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Photography courtesy of GUCCI | Après-Ski Campaign Art Director: Christopher Simmonds Photographer: Mark Peckmezian Director: Akinola Davies Jr Make up: Daniel Sallstrom
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Hair: Shiori Takahashi
BELLO 3 2023
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Winter in Holland: Skating Scene, 1645

Welcome to our issue 222. The number 222 comes represents the need to find a balance between tranquility and peace in all aspects of your daily life. According to numerology. It tells you that you are going in the right direction. As a single part of the angel number, the number 2 stands for patience and tolerance, represents love, clarity, and spiritual growth. This number is also a sign that something big will happen in your life soon.

I will take all of the above and share it with all of you. It also absolutely encapsule BELLO spirit!. We always believed that in life great things can be achieved with patience. It's called maturity. In a way it is BELLO wishing us all a prosperous year 2023.

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Curated by Stephane Marquet
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Esmeralda Pimentel

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She may have started in a telenovela translated to Summer of Love, but this Winter we are totally in Love with Mexican model and actress Maria Esmeralda Pimentel. Maria is no stranger to being in front of the camera. She was first seen in television commercials at age nineteen, where she modeled for clothing brands from Mexico. She then received her first acting offer in 2009 in the telenovela “Verano de Amor” and since then has crossover to American mainstream shows and movies including The Good Doctor, No Man’s Land and most recently “High Heat” streaming only on Netflix! Check out our chat with the international bombshell below!

Photography VALERO RIOJA @Valero_rioja Styling VICTOR BLANCO @victorblancostudio Glam EVA ESCOLONA @evaescolanomakeup Assitant Photography ANDRES MAIZO BARBOSA @maizophoto Assistant Styling JESUS RAMIREZ @jesus_ramirez.rr Interview ED SOLORZANO @edsolo87 Production CHUVIC PRODUCTION @chuvicproductions
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In High Heat you played a firefighter. Do you prefer to light things up or cool them down?

In real life to light things up, in fiction it might change from project to project. ;-)

The popularity of Spanish-language content on Netflix is undeniable. How did the streaming platforms’ worldwide exposure influence your life?

I am so proud that my work and my colleagues can be seen in many places around the world thanks to the power of platforms that, without a doubt have revolutionized the way we watch movies and series. The streamers create bridges that bring us closer to other visions, universes, cultures, and narratives. I get messages in my Instagram from people from other countries who are so hooked on some show or movie that I filmed maybe years ago. It’s amazing that they can watch that translated into their own language on some platform and I think it's wonderful that thanks to technology these companies can make us feel closer to each other.

What is your favorite city to live in? What is your favorite place to relax? Where do you like to party?

Favorite City: Madrid! A place to relax: My house with my dogs and my favorite coffee. Party: To hang out with my closest friends at their homes.

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How different is it to film in US production like “The Good Doctor” vs “High Heat” for example?

Each project involves different challenges and opportunities. In the case of The Good Doctor, I remember the feeling of being extremely aware of everything all the time. Mainly because all of the communication with the production team, the Directors, and my scenes were in English which is not my native language, so I was really present and excited too. And in High Heat, playing a female firefighter was certainly very demanding and physically strenuous. In addition, the presence of fire on set undoubtedly provided a high degree of adrenaline, and although we were always surrounded by the best professionals in special effects, paramedics and crew, there is always some risk. The wonderful thing about being an actress is that I have the opportunity to inhabit other professions, see different parts of the world, and learn about other cultures. The perks of being an actor.

This past year, you were working with William Levy on the new project Montecristo. How did you like working with him?

It's so easy to fall for William's charisma and energy. As a producer and as a partner, he is a great example because he is a very talented man, and he has his objectives very clear. He’s so driven! Montecristo is his first project in Spain and the love and passion it causes in his fans are impressive. He also has the best Fandom because they are so generous and fun.

When should we expect Montecristo to air, and where?

Montecristo is still in the post-production stage and as soon as they give us the green-light, we are going to make all the noise we can, so everybody run and watch it.

Any more exciting new projects you are working on?

I'm about to start filming a show where I play a couple’s therapist. In the middle of the year, there is a project in Spain that I still cannot give any information about, but that project makes me very happy, and I will share it with you as soon as I can. On the other hand, I am starting my era as a producer alongside the best partners. Without a doubt, I am fulfilling a dream that I thought was very hard to achieve by being behind the scenes, telling the stories that I always wanted to see, and being surrounded by women that I love and admire.

After starting in the fashion industry, it looks like you always kept your connections to it. What are your favorite style, looks, and colors when it comes to fashion?

I don't think I have a specific style, but I like trying and playing with different styles. It all depends on the mood I'm in or whatever situation I am living in at that moment. If I feel comfortable, I know that I will shine because I will feel authentic, free, and beautiful.

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BELLO BELLO behind the scenes

Photography by Ana York Courtesy of Netflix Daniel Gama, Antonio Sotillo, Iván Amozurrutia, Polo Morín
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Esmeralda Pimentel
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If you don’t know what new show you should be watching in 2023, let us give you that unchallenged answer now. Watch Wolf Pack! I’m sure there are juicy story lines and plot twists waiting us to explore but what got our attention was

Starring as a male lead in the upcoming

Tyler is sure to keep audiences

January 26, 2023,


actor and heartthrob Tyler Lawrence Gray. Paramount+ show “Wolf Pack” as the character Harlan Briggs, wanting Set to be released on the streaming platform on exclusively on Paramount+, Tyler joins other castmates Armani Jackson (“Honor Society”, READY PLAYER ONE), Bella Shepard (“iCarly”, “A Girl Named Jo”) and newcomer Chloe Rose Robertson who round up the main four characters of the highly anticipated teen supernatural drama. Photography FRANZ MAHR @franzmars Styling SKY NAVAL @sky_is_dlimit Grooming JOANNA FAIVRE Production MAISON PRIVÉE X BELLO MEDIA GROUP @maisonpriveepr_la @bellomediagroup Interview ED SOLORZANO @edsolo87 Jacket Pants TELL THE TRUTH Harness FAN ALL FLAMES
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& RON BELLO 33 2023
Coat Jacket ANTHONY NEWMAN Pants & Turtleneck CHARLES
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Jacket (left) JOSEPH AUREN T-Shirt Neclakce CHARLES & RON Long Sleeve Top OCEAN REBEL
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BELLO 39 2023

You are a relatively new actor, jumping straight into an amazing role as Harlan Briggs in “Wolf Pack.” What draws you to acting? Was it always a career choice?

As someone who gears more towards thinking creatively and artistically, acting puts no boundaries to that. Being able to dive into different characters allows me to see and feel how specific each character becomes. I enjoy creating a past of the characters life in my head because it really allows me to put myself in their shoes. It’s beautiful to see your work flow in different directions and watch and feel your character progress in their story.

Acting was not always a career choice though; in high school I was an athlete with an unsure vision of what I wanted to do with my future. One day I went out to Los Angeles to visit my uncle and he made me do an acting class at his studio which lead me to performing a scene with someone. I remember physically shaking from how nervous I was to do it, and as soon as I finished it, I knew I had discovered a big part of myself that was missing creatively.

Is there a type of role you have yet to play? What kind would that be?

There isn’t any specific roles I would be looking to play next, I enjoy finding challenging and specific roles as much as a simple/ more two dimensional character. If I were to choose though I would want to embody a character who struggles with mental illness. Not only would I be able to analyze and learn more about what struggles the mental illness would bring but I would also hope to bring awareness to it and help anyone who is struggling with it.

“Wolf Pack” is Jeff Davis’ latest project and also based on the novels of Canadian author Edo Van Belkom. Prior to shooting, were you aware of the book series? What did you research in auditioning?

I remember first getting the audition and seeing Jeff’s name in the break down along with the word “wolf” and immediately got excited. I had already been a big fan of Teen Wolf and the supernatural realm. I wasn’t aware that it was based off of the book series “Wolf Pack” but I read the book as soon as I had booked the role. I did some research of wolves behavior because I wasn’t sure how much of that side of the character I was going to cover. Besides that part of it, I knew the character was an 18 year old kid so I knew it wouldn’t be too hard to embrace that aspect.

issue #222 40 BELLO

Tell us about your character Harlan Briggs How did you create the character and bring him to life? What kind of advice did Jeff Davis provide in bringing Harlan to life?

Harlan is compassionate and loyal at heart. However, he comes off exuding this assertiveness, and usually acts like he is unbothered by the things going on in his life. Although he is confident with his looks and how he lives, he refuses to trust anyone except for his sister because of his dark secret. He wants to love and accept people into his life but feels that he can’t because having to live most of his life in the shadows, only revealing half of who he is to anyone. Jeff had explained how he envisioned Harlan and his dynamic with other people but for the most part would let me have my own take on the character. I think he did this so that I wouldn’t get in my head and feel like I needed to live up to a certain expectation with the character. Throughout the season he would tweak small things I was doing and overall helped me become a much better actor and have a better perspective.

Can you share an interesting experience / fun story while shooting “Wolf Pack”? Interesting on-set interaction? Dynamic with co-stars?

I remember there was one night that I shot with Armani and it was really late in the night so we decided to walk around. We ended up venturing off and snuck off into other sets that we weren’t using and had a full photo shoot in the hospital set. Waiting around made me anxious before filming so I remember multiple days where me and some of the other guys would pass around a frisbee and just talk about life outside of acting. I created such strong bonds with all of the cast mates, even to the point where Chloe and Rodrigo felt like actual family members when we would film together, and it would blow my mind every time.

This is a completely new franchise we hope becomes an instant fan favorite. What do you hope people love most about watching the show?

I hope that people love the different aspects of the show, there is a lot going on at points but every detail helps explain this crazy story in some way shape or form. I hope that people can relate to different characters in the show and most of all that people enjoy the show and find it entertaining and artistic.

Besides acting, what are some of your passions that you like to venture in when not on set?

Besides acting, I would definitely consider myself a gym rat. I love working out and staying in shape and personally feel that it is necessary for me to keep balance in my life. Along with working out I love playing sports like basketball and would say that I have a pretty darn good three point shot. I have put my main focus into acting lately but I do enjoy attempting to write stories/ scripts as well.

Give us two truths and a lie. Hopefully our readers will figure out what the lie is.

1: When I was a little kid, I could name over 150 species of dinosaurs

2: I’m scared of bugs

3: I’m short

As you know Bello magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. Can you share with our readers your take on style and fashion sense.

When it comes to fashion I think that people should wear what they want if they think it is fashionable. I am personally someone who did not have good fashion for a lot of my life but I have started to enjoy it more as I grow older. I associate it with art and love to see how many different combinations I can pull off with clothes. I think that fashion is a way for people to not only express who they are, but how they are feeling day to day as well.

2023 BELLO 41

YOU season 4 is giving, Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl, meets Bridgertone, meets Dhamer!

Despite the Season 3 finale showing Joe in Paris, Season 4 will actually take place in London. The new pool of potential victims and suspects include Charlotte Ritchi, Stephen Hagan, Lukas Gage, Tilly Keeper, Ed Speleers, Ben Wiggins, Amy Leigh Hickman, Eve Austin to name a few ...

The 10 episodes Season 4 is two parts

Part 1 February 9, 2023Part 2 March 9, 2023

issue #222 42 BELLO
BELLO 43 2023
Photos Courtesy of Netflix Season 4 started airing on Apple TV+ Friday the 13th 2023.
44 BELLO issue #222
Photos courtesy Apple TV +
Servant edition Etsy Pair Japanese Cast Iron Pigeons 20th Century $395 Etsy iPhone leather cover case + wallet $49.99 Kilian Love, Don't Be Shy Fragrance Neroli, Orange Blossom, Marshmallow $265 Dior Black Sunglasses $380 CB2 Stature Black Dining Armchair $429 Net-A-Porter Asymmetric cutout ribbed merino wool-blend midi dress by Monse $495 Frasier Scent Collection - Santal Etsy Curated by Stephane Marquet 2023 BELLO 45


After watching the second season of White Lotus, I thought to myself "should I move there and live Tanya's best hypothetical life of not-being-murderded-by-these-gays/fall-off the-yachtbecause-I-did-not-took-the-stairs-and-removed-my-heels-and-die"?

Side note, I think the White Lotus franchise deserves a series of prequels starring Tanya (#WinkyFace at you Mike White) ... but let's go back to Sicily and tour some properties!

From "aspirational" to I could actually afford this place, there is a wide range of properties that would be perfect to live the Sicilian Dolce Vita, White Lotus Edition!

The first property is $6,521,739 (which in comparaison is a tear down lot in the Los Angeles area) a 223 year-old neo-Gothic style castle of the noble Pennisi family of Floristella located in Acireale. 22 bedrooms and 43,055 Sq Ft. to fill with all the antiquities you will collect roaming Europe ... there is no pool which is the reason I am going to pass on this one, and also because, even tho a minor detail, I do not have $6.5M. But if you do, jump on a call with Sotheby's International Realty who represent all those properties.

Images Courtesy of HBO | Photography Fabio Lovino by Stephane Marquet
issue #222 46 BELLO
BELLO 47 2023
Venus Adorned by the Graces, 1590/1595 by Annibale Carracci
issue #222 48 BELLO

At $2,967,391 this pink-ish hilltop villa is a peppa pig on a vespa dream come true. Built on the highest promontory of the hill with two hectares of land. Make every morning a "white Lotus resort" breakfast moment. 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a library for all the books you will enjoy while sipping on a fresh limonade. Each room has access to outdoor spaces such as terraces or gardens.

If you are on a "Palazzo budget" The Antico Palazzo Nobiliare, an authentic jewel set in the heart of Palazzolo Acreide built in 1700 offered at $815,217 is perfect for you! It was just restaured in 1900 (123 years ago, but who's counting when you own a piece of history?) The precious frescoes on the vault were made by the famous Catania painter Alessandro Abate. A beautiful garden offers the palace great brightness and air. The ideal place for evenings with friends. Located in an ancient village among the most beautiful in Italy, near the church of San Paolo and the ancient Greek theater.

Yes it may require a little elbow grease from you, but picture yourself listening to the intro music of the White Lotus season 2 and you'll get things done in no time. I have to say that I persopnaly, would totally keep the "decrepited" vibe. As I see it, it is move in ready, mix it with some comfy furnitures, cut the high grass in the garden and it's all set for an Aperol and some pasta.

For more properties in Sicily, visit

2023 BELLO 49
Photography by Francesco
50 BELLO issue #222
Photography by Elxeneize


Photography by Tenkende
BELLO 51 2023


New York-based designer, artist and tech entrepreneur Sebastian Errazuriz has created a modern masterpiece with the ANTIQUITIES collection. We want every single piece for our Sicilian Palazzo!

ANTIQUITY What you Destroyed we will rebuild presented Greek and Roman masterpieces from renowned museums, 3D scanned, digitally manipulated and re-cast in marble as functional sculptures.

"I use technology to “steal” classical sculptures I have revered since childhood. Claim their shapes as raw material to build my own new works. It’s an act of gluttony and lust to appropriate that which belongs to the sacred world of the arts and use it freely in an exploration of its boundaries within the realm of the functional and the mundane. "–Sebastian Errazuriz.

Following his recent ‘Antiquity’ (2014) in which Errazuriz transformed the historic icon into a functioning bookshelf, this new series of limitededition works pay homage to ancient sculpture while blurring the boundary between art and design.

For the Bookcase ‘Antiquity Shelves Nike’ (2017), a replica of the headless Nike (Winged Goddess) is enveloped in a wooden ‘scaffold’ that functions as shelving. Errazuriz’s experimentation with innovative processes in design and art include augmented and virtual reality.

Parallel to the investigation between art and design, Errazuriz dives headstrong into the question of breakage as a vital aesthetic resource, whether it is historical and accidental, or artistic and purposeful. "Many of the sculptures we have learned to love and revere are broken, fragmented. Would they be as mysterious and fascinating to us if we could see them in their pristine original appearance?”

Errazuriz confronts various subjects and intellectual questions in this series of works, maintaining the precarious balance of tension and release, reverence and sacrilege, delicacy and brutality.

Sebastian Errazuriz believes it is futile to chase the latest trends and designs. Newness is a mirage condemned to fade. Eternal beauty is best captured revisiting the ruins and shapes that have survived time.

THE RUINS TABLES continue his celebrated use of antiquity’s in functional artworks. They portray our hopes of finding treasure, truth and even love amongst ruins and memories. Eternity written in the dust of time.

The series invites us to build a new future out of past memories. To live as archeologists discovering which ruins will survive our time. To remember that as our own history fades in a whirlwind of technological growth; new truths and fables will be built from the ruins we leave behind.

THE REPRESENTED SELF Sculpture & Mirror.
issue #222 52 BELLO 2023 BELLO 53
THE WINGED VICTORY DESKS, made from poured marble with an interior steel structure to combine lightness and resistance

“The Art Of Happiness” The Guerlain x Maison Matisse Artistic Collaboration

The quintessential “painter of happiness” and a sublime master of color, Henri Matisse was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Guerlain is collaborating with Maison Matisse – founded by Jean-Matthieu Matisse, one of the painter’s great-grandsons – to celebrate the art of happiness with an exceptional piece and precious limited-edition series inspired by Matisse’s palette.

Jasmin Bonheur reveals a vibrantly colorful jasmine, tinted with joyful hues – from the radiant orange apricot notes to the vibrant purple of iris and soft rose pink – in a precious limited-edition work of art that evokes Henri Matisse’s brilliant palette. Inspired the painter’s masterpiece Les Mille et Une Nuits.

The limited edition counts just 1,000 pieces worldwide.

issue #222 54 BELLO
Photos courtesy of LVMH


Les Airelles is what winter wonderland dreams are made of. Located in the village of Courchevel in the French Alps, this 19th century Austro-Hungarian palace is the ultimate ski-in/ski-out resort.

240 employees for 32 bedrooms, 15 suites, 1 appartment and a couple of ultra luxurious cottages should give you an hint on the quality of the services. Plush carpets, gingerbread-hued wood accents, hand-painted frescoe for a perfect cosy athmosphere. Three onsite restaurants, a lounge with enormous sofas and

wood-fed fires, a cocooning La Mer spa, you may even forget to hit the slopes ... Les Airelles believes that modern luxury means giving guests a personalised experience that is discreet, subtle and all-encompassing. They even offer "first track" Wake up early and ski down La Saulire slope before it opens to the public, taking in the beautiful views and fresh snow as the sun rises. Dogsledding in the mountains and forests that surround the hotel. If you are more experienced, go heliskiing, skiing down slopes that are inaccessible to the general public. More athletic guests will be keen to explore the snow-capped peaks of the Alps in

issue #222 56 BELLO

solitude. Accompanied by a guide, lovers of the great outdoors with a taste for adventure will be able ascend mountain passes and enjoy off-piste descents accessible only to those willing able to hike.

Les Airelles Courchevel is a seasonal property, open from December through spring.

Rue du Jardin Alpin, Courchevel 1850, 73120 Courchevel, France

2023 BELLO 57
Photography courtesy of GUCCI | Après-Ski Campaign Art Director: Christopher Simmonds Photographer: Mark Peckmezian Director: Akinola Davies Jr Make up: Daniel Sallstrom
58 BELLO issue #222
Hair: Shiori Takahashi
BELLO 59 2023

Photography courtesy of GUCCI | Après-Ski Campaign

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer: Mark Peckmezian

Director: Akinola Davies Jr

Make up: Daniel Sallstrom

Hair: Shiori Takahashi

60 BELLO issue #222
BELLO 61 2023

Photography courtesy of GUCCI | Après-Ski Campaign

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer: Mark Peckmezian

Director: Akinola Davies Jr

Make up: Daniel Sallstrom

Hair: Shiori Takahashi

62 BELLO issue #222
BELLO 63 2023
Photography courtesy of GUCCI | Après-Ski Campaign Art Director: Christopher Simmonds Photographer: Mark Peckmezian Director: Akinola Davies Jr Make up: Daniel Sallstrom
64 BELLO issue #222
Hair: Shiori Takahashi
BELLO 65 2023




Hair: Shiori Takahashi

courtesy of GUCCI | Après-Ski Campaign Art Director: Christopher Simmonds Photographer: Mark Peckmezian Akinola Davies Jr up: Daniel Sallstrom
66 BELLO issue #222
BELLO 67 2023
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BELLO 69 2023
70 BELLO issue #222


"The whole world is a canvas, we're just walking

Based in Sydner, Australia, Werner Bronkhorst is a self taught artist with a background in carpentry. Currently working as a self-employed bespoke furniture craftsman, Werner uses the remainder of his building materials as the foundation for his artworks.

Werner's artworks explore the relationship between the fundamental principles of painting - colour and composition. However, he pushes the boundaries of traditional painting by using heavily textured canvases as the foundation of his artworks.

These paintings inevitably look like a landscape, which is perfect for adding mini figures. His latest body of work 'white stripes' showcase mini skiers, snowboarders and hikers in a white world of their own.


in it."
2023 BELLO 71
72 BELLO issue #222


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