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JAN – APR 2017


Of the 16 productions this season, eight are FiRST BiTES, new works, still in development which we want to share with our audiences before they go back into rehearsal to finish their creative journey.

Welcome to a season which returns to our roots of home-grown talent and urgent, radical theatre. We begin with Toot – a company which began here at Ovalhouse – presenting Focus Group*, an exploration of the dark heart of commercial culture.

I am particularly proud that three productions this season, Custody, Pot and Quarter Life Crisis, are created by artists who have come through Ovalhouse’s own participation programme; creating a new generation of radical theatre makers

The Believers are But Brothers, a work in development by Javaad Alipoor, explores the true life story of a young man held on terrorism charges in the US.

If you are inspired, intrigued or enraged by one of our productions why not join in our range of postshow talks including *DISCUSS – our new discussion club which puts audiences in charge of talking about the experience of live theatre.

Fresh from the success of How to Win Against History, Seiriol Davies returns with Milky Peaks, a fusion of Dylan Thomas and David Lynch, exploring Welsh Nationalism. The season concludes with two Edinburgh Festival Fringe hits: JoAn – a gritty and tender re-telling of Joan of Arc, and Eurohouse – a darkly comic view of the Greek financial crisis.

I hope you find something to inspire you this season at Ovalhouse. Owen Calvert-Lyons Head of Theatre and Artist Development

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Ovalhouse Downstairs TUES 31 JANUARY – SAT 4 FEBRUARY 7.30PM, PREVIEW TUES 1 JANUARY Ovalhouse and TOOT present

Focus Group* *or How to Stare Down and Transfigure Loneliness1 a play after David Foster Wallace


Inspired by the short story Mister Squishy by cult US writer David Foster Wallace, Focus Group* is an absurd comedy with a dark heart, exploring the absurdity of modern life and consumer culture with humanity and humour. It is dark, unsettling and playful. The production celebrates the human drive to continue in what can feel like an increasingly remote reality.

…this parable of limiting life down to human usefulness is as beautiful as it is bleak. Exeunt

Through TOOT’s distinctive style of interactive performance, the company provokes audiences to consider whether a real connection is possible at all. Sit back, eat (individually wrapped, luxury) cake, and see a man gradually relinquish the delusion that he matters in the slightest… And then go back to watching kitten videos on Facebook.

Age 14+ Tickets £14 | £8

Photo by Justin Jones Thurs  Feb TOOTmaketheatre @tootmaketheatre #FocusGroup* SEE PAGE 36 an ovalhouse co-production. originally seed commissioned by South Street arts centre with support from Derby theatre, the new Wolsey, and Shoreditch town hall, using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england.

Ovalhouse Downstairs TUES 21 – SAT 25 FEBRUARY 7.30PM People Show present People Show 10

TheLast Straw Sometimes bad decisions have to be made. Sometimes there has to be a voice that tells the most lies. Sometimes there is no light at the end of tunnel. Sometimes there…

“ ”

People Show is a national treasure The Independent

Join People Show for their 10th show – an untamed journey through internal politics, the wild west, the plagues of humankind and disaster movies. The company are making this show from scratch a month before the opening and we guarantee there will be an outcome. They have some ideas, a few broken lights, a piece of a set and half a track of music. We promise you something will happen on stage on the above date.



Photo by Shelia Burnett

Age 14+ Tickets £14 | £8 peopleshowltd @peopleshowltd Supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england.

Ovalhouse Upstairs WEDS 8 – FRI 10 MARCH 7.45PM Wizard Presents

Perfectly Imperfect Women

Writen and performed by Danyah Miller Directed by Dani Parr | Designed by Kate Bunce Multi-award-winning storyteller Danyah Miller explores the complex and often imperfect relationship between mother and daughter. This one-woman storytelling show tells the story of five generations of women, beginning with Danyah’s Great-Grandmother.

“ ”

Danyah Miller is a storytelling phenomenon Michael Morpurgo

When Danyah’s daughter was born she recognised the bond with her own mother was broken. In order to move forward effectively she first had to heal backwards, discovering that she has more in common with her female ancestors than she cared to admit.



This inspirational biographical wonder-tale, created to celebrate International Women’s Day 01, is the story of one woman’s search for a deeper understanding of and connection to her female line, revealing the imperfect gifts which they have passed down to her.

Age 14+ Tickets £14 | £8 WizardPresentsTheatreCompany @wizardpresents | @danyahmiller 

Ovalhouse Downstairs 28 MARCH – 8 APRIL, TUES – SAT 7.45PM (no performances Sun or Mon) PREVIEW TUES 8 MARCH Ovalhouse and The Art Machine present

Custody created by Urban Wolf | Written by Tom Wainwright

Another young black man dies in police custody. Apparently no-one is to blame. Custody, a play created by young black performer Urban Wolf and written by veteran Tom Wainwright (Banksy: the Room in the Elephant), is a contemporary fictional narrative about the moment a young black man’s life is taken from him by the enforcers of a system that is meant to be there to protect him. It follows his bereaved family’s struggle for justice and resolution, and asks: who will protect us from the protectors of society? Inspired by Migrant Media’s cult documentary films Injustice and Who Polices the Police, the play draws on the real life experiences of families who have suffered from police injustice. Its exploration of the way young black men are treated by the police in Britain today draws directly from stop and searches experienced by Urban Wolf.

Age 14+ Tickets £14 | £8 custody play @CustodyPlay

Thurs 6 Apr SEE PAGE 36

custody is a theatre project led by the art machine and awardwinning company faIth Drama Productions, in collaboration with story consultancy group emotive narrative, with the support of theatre Royal Stratford east.


Ovalhouse Downstairs 11 – 22 APRIL, TUES – SAT 7.30PM (no perf on Sun 16 or Mon 1) Milk Presents, in association with Derby Theatre, present

Joan by Lucy J Skilbeck

An earthy story of courage, conviction and hope, this is Joan of Arc. Performed by drag king champion Lucy Jane Parkinson, history’s greatest gender-warrior takes to the stage, dragging up as the men she defies in this smashhit show.

Comic fizz, emotional ballast and crossdressing that looks like sorcery The Guardian

Packed with guts and heart, JoAn is the latest daring fusion of lyrical new writing and cabaret prowess from the multi-award winning Milk Presents. What happens when a disguise becomes something a lot more real and you have to fight for who you really are? A fearless solo play with uproarious songs about what it means to stand out, stand up and stand alone.



Age 1+ Tickets £14 | £8

Photo by Field and McGlynn

All performances captioned using hand-held devices SEE P37 FOR DETAILS @MilkPresents

Thurs 1 Apr SEE PAGE 36

Supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england, and BBc Performing arts legacy fund.


Ovalhouse Downsatirs TUES 25 – SAT 29 APRIL 7.30PM FellSwoop Theatre presents

eurohouse by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

“Bienvenue. Kalosórisma. Welcome. We are so happy to see you all here. Some of you we know rather well, some of you we don’t. But it doesn't matter, you all look... stunning.”

This wonderfully playful, intimate and ultimately moving show… constantly pits idealism against self-interest and pragmatism.

Two performers – one Greek, one French – dance and shout, cry and sing, agree and disagree, about life in the Eurohouse.

#### The Guardian

Made in transit between Greece and the UK, Eurohouse is a darkly comic look at the EU’s founding ideals and what got lost along the way.



Age 14+ Tickets £14 | £8 FellSwoopTheatre @FellswoopTheatr

Thurs  Apr SEE PAGE 36

Developed with the help and support of Bios athens, Bristol ferment, mayk and cPt. Supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england


half term fun at ovalhouse!

Ovalhouse Downstairs MON 13 & TUES 14 FEBRUARY 2PM Magic Maverick presents

Moonshine’s Entirely Necessary Adventure Moonshine is a girl of thirteen with silver skin and a fierce thirst for adventure. She spends most days battling the armies of doom in the safety of her own mind, but as a powerful voice turns her forest home into a place of fear, she starts to ask questions which make the adventure dangerously real. Follow her journey as she encounters wolves, pirates, mermaids and a stormy ride through the skies in a quest to challenge the greedy Corporation. Filled with live music, shadow puppetry and clowning, Moonshine introduces a female hero for a modern generation of all genders. Tickets £10 adults | £6 under 16s Recommended for ages 8+


Ovalhouse Downstairs THURS 16 – SUN 19 FEBRUARY 11.30AM & 2PM Bootworks presents

Ovalhouse Downstairs Dance Studio THURS 16 – SUN 19 FEBRUARY 11AM – 12.10 PM

Did Someone say DIY Puppet Disco?! Puppet Club with Amelia De-Felice

The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad Building on the huge success of critically acclaimed The Incredible Book Eating Boy (##### Scotsman 011), Total Theatre Award-winners Bootworks Theatre create The Lose-O-Porium – an intimate space where all lost things live. And where Frank’s adventures can be enjoyed by small audiences of children and their grown ups.

At Ovalhouse this half term we have found a much better use for newspaper than just reading it… we are going to make it come to life! You don’t need any experience; you just have to bring your curiosity. Puppetry is all about focus, teamwork and giving life to your imagination. So in a week that celebrates all things puppetry at Ovalhouse we are inviting kids (ages +) and their grown-ups to join newspaper puppet wrangler and theatre maker Amelia De-Felice for a hands on, all newspaper, all sticky tape, all fantastic workshop.

Frank is an inquisitive chap with a big problem; what’s happened to Mum? Join Frank on his adventure to find her. There’ll be scavenger hunts, puzzles to solve and even some dancing to dub-step. Dealing sensitively with grief and loss, the show asks how we cope when things go missing. BSL INTERPRETED PERFORMANCE

Workshop places £5 adults | £3 under 16s, including all materials.

“ ”

M A K E A D AY O F I T !

FRI 17 FEBRUARY utterly, sometimes 11.30AM alarmingly, consistently magically, wonderful The Guardian

Our Cafe is open during half term from 11am – pm for hot and cold drinks. You are welcome to bring your own picnic lunch to eat in our cafe, so why not join us for puppet-making in the morning, and after lunch stay to see Frank Feelbad!

Tickets £10 adults | £6 under 16s Suitable for ages + commissioned by Warwick arts centre, greenhouse, artsdepot and Worthing theatres. Supported by the ShowRoom, university of chichester, Stratford circus & Worboys Productions. Supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england.

Ticket Offer for workshop and show: £12 adults | £8 under 16s 1

FiRST BiTES is Ovalhouse’s programme of exciting new worksin-development; a chance to see raw new ideas that might develop into a bigger piece, or might be a way to explore an idea. This season we’re offering eight new works-indevelopment by a diverse group of exciting artists – you’re invited to come along and be a part of the experiment.

All FiRST BiTES are in our Upstairs Theatre unless stated otherwise TICKETS: £5 ADVANCE | £8 DOOR


Photo of Jamie Wood by Ben Duffy

Come and see any of our FiRST BiTES and if we develop the show further, we’ll send you a special discount code to see the finished production for only a fiver (usually £14).


WEDS 1 – THURS 2 FEBRUARY 7.45PM Ovalhouse, Beaford Arts and Jamie Wood present


A FiRST BiTES Triple Bill

I am aTree Written and performed by Jamie Wood Directed by Jamie Wood, Wendy Hubbard and George Ramsay

by Corali These new studio works comprising solo, duet and ensemble pieces have come out of a recent research and development phase that includes collaborations with Jasmine Wilson (Studio Wayne McGregor), Gloria Sanvicente Amor, Intoart and Tate Exchange. Devised by Corali's core group of dancerperformers who all have learning disabilities, and artists from different dance and art-form backgrounds, they offer a first glimpse (and bite!) of some new ways of working for the company. The evening will feature a post show feedback session where you can share your insights into the direction of this new work.

When I am still for any length of time, someone finds me and tells me about their life. My girlfriend says this makes me like a tree that all dogs want to piss up. Slow man tree. My Granddad taught me how to listen, and one other valuable lesson. But I can’t remember what the second lesson was. There’s a blank. So this year I walked back to where he was born to try to find out – a homemade pilgrimage, a return to roots, slow motion time travel. The show will be something else entirely.

“ ”

This isn’t wacky for wacky’s sake. It’s oppositional and fierce and idealistic.

Corali has evolved to reflect interdisciplinary arts practice at its best – Liz Ellis, Curator of Public Programmes, Tate Modern

#### WhatsOnStage (on Jamie Wood’s previous show o no!)

” Supported by Beaford arts, ovalhouse, Physical fest and using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england.


THURS 2 – SAT 4 MARCH 7.45PM Fuel and Ovalhouse present

Ovalhouse Downstairs THURS 9 – SAT 11 MARCH 7.30PM Ovalhouse, Áine Flanagan Productions and Seiriol Davies present

The Dark Written and performed by Nick Makoha Directed by Roy Alexander Weise

Milky Peaks

A new one-person live literature experience by award-winning poet Nick Makoha. On a November evening in 18 after eight years of civil war Nick Makoha and his mother fled their homeland of Uganda. Many people were displaced, thrown into unfamiliar environments and forced to find their new home in the world. The Dark is Nick’s own poetic retelling of his experience and that of others affected by it - a series of nine voices echoing from varying states of darkness. What unfolds is a story of those who find themselves exiled, with allegiances split between their birthplace and their new country.

“That detective’s come to town... this is going to change everything.” “Typical, and it’s only Tuesday.” A bad man is murdered in a niceish hotel, an arts administrator hides a terrible Mafia-based secret (she was in the Mafia), an evil councillor makes a land grab, and – at the centre of it all – a ropey drag queen fights for survival in a changing world. Totally normal town. Total powder keg. Under Milk Wood meets Twin Peaks in a glossy, synthy, gorgeous musical about community: what we’ll do to ourselves to create it, and what we’ll do to someone else to protect it.

by Seiriol Davies

For Seiriol Davies’previous show How to Win Against History

“ ”

A work of genius

##### The Telegraph – Dominic Cavendish




THURS 30 MARCH – SAT 1 APRIL 7.45PM Ovalhouse and Ambreen Razia present

FRI 7 & SAT 8 APRIL 7.45PM Ovalhouse, HOME and Transform present


The Believers Are But Brothers

Written by Ambreen Razia Directed by Sophie Moniram

Written and performed by Javaad Alipoor co-Directed by Javaad Alipoor and Kirsty Housley

Louisa wakes up in a flat on her estate surrounded by debris from last night’s blow out. Her boyfriend Josh’s effort to conceal last night’s events is faltering. With the front door sealed and no signal on her phone, she realises she is not alone. Is Miles her means to get back to the world and reclaim her existence? From the team who brought you The Diary of a Hounslow Girl. Writer Ambreen Razia returns with her second play, Pot, exploring the landscape of Britain’s invisible children, adrift in the care system and inadvertently impacted by gang culture.

We live in a time where old orders are collapsing: from the post colonial nation states of the Middle East, to the EU and the American election. Through it all, tech savvy and extremist groups rip through twentieth century political certainties. Amidst this, a generation of young men find themselves burning with resentment, without the money, power and sex they think they deserve; this crisis of masculinity leads them into an online world of fantasy, violence and reality. Javaad Alipoor spent time in this online prism, exploring the blurry and complex world of extremists, spies, journalists and fantasists, and in this short scratch performance, starts to weave together some of their stories.

Photo by Richard Davenport

the Believers are but Brothers is co-commissioned by home, ovalhouse, and transform and supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england. originally developed as part of transform 16.


THURS 13 – SAT 15 APRIL 7.45PM Ovalhouse and Yolanda Mercy present

THURS 20 & FRI 21 APRIL 7.45PM Fuel and Ovalhouse present

Quarter Life Crisis

So Many Reasons Written and performed by Racheal Ofori Directed by Kate Hewitt

Written and performed by Yolanda Mercy

Melissa is 6. She has finally started to put her degree to use, she is paying back that loan, and she discovers she’s pregnant. Suddenly faced with the reality of bringing a baby girl into the world, Melissa reflects on her relationship with her own mother, and on how much – or how little – the world has changed for women. So Many Reasons is a new work inspired in part by Anna Reading’s A Letter to my Dearest Daughter and fuses narrative and poetry.

Following the success of her debut solo show on The Edge of Me, Ovalhouse Associate Artist Yolanda Mercy is back with a coming of age comedy which features live music, audience participation and a special guest from your local community. Quarter Life Crisis presents an upbeat take on the millennial phenomenon of big dreams, no cash, going viral, Youtube tutorials, having numerous 0 hour contracts, surrendering the 16– year old railcard and trying desperately to cheat adulthood. Are you ready to explore the Quarter Life Crisis? Suitable for 14 + Supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england. Supported by ovalhouse and arc Stockton. mentored by third angel.

“ Photo by OBDesignz

An impressive performance from Ofori, deftly directed by Kate Hewitt. Portrait is an exciting show from a writer / performer we’ll hopefully hear more from soon..

#### The List 

Call-Out for Marlborough Theatre BrightonLondon FiRST BiTE proposals Ovalhouse and The Marlborough are committed to supporting artists working across theatre and performance that have something to say about contemporary life in a fresh and unexpected way.

in Brighton and London as well as producing support. How to apply: - We’d like you to tell us about yourself in 0 words - We’d like to hear about your idea in 00 words - Send us three weblinks to support your application Deadline 6 February 01 Email:

We are looking for one artist/ company based in London and one based in Brighton to take part in a development process, working on ideas independently, but also acting as a resource for each other. Each artist/company will receive a 1.k commission, in kind development space and showcase opportunities



cReatIVe youth at Ovalhouse Innovate Drama for 11-16s

Call out for Future Arts Professionals!

Starting on Wednesday 11 January .0 – .0 pm. Learn new skills in workshops run by top professional artists; we’ll also take you on free trips to London’s favourite theatres, galleries and museums! No experience necessary.

We are currently recruiting for 1 Young Associate places which include a monthly bursary. Come and spend a year with Ovalhouse getting professional training and hands on experience in arts leadership. You need to be aged 18- and living in Lambeth or Croydon.

You can join at any time: contact Naomi on 00 80 6 or Priority given to residents of L&Q, Metropolitan and Hyde Housing.

For more info and an application pack email: Deadline 1 January 01

Demonstrate! is our project for children with disabilities, including autism, which we run in partnership with Corali Dance Company. Over 6 years we’ve explored dance, circus skills, music, graffiti, puppetry, installation art – and we’re still exploring.

We are London Our drama and arts group for young migrants aged 14 – yrs meets every Saturday from .0 – 6.0pm. It’s a good place to make new friends and have fun, and share your hidden talents.You don’t need good spoken English or previous experience in the arts: just come and join in!

Contact Stella if you're interested in joining: or 00 80 

Contact Stella for more info: or 00 80 . OvalhouseCreativeYouth @OvalhouseCY

funded with the support of the Walcot foundation, arts council england through a new Direction, and hyde, metropolitan and london & Quadrant housing Providers


A Matter of Time In an exciting showcase of the term’s work, our youth arts groups present a collection of performance pieces about time. Join our young performers on an adventure into the weird and wonderful world of hourglasses, ticking clocks and Apple watches… Ovalhouse Downstairs FRI 24 MARCH 7PM

Ovalhouse Downstairs SAT 25 MARCH 5PM

A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time: Triple Bill

by Ovalhouse Drama Group Moving in time, running out of time, bags of time, the sand of time, losing time and time keeping. Join us on a journey through time.

Ovalhouse theatre and dance groups present  new pieces continuing the theme of A Matter of Time.

Tickets £3 | £1 concessions All ages welcome.

Photo by Cat Lee

Tickets £5 | £2 concessions All ages welcome.

Ovalhouse Downstairs MON 13 MARCH 10.30AM Box Clever pesents

frankenstein A rehearsed reading of a brand new adaptation for schools of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel Frankenstein. Ten secondary school groups from Wigan/St Helens, Lincolnshire and the North Kent Coast have been working with Box Clever’s Artistic Director Michael Wicherek to create a playscript for  performers as part of their Arts Council funded initiative to work with young people in those areas. The new 60 minute adaptation goes into production in autumn 01 and returns to Ovalhouse for Halloween! Open to the public. School groups welcome. Ideally suited for 14-16 year olds. Running time 60 minutes Tickets £2 (for schools groups please call our Box Office)


aRtIStS PageS Our new artist development programme offers regular training and networking events to support and grow our community of artists. As part of our commitment to open practice, we have two call-outs for artists commissions to make innovative and inspirational work for our audiences. I am also delighted to announce our five Associate Artists who will go on a journey with us over the next two years to make even more work to explore the urgent questions of our age. Owen Calvert-Lyons Head of Theatre and Artist Development

Working Regionally: Making and Touring Theatre beyond London THURS 2 MARCH 10AM – 1PM

Ever wondered about making and touring theatre regionally but didn’t know where to begin? Particularly aimed at BAME theatre makers, Working Regionally is designed to offer a practical introduction to the opportunities for developing and presenting new work outside the capital, featuring case studies and discussions covering venue partnerships, funding opportunities and audiences. Attendees are encouraged to make the most of the day by staying on for Pitch Up.

£5, lunch and refreshments included


Pitch Up THURS 2 MARCH 1.30 – 6PM

Are you involved in making theatre? Would you like to explore collaboration with other people who make theatre? Are you looking for partners on a project? Then Pitch Up is for you! Come together with and hear from theatre makers, producers and venue programmers. All are welcome. Pitch Up is timed to coincide with house’s latest seed funding open call; investments of £ – £8K to enable BAME theatre makers to explore new ideas in partnership with a regional venue. FREE For more information about the seed funding opportunity, and to apply for one of the afternoon’s pitching slots, visit house is an initiative aimed at increasing the range, quality and audience for contemporary theatre across the South East and East of England. 

aRtIStS PageS Introducing our five new ASSOCIATE ARTISTS Our Associate Artists will make a valuable contribution to the creative life of Ovalhouse, work closely with Ovalhouse to develop audiences, provide critical feedback for other Ovalhouse productions and be a part of a new peerto-peer support network, as well as mentoring artists from our % London project and our Young Associates, and creating their own work during their time with us over the next  years.



Koko Brown: who will make The Colour Trilogy – three new works about: Race (White), Mental Health (Grey) and Gender (Pink).

Strongback Productions: who will make a new musical to mark the 0th anniversary of the arrival of the S.S. Windrush.

Born and bred in North West London, ‘works well with others’ according to all of her school reports and will most likely stop in the street to pet a dog, especially if it’s a Dachshund. Koko uses her loop station as an additional limb, takes pride in her roots and makes work about being the ‘other’. Mainly focusing on race, mental health, and identity. You can connect with her @thekokobrown on all social media or

StrongBack Productions creates great performance inspired by the history, traditions, personal stories and cultural forms of BAME and other diverse and minority communities to celebrate their presence in, and document their contribution to, modern Britain. We celebrate the talent of diverse artists and the traditions from which we draw inspiration. assoc-artists 8




Jesse Briton: who will make two plays about black icons: the legendary dancer and activist Josephine Baker and the leader of the Black Panthers Fred Hampton.

Yolanda Mercy: a graduate of the Ovalhouse participation programme who will make Quarter Life Crisis as well as develop a production with our young people.

Jesse is a theatre-maker interested in work about economics, history, communities and music. Originally from Somerset his work has been performed in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the US. He trained under Uri Roodner on E1’s acclaimed CT course and makes theatre through a combin-ation of new writing, devising and play.

Yolanda is a solo theatre artist, who writes and performs her own work. Her dark comedy shows tend to address issues around identity, age, race and mental health issues. These powerful yet engaging shows seamlessly weave storytelling, poetry, live music and audience participation. Audiences across the country have described her work as “relatable, funny and thought provoking”. In addition to performance work, Yolanda strives to break down the barriers in access to the arts by leading workshops.

Bella Heesom and Donnacadh O’Briain: who will make a piece celebrating female sexuality and a second autobiographical work, about Bella’s mother, following on from the success of My World Has Exploded a Little Bit.

Bella Heesom and Donnacadh O’Briain work together as writer/performer and director/ dramaturg respectively. They make theatre that tackles big themes from a personal perspective, with intellectual rigour, humour, and unflinching emotional honesty. Their work, experimental in form, is crafted around the audience experience, and plays with a flexible fourth wall. Their critically acclaimed play, My World Has Exploded A Little Bit, premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe 016, and will tour in 01.

aRtIStS PageS

#Connect Event Ovalhouse Downstairs WEDS 25 JANUARY 6 – 8.30PM

Artists’ well-being


Anxiety, like its friend depression, thrives in isolation. Many independent artists work without the support structures of fulltime employment and, in times of vulnerability and anxiety, have to deal with this alone. This event, delivered in partnership with 64 Million Artists’ Jo Hunter, will explore techniques for building a mutually supportive community of artists.


Extant Blind and VI training workshops TUES 31 JANUARY 2 – 5PM

Voice & Storytelling with Giles Abbott The first session of a new initiative with the aim that visually impaired artists of the Extant Exchange will lead sessions for each other. Sessions are free to attend for members and each facilitator of a session will receive a fee from Extant. If you are visually impaired and have some experience of performance or in theatre, and are interested in joining the Exchange, please contact Extant at

Playwriting workshop with Papatango Theatre TUES 7 FEBRUARY 11AM – 1PM Papatango are committed to giving new writers the best possible opportunities. Their programme of playwriting workshops cover topics including writing exercises, dramaturgy, exploratory writing, story structure, dialogue, and redrafting. Capacity 0 FREE

Bite-Size Marketing

The Building Blocks of Marketing TUES 28 MARCH 10.30AM – 4.30PM This full day training session will break down marketing into individual components including design and print, copywriting, content creation, social media and creating a marketing pack. It is suited to artists or companies who have already put on events in professional venues, been to a festival such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe or booked a tour but who want to improve their knowledge and practice.

Cost £5

TUES 7 MARCH 2 – 5PM This half-day training session will give you some techniques to get started with marketing and will focus on exercises that can be employed when you don’t have much time to market your event. It is suited to emerging artists or companies to support a small run of a show or event at one or two venues.

Our Marketing training sessions are facilitated by house theatre, who will contribute their expertise and encourage peer-topeer learning throughout. house theatre is a venue network of over 180 venues across the south east which tours 1-1 productions per year. Places on each of the sessions are limited to 0 and are open to one representative per company, with a nominal charge of £5 to secure a place. @housetheatre

Cost £5


BRIxton cIty feStIVal 2017


Brixton City festival returns in September 01, filling the streets of Brixton with radical entertainment. We’re offering small scale commissions for site specific work and outdoor performances that respond to Brixton in some way: the place, its communities or its future. Commissions of £1,000 – £,000 could be awarded to: • Theatre makers • Musicians • Installation artists • Dancers • Aerial artists • Spoken word artists, • Circus acts and more... Submit plans to create something new, or present an untested piece of work that is now performance ready. We are also interested in existing work that could be reimagined in a Brixton venue. Brixton is your venue – tell us about your preferred location. Pop-up Restaurants, Brixton village, Ritzy Cinema, Gardens, Tube Station, Windrush Square, Shop Doorways, Market Stalls, Open Spaces and other landmarks. DEADLINE: MIDNIGHT MON 6 MARCH 01 For more info go to: Submissions and enquiries to 

SUPPORT US A new home for theatre in Brixton. OVALHOUSE is moving to a brand new purpose-built venue in 01 and we need YOU to help us on our road to Brixton! #ROADTOBRIXTON

BUY A BRICK £100 – £00



You can buy a brick for you, for your family or for your business.

You will be in good company with seats dedicated to Ovalhouse Patron Pierce Brosnan, The Diary of a Hounslow Girls’ Ambreen Razia and many more.

See your name in lights, Name a Space and let the next generation of theatre magic happen.



There are many ways you can become involved with Ovalhouse as a Front Row Company: our enthusiastic network of business supporters. Contact us for more.

Visit, send us an email or drop into us at Ovalhouse to find out how you can Give us A Hand on our #RoadToBrixton

Each donor will receive a certificate and be credited online. You will also be credited in our new venue once we open. Visit for more. To find out more about our Capital Campaign contact: Katie Milton Development Director – Capital Campaign | 00 80  

BokIt’la PoP-uP kItchen

The Bokit'La boys will be back in our café again this season with their wonderful Guadeloupean street food. Bokits are balls of hand-made dough rolled, deep fried, and stuffed with a variety of fillings: chicken, aubergine, or salt fish, all topped with avocado and hot sauce.

Delicious! Hand-cooked to order Weds – Sat from 6pm. Bokit La @bokitlaltd



theatRe BaR

Open from 6pm every theatre evening, we offer a hand-picked selection of Borough Wines, a variety of locally sourced craft beers including Brixton Brewery, Mondo Brewing Company and The Kernel Brewery and a range of gourmet coffees from Drury Tea & Coffee.

come Rhyme WIth me Ovalhouse Café/Bar SAT 4 FEBRUARY & SAT 1 APRIL 7PM Appetisers: Open mic: there are six  min slots only - arrive early to secure your spot on the mic.

The UK’s most delicious spoken word event is back in London in partnership with Ovalhouse. Hosted by Dean Atta and Deanna Rodger, warmly welcoming audiences from all walks of life to a feast of the finest poets, lyricists and musicians.

Starter: An up and coming poet to whet your appetite. Main Course: A poet to sink teeth into and digest slowly. Dessert: The sweet treat, someone who will bring a smile to your face!

FOOD BY BOKIT'LA Tickets with food £12 (recommended) without food £8 


Introducing our new post-show audience discussion club.

FiRST BiTES: £5 ADVANCE | £8 DOOR Ovalhouse is hosting a series of post-show discussions with a difference. After selected performances, we will be opening the floor for you and other audience members to discuss the show and its wider issues in any way you like. A relaxed and informal gathering over a glass of wine, *DISCUSS gives our audience the opportunity to lead the conversation.

25% OFF SEASON OFFER Book for  or more shows in our new 01 season and receive % off your booking (exceptions apply). Discount applied at checkout. HALF TERM FUN Book for both The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad and Puppet Club and pay just £12 ADULTS | £8 UNDER 16S Suitable for age +

Come and join us to discuss: Focus Group on Thurs  Feb Custody on Thurs 6 April Joan on Thurs 1 April Eurohouse on Thurs  April

FiRST BiTES FIVER OFFER Come and see any of our FiRST BiTES and if we develop the show further, we'll send you a special discount code to see the finished production for only a fiver (usually £14). STUDENT AMBASSADORS AT OVALHOUSE Apply to be a Student Ambassador and get opportunities to write reviews, meet artists, and see shows for FREE. Contact


InfoRmatIon @ovalhouse ovalhouse

Ovalhouse -4 Kennington Oval, London SE11 SW BOOKING Box office 020 7582 7680 Book online TICKETS: £14 | £8 MAIN HOUSE SHOWS PREVIEWS: ALL TICKETS £8 FiRST BiTES: £5 ADVANCE | £8 DOOR

CAFÉ Our café is open from 6pm Weds – Sat. THEATRE BAR Our theatre bar is open every night throughout the season from 6pm for a full bar service featuring a range of local craft beers and hot and cold drinks. Covered garden area open daytimes and evenings.

All ticket prices include VAT and a booking fee (if applicable).

When booking tickets you will be asked to make an optional donation to support Ovalhouse’s work. Thank you in advance for your support.

ACCESS Ovalhouse Downstairs, Café, Bar and Garden. Captioning provided via The Difference Engine which broadcasts captions direct to your smart phone or tablet without disturbing other members of the audience.

GETTING HERE Nearest tube OVAL (Northern Line) or VAUXHALL (Victoria Line & BR) Buses , 6, 1, 1, 1, 18, 46 Car parking for disabled visitors only, on-street parking after 6.0pm. We are not in the congestion zone. Santander Cycles dock directly opposite, on Kennington Oval.

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ovalhouse (christ church [oxford] united clubs) is a registered charity no. 2888931 

DIaRy 1 JAN – 4 FEB


1 –  FEB

I AM A TREE by Jamie Wood



16 – 1 FEB


1 & 14 FEB


16 – 1 FEB

WORKSHOP: Puppet Club

1 –  FEB

THE LAST STRAW by People Show

8 FEB – 1 MAR

A FiRST BiTES Triple Bill by Corali


WORKSHOP: Working Regionally



 – 4 MAR

THE DARK by Nick Makoha

8 – 10 MAR



= work-in-development

 – 11 MAR

MILKY PEAKS by Seiriol Davies




A MATTER OF TIME by Ovalhouse Creative Youth


Triple Bill: A MATTER OF TIME by Ovalhouse Creative Youth

8 MAR – 8 APR

CUSTODY by Tom Wainwright and Urban Wolf

0 MAR – 1 APR

POT by Ambreen Razia



 & 8 APR


11 –  APR

JOAN by Lucy J Skilbeck

1 – 1 APR


0 & 1 APR

SO MANY REASONS by Rachael Ofori

 –  APR

EUROHOUSE by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

Cover photo by Field and McGlynn

by Yolanda Mercy


JAN - APR 2017