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OPEN SPACES N ewsletter Winter 2018 vol 25 num 1

Life After the Thomas Fire

Letter from Executive Director Brian Stark: It’s been a busy two months since the Thomas Fire burned through four of our preserves, burning 1,500 acres of land and affecting 20 of our 27 miles of local trails. Our initial response was to ensure the safety of our staff and to offer mutual support during extended evacuations due to both fire and smoke. It would be two weeks before we could send staff out to the preserves to begin assessing damage. During this time, our staff gathered advice from other land trusts that have faced similar damages, researched fire recovery science, and spent countless hours getting accurate information out to the public regarding damages, trail closures and conditions, and anticipated recovery tactics. I couldn’t be more proud of our staff for their flexibility, adaptability, and their commitment to ensuring the safety of our preserve visitors. To create a disaster response plan, we mapped burned signs, trail blockages, landslides, rock falls, burned culverts, missing bridges, damaged kiosks, and other hazards. Professional arborists assessed hazard trees, which we proactively removed for visitor safety. Within days, our staff and some of our most experienced trail volunteers had re-opened most of the trails. We know Page 2

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Cover and this page: images from the Valley View Preserve by Nathan Wickstrum. Volunteers and staff work to clear the trails of debris and rock slides. Left page: Wills Canyon on the Ventura River Preserve. Volunteers and staff spent days clearing downed trees in the canyon. that our work has just begun here as there are many signs and two bridges to replace—and we face continuing threats from winter rains and landslides. While almost all of the trails are open, a lot of work is still needed to make them sustainable. We chose to prioritize trail openings because we know how important these lands are to our community and that many people felt a need to experience the land in its new state. The Thomas Fire is now part of the story of Ojai, and this story will be told for decades to come. We encourage you to visit the land, create a relationship, and mark this time in your memory. The fact that people care so much for this land is not surprising, and their reasons for seeing it now are the same reasons that the OVLC and our members work so hard to protect it. This land belongs to us all. I think it is safe to say that the Thomas Fire threw our annual work plan and budget out the window. In a normal year, our restoration crew would be planting new plants on our grant-funded restoration projects. This year, they are working on the trails as most of our active restoration Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 3

Before and after images photographed by Nathan Wickstrum. Top row: looking down Luci’s Trail on the Valley View Preserve. Bottom row: the Rice Creek restoration area on the Ventura River Preserve. projects at the Ventura River Preserve have burned. Critical restoration

Many are now asking what is next for the preserves. As we recover, we

infrastructure, such as our expansive irrigation system, which melted,

will need your help. There are a few basic ways everyone can help the

will need to be re-built before we can once again work on these projects.

recovery. First, Weed Don’t Seed! While spreading seed on burned land

So far, the OVLC’s monetary damages total about $140,000. With the outpouring of community support, however, we are picking up the pieces and working on recovery activities. We can’t thank our members enough for coming to our aid with their generous donations. We also

seems like a good idea, the native plant seeds needed for the recovery are already in the soil. Adding seed adds competition and alters nature’s course. The biggest threats to our native plants are non-native plants (what we call weeds). Removing these is the best way to allow natural recovery. We will organize weeding days in the upcoming months, so

welcome 72 new donors that made their first contribution to the OVLC

please make sure you have signed up on our website as a volunteer if

these past two months. You have made it possible for us to allocate so

you are interested in helping with the recovery.

much additional staff time to recovery activities. We are also grateful for those that have offered their time to help. Since the fire, over 200 of you have signed up to volunteer on projects ranging from removing melted irrigation pipe, placing signs to remind people to stay on trails, replacing a melted culvert, cutting and removing over 30 fallen trees from the trails, and stabilizing washed out trails. These activities will

Next, please stay on the trails. For nature to recover, it needs to be un-trampled. Please observe all trail closures. Closed trails are closed for a reason and accessing them makes the damage worse and harder to repair. Staying off them shows you care, and nature needs to know you care.

continue for some time and we hope to meet all of you on a project

Finally, keep looking after each other and those that lost so much more.


This will be a long recovery and we need one another.

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The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

As we look back to the fire and how most of our community was spared, it has reminded us of how conservation can be part of our community’s preparation for future fires. While the fire was burning, fire personnel were able to easily access our preserves and use them to stage firefighting efforts and to create defensible areas. Visitors to the Ventura River Preserve will see where bulldozers came through the preserve to create defensible spaces. These impacts can be repaired so much easier than a home. In addition, purchasing the Ventura River Preserve prevented the development of many homes on that land, and reduced the exposure of even more homes to fire loss. A few years ago, the OVLC removed over 3,000 dead orange trees which could have changed the intensity of the burn on the preserve. We will be looking at fire buffer lands with greater interest as a conservation priority in the future. The OVLC is constantly evaluating our land management methods to make our preserve boundaries and restoration project sites safer for fire responders and the public. Already, the OVLC completes annual brush management wherever our preserve lands lie within the defensible space areas around buildings—even those that are not on our property. Approximately Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife

Volunteers worked tirelessly to clear and repair the trails at the Valley View Preserve. The worst slides were along the Foothill Trail, although there was plenty of debris on Luci’s and Fox Canyon trails as well. Photographs by Nathan Wickstrum and Tania Parker. Page 5

The Ventura River Preserve This page: a large tree in Wills Canyon falls inches from a sign post blocking sections of two trails; volunteers and staff work to clear trees from the trail; Conservation Director Jill Lashly puts out a hot spot weeks after the fire. Right page: views of El Nido Meadow (and Conservation Director Jill Lashly) just over a week after the fire passed through; Director of Advancement Tania Parker and Conservation Director Jill Lashly snap a selfie while sporting their masks during their initial reconnaissance hike on the trails. Photographs by Nathan Wickstrum and Tania Parker.

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The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

$25,000 is budgeted annually for this work and we coordinate closely with fire department officials in ensuring safety. The OVLC’s Arundo donax removal project also proved helpful in reducing the spread of fire along Creek Road and San Antonio Creek. Streams normally provide fire buffers as the vegetation is less flammable, but plants like Arundo carry volatile oils that are known to burn quite severely. An inspection after the fire revealed that stream corridors proved to be much more resilient to fire damage, and in most cases stopped the spread of the fire across the creek, where the Arundo had been removed. In contrast, the greatest damage to the native steam-side vegetation was where Arundo was not removed. Managing lands for fire resiliency is a benefit for the entire community. As we continue our work in the coming months and years, we hope to remain engaged with everyone in our community on this effort. We welcome your questions and concerns and hope you will feel free to contact us. Sincerely,

Brian Stark Executive Director Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 7

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A big thank you to our volunteers who helped the OVLC design, build, and place signs to encourage preserve users to stay on the trail in the burn areas. With so much open space it is tempting to wander, explore, and create new trails—but the habitat’s best chance at recovery is for all of us to stay on the trail.

WELCOME NEW DONORS! Michael & Susan Addison

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Jared Thomas Leanne & David Tilmont Barbara & Jack Wells Jerry Westby Trish Whalen David Wheaton Craig Wilson Jeffrey Zurofsky New Donors 11/20/2017 – 1/30/2018 The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

OVLC Welcomes New Stewardship Director Brendan Taylor

Hello Ojai Valley! I’m excited to be the new Stewardship Director of the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, and I am grateful that my path led me to Ojai. Immediately prior to joining the OVLC, I completed an 8-month bicycle tour through Asia, Australia, and Africa—all of this before traveling to Argentina to teach trail-building techniques for a month. I have vast experience working on trails and with volunteers. Most recently, I worked as the North Country Trails Volunteer Programs Supervisor for the Appalachian Mountain Club, based in New Hampshire. As part of my duties, I developed a strategic plan and an Adopt-A-Trail program for maintaining 500 miles of trail throughout New England, acted as staff liaison for 12 volunteer trail committees throughout the northeast, coordinated with local, state, and national agencies on regional management strategies, and supervised a staff of 18. Prior to this, I served with both the Pacific Crest Trail Association and Student Conservation Association and earned a Master of Science degree in Parks and Recreation Resource Management. In addition, I am certified as a “Leave No Trace” Master Educator and a Wilderness First Responder. While I have always worked in national forests and parks, this is my first time working for a land trust. I look forward to managing the lands that are loved by so many in the community. And, I am excited to work with both the established volunteers, and the hundreds of volunteers who recently signed up to rebuild the trails after the Thomas Fire. We have our work cut out for us, but with the support, enthusiasm, and passion of the community we will restore the preserves and ensure that they are safe for everyone who wishes to use them.

From the top left: Brendan in Kwa-Zulu Natal; Brendan in Vietnam during Tet with local children. New Stewardship Director above!

In the few short weeks I’ve been around, we’ve had so many volunteers offer their help, and I have been impressed with the breadth of activities in town that have been organized to support our preserves. My goal is to build a strong and sustainable volunteer program for the OVLC so that everyone who wants to give back has that opportunity—and yes—there will also be many weekend opportunities! The Ojai Valley is full of natural wonders, and I am excited to explore all that the valley has to offer. See you on the trails! Brendan Taylor, Stewardship Director Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 9

Restoration After the Thomas Fire

This page: a section of the Rice Creek restoration area where the fire burned; one of many piles of burned irrigation pipe and hose collected by volunteers; giant wild-rye (middle) and coast live oak (bottom) sprouting in the restoration area. Right page: an aerial photograph of the Rice Creek restoration area and the Ventura River taken by volunteer Evan Jackson (; students from Nordhoff High School and Meiners Oaks Elementary School at the Ojai Meadows Preserve.

The native vegetation that covered the preserves before the Thomas Fire is adapted to fire—meaning many of the plants will grow back. We are already seeing shoots emerge from the base of laurel sumac, yucca, wild cucumber, and soap plant; oak trees that lost their leaves have already begun to leaf out and are now blooming. And if you look closely, the soil is filled with a native seed bank that has begun to germinate. In the upcoming months and years we will watch to see the ecosystem that emerges from the fire. For the majority of our preserves, our motto will be Weed Don’t Seed (#weeddontseed). We are confident that native seeds, which are adapted to fire, will sprout from the burned soil and cover the char. We will be helping nature’s recovery by weeding non-native plants, thereby giving natives a better chance of establishing. We have selected dozens of locations where we will be photographing the changes and creating time-lapse videos to document nature’s recovery. We look forward to sharing these with you in the future. There are a few areas on the preserves which will require aggressive intervention. Just over two years ago (October 2015), we removed a 36-acre orange orchard from the Ventura River Preserve, and have been actively restoring this area. Before the Thomas Fire, we planted 3,488 plants, including 1,308 coast live oak trees. The blaze of the Thomas Fire burned through 29 acres of this restoration area. The plantings, ranging from one to two years old, were completely scorched. Because these plants were so young, we don’t expect to see many of them grow back. We have Page 10

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

however, seen a few dozen white sage, mugwort, coast live oaks , giant wild rye (grass), and bush mallow growing back since our rain storm in January. We have had two volunteer events to clean up the burned and melted irrigation system at the site. Thank you to our amazing volunteers that made it out and helped us clean up the char and put acorns in the ground (see next page)! New pipe and hoses have been purchased and they will be delivered in this month. We hope to start replanting about 6 acres of the site with coast live oaks and native shrubs this spring. The long-term goal is to replant the entire burned area of the restoration site, but new funding sources are needed to get this project up and running once again. Running down the middle of the oak restoration area is the Rice Creek Realignment and Restoration Project. This project also burned, however the plantings here are approximately six years old so we are hopeful that more of those plants will recover. On the Ojai Meadows Preserve restoration continues. Thankfully this area was not affected by the fire. School groups from Nordhoff High School have been coming out to help plant the restoration areas. This winter, the high school students brought their little buddies from Meiners Oaks Elementary School to spend a morning on the meadow learning to plant native plants together.

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 11

Thank you to our volunteers!

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The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

IT TAKES A VILLAGE With help from OVLC volunteers and students from the Thacher School, the OVLC cleared 27 acres of melted irrigation pipe and planted hundreds of acorns to start replacing the thousands of young oak trees that burned in the restoration area along Rice Creek. Volunteers dug out and replaced a burned out culvert on the Wills Canyon Trail. On a second workday they built a spillway and gabion to retain the tread. The trail crew worked tirelessly in dry and dirty conditions to get the trails open again as quickly as possible. We are grateful to this dedicated group for all their hard work.

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 13

Valley View Kiosk Rebuilt

Together, our community will help protect Ojai’s open space for everyone to enjoy, forever. Thank you to our Wild About Ojai partners who help make this possible. Visit a participating business today and take part. A Taste of Ojai Awhai Pottery Axxess Ventura BeCalm of Ojai California Solar Electric Chamber on the Mountain Char Man Brand Hot Sauce Dogs Fly Design Gabriela Ceseña, Berkshire Hathaway The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company Greyfox Investors Jennifer Keeler, Hair Stylist Lorraine Lim Catering Mary Nelson Skincare & Massage Studio Mooney Creative Noah Crowe, Sunrun Solar Consultant Ojai Food Taxi Ojai Quarterly Parker Jellison Realtor Rowsie Vain Sol Haus Design The Southern Los Padres Trekking Company Susan K Guy Art Tobias Parker, General Contractor Tonya Peralta Real Estate Services, Inc Watercolors by Patty Van Dyke Page 14

Archer Wann supervised his Eagle Scout project for Troop 505 on the Valley View Preserve in January. Archer and his many volunteers replaced the roof on the kiosk at the Fox Canyon Trailhead that was crushed by a sycamore during the fire. Thank you to everyone who came out to help on this project and to Ojai Lumber for donating materials for Archer’s project. Congratulations Archer on earning your Eagle Scout rank! The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

AN ODE TO OFFICE VOLUNTEERS A heartfelt thank you to our office volunteers. You are our unsung heroes. We never have fun pictures to share of your work parties, you often come in alone, at odd hours and last minute, and piles of mail are usually our big accomplishments—but without you the OVLC would not be the same. You send out these newsletters and our mailings, you write thank you cards and address envelopes, you stuff, seal, staple, and stamp thousands of papers a year. You welcome our new members, lovingly put together their packets, and send them out to show that you, too, care about our open space and that you are grateful they joined. Without you none of this would be possible. For this, and more, we thank you.

Special Acknowledgments In memory of Allan Jacobs

Bobbie & Bob Boschan John & Kathy Broesamle Mary Ann, Chuck & Eleanora Burright Roger & Pat Essick Louisa Hagen & Terry Thompson Margot Griswold Susan Bee Kathreen Smith Janet Campbell

A gift membership for Anne Richardson, Tom Bryant, and Benjamin Elizabeth Richardson

A gift membership for Juli Farley Jenny Song

In memory of my friend and neighbor George Wymer

In honor of the birthday of David Willis

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In memory of my parents - Bob and Silvia Emhardt

In honor of Sandy Buechley’s OVLC presidential leadership

Janis Emhardt

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In memory of Ann Elizabeth Finley

In honor of 2017 firefighters

Daniel Finley

In memory of John Resnik Christie Mattull

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In memory of Sara Roxanne Schneider

The Schneider Foundation by Amy Schneider

In memory of Thomas Day Thacher II Eliana Thacher

In memory of Douglas Theriault April Theriault & Ken Eros

In memory of Paul Guilbert Deborah Whorf

In appreciation of Dennis Shives sharing his artistic creations and outdoor adventure stories to the Boy Scouts of America Webelos Den 3502 John & Kathy Broesamle and the Vondriska Family Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife

Nancy E. Dreier

In honor of the Long Family Michelaina Johnson

In honor of Mary Clare Molina Mario & Therese Molina

In honor of Isaac Malitz - Happy Birthday Isaac Osher, Ben Osher, and Jake Osher - Happy Hanukkah James & Wendy Osher

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In honor of Stephanie Ann Powell Hope-Carolyn Quentzel

In honor of Ollie Wilson and Kaarina Tienhaara Lucy & Peter Read

In honor of John and Kathy Broesamle The Vondriska Family Page 15

2017 Fiscal Year* Annual Report

* FY 2017: October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017

Balance Sheet**

FY 2017

FY 2016

Assets Cash & Cash Equivalents


Sources of Funds

Total Funds = $1,641,659


27.9% – Contributions $458,819

Investments $622,792 $514,036 Accounts Receivable



Property and Equipment



Other (Pledges, Inventory, Deposits)



Accumulated Depreciation



Total Assets



8.7% – Other Revenue (lease income, investments, etc.) $142,315 5.5% – Special Events $90,449

Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable/Credit Cards Payable $18,458


Accrued Payroll and Related Liabilities $37,187


Deferred Revenue



57% – Grants & Project Income $950,076

Uses of Funds

Deposits $3,500 $3,500

Total Liabilities


Total Funds Used = $1,586,929


89.7% – Programs & Projects $1,423,049

Net Assets Unrestricted $7,354,935 $7,418,991 Temporarily Restricted



Permanently Restricted



6.5% – Administration $103,826

Net Income $54,730 ($57,633)

Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets




**This balance sheet is pre-audit. Our audit has been delayed until April due to the Thomas Fire.

Page 16

3.8% – Fundraising $60,054


Net Profit = $54,730 The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Thank you to our FY 2017 Donors Our trails live on what our members give. Members $99 and Under Lynn Abrahamson & Bill Crowley Stephen Adams Marie-Pierre Agostini Suman Alagappan Sarah & John Alderson Vaikko & Amy Allen Ricardo Alvarado Cynthia Anderson Kelley App Lori Aragona April Armstrong Howard Asher & Jan Helfrich Alice M. Asquith Joy Atrops-Kimura Ed Auman Priya Ayyar & Jesse Rivkin Patricia Bailey Steven & Nancy Baker Phil Bardos Alice Barnwell Bonnie Bartling Wayne Battleson Greg Beam & Gwyn Cody Larry Beatty & Sultana Parvanta James & Camilla Becket

Terry Beckett Gwen Bell & Alex Seizew Anne & Brian Bemel Kathy Bennett Norma Jean Bennett Mary Guinn & Michelle Guinn-Di Bernardo Melanie Berner Sharon Best Erik Beukenkamp & Magui Suñer John Biggs Sharon Bisaccia Ariel Bishop Lori Blackmon Mary Blackmon Mary Blackwood-Careyette Clare Bland Bob Velez & Michele Kostenuik Nick Bobroff Linda Bogart Michael Boggs Sharon Booth Jynell Bosacki Caryn & Charlie Bosson Geza Bottlik Zoerita & Clark Bowers Peter Bowie

Top Facebook Post of 2017

Taking in the sunset from Luci’s Trail last night. The #valleyviewpreserve is the best place to find spring wildflowers right now. #ojai #ojaitrails #ovlc #cawildflowers Photo by @nathan_wickstrum (March 2017)

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife

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Jenny Fitzgerald Shirlene Folk John & Kelly Forrister John & Sandra Fourqurean Margot Fourqurean Mark Fox Ann Framson Suza Francina Jackie Francis Greg Frank Joel & Katie Frazier Andrew Fredell Alison Frey Andersson Denise Frisbee Patty Fry Gail Furillo Jennifer Gagne Sonia Gallegos Greg & Darcy Gamble Velda Garcia Jeanette Gardner & Jim Townley Gretchen Garnett Carol Garramone Del & Sharon Garst Ann Gartrell Gary Gartrell Cheryl & Dean Geiser Dennis P German Barbara Gibson & Bill Shields Meher Mount - Buzz & Ginger Glasky Sooz Glazebrook Andrea Gleysteen Susan Godfrey Lise Gottwald Liz & Mike Gourley Jesse & Trina Grantham Rachelle Gray Peter Green Jim & Lisa Greenway Sally Greenwood Glenn & Kerri Griffee Bonnie Griffin Patty Gritlefeld Kyle, Nicci & Tate Grix Eric Gross & Carmen Zuniga-Gross Xena Grossman & Juan Sanchez Laura Gruenther Jonathan & Diana Gunter Yesary Guzman Patty Haddad Tamara Haggard Elena Hall Susan Hamilburg Jane Handel Page 17

Knowing how to be in the right place at the right time, photographer and OVLC member Elizabeth Pepin Silva captured a beautiful double rainbow on the Ventura River Preserve just moments after the storm broke during our January 9 rain. Debbie & James Harmon Karen & Craig Harris Martin Harris Mary-John Hart Sister Francis Mary Hart Susan Harvey Suzanne Harvey Ladonna & Russell Hawkins Haylee Heller Susan Evergreen Herick Shauna Hermes Mark & Susan Hibberd Jan Hiester Richard Hiltner James Hines Jerry Hittleman Barbara J. Hoffman Mary & Jon Hogen Katherine Holden & Tom Atherton Marie Holguin Jennifer Holland James & Donna Horswell Ann Horton & Fred Line Kate Horwick Michele Houghtaling Amy Hueppe Janis Huerta

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Zach & Annie Little John & Margaret Logan Sophie Loire Donn Longstreet Mary Looby Liz Loseb Tawnya Love Gary Lowery Lucy Lucking Renee Ludwig Claudia & Drew Lurie Gregory & Sabine Macke Heather Mackey Lynda Macklin Sharon Madonna Eve Mahoney Grace & Dan Malloy Lynn & George Malone Ted & Pearl Malos Thomas Manfredi Jeffrey Mann & Elisabeth Blackwell Celeste Manolas Arla & David Manson Rocio Mariposa Marnie Northrop & Chris Toland Tia & Pat Marshall Trevor & Monica Marshall

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Stephen & RoseMarie Pronovost John Puccetti Karin Quimby Tom Rambo Carlos Ramirez Sarah Raskin Maruja Real Elaine Reasor Allison Reed Kevin Reed & Cathleen Lynch Don & Sue Reed Doug Reed & Kristine Humphries Christian Regester Rendina Family Sallie G. Reynolds Tamra Reza Richard (Drew) Rhone Kathleen Richards Jesse Ridenour Jens & Laura Riege Liesel Rigsby Scott Ripple Pat Rischar Lee Roberts Joyce Robinson Judith Rodenbeck Karleanne Rogers & Kevin Berigan Herbert Rogove & Carla Franciscus Michelle Romero Lee & Katherine Rosenbloom Judy Ross Michael & Arlene Ross Rowanne Henry Kathy & Shelley Rowland Roy & Pauline Grillo Royal Cleaners Barbara & Michael Rugo Kate & Paul Russell Karen Sama Joan Samara Bob & Heather Sanders Don & Carrie Sanders Paloma Sandoval Nina Sass Joyce Sattler Ed & Judy Savage Shirley F. Saxby Charys Saylor Debbie Schaaf Lou Ann Schlichter Brett Schneider Cynthia Schneider Julie Griffin & Stan Schneider Teddy & Dick Schneider Kristi Schoeld Pierre & Beverly Schuberth Michael Schulte Scott & Brittany Denton Paula Scott Rachel Kondor & Brian Segee Chantal Selleslags Stephen & Sandra Selwyn

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife

Sespe Farm Management John & Joan Sherfey Tracy Jean Shields Dmitri Siegel & Woodwyn Koons Virginia Siegfried Lee Silva Daniel Silver Theresa & Melvin Simpson Rosemarie Singer Grahm & Kate Sisson Glenn Skankey Kitty Sklaver Charles Slosberg Gail Smith Graham Smith Stacy Smith Teresa & Dok Smith Barbara & Charlie Snyder Julie Soske Suzanne Soule Angela Sowers William Spina Emily Staalberg Jo Stalder Monica & David Stanley Larry & Joyce Steingold Linda Steis Marvin & Trina Stevens Laura Stinchfield Stephen Stone Grove of Ganesh Tony Sturgeon Danielle Suarez Kristen Sullivan Margaret Sutko & Jeff Edwards Otto Svoboda Gayla Swann Al Swarts Gloria Swift Aryna Swope & Phil Caruthers Anna Szymkowiak Margaret Tarmy Elisa Taylor-Godwin Jonathan & Julie Marie Teichert Bill Thatcher Kathy & Wes Theis Lavonne Theriault Dawn Thieding Dean Thomas Jessica Thompson Nancy & Mark Thompson Rodney & Vicki Thompson Carolee Tibbitts Timothy Teague Kristy Timpone Susie & Anthony Tomlinson Rosie & Barney Tower Meredith Martin Treadwell & Tom Treadwell Scott Triem James Tudor Maureen Tunney & John Oldach Clementine Turner Allen Vail

OPEN SPACES The newsletter of the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sandy Buechley, President Larry Rose, Vice President Martha Groszewski, Treasurer Stefanie Coeler, Secretary Bret Bradigan Bill Brothers Roger Essick Wyatt Harris Meredy Benson Rice Sarah Sheshunoff Roger Wachtell Nathan Wallace STAFF Brian Stark, Executive Director Tania Parker, Director of Advancement Jill Lashly, Conservation Director Brendan Taylor, Stewardship Director Marti Reid, Office Manager Xena Grossman, Development Assistant Nathan Wickstrum, Senior Restor. Specialist Niko Georghiou, Restoration Specialist Natalie Everton, Restoration Specialist Ron Singer, Nursery Manager Mission: The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy is a community-based nonprofit organization working with partners to permanently protect the open space, natural scenic beauty, wildlife, habitat, and watershed of the Ojai Valley for current and future generations. STAY CURRENT WITH THE OVLC: OVLC.ORG / FIND US ON FACEBOOK Page 19

In FY17, nearly 200 volunteers donated 5,107 hours of their time to the OVLC—and those are just the hours we were able to track! Thank you to all these dedicated individuals who help this organization thrive. Kristina & Eric Vallen Katie van Horne Rissel Sharon Van Riper Ventura Land Trust Kendall & Ron Verkennis The Vick Family Bruce Vincent Maureen Volland Carol Wade & Bill Hak Leslie Waggoner Paul Wah Craig A. Walker Ruth Walker Stephen & Judy Walker Duncan Wallace Dan Walsh Lorraine Walter Laurie Walters & John Slade* Kellie Warriner Annika Washburn Deborah & Richard Waxberg Barry & Paula Wayne Jack Weber Les Weber Jenna Wedemeyer Joel Weishaus & Susan Rowland Lindsey Welch Nita Whaley & Don Anderson David White Katherine & Kevin White Susan Curran White Jenny Hermes Whitsitt & Taylor Whitsitt Warren & Ava Whitsitt

Page 20

Deborah Whorf Catherine Wilcox Danelle & Richard Williams Janna Williams Ronald & Charlotte Williams Margaret & Duane Williamson Mary Ann Williamson Alex Wilson Debra Wilson & Gary Heuer John & JoAnne Wilson Kirsten & Chris Wilson Scott Wilson John Wingate David Wolstencroft Greg & Mary Wood Peggy & Dennis Wood Holly & Paul Woolson Jan & Roy Worsham George Wymer* Kathy & Larry Yee Sienna Yoast Kendra Yoes Stacia Young Mitchell R. Yount Sustaining Members $100+ Becky Adams & Claire Sowa Robert & Carole Adams Rebecca Agid Virginia Aguirre Brian Aikens Dennis & Stacy Allison Lincoln & Sheila Anderson Priscilla Archibald

Cheryl Armstrong Everard & Brooke Ashworth Ross & Patty Atkinson Dorthea Atwater & Peter Hay Emily & Tony Ayala Mary & Les Baker Barbara Balderman Sidney & Susan Baldwin George Ball & Amanda McBroom Ball Lois Barnes & Steven Jung Beatrice Battier Rick & Robin Beers Roger Beerworth & Barbara Parsons Shed & June Behar Tom & Nanette Benbrook Nicola Bennett Julia Berkeley Erin & Jon Bernthal Barry Betlock & Chris Bjornstedt Lerie Bjornstedt Paul Blatz Bruce & Marie Botnick Barbara Bowman & Sol de la Torre Bueno David & Heide Boyden Emily Boyes Debra Bradley Lynn Braitman & Robert Moser Jeffrey & Susan Brand Raymond Bransfield Priscilla L. Brennan

Claire & Brad Brian Allen & Theresa Bridges Rene Briggs Mike & Michele Briley Chris Brock Laura Bromberg Lynn Brookhouser Anne & David Brown Laura Brown Allie & John Bueti Michael & Debra Busch Fred & Judy Bysshe Dina Capra-Martin & Dewey Martin Bert & Lanae Carter Carol & David Castanon Martin Chapman Charles & Jo Spence Fred Chase & Martha Moran Chris & Anna P. Rhoda Lora & Phil Clarke Wild Oak Pottery Catherine Coffey Fred Coleman Bert Collins James & Dorothy Combs Kathi & Mark Connally Greg Constantakis Carl & Jody Cooper Ann & Peter Costigan Cowles Clan Larry Cowles Steven & Judith Coyle Nicole Craig Laura Crary Charles Crofoot Tom & Dorothy Crossman Tom Cruz Dale Cundiff Jackie & Derek Dammers James Capito & Terri Davis Megan Davis Bonnie Delperdang Brown Tony & Roz Demaria DeMoor’s Painting, Inc Paul Dentzel Dick & Kris DeVillers Vincent & Donna Diglio Eric Dilks Cathy Diorio Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation Matt & Kate Dolkas Lisa & Stephen Duncan Laurie Edgcomb John & Linda Edison Carla Edwards Doug L. Adrianson & Chris R. Elder Leslie Elliott Janis Emhardt Elains Enns & Ched Myers Franceen Fallett Susan Farley Gary & Brenda Farr Fred M. & Shirle Fauvre John Fay

Jim & Kris Finch Ryan Firestone & Wendy Morales Susan & Jim Florence Brian & Christine Ford Dr. William Fox Jeff & Debbie Frank Donna Freiermuth Arnold Friedman & Jan Decker Trudy Frohlich Bill & Renate Funk Theodore & Claudia Gall Susan Gary Helen Gehrke Gem Quest Jewelers Geoffrey McMahon & Deborah Vanderhei Dan & Betsy George Gloria Gerace Julie Gerard Robin Gerber Brittany Gilliam William Girvetz Lauren Glass Anthony & Kathan Glassman Richard & Joan Glenn Alan & Donna Gordon Cindy Gordon HHL Foundation The Gorey Family Natalie Gray Mike & Tobi Greene Gretchen Greenberg & Keith Buchan Greg & Mechas Grinnell Allan & Carol Gross Jennifer & Dennis Guernsey Ara Guzelimian Brian & Marie Haase Louisa Hagen & Terry Thompson John N. Hall Robin Hall Jim & Robyn Halverson Maria Halvorson John & Maureen Hannah Patti Hardman Len Klaif & Linda Harmon Therese Hartmann Janice & Rob Hastie Donald Hauser Angela Heald Ruth Hemming Wildcare Greg & Penny Herring William H. & Mattie Harris Foundation recommended by Louise Heydt Maggie Hill Michelle Hirschman Roy Hooper Howard & Irene Hoos Sue Horgan Steve Horman Rikki Horne Risa Horowitz

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Wendy Hubbell Dan & Barbara Hurlbutt IBM Matching Grants Program Wendy & Jerry Jacobs Ty Jeffery Karen & Josiah Jenkins Molly Jordan Koch June & Michael Juett Kaiser Permanente Karen Kaminsky Richard & Mary Kanatzar Brett & Denise Kantrowitz Harold Karsenty Stan & Hallie Katz Lanny & Rondia Kaufer Maggie Kaufman Richard & Carole Keller Tim Kenney Jim Kentosh William & Ada Kilbury Heather King & Greg Grant Ray King & Kale Starbird Ojai Farmers Market Roz & Steve Kraus Mike & Nancy Krumpschmidt Bruce & Patricia Kuebler Tod Kuhn Ed & Barbara Kutchma Mike and Kelly Laber Bonnie LaForge Jonathan & Linda Lambert Janice & Dan Lang David & Lacey Lantz Kate & Roger Larramendy-Wright Ruth Lasell & Bob Bonewitz Diana Laufer Muriel Lavender Leslie Leavens Michael Leon Norman & Marion Livermore Bill & Sherry Loehr

Robert & Linda Long David & Lisa Luckenbach Suzanne Lugotoff Thomas Macias Carol Kay Mackay Dr. Ian & Ginny MacLean Judy Macy Jeff Maddox Margaret Magnus & Sam Ervin Julie & Bo Manson Hayley Marcus Markow Family Trust Elizabeth Martin Tasha Marvin Lisa Matranga Christie Mattull Alice & Richard Matzkin Mary McConnel Rabbi Joseph Menashe Judith Mercer Charles W. Millard, III G. Scott Miller Tricia & Todd Mills Cathy Moon Kevin Moore Judi Morningstar & Alberto Kywi Nomi Morris Michele Murdoch & Paul DelSignore Jennifer Napoli Ciaran Nelson John & Andrea Nelson Kenley Neufeld & Leslie Davis Adam Newman Stuart & Mary Niebel Cathi & James Nye Judy Oberlander & Reynold Akison Eamon O’Byrne & Stephanie Linder Elizabeth & Wayne Ogden

The Ojai Cook Betty & Maynard Olson James & Wendy Osher Jeff & Elisabeth Otterbein Sarah Otterstrom & Rick Rutherford Send Rover on Over William H. Painter, Jr. Ellen Pansky Debbie & Frank Parisi Tania & Tobias Parker Patagonia Kid’s Club James & Carlito Paul Claire & David Paulson John & Fran Pavelko Jeffrey Peariso Kathleen M. Peck Megan & Scott Pemberton Nancy Pepper Tris & Lalo Perez Bob & Kim Perron Alan & Jan Peter Carol Peterson & Curt Mossestad Gail & Erick Peterson Pamela Phillips Robyn L. Posin Carey & Derek Poultney Paula Power Judy Pugh Tina Pukonen Tiese & Bob Quinn Ruby Qurashi Kara Partridge Ralston & Darrell Ralston Rena Randall Norm & Susan Reccius Reed & Heather Cowan Annie Reeves Katherine Regester Suzy Reinhart Relash, Inc

Marlayn Riley Laura Ring Rachel Rischar Rob & Antoinette Tivy Rock & Water Creations, Inc. Rock the Glass Richard & Sharon Rockefeller Barbara Ryan Risë Ryan Martha Saxe Adele & Douglas Schmalenberger Valerie & Dietrich Schmidt Lynda Scott & John Marshall Shelley Scott Bettyanne Sessing Tim & Lucinda Setnicka Alex & Sarah Sheshunoff Justin Shipp Phil Simon & Gwyer Schuyler David & Fereschta Sinclair Ron Singer & Elisa Neville Ellen Sklarz Pegi & Jeffrey Skoff Kira Sloane Thomas & Debra Slone Michael & Denise Small Cathy Ann Smith Isla Claire Smith Carol Smith & Larry Yuva Alex Smith & Mike VanStry Barbara Sorem-Hughlett William Spellman Steamy Bun Bruce Stenslie & Julie Tumamait-Stenslie Dennis & Catherine Stern Eric & Missy Stoen Troy & Jeri Becker Mark & Caroline Stubbs Julia Summers Marcia & Dick Sykes

Diana Syvertson Anna Thomas Holly & Wiley Thrasher Karen & Woody Traudt Sally & James True Helene & John Vachet Hattie Vail John van Houten Betsy VanLeit Vida Vida Virginia & Ted McConnell The Vondriska Family Anthonie & Dorothy* Voogd Bill & Marcia Wakelee Adaya Walsh David Wappler Elizabeth Watson E. Bruce Weiss Wanda Weller Allan & Joyce West Kat West Susan Westbrook Penny Wheat Christine & Bud White Phil & Suzanne White Paulette Whiting Merrill Williams David & Katherine Willis Jay & Pam Windsor Nate & Lindsay Yeager Sarah Young Michael Zierhut Libby & Aaron Zweig Stewards $250+ John & Lisa Adair Khaled & Sheryl Al-Awar Marsha & Gary Alstot Cory Auric Maria & Tyler Barrell David Bender

Restoration Field Crew Member Niko Georghiou takes a break from clearing trail on a fallen oak up Wills Canyon on the Ventura River Preserve.

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife Page 21

In FY17, over 500 people attended our All About Ojai programs and docent-led hikes and tours, 25 California Naturalists graduated, and over 1,500 people attended Mountainfilm on Tour—we are grateful to connect with so many in the community! Margaret Berry & Mark Silbernagel Boeing Susan Swift & Jakob Bogenberger Cindy & Douglas Bower Phillip Bradley Mike & Joanne Caldwell Anne & Chad Carper Cary Cheldin & Family Ray Castellino & Charlotte Janus Clark/Thomas Foundation John & Harriet Clise Chip & Lori Collins Danna & Julio Contreras Stephen & Sheila Cox Robert (BD) & Liz Dautch Robert Davis Lanyard, Mary & Hannah Dial Sherri Drifka Jerry & Merry Dunn Katherine & Glenn Erickson Roger & Pat Essick Louanne Fay Barbara Feild Jeff & Theresa Ferguson Anne Fitzgerald & David Chase Fred & Dana Fleet Paul Fortune Friend’s Ranch James Fugle

Page 22

William & Sue Gilbreth Andrew Gilman Julie Grist & Paul Holahan Martha Groszewski Jo-Anne & Harold Guy Julie Hahn Walter & Julia Hamann Pat & Larry Hartmann Kathryn & Jason Headley Elizabeth Hermes Chris & Wendy Hilgers Jerry & Kerry Holden Janet & Allan* Jacobs Brian Johnson Scott & Jeri Johnson Carl & Jo Ann Johnston Glenda & Darrell Jones Carolyn & Doug Kirkpatrick Bonnie Laird Edie Lambert Margo & Christopher Land Matt Larrew & Jordana Kaben George & Laurie Leis Eddie & Larry Leonard James & Tina Little Juan Jose Lopez Jim & Rebecca Malone Lisa & Michael Marshall Caitlin & Bob Matthews Thomas & Janice McCormick Michael & Julie McFadden Doug & Mary Jo McLeod

Kim McLin Frederick & Margaret Menninger Thomas & Nancy Michali Anne & Mike Morris Bruce & Linda Nofrey Peter K. Noone Bill Norris & Judith Hale Norris Ruric & Gwen Nye Angela & Anthony Ocone Ojai Valley Family Medicine Group The Ojai Valley School Organic Valley Community Giving Program Tom & Mary Orsini David Pacheco Vera & Juergen Pahl Karen Palm & Michael McLenaghan John D. Patterson & Jack Nesbit Ronald & Linda Phillips Marty & Barbara Pops Emmanuelle Pytka Barry & Donna Rabe Debra & Ted Reed Marti & Dan Reid Robert & Alice Rene Lynn Rimkus Larry & Christel Rogero Stefanie & Myron Roth Fred & Ila* Rothenberg

Terry Royce John & Peggy Russell Evander Schley Ingo & Leslie Schreiber Michael Shapiro & Louise Sandhaus Carol & Steve Shestag Cari Guerrero Shore & Peter Shore Carol Shore Charley & Sandy Sledd Andrew Snett Paula Spellman Ron Stark Peter Strauss & Rachel Ticotin John & Caroline Thacher Kyle & Kate Thompson Tim & Nona Reed David , Mary & Sarah Trudeau Terry & Cricket Twichell Peter & Jeanne Tymstra Arthur & Judy Vander Vertoch Design Architects, Inc. Michael Watling Marc & Julia Whitman Peter & Debra Wilkens Wonderful Giving Robert & Katy Zappala Champions $500+ AmazonSmile Randy Banchik & Jannell Greene-Banchik Howard Barmazel Cherie Beers Dennis & Meredy Benson Rice Peter & Barbara Bonsignori Kay & Jack Chatowski Joseph & Melinda Chrisman Anne & Garrett Clifford Cynthia Connolly Duane Dammeyer & Marty Bonvechio Richard & Maddy Ehrman Karen & Bill Evenden Patsy & Harold Glenn Linda & Frank* Granat Trent & Kris Greco Kalila Haddad Bill Hammond Richard & Carol Holly Darin Hornbaker Michael J. Jauregui & Susan Olson John Davis & Lorraine Brown Airdrie Martin Kincaid Eric & Wendy Lockwood Tom & Rebecca Lowe Linda L. Maigret Wanda Martin Craig McCaw Michal Mitchell Dennis & Holly Mitchem Jane & Steve Murray Kurt Neher Paul E. Niedringhaus

Douglas & Angela Parker Alan & Jan Rains Julie Rischar Ernie Roide Amy & Sara* Schneider Darlene Patrick & Jim Selman Sespe Flyfishers, Inc. David & Elizabeth Silva Larry Smith & Dorothy Dron-Smith Brian & Amy Stark Bob Tallyn & Betsy Bachman Dana & Lindsey Thomas Marcy & Steve Toscher George & Debbie Watson David & Sylvia Weisz Family Foundation recommended by Judith A. Carroll Joan Hurak Welborn Terry & Cindy Wright Anonymous Friends of the Ojai Valley $1,000+ Tucker & Phil Adams Susan Bee Mary Bergen Carol Bishop Dan, Vicki & Zac Breen John & Kathy Broesamle Bill Brothers & Susie Ault Sandy Buechley Marilyn Wallace & Maurice Chasse Chevron Humankind Matching Program Alan & Leslie Connell Karen Courington & Dan Lukasiewicz Judith & Donald Diaz Gary & Michele Douglas Scott Bevans & Valerie Dykeman Connie Eaton & William Hart Susan Foster David & Cindy Garber Margot Griswold Chris Hacker & Will Thomas Wyatt & Claudia Harris Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks Bruce & Virginia Hibberd Gary & Dominique Hirschkron Gerben & Jill Hoeksma Richard & Vicki Holgate Rachael & Brent Jacobs Kitty & Johnny Johnston David & Deborah Junod Judith Kelly Loebl Family Fund Craig Marcus Bruce Mason Stuart Meiklejohn & Mary Ann O’Connor Donna & Ted Miller Susan Moll

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Leave a Lasting Legacy for Ojai

Just by including the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy in your estate plans, you can help protect the beauty of Ojai for generations to come. A bequest is a simple way to support the OVLC in the future while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime. By making the OVLC a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or financial accounts, you ensure your values will be passed on after you. The real beneficiary, of course, is Ojai.

The John J. Moller Family Foundation Shaun Mueller Michael Newkirk & Olivia Garfield Niels & Robin Nyborg Ann & Harry Oppenheimer Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Joe Rohde & Mel Malmberg Larry Rose & Lisa Larramendy Rotary Club of Ojai Alan & Carol Saltzman Val Schorre* Jeff & Laura Shell Lisa Smith Al Stroberg & Betsy Patterson Barbara Sunderland Mike & Erika Swimmer Mary Thompson & Don Higgins Linda & Tim Turner Roger & Kathryn Wachtell Deric & Barbara Washburn Huora L. Williams Blake & Susanne Wilson

Oliver Wilson & Kaarina Tienhaara Claudia Wunderlich Rob & Maureen Young Guardians of the Ojai Valley $5,000+ Lucila E. Arango & Sandy Fee George E. Berg & Gail Topping Bruce & Marilyn Wallace Foundation Allen & Marilyn Camp Andrew & Judith Gustafson Jerry Jones* Jolene Lloyd* Patagonia Alissa & Rob Russell Schneider Foundation Jill & Bill Shanbrom Jakob & Marianne Vos Tom & Esther Wachtell

* Deceased

Protecting your views, trails, water and wildlife

Your legacy gift, with many others like yours, will keep the Ojai Valley’s views, trails, water, and wildlife protected for future generations. Inspire and influence others by letting us know about your planned gift today. You can join or update your preferences online at Page 23

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 351 Ojai, CA PO Box 1092 • Ojai, CA 93024 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

UPCOMING EVENTS February 24 All About Ojai: Dirt time with the Ventura County Wildlife Trackers March 10 All About Ojai: Matilija Dam Removal Project by Paul Jenkin from the Matilija Coalition March 31 Free Guided Bird and Native Plant Walk with John Pavelko and Art Vander April 7 Free Guided Wildflower Walk at the Ojai Meadows Preserve with Stuart Niebel April 13 - May 12 California Naturalist Certification class Pre-registration required April 14 Free Guided Nature Hike at Valley View Preserve with Bettyanne Sessing April (TBD) Stewardship Director Hike & Picnic with Brendan Taylor, limit 12, $15 fee April 21 Native Plant Sale at Ojai Meadows Preserve April 21 Earth Day Celebration at Libbey Park May 5 All About Ojai: Birdwalk with Jesse Grantham at the Ojai Meadows Preserve Save the Date! September 22, 2018 4th Annual Mountainfilm on Tour

Double Your Impact TAKE ADVANTAGE of your employer’s matching gift program. A matching gift means your contribution will go twice as far. Many companies will double (or sometimes triple) the value of their employees’ gifts to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy. These matching gifts provide valuable funds as we work to protect the views, trails, water, and wildlife of the Ojai Valley. Some companies will even match your gifts after you retire. To see if your company will match a gift to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, contact your company’s human resources department.

Open Spaces - 2018 winter newsletter  
Open Spaces - 2018 winter newsletter