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HAUTE ONLINE Looking for a new internet obssession? Whether you want to listen podcasts or watch some videos, we’ve got you covered virtually.

POP CULTURE HAPPY HOUR One of NPR’s best podcasts in terms of content and production is Pop Culture Happy Hour. The podcast runs five days per week, serving its audience with recommendations and commentary/critique on the most popular movies, TV shows, music, books, video games, and more. Arts journalists Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Aisha Harris host the podcast each week and welcome a variety of guests specializing in pop culture. From lowbrow to highbrow and everything in between, Pop Culture Happy Hour does a fantastic job of providing its audience with a wide variety of 4 | THREAD

opinions and reactions to what is buzzing in pop culture. They also keep the podcast concise, with the episodes averaging around 15 to 20 minutes. The hosts and guests have extremely witty banter while still being informative, making Pop Culture Happy Hour an all-around fantastic podcast to check out. To keep up with what is popular and expand one’s opinion on pop culture happenings, do as the podcast description says and “get obsessed with us,” by listening to Pop Culture Happy Hour. - RILEY RUNNELLS

haute online

TWO HOT TAKES A mix of humor and advice, the Two Hot Takes podcast will keep people entertained for hours. The format of the podcast follows host Morgan Absher with a variety of co-hosts as they deep dive into exploring Reddit and find Redditers asking for advice. Two Hot Takes brings the ideal mix of humor, advice, and life stories together in one episode by talking about their own experiences while reading the stories from Reddit. Absher is joined with a variety of different co-hosts as they investigate Reddit’s infamous thread, “Am I The Asshole?” The thread contains people sharing their

stories from controlling fiancées to overzealous mothers-in-law. Two Hot Takes shares several stories each episode and gives their own commentary on the issues. Sharing their own life experiences in the process, this podcast is not only relatable, but provides some amazingly strange stories. Having a variety of co-hosts brings different perspectives to each post they read and allows the listeners to relate to them. Light-hearted and humorous, Two Hot Takes can be anyone’s newest podcast obsession. - AMY SZMIK


EMMA CHAMBERLAIN From YouTube, to TikTok, to coffee enthusiast, Emma Chamberlain is one of the most well-known trendsetters on the internet. Since starting her YouTube channel in 2016, she has amassed over one billion views for her quirky editing style and addictive personality. Although her content has evolved with time, she still basically does what she has been doing ever since she started her online presence: being herself. With over 14 million followers on Instagram, Chamberlain is more of a mainstream celebrity than an internet personality, proven by her recent appearance at the Met Gala and her business ventures such as Chamberlain Coffee, her new coffee line. Ever the entertainer, the reason why her fans love her so much is because 6 | THREAD

she is so authentic, not involved with drama, and entertains the masses through YouTube videos and seriously inspiring styling guides on TikTok. For all-around entertainment, inspiration, and tips to live an influencerfriendly life, subscribe and follow Chamberlain on all platforms; she has it all. - DYLAN HOLLENBACHER

haute online

NABELA NOOR With over 6.4 million followers on TikTok, Nabela Noor, @nabela, is the queen of calming and satisfying videos. Her content includes breathtakingly beautiful baking, cleaning, and everything in between. Noor invites viewers into her home to relax, learn, and find the “pockets of peace” in life. Noor, a plus-size, Muslim, first-generation BangladeshiAmerican, is not only an internet star, but an outspoken activist and successful entrepreneur. She uses her platform and her smooth, silky voice to promote self-love, body positivity, her nonprofit for Bangladeshi women

and girls, and her gorgeous home decor line. She inspires all who watch her content to slow down, embrace the present, and remember that society’s definition of beauty is not all that is beautiful. For anyone in need of a breather, a reminder to romanticize life, or a genuine and passionate influencer on their “For You” page, I suggest following Noor’s TikTok and start prioritizing self-care. - CRISTINA FORMICHELLI



Find out the top five things that our exec board is inspired by right now.


ALANIS MORRISETTE & JAGGED LITTLE PILL I would be remiss if I did not talk about how much Alanis Morisette has been inspiring me right now. The Canadian musician is best known for her third studio album Jagged Little Pill, which dropped in 1995. Featuring songs like “Ironic” and “You Oughta Know,” this album changed everything for Morisette. The album marked her departure from dance-pop music, brought a lot of awareness to her name, and stands out as one of the greatest femaleempowerment breakup albums of all time. Jagged Little Pill even inspired a rock musical of the same name. For the 25th anniversary of the album, Morisette planned the Jagged Little Pill tour, and I was fortunate enough to go in September. Her passion for performance and emotive vocals move me daily, and her empowering, healing, and kind nature make her one of my top role models. I recommend listening to Alanis Morissette, and specifically Jagged Little Pill. - RILEY RUNNELLS


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BULLET JOURNALING I have always been a sucker for new craft supplies, a high-quality notebook, and pretty stationary. After a couple of bujo TikToks showed up on my “For You” page this summer, I caught the bug pretty fast and immediately started researching how to start my own. Keeping track of the highlights of my day, the amount of sleep I am getting, and the media I am consuming each day is oddly therapeutic. Bullet journaling quickly became a staple in my nightly routine and is my favorite form of self-care. While I am not the best artist, this new creative outlet for my eyes only has been so much fun. TikTok is a great place to look for inspo for those who are looking to mess around and start a bullet journal

themselves. I personally love @itslacymae’s TikToks; they are super satisfying, and her spreads are beautiful and full of great ideas. - CRISTINA FORMICHELLI



BTS I think by now, everyone has heard of BTS, currently one of the world’s biggest boy bands. The K-pop global sensation gained fame through their relatable lyrics, interactions with fans, and passion for their craft. Crossing over borders from South Korea to the United States, I have loved BTS since I was 14. I feel everyone should give BTS a chance beyond the English language songs they have released. Transcending several different genres and covering a variety of topics from love, insecurity, depression, and more, there are so many songs that people should give a chance. They create accessible 10 | THREAD

content that easily reaches their fans across the globe, which allows fans to enjoy the individual personalities of each of the band members. People usually overlook them, thinking they just perform sugary pop music, but the members of BTS are in charge of creating their own music. There is something for everyone to gain from listening to them, and even if someone does not like their music, there is something to appreciate about them and the dedication they put into their craft. - AMY SZMIK



SOLAROIL Brittle nails suck. Being a vegetarian, I have suffered from chipped and frail nails for years. That all changed when I started using CND SolarOil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner. Applying and rubbing this oil into my cuticles has been a lifechanger. I do this every night after my skincare routine and my nails have been thanking me for it. They are much stronger, shinier, and smoother. The oil is all-natural, which is a needed break for my hands. I can now rest peacefully and polish to my heart’s content without the fear of acetone and chemicals doing irreparable damage to my nails.

GRETA VAN FLEET Not only did Greta Van Fleet recently start trending on TikTok for their sound, but they are also deservedly rising in popularity. The American rock band, formed in 2012, releases music that gives the nostalgic essence of ’80s rock. Giving hits like “Heat Above” and “Light My Love,” their newest album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, released this year and one cannot help but feel all the feels while listening to them. Their music provides great background music for a main character moment. My three best friends insisted I listen to Greta Van Fleet, and after a battle of refusing, I caved after going to one of their concerts over the summer. The band consists of four members: Josh M. Kiszka, Danny Wagner, Sammy Kiszka, and Jake Kiszka. They all possess individual musical talents which makes for a distinct and individualized sound for any occasion. - KAYLA BENNETT



Editor’s Note

Welcome back, beloved readers of Thread. What a year we’ve all been through. We’ve missed you during these trying times, but we’re ecstatic to be back and bringing you more of Athens’ culture, stylishly tailored. Our executive team has been working hard over the summer and during the first half of the semester to bring you new and improved content mixed with our signature style. We’ll be bringing you a lot of material over the next year, so make sure to check out our print magazines and our online content through our newly relaunched website, outhreadmag.com. Rather than going with a specific theme for this issue, we let our topics run the gamut of interests. Combining classic with modern in Seams, we paired Vivienne Westwood (P.20) with Rihanna (P.18) for Runway Realway and Cher (P.22) with Pete Davidson (P.24) for Celeb Style. We challenge you to try walking down the street without seeing at least one person in a claw clip (P.26) or a solid-colored zip-up hoodie (P.30), and check out some skincare products we recommend to help destress your face. With fall in full swing, we’ve got DIY ideas to enhance your fun, with Apple Cider Mimosas (P.70), buffalo chicken dip (P.66), and tips on how to have the perfect hike in this fall weather (P.62). We’ve also got DIY accessories to elevate your wardrobe, including clay earrings (P.54) and crystal wire necklaces (P.58). No need to worry, because our Who What Wear section will tell you where to buy crystals for your necklace in Ath-


ens (P.86), and we feature a local clay earring business called Pink Athena (P.80) if you don’t have time to make your own. We’re especially proud of our photo team for this issue and how much they were able to accomplish in such a short time period. Our Middle of the Book shoots feature broad concepts, like “Skins” (P.106), and more niche concepts, like “90s Airport Fashion” (P.92). All the shoots are so creative thanks to our photo and fashion teams. Our pride extends to our lovely editorial team, who put together some phenomenal stories. In our Features section, we dive into TikTok celebrities gaining mainstream treatment (P.168), and I wrote about deepfake technology and its impact on the media industry and individuals’ mental health (P.176). We’re so excited to bring you this first issue of the school year. We hope everyone enjoys it, and that everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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From the runway to the streets, and everywhere in between, here are this season’s most sought-after trends. CHER P.22 16 | THREAD



It is no secret that Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the mononymous, multi-hyphenate more commonly known as Rihanna, is a powerhouse. An accomplished singer, actor, and businesswoman, Forbes reported in August that she is worth an estimated $1.7 billion, “making her the wealthiest female musician in the world and second only to Oprah Winfrey as the richest female entertainer.” Her Fenty empire is the cause of much of that wealth. Before there was Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty, Fenty, and Fenty Skin, there was Fenty x Puma. Fenty x Puma was a collaboration with Rihanna and the sportswear brand Puma. In 2014, Rihanna became the creative director of Puma, according to SHOWstudio, and the team released four runway collections together in total. Fenty x Puma’s first collection debuted in fall 2016, and its last was in spring 2018. Though Fenty x Puma’s era has passed, the style the line exhibited certainly has not. Take, for example, the fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection. It was a new take on backto-school fashion where plaid prints, knits, and puffer jackets ruled. The theme graduated from grunge, to preppy, to sporty, and to gothic as the models walked 18 | THREAD

down a runway designed to look like an extra-long desktop. “I had never gotten the chance to dress up in school; I always had to wear uniforms,” Rihanna said, explaining the collection’s inspiration to Vogue. “So, it was always like a little fantasy of mine to have the freedom.” Rihanna was beyond ahead of her time with the fall 2017 collection; the layering, textile and pattern mixing, silhouette varieties, and color schemes were all very current. One look consisted of an oversized, cropped crewneck over a turtleneck of similar length, biker shorts with lace-up side detailing, and knee-high, pointed-toe sock heels. When dressing like a Fenty University student, coordinating layers are the move. With a color scheme of blue, green, and grey in mind, try starting with a loose-fitting, cropped hoodie and plaid boxer shorts. Then, layer with either a plaid minidress or wide-legged leisure pants sat low on the hips. Complete with chunky sneakers and a hat and/ or a puffer jacket of choice. Fenty x Puma’s fall 2017 readyto-wear collection had something for everyone, with Rihanna’s signature bad gal flavor running throughout.




Dame Vivienne Westwood’s Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection released earlier this year, and it is just as rebellious as her previous collections. From the clothing to the models, Westwood continues to show the fashion community she is always going to be a barrier-breaking designer. Traditional autumn plaid trend is here to stay; in this collection, Westwood layers her plaid with varying colors, stripes, and chunky sweaters. The mixed patterns and bright colors in this collection vary from Renaissance art print to watercolor-esque painted fabric. Although most of this collection is similar to what Westwood normally produces — filled with angst and changing the direction of the fashion industry — there is also an element of current trends that sneaks into certain looks, such as the monochrome blazer, two-piece matching suit sets, and high-waisted dress pants. Her choice of models vary in age, gender identity, race, shape, and look — a huge step for the fashion industry’s ever-stagnant problem with ageism and body image. One of Westwood’s well-known jewelry designs became a TikTok trend this summer and went viral. Her Mini Bas Relief Choker was a statement piece in the spring and summer 2021 trends, but unfortunately, as her jewelry is couture, most are not able to afford the real thing. Many small Etsy shops started making their own versions


of her necklaces, and Amazon sellers are marketing plastic versions of what Westwood calls “The Orb,” made from sustainably sourced faux pearls and her trademark Saturn ring pendant. This brings about various complications with Westwood’s beliefs, as she is adamant on the idea that fast fashion is the biggest polluting industry. Westwood has always been known to be a voice of activism in the world of fashion. At a mere 80 years old, Westwood paved the way for the environmental movement in fashion and continues to raise awareness for human rights. Westwood’s first storefront opened in 1971 in London. She began her clothing line with her partner, Malcolm McLaren, and used their platform to bring more important topics into the limelight. She recently opened up to GQ Magazine about the destruction that the fashion industry causes. In her interview, she says, “The high street is the problem. All that mass production is just about cheap labour and death. Couture is the only sustainable fashion.” In April 2021, Westwood received the “Good Energy Award,” which recognized her for her work toward a more environmentally friendly fashion industry. It is safe to say that this “True Punk” era is not only the peak of Westwood’s design career, but also the beginning of all the truly amazing work she is putting forward to create a better world. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 21





She may be 75 years old, but Hollywood legend Cher is still sharing her versatility through her performances and her fashion. She has also managed to do so for over 60 years. Born as Cherilyn Sarkisian in El Centro, California, the singer always knew that she wanted to be famous. She dropped out of high school at 16 and moved to Los Angeles with the hopes of becoming a singer. She then met her former husband, Sonny Bono, who she began performing with as Sonny and Cher. A few years later, “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” premiered. The show became widely popular over its three-year run, and made Cher a household name in both entertainment and fashion. A single episode could have up to 20 different outfits and each one made the singer stand out from the crowd. Cher’s style has evolved over her six-decade-long career, yet she has still kept her outlandish, bright, and colorful style throughout the years. Her looks would almost always include bedazzling, feathers, or sequin detailing. She was not afraid to experiment with her fashion like many other artists were. What made

the singer stand out from others is her strong presence. She truly stood out from the crowd with her long black hair and statuesque figure. She definitely used this to her advantage when it came to her wardrobe. Cher’s typical ensemble would include a tight jumpsuit or two-piece set, complete with some sort of eccentric cut or pattern. One of her most iconic looks was for the 1988 Oscar awards. Cher was up for “Best Actress” for her movie Moonstruck and her look was just as amazing as her performance. Her ensemble included a black, bedazzled crop top with a matching skirt and feathered headdress. It once again proved that she was not like any other celebrity and was not afraid to show it. Many artists today still look up to Cher for style inspiration. She set the trend for high-fashion then, just as she continues to do now. It is safe to say she will not be stopping this trendsetting anytime soon.






Pete Davidson is known for his manic personality, his hilarious — and often dark — humor, and his writing and acting credits on “Saturday Night Live.” However, part of Davidson’s notability in the industry comes from his style — mainly street style. It is a bit limiting to say his style is strictly street-style, but be it on

SNL or hanging out with friends, Davidson can typically be found in high-end crewnecks, hoodies, long sleeved shirts, T-shirts, and lots of darker, baggy pants. His accessory arsenal includes beanies, chain necklaces, baseball caps, and, as Ariana Grande says in “in my head,” Gucci tennis shoes. Davidson’s usual style accent is his adornment with many tattoos reflecting life experiences and random decisions. However, his over 100 tattoos will be gone

soon in what will be a two year process, Davidson announced. The Staten Island native’s career took off when he joined the cast of SNL in 2014 for the show’s 40th season premiere. Appearing in Comedy Central Roast events and earning a spot on the Forbes “30 under 30” list in 2016, Davidson also brings his charm and loveable, funny energy to several large film projects, including “The Suicide Squad,” “Set It Up,” and “Big Time Adolescence.” He has also had many opportunities to show off his serious acting chops, including the Motley Crue biopic, “The Dirt,” his own pseudo biopic, “The King of Staten Island,” and the upcoming Netflix biopic, “I Slept With Joey Ramone,” where he will play the titular character. It is no secret that Davidson does not stay still for long. Be it taking on new projects or switching up his style, the great thing about being a Pete Davidson fan is his constant ability to surprise people. Though he tends to stay in his street-style aesthetic, he sometimes will switch it out for a more early 2000s androgynous-chic — especially when it comes to interviews. One thing is for sure: Davidson’s fans definitely are well-fed with his style and career choices. It is always exciting to see what Davidson will wear and do next. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 25




rom slip dresses to mom jeans, fashion has a way of recycling itself. The old styles of yesterday’s generation are the trends of today and tomorrow. In the mid-’90s, it was not uncommon to see large clips securing everyone’s hair. Now, two decades later, there is a claw clip contagion spreading to college campuses and beauty stores everywhere. It is with great pleasure that we welcome back the ’90s claw clip.


Since the beginning of her career, Jennifer Aniston has been known for her ’90s and early 2000s silky hairstyles. She stunned us all with the blowout and the chunky blonde highlights set with curtain bangs. One of her most popular looks resided in the versatility of the claw clip. These clips provide two sets of plastic teeth held together by a spring. The mechanics of the clip make it extremely simple to use: pinch the clip to open the teeth and release the spring to secure the look. Whether a bad hair day is because of unruly frizz or disappointing flatness, a claw clip is a trustworthy accessory to fall back on. Anyone who owns a claw clip would agree: this accessory should come with every first-aid kit. Unlike most hair accessories, users of the claw clip have diverse hair densities and



textures. Someone with extremely thin, straight hair may turn to a tiny clip, while someone with thick, curly hair may prefer a banana clip: a giant claw clip extending nearly the full length of one’s head. As casual as a claw clip may be, celebrities do not refrain from using this staple. Most recently, celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and even risk-taker Harry Styles wear claw clips in public with the utmost pride. These clips style hair any way one’s heart desires. Some celebrities wear claw clips with a dress or even the most casual t-shirt and sweats. A loosely secured style can serve as an easy-going look, while a French twist leans on the classy side. Some may even use a clip to secure only the top half of their

hair, creating a wide variety of styling opportunities. With the seemingly endless benefits of diversity and versatility, it is no surprise that the claw clip is making its big debut as the accessory of the year. Through thick and thin; through bad hair days and even the best hair days; claw clips are making a comeback, and there are no complaints. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 29


It’s a sweater! It’s a sweatshirt! No, it’s the centerpiece of cutebut-casual outfits everywhere: the zip-up hoodie. With the enthusiastic return of Y2K style and the simple necessity of a good, fall cover-up, the zip-up hoodie is the best versatile item to invest in. People have been wearing hoods since Ancient Rome, but the hoodie itself was invented in 1930 by the brand Champion, originating as an item of clothing to keep athletes and construction workers warm in cooler months. In the 1960s, they became popular among college students, with universities branding various sweatshirts with their logos, letters, and more. From there, the notion expanded into fullbody ensembles in the 1990s and early 2000s, with track suits taking the stage.



“NO MATTER THE AESTHETIC, GENDER, OR CASUAL OCCASION OF THE WEARER, THEY PAIR WITH NEARLY ANY OUTFIT, LOOKING CUTE FULLY-ZIPPED, AND AS A COVERUP.” Enter the zip-up hoodie. With the reemergence of early 2000s fashion transformed into 2021 styles, the zip-up hoodie is a tasteful homage to Y2K looks without going full Cheetah Girls. True to 2000s style, the zip-up hoodies of today are typically one solid color and can be cropped or oversized. Brightly colored, cropped hoodies are especially spot-on for that Y2K feel, but the piece can be styled in a number of ways. Grunge aesthetics have also embraced the zip-up hoodie. Often paired with baggy jeans and a cropped or fitted t-shirt, the oversized zip-up pairs wonderfully with a laid-back look. The zipup is also essential to student wardrobes this year, as they are a great way to stay cute and comfortable in class. No matter the aesthetic, gender, or casual occasion of the wearer, they pair with nearly any outfit, looking cute fully-zipped, and as a coverup. Their typical solid color makes them an easy addition to nearly any outfit, and they are a great way to incorporate layering. Not even celebrities are immune to the zip-up fanfare. 32 | THREAD

Bella Hadid, Zayn Malik, Kendall Jenner, Mila Kunis, Lil Nas X, and Madison Beer have all sported the trend, along with many of their fellow stars. As sweatsuits have begun to hit high fashion and runway looks, celebrities have followed suit, with average fashion dialing the full ensemble down to the zip-up hoodie. Zipups are the ideal compromise between high fashion and the required comfort level of the everyday dresser. From runways to coffee shops, and Y2K styles to grunge aesthetics, the zip-up hoodie is the best investment for any wardrobe. Take it out in class, wear it to study or around campus, or let it replace a favorite sweatshirt whenever it is dirty. It is truly the mason jar of clothes: the trendy, versatile item that can be used in any situation while making everything cuter. This year, embrace the zip-up hoodie.



here are many common misconceptions when it comes to sunscreen. Everyone needs to wear sunscreen daily, no matter their skin tone. “We know that melanin is protective, but melanin is not perfect [protection],” Dr. Michelle 34 | THREAD

Henry said, a board-certified dermatologist and skin-cancer surgeon, in a video with Business Insider. “What's also important is that in darker skin types, there's often a lower index of suspicion, so we find [skin cancers] later. And because of this, the outcomes can be quite worse.”


Also a fact: everyone needs to wear sunscreen, even if they’re staying indoors. According to dermatologist Dennis Gross, UV rays pass through both clouds and windows. Because of this, wearing sunscreen every day, no matter what — and reapplying every two hours — is key to preventing skin cancer and

maintaining healthy skin. A bonus perk is that wearing sunscreen can level up any skincare routine. So, now that we’ve established that applying SPF is imperative, it is important to mention that not all sunscreens are created equal. Certain brands are notorious for leaving “white casts,” while others have unattainable price OUTHREADMAG.COM | 35

tags. Sometimes, finding the right finish or formula is the issue. The following is an inclusive starter guide to help assist anyone in need on their SPF enlightenment journey. BODY - Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion or Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 50 (Gentle for face and body) FACIAL - Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 (Applies clear & doubles as a makeup primer) - Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30 (Woman of color-made) - Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen (2-in-1 moisturizer and sunscreen) - Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 36 (Hydrating and soothing)



TINTED SUNSCREEN - Supergoop! CC Screen 100% Mineral CC Cream SPF 50 (15 shades) - Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (20 shades) - MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Crème SPF 30 (Blends into all skin tones) - Dermablend Continuous Correction Tone-Evening CC Cream SPF 50+ (16 shades) EYESHADOW - Supergoop! Shimmershade SPF 30 (Shimmery, cream eyeshadow. Four shades) LIP BALM - Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm with SPF 20 (Tinted. Six shades) EASY REAPPLICATION - Supergoop! Defense Refresh (Re)Setting Mist (Set makeup and reapply SPF on the go)







ver watched a Vogue “Beauty Secrets” video? Anyone who has probably has seen a celebrity raving about the benefits of Gua Sha and jade facial rollers. With the ever-expanding beauty community, there is always something new. There is always something hot on the market that every brand seems to want to get in on. It would seem that Gua Sha is just another trend to an outsider, but the truth is, Gua Sha has been around for hundreds of years, with its current uses originating in Chinese medicine and its earliest form dating back to the stone age. Back then, stones aided in massaging and alleviating pain. While this is not what Gua Sha is mostly used for now, still, it is a part of Gua Sha’s long medicinal history.

Jade rollers also find their origins in Chinese medicine, with Gua Sha and jade rollers frequently being used in tandem. Gua Sha relieves tension, helps with reducing fine lines, and helps facial contouring. An additional effect is that it can help regulate lymphatic drainage in the face and neck or wherever applied. Jade rollers mostly notably help with facial puffiness and brighten the complexion of its user. Facial rollers and Gua Sha are most frequently associated with being made of jade because of jade’s natural cooling properties, with amethyst and quartz also being commonly used stones. The first step of any quality skincare routine is to go in with a cleanser. To receive the best results when using facial depuffing products, use facial oils and heavy moisturizers. This will give the skin some slip to aid OUTHREADMAG.COM | 39

the roller and Gua Sha. This will help them do their job without tugging at the skin, which could reduce the positive effect and create premature wrinkles and fine lines. Next, look at the guide provided to see the recommended spots for facial rolling. Now, let the roller do its job and roll away puffiness, and help the products absorb into the skin. For a two-sided roller, the small side is for smaller, hardto-reach areas and specifically


designed for the under-eye area. The larger is for all other preferred areas for rolling. After using the jade roller it is time for the Gua Sha, again following the guide provided. Something extremely important to note is that the Gua Sha should always be moving upward on the face and neck to help aid in fluid drainage and natural facial contouring. Moving down frequently tugs at the skin, which, as mentioned prior, is something important to avoid. Gua Sha



can take some getting used to, especially with the different sides and different types of Gua Sha one may possess. The many types may work differently from person-to-person, as face shapes differ. Do not worry or give up, as Gua Sha is something that takes time for results to show and finding what works for the individual. Lastly, have fun and relax. Selfcare should reduce stress, and it is important to take time to do so. You deserve it. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 41




The past year has been “brutal” to say the least, but through it emerged a new artist that managed to make all the sourness a little sweet. Olivia Rodrigo is who everyone is talking about these days because of her lyricism, style, and relatability. Rodrigo has, at the young age of 18, made a significant impact on the music scene. The singer-songwriter made her debut in 2016 with the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. However, her true break was landing the role of Nini Salazar-Roberts in the Disney+ series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” It was through this show that she wrote and released “All I Want,” the song that went viral a year prior to her hit single “Driver’s License.”


The relatable lyrics of teenage angst and heartbreak in “Driver’s License” contributed to the records Rodrigo broke with her debut, including the Spotify record for most streams of a song in a single week at the high number of 65,873,080 streams, according to Spotify's global weekly Top 200 chart. “Driver’s License” went viral on TikTok, as did the rumored story behind the lyrics. Fans and content-consumers alike presumed the song to be about Disney co-star Joshua Bassett and their supposed breakup. The “drama” was addicting to many, especially to those who have found themselves in a similar situation and could empathize with her. Although the lyrics still


get listeners in their emotions, Rodrigo has since expressed that the song does not make her sad anymore. “I don’t feel that sort of heartbreak and betrayal, at least not as acutely as I used to feel it,” Rodrigo said in a conversation with V Magazine. Rodrigo went on to break a record previously held by one of her inspirations, Taylor Swift, with the album SOUR. According to Billboard, eight Rodrigo songs from the album stood at top 10 of the Billboard Streaming Songs chart, surpassing Swift’s record for the most songs at one time by a woman. The success of the 18-year-old is astounding, gaining titles like “pop breakout star of 2021,”


from music critic Mikael Wood. Rodrigo is also often referred to as “the next Taylor Swift.” Overall, she is making an impact on the music industry while inspiring the Generation Xers to sing their hearts out on TikTok, where many of her songs went viral. Her style has become an inspiration as well, with influences from the early 2000s, ’90s, and ’70s coming together to create an edgy, yet feminine look. Miniskirts, platform boots, and lots of accessories are just a few staples in her wardrobe. The vibe of Rodrigo’s music and style has garnered her plenty of monthly listeners and fans. She even used her immense influence for the White House to urge young people to get a COVID-19 vaccine along with the Biden administration, according to The New York Times. The rising star is still at the beginning of her career, and fans, critics, and confused millennials are all watching to see what she does next.


Doja Cat Her planet, Her rules





oja Cat is one of few artists who not only went viral, but continues to stay viral with her work. With her outrageous vocals, witty lyrics, and smooth style, there is no question why she has become a popular artist in such a short amount of time. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 47

Born as Amala Zandile Dlamini, the Los Angeles native started releasing songs on Soundcloud in her teens. Her rise to fame started with the release of “Mooo!,” a parody track about cows. The hilarious track was just the first of many of Doja’s songs to go viral and set her apart from other artists. Since then she has released two albums, Hot Pink and Planet Her, and has become a household name. Her style has also seriously upgraded from the “Mooo!” cow print two-piece into high designer fashion. Doja’s personality is very over-the-top, and it is reflected through her clothing. Her overall style is very avant-garde and not like any other artist out there. Her wardrobe includes elements of Y2K, modern streetwear fashion, and kawaii girl, but features many different types of styles. Standout items in her wardrobe include plunge dresses, highwaisted bottoms, and cutout bodysuits. However, the most notable go-to look for Doja is a matching set. Whether it is a bandeau top and bell-bottom pants, or a cutout top and skirt set, it is simple, but she always looks put together. Doja is also known for putting her own twist on iconic decade fashion. In her music video for “Say So,” the singer showed off retro-glam outfits inspired by ’70s disco. Some ‘fits include a modern version of Sonny and 48 | THREAD

Cher’s dress complete with fringe and butterflies, a colorful knit suede dress, and a bedazzled, sheer jumpsuit. The best part of Doja’s style is that she is not afraid to experiment. Any fabric, print, or cut, Doja has tried it and rocked it. This is especially true during her current Planet Her era, which launches Doja’s style even more out of this world. Recent performance looks include an allleather, structured bodysuit and a translucent bodysuit with pink detailing and a low neck plunge.


The singer also released a collection with Pretty Little Thing that features her outlandish style tailored to every day and night streetwear. The different combination of prints and fabrics gives off a modern disco theme, staying true to Doja’s brand. It includes true favorites such as plunge neckline tops, exotic prints, and matching set items. With three studio albums and three Grammy nominations, the singer will not be slowing down anytime soon. It is safe to say that Doja Cat will be staying on trend with her music and setting the trends with her fashion.





Crafting the most intricate of knick-knacks, working out the mind, body, and soul, and making the most delicious treats. ALL WRAPPED UP P.58 OUTHREADMAG.COM | 53





he season of warm tones is among us. A great way to bring autumnal colors into any look is by adding a statement earring. Earrings are an amazing way to show off personality with any outfit. With these customizable, air-dry clay earrings, you can make them as intricate or as simple as desired. The more thought put into the colors and design, the more personalized they are to the individual.


diy: make it

MATERIALS NEEDED ♦ Wax paper ♦ Air-dry polymer clay ♦ Rolling pin ♦ Knife ♦ Eyepins/earring backings ♦ Earring blanks ♦ Clear coat finish ♦ Acrilyic paint (optional)


Lay down the wax paper onto a flat surface. Roll out a thin layer of clay using the rolling pin or your hand. The thinner the clay layer, the quicker it will dry. Do not make it too thin or it will become brittle and break – find a balance.


Use the knife to cut the desired shape out from the clay. Take your time; if the clay gets too dry, add some water to make it less brittle. If you mess up, there is no shame in clumping the clay together and starting over back at step one.



Slowly insert the eye pin into earring or glue the earring backing onto the earring – whatever style. Make the pin as parallel to the earring as possible or the backing as centered as possible. Let the earrings dry according to clay instructions.

4 56 | THREAD

Optional: Paint dry earrings with acrylic paint to desired design. This is the time to have fun with it! Add polka dots or intricate images.

5 6

Seal with clear coat and leave to dry again on the wax paper.

Attach earring blanks and enjoy.

It is really that easy! In five quick steps, you have created something beautiful! Show off your earrings with an updo and a plain sweater, or colorcoordinate a whole outfit around them. They are the ideal accessory for apple picking or sipping cider with friends.

diy: make it


aII wrappe 58 | THREAD



rystals are believed to have healing properties, protect against negativity, and even bring good fortune. They have been used since ancient times for their different effects. In recent times, there has been a rise in using crystals. This is partially because of the vast amount of TikToks promising viewers who purchase crystals, such as rose quartz, that they will find love and romance. There is a sizable selection of crystals that serve different purposes. After selecting the one that fits your spiritual needs, the question is, “What do I do with it now?” One way to keep that energy near at all times is through jewelry, more specifically, the affordable DIY crystal wire necklace that is all the rage right now.




• 20-24 gauge wire (softer metals such as copper, steel, and aluminum are recommended)

Cut the wire. Cut two equal lengths of the wire of choice at five inches, or longer depending on the size of the crystal. Use the wire cutters to do so.

• Crystal of choice • Necklace chain • Wire cutters • Round-nose pliers

1 2

Twist the wire. Take the two pieces of wire, line them up, and twist them together in the middle. Twist at least three times, more for larger crystals. Make sure they twist around each other equally.


Place the crystal. Hold the crystal against the twisted part of the wire so that the bottom is nestled between the two untwisted wires. This should look something like the crystal having the twisted section to its left and nothing to its right quite yet.


Twist the next side. Now with the bottom of the crystal nestled between the 2 wires, twist the other side so that it mirrors the twisted portion on the left. This will sandwich the crystal between 2 twisted sides of wire.

5 6

Wrap the wires up the crystal. Continue to twist the wires on both sides of the crystal until it is secure. Cross the wires. Take the untwisted part of the wires on each side and pull them to the opposite side 60 | THREAD

diy: make it

of the crystal. They should cross around the crystal so that the front and back have an “X” shape with the crystal inbetween.


Twist the “Xs.” On both sides of the crystal, twist the new “Xs” formed together similar to Step 2. Continue to tightly twist until the wires reach at least an inch above the top of the crystal.


Secure the wires. Bend one of the twisted wires at a 90-degree angle and wrap it around the other section of twisted wires at least twice. Make sure to do this tightly. When done, trim the wires bent around the other section with the wire cutters.


Create a loop for the chain. Using the roundnose pliers, wrap the remaining twisted wire around one side of the pliers. After creating the loop, wrap the twisted wire around the base of the loop as close to the crystal as possible. This should create a secured circle to place the chain through. Trim the remaining wire with the wire cutters.


Tighten where needed and add the chain. Using the pliers, twist any single wires between the jaws of pliers to create a kink. Skip this step if the crystal is already secure. Then, simply slot the chain through the loop at the top of the crystal and wear.

Now that you have a beneficial crystal around your neck, start your journey of mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance through its properties, and look good doing it. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 61




ooking for a fun form of exercise that does not require being stuck inside for hours of the day? Want an excuse to explore the local breathtaking views of Athens while becoming one with nature? Try hiking! Going for a hike can be an excellent way to exercise, socialize, and harmonize within the beauty of Athens’ nature. Hiking trails can be found all throughout the city from Strouds Run, to other state parks, and even Bong Hill. Before heading out on your first hiking adventure, here is a list of necessities to have a safe, enjoyable trip.



Hiking on natural or paved paths can be extremely hard on one’s feet and can often lead to injury or serious pain. To avoid the drama of foot pain, choose archsupportive footwear, especially when hiking for long periods of time. However, the types of trails could determine what shoe to wear. For example, when hiking through the natural trails at Strouds Run, heavy-duty hiking boots would be the best option to avoid contracting poison ivy and bug bites. Whereas paved paths, like the bike path, are better suited for walking or running tennis shoes.


Staying outside for prolonged periods of time is a prime opportunity for sun burns, which can lead to skin damage over the 64 | THREAD

years. Applying sunscreen before heading out and even while on the trail is essential to prevent burning. This step is especially needed when hiking through trails without tree coverage, like the new Buckeye Scenic Trail, an under six mile trail that runs parallel to U.S. Route 40. Additional sun gear, such as hats, visors, and sunglasses, can also be great ways to protect the eyes while boosting any hiking outfit.


Drinking water on the trail is important to keep up stamina and prevent dehydration-related illnesses. An environmentally friendly solution is to bring reusable water bottles to sip on along the way. Reusable water bottles are a great way to keep the nature of Athens clean and free of litter.

diy: make it

Insulated bottles, such as Hydro Flasks, are highly recommended to have ice cold water even on the longest of hikes on the hottest summer days.


Hiking is an exhaustive form of exercise and tends to use up a lot of energy, so snacks are vital to refuel. Trail mix, granola, protein bars, and even beef jerky are ideal on-the-go snacks, being high in protein and nutrients to replenish the calories lost while hiking. It is also a smart idea to stay away from heavy snacks that slow the body down and stimulate exhaustion.


After a long day of hiking through the wilderness, a relaxing way to unwind before heading back home is to bring a hammock. Athens and Ohio University alike are spots known for their excellent hammock locations, many of which are discovered while hiking. Just find two trees a few feet apart and that’s a prime spot to hang out and become one with the trees.

BUG SPRAY Although Athens’ nature is gorgeous, it is not free of bugs ready to bite. Bug spray is an essential tool to prevent being eaten alive by mosquitos or any other critters. Alternatives to bug spray can include bug repellent bracelets, lotions, essential oils, and several home remedies claiming to naturally repel insects. No matter the chosen method, be sure to keep it on at all times, especially in nature heavy areas. Strouds Run is notorious for mosquitos because of its proximity to Dow Lake, as well as the hike up Bong Hill, considering its off-the-trail nature.





Fall is bringing cold weather, Halloween vibes, and a new list of recipes to try out. One such recipe is buffalo chicken dip. It’s an excellent recipe, ideal for gameday events, family gatherings, and a fall get-together with friends. Easy to make and always delicious, buffalo chicken dip is the best warm dish to ring in the season. And, if you don’t eat it all in one sitting, you can save some leftovers to enjoy.




diy: make it

MATERIALS AND INGREDIENTS NEEDED: 1/2 cup of Frank’s Red Hot (or whatever hot sauce you like best) 8 ounces (one pack) of cream cheese 1 cup of chopped, pre-cooked chicken breast or substitute (or uncooked, which adds a step) 1/2 cup of sour cream 1/2 cup of bleu cheese (optional) 2 cups Colby-Jack shredded cheese Tortilla chips or other dipping items Baking dish Ingredient mixing materials

STEPS: 1: Preheat the oven to 350 F. 2: Prep ingredients and baking dish (tip: for the cream cheese, leave it out for a bit or heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave to make it easier to spread). If chicken is not pre-cooked, put chicken in a skillet with the hot sauce and heat until cooked. 3: With cooked chicken and hot sauce, stir in cream cheese, sour cream, and bleu cheese until warm and melted. 4: Next, stir in half of the shredded cheese until melted. Then, sprinkle the remaining shredded cheese on the top and put it in the oven. 5: Bake, uncovered, until cheese is melted or for about 20 to 25 minutes. 6: Serve with tortilla chips or other dipping items and enjoy. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 69


diy: make it


The fall season typically conjures images of pumpkin spice everything: lattes, baked goods, and even candles. Pumpkin spice gets a lot of hype for its ability to signify the gradual changing of the season and the warm and cozy feelings it brings, but apple cider-flavored items, while largely underrated, bring feelings of comfort and nostalgia. To get a break from pumpkin spice and feel a renewed sense of nostalgia, try this apple cider mimosa recipe.



One 750 milliliter bottle of champagne or prosecco 1 cup apple cider 2 tablespoons of sugar (for garnish) 1 tbsp. ground cinnamon (for garnish) Melted caramel (for garnish) Servings: About 4 Total Time: 5 minutes


diy: make it


Start by pouring caramel onto a small plate or shallow bowl.


In a separate plate or shallow bowl, combine the sugar and cinnamon.


Take a glass of choice, preferably a champagne flute, and dip the rim in caramel. Then dip the caramel-coated rim in the cinnamon sugar mixture.


Fill glass of choice a quarter full with apple cider.


Top the rest off with champagne or prosecco and enjoy.




A glimpse into some of Athens’ most captivating people, places, and events. PINK ATHENA P.80 OUTHREADMAG.COM | 75


who, what, wear



ARTS/West, 132 W. State Street, holds many events throughout the year, including art galleries and performances. ARTS/West works in Athens to bring people together and host events showcasing all the beauty within the region. One of their non-traditional events is Cat’s Pajamas, an Athenswide clothing exchange. Emily Beveridge, program specialist at ARTS/West, started the event in 2008 after she wanted to bring people together to exchange clothes and their love for them. In 2020, ARTS/West closed to the public because of the pandemic, so there was an iteration of the event at UpCycle Ohio Thrift Store, creating a partnership for the event this year. ARTS/West and UpCycle Ohio Thrift Store will be hosting the event Thursday, Nov. 4 to Saturday, Nov. 6, 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Beveridge said she is shocked the event has been OUTHREADMAG.COM | 77

happening for 13 years, but it has been the support from local residents keeping the event alive and annual. People are constantly telling Beveridge they are continuously saving their clothes up specifically for the event. The event will most likely take place in front of ARTS/West this year. In order to participate, one has to be either a member of ARTS/West or the UpCycle Ohio MakerSpace, and pay a $15 fee to get in on Thursday. On Friday, general, non-member admission will be $15 and $10 on Saturday. One payment covers admission for the entire event, so anyone can come back as many times as they want. All proceeds will be split between ARTS/West and UpCycle Ohio Thrift Store. Participating in Cat’s Pajamas is a way to support the process of recycling clothes and finding


them a new home. One’s new clothes could have once belonged to a neighbor or friend, already holding a sense of value. Beveridge said the event has worked to relieve the stigma around second-hand clothing, for it holds character. It is a way to shop for new clothes at a reasonable price while bonding people over a common interest. If one chooses to donate, they are able to take whatever clothes they want, free of charge. People are able to donate any day before the event starts. When one donates, they will receive a ticket indicating their donation. Cat’s Pajamas provides a sense of togetherness during a difficult time, and Beveridge encourages everyone to participate in the event to keep the spirit and shared love for clothes alive.



Pink Athena Woman owned & Athens loved



amie Clarkson, a master’s student at Ohio University studying journalism, is the owner of Pink Athena, a small Athensbased jewelry business. Clarkson creates handmade, polymer clay earrings and sells them via her Instagram page, @pinkathenaco. Clarkson’s business is currently run entirely over her Instagram page; however, she said she aims to move over to Etsy in the

near future. The page features all of Clarkson’s available creations – from watercolor-style moons to funky mushrooms and simple hoops – all of which can be custom-ordered by the customer. While Clarkson’s business appears rather polished now, she said it initially began as a mere hobby to distract from the monotony of her schedule during quarantine amid the OUTHREADMAG.COM | 81

COVID-19 pandemic. “I have always been very artistic,” Clarkson said. “I always have some sort of art and crafts going on, especially last year, because things were really tough and intellectually challenging. So (my roommates and I) always had something because we all love to do little arts and crafts and these little projects just to get our mind off of things.” In an effort to distract themselves from their stressful schedules, Clarkson and her roommates purchased Shrinky Dink material, where they began to make fun designs that would eventually inspire the jewelry in Pink Athena. “I really liked the idea of novelty earrings,” Clarkson said. “I think the first pair of shrinky dink earrings I made were little UFOs sucking up little cows from a field, and it was neon color and weird. I went to Joanne's and I got the little rings, the hooks, the backs of earrings, and little needle-nose pliers just to make a couple of earrings here and there whenever I wanted to. It's something I could mindlessly do to get my mind off things.” After enjoying this new hobby, Clarkson said she began to create her earrings out of polymer clay and utilize them as gifts for her friends and family over the holidays. “I was having a hard time saving up money to buy everybody gifts,” Clarkson said. 82 | THREAD

“So I thought, ‘I have a lot of people in my life who really do appreciate the little earrings that I make. So maybe I can invest in some materials, and I can make everybody some earrings – it will be lovely, and it would be fun.’ I bought a variety pack of polymer clay and some tools, and I wrote down all of my ideas. My friend Lauren likes music, so we'll make her little records. My friend Emily is a schoolteacher, so make her little apples. My friend Morgan's an anthropologist, so make her a slab that has little bones on it. I

was just having a field day coming up with all of these ideas.” Nikki Athans, who graduated in May 2020, was Clarkson’s roommate in her undergraduate years and was present for the formation of Pink Athena. Athans said she witnessed the evolution of Clarkson’s business from a fun hobby to a true side hustle. “I think she just really saw her potential and [realized she] could make money out of this and enjoy doing it,” Athans said. “So, she made her Instagram account

and she really got started actually selling. It started off as something to do other than classwork and just for fun, and, now, it's a nice little local business.” Kennedy Tucker, who graduated in 2019, has been a frequent customer of Clarkson’s. Tucker said she values the individualized nature of Clarkson’s work. “I love that they're made by her and there are no other earrings like hers,” Tucker said. “I also love them because I'm a social worker, so I work with kids that OUTHREADMAG.COM | 83

are getting adopted. I like to wear fun earrings because it starts a conversation at every home visit.” While there has been an increase in demand for eccentric earrings recently, Clarkson emphasized the importance of solidifying her brand’s image in each of her creations. “I, by no means, am the first person to create polymer clay earrings, not at all,” Clarkson said. “But I'm striving to create a sort of distinctive look – this sort of funky, quirky, artistic, eclectic, weird way that anybody can take a look and be like, ‘Oh, that’s Pink Athena.’ So I'm really proud of what I've done so far.” This devotion to the quality of her work has not gone unnoticed by those who have purchased her earrings, Tucker noted. “I can tell that she pours her heart into each pair,” Tucker said. “And I'm glad that she's found a good way to express herself through really cool earrings.” For Clarkson, the most rewarding part of her business has been the ability to see her customers enjoy the work she has created. “I love seeing other people appreciate what I'm doing,” Clarkson said. “I love when people post pictures of their little outfits with their little earrings, it's so sweet to me. [I love] to see them embrace that creativity and that kind of funky flair that Pink Athena is, it's really awesome.” 84 | THREAD


Where to Buy Crystals in Athens For all your crystal needs


Crystals. At worst, they are pretty rocks. At best, they have properties that can help improve the lives of those who carry them. Whether one believes in the powers of crystals or not, they are beautiful stones, often with a historical significance that has touched kingdoms, empires, and generations of the past. In 2021, these stones have become much more mainstream and are providing comfort, luck, and personal meaning in a much more mainstream way. Crystals are granting peace of mind to people all over the country, and Ohio University is no different. For the 86 | THREAD

spiritually inclined on campus, here are the best places to buy and learn about crystals here in Athens.


Entering Cool Digs, 6 Euclid Dr., is like stepping into a gold rush with precious rocks at every turn. Specialty crystals and minerals flood the walls, shelves, and center table. The immense variety of crystal will draw in any collector, but it is the friendliness of the employees that really makes the store a gem. Unlike many other crystal shops, the store actually brands

itself as a rock and garden store. The enthusiastic Cool Digs managers are more than happy to help shoppers learn about the crystals in their store, alongside gardening tips and tricks. This is especially useful as, aside from their high-demand zodiac crystal collections, the minerals only have their names displayed – not their properties. This makes the store especially good for those who have specific gems in mind or are looking to collect rarities. Those in search of an uncommon stone will be able to find it there. Austin Casto, a shift manager at the shop, said his favorite thing about the store was its vast selection. “We have specialty stuff from all around the world that you will find at no other rock shop,” Casto said. “We’ve got old stock ocean jasper, which is almost impossible to find.” The rarity of some of the crystals does make Cool Digs a large variation of costs, with price tags from fifty cents up to $600. However, most stones vary from $4 to $10.

Any questions visitors may have, the managers are ready and happy to answer. Workers are quick to give tours of the small building, shining black lights on crystals that react to bioluminescence and giving demonstrations with “singing crystals,” an interesting type of rock that can produce a whimsical wind chime-like sound. While the crystals are the main attraction, even non-crystal enthusiasts can find something, as the shop also has two back rooms. The first contains display gardens, in which employees can teach shoppers gardening techniques. The second room is a legend among local children. Casto explained that kids will come in and whisper that they heard they have a “pot room,” only to be shown a back office transformed into a shop room, filled to the brim with black plant pots. Cool Digs is ideal for crystal shoppers who want the real thing, or those who want to learn about their crystals from a new perspective. The friendly and OUTHREADMAG.COM | 87

knowledgeable staff will explain the crystals as rocks, allowing a whole new insight that many crystal shops ignore. If one is looking for rare stones, friendly people, and the real thing, Cool Digs cannot be beat.


Beads and Things, 8 N. Shafer Street, is rightfully named. Despite an unassuming house from the outside, inside the store itself is a complete wonderland. Floor-to-ceiling crystals, beads, and, as the name implies, things, all collected from the shop owners’ various worldly adventures, greet those immediately after walking in. Beads and Things is truly a shop unmatched in color, variety, and experience. With patient, friendly staff, this community staple allows shoppers to learn about a vast array of crystals, and how to turn them, along with the various beads around the store, into beautiful, wearable jewelry. What sets the shop apart is its affinity for wearable crystals. The owners are more than willing to teach shoppers how to make various types of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more using their supplies. Jo Merkle, the store’s owner, explained that Beads and Things is firstly a parts store, full of everything needed to make individualized and beautiful jewelry, right down to the in-store instructors. Jewelry aside, crystals spill over 88 | THREAD

the shelves and fill baskets on the floor. The shop is colorfully decorated, with one’s eyes never sure on where to land in order to take it all in. Raw crystals line the hallway entrance, as tumbled gems fill baskets in the first rooms. Crystals beads fill shelves and the dining room table. Beads and Things, like Cool Digs, features a vast selection with only names displayed, not descriptions. However, the shop owners are incredibly friendly and happy to explain any crystal or bead in the building. Upon checking out, they will ask if shoppers are familiar with the stones they are purchasing, and offer explanations if they are not, elaborating on the properties of the crystals, where they are from, and their historical significance. For instance, Merkle will explain that jade originates from Burma, brings luck, and was once used in Central American funeral burials. The owners are incredibly knowledgeable and will make sure shoppers leave knowing more than when they came in. The shop feels like visiting an old friend, as the owners make sure no shopper leaves without getting their names. The owners seem to remember previous shoppers’ orders and can pull names and prices of their vastly expansive products off the top of their heads. Merkle will ask not only about what one is looking for in the store, but what they are looking for in life. Shoppers

who, what, wear

cannot leave without making a new, sweet companion. When going, one must make sure to budget a lot of time. Make sure to stop and take it all in once there, because the store is only open on certain days. Plus, the owners will make sure to take their time getting to know visitors, so budget some time for a friendly talk. Merkle said that the store is everything but fast. “Sometimes we’re slow as molasses,” she joked. Beads and Things is the ideal store for any crystal shopper, both experienced and brand new. The shop is a must-visit for anyone who is interested in crystals, or anyone who simply wants to visit a remarkable store.


For crystal shoppers who want to visit a shop that may feel a bit more familiar, Chosen Pathways Spiritual Emporium, 400 E. State St., Suite A, is the ideal place to frequent. It is the only store in Athens that classifies itself as a metaphysical shop, meaning it is much more reminiscent of a “typical-looking” crystal store one might find in Columbus or Cincinnati. Chosen Pathways is ideal for crystal enthusiasts looking for a shop that feels a little closer to home, or for those looking to branch out into all forms of spirituality. Kelly Lawrence, Chosen Pathway’s owner, explained the store is very new, opening just


last May. The shop has baskets of tumbled stones, along with a lovingly titled “Crystal Cabinet” full of larger gems. While it holds many different crystals and gems, the cutest pieces in the cabinet by far are little carved octopi holding various crystals made by an Ohio University staff member. In fact, the shop is full of local art. Lawrence supports numerous local artists who make all types of metaphysical materials. One specialty item is beautiful, handmade crystal jewelry, so people can wear their favorite crystals. There are also paintings covering the walls for sale, and plenty of other handmade local goods. Lawrence said she started her shop in part because there were no other metaphysical stores in Athens and have not been for at least 25 years. However, she was also inspired by a Jewish friend who could not find candles for Hanukkah last winter. While she is perhaps best known for her pagan-type collection, she explained that her shop is for all faiths. “I know there are a lot of spiritual people in the community, and I’m trying to cover all the bases,” said Lawrence. “I have stuff for


Christians, stuff for Jewish people, lots of pagan stuff, stuff for Buddhists.” Lawrence’s shop truly has something for every spiritual person. Aside from crystals and items for many religions, Chosen Pathways also carries tarot cards and spiritual books. Lawrence also has two back rooms, one for divination readings and the other for the shop’s in-house massages. Lawrence also hopes to start hosting programs at the shop. The store is hosting a multitradition Halloween party Oct. 23, along with a paranormal investigator talk Saturday, Oct. 31 to share their experiences with ghost hunting. The store is truly a place for all things spiritual, and an ideal place to buy crystals for anyone looking to branch out into more spirituality. As Lawrence put it, no matter where people go, “we’re all looking for the divine.” This is certainly true in all of the crystal shops in Athens. While each store offers a distinct vibe and collection, all three share a deep respect for the crystals, what they stand for, and a true passion to share thespecial stones with anyone and everyone.


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VIRGO AUG 23 - SEPT 22 This will be a time of reflection for you, Virgo. Last month was all about you, but now the moon is trine Jupiter, your detriment planet. This means you may experience a slight downturn in your comfortability in being open with others, but you should embrace your natural determination and face those hesitations head-on. Persisting through tough conversations will prove successful this month. Consider your options, too. If you take the time to reflect before acting this month, you are sure to make the right decisions. Now may also be a good time to branch out into things you have been wanting to try alone: new hobbies, a new job, or a personal project. Allow yourself to feel this month, Virgo.

SCORPIO OCT 23 - NOV 21 This is an exciting time for you, Scorpio. It is almost your season, and the moon is now trine Mars. As Mars is your ruler, this will be a time in which you will lend yourself to a large enthusiasm for life. Embrace it and allow yourself to feel the joy that you have. However, meet this enthusiasm with gratitude and a productive outlet for all of your energy. If you do not, it may fester and become too much, diverting into potentially destructive behavior. So long as you can control your newfound zest for life, this month will be a good one.

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As the seasons change, so do the stars, and it is time to find out what they mean. This month the sun is in Libra, and with its presence, the draw to social and excitable activities will entice many. While the changing planets affect everyone, each sign will have a special experience. It is time for your fall horoscopes!

THIS MONTH’S SIGN Libra, this is your month to shine, and shine you will. This month will bring out the best of your friendly, sociable nature, and others will eat it up. With the new moon in Libra starting October 6, do not be surprised if you find yourself compelled to share your emotions with friends, family, and even flings. It is a great time to tell the people in your life exactly what is on your mind and to say the things you have been afraid to. Strangers will find you compelling and loved ones will be extra receptive to your messages, so take this time to embrace your truths. LIBRA SEPT 23 - OCT 22

SAGITTARIUS NOV 22 - DEC 21 Sagittarius, this month you will truly be able to embrace your social nature. The moon is trine Jupiter, and as Jupiter is your ruler, this month will bring good moods and an increase in popularity for you. This will only enhance your sociable, optimistic nature, so lean into that. Embrace warm and genuine thoughts you have and feel free to share them with others, as they will be warmly received. This is your time to be the life of the party, but make sure to lend yourself to the kind honesty you are feeling more than the brutal honesty of your nature.

CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 19 Stick close to those you love the most this month, Capricorn. Your detriment is the moon, which is currently in Libra. While others may feel a tendency to meet new people or embrace being incredibly social, you are best advised to stick close to those you have already formed close bonds with. They will help you, and they may need help from you in return as they branch out into the world. Stay close to home and remember that you already have all that you need. When you do go out, do it with gratitude for the things you already have. This month will be one for appreciation.

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AQUARIUS JAN 20 - FEB 18 This is the time for change, Aquarius. Uranus is in retrograde this month, and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, meaning this will affect you most of all. Inspiration to get a makeover or get involved in local politics may strike. Whatever you feel compelled to do, pick that avenue and go with it. Embrace the retrograde as a freedom from your ruling planet to explore, rather than a loss of guidance. You will be met with opportunities to expand your circles, both social and professional. Wherever you branch out, you will be successful if you try something new.

PISCES FEB 19 - MAR 20 Wow, Pisces! This month may be especially fiery for you. The moon is conjunct Mercury, which is your detriment planet. This means that while others may be inclined toward emotional sensitivity, you may be able to break away from your typical tendency toward intense attachment. Instead, embrace new opportunities and short-lived, exciting moments. Take this as a freedom and meet new people, allowing acquaintances to come and go without worry. This month will bring less stress and a chance to branch out.

ARIES MAR 21 - APR 19 Now is the time to relax and be carefree, Aries. With the sun in Libra, Venus rules this month, which is your detriment planet. This means that things may be difficult if you push yourself, or other people, too hard this month. Relax and embrace the laid-back, Libran nature of this month, especially when it comes to love. Now is a good time to allow yourself to explore many options rather than jumping into commitments. If you let things be and go with the flow, you are sure to find success in love and your general happiness.

TAURUS APR 20 - MAY 20 Be careful this month, Taurus. The moon is square with Pluto, which is your detriment planet. This means you may be more inclined toward compulsive or destructive behavior. Deeply buried feelings may emerge, which will be a good thing so long as you do not let jealousy take control of the situation. Embrace your compulsion for honesty this month and you will succeed. This month will also be promising for your love life, as Venus takes precedence as a planet this month. Look for new opportunities for love and you will find it.

GEMINI MAY 21 - JUN 20 Life of the party Gemini, this month may be an intensely vulnerable one for you. The moon is conjunct to Mercury, and your sign is ruled by Mercury, meaning you may be especially emotional during this time. Expect to be a little sensitive this month and to feel especially attached to your loved ones. This may also be a good time to think about what you want in life. Once you decide where you want to go, you will have great success on that path, especially in your relationships. Embrace your emotions this month, Gemini, and people will open up to you in return.

CANCER JUN 21 - JUL 22 This month will bring new friends, Cancer. The moon is your ruler, which has now moved into Libra. This means your already-heightened emotions will take a friendly turn, allowing you to easily make connections during this time. Say “Hi” to that new person in your class or give out your Snapchat to the next cute person you meet. Things will go well socially for you this month. Take the opportunity and be bold, Cancer.

Now is the time to get your life together, Leo. The sun is your ruler, and with its current position in Libra, you should embrace balance in this period. Libra’s characteristics are fairness and equity, and with your confident nature, you should use these skills and apply them to your own life. Now is a great time to get organized and make sure that everything in your life is bringing you joy. Cut the things that do not, and you will find prosperity this month. LEO JUL 23 - AUG 22



squishmallow are you?


Is it presumptuous to declare that Squish is love; Squish is life? Articles from The New York Times and Insider compare the recent Squishmallow collecting craze to that of Beanie Babies and Webkinz. The soft, unexplainably comforting stuffed animals all have a name and unique biography enclosed in their attached hang tags. Take this quiz to identify your Squishmallow twin.



Pick a cult classic movie: A. “Clueless” (1995) B. “Donnie Darko” (2001) C. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (2012) D. “Hackers” (1995) E. “The Goonies” (1985)




What’s the best way to spend a Saturday night? A. Going on a shopping spree with friends B. Star gazing, chilling on a blanket at the park C. Curled up at home with a cup of tea and a good book D. Scanning Twitter for the day’s latest memes E. Doing anything spontaneous and fun

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If asked, your friends would describe you as … A. Outgoing B. Imaginative C. Goofy D. Tech-savvy E. Outdoorsy What is your favorite holiday? A. September 4 (Beyoncé’s birthday) B. Halloween C. National Book Lovers Day D. International Internet Day E. New Year’s Eve/Day You can’t leave home without your … A. Notebook and pencil B. Snacks C. … Why would I leave home? D. Laptop E. Hiking boots


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If you answered mostly A’s, you’re REINA “This fabulous butterfly loves fashion, fun, and drawing. Her love for fashion inspires many of her beautiful creations. She is outgoing and loves to spend time with friends. Maybe one day you will see her artwork on the cover of a magazine.”

skully If you answered mostly B’s, you’re SKULLY “Stargazing, salami, and sci-fi movies are some of Skully’s favorite things. This creepy cat loves to think about what other living things could exist in space [and] they are positive that there’s more life out there.”

stacy If you answered mostly C’s, you’re STACY “Stacy is a shy squid; she prefers to be home with her friends or even by herself. Big groups of Squishmallows make her a little nervous, so she loves to learn and explore through books. She’s quiet at first but all her friends know she can be very silly.”

puff If you answered mostly D’s, you’re PUFF “It’s time to meet Puff, the tech-fanatic penguin! He is the internet’s number one fan and is always searching for the newest thing. He’s also into robotics and has the most fun when he’s either building or coding.”

seth If you answered mostly E’s, you’re SETH “Seth [a red panda] loves the outdoors. He lives for swimming, hiking, and spending time in his tree house practicing yoga. He is the first to try a new sport or play a new instrument, and although he may not be the best [at] everything he tries, he doesn’t let that stop him from having a good time.” All biographies are courtesy of Squishmallow and may have been edited for length.



There is legend that the beloved spoon ring has been around since the 17th century. There are tales about servants working in houses and stealing silverware to make bands to give to their loved ones. These rings have a romantic history and carried over their symbolism to the age of peace and love, the ’70s. This tradition of making rings out of spoons hit its peak in the era of bell-bottoms and 164 | THREAD

tie-dye. That era valued simplicity and had a casual style when it came to its fashion, for the spoon ring was meant for them. This way of recycling spoons to make beautiful jewelry was appealing as they rejected mass-made products and valued what they could create with their own hands. Even during this time, the gift of a ring was an expression of love. Through the years of different

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trends, the spoon ring has continued to make a comeback. With a higher demand for these pieces, jewelers have been able to mimic the design and shape of the end of a spoon and will massproduce the rings. Even though this is convenient for shoppers, an antique ring made from a spoon holds a special place and can usually be found in local antique shops, Etsy, and other small business jewelry shops. The authentic rings tend to be thicker and heavier, as they were cut from a piece of silverware and shaped. The details of this silver piece has been considered a casual style and is an easy way to add accessories to your daily wardrobe. Whether you wear it with comfy clothes or flowy dresses, this antique ring will stand out. As fall arrives, the “season of

the witch” comes closer, and spoon rings are an adorable touch to any outfit. Pairing a flowy cardigan with these silver accessories will elevate a comfy style and bring a sense of free spirit this autumn. Old photographs of the queen of Bohemian style, Stevie Nicks, featured her decked out in rings, including her spoon ring, as she sported oversized shawls and layers of lace. Her style goes hand in hand with the hippie fashion that came with the ’70s and pairs almost too nicely with the accent of a spoon ring. Will these rings ever go out of style? That is up to those spearheading today’s looks to decide. But, as this accessory has been a continuous trend, there is a special place for these beautiful pieces and we will continue to see it in everyday fashion.


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An in-depth look at today’s most buzz-worthy topics. EASY A-LIST P.169


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ikTok has exploded as a platform in the past two years, creating a whole new game of social media. From 15 seconds to 3 minutes, TikTok has allowed users to create videos that could blow up instantly. It is fairly easy to go viral on TikTok; most people can get at least one video to receive a decent amount of views. TikTok has created a new culture of social media influencers, appropriately titled “TikTokers.” Names like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and LilHuddy have all become household names in pop culture. All of them had originally been from small towns across the country and, because their TikToks have blown up, they now reside in major cities in California. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 169

The kinds of videos that blow TikTokers up vary, depending on the audience's interest and what the algorithm pushes to viewers. The easiest way is following trends and, truthfully, being conventionally attractive. These TikTokers all gained consistent views and fame, propelling them into spotlight past social media stardom. They are no longer

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treated as just social media influencers; they are practically as regular as mainstream celebrities. We see Rae starring in a Netflix original film and hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian, the D’Amelio’s starring in their own reality show, Nessa Barret performing at Lollapalooza, and a variety of them attending the Met Gala. This flurry of TikTokers

being handed opportunities on a silver platter and being treated as they are truly celebrities is something we have never seen with other sorts of influencers before. While some argue that they are “famous,” it is strange for people that make 15-second videos to get the kinds of opportunities that they have. “I think that TikTokers are entertaining but get opportunities that they didn’t work for,” Bekah Bostick, an Ohio University junior studying journalism, said. “They act like they are surprised when they are given opportunities but then act like babies when there is

backlash that they were given the opportunity over someone more qualified.” The controversy of these TikTokers getting these opportunities over people who are more deserving has been growing. Someone can get a record deal, appear on Jimmy Fallon, and receive an invitation to the Met Gala over a dancing video, and people wonder why those who have the talent are not given the same opportunities. TikTokers are the most popular people on the planet because social media is so accessible. Brands, record companies, and OUTHREADMAG.COM | 171

festivals all want a piece of them to stay relevant, and in turn, it expands these TikTokers beyond social media. It is brilliant, albeit controversial as well. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu know that these names are 172 | THREAD

popular, and the best way to follow the trends is by creating a show or a movie with them in it. Even the Met Gala, traditionally an A-List celebrity event, decided to invite several TikTokers. All these TikTokers will take the

opportunity to expand their careers, keep their names in the media, and stay in the spotlight beyond the TikTok fame. This is not the first time we are seeing social media stars given big opportunities. Many

YouTubers had also expanded their platforms into brands, music, book deals, and beyond. The biggest difference is that YouTubers were generally known for being charismatic and usually did what related to their content OUTHREADMAG.COM | 173

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online. TikTok stars do not make content where they have to be interactive and energetic like YouTubers do. The personalities make them more likeable, and in turn makes viewers enjoy seeing them on different platforms. No matter what, there is no telling who gets famous and gets those opportunities. However, being famous on TikTok should not automatically trigger the need to be in every single avenue there is. Staying famous and relevant on TikTok is OK, and not every TikToker has to get the A-list celebrity treatment with the need to be famous in everything.



As more and more technology advances to accommodate deepfaking video and audio clips, people debate the ethics of it and the dangerous impact it can have on society. BY RILEY RUNNELLS PHOTOS BY PROVIDED

“You are successful, and I am successful, and I’m wondering: Are you happy?” Anthony Bourdain, the American chef, author, and travel documentarian, said in the final moments of his posthumous documentary, “Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain.” Those words ended the film on a bittersweet, seemingly perfect note. However, it is not actually Bourdain speaking. 176 | THREAD

Against the knowledge of his family and initially of the world, filmmaker Morgan Neville used artificial intelligence (AI) technology, otherwise known as “deepfake” technology, to digitally recreate Bourdain’s voice and read three quotes from an email he had sent to a friend. The use of deepfake technology, named for its creation of fake video and audio using deep learning technology,

was meant to be a creative and heartfelt way to end the documentary. Instead, it brought to light an intense battle of ethics, as Neville suggested he had spoken with people close to Bourdain to ensure they were fine with the use of the technology, including Bourdain's ex-wife, Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, who took to Twitter to negate this claim. “I certainly was NOT the one who said Tony would have been cool with that,” Busia wrote in a tweet. Fans of Bourdain took to Twitter to express their disdain for Neville’s choice, saying “Well, this is ghoulish”; “This is awful”; “WTF?!”; “this seems like the opposite of what he would want. this is so upsetting and gross. let

him be”; and even documentary reviewer Sean Burns, who reviewed the project negatively, tweeted “I feel like this tells you all you need to know about the ethics of the people behind this project.” The biggest issue in this situation might not even come from the fact the technology was put to use; rather, the issue here stems from Neville’s decision to not disclose the use of the technology to viewers, and made it seem like something Bourdain had legitimately said. This criticism and other examples beg two questions: where do creatives draw the line with AI deepfake technology, and what ethical measures are necessary to use this technology OUTHREADMAG.COM | 177

without causing harm? When thinking of deepfake technology, the first thought that might come to mind is the social media filters that allow one to superimpose someone else’s face on one’s own. Though that is heading in the right direction, the technology in question is more advanced – even sometimes convincing viewers the fake video is the real thing. More often than not, people use this technology in jest with high-profile people, for pornographic reasons, and even weaponize it for political or revenge purposes. John Bowditch, associate professor and director of the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) lab at Ohio University, first learned about the research behind creating deepfakes in Los Angeles at SIGGRAPH 2017, an annual conference focused on computer graphics and interactive technologies. “The researchers demonstrated former President Obama


delivering a speech that was artificially created,” Bowditch said. “It was brilliantly executed 178 | THREAD

and believable. It wasn’t difficult to see the possible uses of such technology, particularly for nefarious purposes. I initially worried how easily it might be exploited for disinformation campaigns, especially in politics.” Bowditch explained anyone’s likeness can end up in deepfakes, especially with public social media profiles or work-related websites right at our fingertips. It is a difficult process to enforce copyright or consent abuse violations for someone’s likeness because anonymous people could create deepfakes with publicly available content. Though celebrity likeness used without permission is common, they are not the only targets. Non-celebrities have also been

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victim to the technology, as many open-source coding softwares can make it easier for people with limited to intermediate technical experience to experiment with deepfakes. Even simple smartphone apps exist that allow people to upload a photo and convert it to a simple, lip-synched deepfake. This type of app will not necessarily trick people into thinking it is real, but it could just be the beginning, with this type of software continuing to become more and more advanced and increasingly available to the general public. Bowditch knew some tech companies were working to find a beneficial use of deepfaking, including American multinational tech company NVIDIA Corporation. After most places of business moved to a virtual format in response to the


coronavirus pandemic, NVIDIA is working on a way to ease the burden of the large amount of bandwidth required with video technology. One bandwidthconserving innovation takes a few photographs of each conference participant and recreates synchronized moving images from only their live audio. The visual quality is still preserved, but the bandwidth is lowered. On the audio side, Josh Antonuccio, associate professor and director of the School of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University, found there were some benefits in using an algorithm to recreate voices.

180 | THREAD

“It's pretty wild, but they created an interesting market for where technology that can manipulate other people's voices can also be used to help people that have lost their own,” Antonuccio said. However, Bowditch and Antonuccio believe, and research shows, most places are not viewing this technology from a beneficial standpoint. That is exactly why Bowditch believes there will be more harm than good done with this technology. “To be honest, I really struggle seeing many beneficial uses of this technology outside of entertainment. It is so easy to

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abuse,” Bowditch said. Antonuccio cited political warfare as one of the most tricky spots where deepfakes come into play. He said the Donald Trump and Joe Biden 2020 election cycle was where he saw the most deepfake activity, and emphasized how dangerous that type of content can be in an election that is already heavily driven by emotional stakes from voters. “It’s in the consciousness of the public, so it becomes very hard to address it because video and audio are such a powerful medium, especially when it’s something that’s very politically charged,” Antonuccio said. On the other side of the technology’s negatives, Bowditch cited pornography as one of the most tricky spots where deepfakes come into play. “This has often been used to create realistic revenge porn,” Bowditch said. “I believe laws do not punish those that use this technology to create revenge porn harshly enough. It has and will continue to severely impact the mental health of victims.” As Bowditch pointed out, the more nefarious uses of deepfake technology can create a devastatingly negative impact on the mental health of those involved. Antonuccio was aware that someone can ruin an entire lifetime of work to build a reputation in one well-edited video or audio clip, and for that

“I think it’d be excruciating,” said Antonuccio. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens if you have a vengeful teenager with technology like that at their fingertips – or at any age level.” ANTONUCCIO

person, he believed the mental impact would be horrific. “I think it’d be excruciating,” Antonuccio said. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens if you have a vengeful teenager with technology like that at their fingertips – or at any age level.” Aside from just the emotional impact, the way the entertainment industry runs as a whole will be — and already has been — impacted to a high degree by deepfake technology. From the technical standpoint, Antonuccio knew even if a person was alive, aspects of media production like dialog replacement in postproduction, where filmmakers have to bring actors back into the studio to match dialog offscreen, can be pretty expensive. With the OUTHREADMAG.COM | 181

deepfake technology, it becomes a one-step edit on a keyboard and has the capacity to streamline that process. “To me, I think there's a lot of things where, in terms of the speed of things like postproduction, that's going to increase,” Antonuccio said. “And I think it creates interesting possibilities for storytelling. You fast forward 20 years into the Marvel world, and you can pull characters from 2008 as they were then and integrate them into stories at that time. So there's all kinds of ways you can extend storylines, beyond the age of the actor or actress.” Both Bowditch and Antonuccio, however, found the morals surrounding deepfake technology and deceased public figures to be difficult to navigate. There are digital rights protections laws that are put in place for high-profile people regarding who owns their likeness when they die. But often, as in the case with Bourdain’s AI audio recording, there are violations of these rights because of loopholes. “I am a strong advocate for digital rights protections,” Bowditch said. “I believe this violates dead actors' digital rights if used without their estate’s consent. If the family has given permission, I have no problem with it. Maybe future wills can stipulate how digital likenesses may be used. I think it will be interesting to see if someone’s 182 | THREAD

likeness is challenged as public domain soon. Many Charlie Chaplin films are out of copyright and public domain. Can someone commercially use his likeness sourced from public domain films in deepfakes?” There are some celebrities and their family members who take the precautions necessary to avoid having their likeness used or taken through loopholes in the law. For instance, Robin Williams, who died by suicide in 2014, restricted the use of his image

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for 25 years after his death. This means, until the pre-agreed date in 2039, no one can deepfake him into any form of media. Williams’ daughter, Zelda, created a Twitter thread in August 2020 discussing her thoughts on deepfake technology, writing that her fear that the future will hold a severe lack of trust in what is real by watching the advancement of deepfake technology is solidified. “If deepfakes come out to defame or destroy, who are we to believe? The person swearing

up and down that they didn’t do it, or what USED to count as irrefutable proof?” Williams wrote in the Twitter thread. “And what if those people are no longer around to defend themselves? The dead cannot tell you ‘that’s not me’.” Similar to Bowditch and Antonuccio, Zelda also pointed out how easily accessible this technology can be. The fact of the matter is, people create deepfakes quite often, and sometimes the public is none OUTHREADMAG.COM | 183

the wiser. “Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, we have witnessed that many people are easily susceptible to disinformation and conspiracy theories,” Bowditch said. “I think deepfakes will always seem convincing to some. Not too long ago, it was easy to differentiate a fake video from real by watching how often a subject’s eyes blinked. Historically, deepfakes often didn’t blink their eyes enough to be convincing. Assuredly, deepfake creators are starting to account for that and make appropriate adjustments.” 184 | THREAD

Antonuccio believed the struggle to determine the legitimacy of video and audio content is only heightened by social media. “The speed of which we have sharing via social media now, it just bypasses any filtration system,” Antonuccio said. “And I think that's only going to get worse as we move forward.” The verdict on deepfake technology? Seemingly subjective, depending on who one asks. However, two aspects of the argument are almost always agreed upon: there must be a way to vet what video

back of the closet

and audio are using deepfake technology to avoid anything salacious or malicious, and if deepfake technology is going to be used after a celebrity’s passing, it must be approved by members of the family. Bowditch and Antonuccio both, more than anything, encouraged people to be wary of deepfake technology as it continues to circulate through the public. As seen with social media edits all the way up to professional projects like Bourdain’s documentary, some people work to blur the ethical lines of this technology use and its disclosure,

making everyone susceptible to deepfake deception. “If there's one historical photograph, video, or audio recording or a combination, and you've got five deepfakes that are as convincing, you spend all this time sorting through what's actually real as it disseminates through any number of social networks or otherwise,” Antonuccio said. “That, I think, is the bigger concern; it's not just the propaganda itself, but it's the system noise level of what it creates in terms of distorting reality.” OUTHREADMAG.COM | 185



magine spending months planning, designing, and creating an article of clothing. The piece represents something personal — hard work and talent. An attachment has been formed to the design. Then, one day, the very same design is unexpectedly found on Shein, an ultra-fast fashion online retailer founded in China, being mass-produced and sold at a low cost. That is exactly what happened to Black-owned, ethical, and slow fashion brand, Elexiay. In July, Elexiay took to its social media pages to share that Shein replicated its handmade crochet sweater design and was up for sale for $17. "[I] spent hours designing and brainstorming this design and it takes days to crochet each sweater. It's quite disheartening to see my hard work reduced to a machine made copy," wrote Elyon Adede, founder and creative director of 186 | THREAD

Elexiay, on Twitter. Elexiay is not the only small business that this has happened to; there have been countless brands that have stepped forward, expressing hurt and anger over fast fashion companies stealing their designs and art. Small businesses do not get nearly as much exposure as the fast fashion industry that copies them. One cannot scroll on the social media platform TikTok without running into paid advertisements or influencers showing off “Shein Hauls” — “hauls” meaning videos where people show off items they have bought on a shopping spree. The potential for an independent designer to gain recognition for their craft is essentially thrown out the window when a fast fashion brand replicates their art and sells it at an inexpensive price. Unfortunately, many Blackowned small businesses have fallen victim to the bandit that

back of the closet


188 | THREAD

back of the closet

is fast fashion. Mariama Diallo, founder of Sincerely Ria, took to Twitter in June to call out Shein for stealing her clothing design. “I’m so over these major brands stealing from Black designers,” Diallo wrote. “They couldn’t even change one thing, and it’s now one of their highest selling items.” The two designs are strikingly similar, even down to the way Shein chose to photograph the outfit. Despite the blatant and repetitive cases of copying, designers who do not trademark their designs have no legal protection over them. This may seem like a simple fix, but, according to The Boar writer Bashirat Oladele, many small designers are too “financially insecure” to afford the lawyers and other funds needed for trademarking. Design theft is not the only reason to pay attention to the rise of fast fashion. Besides stealing from small businesses, fast fashion companies also contribute to mass pollution. The affordability and accessibility of the clothes make overconsumption far too easy. According to Money, Shein adds 500 to 2,000 new items to its website every day. Hauls of Shein clothing are popular, and typically cost hundreds of



The ultimate question then stands: Will fast fashion brands ever go out of style, or will the industry continue to grow because of the number of people eager to fill their digital shopping bags?

dollars. This overconsumption of cheap merchandise leads to a buildup of clothes in landfills, as the discard rate of ill-made clothing is quicker. Fast fashion also contributes to the fashion industry’s emission of “more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined,” according to Insider. Other effects of production impact the people creating the garments. Fast fashion companies are able to sell their products for so cheap because of how inexpensive it is to make the items. This is partially because of poor treatment of workers, which involves “unsafe working conditions, wages that make essentials unaffordable, and child labor exploitation,” 190 | THREAD

according to The Vegan Review. For these reasons, many people have boycotted several fast fashion brands, and some have boycotted fast fashion all together. There has even been a rise in the popularity of sustainable fashion. Despite the bad press, Shein has managed to overtake Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the U.S., according to FASHION Magazine. So, why is it that fast fashion brands continue to thrive? Consumers may shop fast fashion because of the affordable prices and on-trend styles. Both sustainable and high-end brands can get expensive, leading those who wish to copy the looks they love to seek out inexpensive

replicas, purchasing regardless of how they are made. However, fast fashion is not solely being held up by people who cannot afford expensive clothing. People who do clothing hauls and buy just for the sake of shopping are the main culprits. Many readers of this article may be thinking about their favorite Shein crop top hanging in their closet right now. There is an obvious appeal to scrolling through pages and pages of lowcost clothes with varying styles.

But, it is important to remember that behind the low cost of that polyester crop top is the nefarious world of fast fashion. Is a clothing haul for social media views worth the environmental and ethical costs that inherently go along with it? The ultimate question then stands: Will fast fashion brands ever go out of style, or will the industry continue to grow because of the number of people eager to fill their digital shopping bags? OUTHREADMAG.COM | 191


192 | THREAD

back of the closet


fter much delay, one of the most important nights in fashion served up some of its best looks yet. The Met Gala finally celebrated the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current exhibition, titled “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”. The gala is typically held on the first Monday in May, however, COVID-19 prevented the 2020 event from taking place. As a result, the Met Gala took place on September 13. Co-chairs of this year’s event included Billie Eilish, Timothée Chalamet, Naomi Osaka, and Amanda Gorman. Rihanna also announced on social media a week before the gala that she would be hosting the official after-party, so the night was sure to be a stunner from the get-go. However, a lot of controversy surrounded the night, as more influencers from YouTube and TikTok attended the event for the first time. Some of those guests included Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amelio, and Madison Beer.


One of this year’s co-chairs, Timothée Chalamet, made his debut at the event in a street style yet sleek silhouette. The actor wore a white, satin tuxedo by Haider Ackermann and a Cartier brooch with sweatpants and Converse. Chalamet’s more casual look came in handy, as he walked 10 blocks to the event instead of taking a car. Another co-chair, Billie Eilish,

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made history as the youngest co-chair in the gala’s history. The 19-year-old singer embraced her inner Marilyn Monroe with a skin-tone Oscar de la Renta dress, complete with a dramatic train. She paired the gown with over 30 pieces of Cartier Jewelry and makeup and hair inspired by Old Hollywood. Newcomer Pete Davidson also made his Met Gala debut

in a black tunic dress by Thom Browne. He paired the dress with a white blazer and black boots. He told Vogue he was going for a “sexy nun” look. In tribute to his late father, who died in service on September 11, 2001, Davidson also wore a custom lapel pin and antique Fred Leighton necklace featuring several of his father’s birthstones, garnets. The most noteworthy look of

the night was from Met Gala fan-favorite Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. Arriving fashionably late to the event, Rihanna wore an all-black Balenciaga ruffled coat and matching Stephen Jones Millinery hat. Rocky initially stepped on the carpet wearing a colorful quilt overcoat by ERL before transitioning into a black suit and white, ruffled top. After all of


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the looks from the night, these definitely stole the show. This year also featured many outspoken ensembles. Cara Delevingne wore a white custom bulletproof-style vest by Dior, inscribed with “peg the patriarchy” in red print. Though Delevingne took credit for the idea in a video with Vogue, it was quickly revealed that “peg the patriarchy” was actually “coined [and trademarked] by an artist and sex educator named Luna Matatas,” according to The Mary Sue. (Matatas, a queer person of color, has also stated that she was neither consulted nor paid for the use of her slogan.) Other looks included “Schitt’s Creek” actor Dan Levy in a custom Loewe ensemble featuring an image of two men kissing, which was an adaptation of the work of artist and activist David Wojnarowicz. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a white, mermaid-cut gown by Brother Vellies with “tax the rich” printed in red on the back. Critics have called her out for the irony of the dress, as it reportedly costs $30,000 per person to

attend the event, according to Fortune. The most courageous political look was from Congresswoman Carolyn Bosher Maloney, who wore a gown designed by Antonios Couture. The vibrantly colored ensemble included sashes embroidered with the words “equal rights for women,” and Maloney carried a coordinating purse with “ERA YES” on it. The colors of Maloney’s gown were those of the suffragette movement — purple, white, and gold. The Met Gala is famous for its avant-garde fashion, and with that comes a lot of criticism on certain looks. Some looks that were highly criticized at this year’s gala included Kim Kardashian’s full-body black Balenciaga moment, Kim Petras’s horse head dress by Collina Strada, and Addison Rae’s red Tom Ford for Gucci gown. For better or worse, the night was definitely memorable in the world of fashion. We can only hope these celebrities bring the same energy to next year’s Met Gala red carpet.



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ew York Fashion Week (NYFW) is definitely, hands-down, my favorite week that is devoted to fashion. The reason why I am so drawn to NYFW is because I love street style and designer runway shows. NYFW designers pull both of those elements together to make clothing that is “out there” and wild, but also something to wear on a daily basis. NYFW is definitely designed for the rich and wealthy considering how expensive everything is. However, it is also designed to inspire people by the many works of art from the week. NYFW is definitely trendsetting and is a big influence on how people will dress; many people with creative minds can copy runway trends on a budget. The major semi-annual event devoted to fashion has been going on since 1943, according to The New York Times, and has an $887 millon economic impact, according to a 2015 report from U.S. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney and the Joint Economic Committee. Lots of time, creativity, and hard work go into each fashion show, and it shows how hard designers work to put it all together. This season, students from Ohio University attended NYFW, which took place September 7 through September 12. That definitely helped get the word out about Ohio U, which was 200 | THREAD

really cool. Those students, Emma Hauserman, a senior studying integrated healthcare studies, and Stefana Avara, a senior studying sports management really nailed their streetwear fashion, and did so without having a personal stylist or designer. Something that annoyed me was TikTok influencers being invited to NYFW events. I personally do not believe they deserved their spot over other fashionfocused creators. Fashion designers Prabal Gurung, Monse, threeASFOUR, and The Blonds produced my favorite looks. The designs were absolutely amazing, and some were just so unique that I think a lot of people were not expecting them. This NYFW displayed so many different styles and pieces, from western, to space, and to glitz and glam. I highly recommend looking up this season’s NYFW collections if you have not already — trust me, it will not disappoint.



fter a day of volunteering in the Santa Monica Mountains, Keith Eshelman and Sevag Kazanci realized that environmental damage and insufficient funding had left a detrimental mark on the lands. On that day in 2014, the Parks Project brand was born. The duo started small, printing shirts in their garage and taking them to trade shows where people could learn about their cause and support the business. The more people started to recognize the project, the more they could give back to the parks, and by 2016, Eshelman and Kazanci became an official National Parks partner. While Eshelman and Kazanci

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helped the parks by donating money from their apparel sales to help fund projects, they did not stop there. In 2019, the two launched their Volunteer Alliance Field Crew program, which hosts volunteer days all over the country to help clean up the national parks. They even started doing company volunteer trips to get more people involved and to develop a better connection with nature. The Parks Project’s website has information on its 42 current projects that consist of youth education, wildlife conservation, visitor programs, and habitat restoration. One of its many projects involves teaming up with the Joshua Tree National Park Association, funding the association’s park research. The OUTHREADMAG.COM | 203

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project values educating younger generations, as the national parks will outlive society, and it is up to advocation to keep conserving the lands that will have a continuous impact on the ecosystem. Parks Project has made its products more sustainable as it works to change the abundance of consumption in society. According to the National Park Trips’ website, Parks Project has done drops of vintage apparel on its website. The team is also working on upcycling materials to make items. In terms of production processes, its partner facilities run on solar power, and the company is working on becoming a completely paperfree facility, as noted on the Parks Project website. As Eshelman and Kazanci strive to make their company as sustainable as possible, their beautifully designed products continue to have a positive impact.

The Parks Project sells a variety of items, from clothing and accessories to home goods. Consumers can even “shop by park,” which includes the national parks that the team helps fund, such as Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, and Acadia. The business creates unique designs that are exclusive to each park, and the different attributes of the lands are featured on the products. This generation can do their part by supporting businesses like Parks Project, which create sustainable clothing while also giving back to the environment.


Doing small actions each day can help better the planet, whether that be recycling plastics and paper, buying sustainablysourced products, or reducing consumption. Each of those actions will make an impact, no matter how trivial it may seem, as the core message of the Parks Project says, “Leave it better than you found it.” 206 | THREAD






Crocs have unfortunately become a comeback accessory in recent years. Not only are there better alternatives to Crocs, but they are nothing more than a worn-out children’s shoe. Alternatives to Crocs include cozy slides or platform foam sandals. Crocs are obnoxiously bulky, and quite frankly do not go with anything. They make any outfit instantly look lazy – they are a joke. Although Crocs may seem comfortable, they can become extremely uncomfortable after five

minutes. Plus, they cause feet to sweat. Crocs are too expensive for the littleto-no fashion they give. Blessed with the nickname “ugly clogs,” Crocs are not bringing anything to any outfit but disappointment. The shoes should have left with the early 2000s. Honestly, it is the one trend that should never have come back. Crocs as a brand let the fame go to its head and released platform clogs, which should have never been an idea in the first place. Crocs are not it, and never will be.


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I think Crocs are a very cool and fun way to elevate any wardrobe. They are super comfy and work in all different kinds of conditions; there are NOT going to be any wet socks or feet because of their awesome material. The strap on the back of them can be put behind the ankle for extra security, or move them up to the top of the shoe for a more casual vibe. I think the style itself is super cute because they

can even be individualized and accessorized with different colors and Jibbitz as desired. I wear my Crocs in all different kinds of conditions, and they have never let me down. Whether it is a stroll to class or a hike up to Radar Hill, the comfort and durability are huge whenever I am working or walking around all day. All around, I think Crocs are really cool and I am so glad that they are once again trending.


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October 2021

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