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AUTHENTICALLY OUTWARD BOUND SINCE 1969, OUTWARD BOUND CANADA HAS INSPIRED CANADIANS ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO “GET OUT. LOOK IN.” Today, over 150,000 Canadians have done just that, placing their trust in us to lead them on challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world. For all who participate in our wilderness expeditions and urban programs, Outward Bound Canada is all about the experience of stepping out of your comfort zone and actively participating in an incredible adventure that connects you to self, others, and the environment around you. We work personally with each and every one of our participants to help ensure that they emerge on the other side of their Outward Bound Canada experience with a better understanding of who they are and what they’re capable of. We’re extremely proud of our ability to impact the lives of so many individuals across the country and from all walks of life, and to be part of a global network of Outward Bound schools that has recently celebrated 75 years. Through this international movement we’re able to collectively help millions of individuals across the planet to achieve their potential and contribute to a better, bolder, and more resilient society. We proudly operate at the forefront of educational and social innovation, providing participants with practical, experiential learning that can not be achieved in a traditional classroom setting. Our outcome-driven groups programs allow us to partner with high schools and universities, community groups and government agencies, to utilize the natural world as a place of education and empowerment. In this space, we work closely with students and adults to help them explore their authentic selves, to tap in to their own power and potential, and to emerge on the other side of their experience with a renewed sense of who they are and what they are capable of.

MISSION To cultivate resilience, leadership, connections, and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world.

VISION A healthy, resilient society formed through lasting connections to self, others, and the natural world.

CORE VALUES AUTHENTICITY Being true to our roots and our mission in our focus and intent as well as our interactions with each other and stakeholders. Approaching all we do with honest self-awareness and purpose.

ADVENTURE Embrace challenge and positive risk taking in our daily lives and model and promote that within our organizational community.

CONNECTION Invite and sustain meaningful connections with self, others, and the natural world.

COMPASSION Demonstrate care and respect for self, others, and the natural world.

TRUST Firm belief and confidence in each other and in the core purpose of the organization as a whole.

“In the context of our digital world in which students’ social skills are highly tied to technology, the opportunity provided by Outward Bound allows our students to connect with themselves, each other, and the environment in meaningful ways. Since its inception, the program’s development of teambuilding and leadership training over the years for our grade 6 - 8 students has been increasingly positive for so many students, often taking them outside of their comfort zones for memorable learning experiences. The modeling of instructing provided by Outward Bound staff has also been useful in helping to train our faculty to teach outdoors, an increasingly valued skill within our school community.”

Ben Blakey Teacher/Researcher, Outdoor Education Montcrest School



• Qualified and experienced industry

• Wild, natural environments

professionals • Engaged and knowledgeable in the development of people • Passionate and educated about adventures in the outdoors

OBC PROCESS IS • Learning through adventure • Journey-based and experiential • An inclusive, constructive approach that nurtures personal growth and encourages transformative experiences • Focused on the individual and the individual as part of the group

• Diverse landscapes, coast to coast • Mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, green spaces • Backcountry and frontcountry

OUR APPROACH Outward Bound Canada’s programs use the challenges and inspiration of the natural environment to allow students to uncover their true potential. We employ adventure-oriented, 21st-century learning, to help students build a strong sense of self and community through active and authentic experiences that foster academics, a celebration of diversity, and personal growth. In developing their self-confidence, leadership, communication, teamwork, and resilience, students are empowered to take on greater challenges.


Capacity for learning is enhanced through immersive problem solving

Contribution to the community helps to activate personal growth

Empowering individuals to make tactical decisions greatly fosters a commitment to the achievement of goals

Creating a space where individuals share common motivations allows them to work at their best and to develop greater respect for one another’s backgrounds, perspectives, and personal strengths

In order to truly grow, individuals must be willing to face new challenges

Learning is heightened in environments that require people to take direct responsibility for themselves and for each other

“As a special education teacher in the TDSB, for over a decade

now, who primarily works with students “in-risk”, I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the difference an Outward Bound experience can have on a student’s life. Working with Outward Bound we’ve been able take kids to Evergreen Brick Works for a day of climbing and exploring, to Toronto Island and the Rouge Valley for urban overnight adventures, and up to Algonquin Park for both week-long dog sledding and canoe trips. What’s been most impressive over our time working together has been the span of rich experiences Outward Bound has been able to deliver while meeting the wide range of needs our students present. From working with those with a sheer lack of outdoor educational experiences to those with varied social, emotional, and learning disabilities, Outward Bound has been committed to granting marginalized kids access to life-changing opportunities. To see students who have not experienced much traditional success in their academic careers feel safe enough to risk clipping into a climbing rig, sleep in the snow, or carry a canoe on their shoulders, gives you hope for the future, because you know, as an educator, that your students now have skills in their toolbox that weren’t available to them in the classroom.” Samuel St. Louis Special Education Teacher L’Amoreaux Collegiate Institute

CURRICULUM INTEGRATION Our team works with you to fully understand your group’s goals and learning objectives, and to integrate those key objectives with our own authentic approach to learning and adventure. In addition, many of our programs can be applied to the following:

HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS 15-day expeditions or 15 days consisting of workshops and a culminating expedition qualify students for a High School Credit. We can also deliver other specific expectations that are enhanced in the outdoors in conjunction with teachers’ in-classroom time.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S INTERNATIONAL AWARD Many overnight programs are pre-qualified by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to allow students to gain their Bronze, Silver or Gold Adventurous Journey, or Gold Project.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATE AND SPECIALIST HIGH SKILLS WORKSHOPS We put students in unfamiliar situations, allowing them to explore much needed life skills outside the four walls of their classroom, including leadership, group dynamics, stress management, self-reflection, and conflict resolution, all of which prepare students for the workplace.


Student leadership teams

Academic and recreational clubs

Underserved youth

Academic, professional, and cultural

Environmental groups and eco-teams

Indigenous youth

groups and organizations

COURSE FOCUS MENTAL HEALTH The mental health benefits of spending time in nature are well-documented. Time away from technology and city-centred distractions on all of our courses afford students the opportunity to reflect and re-centre themselves. Focused mindfulness practice can be facilitated by instructors.

CARING & SAFE SCHOOLS OBC programs build community and enhance mutual respect amongst the student body. Students explore conflict resolution techniques, anti-bullying scenarios, and build interpersonal skills that ultimately reduce conflict and build trust in their communities.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS (STEM) Whether learning about thermoregulation, building a fire or shelter, or learning about pathogens, students discover how important STEM is for thriving and surviving with authentic problem solving in nature.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP Groups demonstrating leadership abilities are able to build on their team cohesion and set goals together, helping them have a stronger influence back in their community.

INDIGENOUS PERSPECTIVES We emphasize land-based learning and work closely with First Nations, MĂŠtis, and Inuit partners to enhance the many connections to Indigenous understanding. We help students learn to live as part of the land, teaching sustainability and encouraging deeper connection to the natural world.

GROUP PROGRAMS EXPEDITIONS Expeditions run from three to 10 days in an urban or wilderness setting. We teach a wide variety of skills to allow students to feel safe and comfortable outdoors: self-care in the wilderness, expedition mentality, staying warm at night, fire building, risk management, navigation, and leave no trace camping ethics. Participants build a strong community by practicing active learning; they will learn about active listening, giving and receiving feedback, conflict resolution techniques, and how to best support one another.

INTEGRATED PROGRAMS Our flagship, year-long integrated programs are comprised of multiple courses set throughout the year, culminating in a final expedition aimed at refining leadership skills and empowering participants to lead their peers. Each course builds on the skills from previous lessons, focusing on the development of interpersonal and technical skills to transition students from passive to active participants and leaders. High School Credit and certificates in leadership may be earned either as stand-alone courses, or as curriculum-linked enhancements to current school-based courses with the added value of learning experientially in the outdoors.

MULTI-GRADE PROGRAMS These programs often result in the strongest outcomes for students as they prepare for the next stage of their academic and professional careers. Our multi-year programs are designed to progress participants’ technical skills, confidence and sense of purpose within their own communities. Each course provides experiences and content that link students’ learnings from all levels. Students transfer what they have learned back to school, putting skills into practice, then re-group to debrief and reflect on their experiences.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes (Integrated and Multi-Grade Programs): •

Touch points throughout the year to allow for feedback and growth as the group evolves

Integration of Ministry Curriculum and greater tie-in to school in-class sessions

Building and enhanced community through long-term involvement

Allows students to choose their path, take responsibility and be involved in course planning


OUTWARDBOUND.CA groups@outwardbound.ca

PHONE 1 888 OUTWARD (688-9273)

Outward Bound Canada is a registered not-for-profit charitable educational organization. Charitable #89251 1692 RR0001 Printing generously donated by InvestorCOM Inc.

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Learning Through Adventure: Outward Bound Canada Group Programming  

Discover all that can be accomplished when you "Get out. Look in." with Outward Bound Canada's impactful group programs.

Learning Through Adventure: Outward Bound Canada Group Programming  

Discover all that can be accomplished when you "Get out. Look in." with Outward Bound Canada's impactful group programs.