittihawk Miss Kittiwake Sadler’s Wells


124 KING’S STAND S G1 ASCOT. June 18. 3yo+. 5f.

1. SOLE POWER (GB) 6 9-4 £198,485 b g by Kyllachy - Demerger (Distant View) O-Mrs S Power B-G Russell TR-E Lynam 2. Shea Shea (SAF) 6 9-4 £75,250 b g by National Emblem - Yankee Clipper (Jallad) O-Brian Joffee, Myron C Berzack B-Klawervlei Stud TR-MF De Kock 3. Pearl Secret (GB) 4 9-4 £37,660 ch c by Compton Place - Our Little Secret (Rossini) O-Qatar Racing Limited B-Whitsbury Manor Stud, Pigeon House Stud TR-David Barron Margins Neck, 1.25. Time 0:58.88 (fast 0.62). Going Good. Age 2-6

Starts 32

Wins 7

Places 15

Earned £816,903

Sire: KYLLACHY. Sire of 20 Stakes winners. In 2013 SOLE POWER Distant View G1. 1st Dam: Demerger by Distant View. unraced. Dam of 3 winners: 2002: Cornus (g Inchinor) 15 wins, 2nd Cornwallis S G3. 2003: Be My Charm (f Polish Precedent) 2007: SOLE POWER (g Kyllachy) Sold 30,476gns yearling at DNSLY. Champion 3yr old sprinter in Europe in 2010. 7 wins 2-6, King’s Stand S G1, Nunthorpe S G1, Temple S G2, Palace House S G3, Scarbrough S LR, 2nd Al Quoz Sprint G1, Temple S G2, Flying Five S G3, Grangecon Stud S LR, Meydan Sprint LR, 3rd King’s Stand S G1, Prix de l’Abbaye de Longchamp G1, Palace House S G3. 2008: Sonny Sunshine (f Royal Applause) unraced. 2009: Sotka (f Dutch Art) Winner at 2 in France, 2nd Prix des Reves d’Or LR. 2011: Crafty Exit (c Mastercraftsman) unraced to date. 2012: (c Exceed And Excel) 2013: (f Poet’s Voice)

SOLE POWER b g 2007 Nureyev Marie d’Argonne Cozzene Fearless Revival Stufida Sing Sing Song Intent Crooner Moonlight Serenade March Moonlight Raise A Native Mr Prospector Gold Digger Irish River Seven Springs La Trinite Known Fact Warning Slightly Dangerous Laser Light Metair Treatisan Polar Falcon

Pivotal KYLLACHY b 98 Pretty Poppy

Distant View DEMERGER b 97 Merida

Back in 1996 Pivotal landed both the King’s Stand Stakes and the Nunthorpe Stakes, and six years later his son Kyllachy followed in his footsteps in York’s Gr1. Now Kyllachy has supplied the 2013 King’s Stand winner Sole Power, whose previous Gr1 victory had been gained at odds of 100-1 in the 2010 Nunthorpe. For good measure, Kyllachy’s broodmare sire Song won the 1969 King’s Stand, nine years after his sire Sing Sing had been beaten a neck at odds-on in the same race. Sole Power is bred for speed on both sides of his pedigree. His third dam, Metair, was a game and consistent sprinter who achieved Timeform ratings of 118 at two and 112 at three. Metair’s sire, the King George Stakes winner Laser Light, had also been very fast, inheriting the speed of his dam Ruby Laser, a fivefurlong specialist, rather than the stamina of her sire Aureole, who was responsible for three winners of the St Leger. Metair’s legacy included her greatgrandson Auction House, winner of the Champagne Stakes at two, but arguably her finest achievement as a broodmare was her son Fine Edge. As a three-year-old this fast Sharpen Up colt crossed the line second to Soba in the King George Stakes and third behind Habibti and Soba in the Nunthorpe (then the William Hill Sprint Championship). Sole Power’s unraced dam Demerger is by the top miler Distant View. With Mr Prospector as his sire and Irish River as the sire of his dam, Distant View had two celebrated broodmare sires in his pedigree and he too has done very well in this role. In addition to Sole Power, his daughters have been represented by such as Special Duty, Emulous, Cityscape, Bated Breath, Tranquil Tiger, the Travers Stakes winner Afleet Express and the Australian Gr1 winner Speed Gifted. 125 QUEEN MARY S G2 ASCOT. June 19. 2yof. 5f.

1. RIZEENA (IRE) 8-12 £56,710 b f by Iffraaj - Serena’s Storm (Statue of Liberty) O-Sheikh Rashid Dalmook Al Maktoum B-Round Hill Stud TR-Clive Brittain


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Caulfield on Declaration Of War: “A stallion career surely awaits the son of War Front. He comes from an excellent female line, which traces to the famous fifth dam, Dryad”

2. Sweet Emma Rose (USA) 8-12 £21,500 b f by City Zip - Miss Moneypenny (Deputy Minister) O-Hat Creek Racing B-The Peter J Callahan Revocable Trust TR-Wesley A Ward 3. One Chance (IRE) 8-12 £10,760 b f by Invincible Spirit - Towards (Fusaichi Pegasus) O-Recycled Products Limited B-Mrs C Regalado-Gonzalez TR-Tim Pitt Margins 2, 1. Time 0:59.29 (fast 0.21). Going Good to firm. Age 2

Starts 4

Wins 3

Places 0

Earned £76,346

DUNTLE ch f 2009 Danzig Danehill

Sharpen Up Mira Adonde Lettre d’Amour Lord At War LADY ANGOLA ch 98

2nd Dam: PRINCESS SERENA by Unbridled’s Song. 1 win at 4 in USA. Dam of PUISSANCE DE LUNE (c Shamardal: Blamey S G2) Broodmare Sire: STATUE OF LIBERTY. Sire of the dams of 1 SW. In 2013 - RIZEENA Iffraaj G2. RIZEENA b f 2011 Mr Prospector Secrettame The Minstrel Zaizafon Mofida IFFRAAJ b 01 Northern Dancer Nureyev Special Pastorale Ahonoora Park Appeal Balidaress Storm Bird Storm Cat Terlingua Statue of Liberty Seattle Slew Charming Lassie Lassie Dear SERENA’S STORM gr 05 Unbridled Unbridled’s Song Trolley Song Princess Serena Rahy Serena’s Sister Imagining Gone West


126 DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE S G2 ASCOT. June 19. 4yo+f&m. 8f.

1. DUNTLE (IRE) 4 8-12 £77,375 ch f by Danehill Dancer - Lady Angola (Lord At War) O-Flaxman Stables Ireland Ltd B-Airlie Stud TR-David Wachman 2. Ladys First (GB) 4 8-12 £29,335 b f by Dutch Art - Like A Dame (Danehill) O-Mrs H Steel B-Sparsholt Stud TR-RA Fahey 3. Dank (GB) 4 8-12 £14,681 b f by Dansili - Masskana (Darshaan) O-James Wigan B-London Thoroughbred Services Ltd TR-Sir Michael Stoute Margins 0.5, head. Time 1:39.47 (slow 0.47). Going Good to firm. Age 2-4

Starts 8

Wins 5

Places 2

Earned £209,965

2nd Dam: BENGUELA by Little Current. 2 wins at 4 in USA. Grandam of HONOR IN WAR, Dynamoor, Trumpstoo. Broodmare Sire: LORD AT WAR. Sire of the dams of 38 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DUNTLE Danehill Dancer G2.

Luna de Miel

Lady Winborne

127 JERSEY S G3 ASCOT. June 19. 3yo. 7f.

1. GALE FORCE TEN (GB) 9-1 £42,533 b c by Oasis Dream - Ronaldsay (Kirkwall) O-M Tabor, D Smith, Mrs J Magnier B-S Tindall, D Ludlow, Stowell Hill Ltd TR-AP O’Brien 2. Montiridge (IRE) 9-1 £16,125 b c by Ramonti - Elegant Ridge (Indian Ridge) O-M Clarke, J Jeffries, R Ambrose, B Reilly B-Century Bloodstock TR-R Hannon 3. Tawhid (GB) 9-4 £8,070 gr c by Invincible Spirit - Snowdrops (Gulch) O-Godolphin B-West Lodge Stud TR-Saeed bin Suroor Margins Head, 1.5. Time 1:25.32 (fast 0.68). Going Good to firm. Age 2-3

Starts 10

Wins 3

Places 6

Earned £182,154

Sire: OASIS DREAM. Sire of 67 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PEACE AT LAST Barathea G2, CHIGUN Nashwan G3, GALE FORCE TEN Kirkwall G3, MAINSAIL Theatrical G3, STRATHNAVER Lahib G3. 1st Dam: RONALDSAY by Kirkwall. 4 wins at 2 to 4, Warwickshire Oaks LR. Dam of 1 winner: 2010: GALE FORCE TEN (c Oasis Dream) Sold £280,000 yearling. 3 wins 2-3, Jersey S G3, Patton S LR, 2nd Irish 2000 Guineas G1, Norfolk S G2, 3rd Middle Park S G1. 2011: Orkney Island (c Dubawi) unraced to date. 2012: (c Iffraaj)

Sire: DUBAWI. Sire of 60 Stakes winners. In 2013 AL KAZEEM Darshaan G1, HUNTER’S LIGHT Barathea G1, LUCKY NINE Green Desert G1, WILLOW MAGIC Tierce G1, PRINCIPE ADEPTO Giant’s Causeway G2, UNIVERSAL Giant’s Causeway G2, AHZEEMAH Entrepreneur G3, DANADANA Barathea G3, KIYOSHI Sri Pekan G3. 1st Dam: Kazeem by Darshaan. ran 3 times at 2 and 3. Own sister to Treasurer. Dam of 3 winners: 2003: (f Medicean) 2004: AZEEMA (f Averti) Winner at 3. 2005: King’s Kazeem (f King’s Best) 2006: PARK LANE (g Royal Applause) 4 wins. 2007: Fire Up (f Motivator) 2008: AL KAZEEM (c Dubawi) 7 wins 2-5, Tattersalls Gold Cup G1, Eclipse S G1, Prince of Wales’s S G1, Jockey Club S G2, Gordon Richards S G3, 2nd Great Voltigeur S G2, St Simon S G3, Arc Trial G3. 2009: Sanctioned (g Authorized) unplaced. 2010: Kazak (c Royal Applause) in training. 2013: (c Makfi) 2nd Dam: KANZ by The Minstrel. 2 wins at 2 and 3, Princess Elizabeth S G3, 2nd Yorkshire Oaks G1. Dam of Treasurer (c Darshaan: 3rd Peter Pan S G2). Broodmare Sire: DARSHAAN. Sire of the dams of 207 Stakes winners. In 2013 - AL KAZEEM Dubawi G1, AMBIVALENT Authorized G1, BYRAMA Byron G1, ESTIMATE Monsun G1, SAJJHAA King’s Best G1, LIBERTARIAN New Approach G2, DANK Dansili G3, ERNEST HEMINGWAY Galileo G3, GLOBAL THRILL Big Shuffle G3, JUTLAND Halling G3, VIZTORIA Oratorio G3. See race 86 in the July issue for analysis AL KAZEEM b h 2008

Broodmare Sire: KIRKWALL. Sire of the dams of 1 SW. In 2013 - GALE FORCE TEN Oasis Dream G3. GALE FORCE TEN b c 2010 Danzig Green Desert

Foreign Courier

OASIS DREAM b 00 Dancing Brave Hope Bahamian Kirkwall RONALDSAY gr 04 Crackling

Selkirk Kamkova Electric Birch Creek

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom Sir Ivor Courtly Dee Lyphard Navajo Princess Mill Reef Sorbus Sharpen Up Annie Edge Northern Dancer Populi Blakeney Christiana Carwhite Deed

128 PRINCE OF WALES’S S G1 ASCOT. June 19. 4yo+. 10f.

1. AL KAZEEM (GB) 5 9-0 £283,550 b h by Dubawi - Kazeem (Darshaan) O-DJ Deer B-DJ And Mrs Deer TR-R Charlton 2. Mukhadram (GB) 4 9-0 £107,500 b c by Shamardal - Magic Tree (Timber Country) O-Hamdan Al Maktoum B-Wardall Bloodstock TR-WJ Haggas 3. The Fugue (GB) 4 8-11 £53,800 bbr f by Dansili - Twyla Tharp (Sadler’s Wells) O-Lord Lloyd-Webber B-Watership Down Stud TR-JHM Gosden Margins Neck, 3.25. Time 2:03.06 (fast 2.54). Going Good to firm. Age 2-5

Starts 12


Wins 7

Places 4

Earned £801,883

Mr Prospector Con Game Shareef Dancer Colorado Dancer Fall Aspen Shirley Heights Deploy Slightly Dangerous Dancing Brave Jawaher High Tern Mill Reef Shirley Heights Hardiemma Abdos Delsy Kelty Northern Dancer The Minstrel Fleur Rough’n Tumble Treasure Chest Iltis

Seeking The Gold Dubai Millennium DUBAWI b 02 Zomaradah

Darshaan KAZEEM b 98 Kanz

2nd Dam: CRACKLING by Electric. 2 wins at 3 and 4. Dam of RONALDSAY (see above). Grandam of PICKLE, Auld Burns. Third dam of GUSTO.

Sire: DANEHILL DANCER. Sire of 148 SWs. In 2013 - DUNTLE Lord At War G2, STEPS IN TIME O’Reilly G2, ESOTERIQUE Dancing Brave G3. 1st Dam: LADY ANGOLA by Lord At War. Winner at 3. Dam of 5 winners: 2004: Port Luanda (g Docksider) 2005: RAIDING PARTY (f Orpen) 5 wins. 2007: TISLAAM (g With Approval) 6 wins. 2008: EDMAAJ (g Intikhab) 3 wins at 4. 2009: DUNTLE (f Danehill Dancer) 78,000gns foal at TADEF, 30,340gns yearling at GOOY1. 5 wins 3-4, Duke of Cambridge S G2, Desmond S G3, Amethyst S G3, Sandringham H LR, 2nd Matron S G1. 2010: ELUSIVE GOLD (f Elusive City) Winner at 3.


Little Current


Sire: IFFRAAJ. Sire of 14 Stakes winners. In 2013 FIX Danehill G2, RIZEENA Statue of Liberty G2, SO WOTIF Geiger Counter G3. 1st Dam: SERENA’S STORM by Statue of Liberty. Winner at 2. Dam of 1 winner: 2010: Marble Silver (f Notnowcato) 2011: RIZEENA (f Iffraaj) Sold 50,000gns yearling at TAOC2. 3 wins at 2, Queen Mary S G2, National S LR. 2012: (c Rock of Gibraltar)



Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Spring Adieu Atan Rocchetta Caro Lianga Brigadier Gerard Mercuriale Con Brio Good Will Sea Bird II Luiana Secretariat Priceless Gem

129 NORFOLK S G2 ASCOT. June 20. 2yo. 5f.

1. NO NAY NEVER (USA) 9-1 £45,368 bbr c by Scat Daddy - Cat’s Eye Witness (Elusive Quality) O-Mrs Paul Shanahan, Ice Wine Stable B-Jayne Doi Johnson, David Sparrow TR-Wesley A Ward 2. Coach House (IRE) 9-1 £17,200 b c by Oasis Dream - Lesson In Humility (Mujadil) O-Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor, D Smith B-Lesson In Humility Syndicate TR-AP O’Brien 3. Wind Fire (USA) 8-12 £8,608 b f by Distorted Humor - A P Dream (A P Indy) O-Qatar Racing Limited B-Kinsman Farm TR-David Barron Margins 1, head. Time 0.58.80 (fast 0.70). Going Good to firm. Age 2

Starts 1

Wins 1

Places 0

Earned £45,368

Sire: SCAT DADDY. Sire of 15 Stakes winners. In 2013 - EL BROMISTA Seeker’s Reward G1, LADY OF SHAMROCK Blushing John G2, NO NAY NEVER Elusive Quality G2, DICE FLAVOR Afleet G3, HANDSOME MIKE Smart Strike G3, SCATMAN Grand Slam G3, SOLARIA Seeker’s Reward G3. 1st Dam: CAT’S EYE WITNESS by Elusive Quality. Winner at 2 in USA. Dam of 2 winners: 2009: CROZETTE (f Flashy Bull) 2 wins 3-4 in USA. 2011: NO NAY NEVER (c Scat Daddy) 1 win at 2, Norfolk S G2. 2nd Dam: Comical Cat by Exceller. 4 wins in USA, 2nd San Jose H LR, 3rd Las Flores H G3. Dam of CAT’S CAREER (c Mr Prospector: Ack Ack S G3), AL’S RIVER CAT (c Riverman: Tsunami Slew S LR). Grandam of Feels Like Flying.

Broodmare Sire: ELUSIVE QUALITY. Sire of the dams of 7 Stakes winners. In 2013 - GUELPH Exceed And Excel G1, NO NAY NEVER Scat Daddy G2. NO NAY NEVER b/br c 2011 Storm Cat Island Kitty Ogygian Myth Yarn SCAT DADDY b/br 04 Raise A Native Mr Prospector Gold Digger Love Style Nijinsky Likeable Style Personable Lady Mr Prospector Gone West Secrettame Elusive Quality Hero’s Honor Touch of Greatness Ivory Wand CAT’S EYE WITNESS b 03 Vaguely Noble Exceller Too Bald Comical Cat Northern Dancer Six Months Long Prime Time Hennessy


130 TERCENTENARY S G3 ASCOT. June 20. 3yo. 10f.

1. REMOTE (GB) 9-0 £42,533 b c by Dansili - Zenda (Zamindar) O-K Abdullah B-Juddmonte Farms TR-JHM Gosden 2. Shikarpour (IRE) 9-0 £16,125 ch c by Dr Fong - Shibina (Kalanisi) O-HH The Aga Khan B-HH The Aga Khan’s Studs SC TR-A de Royer-Dupre 3. Van Der Neer (GB) 9-0 £8,070 b c by Dutch Art - Lalectra (King Charlemagne) O-Saeed Manana B-Jeremy Green And Sons TR-R Hannon Margins 0.75, neck. Time 2:04.46 (fast 1.14). Going Good to firm. Age 3

Starts 4

Wins 3

Places 1

Earned £62,517

Sire: DANSILI. Sire of 82 Stakes winners. In 2013 FORETELLER Warning G1, RIPOSTE Rainbow Quest G2, DANK Darshaan G3, FLINTSHIRE Sadler’s Wells G3, REMOTE Zamindar G3. 1st Dam: ZENDA by Zamindar. 3 wins at 3 and 4 at home, France, USA, Gainsborough Poule d’Essai des Pouliches G1, 2nd Coronation S G1, Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup S G1. Dam of 2 winners: 2005: Nile Cruise (c Danzig) 2006: Rio Carnival (f Storm Cat) ran twice. 2007: Hentzau (g Empire Maker) unplaced. 2008: Pleasantry (f Johannesburg) unraced. 2009: PANZANELLA (f Dansili) Winner at 3. 2010: REMOTE (c Dansili) 3 wins, Tercentenary S G3. 2011: Kingman (c Invincible Spirit) unraced to date. 2012: (f Dansili) 2nd Dam: Hope by Dancing Brave. Unplaced. Own sister to WEMYSS BIGHT. Dam of OASIS DREAM (c Green Desert: July Cup G1, Middle Park S G1, Nunthorpe S G1, 2nd Sprint Cup G1), HOPEFUL LIGHT (g Warning: Joel S LR, Sovereign S LR). Broodmare Sire: ZAMINDAR. Sire of the dams of 2 Stakes winners. In 2013 - REMOTE Dansili G3. REMOTE b c 2010 Danzig Danehill


DANSILI b 96 Kahyasi Hasili Kerali Zamindar ZENDA b 99 Hope

Gone West Zaizafon Dancing Brave Bahamian

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Spring Adieu Ile de Bourbon Kadissya High Line Sookera Mr Prospector Secrettame The Minstrel Mofida Lyphard Navajo Princess Mill Reef Sorbus

131 RIBBLESDALE S G2 ASCOT. June 20. 3yof. 12f.

1. RIPOSTE (GB) 8-12 £85,065 b f by Dansili - Rainbow Lake (Rainbow Quest) O-K Abdullah B-Juddmonte Farms TR-Lady Cecil 2. Just Pretending (USA) 8-12 £32,250 b f by Giant’s Causeway - Moon Safari (Mr Prospector) O-M Tabor, D Smith, Mrs J Magnier B-Eagle Holdings TR-AP O’Brien



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European Pattern >>

3. Elik (IRE) 8-12 £16,140 b f by Dalakhani - Elopa (Tiger Hill) O-Nurlan Bizakov B-Frau N Bscher TR-Sir Michael Stoute Margins 2.25, 1.5. Time 2:29.41 (fast 0.59). Going Good to firm. Age 3

Starts 3

Wins 2

Places 1

Earned £90,225

Sire: DANSILI. See race 130. 1st Dam: RAINBOW LAKE by Rainbow Quest. 3 wins at 3, Lancashire Oaks G3. Dam of 8 winners: 1995: BRIMMING (c Generous) 3 wins at 3. 1996: Barbican (c Caerleon) unplaced. 1997: UNAWARE (g Unfuwain) 7 wins. 1998: Polish Lake (f Polish Precedent) unraced. 1999: Lake of Dreams (g Polish Precedent) unplaced. 2000: POWERSCOURT (c Sadler’s Wells). 5 wins 2-5, Tattersalls Gold Cup G1, Arlington Million S G1, 2nd Prince of Wales’s S G1, Racing Post Trophy G1, Grosser Dallmayr-Preis G1, 3rd Irish St Leger G1, Irish Champion S G1, Breeders’ Cup Turf G1. Sire. 2001: KIND (f Danehill) 6 wins 3-4, Kilvington S LR, Flower of Scotland S LR, 3rd Ballyogan S G3. Dam of FRANKEL (Juddmonte International S G1, Champion S G1, Dewhurst S G1, Lockinge S G1, Queen Anne S G1, Queen Elizabeth II S G1, St James’s Palace S G1, Sussex S G1 (twice), 2000 Guineas G1), NOBLE MISSION (Gordon S G3, 2nd King Edward VII S G2), BULLET TRAIN (Derby Trial S G3), Joyeuse (3rd Albany S G3). 2002: Marella (f Desert Prince) ran once. 2003: Electric Storm (c Zafonic) unplaced. 2004: WESTLAKE (c Sadler’s Wells) 3 wins at 3. 2006: Endless (f Sadler’s Wells) unraced. 2008: ARIZONA JEWEL (f Dansili) Winner at 3. 2009: LAST TRAIN (c Rail Link) 2 wins 3-4, Prix de Barbeville G3, 2nd Grand Prix de Paris G1. 2010: RIPOSTE (f Dansili) 2 win, Ribblesdale S G2. 2011: Colourful (f Champs Elysees) unraced to date. 2nd Dam: Rockfest by Stage Door Johnny. 2 wins at 2, 2nd Oaks Trial S G3. Dam of RAINBOW LAKE, VERTEX (c Shirley Heights: Premio Ezio Vanoni LR), Climber (c Bold Lad: 3rd Grand Prix de Bruxelles LR). Broodmare Sire: RAINBOW QUEST. Sire of the dams of 154 SWs. In 2013 - JAVA’S WAR War Pass G1, JUST THE JUDGE Lawman G1, GLEN’S DIAMOND Intikhab G2, RIPOSTE Dansili G2, SPIRIT QUARTZ Invincible Spirit G2, LAST TRAIN Rail Link G3. The Dansili/Rainbow Quest cross has produced: RIPOSTE G2, GLOWING G3, SENSE OF JOY G3, FERDOOS LR, QUENCHED LR, CASCAVEL LR, Changeable LR, Winter Silence LR.

Age 2-4

Starts 7


Rainbow Quest RAINBOW LAKE b 90 Rockfest

132 GOLD CUP G1 ASCOT. June 20. 4yo+. 20f.

1. ESTIMATE (IRE) 4 8-11 £198,485 b f by Monsun - Ebaziya (Darshaan) O-The Queen B-HH The Aga Khan’s Studs SC TR-Sir Michael Stoute 2. Simenon (IRE) 6 9-2 £75,250 b g by Marju - Epistoliere (Alzao) O-Wicklow Bloodstock Limited B-Max Morris TR-WP Mullins 3. Top Trip (GB) 4 9-0 £37,660 b c by Dubai Destination - Topka (Kahyasi) O-J Vasicek B-Kenilworth House Stud, Haras d’Ecouves TR-F Doumen Margins Neck, 1. Time 4:20.51 (fast 0.49). Going Good to firm.


Earned £285,268

1st Dam: EBAZIYA by Darshaan. 4 wins at 2 and 3, Trigo S LR, Ballysax S LR, Oyster S LR, 2nd Killavullan S G3, 3rd Blandford S G2. Dam of 8 winners: 1994: EBADIYLA (f Sadler’s Wells) Champion 3yr old filly in Ireland in 1997. 3 wins at 3, Irish Oaks G1, Prix Royal Oak G1, 3rd Coronation Cup G1. Dam of EYSHAL The Jebsen Centenary Vase LR, 3rd National S G1), EBAZIYAN (Supreme Novices’ Hurdle G1). Grandam of Ensaya (3rd Prix Panacee LR, Prix Vulcain LR), EBADIYAN (Punchestown Juvenile Hurdle G3). 1995: ENZELI (c Kahyasi). 6 wins at 3 to 5, Ascot Gold Cup G1. 1996: EDABIYA (f Rainbow Quest). 2 wins at 2, Moyglare Stud S G1, 3rd Meon Valley Stud Fillies’ Mile S G1. Dam of Edeymi (2nd Fred Winter Juvenile H Hurdle G3). 1997: Ezbek (c Suave Dancer) 1998: Elapour (c Sadler’s Wells) 1999: EBARAYA (f Sadler’s Wells) Winner at 3. 2000: Elasouna (f Rainbow Quest) Winner at 2, 3rd Noblesse S LR. 2001: Ebareva (f Machiavellian) unraced. 2002: Ebaza (f Sinndar) Dam of EMIYNA (Athasi S G3). 2004: Elbasana (f Indian Ridge) Dam of Elishpour (3rd Derby du Languedoc LR). 2005: Erzen (g Daylami) 2 wins over hurdles, 2nd Sandown H Hurdle G3. 2006: Eytarna (f Dubai Destination) 2 wins at 3, 3rd Finale S LR. 2007: Edallora (f Refuse To Bend) 2009: ESTIMATE (f Monsun) 4 wins 3-4, Ascot Gold Cup G1, Sagaro S G3, Queen’s Vase G3, 3rd Park Hill S G2, Lillie Langtry S G3. 2nd Dam: EZANA by Ela-Mana-Mou. 1 win at 3 in France. Dam of EBAZIYA (f Darshaan, see above). Grandam of EZIMA, Ezalli. Broodmare Sire: DARSHAAN. See race 128. The Monsun/Darshaan cross has produced: ESTIMATE G1, SUESTADO LR. ESTIMATE b f 2009 Dschingis Khan Konigsstuhl


MONSUN br 90 Surumu Mosella Monasia

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Razyana Spring Adieu Ile de Bourbon Kahyasi Kadissya High Line Kerali Sookera Red God Blushing Groom Runaway Bride Herbager I Will Follow Where You Lead Prince John Stage Door Johnny Peroxide Blonde Roan Rocket Rock Garden Nasira Danzig


Places 2

Sire: MONSUN. Sire of 102 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ESTIMATE Darshaan G1, MAXIOS Nureyev G1, SILASOL Gulch G1, NOVELLIST Lagunas G2, OCOVANGO Gone West G2, PIRIKA Intikhab G3, TRIPLE THREAT Lyphard G3.

RIPOSTE b f 2010


Wins 4

Darshaan EBAZIYA b 89 Ezana

Shirley Heights Delsy Ela-Mana-Mou Evisa

Tamerlane Donna Diana Tiepoletto Kronung Literat Surama Authi Monacensia Mill Reef Hardiemma Abdos Kelty Pitcairn Rose Bertin Dan Cupid Albanilla

The two and a half miles of the Gold Cup represents too stiff a test for most modern thoroughbreds, but it was possible to be optimistic about Estimate’s chances of giving her owner, the Queen, an unforgettable Royal Ascot victory. Her sire Monsun generally imparted a fair degree of stamina to his progeny, such as Le Miracle (Prix du Cadran), Schiaparelli (Goodwood Cup, Prix Kergorlay) and Getaway (Prix Kergorlay). Sons of Monsun have sired the likes of Be Fabulous (Prix Royal-Oak) and Wild Coco (Park Hill Stakes), and it was a daughter of Monsun who produced Colour Vision, winner of the 2012 Gold Cup. There was arguably even more encouragement to be found in the bottom half of Estimate’s pedigree.

Her dam Ebaziya had previously done sterling work for the Aga Khan, who extremely generously gave Estimate and the very useful Set To Music to the Queen. Estimate is the fourth Gr1 winner produced by Ebaziya and two of Estimate’s predecessors had displayed plenty of stamina. One, the Kahyasi colt Enzeli, had won the 1999 Gold Cup, as well as the Doncaster Cup, and another, her Sadler’s Wells filly Ebadiyla, added the Prix RoyalOak to her Irish Oaks victory. Needless to say, Ebaziya possessed plenty of staying blood. Her sire Darshaan was also responsible for Arzanni, a close second in the 1991 Gold Cup, and Ebaziya’s grandsires, Shirley Heights and Ela-Mana-Mou, were respectively responsible for Arcadian Heights and Double Trigger, the Gold Cup winners of 1994 and 1995. Ebaziya’s status as one of the best broodmares of modern times is perhaps a reflection of her 5 x 3 inbreeding to Albanilla. This Gr2 winner ranked alongside her sisters Corejada and Gloriana as one of three very influential daughters of Tourzima. Interestingly, the progeny of Corejada included Macip, winner of the Ascot Gold Cup in 1956. 133 QUEEN’S VASE G3 ASCOT. June 21. 3yo. 16f.

1. LEADING LIGHT (IRE) 9-4 £42,533 b c by Montjeu - Dance Parade (Gone West) O-D Smith, Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor B-Lynch Bages Ltd TR-AP O’Brien 2. Feel Like Dancing (GB) 9-1 £16,125 b c by Galileo - Maid of Killeen (Darshaan) O/B-Lady Bamford TR-JHM Gosden 3. Boite (IRE) 9-1 £8,070 b c by Authorized - Albiatra (Dixieland Band) O/B-Eledy SRL TR-PW Chapple-Hyam Margins 1.5, 1.5. Time 3:25.26 (slow 3.26). Going Good to firm. Age 2-3

Starts 5

Wins 4

Places 1

Earned £92,851

Sire: MONTJEU. Sire of 119 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ST NICHOLAS ABBEY Sure Blade G1, CAMELOT Kingmambo G3, LEADING LIGHT Gone West G3, MOUNT ATHOS Slip Anchor G3. 1st Dam: DANCE PARADE by Gone West. 7 wins at 2 to 4 at home, USA, Buena Vista S G2. Own sister to Western Reel. Dam of 6 winners: 2001: SPECIAL JIG (f Theatrical) Winner at 3 in USA. 2005: CASTLES IN THE AIR (g Oasis Dream) 5 wins at 3 to 5. 2006: HONOURS STRIDE (f Red Ransom) Winner at 3. 2007: OUR DRAMA QUEEN (f Danehill Dancer) Winner at 3. 2009: Warwick Avenue (c Montjeu) 3 wins, 3rd Keeneland Royal Whip S G2. 2010: LEADING LIGHT (c Montjeu) Sold 520,000 gns yearling at TAOC1. 4 wins at 2 and 3, Gallinule S G3, Sir Henry Cecil Queen’s Vase G3. 2011: John Constable (c Montjeu) unraced to date. 2012: (f Montjeu) 2nd Dam: RIVER JIG by Irish River. 2 wins at 2 and 3 at home, Italy Premio Fausta LR, 2nd Criterium Femminile G3. Dam of DANCE PARADE (f Gone West, see above), OCEAN QUEEN (f Zilzal: Bay Meadows Breeders’ Cup Derby G3), JIG (f Catrail: La Zanzara S LR), Western Reel (f Gone West: 3rd Ritz Club Fern Hill Rated H LR). Grandam of TOYLSOME, Midnight Mischief, Bicoastal, Mr Irons, Klondike Kate. Third dam of TESORILLA CLASS, GREEN SUPREME, HOARDING.

Broodmare Sire: GONE WEST. Sire of the dams of 100 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DISCREET DANCER Discreet Cat G2, OCOVANGO Monsun G2, AFRICAN STORY Pivotal G3, GOL TRICOLOR North Light G3, KUROSHIO Exceed And Excel G3, LEADING LIGHT Montjeu G3. The Montjeu/Gone West cross has produced: MACARTHUR G1, MOTIVATOR G1, LEADING LIGHT G3, Campanillas G2, Warwick Avenue G2, Brittany LR. LEADING LIGHT b c 2010 Northern Dancer Sadler’s Wells

Fairy Bridge

MONTJEU b 96 Top Ville Floripedes Toute Cy Gone West DANCE PARADE ch 94

Mr Prospector Secrettame Irish River

River Jig


Nearctic Natalma Bold Reason Special High Top Sega Ville Tennyson Adele Toumignon Raise A Native Gold Digger Secretariat Tamerett Riverman Irish Star Nijinsky Tsessebe

134 ALBANY S G3 ASCOT. June 21. 2yof. 6f.

1. KIYOSHI (GB) 8-12 £39,697 b f by Dubawi - Mocca (Sri Pekan) O-Qatar Racing Limited B-Lowther Racing TR-Charles Hills 2. Sandiva (IRE) 8-12 £15,050 ch f by Footstepsinthesand - Miss Corinne (Mark of Esteem) O-Sheikh Joann Bin Hamad Al Thani B-Denis McDonnell TR-RA Fahey 3. Joyeuse (GB) 8-12 £7,532 b f by Oasis Dream - Kind (Danehill) O-K Abdullah B-Juddmonte Farms TR-Lady Cecil Margins 3.25, neck. Time 1:13.82 (slow 1.42). Going Good to firm. Age 2

Starts 3

Wins 2

Places 1

Earned £43,915

Sire: DUBAWI. See race 128. 1st Dam: Mocca by Sri Pekan. 2 wins at 2 and 3, 3rd Nereide-Rennen LR. Dam of 2 winners: 2007: Cafe Greco (g Red Ransom) 2008: Red Riverman (g Haafhd) Winner over hurdles at 4, 3rdPlymouth Novices’ Hurdle LR. 2009: (c Three Valleys) 2010: Miss Mocca (f Bahamian Bounty) 2011: KIYOSHI (f Dubawi) Sold 32,000gns foal at TADEF, 80,000gns yearling at TAOC2. 2 wins at 2, Albany S G3. 2012: (f Paco Boy) 2nd Dam: Ewan by Indian Ridge. unraced. Dam of Mocca (f Sri Pekan, see above). Broodmare Sire: SRI PEKAN. Sire of the dams of 12 Stakes winners. In 2013 - KIYOSHI Dubawi G3. KIYOSHI b f 2011 Mr Prospector Con Game Shareef Dancer Colorado Dancer Fall Aspen Shirley Heights Deploy Slightly Dangerous Dancing Brave Jawaher High Tern Roberto Red Ransom Arabia Son Ange Lady Godolphin Flying Needles Ahonoora Indian Ridge Hillbrow Caerleon Swallowcliffe La Tuerta Seeking The Gold Dubai Millennium DUBAWI b 02 Zomaradah

Sri Pekan MOCCA b 01 Ewan

135 KING EDWARD VII S G2 ASCOT. June 21. 3yoc&g. 12f.

1. HILLSTAR (GB) 8-12 £99,243 b c by Danehill Dancer - Crystal Star (Mark Of Esteem) O-Sir Evelyn De Rothschild B-Southcourt Stud TR-Sir Michael Stoute


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Caulfield on Estimate: “Her dam Ebaziya had previously done sterling work for the Aga Khan, who extremely generously gave Estimate and the very useful Set To Music to the Queen”

2. Battle Of Marengo (IRE) 8-12 £37,625 b c by Galileo - Anna Karenina (Green Desert) O-M Tabor, D Smith, Mrs J Magnier B-Anna Karenina Syndicate TR-AP O’Brien 3. Mutashaded (USA) 9-1 £18,830 b c by Raven’s Pass - Sortita (Monsun) O-Hamdan Al Maktoum B-Shadwell Farm LLC TR-Roger Varian Margins 1, 2.25. Time 2:30.09 (slow 0.09). Going Good to firm. Age 2-3

Starts 5

Wins 2

Places 3

Earned £111,221

Sire: DANEHILL DANCER. Sire of 149 Stakes winners. In 2013 - DUNTLE Lord At War G2, HILLSTAR Mark of Esteem G2, STEPS IN TIME O’Reilly G2, ESOTERIQUE Dancing Brave G3. 1st Dam: CRYSTAL STAR by Mark of Esteem. 2 wins at 2, Radley S LR, 2nd Fred Darling S G3. Dam of 3 winners: 2005: CRYSTAL CAPELLA (f Cape Cross) 8 wins at 3 to 6, Princess of Wales’s S G2, Pride S G2 (twice). 2006: SANDOR (g Fantastic Light) 7 wins. 2007: Drop In The Ocean (f Tiger Hill) unraced. 2008: Crystal Etoile (f Dansili) 2010: HILLSTAR (c Danehill Dancer) 2 wins at 2 and 3, King Edward VII S G2. 2012: (f Dubawi)

2006: Scarlet Empire (f Red Ransom) unraced. 2007: ARCTIC (g Shamardal) 4 wins 2-5, Round Tower S G3. 2008: Shropshire (g Shamardal) 3 wins 2-4, Greenham S G3. 2010: SKY LANTERN (f Red Clubs) Sold 61,576gns yearling at GOOY1. 5 wins at 2 and 3, Coronation S G1, Moyglare Stud S G1, 1000 Guineas G1, Coolmore Stud EBF Sprint S LR, 2nd Nell Gwyn S G3, Prestige S G3, Sweet Solera S G3.

2nd Dam: FAMILY AT WAR by Explodent. 1 win at 2. Dam of FLANDERS (f Common Grounds: Scarbrough S LR, 2nd King’s Stand S G2), ASCOT FAMILY (f Desert Style: Prix des Jouvenceaux et des Jouvencelles LR). Grandam of FAMILY ONE, LOUVAIN, LAAJOOJ, Desert Poppy. Third dam of FLOTILLA, LOUVAKHOVA.

2nd Dam: NEGLIGENT by Ahonoora. Champion 2yr old filly in England in 1989. Rockfel S G3, 3rd 1000 Guineas G1. Own sister to Ala Mahlik. Dam of BLATANT (g Machiavellian: Sheikh Maktoum Challenge I G3, 2nd Premio Vittorio di Capua G1, 3rd Queen Elizabeth II S G1), SONGLARK (g Singspiel: Prix Thomas Bryon G3, 2nd UAE Derby G2). Grandam of So Belle, Silver Grey.

The decision to retire Dark Angel at the end of his juvenile season could have been interpreted as a lack of confidence in his ability to match his accomplishments at two, which featured victories in the Mill Reef Stakes and Middle Park Stakes. Part of the explanation is that any Gr1winning two-year-old with a speedy pedigree is likely to find it hard going against the established older sprinters. However, Dark Angel’s record as a stallion suggests he was probably much more than just a precocious juvenile. The 2013 season has witnessed four members of his first crop enjoy stakes success as fouryear-olds, while a fifth member, Sovereign Debt, was runner-up in the Gr1 Lockinge Stakes and a sixth, Heerat, has been showing very useful sprint form. Two of the stakes winners, Lily’s Angel and Lethal Force, have won at Group level and Lethal Force shaped like a potential champion when he outpaced the opposition in the Diamond Jubilee. Their efforts suggest that it is a pity that Dark Angel wasn’t more widely used during his second and third seasons, which yielded 62 and 38 foals respectively, compared to 93 in his first crop. Lethal Force is the second Gr1 winner of 2013 for his female line, following the Poule d’Essai des Pouliches winner Flotilla, whose third dam, Explodent’s daughter Family At War, is the second dam of Lethal Force. Full details of this family’s record were given under race 58 in the July issue. Lethal Force is by a son of Acclamation out of a grand-daughter of Green Desert. He is therefore bred along similar lines to Lilbourne Lad, who was sired by Acclamation from a Green Desert mare. Coincidentally Lilbourne Lad joined his sire at Rathbarry after racing only at two, when second in the Middle Park. Will history repeat itself?

Broodmare Sire: SHAREEF DANCER. Sire of the dams of 66 Stakes winners. In 2013 - SKY LANTERN Red Clubs G1, DANCER DESTINATION Dubai Destination G3. See race 43 in the June issue for analysis SKY LANTERN gr/ro f 2010


2nd Dam: CRYSTAL CAVERN by Be My Guest. 3 wins. Dam of CRYSTAL STAR (see above). Broodmare Sire: MARK OF ESTEEM. Sire of the dams of 20 Stakes winners. In 2013 - HILLSTAR Danehill Dancer G2, SANDIVA Footstepsinthesand LR, SRUTHAN Arakan LR.

Two Clubs

Shareef Dancer SHAWANNI gr 93

HILLSTAR b c 2010

Negligent Danzig



DANEHILL DANCER b 93 Sharpen Up Mira Adonde Lettre d’Amour Mark of Esteem CRYSTAL STAR ch 00 Crystal Cavern

Darshaan Homage Be My Guest Krisalya

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Spring Adieu Atan Rocchetta Caro Lianga Shirley Heights Delsy Ajdal Home Love Northern Dancer What A Treat Kris Sassalya

136 CORONATION S G1 ASCOT. June 21. 3yof. 8f.

1. SKY LANTERN (IRE) 9-0 £216,349 grro f by Red Clubs - Shawanni (Shareef Dancer) O-B Keswick B-Tally-Ho Stud TR-R Hannon 2. Kenhope (FR) 9-0 £82,023 b f by Kendargent - Bedford Hope (Chato) O/B-G Pariente TR-H-A Pantall 3. Just The Judge (IRE) 9-0 £41,049 br f by Lawman - Faraday Light (Rainbow Quest) O-Qatar Racing Ltd, Sangster Family B-Mrs J Dempsey TR-Charles Hills Margins 4, neck. Time 1:39.75 (fast 0.25). Going Good to firm. Age 2-3

Starts 9

Wins 5

Places 3

Earned £637,657

Sire: RED CLUBS. Sire of 5 Stakes winners. In 2013 - SKY LANTERN Shareef Dancer G1, VEDELAGO Marju G1. 1st Dam: SHAWANNI by Shareef Dancer. Winner at 2. Dam of 10 winners: 1998: MYSTIC MAN (g Cadeaux Genereux) 14 wins at 3 to 9. 1999: TWILIGHT SONNET (f Exit To Nowhere) 2 wins at 2. 2000: SHANTY STAR (g Hector Protector) 4 wins 2-6, Queen’s Vase G3. 2001: Shazana (f Key of Luck) unplaced. 2002: SHARABY (f Cadeaux Genereux) 2 wins at 3. 2003: LUCKY TOKEN (f Key of Luck) Winner at 3. 2004: HINTON ADMIRAL (g Spectrum) 16 wins to 2012, Doncaster S LR, Spring Cup LR. 2005: SUMMER GAMES (f Storming Home) 2 wins at 4 in UAE.

Hail To Reason Bramalea Damascus Arabia Christmas Wind Primo Dominie First Trump Valika Mansingh Miss Cindy Iridium Nearctic Northern Dancer Natalma Sir Ivor Sweet Alliance Mrs Peterkin Lorenzaccio Ahonoora Helen Nichols Roan Rocket Negligence Malpractice Roberto

Red Ransom

137 DIAMOND JUBILEE S G1 ASCOT. June 22. 3yo+. 6f.

1. LETHAL FORCE (IRE) 4 9-4 £283,550 gr c by Dark Angel - Land Army (Desert Style) O-Alan G Craddock B-D Johnson TR-CG Cox 2. Society Rock (IRE) 6 9-4 £107,500 b h by Rock of Gibraltar - High Society (Key of Luck) O-Simon Gibson B-San Gabriel Investments Inc TR-JR Fanshawe 3. Krypton Factor (GB) 5 9-4 £53,800 bbr g by Kyllachy - Cool Question (Polar Falcon) O-Fawzi Abdulla Nass B-Lady Fairhaven TR-Fawzi Abdulla Nass Margins 2, 1.75. Time 1:13.36 (slow 0.96). Going Good to firm. Age 2-4

Starts 14

Wins 3

Places 10

Earned £397,970

Sire: DARK ANGEL. Sire of 6 Stakes winners. In 2013 - LETHAL FORCE Desert Style G1, LILY’S ANGEL Docksider G3. 1st Dam: Land Army by Desert Style. ran once at 3. Own sister to ASCOT FAMILY. Dam of 2 winners: 2006: ARMY OF STARS (c Kyllachy) 3 wins 4-5. 2008: Littlepromisedland (f Titus Livius) 2009: LETHAL FORCE (c Dark Angel) Sold 8,783gns foal at GONO1, 7,163gns yearling at TISEP. 3 wins 3-4, Diamond Jubilee S G1, Hungerford S G2, 2nd Duke of York S G2, Carnarvon S LR, 3rd Park S G2, Sandy Lane S LR. 2011: (f Thousand Words) LETHAL FORCE gr c 2009 Acclamation DARK ANGEL gr 05 Midnight Angel

Desert Style LAND ARMY b 01 Family At War


Waajib Royal Applause Flying Melody Ahonoora Princess Athena Shopping Wise Mr Prospector Machiavellian Coup de Folie Night Shift Night At Sea Into Harbour Danzig Green Desert Foreign Courier High Top Organza Canton Silk Nearctic Explodent Venomous Bold Bidder Sometimes Perfect Miss Ribot

Broodmare Sire: DESERT STYLE. Sire of the dams of 4 Stakes winners. In 2013 - LETHAL FORCE Dark Angel G1.

138 HARDWICKE S G2 1. THOMAS CHIPPENDALE (IRE) 4 9-0 £120,962 br c by Dansili - All My Loving (Sadler’s Wells) O-Sir R Ogden B-Premier Bldstk TR-Lady Cecil 2. Dandino (GB) 6 9-0 £45,860 br h by Dansili - Generous Diana (Generous) O-Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock B-Elite Racing Club TR-Marco Botti 3. Universal (IRE) 4 9-0 £22,951 ch c by Dubawi - Winesong (Giant’s Causeway) O-Abdulla Al Mansoori B-Grangecon Stud TR-Mark Johnston Margins 1, 2.5. Time 2:30.65 (slow 0.65). Going Good to firm. Starts 10

Wins 4

Places 2

1st Dam: All My Loving by Sadler’s Wells. Winner at 3, 2nd Park Hill S G2, Ribblesdale S G2, 3rd Irish Oaks G1, Oaks S G1. Own sister to YESTERDAY, QUARTER MOON, Hold Me Love Me and Magicalmysterytour. Dam of 2 winners: 2009: THOMAS CHIPPENDALE (c Dansili) Sold 375,000gns yearling at TAOC1. 4 wins 2-4, Hardwicke S G2, King Edward VII S G2, 2nd Gordon Richards S G3, Buckhounds S LR. 2010: TWILIGHT ZONE (c Danehill Dancer) Winner at 2. 2011: (f Danehill Dancer) 2012: (f Lookin At Lucky) 2nd Dam: Jude by Darshaan. Sister to ALOUETTE and ARRIKALA. Dam of YESTERDAY (f Sadler’s Wells: Irish 1000 Guineas G1, 2nd Oaks S G1, Prix de l’Opera G1, Prix Vermeille G1, 3rd Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf G1), QUARTER MOON (f Sadler’s Wells: Moyglare Stud S G1, 2nd Irish Oaks G1, Irish 1000 Guineas G1, Oaks S G1, 3rd Nassau S G1), Betterbetterbetter (f Galileo: 2nd Noblesse S G3), Hold Me Love Me (f Sadler’s Wells: 2nd Ballycullen S LR, 3rd Park Hill S G2), Magicalmysterytour (g Sadler’s Wells: 3rd Silver Cup H LR). Grandam of You’ll Be Mine, Born To Be King. Broodmare Sire: SADLER’S WELLS. Sire of the dams of 311 Stakes winners. In 2013 - RELIABLE MAN Dalakhani G1, AKUA’DA Shamardal G2, PEACE BURG Sageburg G2, TANNERY Dylan Thomas G2, THOMAS CHIPPENDALE Dansili G2, BALTIC BARONESS Shamardal G3, FLINTSHIRE Dansili G3, NEATICO Medicean G3. The Dansili/Sadler’s Wells cross has produced: PASSAGE OF TIME G1, TESTOSTERONE G1, THE FUGUE G1, FATHER TIME G2, THOMAS CHIPPENDALE G2, FLINTSHIRE G3, STIPULATE G3, DANCE MOVES LR, DARK ORCHID LR, DISCLAIMER LR, East Meets West LR, Porgy LR. THOMAS CHIPPENDALE br c 2009

Earned £239,239

Northern Dancer Pas de Nom His Majesty Razyana Spring Adieu Ile de Bourbon Kahyasi Kadissya High Line Kerali Sookera Nearctic Northern Dancer Natalma Bold Reason Fairy Bridge Special Shirley Heights Darshaan Delsy Crystal Palace Alruccaba Allara Danzig

Danehill DANSILI b 96 Hasili

Sadler’s Wells ALL MY LOVING b/br 04 Jude

139 GRAND PRIX DE SAINT-CLOUD G1 SAINT-CLOUD. June 23. 4yo+. 2400m.

1. NOVELLIST (IRE) 4 9-2 £185,821 b c by Monsun - Night Lagoon (Lagunas) O-Dr C Berglar B-Dr C Berglar TR-A Wohler 2. Dunaden (FR) 7 9-2 £74,341 b h by Nicobar - La Marlia (Kaldounevees) O-Pearl Bloodstock Limited B-Count Edouard Decazes TR-M Delzangles 3. Haya Landa (FR) 5 8-13 £37,171 b m by Lando - Haya Samma (Pivotal) O/B-Mme Odette Fau TR-Mme L Audon Margins 1.25, 1. Time 2:31.12. Going Soft. Age 2-4

ASCOT. June 22. 4yo+. 12f.

Age 2-4

Sire: DANSILI. See race 130.

Starts 9

Wins 7

Places 2

Earned £475,094

Sire: MONSUN. Sire of 103 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ESTIMATE Darshaan G1, MAXIOS Nureyev G1, NOVELLIST Lagunas G1, SILASOL Gulch G1, OCOVANGO Gone West G2, PIRIKA Intikhab G3, TRIPLE THREAT Lyphard G3. 1st Dam: NIGHT LAGOON by Lagunas. Champion 2yr old filly in Germany in 2003. 2 wins at 2 in Germany, Preis der Winterkonigin G3. Dam of 5 winners: 2006: NAVAJO DANCER (c Montjeu) 2 wins at 3 in Germany. 2007: NAVAJO QUEEN (f Monsun) Winner at 3 in Germany. 2008: NAVAJO STORM (c Monsun) Winner at 3 in Germany.



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2009: NOVELLIST (c Monsun) Sold 84,281gns yearling at BBAGS. Champion 3yr old colt in Italy in 2012. 7 wins 2-4, Grand Prix de SaintCloud G1, Gran Premio del Jockey Club G1, GP der Badischen Unternehmer Rennen G2, Union-Rennen G2, Preis des Bankhauses Metzler G3, 2nd Deutsches Derby G1. 2010: NUNTIUS (c Dalakhani) 2 wins at 2 and 3 in Germany. 2011: Ninfea (f Selkirk) unraced to date. 2nd Dam: NENUPHAR by Night Shift. 3 wins at 2 and 3, Dusseldorfer BMW Preis LR. Dam of NIGHT LAGOON (f Lagunas, see above), NIGHT TANGO (c Acatenango: Grosser Freiberger Premium-Preis LR, Summer Trophy LR, 2nd Deutsches Derby G1). Broodmare Sire: LAGUNAS. Sire of the dams of 26 Stakes winners. In 2013 - NOVELLIST Monsun G1. The Monsun/Lagunas cross has produced: NOVELLIST G1, Litalia G2, Lysander LR. NOVELLIST b c 2009 Dschingis Khan Konigsstuhl


MONSUN br 90 Surumu Mosella Monasia Lagunas NIGHT LAGOON b 2001 Nenuphar

Ile de Bourbon Liranga Night Shift Narola

Tamerlane Donna Diana Tiepoletto Kronung Literat Surama Authi Monacensia Nijinsky Roseliere Literat Love In Northern Dancer Ciboulette Nebos Nubia

Just three days after his daughter Estimate had landed the Gold Cup, the much-missed Monsun struck again at Gr1 level, when Novellist defeated the French defenders in the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud. Germany’s top stallion, who died aged 22 in 2012, has also hit the Gr1 target in 2013 with Maxios (Prix d’Ispahan) and Silasol (Prix SaintAlary), in addition to enjoying Group success with Ocovango, Triple Threat and Pirika. This was the second Gr1 success for Novellist, following his win in the Gran Premio del Jockey Club Italiano. However, it is worth pointing out that Novellist had started a hot favourite for the Deutsches Derby after winning his first four starts. After making what looked to be a winning move, he was caught close home by Pastorius. This was clearly a vintage edition of the Hamburg Classic, as Pastorius has also gone on to Gr1 success at four in France, taking the Prix Ganay. The Derby third Girolamo also became a Gr1 winner in the Preis von Europa. Novellist’s dam Night Lagoon won the Gr3 Preis der Winterkonigin as a two-year-old to become Germany’s top two-year-old filly of 2003. Her sire, the Deutsches Derby winner Lagunas, also sired the dam of the 1,000 Guineas and Oaks winner Kazzia. Novellist’s second dam Nenuphar also produced Night Tango, runner-up in the 2005 Deutsches Derby. Quite a few of the best winners from this female line carry the word Night in their name. Novellist’s sixth dam Nigeria is the fourth dam of Night Magic, winner of the Preis der Diana and Grosser Preis von Baden. Nigeria is also the fourth dam of Next Desert (Deutsches Derby) and Next Gina (Preis der Diana). Nigeria produced Novelle, winner of the German Oaks in


1983, and Night Music, the top German juvenile filly of 1975 who is the fifth dam of Novellist. 140 GROSSER PREIS DER WIRTSCHAFT G3 DORTMUND. June 23. 3yo+. 1750m.

1. NEATICO (GER) 6 9-1 £26,016 b h by Medicean - Nicola Bella (Sadler’s Wells) O/B-Gestut Ittlingen TR-P Schiergen 2. Empire Storm (GER) 6 9-1 £8,943 b h by Storming Home - Emy Coasting (El Gran Senor) O-Frau M Sohl B-Hannes K Gutschow TR-A Wohler 3. Global Thrill (GB) 4 9-5 £4,472 b c by Big Shuffle - Goonda (Darshaan) O/B-Gestut Auenquelle TR-J Hirchberger Margins 1.25, 1.5. Time 1:46.64. Going Good. Age 2-6

Starts 27

Wins 4

Places 15

Earned £154,020

Sire: MEDICEAN. Sire of 40 Stakes winners. In 2013 - NEATICO Sadler’s Wells G3. 1st Dam: NICOLA BELLA by Sadler’s Wells. Winner at 3. Own sister to Sister Bella. Dam of 6 winners: 2001: Persian Belle (f Machiavellian) unraced. Dam of CALVADOS BLUES (Prix de Guiche G3, Prix des Chenes G3, 2nd Dubai City of Gold S G2, 3rd Dubai Sheema Classic G1). 2002: BEAUTYANDTHEBEAST (f Machiavellian) 6 wins 3-4, Las Palmas H G2. 2004: NOVO (c Rainbow Quest) 2 wins in Germany. 2005: Narcisco (g Fantastic Light) Winner at 3, 2nd Grosser Freiberger Premium-Preis LR. 2006: Nicella (f Lando) unraced. 2007: NEATICO (c Medicean) 4 wins 2-6 in Germany, Grosser Preis von Lotto Hamburg G3, Grosser Preis der Dortmunder Wirtschaft G3, G Bombadier V Herzog von Ratibor Rennen G3, Henkel Meile LR, 2nd Badener Meile G3 (twice), Hessen-Pokal G3, Fruhjahrs-Meile G3, Grosser Canon-Preis LR, Ilse und Heinz Ramm Erinnerungsmeile LR, 3rd Grosse Europa Meile G2, UVEX-Trophy Rennen G3, Belmondo-Preis G3, GP der Landeshauptstadt Dusseldorf G3, Preis der Sparkassen Finanzgruppe G3. 2008: CAPTAIN BROWN (g Lomitas) 2 wins. 2009: SCARLET BELLE (f Sir Percy) Winner at 3. 2010: Pernica (f Sir Percy) 2012: (c Sir Percy) 2013: Pernickety (f Sir Percy)

Age 2-3

Starts 7

Wins 3

Places 4

Earned £72,516

Sire: SINGSPIEL. Sire of 93 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PACIFIC RIM Arazi G2, GLOOMY SUNDAY Lando G3, LICIA Intikhab G3. 1st Dam: LOVE MONEY by Intikhab. 5 wins at 2 to 4 in Italy, Criterium Varesino LR. Dam of 2 winners: 2008: Luttazzi (c Denon) 2009: LYCHIS (f Munir) Winner at 3 in Italy. 2010: LICIA (f Singspiel) 3 wins at 2 and 3 in Italy, Premio Mario Incisa della Rocchetta G3. 2011: Losanna Verde (f Denon) unraced to date. 2nd Dam: Rivelazione by Night Shift. 3 wins 2-3, 3rd Premio Vittorio Crespi LR. Dam of LOVE MONEY (see above), Nice Look (c Deploy: 3rd Premio Carlo d’Alessio G2), Paper Sais (c Daylami: 2nd Premio Certosa LR), Sciur Renato (c Ashkalani: 2nd Criterium Varesino LR, Criterium Partenopeo LR, Premio Campobello LR). Broodmare Sire: INTIKHAB. Sire of the dams of 5 Stakes winners. In 2013 - LICIA Singspiel G3, PIRIKA Monsun G3. LICIA b f 2010 Sadler’s Wells In The Wings

High Hawk

SINGSPIEL b 92 Halo Glorious Song Ballade Intikhab LOVE MONEY b 02 Rivelazione

Red Ransom Crafty Example Night Shift Juraba

Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Shirley Heights Sunbittern Hail To Reason Cosmah Herbager Miss Swapsco Roberto Arabia Crafty Prospector Zienelle Northern Dancer Ciboulette Bustino Jilt

142 PRIX DE MALLERET G2 SAINT-CLOUD. June 23. 3yof. 2400m.

Broodmare Sire: SADLER’S WELLS. See race 138.

1. PACIFIC RIM (IRE) 8-11 £69,512 b f by Singspiel - Prairie Runner (Arazi) O-Ecurie Wildenstein B-Dayton Investments Ltd TR-M Delzangles 2. Chalnetta (FR) 8-11 £26,829 gr f by Oratorio - Aifa (Johann Quatz) O-Benoit Chalmel B-M Daguzan-Garros, Mme N La Fonta, Rolling Hills Farm TR-C Ferland 3. Orion Love (GB) 8-11 £12,805 ch f by Zamindar - Okocha (Platini) O-H Rapp B-Chevotel De La Hauquerie TR-H-A Pantall Margins 2.5, 0.75. Time 2:34.63. Going Soft.

The Medicean/Sadler’s Wells cross has produced: BANKABLE G1, NEATICO G2.

Age 3

NEATICO b h 2007

Sire: SINGSPIEL. See race 141.

2nd Dam: Valley of Hope by Riverman. unraced. Dam of Sister Bella (f Sadler’s Wells: 3rd Irish Oaks G1).

Raise A Native Gold Digger Halo Coup de Folie Raise The Standard Northern Dancer Storm Bird South Ocean Sassafras Rose Goddess Cocarde Nearctic Northern Dancer Natalma Bold Reason Fairy Bridge Special Never Bend Riverman River Lady Sodium Virunga Vale Mr Prospector

Machiavellian MEDICEAN ch 97 Mystic Goddess

Sadler’s Wells NICOLA BELLA b 95 Valley of Hope


1. LICIA (ITY) 8-11 £28,455 b f by Singspiel - Love Money (Intikhab) O-Quafin B-Allevamento Dei Lagoni Srl TR-S Botti 2. Shirley’s Kitten (USA) 8-11 £12,520 b f by Kitten’s Joy - La Cat (Mr Greeley) O/B-KL Ramsey, SK Ramsey TR-Gianluca Bietolini 3. Mangiapregaama (ITY) 8-11 £6,829 b f by Dubawi - Lapistanera (Cape Cross) O-Scuderia Blueberry B-Azienda Agricola La Cucchetta TR-B Grizzetti Margins 3.25, 0.5. Time 2:01.30. Going Good.

Starts 4

Wins 3

Places 1

Earned £95,529

1st Dam: PRAIRIE RUNNER by Arazi. 2 wins at 3 in France, Prix Minerve G3. Dam of 7 winners: 2001: Prairie Flower (f Zieten) 2 wins at 2 and 3 in France, 2nd Prix Michel Houyvet LR. Dam of Desert Sage (2nd Gallorette H G3). 2002: Peredovoi (c Fasliyev) unraced. 2003: Popova (f Kahyasi) 4 wins, 2nd Prix Andre Michel Hurdle G3. 2004: PRAIRIE SPIRIT (g Grape Tree Road) 7 wins. 2005: PLUIE D’OR (f Bering) Winner at 4 in France. 2006: PEINTRE ABSTRAIT (c Peintre Celebre) 2 wins over jumps at 4 and 6 in Czech Republic. 2008: PRAIRIE STAR (c Peintre Celebre) 4 wins, Prix Hocquart G2, 3rd Criterium de Saint-Cloud G1. 2009: Premiere Danseuse (f Gold Away) unraced. 2010: PACIFIC RIM (f Singspiel) 3 wins at 3 in France, Prix de Malleret G2. 2011: Prairie Dale (c Dalakhani) unraced to date. 2nd Dam: PAIX BLANCHE by Fabulous Dancer. 2 wins, Prix Finlande LR, 2nd Prix Cleopatre G3. Dam of PRAIRIE RUNNER (see above), POUSSIN (c Alzao: Prix Le Fabuleux LR, 2nd Prix d’Ispahan G1). Broodmare Sire: ARAZI. Sire of the dams of 29 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PACIFIC RIM Singspiel G2. The Singspiel/Arazi cross has produced: LAHUDOOD G1, PACIFIC RIM G2, Wild Savannah LR.

PACIFIC RIM b f 2010 Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Shirley Heights High Hawk Sunbittern Hail To Reason Halo Cosmah Herbager Ballade Miss Swapsco Red God Blushing Groom Runaway Bride Northern Dancer Danseur Fabuleux Fabuleux Jane Northern Dancer Fabulous Dancer Last Of The Line Rheffic Alma Ata Autorin Sadler’s Wells In The Wings SINGSPIEL b 92 Glorious Song

Arazi PRAIRIE RUNNER b 96 Paix Blanche

143 INTERNATIONAL S G3 CURRAGH. June 28. 3yo+. 10f.

1. FLYING THE FLAG (IRE) 3 8-12 £31,707 ch c by Galileo - Halfway To Heaven (Pivotal) O-Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor, D Smith B-Orpendale, Chelston, Wynatt TR-AP O’Brien 2. Aloof (IRE) 4 9-9 £9,268 b f by Galileo - Airwave (Air Express) O-Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor, D Smith B-Liberty Bloodstock TR-David Wachman 3. Most Improved (IRE) 4 10-0 £4,390 b c by Lawman - Tonnara (Linamix) O-D Smith, Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor B-Skymarc Farm Inc, Ecurie des Monceaux TR-AP O’Brien Margins 4, 6.5. Time 2:04.09 (fast 0.91). Going Good to firm. Age 2-3

Starts 8

Wins 2

Places 2

Earned £62,948

Sire: GALILEO. Sire of 139 Stakes winners. In 2013 INTELLO Danehill G1, LINTON Centaine G1, MAGICIAN Mozart G1, RULER OF THE WORLD Kingmambo G1, BATTLE OF MARENGO Green Desert G2, ALTANO Lando G3, ERNEST HEMINGWAY Darshaan G3, FLYING THE FLAG Pivotal G3, ROMANTICA Danehill G3. 1st Dam: HALFWAY TO HEAVEN by Pivotal. 4 wins at 2 and 3, Irish 1000 Guineas G1, Nassau S G1, Sun Chariot S G1, 3rd Matron S G1, Poule d’Essai des Pouliches G1. Dam of 1 winner: 2010: FLYING THE FLAG (c Galileo) 2 wins 2-3, International S G3, 2nd Futurity S G2, 3rd Glencairn S LR. 2011: Just Gorgeous (f Galileo) unraced to date. 2012: (c Galileo) 2nd Dam: CASSANDRA GO by Indian Ridge. 6 wins 3-5 King’s Stand S G2, Temple S G2, 2nd July Cup G1. Own sister to Grey Eminence. Dam of HALFWAY TO HEAVEN (see above), THEANN (f Rock of Gibraltar: Summer S G3), TICKLED PINK (f Invincible Spirit: Abernant S G3). Grandam of Best Regards. Broodmare Sire: PIVOTAL. Sire of the dams of 16 SWs. In 2013 - AYAHUASCA Johar G3, CHARLIE EM Kheleyf G3, FLYING THE FLAG Galileo G3. FLYING THE FLAG ch c 2010 Nearctic Natalma Bold Reason Fairy Bridge Special GALILEO b 98 Mr Prospector Miswaki Hopespringseternal Urban Sea Lombard Allegretta Anatevka Nureyev Polar Falcon Marie d’Argonne Pivotal Cozzene Fearless Revival Stufida HALFWAY TO HEAVEN b/br 05 Ahonoora Indian Ridge Hillbrow Cassandra Go Secreto Rahaam Fager’s Glory Northern Dancer

Sadler’s Wells

144 PRIX DE RIS-ORANGIS G3 DEAUVILLE. June 29. 3yo+. 1200m.

1. ABU SIDRA (FR) 4 9-0 £32,520 gr c by Shirocco - Mary Doun (Smadoun) O-Mubarak Al Naemi B-B Jeffroy, J-C Leclerc, P Le Baut, P Cochard TR-J-F Bernard 2. Princedargent (FR) 3 8-7 £13,008 ch c by Kendargent - Norwegian Princess (Fairy King) O-G Pariente B-G Pariente TR-H-A Pantall


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Caulfield on Trading Leather: “He fulfilled the potential of his pedigree by winning the Irish Derby. Both his grandsires won it; Galileo in 2001, a year after broodmare sire Sinndar”

3. Morache Music (GB) 5 9-0 £9,756 b g by Sleeping Indian - Enchanted Princess (Royal Applause) O-RP Marchant, D M Ahier, Mrs E Lee B-Michael E Broughton TR-P Makin Margins 1, 0.5. Time 1:10.69. Going Good to soft. Age 2-4

Starts 15

Wins 7

Places 4

Earned £117,349

Sire: SHIROCCO. Sire of 11 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ABU SIDRA Smadoun G3. 1st Dam: MARY DOUN by Smadoun. Winner at 3 in France. Dam of 2 winners: 2008: LISZTOMANIA (f Halling) 4 wins 3-4 in France. 2009: ABU SIDRA (c Shirocco) Sold 31,184gns yearling at ARAUG, 49,261gns 2yo at ARMAY. 7 wins 3-4 in France, Prix de Ris-Orangis G3. 2nd Dam: Blue Mary by Fabulous Dancer. Dam of KERSIMON (c Simon du Desert: Prix de Tourgeville LR), Millenium Mambo (g Dernier Empereur: 2nd Prix Andre Baboin G3). Broodmare Sire: SMADOUN. Sire of the dams of 3 Stakes winners. In 2013 - ABU SIDRA Shirocco G3. ABU SIDRA gr c 2009 Monsun SHIROCCO b 01 So Sedulous

Smadoun MARY DOUN gr 02 Blue Mary

Dschingis Khan Konigsstuhl Konigskronung Surumu Mosella Monasia Northern Dancer The Minstrel Fleur Tap On Wood Sedulous Pendulina Caro Kaldoun Katana Tip Moss Mossma Ticma Northern Dancer Fabulous Dancer Last of The Line Robellino Restrained For The Flag

145 CRITERION S G3 NEWMARKET. June 29. 3yo+. 7f.

1. PRODUCER (GB) 4 9-3 £34,026 ch c by Dutch Art - River Saint (Irish River) O-J Palmer-Brown B-Cheveley Park Stud TR-R Hannon 2. Red Jazz (USA) 6 9-3 £12,900 b h by Johannesburg - Now That’s Jazz (Sword Dance) O-RJ Arculli B-William F Murphy, Annabel Murphy TR-Charles Hills 3. Pastoral Player (GB) 6 9-3 £6,456 b g by Pastoral Pursuits - Copy-Cat (Lion Cavern) O-The Pursuits Partnership B-Whitsbury Manor Stud, Pigeon House Stud TR-H Morrison Margins 0.75, 1.25. Time 1:23.09 (slow 0.09). Going Good. Age 2-4

Starts 18

Wins 7

Places 7

Earned £156,477

Sire: DUTCH ART. Sire of 10 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PRODUCER Irish River G3, SLADE POWER Key of Luck G3. 1st Dam: River Saint by Irish River. Dam of 5 winners: 2001: Wake Up Henry (g Nashwan) 2002: KABIS AMIGOS (g Nashwan) 8 wins. 2003: Font (g Sadler’s Wells) 5 wins, 2nd Newton Novices’ Hurdle LR. 2004: NEON (f Fantastic Light) Winner at 4 in Qatar. 2005: Spiralling (f Pivotal) unraced. 2006: ENTREAT (f Pivotal) Winner at 3. 2007: Shenzhou (f Starcraft) unplaced. 2009: PRODUCER (c Dutch Art) Sold 5,000gns foal at TADEF, 11,799gns yearling at TISEP, 26,666gns 2yo at DNAPR. 7 wins 2-4, Criterion S G3, Supreme S G3, Leicestershire S LR, Surrey S LR, 2nd Dubai Duty Free Cup LR, 3rd Feilden S LR. 2010: (c Dutch Art) 2nd Dam: IMAGINING by Northfields. 2 wins at 4 in USA. Dam of SERENA’S SONG (f Rahy: Beldame S G1, Hempstead H G1, Haskell Invitational H G1, Mother Goose S G1, Oak Leaf S G1, Santa Maria H G1, Santa Monica H G1, Santa Anita Oaks G1, Gazelle H G1, Starlet S G1, Las Virgenes S G1, 2nd Beldame S G1, Coaching Club American Oaks G1, Ruffian H G1, Vanity Invitational H G1, Whitney H G1, Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies G1, Breeders’ Cup

Distaff G1, 3rd Philip H Iselin H G1, Apple Blossom H G1), VIVID IMAGINATION (f Raise A Man: Golden Rod S G3). Grandam of SOPHISTICAT, HARLINGTON, DOUBLES PARTNER, GRAND REWARD, SCHRAMSBERG, SERENA’S TUNE, STORMY VENUS, Arbitrate. Third dam of FUMINO IMAGINE, PUISSANCE DE LUNE, DON AMERICO, WANDER MOM, VOCALISED, SEFROUA, SERENA’S CAT, Mr Whitestone, Izzie’s Halo, Minewander, Pursuit of Glory, Backtrack. Broodmare Sire: IRISH RIVER. Sire of the dams of 136 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PRODUCER Dutch Art G3, RIVER CROSSING Caesour G3. PRODUCER ch c 2009 Mr Prospector Coup de Folie Storm Bird Mystic Goddess Rose Goddess DUTCH ART ch 2004 Rainbow Quest Spectrum River Dancer Halland Park Lass Drumalis Palacegate Episode Pasadena Lady Never Bend Riverman River Lady Irish River Klairon Irish Star Botany Bay RIVER SAINT ch 96 Northern Dancer Northfields Little Hut Imagining Dancer’s Image Image Intensifier Pat’s Irish Machiavellian


146 CHIPCHASE S G3 1. JACK DEXTER (GB) 4 9-3 £34,026 bbr g by Orientor - Glenhurich (Sri Pekan) O-Johnnie Delta Racing B-JS Goldie TR-JS Goldie 2. Mass Rally (IRE) 6 9-3 £12,900 b g by Kheleyf - Reunion (Be My Guest) O-Business Development Consultants Limited B-Round Hill Stud TR-Michael Dods 3. Mirza (GB) 6 9-3 £6,456 b g by Oasis Dream - Millyant (Primo Dominie) O/B-CJ Mills TR-Rae Guest Margins Head, 2.5. Time 1:13.83 (slow 1.33). Going Good to soft. Starts 16

Wins 7

Places 4

1st Dam: GLENHURICH by Sri Pekan. Winner. Dam of 3 winners: 2005: GLENLUJI (g Lujain) 5 wins 2-7. 2006: Glenlini (f Bertolini) 2007: ETERNAL INSTINCT (f Exceed And Excel) 3 wins at 2 and 4. 2009: JACK DEXTER (g Orientor) 7 wins at 3 and 4, Chipchase S G3, Cammidge Trophy LR. 2nd Dam: FORLI’S TREAT by Forli. 2 wins at 3 and 4 in USA. Dam of Sky Darter (f Storm Bird: 2nd Charles H Russell S LR, Cascapedia H LR). Grandam of INDIAN FILLY, Shawhill. Third dam of HUDSON STEELE, Lauren Byrd. Broodmare Sire: SRI PEKAN. See race 134. JACK DEXTER b/br g 2009 Lorenzaccio Helen Nichols Lomond Inchmurrin On Show Polyfoto Bay Express Pal Sinna Mummy’s Pet Gundi Little Bird Roberto Red Ransom Arabia Son Ange Lady Godolphin Flying Needles Aristophanes Forli Trevisa Never Bend Bendara What A Treat Ahonoora ORIENTOR b 98 Orient

Sri Pekan GLENHURICH b 97 Forli’s Treat

147 SAPPHIRE S G3 CURRAGH. June 29. 3yo+. 5f.

1. SLADE POWER (IRE) 4 9-9 £30,488 b c by Dutch Art - Girl Power (Key of Luck) O-Mrs S Power B-Mrs S Power TR-E Lynam


Starts 10

Wins 5

Places 3

Earned £98,491

Sire: DUTCH ART. Sire of 10 Stakes winners. In 2013 - PRODUCER Irish River G3, SLADE POWER Key of Luck G3. 1st Dam: GIRL POWER by Key of Luck. Winner at 3. Own sister to Key Rose. Dam of 1 winner: 2009: SLADE POWER (c Dutch Art) Sold 4,761gns yearling at DNPRM. 5 wins 2-4, Sapphire S G3, Sandy Lane S LR, Belgrave S LR, 3rd Greenlands S G3. 2010: Cool Power (f Verglas) in training. 2012: (f Rock of Gibraltar) 2nd Dam: Rumuz by Marju. Dam of Key Rose (f Key of Luck: 3rd Flame of Tara S LR). Broodmare Sire: KEY OF LUCK. Sire of the dams of 7 Stakes winners. In 2013 - SOCIETY ROCK Rock of Gibraltar G2, SLADE POWER Dutch Art G3. Mr Prospector Coup de Folie Storm Bird Mystic Goddess Rose Goddess DUTCH ART ch 04 Rainbow Quest Spectrum River Dancer Halland Park Lass Drumalis Palacegate Episode Pasadena Lady Danzig Chief’s Crown Six Crowns Key of Luck Gay Mecene Balbonella Bamieres GIRL POWER b 04 Last Tycoon Marju Flame of Tara Rumuz Advocator Balqis Bold But Baffled Machiavellian


Earned £166,400

Sire: ORIENTOR. Sire of 1 Stakes winner. In 2013 JACK DEXTER Sri Pekan G3.


Age 2-4

SLADE POWER b c 2009

NEWCASTLE. June 29. 3yo+. 6f.

Age 3-4

2. Russian Soul (IRE) 5 9-9 £9,654 b g by Invincible Spirit - Russian Hill (Indian Ridge) O-Mrs AG Kavanagh B-Ecurie de Meautry TR-M Halford 3. Morawij (GB) 3 9-3 £4,573 ch c by Exceed And Excel - Sister Moonshine (Piccolo) O-Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum B-Dunchurch Lodge Stud TR-Roger Varian Margins 0.5, 0.5. Time 0:57.51 (fast 1.79). Going Good.

148 IRISH DERBY G1 CURRAGH. June 29. 3yoc&f. 12f.

1. TRADING LEATHER (IRE) 9-0 £589,431 b c by Teofilo - Night Visit (Sinndar) O-Mrs JS Bolger B-JS Bolger TR-JS Bolger 2. Galileo Rock (IRE) 9-0 £193,089 ch c by Galileo - Grecian Bride (Groom Dancer) O-Michael O’Flynn B-Rockfield Farm TR-David Wachman 3. Festive Cheer (FR) 9-0 £91,463 b c by Montjeu - Bold Classic (Pembroke) O-M Tabor, D Smith, Mrs J Magnier B-Soc Agr Gem SRL, December Bloodstock TR-AP O’Brien Margins 1.75, 1.75. Time 2:27.17 (fast 4.83). Going Good to firm. Age 2-3

Starts 8

Wins 4

Places 3

Earned £708,129

Sire: TEOFILO. Sire of 16 Stakes winners. In 2013 HAVANA GOLD Desert Style G1, TRADING LEATHER Sinndar G1, AMIRA’S PRINCE Green Desert G2. 1st Dam: Night Visit by Sinndar. unraced. Dam of 2 winners: 2008: GLEADHRADH (c Chevalier) Winner at 3. 2009: Night Invader (c Teofilo) ran 3 times. TRADING LEATHER b c 2010 Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Miswaki Urban Sea Allegretta Danzig Danehill Razyana Majestic Light Saviour Victorian Queen Chief’s Crown Grand Lodge La Papagena Lashkari Sinntara Sidama Riverman Irish River Irish Star Lyphard Cadeaux d’Amie Tananarive Sadler’s Wells Galileo TEOFILO b 04 Speirbhean

Sinndar NIGHT VISIT b 04 Moonlight Sail

2010: TRADING LEATHER (c Teofilo) 4 wins at 2 and 3, Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby G1, Autumn S G3, TRM Silver S LR, 2nd Betfred Dante S G2, ICON Breeders’ Cup Juv.Turf Trial S LR, 3rd Tattersalls Irish 2000 Guineas G1. 2011: Wexford Town (c Teofilo) unraced to date. 2012: (f Teofilo) Broodmare Sire: SINNDAR. Sire of the dams of 7 Stakes winners. In 2013 - FLOTILLA Mizzen Mast G1, TRADING LEATHER Teofilo G1.

Inevitably most horses don’t succeed in fulfilling the potential of their pedigree, but Trading Leather did exactly that when he galloped to victory in the Irish Derby. Both his grandsires also won the Curragh classic, with Galileo taking the 2001 edition, a year after the victory of Trading Leather’s broodmare sire Sinndar. Trading Leather’s success also extended the influence of the allconquering Sadler’s Wells male line. Galileo was the fifth of Sadler’s Wells’s six Irish Derby winners. Three of Sadler’s Wells’s sons have also sired a total of nine Irish Derby winners, with Galileo’s contribution standing at three. Trading Leather proved another triumph for Jim Bolger, not only in his role as trainer but also as breeder. Bolger bred one of Galileo’s Irish Derby winners, Soldier Of Fortune, and he also bred Trading Leather’s sire Teofilo. Now Bolger has the distinction of having bred Teofilo’s first three Gr1 winners – Parish Hall, Loch Garman and Trading Leather – as well as Light Heavy, third in the 2012 Irish Derby. Incidentally, six of Teofilo’s seven Group winners are colts, but he has several Listed-winning and Groupplaced daughters, so this imbalance is likely to change. Trading Leather’s dam Night Visit was bred by Maktoum Al Maktoum’s Gainsborough Stud Management but she was sold as a two-year-old and never raced. Her dam Moonlight Sail won at two in France. However, the main attraction of this daughter of Irish River was that her sister Hatoof won the 1,000 Guineas and Champion Stakes on one side of the Atlantic, plus another Gr1 in the US, where she was second in the Breeders’ Cup Turf. Moonlight Sail’s brother Irish Prize also shone in the US after showing very useful form in France, his best American Graded victory coming in the Gr1 Shoemaker Mile. Trading Leather’s third dam, the Lyphard mare Cadeaux d’Amie, cost $925,000 as a yearling. She won at up to a mile and a quarter and was a half-sister to the versatile Mrs Penny, whose victories included the Cheveley Park Stakes, Prix de Diane and Prix Vermeille. Cadeaux d’Amie’s Listedwinning daughter Insijaam visited Sinndar to produce the Oaks third Pictavia. Trading Leather’s dam is a three-parts sister to Pictavia. Trading Leather’s fourth dam, Tananarive, won at up to a mile and three-quarters in France.



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European Pattern >>

149 RAILWAY S G2 CURRAGH. June 29. 2yo. 6f.

1. SUDIRMAN (USA) 9-3 £48,780 b c by Henrythenavigator - Shermeen (Desert Style) O-Mrs Fitri Hay, Mrs J Magnier B-Kathryn Nikkel, Jeanne Canty TR-David Wachman 2. Big Time (IRE) 9-3 £15,447 br c by Kheleyf - Beguine (Green Dancer) O-Mrs C Regalado-Gonzalez B-Highfort Stud TR-John Joseph Murphy 3. Coach House (IRE) 9-3 £7,317 b c by Oasis Dream - Lesson In Humility (Mujadil) O-Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor, D Smith B-Lesson In Humility Syndicate TR-AP O’Brien Margins 0.5, 4.25. Time 1:11.73 (slow 0.73). Going Good. Age 2

Starts 4

Wins 2

Places 1

Earned £59,032

Sire: HENRYTHENAVIGATOR. Sire of 3 Stakes winners. In 2013 - SUDIRMAN Desert Style G2. 1st Dam: SHERMEEN by Desert Style. 4 wins 2-4, Luther Burbank H, 3rd Cornwallis S G3, Senorita S G3. Sister to MISTER MANANNAN. Dam of 1 winner: 2010: Henrietta Rose (f Henrythenavigator) in training. 2011: SUDIRMAN (c Henrythenavigator) Sold 200,000gns yearling at TAOC1. 2 wins at 2, Railway S G2. 2012: (c Henrythenavigator) 2nd Dam: COVER GIRL by Common Grounds. 6 wins 2-4, Morten Og Torvald Klaveness Minnelop LR. Dam of MISTER MANANNAN (g Desert Style: Harry Rosebery S LR, Prix Sigy LR, 2nd Molecomb S G3, 3rd Flying Childers S G2). Broodmare Sire: DESERT STYLE. Sire of the dams of 5 Stakes winners. In 2013 - HAVANA GOLD Teofilo G1, LETHAL FORCE Dark Angel G1, SUDIRMAN Henrythenavigator G2. SUDIRMAN b c 2011 Raise A Native Gold Digger Nureyev Miesque Pasadoble HENRYTHENAVIGATOR b/br 05 Northern Dancer Sadler’s Wells Fairy Bridge Sequoyah Irish River Brigid Luv Luvin’ Danzig Green Desert Foreign Courier Desert Style High Top Organza Canton Silk SHERMEEN b 03 Kris Common Grounds Sweetly Cover Girl Doulab Peace Carrier Paradise Bird Mr Prospector


1st Dam: Darrery by Darshaan. 3 wins at 3 and 4, 2nd Food Brokers Aphrodite S LR. Dam of 6 winners: 1996: Al Waffi (c Fairy King) 3 wins, 2nd Preis des Casino Baden-Baden LR, 3rd Gran Criterium G1. 1998: Mohajem (c Fairy King) unraced. 1999: DIARY (f Green Desert) 3 wins. Dam of TOTAL GALLERY (Prix de l’Abbaye de Longchamp G1), TEMPEST FUGIT (River Eden S LR), Lady Darshaan (2nd Stud Fillies’ Mile S G1). 2000: MADE IN JAPAN (g Barathea) 5 wins, Triumph Hurdle G1, 2nd Champion 4YO Hurdle G1. 2002: Sunday Symphony (g Sunday Silence) 3 wins at 2 and 4, 2nd Chester H LR. 2003: Alexander Divine (f Halling) unplaced. 2004: HOME SECRETARY (g Machiavellian) 5 wins. 2006: Dulcet Tones (f Singspiel) unraced. 2007: Edward Lear (g Refuse To Bend) unplaced. 2009: AMBIVALENT (f Authorized) Sold 24,000gns yearling at TAOC2. 4 wins 2-4, Pretty Polly S G1, Chalice S LR, 2nd Middleton S G2, 3rd Pinnacle S G3, Aphrodite S LR.

Johnny Murtagh must have a soft spot for descendants of Darrery. Her grandson Total Gallery carried him to victory in the Gr1 Prix de l’Abbaye in 2009. And now he has another Gr1 victory, in the Pretty Polly on Darrery’s final foal, Ambivalent. She is the first Gr1 winner to represent Derby winner Authorized. Because of the striking success Sadler’s Wells enjoyed with daughters of Darshaan, Sadler’s Wells’s son Montjeu also became a popular option for Darshaan mares. Montjeu sired ten per cent stakes winners from them, with Derby winner Pour Moi heading the nick’s four Group winners. Now three sons of Montjeu have stakes winners from Darshaan mares, with Authorized following Ridasiyna’s sire Motivator as the second to sire a Gr1 winner. Darrery was previously best known as dam of Made In Japan, the Triumph Hurdle winner, but has since been upstaged by Total Gallery’s dam Diary and Ambivalent. Diary was sold to Greece for 7,000gns at two. Returned to Britain, she did so well that it took 1,300,000gns to buy her when she was offered, in foal to Galileo, at the 2010 December Sales. Her Gr1placed daughter Lady Darshaan made 600,000gns at the same sale.

2nd Dam: FLAMENCO by Dance Spell. 3 wins at 2, Waterford Candelabra S G3. Dam of Darrery (above).


b f by Authorized - Darrery (Darshaan) O-Ali Saeed B-Darley TR-Roger Varian 2. Was (IRE) 4 9-10 £30,894 b f by Galileo - Alluring Park (Green Desert) O-D Smith, Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor B-Lodge Park Stud TR-AP O’Brien 3. Shirocco Star (GB) 4 9-10 £14,634 b f by Shirocco - Spectral Star (Unfuwain) O-Helena Springfield B-Meon Valley TR-H Morrison Margins 0.5, neck. Time 2:04.83 (fast 0.17). Going Good to firm. Age Starts Wins Places Earned 2-4 10 4 3 £156,186 Sire: AUTHORIZED. Sire of 7 Stakes winners. In 2013 - AMBIVALENT Darshaan G1, REHN’S NEST Galileo G3, SUGAR BOY Danehill G3.

Broodmare Sire: DARSHAAN. Sire of dams of 207 Stakes winners. In 2013 - AL KAZEEM Dubawi G1, AMBIVALENT Authorized G1, BYRAMA Byron G1, ESTIMATE Monsun G1, SAJJHAA King’s Best G1, LIBERTARIAN New Approach G2, DANK Dansili G3, ERNEST HEMINGWAY Galileo G3, GLOBAL THRILL Big Shuffle G3, JUTLAND Halling G3, VIZTORIA Oratorio G3. AMBIVALENT b f 2009

AUTHORIZED b 04 Funsie


150 PRETTY POLLY S G1 CURRAGH. June 30. 3yo+f&m. 10f.

1. AMBIVALENT (IRE) 4 9-10

Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Top Ville Floripedes Toute Cy Rainbow Quest Saumarez Fiesta Fun Lyphard Vallee Dansante Green Valley Mill Reef Shirley Heights Hardiemma Abdos Delsy Kelty Northern Dancer Dance Spell Obeah Boldnesian Santiago Sweetie Santiago Lassie Sadler’s Wells


DARRERY b 90 Flamenco


CHANTILLY. June 30. 3yoc&f. 1600m.

1. HAVANA GOLD (IRE) 9-2 £185,821 b c by Teofilo - Jessica’s Dream (Desert Style) O-Qatar Racing, CSH B-Sir Eric Parker TR-R Hannon 2. San Marino Grey (FR) 9-2 £74,341 gr c by Clodovil - Montagne Magique (King’s Best) O-Baron Van Gysel B-Petra Bloodstock TR-A Fabre 3. Mondialiste (IRE) 9-2 £37,171 b c by Galileo - Occupandiste (Kaldoun) O/B-Wertheimer et Frere TR-F Head Margins Short neck, 1.5. Time 1:37.01. Going Good to soft. Age 2-3

Starts 10

Wins 5

Places 3

Earned £379,104

Sire: TEOFILO. See race 148. 1st Dam: JESSICA’S DREAM by Desert Style. 7 wins 3-4, Ballyogan S G3, Premio Omenoni G3, 3rd Flying Five G2. Dam of 4 winners: 2004: ROCKER (g Rock of Gibraltar) 8 wins at 2 to 7. 2005: FAST GO (g Royal Applause) Winner in Hong Kong.

ESKULINA (f Montjeu) Winner in Germany. Jam Zarin (c Pivotal) unraced. Moons of Jupiter (c Galileo) ran once. Skirmish (c Teofilo) HAVANA GOLD (c Teofilo) 50,000gns foal at TADEF, 80,000gns yearling at TAOC1. 5 wins 2-3, Prix Jean Prat G1, Somerville Tattersall S G3, Ascendant S LR, 2nd Craven S G3. 2011: (f Galileo) 2012: (f Fastnet Rock) 2006: 2007: 2008: 2009: 2010:

2nd Dam: ZIFFANY by Taufan. 1 win at 2. Dam of JESSICA’S DREAM (above), MAJORS CAST (c Victory Note: Spring Trophy S LR, 2nd Lockinge S G1, 3rd Prix du Moulin G1). Broodmare Sire: DESERT STYLE. See race 149. HAVANA GOLD b c 2010 Sadler’s Wells Galileo

Urban Sea

TEOFILO b 2004 Danehill Speirbhean Saviour Desert Style JESSICA’S DREAM b 98 Ziffany

Green Desert Organza Taufan Bonnie Banks

Northern Dancer Fairy Bridge Miswaki Allegretta Danzig Razyana Majestic Light Victorian Queen Danzig Foreign Courier High Top Canton Silk Stop The Music Stolen Date Lomond Light Link

A day after he’d supplied Irish Derby winner Trading Leather, Teofilo struck Gr1 treasure again when Havana Gold landed the Prix Jean Prat. He was bred by Sir Eric Parker and is the first Gr1 winner by Teofilo not bred by Jim Bolger. He inherited a good measure of the ability that helped Teofilo be the champion two-year-old of 2006, as he won four of his six starts as a juvenile and would have landed a fifth had his saddle not slipped at Deauville. Havana Gold is never going to stay as well as Trading Leather. He’s inbred 4 x 4 to Danzig, through Gr1-winning sprinters Danehill and Green Desert. Also, his first four dams are by sires who were best at a mile or less. His dam Jessica’s Dream won twice over six furlongs early on but her connections concluded she was better suited by five, over which she won the Gr3 Ballyogan Stakes. Ziffany, his second dam, gained her only win over seven. In addition to Jessica’s Dream, this daughter of Taufan produced Majors Cast, a very smart performer over seven and eight furlongs.





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A good legal team makes the difference between coming first or coming second. Be a winner with Selachii LLP Solicitors. Quality advice, cost effective legal solutions, all encompassing services. Selachii LLP specialise in contract law and dispute resolution. To discuss your matter please call Richard Howlett on 020 7792 5649 or email THOROUGHBRED OWNER & BREEDER INC PACEMAKER

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Global Stakes Results Date Grade Argentina 21/06 G2 20/06 G2 16/06 G2 8/06 G2 2/06 G2 20/06 G3 16/06 G3 15/06 G3 8/06 G3 7/06 G3 4/06 G3 Australia 22/06 8/06 8/06 8/06 1/06 8/06 8/06 1/06 1/06 1/06 22/06 22/06 15/06 1/06

G1 G1 G1 G1 G1 G2 G2 G2 G2 G2 G3 G3 G3 G3




Clasico General Belgrano Clasico General Manuel Belgrano Clasico Pippermint Clasico Forli Clasico Particula Clasico Antonio Cane Clasico Omega Clasico Republica de Panama Clasico Santiago Lawrie Clasico General Lavalle Clasico Andres S Torres

12.5f 6.0f 7.0f 9.0f 11.0f 10.5f 8.0f 5.0f 5.0f 5.0f 7.5f

Sky Racing Tatt's Tiara Winter Stakes Patinack Farm J J Atkins Stakes Channel Seven Queensland Derby AAMI Stradbroke Handicap XXXX Gold Queensland Oaks Croser Brisbane Cup Patinack Farm Dane Ripper Stakes Sky Racing Queensland Guineas Magic Millions QTC Cup Al Basti Equiworld Eagle Farm Cup W J Healy Stakes Carlton Draught Tattersall's Cup Hyperion Stakes Belmont Sprint

7.0f 8.0f 12.0f 7.0f 12.0f 12.0f 7.0f 7.0f 6.5f 11.0f 6.0f 11.0f 8.0f 7.0f

The Stradbroke Handicap, Queensland’s richest race, completed the transformation of Linton from a high class stayer and Melbourne Cup also-ran to a big money-winning speedster. Current handler John Sadler has had this seven-furlong contest in mind for Linton ever since he was acquired out of Robert Hickmott’s yard yet, despite having won his two previous starts, he was sent off at 25-1. Heartbreakingly, the triumph came at Brazil 22/06 22/06 16/06 8/06 15/06 2/06

G1 G1 G1 G2 G3 G3


Ever Rider (ARG) Dont Worry (ARG) Pataques (ARG) Acertame (ARG) Girlie (ARG) Aristocity (ARG) Infiltrada (ARG) Megafive (ARG) Un Clasico (ARG) Kir Royal (ARG) City Tune (ARG)

5 4 4 4 4 9 5 5 5 3 3

Red Tracer (AUS) Romantic Touch (AUS) Hawkspur (AUS) Linton (AUS) Gondokoro (NZ) Moriarty (IRE) Red Tracer (AUS) Sizzling (AUS) Galah (AUS) Quintessential (NZ) Howmuchdoyouloveme (AUS) Rialya (AUS) Black Tycoon (AUS) Kerrific (AUS)

6 3 4 7 4 5 6 4 5 5 5 6 8 7

the expense of five-time Group 2 winner Buffering, the Stradbroke runner-up for the second consecutive year who has now made the frame in no fewer than 13 Group 1s without winning a single one. By contrast Red Tracer, the narrow bridesmaid in a pair of top level contests earlier this autumn, broke her Group 1 duck in the Tattersall’s Tiara. She did so by almost three lengths, having a fortnight earlier overcome a

Grande Premio Farewell Grande Premio Immensity Grande Premio Jockey Club Brasieiro G P Presidente Jose Cerquinho Assumpcao Grande Premio Jose Paulino Nogueira G.P. Presidente Roberto Alves de Almeida

Venancio Nahid won an important legal battle when he persuaded a judge to delay a suspension given him after one of his horses tested positive. He went on to saddle the first three in the GP Jockey Club Brasileiro and finished the season two weeks later with such a flourish that he narrowly defeated


8.0f 8.0f 8.0f 8.0f 12.0f 8.0f

Fixador (BRZ) Estupenda Demais (BRZ) Baccelo (BRZ) Catcher In The Sky (ARG) Fugazi (BRZ) Sul Blue (BRZ)

Dulcino Guignoni both on wins (155 to 151) and earnings. In the Brasileiro, Set Lua tried to make all, pursued by the odds-on Avenger Of Light. However the favourite could make no impression while Baccelo, who had been disputing third, quickened to catch the hard-ridden leader near the finish.



Broodmare Sire


Rider Stripes (ARG) Sultry Song (USA) Catcher In The Rye (IRE) Equal Stripes (ARG) Pure Prize (USA) City West (ARG) Footstepsinthesand (GB) Slew Gin Fizz (USA) Mutakddim (USA) Exchange Rate (USA) Easing Along (USA)

Alleg Dancer (ARG) Even Better (ARG) Princesa Americana (USA) Asperiega (ARG) Gigabyte (ARG) La Aristocrata (ARG) Ibella (ARG) Megaera (ARG) Gambuzina (ARG) Key West Cammy (USA) La Laurita (ARG)

Il Corsaro (USA) Lucky Roberto (USA) Stravinsky (USA) Engrillado (ARG) Green Means Go (USA) Equalize (USA) Lode (USA) El Compinche (ARG) Grand Chelem Street Cry (IRE) Halo Sunshine (USA)


Dane Shadow (AUS) Northern Meteor (AUS) Purrealist (AUS) Galileo (IRE) Zabeel (NZ) Clodovil (IRE) Dane Shadow (AUS) Snitzel (AUS) Redoute's Choice (AUS) Fast 'n' Famous (AUS) Written Tycoon (AUS) Kempinsky (AUS) Blackfriars (AUS) Blackfriars (AUS)

Kisma (AUS) Dearness (AUS) Mollyhawk (AUS) Heather (NZ) Kisumu (AUS) Justice System (USA) Kisma (AUS) Admirelle (AUS) Rinky Dink (AUS) Florette (USA) Betula Belle (AUS) Ettu Blu (AUS) Dame Fontaine (AUS) Striking Zoe (AUS)

Snippets (AUS) Snippets (AUS) Catbird (AUS) Centaine (AUS) Carnegie (IRE) Criminal Type (USA) Snippets (AUS) General Nediym (AUS) Distorted Humor (USA) Sword Dance Celtic Swing (GB) Prince Echo Last Tycoon Tribu (AUS)

bad draw and a big weight to become the first two-time winner of the Group 2 Dane Ripper Stakes. Hers was all-conquering Sydney trainer Chris Waller’s ninth Group 1 victory of the season following on from that of Hawkspur, who earlier in the month had completed the Queensland Triple Crown in the Derby. Back in fifth place in the Derby was the filly Gondoroko, who seven days previously had posted a dominant 3 3 3 4 4 5


Crafty C T (USA) Onward Royal (BRZ) Northern Afleet (USA) Catcher In The Rye (IRE) Crimson Tide (IRE) Sulamani (IRE)

victory in the Queensland Oaks. Trainer Gai Waterhouse has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late thanks to her acrimonious dispute with owner John Singleton. But she was making positive headlines again after her two-year-old gelding Romantic Touch, who had finished nearer last than first on his opening two racecourse appearances, completed a meteoric rise to the top in the J J Atkins Stakes.

Nein (BRZ) Ki Nave (BRZ) Quanto Corina (BRZ) Vice Versa (USA) Our Lucky Girl (BRZ) Blue Xenry (BRZ)

Nahid also went close with Angel Carina in the GP Immensity. She and Estupenda Demais pounced together inside the final furlong but the winner ran on just the better to triumph by a neck. In the GP Farewell, Antonio Correa da Silva drove Fixador through a gap

Know Heights (IRE) Roi Normand (USA) Wild Event (USA) Skywalker (USA) Vettori (IRE) Tandoro Dancer (BRZ)

on the rails to win a tight finish by a head from Jaspion Silent, who was staying on strongly on the outside. The Argentine-bred favourite, Perfect Event, who had beaten Jaspion Silent and Fixador by a neck and one length on May 25, finished ninth of the 12 runners.

Canada 23/06 2/06 1/06

G2 G3 G3

TVG King Edward Stakes Vigil Stakes Hendrie Stakes

8.0f 7.0f 6.5f

Riding The River (USA) Laugh Track (USA) Delightful Mary (USA)

6 4 5


Wiseman's Ferry (USA) Distorted Humor (USA) Limehouse (USA)

Glow Ruby Go (USA) Flaming Heart (USA) Deputy's Delight (USA)

Rubiano (USA) Touch Gold (USA) French Deputy (USA)

Chile 15/06 14/06 31/05 8/06 31/05 1/06 31/05

G1 G1 G1 G2 G2 G3 G3

Premio Tanteo de Potrancas Premio Alberto Vial Infante C. Club Hipico de Santiago Fallabella Gran Premio de Honor Premio Carlos Campino Premio Victor Matetic Fernandez Premio Julio Subercaseaux Browne

7.5f 8.0f 10.0f 12.0f 9.0f 7.5f 8.0f

Divina Preciosa (CHI) El Bromista (CHI) Papelon (CHI) McQueen (CHI) Perseverante (CHI) El Cantante (CHI) Solaria (CHI)

3 3 7 4 4 3 3


Crocker Road (USA) Scat Daddy (USA) Monthir (USA) Last Best Place (USA) Stuka (USA) Newfoundland (USA) Scat Daddy (USA)

Hecate (CHI) Bresca (CHI) Encubierta (CHI) Talk Show (CHI) Pradilla (CHI) Rafaela Carra (CHI) So Linda (CHI)

Golden Voyager (USA) Seeker's Reward (CAN) Edgy Diplomat (USA) High Pitched (GB) Manos de Piedra (USA) African Dancer (USA) Seeker's Reward (CAN)

They will have to rename the Clasico Club Hipico de Santiago Falabella after Papelon. The six-year-old was winning it for the third time in the last four years and was also third in 2011. He stretched clear in the final furlong to triumph by four and a half lengths. Japan 23/06 2/06 16/06 16/06

G1 G1 G3 G3

Takarazuka Kinen Yasuda Kinen Unicorn Stakes Hakodate Sprint Stakes

Prior to their meeting in the Alberto Vial Infante, El Bromista had beaten Sposito by one and a half lengths in a G3 over six and a half furlongs in April but he hadn't run since, while his victim had carried off another G3 over this mile on May 24, winning by five lengths. 11.0f 8.0f 8.0f 6.0f


Gold Ship (JPN) Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Best Warrior (USA) Pas de Trois (JPN)

So Sposito was sent off favourite, but El Bromista had his measure again, beating him by half a length and continuing the great first season of Scat Daddy, his sire. Scat Daddy also supplied the favourite, Savorita, in the following day's 4 5 3 6


Stay Gold (JPN) King Kamehameha (JPN) Majestic Warrior (USA) Swept Overboard (USA)

Tanteo de Potrancas. But she ran a poor fifth, 18 lengths behind the victorious Divina Preciosa. The pair had met in their previous outing, when Savorita had finished second, one and a quarter lengths in front of Divina Preciosa.

Point Flag (JPN) Lady Blossom (JPN) Flirtatious Miss (USA) Grand Pas de Deux (JPN)

Mejiro McQueen (JPN) Storm Cat (USA) Mr Greeley (USA) Fuji Kiseki (JPN)

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Global Stakes Results >>

9/06 9/06 1/06

G3 G3 G3

Epsom Cup Mermaid Stakes Naruo Kinen

The Japanese desire for an elusive first Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe victory means that a very strong challenge is likely this October. However, the raiding party to France will not include Gold Ship, last year’s dual Classic and Arima Kinen hero who bounced back from a poor Peru 23/06 23/06 23/06 23/06 1/06 1/06

G1 G1 G2 G2 G3 G3

Gran Premio Jockey Club del Peru Clasico Pamplona Clasico O.S.A.F. Clasico America Clasico Luis Olaechea Dubois Clasico Augusto Mostajo Barrera

Argentine-bred Big Cazanova crossed the line one and a quarter lengths in front of his stable companion Good Luck Keny in the GP Jockey Club del Peru, with the US-bred filly Azarenka one and a half lengths back in third. South Africa 8/06 G1 1/06 G1 1/06 G1 23/06 G2 23/06 G2 14/06 G2 8/06 G2 9/06 G3 8/06 G3 8/06 G3 8/06 G3 1/06 G3

Rising Sun Gold Challenge Daily News 2000 Woolavington 2000 Betting World Derby Betting World Oaks Post Merchants Handicap RisingSun Distributors Tibouchina Stakes Betting World Jubilee Handicap Langerman Handicap Oceanfresh Seafoods Winter Classic Lotus FM Cup Trial Lonsdale Stirrup Cup

Variety Club, South Africa’s reigning Horse Of The Year, surely needs to suffer the punishing current quarantine regulations and race abroad if he is to add further lustre to his reputation. Joey Ramsden’s Var colt may have won a second straight Rising Sun Gold Challenge by only a length but Sweden 11/06


United States 22/06 G1 15/06 G1 15/06 G1 8/06 G1 8/06 G1 8/06 G1 22/06 G2 22/06 G2 15/06 G2 9/06 G2 8/06 G2 8/06 G2 8/06 G2 8/06 G2 7/06 G2 1/06 G2 22/06 G3 16/06 G3 15/06 G3 15/06 G3 15/06 G3 15/06 G3 15/06 G3 8/06 G3 2/06 G3 1/06 G3

Clarente (JPN) Marcellina (JPN) Tokei Halo (JPN)

performance in the Tenno Sho (Spring) with a convincing triumph in the Takarazuka Kinen. Gold Ship is set to stay at home but the Takarazuka Kinen third, Gentildonna, could go to Paris, while set to run in Europe’s most prestigious race are both May’s 12.0f 10.0f 8.0f 5.0f 7.0f 7.0f

Azarenka (USA) Scherezada (PER) Incansable (USA) Comprometido (USA) Madeo (PER) Alanza (PER)

Jose Monteza, who rode Azarenka, objected to the runner-up for carrying her out into the middle of the track early into the straight. Amazingly, though, the rider of Good Luck Keny also objected to Big Cazanova, who had strayed a 8.0f 10.0f 10.0f 12.0f 12.0f 6.0f 7.0f 9.0f 7.5f 9.0f 9.0f 12.0f

Variety Club (SAF) Vercingetorix (SAF) Do You Remember (SAF) Silvano's Jet (SAF) Dylan's Promise (AUS) Merhee (AUS) Louvre (SAF) Seal (SAF) Antonius du Bois (SAF) Readytogorightnow (AUS) Astro News (SAF) River Crossing (SAF)

afterwards his pilot, Anton Marcus, was bemoaning the weakness of the opposition – even though the runnerup, Beach Beauty, was a recent Group 1 winner and the third, Pomodoro, last year won no less a race than the Durban July. If Variety Club’s connections decide to take up the

4 5 4


Dance In The Dark (JPN) Deep Impact (JPN) Gold Halo (JPN)

Erimo Pixy (JPN) Marbye (IRE) Dance Queen (JPN)

Japanese Derby winner Kizuna and last year’s Arc runner-up, Orfevre, who was forced to miss the Takarazuka Kinen after bleeding in a pre-race gallop. While the pecking order among the nation’s staying stars has yet to be resolved, Lord Kanaloa possibly 3 6 3 6 3 3


Street Hero (USA) Privately Held (USA) Master Command (USA) Benchmark (USA) Apprentice (USA) Private Account (USA)

5 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 3 4 5 5


Var (USA) Silvano (GER) Silvano (GER) Silvano (GER) Dylan Thomas (IRE) Elusive Quality (USA) Doowaley (IRE) Silvano (GER) Antonius Pius (USA) More Than Ready (USA) Silvano (GER) Caesour (USA)

added the title ‘Champion Miler’ to his undisputed sprinting crown by landing the Yasuda Kinen. Trying the longer trip for the first time in over two years, he beat Shonan Mighty (who had finished runner-up to Orfevre on his previous start) by a neck.

Spirited Debate (USA) Mari Cat (PER) Silk Sails (USA) Miss Continental (USA) Staciana (USA) Chris the Coach (USA)

long way across from the rails in the closing stages but still did not appear to have interfered with his struggling stablemate. Both objections were upheld and so the prize fell to Azarenka – her fourth win in six starts – while Big

Successful Appeal (USA) Just A Cat (USA) Ocean Crest (USA) Flying Continental (USA) Phone Trick (USA) Boundary (USA)

Cazanova was demoted to third. Scherezada, fifth in the 2011 Clasico Pamplona and third last year, also wandered about before gaining a one and a half lengths success over Sheama’s Note in this year’s renewal.

La Massine (SAF) National Vixen (SAF) Festive Occasion (SAF) State Coach (SAF) Madonna (AUS) Dizzy de Lago (AUS) Prive (SAF) Prestine Performer (SAF) Balabos (USA) Storm Fronts (AUS) Orange Moon (SAF) Rubicon (GB)

travel challenge, the Breeders’ Cup Mile is apparently top of his agenda. Trainer Mike de Kock has lately seemed to be concentrating on the overseas exploits of the likes of Igugu and Shea Shea. But he unearthed a new star at home when Vercingetorix took his unblemished record to four in a

Dancing Brave (USA) Marju (IRE) Mill George (USA)

Secret Prospector (USA) National Assembly (CAN) Casey Tibbs (IRE) Jet Master (SAF) Rigoletto (AUS) Encosta de Lago (AUS) Saumarez Rambo Dancer (CAN) Theatrical Hurricane Sky (AUS) Dominion Royale Irish River (FR)

blanket finish to the Daily New 2000. The corresponding race for fillies, the Woolavington 2000, saw a shock reverse for a below-par Cherry On The Top, who could manage only fourth behind an opponent, Do You Remember, who had chased her home in three previous big races.

IKC Fonder Stockholms Stora Pris


Without Fear (FR)



Refuse To Bend (IRE)

Kansas (GB)


Mother Goose Stakes Abu Dhabi Stephen Foster Handicap Vanity Handicap Belmont Stakes Woodford Reserve Manhattan Handicap Longines Just A Game Stakes Colonial Turf Cup Stakes Hollywood Oaks Fleur de Lis Handicap Monmouth Stakes Woody Stephens Stakes RTN True North Handicap Charles Whittingham Memorial Handicap Honeymoon Handicap Brooklyn Handicap Californian Stakes Edward P Evans All Along Stakes Pegasus Stakes Matt Winn Stakes Hill Prince Stakes Regret Stakes Bed O' Roses Handicap Obeah Stakes Early Times Mint Julep Handicap Affirmed Handicap Aristides Stakes

8.5f 9.0f 9.0f 12.0f 10.0f 8.0f 9.5f 8.5f 9.0f 9.0f 7.0f 6.0f 10.0f 9.0f 12.0f 9.0f 9.0f 8.5f 8.5f 8.0f 9.0f 7.0f 9.0f 8.5f 8.5f 6.0f

Close Hatches (USA) Fort Larned (USA) Byrama (GB) Palace Malice (USA) Point of Entry (USA) Stephanie's Kitten (USA) London Lane (USA) Doinghardtimeagain (USA) Funny Proposition (USA) Boisterous (USA) Forty Tales (USA) Fast Bullet (USA) Tale of A Champion (USA) Sarach (USA) Calidoscopio (ARG) Clubhouse Ride (USA) Channel Lady (USA) Verrazano (USA) Code West (USA) Notacatbutallama (USA) Kitten's Dumplings (USA) Dance to Bristol (USA) Bryan's Jewel (USA) Miz Ida (USA) Tiz a Minister (USA) Scatman (USA)

3 5 4 3 5 4 6 3 4 6 3 5 5 3 10 5 4 3 3 3 3 4 5 4 3 4


First Defence (USA) E Dubai (USA) Byron (GB) Curlin (USA) Dynaformer (USA) Kitten's Joy (USA) Langfuhr (CAN) Ministers Wild Cat (USA) Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Distorted Humor (USA) Tale of The Cat (USA) Speightstown (USA) Tale of The Cat (USA) Arch (USA) Luhuk (USA) Candy Ride (ARG) English Channel (USA) More Than Ready (USA) Lemon Drop Kid (USA) Harlan's Holiday (USA) Kitten's Joy (USA) Speightstown (USA) Rockport Harbor (USA) Proud Citizen (USA) Ministers Wild Cat (USA) Scat Daddy (USA)

Rising Tornado (USA) Arlucea (USA) Aymara (GB) Palace Rumor (USA) Matlacha Pass (USA) Unfold the Rose (USA) Travelling (USA) Silver Hawk Lady (USA) Humorous Miss (USA) Emanating (USA) Forty Love (USA) Renfro Valley Star (USA) If Angels Sang (USA) Eximius (GB) Calderona (ARG) Seeking Results (USA) Queen Supreme (USA) Enchanted Rock (USA) Charitabledonation (USA) Self Rising (USA) Granny Franny (USA) Dance to Dawn (USA) Saphiria (USA) May Gator (USA) Tiz a Mistress (USA) Hit It Here Cafe (USA)

Storm Cat (USA) Broad Brush (USA) Darshaan Royal Anthem (USA) Seeking The Gold (USA) Catienus (USA) Miswaki (USA) Conquistador Cielo (USA) Distorted Humor (USA) Cox's Ridge (USA) Forty Niner (USA) Dayjur (USA) Seattle Slew (USA) Atticus (USA) Lefty (USA) Seeking The Gold (USA) King of Kings (IRE) Giant's Causeway (USA) Saint Ballado (CAN) Hansel (USA) Grand Slam (USA) Louis Quatorze (USA) Touch Gold (USA) Green Alligator (USA) Cee's Tizzy (USA) Grand Slam (USA)

The Classic season is over. Yet, even by the end of June, the identity of the best three-year-old in America, of either sex, remains a mystery. In some ways the final Triple Crown race, the Belmont Stakes, franked the form of the previous two as at least Orb and Oxbow,


9.0f 10.0f 10.0f

winners of the first two legs, finished placed. But they were well beaten behind Palace Malice, who had paid for his exertions in setting a ridiculously fast pace in the Kentucky Derby but had been rested since and had his blinkers removed. This time pressing rather than

setting a strong pace, he overtook Oxbow two furlongs out and, despite slowing markedly, still had that rival over three lengths adrift at the wire, with the patiently-ridden Orb another couple of lengths back in third. Dreaming Of Julia was expected to

stamp her authority on her fellow fillies in the Mother Goose Stakes following her unlucky fourth in the Kentucky Oaks. However, she failed to fire, labouring into a distant second behind the Juddmonte- owned and -bred Close Hatches, who had finished seventh in


Aug_108_global stakes res_Leader 19/07/2013 14:10 Page 103


the Oaks and since been thrashed by the Oaks fifth, Midnight Lucky, in the Acorn Stakes. Veteran ‘Comeback Kid’ Gary Stevens had to settle for second behind a man three years his junior, 47-year-old Mike Smith, in the Belmont but continued his recent winning spree when guiding Byrama, a late-blooming

daughter of Byron who had landed a Catterick maiden for Nigel Tinkler in July 2011, to a decisive victory in the Vanity Handicap. The winners of the month’s other three features all had strong previous Breeders’ Cup (BC) form. Fort Larned, the winner of last year’s BC Classic, re-employed front-running

tactics for the first time since when bouncing back to his best in the Stephen Foster Handicap. Stephanie’s Kitten, winner of the 2011 BC Juvenile Fillies Turf, relished the yielding ground in taking the Just A Game Stakes under a rail-hugging ride from John Velazquez. And Point Of Entry made it just one

defeat (when second in the BC Turf) in his last six starts, all at Grade 1 level, in the Manhattan Handicap. It later transpired that the victory had come at the price of a fractured cannon bone, but veterinary opinion suggests Point Of Entry may be able to regain race fitness in time to bid to avenge that BC reverse in November.

Leading sires 2013 by percentage of stakes winners to runners Name


1990 2004 2002 1996 2004 1992 2005 1998 2002 2004 2005 1999 2004 1993 2002 1996 1993 2000 2002 2002 2004 1994 Holy Roman Emperor 2004 Montjeu 1996 Cape Cross 1994 Refuse To Bend 2000 Dylan Thomas 2003 Muhtathir 1995 Anabaa 1992 Orpen 1996 Shirocco 2001 Manduro 2002 Red Clubs 2003 King's Best 1997 Dalakhani 2000 Medicean 1997 Big Shuffle 1984 Monsun Duke Of Marmalade Dubawi Dansili Teofilo Singspiel New Approach Galileo Oratorio Dutch Art Dark Angel High Chaparral Authorized Danehill Dancer Motivator Mujahid Pivotal Oasis Dream Camacho Shamardal Mount Nelson Peintre Celebre


Konigsstuhl Danehill Dubai Millennium Danehill Galileo In The Wings Galileo Sadler's Wells Danehill Medicean Acclamation Sadler's Wells Montjeu Danehill Montjeu Danzig Polar Falcon Green Desert Danehill Giant's Causeway Rock Of Gibraltar Nureyev Danehill Sadler's Wells Green Desert Sadler's Wells Danehill Elmaamul Danzig Lure Monsun Monsun Red Ransom Kingmambo Darshaan Machiavellian Super Concorde


56 68 98 149 117 105 53 179 183 96 77 126 86 165 97 75 153 182 54 136 55 55 166 111 155 137 104 105 71 73 110 113 80 127 129 130 88


25 22 35 58 42 36 18 65 59 29 33 38 24 52 38 32 49 66 18 51 18 16 51 31 53 49 35 30 16 25 24 28 21 24 36 47 29


44.6 32.4 35.7 38.9 35.9 34.3 34.0 36.3 32.2 30.2 42.9 30.2 27.9 31.5 39.2 42.7 32.0 36.3 33.3 37.5 32.7 29.1 30.7 27.9 34.2 35.8 33.7 28.6 22.5 34.3 21.8 24.8 26.3 18.9 27.9 36.2 33.0


35 31 47 78 61 47 23 78 89 43 46 52 32 60 51 50 59 91 23 64 21 19 70 41 72 74 44 41 21 32 35 34 37 30 39 61 36


11.3 9.5 9.8 10.0 9.7 10.6 9.1 11.0 9.0 7.0 7.6 10.4 10.9 8.9 10.5 9.0 7.7 8.3 6.9 7.8 9.6 9.9 7.9 11.6 9.3 8.8 10.0 9.5 8.7 8.3 10.6 10.1 6.9 9.6 10.5 9.4 8.2

Earnings (£)

1,384,757 314,672 1,210,255 1,439,121 1,660,367 669,437 1,299,379 3,635,750 1,255,026 588,368 824,094 608,277 537,876 1,126,902 1,156,945 408,904 923,542 1,368,285 240,730 867,991 257,792 280,778 1,240,325 1,211,074 929,775 509,325 440,557 742,315 636,667 505,564 438,370 609,061 739,553 507,379 670,979 738,058 337,255


10 8 14 16 16 8 6 28 12 9 9 10 6 17 10 4 10 18 2 10 5 3 9 12 12 4 4 4 4 2 7 7 2 5 12 6 5


17.9 11.8 14.3 10.7 13.7 7.6 11.3 15.6 6.6 9.4 11.7 7.9 7.0 10.3 10.3 5.3 6.5 9.9 3.7 7.4 9.1 5.5 5.4 10.8 7.7 2.9 3.9 3.8 5.6 2.7 6.4 6.2 2.5 3.9 9.3 4.6 5.7


8 6 7 10 7 6 3 10 10 5 4 6 4 7 4 3 6 7 2 5 2 2 6 4 5 4 3 3 2 2 3 3 2 3 3 3 2


14.3 8.8 7.1 6.7 6.0 5.7 5.7 5.6 5.5 5.2 5.2 4.8 4.7 4.2 4.1 4.0 3.9 3.9 3.7 3.7 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.2 2.9 2.9 2.9 2.8 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.5 2.4 2.3 2.3 2.3

Estimate was icing on cake for Monsun Having reached the 50-runner qualification for inclusion in this category, the late lamented Monsun is back in what is becoming his accustomed position. His mark of 14.3% is exceptional and emphasises once again the extent to which quality rather than quantity counts. He has had more than 100 fewer runners than five of his rivals, contributing to a table-topping figure of almost 45% in proportion of winners to runners. Monsun has an exceptional team. Estimate’s Gold Cup triumph was the icing on the cake during June. There was another Group 1 win, for Novellist in the Grand Prix de SaintCloud, following two earlier in 2013 by Silasol and Maxios. Duke Of Marmalade increased his percentage but Dubawi dropped a bit. A headway maker was Dansili, his percentage rising from 4.1 to 6.7.

Leading sires of two-year-olds 2013 by earnings Name


2002 2001 2000 2003 2000 1996 1999 Holy Roman Emperor 2004 Kheleyf 2001 Henrythenavigator 2005 Pastoral Pursuits 2001 Deportivo 2000 Kodiac 2001 *Mastercraftsman 2006 *Red Rocks 2003 War Front 2002 Blu Air Force 1997 Camacho 2002 *Intense Focus 2006 Bahamian Bounty 1994 Invincible Spirit 1997 Chineur 2001 Excellent Art 2004 Librettist 2002 Lawman 2004 *Bushranger 2006 Sakhee's Secret 2004 Exceed And Excel 2000 Dubawi 2002 Danehill Dancer 1993 Footstepsinthesand Iffraaj Oasis Dream *Dandy Man Elusive City Orpen Acclamation


Giant's Causeway Zafonic Green Desert Mozart Elusive Quality Lure Royal Applause Danehill Green Desert Kingmambo Bahamian Bounty Night Shift Danehill Danehill Dancer Galileo Danzig Sri Pekan Danehill Giant's Causeway Cadeaux Genereux Green Desert Fasliyev Pivotal Danzig Invincible Spirit Danetime Sakhee Danehill Dubai Millennium Danehill


28 27 12 27 14 9 32 31 31 10 33 14 37 21 21 2 20 24 27 26 30 13 20 6 17 40 14 27 15 9


10 8 8 11 5 5 12 8 11 4 7 3 14 6 4 2 9 7 5 7 11 2 3 3 4 6 4 9 3 2


35.7 29.6 66.7 40.7 35.7 55.6 37.5 25.8 35.5 40.0 21.2 21.4 37.8 28.6 19.1 100.0 45.0 29.2 18.5 26.9 36.7 15.4 15.0 50.0 23.5 15.0 28.6 33.3 20.0 22.2


11 11 10 13 9 7 15 9 12 5 12 3 16 10 6 3 14 8 5 9 11 4 4 4 5 7 6 9 4 3


5.9 5.4 5.7 5.2 5.3 5.1 5.9 5.4 5.3 5.7 5.1 6.0 5.3 5.8 5.3 6.0 5.3 5.3 5.6 5.1 5.8 4.9 5.8 6.1 5.8 5.3 5.7 5.5 5.8 5.3

Earnings (£)

167,592 154,961 151,092 139,986 117,731 109,882 105,845 105,632 105,252 102,837 97,013 96,666 95,227 92,253 89,271 89,015 88,640 83,895 81,866 81,382 81,299 80,979 63,058 59,268 57,919 57,703 56,053 54,890 54,705 50,071

Top horse

Sandiva Rizeena Coach House Extortionist Vedeux Vorda Apocalittica Atlantic City Big Time Sudirman Ventura Mist Larra Chope Quatuor Pablosky Grey Greezly War Command Stay Tuned Beldale Memory Heart Focus Fig Roll One Chance Winshine Nisharora Mister Worldwide Club Wexford Majestic Alexander Thunder Strike Ifwecan Kiyoshi Stubbs

Earned (£)

48,671 76,346 61,420 37,982 42,276 36,179 17,073 24,837 23,862 59,033 26,416 27,846 16,735 31,707 20,601 77,308 14,487 22,916 33,305 33,287 13,671 29,106 25,089 23,740 22,610 14,395 35,413 9,371 43,915 43,018

Kodiac runners click Royal Ascot had an inevitable effect, with Footstepsinthesand, Iffraaj and Oasis Dream storming to the top of the table thanks to Sandiva, Rizeena and Coach House. Oasis Dream’s strikerate of 66% is easily the best for sires with more than ten runners. Kodiac had a good month, with five winners, and he is now the outright leader from Acclamation, who has also made excellent headway. Next come first-season sire Dandy Man, Invincible Spirit and Kheleyf. The other freshmen are not posing any threats to the leader at the moment, with Bushranger and Mastercraftsman on six followed by Intense Focus on five. With 40 facing the starter, Bushranger has had more runners than any in the list.

*First-season sire, statistics to June 30



Aug_108_Flashback_Owner 19/07/2013 14:17 Page 104


July 27, 1982 David Nicholls explains how he and Soba powered to Stewards’ Cup success at Goodwood



avid Nicholls is more familiar these days with telling the media at Glorious Goodwood how he trained the winner of the Stewards’ Cup, having done so three times now. Known as the sprint king, many who follow him in big sprint handicaps might be unfamiliar with his prowess in the saddle. To give you an idea, he quipped after saddling his latest Stewards’ Cup winner, the Billy Cray-partnered Evens And Odds in 2010: “I’ve never had any doubts about Billy… though


he’s not as good as I was”. His enjoyment of banter with the media dates from his successful career in the saddle, during which his formidable association with Soba was the highlight. He is pictured telling trainer David Chapman and the press corps about smashing the course record on Soba (inset) in the 1982 Stewards’ Cup, the best of an incredible 11 wins that year for the ‘Queen of the North’. Soba made every yard from stall one to win by two and a half lengths at odds of 18-1. Nicholls later

emphasised her importance to him, saying upon her death, aged 25, in 2004: “She put me on the map at a time when I was scratching around for a living. Winning the Stewards’ Cup was a great day. She was quite a difficult ride and a tough bugger.” Elaborating on that, the late David Chapman revealed: “She could bronk for England. You couldn’t get a saddle or a roller or anything on her. Anything around the ribs she didn’t like, and she detested bikes. If she saw a bike she went mad, but David Nicholls managed her all right.”


percentages ad oand b mag_23100_Layout 1 14/12/2012 14:28 Page 1

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S A N D E R S R OA D , W E LL I NG B O RO U GH, NO R T HA M P T O N S H I R E N N 8 4 B X T: 01933 440077 F: 01933 304702 E: W: *Charging structure applies

Darley OB Aug 2013_Darley OB Aug 2013 18/07/2013 13:51 Page 1

Punchy stuff Irish Derby hero Trading Leather. Prix Jean Prat winner Havana Gold. Loch Garman, first in the Criterium International. Three top-notch G1-winning colts in the amazing Teofilo’s second crop. With G1 Dewhurst winner Parish Hall in his first crop and 27 Group or Listed horses in his first two crops, he’s already outperforming Dansili, Invincible Spirit and Pivotal. He’s fourth on the Britain and Ireland leading sires’ list behind only Dubawi, New Approach and his sire Galileo.


Galileo – Speirbhean (Danehill) +353 (0)45 527600 +44 (0)1638 730070


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