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The latest news from the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy Vol. 12 No. 4

Working to Protect The Ojai Valley’s Future - Today

Winter 2005

Moonlight on the Meadow A Spectacular Success Moonlight on the Meadow was a tremendous success raising over $80,000 to continue the stewardship of open space. Attendees were treated to hors d’oeuvres generously provided by local restaurants, live music by the band Archaea, a delicious catered dinner with a hosted bar and a delightful auction offering something for everyone. Master of Ceremonies, J. B. White kept the evening running smoothly and this years’ live auction was the most successful ever with the entertaining, fast talking auctioneer, Jewels Eubanks. Some of the highlights of the evening included the presentation of our flag by Boy Scout Troop #504 and God Bless America by Spanky Reynoso. Attendees were welcomed by President Larry Ragan and a presentation was made by John Broesamle to Sheila and Don Cluff for their outstanding contributions to the Conservancy. Don and Sheila served as honorary chairpersons of this years Moonlight and worked diligently to garner many of the wonderful items offered in the auction. The hard work by co-chairpersons Barry Betlock and Wendy Lockwood and committee members was evident throughout the event. “The evening was a great success because of the incredible support we received from our members, volunteers, corporate sponsors and the Ojai community” said OVLC President Larry Ragan. “The manner in which they embraced

Sheila and Don were honored at the event for their out standing contributions to the Conservancy

open space and gave of themselves with their time, donations of great auction items and generous bids in support of the mission of the Conservancy is why the OVLC enjoys the success it does. This was the true success of Moonlight on the Meadow. We should all be proud to celebrate this success and continue to work to make our vision of the Ojai Valley a reality.”

John Broesamle Stepping Down From Conservancy Board “Serving our valley as a board member has been among the most rewarding privileges I have ever had,” says John Broesamle, “and I am thankful to have been given the opportunity.” With these humble sentiments John is leaving the Board of Directors, and while he will remain an advocate for open space, his contributions we have taken for granted on a daily basis will be sorely missed. John served on the Board from 1995-2000 and 20022005. He was President from 1997-2000 and received the Conservation Award in 2001. John Broesamle Following his presidency, John returned to the board and worked tirelessly with staff to make possible the acquisition of the Ventura River Preserve. Highlights from his presidency include the purchase of the Palmer property and Besant Meadow, now known as the Ojai Meadows Preserve, the dedication of Cluff Vista Park, and an unprecedented membership increase of 950 members from 250 to 1,200. We could write volumes about John’s contributions but former president Jim Jackson sums it up best by saying: “There is no one more dedicated to open space in the Ojai Valley than John Broesamle. He is a model for what a board president should be, a model for what a volunteer should be, and a model for what a friend should be. The OVLC will indeed miss his presence on the board, but our members can rest assured that the example he set for the organization will live on for years to come.”

Ways to Support the Conservancy MAKE A GIFT OR PLEDGE- As the year comes to an end we are ever mindful that contributions to the Conservancy are tax-deductible and it is a wonderful way to show your support for present and future generations of Ojai Valley residents, who will benefit from your generous gift. Remember – when you put your money into land protection, your gift will last forever. Please consider the following options when making your gift:



Cash, usually in the form of a check or credit card, is the most common and popular type of gift.

If you decide to make a gift of appreciated assets you are making a wise decision. This includes stock, securites, real estate, individual retirement plans, mutual funds, tangible property or closely held stock you have owned over a twelve-month period. You will receive an immediate tax deduction and avoid paying capital gains.

PLEDGES We welcome pledges for up to two or three years with extraordinary gifts. This enables you to spread your gift over a longer period of time.



Many employers will match your contribution. Just ask them for their support!

Tell your friends, family and neighbors about the Conservancy and encourage them to join.

Support the Conservancy by Recycling Ink Cartridges undreds of thousands of empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges are thrown H into our overcrowded landfills every year. We believe that these cartridges can and should be recycled. You can help us stop this destructive cycle by recycling as many printer cartridges as possible. The environmental and economic benefits to be gained from becoming a Participant in a Recycling Program are clear: Environmental Benefits - You can help curb the ever-increasing amount of waste in our landfills by participating in our Recycling Program. Every qualifying cartridge that is able to be recycled will be recycled. Economic Benefits – The Conservancy will get paid for every qualifying cartridge received. We will be rewarded for you being a good steward of our environment. THE STATISTICS ARE ALARMING: More than 54 million households, roughly 55% of the total population, own a home computer. The average consumer purchases 2-6 printer cartridges per year. More than 85% of used printer cartridges are simply tossed in the trash. Every 2 seconds a printer cartridge is thrown away in the United States alone. That’s 1,800 cartridges per minute, 108,000 per hour, almost 3 million per day!


Recovering discarded printer cartridges for recycling would prevent more than 570,000 tons of plastics from entering the waste stream. Send your used cartridges in the enclosed postage paid envelope. If you have laser or copier cartridges, please drop them off at the Conservancy office located in the rear of the Arcade, next to Tottenham Court. This is great way of supporting the Conservancy while caring for our environment. We have enclosed a prepaid envelope for your convenience.

CARLA BARD MEMORIAL Everyone who met Carla Bard will never forget her. She lived in the Ojai Valley until her untimely death in 1997, but was well known throughout California. Carla was an OVLC board member and a passionate defender of open space. “I was never fortunate enough to meet Carla, but the diversity of people who knew her and the wonderful stories they tell never cease to amaze me,” remarked Jim Engel, former Executive Director of the Conservancy. One individual who did know her was Pat Weinberger. “She was one of life’s treasures. As a friend she was peerless,” exclaims Weinberger. In memory of Carla’s spirit and commitment to open space, OVLC has created a special dedication plaque at the Ventura River Preseve. Namings on the plaque are still available for a limited time for gift of $1,000 or more.

Upcoming Events Saturday Morning in Wills Canyon Date: Saturday, Nov. 12 Time: 8am Location: Riverview Trailhead

Saturday Morning on the Wills-Rice Loop Date: Saturday, Dec. 17 Time: 8am Location: Riverview Trailhead

Join horticulturalist Michael Inaba for an informative walk through Wills canyon on the Ventura River Preserve. Participants will learn to identify mushrooms and other interesting fungi. Good hiking shoes, water and a snack are recommended for this 2 1/2 hour exploration.

Join Preserve Manager Rich Handley for an invigorating hike over the 6 mile Wills-Rice Canyon loop trail on the Ventura River Preserve. This scenic trail affords an opportunity to experience pristine oak woodlands, chaparral uplands and wildlife viewing. The 3 hour hike is of moderate difficulty. Please bring at least one liter of drinking water and sturdy hiking boots.

Saturday Morning on Oso Ridge Date: Saturday, Jan. 28 Time: 9am Location: Riverview Trailhead Join Preserve Manager Rich Handley on a hike up Oso Ridge to the highest point on the Ventura River Preserve. Experience breathtaking views of Lake Casitas and beyond. This 2 hour hike is of moderate difficulty, with several up hill sections.

Volunteer Training Program / Date: Spring 2006 Successful management of the Conservancy’s 1,980 acres of preserve lands requires people power. Volunteering with the Conservancy provides the opportunity to meet people, enjoy the invigorating outdoors and support open space preservation. Volunteers are always in demand to help patrol the preserves, provide information to preserve users at our trailheads and lead interpretive hikes. The Conservancy will be offering a series of educational trainings beginning in the Spring of 2006 for people interested in getting involved in the management and preservation of our preserves. The training sessions will include classes and lectures on native plant and animal identification, geology and local All programs require history. Participants who complete the training will receive a patrol shirt, name pre-registration. badge and ball cap and will be asked to commit eight hours per month to the Call 646-0251 or email us at volunteer effort for one year. Please contact Preserve Manager, Rich Handley at the Conservancy office: at 646-7930 for more information about the volunteer training program.

Help Needed with the Restoration of the Ojai Meadows Preserve With the planning of the Ojai Meadows Preserve restoration in its final stages, the Conservancy has begun restoration activities. Students at Oak Grove School and Nordhoff High School have been collecting acorns from Live Oak trees on the Oak Grove campus. These acorns and other native plant seedlings (cottonwood, sycamore, willow, black walnut, etc.) will be planted in the meadow just prior to the rainy season this winter. The Conservancy will need help with native plant propagation once we collect the seedlings. If you’re interested in gathering acorns and/or seedlings, planting them, or propagating them (or all of the above), please contact Derek at 646-7930 or This large-scale restoration project could certainly use your help. If you haven’t seen the meadows in the past six months, please plan to witness first hand how remarkable the changes are. The native vegetation, cattails, willows and tules, are growing in great profusion as a result of the runoff that has been redirected from the Nordhoff High School campus onto the Meadow.


President’s Message

OJAI VALLEY LAND CONSERVANCY Post Office Box 1092 Ojai, California 93024 Office Phone • (805) 646-7930 Fax • 646-0253 Events Hotline • (805) 646-0251 Street Address: 250 E. Ojai Ave. #B • Arcade Plaza Website •




Larry Ragan • President George Berg • Vice President Barbara Washburn • Treasurer Allan Jacobs • Secretary Barry Betlock Vicki Breen John Broesamle Roger Essick Jim Exon Ellen Hall Marc Larson Wendy Lockwood

ADVISORY COUNCIL Caryn Bosson Vickie Byrne Fred Bysshe Thad Hyland Jim Jackson Joan Kemper Philip Moncharsh Steve Olsen Sylvia Overton Alan Rains Michael Shapiro Nina Shelley Spencer Silver Mansfield Sprague Carl Thelander David Trudeau

Pat Weinberger Allan West

STAFF Richard Handley • Preserve Manager Jane Lax • Membership Outreach Director Yvette Padilla • Administrative Assistant Derek Poultney • Resource Project Manager


Fall Greetings I can only speak for myself, but I must say that my favorite season has arrived. I love the fall. It starts the cool down towards the remedial times of winter and for me a slower pace. It’s also the time of bright leaf colors and nesting animals and birds. All our properties are so wonderful to visit because of these events. I hope to see you out there. Speaking of events, Moonlight on the Meadow was a Larry Ragan solid hit. Not only did we raise a record amount of dollars, but also all had a fine time. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of our members and guests that evening. Sharing our successes with those that support us is rewarding to me. Thanks to all that attended and purchased items. We are truly blessed by our many friends. Ever one to keep me on my toes, Patsy Glenn made sure that I honor the volunteers at our gala event. Well Patsy my dear, lets do that again. The work that volunteers put in during the preparation, day of, and post event duties was nothing short of phenomenal. I thank you all and extend to you the many thanks of the board members and membership of OVLC. Executive Director Search Vital work continues to be done pertainContinues ing to the Meadows Project. Derek Poultney, our new project manager, has been busily A search has been launched to fill the position of Executive placing together the many smaller steps Director of the OVLC . The Board needed to accomplish our goal of restora- of Directors is prepared for this tion and replanting. Derek’s devotion to this to be an extended process in project is to be commended. which it will seek a person with Continuing with the “pat on the back” very special skills to replace Jim theme, a standing ovation to our Engel. Meantime, members of Membership Outreach Director, (I love that the Board have volunteered to title) Jane Lax, for the many months of supplement the work of our superb staff in covering key preparation and labor to achieve such a glo- Executive Director tasks. rious event and profitable auction result. Applications for the position are What a way to go in your first year! Thanks. still being welcomed. Please My last thanks goes to our board. Each phone the office at 646-7930 of you has been so supportive and available or refer to our website, during our times without an ED. We will, under the News find an ED. I promise you this. Until then, I section. Resumes may be sent to greatly appreciate all your overtime.

Leave A Legacy

Give A Gift For Future Generations Of The Ojai Valley

Please join the more than twenty families and individuals who have included the Conservancy in their will or trust. Consider the lasting impact of an estate gift for the preservation of the natural and agricultural heritage of the Ojai Valley. Your contribution will be used for:

• Preserving critical open spaces like the Ventura River Preserve • Restoring important natural habitats • Educating our community to be better stewards of our open spaces If you have already named us in your estate plans, let us thank you for your generous gift and welcome you to the Conservation Legacy Circle. For a confidential inquiry about helping to protect the future and beauty of this valley, please contact the Conservancy office at 646-7930 or vist

Membership Renewals

New Members


very year, more than a thousand of our members choose to renew their membership. Thank you for your exceptional support! Your loyalty is greatly appreciated. The following are renewals since July 8, 2005.

Thank you to our new members for their exceptional support. The Conservancy’s success is due to the generous financial and volunteer support of our members. The following persons have joined since July 8, 2005.

1-Anonymous Tucker & Phil Adams Sheri Ann CateOjai Valley Insurance David & Kathryn AllenDavid Allen & Co. Susan Bee Susan Broidy Ulrich Brugger Brett & Lyra Buyan Judy & Fred Bysshe Norene Charnofsky Peter & Susan Cheney Wilma Dasche-Melville Lanyard & Mary Hannah Dial Jon Dieges Michael & Barbara Donohue Rose Engel Marilyn Essick Franceen Fallett Don & Gwen Fraser Donn Gladstone / Elizabeth Newman – thru work by Levee Construction Ken & Cheryl Glass Harold & Patsy Glenn Patrick & Darlene Gorey Dr. Robert J. Graham Randy & Jannell Greene-Banchik Carl & Marian Greenfield Louisa Hagen & Terry Thompson John N. Hall Ron Hamlen & Sue Fuhrmann Nancy & Bill Hammond Dale Hanson

Patricia Albert-Leis Joan L. Alger Mary C. Alstot Robert & Cheryl Beers Mary Bergen


Donald & Julie Heath Charles & Wilma Irwin Anne N. Johnstone Johnny & Kitty Johnston David & Deborah Junod Brett & Denise Kantrowitz Julian & Susan Lange Gabriele & James Lashly Drew & Claudia Lurie Paul & Elizabeth McConnaughey Alexandra Mooney Bill & Maggie Mors Jo O’Connell & Byron Cox – Australian Native Plants Linda & Landis Potter Alice & Earl Ragland Robert & Alice Rene John & Peggy Russell Larry & Marilyn Shames William & Delores Shouse Daniel Silver, M.D. Daniel & Olga Singer William Spellman, DDS Louise Stubblefield Doris Swift Bob Tallyn & Betsy Bachman Terry & Cricket Twichell John & Helene Vachet Roger & Kathryn Wachtell Stephen & Judy Walker Dana White John & Nancy Whitman John R. Wilson Oliver Wilson & Kaarina Tienhaara Christopher Woods

Steven & Deborah Curry Vicki & Michael Littlejohn Ellen Francis Lockett

Joan Nicholson Allan & Janis Parkhurst Nan Reck Rebecca Eaton & Bob Richardson

Friends of the Ojai Valley Thank you to the following members who have provided generous unrestricted membership gifts or pledges of $1000 or more since July 8, 2005. Mary Bergen Wyatt & Claudia Harris Carolyn Huntsinger John & Ginger WilsonTribute to Jim Engel

ANNUAL FUND Sara Cloud Don & Ruth Hauser Anne Littler-Brown & David Brown Steve Matzkin & Melissa Wolfe Philip & Jan Stohr

Chilant & Mansfield SpragueIn honor of John & Kathy Broesamle Thomas & Barbara Malley

President’s Circle Thank you to the following donor who has provided a very generous unrestricted gift of $2000 or more since July 8, 2005.

Michael Newkirk



Patagonia for Sandy Buechley

Betty Jane McCurley



Donald Engel Elizabeth B. Bugg

Barry Betlock Anonymous



Yes! I’ll help preserve open space in the Ojai Valley • Enclosed is my annual tax-deductible pledge/gift of:

o $25-$49 Member o $50-$99 Sustaining Member

o $100-$249 Donor o $250-$499 Sustaining Donor o $500-$999 Patron

o $1,000-$1999 Friend of the Ojai Valley o $2,000 + President’s Circle




Please make check payable to: The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy. P.O. Box 1092 • Ojai, CA 93024 or contribute through your credit card Name on Card

Credit Card #


Amount $


Thank You It was indeed a magical evening on September 10th at the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy’s annual fundraising event, Moonlight on the Meadow. We are proud to announce that over $80,000 was raised to support the Conservancy’s continued efforts to ensure open space in the Ojai Valley. We would like to gratefully acknowledge all who attended and participated in the success of this event, with special thanks to the following business sponsors, volunteers and donors: VENTURA RIVER LEVEL



Coldwell Banker Property Shoppe Heritage Financial Icon Shoes Old Creek Ranch Winery Venoco, Inc.

Barry Betlock Andi Bloom Boy Scout Troop 504 John and Kathy Broesamle Marqui Bury Rebecca Bury Doug & Leanne Campbell Terry Chaffee Claire Clark DONORS: Tucker Adams Roger Conrad James & Tammy Anderson Custom Printing Artemisia of Ojai Dana Sportfishing Attitude Adjustment David Allen & Co. Australian Native Plants Nursery David L. Garber, D.D.S. Autry National Center Dockside Service Azu Restaurant Becky Eaton Barbara Bowman Emporium Gallery Big 5 Sporting Goods Engle & Bride Birch Aquarium at Scripps Eric Ericsson's On The Pier Andy Bisaccia Elton Gallegly BJ's Restaurant Golf 'n Stuff Jan & Mary Blakslee Gary Gordon Betsy Bland Grand Canyon Railway


Bart's Books Brokaw Nursery Century 21 Ojai Valley David Bury & Co. Architects Lulu Bandha's Nye & Nelson The Oaks at Ojai Ojai Community Bank

Ojai Valley News Patagonia Waite, Jacob & Atkinson SULPHUR MOUNTAIN LEVEL

Bank of America Barnhart Insurance Casa Barranca Criterion Environmental, Inc.

Grove Care, Inc. Kava Gifts Meiners Oaks Ace Hardware Morgan Stanley Ranch House Restaurant Tottenham Court Ventura Party Rentals The Village Florist Wells Fargo Bank

MOONLIGHT EVENT VOLUNTEERS Don & Sheila Cluff Jill Greene-Silver Sheryl Pearson Stephanie Coeler Wyatt and Claudia Harris Linda and Ron Phillips Jackie Curry Jim and Joyce Lane Lynda Pinizzotto Michael Ex Carol Langford Paula Power Norm & Ruth Frane Milt Lax Laura Ragan Harold and Patsy Glenn Ellen Lockett Earl and Alice Ragland Patrick Gorey Wendy and Eric Lockwood Joan Roberts John R. Grant Brenda Miller Hildegard Tallent Joyce Greene Vivienne Moody Nilufer J. Torun

Bonnie Lu's Charley Griswold Bowers Museum Gull Wings Museum John & Kathy Broesamle Richard Handley Eleanor Brown Otto Heino Rinaldo Brutoco Icon Shoes Bryant Street Health & Fitness In-'n-Out Burger Susan Burden Ingleside Inn Kent & Sharon Butler Island Packers Cabrillo Music Theatre Jane Iredale Skin Care & Make-Up Cafe Fiore Janet Jacobs Pottery Callaway Winery Janis' Gallery Bonnie Campbell Jonathan's at Peiranos Casa Barranca Kern County Museum Casa Cody Inn Oatley Kidder

Children's Museum Patricia Kuebler Jean Colonomos L'Esprit Day Spa & Salon Conejo Players Theatre L.A.County Museum of Art Robert Larkin Ojai Valley Athletic Club Milt & Jane Lax Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Patricia Lincoln Los Angeles Clippers Ojai Village Pharmacy Los Angeles Zoo Old Creek Ranch Winery Lotusland Lulu Bandha's Oxnard Ice Skating Center MacArthur Place Ann & Harry Oppenheimer Pacific Asia Museum Ruthie Marks Pacific Park Michael Herdegen Pasadena Playhouse Patagonia Wilma Melville Pete's Breakfast House Mimi's Cafe Ron & Linda Phillips

Mountain Harbor Resort Derek & Carey Poultney Mountain Ranch Quality Inn Primavera Gallery Movino's Punky's Provence Museum of Contemporary Art Quizno's Sub Museum of Neon Art Larry & Laura Ragan Museum of Tolerance Rancho La Puerta Nature's Studio Photography John Reason Mona Neuhaus Red Mountain Spa Oak Pit Barbeque Jim & Joan Reveley Ojai Alternative Healthcare Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel Ojai Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau Rivendell Ojai Culinary School Lena Rivkin Ojai Implant Center Rock & Water Creations Ojai Integrative Health Rock 'n Road Cyclery Ojai Music Festival

Ronald Reagan Library Ojai Playhouse Rubicon Theatre Company Ojai School of Massage Herman & Joan Rush Ojai Stitchworks John & Peggy Russell Sakura Ojai Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza San Diego Coaster Company Adam & Helen Tolmach San Francisco Zoo Trader Joe's Santa Barbara Sailing Tri Valley Tree Service Santa Barbara Zoo Troop Real Estate Santa Paula Inn Trowbridge Gallery Dewey Schorre Patty Van Dyke Sea Fresh Ojai Bruce Norris Seaside Nursery Vince's Coffee Shop Penny Sechrest Vons Market Shangri La Gourmet Nancy Voyer Side Car Restaurant

Bob and Virginia Unruhe Nancy Voyer Barbara Washburn J.B. White Helayne White

Wachter Hay & Grain Six Flags Magic Mountain Walter Claudio Salon Skating Plus Weil Tennis Academy Skirball Cultural Center Western Trail Rides Sterling Hills Golf Club Robin Williams Suzanne's Cuisine Yolanda's Mexican Grill Synergistic Health Tyson York Table of Contents Zoological Society of San Diego The Blaze Company The Day Spa of Ojai The Household Gods The Huntington Library, Art & Botanical Gardens The Mark Hopkins Hotel The Oaks at Ojai The OrganizingSpirit The Palace Grill The Ranch House Restaurant The Spa Salon at The Oaks at Ojai The Village Florist Carl & Katie Thelander Don & Sheila Cluff Bill & Laura Peck

Conservancy News VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES PRESERVES - We are always in need of Patrol Hosts, Trailhead Information, Trail Workers, and Hike Guides to help our Preserve Manager, Rich Handley. For more information contact Rich at RESTORATION - Help restore the Ventura River watershed and remnant cottonwood/sycamore woodland by removing non-native invasive plants such as Arundo donax (giant reed), cape ivy, and vinca from the Confluence Preserve. Help is also needed to gather and plant Coast Live Oak and Valley Oak acorns, among other native riparian seedlings, for the Ojai Meadows Preserve. For more information contact Derek Poultney at OFFICE ASSISTANTS - Join our friendly office staff for a few hours weekly or monthly. We need people to prepare mailings, answer phones and greet visitors, put together information boards, organize files, distribute newsletters around the Valley and more. Quarterly we need help preparing our newsletters for mailing. This is only a few hours and is a great time to meet people. For more information contact Yvette Padilla at 646-7930 or

Special Thanks Mathew Goad, Ranch Manager of Santa Ana Ranch for lending the Conservancy his stake side truck for hauling debris from the Confluence Preserve. Boy Scout Troop 504 and the “1st Ards,” Scouts of Northern Ireland for building a great bridge on the Ventura River Preserve. Mark Hatton and Tri Valley Tree Service for donating tree work on the Ojai Meadows Preserve. Ann & Harry Oppenheimer for purchasing the keychain flashlights for our attendees at Moonlight on the Meadow. William and Laura Peck for sponsoring our band for Moonlight on the Meadow.

Summer Intern Program: A Continuing Success Land Conservancy’s summer intern proT he gram started as an experiment a year ago and has matured into an important aspect of preserve management, according to Preserve Manager Rich Handley. Sara Benjamin and Sean Hendrick were this year’s interns and Sean and Sara installing the both reside in Ojai. Sara has a master’s degree new Confluence Preserve sign in geological sciences from the University of California and Sean is a student at Ventura College. Sara and Sean spent two months this summer working on a variety of projects including trail maintenance on the Ventura River Preserve, installing signs, monitoring the Conservancy’s two conservation easements using GPS and digital photography, and performing public contact at the Riverview trailhead on Rice road. “We do most of our preserve maintenance work in the summer,” says Handley. “Having two enthusiastic and hard working interns like Sara and Sean on a daily basis helped me reach my preserve management goals.”

Ojai and Irish Scouts Build Bridge of Cooperation Scout candidate. O’Brien said he wanted an interesthosted a bridge building and challenging ing project carried out job for his Eagle by Ojai Boy Scout Scout community Troop 504 and ten project and thought members of the “1st Pictured are Scouts from Boy the bridge would be Ards,” Irish Scouts Scout Troop 504 together with the perfect endeavor. of Northern Ireland. Building a 14 foot Irish Scouts from Northern Ireland When it became known that the Irish bridge in the Conservancy’s Ventura River Preserve Scouts would be coming to Ojai, the was one of several projects the Irish bridge project jelled with the help of and American scouts carried out in Ojai Rotarian Dick Weirick and Scout the Ojai Valley. The preserve bridge leaders Tom Swetek and Bill Costello. was conceived, designed and con- O’Brien paid for most of the bridge structed under the watchful eye of 17 materials out of his own pocket, with year old Daniel O’Brien, a Junior at the Conservancy providing tools, mateNordhoff High School and an Eagle rials and transportation for the project. his past summer T the Conservancy

Special Thanks


Building Contractor Doug Levee for directing donations from his customers to the Land Conservancy. Boys Scout Troop 504 for their valuable help at Moonlight; serving appetizers, performing the flag ceremony and cleaning up that night and the following day.

Jim Engel for all he did for Ojai-he will be greatly missed. Sheri Mayta for preparing agency permit applications for various grant projects. Sara Benjamin for her help with the Meadows project.


Ojai Valley Land Conservancy P.O. Box 1092 Ojai, CA 93024 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

Non-Profit Org.

U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 351 Ojai, CA

printed on recycled paper

Moonlight Raises over $80,000 to Support Open Space!

Moonlight on the Meadow

OVLC Open Spaces Newsletter - Winter 2005  
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