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Milano, ITALY Helsinki, FINLAND Istanbul, TURKEY Cervinia, ITALY

5 Spectrum

Brescia, ITALY

6 Through the gates

Milano, ITALY

7 Museum of La Marmola

Milano, ITALY

8 Behind the curtains 9 Requalification of Helvetia Platz 10 Red line 11 Learning from war. A new pathway to the battlefield 12 Milan apartment penthouse 13 Norwegian cabin

Vignale Monferrato, ITALY Bern, SWITZERLAND Milano, ITALY Cortina d’Ampezzo, ITALY Milano, ITALY Trondheim, NORWAY

Milan public library Milano pÄąblic library located in the center of city and close to Citta Studi where many of the universities are settled. Concrete structure covered by white bricks of exterior part and polycarbonate are used for the shading. These vertical elements follow the identity of the building to create transparent spaces for library and study areas. Compress fountains are designed for public square and increase the vertical reflection of building. Also ground floors have porticos for increase the circulation of square.


Elementary school in Helsinki The building located in sub-urban area of Helsinki. Local brick material used for covering the exterior of building and concrete columns and pillars are used for the structure. Double sided windows can protect the heat inside the building during the cold winter days. Also green roof increare the thermal insulation of building. Small square is created in front of the school for local people and families. Thermal curtains are used with double sided windows. Iron railings and shading give more industrial sense to building and create a harmony with brick facedes.


BIOTA Goldenhorn


Renovation of Hotel Gran Baita in Cervinia The project’s goal is originally renovation of Ex hotel Gran Baita in Cervinia. The hotel was very famous in ski resort and it will be attraction again. The new building will reflect the original urban planning of Cervinia, this part is very close to Bardoney which was very small village but now a days there is a residences and people can use this new cultural center. The position of the building is maintained and main axes are protected. The new structure is a complex building, half part is museum and other is the cable car station again. Using the wood, concrete and stone continue the history and increase the sustainability. Also this type of materials reflect the Italian Alpine architecture. Cervinia located just under the famous Matterhorn and his town has been used since Roman times.




Through to gates


Museum of La Marmola Museum of Lamarmora located intersection point of via Lamarmora and via Orti. This place is located in the historical city centre and middle of many facilities. The most important buildings which close to this area are policlinic and police station. Main scope of the project is increasing usage of the area and creat attraction point for this zone. Inside the buildings all the floors are built in the mezzanine floors, this structure type creates open free spaces and high ceiling on the roof. Museum has temporary and permanent exhibition rooms boths are different circulation systems, they both connects to outdoor exhibition garden to increase space in the museum. Artists can work in the East building and they can accomodate in the residential part of the buildings.Raw concrete used almost all the structure but for covering reason, steel beams and columns carry the main structure to create large distance span of the interior space.


Behind the curtains


Requalification of Helvetiaplatz Helvetiaplatz has lots of transaction points of mobility and urban usage. The public square is very important for Bern because it surrounded with many museums and embasies. The idea of project is to clean the square and to create a slow mobility with cars and people. This mix usage works in a harmonious way with all the elements of the square. Pavement is changed to porous asphalt and spaces around trees changed to mix of soil and stones.



Learning from war. A new pathway to the battlefield


Milano apartment penthouse Penthouse designed and visualized for young professional family in Milan. Modest materials are used to create a designetual harmony. Penthouse located in 7th floor, thus light enters to whole space and increase the reflection of wood. Plywood is used for kitchen and dining area. Some metallic elements like lamps or table corners used for some reflective light effects in the space.


Norwegian cabin The cabin located in the middle of Norwegian fjord in Trondheim location. Timber pillars are used for structure and exterior covering. Concrete and steel mix fireplace is located to middle of the structure. Double glazing windows used for protect the heat inside the area and created a panoramic view of Norwegian fjords. Cabin is also located in the wilderness area to connect with nature and sustaining itself.


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