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HAUTE ONLINE Looking for a new internet obssession? Whether you want to listen to podcasts or watch some videos, we’ve got you covered virtually.

CHRISTI’S COUCH If one were a fan of the reality series Dance Moms, the titular host of Christi’s Couch might sound familiar. Christi Lukasiak, former dance-mom, steps into the podcasting world with her weekly show, Christi’s Couch. Bringing on many former dance moms to spill the details behind the show, she also divulges into a variety of topics, like world news. Listeners hear all the behind-thescenes information from Dance Moms and get up-close and 4 | THREAD

personal with the former cast. Lukasiak is still as honest as ever in Christi’s Couch, giving advice to her listeners and bringing personal stories to the show. This podcast can keep anyone entertained for hours thanks to Lukasiak’s humor. Christi’s Couch spills all the tea and more to keep one listening. -AMY SZMIK

haute online

GOODNIGHT MOON ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, has been a huge craze since 2010, but especially during stressful periods of time, it is a great way to decompress. Be it makeup POVs, eating food, or anything else one can think of, there are many different types of ASMR to produce tingles or satisfy and relax. However, where I head to decompress in terms of ASMR is YouTube star Goodnight Moon. Active since 2014, Goodnight Moon, or Erin Timony, is most known for her Babblebrook series filled with various creatures and role-play that tell a story of the Babblebrook area. This includes a two-hour “All Hallows Eve Festival” video, among others. Her other famous videos include “hanging out” role-plays, makeup POVs, 1920s role-plays, valley girl accent videos, and art project ASMR for sounds. Outside of her channel, Timony is also dating

fellow ASMRtist Marno ASMR and has a history of makeup artistry, even coming in second place at NYX makeup’s 2015 FACE competition. She initially started as a beauty vlogger under the name FreshBlush before she started her ASMR channel. Her overall vibe is very kind, calming, and just everything one would want in an ASMRtist. Some of my favorite videos are her “Celebrity Personal Assistant” role-plays and her “hanging out” playlist, both of which make me relax from the tingling sensation that comes with ASMR, while also taking away some of my real-life stress through these fictional scenarios. For a good mix of talking and sound production, as well as an insanely talented quality of video production with her backgrounds, props, and costumes, check out Goodnight Moon on YouTube. - RILEY RUNNELLS


EMILY MARIKO Salmon, rice, and an ice cube started the rise to fame for Emily Mariko, a 29-year-old YouTuber, TikToker, and model from the United States. Her fame, although starting on YouTube, really picked up on TikTok when she made a recipe video involving salmon, rice, soy sauce, Sriracha, Kewpie mayonnaise, seaweed, avocado, and kimchi. Her video, which involved no talking, only the sounds of her making the meal, went viral. Once Mariko’s name became popular on TikTok, more of her pleasing-styled 6 | THREAD

videos started filling the “For You” page. She features more impressive recipes and shows off her cooking skills, all while keeping a simplistic, pleasing vibe throughout her videos; she makes it easy to end up lost on her page. Mariko is recently engaged and the internet cannot help but show love and support for its new favorite TikToker. - KAYLA BENNETT

haute online

MINA LE From the outside looking in, Mina Le is living in a hautecouture dreamworld, and it is a privilege to even get a glimpse of her creativity. With her signature 1930s-inspired eyebrows, it would be easy to drag and drop Le’s stylized Instagram posts (@gremlita) right into a magazine spread. A 25-year-old Southeast Asian YouTuber and TikToker based in New York City, Le creates high-quality “video essays” regarding fashion and culture on her YouTube channel and elevates video trends commonly seen on “Fashion TikTok” on her TikTok account (@ gremlita). At the time of writing, she has a total of 901,200 followers on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram combined. One of the best YouTube videos to

ease oneself into a Le obsession is her video titled “tiktok is kind of bad for fashion”, in which she called out TikTok’s promotion of overconsumption. Over on TikTok, she has a video titled “Met Gala Inspired Fits”, where she casually ate up everyone that attended the 2021 Met Gala and chose not to follow the “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” theme. For those interested in fashion, pop culture, and/ or soothing narration (seriously, her voice is so relaxing), I highly recommend giving Mina Le a follow. From “Emily in Paris is a Fashion Disaster” to “The Cultural Inspirations in Raya and the Last Dragon”, Le’s content truly is for the people. -DORI GRAY



Find out the top five things that our exec board is inspired by right now.



CAMILA CABELLO I know this is a hot take, but I absolutely adore Camila Cabello’s discography. I definitely indulge in her featured tracks when they come on the radio, but I personally have and love both of her albums, Camila and Romance. As a die-hard 5 Seconds of Summer fan, Cabello’s old band Fifth Harmony’s fanbase was a fierce rival of 5SOS’s, so I stayed away from her until she left the band in 2016. I really started listening to the Cuban-American singer my freshman year here at Ohio University and found her to be a bangin’ artist to hot girl walk to class to. While some cannot get past her “nasally” sound, my focus is on the gorgeous intonation, sick beats, and addicting lyrics I find her songs to have. Her latest single, “Don’t Go Yet”, is a flamenco lover’s dream and beautifully sets up her much-awaited third album, Familia, that I cannot wait for. I also love her relationship with Shawn Mendes; just two attractive young people loving up on each other and being domestic together. What is not to love? Haters gonna hate, but no one can talk me out of appreciating Cabello’s sound. - CRISTINA FORMICHELLI

top 5


ARIANA GRANDE It seems, since the huge success of her Grammynominated album Thank U, Next in 2019, that Ariana Grande has not left the spotlight. After releasing two albums in the span of seven months, Sweetener in August 2018 and Thank U, Next in February 2019, one would think an artist would take a break for themselves, but that is not the case here. Grande dropped a surprise album Positions with little to no promotion in October 2020, which she wrote and recorded almost all by herself in her home studio during quarantine. Aside from that, she collaborated with multiple artists for their albums, such as

Demi Lovato, The Weeknd, and Doja Cat. Sometime within all of this, she found time to fall in love; she married her spouse, Dalton Gomez, in May. Think things may slow down here? Nope. Grande is now a judge on “The Voice” and her buzz has skyrocketed the success and views of the show’s 21st season. Grande is truly a woman who does not stop for anyone, and that attitude has always been the reason I look up to her and respect her so much. She is quite literally the definition of unstoppable and I do not see her disappearing on us anytime soon. - HUNTER GIBSON OUTHREADMAG.COM | 9


MIKAYLA NOGUEIRA Since her rise to internet fame in spring 2020, I have been a fan and follower of Mikayla Nogueira’s makeup TikTok account. The first of many viral videos she posted that I watched was a tutorial of her teaching her audience how she covers her acne, and from that point on, I saw more and more of her videos popping up on my “For You” page, and I was hooked. Nogueira’s videos include product reviews, unboxing hauls, clothing tryons, makeup transformations, and makeup tutorials. In her 10 | THREAD

videos, she is honest about the products she reviews and is open and vulnerable with her feelings toward self-image, which she shares with her audience. And, on top of that, she also runs a separate account on TikTok, @eatwithmikayla, where she shares her experiences and struggles with eating disorders while making and eating food. Nogueira is a bright and kind person, her career is only going to continue to go up, and I am so excited to see where it goes - JILLIAN CRAIG

top 5


HALLOWEEN My absolute favorite thing going right now is still the amazing costumes that people came up with. I love watching TikToks of others coming up with amazing ideas and using some kick-ass audio behind it. The audio is what really pulls the videos together and that is something I am still obsessed with. “Please don’t kill me Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel” is my favorite sound; I love hearing that and watching people make their costumes or pair the sound with trendy clothing they have. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and using social media to create some amazing Halloween content makes me so, so happy. I say keep the TikToks coming. - DYLAN HOLLENBACHER


GLASS ANIMALS I absolutely adore Glass Animals. I am sure many have heard their iconic song, “Heat Waves”, which became a huge hit this summer. But, when diving into their music, the electronic, EDM aspect of their music perfectly blends into the softer use of lead singer Dave Bayley’s voice. The band has incredibly conceptual shows, and their music and concerts just really make one feel like they are in a different dimension. Their newest single, “I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)” will surely add an extra hop into your step for the rest of this semester. I cannot recommend Glass Animals enough. - CORRIN SWITZER


Editor’s Note Hello readers! We are so excited to bring you our second issue of the 2021-22 school year: the pop culture issue. Anyone who knows me and the rest of the executive board and Thread staff knows we are pop culture fanatics. I even created my own path of specialization for my journalism degree that revolves around entertainment. Pop culture is pretty much embedded in all of our lives. With the cold weather approaching, our accessories feature two types of layers with faux fur coats (P.26) and shackets (P.30). Our Seams Profile appropriately features two powerful women who are taking over the industry: Miley Cyrus (P.46) and Willow Smith (P.50). Our DIY section shows you how to make the perfect pumpkin spice latte to keep the fall vibes going (P.66). Additionally, editorial-wise, our Features and Back of the Closet sections burst with good content, varying from Asian pop culture becoming mainstream in America to a guide to sweaters during the cold weather months. We are especially excited for you to see our Middle of the Book photoshoots. Our photo, video, styling, makeup, and modeling teams worked incredibly hard to bring these shoots to life. The first is our Euphoria-themed shoot (P.84). We cast every character with Thread models for the shoot. Though we spent the majority of the time in the studio, we moved to a hotel to get some outdoor and indoor shots to nail Rue’s bike riding vibes and the motel scenes. Next is the “New Barbie” shoot, which featured a new spin on the classic character (P.98). As time has gone on, Mattel’s Barbie brand became more inclusive with 12 | THREAD

its dolls, including different skin tones, body types, and more. We wanted to reflect that in this shoot, showcasing all different types of beauty and challenging the old Barbie stereotype. Similarly to casting models for the Euphoria shoot, we got a huge group together for our Stranger Things shoot (P.112). The Netflix show dropped in 2016 and is getting ready to release its fourth season. We spent a lot of time in the studio taking photos, but we also took some shots outside of the Athena Cinema to emulate some of the third season mall setting. Finally, we wanted to feature a director with a very specific type of film. Anyone who watches Wes Anderson films can immediately recognize his work from their unique style of cinematography, zany characters, and outlandish topics. We took everyone to Emeriti park to pull it off (P.124). This issue would not be what it is without everyone involved, so on behalf of the Thread executive board, thank you all so much, from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you enjoy this issue and are staying happy and healthy!

Much Love,

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Riley Runnells













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PHOTO AND VIDEO: Ella Calhoun, Meg Rees, Bre Severns, Tommy Hensler, Zelda Thayer-Hansen, Grace Braslawsce, Hannah Campbell, Abby Palmer, Caroline Bossa, Corrin Switzer, Emma Friend, Mikaela Woods DESIGN: Grace Sublett, Julia Greenwood, Dustin Emmons, Nivedita Chawda, Kimberly Langhirt, Avery Allison, Sarah James EDITORIAL: Riley Runnells, Carlie Reese, Cristina Formichelli, Tate Raub, Dori Gray, Abby Blose, Tommy Hensler, Samantha Kruse, Erin Finan, Katy Snodgrass, Carmen Szukaitis, Hannah Campbell, Abby Palmer, Katie Millard, Corrin Switzer, Sabine Obermoller, Kayla Bennett, Jillian Craig, Grace Miller, Anna Millar, Katie Johnson FASHION AND MODELS: Riley Runnells, Olivia Androsik, Ariana Kocab, Willow Janson, Tommy Hensler, Samantha Kruse, Nivedita Chawda, Grace Auble, Makenzie Price, Riley James, Carmen Szukaitis, Kennedy Hall, Haley Mengerink, Natasha Leiter, Alexis Ky, Riley Rice, Jillian Craig, Katie Johnson, Dani Bell PUBLIC RELATIONS: Dani Bell, Tommy Hensler, Samantha Kruse, Kara Fedurek, Caroline Bossa, Haley Mengerink, Sara Wagner, Sabine Obermoller OUTHREADMAG.COM | 13

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From the runway to the streets, and everywhere in between, here are this season’s most sought-after trends. RICKEY THOMPSON P.22 OUTHREADMAG.COM | 17


Hailing from London, U.K., Bianca Saunders is a young Black designer who has already made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She graduated with a M.A. from the Royal College of Art in 2017, specializing in menswear. “I was able to find my own aesthetic in menswear, as there was less to see and more space to change at the time,” Saunders said in an interview with British GQ. Though her debut at London Fashion Week Men’s was in 2018, she has since amassed impressive accolades, including being on Dazed’s 2019 “Dazed100” list, Forbes’ 2020 “30 Under 30” list, winning the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN Prize, and winning the ANDAM Fashion Award Grand Prize this year. Saunders’ eponymous menswear brand has been simultaneously adventuresome and relaxed. She challenged what it means to exclusively be a menswear designer, utilizing elements like ruching and ruffles to create a brand signature that anyone can appreciate. According to the Bianca Saunders website, she “[draws] from touchstones on either side of her British and West Indian background.” The Bianca Saunders Spring/ Summer 2022 Menswear 18 | THREAD

Collection, “Henchman”, was actually inspired by photos of Saunders’ family in Jamaica, which were taken by her mother at 18 years old, as noted in a post on the brand’s official Instagram page. “I was looking at … the colors in the photos and how the style was in-between casual and tailored,” the post quoted Saunders. She even had her brother, uncle, and cousin model for the collection, further enforcing the importance of family and heritage as her inspiration. The Henchman collection featured a collaboration with menswear brand Farah, and utilized sustainable denim from ISKO. Co-ords with intricate, under-the-radar luxe detailing were the collection’s main event, and all 28 looks followed a serene primary color scheme of white, green, yellow, blue, and tan. One double denim ‘fit had a jean inseam that wrapped around to the model’s shin, splitting at the ankle and elevating the look. A simple and seasonable way to get the Saunders look is to tuck a solid-colored turtleneck into identically colored loose straightleg pants. Contrast the outfit with shoes of a different hue and prepare to walk a runway — or the grocery store aisles.





Luxury womenswear designer Brandon Maxwell has always been inspired by the strong women within his life. Maxwell has dressed many significant women throughout his career, including former first lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and first lady Jill Biden, just to name a few. Maxwell’s signature is a tailored look, as well as incorporating sculptural techniques into his designs. He has usually stuck to more neutral tones, with pops of colors here and there. He has also been said to be “print-averse” in many of his collections, according to Vogue. But Maxwell’s newest Spring 2022 Ready-To-Wear Collection runway seemed to be a brand-new Brandon. The collection included a very notable colorway, with blues, greens, pinks, reds, and oranges, with many interesting prints incorporated as well. Maxwell’s use of gingham, pleats, stripes, and even a trippy mushroom print really shows Maxwell branching out, while still keeping to his tailored signature. This collection takes a young and fresh look with different psychedelic influences. There are many wavy, striped prints

throughout the collection, as well as gingham with swirls throughout the fabric. The collection includes dresses, jackets, sweaters, and skirts. Look four in the collection is a baby blue hooded jacket with a wavy, striped sweater on top and what looks like a feathered skirt just barely peeking out on the bottom. The best part is the mushroom sweater hanging on the back of the model, with the sleeves draping down the front. The mushroom graphics come from the artist Mishka Westell. In an interview with Vogue, he explained “The sporty, sexy shapes were informed by the way the young women he works with are dressing now, i.e. with skin-baring body positivity.” This new collection is a stunning ready-to-wear collection for all different types of women, which is exactly how Maxwell wants it. This newest collection showcases Maxwell’s brilliant ability to design for women and make them feel beautiful. This collection also shines a light on how versatile Maxwell can be. He can dress first ladies in beautiful, tailored looks, but also design for younger women while being on-trend.







Rickey Thompson is a comedian, model, and dancer known for his hilarious, relatable rants and passionate lip-synching. Thompson, a North Carolina native, originally moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. However, his popularity began on Vine, a short-form video platform that has since shut down, where he earned 2.5 million followers. Thompson’s success moved to platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where he continued to rake in followers with his personality and fashion taste. “I have been obsessed with fashion ever since I was little,” Thompson said to Who What Wear. “My God mom got me into fashion when I was around, I would say, 7 years old. She would put me in velour tracksuits and stuff.” The velour tracksuit era of fashion that Thompson grew up with has now inspired his wardrobe full of ’90s and early-2000s pieces. Common staples for the social media star include cropped shirts, wide-legged or baggy pants, and button-downs, which he rarely has buttoned. Lots of leather jackets and

heeled boots make up his wardrobe as well. Thompson typically shops in the women’s section of stores, opening a world of options for his fashion expression. He told Who What Wear, “. . . with the guys’ stuff, it’s just the same all the time, and I really hate that.” Thompson recently caught the eye of Vogue with his 2021 Paris Fashion Week post, the magazine naming him as one of the best Instagram looks of this year’s fashion week. The outfit featured a barelythere Ludovic de Saint Sernin plaid, studded top. He paired the statement piece with black slacks, platform leather shoes, and a clutch to match. Thompson has also been seen wearing stunning looks from Mugler and Noid, his close friend Denzel Dion’s new brand, at major events such as the MTV Video Music Awards. From starting as a Vine comedian to modeling and attending fashion shows, Thompson has remained popular with the public. He still posts amusing and relatable videos that followers love, while at the same time leading a successful career through fashion. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 23




As one of the youngest singersongwriters and most versatile artists through her years of music, Taylor Swift has ventured through different genres, while they also influenced her fashion along the way. At 31 years old, she has already created nine studio albums and has won countless awards for her work. The early days of Swift featured her country debut album. While she would perform her top songs, “Tim McGraw” and “Our Song”, she wore her tight curls, cowgirl boots, and sundresses, accompanied by her guitar. This style carried over to Fearless, an album filled with the magic of being young. This country-pop music inspired the sequined dresses she wore on stage and the bedazzled guitar she would play. The Speak Now era defined itself with beautiful, sparkly dresses, along with the whole “fairy tale” theme Swift was aiming for. This selfwritten album was more theatrical and she did not hold back. She wore flowy, long dresses on stage while dancing around litup trees; she even sang off of decorative balconies. With Red, Swift brought a more mature sound and look for this era. With straight hair and bangs, she wore highwaisted shorts and striped shirts, vintage dresses, and from this

era emerged her signature red lipstick. This album was a shift from adolescence into a more mature style of music. 1989 switched her from country to a pop sensation. She cut her hair into a bob, wore cropped shirts, skater skirts, and sparkly sets. The edgiest of her albums, Reputation, included darker lyrics and darker clothing. Bedazzled black bodysuits, thigh-high boots, and crimson red lipstick were features in her wardrobe. She embraced the bad press that was after her at this time, took this “negative” reputation, and created an entire album and show that went along with it. Lover was a complete shift from the darkness into light. Fringe jackets, pastel shorts, and colorful, sparkly dresses replaced the darker hues of her previous era. She even dyed the ends of her hair pink to go along with the theme. Swift’s latest works are Folklore, and its sister album, Evermore. She transitioned from pop into a more indie-folk style of music. She embraced a cozier style of plaid jackets, oversized sweaters, long skirts and dresses, and, of course, her cardigan. Swift’s ever-changing style is inspiring as she transitioned through the genres and simultaneously allowed change within herself. Wherever her next era goes, it is sure to have new fashion and themes. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 25


A COAT Faux You




lthough it may not feel like coat weather in Athens yet, the colder season swiftly approaches. Soon we will have to trade in our summer wardrobes for heavier clothing. When the season changes, faux-fur coats will be keeping everybody warm and toasty. Options are never-ending with this coat, found in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Staying comfortable this year will be easy because wearing faux fur is like wearing a big, fluffy blanket. Styling becomes effortless; add a furry coat on top of everyday clothing to stay warm and look stylish. Try a monochromatic look, starting with a white base; next, add a favorite white faux-fur coat on top to complete the look. Going for a more exotic look? Layer a fuzzy cheetah-print jacket on top of a red tank top and dark-wash jeans. Recently, Kim Kardashian styled her faux-fur coat with an all-black outfit. The shaggy coat spoke for itself with this outfit; the iridescent piece was a statement. Kendall Jenner wore sweats and a bra top with a fuzzy fur coat during an Alo Yoga photoshoot.


Faux fur is the more suitable choice for all who are looking to reduce their use of animalderived fabrics. Some luxury brands — Versace, Gucci, and Neiman Marcus — are joining the anti-fur movement and showing their devotion to animal rights. Brands switching from real fur to faux fur has significant impacts on saving large quantities of animals. However, the use of faux fur raises the question among activists, “is it more sustainable than real fur?” On the one hand, using faux fur means less animal agriculture. To combat that argument, one could say that synthetic fabrics are a significant contributor to the microplastic issue. Real fur has its arguments as well; it is biodegradable and natural. The debate continues if faux fur is more environmentally friendly than real fur. Endnote: reducing animal farming is an environmental win. From comfortability, versatility, and sustainability, this coat has got it covered this year. Fashion is more crucial than ever, and being adventurous comes with ease with this new layering piece; elevate any wardrobe with a faux-fur coat.





Is that a jacket or a shirt? Both, actually; it is a new fashion hybrid: the shacket. Many fashion hybrids have tried and failed to keep up with the insatiable fashion world within the last century. In particular, skorts — a skirt and short combination — and jeggings — jean and legging hybrid — both came and went. However, the shacket is making it known that it is not just a fad. This shirt jacket has had continual growth in popularity over the last few years. It is simply a button-down that is a little longer on the torso with long sleeves and pockets on the side. As the colder months approach, everyone will want to have this wardrobe stable to keep warm. The shacket originates from late-19th-century French laborers. They wore traditional workwear consisting of a jacket and trousers used to protect the civilian clothes, also known as bleu de travail. The making of workwear involved using hard-wearing canvas to create a boxy-fitting cut and dyeing it blue; indigo dye was relatively OUTHREADMAG.COM | 31

cheap. Fast forward to the 21st century, shackets started being heavily introduced to the market in 2018. Since then, the shirt jacket has been adapting to the change of seasons and keeping up with the hottest trends. Shackets can be found in all types of fabrics, designed to fit any style and occasion. They are notably found in cotton, denim, corduroy, suede, velvet, leather, patterned, etc. While the shacket is typically oversized, there are modern and sleek pieces as well. Functionality and versatility are the key reasons as to how the shacket continues to stay in our closets. Grab a colorful shacket and pair it with a monotone white look to let the piece speak for itself. Try 32 | THREAD

a crew neck and jeans with a black shacket layered on top for an easy, but put-together look. Celebrities have also been seen sporting their shackets. Bella Hadid took to Instagram to share her yellow shacket with nothing underneath but a pearl necklace. Paparazzi also spot and photograph other fashion influencers like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna wearing shackets. Heading to class, going to the office, or maybe hitting the town with friends? The shacket has you covered on all fronts; dress it up or dress it down. Adaptability makes it a necessary closet staple. The possibilities are endless with this hybrid, so try this trend out for yourself.






Tattoos as a form of expression has grown in popularity, and it looks as though that trend is going to continue well into the future. If you are going to spend time and money getting a piece for yourself, be sure to care for it properly.


Week 1 The first week after getting a new tattoo is the most crucial to getting the healing process off on the right foot. First things first, follow any and all directions from the artist — they know what they are talking about. Most artists will say to keep a new tattoo wrapped for around one to four days, depending on the size of the piece. If the artist puts “second skin” over the piece, this part of the healing process is super simple — leave it alone. The second skin is meant to stay put and hold in all the moisture to help promote what is referred to as “wet healing.” Even if it looks gross (which it will), do not remove the second skin until the allotted time has passed. Now, if the artist does not use second skin, one would need to keep the piece covered with plastic wrap to hold moisture in. With this method, replace the old wrap with new, clean wrap about every four hours, and wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap each time before putting a new wrap on.


Weeks 2 - 6 This stage of healing is crucial: keeping the tattoo clean and moisturized. After removing the wrap, the piece will begin to dry (this is normal), but one does not want it to get too dry. A tattoo getting too dry increases peeling as it heals, which is very itchy and hard to leave alone, and over-dryness can also cause cracking. Think about having dry lips in the winter — do not let that happen to a new tattoo. Additionally, one wants to prevent infections now that the tattoo is susceptible to all the germs of the world. During this stage, wash the tattoo with a gentle, unscented, antibacterial soap two to three times throughout the day and before going to bed. Brands such as Dial, Dove, or even a classic, like Tattoo Goo, work well. When washing the piece, be sure to use lukewarm water and use just fingertips to rub the tattoo; it is still fragile at this point and irritation should be avoided.


Following each wash, apply an unscented moisturizer as well to help keep the area hydrated and prevent cracking or flaking. Any unscented, lightweight lotion will do, but some commonly used ones include Tattoo Goo, Nivea, and Dove. It should be kept in mind, however, that moisturizing will not completely prevent peeling and flaking; unfortunately, that is part of the process. Do not peel the skin. Peeling risks pulling some of the ink out, which will cause blank spots and will require touch-ups later on. Beyond Initial Healing To keep tattoos vibrant and healthy, one should always keep them clean and moisturized, sort of like a facial routine. Another important thing to remember is to prevent tattoos from getting sunburned. Always apply SPF when going out, as sunburns can remove ink and contribute to faster fading.





Coloring Outside

the Eyes




lassic or colorful? Matte or glossy? Smoky or striking? When it comes to eyeliner looks, there are lots of options to choose from today. With the revival of the early ’80s makeup and the grungy-groovy vibes from the ’60s and ’70s, eccentric eyeliner looks have become the hottest makeup trend. Celebrities in both mainstream and online media have especially taken a liking to the creative eyeliner craze, serving looks that continually evolve and elevate the liner game for everyone. Interested in creating eyeliner masterpieces? Here is some inspiration for beautiful, interesting, and fun looks. Doja Cat is one artist who has consistently been coming up with new and creative ways to express both her style and makeup. Miss Doja does not shy away from unusual colors or shapes when it comes to her eye looks, often rocking some form of a graphic and attention-grabbing eyeliner. A staple for her is a cut crease eyeliner extending into the wing. She has worn a multitude of different versions of this kind of liner shape in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and even textures, rockinganything from a matte single-color liner to color-shifting glitters and gems fashioned into a large wing.



An easy version of a crease eyeliner is a simple black or white line following the natural upper crease of the eye. More creative looks can include overexaggerating the crease of the eye or using different geometric shapes such as a rounded end rather than a wing. A popular way of executing a crease-liner look is layering several different colors offset from each other to create a sort of 3D effect. However, bright and colorful eyeliner is not the only way to execute intricate eye looks; dark, grunge liner is making a resurgence as well. Celebs like Dove Cameron sport dark, smoky eye looks with sharp, black wings and heavy kohl liner in the waterline. The smoked-out waterline, paired with a sharp, winged eyeliner, makes for a sultry night look. For an even more dramatic effect, lining the inner corner of the eye creates the recently popular “fox eye,” a winged liner that elongates the shape of the eye rather than making it appear rounder, creating a sexier ambiance with the dark and purposefully messy look. Whether one prefers the striking colors and shimmers of Doja Cat’s abstract take on eyeliner, or the alluring, heavy, and dark smoked-out liner of Cameron’s, there is a way to rock fun eyeliner for all.


Miley Cyrus Much more than a dream and her cardigan BY ABBY PALMER PHOTOS BY PROVIDED



WITH MILEY CYRUS, one can expect the unexpected. She has worn many hats during her lifetime of fame: Disney Channel pop princess, twerking phenomenon, and stripped-down country pop star. Now, Cyrus is in her rock ’n’ roll phase, and it is clear she was born to play this role. Billy Ray Cyrus, a country music star, practically raised Miley Cyrus (born Destiny Hope Cyrus) in the spotlight. However, most millennials and Generation Z will recognize Cyrus and her father from their roles in the series “Hannah Montana”, which skyrocketed Cyrus’ career. Once she took off the blond wig for good, she was free to express her “untamed” self and made headlines for her jarring transformation. Cyrus is constantly evolving, musically and aesthetically.

Her eras are starkly defined by where she was in life. During her Bangerz album era, Cyrus was a heavy partier and opted for the shock-factor. Younger Now was a brighter, more soulful album, framed by her rekindling with Liam Hemsworth. However, her divorce from Hemsworth prompted her recent, most hardcore release, Plastic Hearts. In everything she does, Cyrus has been unapologetically unpredictable. This rock ’n’ roll era is sonically and thematically inspired by musical icons such as Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks and Billy Idol, all of whom are featured on the album. At her concerts, Cyrus is known to “cover songs by old people [her] fans don’t know,” she joked on her Instagram. Cyrus’ voice is easily distinguishable because of its strength and rasp. Her Tennessee


roots also add a twang to her voice. When listening to her seemingly effortless vocals, her upbringing in the music world is evident. Cyrus’ style reflects her striking voice, as her outfits are always loud and proud. She is a risktaker and often wears leather, sheer, and sparkly pieces. A lot of her recent style is Americanainspired, and she is often seen wearing cowboy hats, leather, denim, and sports-themed attire, which fit in with her classic rock persona. Cyrus is also notorious for showing a lot of skin, which is still a part of her style today, as she reminds us that she is a strong, confident woman who will not be censored. In her song “WTF Do I Know?” Cyrus sings, “I’m completely naked but I’m making it fashion,” which reminds listeners that Cyrus makes her


own rules in the fashion world and beyond. Outspoken about social justice matters, Cyrus founded the The Happy Hippie Foundation in 2014. The organization focuses on youth homelessness, specifically within the LGBTQ+ community. The Happy Hippie Foundation donates resources to youths in need, hosts social media campaigns, and presented the Backyard Sessions; videos where Cyrus performed covers live in her backyard to gain momentum for the organization and prompt donations. Cyrus seems to be thriving in her rock ’n’ roll era and has proven herself to be a timeless artist and public figure because of her refreshing authenticity and unpredictability. Cyrus can’t stop; she won’t stop.




Willow Smith Baby, are you coming for the ride?



here are few young people in the mainstream today that are pushing blurring gender norms and contributing to alternative fashion as much as Willow Smith. Smith and her brother Jaden are the children of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, all of whom made a name for themselves in their own right. At only 20 years old, Willow’s list of achievements and influence in the alternative scene is comparable to none. Smith has always been in the spotlight for being the child of two huge Hollywood celebrities, but she first made a name for herself when she released her platinum-certified 2010 single “Whip My Hair”. She was only nine at the time it was released, but with such a huge success at such a young age, Smith has stated it was hard on her. She continued to release music, slowly moved away from the pop sound, and is now a notable alternative artist. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 51

Her most notable songs are her 2015 hit, “Wait a Minute!” and her 2019 song, “Time Machine”. Another song to note is “Meet Me At Our Spot”, a part of her project, THE ANXIETY, with Tyler Cole, which has recently found new hype after a live performance on YouTube. She also released an album in July, lately I feel EVERYTHING, which featured the song “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l (feat. Travis Barker)”. While Smith’s fame stems from her music, she is also known for her experimental 52 | THREAD

fashion; striking eyeliner and switching things up are her thing. She has explored pop, punk, alternative, and indie genres, but also the respective fashion styles as well. Most of her recent music and fashion lean alternative and pop-punk, as seen in her recent album. Still, putting labels on Smith’s fashion would serve her an injustice because she is constantly experimenting and pushing the box. She is also often seen with a septum piercing, but even that is subject to vary depending on the day. To get the Smith look, do not be afraid to experiment and take risks. Be yourself, and express feelings through fashion. She loves a striking statement, but also knows how to create and style a casual look. Experiment with colors, eyeliner, bold lips, and different textures. There is not just one thing that contributes to Smith’s fashion. Her most important accessory is always her confidence. Smith is notable for

more than just her music and fashion; she stars in the talk show “Red Table Talk” with her mother, Jada, and grandmother, Adrienne BanfieldNorris. Smith and her family are also avid philanthropists and are frequently doing things for charities and social and political causes. Not only is she talented, but she is kind, and a socially aware activist.



Crafting the most intricate of knick-knacks, working out the mind, body, and soul, and making the most delicious treats. CHILDLIKE, CHUNKY, FUN: BEADED NECKLACES P.58 54 | THREAD



Something as simple as a sticker can serve as a political statement or a representation of one’s identity, so there is no denying the power a single sticker can hold. Take a look around; laptops, reusable water bottles, phones, cars, skateboards, notebooks — they are all covered in stickers. With the element of personalization stickers add, any ordinary object transforms into a piece of artwork that carefully

displays the owner’s narrative. Stickers are available everywhere, but it is sometimes hard to find exactly what one is looking for. Maybe someone wants a sticker of their dog, or of an inside joke shared with friends. Whatever their custom sticker needs may be, there is a simple way to make these types of stickers at an affordable price; using materials that are readily available.


Markers (optional) Printed pictures (optional) Paper Scissors Parchment paper Clear packaging tape


diy: make it

by drawing or printing the desired sticker 1 Start designs onto the regular paper.

2 Cut out the design or picture. 3 Lay down the parchment paper. a piece of tape larger than the sticker design, 4 Place adhesive side down, onto the parchment paper.

5 Place design or picture faceup on top of the tape. 6

Secure the design or picture by placing another piece of tape over the cut out and previously laid tape. Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles and imperfections.

7 around the design, leaving a thin, clear tape border. Peel the tape off of the parchment paper. Cut

8 Place the sticker where desired. Using this simple process with materials that are found in most households, anyone is able to decorate their surroundings the way they wish. Do not be afraid to cover something in different designs and express yourself through the power of stickers.


Childlike, chunky, fun: beaded necklaces


From the early days of beaded jewelry craft kits found at local craft stores, like A.C. Moore, to the modernized versions by the brand Simple Trendy Modern Touch (STMT) at Target today, this nostalgic form of expression is making a comeback. Since becoming mainstream, expressional jewelry and materials for beaded necklaces can be found at many major retailers, including—and perhaps most abundantly on—Etsy. From necklaces to earrings, Etsy offers an impressive number of personalized

jewelry options, such as specific zodiac signs, monograms, phrases, and more. However, if one is looking for an alternative to buying these popular pieces online or in stores, try creating them at home. With personal ideation, one may be able to create varieties that are more personal and not sold in stores. To start, try coming up with a list of three ideas for creative beaded necklaces that fit into the lives of any college student. This could be a name, a school, a favorite saying, or a favorite word; the options are endless.

MATERIALS: 1. Beads of choice (letters, ones of different colors, shapes, and sizes) 2. Bead/jewelry cord 3. Craft or regular scissors 4. Ruler


Step 1: Unravel the bead/jewelry cord to the desired length for the necklace (Tip: Measure the lengths of some favorite necklaces. Popular necklace lengths vary from 16-21 inches). Step 2: Lay out the beads into the desired pattern (Tip: Place the beads in the desired order/layout beforehand. This helps prevent unraveling the design later on). Step 3: Tie a small knot on one side of the bead/jewelry cord, keeping a small amount of cord at the end beyond the knot for the final tie to join the necklace together (Tip: Make sure the knot is wider than any of the beads so they do not slip off!). Step 4: Fill the bead/jewelry cord with the beads. Step 5: Once the design is on the bead/jewelry cord, tie a small knot on the remaining side to secure the beads in place, keeping a small amount of cord at the end beyond the knot for the final tie to join the necklace together. Step 6: Take the knots from both sides of the cord and join them together with a final knot. In the end, the idea of the beautiful, bulky beaded necklace can be a great complement to the culture of today. There is enjoyment in finding ways to express and share thoughts with others in an individualized way, and handmade jewelry is one awesome way to do that. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 59

! N U , R S I E ZO MB The new immersive running game is great for those who are trying to find the motivation to go on a run, jog, or even a walk. Running can be boring and monotonous at times, but not with this app. BY SABINE OBERMOLLER PHOTOS BY PROVIDED

When starting the game, the player becomes “Runner Five,” and everyone’s lives depend on them. The user is listening to a narration, which sounds exactly like zombies are chasing them. Users have to run faster sometimes when a warning signal sounds in order for the zombies to not catch up. Zombies, Run! has 200 missions that one can complete. During these missions, the game will automatically collect supplies that will help runners build up their “bases.” 60 | THREAD

The game mixes gaming and exercise in the best way possible. After the user finishes their run, they can still use the app and focus on building up their base and leveling up. This creative application can track steps and play music between missions. Most notadly, the app can help distract users from the fact that they are running, which can cause them to get less tired and continue to exercise. Instead of the user focusing on how tired they are,

diy: work it









the game shifts the focus onto having to complete a mission to avoid impending danger or zombies. This can become a huge motivation for those who are not fond of running and serve as a helpful impulse for those who enjoy gaming and want to become more active. While the app is free and allows for the users to play certain missions, there are in-app purchases and subscriptions,


allowing access to many more missions. The free version still allows for users to have fun, but if a user wants to keep using the app as a supportive tool for exercise, the paid version is a great option. Zombies, Run! is available on the App Store or Google Play store, and it is compatible with IOS and Android devices. Good luck, Runner Five!

diy: work it








the fl

3 . Pour th

4 . Bake for 50-55

5 . Once the bread has fi 6 . Enjoy breaking bread with a


hread F

all is the time to appreciate the warm and toasty side of life, and there is no better way to stay warm and toasty than with a brand-new bread recipe. Bread is easy and fun to make, and wonderful to share with friends. To save money and a trip to the grocery store, here is a recipe for a delicious, thick-crusted bread that is just made with two ingredients.


1 . 2 2/3 cups of self-rising flour 2 . 12-ounce can of beer, freshly opened INSTRUCTIONS

1 . Preheat the oven to 375 f.

Combine the flour and beer in a mixing bowl until the flour is moist (tip: sifting flour into the mixture will give the bread a fluffier texture and a better rise).

he mixture into a greased baking pan.

5 minutes or until the top is slightly brown.

finished baking, let it cool for 5 minutes before removing it from the pan. loved one.






all is here. It is the time when the sound of leaves being crunched by boots fills the air. Sweaters embrace wearers in a knitted hug. It is the season for scary movies and apple cider; the time for reading books and bingeing entire shows in under a week. More than anything, autumn brings us an undeniable craving for one thing: pumpkin spice lattes. Let’s be honest: purchasing a pumpkin spice latte as a pick-me-up can get a little expensive. That is why understanding how to make one at home can be a lifesaver. To save money and customize taste, try this recipe before wrapping up in a blanket and indulging in a steamy, hot latte.


INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup strongly brewed coffee or espresso 2 c. milk of choice 2 tablespoons pumpkin puree 1 tbsp. brown sugar or 1 tbsp. maple syrup 1/4 tbsp. pumpkin pie spice 1/4 tbsp. vanilla extract Whipped cream (optional) Cinnamon sugar (optional)


1. To start, heat the milk, pumpkin puree,

sweetener of choice, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla extract together on the stove.

2. After the mixture heats to the desired temperature, whisk or froth until foamy.

3. Add coffee or espresso and mix. 4. Add whipped cream and cinnamon sugar if desired.

This process takes about the same amount of time, or less, as going to a coffee shop and purchasing a latte. Adjust this recipe to one’s individualized taste, and in no time, you will be saving money while enjoying the fall aroma.




A glimpse into some of Athens’ most captivating people, places, and events. ATHENS DJS P.72 OUTHREADMAG.COM | 71


A spotlight on those who hype up Athens all night. BY HANNAH CAMPBELL PHOTOS BY MIKAELA WOODS



he atmosphere of any bar or party is perfectly formulated; the lighting, the energy, and the music can all make or break a night. The DJs playing those bars and parties must find a way to cultivate this perfect formula. With the COVID-19 pandemic, students were not able to experience these lively parties and nights of going out like past years. Large groups were unsafe, and bars required customers to constantly wear masks and stay seated. Matthew Fischer, also known as DJ Fisch, is a junior studying music production and recording industry, and serves as the head of Brick Life Entertainment. He said it was hard to create an entertaining set in an awkward environment where people could not interact with each other. “It’s very hard for a DJ to read what’s going on in the environment when everyone is sitting down,” Fischer said. “As a DJ, our job is to read a crowd and provide for that crowd. When you get people sitting down and not interacting with the DJ, it’s really

hard for them to figure out what people are looking for.” Fischer started DJing at 13 years old after watching YouTube videos of artists like DJ Carnage. He was so inspired by these artists he decided to teach himself how to DJ from an app on his phone. “I just remember [DJ Carnage] being able to control the crowd and chase the emotion and environment,” Fischer said. “I just found that super cool, and I wanted to do that.” After coming to Athens, Fischer used both his music and business skills to work for Brick Life Entertainment, a student-run DJ service and promotion comMATTHEW FISCHERpany. Any business or party can reach out to the company if they need DJs, promotions, or multimedia services. Some of the local businesses they work with include Red Brick Tavern, Pawpurr’s Bar, The Pigskin, The Over Hang, and Courtside Pizza. Another DJ with Brick Life Entertainment, Mitch Vandon, also known as DJ THR33 PEAT, is a junior studying criminal sociology. He started DJing during quaran-

“As a DJ, our job is to read a crowd and provide for that crowd. When you get people sitting down and not interacting with the DJ, it’s really hard for them to figure out what people are looking for.”




tine as a fun hobby, and Brick Life Entertainment hired him last year. Vandon also played at local bars during strict COVID-19 regulations. He said the environment was an adjustment for him, and the atmosphere is much better now that there are not as many guidelines. “It was definitely awkward because no one could dance or anything,” Vandon said. “It was definitely hard to pick the songs that I wanted to play. I had to pick songs that everyone knew all of the time so they could at least sing along or something in their seats.” Vandon plays at many of the local bars in Athens, but mostly plays at Red Brick Tavern. Even though the environment of a bar can get chaotic, he says he still loves what he is doing. “It’s never really been a big problem for me,” Vandon said. “Honestly, I love the enthusiasm and everyone always seems to have a good time, and that’s what I’m here to do.” Like Vandon, Alex Ward, also known as DJ 322, loves the energetic environment of playing in a bar or party. Ward says he has always had a passion for music, especially for EDM. With the help of his brother, he was able to learn how to DJ. Ward was also inspired by the atmosphere that a DJ can create with their music. “No matter how many people you have there, whether it’s six or 600, you

can all feel the same thing at once, which is something that’s really special,” Ward said. “I think that’s what really attracted me to [DJing].” Ward is an independent DJ and typically plays for bars like Broney’s Alumni Grill and The Over Hang, as well as parties for groups like the Ohio Snowcats. He also said his favorite memory of DJing is his first ever set on a trip with the Ohio Snowcats to Snowshoe, West Virginia. “I still had that twinkle in my eye just to play for anybody,” Ward said. “I remember sitting up in a hotel room with a laptop and a small DJ board and throwing a crazy party. We did that for two nights in a row, and it was just a really fun atmosphere with a lot of enjoyment.” As of right now, DJing is just a fun hobby for Ward. However, his goal is to one day play at a big venue such as Breakaway Music Festival or Express Live. Unlike Ward, Fischer wants to continue working in the music industry, but wants to focus more on the production side than actually being a DJ. He says that his favorite DJing memory was playing “Sweet Caroline” at Red Brick Tavern, during the chorus. “I cut the music and everyone’s singing,” Fischer said. “It just gave me the chills and assists the best feeling ever. I just found that really cool and really exciting. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.” OUTHREADMAG.COM | 77


who, what, wear

Magic Tattoos Magic Tattoo sticks out as friendly, welcoming parlor. BY KATIE MILLARD PHOTOS BY BRE SEVERNS


attooing has been around since ancient Egypt; an art form that is permanent both on skin and in human tradition. Centuries later, people are still getting tattoos; an almost magical way to decorate yourself and make your skin your own. This art form has only grown since tattoos have become more mainstream, but Magic Tattoo, 26 W. Stimson Ave., keeps the integrity of the sacred art of tattooing alive. Magic Tattoo is everything one could want in a tattoo parlor. Walking in, it smells comfortingly of cleaning supplies – a sure relief to anyone getting tattooed. The large windows let in a soft light that illuminates the framed images of sample tattoos the artists have drawn up, many striking and colorful. Most welcoming of all, however, are the tattoo artists: owner, Joee Green, and her husband,

Thomas Green. Both are extremely welcoming, considerate, and, most of all, passionate about tattooing. Magic Tattoo opened this past summer, replacing the former tattoo shop in the building, Thunder Bunny. Both Greens worked as artists at Thunder Bunny and were thrilled to open their own shop upon its close. “I've owned shops in the past and I’ve been getting tattooed since 1984, so I've been in a lot of different tattoo shops between working and being a customer,” Thomas said. “So I had an idea of what I wanted a tattoo shop to be.” After extensive remodeling, the store opened July 1. Joee said it took hours of work and refurbishing, explaining they completely redid all of the former tattoo rooms in favor of larger spaces, on top of remodeling the lobby, bathroom, and office space. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 79

“Our former customers that came here when it was Thunder Bunny all come in and go ‘Oh my gosh, you guys did such a great job,’” Joee said. “I don't say that to toot our horns, but when you put in that much work and do it so gradually, we almost can't see how much we've done and how much it's changed. Then people come in here and go ‘Oh my gosh, the vibes feel so much better. Like it's just lighter.’ And that feels good, it does. It's like ‘Oh, we actually did something.’” Although remodeling is mostly a thing of the past, the 80 | THREAD

pair said they still work around the clock. The shop takes both appointments and walk-ins, which are typically scheduled from noon to 6 p.m. each day, although they said they are open to adjusting their hours to accommodate customers. Magic Tattoo’s days of operation are Monday through Saturday, with Sunday reserved for administrative work. Even after going home, the couple explained they are still working for the shop. “When we're not working, we're working,” Thomas said. “When we're not here calculating,

we're home drawing, or painting, or talking to customers. I hate cliche sayings, but it's 24/7.” While they occasionally host guest artists, Joee and Thomas are the only two consistently on staff. With a full schedule, this leaves them with little time to do more. Thomas said he was a piercer for 23 years, but no longer performs them. Despite their many requests for piercings, they are strictly a tattoo shop. Unfortunately, confusion arises because Google and Facebook group tattoo and piercing shops together under categories,

resulting in numerous requests for a service they do not offer. The pair find a certain magic in tattooing and enjoy the creativity it allows them. They explained they are always happy to work with customers to create original designs. They love and appreciate the tradition of tattooing and named their shop because of the mysterious history of the art of tattoo, tracing it back to pirates and mysterious ambiences. “The reason this place is called ‘Magic Tattoo’ is because it's kind of magic,” Joee said. “There is OUTHREADMAG.COM | 81

a certain voodoo and mystique. Tattooing used to be really secretive; it used to be sort of underground.” Thomas explained many traditions of tattooing disappeared over time as tattoos have increased in popularity. He recalled when tattoo shops used to be grunge affairs in a basement storefront. He cited Seattle as an example of the newfound mainstream nature of tattoos, explaining how in 1986 he recalled the city having three tattoo shops – now it has 75. Thomas said many tattoo parlors now also serve as spas, which he did not speak ill of, only noting he felt many tattoo traditions were lost to time. He said his first tattoo was far from the experiences of today, and it 82 | THREAD

has been interesting to watch the art of tattoo change and grow. “The first tattoo shop I went in was an old biker shop that was terrifying,” Thomas said. “They were openly doing cocaine. I remember being four or five and just being scared to death. These guys looked a little bit like killers, especially back then. So when you would see someone with a lot of tattoos, it was weird. Now, and I said this just the other day walking through Walmart, I'm just like, ‘Oh, there's 50 people in here with sleeves.’” While the environment and sanitation standards may have changed, the two said it can still be scary for first-time tattooers. “I was terrified when I got my first tattoo,” Joee said. “Everybody is, so I always ask

who, what, wear

people when I'm going to tattoo them. If I don't see a visible tattoo, I'm going to ask ‘Do you have any other tattoos? I'm going to walk you through this process; here is absolutely everything I'm going to do; here's why I'm doing this; let me know if you need a drink.’” Joee suggests people wanting to get a tattoo be wary of too-small images because they can age poorly. She also recommended anyone who wants a walk-in to just stop by and skip calling ahead, because the time between calling and walking in may change their original answer as to availability. Joee and Thomas joked that they balance each other out, as Thomas is self-described as grumpy on occasion, contrasting Joee’s friendly demeanor. They serve as the perfect artist pairing, both keeping the “grumpy”

tattoo artist tradition alive while remaining friendly and welcoming, putting customers at ease. The two said they have good relationships with the other tattoo parlors in town, and Joee explained their niche. “[We are] woman-owned; there's that,” Joee said. “It's a family business. We just try to be really friendly, really accepting of everybody. We try [to] get people in. Hopefully, when people come here, they feel that it's a positive, nice vibe in here and that it's clean and accepting of everybody.” If one is in the market for a new tattoo, particularly one that is striking and colorful, Magic Tattoo is the ideal shop. With friendly, dedicated owners and a shop decorated in their artistic talents, the store is great for new and experienced tattoo enthusiasts.


(noun) 1. Intense, excitement, happiness 2. Zendaya, HBO, Sam Levinson PHOTOS BY CORRIN SWITZER















The new, improved, and inclusive Barbie. PHOTOS BY MEG REES



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THE UPSIDE D A look into the Stranger Things world PHOTOS BY ELLA CALHOUN

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The Fanta Step into Wes Anderson’s film fashion PHOTOS BY MADELINE MELRAGON

124 | THREAD

Mr. An




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six looks we like: lil nas x PHOTOS BY ZELDA THAYER-HANSEN


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CAMPUS CASUAL Light-hearted reads for the quiz-taking, listicle reading, horoscope believin’ spirit in all of us. WHICH POWERPUFF GIRL ARE YOU? P.156






The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, which means there is even more time to look at the stars. Let us see what they have in store this month.

Libra, you will relax and find inner peace this month. Last month was your time to shine, and you certainly did, but now is the time to recover and settle down after all the excitement. Find a new hobby, take time for self care, and use the opportunity of a more relaxed time to focus on the relationships you care about the most. Most importantly, focus on your relationship with yourself. This month is a great opportunity for reflection and selfimprovement, so use this time to better yourself and your experiences. If you commit to yourself and use this downtime to find some peace and everyday joy, you are sure to be better because of it.



It is your month, Scorpio. Ruling the sun, Mercury, and Mars this week, it is a perfect time to embrace communication. You will find yourself in your element and things will come easily to you. You may be inclined to keep secrets right now, but avoid that instinct in favor of thoughtful conversations. You will be trusted heavily, so use your newfound information and responsibilities wisely. People will come to you to tell you what is going on in their lives, and if you treat those conversations with importance, those who trust you will feel appreciated and will want to appreciate you in return. Make great connections, Scorpio.


Now is the time to get Capricorn, you will be very organized, Sagittarius. It is independent this month. You almost your season, and you are ruled by Saturn and your are sure to be at your most detriment is the moon, and lively and independent next as the two are interacting, month, so prepare now. Fill you may feel pulled from out your planner, commit to a your typical daily path. calendar, and set some goals. Take this change in routine The sun in Scorpio is the as an opportunity to spice perfect motivation for your things up, Capricorn, you insightful side, so combine are typically a consistent your tendency for seeing force, and some change things as they are with your will be good for you. Be big goals for a successful open to learning lessons next few months. Once during this time and they you have decided on your are sure to find you, and dreams and planned them you will be better because out, you will be ready to go. of them. Try something You may also feel particularly new, go somewhere by productive during this period yourself, or even just do your of time. However it manifests, typical routine out of order. embrace organization and Spontaneity and preparation, Sagittarius. individuality are your best friends right now. 154 | THREAD


This is a powerful time for you, Aquarius. The moon is in your sign, as well as Saturn, so you may be pulled in several directions this week – expect it to be busy. A busy time will be a fun one, so long as you pay mind to the negative emotions you may experience. You may feel dissatisfied, impatient, or stubborn. Avoid falling into these emotions and allow yourself to see setbacks as possibilities. This is a good time to embrace a full schedule and go after things you have been putting off, and you may be lucky in school. If you are patient with your negative emotions and embrace this period’s opportunities, you are sure to get ahead.


You will be bold this month, Pisces. Mercury is your detriment and this week it is in Scorpio, meaning your communication may lapse if you are too mysterious with your thoughts. Do not fall into this trap. Let yourself be free and open with your thoughts and good things will come your way, especially with friends and family. Now is a good time to bring up that issue you have been having with your roommate or an uncomfortable conversation with a friend. Honesty will serve you well, and you will have the best results by being forward right now. Communication is always a good idea, but right now, it will really help you succeed.




Expect passion and tension to be high this month, Aries. You are ruled by the planet Mars, which is very active this time of year, so prepare to feel that pull. Now is a great time to start a new fling or confess your feelings if you want something noncommittal and exciting. You will have many romantic opportunities and each will be full of passion. Try not to be swept up in the excitement so much that you cannot make informed decisions, as you are inclined to throw caution to the wind, especially during this time. Embrace dramatic, passionate relationships, Aries, and expect excitement.

You are feeling a little headstrong this month, Taurus. Uranus is in Taurus, your sign, and it is the planet of knowledge and sudden change. You may be drawn to speak your mind more than usual, and, as Uranus is square to the moon, you may seem a little eccentric. All this means, Taurus, is that you should lean into your independence during this period of time. Stand up for yourself when you feel compelled to and you will be more successful. If you embrace your individuality with pride, you are certain to make progress in work and school. Be free right now, Taurus.


LEO JUN 23 - AUG 22

You are bringing intensity, This month will finally be Leo, you will embrace your Gemini, and you will be an emotional break for you, mysterious side this month. financially lucky because Cancer. You are ruled by the You are ruled by the sun, of it. You are smart, and moon, which is currently in which is currently in Scorpio, pairing your intelligence Aquarius, so the emotions so this is the perfect time to with the excitement will that rule your actions are let others come to you. With serve you well. Go after new taking a much-deserved step your natural, fiery disposition, opportunities – a new job, a back. Though it is unlike you, friends and potential lovers different position, a new class you will be compelled to will flock to you, wanting – and you will benefit from make choices with your head to know more. Leave them it financially. Really embrace rather than your heart, and guessing, Leo; it will only your internal drive and avoid you may cry or experience make them more curious. You temptations just to get things extreme emotions less than will appear magnetic to all done quickly; rather, get usual. Take this break in around you, so now is a great them done well. Now may intensity to relax and realize time to say “yes” to plans also be a good time to start what you want long-term, with people you want to get new projects or hobbies you not just what your emotions to know a little better. People have been putting off. You want in the moment. Now want to love you, Leo, and have everything you need to is a good time to make big now is the time to let them. succeed, and right now you decisions, and to take the Embrace your mysterious will tap into those qualities opportunity to really think magnetism and enjoy your and be rewarded. things through. social success. You are feeling creative this month, Virgo. Despite your typical VIRGO logical nature, right now you will be more inclined to the AUG 23 - SEPT 22 creative side of life. You will feel inspired, and it will bring a fresh perspective to your work. Embrace this instinct and get imaginative with your everyday routines. You may study in a new place, try a new restaurant, or meet someone you have not met before. No matter the excitement, it will bode well for you, and you will be better because of it. Artistic instincts may be somewhat different than your typical routine, but anything you create during this time will help OUTHREADMAG.COM | 155 you in the long run. Be imaginative, Virgo.



Sugar, spice, and everything nice! The Powerpuff Girls was a classic ’90s cartoon that has remained a staple in pop culture over the course of the 23 years since the show’s debut. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have remained relatable enough to young girls to even earn a modern-day reboot. Each of the Powerpuff Girls has such a prominent and distinguished personality, finding one of the girls to identify with is easy. Not sure if you are sweet like Bubbles, a leader like Blossom, or strong like Buttercup? Take this quiz to find which Powerpuff Girl you are.

1. What do you value most? A. My friends and relationships B. My moral code C. My mental and physical strength 2. Friends would describe you as… A. Funny B. Fearless C. Assertive 3. What is your favorite animal? A. A cute golden retriever puppy B. The king of the jungle: a lion C. A majestically dangerous shark 4. What is your go-to drink? A. A bubbly mimosa B. A classic martini C. I’ll take a shot of anything 5. What would be your ideal first date? A. Take me to a comedy show 156 | THREAD

B. A romantic dinner and movie C. Anything adventurous and exciting 6. Do you believe in astrology? A. Yes! I check my horoscope every day and live my life according to my birth chart B. I check my horoscope for fun, but I do not take it seriously C. Absolutely not! Horoscopes are just a bunch of made-up mumbo jumbo 7. I would consider myself a(n)… A. Optimist! I am always looking at the brighter side of life B. Realist. I say it how it is and I am very grounded in reality C. Pessimist. I always expect the worst, and I am usually right

campus casual

Mostly A’s: You are totally Bubbles! You are an optimist with a fun-loving personality and a big heart. You may not always be taken seriously, but that does not stop you from doing anything you want to do. You care deeply about your friends and could even be an empath – feeling others' feelings as your own – and you are very in touch with your emotions. Your instinctive, caring nature and lively personality make you totally a Bubbles.

Mostly B’s: You are HBIC, Blossom! You are a natural-born leader and unafraid to face any kind of challenge. You care deeply about always doing the right thing, no matter how difficult. You are very classy and enjoy timeless things – classic over trendy. Honesty is a high priority for you; you prefer to say things how they are rather than try and sugarcoat them. You know exactly what you want and have a detailed plan to achieve your goals, making you a total Blossom.

Mostly C’s: You are the number one fighter, Buttercup! Your assertive and direct nature can often come off as aggression or anger, but they just don’t get it. You enjoy the thrills in life, are a total adrenaline junkie, and love anything adventurous – from roller coasters to skydiving. You care a lot about mental toughness, often repressing your emotions until you eventually explode. Your dark sense of humor and fluency in sarcasm can come off rude to some, but you do not mean any harm. You have a tough-as-nails personality and a love for excitement, which makes you exactly like Buttercup. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 157


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has put stans and casual viewers alike in an unwavering chokehold. Between the coronavirus quarantine giving the opportunity for people to binge-watch every film in the order they choose, and being fed so much new content, Marvel has effectively infiltrated every aspect of pop culture. Though a lot of the Marvel projects are stand-alone, it is much more rewarding to watch all of the films together. The characters have become figureheads for all ages, and subsequently the merchandise sales have skyrocketed. Stores like Target, the Disney Store, and Hot Topic have all made millions selling shirts with the Marvel logo and characters on them, costumes, action figures, and more. Fashion has been a huge source of advertising for the MCU. Not only through the fashion line released through Hot Topic in 2015 from Her Universe and Disney Consumer Products, but through a collective called 158 | THREAD

the Fashion Avengers. No, the Fashion Avengers were not assembled by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. to save the universe from impending doom. However, they are, like the Avengers, seeking to make global change by joining forces to inspire action. Fashion Avengers is an amalgamation of global fashion organizations that are working together to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Initialized by Project Everyone, an initiative to accelerate progress toward a fairer, greener, and more just world by 2030, Fashion Avengers has garnered the support of the British Fashion Council (BFC) and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Models, brands, agencies, and media are all coming together to support this global effort. At the time of publication, the lineup of partners includes PANGAIA, Marie Claire, Burberry, Rankin, Bottletop, Vanish, Pour Les Femmes, ForwardPMX, and

With Love Darling. The United Nations’ Sustainable Global Goals include 17 key points. These include no poverty; zero hunger; good health and well-being; quality education; gender equality; clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy; decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation, and infrastructure; reduced inequalities; sustainable cities and communities; responsible consumption and production; climate action; life below water; life on land; peace, justice, and strong institutions; and partnerships for the goals. The goal of Fashion Avengers is to highlight the important role fashion plays in achieving these goals. As one of the most influential industries in the world, fashion intersects with culture, creativity, and selfexpression. However, it is also rooted in deeply unsustainable models of consumption and production, which come at the expense of both people and the planet. The supply chains for the fashion industry suffer from a lack of transparency, meaning methods of unethical production can easily go without correction. The reality is, poor working conditions, low wages, and limited rights are a major issue among garment workers worldwide – not to mention 80% of whom are women. Additionally, some of the harsh environmental realities in relation to fashion include deforestation, soil degradation, water consumption, and waste production. For context, the fashion industry’s 2019 carbon output was equivalent to the foot-

print of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined. Online shopping’s rise has contributed to this greatly; clothing production has almost doubled in the past 15 years, worsening the industry’s impact. Currently, the industry is shifting toward transparency from brands on the realistic impact, as well as creating more of a commitment to waste and carbon emission reduction. There has also been more of a push to implement more intense workers’ rights policies across supply chains. However, Fashion Avengers wants to speed up this incredibly slow change process. Setting the goal year for 2030, Fashion Avengers is building on Business Avengers to create a group of disruptors, innovators, and team players that reflect the many facets of the industry. Those involved are committed to making sustainability the norm, not just a trend. The soft launch was in January 2021, but Fashion Avengers is available for everyone to participate in. People can participate by adapting, upcycling, and converting by reinventing one’s wardrobe; borrowing or swapping from friends and family; buying products made responsibly or second-hand; and spreading the word by showing off one’s Fashion Avenger outfit using the hashtag #FashionAvenger. Though not everyone can be fighting Thanos with a trusty team of superheroes by their side, anyone who wants to can be a Fashion Avenger and help achieve the global goals necessary for sustainable development. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 159

160 | THREAD


An in-depth look at today’s most buzz-worthy topics.



Western pop culture is becoming so much more diverse these days. It is no longer just white people in the media we consume, but a variety of stories, faces, and people to whom others can relate to. People are gaining new perspectives, and it seems that many Asians and Asian-Americans can finally tell their stories and see representation for themselves. From the rise of entertainment such as K-pop, anime, Crazy Rich Asians, 88rising, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and now the wildly successful Squid Game, the door has opened for East Asian stories that Hollywood never thought would be able to make it big. For decades, Hollywood has lacked significant representation for Asians, usually demoting them to racist stereotypes and ideals. There were jokes and remarks made, and harmful stereotypes upheld, at the expense of Asian people. That in turn affected how people saw them and how they would see themselves. The Asian characters that people would 162 | THREAD

see on TV were either unable to speak any English and had no purpose in the plot; a weird, loud caricature of what white people assumed that Asian people were; or a hypersexualized, purposefully submissive female character. Asian women in the media were simply seen as sexual bodies, and that perpetuated ideas that would hypersexualize Asian women. The media also managed to demasculinize Asian men, attempting to portray them on-screen solely as nerdy or effeminate. There is nothing wrong with Asian men who happen to be more feminine, but these stereotypes cause Asian men to be called “girls” in real life and have slurs used against them to further demasculinize them. The Asian man on screen would not be muscular or strong like his white male counterparts; rather, he would be the shy type who would be there for laughs. There are so many negative stereotypes that the Asian community has fought through to get to their current place in the media. They deserve to be seen

and treated like they should be there. The recent shift in media representation has been seen as positive by many in the Asian community. Jake Boyk, a senior with a double major in communication studies and integrated media, believes that Asian media becoming more prominent in Western culture is a good thing. “It means marginalized perspectives are being represented and advocated for. I believe it really kickstarted during the rise of the #StopAsianHate movement, and since then the Asian American media has really taken off,” Boyk said. The #StopAsianHate movement started during the COVID-19 pandemic, when alarming amounts of Asian people were violently attacked

in public. The interest in Asian culture has started to really grow during the pandemic. This new view on Asian media that views Asian people as people who can be trendy, be cool, and create media that is enjoyable is slowly being recognized by Western audiences. Especially in a time where people target and hate crime Asian people, representation for Asians is important to see. K-pop music is easily one of the most recognizable forms of Asian media that has broken into Western media in the last several years. Regardless of how anyone feels about it, K-pop has allowed Asians to see themselves in music charts and interviews. Especially with prominent names like BTS and Blackpink dominating the OUTHREADMAG.COM | 163

164 | THREAD

back of the closet

charts, seeing songs that are sung in different languages is a major landmark for the Asian community. “Idols,” the name for K-pop stars, face discrimination in the form of microaggressions, from being told they all look alike to the male idols being demasculinized and called girls. Their presence in pop music is so important to bridge cultural gaps in music and break stereotypes that Americans and the world believe about people from Asian countries. K-pop groups can sing, dance, and compose and write music, and those are not activities that many people associate with Asians. Their influence makes way for not only more music in different languages, but Asian artists in America to break into the mainstream as well. In America, the Asian artistry collective 88rising features prominent Asian-American artists like Joji, Rich Brian, and Niki, who are all making waves. They have collaborated with well-known names like Major Lazor, Swae Lee, and Playboi Carti. 88rising brings together Asian-American youths to see other people who have had the same experiences in America and can understand them. Both K-pop and 88rising’s roster contains different artists from across the globe, yet they are bringing Asian musicians to the forefront. Their music has transcended language barriers, appearances, and stereotypes, and they are slowly pushing their

way toward a more prominent role in the music industry. In the television and movie industry, Asian characters have gone from being background, one-dimensional characters, to fully developed main characters, acting beyond Asian stereotypes. There are finally stories being told from the perspective of an Asian character or family. The television show Fresh Off The Boat portrayed an immigrant family and their lives in America in a lighthearted and refreshing way. On the big screen, films like Crazy Rich Asians, Parasite, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings have all shown a large Asian ensemble cast. The men are heroes and romantic leads in these films, and the women are powerful, self-made, and clever. All of these films have been large successes and have proved to Hollywood that people will watch stories with Asian casts. The television show Squid Game is the newest addition to the list of Asian entertainment that has broken into the mainstream. One of Netflix’s most-watched shows, the Korean drama about debt-ridden people playing risky, deadly games to win money has gotten the world’s attention. To see a fully South Korean show become one of Netflix’s most popular shows of all time is a historic milestone. The representation that these films and shows bring is so important. Asian casts are OUTHREADMAG.COM | 165

breaking long-held negative beliefs about Asians while portraying compelling stories that audiences enjoy. Alexis Karolin, a senior studying history, said, “It’s very exciting as an Asian American to see the rise of media from Asian countries such as Squid Game, Alice in Borderland, and Parasite. Oftentimes AAPI [Asian American Pacific Islander] culture is misrepresented in Western media, which too often relies on stereotypes. So, when we have media produced from regions where AAPIs are represented diversely and can tell their own story, it really helps destabilize misconceptions in popular culture and gives me a sense of pride.” The sense of pride that Asians have for their culture is not new, but being able to see their culture represented in a way that tells 166 | THREAD

their story is new. Seeing Asian culture integrated into everyday stories is starting to become the new norm. For many Asian Americans, they did not grow up seeing people who looked like them on screen. Now, more Asian Americans can grow up knowing Asian celebrities. Katie Hall, a sophomore studying marketing and analytics, agreed with Karolin, saying, “I love seeing how popular Asian media has come to be, especially in the past year. We saw the success of Crazy Rich Asians, Shang-Chi [and the Legend of the Ten Rings], Parasite, Squid Game, K-pop, and even the Disney movie, Raya and the Last Dragon. After growing up with barely any Asian idols to look up to, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally see some representation in the media. Along with that, it’s opened much-needed

back of the closet

conversations around diverse representation in Hollywood and over the normalization of consuming non-Western media. Across the world, we see Western media dominating entertainment, which hasn’t left much room for all the amazing creative works of non-Western artists. Efforts to greater dialogue around the Asian American experience are coming to fruition and I’m excited to see what change is enacted by the growth of Asian representation in headlines and entertainment.” There is a long way to go in the entertainment industry for Asian representation. Asian people are still sorely lacking in media,

other than the films and shows mentioned above. The music industry still does not take music in different languages seriously, and there is a lot of prejudice that stands. Asian media itself also still needs to diversify to tell other stories. The world is changing, and everyone deserves a place to be seen. People deserve to see themselves on screens, hear themselves on the radio, and even see themselves regularly in magazines. The media’s hurtful and insulting preconceived notions regarding Asian people leave effects larger than one may think. People carry these ideas and treat people differently because of them. Jokes, insults,


and violence toward Asian people are all commonplace, and pop culture does hold some responsibility. People need to unlearn stereotypes. These past few years have been monumental for the Asian community, thanks to the trailblazers who are fighting for their right to be seen and heard. Asian pop culture is not a commodity; it represents

168 | THREAD

all people who do not see themselves in any shows or movies. Hopefully, in the next few years, there will be many more films and shows with Asian leads, and more Asian artists on the radio. Representation and diversity are so important, and Asian media crossing over into American media is an exciting landmark to celebrate.




ender-neutral clothing is trending. Fashion is always evolving with society. Trends that were once boundary-breaking become the norm and permanently change fashion forever. One of the surest ways to break a boundary is to break the binary of gendered clothing. This has been seen over and over again with men wearing skirts, growing out their hair, or getting piercings and painting their nails. This has also been seen in women wearing suits, cutting their hair, not wearing makeup, and not shaving

170 | THREAD


their armpits or legs. These fashion moments exist due to breaking binary gender norms. However, there are also clothes that break the gender binary. Not really, rather, the clothes exist and cater to outside of the gender binary. Gender-neutral, androgynous, or unisex clothing brands have been popping up since the early 2010s. The purpose: to create clothes that do not fit into genders stereotypes to provide comfort and euphoria for those that exist outside of gender stereotypes or gender itself. The clothes from these lines have many things in common: they are usually shapeless or boxy, and might be in a neutral gray or an earthy brown tone. Because of these commonalities, the clothing lines have been the butt of internet jokes for years with a recent TikTok user @vanguardian’s joke post gaining

172 | THREAD

275.1K views and 81.2K likes. While jokes about these brands are common, they have also found their audience and are appreciated by all walks of people on the gender spectrum. The clothes themselves are very traditionally masculine in their style, not actually neutral of any gender stereotype. This is harmful for a number of reasons. This, nonbinary clothes being modeled after men’s clothes, is bad because it creates the idea that nonbinary people owe the world masculinity or androgyny. The majority of clothes labeled androgynous or unisex are clothes that have historically been worn by men, such as pants, buttoned shirts, and blazers. Meanwhile, clothes that have been historically viewed as more feminine such

back of the closet

as skirts, dresses, or blouses, are still labeled as womenswear. This idea contributes to a number of chain reactions, including the erasure and ridicule of femininepresenting nonbinary folk. Nonbinary folks who choose to dress in a more feminine style are commonly seen to be less trans or less nonbinary than those who dress more masculine or androgynous. Aside from just articles of clothing being gendered, colors are also gendered. Pastels, like shades of pink, and darker colors, like navy, are masculine. Attempts to avoid this in gender-neutral clothes have oversaturated the market for them which has led to jokes about beiges and grays on

the internet, like @vanguardian’s video. Another reason these genderneutral clothing brands are harmful is that they assign a body type to be nonbinary. In offering masculine styles, the ideal body type becomes masculinized: no curves, small or no chest, angular jawlines, and short hair. This, again, is an issue. It is not bad that these clothes and bodies are labeled as nonbinary when they are not, it is an issue that these are inadvertently the new standard and expectations for how nonbinary people should look and dress. These expectations tend to offer more masculine styles as being genderless and leaving out


174 | THREAD

feminine styles, especially styles that are flattering on people of all body types and people of all backgrounds. A common expression to come up when going through LGBTQ+, especially trans, discourse is that clothes do not have a gender and one should wear whatever they please or makes them happy. While this idea is very helpful to some, it is a detrimental idea to others. Gender-affirming clothing has been a powerful tool for trans people for centuries. Clothes can have no gender to some while affirming others’ genders. These ideas are not mutually exclusive and can both be true at the same time. We, as a society, have coexisted with these ideas for years. The thing is, clothes do not have a gender inherently. The communication theory symbolic interactionism is behind prescribing meaning to clothes. According to ThoughtCo, “This perspective [theory] relies on the symbolic meaning that people develop and build upon in the process of social interaction.” The clothes are assigned meaning, and further, gender, by our own experiences and what society, our culture, and time tell us. All of these factors come into play for us, as a westernized society, who have deemed certain pieces of cloth appropriate for each of the two binary genders. Now, there is also assigned meaning to unisex clothes. This can cause problems.

It is very easy for cis people to point out how gender appears to them and complements their view on society. Yet, the concept of gender conformity can be more complex for gender nonconforming or transgender individuals. Gender-neutral clothing brands are not the issue. The implications and homogenization of genderneutrality are the issues. Some individuals feel most themselves in boxy, rust-colored, loungewear. That is completely their OUTHREADMAG.COM | 175

prerogative. This is simply a call to action that gender-neutral clothes should incorporate more individualistic designs. Designers of gender-neutral clothing lines should not be afraid to incorporate a variety of patterns, colors, and cuts of fabric. A skirt or silk top paired with heeled boots and a blazer can be a fun way to mix the gender stereotypes to create something new and fun. Fashion trends evolve and change. In the mid-century modern classic styles of the 1900s, women wore dresses, heels, and curled their hair daily. Now, many women still do this, but it is far from the standard. Whatever is in style now will fade or grow into something more than what anyone could have previously predicted. While gender-neutral clothes now create harmful implications and lack variation, the future is wide open to this changing. After a few more trend cycles, maybe we will be able to express ourselves on the street however we would like, no matter the implications of our gender expression and identity. There is more than one way to be each gender or lack thereof. Fashion will catch up soon enough.

176 | THREAD

There is more than one way to be each gender or lack thereof. Fashion will catch up soon enough. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 177


Album Cover edition

178 | THREAD




ashion is usually only looked at through the specific, most notable types of looks from a certain decade. To change that, here are some examples of how noteworthy style has appeared on the album covers of some of the most celebrated music releases of the past 50 years.

THE ‘70S

Over 40 years after its release, Rumours remains Fleetwood Mac’s most well-known album. On its cover are Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood, both dressed in clothing that resembles a collaboration between pirates and the hippie style of the ’70s. Nicks’ look is perfectly flowy and elegant with the added bonus of her signature shag haircut, and Fleetwood’s look is confident, but not overly masculine. While the fashion on this cover is not the poster child for the previously mentioned ’70s hippie style, it incorporates the essential elements while staying true to the vibe of the album. When it comes to makeup, few have come close to creating a look as famous as David Bowie’s on his album cover for Aladdin Sane (1973). The lightning bolt

180 | THREAD

over one eye, in combination with his bright orange hair, has been replicated so many times by fans that it has become a symbol people associate with Bowie. The appearance of a mysterious and potentially supernatural liquid hints at the alter ego created on his previous album, Ziggy Stardust.

THE ‘80S

Prince’s Purple Rain and Michael Jackson’s Bad are the epitome of two differing but individually essential styles in 1980s fashion. Prince’s signature shade of purple on his suit is a prime example of the vibrant colors of the decade, the ruffles on his shirt demonstrating one of the more extravagant trends seen on women’s blouses at the time. Jackson’s white shirt being almost entirely covered by his leather jacket was a staple look of

back of the closet

’80s rock and roll artists. With the classic ’80s mullet and smoky eye makeup, it is an ideal badass look that fits the feel of the album.

THE ‘90S

Another fashion-forward album that is the artists’ most wellknown is the Cranberries’ No Need to Argue. The Cranberries give all anyone could want and more for the cover of a 1994 alternative rock album. The whole band is wearing something very ’90s: slightly oversized, neutralcolored suits. The varying shades of brown in particular are very specific to the ’90s, and the couch fits the color palette as

well. While they are not wearing the classic flannel-and-hikingboots style of the grunge era, this photo should be put in a 1990s time capsule for people to find hundreds of years from now.

THE 2000S

After debuting her pop career and reviving the teen pop genre, Britney Spears released her second studio album, Oops!... I Did It Again, in 2000. The gold, shiny, disco-esque background makes her more simple outfit the best choice. Spears’ cropped vest and low-rise pants are arguably the most notable outfit choice from the early 2000s, and the OUTHREADMAG.COM | 181

182 | THREAD

back of the closet

look has even started to make a comeback in 2020s fashion. The neutral brown color she is wearing lets her have her literal spotlight moment without creating an overwhelming scene.

THE 2010S

For Taylor Swift, a large part of every album she releases is that each one usher in a new era of her career. The album’s lyrics and the vibe of its cover intertwine to create a distinct type of look for press events, touring, etc. For Red, the dark, wide-brimmed hat and visible part of the white shirt she is wearing on the cover set the tone for the fashion of this album’s era. Her outfits very well fit the “hipster” clothing style of the early 2010s, and the red lipstick became part of her everyday looks, which included a clothing color palette of red paired with something neutral.

THE 2020S

As arguably one of the most fashionable people of the 21st

century, the cover of Harry Styles’ second studio album, Fine Line, has become one of his most memorable looks. The outfit he is wearing on the cover seems inspired by a similar one worn by David Bowie, the only difference being that Styles’ shirt is bright pink while Bowie’s was blue. However, that same blue color in the background of the cover looks awfully familiar. Overall, his fashion is a conglomeration of his favorite musicians’ styles, including artists on this list such as Prince and Michael Jackson. Others that serve as inspiration for Styles include Elton John and Freddie Mercury. It is far from acknowledged enough how intertwined fashion is with the music industry. Album covers both shape and embrace the fashion of the times when released. They have consistently done so over the past five decades and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Thread’s Declassified Sweater Survival Guide BY ANNA MILLAR PHOTOS BY HANNAH CAMPBELL

184 | THREAD



ith the temperature finally dipping, sweaters are breaking out of closets left, right, and sideways. But for some, sweaters are a styling enigma. Luckily, the wardrobe staple comes in all different styles, so everyone can join in on the coziness.


The “cottagecore” aesthetic centers on light, fairy-esque colors and styles, often combined with many elements from the natural world around us. Cottagecore colors include creams, light pinks, pale greens, pale tans, and any pastel of choice. Oversized sweaters are an ideal option to embody the style’s sense of comfort and airiness. These sweaters, when layered 186 | THREAD

over flowy dresses or paired with skirts, create a look reminiscent of a mystical fairy. An array of cottagecore sweater options should also include pieces with loose-knit and all-natural fibers to fit the theme’s closeness to nature.


Academia has many different subsections, including dark academia, light academia, chaotic academia, and so on. However, the focus is on the themes that are central to all of the subsets, as a large part of this aesthetic is practicality and sophistication. Academia aesthetic colors include tan, dark brown, earthy greens, and some neutral grays. Style-wise, lean toward crewneck sweaters with fitted cuffs. However, it should not be too

back of the closet

fitted to the body, or layering, a crucial part of practicality, could be hindered. A great example of academia style is to layer a brown knit sweater over top of a white or matching collared shirt.


A classic style brings to mind the likes of those such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Although distinct in their own ways, these icons both share certain style similarities when it

comes to clothes. For a classic sweater, colors should be either very neutral or very rich. Browns and other earthy tones do not have much of a place here. However, blacks, grays, whites, reds, and blues do. If a sweater must be colorful, be sure that the color is not too striking. This style embraces deep color tones. As for the cut of classic sweaters, a nicely fitted turtleneck never fails. Look for pieces that are tightly knit and avoid bulky styles. Pieces


should highlight the wearer’s assets subtly, but well. One of the most classic ways to wear a sweater of this style is to pair a tight-knit black turtleneck with a statement necklace layered over top.


A style that has regained popularity in the past few months, the oldies style, focuses on bright colors and outrageous patterns. Oftentimes, sweaters falling under this style are actually “oldies” themselves,

188 | THREAD

having been found in both vintage and thrift shops. The colors best for this aesthetic are bright, in-your-face colors, often patterned atop a black background to really make them pop. Look for primary colors and funky patterns to fit this aesthetic; big and chunky pieces to go with a nice pair of vintage jeans. A signature look for this style would be a chunky sweater with a bright, geometric pattern paired with straight-leg jeans and a pair of canvas sneakers.


190 | THREAD

A Concert is the Most Fun You Can Have Without Taking Your Clothes Off BY CARLIE REESE PHOTOS BY CORY TOWE


oncerts are possibly the most fun someone can have in one single night. Singing along to songs by a favorite artist with friends until voices fail and feet ache — there is nothing quite like the experience. Thankfully, it is finally time to return to concerts after not having them for over a year. And, with concerts come concert outfits. Whether waiting in line for hours to get closest to the stage or sitting up in the nosebleeds, looking one’s best is the goal. As well as being fashionable, being comfortable while singing and dancing for hours is always the best option. Deciding what to wear to a concert can depend on several different factors: the artist being seen, whether the venue is indoors or outdoors, seat location, etc. Dressing appropriately for the weather is key, especially at an outdoor concert. If the weather is going

to be hot, dress in light and flowy clothing to keep cool. Always check the weather before an event in order to plan for a proper outfit. When attending concerts, everyone is mostly focused on the actual show and the experience of listening to an artist live. Worrying about what to wear and being uncomfortable can be irritating when trying to enjoy a concert. Making sure an outfit will not impose on the fun is the best way to go. At concerts, people are usually very close, which can increase the temperature in any type of venue. Wearing layers that are easily removable as the venue becomes warmer is a great idea. Wearing a cute top, such as a tank or a crop top with a lightweight button-up sweater or jacket over top, is a simple way to gain style points while also being comfortable and dressing for the occasion. Printed pants are an interesting OUTHREADMAG.COM | 191

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way to complement a concert look. Pants are comfortable, and the print will add some flair to any basic outfit. Pairing printed pants with a solid-colored tee or tank will look great on anyone at any type of concert. Finish the outfit off with platform sneakers. It is easy and on-trend. Skirts or a dress are also great options, too, for a more feminine flair. Shoes are possibly the most important part of a concert outfit. Standing for a few hours can cause a lot of foot pain, and wearing a comfy and attractive shoe can be a game changer. Opting for a cute sneaker rather than a heel or tight-fitting 194 | THREAD

boot will fend off lots of pain. Dr. Martens boots are a more comfortable option to edge up a look — that is, if they are broken in, of course. But, if being a little extra is the goal and pain does not matter, wear the heels. Having fun is the most important part of attending a concert, so dressing to the nines may not be for everyone. For some people, comfortability and functionality are the way to go, while others prefer getting all dressed up and looking stylish. When someone looks good, they feel good, and feeling good is always what is most important when going anywhere.




hey are puffy, lovely, and pastel-colored: they’re Selkie dresses! The cloud-like dresses grew in popularity during the earlier days of the pandemic, according to an article from Glamour, and their popularity has only risen since. Fun, fanciful, and featuring an array of sizes, Selkie is a luxury fashion brand that is both size-inclusive and “no waste.” Kimberley Gordon, former Wildfox co-founder and creative director, started Selkie after leaving Wildfox in 2015, according to an article from UncoverLA. The brand name “Selkie” comes from Irish, Icelandic, and Scandinavian folklore. According to Selkie’s website, a selkie is “a woman of the ocean who lives inside a seal skin. When she comes up to the rocks, she slips out of her skin to bask in the sun. If a man is able to steal her skin while she sleeps, she is forced to become his wife and live on land. But, if the selkie finds her skin

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again, she transforms back into her true form and immediately returns to the sea, free.” Selkie boasts expansive size options, which vary from XXS–5X, and the website features a variety of clothing styles from comfy sweatshirts to whimsical dresses. In the “Why I started the brand” section of the website, Gordon expresses how heartbreaking it felt to never find a dress beyond a size 10. “I couldn't find romantic, fanciful clothing in my size — in fact, as a size 12, I would even cry in dressing rooms from shame, realizing most magical dresses in the largest size might not go over my hips,” Gordon wrote on the Selkie website. “My goal with Selkie is even if you don't like the style or fit, you can put it on, admire yourself (cause it fits without crying,) and either love it or change!” On its website, the brand also states it is “a no waste company, [and] WRAP and BSCI production certified,” and Gordon credits her mother for


instilling sustainable values in her business. “My mother is very outspoken and an environmentalist. She pushes me to be as ethical as possible,” Gordon said in an interview with UncoverLA. In addition to being a female start-up, eco-conscious, and sizeinclusive, Selkie also practices diversity in employment and seeks to engage in philanthropic

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actions, according to an article from Dreamcatcher Dallas. “Selkie is committed to feminism and will eventually showcase small charity collections, donating proceeds to important causes such as homeless girls and women, animal rights, and environmental protection,” the article, written by Abria Allen, stated. Because Selkie is a luxury

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brand, the clothing is priced higher than the average store. The website lists the lowestpriced article of clothing at $75 and the highest at $399. Considering how much thought and effort goes into ensuring the brand maintains quality, inclusivity, and its “no waste” status, the price appears justifiable. Gordon encourages

clothing wearers to enjoy a sense of power when wearing Selkie-brand clothing. “Clothing is power. I started Selkie to offer women a sense of power through style, albeit pastel and poofy, but wearing exuberant clothing can be life changing!” Gordon wrote on the Selkie website. “Show them your strength [by] wearing bold clothing that fits! This is how I show my strength.”







Many people have tried to argue that The Bachelor is peak reality television, but the truth is that it is not that great. While certainly not the worst show, it is harmful to those who watch for two reasons: it portrays poor relationship dynamics and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. Per the nature of the show, The Bachelor is deeply rooted in drama, distrust, and many other unhealthy relationship patterns. The women must prove their love to a man, and this usually resorts to women being pitted against each other. Vying for attention and love in a relationship throughout the season in aim for an engagement ring is weird energy. Cameras are constantly rolling. The girls put their whole heart into winning a date, and eventually the ring, at the end of the season, and when they do not succeed, their self-worth crumbles, which can send a bad message to impressionable viewers.

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Another reason that The Bachelor is harmful is that it plays into — and plays up — harmful stereotypes. The premise of the show has one man entertaining around 30 women. The show encourages him to share his time equally among them all, and be a, well, bachelor. That includes anything from speaking with the contestants to having sex with them. The trope of sleeping with all of the contestants is so regular in the show that when a bachelor is a virgin or chooses not to have sex, it is emphasized for shock value. This reinforces the stereotype that men “want one thing”/need to have sex to prove their manliness, which is harmful to all viewers, no matter their gender or age. Overall, The Bachelor is just another reality T.V. show with faults that make it inexcusable (But give us an openly gay bachelor, dammit!).




While the Bachelor franchise is certainly not made up of the best shows on television, they are certainly not the worst, either. The empire that is The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise take over pop culture and the internet with its controversy, “stars,” and, of course, drama. Often, events of last night’s episode are the break room and classroom buzz the next morning, bringing strangers and friends together to bond over and discuss the hot goss’. Fans look forward to watch parties and wine with their friends and loved ones once per week, rooting for their favorite couples and booing off the villains. Also, to the inner romantic, watching one person fall in love with beautiful people in beautiful places is so fun and butterfly-inducing, even if the romance is scripted or doomed to fail. It may be “trashy” television, but ask any member of Bachelor Nation and they will say it is not always the content of the show that they love so much, but the social currency it possesses.


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