Fela's Eldest Daughter, Yeni Kuti Still Sizzling at 60!

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For me, to be 60 is really exciting. I was just saying today, wow! I am going to be 60.I don't feel much different from when I was 50.

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Story by: Michael Effiong

Photo: @photogenie@ibrahimsyrus & Yeni Kuti personal Album

eni Kuti is a chip of the old block! Yes, she was born and groomed in a family with outstanding pedigree, a family with strong principles, a family whose members are always filled with action and compassion while fighting for the poor and powerless. From her grand father, Rev. Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, her grand mother, Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti, to her uncles Dr Olikoye RansomeKuti and Beko Ransome-Kuti and her father, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Yeni had her worldview shaped by these greats-and though she has not been in the front burner, she has continued to be a voice for the oppressed and a silent philanthropist who touched so many lives. Despite not having what many would describe as a charming, lavish lifestyle like other children of illustrious and famous families, the outspoken, natural beauty fondly called YK Power has acquired topnotch political sophistication and consciousness, that is why she has not hesitated to tell everyone that she loves every bit of her life as she hits the BIG 60. Indeed, she is really excited as the reality of her new age hits her. Speaking in a recent interview with Thisday Newspaper, Yeni stated "For me, to be 60 is really exciting. I was driving here today, and I was thinking, wow! I am going to be 60. I don’t feel much different from when I was 50. “I feel a lot different from when I was 21 and when I was 30 and 40. The difference between 50 and 60 is not that much except for more bones hurting than when I was 50. When I was 50, I didn’t have ankle pain, but now I have ankle pain. The pains are increasing with age “Sixty is the age that a lot of people retire and use drivers. I was just thinking to myself that very soon, I may not be able to drive myself. Let me just make use of my ability to drive and feel young. I call 60 the young age of old age. We are the babies of old age. Fifty is the ‘agbalagba’ of youth. Times like this usually calls for sober reflection, and Yeni, has had good times and bad times like every human being but nothing she has experienced compares to the pain of losing her dear younger sister, Sola. “My sister’s death was the most traumatic thing that had happened to me. Growing up, we were close in age. I am 60, Femi is 59, and she would have been 58. We were all close in age, and I didn’t believe





Yeni Kuti, Fela, Sola Kuti, Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Mrs Remilekun Kuti & Femi Kuti

that she would die so young. I am sad about her death. I wished things had worked out differently, but they didn’t. We have to move on from there.

system. She finds it worrisome that despite its nagging problems, not much had changed since Sola died. Yeni insisted that the healthcare delivery needs to be revamped and all healthcare workers retrained to treat patients as humans. She recounted how own distressing childbirth experience. “While pregnant, I didn’t miss antenatal sessions. At 38 weeks, I was told that the baby’s head was engaged. She came really late at 41 weeks. Then I got to the hospital. I was in labour. But I was told to lie

All members of the family give me that respect as the eldest. I think it happened naturally. Starting from Femi, who gave me the respect


“But that doesn’t stop me from missing her or wishing that she were alive. Yesterday, I was going through my pictures. And I came across pictures of her, and I felt really sad,” Yeni said as she was moved to tears. After fetching some tissue paper to wipe her tears, she added, “I miss her.” Yeni linked her sister’s death to the failure of the Nigerian health

Baby Yeni with her Mrs Remilekun Kuti (nee Taylor)

down. I am the kind of person that can endure a lot of pain. So, I didn’t make noise while in labour. I kept quiet. Because I wasn’t shouting, I was there from 9 pm till 9 am. I gave birth at 9 am, and they gave me a caesarian section after I had been in pain for 12 hours. This was a private hospital. The nurse did not attend to me. When I was in pain, I was crawling to the bathroom. She would just say, ‘Eeya! Pele! Sorry!’ "She didn’t call the doctor. She even said the doctor was sleeping – a doctor that was on call. It was until my mother called the son of the owner of the hospital that the doctor rushed in. My baby was breached. But she had not checked me. The doctor was furious,” Yeni recalled. She compared her experience with her daughter’s own in the UK, which she was privileged to witness at an NHS-run facility, and urged governments in Africa to improve on this current situation. “When I saw how hers went, I remembered my own experience, and I thought, ‘we have a long way to go.’

The mortality rate is so high here. You will go to a hospital, and you’d see dead mothers wheeled out of the wards. The child would survive, but the mother would have died. In England, if you are going to die, it is your time. In Nigeria, whether it is your time or not, you would go. I thought, ‘When are we going to be like this in Africa?’. The only thing I can do is to go on ‘Your View’ and talk about it. We need to change the narrative in Africa,” she said, with pain etched on her eyebrows. Yeni, who retired as a dancer after performing with her father's band, Egypt 80 and later with younger brother, Femi Kuti's Positive Force is happy that the dance profession is getting its due recognition now unlike her days. “It wasn’t easy. People say ‘dancer’ with derogatory tones. I just love to be proud of who I was and what I wanted to do. I wouldn’t let anybody judge me. As long as I am not begging anyone for money and I am making my own money and earning my respect. We (myself and my sister) just weathered the storm. I

am happy to see that dance has become a recognised profession in Nigeria. I look at myself as one of the forerunners and flag bearers of dance. With due respect, I mustn’t forget Tessy. She died last year, she was quite big in her time. She danced for Shina Peters, and she was an inspiration to me as well. "I am still dancing. I can still move, and I can still shake if I want to. I wouldn’t dance on stage anymore because the other girls are much younger than I am, and there is no way I can have that same energy. All the pains I told you about are there. Also, there is a time in your life where you make way for the younger people to take up the mantle. What I can do is to do a few dances here and there but not professionally,” Apart from the art of dancing, one thing that has given her a sense of joy is her family. For Yeni, family bond is everything. It is this love for family that has enabled her play the enormous role of Fela's first child with so much ease.

In many African families, it is usual for the female child to take the back seat, while the male run the show but not the Kutis. She commands the respect of the other children of the late Afrobeat king. In her words “That doesn’t happen in my family. All members of the family give me that respect as the eldest. I think it happened naturally. Starting from Femi, who gave me the respect that is due, the rest just followed. I am there for all of them. They can call me. Sometimes, we quarrel, but they give me that respect. And when it comes to the inheritance, I don’t cheat them. Everyone takes equal share. I won’t say because I am the most senior, then I should take the lion’s share. No, I don’t do that,”. Still discussing family, she revealed why her daughter did not tow the music or arty profession line like others. “First and foremost, when my daughter (Rolari) was growing up, I was broke. I couldn’t afford piano lessons for her. I would have really loved her to learn the piano, 7

YK in Fulani attire

and I remember stopping at a school to ask how much it would cost, and I simply turned away. I would have loved her to play the piano. It was tough, and at that time, I had to pay for her school fees. “Her father supported me, but then it was not easy. I couldn’t afford to buy a new car because I saved all my money towards her university and my daughter was so fixated on going to England for her education. But, my daughter draws very well. She is a very good artist. So I used to beg her to do the arts and bring some money to the family. “But she did Computer Science. She has started developing her love for arts. But I don’t think that she has much interest in the arts. I am not the kind of person that will force you to do what you don’t want to do,” she explained. She also recalled how Made (Femi's son) and her other cousins, with whom they grew up together, enjoyed music lessons and how she never really showed 8

“My sister’s death was the most traumatic thing that had happened to me. Growing up, we were close in age. I am 60, Femi is 59, and she would have been 58. I didn’t believe that she would die so young. I wished things had worked out differently. I miss her”

any interest in joining them. Instead, she pursued her studies in Computer Science even though art runs in the family.. In the same vein of putting primacy on family, even if her marriage didn’t work out, she didn’t disconnect totally from her now 91-year-old mother-in-law after her son, Yeni’s ex-husband, Femi Segun died some years ago. Little wonder that Yeni’s former mother-in-law, Mabel Segun a famous Novelist and poet still keeps a picture of Yeni, her

daughter Rolari and grandchildren Whilst discussing other areas of life where tolerance is important, she wondered why many Africans still disparage others over their choice of religion. She described herself as a free thinker and a believer in the African religion but still open to attending church services. “I really don’t like talking about religion because it is very controversial, and everyone is entitled to his or her own reli-

gion. Like I say, here again, tolerance — if you are a Christian or a Muslim, I am not going to hate you or disparage you. I will only tell you why I think the way I do. I really hate it when I say I believe in the African religion, and people say you are juju people. Believing in African religion doesn’t mean you are a juju person. African religion does not mean you are a witch doctor,” As someone from a family of activists, she had firsthand experience of how fighting against an oppressive system can impact one’s family financially, physically, and emotionally. But did she think this is the way Nigeria would be by the time she turns 60? “No. When I look back at Nigeria then, Nigeria was 1,000 times better than it is today. As a child, I never imagined that Nigeria was going to be like this? We had military, and later civilians, and those ones chop, chop, chop and passed it to the military. "What we have in Nigeria is just ‘football’ government. Fela had one song that he never

YK in action


I am happy to see “that dance has be-

come a recognised profession in Nigeria. I look at myself as one of the forerunners and flag bearers of dance


YK @40


YK @45




YK & Rolari

released till he died with that title, ‘Football government.’ It is just like that. When I was a child, the Naira was 60 kobo to one dollar. Today, it is N477 to one dollar. We were not rich people. So I didn’t go on vacation abroad. I remember when I told Fela I wanted to go for summer in England, Fela damned me. So, I went to England for the first time in my life, when I was 21. My mother bought the ticket for me as a gift. I changed N500 to £498. The first car my mother bought was a Beetle brand new for N3,000, which was £2,800. “That is why I really hate it when one person who has been President maybe some 10 years ago comes and start criticising the present government. I would think they did not fare any better while they were there. They are all trailing a bad system, so there is no exception. All past Nigerian leaders are to blame for our bad system. They should stop throwing shades. They should beat themselves and say, ‘we are all useless leaders.’ I can’t


YK & Rolari

believe that Nigeria today is even worse than when I was 21 and even 13. I can’t believe that there is so much insecurity. I never thought it would be this bad – total mismanagement,” she said . Though she has refused to reveal many intimate encounters with her dad, she revealed that he was a very jovial person. According to her "“Fela was a

very hilarious person. People may not know that side of him except those who came to watch his shows then. "Femi tells people some of these stories. We would roll in laughter. I wish to have a tape where we could record all those things. Maybe one day, Femi and I would tell our story. It is just different aspects of our life. I am

trying to think of when Fela took the coffin to Dodan Barracks, but no one knows the build-up to that. "On the way there, they met one serious traffic on Eko bridge. There was a checkpoint there mounted to stop Fela. So, they were checking every car. Fela has passed Iddo to Ebute Metta and made it to Dodan Bar-

Yeni Kuti, Femi Kuti and late Sola Kuti Yeni Kuti and brother, Femi Kuti

She and partner, Theo Lawson


YK with Ransome Kuti


Yeni Kuti with Kunle Kuti

Yeni Kuti with Motun Kuti

racks. He caught them off guard because they thought he would have been arrested on the way. Fela and his people brought out the coffin and dropped it. The soldiers surrounded the bus and started to shake the bus. They wanted him to take back the coffin. “Fela said he would not carry any coffin, and so he came down. They started to beat Fela. Fela now held the commandant tightly, and when they were beating Fela, they were beating the commandant too. So as they were beating Fela, part of it would hit the commandant too,” she said, laughing really hard at the memory. "Meanwhile, the remaining people on the bus, including band boys and the backup singers known as the ‘Queens,’ were beaten. The soldiers reportedly formed a line all the way to the guardroom, and each soldier thrashed each passenger that disembarked from the Fela bus. Femi was the first to disembark from the bus after Fela.

“They beat him till he got to the guardroom. When he got there, he saw Fela laughing, and he asked his son, “They beat you?” Abdul (a journalist) was there too. He was beaten too. Before then, soldiers had been beating Fela. But this time, Fela carried himself to their ‘doormot’ to go and collect beating. “Meanwhile, it was three days before Obasanjo would hand over to Shagari, so what they did was to lock all of them up in that police station on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. They didn’t give them food. We went to see them, but they didn’t let us enter. "They were chanting, ‘We are hungry oh! We are hungry!’ Fela would say, ‘Continue singing.’ Then they gave them watery rice. On the day after the handover, they put all of them in a Black Maria and took them to court. It was very stuffy inside the Black Maria. They didn’t want Fela to disrupt Obasanjo’s handover to Shagari. But they later released all of them,”

Although unmarried at 60, Yeni is unperturbed. In her view, many women have allowed themselves to be sucked in by societal pressure to get married, thereby missing out on great opportunities. While reflecting on the toxic nature of many marriages today, she encouraged people to make decisions based on the right motives. “I don’t think people should be judged by their marital status. I was married before. I was very unhappily married. Na so I carry my bag and my baby bag comot. " There was nothing that people did not tell me to convince me to go back, but I wasn’t happy there. I didn’t believe that should define me. I am in a relationship now, but we are not married – we are partners. I am happy as I am. I even believe that perhaps if we had married, we would have fought and maybe divorced by now. I went from my parents’ house to my husband’s house, and I had not experienced life then. I was not a tolerant person at that time. Maybe if I had mar-

ried a bit later, I would have been able to tolerate him, and I am not saying he was not the right person. I think we were too young,”

Besides his music, Fela, the Abami Eda was renowned for his eclectic, Afrocentric fashion style- and is no one currently epitomises that tradition like Yeni. Yeni’s fashion sense is first rate. She creates her own designs and adorns outfits with fitting accessories. In fact she exhibited her fashion prowess during her 60th birthday shoot where she wore amazing outfits from her rich wardrobe. Talking of her Monday, May 24th 60th birthday, there will be a gathering of friends at the New African Shrine where the colours of the day will be yellow and purple. The day which will see guests adorning special adire attires promises to be fun-filled and exciting-and knowing Yeni, she would not settle for anything but the most exhilarating best. 17

With daughter and grand children



YK is a Powerful Woman -Femi Kuti


I call 60 the “ young age of old

age. We are the babies of old age. Fifty is the agbalagba of youth

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I think my brother gave me the name YK Power as I was a very stern boss at the Shrine. I had to assert myself being a woman amongst men





Interview: Michael Effiong


he ever graceful and stylish Yeni Kuti will be 60 years old on Monday, May 24th and she has been preparing seriously for the landmark birthday. Despite her busy schedule, she was gracious enough to have this tete a tete with Ovation International Editor, Michael Effiong. Enjoy You are from a very illustrious family. I will begin from your grandmother, the famous Mrs Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti. What are your childhood memories of the great woman. I remember vividly having to write the words of the song No woman no a cry by Bob Marley for her. Your mother stayed almost completely out of the limelight. How was she able to pull that off. She met Fela while he was a student. Her love for him was legendary. She was a private person and just kept to herself. She didn’t seek the limelight and didn’t want it. All she wanted was to love him so it was easy for her. 24

What were those things you learnt that has helped you now that you are a grand mother yourself. Integrity, love everyone like you love yourself. Selflessness Everybody seems to know Fela, the musician, but very few knew Fela, the father. Tell us about that part of him.Kindly share a few memorable moments. Fela was a man who was a father to all so having his own children I think shouldn’t have been in his agenda. He was too busy being a father to his people. How challenging is the role of being Fela's first daughter. And how have you coped with your siblings. I do not believe Our Creator gives you what you can’t handle. Be truthful and honest and The Creator will see you through At 60, can you compare Nigeria of your childhood and Nigeria of today. Nigeria has completely changed for the worse. I would have to write an epistle to talk about the difference. Successive bad leadership has put us where we are today. Permanent reverse. It’s a big



To be happy smile a lot. Laugh a lot and just try to be as good as is humanly possible

“ 27

Fela was a very hilarious person. People may not know that side of him except those who came to watch his shows then


shame. All the past and present leaders/rulers should be ashamed of themselves as they haven’t left a good legacy for the youths. Your dad did not make it to 60, does this mark your turning 60 more emotional? Yes it does and I am thankful Then of course, your sister Sola also passed same year, that must have been a very traumatic period for you and the family.

My sister's passing was very traumatic. I still miss her. The pain never goes away. That’s why I always choose a purple theme for my landmark birthdays. It was her favourite colour. How did you cope? Are you a religious person I am spiritual. I was extremely traumatized and sad. I miss her. Ok let's discuss dancing. How did your love for the art begin, did you have any influences? From about the age of 4 when Fela was rehearsing. I used to watch Dele. His dancer. My dream was always to dance. Dele was my first inspiration and Ipi Tombi from South Africa my second. In between I read loads of books on dance Tell us about those days on tour on Egypt 80 and later Positive Force? I didn’t tour with Egypt 80 as a dancer. But with Positive Force it was educative, inspirational and hard work. You have kept your dad's legacy alive with New Afrika Shrine and Felabration? Does this give you some sense of fulfillment?


Yes it does. Many people do not know that you went to NIJ and are a journalist by training. Tell us about that part of you? That was a long time ago and a different part of my life The Kutis have been known to be outspoken activist, you have been doing your bit with Your View. Tell us about the show and how it has helped you vent your anger at the system?Are you still part of the show? Of course I am still part of the show. I love it. I get my view out there. People now know me as Yeni A Kuti not just as Fela’s daughter which is a good thing You are a celebrity either you like it or not, what do you like about it. And what do you dislike about being a celebrity? Can I plead the 5th on that? Now to more intimate matters, you walked out of your only marriage, any regrets? Nope! Are you happy with your current status? What do you say to Nigerians who have this impression that a woman must be married? To each his own. Never judge a book by its cover. Everyone is free to be who and what they want to be You daughter, Rolari chose Computer science and not the arts like many in the family, it must have been a battle? No it wasn’t. I believe in letting people choose their paths in life. She is a fantastic artist. She can draw you. But she chose sciences. She now does art as a hobby You are now a grand mother, it is even the image on your display picture. How does this role make you feel? Fulfilled. Many fondly call you YK Power? How did this come about? I think my brother gave me the name YK Power as I was a very stern boss at the Shrine. I had to assert myself being a woman amongst men You surely look good at 60, kindly share your beauty and style secrets To be happy smile a lot. Laugh a lot and just try to be as good as is humanly possible What do you value most in life today? What attributes don't your like in people. What I value most in like think is Peace and I dislike selfish people What are your plans for the big day. Having a coming of age party. I join the elders club o!!! I am grateful What will change now that you are 60? What will be your wish from God? I won’t change anything at 60. My birthday wish is a better and peaceful Nigeria. Good leadership oh and maybe a new car. 30

“ What I value

most in life is peace and I dislike selfish people 31

I won’t change anything at 60. My birthday wish is a better and peaceful Nigeria. Good leadership oh and maybe a new car



All past Nigerian leaders are to blame for our bad system. They should stop throwing shades. They should beat themselves and say, ‘we are all useless leaders




I don’t think people should be judged by their marital status. I was married before. I was very unhappily married. Na so I carry my bag and my baby bag comot



Happy Birthday YK Power. Wishing you many more birthdays, long life and prosperity. You are fabulous and Fantastic. I love you



You are such an amazing matriarch to your family. You show so much love to everyone around you. You give so selflessly and graciously without blinking an eye. Your warmth is so inspiring. You are the most amazing Aunt to Made and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for

all you do. Thank you so much. You are Love You Give Love You spread Love We Love You ❤ YK Powerful!! Fire dancer! Cheers to another 60years God Bless you 39


Happy Birthday Aunty YK. The most glamorous grandma. Thank you for everything that you do for us. You are a mother to everybody and an aunty to so many. You are always loving, always kind, always a fashionista. I love you.



I a mother, wife and work in the entertainment industry as an actress. My relationship with Yeni goes way back, for you to know how far back, I met my husband

through her and my son is 20 years old now. I consider her my best friend because she has always been there for me. She is someone I can share things

with. She is my confidante, we talk about anything and everything. She is a wonderful person and I feel very blessed to have her as my friend. In fact, I l always say that she is a friend who has become a sister from another mother. We actually have aliases for each other. I call her Le Yene and she calls me La Carol. Yeni’s family background like we all know is solid, strong family backgroun , strong family values. She comes from a line of seasoned patriots in Nigeria and Africa in general. We all know who her grand mother was. Mrs Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, she was the first women’s right activist in this part of the world. Of course you know of her grand father, then her father, Fela whom I always describe as the President Nigeria never had. Therefore, it is no surprise that Yeni, Femi and the rest come from good stock. Yeni, it gladdens my heart that we are alive to celebrate your 60th. I remember when we did your 50th ten years ago, time flies. Yeni you

are wonderful person, I love your heart. I wish people knew just a bit of how you touch lives, people you have mentored over the years, people you have set up. What you do in your little corner is what the Nigeria government cannot do and I say it boldly. As we go on to when we would celebrate your 70th, I wish you all the best. I pray that everything that you wish for, you will reap in a bountiful harvest because you have sown good seeds over the years. You are already enjoying one of the promises of God, He says our children will call us blessed. Your daughter is amazing and you have wonderful grand children. That is your biological ones not to talk of so many that you have all over the world. Yeni you will live long in good health. You will live long to enjoy the works of your hands. When we gather in 10 years’ time, babes, I know you will still be looking hot. Sexy mama, YK Power, I love you for ever.

YK IS A WOMAN FILLLED WITH WISDOM - Morayo Folabi-Brown, Co-Host, YourView

Can you reveal how you met Yeni Kuti? We met in 2013. Myself and my Producer, Mr. Lukman Musa were discussing the kinds of ladies we wanted to be part of YourView. I gave him a profile of an older lady who is down-to-earth and isn’t afraid to speak. We shortlisted two women; Taiwo Adejumo and Yeni Kuti. We invited them both to TVC for a meeting. Aunty Taiwo eventually had to move on to other thing and YK stayed with us. How has the relationship been? The relationship has been great. She is a big sister to us all.

Of course there’ll always be ups and downs but YK has been consistent. When things used to get tough, I usually have a one-onone with her and we always end up resolving issues. She is a woman filled with wisdom. How would you describe her? She is a giver. YK doesn’t buy people cheap gifts o o. She goes all out for everyone equally. Our birthdays are always important to her. She is a “liver” of life. She loves her family dearly, her man, her champagne and jollof rice! Tell us about YK and the My View Experience? On YourView, YK is phe-

nomenal. Once she is on the show, you can be sure of a great experience. She speaks truth from her heart. She is also very consistent with her stance on leaders who have had a bad history with her family. We understand her position and I never ever try to make her think otherwise. YK is an integral part of the fiber that makes up YourView. What do you wish her at 60? I wish her a happy birthday because she deserves to be happy. That woman has real joy and peace. She deserves love and happiness on this day. God bless you YK. 41

YK'S SELFLESSNESS IS UNBELIEVABLE Temitope Mark-Odigie, Co-Host, YourView


Can you remember how you met?“ I met YK 8 years ago before your View started and she came to the studio for Rehearsals. I was in awe and I expected someone egoistic or proud considering the heritage she is from. YK was extremely down to earth and warm.” How has the relationship been?We have had ups and downs, honestly I have been

naughty several times but I am grateful that YK has always forgiven and taken my misdemeanor as the goofy-errors they were. Also I love YK dearly and I can say the feeling is mutual. How would you describe her? YK is passionate about Africa and family. She is authentic and blunt.She is a gift that keeps giving, her selflessness is unbelievable. Tell us about YK and the Your


ExperienceI have learnt to appreciate my Africanness more. She has also taught me by example the importance of equity in leadership. What do you wish her at 60? I wish her great health to remain her sexy self. I pray she continues to flourish like the beautiful flower she is.I want to say, I love her and knowing her has made me a better human being.

SHE IS A GLAM MA WITH SWAG - BeeCee Ugboh, Presenter, YourView

Can you remember how you met? I met YK for the first time on Your View TVC How has the relationship been? YK has been a wonderful lady to us all. A very good host with a large heart. How would you describe her? She is Afrocentric, a glam ma with swag and has a great sense of humor! Everyone enjoys YK around. What do you wish her at 60? I wish her the best life has to offer! Long life in prosperity and great health. May she wear her stilettos till 70




KIND AND HONEST - Mariam Longe


Can you remember how you met? I met YK on my first day as co host on Your view in the makeup room and I will not forget her genuine smile that reached her eyes and her warm embrace. How has the relationship been? She Always treats me with kindness and respect. I know she’s the one to go to for an honest and unbiased opinion and the

occasional yabbies ( laughter) How would you describe her? 3.YK is generous, kind and honest and quite playful. She’s a fashionista ofcourse! Can’t forget that. Tell us about YK and the Your View Experience? You know you will always get an honest and very real life perspective no sugar coating!!! She’ll call anyone out for bad be-

haviour and still find a way to make it funny!!! What do you wish her at 60? I pray that all the kindness and generosity she has shown be shown her a million times over. All that she loves will flourish and all her hardwork and sacrifices will yield fruits many times over.Happy 60th Birthday Aunty Yeni

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