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OPEN SPACES N ewsletter /A nnual R eport Winter 2020 vol 27 num 1

OPEN SPACES The newsletter of the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy BOARD OF DIRECTORS Roger Essick, President Stefanie Coeler, Vice President Martha Groszewski, Treasurer Bret Bradigan, Secretary Phil Bradley Sandy Buechley Wyatt Harris Phil Moncharsh Tonya Peralta Don Reed Meredy Benson Rice

STAFF Tom Maloney, Executive Director Tania Parker, Deputy Director Jill Lashly, Conservation Director Brendan Taylor, Stewardship Director Dan Pizano, Operations Director Xena Grossman, Development Associate Emmie Pinedo, Development Assistant Nathan Wickstrum, Stewardship Manager Caitlyn Barrera, Restoration Crew Supervisor & Conservation Assistant Destinee Rabelo, Restoration Specialist Mayra Diaz, Restoration Specialist Ron Singer, Nursery Manager

Mission: The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy is a community-based nonprofit organization working with partners to permanently protect the open space, natural scenic beauty, wildlife, habitat, and watershed of the Ojai Valley for current and future generations. STAY CONNECTED WITH THE OVLC: OVLC.ORG / FIND US ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM

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Welcome to the Team! Dan Pizano Dan moved to Southern California after living overseas to pursue an aviation career in international disaster relief. His academic and career experience are in technology, aviation, and astrophysics. Prior to moving abroad, Dan worked at multiple Silicon Valley start-ups in software development, communication networks and business intelligence. He balances his technical work with a passion for the outdoors and trail running. As an ultra trail runner, he combines his running and technical skills to reach remote areas to collect information about trail networks, infrastructure, and status on OVLC Preserves. Dan is dedicated to OVLC’s mission and is excited about evolving OVLC’s operations. Dan can often be found running on the trails and ridgelines in the Los Padres National Forest from Ojai to Solvang or the Santa Monica Mountains from Point Mugu to Santa Monica.

Mayra Diaz Born and raised in Ventura County, Mayra went to community college at Ventura College, and then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona where she obtained her B.S. in Biological Sciences. It was there where she developed a love and passion for nature and native plants of California. After college, Mayra returned to Ventura County where she volunteered at a few local organizations (one of them being OVLC!) doing plantings, pulling weeds, and trail maintenance. She landed an internship working for Catalina Island Conservancy, and it was there she found her passion and love for plant restoration. Mayra lived on the island for four months, and she worked on native plant restoration projects around the island as well as the native plant nursery. Mayra also worked on invasive plant removal and invasive plant surveys down drainages. Mayra also gained more experience working with invasive plant removal under Channel Island Restoration where she worked on an arundo removal project in Ventura County. Mayra is excited to be part of the OVLC team, and part of the restoration efforts for the valley. In her free time, you can find her hiking and enjoying charcuterie board.

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

From the Director Ojai is an extraordinary place filled with remarkable people in an amazing natural setting. It seems that the valley exerts a persistent pull on anyone who has spent any time here. In addition to these distinctive qualities, increasingly the Ojai Valley faces many challenges all too familiar to communities throughout California and the West. Perhaps nothing epitomizes these shared challenges more than the recent adjudication of water use throughout the Ventura River watershed. As others have pointed out, the recent passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) by the California legislature was an overdue but vital first step for California to get a handle on the over-drafting of our groundwater basins. (For instance, in the nearby Cuyama Valley, groundwater levels have dropped over 400 feet from irrigation pumping!) SGMA requires consideration of nature’s needs—particularly “groundwater dependent ecosystems,” like rivers. How the planning for this interacts with the adjudication of water use is impossible to predict, but the adjudication places the Ojai Valley at the crossroads of water planning statewide. Meanwhile, the catastrophic Thomas Fire is the regional embodiment of shifting fire regimes statewide and across the West. The effects of climate on fire behavior are demanding more proactive planning and management. Also, how natural communities respond to more intense fire in a drier climate is also a concern. Innovative planning to protect our communities (human and natural) is imperative in response to the shifting conditions. Thankfully, proactive land conservation with willing sellers can be a highly strategic, cost-effective and lasting strategy to advance water sustainability and mitigate fire concerns. The OVLC has been, and will continue to be, a leader in the broad partnership to protect and restore the Ventura River and its tributaries. Targeted land protection can also help with groundwater recharge. Similarly, in addition to providing critical recreational linkages, protecting land in the wildland urban interface can bolster the protection of life and property in the face of wildfire. The staff and board of the OVLC are eager to work with more landowners to accelerate our land conservation program to enhance our collective response to climate challenges that are increasingly acute in Ojai, and emblematic of issues across the American West. Together, as a community, Ojai can be a leader in planning for resilience by pairing land conservation with community adaptations in this changing climate.

Tom Maloney, Executive Director

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Here at the OVLC rain is a very exciting event—it kicks off the start to planting season for our field crew! We are out and about on all of the preserves, but we are especially proud of our plantings along San Antonio Creek, where native plants have successfully replaced invasive arundo, and at the old Farmont Ranch on the Ventura River Preserve, where native plants are thriving in what used to be an orange orchard! Plants that thrive at San Antonio Creek and other riparian habitats include arroyo willow, giant wild rye, mulefat, mugwort, southern honeysuckle, and Western sycamore. These natives help to stabilize the banks of the river by preventing soil erosion, conserving water (which invasive plants greedily extract), and providing native habitat for local wildlife. Things are definitely getting greener here in Ojai and we cannot wait to see what this rain season has in store for our planted saplings near the creek. One volunteer organization that is as passionate as the OVLC about riparian restoration is the Sespe Fly Fishers, and they recently assisted our field crew with planting baby oak trees and companion shrubs at the Ventura River Preserve. Overall, volunteers helped us kick off planting season with over 300 plants and countless numbers of acorns in the ground near San Antonio Creek and the Ventura River. The planting season has not yet concluded and there is still a lot left to tackle, however with the support of volunteers, we will continue these large planting efforts and sustain a greener future here in the Ojai Valley. Page 4

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

CREATURE FEATURE Mule Deer With the onset of rain and the changing season, have you noticed things growing? The local mule deer certainly have! Not only are mule deer excited for the new vegetation they can now browse, but the males have fully grown their antlers for mating season. Mating season for these deer begins in the late fall and lasts until mid-spring, where typically a family group of deer consists of one male and a few females. All of the bucks that were not successful in “wooing” females either remain solitary or form bachelor groups. So if you’re wondering why there is a group of bucks wandering about without any does, these are the notorious bachelors of Ojai. Each buck aspires to have the largest antlers and will physically challenge one another with their rack. Eventually the bucks shed their antlers and regrow them come the next mating season. Once spring comes it may become difficult to differentiate between the males and females, so be sure to admire those racks while you can!

Photos taken by our wildlife preserve cameras.

Allan Jacobs Bridge We hope you’ve been using the new, volunteer-built Allan Jacobs Trail these past few months since it opened in November. If you have used it, no doubt you’ve seen the piles of lumber on the south end of the trail near Oso Ridge Trail. That’s for the new bridge that’s being built. With support from the local Rotary Club of Ojai and Ojai Lion’s Club, we were able to purchase material for an equestrian bridge over Olive Creek. As before, it’ll be all volunteer built, and since we won’t be finished until late March at the earliest, there’s plenty of opportunity to help out. Come on out and build a bridge with us! Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 5


Gojai is a proud OVLC business sponsor and was our premier sponsor for Montaintainfilm on Tour 2019, and will be again in 2020! We are excited to welcome them to our community of Ojai Valley Land Conservancy partners!

GOJAI Organic’s Founder Lindsay Chambers’ love of nature inspired her to move to a farm in Ojai, California. Lindsay’s other great love? Her family. So when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, she took time off to be by her side. While undergoing chemotherapy, her mom decided to give up her daily diet soda routine, but she couldn’t find a simple, healthy caffeinated alternative on the market. Energy drinks had too much caffeine and unnecessary additives. And like many people, she liked the simplicity of sparkling water. GOJAI Organic is the nation’s first organic, gently caffeinated sparkling water. It has zero preservatives, calories or sugar, and the caffeine source is from organic un-roasted coffee beans. Beyond GOJAI Organic’s support of the OVLC, GOJAI also created a college scholarship that it provides annually to a Nordhoff High School Senior. Photos by Marc Alt Page 6

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Photo by Fridolin Schöpper



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UPCOMING EVENTS March 8: Women in the Wild Events - Visit for more information and to RSVP • Yoga on the preserve with Peak Power Yoga • Trail run on the Ventura River Preserve • Mother-Child Nature Discovery with Ventura Wild • Guided hike April 4: Stewardship Director Hike & Picnic -Space is limited: Registration required April 18: Spring Native Plant Sale at the OVLC Nursery on Besant Road For the most up-to-date information about OVLC events visit events

2019 Fiscal Year* Annual Report * FY 2019: Fiscal Year October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019

As our supporters will recall, last summer the OVLC’s former office manager and bookkeeper was arrested for grand theft and forgery. With this unfortunate incident, the board took immediate steps to improve internal controls on bookkeeping. In our continuing efforts to ensure that this sort of criminality never occurs again at OVLC, the board retained a new auditor who is familiar with land trust work. The auditor has been conducting a thorough examination of our books and operating procedures to help us refine our systems. We are still in the process of working with the auditor to determine ways to improve our systems. This process has taken longer than our typical annual audit and therefore our financial statements were not yet ready to include in this newsletter. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available. Once available for review, we will post fiscal year 2019’s audited financial statements at Tom Maloney Executive Director Page 8

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

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Joe Stronks

Kat Romo

Debra Wilson & Gary Heuer

Ernie & Carly Ford

Irshad & Linda Haque

John & Andrea Nelson

Kat West

Denise Chacon

Evelyn Caliri

Isla Claire Smith

John & Fran Pavelko

Katherine Regester

Dennis & Meredy Benson Rice

Frances Fitting

James & Carlito Paul

John & Kelly van Houten

Kathi & Mark Connally

Dennis & Stacy Allison

Fred Chase & Martha Moran

James & Dawn Engel

John & Laurie Bodine

Kathleen Richards

Diana Feinberg

Fred Rothenberg

James Henry

John & Lisa Adair

Kathryn & Jason Headley

Diana Trent

G. Scott Miller

James Turnbull

John & Maureen Hannah

Kathy Nolan

Gail & Alan Mintz

Jan Chase

John Brokaw

Katrina & Robert Schmidt

Gary & Dorothy Hitch

Jane Carroll

John Kuney & Christy Sebastian

Kay Wilson

Gem Quest Jewelers

Janice & Dan Lang

Joline Godfrey

Keith & Kathleen Manion

Gios Tacos

Janis Emhardt

Jonathan & Linda Lambert

Kenley Neufeld & Leslie Davis

Gloria Gerace

JB & Elizabeth White

Joyce Sattler

Kerry & Ramona Ellison

Grace & Dan Malloy

Jeff & Debbie Frank

Douglas Schmalenberger

Grace Lin

Judi Morningstar & Alberto Kywi

Kevin Moore

Jeff & Elisabeth Otterbein

Dr. William Fox

Greg & Darcy Gamble

Jeff & Theresa Ferguson

Eamon O’Byrne & Stephanie Linder

Greg Cooper

Jeffrey Peariso

Ed & Judy Savage

Gretchen Greenberg & Keith Buchan

Jeffrey Zurofsky

Eileen & Andrew Atkinson

Hattie Vail

Jeremy Henry

Elains Enns & Ched Myers

Hayley Marcus

Jeremy Kottler

Elizabeth Martin

Heather & Michael Holden

Jerry & Kerry Holden

Elizabeth Watson

Heather Jameson

Jessica Donahue

Julie Lovejoy & Antoinette Pineau

Ellen Sklarz

Heather King & Greg Grant

Jill Forman & David Young

Kara Partridge Ralston

Dick & Kris DeVillers Dixie Fullerton Dolores Seely Donald Rodrigues Donna Darm Doug Reed & Kristine Humphries

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife

Jens & Laura Riege

Judith & Bennett McCutcheon Judith Mercer Judy Macy Judy Oberlander & Reynold Akison Judy Pugh Julie & Bo Manson

Kim & Mike Regan Kim & Steven Rapholz Kira Krukowski Kristan Altimus Kristen Lamb Kristi Schoeld & Neil Jorgensen Ladonna & Russell Hawkins Lanny & Rondia Kaufer Larry & Joyce Steingold Larry & Karen Hanson Page 13

Larry Cowles

Mike & Cory Zielsdorf

Larry Smith & Dorothy Dron-Smith

Mike & Joanne Caldwell

Laura Brown Laura Crary Interior Design Laura Peck

Mike & Michele* Briley Mike & Tobi Greene Mike Westbrook

Roger Beerworth & Barbara Parsons Roger Conrad Rosalie Zabilla ROWSIE VAIN Ruby Qurashi

Trudy Frohlich

David Loe

Ventura Wild

Debra & Ted Reed

Vera & Juergen Pahl

Dorthea Atwater & Peter Hay

Vertoch Design Architects, Inc.

Ed & Barbara Kutchma

Virginia & Peter Aguirre

Edie Lambert

Walter & Julia Hamann

Elizabeth Hawn

Wanda Weller

Eric Humel & Alise Echele

Warren McConnell

Ernie Roide

Watercolors by Patty Van Dyke Wendy Hubbell

Frederick & Margaret Menninger

Lee Ann Dawson

Mister Softee of Southern California

Len Klaif & Linda Harmon

Natalie Gray

Ruth Sayre

Leslie Leavens

Nicola Bennett

Ryan Blatz

Lin Coleman Massey & Paul Massey

Nicole & Trevor Goller

Sally Carless

Nita Whaley & Don Anderson

Sally Lemire

William Girvetz

Friend’s Ranch

Nomi Morris

Samantha Dowdall-Green

William Shouse

Gary & Brenda Farr

Norma Jean Bennett

Samantha R. Lau

William Spina

George & Peggy Melton

Norman & Marion Livermore

Sarah & Greg Delvecchio

William Weirick

Graham Beck

Nutmeg’s Ojai House

Sarah Raskin


Green Goddess Garden

Loren Miller

Ojai Valley Family Medicine Group

Scott Ripple

Lori Siegmund & Howard Sherer

Pat & Julie Dexter

Linda & Boris Chaloupsky Lisa & Stephen Duncan Lisa Baum & Mark Sausser Liz Goldman Lois Barnes & Steven Jung

Lou Ann Schlichter Louise Heydt Lynda Scott & John Marshall Lynette Cervantes Lynn & Ron Render Lynn Braitman & Robert Moser Lynn Brookhouser Maggie Kaufman Mandy Cisler Margaret Magnus & Sam Ervin Margaret Tarmy Margo & Christopher Land

Patricia & James Correll Patrick J Garahan Patti Hardman Paul Ramirez Paula Power Paula Scott Pegi & Jeffrey Skoff Penny Wheat Peter & Heidi DiCapua Phillip & Mary Nelson Polly & Scott Nelson Priscilla L. Brennan

Maria Halvorson

Rachel Haymon & Ken Macdonald

Marilyn Bodo & Chuck Wood

Raj Ramasubramanian

Ruth Pastine & Gary Lang

Howard Asher & Jan Helfrich

Scott Silver

Stewards $250+

In the Field

Sharon Bushman

Allan & Joyce West

Ingo & Leslie Schreiber

Shed & June Behar

Allison Hendricks

Jackie & Derek Dammers

Sheila & Donald Cluff

Andrew Gilman

James & Tina Little

Shelby Campbell

Andrew Snett

Jamie & Carolyn Bennett

Sheryl Shushan

Angela & Anthony Ocone

Janice & Rob Hastie

Sienna Yoast

Ann Framson

Janis Huerta

Sol Haus Design

Anne & Mike Morris

Jay & Pam Windsor

Stacia Young

Ara Guzelimian

Jerry & Merry Dunn

Stephen & Sheila Cox

Aura Carmi

Jesse & Trina Grantham

Stephen Adams

Barbara & Jack Wells

Jim & Rebecca Malone

Steve Matzkin

Barbara Balderman

Jo-Anne & Harold Guy

Steven & Jacqueline Wegerbauer

Ben Nilsson

John E. Peakes Jr

Bernhard Reutemann

John Galaska - BeCalm of Ojai

Beth & Bruce Brown

Julie Grist & Paul Holahan

Bill & Marcia Wakelee

Julie Hahn

Bill Norris & Judith Hale Norris

Karin & Rod Dingman

Brigitte Lovell

Katherine & Glenn Erickson

Bruce & Jan Hunter

Kim & Troy Hardcastle

Bruce & Linda Nofrey

Laurie Arnold

Bruce & Marie Botnick

Lincoln & Sheila Anderson

Bruce & Patricia Kuebler

Linda Granat

Bruce Stenslie & Julie Tumamait-Stenslie

Linda L. Maigret

Sue Horgan Supan Builders Susan & Jim Florence

Mark & Gail Stubbins

Randall & Renee Roth

Mark Silbernagel

Ray Abel & Pilar Pacheco

Marty & Barbara Pops

Ray King & Kale Starbird

Marty McDonald

Raymond Bransfield

Maruja Real

Reed & Heather Cowan

Mary & Greg Iler

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Tamara Iwerks & Daniel Webster

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Richard & Mary Kanatzar

Tania & Tobias Parker

Mary McConnel

Richard & Sandy Hajas

Terramor Organic Home

Richard (Drew) Rhone

Terry & Cricket Twichell

Rick & Robin Beers

Theresa & Melvin Simpson

Cari Guerrero Shore & Peter Shore

Rikki Horne

Thomas & Janice McCormick

Caroline Lieber

Marsha & Paul Fonteyn

Risa Horowitz

Tia & Pat Marshall

Carolyn & Doug Kirkpatrick

Marti & Dan Reid

Rob & Antoinette Tivy

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Charlene & Ken Hartenstein

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Robert & Alice Rene

Tim & Gloria Lawson

Charley & Sandy Sledd

Mary Natwick & Larry Scott

Robert & Carole Adams

Tim & Lucinda Setnicka

Chip & Lori Collins

Mary Nelson Skincare and Massage Studio

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Tom & Nanette Benbrook

Craig Marcus

Robert & Linda Long

Topa Topa Brewing Company

Dan & Betsy George

Robert Dodge

Tricia & Todd Mills

David & Mary Trudeau

Robert Wedin

Trish & Kent Hardley

David Bender

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Trish Whalen

David Hurwith

Mary McGrath & Richard Simon Matthew & Taralee Schoen Maureen & John Hannah Merrill Williams Michael & Arlene Ross Michael & Sally Leon Michael Kittrell Michael Price & Leslie Clark Michael Zierhut Michele Cardella Michele Murdoch & Paul DelSignore

Page 14

Susan Bransfield Susan Smartt Suza Francina Tamara & Greg Haggard

Margaret & Duane Williamson

Buffalo Exchange

Maria & Tyler Barrell Mark & Caroline Stubbs

Matt Norris Michael & Kathy Ogden Michael & Susan Addison Michael J. Jauregui & Susan Olson

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Together, our community will help protect Ojai’s open space for everyone to enjoy, forever. Thank you to our Wild About Ojai partners who help make this possible. Visit a participating business today and take part.

A Taste of Ojai Alojai Creations BeCalm of Ojai Chamber on the Mountain Char Man Brand Hot Sauce Dogs Fly Design The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company Greyfox Investors Jennifer Keeler, Hair Stylist & Owner at Salon Rise Lorraine Lim Catering Mary Nelson Skincare & Massage Studio

Just by including the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy in your estate plans, you can help protect the beauty of Ojai for generations to come. A bequest is a simple way to support the OVLC in the future while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime. By making the OVLC a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or financial accounts, you ensure your values will be passed on after you.

Meridian Design Construction Mooney Creative Ojai Quarterly Rowsie Vain Sol Haus Design Tobias Parker, General Contractor

The real beneficiary, of course, is Ojai.

Tonya Peralta Real Estate Services, Inc Watercolors by Patty Van Dyke

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 15

Michael Stevens - Grand East Oak Apts

Scott & Hannah Erickson

Char Man Brand Hot Sauce

John & Harriet Clise

Ruric & Gwen Nye

Scott & Jeri Johnson

Charles & Barbara Jerviss

Karen & Bill Evenden

Ruth Hemming

Shelley Scott

Chelsea Sutula

Sherri Drifka

Cherie Beers

Katherine Holden & Tom Atherton

Scott Bevans & Valerie Dykeman

Shining Spirits

Chris Hacker & Will Thomas

Lanyard, Mary & Hannah Dial

Scott Silver & Jill Greene-Silver

Stefanie & Myron Roth

Clark/Thomas Foundation

Laura & Guy Ring

Susan Gary

Steven & Elaine Miller

Craig Wilson

Lauren Nilsson

Tasha Sween

Stuart & Mary Niebel

Dan & Vicki Breen

Leanne & David Tilmont

Thomas & Nancy Michali

Swanner Physical Therapy

David & Elizabeth Silva

Loren Bouchard

Tim & PJ Norian

Tabula Rasa Bar

David Bonham

Margaret Grossman

Tobias Parker - General Contractor

The Vondriska Family

Diana Syvertson

Martha Groszewski

Ventura Rental Party & Events

Don & Cheree Edwards ~ RE/ MAX Gold Coast Realtors

Mary Thompson & Don Higgins

Tina Pukonen

Matthew Hately

Virginia & Ted McConnell

Doug & Mary Jo McLeod

McDaniel Insurance Services

Vitality Fitness Ojai

Douglas & Angela Parker

Michael & Julie McFadden

William & Sue Gilbreth

Duane Dammeyer & Marty Bonvechio

Michael Shapiro & Louise Sandhaus

William Spellman

Eliana Thacher

Mike & Erika Swimmer

Champions $500+

Euterpe Farms

Nancy Vaniotis

Alan & Jan Rains

Fred & Dana Fleet

Peter & Barbara Bonsignori

ALCO Plumbing

George & Debbie Watson

Peter & Jeanne Tymstra

Friends of the Ojai Valley $1,000+

Allison Binkowski & Alden Broome

Glenda & Darrell Jones

Peter Strauss & Rachel Ticotin

Alan & Carol Saltzman

Robert (BD) & Liz Dautch

Hank Pepper

Phil & Suzanne White


Robert Davis

Barnhart & Barnhart Insurance

Island Packers

Amy Schneider

Roger Erickson

Brian & Amy Stark

James Capito & Terri Davis

Phil Moncharsh & Diane Zusman

Ronald & Linda Phillips

Brian & Chris Zeiner

Jane & Steve Murray

Ryan Firestone & Wendy Morales

Brian Stafford

Jim & Barbara Tipton

Randy Banchik & Jannell Greene-Banchik

California Solar Electric

Joan Hurak Welborn

Ron Stark

Bill Brothers & Susie Ault

Carrie Ruscheinsky

Joellen Alflen

Ross & Patty Atkinson

Blake & Susanne Wilson

Michael Taylor Michael Watling Michele Sordi Mike and Kelly Laber Norm & Susan Reccius Pamela Phillips Pat & Larry Hartmann Pat & Steve Edwards Paul E. Niedringhaus Paula Spellman Peter & Cindy Cantle Peter & Debra Wilkens Peter Cambier Peter Passell & Joan Peters Phillips/Bandoli Charitable Fund Ray Castellino & Charlotte Janus Rick & Jennifer* Ridgeway Robert & Katy Zappala

Sarah Otterstrom & Rick Rutherford

Page 16

Tom & Rebecca Lowe Tony & Roslyn (Roz) Demaria Troy & Jeri Becker Anonymous

William Tully Anonymous

Anne & Garrett Clifford


Arthur & Judy Vander Bill & Sherry Loehr

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Photo by Tylar Harrison Brent Jacobs Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Brian Johnson Bruce & Virginia Hibberd Bruce Mason California Resources Corporation Carol Bishop Channel Islands Sportfishing Chevron Humankind Matching Program Chip & Sheryl Lesch Connie Eaton & William Hart Cynthia & Byron Grant

Jerry & Linda Bruckheimer

Mary Ellen Egleston

Susan Foster

Joan Kemper

Meiners Oaks Ace Hardware

Terry & Cindy Wright

Joe Rohde & Mel Malmberg

Michael Newkirk & Olivia Garfield

The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company, Inc.

Caroline Hawkins*

The Hess Family

Dr. David & Cindy Garber

The Robert M Nutting Family Foundation

El Segundo Brewing Company, LLC

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

Elizabeth Wallace

John & Kathy Broesamle Judith & Donald Diaz Judy Meleliat & Reilly Jensen Julie Rischar Justin Shipp & Sara Masterson Karen Courington & Dan Lukasiewicz Karen Hellmuth & Bob Vandersluis Kay & Jack Chatowski

Michal Mitchell Mike Sullivan & Melissa Bishop Niels & Robin Nyborg Ojai Valley Inn Ojai Valley Lions Club Ojai Valley Trail Riding Company Oliver Wilson & Kaarina Tienhaara

Tom Tamplin Tonya Peralta Real Estate Services, Inc Trent & Kris Greco

Paul Fortune

Tucker & Phil Adams

Philippe & Betsy Caland

West Coast Air Conditioning

Bruce & Marilyn Wallace Foundation

Deven May*

George E. Berg & Gail Topping Gojai Jakob & Marianne Vos Jill & Bill Shanbrom

Dave & Sally Hackel

Kerry Miller Designer/ Builder, Inc.

David & Deborah Junod

Kitty & Johnny Johnston

Phillip Bradley

Donna & Ted Miller

Kristen & Alan Bell

R.A. Atmore & Sons, Inc.

William H. & Mattie Harris Foundation recommended by Louise Heydt

Eric Goode

Lachlan Nutting


Wyatt & Claudia Harris

Evander Schley

Larry Rose & Lisa Larramendy

Rob & Maureen Young


Firestick Pottery

Laughing Dog Ranch LLC

Robert Tallyn & Betsy Bachman

Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks

Law Office of Thomas E. Malley

Roger & Kathryn Wachtell

Gerben & Jill Hoeksma

Linda & Tim Turner

Roger & Pat Essick

Guardians of the Ojai Valley $5,000+

Greyfox Investors LLC

Lisa Smith

Rotary Club of Ojai

Alissa & Rob Russell

Peter K. Noone*

High on Kennels - Fred Presson

Loebl Family Fund

Ruth Lasell & Bob Bonewitz

Allen & Marilyn Camp

Huora L. Williams

Lorraine Lim Catering, Inc

Sandy Buechley

Andrew & Judith Gustafson

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Intel Corporation

Marcy & Steve Toscher

Sasha & Hanson Gifford

Ann & Harry Oppenheimer

Tom & Esther Wachtell

Janet Jacobs

Margot Griswold

SC&A Insurance Services LLC

Anna Getty

William H. Painter, Jr.*

Jennifer Keeler

Mario & Therese Molina

So Hum Foundation

Barbara Sunderland


Jennifer Kistler

Mary Bergen

Susan Bee

Benjamin & Meredith Wallace

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife

Jim & Becky Campbell Kimberly & Mike Robertson Mary M Downer Nathan & Rebecca Wallace Otis & Bettina Chandler Foundation Patagonia

* Deceased Page 17


Photo by Brendan Cleak We used to estimate the number of visits to our preserves by tallying

do Trailhead Hosting in the future, we will be able to see how preserve

the number of doggy poop bags we had to order each year. This was,

use changes, and likely increases, over time. These data help with

suffice to say, a ruff estimate. For that simple reason, we decided to

planning and budgeting for trail maintenance and when considering

develop the new Trailhead Hosting program and after four hosting days

building new trails.

in 2019, we have a much better idea of how many visits we get, and we learned quite a bit more. On February 9 and August 16 at the Ventura River Preserve, April 24 at the Valley View Preserve, and December 14 at the Ojai Meadows Preserve, volunteers spent 9 hours each day interacting with and counting visitors. One those four days, our volunteers counted 1,153 users (1,006 pedestrians, 35 equestrians, and 112 mountain bikers) not to mention 295 dogs. Over two days, the Ventura River Preserve had a total of 671 visits, while Valley View Preserve had 183 visits in one day, and Ojai Meadows Preserve had 299 visits in one day. Extrapolating this data, we potentially have over 300,000 visits to our preserves in a single year!

Of course, it’s not just how many visits we get, but where and when people are visiting. Riverview Trailhead on the Ventura River Preserve is the busiest trailhead, while the early morning (8-9am) and lunch time (12-1pm), are the busiest times across all of the preserves. Having this type of specific information can help the OVLC in our stewardship of the land, directing our efforts and limited resources to the best time and place as needed. In addition to counting the users, our volunteers provided community outreach by answering visitors’ questions, offering advice on where to go on the preserves, and collecting feedback through optional surveys. According to the majority of our visitors, the most important thing

Quantifying visits to our preserves helps us in grant applications. It also

that the OVLC can do in this valley is to protect more land, and provide

helps us understand the real impact on our trails, and by continuing to

wildlife habitat.

Page 18

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Ever wonder how people hear about the OVLC? We learned that word of mouth is far and away the number one means by which people find us. To all our visitors, we thank you for promoting the OVLC! Understanding the values of our community helps the OVLC plan for the future, prioritize our work based on community expectations, and overall, helps us be a more supportive and integral part of this community. So, if you stopped by to fill out one of those surveys this past year, thank you for helping to direct land management in this valley! We’ll be doing more Trailhead Hosting in the future, so we hope to see you again, perhaps even as a volunteer host!


In the field, in the office, at events, and wherever else we need help—our amazing volunteers put in 3,795 hours last year! We are so grateful for every minute you take to help us conserve Ojai. You make it possible for us to do all that we do and we are excited for another year with all of you! Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 19

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 351 Ojai, CA PO Box 1092 • Ojai, CA 93024 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Thank you Patagonia for matching $49,121 for donations made through Patagonia Action Works! If you donated through Patagonia Action Works, and did not receive a thank you note from the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, you may have unselected the top box (see below), and therefore we do not know who you are. Unfortunately, this means we could not properly thank you, nor credit the donation to your name. Please reach out to, if you think this may have happened with your donation. We received 30 “anonymous” donations. If you did indeed want your donation to be anonymous, there is no need to reach out, and we thank you for your support.

Share my contact information with the group receiving this donation. Keep me in the loop with Patagonia Action Works emails.

Page 20

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy