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volume 15 number 1 | spring 2008

Still Wild About Ojai An environmental learning series for OVLC Members offered this spring


In partnership with the California Native Plant Society, the Ojai Museum, the Matilija Coalition, the Surfrider Foundation, and the Ventura Audubon Society, the OVLC is excited to offer members and partner organization members a very special and interactive environmental learning series this spring. Several presenters will present a wide array of topics. Friday evening presentations will be held at the new OVLC headquarters at 370 Baldwin Road (the old Honor Farm, now Help of Ojai’s center for nonprofits). Saturday morning field trips will demonstrate examples of the previous evening’s topic, however participants are invited to attend either session or both. If you aren’t a member yet, join the OVLC today and enjoy this entire series as a member benefit for FREE! If you are, encourage a friend to join in order to enjoy this very special member benefit too. A donation of $10 per session is requested from non-members. Reservations are encouraged as participation will be limited to space available. Reservations can be made via email at or by calling 649-6852. We look forward to seeing you!

Living With Wildlife - Friday, April 4th at 7pm (evening program only, no Saturday field trip) Presentation by: Martin Potter, CA Dept. of Fish & Game; Bianca Rice, Dog Trainer; Patty Perry, Wildlife & Environmental Conservation, Inc. Homeowners, hikers, dog walkers and equestrians will benefit by learning how to interact safely with wildlife, to avoid potentially nasty encounters with rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions and other critters, and how to keep yourself and your pets safe when you do encounter those critters in your yard or on the trail. Participants will learn to effectively control rodents to avoid inadvertently poisoning Ojai raptors and what to do if you encounter injured raptors or other wildlife or their apparently abandoned young.

Landscaping with Natives - Part I - Friday, April 11th at 7pm Presentation by: Daniel Wilson, Landscape Designer, Wilson Environmental Landscape Design, Inc. Learn how to landscape with native plants and trees, including dos and don’ts, care and maintenance of native landscaping, and a “show and tell” segment with actual native plants commonly used and inspirational photos of native landscapes. Attendees will leave with a native plant seedling, compliments of OVLC’s native plant propagation facility on the OMP.

Landscaping with Natives - Part II - Saturday, April 12th from 9am till noon Field Tour: Local arborist, Mike Inaba and landscape designer, John Lamar will visit local examples of natives in residential landscapes beginning at Cluff Vista Park. The tour will wrap up at the Ojai Valley Museum’s native plant exhibition and sale. Feel free to enjoy afternoon activities at the museum where OVLC project manager Derek Poultney will present OVLC’s planting plan for the Ojai Meadows Preserve and Author Jan Timbrook will give a talk and hold a signing of her book Chumash Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge Among the Chumash People of Southern California.

Edible, Useful and Medicinal Plants of the Chumash Culture - Part I - Friday, April 18th at 7pm Presentation by: Julia Tumamait, Chumash Tribal Elder There is much to learn from Chumash history about the plants we encounter in the Ojai Valley daily. Julie will share her knowledge of Chumash uses of local native plants, including traditional and tasty foods made from them. In the spirit of Chumash tradition, songs and stories will be integrated into the program. Continued on page 2

GET INVOLVED Continued from page 1

Edible, Useful and Medicinal Plants - Part II - Saturday, April 19th from 9am till noon Field Hike: Local botanist and native plant specialist Lanny Kaufer will lead a hike on the Ventura River Preserve, demonstrating how and where to find and use plants discussed during the Friday night program. Meet at the Riverview trailhead of the VRP on Rice Road.

Healthy River, Healthy Community - Part I - Friday, April 25th at 7pm Presentation by: Paul Jenkin of the Matilija Coalition, Nica Katherine Knite, Cal Trout Program Manager The river runs through us, has so much to teach us as well. Learn more about the Ventura River watershed, including the Matilija Dam removal; steelhead trout in the Ventura River; how the OVLC is working to enhance the health of the Ventura River and how property owners on the river can help protect the river and their property.

Healthy River, Healthy Community - Part II - Saturday, April 26th from 9am till noon Vehicle tour: Take a driving tour with Paul Jenkin and Stevie Adams, OVLC restoration project manager, including stops at the Matilija Dam, the arundo removal project, and the OVLC’s Ventura River restoration projects. Meet at the Riverview trailhead of the VRP on Rice Road. Advance reservations required for this tour, call 649-6852.

Birds of the Ojai Valley - Part I Friday, May 9th at 7pm Presentation by: Jesse Grantham, California Condor Project Manager and local birding expert While viewing a slide presentation of stunning photos of the migratory birds frequently seen in Ojai, participants will learn where to look for them, how to attract them to their homes, and gain valuable information on birding supplies and publications.

Birds of the Ojai Valley - Part II Saturday, May 10th at 9am Jessie Grantham will lead a birding tour of the Ojai Meadows Preserve, focusing on newly created habitat for local migratory birds and wetland species. This is also a great chance to view the progress of the restoration project on the Meadow. Meet at the Nordhoff High School parking lot, wear sturdy shoes and bring binoculars if you have them.

Habitat restoration planting at the Confluence Preserve After site preparation in the fall, planting commenced at the Confluence Preserve in January. Plantings will improve riparian and upland habitats for native animal species by providing valuable cover for nesting, feeding, migration and predator evasion. Many dedicated volunteers including a class from CSUCI worked to rid the site of weeds so newly planted natives would have a better environment for establishment and growth. 600 native plants and trees were planted along a 400-foot section of riverbank. Thank you to all the volunteers who put in so much time and energy. Your assistance helps keep our costs low which in turn makes OVLC more competitive in seeking restoration grant dollars. Special thanks to Erin, Evan, Joe, Ron, Peter, Tracy, Jackson, Grayson, Rena, Sherry and Trisha. 2

S p r i n g B r e a k i n Yo s e m i t e

Join OVLC friends for a spring trek to Yosemite from April 4-9. This is an Ojai School District spring break and the best wildflower and waterfall viewing season. Pick and choose from a range of hikes and day trips to suit your interests. A range of accommodations are available. Reserve today: • Fully-equipped cabins begin at $150 a night. Cabin sharing at $50 per person. Reserve at 888-225-6666 or book online at • The Wawona Hotel starting at $123 a night, includes breakfast. Call 1-559-253-5635 or book online at • Camping for reservations at the Wawona Campground ($20 a night) call 1-877-444-6777 or book online at Mention that you are with the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy group when making reservations. Please call Kathy or John Broesamle at 646-5948 for more information and to let us know you’ll be joining this great group adventure. OPEN SPACES | WINTER 2007

WELCOME NEW B OARD MEMBERS & STAFF OJAI VALLEY LAND CONSERVANCY Post Office Box 1092 • Ojai, California 93024 OFFICE ADDRESS: 370 W. Baldwin Rd. Bldg. A4 Tel. (805) 649-OVLC (6852) • Fax (805) 649-8913 WEBSITE EMAIL

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Roger Essick, President Larry Rose, Vice President Barbara Washburn, Treasurer Vicki Breen, Secretary

Kira Ryder - Coming to California in 1991 from Connecticut for college, Kira came to realize that “the mountains, rivers, ocean and meadows are my connection to the source and rhythm of life.” Seeing Ojai for the first time in 2000, she and her husband Eric realized this was where they belonged. A year later, not knowing a soul, they moved to Ojai, and started Lulu Bandha’s yoga studio, which has been dedicated to the Ojai valley from the start. Weekly Green Yoga Class proceeds are donated to local environmental groups, including Patagonia’s One Percent for the Planet and the OVLC. “Ojai has a magical and mystical natural environment which almost demands the following of one’s heart. I feel humbled and grateful to be of service as a member of the OVLC board.” Paula Power - A simple lesson on the names of local mountains and the daily walk home from San Antonio School began Paula’s lifelong appreciation of the mountains, trails, and open space of Ojai. Nine years working in the wilds of British Columbia, a degree from UCSB, and graduate school in Texas prepared her for her current position as Ecologist for Channel Islands National Park. Since Paula’s return to Ojai, she has volunteered for the OVLC on the OMP and VRP providing her knowledge and a helping hand whenever needed. She always manages to fit OVLC needs into her busy schedule with the National Park, and her other job as mom to her son and daughter, both of whom are active OVLC volunteers. She is now honored to serve on the OVLC Board of Directors.

Jan Blakslee Stephanie Coeler Jim Combs Jesse Grantham Cari Guerrero Paula Power Larry Rose Kyra Ryder Barbara Washburn

STAFF Stevie Adams, Associate Project Manager Rick Bisaccia, Preserve Manager Sherry Doyle, Office Manager

Stefanie Coeler - Having been interested in the protection of environmental resources all her life and an active OVLC member and volunteer for the past six years, it was a natural fit for Stefanie to join the board. If you have been at OVLC events, you have likely enjoyed some of Stefanie’s creativity and dedication. Born and raised in Germany, she came to Ojai to be with her sweetheart Willi, an airline pilot, now her husband. Stefanie brings two valuable assets to the OVLC, a degree in business and a passion for the outdoors. She especially loves riding her horse and hiking on the Ventura River Preserve which she is lucky enough to call her “back yard” as an Oso Road resident. She has been instrumental in watching over the VRP on our behalf. Cari Guerrero - An Ojai native, Cari was born at the Ojai hospital, back

Fred Fox, Executive Director Lynn Malone, Member Services Director Sheri Mayta, Project Coordinator Derek Poultney, Project Manager

when they were still delivering babies! Growing up in Meiners Oaks, she and her sister found refuge on the Ojai Meadows Preserve long before it was preserved. Feeling that it was their special place, they built forts and swung on a huge crooked tree trunk. Cari has come full circle, by joining the OVLC board, and now plays on the meadow with her 3 year old daughter Lilly when she isn’t busy working as Branch Manager at Rabobank. “I never thought that my after school job in high school would become a 14 year career! I am passionate about the bank’s commitment to serving the community” says Cari. “I am so thrilled to be a part of OVLC and look forward sharing my appreciation for Ojai.” She is also a member of the Ojai Rotary Club and a new board member of Food for Thought.

Rick Bisaccia joins the OVLC staff as Preserve Manager We are pleased to welcome Rick, a lifetime Ojai resident, general contractor, naturalist, search and rescue person, and a whole host of other incredible qualifications make him a dynamic new team member. Rick has gotten right into the job, and enjoyed the challenges keeping the preserves pristine, and also finding creative solutions to help educate some of Ojai’s “mischief makers” who tend to play among the sensitive habitats. Rick looks forward to leading hikes and working with Project Manager Derek Poultney to provide Ojai Meadows Restoration Project tours for OVLC members. Watch the OVLC website for details.

Rick and Derek share a laugh during a recent staff meeting in a cave near the Ilvento Preserve



OJAI MEADOWS PRESERVE Ojai Meadows Construction is Almost Complete! Since the late 1800s the land that is now the Ojai Meadows Preserve was cleared of an oak woodland and was continually degraded in the name of development. Over time erosion and fill dirt from neighboring construction filled the historic wetland, causing water to drain onto Highway 33. The project corrected highway flooding and marks the beginning of restoration of the property to its original condition, a wetland habitat alive with native flora and fauna.




From the Maricopa Highway... February storms which normally flood Maricopa Highway now run off into a creek which feeds retention basins on the meadow.


The drainage ditch running through the eucalyptus grove was widened to create a meandering creek through the grove. Upon completion of the grading project, hundreds of oaks, sycamore and cottonwoods will be planted along the new streambed for erosion prevention and reforestation. As the young native trees grow, over the years they will begin to take the place of the older eucalyptus trees in the grove as they age, a process used in urban forestry called “time stacking� used to create and maintain sustainable woodlands.

4 the Ojai Meadows Preserve

The drain at the edge of Highway 33 has been choked with sediment, debris and plant material for years preventing runoff of surface water to the meadow. The first stage of the project was to excavate to clean out this important drainage area.


OJAI MEADOWS PRESERVE Though seeing and hearing heavy equipment on a nature preserve can be a bit unsettling it is good to know that this work is very temporary and will restore what was originally there – for the enjoyment of generations to come. Though recent storms have delayed the final stages of the project, hydro-seeding has begun just in time to take advantage of the rains to assure the successful growth of the freshly planted native grasses and wildflowers. Thousands of acorns have been collected by volunteers, sorted and prepared for planting in March to assure good germination before the weather warms up.


The Taormina drain has been widened to create a streamline watercourse with added wildlife habitat features. Erosion cloth was installed along the channel to limit soil erosion until plantings are established to stabilize the stream banks.


As winter storms give way to spring, thousands of new plants, trees and acorns will be planted. If you would like to be a part of this exciting restoration project, come join us on the Preserve. Please visit the OVLC website events page at for information on plantings which will continue to be scheduled throughout the spring.




Patagonia volunteers who decided to have their “holiday party” at the Preserve helping plant 90 native trees. Boots with pounds of mud attached, wet to the bone, they planted non-stop to give those little saplings a new home. Now THAT’S dedication! Frankie Anthony, Michael Littlejohn, Bob Kilpatrick & Jim Stallings (& OVSD) for your work on the sewer realignment project. Shannon Martin, Anne Leis & Trisha Willard for your generous service-learning volunteer efforts. The Taormina community, St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Nordhoff High School & all neighbors and users of the Meadows Preserve for your patience and support during construction.


OVLC GIVING OPPORTUNITIES The Ojai Preservation Artists

T.O.P.A., a plein aire paint out group, has formed for artists in any medium, interested in painting the Ojai Valley to memorialize the beauty that surrounds and nurtures our spirits. The TOPA Group will meet in a variety of OVLC preserves and other Ojai scenic spots plan an which are scheduled in advance. art exhibition A 2008 goal for TOPA is to create a body to benefit of work for an exhibition in the OVLC partnership with the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy at an upcoming event. TOPA Group membership dues, and a portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to the OVLC. By joining the TOPA group, artists are extended a one year membership to the OVLC at no extra charge. Interested artists may join their first paint out as a TOPA guest before officially joining. For info and a schedule of paint outs email or call the OVLC at 649-6852.

Wish List

We always seem to need something that we can’t afford. If you have anything that we could use, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We need: 

3 Good desk task chairs and 2 reception chairs

Desktop or laptop computer (less than 2 years old)

2 Flat screen monitors (17” or above)

24” x 36” color printer for maps

A medium sized late model energy efficient refrigerator


Plant propagation supplies Sturdy outdoor picnic table/benches A portable greenhouse Skip loader tractor with 3-point hitch, blade and disk or spring harrow (minimum 30 hp)

Please call 649-6852 or email us at

There are so many ways you can help Membership or Annual donations – whether by check or credit card, by phone or online at www/, every dollar helps! We can even help you set up a monthly automatic withdrawal from your checking account. • Become a business sponsor for good community relations • Donate in-kind goods and services • Become a part of the OVLC family of volunteers • Donate auction or raffle items for one of our events • Join or form a group of people of like interests to help support the work of the OVLC • Join one of the several tours or mini vacations offered to OVLC members and friends that donate a portion of proceeds. Please call or visit our website to learn more about how you can be a part of this effort to preserve open space. It takes a community, please join us!

Volunteer Opportunities

Watch our website for upcoming volunteer work days • • • • • • •

Restoration planting on the Preserves Administrative Help Help with data entry, mailings, filing, writing, and special projects Special Events Help plan, set up and work at special events. Online Auction Person Like to eBay? Help us run auctions on bidding, a website dedicated to auctions for nonprofits. • Work Day at the OVLC headquarters • Help plant a California native demonstration garden • Trailhead Greeters and Preserve Patrol 6

Banking on the OVLC Remembering when your annual OVLC member renewal date is can be just one more detail you would rather not have to think about. Or maybe you would like to give more to support the work of the OVLC if you could spread out your annual donation monthly. Did you know that local Ojai banks offer automatic withdrawal services for donations to nonprofits such as OVLC? Account representatives at two of OVLC’s business sponsors, Rabobank and the Ojai Community bank would be glad to help make it easier for you to support the OVLC! Also, did you know that Ojai Community Bank will contribute $25 to the nonprofit of your choice when you open an account there? This program is limited to three accounts per household or business and does not apply to funds already deposited with Ojai Community Bank. If you are planning on opening an account at Ojai Community Bank, please consider designating Ojai Valley Land Conservancy as the organization that will receive this contribution. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DEDICATED OFFICE VOLUNTEERS Barbara Sunderland – for her clerical help every Monday Peggy Bernard – for helping us organize historical articles OPEN SPACES | SPRING 2008

MEMBERSHIP Renewing Members Each year hundreds of OVLC members renew their membership. We thank the following members for your loyalty and support during the period from November 1, 2007 through February 29, 2008. Patty Albert-Leis Dolli Alexander Michael Allen Angela Heald Briana & Steve Beebe Julie Bloomer & Scott Rabe Roberta and Bob Boschan Caryn & Charlie Bosson James & Terri Capito Kay and Jack Chatowski Susan & Peter Cheney Betsy & Aaron Clapp Coast & Valley Land Surveying, LLC Greg Wardle Anita C. Cramm Eleanor Crilly Duane Dammeyer Evie & Bain Dayman Cathy Diorio Marcia Doty & Celeste Matesevac Andrew & Sharon Engel Garold & Joyce Faber Farr & Associates - Gary & Brenda Farr Jim & Kris Finch Dr. Michael Frese and Howard Stahl Barbara Frick & Patrick Finley David & Cindy Garber Maggie Garrett Richard & Joan Glenn Rod & Joyce Greene Charley Griswold & Betsy Bland Andrew & Judith Gustafson David & Sarah (Sally) Hackel Donald & Ruth Hauser Mike & Elizabeth Hermes Carrie Herziger Bruce and Virginia Hibberd Jane C. Hubler Norma C. Hughes Stephen & Denise James Carol Janelle Glenda & Darrell Jones Suzanne Joseph Anne & Gerald Kaplan Howard Kayton Joan Kemper Jere Kersnar & Cheryl Smoth Ray King & Kale Starbird Tod & Carolyn Kuhn Jonathan & Linda Lambert Ruth Lasell & Bob Bonewitz James & Gabriele Lashly Beverly Lavenson George and Anne Leis Linda L. Maigret Eric & Wendy Lockwood Mrs. Dorothy Loebl


John & Margaret Logan Tom & Rebecca Lowe David & Lisa Luckenbach Claudia & Drew Lurie Judy Macy Nancy Main Carla & Chris Malloy Mindy & Stephen Maloon Keith & Kathleen Manion Wally, Mary Jane & Rob McCall Roger P. McDivitt Marion McIsaac Joy Mills The Mitchell Organization Mary Mitchell Everett & Susan Murdock Sonia Nordenson Butterfli O’Shea and Family Jeff & Elisabeth Otterbein John & Fran Pavelko Judy & David Poultney Maruja Real Joan Roberts Lee & Katherine Rosenboom Judy Ross Kathy and Shelley Rowland Alan & Carol Saltzman Harzan Samaniego Amy & Sara Schneider Teddy & Dick Schneider Sespe Farm Management Rowe & Molly Burgett Sally and Alan Shampine Linda & Charles Simon Carol Smith Cynthia & Jim Snell Al Stroberg & Betsy Patterson Kim Stroud Louise Stubblefield Barbara Sunderland Suzanne’s Cuisine Sandra Moore & Suzanne Roll Bob Tallyn & Betsy Bachman John & Caroline Thacher Tony & Anne Thacher - Friends Ranch The Symphony of Life Church-Barclay and Katherine Hope Paula & Victor Theis Rosie & Barney Tower Karen & Nat Traudt Sally & James True Terry & Cricket Twichell Doug & Liz Vernand Nancy Voyer Allan & Joyce West Ronald & Helayne White Robert & Katy Zappala

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Sincere Appreciation to 2007 OVLC Business Sponsors Show Ojai how much your business cares. Become a 2008 Land Conservancy Sponsor.

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Sponsorships come with an assortment of business recognition in addition to tax benefits. Short on cashflow? We happily accept in-kind donations of goods or services. Give Lynn Malone, Member Services Director a call today if you would like to help preserve the natural beauty of Ojai for all who are here, and all who will come to share this special place.

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OVLC Open Spaces Newsletter - Spring 2008  
OVLC Open Spaces Newsletter - Spring 2008