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Fresh faced from Court St. to Punta Cana



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Table of Contents 04 Spring Break Must Haves: Home Edition 06 Spring Break Must Haves: Travel Edition 08 Sunkissed 10 Low Key Lux 12 Sea Salt 14 Rose-Colored Lenses 16 Fresh Baked 18 Beach Bum 20 Coming Out 22 Netflix and Chill 24 Best Athens Spring Break Spots 32 Transitional 40 Spring Break Horoscopes 44 Chill Out 46 Swipe Right 48 Rant/Rave: Spring Break


Editor’s Note Surprise! When was the last time you were this shocked? When our Lord & Savior Beyoncé dropped a surprise album? I’m so excited to present to you the first ever Spring Breakspecial edition of Thread. This issue can serve as some relaxing beach reading, a fun little addition to a Spring Break spent at home, a holy grail of playlists suited to nearly every taste, and, mainly, a guide on how to make the most out of your break, no matter who or where you are. You may be in Florida (hopefully Miami, not Ft. Lauderdale) soaking up the sun and sipping a margarita. For the beachgoers, this issue of Thread can offer you advice on how to do the perfect minimal makeup for the beach (P. 8), what to bring and what to bail on your trip (P. 6), and how to make the perfect pair of floral sunglasses (P. 14). You could be in Ohio, staying home or in Athens,

enjoying whatever weather the day brings. If you’re sticking around this issue can offer you a list of some amazing LGBT in-state attractions (P. 20), how to stay relaxed and stress-free during your stay (P. 44), and the best movies to binge-watch during your time off (P. 22). Be sure to check out the playlists within the issue, there’s one created for almost every music taste and occasion. I hope you enjoy this special edition surprise issue, and I hope it inspires you to make this your best break ever. You deserve it.




ADVENTURE For exploring a place in your town you’ve never been to before or trying something new like cooking a dish you’ve never made before or attempting a new hobby like painting. GOOD BOOK ...because it’s been way too long since you read for fun. YOUR BED A cozy bed to curl up in while you catch up on all the sleep you’ve been missing at school. The time for naps is now.

So, it’s spring break. The time has come to travel with your friends to the beach location of your dreams. Except, you won’t be lounging in the sand or partying all night long because you’re stuck at home. Your first instinct might be to throw yourself a pity party, but don’t bother! Here are just the things you need to make the best of spending your break at home. BY MICHELLE FRANTZ PHOTOS BY PROVIDED

SUNLESS TANNER A good self-tanner, so you can blend in with all your freshly tanned friends when you get back to school. 4 | THREAD

SPA ESSENTIALS Face masks, hair masks, nail polish… break it all out and treat yo’ self to a spa day. This is you time.

SHOPPING SPREE A shopping trip that you definitely deserve since you’re saving your money by not traveling. TV MARATHON A Netflix account for binge watching the shows you now have time to watch. FRUITY COCKTAIL So when you sip with your eyes closed you can pretend you’re drinking a margarita in a beachy cabana.

spring break 2016




SILKSLIP SLEEP MASK Just in case the other eight roommates in your two-person suite like sleeping with the tv on, a night light on, won’t turn their brightness down on their phone, or rip your curtains, you’ll be covered. The silk sleep mask is an investment—a guaranteed pitch black night of sleep. That is until the first person awake starts blasting music.

DOVE INVIGORATING DRY SHAMPOO You breathe a sigh of relief and excitement when your plane lands in your spring break destination. Then you check your reflection in the bathroom mirror and gasp with horror. Dove’s dry shampoo is cheap, effective, and can be used when you’re too lazy to shower between the beach and the bar. 6 | THREAD

CHEAP SUNGLASSES Yes, wearing your Ray-Bans will make you appear classier on the beach, but you’ll thank yourself when some random spring breaker sits on your $5 shades. Better yet, bring two pairs. YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINES One of the best parts of vacationing is mindless, shameless reading material. Dive into US Weekly, Cosmo, and Men’s Health head first instead of a new book on your kindle. Why? Magazines can withstand beach water waves and beer bong showers. GODEFROY EYELASH TINT Why bother with waterproof mascara, when you can dye your lashes the dark black you’ve always wanted them? Though the dye is permanent, it fades over a few weeks. You’ll appear naturally defined without ever looking like you just watched The Notebook alone in your hotel room.

DAILY WONDERS WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT SHEET MASK You wake up hazy and confused in the bathtub after your first night at the tiki bar. Your face is bloated and in dire need of hydration. A hangover sheet mask is perfect for throwing on your face to keep it looking mysteriously refreshed despite round the clock boozing. JASON SOOTHING ALOE VERA Even if you tan perfectly, chances are you’re still going to look distantly related to a lobster after six months of winter. Aloe Vera is nature’s gift to sunburn and will keep your skin ridiculously hydrated.

A FLASK Xoxo, captain obvious.

spring break 2016




ave you ever wondered how red carpet dwellers and celebrities seem to achieve the flawless, no-makeup makeup look? Well, behind each celeb is a high-paid team of makeup artists with access to endless top-of-theline products. Celeb makeup artists often spend hours on their clients to ensure that they leave with a “minimal,” “natural” look. While the majority of us do not have access to celebrity luxuries, there are several simple, quick ways to achieve a natural makeup look. As the temperatures rise, an au natural face is preferred over a heavy, caked-on complexion. As we transition into warmer months, I’ve compiled a list of the four most important areas to highlight in order to create a fresh, beachfriendly look. Don’t forget to grab a floppy sun hat and slather on sunscreen! BROWS

The key to a groomed, simplistic look begins with good brows. There are several different products on the market to groom, fill and shape brows including pencils, powders and gels. Get to know your brow shape and what looks best with your features. And don’t over do it! Overlysevere brows are not natural on anyone.



In the summer, I absolutely love cream blush. I’ve found several drugstore formulas that are lightweight, soft and easy to apply. Cream blush should blend easily and appear fresh and natural. Often times, if I’m wearing cream blush, I’ll pair it with a touch of bronzer and skip foundation all together. Some formulas even have SPF—more benefits!


While I haven’t frequented the tanning bed since high school, I have used a number of self-tanners to achieve a healthy glow before hitting the beach. Sephora offers an array of high-end tanners including St. Tropez self-tan bronzing lotion and Clarins Liquid Bronze losion. If you prefer to use a towelette, TanTowel offers a self-tan towlette for face and body. My personal favorite is Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. It works gradually and is completely streak-free.


While I adore a full, red lip, it isn’t necessarily ideal for the beach. Instead, opt for a neutral or peach lip liner with a peachy lipstick or gloss on top. Peach, gold and even orange tones are perfect for a laid-back day in the sand (think Rihanna in Barbados).

spring break 2016


Low Key Lux


It’s something that all of us desire, but struggle, to display: looking expensive on an inexpensive budget. As college students, having to save every penny possible is nothing new, and spending our hard-earned cash on a night out is the norm. But when it comes to staying in style, we find ourselves spending excessive amounts on “cheaper” clothes in order to stay within budget. Is it really worth it? Here’s a list of tips and tricks on how you can look your best and keep your wallet happy.

INVEST IN KEY PIECES THAT WILL LAST YOU FROM SEASON TO SEASON This is vital when building your wardrobe. Having a great watch, a durable pair of boots, or a weatherproof jacket will not only keep you in style, but will be budget-friendly in the long run. Instead of wasting money on cheaply-made clothes, save up for one timeless piece. AVOID TACKY COSTUME JEWELRY AT ALL COSTS In order to look the part, it’s not about being flashy and wearing faux gold and diamonds. Avoid big, gaudy jewels, instead opting for understated pieces that will display a certain level of class. These simple pieces are often easier on the wallet as well.


spring break 2016

KNOWING HOW AND WHEN TO CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES IS VITAL TO THEIR LIFE SPAN Washing your clothes, as menial of a task as it may seem, can determine the quality of life for your purchases. Most items do not need to be washed until after two or three wears, especially jeans. Keeping that in mind will ensure your clothes stay colorful and intact longer. BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT PROPERLY AND COMPLEMENT YOUR BODY Wearing clothes that aren’t baggy or ill-fitted and make you feel beautiful is key when trying to display affluence. If tailoring is necessary to achieve the right fit, look into simple DIY tailoring tricks to stay on budget. SWITCHING UP YOUR WARDROBE FROM DISTRESSED DENIM TO POLISHED PANTS WILL MAKE ANY OUTFIT MORE PUT TOGETHER The days of distressed denim have come and gone, so push those to the back of the closet and break out those solid-colored pants. A chic pair of neutral bell bottoms can take any outfit from cheap to luxurious with one simple switch. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 11


To acquire the perfect sun-swept and sand-tousled tresses, one doesn't need to hit the beaches. Just follow these five steps for the perfect waves. 1. Prime hair with a style extender, like one from Living Proof, to help the curl last through sand, surf, and sun. 2. Alternate and modify the direction of each curl to create a more natural, messy look. 3. Spritz your curled hair with a sea salt spray, such as Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe, to add that desired, beachy, sun-kissed texture. 4. Finger comb the curls to separate them and give them a more relaxed appearance. Relaxed curls for a relaxed break. 5. Finish the look with a texture paste, such as Bed Head’s Manipulator, for an extra hold.


spring break 2016



The weather in Ohio is known to bring rain, shine, or snow in a matter of hours. This spring break, your eyes might seek relief from the bright sun, or you might be blinded by light reflecting off of snow. Regardless, stay shaded in style in sunglasses that are sure to stun. With a handful of inexpensive floral pieces, some heavy-duty glue, and an old pair of shades, you can enjoy spring vibes, no matter the weather.

• Decide the placement of

the floral pieces along the top rims and/or sides of the frames.

• Begin adhering the

flowers to the frames one piece at a time.

• Allow the glue to dry overnight.

• Rock your upcycled

shades to the beach, the farmer’s market, music festivals, or wherever else your wandering heart takes you this spring break.





spring break 2016


Fresh Baked


The sun is out and the refreshing air of spring is almost here. Warm temperatures mean a trip to the local farmer’s market is in order to pick up some seasonal produce, more specifically fresh fruit. Grab some sweet strawberries, plump blueberries and some simple ingredients to create this delightful dessert for a sunny day picnic with friends. INGREDIENTS



To Begin


Start with the pastry cream. In a saucepan, whisk together the eggs, sugar, cornstarch and salt until no lumps are remaining. Add in the milk and whisk until well combined. Turn your stovetop on medium-high and heat the mixture for 2-4 minutes. Once the mixture is thickened, remove from the heat and whisk in the vanilla. End with whisking in pieces of butter individually, until each has completely melted. Once completed, pour into a bowl and wrap with plastic wrap. Cool for two hours, or until it has chilled through.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Roll the dough out to about ¼-inch thick and cut into circles that are slightly larger than the wells of your muffin tin. Press the circles into the bottom of your tin and pierce several times with a fork. Bake 18-20 minutes, or until golden brown. Allow cooling completely.

2 2 1 8

cups flour tablespoons sugar teaspoon salt tablespoons butter, cut into 1-inch pieces 1 egg 2 teaspoons milk (more as needed)

Pastry Cream

4 egg yolks ½ cup sugar ¼ cup corn starch ¼ teaspoon salt 1 ½ cups whole milk 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 4 tablespoons butter, cut into tablespoon sized pieces


Fresh fruit of your choice

Pastry Dough In a blender or food processor, pulse together the flour, sugar, salt, and butter until the butter pieces are pea-sized. Add the egg and gradually add in milk, pulsing the dough until it clumps together. Roll up (it’ll be sticky) and refrigerate for 30 minutes. 16 | THREAD

Assemble Spoon or pile cooled pastry cream into the bottom of each pastry shell and top with fresh fruit. Refrigerate until ready to eat and enjoy this sweet treat.




BEACH BUM BEACH RUN Yes, it’s 78 degrees by sunrise at the beach, but you’ve still got to warm up your muscles that have been doing nothing except sun bathing and staring at hot lifeguards. Start with a five to ten-minute jog in the sand (the closer to shore the easier the workout). If the run seems too brutal after a night of all inclusive margaritas, try a few minutes of jumping jacks.


You’ve been to the gym five times a week, you’ve meal prepped religiously, you’ve been downing those protein shakes like Schwarzenegger, and you even quit your weekly trip to O’Betty’s, cold turkey. You’ve squatted your ass off for your spring break body, and while you should give yourself an actual break during spring break, you don’t want to ruin the hard work you’ve put in for the last 6 months (or 6 weeks, let’s be honest). If you’re #blessed enough to spend the final week of February somewhere tropical, or at least where the daily high is hovering above 65 degrees, wake up an hour early before your fellow hungover spring breakers and give yourself the gift of a natural energy boost (your six-pack will thank you next week).


SAND LUNGES 3 sets, 10 reps (per leg) Step forward into the sand keeping your front knee above your ankle and your back straight. Come all the way up and repeat with your other leg. Due to the uneven levels of the sand, you’ll end up working out more stabilizing muscles which will also aid against faceplanting. TWISTS 2-4 sets, 15 reps Plant your butt in the sand, straighten your back, and bring your knees to a 45-degree angle. Cup your hands together, twist to your right side, and pound the ground while flexing your obliques, repeat on the other side. That’s one rep. (Stop crying). SQUATS 4 sets, 8-12 reps Find a spot in the sand, put your arms straight out in front of you, and bend a little lower than your knee level. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes and try to squat as deep as possible to make the most of your new swimsuit. WALKING PLANK 4 sets, 1 rep Dig into the sand with your palms and get into plank position for 20 seconds. Lower your right forearm to the ground, then left, hold for another 20 seconds. Push back up onto the right palm, then the left for a final 20 seconds. That’s one rep. (Crying is now allowed). PUSHUPS 4 sets, 6-12 reps Whether you do like doing it standard or modifying them, pushups have the power to tone up your chest, abs, and arms, ideal for holding up the mimosa you’re downing for your post-workout recovery.

spring break 2016




Cincinnati, OH

I’ll be the first to admit, Shooters holds a very special place in my heart as the first and only gay dive bar I’ve ever truly loved. Shooters is located in the heart of Cincinnati, nestled between OTR and Downtown. It’s the perfect place to go to sit at the bar, chat up a local, and dance to some old school gay anthems. 20 | THREAD


Let your rainbow flag fly proudly this Spring Break by visiting the diverse array of Ohio attractions created to welcome and unite LGBT and allied Ohioans (and visitors.)


CLE’s LGBT Center is, for one thing, an amazing resource for any and all LGBT activities in the area, but is also in an adorable neighborhood, near Ohio City and the lake shore. The building is architecturally amazing, and the staff is friendly and dedicated, hosting activities such as free HIV testing, TaiChi, and social groups for a myriad of ages.

spring break 2016



Once you’ve started your day with a coffee at Angel Falls, taken a road trip to Club Masque and danced the night away, the perfect next stop for lunch is the Union Café. The business is a restaurant that boasts delicious meals during the day and drinks and dancing by night. Personal recommendation: The blackened chicken Alfredo.

Another Akron attraction is the legendary Interbelt Nite Club. The bar attracts a major array of guests, both locals and visitors. Hometown queens and national Ru-girls alike always slay the stage. Hip Hop Mondays are a MUST.

Columbus, OH

Akron, OH


My hometown favorite, a café that is quirky, relaxed, and gay-owned. The space’s decor is perfect for an Instagram post with its rainbow lights and hand-painted wall that reads “keep it simple” in bold and colorful letters, as well as its interior which is filled with quirky vintage finds and comfy places to snuggle up in. The drinks are also amazing, with a variety of yummy coffees, teas, and juices, my favorite being the “fox in the snow,” a cherry and chocolateflavored coffee drink.


This gay nightclub tends to be a bit of an infamous attraction for Dayton natives. Its multiple floors mean something for everyone and its drag shows garner legendary queens of all kinds. Club Masque is all about dancing, so be prepared to sweat and don’t be scared to let loose.

Luckily, this list is not all encompassing. Ohio is not at a loss for safe spaces in which LGBT-identified people can express themselves fully and safely in whichever way they choose. Buckle up and follow the rainbow to whichever destination you choose. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 21


If like me, you have no money or passport, but you do have plenty of laziness, you aren’t planning to do much over spring break. Why not fill the empty time with endless amounts of movie-watching? I suggest turning off the lights, closing your blinds, lighting some candles, and cocooning yourself in your finest blankets — shout out to Ohio University for some excellent spring-break-during-thewinter scheduling — and ordering a pizza. Go full vampire. At the end of the week, you’ll emerge from the darkness physically recoiling from light, perhaps paler than you were at the start of break, but a changed person. In a good way. Hopefully. Get ready for the feels hitting hard, broken up with some laughs so you’re not too emotionally damaged. Please don’t sue me. WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Let’s start it off light and fun with this cult favorite. See early 2000’s versions of your favorite actors and actresses play teenage camp counselors on the last day of summer camp in 1981. Paul Rudd is a babe and Christopher Meloni wears a do-rag. ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL A cancer-movie-cliché it is not. It’s a smart-ass, charming, poignant, fresh and beautiful film. I can’t even be witty about it. It’s just a really well-done film. 22 | THREAD

SAMSARA Who doesn’t like a good documentary? The film takes across the planet through a form of guided meditation. It demonstrates the links between humanity and nature and how our life cycle echoes our planet’s rhythm. WINTER’S BONE Watch Katniss in her indie phase. J-Law plays a hardened Ozark Mountain teenager who has to track down her drug-dealing father in order to save her house and family. It’s raw, dark, and real.

PROJECT X Now you can kind of feel like you’re on the weeklong bender that is spring break! GOODNIGHT MOMMY Added for your suspenseful, thriller pleasure. You’ll never want to have kids again! Be sure to watch closely so you don’t miss any subtitles since the film is in German. Unless you know German. Then more power to you. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER To fulfill the rom-com category. Kind of. It’s an actual real take on romance. An honest take. The movie starts by telling you how it will end and how the protagonist has no clue why. EX MACHINA There’s a pattern to these movies and it’s the elements of realness and ambiguity. This one is no exception. A young programmer is chosen to test the human qualities of the world’s first true A.I. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA We are a fashion-based publication, after all. And also this movie is fantastic.

spring break 2016



EAT BREAKFAST: Casa Brunch can get pretty busy, so wake up a little early and enjoy Casa Nueva’s incredible breakfast menu to start your day. I highly recommend the home fries and soysage gravy or the huevos rancheros. They also boast some of the town’s best Bloody Mary’s, if 9 a.m. isn’t too early for you to start drinking, of course. LUNCH: Farmacy Not only is the Farmacy a convenient place to purchase specialty and eco-friendly groceries from an independent grocer, but it’s also a wonderful place to grab lunch for meat eaters and veg heads alike! The tempeh sandwiches are incredible, and all of their soups of the day make my lil’ 24 | THREAD

tummy grumble with anticipation. I recommend washing your tasty meal down with a craft dry soda (the cucumber and lavender ones are AMAZING, and so are the Orange Jigger sodas!). DINNER: Zoë Now is the time to ball out. Zoë is a fine dining restaurant next to Passionworks with some of the finest dishes in Athens. Any restaurant that serves bread with a wine-based butter is destined for greatness. I have literal dreams about the crimini paprikash (how can you resist fresh veggies and noodles in a sour cream and paprika based sauce?!). Their Baked Alaska dessert is mouthwatering and decadent. It’s a perfect death by chocolate. Indulge to celebrate a quiet town and a week of relaxation!

spring break 2016

SHOP If you’re an OHIO student who doesn’t live on the West Side, you probably don’t show the loveliest part of town enough love. Among its hidden treasures is the quaint shop, Beads & Things. You can find all sorts of wonderful charms for jewelry as well as stones for collecting. It’s also full of oddities and goodies. For example, my roommate snagged an unbelievably cute fish hanging-mobile from Beads & Things and it brought warmth and spunk to our home for many months. So you’re too embarrassed to check out Honey during session because you are worried someone will see you—don’t be a goof! Pretty much all of the people you know will have bailed for Florida or Mexico during break, so shop for cute, comfy lingerie and accessories from women-owned companies and local artists. If you’re into chokers, local artist and student Alayna Steele makes the world’s cutest, and you can buy them at Honey!

UNWIND This may seem counterintuitive, but the graveyards in Athens are particularly beautiful. My favorite is the West State St. cemetery. If the weather isn’t too cold, take a blanket and a good book and a little picnic and curl up on the grass or under a tree. If you time it just right, you could read during the Golden Hour in the soft grass while you munch on some cheese and crackers. Bring a mug full of Happy Belly tea, too. Sounds like a recipe for bliss! WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 25


With spring and summer in sight, swimsuit season has nearly begun. Take a chance on a new suit with these diverse, versatile, and trendy takes on swimwear. Life's a beach, so look good while playing in the sand.












SPRING FORWARD Spring cleaning is easier with the addition of seasonably transcendent pieces. These items lighten the load of the toss pile, staying for keeps throughout whatever weather the year may bring. PHOTOS BY ERICA BRECHTELSBAUER












01.20 – 02.18 Free-spirited Aquarius, you haven’t made plans for spring break, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. Stick to the simple, yet quirky things you like this break. Go and see those indie movies at the Athena, or go to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, you’re open to anything. As a dreamer, this break is also great for making plans for summer internships.


The future of your Spring Break is in capable hands. Check your sign for what's ahead on your vacation. BY KENYETTA WHITFIELD & ALICIA MACDONALD ILLUSTRATIONS BY KAYLA BREEDEN THIS MONTH’S SIGN


Selfless ol’ Pisces. You would be

02.19 – 03.20 the type to volunteer to babysit

or water your neighbor’s plants for the entire break. Just remember if you’re going to give to everyone, you can’t let it get you down. There is no sense in keeping your emotions a secret just because you can. Go have fun! Open up! You may find out this break that you are stronger than you think and you can be a lot more self-indulged.



03.21 – 04.19

04.20 – 05.20

05.21 – 06.20

Oh Aries, you love a challenge. This spring break will surely be one. You just can’t seem to decide what you want to do this spring break. Ask yourself, do I need to go on this random spring break trip with my roommates, or should I take a trip back home to visit family? Don’t forget that this is the perfect break to have some ‘me’ time.

Miss Independent, that’s you, Taurus. You’ve been waiting for spring break since the beginning of the semester, and you’re willing to go wherever. One thing to remember is that you deserve a break and a lot more fun. A spring break in Athens may be just what you need. Go to Bong Hill, have a date night with your buddies at Fun Barn or start planning your bar shuffle now.

You are a natural explorer, Gemini. That being said, it should come as no surprise to you and all of your friends that your spring break plans might seem out of the ordinary. Don’t let that stop you from doing something you think would be a great experience. The unfamiliar shouldn't scare you. Ohio will always be here. Paris, Rome or even Milan may not!


spring break 2016




08.23 – 09.22

06.21 – 07.22

07.23 – 08.22

Sensitive Sally. That’s you, Cancer. Whether or not your Valentine’s Day was amazing or abominable, your spring break will surely be incredible. You’re going to find more than you’d ever imagined this break. Get out and explore your own backyard. Check out a new restaurant in town, or take painting lessons. Anything out of the ordinary will be great for you, Cancer.

You are such a hard worker, Leo. That being said, use spring break to dedicate yourself to finding a job or internship that you’re passionate about. You’re creative and enthusiastic, which screams employable. Plus, working on applications will keep you busy, so don’t worry about getting into any drama with friends.

Virgo, Virgo, Virgo. You’re so organized. It’s even more admirable that you planned the most perfect and wholesome spring break. While others haphazardly attempt to go to Mexico, you’ll be poised and calm. Whether it’s Athens or Cincinnati, you already know who you’ll see and what you’ll do. But that’s boring. Do something spontaneous this break!

09.23 – 10.22


10.23 – 11.21



Your energetic personality will have you jumping around with excitement for spring break. But, where are you going for spring break? Athens? Cancun? Columbus? You’ve got to figure it out. Don’t do things just to please other people, do it for you! Once you’re on break, have a day dedicated to you. Get a facial, go shopping, paint your nails; anything to indulge just a little.

Fearless Scorpio. This spring break is just waiting for you to go on an adventure. We get it, you’re secretive and an undercover emotional, but it’s time to run wild. When your parents ask you to go on an impromptu trip during your break, don’t sigh, just go for it. You never know what fun and exciting thing could be waiting for you to explore.

You are so full of life, Sagittarius. Embody your childlike spirit this break. Screw planning for the future, this is a week dedicated to fun. If you’re in Athens you’ll find yourself with plenty of the obvious opportunities to have fun on Court St, but why stop there? Go exploring! Athens is one of the most haunted places in America, so there are plenty of wonders awaiting you.


11.22 – 12.21

You just love to do things on your own, Capricorn. This spring

12.22 – 01.19 break will be nothing shy of that. Whether you’ve planned a

weekend drive down the coast with a friend, or plan on going to see all of your favorite bands, it will be fun and full of memories. Your ambitious by nature, which means that you may also find yourself calling companies inquiring about jobs or internships. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 41


spring break 2016



Don’t worry about how much dough you’re going to drop in a beach city in Florida or how you’re going to survive a ninehour drive to an out-ofstate destination this spring break. Cleanse your soul of stress, carve out time for yourself, and transcend to a state of Zen. Here’s how.

• Read new books or re-read some of your favorite novels. Revisiting a much-loved story and meeting with cherished characters will take your mind off anything bothersome that the outside world may offer. • Go on long walks. It doesn’t need to be on a trail that is incredibly scenic to the point that it ignites a soul-searching need. Once a day or every other day, head outside for fresh air and light exercise and relish in the simplicity of a walk. If something more rigorous is in your interest, turn that walk into a light jog, but don’t exert yourself for too long. Keep yourself at a pace where you can still savor the fresh air • Light candles with your favorite scents. The sense of smell is processed in the same part of



the brain where memories are processed and stored, so pick out candles with scents that remind you of happy, relaxing times. Some fragrances to unwind with are cedar balsam, fresh linens, and any floral or citrus scents. For a dualfaceted candle, grab one with a wood wick that crackles as it burns for the tranquilizing sounds of a fireplace or campfire. • Start your day before noon with a stretching sequence. Loosening up your muscles before the day gets into full swing will help in case there are pervasive chores or errands to accomplish. Stand up, slowly reach down to touch your toes and then return upright and stretch your hands upward. For Make sure to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try some yoga poses, like downward dog, and incorporate them into the routine stretch.

• Have a creative streak, but have never really had time to explore it? Spend time developing it. Whether it’s drawing, writing, painting, playing music, or designing clothes, spend time doing it. Don’t criticize your work, just enjoy it and let what you’re doing relax you. • Most importantly, limit your social media use. Staying away from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allows you to focus on yourself and the limited amount of time you have to relax instead of pouring over newsfeeds of people on lavish vacations. This is especially crucial at night, when the harsh backlight of electronics disrupts your ability to sleep. • Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and experience the most relaxing spring break manageable. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 45

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I am an idiot when I’m in love. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating on the ‘in love’ part of that sentence. One Tinder match hardly counts as falling in love, but it has got to count for something, especially when I only have a grand total of 19 matches. Mark* and I matched on Tinder over Christmas break, when we were both home for the holidays. It was a whirlwind romance that consisted of first messaging in the Tinder-app, then on Snapchat, and finally, the biggest step of all, actual texting. Our conversations were not only friendly, but they actually flowed freely, something most Tinder matches can only dream of. This wasn’t the usual “are you going out tonight?” or “want to come over?” It was something more. Mark and I eventually began to discuss the idea of meeting each other. He lives in a major East Coast city north of New York. Spring Break was fast approaching. I had never been on a plane without one of my parents, let alone gone anywhere for Spring Break, so the idea was scary and thrilling. This is what I do when it feels right. I fall hard. My greatest secret 46 | THREAD

Match Me?

Hometown Ho

ttie, OH

is that I’m a hopeless romantic. Line up, fellas, I know this is music to your ears. I began to plan a trip to visit Mark, thinking of romantic dinners, cozy nights in, and finding my soulmate, all thanks to a Tinder match. In retrospect, it sounds absolutely delusional... Seriously did I think I was on “The Bachelor”? I knew in the pit of my stomach I was going out on a limb for someone I barely knew, and falling into my old patterns of being less-thanguarded with my heart, falling hard with high expectations. As my planning was underway, a good friend named **Mandy texted me mentioning that her job had some openings, inquiring about my post-grad plans, and

spring break 2016

encouraging me to visit New York City whenever I had free time. I wrote her off. I knew how I would spend my Spring Break and it would be as I always found myself: chasing a boy who gave me slightly over the bare minimum. He was a great conversationalist with a decent job and a good personality, but realistically he was in a very different place than me, in literal and figurative senses. I was infatuated, an idiot “in love.” I sat down and looked into flights near Mark and at that moment got a call with a job offer, doing something I didn’t want to do in a place I didn’t particularly want to be. I was ignoring my true passions, chasing something I didn’t really want but had convinced myself was my destiny: to settle. I hung up the phone and realized that the job didn’t sound right. I texted Mark, an objective party, and he told me he didn’t think it was a bad idea. He encouraged me to do it, not to take the risk and to ignore my gut. It hit me all once: Why do something that you don’t want to do? Why not take the risk, go with my gut? Why not follow your dreams? Why settle? I deserve for every job to excite me, for every city I live in to inspire me, and for every guy, on Tinder and off, to be a great conversationalist that appreciates

what I have to say and encourages me to do what’s best for me. I breathed deeply through the rush of my realization and called my mom. I accidentally clicked my friend Mandy’s name in my phone. “Hello?” she asked. “Hi…. Who is this? Mom?” I replied. “It’s Mandy,” she said, sounding confused. My serendipitous mistake led me to ask more about her work, her time in the city, and it solidified my desire to do what was right for me. This Spring Break I’ll be spending my week in New York City, meeting new people in different offices, including Mandy’s, as well as, networking, writing, and exploring, hoping to gain insight and inspiration. Mark and I have discussed maybe meeting up for dinner in the city, to get to know each other and to take it slow. I’ll be taking the week for myself to explore my favorite city and to do some of my favorite things, to focus on ending up in the best place for me. Why? Not because I’m an idiot in love and not because I’ve ruled out the possibility of a Tinder swipe gone right, but simply because I deserve it. If anything, I’ll at least leave the city with a few more Tinder matches than when I arrived.

*Mark is not actually named Mark. Names were changed to protect the innocent Tinder matches caught in the whirlwind of my clinginess. **Mandy is not actually named Mandy. Names were changed to protect my friends because I love them dearly. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 47






Once a year, I’m expected to empty my savings account to spend a week on an overcrowded beach full of loud, obnoxious strangers, all in the name of spring break. Spring break should be a good time for us to finally escape the clutches of college and have a little free time to recuperate from everyday stresses. Unfortunately, life is not like the movies, and every year I find myself stuck at home, swamped in school projects that are due when I get back. The worst part about spring break, though, is the weather. Our spring break happens in the middle of winter. Shorts, sandals, and bikinis? You wish. You’ll be lucky if you can go without a heavy coat. If you’re blessed enough to trade the snow for sand, enjoy your time while it lasts. After all the planning and all the traveling, you’ll just as soon find yourself unpacking your suitcase before you are packing it back up to come home to the subzero temperatures your body is no longer used to. One week is just not enough time to truly escape reality and enjoy your vacation. Even if you aren’t convinced that spring break isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I think we can all agree that it would be a lot more enjoyable if it lived up to its name of actually being in the spring and actually being a break. Spring break forever? More like spring break never.

As a person who is proactive in both my academic, social and creative life, I tend to get emotionally and physically exhausted from the amount of tasks I tackle. So when I know that I have a week off coming up, I start to get really excited. I mean, let’s be real y’all: Who doesn’t appreciate having time off from your deadlines or space from your roommates? Spring break is not only a godsend for alone time, but it’s a rejuvenation period where you can actually just set down your phone and live your life for a bit. Wanna read? You have time! Wanna play with pets because you haven’t seen them in weeks? Um, who wouldn’t? How often do you get to walk away from conversations and duties in an academic setting? Um, never, don’t lie to yourself! You deserve a moment to self-indulge. As Tom and Donna on my favorite television show Parks and Recreation emphasize (which I will be catching up on over my spring break, by the way): Treat Yo Self! It doesn’t matter if you’re in Mexico or good ole’ Holmes County, Ohio (my hometown, represent). Time off is time off and I will take advantage of every minute by doing exactly the opposite of my spring semester lifestyle: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


spring break 2016




Alicia MacDonald

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Thread Spring Break Special Edition 2016  

A secret, special edition of Thread Magazine to be used as a guide to making this Spring Break the best one yet.

Thread Spring Break Special Edition 2016  

A secret, special edition of Thread Magazine to be used as a guide to making this Spring Break the best one yet.

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