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HAUTE ONLINE Looking for some new blogs to add to your radar? Whether scrolling for meal inspo or needing a quick DIY gift, we've got you virtually covered. SPINACH FOR BREAKFAST

Eating well can seem like a chore or a bore, but Spinach For Breakfast provides an amazing archive of healthy dishes from granola bars to quinoa bowls to sweet potato nachos. Sisters Maria and Alyssa Tosoni decided to start the blog while working to live and eat healthier in spite of busy work and life schedules. The duo has made it astonishingly easy by creating incredibly savory dishes and sharing the recipes for the convenience of all busy folk. Spinach For Breakfast is refreshing because it provides a strong arsenal of healthy dishes without pushing for calorie counting or intense, crazy diets. Instead it emphasizes how to eat full, tasty meals while cutting problem foods out of your life and making simple, easy dishes. It emphasizes that eating well is a journey, “not a set of rules,” which makes eating far more fun. The blog is also a hotbed of delicious vegan activity, showcasing the incredible range of vegan cooking capable with a good grocery list and a half-hour to make a meal. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, beet dip, and spinach and sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms are just a few of the many vegan recipes up the sisters’ sleeves - MEGAN FAIR 4 | THREAD



Ashley Rose begins her story with “Once upon a time …” and finishes it with Sugar and Cloth, her DIY-inspired lifestyle blog where she posts her seasonal staples, decorative macarons, and of course, her favorite DIY projects. Rose went from student graphic designer on the East Coast, a little lost about what she wanted out of life, to independent blogger in Texas with the beautiful pastel colors and clean-cut lines of Sugar and Cloth. Through her posts, she shows the world her delicate craft of decorating macarons in different themes. Ladybugs, basketballs, little ghosts, and Drake lyrics are some of the ideas she presses into the sugary French pastries. Rose claims her blog wouldn’t be Sugar and Cloth without her macarons. So, using color dye and edible pen ink, she combines her love of the treats with her love of decoration. Her DIY projects also help readers easily assemble various pieces of home decor, such as planters, decanters, and even headboards. It seems that her favorite materials and accents to use are marble and gold. Marble place cards and a coffee table with gilded hairpin legs are one of the many inspiring projects on her blog. Occasionally, Rose takes her passion for DIY instruction to the next level by holding seasonal DIY workshops that are open to the public. - COURTNEY MIHOCIK OUTHREADMAG.COM | 5


If you are looking for a writer that features fashion, fitness, and fun, then Bobby Hicks is your guy. His blog, This Fellow, showcases a New Yorker documenting what it’s like to live in the city that never sleeps. His blog mainly consists of pictures that show all angles of his outfits and the scenery of New York. Hicks always incorporates new style and scenery for diverse and interesting posts. In one of his most recent posts, he talked about his involvement in this fall’s New York Fashion Week. Along with other bloggers, he was given the opportunity to merge clothing and social media with the brand Perry Ellis as they introduced the first ever Instagram fashion show. Rather than strutting on the runway, he produced a unique post styling all black attire as his contribution. Otherwise, Hicks’ clothes come from classic clothing lines like H&M, Nike, and Converse, and he captions each picture with the details of where each article of clothing can be purchased for the convenience of his readers. When he isn’t modeling in front of the camera, Hicks has been known to get behind it. He enjoys incorporating other male models and their styles into his blog which sets him apart from the masses. - COURTNEY ADAMS 6 | THREAD

haute online


What began as a platform used by Los Angeles resident Courtney Halverson to share her outfit-of-theday photos has grown into something much more complex: a fashion blog followed by over 125,000 people for daily style inspiration. Halverson’s blog, Pretty Little Fawn, showcases her love for thrift shopping, and pairing those finds with high-end pieces. A wardrobe item that seems to recur in her posts is denim. Whether it’s her jean jacket, denim button-down top, or black denim cropped jeans, she’s always showing her love for the timeless textile. She shows how denim, an easily accessible and affordable fabric, offers exceptional outfit versatility. Halverson’s personal style also tends to follow a color scheme — her hair is a natural auburn, and she often plays off of it in her neutral-toned outfits. Pretty Little Fawn provides fashionforward outfit inspiration using basic wardrobe pieces that most of us already have in our closets. And if we don’t have them, most of the featured clothing can be found for reasonable prices at essentially any clothing or thrift store. For college students with a love for fashion and saving money, this is the quintessential blog to follow. - MICAH UPSHAW OUTHREADMAG.COM | 7

Editor’s Note Happy Holidays, Threadies! It’s my favorite time of the year — the food, the fashion, the feeling of joy in the air. ‘Tis the season for spending time with loved ones, cozying up at home, and preparing yourself for a new year. With the fall semester already coming to a close, I am excited to present you with our final issue of 2016. If you’re like me and have a major sweet tooth, you’ll be ready to indulge in some festive treats (“Mint to Be” P. 74) and kick back with a refreshing drink (“Mule-Tide Cocktail” P. 76). For me, though, indulgence doesn’t stop at food. There’s nothing I love more than spending a day out shopping and adding new pieces to my wardrobe. This issue, we’re showing you how to find the best essentials for your closet and get “Back to the Basics” (P. 214). When you’re not shopping for your own closet, you’ll be focusing on finding the perfect thing to make this season of giving special. We’ve got you covered with holiday gift ideas for every friend — and star sign — on your list (“Gift Guide for the Signs” P. 172). If buying a gift isn’t your style, and you want something one-ofkind, our DIY section is full of cute ideas, like a suede clutch (“Coming In

Clutch” P. 60) and cozy leg warmers (“Too Cute to Boot” P. 68). After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s nice to just curl up and relax. Until then, we’re dreaming about comfy clothes and a much deserved nap (“In the Clouds” P. 142). When you do have some free time, pamper yourself with a homemade milk bath (“Soak It In” P. 64) and fight off any winter blues by showing your lips some love (“Prep Your Pout” P. 182). We hope you enjoy this issue and get the chance to enjoy some of your favorite things during this holiday season. So grab a snack, relax in front of the fireplace, and spend time checking out this issue of Thread.






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Find out the top five things that our exec board is inspired by right now.


DARK FLORALS They don’t have to be dark. I wear florals year-round. Floral dresses, skirts, pants, tops, shoes, whatever you can find: I’d wear it. I don’t remember when I realized how much I loved a nice flowery print, but they really are something versatile that can change up any outfit. This year, fall florals were featured heavily in New York Fashion Week. Grab some black booties and a sweater to go with your dark floral-print dress and you’re good to go. Floral tops are for everyone — regardless of age or gender. Just make sure you add some neutrals or solids to your ensemble to balance out the crazy pattens. Let your inner flower child show. – SARAH BLANKENSHIP 12 | THREAD


VELVET One way you can spruce up your wardrobe this fall is by incorporating some fun textures. Velvet is making a comeback on the runway in dresses, shirts, jackets, and even shoes. At first I was a little uneasy about this soft fabric, but paired with a contrasting texture like denim, it can look flawless. A velvet jacket would be the perfect attention grabber at a holiday party paired with a LBD. There are many ways you can incorporate velvet into your wardrobe without looking like you stepped out of the wrong decade! – MADISON CLEVELAND



NICK FANCHER Based in Columbus, Ohio, Nick Fancher is a portrait and commercial photographer with a knack for some sweet lighting set ups. I’m actually obsessed with the way he uses minimal equipment to get dramatic and engaging photos. He shoots outside of the traditional studio, which I think gives his photos a certain unique aesthetic. As a photographe, I’ve been inspired by his use of gels and shadows. His work is so unexpected and made me rethink the way I light my own subjects. – KATE STONE


top 5


LIL KIM It is no secret that the styles of the early and mid ‘90s are “in.” However, with each passing day I find myself salivating over the ridiculous aesthetics that the late ‘90s and the early 2000s offered. Of these looks, the undeniable reigning Queen of Hip-Hop, Lil Kim, has taken my heart by storm. Lil Kim epitomized the raunchy, racy, avant-garde looks that musical divas are still rocking to this day and she did it with such ownership. From her 1999 pink pasty VMA look to her signature all-green fur bikini combo — looking through a photo album of Lil Kim’s most memorable outfits is the definition of inspiration. –KENYETTA WHITFIELD


ALICIA KEYS From her empowering decision to rock the makeup-free look (even on TV), to the raw emotion in her latest album “HERE,” Alicia Keys has changed the game in so many ways. Throughout her career, Keys has written music made to inspire and encourage. With a fresh-faced new look and her first new album in years, Keys has yet again set out to inspire and encourage women all over the world. Keys has never wavered on her commitment to honest artistic expression and her passion for the things that matter most: peace, love, and music. Her public decision to go without makeup has inspired celebrities and talk show hosts alike. Her decision to remain true to herself has inspired me. – KAYLA BEARD OUTHREADMAG.COM | 15


From the runways, to the streets, and everything in between, here are this season’s most soughtafter trends. POLARIZED - 32






Balancing formal and outerwear with a punk aesthetic, this collection reflects the stylish metamorphasis of Poland’s fashion industry. BY HAADIZA OGWUDE PHOTO BY ALLISON HAAS


olish fashion label MISBHV has become one of the most anticipated names in the international fashion industry. Its transition from local Warsaw markets to international markets has been one that has been embraced and revered by the fashion industry. Its fusion of eastern European influences and DIY-Punk aesthetics has been one of the reasons this brand is one to watch out for. Designer Natalia Maczek said the brand was founded to create clothes “their friends would like.” The grittiness of the collection mixed with the tailored suiting showcases the style and spirit of Poland. MISBHV’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection balances punk basics with formal wear and outerwear. This is evident in the leather jackets and trench coats emblazoned with the words “Sonic You” and “Hardcore,” band tees, chain wallets, and Doc Marten-esque shoes paired with tailored trousers, sportcoats, and turtleneck sweaters. Mesh tops, dog tags, and neon orange sweatsuit pieces also highlight the eastern European

influences. This line is the ideal inspiration for the stylistically confident individual. Maczek’s talent for taking DIYpunk elements and turning them into high fashion is one that is admired, yet easily replicated. With ’90s fashion becoming increasingly popular, it is relatively easy to achieve the aesthetic of this collection. Doc Marten-style shoes are essential for this collection. The timeless boots that have been featured in every look of the line are a defining feature in mimicking this collection. Chain wallets and mesh tops paired with black or navy trousers are also noteworthy pieces that enhance the replication of MISBHV’s Fall/Winter 2016 line. Leather, denim, and fur-trimmed jackets are also essential elements for achieving this look, and they are wise investments for the coming winter season. MISBHV is known for tapping into the disheveled look of former Soviet countries. Its Fall/Winter 2016 collection combines DIY-punk essentials with expert tailoring, creating a line that truly reflects the attitude of Poland. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 19

Marina Hoermanseder


With an emphasis on the unconventional, this collection blends feminine silhouettes with luxurious fabrics to create the ultimate office uniform.



erlin-based designer Marina Hoermanseder has only been around since 2013, but her Fall 2016 collection proves that she’s here to make a statement. Dusty pink tulip skirts, chocolate-brown tailored trousers, and baby blue fuzzy sweaters aren’t usually associated with fall fashion, but this wasn’t a conventional fall show. Instead of focusing on traditional autumnal clothing, Hoermanseder turned her attention to the workplace and created a powerful office uniform. Hoermanseder definitely understands what it takes to be a working woman. From studying at the ESMOD Fashion School in Berlin and London’s Central St. Martins College to interning for Alexander McQueen, she is no stranger to the professional world. She recently told fabegomagazine. com that her usual day-to-day outfit is a T-shirt and jeans because she finds herself doing a lot of hands-on work. The show was light and airy with structure — an odd combination that Hoermanseder executed perfectly. Each outfit flowed seamlessly into the next.

However, the plastic, form-fitting dress, top, and skirt added a punch of the unexpected to the otherwise flowy collection. The plastic-wear created the notion that women, much like fashion, aren’t static. Another prevalent detail throughout the show was the presence of jewels on every model. Whether it was bejeweled earrings, brooches, or face decals, jewels were the accessory of choice for this office-wear show. But of course, the show wasn’t without Hoermanseder’s staple: belts. Tight pencil skirts made entirely out of belt straps paired with flowing blouses gave the models the Berlin-nightlife edge that each of her lines alludes to. To emulate Hoermanseder’s powerful attire this fall, break out your favorite wide-leg trouser and button-up blouse. A pink bomber jacket paired with a brown midi skirt would be the perfect acknowledgment of Hoemanseder’s tailored, yet whimsical line. “I go wherever creativity takes me,” Hoermanseder told fabegomagazine.com, and this time it took her to all of our favorite badass ladies’ closets. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 21

CELEB STYLE Making his mark on the rap world, Young Thug proves that critics are no match for his originality.



s one of the most popular rap artists in the music industry today, Young Thug represents black masculinity with his music, but defies it with his everyday clothing. Known for songs such as “Best Friend” and “Pick Up the Phone,” Young Thug disregards not only rapper fashion stereotypes of sagging pants and ribbed tank tops, but gender stereotypes as well. No matter where or when he is seen, Young Thug is a risk taker when it comes to style. However, sometimes his looks are difficult to understand. When featured in Dazed Magazine, Young Thug paired a floral lace top with a sheer tulle dress. In his video for “Check,” he wore a tight Hooters tank top. Every picture of him in these unique outfits leaves you thinking, “How does he look so good?” In his most recent ad campaign for Calvin Klein, Young Thug rocks clothes from the 2016 women’s line. For the campaign, he wore a black pin-striped women’s dress with a pair of flared black pants to match. With the slogan “I disobey in 22 | THREAD

#mycalvins,” this ad campaign represents Young Thug’s desire to break down barriers in the fashion industry, just as he attempts to do with his music. Many people are embracing a more androgynous look, so it is easy to achieve a similar look by pairing a longline T-shirt with a pair of pants, flared or otherwise. Young Thug was also seen at Calvin Klein’s show during New York Fashion Week in a kneelength maroon embroidered vest with a red shirt and black pants underneath. He also paired a pair of plain black shoes with diamond-encrusted straps across the foot. This look can provide inspiration for those wishing to wear the current trend of embroidered jackets and statement shoes. To achieve a similar look, pair any knee-length embroidered jacket with black pants and a pair of boots with metal-detailed straps. In an interview with the French media site, Clique, Young Thug said, “Critics? These are my decisions, my thoughts, no one else’s. No feelings…that’s my definition of a ‘thug.’”



Bad girl RiRi shows no sign of halting her trendy takeover of the music and fashion industry. BY RACHEL O’MORROW PHOTOS BY ELLIE MOORE


obyn Rihanna Fenty moved away from her Caribbean roots at 15 years old to pursue a career in music. Within 10 years of her first album release, she has sold more than 54 million albums and 210 million tracks worldwide. Not only is she an eight-time Grammy award winner, entrepreneur, and creative director, she can also be considered a queen of fashion. Overall, @badgalriri has a powerful social media presence. Her image is acts as inspiration for designers such as Olivier Rousteing and Tom Ford, who ignited the creation of her own line of athletic wear named Fenty by Puma. In addition, the edgy Hollywood glam superstar has her own line of Dior sunglasses. Rihanna influences the fashion world through her merchandise lines and her unprecedented fashion foresight. Throughout Rihanna’s music career, she has continuously innovated her wardrobe. She has an immaculate technique for exuding a sexy, classy, and cultured vibe by pairing unexpected garments together to create a finished look. Currently, one of Rihanna’s goto ensembles is an oversized graphic T-shirt paired with a men’s puffer jacket and velvet booties or strappy heels. She has a technique of pairing

both men’s and women’s clothing together to produce one-of-akind looks that break society’s gendered fashion norms. Rihanna rocks this mixture by wearing denim on denim or an athletic tracksuit. To accessorize these looks, she usually wears a flat bill, large hoop earrings, or cuff bracelets. She frequently wears heels with jeans, which dresses up the ensemble and creates a feminine and daring vibe. On the other hand, RiRi wears a silk slip dress with a fur overcoat and a baseball cap to re-establish her glamorous persona. To add drama, she wears vibrant red or deep plum tones of lipstick. All in all, Rihanna is a trendsetter and can pull off various looks by stepping outside the box. To start, one can achieve her look by being fearless. Create a wardrobe combo one wouldn’t normally pair together. Mix fabrics and incorporate both women’s and menswear with classic accessories. Anytime and anywhere, Rihanna takes risks in the clothing she wears. Dressed up or down, she dares to introduce new trends. RiRi uses her fashion sense to create wearable works of art. Along with her impact on the fashion industry, her music will continue to inspire people around the world. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 25

Kaitlin Janes takes us behind the scenes of her passion project, her blog ‘Delightful Days.’ BY KAITLIN JANES PHOTOS BY KINSEY BALL & PROVIDED


logging is of one of those hobbies that just came to me. I am extremely curious, always wanting to try something new, and after watching vlogs throughout high school, creating a blog seemed like it would be an interesting task to take on. So what did I do? Naturally, I talked about it for a year, not quite sure where to begin. During my sophomore year at Ohio University, I was beginning to become more confident in my major. I was learning about social media and communicating with others, and I really enjoyed it. That’s when I finally got the courage to create Delightful Days. Unlike most bloggers, I am a pretty private person, so this was a scary commitment for me. I am not technologically savvy, nor did I know much about blogging, but with the help of the internet and some patient friends, I was able to jump into a new adventure. I want readers to come to Delightful Days to escape the stress in their lives and read about something that interests them. Essentially, I want my blog to help others have a delightful day. So far, I have done a few styling posts, advice columns, and I just did my first giveaway with Ivory Ella. Blogging has helped improve my writing skills, given me more experience with social media, and most importantly, it’s been fun! Next semester I will be studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, and I plan to continue my blog and create travel videos as well. It has been seven months since my first blog post, and I’m excited to see where Delightful Days goes next! After college (*cries*), my dream job would be to work in public relations for a magazine such as Cosmopolitan. But until then, I would love nothing more than to keep blogging. 26 | THREAD

blogger of the month




Sleek Fit As one of fall’s most coveted accessories, the sock bootie is making a splash on celebrities and style stars alike. BY YUMIN ZHANG & ALICIA MACDONALD PHOTOS BY EVAN LEONARD





heck your wardrobe. Is it prepared for this exciting season? With the layered clothing trend being as popular as it is, why not add sock booties to an outfit? A must-have shoe tends to go with a multitude of styles and can be worn like a pro. With the change in seasons comes a transition within our wardrobes. Constantly looking for the trendiest staple items to add to our closet can be a daunting task to say the least. But, the best way to ease into seasonal wardrobe staples is to start by purchasing a new pair of shoes. Sock booties are this winter’s “It” shoe with their understated design and clean-cut style. What separates this particular style of boot from those seen in previous seasons is their versatility and ability to be worked into any wardrobe. Say goodbye to classic leather combat boots and hello to blue velvet sock booties. This trend has been picking up speed because of the incorporation of unexpected fabric choices for these boots. From brocade to shearling, to latex and velvet, the runways were overflowing with individual designers’ interpretation of the sock bootie trend. Celebrities far and wide have been seen rocking this seasonal wardrobe staple in the most unexpected of places. At the NBA

season opener in Oakland Nov. 25, Beyoncé wore knit sock booties in metallic green from Vetements. This was proof that these can be fused with the athleisure trend that has been prevalent in recent seasons. The knit-nature of Vetements’ sock booties are a prime example of the versatility of the sock bootie. Instead of jersey, sock booties also come in latex or lacquered leather. Latex usually has strong elasticity, softness, and it will hold its shape. The characteristics of latex make the sock boots tight. Designers such as Givenchy, Christian Dior, and Alexander McQueen have focused on the combination of patent leather and latex. Sock booties can been enhanced with a chunky or statement heel. Kendall Jenner wore a pair of dark blue velvet sock booties earlier this year. Suede sock booties are another way to incorporate texture into an outfit. Unlike patent leather, suede tends to come with neutral colors, making it easy to pair with other elements. Chiara Ferragni wore suede Chanel sock booties to Michael Kors’ runway show this fall. Chanel’s iconic bi-color sock bootie design made a statement in the fashion community. Whether neutral or bold, sock booties are sure to be a sleek wardrobe staple.



Polarized No time to be blinded by the light. Grab one of these versatile pairs of shades to top off any ensemble.


SUNGLASSES ARE OFTEN KNOWN as a summer accessory, but why limit them to just one season? The sun doesn’t hibernate for the winter, and neither should sunnies. Look cool while staying warm all season long. There’s no need to purchase expensive frames when it’s such an easy item to lose. Websites such as ZeroUV, Topshop, Topman, and Amazon offer trendy styles at a low price point. Retro-style sunglasses are a resurfacing fad. Try tortoiseshell, cat-eye frames, or wire rims to fit the trend. Mirrored and colored lenses also add another layer of cool to any pair of glasses. Sunnies are a genderless accessory. A pair of aviators or Ray-Bans are often seen as a unisex option.


Although sunglasses are a great way to be creative and experiment with different types of looks, certain types of frames do look best on specific face shapes. Follow these tips to make the most out of your shades. Round face shapes look best with glasses that have a more angular shape. Look for bold styles that will sharpen softer features. Rounder frames complement square face shapes because they soften an angular face. Styles 34 | THREAD

with thinner frames and a width wider than the cheekbones won’t overwhelm the face. Cat-eye glasses or frames with detailing on the corner are best for a triangular face, because they’ll draw attention to the eyes. The width of the glasses should also be wider than the jawline. Many different styles look great on a heart-shaped face, but wayfarers look especially stylish. Find a pair of frames that have detailing on the lower portion and are

wider at the forehead. Lastly, rectangular face shapes can balance things out with a more horizontal style, such as oversized frames. Aviators are the go-to shape for a rectangular face. All in all, sunglasses can transform anyone’s style game. Use them to hide tired eyes, or to add instant movie star appeal to any outfit. Remember, just because temperatures fall doesn’t mean your sunglasses have to. Keep the shades up all year long. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 35

Glossary There’s no need to fret. The ‘90s are back in full swing and along with them is the ever-so popular glossy makeup trend. BY VANESSA COPETAS PHOTOS BY RYNE BROWNELL






ip gloss, the essential staple of ’90s makeup, lost its shine once matte lipstick was introduced. Its sticky, tacky residue left lips a sparkling gel mess. Fast forward a couple of years, and once again this glossy fad has gained the same appeal it had in the past. But this time, the shine doesn’t stop at the lips. Matte and shimmer eye shadow shades have moved aside for the new glossy-eyed trend to shine. These trends are versatile enough to be paired with or without other products. Though hundreds of shades are featured within lip glosses, a popular option is to take a shade of lipstick and then apply a gloss on top. Gloss with color will mix with the lipstick to create a slightly altered tint. A clear gloss will sit on top and add luster to an otherwise matte finish. As for the eyes, this trend has been sought after by designers for photo shoots and runways. Let the world be a place to shine and take this look to the streets. Like lips, it’s popular to apply a color base before adding the shine, but it is not necessary because either way, the eyes will be glowing. Though both trends can be worn separately, there’s no need to worry about wearing them together. Just make sure to add some color to the lips, the eyes, or both to prove the look is intentional. Dark

shadows like plum or emerald green give an unexpected shine to an otherwise smoky look, while a light-colored lip gives a pout that pairs perfectly with a contrasting color on the eyes. To avoid resembling a disco ball, feel free to wear just one trend or the other. A shiny lip contrasts well with shimmering eye shadow, while glossy eyes can attract attention and be paired with a matte shade on the lips. No need to worry about the nightmare of hair getting stuck to the lip gloss. Many products such as Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Gloss Lip or Laura Mercier’s Lip Glacé give a bright luster, and they are raved about for leaving little sticky residue. These glosses also provide a multitude of colors to pick from. As for eyes, Milk Makeup provides an “Eye Vinyl” in both nude and black. This stick goes on like a balm and leaves a gloss that can be used with or without another product. Additionally, MAC Cosmetics sells a clear gloss that adds a touch of shine to any desired area. Luckily this look can be created just as effortlessly for a better price. Grab a jar of Vaseline and dab a little bit on the eyelids, lips, or anywhere else in need of some shine. Wear glossy lips and eyes separately or together and pair with a favorite choker to complete the ’90s look. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 39


Tucked Away Keep your mane in tip-top shape with these tricks for combatting the most stubborn of hat hair. BY BAILEY HAYS PHOTOS BY EMILY BARBUS



old weather, dreary mornings, and long walks to that dreadful 8 a.m. class. ’Tis the season for hats! Whether it’s time to roll out of bed for the day or hit the town with some friends, hats have proven to be one of the best ways to make an outfit look puttogether and cute — even if no effort was put in at all. They are 42 | THREAD

definitely the cure for the worst of hair days. The only problem is hat hair — leading to an unwanted dishelved hairstyle. The verdict is in, and it is decided that hat hair has got to go. What causes this issue, anyway? Two simple things, and they just so happen to be the best of friends: the actual hat itself and static. It causes hair to


stand out in different directions because it is genuinely charged with electricity. Luckily, there are actions that can be taken in order to fight this hair crime that nearly everyone has fallen victim to. To avoid static, make sure that the hair has plenty of moisture in it. Dry hair is a major factor for harboring static. It is especially prevalent during the

winter due to the combination of warm temperatures inside and the dry, frigid air outside. Using a hair mask is crucial during this time of year. Make sure that it has both moisture and protein, and it’s also important to ensure that it doesn’t weigh your hair down. A great hair mask for this is the Living Proof Restore OUTHREADMAG.COM | 43

Mask Treatment. It improves the strength of hair, while healing the already-damaged strands. A tip to avoid flatness is to spray a thermal protector on damp hair before the blow-drying process begins. Never put on a hat before hair is fully dry. Not only will the hair be more likely to frizz and break, but it will dry that way. Any creases, dents, or bumps will stay there until the next shower, which does not leave a pretty look when the hat comes off. Before putting on a hat, spraying an anti-static spray all over the hair can be extremely beneficial. It will help prevent the static that builds up while wearing a hat and allows the hair to look beautiful and smooth, as if a hat was never worn. Additionally, always keep a hairbrush nearby. Stash it in a purse or backpack, and as soon as the time comes to take off the hat, flip your head over and brush hair from the root to tip. Flip your head back over and then do another brush through. Voila! Volume and body is instantly restored. Wearing hats during the winter time saves a lot of time and allows for an extremely stylish look. Taking these quick steps can allow a person to still wear his or her favorite accessory and have the best hair day all day long.





mbroidery, also known as the art of sewing designs onto fabric, has recently begun to flourish in the world of fashion design. High-end labels like Gucci and Alexander McQueen have become inspirations when it comes to embroidery, making their mark with eccentrically embroidered pants, dresses, coats, purses, 46 | THREAD

and even sneakers. The trend is trickling down to more affordable fast fashion stores such as TopShop and Zara, creating an embroidery frenzy. JEANS It is evident that of all embroidered wardrobe pieces to have, jeans are a necessity. As hard as one may try to switch up


With designs stitched and sewn in the most intricate of patterns, this season’s go-to adornment will have you living the luxe life.

the regular styles of jeans with new cuts and waistlines, jeans are jeans and they can get awfully repetitive. A fun way to play up a jean collection is to try out a richly embroidered pair. Many brands have been commonly showing floral embroidered skinny, flared, and cropped jeans. Dress these artistically patterned pants up with heels and a blouse,

or dress them down with sneakers and a T-shirt. Either way, a pair of these beautifully decorated jeans can revamp an outfit in a fresh and one-of-a-kind way. BOOTIES Does it really get any better than an embroidered bootie? The holidays are a perfect time to go on a hunt for a new pair of shoes OUTHREADMAG.COM | 47



to match dressier outfits, and this season would be the perfect time to make an upgrade to an elegant, embroidered bootie. Don’t shy away from lively and extravagant designs because this is the ideal wardrobe piece to liven up any outfit. JACKETS Intricately embroidered jackets are an effortlessly cool way to incorporate some detailed patterns into a wardrobe. Satin bomber jackets with whimsical, floral, and animal sewn prints are the ultimate stylish-yet-sporty embroidered pieces to have right now. These silky-smooth jackets can really be thrown atop any look to add a modern and elegant vibe. Jean jackets with stitched on patches, floral displays, and large embroidered words are also popular. Embroidered jean jackets are reminiscent of a ’90s retro look. Any of these jackets can be an interesting transition into almost any season, which will make them hard to stop wearing come springtime. PATCHES Embroidered patches are being featured on jackets, pants, sheer tops, and even hats, giving these pieces an edgy feel. Many brands are selling clothes already with the patches, and some are selling the patches individually so that shoppers can actually add patches to any wardrobe OUTHREADMAG.COM | 49

item of their liking. This is a refreshing trend in fashion because it allows people to repurpose their clothing while also allowing them to express themselves through the artwork on the patches. T-SHIRTS Embroidered T-shirts are an adorable way to add pizzazz to a outfit. It might be surprising, but even a small embroidered design on a shirt can make all the difference in transforming it into a rare statement piece. Pairing an embroidered T-shirt with an embroidered bomber or jean jacket can also be an exceptional combination, even if the patterns are dissimilar. There really aren’t any rules when it comes to mixing embroidered fabrics, so be a little daring and blend patterns to create an embroidered look that conveys a one-of-a-kind artistic style.






No sleeves, no problem. The cape is back and flaunting its versatility and necessity in every wardrobe this winter.



aking a tip from Little Red Riding Hood, capes have been making waves in fashion from street style to the runways. Cozy, knit capes and ponchos started appearing on the likes of Taylor Swift and in Burberry’s Fall 2015 Readyto-Wear Collection. Capes are extremely versatile, and depending on the style, can be worn with any outfit. For fall, blanket capes can be paired with jeans and heeled booties. Taylor Swift styled her cape with a scarf, dark green denim, and brown heeled boots. These comfortable styles also add an extra layer of warmth when needed. On a chilly night, throw a cozy cape over a sweater and pair it with some winter boots and a beanie. Longer capes that drape to or past the knee add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Giles Fall 2015 collection showcased these capes with a pair of killer heels and a cocktail dress. To draw more inspiration

from the runway, add a dark statement lip. Long capes also go well with fitted trousers or jeans. Make a statement with over-the-knee boots, trousers, and a cape. Capelets, which fall right right above the hip, are also trending this winter. Some styles have volumizing folds, while others are more fitted to complement shorter skirts. If the cape billows out, try coordinating with a pencil skirt for the perfect pairing. Wear a more tailored cape as a blazer for evening wear or professional attire. Many capes come with slits that emulate makeshift sleeves, making movement less restricted. Game of Thrones fans will love this trend and the ability to mimic Daenerys Targaryen on the way to class. Capes with built-in hoods will also give this effect and keep the cold air off the neck. More structured styles might feature a collar, buttons, and front pockets with detailed fasteners. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 53



Faux fur capes or capes with fur detail were seen coming down the runway at the Prada Fall 2016 collection. For those with more bohemian style, a suede cape with fringe is a stylish option that also takes inspiration from the 1960s. Throw on a fedora and T-shirt dress with this cape to head to class or a music festival. Embroidered and beaded capes have also been seen on the runway at Valentino. These capes add sparkle for those wanting to make a bolder statement. Another popular pair on the runway were mid-length dresses and capes close to the same length. Create a beautiful silhouette with this style by wearing a dress with a flared skirt and a cape to produce a new shape. If an entire cape seems a bit much, a dress with a built in cape is a great option. This detail adds an eye-catching touch to what could have been a plain dress. Celebrities and style icons such as Kate Hudson and Alexa Chung have both been spotted in cape dresses. Capes are a statement piece on their own, so keeping the colors neutral for everyday is best. For the more daring, plaid, wine, and dark purple will bring out the style nicely, while giving it more of an edge. Their diversity, warmth, and major style make them an unforgettable option for winter. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 55





Crafting the most intricate of knickknacks, working out the mind, body, and soul, and making the most delicious of treats. MINT TO BE - 74


Coming In Clutch Forget a sewing machine. This no-sew suede clutch exudes sophistication, for half the price. BY RYLIE BROWN PHOTOS BY COLBY CALDWELL


earching for the ideal statement piece to carry all of your essentials can be a daunting task. So many people use the cookie-cutter cross body bag, but you want to be different. Luckily, there is a sleek, easy, and trendy no-sew clutch that you can make in under an hour. Designing your own piece will create a signature look that is tailored to your style, and not to mention it will cash in at half of retail prices. Channel your inner fashion designer and unwind with a craft that is fun and functional. MATERIALS NEEDED: • 1 magnetic closure with prongs • Fabric glue or a hot glue gun • ½ yard of suede fabric • ½ yard of twill fabric • 1 decorative button • Ruler • Permanent marker • Scissors




diy:craft it




2 3


Step One: Lay out the twill fabric. Use a ruler and a marker to outline the dimensions of the clutch to your liking. The fabric should take on a diamond shape with four distinct corners. Step Two: Use scissors to cut along the lines made with the marker. Step Three: Lay the twill fabric over the suede fabric. Then, cut the suede fabric in the same shape as the twill fabric, leaving the suede 1 inch wider on each side. The suede will be the outside of your clutch and the twill will be the lining.


Step Four: Make sure that the twill fabric design is facing upward and the soft side of the suede is facing down. Fold the inch of suede over the twill on each side and secure with fabric glue.

Step Five: Now that the edges are folded over, it’s time to fold the clutch and form its shape. Fold in two side flaps and then fold up the bottom triangle piece. Step Six: Use the marker to add a dot where you want your magnetic closure to be. Then, use the scissors to cut a slit where the dot is. This is where you will insert the prongs. Repeat this step for the top flap.


Step Seven: Finally, pick up the decorative button and glue it to the exposed prongs that are on the outside of the clutch’s top flap.


Step Eight: Fill your clutch with a few must-haves and head out for a night on the town.



Soak It In

Chilly weather causes dry skin, which means a moisturizing milk bath should be at the top of your ‘must do’ list. BY KATIE PITTMAN PHOTOS BY ISAAC GIBSON OUTHREADMAG.COM | 65


diy:craft it


here’s nothing better than winding down with a hot bath after a long day. Milk baths, which have been used for centuries, are the perfect way to relax after a hard day’s work. Although it may sound strange, milk baths have a plethora of benefits. Milk not only hydrates skin to make it feel soft and smooth, but the lactic acid in the milk acts as an exfoliatant for dry winter skin. Those aren’t the only benefits: a DIY milk bath is much less expensive than bath bombs or salts. MATERIALS NEEDED:

Milk bottles 1 1/2 cups of powdered milk 1/2 cup of baking soda 1/2 cup of cornstarch 1/2 cup of epsom salts 10-20 drops of essential oil (optional) STEPS: STEP 1: In

a large bowl, mix all dry ingredients together. STEP 2: Add

10-20 drops of essential oil to the dry mixture, if desired. STEP 3:

Pour the mixture into the milk bottle, using a funnel if necessary. STEP 4: When

drawing a bath, pour about 1/2 cup of the mixture into the warm water. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 67


Too Cute to Boot

Sweater weather is here, and what better way to repurpose old threads than by constructing a pair of leg warmers. BY TIFFANY BEY PHOTOS BY KELLY WALLACE

As the temperature chills, people look for ways to stay warm and fashionable at the same time. Scarves and gloves are popular options, but legwarmers are a quirky accessory to make a basic outfit outstanding. They can be paired with anything from skinny jeans to dresses. If you don’t own a pair, make your own without leaving the house.

Step One: Choose an old sweater. Step Two: Spread the sweater out on a flat surface. Step Three: Smooth out any wrinkles so that it is easier to cut. Step Four: Cut off the sleeves of the sweater. Step Five: Add any embellishments that you desire using glue. Step Six: Allow glue to dry. Step Seven: Pair your legwarmers with your favorite boots. *Materials Needed: Sweater, scissors, embellishments, fabric glue OUTHREADMAG.COM | 69


diy:work it

Weather Advisory As temperatures drop to near freezing, it’s vital to prepare your body and your clothing for a brisk winter run. BY ALAYNA HUTCHINSON PHOTOS BY DANI BARTLEY


inding the motivation to run is already hard enough as it is, and it’s especially tempting to avoid it during the winter months when just going outside is a difficult task. While the treadmill is a sufficient option for getting in your cardio, running outside is a great way to cure cabin fever — it is proven to have both mental and physical benefits. Don’t let a little bit of weather stop you — pause your Netflix series and head to your favorite running path with these essentials.


RUNNING GEAR The key here is warmth without weight. Your base layer should consist of moisturewicking fabrics, like merino wool, to absorb sweat and keep it from freezing. When it comes to the outer layer — jacket, tights, hat, and gloves — flexible, water-resistant material is best. Many athletic brands make pieces with thermal lining on the inside, which is great for heat insulation, so that you can ditch your bulky winter coat. You will have to adjust your layers depending on the severity of the weather, but remember that your body will get warmer once you start moving. You should also wear shoes with the least amount of mesh in order to keep your feet dry. POST RUN Once you have stopped running, your body temperature will drop. Change into something warm and dry, and drink a hot beverage like tea — or treat yourself to some hot chocolate. You’ve earned it. 72 | THREAD

diy:work it

WARM UP Warming up prepares your body so that you get the most out of your workout and prevent yourself from injury. Your muscles tend to contract more in cold weather, which causes them to tighten and increases your chances of injury, like a pull or tear. This means that you will need to spend more time stretching and warming up before you run. Start with movements to get your blood flowing, like a light jog or some jumping jacks. SKINCARE Moisturizing in the winter is necessary to keep your skin hydrated in the cold, dry weather, but it’s especially important when running against harsh winds. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile — pun intended — and slather on a thick layer of face, lip, and body moisturizer pre-run. And don’t forget — the sun is still very powerful in the winter. If you are running during the day, make sure to apply a product with SPF on any exposed skin. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 73

Mint to Be

Nothing fits the holiday season better than a touch of peppermint. Dig in to these sweet and scrumptious truffles. BY ABBEY KAY PHOTOS BY RACHEL HUDACEK

Excitement for the holiday season is here, and soon the aromas of cinnamon, pine, and the beloved peppermint will fill the air. In the spirit of giving — and selfindulgence — here is a simple dessert that can be packaged and

74 || THREAD

given as a gift or quickly devoured in the warmth and comfort of your own kitchen. These smooth and rich delicacies melt in your mouth and will easily be the star of the show at any holiday party. With just four ingredients and a little prep time, you can temporarily become a fancy chocolatier.

diy:make it

Materials Needed: • 1/4 • 1/2 • 12 • 8 • 20

cup heavy cream teaspoon peppermint extract ounces white chocolate (Ghirardelli) ounces semi-sweet chocolate (Ghirardelli) Peppermint hard candies

Steps Step One: Measure

8 ounces of white chocolate chips for the ganache filling and place them in a heat-safe bowl. Step Two: Combine the heavy cream and peppermint extract in a small saucepan. Heat until it starts to simmer; it shouldn’t boil. Allow it to sit for a minute then pour over the semi-sweet chocolate. Step Three: Allow to sit for three minutes, then begin folding chocolate mixture until it achieves a smooth texture. Ensure there are no lumps. If necessary, heat the mixture for 10-second increments until smooth. Step Four: Place peppermint candies in a plastic baggie, then wrap the zipped baggie in a kitchen towel. Use a mallet to pound the candies into very small pieces. Fold ¾ of the crushed candies into the ganache filling. Step Five: Cover ganache filling with a vent and place in refrigerator to chill for at least two hours, or overnight. Step Six: Once firm, remove ganache filling from refrigerator

for 10-15 minutes, allowing it to come back to room temperature. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Step Seven: Begin scooping with a spoon and shaping the truffles by rolling in the palms of your hands. Place on baking sheet. Step Eight: Once all the filling is all shaped into truffles, place back in the refrigerator to chill again for about 20 minutes. Step Nine: While waiting, place the semi-sweet chocolate in a heat-safe bowl, and melt it in the microwave for 15-second increments, occasionally stirring with a fork until melted. Step Ten: Drop ganache balls into the semi-sweet chocolate one at a time, coating them completely. Remove from chocolate with a fork, allowing any excess to drip through the tines. Place back on the baking sheet. Chill for 15 minutes. Step Eleven: Sprinkle on the remainder of the crushed peppermint candies. Step Twelve: Keep truffles refrigerated until party time. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 75


Mule-Tide Cocktail

diy:make it

A fruity and tangy cocktail is a seasonal necessity. Pomegranate, peppermint, and ginger give way to this timely seasonal spritzer. BY PAIGE BENNETT PHOTOS BY ERICA BRECHTELSBAUER


Step One: Make the

Candied mint leaves come together with sweet pomegranate and refreshing ginger beer to create a truly delectable holiday drink. Make it boozy with a splash of peppermint schnapps, and serve chilled in a classic copper mug. These peppermint pomegranate Moscow Mules are the ultimate drinks for entertaining or enjoying while cozying up by the fireplace.

Materials needed: •¾ cup ginger beer •1/3 cup pomegranate juice •Juice from half of a lime •2-4 drops of peppermint extract •1 oz peppermint schnapps (optional) •Ice as desired •Pomegranate arils for garnish •Candied mint leaves (1/2 cup mint leaves, ¼ cup granulated sugar, water) for garnish

candied mint leaves three or more hours before you intend to enjoy the drink. Carefully dunk each mint leaf in water, then place it on a sheet of wax paper. Blanket with sugar. Allow to dry at room temperature. These can be made up to one day in advance and stored in a sealable container at room temperature. Step Two: Fill

the copper mug with the desired amount of ice. Step Three: Pour in the ginger beer, pomegranate juice, freshly-squeezed lime juice, and peppermint extract. Add peppermint schnapps if desired. Stir well. Step Four: Garnish with a

handful of pomegranate arils and candied mint leaves. Step Five: Enjoy

in your finest attire with friends or in your warmest fuzzy socks at home. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 77


A glance into some of Athens’ most captivating people, places, and events. DOG DAYS - 92



WELCOME TO THE CLUB What happens when five Ohio University students join musical forces? CLUBHOUSE. BY DANIELLE DONAVAN PHOTOS BY EVAN LEONARD




LUBHOUSE’s lead guitarist Ari Blumer joked that the band met playing Pac-Man. The aesthetic of the retro arcade game fits in perfectly with the band’s style, a nod to the music of the ’80s. The rest of CLUBHOUSE consists of guitarist and lead vocalist, Max Reichert, keyboardist Michael Berthold, bassist Ben Saulnier, and Ari’s twin, drummer Zak Blumer. When asked how they met, Reichert was quick to tell the story. Ari, Zak, and Reichert went to high school together and met Saulnier and Berthold, but not playing Pac-Man. Rather, they met while living in the residence halls together at Ohio University. Berthold and Saulnier began talking music with Zak and the guys learned they had a strong bond over music, so the band found the “perfect fit.” 82 | THREAD

A GENRE-FLUID SOUND CLUBHOUSE has a distinct sound that’s not pinned to any genre. Within their music, it’s easy to hear the strong synthesizer and funky guitar. The vivacious melodies are enough to grab anyone’s attention. One of the band’s most popular songs is the Bud Magne remix of “Run Away” with nearly 268,000 streams on Spotify. Their Spotify reaches almost a half a million listeners. They’ve been featured on Spotify-curated playlists such as “Canción del Día (Song of the Day).” “With everyone’s Spotify playlists filled with different genres, we want to create music how everyone consumes it without compromising our sound,” Reichert said. It’s very important to the band to not be labeled as one genre because they take inspiration

who, what, wear

from all forms of music varying from Frank Ocean to Fleetwood Mac. This array of influences has allowed them to branch out to all demographics. “A lot of influence is taken from ’80s and ’90s music with current alternative and electronic elements,” Berthold said. “In the end, our sound is targeted at getting people to dance and feel good.” While writing songs, the band takes inspiration from personal events. Last year, Reichert’s friend passed away in a car accident, so he chose to memorialize her in an unreleased song called “Kyra,” about the frustration felt when longing to see someone who’s gone, especially when it’s hard to come to terms with the loss. “However, it is tough sometimes as we are all quite young and haven’t been through quite enough to have a vast arsenal

of experiences to write about,” Berthold said. The band comes together while writing music. One or two of the members will have a concept for a song, but it will mostly be a skeleton version and they’ll collaborate until they feel it’s finished. CLUBHOUSE tries to focus on the positivity around them. They attempt to stick to a feel-good and care-free side of life, so when people come to their shows they can lose their inhibitions and just enjoy themselves. This is exemplified on their Spotify. “Run Away” and “Clubhouse” take the listeners to a laidback environment where the audience is able to dance out whatever they may be feeling. All of CLUBHOUSE’s songs are difficult to pin a topic on, which allows the listener to interpret their meanings. BALANCING BOTH WORLDS As college students, the members have to juggle class and schoolwork on top of creating music and running the band. They said there are many challenges to balancing their schedules, but they love being in Athens. They look at Athens as the epicenter of their band. “It’s hard to put your full effort into it, when you have to spend so much of your week doing school,” Reichert said. “But it provides a lot of benefits being here because there are so many people here we can branch out OUTHREADMAG.COM | 83

to and share our music with.” In order to stay focused on their music despite school, the boys find their drive within each other to maintain momentum on academics and music. “The way we talk to each other about our music, it’s obvious that we want it to go somewhere, so we’re all kind of pushing to get there because we know that we all want that in the end,” Zak said. Berthold agrees that it’s difficult. “I also work about 10 hours a week, which definitely adds some stress. A lot of my weekends are spent traveling to play shows or practicing for shows with the guys in Pataskala, [Ohio],” he added. The band members agree amongst themselves that their passion for music outweighs the stress of balancing school, work, planning gigs, and practice. CLUBHOUSE has little downtime as they are frequently reminded that there are other musicians out there putting in just as much effort as they are. This thought in the back of their minds pushes them to turn any time out of the classroom into musical productivity. The boys are currently working on a new EP with student-run record label Brick City, which will include four or five songs. Brick City intends to host a showcase at The Union for all of their talents at the label. Zach Crandall, head of artistic development for Brick City described why the label is excited 84 | THREAD

to work with CLUBHOUSE. “They have an ’80s nostalgic vibe that is currently an attractive feature to today’s music fans. Overall, I think their talent and opportunity to build a very strong brand make them extremely marketable,” Crandall said. There are currently no dates for the release of these highly anticipated singles, but the band is eager to share them. LOOKING BACK ON ATHENS, LOOKING TOWARD THE FUTURE Before they stop doing their intimate shows in Athens, the members discussed their favorite performances. “The last time we played at The Union in Athens was unreal just because I never thought I’d be able to say someone in my band crowd surfed,” Zak said.

who, what, wear

“The first Union show we played was the first Thursday [during] syllabus week. That was my favorite show just because it was overwhelming how many of our friends came. It was a pretty nice feeling to know that many people cared,” Reichert said. He also said that the music scene is very close to the residential area, so it’s easier for people to attend their shows. When asked about long-term goals, Ari stated that he and the other members wanted to be “the biggest band in the land.” The band hopes to eventually sell out arenas and tour the world. But before they travel, they want to play more music festivals and stay true to the CLUBHOUSE way of doing things. CLUBHOUSE is also thankful for the Columbus, Ohio area and

fans that attend The Ohio State University because the turnout at their shows is still consistent, even though it’s not the band’s home base. Within the first year of forming the band, CLUBHOUSE played with many notable bands in the alternative rock scene, such as HAIM, Wolf Alice, FOALS, Silversun Pickups, and Circa Waves. Similar to the fun-filled ’80s game Pac-Man, no matter how frustrated the group may get playing, they’ll keep trying to collect all the coins until they win. The band is not currently on tour, but they have several upcoming shows. They are headlining at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 3 and supporting Mike Mains Dec. 17 with Graceful Closure at Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus, Ohio.


Happy Medium

Athens’ newest store offers both men and women the clothing brands they desire, at a fraction of the price.


who, what, wear


Amid the cluster of construction vehicles and chainlink fences on West Union Street are the familiar storefronts of The Union Bar & Grill, Jackie O’s, and GoodFella’s Pizza. Now, there’s a new shop on the block. Boasting both men’s and women’s apparel, 10 West Clothing Co. offers shoppers a variety of styles at bargain prices. Simply put, affordability is what owner Mary Cheadle aims for. The idea to open 10 West sprouted from Cheadle going through the closets of her four daughters, combined with her love of shopping, and browsing through thrift stores. “I just felt like, ‘Wow, I could offer something that Athens doesn’t have,’ because one of my objectives was to try not to step on any other toes,” she said. “I was very mindful to try to be a different clothing store than what we have [in Athens].” Cheadle, who also owns Uptown Dog across the street, noticed that uptown Athens had nowhere for men to shop. Though she contemplated opening a store aimed at men only, she wanted to include women’s apparel that was cheaper and less formal than some of the other local boutiques.

10 West has everything, including athleisure and casual wear, but it also has a section dubbed “Nearly New,” which is synonymous for gently-used. Employee Hannah Morgan, who is also Cheadle’s niece, is in charge of the “Nearly New”


section, as well as her own vintage rack that she has tagged separately from the rest of the merchandise. “I started a vintage business earlier this year before the store opened, before I even started working here, and Mary offered for me to have my stuff here,” Morgan said. The name brands for less items and everyday basics such as blank sweatshirts and sweatpants have also been a hit, especially since it’s important to layer in the bitter cold winters of Ohio. “I was surprised. I thought everyone wanted to wear OU [apparel] all the time,” Cheadle said. “We were getting that feedback like ‘We’re thrilled to have a place to buy stuff uptown that’s not always a printed garment,’” Cheadle said. The store also carries quite a bit of clothing from Delia’s and Aeropostale, because both of those stores are facing bankruptcy and closing stores. Cheadle graduated from Ohio University in 1989 with a degree in art education and worked for her brother, who had owned Uptown Dog at the time, while waiting for a teaching opportunity to present itself. Her plans changed when she fell in love with what she was doing at the store. “At the time, I was the same age as the college students, so I was relating and I was able to 88 | THREAD

help give my input into styles,” Cheadle said. “It’s getting a little harder to relate on that level, but that’s why I have a staff that is typically college students. I try to get a versatile group, so that I have feedback from people about what’s trending right now.” Over the years, Cheadle has carefully watched Court Street add more bars and restaurants rather than places to shop. With

who, what, wear

that progression, she feels that the locals who live in Athens year-round don’t visit Uptown as often when students saturate the town during the school year. In addition, the fashion scene uptown has evolved over time. “Now it’s become more of a melting pot almost right here in Athens,” Cheadle said. Cheadle explained that many students mix different tastes

and aesthetics, varying in style from khakis to athleisure and everything in between. Another need that the owner has fulfilled is a supply of ties for men, because ties typically aren’t at the forefront of a guy’s mind when assembling a wardrobe for college. “It blows my mind, but you think about it, and you come to these classes and you might not




who, what, wear

know that you needed to bring an outfit for a presentation,” Cheadle said. As for publicity, 10 West wasn’t getting much attention due to the construction on Union Street partially blocking the storefront. “That’s been our main struggle. People don’t even know that this building is basically up, so we’re trying to get the word out,” Morgan said. But the small response they have received has been gratifyingly positive. The majority of shoppers have been female, but the few male

shoppers that have come through like to see that they’re being included by 10 West catering to their apparel needs, especially with jeans and dress shirts. “We try to have most of the guys’ stuff up toward the front, so that they can see it from the window,” Morgan said. In addition to hopefully selling discounted clothes from other unisex brands such as Lululemon, Cheadle aspires to add products like perfume, body lotion and accessories in the future. But for now, she’s sticking to her guns: her philosophy of affordability. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 91


Dog Days

4 Paws for Ability, a nonprofit based in Xenia, Ohio, trains service dogs to be top dogs with the help of the Paws on Campus program. BY JULIA BROWN PHOTOS BY COLBY CALDWELL



who, what, wear

What has a wet nose, attends class, and has hair of the dog? No, the answer isn’t a hungover college student on a Monday. It’s Dumbledore and Peeves — Ohio University’s two service dogs in training from 4 Paws for Ability. Based in Xenia, Ohio, 4 Paws for Ability is a nonprofit organization that breeds and trains service dogs for children and veterans with disabilities. The dogs specialize in several different areas, including seizure assistance and mobility assistance. Through their Paws on Campus program, 4 Paws sends dogs to college campuses across the state to be socialized and trained before they begin formal service dog training. The dogs come to campus as puppies when they are around 5 months old, and they stay for a semester. In March, Maria Martin, a senior studying communication studies and president of OU’s branch of 4 Paws, brought the program to campus. She explained that the main goal of the program is to acclimate the puppies to various situations they may be confronted with when they become service dogs, like construction sites or passing cars. Before they come to campus, the puppies receive basic potty and obedience training from inmates at the various correctional facilities 4 Paws partners with across the state of Ohio in another

one of their programs called Mission Pawsible. Once on campus, the puppies work to build upon the basic training they received from the inmates, as well as socialization. It’s important that service dogs are exposed to as many situations as possible because as service dogs, they can’t afford to be distracted by anything that might take their attention away from the person they’re serving. Training a puppy, however, does not come without its challenges, as Martin explained. “I haven’t had a dog since 2012, so it was a big adjustment for me because usually my parents would help me take care of my dog, but now it’s me and my three roommates,” she said. Martin oversees Dumbledore, an 8-month-old goldendoodle. She also explained that there was definitely an adjustment period at the beginning of the semester. “[Dumbledore] needed to get used to us, needed to get used to the house, and needed some more potty training. That was a big challenge for us.” But perhaps the most difficult challenge doesn’t come from Dumbledore himself, but rather Martin’s peers. “I think the biggest challenge for me is getting used to being kind of the center of attention,” she said. “Everyone sees the dog and then they see me, which means I have to always be ready to talk to people about OUTHREADMAG.COM | 95

the program.” This challenge is inescapable, as the dogs are with their handlers nearly 24/7. “We bring [the dogs] to all of our classes, the grocery store, the movies, restaurants—anywhere that they can become used to different situations,” Martin said. When they aren’t with their handlers, otherwise known as fosters, the puppies are with puppy-sitters. Puppy-sitters tend to be freshmen or sophomores who are not allowed to house dogs in their dorm rooms. Both puppy-sitters and fosters have to go through rigorous training to learn how to specifically handle dogs that are destined to be service dogs. Participants go through a five-hour orientation at the 4 Paws’ headquarters. “There’s a lot to learn,” Martin said. “These dogs are very valuable; they are worth about $2,200 after they complete service dog training.” When the dogs are finished with their training on college campuses, they head back to 4 Paws where they are tested on various skills that will make them good service dogs. If they pass, the dogs are then given formal service training. If they don’t pass, but 4 Paws still believes they have potential, they are put back on a college campus with another handler for more training. Dogs who don’t pass are adopted by families. “No matter what, the dogs are going to a good cause,” Martin said. 96 | THREAD

As for the two dogs who are currently on campus, they are everything anyone who needs a service dog could hope for. “Dumbledore is such a loving dog,” Martin explained. “His favorite thing is just to be pet by anyone. I don’t know how he’s going to do once people aren’t allowed to pet him anymore when he’s a service dog.” Dumbledore’s brother Peeves is equally affectionate, according to his handler Robert Spivey. “It is our job to socialize these young pups, but it becomes a problem when he stops mid-walk to wait for someone walking behind us to come up and pet him,” Spivey said. “Some days it can take more than 20 minutes to walk from Baker to Walter Hall because he wants to stop and socialize with everyone.” Since Dumbledore and Peeves are brothers from the same litter, they have great chemistry together. “Whenever they’re together, they’re just so adorable,” Martin explained. It is this adorableness that is going to make parting with the dogs at the end of the semester so difficult. “I’m not looking forward to that day,” Martin said. “Dumbledore’s my first dog through the program, so he holds a special place in my heart.” “At 8 months old and a tad over 60 pounds, Peeves is the biggest baby Dan [Bonner] and I have ever loved. We have only

who, what, wear


had him for four months, but Peeves has become a major part of our lives,” Spivey said. But despite the sadness of giving up two great dogs, Martin knows it’s for a good reason. “The most rewarding part of this is knowing that I’m going to be helping someone,” she said. “I look forward to being able to meet the families who get them. We get to go to their graduation and see our little babies grow up.” Martin also wants to educate others about the importance of service dogs and service dog etiquette. 98 | THREAD

“The biggest thing that I’m trying to get out and educate people about is [to] always ask before you pet the dog because they always need to be in our command,” she said. Martin continued to explain the danger to the owner if the service dog is on duty and becomes distracted by people petting it. “If someone ends up petting a service dog for someone who actually needs one, then that could distract them and they might not be able to alert to a seizure or a diabetic problem. So, it’s always important to ask before you pet.”

who, what, wear


Partners in Crime When you’re with the one you love, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wandering aimlessly or on the run. PHOTOS BY MELINA TRIFFON

100 | THREAD


102 | THREAD


104 | THREAD


106 | THREAD


108 | THREAD


110 | THREAD


112 | THREAD


Fire & ICE Light and dark. Hot and cold. When opposites meet, two worlds collide. PHOTOS BY KELLY BONDRA

114 | THREAD


116 | THREAD


118 | THREAD


120 | THREAD


122 | THREAD


124 | THREAD


126 | THREAD


128 | THREAD

Motion Picture

Open your eyes to a new perspective. PHOTOS BY KATE STONE


130 | THREAD


132 | THREAD


134 | THREAD


136 | THREAD


138 | THREAD


140 | THREAD


142 | THREAD


CLOUDS It’s all just a dream, or so the mind tricks one into thinking. PHOTOS BY KAITLIN HATTON


144 | THREAD


146 | THREAD


148 | THREAD


150 | THREAD


152 | THREAD


154 | THREAD


156 | THREAD

LEATHER LOOKBOOK The leather jacket has been a wardrobe staple since the days of James Dean, and 2016 is no exception.



158 | THREAD


160 | THREAD


162 | THREAD


164 | THREAD


166 | THREAD


168 | THREAD



Lighthearted reads for the quiz-taking, listicle reading, horoscope believin’ spirit in all of us. PREP YOUR POUT - 182

170 | THREAD



Gift Guide for the Signs BY KENYETTA WHITFIELD


A Sagittarius is the embodiment of optimism and adventure. They possess a childlike spirit that makes their presence infectious and therefore makes finding a gift worthy of them all the more difficult. Sagittarius are passionate about anything that involves travel or new adventures, which makes a trip the perfect present. Found a new music festival across the country? Buy a ticket, put some gas in the car, and watch them fill with joy!


These quirky water signs love things that show love of the unusual. This means tickets to their favorite underground band or a copy of their favorite Wes Anderson film are personal, yet cool enough to fit the bill. These tech lovers would enjoy the latest gadget because remember, they are always ahead of the curve.

ARIES (MAR 21 — APR 19)

If you find yourself on the lookout for the perfect gift for the fiery Aries, don’t fret because the world is your oyster. Aries are full of life and a sense of adventure, which provides many great gift opportunities. A pair of hiking boots or a new bag is great for an Aries who is sure to utilize either on their next adventure. Aries also love to stay active, so any trendy workout gear or perhaps a membership to a new cycling class would be the perfect gift for your restless loved one. 172 | THREAD


The ever responsible, career-oriented Capricorn goes for practicality over flashiness when it comes to gifts. This means that there are endless possibilities for your Capricorn friend. A new business casual outfit or even a new suit or dress would be the perfect present to show you care about your Capricorn succeeding as much as they do.

PISCES (FEB 19 — MAR 20)

The daydreamer Pisces is in a continual state of mysticism. Anything that takes their minds off of the realities of the world and lands them in a temporary utopia is perfect. A painting or pottery class would be a great option for these water signs, as well as a copy of a fantasy book or movie series. Harry Potter, anyone?

TAURUS (APR 20 — MAY 20)

When shopping for the oh-so-stubborn Taurus, nothing may seem like the right fit. These hot-headed bulls are not fond of change, and that could make pinpointing a prize-worthy present extremely difficult. However, Tauruses are all about relaxation — some call it laziness, but that’s no fun. A trip to the spa or any relaxing getaway trip is perfect for the Taurus in your life. Don’t be afraid to show them that they can find fun in new places.

campus casual

As the year dwindles down to its final weeks, the excitement and anticipation of winter break is on every student’s mind. The freedom, the travels, and the possibility of home-cooked meals has each and every sign feeling giddy and eager. No matter what holiday you do — or don’t — celebrate, there is one thing that comes with the end of the semester — gifts! Instead of scouring the mall for hours, find the perfect ILLUSTRATIONS BY AUDRA SWAN gift for every special sign in your life.

GEMINI (MAY 21 — JUN 20)

Geminis are extremely social beings and love anything that could be a conversation starter. After all, they do have a million friends. Therefore, the more eye-catching the better when it comes to these ones. A new ring with their birthstone or even something simpler like a flashy scarf is perfect for these sociable creatures.

LEO (JUL 23 — AUG 22)

If you were to look up flashy in the dictionary, you’d find Leo sitting there, bold and radiant. The lion is a lover of all things that makes them feel beautiful and anything that will garner attention. Because of this, Sephora and Ulta are a Leo’s best friend. A gift card or, better yet, a small shopping trip will send your Leo into a happy frenzy. These cats also live for a little bit of drama, so a pair of tickets to a concert or live show would go a long way.

LIBRA (SEPT 23 — OCT 22)

Libras love company and the arts. Which means — concert tickets! The always-artistic and fun Libra would enjoy any and everything that involves balance and peace. As the peacemaker of the signs, they are extremely diplomatic and would also enjoy anything that comes in pairs or that would allow them to help others. Think about a best friend necklace or something along those lines.

CANCER (JUN 21 — JUL 22)

When searching for the something unforgettable for a Cancer, remember one thing — personal touches go a long way. The gentle and sensitive Cancer is a sucker for anything that shows that you put real thought into it. A stop at a craft store may be the best and only way to find the perfect gift for your water sign buddy. A journal with a handwritten inscription or a collage of a year of memories would mean the world to any Cancer.

VIRGO (AUG 23 — SEPT 22)

What do you get for a perfectionist? Well, that is a good question and one that anyone shopping for a Virgo will find themselves asking. The most practical of the signs, Virgos are known for their love of order and organization. Meaning, a beautiful and fancy planner or datebook could be the perfect present. Other practical gifts like a panini maker or a sturdy pair of winter boots would make your Virgo happy, and make their lives easier.


When you mix mystery with sensuality, you get the ever-aloof Scorpio. Finding the perfect gift for this mystery sign can be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. A pair of sunglasses or a scarf would be perfect for these low-profile folks. Keeping in touch with their sensual side, an aromatherapy candle or a bath bomb would also work wonders. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 173

Click, Follow, Double Tap Click “Follow” with these style stars for instant inspiration. BY LINDSEY BEAUCH PHOTOS BY PROVIDED

The most convenient way to get fashion inspiration in this day and age is through social media. However, finding that inspiration can be overwhelming when anyone with a phone or computer can upload a picture of their attire and call it fashion. For these five trendsetters featured, snapping pictures of their daily threads and capturing their lifestyle is slowly launching them into the limelight. However, it isn’t just their outfits that set them apart from the rest. It’s their dedication to their personal brand and their personal touches that make the difference. Give these creative individuals a follow for some daily style inspiration.

174 | THREAD

campus casual

[ JULIE SARIÑANA ] Julie Sariñana is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who turned her passion into a business. With over four million followers on Instagram, she is at the top of the must-follow list. She attracts her followers with her consistent aesthetic, which features her cool and contemporary style. From outfit-of-the-day photos to breezy palm trees and artistic lattes, you can’t help but want to follow her around. Her staple outfit is boyfriend jeans and graphic tees, while incorporating details like layered necklaces or a sunhat. Whether she’s in Los Angeles or Paris, her relaxed, a Californian vibe transfers into every look. Instagram: sincerelyjules Blog: http://sincerelyjules.com


[ ANTHONY URBANO ] Often social media accounts are predominantly full of women’s fashion, but following Anthony Urbano is an exclusive look on more masculine trends. Anyone can take inspiration from his eclectic, eyecatching style. Urbano isn’t afraid to add a touch of color or a playful print to his otherwise neutral, tailored look. He puts emphasis on shoes and accessories that can make even the most basic sweatpants look more formal. Not to mention the mere aesthetic of his photos are enough to give him a follow. Instagram: oh_anthonio Blog: http://ohanthonio.com

176 | THREAD

campus casual

[ PALOMA ELSESSER ] Before she was an up-and-coming model, Paloma Elsesser was just a student and waitress from Los Angeles. She has curated a minimalist, urban style that she showcases on her Instagram. Her look is reminiscent of ‘90s street-wear, and can be recreated with vintage athletic hoodies and hoop earrings. Unlike many other style icons, Elsesser stands out because of her candid and unapologetic posts in which she celebrates what makes her stand out in the modeling industry. She is a model breaking boundaries while giving us total style envy. Featured in H&M’s Fall 2016 campaign celebrating her natural features, Elsesser shows us what it looks like to be real. Her confidence in herself inspires followers to express their individual beauty, no matter what. Instagram: Palomij


[ ANDY JACKSON ] Andy Jackson is a self-proclaimed “fashionisto” who is quickly building his following with a contemporary James Dean-inspired style. Posts of his outfits, delicious brunch orders, and street art will instantly transport you to New York City. There is power in the simplicity of his posts. From his effortless skinny jeans and T-shirts layered with vests or a classic leather jacket, inspiration can be found across his Instagram. Each individual post creates a theme for Jackson’s page that captures his personal take on urban style. He also makes sure to mention the brand of clothing that he is wearing, so if you like his look, you can go out and get it for yourself. Instagram: anndyjackson

178 | THREAD

campus casual

[ JULIA ENGEL ] Typically, when people think of California-inspired fashion, they may think of ‘anything goes’, but Julia Engel proves that West Coast style can be versatile. The full-time blogger who just made the big move from San Francisco to Charleston, South Carolina, conveys her style through perfectly polished posts that will give you major inspiration to dress up your everyday look. She beautifully captures her preppy and feminine flare on her social media accounts and blog. Whether it’s plaid or floral, Engel always incorporates the current season into her wardrobe. Followers can even shop her Insta-worthy looks on her website, which is linked in her bio. Instagram: juliahengel Blog:galmeetsglam.com




Athens coffee shops are known for their fresh brews and peaceful ambiance, but which one are you? BY ERIN FAUSEL ILLUSTRATIONS BY AUDRA SWAN


When making the trek to a coffee shop is it for …


An atmosphere I vibe with in a coffee shop would be ...

A. The rest of the afternoon ... to crank out work, scroll through social media, and maybe create a few new sketches

A. Couches, dim lights, and good tunes

B. A quick stop for a cup of the hot, caffeinated good stuff

C. Collaboration hot spot with large tables

C. 1-2 hours to meet up with classmates for a group project

B. A hangout for the working individual

D. A daytime date with a friend

D. A place to people watch, mingle, and potentially eat every meal of the day



If I’m in need of an extra pick-me- up I go for ...

Your friends will usually find you drinking a ...

A. the extra shot of espresso, duh

A. chai latte

B. A larger coffee

B. mocha

C. coffee is the extra pick-me- up

C. coffee with room

D. more syrup and whipped cream. Hello SUGAR!

D. signature or seasonal drink

180 | THREAD

campus casual



Donkey Coffee & Espresso

Court Street Coffee

You are a regular coffee fiend and find yourself hunkering down for a few hours on regular basis — whether that’s to study, sketch, write, or pursue other passion projects.

You are a fan of the in-and- out coffee routine, and CS mochas speak to your soul. “Can I just get my mocha and go, please?”



The Front Room

Brenen’s Coffee Cafe

You have a meal plan, lots of group projects, or you are just a fan of the classic Starbucks liquid love. Out of class early? That calls for a Venti “Treat Ya Self”

Ever since you discovered your favorite signature Brenen’s drink, you’ve been hooked. You plop there to people watch and to catch up with your pals over a cup of joe.


Prep Your Pout A perfectly polished pout is a musthave accessory for winter. Keep your lips soft and hydrated with our tips. BY TOBI ADESOKAN PHOTOS BY KAITLIN MEINZER

Whether your lips are thin or full, there is absolutely no excuse for lip negligence. Caring for your lips is nowhere near as complicated as many may think. With a consistent routine, anyone can achieve a healthy pout. However, with winter quickly approaching, that pretty pout could be replaced with dry lips. Avoid this travesty by following these steps.


Before one can dive into the abyss that is lip products, ensure that there is a smooth base to work with. One way to avoid dead skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliation does not have to be harsh. Lightly brushing

182 | THREAD

the lips with a toothbrush works well. If for any reason a toothbrush sounds too intimidating, a small washcloth is another alternative. Dampen the washcloth and rub it gently across the lips, making sure to get rid of any flaking skin. Take it a step further by using a lip scrub. Sugar lip scrubs are a quick and easy way to freshen your pout. A light mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil can work wonders. Lush Cosmetics offers a variety of lip products including their sugar scrubs. The Bubblegum lip scrub as well as the Mint Julips scrub work wonders on the lips and are less than $11. That is a combination nobody can pass up.

campus casual


Without moisture, one’s lips are quite literally naked. In cold weather, the wind and brisk temperatures are out to attack hydrated skin and lips. A bit dramatic, but it’s not far from reality. Picture the lips as a blank canvas that has no meaning without paint. Moisture is to lips as paint is to a painting. However, saliva is not and will never be an appropriate lip moisturizer. Licking the lips actually dries the lips out even more, so avoid it as often as possible. Instead, take a lip balm of your choice and slap that baby on. This process does not have to be complicated — a good tube of lip balm is all that is needed. Lip balm can be anything from coconut oil to petroleum jelly. It is important to look for lip products that have an SPF of 15 or higher. Avoid anything overly scented or dyed. Chemicals can exaggerate existing cracks in the lips.

Chapped lips are never cute and can cause infections by breeding bacteria in the cracks. Maybelline’s Baby Lips is a great option because not only is it extremely hydrating and protective, it is also an affordable find at under $5.


Last, but far from least, make sure to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water keeps the lips soft, evencolored, and plush. Water is a key ingredient when trying to keep your insides happy and healthy, and it does miracles for your lips. Drinking the recommended eightounces of water a day will prevent dehydration which creates dry, flaky lips and possible discoloration. In order to keep track of how much water is required for a healthy body and lips, try carrying around a personalized water bottle. It’ll make taking a swig of water every now and then even more exciting, and your lips will thank you. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 183


184 | THREAD

An in-depth look at today’s most buzzworthy topics. BACK TO BASICS - 214


UNHOOKED Unraveling the stigmas behind the culture of casual relationships BY KAYLA BLANTON ILLUSTRATIONS BY SAMANTHA GÜT

Two girls in their early twenties were having a casual conversation over coffee between classes. Like many conversations between college students, the topics of discussion included last night’s bar shuffle, midterm papers, and their latest hookups. One of them said to the other: “Sometimes I’m at the bars, and I’ll text someone and be like, ‘Hey I’m about to head home, are you out?’ Then they’ll come over and we’ll hook up.” Whether it’s happening on local strips lined with raging pubs or via social media apps like Tinder and Bumble, hookup culture is

186 | THREAD

back of the closet


alive and well, and so are the many stigmas that surround it. Benjamin Braddock, a graduate student and sex educator on campus defined the college hookup culture as “a series of expectations that students have for what their sexual experiences will and should be like that promote what people refer to as casual sex, or the idea of having sex with multiple partners. It promotes this idea of sex sort of outside of any other type of relationship,” Braddock said. His research partner, Phoenix Crane, a senior studying psychology chimed in. “Hookup culture is more [a] lack of relationship. You have this freedom to engage in any sexual activity that you want to do and you’re not necessarily relying on a consistent partner,” she said. Crane said that this freedom is something that college students should be allowed to embrace, as long as they’re doing it safely and responsibly, which seems to be an area of concern on many campuses, including Ohio University. Crane is part of a peer health educator group on campus called Power Gamma, where she and her peers program and educate college students on safe sex, sex toys, consent in sexual 188 | THREAD

relationships, and other sexrelated topics. There isn’t one definite reason as to why people decide to engage in hookup culture. One idea is that the culture exists in opposition to monogamy, or the commitment to only one sexual partner for one’s entire life, because our society isn’t completely educated on other options when it comes to sexual and romantic relationships. Therefore, Braddock suggests, hookup culture can be viewed as some form of unknown rebellion. “I think it is us reacting to the fact that we’re often forced to have these traditional relationships,” Braddock said. Current research suggests that between 60 and 80 percent of North American college students “have had some sort of hookup experience,” according to a report from the American Psychological Association. Reproductive Biologist Dr. Sue Simon-Westendorf reiterated the idea that monogamy is, indeed, a social and societal construct. “Biologically, we are geared to have multiple partners,” Westendorf said. “The whole idea of being monogamous is something that humans invented.” Before it got its name, hookup culture was present in the early 1920s. A study from the APA on the sexual hookup culture reported that, “with the upsurge of automobiles and novel

back of the closet

entertainment, such as movie theaters,” hookups were on the rise, and so was the freedom to do so. Although this was riveting for people at the time, the social acceptance of hooking up had not yet emerged. As time went on, the 1960s brought about a sexual revolution that would stamp its generation as the first to be truly young, wild, and free. The 1960s were a time of a broad sexual revolution in America. The birth control pill was legalized and approved by the FDA in 1960, which awarded women with more sexual freedom than ever before. This monumental change triggered second-wave feminism, which led to a quest for autonomy in many women and inspired feminists like Helen Gurley Brown to publish works like her book Sex and the Single Girl. Influencers like Brown created a shift in American values about casual sex between men

and women. In the ’50s, sex was not a topic of conversation. According to a personal account of the sexual revolution written by Virginia Ironside for the Daily Mail, journalists who worked with her at Woman magazine weren’t allowed to use or publish the words “bottom” or “menstruation,” let alone openly discuss their sex lives. As the young generation at the time was being thrust into a new world of so-called “risk-free” sex, they were far from prepared for what was to come — especially women. “I mainly remember the ’60s as an endless round of miserable promiscuity,” Ironside wrote. Because of oral contraceptives, women could no longer be protected by the defense mechanism that sex could yeild unwanted pregnancy. This made it very difficult for women to deny the pressures of


men wanting sex, and resulted in many accounts of sexual assault and miscommunication between partners due to a lack of education about casual sex. Professor of Human Sexualities, Clinical Counselor, and Sex Therapist Gregory Janson made a point that the media, especially television, had a very big role in the early encouragement of hookup culture. Television exposed a variety of different sexual situations to be mimicked by everyday people, but it didn’t educate them on how to carry out the scenarios safely and with informed consent — meaning that all parties involved make their expectations clear and understand what actions will be carried out in a sexual situation. Over time, the media’s perpetuation of hookup culture has amplified immensely. Cell phones give people the ability to contact a hook up with a touch of a button, especially with the help of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, as well as Grindr and HER which are geared toward members of the LGBTQ+ community. These apps can be used for good if they’re used honestly and with no intention to harm other users. “[Apps have] really enhanced the ability of people to find likeminded and similar folks to be with, and that’s great,” Braddock

Yeah, let’s meet up. 190 | THREAD

said. But the problem, Braddock said, is most people in America don’t know how to talk about sex. “If you give us an app or a screen, it’s easier to deal with this topic. That buffer makes us feel safe.” Because people are more likely to be outspoken and over-the-top about sex when they’re communicating their thoughts through an app or a text message, it’s easy for messages to be misunderstood in translation, and for expectations to become unclear. “Here’s the problem with the apps in particular,” Janson said. “It’s not the hookup culture, it’s the expectations.” In online environments like Tinder, consent is implied when a profile is activated and a pair of users swipe right to match with each other. Often times, if people don’t disclose in their profiles that they’re not looking to hook up; it’s assumed. This increases the likelihood of the blurring of lines of communication in sexual situations, especially if alcohol is involved. “The reality is here, apps plus alcohol equal consent problems,” Janson said. Online communication also perpetuates the ability of users to reinforce the double standard behind sex between men and women; that men can have as many sexual partners as

back of the closet

Hey I’m heading home, are you out? they want, and women can’t. Crane, Braddock’s research partner, painted a picture of this stereotype with a reference to an author she once read. “You have this cage that women are in in particular. If you are too sexually active you are called a slut, but if you aren’t sexually active you are called a prude…there’s just this never ending cycle of trying to find a balance, but the balance isn’t possible,” she said. This stereotype has been so normalized that any time someone sees a young woman walking down the street early in the morning, dressed in nice clothes and heels, it is assumed that she’s performing a walk of shame, that she had a night of inebriated foolery and she should be ashamed because of it. “It’s so ingrained in our culture and in our society to immediately jump to that thought,” Crane said. Drinking, especially among college-aged individuals, oftentimes stimulates the desire to hook up, but it is also a communication inhibitor. “Because we’re so afraid and we don’t know what we’re doing we often resort to drug [and alcohol] use to try to make it easier to explore these things,” Braddock said. He also mentioned that although data shows that sex is less enjoyable when alcohol is involved, it

continues to be the facilitator in many hookup relationships. However, sexually transmitted infections — whether alcohol is involved or not — remain the biggest danger associated with hookup culture. “Health communications research shows that people who hook up feel no obligation to disclose their health status,” Janson said. Before the sexual revolution of the ’60s, STIs weren’t a huge concern. Today, due to the lack of education about protected sex, the outbreak of STIs continues to be a part of sexual culture today. Now, “you can die from having sex,” Janson said. This is why the implementation of a sex education that includes the teaching of informed consent and safe sex starting at a young age remains the most important struggle being tackled by sex educators like Braddock, Crane, and Janson. “I would love to see a world where people are making informed decisions because they know who they are, they know what their options are, and they’re living that and it’s not stigmatized,” Braddock said. We can begin to build that world.”


192 | THREAD

back of the closet

Suit Success up for

The pantsuit has become not only a fashion statement, but an ode to women in power.



omen’s pantsuits have stepped into the spotlight with no intention of exiting in the near future. The classic and metamorphic trend will never again be just a clothing item. The pantsuit has become a successful political statement for feminine power, success, and conversation across the nation. In order to value its recent spike in popularity, taking a brief look at its history will help explain its newly heightened importance. The earliest suit dates back to the 1600s, when suits were developed strictly for royal menswear. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that a daring woman, Sarah Bernhardt, broke the norms and stepped into what society declared as “boy’s clothes.” As political tensions flared and time passed, the “suffragette suit” was developed by the American Ladies’ Tailors Association around 1910, ridding women who were fighting for the right to vote of their uncomfortable dresses so

that they could take longer strides while protesting. This aspect of the movement increased tensions among society, but was intended to combat political and social inequality among men and women. In the early 1900s, designer Coco Chanel defied fashion norms by designing and producing the first suit for women. “I gave them back their bodies: bodies that were drenched in sweat, due to fashion’s finery, lace, corsets, underclothes, and padding,” Chanel once said. “I gave women a sense of freedom.” That sense of freedom would cultivate years of feminist thought, prevalent especially in fashion, according to Glamour. From that point forward, the women’s pantsuit continued to rise in status. Recently, Vogue humorously compared the pantsuit’s increasing popularity to the mimicry of the army pants and flip flops trend started by the always-relevant “Mean Girls” OUTHREADMAG.COM | 193

character, Cady Heron. The women’s pantsuit has become increasingly desired not only as a tangible and comfortable fashion statement, but as a symbol of something much more. It goes beyond the clothing by empowering and proudly displaying the woman within it. The idea of women wearing pants was empowering for the gender as whole to begin with, and now that idea’s partner in crime, the pantsuit, is serving a similar role to women today. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Ellen DeGeneres are examples of women who have exhibited confidence and empowerment while wearing their iconic power suits. Whether they’re on the red carpet, at a charitable event, or spending the day out in the public eye, many of these female celebrities choose to wear pantsuits to showcase their versatility and functionality. Another important public figure who embodies the pantsuit as a core function of her career, reputation, and personal style is Hillary Clinton. During Clinton’s presidential campaign, Beyoncé, along with many other performers, extended their support for her with an evening filled with some the most popular musicians among younger generations. Beyoncé took her support a step further than simply vowing her vote for Clinton with a performance in which she and her dancers adorned themselves in 194 | THREAD

Hill-inspired pantsuits. As a result of such dedication to a fierce pantsuit, Hillary has most certainly seen the punchline of a joke or two — including Lena Dunham’s release of the “Sensual Pantsuits” music video that comically shared her support for Clinton. In the video, Dunham stripped down to a red, makeshift lingerie pantsuit and said, “Because that’s what you do for the candidate you love.” It’s true, voters and rally-goers notice what candidates wear along the campaign trail, who they’re wearing, and how they’re wearing it — and Clinton is one to be noticed. Contemporary fashion enthusiasts clung to the idea proposed by The New York Times that Ralph Lauren could be her dresser-in-chief, had she won the 2016 presidential election. Although Clinton’s campaign didn’t clinch the presidency, it inspired many women internationally to pursue the suit themselves as a way to share their political views. To many of them, Clinton’s suits represent feminism and their values as women. To further promote their dedication, Hillary supporters developed National Pantsuit Day as a way to encourage voters everywhere to become more politically active. The only rule the attendees were given of course, was to dress in a pantsuit to show their individual support. To many of these participants, the marches that occurred on National Pantsuit Day

back of the closet

meant more than their support for a presidential candidate. “So much more important is the idea that we can take this symbol of feminism and the struggle for equality and own

it. Literally wear it to the polls,� Libby Chamberlain told The Wall Street Journal. Many of those who took part in the Oct. 22 holiday also wore their pantsuits to the polls. People took to social OUTHREADMAG.COM | 195

media to encourage others to do their best to find one, even if it meant rummaging through mom’s closet and dusting off a boxy pinstriped two-piece, shoulder 196 | THREAD

pads included. These types of social events and encounters have advanced a simple trend to ultimately represent the magnitude of fashion’s ability to

alter social and political outcomes. The pantsuit speaks volumes to the everyday woman with the ability to blend the basic ideals of comfort with the need to attain

an empowered, professional look. Fashion always has the capability to become a symbol for more than what the trained eye notices, as well as to embrace the differences OUTHREADMAG.COM | 197


of the world. The empowerment that comes with the choices people make in their everyday dress leads them to make impactful and creative choices. “The inferences that we make about people because of their dress and appearance are deep, and often subconscious,” said Ann Paulins, a resident Ohio University professor of Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development. Such instances develop personal opinions and connections based off of appearances, especially when it comes to those who are always in the spotlight. “Many iconic people are associated with the style of dress they portray, and Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit is one of those examples where the person and the fashion style 198 | THREAD

have become synonymous,” Paulins said. Iconic or not, people often take it upon themselves to manipulate their dress in order to determine the types of impressions they leave with others. Thankfully, success within the construct of fashion is not described by negative or positive impressions. It can only be described in risks taken, trends embraced and forgotten, and outfits worn. The pantsuit wishes to break the separation between menswear and womenswear both politically and fashionably — to go beyond the article of clothing itself. As Clinton calls it, her “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits,” isn’t finished with what it started, and it won’t be finished any time soon.


Wrapped, Not Bound Women find empowerment in their choice to wear a hijab. BY SARAH WEINGARTEN PHOTOS BY PROVIDED

200 | THREAD


202 | THREAD



back of the closet

omen who wear hijabs are pushing the envelope and challenging the stigma that surrounds them. The Western world is slow to catch up on the idea that wearing an article of clothing does not hinder people’s ability to be true to themselves. The choice to wear a hijab is not a chore, but a religious freedom that women independently embrace. As of late, women are using these stereotypes as empowerment to further push the message that hijabs do not prevent them from accomplishing their goals, and they can look stylish while breaking down barriers. Ibtihaj Muhammad won a bronze medal in fencing this summer at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Muhammad also simultaneously became America’s first Olympic athlete to compete while wearing a hijab. She wants to challenge the many misconceptions that have to do with Muslim women and their choice to wear a hijab. “A lot of people don’t believe that Muslim women have voices or that we participate in sport,” Muhammad said in an interview with USA Today. “I want to break cultural norms.” Another misconception that was challenged this year was the notion that hijabs shouldn’t be considered applicable to high fashion. Anniesa Hasibuan became the first designer to show a collection during New York Fashion Week with hijabs. Every single outfit that took the OUTHREADMAG.COM | 203

runway fashioned a hijab. The collection carried a weighty statement that yes, hijabs are religious garments, but they can be high-end and stylish. Colorful silk hijabs accompanied tweed capes, wide leg velvet pants, and aviators without lenses, rimmed with rhinestones. The different fabrics and textures gave the collection life and movement on the runway. Hasibuan received a standing ovation during her bow and, of course, she was wearing a hijab as well. Fashion influencer Habiba Da 204 | THREAD

Silva has 598,000 followers on Instagram and can garner up to 24,000 likes on a single post. Scrolling through her photos, you’ll see a lot of selfies with her face adorned with makeup applied to perfection, pictures of outfits in front of Insta-cool street murals, and an abundance of beauty reviews. Along with Hasibuan, Da Silva is helping break the preconceived notion that hijabs have to be basic and dull. Based on her Instagram, it seems like Da Silva has a hijab in every rich hue and pattern. When she wears a


black hijab, she will change up her makeup by using white eyeliner on the inner part of her lash line or rocking a bold lip color. Da Silva recently converted her social media power into a business and created her own line of hijabs called the SKIN collection. Da Silva promoted her new hijab line with a video of four women of color, each wearing a different hijab from the line,

206 | THREAD

while Beyonce’s “Who Runs The World?” plays in the background. The message Da Silva is trying to send is deep and poignant. She clearly understands the power that her social media presence has to change the way hijabs and self-empowerment are related, and she’s using fashion as a medium to intertwine the two. The four hijabs that Da Silva designed are all different

back of the closet

variations of nude. They are currently all sold out, but she posts restock dates on both her personal Instagram and the SKIN collection’s Instagram. Hijabs do not keep women from becoming badass Olympic medal athletes, fashion designers, or Instagram influencers-turnedentrepreneurs; but by no means should people who are not Muslim start wearing hijabs to

become cool, successful women. Let’s avoid a repeat of white music festival-goers’ adoption of the Indian bindi as a concert fashion statement that swept an uneducated America a few summers ago. Instead, let’s appreciate how women who do wear hijabs now have fashionable options and can express themselves without sacrificing their religious practices.


TEMPORARY TRESSES If luscious locks are what you crave, look no further than hair extensions. BY ALEX WARNER PHOTOS BY PROVIDED

208 | THREAD

back of the closet



pon scrolling through dozens of hair transformation posts on Instagram and Pinterest on a daily basis, it’s not uncommon to experience a little hair envy. Luckily, the longing for instant luscious locks is achievable with the variety of available hair extensions on the market. Extensions can customize hair with color, length, volume and more to perfectly emulate all “hair goals.” Aniah Hines, a hair stylist at Attractions Salon in Athens, described five of the most common methods of extensions — tape-in, beaded, braided, crochet, and sew-in — and the process of how each are attached to the scalp. Tape Extensions: They are just as it sounds. A piece of single or double-sided tape is used to adhere the extension to the scalp. Beaded Extensions: This type of extension is secured using pliers to

pull the hair through the bead. It is then clamped to the actual hair. Braided Extensions: Using a loose piece of hair, the extension is braided to the root of the real hair. Sew-In Extensions: The braid is also used in connection with this kind of extension. The hair is braided down first, and then a needle and thread are used to sew the weft onto the hair. Crochet Braid Extensions: Hines said the crochet braid extensions are a newer form that people are embracing. Like the sew-in extension, the hair is braided downward. Then using a crochet latchet needle, the hair is brought through, as a way to emulate that it is coming out of the scalp. In addition to these five, other methods include heat fused — or keratin bonded — and micro-linked hair extensions that require the attachment of silicone weft hairpieces.


210 | THREAD

back of the closet


Hair type can help to determine what kind of extensions a person should get. Hines, who specializes in sew-in and braiding extensions, tends to work with clients who have hair that has a natural ethnic texture. She said because they have more coarse hair, braid and sew-in extensions work best. “It’s easier to braid their hair than to use the beads because they could get tangled or they won’t lay as flat.” Extensions can range from partial to full, based on the desired look. Partial extensions are attached to the back of the head by the occipital for length. Hines said others get all around sew-in extensions, “to make their hair grow, to protect their hair from the weather, or just give it a break.” When purchasing extensions, it’s important to know the three

different types of hair to choose from — synthetic, real and synthetic mix — because not all can be styled the same. Synthetic hair extensions are usually made of plastic, so they lack versatility in how they can be styled. Some synthetic hair can be curled at temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit using a perm rod and hot water. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed, but it can be cut to blend with the rest of the hair. Prices for these extensions are relatively low compared to the cost of human hair. Real hair extensions, on the other hand, are very adaptable. They can be cut, colored, and styled any way that normal hair can be. Maintenance of real hair can be a more tedious process because the hair is no longer attached to the roots. This means the hair is no longer alive and cannot moisturize itself. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 211

“You don’t want to use [a product] that’s really strong like Head and Shoulders, or anything like that because it can strip the hair of what is already in it and make it frizzy,” Hines said. She recommends using a diluted shampoo and conditioner to avoid drying out the extensions to make them last longer. “You just to have to be really careful because it’s not going to revitalize itself as 212 | THREAD

natural hair would.” Synthetic mix combines real and plastic strand of hair, and can be styled like natural hair. This type of extension cannot be colored because only the real strands will take the color. To achieve an all-around blended weave, the hair and extensions must be evenly layered. Texture is a crucial part of creating a seamless flow. Choose strands of hair that are


similar in shine and hair type to your natural hair. Hair extensions can be purchased online or through a salon. Hines suggests AliExpress for buying extensions, but she urges everyone to read reviews and look at pictures posted by other people to show the product they received. For extensions to function more permanently, a professional hair stylist should

attach them in a salon. While there is no typical appointment length, most will take at least an hour and likely longer. At Attractions, costs start around $50 per hour plus the cost of the extensions. “One thing to know is that a lot of hair is trial and error,” Hines said. But with a little time and the right kind of extensions, anyone can get their desired luscious locks. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 213

214 | THREAD

Back to Basics

A fashion-forward wardrobe would be nothing without these classic and versatile wardrobe essentials. BY ELIZABETH SWANSINGER PHOTOS BY LINDSEY LEMONS


ave you ever tirelessly dug through the depths of your closet and reached the devastating conclusion of, “I have absolutely nothing to wear?� Of course you have. We all have. We sit and stare, shuffling and rearranging our clothes for excessive periods of time as though the perfect outfit will magically appear, and all of our stress will dissipate. We then snap back to the real world and are forced to accept the reality that such magic does not exist, but the growing pile of rejected outfits is all too real. Although it may sometimes seem like it, all hope is not lost. It is never too late to step away from keeping up with the latest trends and start investing in these tried-and-true essentials that will never fail to fix a case of the wardrobe woes.


WHITE SHIRT A white shirt is the ultimate fashion chameleon. With a level of versatility unmatched by any other item of clothing, this basic piece can transform itself to fit all fashion tastes. Throughout history, the power of the white shirt has been channeled by fashion’s greatest to create iconic looks. From the 1940s — when Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall sported crisp, white blouses together, making for the ultimate relationship and outfit goals — to the 2000s, where it’s nearly impossible to find a model who doesn’t incorporate some sort of relaxed white T-shirt into his or her everyday street style. It has proven itself to be a timeless classic. Choose to accessorize it, or to revel in all of its simplistic glory — either style is sure to be effortlessly sleek. STATEMENT JACKET Whether it’s a classic bomber, worn-thin denim, or faux fur, adding a statement jacket to your clothing collection will 216 | THREAD

back of the closet

guarantee an edge to all looks that no other piece can. Having an arsenal of statement outerwear is the hasslefree solution to any outfit that lacks flair. Couture shows this fall showcased a wide variety of outerwear styles on the runways and in front-row seats, reiterating the fashionable capabilities of a single layer. Olivia Palermo was spotted in a white blazer adorned with colorful embellishments of various nature-inspired prints. Naomi Campbell complemented a minidress with a brightly colored woven bomber. However, the couture element is far from necessary to achieve a successful look with a statement jacket. If you are stumped with how to incorporate one into your personal wardrobe, the world of fashion blogging has no shortage of inspiration. On her blog La Katwalk, Katarina Štimac preached their DIY potential. To make a regular denim or leather jacket stand out, “you can certainly shop for iron-on patches on Etsy,” she wrote. She also mentioned a few places to purchase and design your own OUTHREADMAG.COM | 217

statement jacket online. Fashion hubs like ASOS provide stylish options that won’t break the bank — most under $100 — but if you have some money saved up, this would be a great wardrobe item in which to invest. After all, one of good quality could last a lifetime.

CLASSIC JEANS The quest for a pair of jeans that not only fits like a glove, but is also an extension of personal style can be a daunting one at best. It often requires Jedilike patience and an extensive amount of time spent under the sometimes intimidating fluorescent lights of a fitting room. But once you find the right 218 | THREAD

pair, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. To ease the search for your denim soulmate, celebrity stylist and blogger Ashley Weston cites five major aspects to consider: wash, style, size, denim type, and fit. CASUAL BLACK SHOE No closet is fully stocked without a stylish, sturdy, and comfortable pair of shoes to carry you through the day. Black flats are the quintessential shoe that can be paired with virtually any outfit. Worn with jeans or with a sundress, these shoes will look equally refined. They are especially useful when trying to put together a casual, yet

back of the closet

calculated outfit under a time crunch. Popular style blog Stitch Fix suggests to “think of them like the LBD — little black dress — but for your feet.” Like the classic LBD, a pair of these kicks

is key to building a well-rounded collection of fundamental fashion items. Most shoe designers have a different take on this must-have, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a suitable pair — or two. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 219

220 | THREAD

It Takes Two

Bombas Socks is spreading hope and warmth to homeless communities across the nation.



ost great ideas start after witnessing something profound. Whatever it may be, a change in perspective or discovery of something new can spark anyone’s imagination to new heights. For Randy Goldberg and David Heath, it all started with a quote. “Socks are the number one most-requested clothing item at 222 | THREAD

homeless shelters.” Goldberg and Heath’s ideas started flowing. Perhaps buying socks en masse to donate would stop the problem. The entrepreneurs quickly learned the issue wasn’t just the amount of socks — there was a lack of long-lasting fabrics in the homeless community. Socks needed to be durable, cost-efficient, and technologically

advanced. With these goals in mind, Bombas Socks was born. Bombas, the Latin word for bumblebee, inspired Goldberg and Heath to build a company around teamwork and participation in the bigger picture. Bees rely on joint efforts to thrive, and that idea was appealing to the founders. The symbolism of the bees resides in the company

logo, sock design, and aphorism to “Bee Better.� Bombas lives out its slogan through its business model. For every pair of socks purchased, one pair is donated to someone in need across America. Unlike other buy-one-give-one companies, Bombas has created an entirely different sock line specifically meant for donating. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 223

224 | THREAD

back of the closet

Fortified seams, dark colors, and antimicrobial treatments have allowed these socks to benefit the less fortunate more than average socks. Darker socks show less damage, plus the antimicrobial formula keeps socks clean and fungus-free in case they can’t be washed often. But Heath and Goldberg don’t do it all alone; there are partners in all 50 states that help spread the word and work of Bombas Socks. Over 300 nonprofit organizations, charities, and homeless shelters are giving partners with Bombas across America. According to their website, over 1 million pairs of Bombas socks have been distributed to those in need. The colorful design of Bombas socks add to their charitable appeal. Socks for men, women, and children come in an assortment of colors and styles. Beyond the pigments and prints of Bombas Socks, athleisure engineering was kept in mind in the creation process. It took Goldberg and Heath two years to make the perfect sock. “We tested our sock and put it through the wringer seeing how it performed in the most vigorous circumstances,” the site said. Most of the socks are made with Extra Long Staple Cotton, a naturally wicking fabric. The Honeycomb Support System wraps around the arch of the

foot for support, a structure they say is “borrowed from the bees.” The Y-Stitched Heel is an added cup of comfort to better shape the natural curve of the heel. The ankle socks are adorned with blister tabs that rest about the heel which prevent friction that could lead to blistering — hence the fitting name. Each of these components are just a part of the whole. Similar to the bumblebees’ model, they work together to make what Goldberg and Heath call an athleisure sock better than anything else on the market. The combination of high per-


formance with high fashion has paid off for Bombas. It’s apparent that Bombas Socks were made with the advancement of footwear and people’s best interest in mind, and the company’s Bombas Happiness Guarantee supports that. According to their website, customer happiness is a number one priority at Bombas. “We stand by our product 1,000,000% (we rounded up), so if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy,” the company said. This “zero frown policy” makes it even easier to support their great cause. Bombas Socks make great holiday gifts. Pairs come in single orders or group sets, and the more you buy, the more money you save. For more information on Bombas, visit www. bombas.com or their Instagram and Twitter handles @bombas.

226 | THREAD




BY KATE STONE As Halloween and Thanksgiving pass, the hype surrounding the holiday season only grows stronger. I’m speaking of “Christmas Joy.” We all have that one friend who can’t wait to blast Christmas music during all hours of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good holiday tune, but with the music comes far too many decorations and the dreaded ugly holiday sweater. It may be an unpopular opinion but I find ugly holiday sweaters to be a nuisance for the holiday season as a whole. They are ugly, distracting, and scream for attention. It’s one thing to steal the attention of everyone in the room with a well-styled outfit; it’s entirely another to prance into a room wearing a reindeer sweater that jingles with every step. A follow-up question: Why would someone even consider wearing something they describe as ugly? This is something they have chosen to wear without influence or pressure from a third party, and something they also find ugly. There are even competitions for who bares the ugliest sweater. If you ask me, we should be celebrating stylish and festive outfits, not the individuals who compete to have the most gaudy and overbearing top in the room. Cumbersome knick-knacks, tassels, bells, and other unnecessary objects often dangle from them. If not, the sweaters often feature stereotypical scenes from holiday tales. There’s normally glitter involved in some form or another, which is just itchy and terribly messy. There is just so much going on that it’s impossible to know the point of focus. Frankly, your holiday sweater belongs where you found it: the thrift store or your grandma’s closet. There are other ways to show your holiday pride. This season, please replace the ugly eyesores with red and green clothing items, holiday-themed accessories, or even a cute pair of holiday socks. 228 | THREAD

back of the closet


BY JENNIFER PREMPEH It’s about that time again. I know you’ve been waiting for it, because I have, too. It’s time for the ugly sweaters to emerge from hibernation in preparation for National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. Yes, it’s a real day. National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day is always the third Friday of December each year; and this year, it falls on Friday, Dec. 16. I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays. I love all the creative ideas that circulate during this time of the year — especially those that involve ugly holiday sweaters. The cool parties, contests, and family gatherings are all reasons why everyone should have at least one in their closet. There’s something satisfying about finding a holiday sweater that’s ugly, but appealing at the same time — like the sweater that has one too many Christmas trees on it, but it’s your favorite shade of green, so you buy it anyway. Even if you can’t find a sweater you like, you can always get creative and make your own. You can also easily thrift an old comfy sweater and go to town with markers and glitter. Or if you’re good at stitching, you can put that skill to use, too. There are a lot of ways to make ugly holiday sweaters fun and one-of-a-kind. And of course, you don’t want to miss out on National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day or that super fun party with the special holiday cider just because you think you’re too cool to wear an ugly sweater. So go dig out that sweater your mom got you two years ago for Christmas — yes, the red one that has the penguin whose beak jingles — and wear it with pride. It may be ugly, but don’t worry — it’s the best kind.



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