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VULKAN August 2023 | VOLUME 01


Cover Look

Suit Bibhu @bibhumohapatra

Corset Pritch @pritchlondon @thegoodsix

Earrings Karolina Berg Jewellery @karolinabergjewellery @flyingsolo_pr

Shoes Manolo Blahnik @manoloblahnik


June 2023 2 VULKAN
06 A Fashion Sampler 16 Indie Sleaze 22 Into The Tide Of Dreams 28 Mostly Harmless 36 Not One More 42 Nothing Nowhere 50 Pop Music 56 Resonance 62 Summer In The City 68 Kyle Volume 01 3 VULKAN

Gucci presents a new campaign starring Wen Qi and Daniel Zhou, celebrating love and human connection amidst blooming landscapes. The campaign showcases Gucci's ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, incorporating whimsical motifs and vibrant prints that pay homage to the brand's heritage with a modern twist. Signature handbags like Gucci Diana, Dyonisus, and GG Marmont shine in bold tones, alongside Horsebit loafers commemorating 70 years of style evolution. Heart-shaped shoulder bags and a sparkling Aphrodite shoulder bag offer a playful touch. The showcased selection is now available online and in select stores globally.

A Faashion Sampler

Dress Fredrick Anderson @frederickanderson_ @negrifirmanpr

Coat Kristina Laptso @kristina_laptso @the_confessional_showroom_ nyc

Earrings ABOAB @aboabofficial @flyingsolo_pr

Photography Tom Marvel @tommarvelphotography

Model Kaleo Leilani Sophia @leiasophias @geneticsmgmt

Styling Creative Direction Brendan Cannon @thecannonmediagroup

Makeup Irina Charkova @charkova_irina

Hair George Grierson @geoxge

VULKAN June 2023 6
Volume 01 7 VULKAN
Blazer + Dress Jason Wu Collection Jason Wu @jasonwu Shoes Manolo Blahnik for Jason Wu Collection @jasonwu @manoloblahnik
June 2023 8 VULKAN

Suit Randi Rahm @randirahm

Ring Iza by silvia D'avila @izabysilviadavila @flyingsolo_pr

Earrings COOLOOK @joyeriacoolook @flyingsolo_pr

Shoes Manolo Blahnik @manoloblahnik

Volume 01 9 VULKAN

Dress Fredrick Anderson @frederickanderson_ @negrifirmanpr Coat Kristina Laptso @kristina_laptso @the_confessional_showroom_ nyc Earrings ABOAB @aboabofficial @flyingsolo_pr

Shoes Sarah Palmer @sarahpalmer_italy_official

VULKAN June 2023 10
Dress Saint Laurent @ysl Earrings House 12 @house12accessories @flyingsolo_pr Cuff Pluma @pluma_italia Shoes Manolo Blahnik @manoloblahnik Volume 01 VULKAN 11
Shirt Heike @heike_ny @the_confessional_showroom_ nyc VULKAN June 2023 12
Nidradevi @nidra_devi @thegoodsix
Haleia @haleia @the_confessional_showroom_ nyc
Ford @tomford Volume 01 VULKAN 13
Kimono Corset
Shoes Tom
Dress Fredrick Anderson @frederickanderson_ @negrifirmanpr
June 2023 14 VULKAN
Earrings ABOAB @aboabofficial @flyingsolo_pr
Volume 01 15 VULKAN
Earrings Karolina Berg Jewellery @karolinabergjewellery @flyingsolo_pr

Dress Saint Laurent @ysl

Headpiece Kat and Clarese @katandclarese @the_confessional_showroom_ nyc Earrings House 12 @house12accessories @flyingsolo_pr

Photography Tom Marvel @tommarvelphotography

Creative Direction Brendan Cannon @thecannonmediagroup at

Photography Assistants:

Michele Swain @michelewilhelminaphotography Ala Hammouda @photosby_ala

Model Kaleo Leilani Sophia @leiasophias @geneticsmgmt

Hair George Grierson @geoxge using Oribe @oribe and @aveda

Makeup Charkova Irina @charkova_irina

Studio The Art Factory @artfactorypaterson

Fashion Assistants

Winnie Noan @winnie_noan Ava Cella @ava.cella

Julia Cook @julia.cookk Sydney Lynch @sydneylynch_

Khaleah Phillips @isthatkhaleah

June 2023 16 VULKAN
Volume 01 17 VULKAN

Indie Sleaze

Photography Bri Elledge @brielledgephotography

Models Jazmyne Joy @jazmynejoy_ Zuzanna

Kaczmarek @zuzanakaczmarek

Styling Kassi Reyna @kassi.reyna

Makeup Hair Will Sullivan @willssassy

June 2023 18
Jazmyne : The East Order dress Fendi coat Wolford socks Zuzanna : Dress the Population dress Wolford tights
Volume 01 VULKAN 19
Stylists own arm sleeves LNL dress Marc Jacobs boots
VULKAN June 2023 20
The East Order dress Fendi coat Wolford socks Stylists own dress MCQ top Wolford fishnets
Volume 01 VULKAN 21
Stylists own Aerosmith Vintage tee NY Vintage skirt Wolford tights
Rag & Bone Top, R13 Coat Nanushka skirt Wolford fishnets
VULKAN June 2023 22
Fendi Coat
Volume 01 VULKAN 23

Into The Tide Of Dreams

Model Mitch Tummel @mitch.tummel Option one chicago

Photography Mark C Mendez @mcmpix_

Grooming Bongbong Buan @bong2buan

Fashion vintage Dior, Zara men

June 2023 24 VULKAN
Volume 01 25 VULKAN
June 2023 26 VULKAN
Volume 01 27 VULKAN
Volume 01 29 VULKAN
VULKAN June 2023 30

Mostly Harmless

Photography Doris Himmelbauer @studiohimmelbauer

Model Shinmari @mariisfashionmonkey97 @satorujapan_official Fashion Designer Michiyo Hayes Kuramochi @mostlyharmlesskreations Assistant Carol Lieb

Volume 01 VULKAN 31
VULKAN June 2023 32
Volume 01 VULKAN 33
VULKAN June 2023 34
Volume 01 VULKAN 35
VULKAN June 2023 36
Volume 01 VULKAN 37
VULKAN June 2023 38

Not One More

Photographer Emilia Pasoń @emilia_pason

Model Zuzanna Voelkner @zuzanna_voelkner

Makeup Hair Marta Długołęcka @dlugolecka.mua

Fashion Designer Ewa Bednarska @ewa.bednarska

“Not one more” is a slogan that we associate with the numerous strikes that have taken place over the past years in Poland in relation to the restriction of women’s rights. The collection with this meaningful title is the designer’s objection, expressed in the language of fashion, to the social problems currently faced by women in our country.

In a meaningful yet non-obvious way, I want to address through artivism the expectations that society places on women – stepping into the role of a model wife and mother. Feeling helpless in the face of stricter anti-abortion laws in Poland, I decided to express my feelings in the most natural way for me – by designing, because fashion can also be a form of socially engaged art.

The materials used in the collection are largely the post-production waste of a major lingerie brand. They were collected by the designer for more than two years in order to achieve the appropriate color gradation that is visible in the scenic transparent bodysuit with oversized sleeves, the hand-trimmed sensual lingerie and the ethereal dress, which consists of countless hand-sewn lace fragments. The use of the aforementioned materials in the collection is an appeal to deliberate fashion and an attempt to address the problem of massive overproduction facing the fashion industry. Circulating and radically reducing the purchase of new materials is not just a trend, but a key aspect of design in the current global situation.The collection “Not one more” was created thanks to receiving a Cultural Scholarship from the City of Gdansk, where the designer has been living and creating for the past four years.

Volume 01 VULKAN 39
VULKAN June 2023 40
Volume 01 VULKAN 41
VULKAN June 2023 42
Volume 01 43 VULKAN


Photography + Styling Marsha Larose @marshalarose

Model Brandon Seuring @brandonseuring @WilhelminaModels

Rings: The M Jewelers, Tiffany Necklace: Heron Preston

Pants and vest: Schott NYC

Bracelets: Heron Preston, Sophie Buhai

VULKAN June 2023 44

Pants: Beams Japan Coat: Collateral Damage NYC Rings: The M Jewelers Boots: TCX

Volume 01 45 VULKAN
June 2023 46 VULKAN
Pants: Schott NYC Tank: COS Jacket: Collateral Damage NYC Boots: Diemme x Stone Island
Volume 01 VULKAN 47
Coat: Collateral Damage NYC Tank: AMI Paris Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
VULKAN June 2023 48
Volume 01 49 VULKAN
Sweater: Diesel Rings: The M Jewelers, Tiffany, David Yurman Necklaces: Heron Preston, Vivienne Westwood, Homer
June 2023 50 VULKAN
Pants: Séfr Tank: Eckhaus Latta Jewelry: Tiffany
Volume 01 VULKAN 51

Pop Music

Photography + Styling Nikko Kefalas @nikkokefalas Model Andrea Debevc @andreadebevc @geneticsmgmt
VULKAN June 2023 52
Volume 01 VULKAN 53
June 2023 54 VULKAN
Volume 01 55 VULKAN
VULKAN June 2023 56
Volume 01 VULKAN 57
PhotographyGraceLu @grace.lux
@onah_iyaMalkaHynan @malkahynanNewIconNY MakeupYaoYao @yaoyao_muyHairJasonChongLi @chonglihairDesignerBowenTang @boboboen Resonance VULKAN June 2023 58
Volume 01 VULKAN 59
VULKAN June 2023 60
Volume 01 VULKAN 61
June 2023 62 VULKAN
Volume 01 63 VULKAN
Photography Nestor Correa @nestorvisions Model Skye Stracke @FentonModels @skyestracke Styling Melanie Sarkesian @stylist.melanie Makeup Romana Makeup New York @romana117
CitY June 2023 64 VULKAN
Volume 01 65 VULKAN
top - Haleia @haleia Pants - Haleia @haleia necklace - Coolook @joyeriacoolook Makeup - Tom Ford Beauty. Decorte Beauty, shiseido, ILIA Beauty
June 2023 66 VULKAN
Volume 01 67 VULKAN
See through top - Tesei @teseiofficial Swimsute - Keva J Swimwear @kevajswimwear Shoes Lola& Lo @lolaandlo_ hat - Le shka headwear @leshka_headwear Makeup - Tom Ford Beauty. Decorte Beauty, shiseido, ILIA Beauty Knit Poncho - Anicy Manuguian @anicymanuguian Knit top - - Anicy Manuguian @anicymanuguian Kit shorts - Anicy Manuguian @anicymanuguian
June 2023 68 VULKAN
Shoes - Lhambi @lhambi Makeup - Tom Ford Beauty. Decorte Beauty, shiseido, ILIA Beauty

glasses - Hautelife World @hautelifeworld head piece - Flan @flan.official coat Catou Makeup - Tom Ford Beauty. Decorte Beauty, shiseido, ILIA Beauty

Volume 01 69 VULKAN
Photography Max Bronner @maxbronner
Creative Direction + Model Kyle Kleiboeker @kylekleiboeker @qmodels
VULKAN June 2023 70
Mesh Top by Kyle Kleiboeker
Volume 01 71 VULKAN
Pants Vintage Reebook
Pants Vintage Reebook VULKAN June 2023 72
Volume 01 73 VULKAN
Suit Alain Dupetit Glasses Dior
June 2023 74 VULKAN
Coat Mevica Vintage 80's Earring
Volume 01 75 VULKAN
Mesh Top by Kyle Kleiboeker


June 2023 76 VULKAN




Alexandra Tuil | Aleksandar Tomovic


8285 Sunset Blvd. Suite #1 / West Hollywood, CA 90046 Image Nation Studio L.L.C. California, USA

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VULKAN August 2023 | VOLUME 01