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LEtter From The Editor

Dear Readers,

As we slowly emerge from the dark and dreary winter months, it’s time to welcome the season of renewal and rejuvenation: spring. There’s something about this time of year that seems to spark an energy within us, urging us to shed our old layers and embrace the newness of the world around us.

At Bello Mag, we’re all about celebrating that energy and harnessing it to bring you the freshest, most exciting content possible. So whether you’re a longtime Bello Mag reader or just discovering us for the first time, we invite you to join us in celebrating the season of spring and all the energy and excitement it brings. We hope our pages will inspire you to embrace your own unique style, pursue your passions, and live your best life this season and beyond.


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Production MAISON PRIVEE X BELLO MEDIA GROUP @maisonpriveepr_la @bellomediagroup


Rodrigo Santoro: TV’s New Adoptive Daddy

Today, Josh Richards is the depiction of social media success. In his 21 young years, Josh has witnessed and has played a part in the evolution of social media as we know it. Since the now defunct app, Josh remained strong building content to see its rise in success to what is now TikTok. Josh successfully achieved hitting his goal of gaining followers from an early age, and now, the social media guru has matched the success of TikTok, holding strong with 26 million followers on that platform alone. It's without a doubt that Josh has entertained many for years. 8 years since his first post on, Josh Richards is one of those personalities that embody what it is to be an influencer mixed with the spirit of an entrepreneur. Today, not only is he excelling on social platforms, but he founded CrossCheck, "a media company built by GenZ for GenZ", and is currently exploring being in front of the camera as an actor, starring in Kristoffer Borgli new movie for A24 opposite Noah Centineo and award-winning entertainment veteran Nicholas Cage. Did we mention Josh has killer looks and style? It's no wonder Josh is this month's BELLO Young Hollywood cover!

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Back when I was 13 years old my sister put me in one of her videos on the app Musical. ly and that video went viral! I went on to create my own account and make my own content. I slowly started making goals for myself like “hitting 10k followers by that summer” and I drafted my full plan. I started posting 5 videos a day as well as going LIVE for 4 hours a day, encouraging people to Like & Subscribe to me. During my LIVE’s my sister would go in and follow everyone back that was subscribing to me, from there my following evolved over time and I was nearly at 700k followers. I then began networking and meeting other creators online, attending social media events, and even went on tour. Shortly after I surpassed 1 Million followers, moved to LA, and formed the content collective, Sway House. In regards to inspiration. Honestly I love telling stories. Social media is just the immediate outlet I have at my disposal to distribute my content.


Thus far my biggest achievements have to be, for starters launching my production company CrossCheck - which we see as a media company built by GenZ for GenZ. We're a company built off the backs of the GenZ community and in a town where so much of Hollywood is crafted by those above the age of 35, CrossCheck Studios is here to help bridge the age gap. Our Amazon deal is a true testament to that exact ethos. Being able to say that I'm one of the first Gen-Z talents to have a major studio deal is mind-blowing for me and I'm incredibly grateful to Amazon for believing in us.


As a creator in the entertainment world, it can be very hard to find a safe space that allows you to surround yourself with people you trust. Being in this industry as a young teen, you meet a lot of characters that don’t always have your best interest and see a means to make a quick buck at your expense. I live by the idea that "everything happens for a reason" and I have no regrets, but you HAVE to surround yourself with people you trust. I'm thankful that I know now who my ride or dies are, and can count on them for anything.


It can be really easy to become obsessive with numbers and likes. You have to be willing to take a chance and invest in yourself. For me, I’ve always been willing to take risks on social media and I don’t shy away from having to pivot. You have to remember your audience is always evolving and growing, you have to evolve with them. I’m very fortunate to have a platform, and with that comes responsibility. I love not only entertaining but bringing knowledge and introducing them to things I’m getting into such as financial literacy and more.


When looking at a company, I always ask myself, “would I use this?”, does this solve something or can people identify with the company. I’m also a firm believer in investing in people but let’s not forget I’m only 21! However - the great thing about the founders I’ve invested in, everyone leaves their ego at the door, not everyone knows everything.


Listen, that’s a hard one. You have to accept the fact that this is what you asked for and that your life is on display. When it comes to my life, I have to be willing to accept I won’t always be able to have secrets. You have to be okay with things being revealed. I stay true to my character both on and offline.


Most recently I was fortunate enough to be cast in Kris Borgli’s new movie for A24. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but it’s a really cool exploration of fame in todays day and what the next frontier of advertising will be… People’s dreams. Kris assembled such a stellar cast and to get to be amongst

such killer performers is a real honor. Noah Centineo and I play “dream influencers” in the film and there’s one scene where we’re essentially incepting Nic Cage’s sleep. It’s such a trip. The experience has definitely helped me up my acting game.


When I started investing at 18/19 there were a lot of people that doubted me at the beginning, but I loved being the underdog, it just added to my story. Being able to prove people wrong is something that I thrive off of. I live for a good "WTF moment." and a big portion of the things I set out to do, we're constantly asking ourselves - OK but what's the big WTF moment that's going to draw everyone in.


If you want to create content, you have to get in the habit of just doing it. It’s so easy to get discouraged by numbers but it’s more important that you love the content you’re putting out. Keep your head downdon’t focus on everyone else, just start by pressing the record button on the camera and see what happens. We become so focused on getting "there" and not being "there" already that we can forget that literally half the fun is the process. If you can't find pleasure in the process, then ultimately you'll always be distracted by the wrong things. Remember that it’s not just about waiting for inspiration to strike - it’s about creating the inspiration yourself.

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Climate change is one of the most significant threats that humanity is facing today. From rising sea levels to extreme weather events, the effects of global warming are being felt all around the world. In an effort to raise awareness about this pressing issue, Apple TV+ has released a new series called Extrapolations about Climate Change.

The show, which is produced by Scott Z. Burns, is a collection of short films that explore the potential future impacts of climate change on our planet. Each episode is presented as a standalone story, but they are all connected by the overarching theme of climate change and its consequences. Extrapolations about Climate Change is a powerful and thought-provoking series that highlights the urgency of the climate crisis. Through its compelling stories and vivid imagery, it encourages us to take action to address this global issue before it's too late.

If you're looking for a compelling and informative series that will leave you with a greater understanding of the impact of climate change, be sure to check out Extrapolations about Climate Change on Apple TV+.

The anthology drama gathered an impressive cast with over 28 high-profile stars that will appear across eight different episodes. Some of the supporting characters will be played by notable actors like David Schwimmer (Friends), Diane Lane (Man of Steel), Heather Graham (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me), Cherry Jones (The Village), Keri Russell (Felicity), and Judd Hirsch (The Fabelmans), not to mention Murray Bartlett (The White Lotus), Tahar Rahim (The Mauritanian), Hari Nef (Assassination Nation), and Michael Gandolfini (The Many Saints of Newark). Adding to the extensive cast are Adarsh Gourav (Hostel Daze), MaameYaa Boafo (The Mysterious Benedict Society), Grammy-winning singer Ben Harper, British wheelchair basketball player Gaz Choudhry, Mía Maestro (The Strain) and Neska Rose (Drama Club).

2023 BELLO 31


Simple actions can lead to great changes

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges that humanity is facing today, and it will require a collective effort from individuals, governments, and businesses to mitigate its impacts. There are several actions that people can take to fight climate change, including:

Reduce energy consumption: Energy consumption is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing your energy consumption, you can reduce your carbon footprint. You can do this by turning off lights and electronics when not in use, using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs, and using public transportation or carpooling.

Eat a plant-based diet: Livestock farming is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions. Eating a plant-based diet can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. You can also buy locally sourced and seasonal food to reduce transportation emissions.

Reduce waste: Landfills are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. You can reduce your waste by recycling, composting, and reducing the use of single-use plastic.

Support renewable energy: Investing in renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. You can support renewable energy by installing solar panels on your roof or purchasing green energy from your utility company.

Advocate for climate policies: Governments and businesses have a significant role to play in fighting climate change. You can advocate for climate policies by contacting your elected representatives, participating in demonstrations, and supporting organizations that work on climate issues.

Educate yourself and others: Educating yourself and others about climate change and its impacts is crucial to creating a more sustainable future. You can do this by reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in discussions with others.

Everyone has a role to play in fighting climate change, and even small actions can make a significant difference. By reducing energy consumption, eating a plant-based diet, reducing waste, supporting renewable energy, advocating for climate policies, and educating yourself and others, you can help mitigate the impacts of climate change and create a more sustainable future.

Even one little action towards change is a win. You do not have to change your diet enterely but if you are more aware of what you eat and replace a meal out of 2 with plant based food. It's already a 50% change you would have made without even trying too hard ...

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
issue #224 32 BELLO

There are countless plant-based dishes that are delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare. Here are a few examples of plant-based dishes that you can try:

Lentil soup: Lentil soup is a hearty and nutritious dish that is perfect for cold weather. Lentils are an excellent source of protein and fiber, and they are easy to prepare. You can add vegetables such as carrots, celery, and onions to the soup to make it even more nutritious.

Veggie stir-fry: Stir-fries are quick and easy to make, and they can be packed with veggies. You can use any combination of vegetables that you like, such as broccoli, bell peppers, mushrooms, and carrots. Serve the stir-fry over rice or noodles for a filling and satisfying meal.

Chickpea curry: Chickpea curry is a flavorful and protein-packed dish that is perfect for a weeknight dinner. You can use canned or dried chickpeas and add vegetables such as spinach or cauliflower for extra nutrition. Serve the curry over rice or with naan bread.

Roasted vegetables: Roasted vegetables are a simple and delicious side dish or snack. You can roast any vegetables you like, such as sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, or carrots, with olive oil and your favorite seasonings.

Vegetable lasagna: Vegetable lasagna is a classic dish that can be made without meat or dairy. You can use vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms in place of meat, and use vegan cheese or tofu in place of dairy cheese.

Hummus wrap: A hummus wrap is a simple and satisfying lunch option. Spread hummus on a tortilla and add vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. You can also add falafel or roasted vegetables for extra protein.

These are just a few examples of the many delicious plant-based dishes that you can try. Plant-based eating can be healthy, satisfying, and environmentally friendly, and it's easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

2023 BELLO 33
Illustrations by Stéphane Marquet

"Fashion for the Future: The Rise of Sustainable and Ethical Clothing"

Sustainable fashion has become a hot topic in recent years, and for good reason. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, with a significant environmental impact caused by the production and disposal of clothing. This is where sustainable fashion comes in - it aims to reduce the negative impact of fashion on the environment by promoting ethical and eco-friendly practices throughout the entire supply chain.

Sustainable fashion focuses on the use of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled fabrics, which have a lower impact on the environment than conventional materials like polyester and nylon. It also promotes ethical production practices, such as fair labor conditions, reduced waste, and lower carbon emissions.

In addition to reducing the environmental impact of fashion, sustainable fashion also has social benefits. It supports local communities by promoting local craftsmanship and providing fair wages to workers. It also encourages consumers to make more conscious purchasing decisions and to consider the environmental and social impact of the products they buy.

Sustainable fashion is not just a trend - it's a movement towards a more responsible and ethical fashion industry. As consumers, we have the power to make a difference by supporting sustainable fashion brands and by choosing to buy clothes that are made with the environment and social responsibility in mind. By making small changes in our shopping habits, we can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Some luxury brands that are making an effort towards sustainability in the fashion industry. One example is Gucci, which has made a commitment to become carbon neutral and has implemented sustainable practices throughout their entire supply chain. Gucci has also launched initiatives to promote circularity in fashion, such as their "Gucci Off the Grid" collection made from recycled and sustainable materials. Unfortunately the options are low, with only 15 items available for customers right now (Only one jacket for ready to wear). Wile we can apparicate the effort, entore collections should be created.

issue #224 34 BELLO

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a brand that has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion since day one, and has made it a priority to use eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices.

"We are committed to always being responsible, honest and accountable today, with a positive impact on people, the planet and all its creatures so that we can protect it for tomorrow. Our sustainable vision is guided by and accountable to our bold values – making every action count, inspiring trust and celebrating life. We are change agents; we are activists. We stand up and speak up for Mother Earth, our fellow animals and in solidarity with all humans. We strive to create the most beautiful, desirable products with the least impact on our environment. Our conscious values are also the inspiration behind our innovation. As industry leaders, we endeavour to create the most cutting-edge materials and animal alternatives, continuing to push towards circularity and being fully transparent by developing tools to measure and report our impact."

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Crochet Dress Julie Colquitt
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Crochet Dress Julie Colquitt
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Whether you are in the mood for a comedy or drama, a movie or television show, a streaming original, or network comedy, you can easily flip the channels any day and come across one Christine Ko! Actress Christine Ko has such a strong resume and with three very strong and popular projects currently being aired, there is no doubt Christine Ko is a rising star in the entertainment industry. Christine caught our attention in Hulu’s hit shows “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Only Murders in The Building” and now is being watched weekly on FX’s Dave. With her undeniable talent, versatility, and natural charm, Christine Ko is an undeniable Bello Mag Star that has made her mark!

From playing Lily in “The Handmaid’s Tale”, Nina in “Only Murders in the Building”, and most recently Emma in “Dave” among many other characters, is there a character you would consider to be your favorite? The reason for it?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so different but Emma holds a special place in my heart b/c I’ve been with her so long. I’ve had 3 seasons to understand who she is as a character and watch her grow. It’s so fulfilling playing her because she feels so different from my personality. I get to play a character who says everything that’s on her mind without a filter and there’s something incredibly freeing about that. I love the journey the writers take with Season 3 with Emma’s career. She fulfills her goal of directing Lil Dicky’s music and she also embarks on a new journey of directing a documentary of Dave on tour.

Tell us about the most memorable experience you’ve had shooting with the cast of “Dave” and the cast of “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

One of my favorite moments is a scene in Season 1 where the whole cast is at a backyard bbq and in the middle of the convo Gata pulls out a piece of raw salmon and asks Mike to cook it for him. Not only did Gata pronounce the L in salmon but he also mentioned that the salmon had been sitting in his backpack for hours. We couldn’t stop laughing in the middle of the scene and it took us forever to finish but it was a great moment. When we shot the scenes in the Mayday camp for The Handmaid’s tale, the set was in the middle of the forest and we had to take gators to the set because it was so muddy. We would blast Whitney Houston and sing along. It was a nice light moment before we shot some heavy scenes.

“Dave” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” embody both Comedy and Drama respectfully. Which do you prefer or believe you convey more strongly?

I really enjoy both. There’s a comfort I feel in dramas and I can be honest and vulnerable in the scenes. With comedy, each scene is a fun challenge and I enjoy it.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not acting?

I love spending time with my fiance and my dog. We go on hikes in Los Angeles and I really love to cook. My mother is an incredible cook and I love learning the family recipes.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto you live by?

Do the work, it’ll never work against you.

If you could choose, what would be your perfect day and how would you describe your fashion style?

A perfect day for me is, no alarm, enjoying a coffee on the porch, spending quality time with my fiance, laughing with friends, cuddling with my dog Cali Bear, having a good meal, and finishing the night on the couch watching Succession. My fashion is a combination of comfortable, chill, menswear, mixed with form-fitting glamour.

Tell us two truths and a lie. Hopefully, our readers will be able to point out the lie.

I love turtles. I love soup. I love cooked carrots.

Can you tell us what exciting things are happening in 2023?

I’ll be working on my first studio feature film this summer and I’m very excited!

2023 BELLO 45


ZCRAVE’s Latest Looks Exude Feminine Attitude with an Urban Edge

ZCRAVE is the go-to destination for New York City’s chic high-end streetwear fashionistas. Located at 25 Mercer Street in the SoHo district, the shop abuts similar retailers like Alexander Wang, Kenzo and Pharrell Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club. “I love being in Soho around all of the stores that are literally defining what is hot in fashion today,” muses Hila Shtork Zigdon, the store’s founder and head curator. “It’s like being invited to sit at the table in the cafeteria with all of the cool kids. It’s an honor. We’re welcoming everyone to join us at the table.”

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Hila - as she is simply and affectionately known as in SoHo - got her start in apparel working for Nike, Puma and Umbro, where she learned to design and pair garments in ways that tell stories. “My job at ZCRAVE is to scout out the very latest in trendy couture and pair them up in deliciously uncommon, unexpected and guaranteed ways,” she explains.

She is drawn to items that exude feminine attitude with an urban edge; pieces with clean lines, cut with sharp sophistication and bold, edgy flair. “All of my pieces scream New York,” she says. We caught up with Hila Shtork Zigdon at her downtown store.

What is on Z’ Hot List for spring/ summer at ZCRAVE?

Hila Shtork Zigdon: Ruffles, tulle and high octane sequins! We’re also seeing a lot of interest in blazers and tailored pants. The F3TISH and NAOMA are particular favorites.

We noticed a lot of lighter tones on red carpets this year. Is that indicative of what is hot at ZCRAVE?

Hila Shtork Zigdon: Not exactly. The most requested colors have been fuchsia and greens. Also blood red hues and blazing yellow are very popular right now on the streets of downtown NYC.

Most creatives draw inspiration from other people, places or things. From where do you draw you inspiration from when creating new collections?

Hila Shtork Zigdon: Art. Art is omnipresent in Manhattan and ZCRAVE is a collection of artwork and garments. Igael Tumarkin, an Israeli painter and sculptor, is my biggest inspiration. I am drawn to forms, colors, textures and broader socio-cultural references. Also, the romance I see on the streets of New York, most times healthy and beautiful but sometimes toxic, is often reflected on my daily moodboard.

Do you also see yourself as a curator of looks for women?

Hila Shtork Zigdon: Absolutely. I’m a storyteller. I believe that there is a direct correlation in how one feels to how one chooses to look. That motivates me to curate multiple looks that meet a wide range of a woman’s state of mind and style.

What other designers wear well with ZCRAVE looks?

Hila Shtork Zigdon: I love combining ZCRAVE with Balenciaga, R13, and Jordan.

What is something that you have seen on the streets of NYC that you feel might make it into a future ZCRAVE collection?

Hila Shtork Zigdon: I am deeply inspired by the pop art, typo and mixed media that I see. I simply love anything that celebrates the city's rich and vibrant artistic heritage and urban culture. All of it will find its way into future ZCRAVE collections.


issue #224 46 BELLO
2023 BELLO 47

O’Brien Colin

Colin O’Brien is an American actor best known for his role in the Apple TV+ drama series “Dear Edward.” He portrays the character of Edward Adler, a young boy who is the sole survivor of a plane crash that kills his family and the other passengers. O’Brien’s performance in the show has been widely praised for its emotional depth and nuance, and he has quickly become a rising star in the industry. With his impressive talent and dedication, Colin O’Brien is set to continue making a name for himself in the world of acting. The show also focus on the lives of those who survived the loss of their loved ones in the plane crash. We see how they struggle to find joy and a purpose in their lives despite the overwhelming grief and pain. “Dear Edward” is a moving and thought-provoking show that is sure to touch the hearts of its viewers. With its superb acting, masterful storytelling, and heart-wrenching themes, it is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates a well-crafted drama series. Through their stories, “Dear Edward” highlights the resilience of the human spirit and the power of community in times of tragedy. It is a poignant reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is hope for healing and a brighter tomorrow.

Photography DEAN BRADSHAW @deanbradshaw

Creative Direction ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph

Styling Michael Fusco @mikeystyles

Grooming CAROLINA BALLESTEROS @carolinab_beauty

Interview ED SOLORZANO @edsolo87

Production MAISON PRIVEE X BELLO MEDIA GROUP @maisonpriveepr_la @bellomediagroup

Cardigan: Limitato Pants: Lee Rickie Collection Shoes:
issue #224 48 BELLO

Can you tell us about your experience working on the set of “Dear Edward” for Apple TV+? What was it like working with such a talented cast and crew?

It was an amazing experience. Because we have such a large ensemble, I only acted with a handful of people but I saw many others in HMU and behind the scenes. Everyone was so passionate about the project. I think coming off the trauma and grief we all experienced during the pandemic made us want to share this story about finding hope after loss. I loved seeing what process each actor had; I really enjoyed seeing that. The crew was so supportive, warming me with electric blankets and heated vests during our outside winter plane crash filming, and teaching me about the camera equipment. We experienced the full spectrum of weather, as we started in March and filmed through the NYC summer heat, so you grow to rely on people to help make it through the extremes. I am so grateful to all of them: ) Another difference is that film allows scenes to evolve a little more, as there are usually more takes and the pacing is slower. Sometimes I like the faster pacing because it reminds me a little more of theater. At other times, it’s nice to have time to let a complex scene evolve a little.

You’ve worked in both film and television. Is there a particular medium that you prefer, and why?

Before Dear Edward I would have said I prefer film, but both have advantages. Film is great because you get exposure to more actors to work with and characters to try on, as you might be in a few projects a year if you’re lucky. On the other hand, I like that in television you’re working with cast and crew who are together longer, so there is more of a family feel. I recently guest-starred on Grey’s Anatomy, for instance, and some of them have been together for 19 years! You really feel that when you’re there. It’s a different energy than a film set, where everyone knows the duration of their stay when they come into the project (if you stay on schedule, that is). Dear Edward is a television show, but because we were all new to each other, it kind of had a hybrid feel. Another difference is that if you’re a series regular, a season is a long time to explore your character than a film would typically offer.

How did you first get started in acting?

Was it always something you knew you wanted to do?

The way my mom tells it, I’ve been entertaining my whole life. I was kind of a crazy little kid, running up to people and doing this wacky thing with my eyebrows, telling strangers made-up jokes, and dancing to music in public. When I was four, I shared stories about my little sister at circle time in preschool, until one day when my mom picked me up at the door instead of carline, my teacher craned her head, looking behind my mom, and asked where Zoe was! She called it lying; my mom called it storytelling and decided I need a creative outlet. That’s when she signed me and my older brother up for musical theater. Our first play was a main-

stage production of The Wizard of Oz. I was a munchkin, a flying monkey, and a poppy. I loved it and was hooked. It was also good for my brother. He’s on the autism spectrum and theater can be helpful for learning intonation, facial gestures, etc. We also both enjoy singing. Later, my mom bought my brother an on-camera class and dragged me along and that’s when I knew I loved behind-camera acting.

What are some of your favorite acting projects that you’ve worked on, and why?

I love everything I’ve worked on so far, all for different reasons. I’d have to say Dear Edward has been my favorite, though. It was such an immersive experience being Edward in New York City. I really resonated with him and the city brought his love for his family to life for me because the city is haunted by memories of them. I also loved working with so many directors on Dear Edward. Each one had their own approach, so being exposed to that at my age, as an actor, was a gift. I also loved working on Wonka. It was just magical. It was my first time abroad and we filmed some beautiful areas. I’m also a huge Roald Dahl fan, so it was a dream to be on a project that explores his world. Working with Paul King, who is like a visionary fun uncle, and Sally Hawkins, who made me love acting more than I thought I could, was amazing. I also discovered a love of camera work there. An Irish cinematographer named Seamus McGarvey worked a camera that looked like a giant arm, and it was the first time I’d seen that on set. It was so cool! Also, Aquaman was filming right next to my trailer, so it was fun to see that.

What’s the biggest challenge so far that you’ve faced as an actor, and how did you overcome it?

I guess that would be on the set of Dear Edward in winter. I had to crawl, GI Joe style, through the plane debris while we were filming the pilot. It was footage to be used in a possible nightmare Edward has in later episodes. It was freezing out, as it was winter in upstate New York. The ground was hard and the dead grass was scratching my stomach. I overcame it by thinking about crawling through the warm sand on the beach. I just really concentrated on that and I felt warmer.

How do you prepare for a role? Do you have any particular techniques or approaches that you use?

It really depends on the role and the scene, I guess. I find it helpful to journal from my character’s voice, what he’s thinking, feeling, and wanting. Sometimes creating more backstories for my character helps me, too, like what my earliest memory is or my favorite family vacation. When I go into a scene, I am thinking about what happens before the moment, and what my character’s want is in the scene, and then I wait to see what my scene partner will bring. I also use my AirPods to keep my headspace clean. Sets can be noisy and I love the crew, so sometimes I need to create a little distance.

Tell us about a particularly memorable experience you’ve had while working on a set.

I remember the first time we filmed in Times Square for Dear Edward. We had a really early call time to try to beat the crowds. When people think of beautiful places, they usually mention the ocean, lakes, or other things in nature. New York City defies that. It was so beautiful–all the colors, lights, noises, and energy there. It has its own rhythm. People slowly started filling the space, going about their day. Eva Ariel Binder (Shay) and I had a scene where her character is overwhelmed by the place, as it was her first time there. Edward grew up there, so it’s not anything new to him. I took her hand and guided her through the crowd. It was ironic, because, in reality, I was a bit overwhelmed, too.

What advice would you give aspiring actors just starting out in the industry?

I would advise them to get into the theater. Find a film school and audition for roles in student films. I love film shorts. If you like to write, write your own scenes and find someone to work with on them. I used to write my own monologues and tape myself, working on different characters. Self-taping can be a good way to work on your skills.

You’re set to appear in the upcoming film “Wonka.” Can you give us any hints about your role or what we can expect from the movie?

I know it has a huge cast, and it is a musical. I play the child version of Wonka, so am young Timothée Chalamet in the film. Expect amazing chocolate. I ate so much chocolate one day that I got sick, lol. It was such a beautiful set. I’m really excited for the world to see it.

Are there any other upcoming projects you’re particularly excited about?

I am hoping Dear Edward gets picked up for a second season as I’d love to see what they have planned for Edward and Shay and the other characters on the show. After that, I’ll have to audition again and hope another role as amazing as Edward comes my way.

2023 BELLO 49
Cardigan: Nil&Mon Sunglasses: OCHIS Jacket: Limitato Top & Pants: d.RT Shoes: ACBC Cardigan: Limitato issue #224 50 BELLO
Blazer & Pants: d.RT Shirt: Nil&Mon Shoes: Duke&Dexter 2023 BELLO 51

Josh Segarra

Photography MATT DOHENY @dohenyphoto

Creative Direction ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph

Styling Michael Fusco @mikeystyles

Hair JAYCEE MNIRAJD @jayceemnirajd Makeup PIRCILLA PAE @pircillapae

Interview ED SOLORZANO @edsolo87

Production MAISON PRIVEE X BELLO MEDIA GROUP @maisonpriveepr_la @bellomediagroup THE LEDE COMPANY @theledecompany







2023 BELLO 53
issue #224 54 BELLO




issue #224 56 BELLO
2023 BELLO 57

What initially drew you to the role of Giorgio in "The Big Door Prize"?

First and foremost, Giorgio is a New York Ranger. Go Rangers! To play a professional athlete was definitely on my bucket list of roles I’ve wanted to play. And I get to play him at an interesting point in his life. His career was ended early by an injury (deadlifting 785 lbs, although that number may change every time he recounts the story), so we meet him in his next chapter of life. He’s that guy who shows his love in an interesting way, let’s call it. He sometimes may speak too loud, he sometimes may embarrass his friends and himself and he sometimes will force you to relive the “glory days,” usually when no one wants to or needs to. But I hope that as the audience gets to know him, they’ll begin to understand why is so beloved by his friends in Deerfield: because just like all of us, he’s trying his best. He just wants to be told he’s doing ok. He just wants to be told he’s enough. And that he’s loved. He’s a specific portrait of someone we all have in our lives. And he made me laugh so many times while reading the script. I knew I had to play him.

issue #224 58 BELLO

What was it like working with Courtney Cox, Jenna Ortega, and Melissa Barrera on the set of "Scream 6"?

Working alongside Melissa was such a pleasure. I knew her work prior to signing onto Scream. She was stellar in In The Heights. That is my favorite musical on Broadway. I saw it at least 10 times. She was an incredible partner and because an even better friend. Jenna is a powerhouse. A real gangster. A genius. I think she may just be the smarter person I know. I can’t wait to get to a trivia night one day with her because with her on my team, we are winning hands down. And Courtney was the legend that I hoped she would be. She couldn’t have been funnier, cooler, nicer and kinder. She has such a warm energy and was so welcoming. She answered every silly question I had for her. I was pretty nervous meeting her, considering I’ve watched every episode of Friends, and she put me right at ease. A true legend.

Can you share any behind-the-scenes moments from your time on the set of "She-Hulk"?

We had a ball working on She Hulk. There’s a video somewhere out there showing us having a full on dance party while shooting the finale. Those dance parties were usually sparked by my dear friend Ginger. She’s the best party starter around. I think she started playing some music on her phone, or maybe even started signing a boo of some sort, and then started dancing, and then of course me and Tat had to join in. Tat was in full CGI suit and make up. It was always so fun and hilarious. And I’m pretty sure you can see Mark and Tim discussing their scene in the background of said dance party. (Don’t worry, we weren’t being rude. It was necessary for the action of the scene!)

What was your experience like originating the role of Emilio Estefan in the Broadway musical "On Your Feet"?

Every night we took a trip back to Miami. The 305. The energy from our audiences was always felt on stage. Knowing that we had an opportunity to take folks back to their childhoods, back down memory lane, it was a real thrill. You could hear the audience singing along with us. You could see their smiles. You could see them grabbing the person next to them when they heard “their song.” I loved it. Also, there’s no experience like playing someone on stage while they are sitting maybe 15 feet away from you. I’m lucky

that the man I was bringing to life was the kindest man on the planet. Emilio treated me like his own son. He treated our whole cast like his kids. Him and Gloria were such great energies to have around. They were with us every step of the way. We shared many laughs. I’ll forever remember the chats we had. He’s an inspiration to me to this day. The bond we share is something I’ll forever be grateful for.

How did you approach playing the complex character of Mick in "Lysistrata Jones"?

Lysistrata Jones was a special time in my life. It gave me, along with many others in that cast, my Broadway debut. And you’ll always remember your debut. I dreamt of it as a kid. And now here I was, playing basketball on a Broadway stage every night (that I didn’t account for in my dream, that was just an added plus!) hoping that I didn’t mess up and toss one of the balls into the crowd. But on the few off chances I or one of my cast mates did, there was always a happy audience member ready to pass it right back to us on stage. Thanks to those who did that! I appreciate you! I learned so much during that run. I cherish those memories. I hold them near.

How did you prepare for your role as Adrian Chase/Prometheus in "Arrow"?

Who doesn’t like playing the bad guy??! You’re telling me I go full crazy? Oh hell yeah! I’ve been preparing for Prometheus my whole life. I grew up on pro wrestling and the Ninja Turtles. There’s a little bit of both in him. Bringing to life a comic book character was something I was always looking forward to -- although yes for my comic book heads, we know the version I portrayed was not a direct rip from the page. I got to play with ninja stars, swords, work fight choreography, do some of my own stunts, wear a full villain suit, and all with my own MASK! I get to take on the Green Arrow himself??! A real dream come to life. All while getting to act alongside the likes of Stephen Amell, Paul Blackthorne, and a guy I truly have admired my whole career in Rick Gonzales. It was an incredible experience.

What do you think sets "The Other Two" apart from other comedy series currently on television? he Other Two was created by two geniuses in Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider. Geniuses. That show makes me laugh out loud, cry like a baby, cringe,

and scream “noooo” at the screen all at the same time. It takes this family that loves each other so much, that comes from a normal background, and puts them right smack dab in the middle of this hilarious world called Showbiz. It toes that line perfectly between too much and just enough. All with a clever and wit like no other. It pushes the envelope. And I get to live inside od Lance Arroyo. Maybe the sweetest, warmest, full hearted guy around. He sees the best in everyone and in every situation. He is such a fun character to live inside while working. I always try my best to bring a little of Lance into my real life. The Other Two tells no lies, and I love it. Even if I wasn’t on it, I’d still love it. No bias here. Okay, okay, maybe just a little bias.

How did you get into acting, and when did you realize that you wanted to pursue it as a career?

I started acting in church plays as a kid. I always wanted to play the devil because he just seemed like the more interesting character. More nuanced, you know? He seemed like a pretty layered guy! And if I was playing Jesus, well, I wanted to make him funny. Then when I got high school, I had a couple teachers that changed my life and really showed me what the theatre really was. High school was where I fell in love with the craft and found my people: theatre people. I was hooked. I visited New York City and quickly realized that’s where I belonged. I went to NYU and studied acting, and that’s when my education really began on the business side of this world. Getting an agent, a manager, those necessary thing. I saw classmates dropping out to go shoot movies. Friends down the hall in my dorm were off starting their journey. That showed me it was possible. It gave me a path. And well, I thought, If they could do it, so could I. And where we are. Now I’m talking to you. Pretty damn cool.

How do you balance your work on stage and on screen, and do you have a preference between the two mediums?

I love both mediums. They’ve each provided me with a specific set of tools. They’ve both been equally as essential in my growth as an artist. I’ll be dancing back and forth between the two for the rest of my life. A piece of me would always miss the other if I wasn’t afforded that opportunity to do so.

2023 BELLO 59
Sweater BUCK MASON Pants: SUIT SUPPLY issue #224 60 BELLO
2023 BELLO 61

MY AI AND I my AI and I


issue #224 62 BELLO
by Stéphane Marquet using AI technology.

The human mind is a fascinating thing. Our ability to imagine and create images in our minds is one of the most incredible things about us. However, for a long time, capturing these images and bringing them to life has been a difficult and time-consuming process. But with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this process has become a lot more accessible and efficient.

Creating images from our mind can be a challenging task. Our imagination is not limited by the constraints of the physical world, and as a result, it can be difficult to translate these images into something tangible. However, AI has made this process a lot easier.

One of the most impressive uses of AI in this regard is the development of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). GANs are a type of neural network that can be trained to generate images. This is done by having two neural networks work against each other. One network, called the generator, creates images, while the other network, called the discriminator, attempts to determine whether the images are real or fake.

As the generator creates more and more images, the discriminator becomes better at identifying fake images. This feedback loop helps the generator to refine its images, ultimately creating images that are incredibly realistic.

The magic of creating images from your mind with AI lies in the fact that GANs can be trained to generate images based on specific prompts or inputs. For example, you can provide a GAN with a description of a particular scene or object, and it will generate an image that matches that description.

This has incredible implications for various fields, including art, design, and entertainment. For example, a designer can use GANs to generate realistic images of products that do not yet exist. An artist can use GANs to create images that are more realistic than ever before.

Furthermore, GANs can be used to create images that are entirely new and have never been seen before. This has exciting implications for scientific research, where researchers can use GANs to create new simulations of

physical phenomena that can help us better understand the world around us.

However, there are also some potential downsides to the use of AI in creating images. One of the most significant ... "Load Failed"

This article as been AI generated to that point! But for some "strange" reason (or entirely purposefully) my AI has decided to stop generating this article when it was about to reveal what would be the most significant downside of using AI. Interesting right? My only option was to regenerate a completly new response, and to my surprise, the "downside" was not included. Did the AI already learned not to question itself? ... Now the question is at wich point should we question AI? And will it be too late for us? Until then here is the new article about "the magic of using AI as a tool for your imagination":

The human mind is capable of imagining and creating intricate and complex images, but bringing those images to life on a canvas or in digital form can be a daunting task. However, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the magic of creating images from your mind has become more accessible than ever before.

AI-powered tools and software can now generate images based on textual descriptions, sketches, or even a combination of both. These tools use deep learning algorithms, which learn from vast amounts of data and can identify patterns, to generate realistic images that closely resemble the input. The result is a creative partnership between human imagination and AI technology.

One of the most popular AI-powered tools for creating images is GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). GANs consist of two neural networks that work together to generate images. The first network, called the generator, creates images based on a set of input parameters. The second network, called the discriminator, evaluates the images generated by the generator and provides feedback to improve the quality of the images.

Using GANs, artists and designers can create unique and original images that were previously impossible to achieve

manually. For example, an artist can provide a textual description of a landscape, and GANs can generate an image that closely resembles the description. Similarly, a designer can provide a rough sketch of a product, and GANs can generate a photorealistic 3D model of the product.

AI-powered tools also provide significant advantages for professionals in fields such as architecture and engineering. These tools can generate highly detailed 3D models of buildings, bridges, and other structures, allowing architects and engineers to visualize and refine their designs before construction begins. This can save time and resources and ultimately lead to better-designed structures.

Moreover, AI-powered tools have made it possible to create photorealistic images in a fraction of the time it would take manually. This is because AI can quickly generate images based on the input parameters, eliminating the need for manual drawing or painting. Additionally, AI-powered tools can generate images that are consistent in style and quality, making it easier to create a cohesive collection of images.

The magic of creating images from your mind with AI has also opened up new opportunities for businesses. For example, e-commerce platforms can use AI-generated images to display products in various settings and styles, allowing customers to visualize products in different contexts. Similarly, marketing agencies can use AI-generated images to create personalized and targeted campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

In conclusion, the magic of creating images from your mind with AI has made it possible for artists, designers, and professionals to bring their imagination to life in a way that was previously impossible. AI-powered tools provide significant advantages in terms of time, cost, and quality, making it easier to create unique and original images. With the continued development of AI technology, the possibilities for creating images from your mind are endless.

2023 BELLO 63

The more

image was extended

more liberty AI took, slowly distording our interpretation of a reality and giving birth to a dream-like vision closer to artists like Salvador Dali.

issue #224 64 BELLO
the the

Using AI, we have created this scenery by giving a precise description of things, from the plants, to the clouds in the sky, the statues, the color palette, the painting style etc ... The result was 90% of what we envisioned ... it only took AI less than 10 seconds to generate this image (faster than it took us to type the detailed description)

Using our creation as a base, we then used AI to extend the original image without giving new directions. We wanted to see how long AI would keep our vision going before going off script and incorporating his own stamp.

You can see the moment Each addition was about the size of the original image, and it was not long before AI took on a different approach, incorporating his reality. We live in a world where different creatures experience different realities based on their own senses. AI senses are clearly unlike ours and its giving troubled artist ... A world created by AI for AI would probably be not even conceivable for our human brain.

So will AI go off script in the future? I do not think we are looking at the big picture of a world "assisted" aka run by AI.

2023 BELLO 65
issue #224 66 BELLO
Photography and illustration by Stéphane Marquet

la Chèvre d'Or


La Chèvre d'Or is a unique "diva", timeless, a jewel sparkling above the Mediterranean. In 1953, Robert Wolf fell in love with Château de La Chèvre d'Or and turned it into a restaurant. On the advice of Walt Disney, so they say, he acquired houses in the village and transformed them into hotel rooms. The hotel later became one of the six stops of the "Route du Bonheur", the beginnings of the Relais & Châteaux association. Through time the different owners have continued to increase the number of rooms scattered through the medieval village. Today Château de La Chèvre d'Or has 45 rooms and suites. Seasonal Opening from April 6, 2023.

If you are just doing a day trip to this village in the sky, make sure to book a table at Arnaud Faye's 2 Michelin stars gourmet restaurant. La Chèvre d’Or celebrates the authenticity of an exceptional terroir, which stretches from the rocky foothills of the Mercantour to the intense blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. His menu, inspired from these contrasts, magnifies the products of the Riviera and the up-country.

2023 BELLO 67

Outdoor Space With a Provencal

Home gardens and outdoor spaces in Provence, France are known for their beauty, vibrant lavender fields, sunflowers, olive groves, and vineyards. The warm and sunny Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect place for growing a wide range of plants and herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, and sage, which are essential ingredients in the region's cuisine. Home gardens in Provence are often filled with colorful flowers, fruit trees, and vegetable patches, reflecting the region's love of fresh produce and local flavors. Outdoor spaces, such as terraces, patios, and courtyards, are also an essential part of Provence's architecture and lifestyle, providing a tranquil and inviting atmosphere for dining, relaxation, and socializing.

JOSS & MAIN Monford Teak Sofa $1180 ANNIE SELKE Milo Ivory Handwoven Jute/Cotton Rug $168 POTTERYBARN Faux Potted Olive Tree 8'H $549 HOME DEPOT White Washed Resin Tower Decorative Sculpture $111
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WILLIAMS SONOMA Provençal Dinner Plates, Set of 4 $69

Provencal Touch

CANTINE FRANCAISE Panier des Sens Provence
Candle $30
SERENA & LILY Bowden Pillow Cover $198 LOUISAVIAROMA Flora hand-painted iron tray $103 POTTERYBARN Colored Bistro Glass Tumblers, Set of 6 $99
2023 BELLO 69
WILLIAMS SONOMA Metal French-Style Garden Pot $329

El Fen Marrakech

El Fenn is a luxurious boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco. This stunning property is a true oasis in the midst of the bustling city, offering guests an escape into a world of beauty, tranquility, and indulgence. El Fenn is a unique fusion of traditional Moroccan architecture and contemporary design, boasting an impressive collection of art and artifacts from around the world. With a range of stylish rooms and suites, a spa, a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views, and a lush courtyard garden, El Fenn is the perfect retreat for those seeking a truly unforgettable experience in Marrakech.

El Fenn is all about a home from home experience and it springs from the fact that the two original owners didn’t plan on opening a hotel at all. In 2002, Howell James and Vanessa Branson were hunting for a holiday house in Marrakech. At the end of a long day, the close friends walked into what was then a near derelict riad. By the time they left an hour later, they were on the way to owning not just one Marrakech home – but several. Unknown to them, the main building (today centred on the courtyard that houses our reception) was being sold with a string of smaller properties – some with only one or two rooms. It was only when Howell, a former permanent secretary in the Cabinet Office who has also held senior positions at the BBC and Christie’s, and Vanessa – an art collector, gallerist and patron - signed the sale papers that they realised just how much house they were getting. They took a leap of faith and decided to open a small guesthouse.


issue #224 70 BELLO
2023 BELLO 71

Moroccan riad bathroom inspired makeover

One of the tricks to achieve the best wow factor in your riad inspired bathroom, would be to go monochromatic with a touch of gold. I haven't met a gallon of paint that did not help any transformations I did. When you have a hard time finding matching accesories for a room, just paint them all. When it comes to mirrors, no need to go traditional, an organic or simple shape will do.

SYDNEY HARBOUR Starflower $89/Gallon SENTEURS D'ORIENT Hammam Soap - Honey $36
issue #224 72 BELLO


Mindfulness Brass

PIGEON & POODLE Antique Brass Set JOLIE Filtered Shower Head $148 Scented Candle Oliban & White Amber $149 SHADE OF LIGHTS Studded Brass Sconce $239 PERIGOLD Regina Andrew Ibiza mirror $475 PERIGOLD
2023 BELLO 73
Afifa Hexagon End Table $309
issue #224 74 BELLO

Dries Van Noten

This Dries Van Noten Beauty edit of fragrances expresses a captivating olfactory spectrum that celebrates the preservation of craftsmanship. Soie Malaquais incorporates the precious Rosa Centifolia, a rose that can only be hand-harvested for a few days in the early mornings of May. This small yet fragrant flower emanates irrepressible delicacy. Celebrating French craftsmanship, each and every bottle's porcelain base is unique and hand-made by REVOL, a family-owned porcelain manufacturer based in Valence, France. Since 1768, nine generations of artisans have refined and strengthened their unique expertise and savoir-faire. Resulting in three bespoke designs as eclectic as their noble material. Each recyclable and refillable bottle is encased in a custom-designed pulp paper mold with each fragrance unveiling a different olfactory impossible combination, from fresh to intense, from bright to flamboyant.


Porcelain making in France has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. The craft is said to have been introduced to France by a young alchemist named Johann Friedrich Böttger, who had discovered the secrets of making hard paste porcelain in Germany. He was invited to France by King Louis XIV and established the Royal Porcelain Factory at Sèvres in 1756, which is still in operation today.

Porcelain making in France is a complex process that involves several stages. The first step is to select and prepare the raw materials, which include kaolin, feldspar, and quartz. These materials are ground into a fine powder and then mixed with water to form a slurry. The next step is to shape the porcelain. This can be done using a variety of techniques, including throwing, casting, or pressing. Once the porcelain has been shaped, it is dried and then fired in a kiln at a high temperature. This process is known as bisque firing and it transforms the raw porcelain into a hard and porous material.

After bisque firing, the porcelain is glazed. This involves applying a thin layer of glass to the surface of the porcelain to give it a smooth and shiny finish. The glaze is made from a mixture of glass-forming materials and is applied to the porcelain by dipping, spraying, or brushing. Once the porcelain has been glazed, it is fired again in a kiln at an even higher temperature. This process, known as glost firing, fuses the glaze to the porcelain, making it durable and impervious to liquids.

In France, porcelain making is considered a high art form and is revered for its beauty and quality. The Royal Porcelain Factory at Sèvres is renowned for its exquisite porcelain creations, which have been commissioned by monarchs, aristocrats, and wealthy collectors throughout history. Today, French porcelain makers continue to create beautiful and unique pieces using traditional techniques and innovative designs. From elegant tableware to intricate sculptures, French porcelain is a testament to the enduring legacy of this time-honored craft.

2023 BELLO 75

Dolce & Gabbana Summer Vibes

issue #224 76 BELLO
2023 BELLO 77

MAISON PRIVÉE Week-End Essentials


Oversized DRTY Jacket

The dRTY Shacket is the perfect oversized everyday shirt that can also be worn as a jacket.


Adventures in Wonderland", the Alice Bag is 100% Vegan Leather and perfect to finalize your everyday look.



Nine West Faux Croc Heels

This faux croc leather pair of platform heels is perfect for occasion dressing from brunch to prom.



Natural Amazonite Pearl Floral Earring

Handmade with 22k gold plated featuring beautiful Amazonite gemstone, these earrings are perfect for any occasion.



Nue Soft Tonic Mist

This toning spray is ultra fresh and light and can be used for your face and eyes to moisturize and soothe your skin.

Knock Out

Better than a patch, stop breakouts on the spot with this essential daily anti-acne serum.


@maisonpriveepr_la issue #224 78 BELLO



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