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Editors Letter Have you ever wondered about the relevance of the zodiac signs in today’s world? If you have never thought about it , it’s time to jump into the bandwagon and figure out why zodiac signs have been such a huge part of each and everyone’s life. Founded in 450BC by the babylonians, zodiac signs are one of the most ancient studies and still studied and integrated into our daily lives today. We can’t help but wonder why and how zodiac signs are still highly acknowledged and felt by over 73% of the world’s population. When you meet someone for the first time, the three top questions they usually ask about yourself are: what’s your your name, your occupation and your zodiac sign. People tend to find a sense of comfort and discomfort in zodiac signs. Every sign has a broad indept reading about your daily life prediction. It could range from love life, health to even your wealth. In this issue, I would like to dive deep into the world of Zodiac signs , astrology and all kinds related.



KATIE QIAN @katieqian STYLIST Katie Qian is a Los Angeles-based stylist. She is known for her fun, sophisticated, and daring looks with innovative layering and bold silhouettes. Qian’s celebrity clientele includes Tinashe, Conan Gray, Sabrina Claudio, Joji, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Keiynan Lonsdale, and Hayley Kiyoko. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, PAPER, Wonderland, Rolling Stone, Schon, Flaunt, and King Kong, as well as countless music videos. She has collaborated with brands such as Guess, Nike, Puma, Reebok, ColourPop Cosmetics, Fleur Du Mal, and Pretty Little Thing.

BRENDA FERRELL @b_readybeauty HAIR + MAKEUP ARTIST A Los Angeles Native, Brenda Ferrell founder of [B Ready Beauty ] has become a hair and make-up industry leader for high end and celebrity clients in Hollywood and beyond. Her minimal yet effective approach to hair, make-up, and skin shines distinctively above the rest in the natural beauty space. Her drive towards making people feel beautiful in their own skin inspired her to create a brand that would provide the essentials to enhancing beauty wants and needs. B Ready Beauty is a cosmetics brand and local beauty salon, B Ready Salon is located at the Sofitel hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Newest addition to her company is, B Ready Mobile. Hair salon right at your door step.




Jessica is a Chinese-Peruvian Makeup Artist based in Los Angeles. Her love with the artistry of makeup began when she was 7 years old when she would steal her mother’s lipstick and eyeshadows. With her mother’s consistent annoyance with her missing makeup, she finally gave Jessica some drugstore eyeshadows to play with. From that moment on Jessica started her own little collection and experimenting on herself and on her friends. After years of practice Jessica was offered a position to represent Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown as their freelance makeup artist. As her skills improved throughout the years she decided to represent herself and studied makeup at April Love Pro Makeup Academy. After graduating at the top of her class, Jessica expanded herself to several of styles such as natural beauty, glamour, editorial, and Men’s Grooming. With these styles, her work can be found in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Pacific Standard, and Men’s Health Magazine

Southern California native, Teddi Prior, Jesica is a Los Angeles based hairstylist , knew at an early age the industry that she she has a signature style which masterfully wanted to achieve in. Growing up her blends fresh and vintage. parents worked in a variety of the film & television industries in which she was highly involved. Before attending Newberry School of Beauty, she already had a deep understanding of the intricacies of these industries which led to the growth of her passion for beauty. After excelling in beauty school, she set out on her professional adventure of dipping her toes into any and all experiences that would relate to her passion and progress her knowledge. She carries an inherent desire to continue innovating in new techniques and creativity. This has lead her to opportunities including music videos for Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, Marshmellow w/ Anne-Marie, and others. Additionally, she has successfully pursued other campaigns such as Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James, Forever 21, Mattel Inc, KKW Beauty, The Late Late Show with James Corden and many more..




SABRINA CLAUDIO By the age of 25, most people are celebrating their first job, having recently graduated from college and finding themselves while sometimes feeling a little lost. For singer and songwriter Sabrina Claudio, the path seemed a little different. By 25, the musically inclined Virgo had already released an EP titled “Confidently Lost”, was featured as a Billboard Twitter Emerging Artist, had her full-length digital mixtape “About Time” on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album and a certified Gold single by the Recording Industry Association of America. Vulkan was lucky to enough to get to speak to the Cuban & Puerto Rican artist on what has helped her get to where she is. From discovering her passion for signing, finding her purpose, to giving us her thoughts on her upcoming tour, check out our Q&A below!



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Share with us how your journey as a singer has evolved. What are some important lessons you learned? My journey as a singer coincides with my growth as an individual. With time and experiences, I’ve evolved into someone who is incredibly confident and sure of who I am as an artist, a creative, and a woman. The lessons I have learned are endless and are still being taught until this day. One that will always remain true is that never compromising your vision, your art, and who you are as an individual for the sake of comforting and reassuring others will always leave you with the most rewarding outcome. What inspired you to pursue singing and who is your biggest supporter? Once I discovered songwriting, my perspective on being an artist and singing completely changed. I’ve always known I could sing but it was never a passion or something I envisioned as a career until I realized that I can essentially become a storyteller for a living. My biggest supporters have been and always will be my family. A lot of the reason why I’m where I am today is because of the persistence behind their support. Tell us about the new album you're working on and what is the inspiration behind the album? Well, I’ve already released my new album a couple months ago. It’s called “Based On A Feeling”. :)




From writing the song to producing it to singing it , Tell us about your creative process. The process varies depending on the day and who is in the room but normally everything is started from scratch. Production is vital to the writing process and determines how well the day will go. I’ll usually give the producer/musician space to spark the idea based off of how they’re feeling in the moment and I will guide them from there. Once we’re in a place where we’re all mutually content with where we are, I will start the writing process.












What zodiac sign are you and what are the pros and cons of your sign? I am a virgo and you can’t really ask a virgo what are the cons to our sign because the answer will be that there are none- which is true. I will say that some of the pros would be that we are very detail oriented, considerate of others, nurturing, caring, structured, loyal, honest, I mean I can go on for days. Describe to us a magical moment in your life where you saw true women empowerment. How do you empower women? I just unapologetically embody my femininity in every aspect of my life in hopes that other women will use me as an example to feel comfortable enough to do the same if that is what they so desire. What are some tips on being an artist? Again, stop compromising your art. Don’t allow others or this industry to determine your value or your success. Do what makes you feel the most fulfilled regardless of the accolades You're touring very soon, Can you give us a little scoop on what to expect and how do you prepare for it? Expect to be submerged in vibes and feels. My music when performed live has a completely different energy to it than when streaming it. Preparing for it just consists of time being put into the set list, the musical portion of it. Then we spend time on the production- from stage design to time coding lights, etc. What motivates you in life? How do you motivate others? In music, my supporters. In life, my family. Explain what role fashion plays in your life.

Fashion is just a part of the storytelling that made me fall in love with being an artist. It helps to add to whichever piece we’re creating whether it be for music videos, shows, or even on album covers to help illustrate the mood or concept in ways that more people can understand.



What makes you stand out? The event that had the biggest impact on Probably my creative choices in my music. Share with us one of the most rebellious acts you have done. In real life I'm actually not rebellious at all. I’ve always been quite the rule follower from when I was a little girl. I’d say in music, just being myself is probably the most rebellious thing any of us can do as artists. Have you found your purpose? Explain. I feel like I'm currently living my purpose and that is to tell other peoples stories through music.







Photo coutesy - Finn Whelen from PEXELS


ASTRO MEDIUM Writing by Ed Solorzano



Chrystopher is an evidential medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, & super empath with a passion for astrology and plant based living. He uses astrological + human design charts as multi-dimensional maps to help navigate life experience with more compassion and understanding while gaining access to one's personal destiny and unlocking their full potential. To begin, how would you describe an astro medium? An astromedium is someone who is a psychic medium + intuitive astrologer in one. AstroMediumship uses the connection with spirit to receive specific information and guidance for the person and I use my psychic abilities to read the astrological + human design chart instead of just relying on basic astrological interpretations. Your resume on your site is quite extensive: chironic healer, awakening coach, physic medium, intuitive astrologer, spirit teacher and more. How did you tap into your gifts by specializing in all those abilities? Many of these abilities have always been with me since birth even though I didn't know or understand it for many years. It wasn't until I went through a spiritual awakening known as "Kundalini Rising" that my gifts were blasted open and my life changed forever. Having already been a seeker of spiritual knowledge, an experiencer of UFO phenomenon, sensing spirit energies since childhood and teaching astrology since I was 19, by the time my spiritual awakening occurred, my life had already led me


Image above - Owner of The Astromedium, Chrystopher

down several paths that I now realize was leading me here the whole time so it was just the push I needed to answer "the call" and do this full time. Is there something people should NOT come to you for? Some sort of misinterpretation or myth on what your gifts can provide? People should not come to me if they are looking for me to prove to them that the after-life exists or to resolve their skepticism. That is not the intention you should ever enter my sacred space with. It's totally fine to be skeptical, I definitely was back in the day when I used to get readings and sought out intuitive guidance. Hell, I still am pretty discerning but I am not here to read someone's fortune or put on a show. The work I do is so much fun but it's serious and much of my work centers around opening


psychic abilities, healing deep trauma, coaching people who are experiencing difficult spiritual awakenings and creating communities of lightworkers. I have had many people tell me they were skeptical but I changed their mind about the afterlife and spirits and I think that's awesome but these people also came in wanting to speak to someone or get specific questions answered and they were open to it being real and trusted that spirit brought them to me for a reason. Would you say there are people who have these psychic abilities that haven’t tapped into their power /strengths? Any advice for anyone who would want to develop those abilities? Best advice for new astro mediums? Any dangers? Yes! Everyone has some level of psychic ability or intuition and it's actually our divine right as human beings to be psychic and telepathic and demonstrates a higher level of human intelligence than


logic and critical thinking. But like singing, not everyone can use their abilities in the same way. If you are looking to expand your psychic abilities stop drinking tap water and using fluoride toothpaste, start working with sacred plant medicines whether in retreats and ceremonies or in micro-dosing protocols at home such as cacao, blue lotus, kanna, psilocybin, huachuma, etc. It's also important to start using tarot cards or pendulums to get you in touch with what it feels like to receive information. Most importantly, focus on dissolving your ego which is the biggest intuition blocker and try getting in touch with your inner child and your imagination. As the heart grows, so do your abilities and the best astro mediums are the ones with the most access to their vivid imagination.

On your website, you talk about being a smooth blend of science, spirituality and skepticism, being able to break down your craft to someone super “science minded”. How do you go about that? Without going to deeply into concepts and taking us down any rabbit holes, most of the work I do can be scientifically validated. Much of the science is new or still being theorized but most of my work is based on sacred geometry, quantum physics and heart/brain resonance. Some people believe in God and an after life but think astrology is made up! Some astrologers are atheist. Astrology is an example of something that can be scientifically studied and tested on certain levels and as our understanding of science and consciousness continues to increase, so too will our ability to measure and understand the mechanism in which planetary forces influence life on earth. In sessions, when clients have questions about a lot of these topics, sometimes I can tell that they need more cerebral verbiage and many of them, life myself, love science and when hearing these concepts in scientific terms, it makes it more tangible. Thinking that a planet sends an invisible signal out of itself and it shoots down at earth and disrupts things like a poltergeist is not helpful or accurate. Astrology is the study of vibration, cycles, rhythms, and patterns. Dr. Richard S. Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine said "When the planets reach the particular geometric position (relative to earth) that is the same as the birth time, there is a reactivation of the same magnetic pattern in the resonating chakra, causing a cascading energy transfer from the astral to the etheric, down to the physical body." Many scientists are still ashamed to res e a r c h t o p i c s l i k e t h e a f t e r - l i f e a n d a s t r o l o g y and psychic abilities for fear of losing their license or not being taken seriously but if you look more deeply into these ancient sciences, you'll realize there's something to it.


Ca n you break down your use of a s t ro logic al and h uman d esi g n charts as multi-dimensional maps as you use them to navigate people’s experiences? What can a client of yours benefit from doing that? Understanding your astrological chart, your human design and your gene keys are tools that help you understand your own system and mechanism in a more evolved and spiritual way. I don't use astrology to tell people what their personality traits are like even though it never ceases to amaze me how spot on it always is in that regard. Using these systems gives you a complete road map that goes north, south, east, west and up and down. It gives you the most rich understanding of who you are as a human being and as sentient being and allows you to become more aware of your tendencies, traumas, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Some people are meant to get up and be consistent, some are not.

you went to school and I don't think this therapy thing is going to work". Why are you here? I love inspiring others to believe in themselves and spirit but you have to be ready and open to that. I am not a carnival trick or scammer nor will I allow anyone into my space that feels like I am. My advice, honestly, is to put the phone and even the books down and go sit under a tree. Get into nature, start playing like you're a kid again, be around animals. You will never feel the warmth of spirit or "god" by skeptically searching for answers in books. Getting in touch with your heart and the earth can help open you up enough to even receive what someone like me has to say.

Some people are extroverted, some are not and some are even in between. These charts are cosmic fingerprints that represent you as the macrocosm is in the microcosm and knowing what your unique system needs and owning your shadow fully is the foundation on which all my work is built and from which the client can begin to unravel, deconstruct, unlearn and recode themselves. That's what healing is.

As a medium, are there more benefits to contacting loved ones who have passed than just closure, can loved ones who've passed provide more? There are so many more benefits! Spirit energies can actually have conversations, give specific information or share things that are going to happen in the future. Many of my clients who come to me for mediumship already believe in their spirit team and simply want a more direct channel to get there. It's always good to have your experience validated. They aren't looking for closure, they're looking for connection. Spirit does not care if you believe in it/them or not, but it's more fun when you do because then they can interact with you more.

What do you recommend to someone who needs some spiritual help but is hesitant due to their skepticism or reservations? How do you convince those that may not believe in your psychic abilities? Is it better for you to work with people when the other person is more open or believing versus someone who is doubtful? I recommend that if some are skeptical to the point of not believing, why are you seeking spiritual help? I also want everyone to put themselves in my shoes. I'm a professional and I do my work very well. It's like walking into a therapist's office and sitting down and saying "I don't believe

Can you share any stories (may keep people in it anonymously) that even blew you away? Like wow, I did that?! There are so many but one of my favorite sessions I ever had with a client was when she came to see me about her business and what to do with her current career path and spirit took over and came through and I could feel a very strong male presence and I began to describe him and this was a ready done over the phone, not through zoom or in-person so I was unable to see her face or know if she was reacting at all but she became very quiet and I told her that spirit was showing me a movie with a specific actor in it and



she immediately started crying. I told her that it felt like they were showing me this movie because the man who was coming through for her either looked like him or loved that movie. She said, "No, that's him. I was married to (the actor's name) for years and he died 10 years ago." The client on the phone with me had actually been married to a famous actor (who I am keeping private) and he showed himself to me in the movie he was in that she loved most. There is a lot of skepticism surrounding your line of work, do you think it’s easy for people to claim to be psychics? Do these people, whether their intention is good or not, do more harm than good? Some mediums have shows on TV, do you think these types of shows or people bring good attention? I do think it's easy for someone to claim their psychic just like it's easy to get on social media and claim to be an expert on politics or reproductive rights. I think if someone thinks they're psychic and, from our perspective, they actually aren't but they believe they are, let them be. They'll figure out something at some point and I highly doubt their clients are feeling aligned with the information. However, most people who claim to be psychic have experienced spiritual and paranormal trauma, have been ridiculed or even suicidal over it and fought for years to try to make it go away so if anyone is claiming that title, they've probably earned it.

"I love medium TV shows. I grew up watching crossing over with John Edwards, Lisa Williams and the Long Island Medium. These shows brought me so much joy and hope and made me believe in spirit even in my darkest times. I think the attention they bring to it is mostly positive."

THE WORLD OF GISELLE Writing by Ryan Jerome @Ryan_Jerome



Zurich based Jewelry designer Giselle Willner is a true believer of Astrology and shared how the power of manifestation has led her to her dreams of having her own store in the prestigious expensive street for retail property in Europe. She spoke about how jewels enhance s luck and how It could open up to a whole new magical world. Tell us your motivation behind your store in zurich, How and when it all started? I started way before I had the store, just out of my little home and online . The vision behind the store is to create a space where people could come in and experience the different material and gemstones , tap into this magical world. The store was built in 2021 during the pandemic and I am very satisfied with how my vision came alive. How did jewelry became an important part of your life? Jewelry has been an important part of my life because I feel besides the beautiful material and design, It connects people, memories and showcases your personality which is rather significant then being it known as a statement piece or a fashion accessory. As this "The Zodiac Issue" tell us a about your star sign? I am a Scorpio. I was born on 11:11 as all zodiac enthusiasts know that this is a special number as it holds the power of manifestation. I always felt that since I was a child I started manifesting everything in a clear image of what i want. The store is part of that manifestation. Image above - Owner of Giselle, Giselle Willner


Are you a true believer of astrology? And Why ? There are always believers and nonbelievers but for me as a believer you get an epiphany on how it really holds a special meaning. You start researching about it which leads you to open up to a whole new world in which everything starts making sense. I have an astrologist whom I consult with and get advice for my business which surprisingly has been really successful. I love how the universe holds so many messages for you through astrology. Can you tell us how gold , platinum or other precious metals are unique compared to other gemstones? Diamonds and many different kinds of gemstones are formed naturally on earth which is easier to imitate its chemical compound and could be grown in labs, which does not make it less authentic compared to naturally-


mined diamonds or gemstones. It has the possibility of being recreated in an alternative way. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum to name some are not from earth. That is why it's so valuable. When you do some research on it ,they are forged in different types of star explosions, a new study says—which may explain why the yellow stuff in gold is rarer. Knowing the origin of gold, which was created with extreme power , traveled through time and space makes us appreciate it even more. I love when I wear heavy gold , I feel really special. How do you select your gemstones and how it attracts you ? Regarding diamonds, I am attracted to the special cuts because the cuts normally define the look which then determines the sparkle. With Gemstones, It's far more difficult. As you have to figure out the color, the origins. I have connections with gemologists all around the world where I exclusively pick every stone.


What are you looking forward when you meet your clients ? Most of my clients visit my store as they would like to have custom pieces made which is very inspiring for me as I love to create one of a kind pieces for them which symbolizes personal meanings. Although some of my clients love my staple feminine jewelry which are worn everyday which eventually becomes part of them. . Any Advice to anyone who wants to start their own jewelry business ? Never give up , Believe in your dream!! It's a long way because you need to build trust. If you are passionate about jewelry, find something that is connected to you and start designing your first jewelry. The customers usually find you for your designs..




GARNET Friends don‘t come truer than you. This vivid gem symbolises friendship, devotion, trust and loyalty. It supports the idea of new beginnings and fresh starts. Garnet may provide guidance, also perfect for frequent tracelers.

AMETHYST You are an intuitive and serene dreamer. You have a radiant positive energy. Wear to strengthen relationships and provide courage when it is needed. It‘s a natural stress reliever that brings protection and spiritual growth.

AQUAMARINE You are courageous, creative and perceptive. You have the gift to speak your truth with confidence. The aquamarine promotes good health, as it‘s thought to help cure the heart, liver and stomach deseases. It releases anxiety and depression.

Guidance & Loyalty

Protection & Peace

Courage & Health





DIAMOND You are radiant, inspiring and balanced. A Diamond represents faithfulness, purity and everlasting love. It‘s the most powerful crystal and helps you on your journey to self-realization. Wear to increase strength and fulfillment.

EMERALD You are compassionate, romantic and loving person. You are very affectionate towards your beloved. You heart is open to give and receive.Wear to bring good fortune and increase fertility. It‘s the perfect stone for future mothers.

ALEXANDRITE You are compassionate and imaginative. The stone will remind you of your purpose in life.It will help you to become your own source of joy and happiness within yourself. It will give you the power to choose, decide, and make the most of your life

Strength & Love

Hope & Fertility

Love & Joy





RUBY Representing love and integrity. You are strong, courageous and passionate. It protects it‘s wearer from the evils in the world. It signifies love and passion while attracting good friends and good luck.

PERIDOT You are joyful, confident and brave. It‘s also a Symbol of protection and strength. It was the stone of Cleopatra‘s. It symbolizes dignity, fame and prosperity. Wear it to enhance your beauty and attract love.

SAPPHIRE You are intuitive, intelligent and loyal. A Symbol of sincerity and truth. It protects their owners from envy and harm. It attracts heavenly blessings and reveals the truth. Sapphires will help you connect to the powers of the universe.

Vitality & Nobility

Beauty & Strength

Truth & Protection

"Gemstones hold special healing and spiritual energy. Wearing the stone that coincides with your birth month is believed to help enhance your aura and energy levels. It can also help you to feel aligned with your soul purpose. You can also tap into the healing potential of other stones, no matter what month you were born in, by wearing or using the corresponding stone of the month. Here are the birthstones for each month and how you can tap into the amazing energy of your stone."




TOURMALINE You are loving, peaceful and balanced. It‘s a reminder that we must find unconditional self love before we can love another. It carries a loving energy. Wear to transform negative energy into positive. It brings it‘s wearer love, peace and joy.

CITRINE A symbol of strength and friendship. You are courageous, loyal and positive. Citrine is healing both body and mind. It can offer good mental health as it clears the mind and get‘s the sould to action.

TOPAS You are expressive, mindful and wise. You are a smart person and generally achieve what you strive for. It‘s good for relationships as the wearer is open about his/her thoughts in a caring and kind way. Wear to bring success and prosperity.

Healing & Endurance

Joy & Strength

Friendship & Wisdom




THE POWER OF PSYCHIC Photos and Writing by Ryan Jerome



Hollywood's go-to psychic, Jusstine Kaye has created an overwhelming reputation with stars and beyond. Jusstine has had a lifelong love affair with helping individuals transform their lives. She has researched, studied and developed many alternative healing modalities, which over the last thirty years, have beautifully blended together, creating the energy that powerfully comes through her work in each private session, the Heal Your Relationship Space download and the PsychicGirl Protection Program. While you do mention it a bit on the site, was there a certain moment that you realized you had psychic abilities? Was there ever a disbelief in what you were experiencing? Growing up there was not an actual moment that I realized I was psychic. I resisted it for a very long time. We had a shoe store and my father was very intuitive. He used his psychic abilities like a party trick to wow customers as they were trying on shoes. He never sat me down and said I will be a psychic one day, he just wanted me to grow up and get a great sales job. I first started my career in fashion which I thought I will be doing for the rest of my life but the Universe had other plans. It all really came to me when I started finding myself spiritually which made me embrace my psychic part. On your site, you do mention you may not always have a reading on someone that you conduct via a photo submission. Is that because a connection would be stronger in person than a photo? What would you say impedes you from having I never try to say I could work with everyone which is the reason why I make people submit a photo and even tell me what they want help with. The thing is that everyone is in a different level of consciousness. Some of us are more developed than others. I am not really the psychic for everyone because I am really for the people who are looking for the truth. When someone expects me to predict their future husbands for example, "the color shirt they are wearing""What corner they will be standing on," I will stay far away from those readings. My readings are more of a spiritual experience even though I have an incredible track record on calling specifics. It really has to do with where everyone is. Things in our life are "karmic." Just because we ask a question , we are entitled to have the answers. Sometimes karma or patterning gets so intense the answers are not meant to be delivered this given time. That is why I do sessions with people I know I could help.



Do you find it difficult to sometimes have to share bad news during a reading? I am in a position when I read , I never see it as bad news, It's all about inspiring you, healing you and comforting you. That's really the real reason for what psychic information is about. I never see it with a negative eye, that these horrible things are going to happen to them because psychic ability is not about predicting gloom and doom. If I only see that and have to share this with people I will start losing my psychic ability that is not the kosher way to read. Usually It's about sharing information to help people to get answers that can help them best make decisions in their life about what they need to do. You seem to positively use your powers to help people. Tell us about your healing abilities. Most people view psychics as predicting the future via the use of tarot cards but they don’t necessarily think of them as healers. What insight can you give to someone who wants to visit a pyschic as a healer? Everyone has psychic and intuitive abilities. What I have found, It's really how much have you developed them. Reading over 30 plus years I found that just because you get an answer to something it doesn't really determine the change in your life. I am all about helping people ``undo,``''release,``''change" the pattern you're experiencing in your life to have a different outcome and get what you want. Our life is a sum up of everything we have ever been through ; All of your past lives, what you have experienced in this life, even energy from your family genetic line. That is what's been ruling over onto you creating your day to day experience which can be changed to a life full of freedom.

Image above - Owner of psychicgirl, Jusstine Kay

When do you recommend each type of healing? heart & house. I do not really recommend anything, it all comes to your experience and what is needed. Heart : I can heal your relationship space, which improves your relationship with other people and yourself also if you are experiencing a heartbreak to get over it. This healing helps to clear out


past relationship wounds. House : If you live in a haunted house, or a house which is not selling could be fixed through psychic abilities. You’ve tapped into reading, healing and providing protection. What kind of psychic abilities have you come to know of other people possessing? All psychic abilities communicating with spirits who have passed over to the other side, does not mean they could see everything and know everything. Our life on the other side is the same just without a physical body. Anyone could say they have opened themselves to psychic etc but it all comes down to knowing how you could tap into the highest and best vs getting information from a spirit that is stuck onto the other side that


wants attention. It doesn't matter what form of divination you use, whether it's tarot card or scrying like Nostradamus used, it's all about communication with a spirit. Are you able to perform readings on yourself? I am not able to perform readings on myself. I am here just like everyone else trying to master life and death which is the main goal breaking the cycle coming back over and over again. This is a job for me as it requires intense energy , I am glad I could turn it on and off. Can you share any stories (may keep people in it anonymously) that even blew you away? Like wow I did that?! There is a situation where I gave a reading to someone who is the daughter of a very worldly known famous person


who had publicly something happen to them. When she sat down in front of me to read her, she was consciously walking around asking herself if she had the ability to take the life of another person. It was one of the most shocking things I ever tuned into someone. I saw past life stuff that happened to her where she was abused and finally at one point cracked and fought back. In her cu r ren t l i f e s h e wor ks i n t h e c reat i v e fa s h i on i n d u s t r y a n d t h e en e rg y t h e re wa s a ff ec t i n g h er c a reer a n d h ea lt h . W h en I wa s h ea l i n g I a s ke d h e r t o m en t i o n h er f at h er s n a m e s o I c o u ld remove his en ergy out of her space as it has a lot to do with what's been blocking and stopping her. I came to find out after the healing that some great stuff happened in her personal and career.

ADIBA STYLE & SUBSTANCE Writing by Ed Solorzano

ADIBA is an exclusive woman's designer line, promoting a diverse, elegant and confident woman. Inspired by intellectual freedom; we present ready-towear, functional pieces that provide sophisticated freedom to others. ADIBA is a proud supporter of non-profit organizations, ADIBA Donates 10% Of All Sales To Widows In Need. All ADIBA pieces are manufactured in New York City with premium fabrics. Your company is exclusively female-led, what inspired you to start making clothes for confident women? In your history as a designer, was there ever any experience in designing for men’s? How did you get started working in fashion? I admire the power of garments and how it transforms a person into being able to represent themselves and their personality. Since I was young, I took pride in having the most unique outfits by mixing rare color combinations, and styles; this helped me feel more confident regardless of what was trending at the time. I believe fashion is a form of language that can be used to express confidence, independence, and intelligence all based on the way one chooses to dress. I have yet to design for men however this may be in the future plans for ADIBA. In 2010, I began my fashion-lead work journey as a sales associate in a well-known European fashion company and I worked there for 8 years. Throughout the years I worked my way up through many positions such as visual merchandiser, assistant manager, department manager and HR manager. The visual merchandising position stayed close to my heart as I loved many aspects of this position, which later led me to begin my own clothing brand. 38

There are plenty of luxury ready-to-wear companies, what makes your company different? What do you like most about being a designer? ADIBA has many key features that stand out from the rest: Our apparel is fully produced within the United States • We try our best to source materials from small businesses to help economic growth and to help support families • We hand select high-quality and exclusive fabrics • Our collection of accessories/clothings is handmade and designed by me • A portion of all sales goes to a non-profit organization that lifts women's widows educationally, and economically who struggle to support themselves due to the death of their husbands. Taking an idea from concept to reality is truly what I love most about being a designer. The process of taking a handdrawn sketch to a physical product, being able to freely create and brainstorm artistically are some of the best aspects. It mentioned on your website that you guys are supporters of several non-profit orgs, which offer a successful future to those living in critical conditions, why is this important for you as a business to support? ADIBA is a proud supporter of widows since my grandmother (whose name is Adiba) was a widow since her 20s. Grandma Adiba struggled to raise four girls in traditional middle-eastern culture. Our mission is to support all widows around the world and supply them with the education and know-how to become financially stable by donating to Global Funds for Widows. ADIBA Donates 10% Of All Sales To Widows In Need, what drew you to this particular cause? My grandmother was and still is a role model for me not only in my personal life but in my business. Grandma Adiba was a widow early on in her marriage, in an effort to support her kids as cash flow was tight she began sewing and making their own clothes. Not only did grandma Adiba design and sew her own children's garments but also for the children of other struggling families. Widows In helps many widows 39

by giving them the knowledge and materials to begin their own businesses, have jobs, and provide for their families. Every woman they help is as though they helped grandma Adiba. In addition to that, is there anything you would want to improve in the fashion industry? A change you and your brand can provide? We would wish the industry would be more welcoming and supportive of emerging designers and independent brands. We believe the exclusivity, functionality, and overall quality are what you should focus on rather than the name in which you wear. In the rise of fast fashion, your company has remained true to providing consumers with clothes manufactured in NYC, how important is it for you guys to remain a clean and sustainable brand? It's hard to make everything you do 100% sustainable when you want to translate your creativity to its full potential. I try to re-use my toiles, extra materials, and/or fabrics in my next design. We also are very passionate about keeping our products produced within the US and supporting other small businesses. What inspires your designs? Is there a person or a certain vibe? My biggest inspiration is my grandmother and my mother. They have always had an elegant style inspired by the 80's. In addition, my culture is an inspiration as well, which is a mix of elegance and middle eastern detail that I always improvise through the handmade jewelry and accessories offered at ADIBA. Who have been the most interesting people you've met so far? Is there a specific muse or known personality you would like to design for? There's alot to name but Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Negin Mirsalehi are ones that we would love to design for one day, since they are very feminine, their style/personality reflects confident and powerful women mixed with elegance but edgy as well.


Image above - Owner of Adiba, Sylvana Sidra

What has been the most valuable lesson you've learned while in the fashion industry? This can be about the industry or about yourself. The most valuable lesson I have learned through working in this field and in my life, in general, is to never let people control your work, vision nor style. Always stay true to yourself no matter the situation. Never doubt your instincts however always take people's opinions and advice into consideration. In the end, always follow your heart and your beliefs. Another valuable lesson learned is that you don't have to fit in, being different is what makes you unique, and never be a follower of others, instead strive to always be the leader. What is the best advice you’ve been given? This can be about being a designer, entrepreneur or female designer. Love what you do, believe in it, and pursue it endlessly. What are your future plans? For the brand and yourself? We are very excited to begin collaborating and starting new projects that push the envelope and start our own trend-setting products; we will begin exploring new additions in the accessories category as well. We are also having large plans to hire talented and professional individuals who are in need of financial stability and support. We shall see what the future brings and make the best of every opportunity.


















Image courtesy -Saks Fifth Avenue






zodiaco 42







































Photo coutesy - Oyster Haus from PEXELS




Eva Kubich @aveevva

Originally from Berlin, Germany, Eva is now currently working in Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland. Comfy meets sporty is her go to style each day, combining with her mums accessorising closet she elevates it to a another level of chicness. Her dream come through is to follow her mums footsteps to be genuinely happy ,have a beautiful family and have a job in the creative field. Strong as her Zodiac sign Leo, poeple always define her star sign to have alot of attention but she claims she is the complete opposite. At this moment she believe to be a reserved Leo observing a scene before she could be outgoing. This Leo is attracted to Scorpios. Welcome Vulkaner, Eva!


Silvio Rebholz + Lukas Marstaller @silvio.rebholz

Design duo Silvio and Lukas are from Berlin, Germany. Having a practical orientated style, they believe their style comes from the need and the environment they are in. They opened up passionately, “a dream come true would be to continue doing what they are doing right now for work as designers which allows them to make a strong impact on other poeple." Lukas is an Aquarius and Silvio is a Capricorn. They both have never been really deep in zodiac signs but whenever Lukas reads his daily horoscope, it matches surprisingly and for Silvio being a Capricorn and he is called out for being very ambitious due to that which he does not disagrees. Lukas is attracted to Saggitarius whereby Silvio is attacted to Virgos as he believe they are really nice people. Thanks for sharing Vulkaners, Silvio and Lukas!



Mitchell Anderson @mitchellwanderson

Mitchell, an artist who currently resides in Zurich “I dont own a mirror, Its whatever I grab to wear in the morning, primarily comfy and fun!” he shared. He is constantly looking out for more opportunities to exhibit his art work. His zodiac sign is a Cancer who he explains who love to be home and outdoors. This Cancerian is attracted to Scorpios. Keep on exploring Vulkaner, Mitchell!

Florian Geddert @floriangeddert

Florian is an architect from Berlin. He described his style as a style of "No style.” AS of now he doesnt have a set dream in life just living everyday as it is. He is a Sagistarius and he described his zodiac sign as “adventurous.” He is mostly drawn to Cancerians. Keep it minimal Vulkaner, Florian!


Amaury Hamon + Julie Lang @amauryhamon @happyJulie

Amaury a graphic designer and Julie a Phd student and curator, are based out of Lausanne, Switzerland. Amaurys style is very minimal with one element which grabs attention. For Julie, simplicity is very important as it highlights her humour and personality. Amaury's goal is to continuously be curious about the world and attend exhibitions to stay nourished and inspired while Julie believes exhibitions are important to get fresh ideas too. Amaury is a Libra and Julie is an Aries. As a Libra, Amaury finds himself between conflicts where he starts analysing the good and bad in every situation and find the middle ground each time. As an Aries, Julie believes she is super spontaneous and when she sets something in her mind she has to execute it no matter what the consequences are! They are both attracted to each others zodiac signs which explained the chemistry between them. Welcome Vulkaners, Amaury and Julie!



Hannah Bang @HB4GOD

Bringing eclectic fashion from South Korea Hannah Bang is based currently in the US, attending SCAD majoring in Arts and Design. The top she is wearing in this image is scraps from her space wedding concept where she designed her own fabric and made into this cute top incorporting art + sewing techniques paired with a minimal pants and a sporty footwear. Her dream is the be an influencer artist whom could showcase and sell her art work on social media platforms. Her universal star sign is an Aries.In South Korea poeple tend to follow the chinese zodiac sign which is read yearly where she is born on the year of the "Tiger.""I have an attitude of a tiger" said Hannah. Being brave and taking on task face on is her biggest attribute. As of now she is just attracted to smart people regardless of zodiac signs. Welcome Vulkaner, Hannah!


MAX + DAVE @the.ramp_

Meet South African Duo Max, Cutural agent and Dave , Sculptor and Cultural provocateur. They described their style as "white colored criminals."This is sort of a tabula rasa for people to project in their minds, expectations about them. Their dream is to find meaningful connections through tangible form and bringing people together to cross the vibes and differences. Max is a Gemini , in South africa they say sometimes your a "Gem" and sometimes your an "I" which best explained his dual personality where he said he could be sweet or sour. Dave is a cross between Virgo and a Libra where he believes he is verbally balanced having an equilibrium which means one moment he could say something and the next minute he will say the exact opposite Max is attracted to Taurus whereby Dave is attracted to Air signs as well. Welcome Vulkaners, Max and Dave!



Victor Payares @speeak_like_a_child

Originally from Cuba, Victor Payares currently resides in Berlin and is a painter. His style is elusive and always in the state of becoming and disintegrating. You will somehow see it a second and then you dont which makes sense why he like things in a state of always becoming. His dream is to save the plant. His Zodiac sign is Cancer. He best described his Cancerian self as warm , self- absorbed but very empathic. He doesnt really meet poeple through zodiac sign but if he has to choose one that he is attracted to Pisces. Welcome, Vulkaner Victor!


Photo coutesy - peter-döpper from PEXELS


CHANDRIKA RAVI Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair by Brenda Ferrell @B-Ready Beauty Makeup by Jessica Chu @jessicachumua Writing by Ed Solorzano @edsolo87

If there is someone to admire this month it's Chandrika Ravi. A constellation of skills of her own, Ravi is an Australian-Indian, Actor, Activist and polyglot who is fluent in English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil. New to the American public, Chandrika speaks to Vulkan on the influence her parents have had on her and her career, her most memorable role, the travel and food show she created during the pandemic and what she hopes to bring to Hollywood. We will like to know who Chandrika Ravi is, tell us a little about your background and your journey to Hollywood I was born in Melbourne to my amazing parents who had moved to Australia from Singapore just before I was born. I started learning both western and Indian dance and music forms along with drama at the age of 3 and I just knew from a young age that was all I ever wanted to do in life. Growing up we lived in Australia, Singapore and India which has been so important in shaping the person I am today. I started showing interest in humanitarian work really young from seeing the world and knowing that my previous generations had left all that they had known in order to give me a better life; which has been one of my biggest drives. Knowing that I grew up advantaged because I was born in a western country and had parents that supported me in any of my decisions despite not being financially well off; I’ve made it my life goal to use my platform and reach to try and change the lives of young boys and girls around the world. As we have only started to see representation of people who look like me as of recently, I started feeling stagnant in my life around the age of 20. I was wondering why I had studied and learnt the arts my whole life but I wasn’t working

enough professionally as there just wasn’t any roles available for me. Moving to Hollywood was always a dream, but I didn’t have the money or resources for it. I woke up one day and used every last cent I had and booked a ticket to the city of stars, and I have now been here 10 years. The journey has had so many ups and downs, but I’m so proud of that young Indian girl from a small town who made her dreams a reality. Tell us how many languages can you speak and how do you manage to switch between them for roles in a upmost proficient way I speak English and Tamil and I’m fluent in Malayalam and Hindi. Now that I have done 2 Telugu films; I’m working on learning and being fluent in that too! Most of my films are spoken in the same language throughout, so it’s easy to just focus on my performance. It does get tricky when it’s a language I am not familiar with and I have to shoot an entire song and remember to emote, dance and mime the lyrics! I can read and write Tamil which is always a shock to people when I ask for my scripts in Tamil. I did also study Italian for 7 years in school so I have really wanted to find the time to learn it again. Do you believe South Asian actresses have had equal chances in Hollywood since you moved here and why do you think so? There has definitely been a lot of doors that have been opened for us in the 10 years that I have been here; but now our fight is to show that we can play roles other than the stereotypical idea of what a South Asian is and create diversity in the representation that is being shown by both men and women of our decent. So many times the minority is portrayed as just a supporting cast, but we too can play the lead and carry a story.

Who is your biggest role model? And why? My parents. They are the reason I am the woman I am today. From my kindness, to the way I carry myself. They instilled in me from birth the strength and qualities a woman should have. They taught me confidence and humility, how to stand on my own feet, and gave me the courage I have to take on the world. They also taught me that no matter what, I have to do good in the world and help other people. Everything I have, everything I do; is because of them and for them. What zodiac sign are you and do you believe in horoscopes? I am an Aries, and I’m told by a lot of people that I am a true Aries because I’m very headstrong and determined. I do believe that people take certain characteristics from their zodiac signs; but I’m not someone who would say I couldn’t date a particular star sign or anything like that. Tell us what's next for Chandrika Ravi? I just finished filming my 5th film, a Telugu film which we are yet to release the title of; that will be coming out closer to the end of the year. I just signed up for my next Tamil film in which I play the lead in and it is a story thats message is very dear to my heart. I head to India to start filming that one in about 3 months. I created a travel and food show during the pandemic and have been working on that tirelessly for the last few months. I will be starring in that as well so I am so excited to get to filming as it combines my 2 loves of eating and exploring and its really going to show the world my true carefree, happy go lucky character.







ANDREW MATARAZZO Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair by Teddi Prior @The Rex Agency Makeup Jesica Southard @The Rex Agency Writing by Ryan Jerome

Andrew has some very exciting plans for us, one of them being his upcoming single "If I moved away!" Landing a campaign for Acqua Di Gio to a virtual concert happening late August this talented artist is making moves in the industry and has our heads turning and knees going weak! A jack-of-all trades, there isn’t much Andrew can’t do…and we are excited to be part of this journey with him! Make sure to check out the full interview and fall in love with all that Andrew Matarazzo is! Describe to us which stage of life Andrew Matarazzo is right now ? I’ve been very retrospective lately. I've grown so much so quickly that I’ve been looking back at choices and paths I took when I was someone else, and it's been interesting to reflect. I'm in a unique place where I am right on that line of who I used to be and who I’m becoming. What made you want to be an actor , is that something you always dreamt of? There were a lot of moments that inspired me to pursue it seriously and I'm lucky I honed onto my life’s path so early on. It's a dream but it's also so intertwined with my DNA now. I love that it demands me to explore and ask questions about human nature and other walks of life that - if I was not an actor - I might never dive into. Being an actor and singer, writer and creative director, how is a day of Andrew Matarazzo looks like, can you walk us through? I always need my hand in something creative and that's why I like that I drive in so many lanes. It lets me stay inspired by different projects at different times. I think they all feed each other and I am a better artist when I have my hand in


many things. Every day I do at least one thing that I call a “stepping stone” towards my goals. Whether big or small, just something creatively productive. Congrats on your recent new single “ If I moved away” what inspired you to create this track. This year was the first time I learned to live without a lot of different people who had always been major parts of my life. We grow and sometimes grow apart and sadly I think that's a very normal part of life. At one point I realized the people around me were all new friends and I didnt have a lot of my long-time ones anymore. I thought “what if I just moved away? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care?” So the song is really about that notion of forever isn't always forever. What is your zodiac sign and how closely do you follow your daily horoscope? I’m a double Pisces! I’m a big believer in astrology, but not so much horoscopes. I follow a lot of astrological events and changes in the universe. Especially if I'm feeling a big energy shift, I like to see if it's correlated with something going on astrologically. What are the cons and pros of your zodiac sign? My intuition and ability to read people and their energy is unmatched, but I am EXTREMELY sensitive and feel everything which can be very hard on me sometimes.


What does your creative process look like? Are you very hands-on in all projects or do you have a team of experts who decides what's best for you? Don't stop. Consistency, and I believe this I am absolutely hand-on with every detail of every project of mine. I can’t help it when I'm passionate about something, I want to be involved in every thread of the project. Or if I'm not passionate about something, I want to take control and find ways to elevate it and make it my own. If you have acted in one role what will it be and who will it be with? I’d love to do a period piece! Opposite someone like Daniel Day Lewis, Cate Blanchett or Soarise Ronen.

CHLOE BRIDGES Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair + Makeup by Kerrie Urban @kerrieurban @The Wall Group Writing by Ed Solorzano @edsolo87

No stranger to the spotlight, Chloe Bridges can now be found in the original Hulu series “Maggie”. The veteran actress to both the small and big screen can easily be recognized from other shows including “Pretty Little Liars”, “The Carrie Diaries”, “Daytime Divas” and her first sitcom “Freddie”. Now playing Jessie in Maggie, Vulkan got a deep dive with Chloe on her character and what being a Capricorn means to her. Congratulations on being part of the new hit TV show Maggie, Tell us about your role Jessie and what interest you have in taking the role. I play Jessie, who, lo and behold, is already in a long-term, on-again-offagain relationship with Ben. She’s a true girl next door - literally, as she and Ben end up moving into Maggie’s building. I was immediately attracted to the story because of how funny and sweet and hopeful it is. I think a feelgood rom com is exactly what we all need right now. Tell us about Jessie’s character psychology and how you were able to correlate with some of her attributes. Jessie is easy to relate to because she’s just a good person. She’s naturally warm and kind and friendly without ever seeming inauthentic. I see myself in how she’s motivated first and foremost by her relationships - she just wants to be a good partner and a good friend. She’s very loyal, and she gets very hurt if others aren’t the same way with her.

Tell us how you have evolved as an actress for example looking back to your role as Zoey Moreno in the sitcom Freddie to now? Oh boy. Well I was in middle school during that role, so I’ve definitely grown as a person and as an actor. As a kid, it feels like more of an extracurricular, something you do for fun, rather than an actual job - I’m no longer trying to quickly answer another question on my math homework before they call action. But that’s still one of the best experiences I’ve had on a set, which is part of why I was so drawn to Maggie - I’ve been wanting to do another half-hour comedy ever since. Has acting always been part of your plan? Tell us how you came upon it and what made you stick to it When I was 11 years old, growing up in New Orleans, I happened to hear an ad on the radio for local acting classes. After I expressed interest, we ended up signing up for the classes - and it took off in a way I couldn’t have predicted. At 12 years old I moved to LA with my mom and started acting professionally. I auditioned all through the rest of middle school and high school while still going to public school - although I missed most of eighth grade to shoot Freddie and all of my senior year to do Camp Rock 2. When it was time for college, I majored in political science rather than theatre, to perhaps give myself the option to do something in life outside of acting, but acting is my first choice and I plan to do it for as long as they’ll have me.

Who is Chloe Bridges off screen and tell us how you unwind? When I’m not working I am very much a house cat. I like to clean my house, re-organize obsessively, use my label-maker, and then get as cozy as humanly possible surrounded by 40 pillows and watch my shows with a glass of wine. This issue is all about zodiac signs , tell us what sign are you and how often do you read your horoscope? I’m a Capricorn. I don’t read my horoscope very often, but I definitely relate to all the typical Capricorn traits. We are practical, self-aware, self-reliant, and a little bit pessimistic and materialistic. We love to nest and we love being comfortable. What zodiac signs are you attracted to and tell us why. As an earth sign, I tend to be attracted to water signs. My husband is a Scorpio, and I’d say that we work well because he’s the dreamer and I’m the realist. He is passionate and enthusiastic, driven by intuition and emotion, whereas I’m the one with both feet on the ground. It’s a good blend.







GAVIN CASALEGNO Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Grooming by Arlen Jeremy Farmer @arlenjeremy @Celstine Agency Writing by Ed Solorzano @edsolo87


“To Love At All Is To Be Vulnerable”. If there is a quote Gavin lives by, it is undoubtedly that. Proudly posted on his Instagram account which boasts a total of 2.1 million followers, the actor and social media influencer can currently be seen in Amazon Prime Video’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty”. When he is not on set, he can be found creating content for his 3.1 followers and TikTok and it is easy to see why he describes himself as your friendly neighborhood golden retriever. Share with us the moment you knew you wanted to become an actor. I was doing my first ever commercial for a (what used to be top of the line) Sony camera, and I remember they just told me to be me and have fun, and I was like hey… I could do this for the rest of my life!! Do you have any interest in zodiac signs and understanding them? Explain. (Whether it is yes or no) – This is the Zodiac issue… No, unfortunately I’m not too educated on them! Tell us about any upcoming projects. How has acting played a part in gaining a better understanding of yourself and others? Honestly, I think playing Jeremiah allowed me to pull a lot from my past and I was able to work through past experiences during scenes! Jeremiah and I are very similar in a lot of ways and I’m blessed to have played a character that helped me understand myself and learn even more.



What is your favorite quote you came across? “To Love at all is to be vulnerable” - CS lewis What do you hope to accomplish in the near future? Honestly, I'm really looking forward to season 2 and who knows after that. But I do thoroughly enjoy a good romance movie, just like silver lining playbook, before I fall, or spectacular now. So who knows, maybe in the future I'll be exploring more of that route!!!

MÉLANIE THOMAS Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Writing by Ed Solorzano @edsolo87

It’s one thing for a 5 person music band to be produced, and K-pop has pushed the limits by even reaching 21 members in NCT, but imagine being part of an 18th member group from different nations around the world. Well, singer and influencer Melanie Thomas tells us exactly what it’s like to be the 17th member of “Now United”, an international music group with each member representing a different country of origin. With 1.4 million followers from around the world and amazing skills to show off, it’s no wonder she was chosen! Please explain how to use the global pop group Now United. You’re the 17th member, how many members are in the group and how does that group work? How do you work with a team so large? Any challenges with language barriers? Now United is a pop group with 18 members in total, each having a number and representing a different country. I represent my birth country the Ivory Coast and Africa in the group. I learned so many things by joining the group but mainly to speak English and dance. And I continue to learn every day about the music industry. When we all meet in one country we have a lot of dance rehearsals for music video preparations for all kinds of projects... and when we return to our respective countries we can call it our time off... What are future plans for the group? I know there is a tour coming up. What are you most excited about? We have music video coming out soon, new songs coming out that I'm really excited about i can tell you that those songs are special to me… but very soon There is a tour coming up soon, I'm Really excited to go back on stage, I experienced my first stage with my fans on the first tour with

now united and it was the best experience of my life so I'm more than excited to go through that again! I'm also looking forward to meeting the fans again.

3 are my favorites. One with the big now united written on the screen and the other the video with the Ivory Coast flag in the clip Wave your flag.

If you could invite any famous musician to join Now United for a show, who would it be and why? If I had to invite a famous artist to perform with now united it would be Ckay, he's a friend of mine that I met on social media and his music is amazing I love what he does!

What are some of your fondest memories to date, being able to travel, meeting fans, etc? What are your top three places you’ve visited and why The 3 places I loved to visit first are Mexico, the landscapes, the people, the fresh air, the hotels, the beaches, the adventures that i lived there... Mexico was for the 2 times I went there my favorite place because of all this!

How is it being managed by Simon Fuller? What are some words of advice he has given to you and the group that have stuck with you? Simon Fuller is an incredibly generous man with a very big heart, he teaches me every day to strengthen myself as an artist, I learn to put my shyness aside and bring out the star in me and all this thanks to him and the advice he gives me. You inspire a lot of people with your Instagram posts and songs, what is your reaction to having that kind of positive influence? Having the ability to inspire so many people is nothing but a simple pride and motivation to continue, if with my voice I can help people, inspire people, and make people dream then I will continue and improve to be even better for my fans. Having 1.4 Million followers is no small feat. What are some of your favorite posts that you’ve made? Some of my favorite post : I made a video during my first trip to Ivory Coast with two dancers from Ivory Coast on the beach of Assinie* it's my favorite video, I have in fact 3 pictures pinned on my account and these

Then I would say Brazil, the love I get every time I go there, the fans, the families, the concerts, the food, the culture... As far as Brazil is concerned I keep a very special place in my heart for this place! Then I would say Portugal because it's Europe, it reminds me where I live, the fans, the food, the landscapes... this country is so beautiful and I had a lot of adventures with my friends there so a lot of my good memories are inked there. What are some goals that you have for yourself in the coming years? My goals for the coming year are to continue to learn, to perfect everything I do as an artist, to learn dance and to perfect my dance skills!! Messages for your fans? I'm grateful to my fans, the level of love y’all give me makes me the happiest. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.





IYANA HALLEY Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair by Brenda Ferrell @B-Ready Beauty Makeup by Jessica Chu @jessicachumua Writing by Ed Solorzano @edsolo87

You’ve seen the billboards, you've seen the trailer and soon you’ll see Iyana Halley in the upcoming thriller THE BEAST. Iyana, the experienced actress tells us about how it was to film THE BEAST alongside award-winning actors Idris Elba and Sharlto Copley and get into the mindset of the teenage character of Mere (Meredith Samuels) as they deal with the turmoil that is THE BEAST. Let’s see if Iyana’s character makes it out alive! Tell us about how acting became an important part of your life and where it all began. Acting is my true passion! I’ve always loved playing dress up and being the kid with a very bright imagination. With my childhood friends, I would create games for us where we'd pretend to be different people. When I was a teenager, my parents enrolled me in acting classes and that’s when I really fell in love with the craft. When I'm acting, I feel like a child version of myself where I get to dive into many different worlds and characters. I always make sure I really connect with the story I am telling and make it as authentic as possible. Not many people realize this, but acting is very therapeutic for me. With every project I start by finding some of my own personal truths to make a role or character as honest as possible. The craft of acting is not the easiest job in the world, but it's so worth it. I can see myself at 95 and still getting to play dress-up on the silver screen! I often say that five-year-old Iyana would think the Iyana today is so cool. I’m really living out my dreams -- and this is only the beginning. The opportunity to work with so many talented actors, directors, and producers is so exciting and I always look forward to seeing what magic we can create together!


Let's talk about the action thriller movie “Beast”. Tell us about your role and what attracted you to this role. Beast is going to blow so many people's minds and I am so ready for the world to see it! I play the role of ‘Mare’ who is the daughter of Nate (Idris Elba). Mare is a teenager with a lot going on: dealing with the passing of her mom, navigating through the ups and downs of family life, and then of course being forced to deal with everything that will happen on this family trip to Africa. Mare is really just trying to learn about herself and throughout the film you will get to see that journey. I think, like Mare, we all want things to be okay no matter what life throws at us. When I first read the lines for the audition, I was immediately interested. It was very suspenseful and I feel like this story hasn’t really been told exactly like this -- especially not with a black family. I also knew that it was a Will Packer production, who is someone I’ve always dreamed of working with. I could tell that this specific role would have a lot of layers. I remember taping my audition where I truly felt a real connection to this project. Once I went through the audition rounds, I just kept praying on it because I knew this role was different from all my other ones. Not only would I be co-leading this film with some heavy hitters and working with amazing producers, I had always wanted to do an action film. I knew we would be shooting in Africa and that this movie would be everything. I cried when I found out that I booked it. Dreams really do come true.. Are you drawn towards drama or comedy That’s a hard one for me as I love the craft so much and I am happy to do both. I love a good drama that can warm my heart and get my emotions going, but I


also love a good comedy that would have me laughing out of my seat! It's so hard to just pick one, but if I must, I’d go with drama. If you have to be someone for a day who will it be and why? I would be Beyonce… her looks, her style and her talent and ability to build such an incredible empire blows me away and after all who wouldn’t mind being able to sing and dance like her for at least a day?! Whats is your zodiac sign and what are the con and pros of ur sign I am an Aquarius! As I like to think of it, the best sign ever! I am so into zodiac signs and really can tell a lot about people most of the time based on their sign. Some pros of Aquarius are creativity, being hardworking, persistent, and good-hearted, and knowing what we want. Of course, I cannot speak for ALL Aquarians, but I do find this true about most. Cons about Aquarius? I can’t think of many ;)! But I think one could be that most of us are so free-spirited. I think some people could sometimes see that as NOT being a good thing but I think it is. I compare myself to butterflies. Free and on the go. Catch me while you can! What is your dream come through? My dream would be to live a very successful blessed life with an amazing career, health, and wealth. My family is also very special to me so I want to be able to help them in whatever ways I can. I am very big on giving back so with me becoming more successful I want to be sure I am a blessing to others as well. I want people to be able to look at me and really be inspired and motivated to keep going.

TAYLOR GREY Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair by Teddi @The Rex Agency Makeup Jesica @The Rex Agency Writing by Ed Solorzano

Gemini’s tend to have an undeserved bad reputation, but as mysterious as the universe can be, sometimes the universe blesses us with a Gemini we absolutely love. Introducing Taylor Grey, this month’s Vulkan Fever feature! The Spotify Verified Artist is currently celebrating her summer with her recent single “idiot” which is ironic as this rising star is anything but. As our latest Vulkan Fever, Taylor shares with us the impact music has had on the young performer and songwriter. Honestly, if you are stupid enough to not listen to Taylor’s “Idiot”, then I guess you’re just that. Share with us what music means to you and how it all started. To me, music is a connection. As a songwriter it’s how I can share my stories and experience and hopefully allow others to feel connected through the emotions the music can elicit. As a performer and fan alike, music creates a space for a bunch of people to come together and have a collective experience and that is equally beautiful. Music has always been a part of my life; I was a theater kid first and then started “writing songs” in elementary school. I often feel very lucky that I knew from a young age I wanted to be a part of the music world in one way or another. At the age of 21 you were signed with Kobalt Music Group , Tell us how were you discovered and how you felt ? I’m so blessed to have a distribution deal. It’s been really incredible to be able to release music on different platforms on a greater scale and I love being aligned with a company who works with indie artists.

Tell us more about your upcoming releases. What inspired you? Idiot is a response to anyone who has ever said something like, “you’re crazy to leave me, no one will ever love you like me.” When you exit a relationship and that person starts to gaslight you or use your vulnerability against you, it is such a heartbreaking experience. For me, I took inspiration from my own struggles with mental health and how some people will turn around and weaponize that when it benefits their own narrative. When I was channeling that emotion, it felt natural for the song to be ironic, yet empowering. So the song basically says, “Okay, I would rather be every single name you call me, every single adjective you throw at me and more, than be with you.” If it is “stupid” to leave you, I guess I’m just an idiot.

What is the biggest challenge as an artist and how did you overcome it? The feeling that you’re never enough - that you could be doing more, creating more, achieving more. And not only more, but better. That you could and should be doing everything better. Truthfully, I haven’t entirely overcome that. I think it’s a really difficult feat. The only way is to find peace within yourself, and I absolutely have more inner peace now than I did last year and the years before that. What can we expect from Taylor in 2022? I have more new music on the way! I’ve also been spending more time on my social media to interact with people. This is where I’m updating everyone on new upcoming projects.

Tell us which zodiac sign you are and the one interesting characteristic it represents. I’m a Gemini and I feel like that duality plays out in my life. Consulting the internet, I’m seeing that Geminis may feel a need to have options, even if there is no intent on taking one of those paths. Even though I’ve always known I wanted to pursue music, I stayed in school and got my degree. Up until I graduated recently, I have always done both music and school simultaneously. If you have to choose to be someone for a day who will it be and why? I’d like to be my therapist. I need to know if she really thinks I’m as funny as she says, or if it’s her way of boosting my self-esteem.






DAVID DUANE Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair by Brenda Ferrell @B-Ready Beauty Makeup by Jessica Chu @jessicachumua Writing by Ed Solorzano @edsolo87

From being a media personality with his own radio show, to thriving in PR and marketing under the brand “Urban Fierce Group”, only two words can describe David Duane: Unapologetic Blonde. “Unapologetic Blonde”, the same name of his “debut & final” album covers topics anyone can relate to: selflove, depression, anxiety, highs & lows, and love relationships. If you need some new tracks to add your spotify list, make sure to check out his latest album which also brings in the efforts of multi-platinum / 2x Grammy Award winning songwriter & producer Rio Bridges, emerging R&B songstress Gabrielle Lynn and platinum selling artists & production duo Chris N Teeb. When did you realize your passion for not just talking about music and entertainment, but also participating in making music? Honestly ever since I was a child, I knew that I had a desire to be an overall entertainer. Now what I didn’t know was that I would also have a passion for entrepreneurship. But ultimately as an entertainer you should want to be an entire household name with other brands & businesses. Urban Fierce group was founded in 2011, how has the journey been from starting a company to running a successful business? It’s honestly been a blessing from God, and I had an idea that founding my company would be my way into the music & entertainment industry and give me the opportunity to help other talented individuals bring their brands to the next level.


What inspired/drove you to want to start your own PR and management company? You have interviewed a lot of big names in the industry, is there a favorite interview? While I was in high school, I worked with a few artists running street team & online promotion teams which intrigued me to want to learn more about marketing and public relations because I knew for myself, I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to help other talent bring awareness and publicize whatever projects that they have on another level, with their own brand uniqueness. Who would you say is your dream interviewee, or even who would be your dream interviewer for yourself? Dream interviewee, not too sure but I would love to interview Keke Palmer, Gabrielle Union, Yandy Smith, & Big Time Rush (I’ve already interviewed Kendall). But with “On Air With David Duane”, I’m actually interested in covering sports soon & would love to interview some athletes such as Odell Beckham Jr and Ben Simmons. I imagine it can be overwhelming managing so many different things at once in your career, but what is your way to take a pause, relax, and kind of regroup after a long day? During the weekend, I keep to myself & prepare for the upcoming week by relaxing as much as possible. How long have you been working on the creation of Unapologetic Blonde? “Unapologetic Blonde” has been in the making for 12 years so now to finally have my debut album feels amazing, and I took my time to experience more.


You mention in your post about the release of Unapologetic Blonde that you have fought for this album your entire career working for other artists behind the scene and putting others first. But now you’re taking control of your own destiny and putting yourself first. What knowledge from your career as a publicist is being carried into your experience as a musician now? I would say patience and no expectation, and that’s because with anything you do with life you should know that things take time and high expectations should never set. Only set goals and back it up with a timeline. How long have you wanted and dreamed about this moment, and where would you say this dream started? As I mentioned, as a child I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer so to see my dreams & more become a reality is incredible. What artists inspire you? Who would you say are your biggest muses? Michael Jackson & Prince What have been the biggest takeaways from your experience working in the industry, any advice for young people just starting out? Never giving up and believing in myself has been the biggest takeaway from my experience working in the industry, and I encourage all the dreamers to push forward with their dreams and shine through.

DARA RENEE Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Hair by Brenda Ferrell @B-Ready Beauty Makeup by Jessica Chu @jessicachumua Writing by Ed Solorzano @edsolo87

One would think that with an ensemble of twelve it would be hard to stand out, but that isn’t a problem for singer Dara Renee. Appearing now on “High School Musical the Musical the Series”, the show has brought about other great acts including Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett and our vote goes to Dara Renee to be a third force to be recon with. Being part of HSMTMTS, the show naturally displays Reneé’s strengths of both acting and singing and as she puts it, “the sky’s the limit”. Describe to us a moment in your life which set you on your part as a multi-hyphenated star? When I was younger, I used to always sing songs from the Broadway production of "Dreamgirls." I would sing them to myself until one day I sang "And I Am Telling You" in front of my family and their reaction showed me that I might have something special! Who played a big part in helping make your dreams come true? My mom played a huge part in making my dreams come true. She taught me valuable lessons that I continue to hold to this day. She's my hero and I would not be here without her! Shout out to my Mom! What attracted you to the role “Kourtney” in “High school Musical: The musical : The series?” I actually auditioned for every female character in "High School Musical the Musical the Series" except for Kourtney and Nini originally. Kourtney didn't have a real character analysis yet, so, in the room during the audition, the producers gave me a quick description of Kourtney and I fell madly in love with her. I put my own little spin on her during the audition, and the rest is history.

Tell us about your process to prepare for this role? To prepare for Kourtney, I of course listened to Beyonce's "Homecoming," read some Oprah Daily affirmation books, and went shopping! LOL just kidding on the shopping part. I mainly try to deeply understand the reasons for my characters' actions, whether that be talking to the writers or coming up with a backstory of my own.

In short, describe Dara in 2022. Dara in 2022 is trying to take over the world in the best way I know how! This is only the beginning, and "the sky's the limit"!

We are talking about Zodiac signs in this issue, What is your zodiac sign and what's the pro and con of being this sign. My Zodiac sign is a Scorpio. The pros are that we are deeply passionate, we are determined, brave, ambitious, and loyal. The cons are that people always think that we're crazy. And granted some of us are, but most of us are not. If you have to be in someone's shoe a day who will it be and why? If I had to be in someone else's shoes for a day, it would definitely be Beyonce. Not only would I be able to learn from her work ethic, I would also get to hear some of her unreleased music, and still get to sing a little bit. In which way do you use your platform to inspire the new generation? I try to use my platform in the best way that I know how. Of course, I am still learning, but I try to create a safe, comfortable environment for my supporters to finally let their guard down, whether that be laughing at my stories or just chillin with me on Instagram Live. I want to show them that they are loved and wanted on a daily basis!





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