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ICK is one of the leading sensor manufacturers in the world. As a technology and market leader, the Company provides sensors and application solutions that create the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently. The easy-to-use Inspector PIM60 vision sensor from SICK is a perfect match for the like-minded collaborative robots of Universal Robots. With the SICK Inspector URCap software integrated into the robot controller, it has never been easier to get started with vision guided robotics! In addition to outputting pick-points in the robot’s coordinate system, the Inspector PIM60 enables inspection and measurement tasks for pass/fail-criteria or trending.

Changing the face of flexible, collaborative robotics

automation knowledge in the industry for them to work effectively together, and to achieve that, UR Academy is helping to enhance robot literacy.” People can partake in the course online before bringing this niche specialty back to their respective shop floors with certificate in hand. And this isn’t the only value-add feature to be found on Universal Robots’ website at present. “The second new concept is UR+, a kind of app store where integrators can sell add-on products to market, for customers to install on to existing UR robots,” Ostergaard continues. “The thinking behind this was that we could see a lot of other integrators - often skilled start-ups out of university - with a clever product but no sales channel which seemed a bit wasteful. So why not incorporate their solutions? We sell more robot arms which is our aim, these integrators receive a route to market, and our partners and end-



OPTOFORCE Easy automation with OptoForce high precision force/torque sensors Do a lot of your precise assembly tasks need automation? UR compatible OptoForce creates very precise force/torque value software modules, allowing solutions to assembly tasks with high tolerances, undertake quality control tests, or carry out various surface-finishing and pick and place tasks. Equipping light-weight robots with a sense of touch combines the advantages of human workers and industrial robots. Equipped with OptoForce high-precision sensors, robots can now feel if they are placing an object in the right place or need to adjust it, and can automatically correct course. Ease-of-use is of paramount importance

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