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HAUTE ONLINE Looking for some new blogs to add to your radar? Whether scrolling for outfit inspo or needing a quick recipe, we’ve got you covered virtually.

VEGGIE DESSERTS Ever imagined a birthday cake with butternut squash as the main ingredient? Kate Hackworthy truly lives up to her last name on her food blog, spreading knowledge of how to incorporate vegetables into everyday recipes. Her blog, Veggie Desserts, is aptly named. One quick visit to her website and you are greeted with a minimal, clean layout. Her recipe index is placed gently in the center of the site. The first section is veggie desserts, where the recipes range from chocolate and almond cupcakes to carrot and quinoa truffles. Kate also includes plenty of other recipe ideas like such as dips, drinks, and frozen treats. For fearless eaters and foodie risk-takers, Veggie Desserts is a new food blog to try. As Kate mentions, some recipes don’t all work out, but she has one thing for certain – “no vegetable shall rot in my fridge.” –GRACE ZIEMKE 4 | THREAD

haute online


DANDY IN THE BRONX Diego León has blogged for since 2014. León, born and raised in the Bronx, works as a preschool teacher. According to his blog, “His devotion to menswear began in the world of early childhood education,” and continued after realizing his fashion had a positive impact on his students. From this realization, he began to blog. Through well-dressed attendance at social events, León met Nathaniel Adams, a dandy. Through conversation and research, Dandy In The Bronx was born. According

to the blog, “A dandy is a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.” On the blog, León covers clothing, grooming, lifestyle, and food. Like the name suggests, León’s blog posts are based in the Bronx. While Leon’s blog has yet to take him from the Bronx and greater NYC area, his future seems promising. When looking for a new wardrobe or advice about different aspects of life from a preschool teacher turned dandy, check Diego León out at! –NATHANIEL STANSBERY WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 5

BEING HER Being Her is run by twin sisters, Hermon and Heroda Berhane. Hermon is an actress, and Heroda is pursuing a career in modeling. Growing up in Asmara, Eritrea, the twins moved to London to indulge for their careers. However, their careers aren’t the only thing that make these twins unique. At 7 years old, both girls simultaneously became deaf, due to causes still unknown today. Though deaf, the sisters persevere and inspire their readers through fashion. The twins are determined to create success for themselves, and they assert that despite their disability, they can do whatever they put their minds to. “Being deaf doesn’t stop us from what we want to do because we can do anything except hear,” they’ve said. Being Her teaches readers embrace hardships. The Berhanes express themselves through their eccentric clothing choices and take risks with their style. The sisters operate under the motto: “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” –RYLIE MILLER 6 | THREAD

haute online

PAPER & STITCH Whether you like DIY or love to travel, Paper & Stitch has you covered. The mind behind this blog, Brittni Mehlhoff, a former high-school art teacher, loves all things design. Brittni is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, where she lives with her family. With her skills, she created a space allowing her to experiment and share her pastel bliss. Paper & Stitch was born in 2008, and since then, it has flourished into the site that it is today. She’ll keep you inspired with her modern and minimal interior design. Much of her content is DIY, and she makes it easy for your visions to come to life. Not the crafty type? Check out her travel section with guides containing restaurant and day trip ideas. At the moment, she and her husband are completing a “12 trips in 12 months” journey where they travel to a new destination every month of 2017. If you need a little color, just hop on the blog for the beautiful aesthetics of the Paper & Stitch! Although Brittni is experienced with art and design, she has a strong voice when it comes to connecting with her readers. Paper & Stitch is a unique place that encompasses what it means to be a blog in the 21st century. –JESSICA LUCAS WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 7



PUFFY JACKET There’s no other feeling

like a warm hug on a cold day. That is, unless you’re wearing a puffy jacket. Known as puffs, puffers, or puffy jackets, they provide the perfect balance of warmth, packability, and weight (just be sure to not get them wet). These are qualities any fashionable outdoors person requires, neigh, demands. Companies such as Mountain Hardwear, Arc’teryx, and MontBell sustainably source their down; all feathers gathered are from fowl that have died of their own accord, never live-plucked. In closing, grant me the honor of sharing a puffjacket themed haiku. How the snow does fall Cold envelops my being Praise thy noble puff

Find out the top five things that our exec board is inspired by right now.





SCRUNCHIES Let’s flash

back to the ’90s when denim-on-denim was acceptable and scrunchies made hair bigger and better. Now, flash forward to 2017, and you’ll see them both making a comeback. There’s nothing that makes me happier than to see ’90s trends make their way back around. From childhood to adulthood, it’s tempting to grab some out of nostalgia, but scrunchies can be easily incorporated into your modern wardrobe. The iconic scrunchie is a simple accessory that adds more pep into your outfit and can act as a fun accessory on your wrist! – SAMANTHA GÜT




The Moon, the band known for singing “Shut Up and Dance,” is back from a small hiatus with a new album. I’ve been following WTM for six years. When they went away for a short period of time I was devastated, but their new album is exceptional. It stays true to their ’80s synth roots and grasps the strife occurring in the world around us. I’ve yet to see a band that puts on a show the way they do; their energy and stage presence can’t be matched. They are going on tour, but unfortunately not visiting their home state of Ohio, so I may be traveling across state borders to see them and join my favorite band in a dance party to their tunes. – DANIELLE DONAVAN



LIZZO Okay, so,

sometimes you just need to listen to music that makes you feel unstoppable. That’s how Detroit-born, indie-rap songstress Lizzo makes me feel. The 29-yearold rapper is a body positive icon and has done it all. She’s been in a progressive rock band, as well as several rap groups. Not only was she just featured in Forbes 2017 “30 under 30,” but she also released her first major label EP in 2016. She serves straight looks consistently and encourages everyone to embrace their flawlessness. So, if you ever need a reason to feel “Good As Hell,” be sure to check out Lizzo. You won’t be disappointed. – KENYETTA WHITFIELD


POPPY One of the first

videos on That Poppy’s Youtube channel is a 10 minute long video of her saying “I’m Poppy,” over and over again. Odd, right? That Poppy is a YouTube persona who creates performance art-type satire of today’s youth and internet culture. Her videos, directed by Titanic St. Claire and styled by Samantha Burkhart, are confusing, quirky, and sometimes just downright unsettling. I started watching for the sake of the weird, but Poppy’s fashion kept me coming back. Poppy looks like a kawaii, alien, pastel, Barbie girl, and I’m always curious to what she’ll be wearing next. – KELLY BONDRA


Editor’s Note Happy holidays, Threadies! With 2017 winding down, I’m taking the time to reflect on all of the joy this year has brought me. We created Thread’s first printed edition, had over 30,000 impressions our last issue, and produced some of our best work yet. I’m so proud of all of the effort that each and every member of our team has put into this publication, and I cannot wait to see what the new year brings. For our readers, perhaps the new year brings a new workout routine (“Weight and See: A Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting,” P. 64) or maybe some much needed rest and relaxation (“Total Tranquility,” P. 84). If you’re stuck on as to what you should bring to that next holiday party, we’ve got you covered. Try making some peppermint fudge (“Mint Condition,” P. 68) or a winterinspired cocktail (“Merry Martini,” P. 74). If you need an outfit for that holiday get-together, check out our “6 Looks We Like” Holiday Party Edition (P. 140). From ugly sweater parties to that swanky NYE shindig, you’re sure to find something to don as the year comes to a close. If parties aren’t really your thing, snag some cozy, winter getaway inspiration (“Room for Two,” P. 94)


or if you’re anxious to know what the new year has in store for you, our horoscopes can give you some guidance (P. 154). If you’d prefer to take time to reflect on the events of 2017, we’ve got a quiz to test your memory (“How Well Do You Remember 2017?” P. 166). We hope you enjoy this issue and are able to finally take some muchdeserved time to relax with friends and family during this holiday season. Wrap up in a warm blanket, grab some hot cocoa, and spend some time flipping through our last Thread issue of 2017.

Much Love,

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SEAMS From the runway to the streets, and everywhere in between, here are this season’s most sought-after trends.



runway realway


Designer Stacey Bendet described her brand, Alice + Olivia, as a “girl’s girl brand,” and her Fall 2017 collection proved her slogan true. The collection featured contrasting textures like velvet, leather, sequins, and lace. Pink, red, and black pieces stayed true to the femininity of the brand, but the looks were anything but demure. The combination of feminine lines and bold fabrics created an eclectic, elegant collection. According to Vogue, the collection was inspired by Salman Rushdie’s novel “The Enchantress of Florence.” The fall collection, drawing inspiration from Italian Renaissance and Indian emperors, featured midi and maxi skirts with Botticelli’s painting, “La Primavera.” The embroidery enhanced the soft, romantic pieces, especially the cocktail dresses in the collection. Bendet layered an oversized camouflage jacket over a bubblegum pink turtleneck tucked into a heavily embroidered miniskirt. Juxtaposition of proportion seemed to be a main focus of the collection. The camouflage print alludes to the warfare in Rushdie’s 18 | THREAD

novel, but Bendet stayed true to Alice + Olivia’s feminine look by combining soft, flowy items with the structured, traditionally masculine pieces. One outfit, a suit covered headto-toe in sequins, stood out among the sea of leather and camouflage. Two graphic tees, featuring the phrases “Be the change you want to see in the world” and “Wild child” kept the suit combinations from looking too stuffy. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” While this line can be interpreted in several ways, the line was about “taking everything you’re seeing and hearing and interpreting it as your own,” Bendet said. The diversity in textures and prints makes this collection easily transferrable into one’s own wardrobe, and it’s a fantastic collection for those who want to mix-and-match to create a look that is their own. Fashion is about enjoying oneself and experimenting with clothes to represent one’s personality, and Alice + Olivia’s Fall Ready-to-Wear 2017 line enables young women to do exactly that.








The Death to Tennis Fall 2017 Menswear Collection was created by William Watson and Vincent Oshin, natives of Northern England, who met and proceeded to collaborate in New York City to launch their first three pieces in 2012. According to Maya Singer, an online Vogue contributor who covered the Death to Tennis Fall 2017 Menswear Collection, “Watson and Oshin aren’t reinventing the aesthetic wheel.” Though Watson and Oshin are not trying to reinvent anything, they are bringing their new take on fashion. The purpose of this collection is to end the stigma of tennis being a formality—hence the term “death to tennis.” It was to bring the formality of fashion in life typically related to tennis down from its high horse and to dispose of the idea of a suit signifying authority. Now, it is no longer a game for those country club associates, but also for people who subscribe to a look known as “hoodlum army.” The Death by Tennis Fall 2017 Menswear Collection has a sexual undertone to its clothing, with some models wearing only boxers

down the runway. The prints, which featured intimate scenes, hinted at the undertone and the presentation of Death to Tennis at Le Bain was presented as a sort of peep show. Despite the provocative prints, the designers chose to keep the silhouettes of the clothing simple and militaristic, featuring boxy cuts and muted, monochromatic outfits. While this style is still formal without the try-hard aspect, it’s different — the cuts and proportions mimic the authority of a uniform, but the playful print adds an unexpected twist. Most of the models had little to no skin showing,with the exception of the models clad in boxer shorts. Bomber jackets dominated the collection and were paired with high-waisted trousers. To ground the looks, the outfits were paired with clunky boots or white leather oxfords. The entire collection is mainly black, chestnut, and raw umber with splashes of navy and maroon. Death to Tennis is a young brand willing to break conventional fashion rules and bring death to the convention of fashion in certain aspects of life, like tennis. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 21

CELEB STYLE Dua Lipa is an up-and-coming British singer whose edgy songs and style reflect her risk-taking, spunky persona. BY SHAINA DUBINSKIY PHOTOS BY EMILY BARBUS

After Vogue awarded her the title as one of 2016’s fastest rising stars, singer Dua Lipa has caught everyone’s attention with her music and wardrobe. With singles like “New Rules” and “Hotter Than Hell,” the British vocalist shows her fierce attitude and edgy persona through her lyrics and outfits. Lipa’s style and talent has also gained the attention of several magazines, gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Hunger. The singer credits the inspiration behind her edgy style to icons like Kate Moss and Chloë Sevigny, as well as the ’90s, which she demonstrates through her admiration for chokers, bright colors, leather, and tracksuits. Her provocative, girl-power anthems are complementary to her love of vintage distressed boyfriend jeans and brightly colored jerseys. The singer also is not afraid to take risks in her look, whether that means wearing bras as tops or going with the genderfluid trend of rocking pantsuits on the red carpet, like at the 2017 Brit Awards. From the street to the stage, Lipa doesn’t stray away from showing her spunky personality through her clothing. In a Vogue interview, 22 | THREAD

the singer revealed that she works closely with her stylist to find “loads of things from cool and up-andcoming designers.” When it comes to her favorite designers, however, the singer revealed that she is an avid fan of Acne and No.21, two brands known for their modern and dynamic looks. That is no surprise for this artist, however, whose energetic spirit comes out in every song and article of clothing. When it comes to her beauty routine, less is more. In an interview with Allure, Lipa revealed that she “tries to keep it as natural as possible” with products like tinted moisturizer and glittery lip gloss. The singer is a big fan of MAC, who asked her to collaborate on a lip gloss line in July 2017. Her trademark, full, thick eyebrows, require little maintenance, as the singer claims she will occasionally fill them in with some dark eye shadow. Skincare is of high importance to the sing er, praising eye and face cream, mists and oils as her saviors during tours and traveling. With luscious, brown locks, the singer tells Allure she prefers the natural route, typically in “natural loose waves” occasionally throwing it up in a top-knot bun.





“Moonlight” star Ashton Sanders is creating a name for himself outside of the film industry – the young celebrity also turns heads with his distinctive personal style. BY JENNIFER PREMPEH PHOTOS BY EMILY BARBUS

Many fell in love with Ashton Sanders after seeing him play his role in “Moonlight.” He stole hearts with his acting skills and unique look. Sanders has only acted for a few years. He was working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts at DePaul University before he dropped out to start his acting career. His first big role was in the 2013 film “The Retrieval,” and then a small role in “Straight Outta Compton.” In 2016, Sanders starred in a web series called “The Skinny” and later landed the role in “Moonlight” as teen Chiron. Known for his exceptional personal style, Sanders, only 22-years-old, is a style icon and confident in what he wears. Whether walking the red carpet or down the street, Sanders creates outfits that display his personality. At the 2016 Gotham Independent Film Awards, he donned a mocha brown, three-piece suit that he paired with patent leather Doc Marten oxfords. Sanders’ style is inherited from his father, a fashion designer who created suits. He does give some credit to fashion being in his genes, but Sanders says that most of his style comes from the work he does with a stylist. “For the red carpet events, I collaborate

with my stylist...We look at runway looks, opposed to just, like, suits and tuxedos.” Sanders doesn’t shy away from displaying his personal style, especially on his Instagram (@ashtondsanders); his profile is practically a lookbook. Scrolling through his page, it’s obvious that he loves two-piece sets, denim, vibrant colors, and really funky patterns. Although, Sanders considers beanies to be his signature accessory. When it comes to style icons, Sanders has a few go-to people he takes inspiration from. “You know, I just go with what my soul feels, in that moment. I pull inspiration from a lot of people like Andre 3000, and Jimi Hendrix, all those crazy dudes, you know like Pharrell, Tyler, everybody who kind of steps out of the box, and who’s just them.” Sanders also shared that those who inspire his style also inspire him as an artist. Sanders strikes a balance between all of the styles he exhibits. It’s not easy to predict his next look, but that’s part of what makes his style interesting. Take a page from Ashton Sanders’ book next time you get dressed: don’t be afraid to take chances and stray from what’s “in.” Embrace the unexpected. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 25

Blogger of the Month


How long have you been a vegetarian?

Favorite vegan snack?

Any advice for people wanting to go vegetarian?


Things that make you happy What is the hardest thing to kick in going vegan?



Spiced Vegan Eggnog December is here, and it’s almost time to cozy up under a blanket with a cup of eggnog. Alyssa shows that you can still enjoy this holiday drink with her spiced vegan recipe. She substitutes milk for a combination of coconut and almond milk. Check out the rest of her holiday recipe on our website!

Roasted Chestnuts While studying abroad, Alyssa first discovered her love for roasted chestnuts in Zurich, Switzerland. This healthy snack is packed full of vitamins and boosts your immune system. Roasted chestnuts can easily be made at home with a few ingredients. Give this warm treat a try, directions are found on her post!


TECHED OU As the tech industry continues to shift and grow, the market for smart accessories is doing just the same. BY COURTNEY ADAMS


pple Watches were once known as the most revolutionary and futuristic technological advancement, but they are now competing with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade in the wearable tech market. Designers are diving into wearable technology, and they are not stopping at watches. In today’s market, relating to the vast world of communication and social media is as easy as wearing a ring on your finger. Smart rings have become a new fad for tracking steps, analyzing sleep cycles, notifying wearers of a text or email, unlocking phones, and even unlocking doors. The NFR ring was founded on Kickstarter, like most emerging smart rings. The ORII ring, scheduled to start shipping in February 2018, was funded on Kickstarter, 28 | THREAD




users to take calls by holding the ring to their ear. It will also read text messages and other notifications aloud. Most rings are simple in design, but Ringly has designed jewelry that is functional and fashionable. The rings come with different stones and band colors, and they have a battery life of up to 48 hours. The ring can connect to over 200 apps, with the ability to track fitness and activity goals, give mobile alerts, and guide meditation and breathing exercises. Ringly also has two bracelets that can be used similarly to the ring. The Ringly Luxe and Ringly Go are used for activity and 30 | THREAD

mobile tracking, but have different designs. The Ringly Go flaunts a thick black or blush-colored leather band with a square, marbled stone accent. The Ringly Luxe has simpler design, with a goldplated hinge band and emeraldcut moonstone. Both bracelets’ batteries last up to 48 hours and can be charged via USB cable. Perhaps the most traditional piece of wearable technology is the trusty smartwatch. Originally, the Apple Watch changed the smart accessory game – FitBits and other wearable fitness trackers weren’t able to display text and app alerts, utilize voice control, or answer a phone call. But, as


the tech market does, brands adapted and soon created their own versions of the Apple Watch. Fossil, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs created their own versions of the Apple Watch, offering a variety of band and face options. Not only have brands developed their own smartwatches, but FitBit has stepped up their game and now offers products with increased capabilities. The Bellabeat Leaf is one of the most versatile pieces of smart technology on the market. When purchasing, one decides if they want the item sent with a chain for a necklace or a band for a bracelet. It can be switched

easily between chain or band, and the Bellabeat itself can be clipped onto clothing instead of being worn with a band or chain. The Bellabeat tracks activity and sleep like all other smart jewelry, however, it goes more in depth. It can also track menstrual cycles. It’s sleek and subtle design allow it to add to any outfit without being too flashy. The piece is made with wood and a choice of silver, gold, or rose gold steel. Unlike most pieces of smart technology, the Bellabeat does not need to be charged. Instead, is uses a replaceable battery that should last at least six months. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 31



Most guys start their morning with them, and it’s probably the only garment of clothing that gets up close and personal with every human being on Earth — underwear. It’s taken many decades to create the perfect pair of men’s underwear. Men’s underwear was created nearly 7,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that men’s drawers changed forever. The initial undergarments were loincloths, but later down the line “tighty whities” came along. The original idea came from a postcard of a man in a bikini-style bathing suit. Arthur Kneibler thought to himself that the style a perfect 32 | THREAD





fit for underwear. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, designer underwear became prominent. The underwear industry hasn’t had any groundbreaking changes since boxer briefs were introduced in the early ‘90s. Since the ‘90s, multiple styles of underwear have been created. Some are based off the basic boxer brief, from low-rise, mid-rise to high-rise briefs. However, some briefs are not considered boxers. There are boxers, trunks, and jockstraps, which are usually items associated with those involved in sports, or if the fit is comfortable for the person. Choosing a fit of underwear is always up to the wearer, but with fun patterns making their way onto the hidden garments, picking out underwear is becoming more enjoyable. Underwear are normally supposed to be kept secret until intimate moments arise, but since the popularity of Calvin Klein’s set, showing undergarments has become more socially acceptable and popular. Calvin Klein transformed an item usually hidden into something that was flaunted. Over the years, underwear cuts have become sexier and tighter, and designs

have become a subtle way to show off one’s style and personality. Although, Klein’s are often plain, only showing a peek of the brand name at the top, bold and vibrant underwear are making their way into the world. The company MeUndies is paving the path for a new way of styling underwear as well. There are many companies that sell underwear with fun patterns and colors. But, MeUndies is creating a foundation for an item of clothing that was never meant to be seen and making it normal for people to show them off. Most companies are not focused on selling seductive underclothing anymore. The focus has shifted to loud print and striking colors in comfortable and less-revealing silhouettes. These choices allow advertising for underwear to be more relatable. Often “fun underwear” is showcased with couples lounging around in matching pairs, or a man eating pizza while posing in his pizzathemed boxers. By reclaiming what was once considered an intimate piece of clothing, MeUndies is opening new doors for other companies that sell underwear. Many companies are switching from basic neutral colors to any type of color or pattern that will catch consumers’ eyes. Reclaiming this once basic piece of clothing allows for more expression to take place, even if the only other person that sees it is a significant other. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 35



EMBER EYES As temperatures fall, choose a warm-toned eye look to heat things up.


In a world where the beauty community and industry have become so saturated, popular, and dynamic, it can be hard to keep up, especially with all of the new brands, products, and launches. Recently, there have been a ton of trends taking over the makeup world. From chiseling out the face by creating the

sharpest contour, to applying the most blinding highlighter, and to achieving the most “on fleek� eyebrows, every trend has led to the next latest craze, which is warm-toned eyeshadow. Although most of these trends are self-explanatory, this new, fiery eye look can allow anyone to be as simple or dramatic as


they would like to be. Famous YouTuber and self-made entrepreneur, Jaclyn Hill, is known for her warmed-toned, bronze smokey eye looks, and she has played a significant role in starting the trend. Hill has posted dozens of tutorials on her YouTube channel of warmtoned makeup looks, but her fans keep asking for more. Hill uses everything from affordable, drugstore products, to high-end makeup brands. She is famous for using warm-toned eye colors 38 | THREAD

and products to create her stunning looks. To recreate an eye makeup look inspired by the trend, it is important to have the right eye palette – which should be easy considering how popular warm-toned eye colors have become. Some fiery palette options include the Morphe 350 ($23) and the Colourpop “Yes Please!” palette ($16). These two beauties are extremely affordable and have beautiful color options and pigmentation,


with little or no fallout. However, for those willing to spend a little more, there are endless options, including the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette ($54), Tarte Toasted palette ($46), and Sephora PRO Warm palette ($68). When it comes to application, it’s all up to how heavy one wants to pack on the warm shades. For some, the simpler the better, and blending one matte or shimmery shade all over the lid is a beloved look that takes little time and effort, but still gives the warmth that this trend is all about. For more complex, in-depth looks, it’s best to start out with a matte shade in the crease of the eye. A warm, terracotta brown color is the best pick for this. Once blended and brushed out into the crease, add depth to the eye look with a deep red that will add drama to the outside corners of the eye. This color should be applied and blended next, slightly under the initial matte brown. At this point, anything is acceptable for a lid color, from a light, shimmery champagne, to a deep, smoldering copper, or a matte

light brown. Some attribute the warmtoned eye shadow crazy to makeup aficionados and lovers becoming more adventurous with their makeup in an effort to incorporate more color and artistry, while still wanting something wearable and easy to achieve. With warm-toned eyes, it’s great to pair the look with a warm blush and lip, too. This simple touch will make a gorgeous finish and pull the look together. Orange and apricot blush shades are flattering on a diverse range of skin tones and easily warm up the entire face. Wet n Wild has a few of the best affordable blushes in the makeup game ($2.99), with numerous warmtoned shades to pick from. As for the lips, warm toned brownnudes will tie the entire look together and are fun colors to wear without being too bold. It seems like the warm-toned makeup trend is here to stay, and it is perfect for anyone who wants to elevate their makeup game this winter.




Scents & Sensibility





s there anything better than a nice-smelling man? Probably a nice slice of Goodfella’s pizza after a long day, but a man who smells clean and fresh is definitely a close second. Why should men wear a fragrance? Wearing cologne is another way of expressing oneself beyond visuals. The sense of smell is the most powerful sense, capable of detecting over one trillion unique scents. It also helps recall memories better than any other sense because it is directly connected to the limbic system, which is sometimes referred to as the “emotional brain.” Because smell is such an important part 42 | THREAD

of everyday life, it’s important to find a fragrance that is clean, crisp, and recognizable. For men attempting to select a fragrance, there are a few things to know before heading to the nearest Perfumania store. First, there is a wide variety in strength of scents. Men who want a lighter fragrance that won’t last as long should choose an Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, which should last between 2-3 hours. Those who want a longer-lasting scent should opt for Eau de Parfum or Parfum, which can last up to 24 hours. The next consideration is the notes of the fragrance. There are three note levels: top, middle or heart, and base. The “deeper” the note, the longer it will linger on the skin. Typical top notes include floral, citrus, or spice scents. Middle notes make up the bulk of a fragrance. They are usually a richer version of the floral, citrus, or spice scents from the top notes. Base notes are the boldest of the scents and typically develop throughout the wear time. The richness of base notes is comprised of scents like sandalwood, moss, vanilla, leather, tobacco, and musk. Because fragrances react and change with each individual’s body chemistry, it is important to test scents in order to find one that works. To find one’s signature fragrance, spraying a


different scent on the inside of both wrists and elbows helps. This allows a person to test four fragrances at once—although it might be better to do this on a day when wearing four different fragrances at the same time will be acceptable. Periodically smelling each scent throughout the day will allow a person to see how it reacts to their body. After comparing a few scents, purchasing a new fragrance will be easier. For those looking for a floral scent, Clean’s Reserve Amber Saffron eau de parfum is a great option. Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme eau de toilette works for men who are looking for a fresh scent profile. Men on the hunt for a warm, spicy fragrance can opt for Dior’s Sauvage eau de toilette. Earthyscent lovers should try Bulgari’s Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc eau de cologne. Now it’s time to apply a new fragrance, but how? Spray the scent on dry skin, preferably after a shower when pores are still open from the warm water. You should apply the cologne to the warmest areas of the body, like the chest, neck, wrist, inner elbow, and shoulder. Also, one should not apply fragrance to clothes because it will not be able to mix with your body’s natural chemistry in addition to potentially staining clothes. And for the love of all things good: don’t apply too much. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 43

S Shearling Season

Cold temps mean heavy outerwear, but staying warm doesn’t necessarily mean bulky layers.



As fall transitions to winter, people are forced to trade in their light denim jackets and raincoats for options that are warmer and heavier. Thanks to designers in both Milan and the U.S., one can now opt for something that is a bit more stylish: shearling. Shearling is a wool that comes from a young lamb. The combination of shearling and clothing has been around centuries, since 4000 B.C. to be exact. However, the trend reached its peak popularity in the ’40s and ’50s, when American pilots took to the skies







in shearling lined B-3 bomber jackets. Fast forward 60 years later, and designers like Miuccia Prada, Giorgio Armani, and the Caten brothers are incorporating the fur into contemporary fashion. Miuccia Prada sought a ’70s aesthetic for her Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection. Men with shaggy hair trudged down the runway donning corduroy jeans and sweaters. Nearly half of the looks were accompanied by a suede blazer or a shearling jacket. Although camel and burnt orange tones composed the central theme of the show, her hunter green leather trench, lined with shearling on both the front and collar, was definitely the star of the show. For his Fall 2017 Ready-toWear show, Giorgio Armani put a twist on the trend by incorporating it into traditionally polished looks. Rather than pairing a matching jacket with dress pants, Armani designed velvet pieces lined with shearling. His innovation didn’t stop there; he also topped a traditional business suit with an unstructured trench, again accented by the wool. Although

this line stayed true to Armani’s focus, the blend of oversized silhouettes and formal wear serves to reach a younger, more contemporary audience. With the approval of rapper Future— who sat front row—Armani is sure to achieve this vision. Perhaps the always eccentric DSquared2 took the trend to the most extreme for its Fall Readyto-Wear 2017 line. The Caten brothers incorporated shearling into everything they could: denim jackets, trench coats, vests, and even capes. The show was a stark contrast to Giorgio Armani’s, and even Miuccia Prada’s, who opted for a cleaner look. The Catens paired their shearling pieces with distressed denim, flannels, and, in some cases, even rubber boots. Another unique aspect to this show was the presence of gender fluidity. This was the first show the Caten brothers created that was not strictly labeled men’s or women’s. All models were featured in almost identical styles, proving that this trend is not only versatile in how it is worn, but also who wears it. In addition to the runway, shearling has also become popular on the street. A variety of celebrities have been photographed wearing shearling coats, from Harry Styles and Scott Disick, to Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bieber, proving anyone can pull off this trend. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 47


Saved by the Bell Add some flare to your look with a wardrobe staple straight out of the disco era.





ike peering into an old photograph or returning home after time spent away, many are feeling nostalgic as the ageless bell bottoms make a return. Bell bottoms have experienced a revival and are becoming a staple of many closets and runway shows. These high fashion runways have stolen the iconic ’70s pant, and in most cases, they’ve put their own spin on the trend, adding a multitude of textures and designs to certify that they are runway ready. But, on an everyday basis, finding a way to wear this trend can be a source of anxiety. As the style trickles down from high fashion sources into fast fashion retailers, the tricky thing many people face is finding the perfect pair of flares, and once they do, how on earth do they style them? Loose or fitted, high-waisted or hip-hugging, these are just some of the choices that come with bell bottoms. Like many of those iconic fads that renew themselves in the cycle of clothing, it takes some serious sifting when looking for the pair that is just right. But once that lucky pair of pants reaches your closet, there’s no telling where the styling stops.


Whether they are paired with turtlenecks or blouses—loose or fitted—bell bottoms are sure to be the centerpiece. For fall and winter months, pairing flares with an oversized, loose sweater is a sure way to mix-up one’s wardrobe, even in the frigid weather. And in the summer and spring, a fluted sleeve shirt with bells is bound to catch the eyes of passerbys. Bell bottoms in the ’70s, and even now, are not only available in womenswear collections. Many designers have chosen to create flared trousers and jeans for their menswear lines. Celebrities like Harry Styles have tested out the trend and creatively tailored them to their wardrobes. His style is heavily inspired by the ’70s, so it isn’t shocking that he indulged in the newly-revived bell bottoms look. Although the trend has reached menswear, it is most commonly styled in womenswear. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are often seen sporting bell bottoms and flared pants. As they live and breathe fashion’s dos and don’ts, the emergence of these pants can only mean that they’re back and better than ever. Start sifting through mall racks or a thrift store to find a pair of these pants worth spending on.


Once their spot in the closet is guaranteed, styling will reveal which decade you chose to lift the bells from. Whether it is the ’70s flower power movement, the ’90s-grunge appeal, or the modern, minimal style of today, bell bottoms are sure to be an eye-catching piece no matter their history.



Crafting the most intricate of knick-knacks, working out the mind, body, and soul, and making the most delicious of treats.






assels are a quirky and fun way to add visual interest to any outfit. With the temperatures outside dropping, adding a tasseled accessory to an outfit can give that extra something to typically bland winter attire. Tassel earrings come in a variety of colors and styles, and can be pricey, costing anywhere from $15– $30 on Etsy.


diy: craft it

Steps by wrapping the 1 Start embroidery floss into

2 3 4 5 Materials - Embroidery floss - Jump rings - Hoop earrings or hoops and earring fastenings - Jewelry pliers

a bundle in a circle (the longer and thinner the bundle, the longer and thinner the tassel, and vice versa for shorter and thicker tassels). Then, thread the bundled floss through the jump ring to the middle of the bundle. Fold the bundle in half.

Tie a short piece of the floss and tie it around the bundle, toward the top. Hot glue the ends of the string, and cover with a jump ring. Cut the end of the bundle to create the tassel, and comb to spread the threads. If you choose to keep the earrings for yourself, put them on and flaunt your handywork! If you’re giving them away as a gift, place them in a small box or bag and make someone’s day. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 57


Sick of spending money on wrapping paper and gift bags when you could be using it to buy more gifts? Try these wrapping hacks to save you money and reduce the waste created with buying wrapping materials. 58 | THREAD

The wonderful season of gift giving is upon us! Finding the perfect gift can be tough sometimes, but making it look incredible doesn’t have to be. Plus, putting a little

diy: craft it


bit more effort into wrapping your gifts in an Waesthetically pleasing way can give them more meaning. You can save a bit of money and help out the environment by creating your

own unique wrapping paper or gift containers. These hacks are so simple that you can recycle things lying around the house to dress up any package.


Wrapping paper can be a bit pricey, and some gifts are just too odd to wrap without a container. These work best for small trinkets and stocking stuffers, but you can also get creative with larger packages such as cereal or granola bar boxes! Add a few strands of ribbon and free printable gift tags, and they’ll be the most festive gifts of the season!


Step 1: Gather packing paper. Step 2: Dip the large rim of the disposable coffee cup in paint, remove excess, then stamp onto the paper to make rings. Repeat this step at the opposite end. Step 3: Let dry. Step 4: With a permanent marker, draw small squares atop each circle, then add a tiny loop above the squares. This creates an ornament. Get creative with this step by using different colors or patterns inside the ornament!


Step 1: Gather packing paper. Step 2: Cut the potato into a square, leaving enough to grip. Step 3: Dip the square end of potato in paint and stamp onto paper. Repeat using different colors. Step 4: Let dry. Step 5: Draw bows on the squares to create gift boxes! 60 | THREAD

diy: craft it


Step 1: Lay the toilet paper roll on packing paper and cut the paper to the desired length. Step 2: Wrap the roll, being sure to pinch the paper at the end to create the bunched-up “wrapper.” Step 3: Unwrap and lay roll aside. Flatten wrapping paper. Step 4: Use a paintbrush and red paint to apply diagonal stripes on the paper. This will create the candy cane look. Step 5: Let dry. Step 6: Wrap roll back up, placing the gift inside, and tape to secure. Using ribbon or thread, wrap the pinched paper several times.


Step 1: Cut two spaces of an egg carton out. Step 2: Fold at the crease. You may have to trim the edges to make them align with each other. Make sure your small gift is inside, then tape shut. Step 3: Wrap in tissue paper, bunching it up at the top of the sphere. Use ribbon to secure tissue paper. Step 4: Cut excess tissue paper off the top and fray out.

Materials Needed: • Packing Paper • Toilet Paper Roll • Paint Brush • Egg Carton • Disposable Coffee Cup • Potato

• Black Permanent Marker • Ribbon • Paint (Green, Red) • Tape • Scissors • Printable Tags • Disposable Gloves WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 61

UNWIND Exams, projects, and more exams—nothing says stress like those last couple of weeks of the semester. While cramming for exams and scurrying to finish that last essay, remember to take time for yourself, too. Taking a moment to relax will not only increase your productivity levels, but it will make you feel a little bit less tense. To ward off dry winter skin and the anxieties of finals season, try creating your own lavender-infused stress relief lotion. BY KATIE PITTMAN PHOTOS BY MELISSA CORDY


MATERIALS: • Unscented Lotion • Lavender Essential Oil • Container or Travel Size Bottle STEP 1: Clean the container the lotion will be put in. STEP 2: Fill the container about halfway with unscented lotion. STEP 3: Place two-to-three drops of lavender essential oil into the lotion. 62 | THREAD

STEP 4: Close the container and shake it to mix the lotion and essential oil. STEP 5: Add more lotion to fill the container. Close the container and shake it again to mix the additional lotion in. STEP 6: Use your new lotion to moisturize and de-stress! Lavender oil is known for its relaxation effects, and we all know we need a little extra R&R during finals week.

diy: craft it








No matter what your goals may be, weightlifting is an important part of any fitness routine. But, it’s common for weightlifting to intimidate people and give women the impression that they’ll get bulky. Weightlifting is actually one of the most efficient weight loss and muscle building techniques. Knowing where to begin is the hardest part! Once you get more comfortable lifting you’ll feel more confident going to the gym and will spend less time wandering around deciding what to do. Fitness centers typically have dumbbells, which are weighted pieces of equipment for functional strength training. Use a comfortable, yet challenging, weight for all weightlifting workouts.


Choose a flat bench and place a du on each side of it. Place one knee o the bench, bend at the torso until y body is parallel to the floor, and pla directly below your shoulder on the for support. Use the opposite hand up the dumbbell and hold the weig your upper arm close to your side a the weight straight up. Be sure to ke torso stationary. Complete 10 reps. opposite side.

umbbell on top of your upper ace a hand e bench d to pick ght. Keep and raise eep your . Repeat on

diy: work it

PARTNER SIT-UPS AND SQUAT WITH DUMBBELL Hold a dumbbell and lie flat with knees bent. Have a partner stand in front of you, ready to take the dumbbell as you sit up. As the partner takes the dumbbell, they’ll hold it chest level and lower into a squat. As the partner rises back up from the squat, you should have completed a weightless sit up and take back the dumbbell to complete another weighted situp. Alternate positions after 10 reps. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 65

DUMBBELL DEADLIFT Begin with one dumbbell in each hand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the dumbbells parallel with your body and slowly hinge at the hips. Lower the dumbbells past your knee as you keep them slightly bent. Be sure your back is flat as you bend over. Return to the starting position, squeeze your glutes to activate the muscle. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps. 66 | THREAD


diy: work it

DUMBBELL TRICEP EXTENSION Start standing and holding a dumbbell with both hands. Begin by holding the dumbbell behind your head with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle, then raise the weight up over your head, palms facing upward toward the ceiling. Raise the weight until arms are fully extended. Slowly lower the weight until you reach starting position. Repeat for 10 reps.

DUMBBELL SQUAT Stand straight while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Position legs shoulder width apart, toes slightly pointed outward. Look straight ahead and keep a straight back. Slowly lower your torso by bending at the knees. Continue down until thighs are parallel to the floor, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, then raise back up, pushing through with your heels. It’s important to complete around three sets of 10 reps for each exercise. This keeps your weightlifting workout structured, focused, and also gives you ability to play around with the amount of weight you want to use. Remember that weightlifting is an efficient way to meet your fitness goals by both burning fat and toning muscle. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 67


diy: make it


CONDITION Give your taste buds a hint of winter with this minty, candy cane colored fudge! BY MADISON CLEVELAND PHOTOS BY KELLY WALLACE


andy canes are classic winter decorations and also the key ingredient to this creamy fudge recipe. Don’t know what to gift your friends or make for your holiday party? Get everyone into the winter spirit with this minty treat! It’s hard not to love a recipe that uses fluffy marshmallow cream, pink candy cane dust, and lots of white chocolate morsels. This recipe will surely become a staple in your cookbook when you’re craving a quick and festive dessert. Everyone will be dying to try this holiday twist to a sweet after-dinner mint!



INGREDIENTS 2 cups of granulated sugar 1/2 cup of candy cane sugar (6-7 candy canes finely ground) 3/4 cup of butter 3/4 cup of heavy cream Pinch of salt A 12 ounce container of white chocolate chips or morsels A 7 ounce jar of marshmallow cream Tip: If you can’t find any candy canes, peppermints will also suffice!


diy: make it



Line an 8-inch square baking dish with parchment paper. Using a food processor, grind 6-7 candy canes into a fine sugar consistency. (It needs to be fine enough to blend into the batter seamlessly.) In a large mixing bowl, stir the white chocolate chips and marshmallow cream together and set aside.


In a large saucepan, add granulated sugar, candy cane sugar, butter, heavy cream, and a pinch of salt.


Bring this mixture to a boil over medium heat and stir continuously.


Let it boil for 5 minutes, continuing to stir.


Remove the saucepan from the heat and pour it immediately over the white chocolate and marshmallow cream mixture.


Use an electric mixer with a paddle attachment to blend for 1 minute until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth.


Pour mixture into the square baking dish, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 2 hours or until set.


Once set, cut the fudge into small bite-sized pieces and store in the refrigerator. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 71

Merry Martini Ring in the holiday season with a fruity drink that’s sure to be a hit at any winter party. BY DANIELLE DONAVAN PHOTOS BY KELLY WALLACE


inter is here, and there’s no better way to enter the brisk winds than with a martini blanket, similar to a beer blanket, but far better tasting. Holiday parties are hard, so it’s nice to have an easy drink that can be made with or without alcohol for all of the party goers. This specific recipe will wow the attendees. It’s served in an ornament, so both presentation and flavor are sure to please. Taking only a couple of minutes to mix up, it’s a great option to make for a comfy day on the couch accompanied by a good holiday movie or your next holiday gathering.


diy: make it



diy: make it

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup vodka 1/2 cup orange liqueur 1/2 cup cherry juice 1/4 cup cranberry juice 1/4 cup orange juice Sugared cranberries Rosemary sprigs to garnish

MATERIALS NEEDED: Clear bulb ornaments Cocktail shaker Funnel Martini glasses

*For a non-alcoholic version, replace vodka and liquor with soda water or lemon-lime soda.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

INSTRUCTIONS: Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake.

Remove the toppers from the bulb ornaments.

Use a funnel and pour the mixture into the ornaments (make sure they’re clean first!).

Place the topper back on the ornaments.

Add the sugared cranberries and rosemary sprigs into the martini glasses.

Set the ornaments in the glasses to serve.

Pour the contents from the ornaments into the glasses and be merry!


WHO, WHAT, WEAR A glance into some of Athens’ most captivating people, places, and events.



PAPER CIRCLE This non-profit organization’s goal is to further artistic development in Southeast Ohio through their workshops and exhibition events. BY HAADIZA OGWUDE PHOTOS BY COLBY CALDWELL


who, what, wear


ocated on the historic, star brick-lined square of Nelsonville lies the nonprofit organization, Paper Circle. Paper Circle proudly claims the title of Southeast Ohio’s premier center for paper and book arts. The organization began in 2000 when founder, Sara Gilfert, discovered a yearning to give back and an infectious love of paper arts. According to Barbara Campagnola, executive director of Paper Circle, Gilfert wanted to share her knowledge of paper arts with Athens county. “As she says it, she became infected with the love of paper making. She just couldn’t stop,” Campagnola said.



who, what, wear

Paper Circle is a revered leader in the community and a hub for culture and art in Southeast Ohio. The impressive 40’ x 20’ space that houses the non-profit organization consists of a professional gallery in the front and a fully-equipped papermaking studio in the back and basement. However, Paper Circle had rather humble beginnings, its start was in the basement of Gilfert’s home, with a single studio and three interns. It wasn’t until 2003 that she moved her business to Nelsonville and became incorporated. In 2004, Campagnola was hired as executive director, and she brought with her a business model that would forever change the future of the organization. “I realized that we needed a product. I came from a business

background. So, someone was in the shop and they had an origami show. They suggested that we make this certain kind of paper for the origami market, and we did,” she explained. The O-Gami paper, as they call it, would later go on to be Paper Circle’s most popular product. Their signature paper comes in 30 colors and two surface types. According to their website, this paper is durable and water-resistant, perfect for fine artists or hobbyists. However, there is more to the non-profit organization than just paper making. Paper Circle also specializes in making journals, cards, flags, jewelry, and more. In addition to their paper products, Paper Circle is also in the business of screen-printing. Not only do they make and sell WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 81

their own apparel, but they also buy designs from artists and print live at festivals. “There’s a lot to paper arts. It’s not just making paper,” Campagnola said. This sentiment is also visible in Paper Circle’s commitment to arts education. Circle ‘Round the Square, a children’s education program launched by Campagnola, has become their most notable program to date. The program was even nominated for a National Arts and Humanities Youth Programming award in 2014. Campagnola stated that she wanted to start the 82 | THREAD

who, what, wear


children’s program when she realized that art was not offered in public schools nearby. For her, starting this program was a matter of social justice. “I’m not saying that the only way to make art, or to be artistic or creative is in a certain way with paint or whatever, because people are creative, and they can rub two sticks together to make something beautiful. But these kids just didn’t have it in the school,” Campagnola stated. Circle ’Round the Square is a 5-week holistic, arts-based summer enrichment program designed for Appalachian youth. The program consists of visual arts classes, theater camps, and wellness classes. Paper Circle also offers a leadership program for high school seniors that provides them with evidence-based leadership training and a stipend to work in the summer program. In addition to working with Nelsonville-York City Schools, Paper Circle also partners

with Ohio University. “There is the LIGHTS program which is funded through the Innovation Center. They are helping us develop new products. The SEE program is run through the Voinovich Center. They are helping us do market research and identify new uses for our paper and outlets for other products,” Campagnola explained. Paper Circle is more than a non-profit arts organization committed to celebrating paper and book arts. They are also an organization dedicated to furthering artistic development in the schools and communities of Southeast Ohio. They do this by providing their artists with living wages, professional development, product support, live print events, teaching, and monthly exhibiting opportunities. They encourage anyone to stop by their studio or give them a call to find out how they can get involved. In the words of Campagnola, they “have a little bit of something for everybody.” WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 83


who, what, wear




ucked around the corner from bustling Court Street stands an idyllic blue house with a brick walk-up and small garden, waiting to welcome customers in for an escape from reality. Past the entryway, a delicate smell of eucalyptus and lemon fills the air and swirls around in a soothing wave. Low-intensity lights glow off of the blue-gray walls, giving a languid feel to the room. Sunlight gently streams through the curtains and onto a massage table, where customers experience 60 minutes of a revitalizing treatment. Sara Schumm of Tiffin, Ohio, first toured the house in July while looking for a space to open her business. Seeing the potential in what was once a law office, she realized it was perfect and set herself to transform it from a dusty, abandoned space into the peaceful environment that is now Body Shop & Spa, one of the newest additions to Athens, Ohio. “It’s really important to be able to enter this space, feel at ease, and then continue to relax while you’re here so when you leave and you go home … your mind is clear,” Schumm said. After working as a personal trainer, Schumm decided to move forward into a different field and attend the Aveda Institute to become a licensed esthetician, someone who specializes in the


care and beautification of skin. “When I did a tour (with Aveda) I was interested especially with how they ran their program and how they incorporated the body as a whole through their treatments. I enrolled the same day,” Schumm said. Schumm was able to dive into her interest of treating the whole body, and now offers her customers facials, massages, essential oil treatments, and body wraps to help regenerate energy in the skin. She offers an alternative medicine technique called MediCupping, where different size cups are suctioned to the body to promote blood flow and relieve soreness, and a Raindrop Therapy treatment, where essential oils are applied to the spinal cord to purge the body of viruses and pathogens. The talented staff of Body Shop & Spa also includes two licensed massage therapists, Shannon Marie Arnett and Katie Solon. Arnett’s path to becoming a part of the business was not as direct as Schumm’s, but still led her to what she loves to do: helping her customers heal and feel loved. Arnett grew up with a sister who required special needs and was encouraged to become a nurse by family and friends. Instead, she attended Ohio University and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and was near a decision to become a graduate student when she realized it was still not

who, what, wear


she wanted. “I kind of just had an epiphany one day talking to a friend … I was like ‘massage therapy is kind of combining nursing and psychology in a lot more holistic way that is a lot more me.’ I’m still helping people, but it’s not quite as taxing,” Arnett said. Arnett specializes in two metaphysical forms of massage: reiki and ayurvedic abhyanga. Reiki, meaning a “spiritually guided life energy force,” is a holistic Japanese treatment where balance in the body is restored through moving energy in and out of the chakras, or centers of energy. With this treatment, Arnett said, it is common for people to have an immediate and positive response. Ayurvedic abhyanga is an ancient Indian technique that uses warm, herb infused oil and rhythmic movements to restore balance to one’s mind. This treatment is specially attuned to each patient, as determined by a 30-minute interview Arnett conducts before beginning the massage. “I’m essentially the middle man who takes the energy from the universe and gives the person what they need. My mindset during the session isn’t necessarily trying to fix someone, it’s installing energy that can help their body fix themselves,” Arnett said. The low-energy, restful feel that blankets the few rooms of Body Shop & Spa is important to Arnett because of her customers. 88 | THREAD

“Feeling like you’re in a safe space is very important to me. I want people to feel like this is a safe place to let [stress] out and … come here to find relief,” Arnett said. Treatments and sessions are by appointment only and can be made by call or text to Sara Schumm at 740-517-7095 or Shannon Marie at 614-477-5991. Together, Schumm and Arnett hope to offer the people of Athens a relaxing atmosphere to find healing and relief just steps away from the buzz of Ohio University.




who, what, wear



hether walking around campus or taking a stroll Uptown, it would be difficult not to spot someone sporting a hoodie or baseball cap with the outline of Ohio on it. These simple pieces were designed by none other than fellow Ohio University students, Christopher Scott and Zach Thelen. Scott and Thelen, both seniors studying computer science and engineering technology and management respectively, are working toward becoming Ohio’s most buzz-worthy entrepreneurs and fashion designers, starting right in their own backyard — Athens, OH. Having become friends through the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, Scott and Thelen teamed up along with Scott’s brother, J.W., to create the brand Outline Ohio. It all started last year when Scott’s roommates began the company. They but didn’t have much success at first, but that didn’t discourage them. Seeing a potential opportunity, Scott decided to buy Outline Ohio and recreate it. “I knew I could assemble the perfect team to make it blow up, and that’s exactly what it’s done,” Scott said. When it came time for Scott to choose the members of his team, his decision was easy. “J.W. is our mass media guy, WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 91

anything you see visually is all J.W. He is a professional and owns his own business in Cleveland, and he created and revamped our entire website. Zach brings a creative mind to the company and is always looking to press the edge. Every time we get comfortable, he wants to amp things up and drop new merchandise and ideas, and he is a huge part of the success,” he stated. After a week of brainstorming design ideas, Scott and Thelen launched their website on September 11, 2017, with two available products, hoodies and baseball caps. However, when orders started pouring in, they realized the potential their company had. The company added more merchandise to their line by adding ten additional products. These products include: lightweight hoodies, baseball hats, and six new T-shirt designs in men’s and women’s cuts. Scott and Thelen have plans to release joggers and rain jackets in the next few weeks, as well as new hat colors. To further expand their business, they started the Brand Ambassador program, where

people have the opportunity to apply to represent the Outline Ohio brand on social media. The goal of the program is to expand past Ohio University and into other cities and university campuses in Ohio. A few key cities came to mind when thinking of brand expansion. “Cleveland, being my hometown, my brother and I are thinking of ways to expand it there. As well as Akron, where Zach is from. We can go in a lot of directions, but right now our target audience is college students, and we hope to expand it beyond just OU with the help of this program, which over 50 people applied for,” Scott said. Applications for this program can be found on their website, Although Scott and Thelen want to expand their business to other cities, they said that they don’t see themselves opening up their line in retail stores. “We don’t have any plans to expand to retail stores due to the fact that we are trying to create our own media to distribute our product. We want to give our customers a shopping experience



who, what, wear

that no other retail store could offer,” Thelen explained. However, they do have hopes to open storefronts in several locations, starting in Athens, Columbus, and Cleveland. “We’re still very young as a company, and we’re gaining valuable experience by having our shopping be exclusively online at the moment,” Thelen said. Having debuted their website only a few months ago, the

Outline Ohio team has quickly begun to turn a profit. With prices ranging from $18 (baseball caps) to $80 (rain jackets), their pieces make great holiday gifts or awesome staple pieces for the fest season ahead of many OU students this spring semester. All of their products are available for purchase at Head over to their site or Instagram page to see how you can join the #OLOH movement!









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CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 19 Make this year all about you, Capricorn. Use your responsible and disciplined personality focus on self-care, creativity, and self-expression as you pursue your mission. Despite your tendency to be unforgiving, make a point to drop grudges and make new friends. Adding like-minded people to your inner circle will help you learn more about yourself.

ARIES MAR 21 - APR 19 As soon as the clock strikes midnight this year, you see it as a clean slate. You will be ready to tune out any background noise and focus your energy on worthwhile tasks as you reach your goals. Maybe you will even clean up some of your confusing relationships with others or even rid your life of someone’s negative energy. The hustle will pay off soon if you set your sights on the bigger picture. You might even meet your soulmate. 154 | THREAD

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us. As the year winds down and we head home for some much needed relaxation and family time, the approaching new year lingers in our minds, bringing change and resolutions. What will 2018 bring you? Only time will tell.


We know patience isn’t one of your virtues, Sagittarius, but take time to rest, deal with your emotions, and peacefully transition into the new year. Stress the importance of cleaning up the excess in your life because a needless decline in energy can lead to a decline in your mental and physical health. Focus on self-promotion. Be shameless and don’t be afraid to brag about your accomplishments.

AQUARIUS JAN 20 - FEB 18 Your progressive personality and can-do attitude will have you on a mission to achieve your goals and have fun this year. Sit down and draft out your year and you’ll be inspired to look at life’s bigger purpose. Maybe that means reaching for big goals or letting go of petty problems from the past, but either way, you’ll be looking to cut excess out of your life. Focus on power moves that will help you climb the job ladder.

PISCES FEB 19 - MAR 20 Wise little, Pisces. You are more than ready for the new year and you’re excited for some change. At the beginning of the year you will be in an adventurous mood, ready for big and bold moves and eager to add items to your bucket list. Not only will you add a few items, but you will cross off a couple, too! Take the calendar change as an opportunity to focus on long-term goals and foster closeness with your loved ones this winter.

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TAURUS APR 20 - MAY 20 Some surprising news could rock your world this year, Taurus. If you’re open to change, stability will come soon enough. As you welcome the new year, redraw boundaries with old friends and welcome new friends. Even if you find yourself an emotional wreck at times, step back and enjoy your friends and family while you’re transitioning into a new chapter of your life.

GEMINI MAY 21 - JUN 20 It’s time to get productive, Gemini. Not only will you feel productive this year, but exciting new payoffs will make their way to you as well. Doesn’t a new job sound nice? Focus on health, charity, and balance in your life and all the rewards you are looking for this year will land in your lap.

LEO JUL 23 - AUG 22 Don’t worry, Leo, we know you love your down time. Luckily, this year is bringing with it some well-deserved relaxation. Take time to slow down and reconnect with loved ones, catch up on your Netflix watchlist, or dive into your reading list. Refocus your attention on self-care this year because a big change might be in store and you want to be ready for it.

CANCER JUN 21 - JUL 22 Happy soul searching, Cancer. You might be very emotional and insecure about some life changes that come your way this year, so be sure to relax and remain calm. By doing this, a few of your troubling relationships will be patched up and any health concerns you have will be put away. This year, it’s time to be authentically you and open your heart to new ideas and people.

VIRGO AUG 23 - SEPT 22 Everyone knows how hard you work, Virgo, but it’s time to revisit abandoned hobbies. Take the opportunity to travel and study new things this year. Although being practical and analytical usually helps you, step back and live in the moment this year. Push yourself to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, but were too cautious to accomplish.

SCORPIO OCT 23 - NOV 21 Use your passion and bravery to your advantage this year, Scorpio. Make shifts in your habits, drill down on real issues instead of avoiding the main problem, and don’t be afraid to bend the rules on your way to the top. Focusing on what you want instead of trying to satisfy others will be important this year as you work to fulfill your goals and build relationships with others.

The new year will be all about establishing a new, mellow LIBRA SEPT 23 - OCT 22 groove for you, Libra. Aside from a few work and money issues that might rear their nasty heads, slowing down and pursuing a new job opportunity could really help you. If you’re overly stressed about your finances, take your love for the outdoors and go hiking at Hocking Hills or experiment with your significant other by inviting them to go with you. If you’re a single Libra, now is your chance to be bold and ask someone out or make the next move with your “friend” that you never stop talking about. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 155


THE NEXT GENERATION The Class of 2021 has only recently arrived, yet they are already making an impression here at Ohio University in the form of stylish everyday street style. BY DORI GRAY PHOTOS BY MADDIE SCHROEDER

From being part of their high schools’ Class of ‘17 to becoming members of Ohio University’s Class of ’21, first years have endured a significant life adjustment over the last few months. It goes without saying that transitioning from high school to college is not the easiest thing to do, and for some, it’s helpful to bring something from home to keep them grounded. For the following firstyear students, one of their hometown tokens just so happened to be their personal fashion sense. So, without further ado, meet the Class of 2021’s style pioneers.

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Q: Are you particularly interested in fashion or is it just instinct? A: “I like fashion a lot. I like dressing up cute and feeling good. I wouldn’t say that I’m the most daring dresser, but I do love fashion.” Q: What’s one clothing brand that you’d say is your favorite, either to shop at or get inspiration from? A: “Honestly, Forever 21. It’s so affordable, and they have endless options. A good portion of my closet is from there.” Q: When you came to college did you “reinvent” yourself and your style? A: “In high school, I would never go to school without makeup on. Now that I’m in college, I don’t take as much time to get ready for class [and] wear less makeup. But, [I] still try and wear what makes me feel good.” Q: What aspects of your life do you think influence your style? A: “I get a lot of fashion inspiration from other students, honestly. Some of my peers really kill it day-to-day with their fashion.” WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 157



Q. Are you particularly interested in fashion or is it just instinct? A. “I’m not really all that into fashion, but it feels good to like the way I look. My philosophy has always been to dress comfortably, and I’m most comfortable when I dress the way I want.” Q. What’s one clothing brand that you’d say is your favorite? A. “Back home I would usually get all of my clothes from the thrift store, and whenever I [could] save up enough money [I’d] splurge on a few things from Urban Outfitters.” Q. When you came to college did you “reinvent” yourself and your style? A. “After high school I became more inspired to dress creatively. There were a lot of styles and trends that I was too scared to try in high school. In college, while I still face the same kind of judgement sometimes, there are more people here also exploring their own style and fashion. Overall, the college environment is more creatively stimulating and rewarding. For me, personally, that shows in what I wear.” Q. What aspects of your life do you think influence your style? A. “I would say that music is a relatively big influence in almost everything I do, including my fashion. More than anything, I think I’m inspired by my emotions, as cheesy as that sounds.” 158 | THREAD

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MAJOR: JOURNALISM STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION THEIR STYLE IN 3 WORDS? PREPPY, VINTAGE, CLASSIC Q: Are you particularly interested in fashion or is it just instinct? A: “I love clothes, but also it’s a natural impulse. My mom was very strict on the dress code growing up, so I played with the ‘forced collar’ look she likes, and it has just stuck.” Q: What’s one clothing brand that you’d say is your favorite, either to shop at or get inspiration from? A: “I shop a lot [at the] American Eagle clearance rack, TJMaxx, and [and] thrift stores.” Q: When you came to college did you “reinvent” yourself and your style? A: “Not really. I guess I embraced my mom’s prep look and [still] search for classic styles. I would say that I like to stand out, as long as I don’t look too flashy or modern.” Q: What aspects of your life do you think influence your style? A: “TV Shows definitely inspire my looks. I love shows that have simple fashion looks that can go with anything.”




Q: Are you particularly interested in fashion or is it just instinct? A: “I feel as though it is impulse for me at this point, because when I was younger I used to just throw on what was convenient. But, when I realized putting on a pair of comfy jeans, a nice top, and a jacket could go a long way, it started being easier to wear nicer clothes, rather than leggings or athletic shorts every day.” Q: What’s one clothing brand that you’d say is your favorite? A: “I have a whole list of shopping websites that I browse almost on the daily, but I feel like my favorite one is” Q: When you came to college did you “reinvent” yourself and your style? A: “I want to say that I wanted to ‘reinvent’ myself for college [but] then I realized I am broke. So, instead, I made sure to bring clothes that I knew I could work with...But, I know this year I wanted to go for a more mature city look rather than what I would wear in high school.” Q: What aspects of your life do you think influence your style? A: “I think my friends and my mom [impact and inspire] me because they are very into style and keeping up ‘appearances’… I always like things that are ‘out of the box.’” 162 | THREAD


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Q. Are you particularly interested in fashion or is it just instinct? A. “It’s something I’m passionate about and enjoy doing like a hobby, but it’s also an important creative outlet for me.” Q. What’s one clothing brand that you’d say is your favorite, either to shop at or get inspiration from? A. “Beauty blogger Estée Lalonde, runway shows for trends, [and] just people I see every day. My favorite store is probably Topshop.” Q. When you came to college did you “reinvent” yourself and your style? A. “I have the same style as I did in high school, but I’m constantly trying new things out, especially when seasons change.” Q. What aspects of your life do you think influence your style? A. “I think the seasons influence my fashion a lot, as well as Instagram. I follow a ton of different bloggers with different looks, and take bits and pieces.”


How Well Do You Remember This year’s been a wild ride, but how much do you actually remember? Take our quiz to test your memory. BY ANNIE HERR ILLUSTRATIONS BY ASHLEY MOREMAN


Starting off slow, do you remember what won the award for “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards? Hint: the first announcement was a mistake!

2. 3.

Which singer won the “Best Album” award at the Grammys?

What heavily debated political and social figure was granted a pardon in President Obama’s last few days in office?

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Which well-known designer came out with a statement saying he had declined to dress Melania Trump?


What high fashion brand pledged to go “fur free” in 2017?


What folk musician won a Nobel Peace Prize for literature in April?


What movie was the topgrossing film of 2017?


What politician popularized the phrase “Reclaiming my time” after an argument broke out during a House financial meeting?


What celebrity launched both a Puma collaboration and a makeup line in September?

10. What song was the most streamed in the world in 2017?




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Winter is the time of year when skin gets a little dryer, hair gets a little duller, and everyone could use some TLC to help them stay on track and feeling good. It’s easy to neglect self-care and health during the colder months, but according to brands like Nature Made, a famous vitamin and supplement company that promotes healthy living, it’s a good idea to put these supplements on your radar this holiday season to keep you healthy and happy.


This vitamin is a great alternative to Advil or Tylenol because it is meant to help with headaches and migraines. Additionally, magnesium is intended to improve intestinal health. Taking too much of this vitamin can potentially cause cramps and tiredness, but when used correctly, magnesium can really improve a person’s overall pep, especially during dreary winter months.

As one of the eight vitamins in the Vitamin B-Complex, Biotin can help enhance and strengthen the body’s features. Biotin mainly increases hair growth, promotes clear skin, and helps nails become stronger and thicker. This supplement doesn’t just help the body’s exterior health and well-being, but also the body’s interior by promoting healthy nerves, improving liver health and eyesight, and keeping the mouth healthy and the gums strong. If your winter diet isn’t doing your skin any favors, taking some Biotin could help clear it up.



This supplement provides all of the benefits from all eight of the B vitamins. This complex really helps the body boost energy levels and form healthy red blood cells. In addition, Vitamin B can significantly reduce stress levels and anxiety, which is especially important with finals coming up. Vitamin B breaks down unwanted fat, which will make you feel less guilty when it comes to eating those holiday treats.

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Some good ol’ Vitamin C is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Vitamin C is a great tool when trying to build the body’s immunity level and overall health. It is vital when it comes to collagen formation and healing the body’s wounds, cuts, bones, and cartilage. As cold season approaches, Vitamin C will become your best weapon to fight the bug. Citrus fruits such as oranges, pears, and peaches are also great sources of Vitamin C.


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This supplement is meant to provide antioxidant protection and does so because it has all four tocopherols (helpful, fat-soluble alcohols). Like the Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin E also improves the immune system, heart health, and liver health. Vitamin E doesn’t typically have extreme side effects unless excessive amounts are taken in a short period of time, so it is a safe and beneficial supplement to take. Vitamin E is also known for erasing acne and clearing up problematic skin, which many people suffer from due to unbalanced holiday diets and frigid temperatures.

Although it may sound odd, fish oil is one of the most helpful things one can ingest. Fish oil provides the body with many external benefits, including thicker hair and glowing skin. However, fish oil provides the body with even more internal benefits, including improving heart health, joint pain, and reducing the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s. It can improve one’s focus, too, especially for those who have ADHD and ADD.



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BACK OF THE CLOSET An in-depth look at today’s most buzz-worthy topics.






“Expensive.” “Rich.” “Unnecessary.” “Quality.” These are just a few words that come to mind when millennials define luxury. “When I think of the word luxury, I think of a product that is very expensive and high quality,” Cali Cioppa, a firstyear student studying retail fashion merchandising at Ohio University, explained. Cioppa also said that millennials view luxury predominantly as a symbol of social status. “People view luxury as a way for people who are wealthier to express that they have money and can afford such items. It’s such a big deal now, but back in the day luxury was just a given if you had money to wear luxury items,” Cioppa said. Despite the expensive price tag, millennials value luxury over fast fashion. Rather than buying a product for quality or longevity, millennials are influenced by luxury’s prominence in pop culture and American society. In a sample survey of 14 Ohio University students, 79 percent considered branding the strongest reason to buy luxury. It is no surprise that brands thrive from celebrity endorsements. Thanks to social media, millennials are connected to celebrities and people beyond their own socioeconomic status. The Kardashians, Hadids, and Rihanna have become leading influencers in fashion due to their various outfit posts on 176 | THREAD

Instagram. Followers see their luxury goods, and they want to emulate their looks by purchasing the exact products in their photos. Such a practice makes people feel not only closer to celebrities, but more elite. The resurrection of Balmain is a perfect example of how celebrities use social media to endorse brands. Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing noticed Rihanna’s pop culture relavance, and he created a whole line inspired by her style. The pieces varied from baseball jackets and sheer tops, to mini dresses cinched at the waist, all signature styles of the singer and fashion icon. Rousteing even admitted to Vogue, “I love my brand! I love my clothes! And I want them everywhere! And Rihanna is everywhere!” In 2014, Rihanna announced on her Instagram that she would be the new face of Balmain. Designed by her own stylist, Mel Ottenberg, the ads featured Rihanna donning houndstooth, leather, and plenty of gold accessories. Prior to Rihanna’s endorsement, Balmain was virtually obsolete. Today, however, Balmain’s Instagram boasts 7.5 million followers, with Rousteing himself compiling his own army of 4.6 million followers. Most importantly, the Los Angeles Times reported the brand grew an average of 25 percent in sales between 2013 and 2015. Thus, proving social


media prevalence and celebrity interest are some of the keys to capturing millennials’ attention. In addition to social media, music, particularly hip-hop, has provided an outstanding outlet for luxury brand recognition. In 2013, Migos, with the help of Drake, released “Versace,” one of the top hip-hop tracks of the summer. As a result, Versace became the topic of conversation for teens all over the country. Since stars like Drake and Migos were clearly loyal to the brand, fans wanted to be too. Versace, on the brink of bankruptcy in 2009, was perhaps unintentionally saved by the Migos song. According to Forbes, after the song’s release, Versace experienced record growing sales, with a 20 percent increase in revenue of global sales. In the United States, where the track

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was most popular, revenues doubled to $304.2 million. Older generations often accuse millennials as being stubborn, misinformed, and easy to take advantage of. Although this is entirely opinion, it may be true in the fashion world. Flashback to over 75 years ago: Coco Chanel was revolutionizing the world of women’s fashion with her classic tweed suits. Christian Dior was creating elaborate ball gowns show after show, hand stitched with sequins and pearls. Jump back to the 21st Century. Karl Lagerfeld is designing a purely canvas backpack that is currently selling for anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000. Dior is known for its men’s graphic sweaters, retailing from

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$500 to $1,400. Why? To appease a generation which craves status over genuine quality. Take Gucci, for example. Seventy-one percent of those surveyed said they consider Gucci a luxury brand, even though many fast fashion brands sell almost identical products. Recently, the Italian house debuted a white T-shirt displaying both its name and logo, with green and red stripes across the front. At $590, the 100 percent cotton T-shirt certainly comes at a hefty price. In response to Gucci’s re-emergence in popularity, Topshop created a nearly identical T-shirt. But instead of “Gucci” written across the front, the shirt displays “Milan” accompanied by a tiger emblem. Yet, the Topshop design costs $39, seven percent of what the luxury alternative retails for.

Despite the astounding jump in price, Ohio University students still prefer the luxury item over fast fashion. “You can’t wear fake stuff,” Tyler Johnson, a first-year journalism student, said. “People buy the alternatives because they want to keep up with the culture and celebrities. But I believe if you can’t afford the real item, then you shouldn’t have it at all.” Annie Kautz, a first-year student studying photography, would also pay the higher price, even though there are plenty of other items that are similar. “I prefer brand names over knock-offs just for the sake of aesthetic,” Kautz said. “It’s also assumed that the quality is better, so you definitely get what you pay for, which is what a luxury product should be.” What millennials fail to realize is that these items are often created out of the exact same fabrics. Gucci’s $590 T-shirt is made of 100 percent cotton. Not so surprisingly, Topshop’s T-shirt is also made from 100 percent cotton. Gucci is not the only brand who has adopted the practice of selling lower quality for higher prices, a formula which seems to fool millennials. According to Purse Blog writer, Amanda Mull, “Customers at the highest end of the market, those who shop the most frequently and spend the most money, perceive Vuitton to be a brand that caters WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 179

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to a less sophisticated segment— millennials—of the market.” At the peak of Louis Vuitton’s success, products were praised for their stability and use of genuine leather. Today, such Louis Vuitton products are hard to come by. The Neverfull bag, a favorite amongst millennials, is made with canvas, and only the trim uses genuine cowhide leather. Although the products have clearly changed, Louis Vuitton has failed to alter their original mission statement declared in the 1900s. “At LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE), we never compromise on quality. Because we embody the world of craftsmanship in its most noble and accomplished form, we pay meticulous attention to detail and to perfection,” an LVMH representative wrote. “From products to service, we cultivate our difference through this constant quest for excellence.” Louis Vuitton prides itself in excellent products, yet loyal customers have taken to the Internet on numerous occasions to voice their disappointment in the declining quality of the brand. On Customer Affairs, a website dedicated to compiling customer reviews, Rosi of Illinois wrote, “I took my bag in for repair and considered investing in a new bag. The sales associate advised that it was in great shape and worth repairing.” However, when she received the repaired bag, it

was certainly not fixed. “He failed to tell me the leathers would not match,” explained Rosi. “I contacted the complaint department, and the managers did nothing to resolve my issue,” continued Rosi. “I was offered a bottle of champagne when I picked up the bag, as if the champagne would make it better and fix my bag.” Appeasing their customers with expensive champagnes is also something LVMH seems to view as excellent customer service. Mary of Wisconsin explained, “I used my handbag a couple of times and could see where the metal parts attached to the leather tabs were wearing away.” For an expensive, luxury brand, the metal should withstand this normal wear-and-tear. “I used it this weekend and finally the handle wore through, and I was holding the handle by one strap as the other one had ripped completely off,” continued Mary. Despite horrible reviews that clearly prove a decline in quality, millennials are still inclined to purchase Louis Vuitton items. In fact, LVMH recorded a revenue of 9.9 billion euros for the first quarter of 2017, an increase of 15 percent from last year. Although millennials define luxury in a completely different way than generations before, their infatuation with celebrities and status has sparked success for luxury brands all over the world. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 181

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ith the rise of vegan and vegetarian diets, there’s no surprise that cruelty-free beauty and clothing products are becoming more common. Maintaining a vegan diet can be expensive, especially living in rural Ohio where there aren’t many vegan restaurants or stores. Meaning, vgans may have to make a lot of their food, but cruelty-free makeup doesn’t have to be one of those products that are homemade. Many drugstore brands, like Pixi Beauty, NYX, and E.L.F. are cruelty free and affordable. There are also many high-end brands that are cruelty-free and/or vegan like Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Kat Von D Beauty. Nars used to be cruelty-free, but they have recently started selling products in China where they legally have


to test their products on animals. There is one easy way to identify cruelty-free products that doesn’t require an extensive amount of research. Every product that is crueltyfree either has the Leaping Bunny logo, which is a small drawing of a rabbit leaping, or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), logo which is also a drawing of a rabbit with “cruelty-free” written below it. You can find the stamp on items like makeup or toothpaste. Going cruelty-free can seem like a big decision; it takes time, money, and a conscious effort when buying products. It can also be a personal or ethical decision that can change values and beliefs. Some people choose to go cruelty-free for religious or


spiritual purposes, some because it seems like a healthier lifestyle, and others because they believe it’s unjust to run lab tests on animals for beauty and health products. For example, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats are commonly used to test makeup, dogs and cats are tested on for medical research, and primates (i.e. monkeys, baboons, and chimpanzees) are tested for a multitude of reasons. Veganism and cruelty-free consumerism go hand-in-hand, and becoming a vegan can be just as intimidating as switching to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Conscious 184 | THREAD

Ohio is an Ohio University organization dedicated to helping students and community members learn how to cook vegan meals with local ingredients during their weekly Athens Vegan Cooking Workshops. The organization is run by Allison Valeda-Maiden, a senior studying communication studies with an emphasis on child and family studies and sociology at Ohio University. The workshops take place on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at United Campus Ministries. For any questions, contact Conscious Ohio on Facebook or Instagram (@ ConsciousOhio).

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According to Dylan Henthorne, vice president of Conscious Ohio, veganism is not a fad or diet, but a way of life. There is more to it than not eating animal products. He believes that “it’s important to support companies and practices that are cruelty free to not only animals, but to their workers and the environment as a whole.” Being vegan, to him, is about reducing animal suffering, which includes purchasing fashion and beauty products that are crueltyfree. Many beauty products, like face washes and shampoos, contain gelatins or carmine

(ground-up beetle carcasses), but there are brands that don’t. Yes To, Alba Botanica, Ecotools, and Desert Excellence are all crueltyfree and/or vegan and can be found at any drugstore. Most of these brands also offer products to help fight acne. Henthorne says that switching to a vegan diet has many health benefits because you’re forced to eat more fruits and vegetables, but vitamin B12 supplements will be needed because it can’t be found naturally in plants. Vegans also have a lower risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and poor blood sugar. It is best to ease into a vegan diet, or else you are likely to revert to your old diet. Many vegan recipes can be found online and eating vegan at restaurants is possible by swapping meat with beans and butter with olive oil. Buying cruelty-free clothing is also an important aspect of veganism. This means avoiding leather goods because they’re made from cow hide. Wallets, purses, and belts are commonly made from leather, but there are synthetic leathers, often made from mushrooms, for those who like the look of leather. Henthorne says he tries to wear cruelty-free clothing and he always checks the tags so he can avoid buying something that is made of wool, down, silk, or fur. He still owns a few leather watches WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 185

from before he became vegan. Not everything he has is vegan or cruelty-free, but he believes that being vegan is “not about being perfect, it’s about doing what you can,” which is important when making a practical and gradual lifestyle change. Henthorne says that when he sees the word “vegan” he sees “awareness, dedication, and compassion.” Finding vegan and crueltyfree clothing can be easy, most brands make their clothes from 186 | THREAD

cotton, linen, polyester, and nylon, and the use of hemp and flax fiber is on the rise. Henthorne suggests shopping at vegan companies like Unicorn Goods, The Herbivore Clothing Company, and The Vegan Store. Stores like H&M, Lulus, and Patagonia also offer vegan options. Many new skincare and makeup brands are changing the game by offering versatile and high-end products that


are also cruelty-free. Glossier is one brand that strives to make high-quality products that are cruelty-free. Glossier is geared toward millennials with their minimalistic packaging and easy to use products that are “inspired by real life.” They believe that skincare is more important than makeup and offer two face masks, three serums, one chemical sunscreen (which means it’s a clear formula that won’t leave a white-cast, which is great for people of color), and

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a multitude of lip balms. Their makeup is also geared toward skincare by offering sheer, light coverage concealers, skin tints, and powders. When looking for beauty products that aren’t makeup, The Body Shop offers an array of cruelty-free products like lotions and body washes. Every product Tarte sells is cruelty-free and some are also vegan. From their Amazonian clay eyeshadow palettes and foundations, to lip tints and powders, they provide

vegans with a multitude of choices. For those looking to switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle not knowing where to start, there is a helpful blog called Crueltyfreekitty that offers a list of cruelty-free makeup brands, facts about animal testing, tips for making the switch, and shopping guides for stores like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. There’s also multiple blogs and Buzzfeed posts dedicated to vegan and crueltyfree lifestyles, all it takes is a simple Google search.

Choosing to live a cruelty-free lifestyle is a big decision that doesn’t come easy. While it may be difficult or slightly expensive finding beauty products or clothing, the effort does pay off because it diminishes the amount of animal suffering and leads to a healthier life. Take it step-by-step, and ease into switching products so it’s easier on you and your wallet. Just remember to look for the Leaping Bunny or PETA stamp of approval on toiletries and avoid wool, silk, down, and fur clothing.


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“More skin, less makeup.” It’s a statement you would not expect to see on an advertisement for a beauty product. However, Glossier is no normal makeup brand. It focuses on that “nomakeup” makeup look that’s taken the cosmetics world by storm and has everybody talking. Glossier started as a beauty blog titled “Into the Gloss,” where CEO Emily Weiss used her connections to get exclusive celebrity interviews about their “top shelf” beauty products. From this blog, Weiss created Glossier, the makeup brand that creates the products millennials have been waiting for. Glossier’s employees, “The gTeam,” believe that “skincare is essential,” and they emphasize that moisturized skin will result in better makeup application. Glossier’s skincare line includes serums, moisturizers, masks, mists, lip salves, and their famous Milky Jelly Cleanser, which all claim to hydrate skin. In their makeup line, glowing, dewy skin is the main goal. The Perfecting Skin Tint includes glycerin to moisturize skin while providing a slight blurring and smoothing effect. Haloscope is a cream highlighter that includes a “solid oil core of vitamin-rich moisturizers,” while the outer ring has real crystals to give a

natural, glowing look. Even the concealer claims to give a skinlike appearance with waxes that don’t settle and cake on skin. While Glossier is a pioneer of the skincare and makeup combination, they are not the only option on the market. As brands like Glossier continue to increase their line, other brands continue to add similar products. E.L.F. Cosmetics has a similar line in their offering of products that focus on skincare, for a cheaper price. On E.L.F.’s website, you can find several products in their Beauty Shield line that feature skincare, as well as makeup WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 191

infused with skincare. The Antioxidant Armored Finishing Powder has vitamins and antioxidants to “protect your skin against everyday environmental aggressors.” In the Beautifully Bare line, a foundation serum with SPF 25 claims to increase hydration and smooth the skin with several vitamins, oils, and Goji Berry. E.L.F. products also can be found in stores like Target, CVS, and Walmart, while Glossier is only available online and in-store in large cities. These brands, as well as 192 | THREAD

others, are beginning to include more products that focus on hydrated, dewy skin, as well as including vitamins and other skincare ingredients in products. So, what is the driving force for these new creations? Weiss says that her inspiration for creating her brand is her belief that “there has not been a brand that has come to define my generation.” She wants her customers to feel like they can be themselves every day and describes this as a “reclamation of beauty and their bodies.”

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While other brands like E.L.F. have not stated a clear reason as to why they are including more skincare-based products, the trend is significant for younger and older makeup wearers who may not be conscious about the need for a skincare routine. Removing makeup properly prevents acne. A daily moisturizer will keep skin plump and hydrated, and it will prevent premature aging. Possibly the most important skincare ingredient is SPF. SPF can be found in many moisturizers, foundations, serums, and even powders. According to Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, founder and director of Capital Laser & Skin Care and assistant clinical professor of the department of dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center, UVA and UVB rays from the sun cause premature aging of skin because the rays break down elastin. These rays also cause dark spots, freckles, and even skin cancer. The effect is irreversible, and it builds up over time. Daily use of SPF can prevent and reduce harmful effects and maybe even prevent cancer. Mishalaina Coles, a makeup artist and student at Ohio University, says that having skincare ingredients included in your makeup routine can only further benefit your skin. “Some makeup products dry

my skin out,” Coles said. She recommends investing in good base products that incorporate skincare in order to leave the face fresh and ready for makeup. These new brands and products are revolutionizing the beauty world, especially for fans of dewy, more natural makeup. There’s practically no way to go wrong when using makeup products that are good for the skin. After all, skin is the largest organ in the human body, so taking care of it should be a priority.


It’s a Woman’s World In a society that obsesses over male dominance, many women are taking control of the conversation.



There are a couple of things known to be true in American society. One of those truths is that in the world of business is a “boy’s club.” It’s tough to separate women’s success from that of their male counterparts because women are outnumbered and, unfortunately, taken less seriously. But, as more women venture into the business world, it is becoming obvious that women are refusing to take the back burner while men claim their seats at the table.

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“Girl boss” is a term that’s been coined to describe a woman in charge. Critics of the term say we shouldn’t need another for female empowerment, it should simply be known that women deserve recognition. But, for many, it is a term that solidifies the necessity to ensure that women are given the recognition of success that they deserve. Figures like Sophia Amoruso and Chelsea Handler are just a couple of bosses who are spreading the word of female empowerment in the workplace. Many more, like Anna Wintour and Rihanna, also make the list of females who assert themselves in the business world. Amoruso, the creator of Nasty Gal and author of “#GirlBoss,” has been featured in countless articles and interviews, all asking for the secret to her success. Through trial and error, Amoruso built 196 | THREAD

a million-dollar company from the ground up, and something she never let get in the way was her gender. Her book perfectly outlines how she was able to turn lemons into lemonade and made sure that along her journey no male would steer her astray, including her father. “You’ve got to show up and own it,” Amoruso said. “If this is a man’s world, who cares? I’m still really glad to be a girl in it.” Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, has displayed what it means to be a boss— for nearly 30 years—at a major publication. Whether was taking chances or making waves, Wintour was, and continues to be, a force to be reckoned with. Rihanna, creator of Fenty Beauty, has recently created her own company. Something worth noticing is her commitment to

back of the closet


including women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Utilizing the differences that these women have in order to change society’s general perception of women is beneficial for all parties involved. It is an incredible to see so many women take control of their image by showing the world they have what it takes to succeed without having to apologize for it. Now, it’s a matter of making sure society gives women, and all people, the respect they deserve. Chelsea Handler cancelled her Netflix show in order become a full-time advocate for women’s rights issues and other political matters. Handler has creatively combined societal issues and comedy to develop an entertaining talk show that gets down to what is important: female empowerment. Society needs more people to

voice their support on large, public platforms, as these women have, in order to change how women are represented and respected in American culture. Shedding past notions of gender and bias in order to enter an age where women are treated equally, paid equally, and respected equally are all essential to achieving true equality in the workplace and society. Companies run by women are such positive examples of the success and ingenuity that comes when women are placed in positions of authority. Typically, women are the first to hire more women, and in turn, it opens the doors to success for many. By providing more work opportunities for women at the right hands of other women, a culture of camaraderie, rather than competition, is created and cultivated. It is important to shamelessly support and lift up not only women who reach high-ranking roles, but to lift up those working to inspire those around them. Too often the womanmade success that many work hard to earn is swept under the rug and is eclipsed by male successes. With the changing political and cultural climate that envelops the world we live in, it’s important, now more than ever, to take a stand. As Amoruso so eloquently puts it, “I, like every #GIRLBOSS, am a wolf in wolf’s clothing.” WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 197



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Despite fashion’s obsession with youthfulness, some brands are finally choosing to cater to a more mature demographic. BY KATIE PITTMAN PHOTOS BY PROVIDED



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n an industry obsessed with remaining youthful, age is more than just a number. Young twenty-somethings strut down runways, beauty companies advertise creams and serums to prevent aging, and young celebrities serve as the representatives of brands, their faces plastered on billboards and bus stops. No matter where one turns, it’s practically unavoidable: beauty and fashion are often equated with youth. Older shoppers (i.e. anyone over the age of 30, according to the fashion industry) are overlooked and devalued. The industry assumes that after a certain age, shoppers are no longer interested in style. Elastic waistbands and frumpy silhouettes dominate stores aimed toward an older demographic. Style isn’t something that disappears after one turns 30, but the fashion industry seems to ignore this fact. However, some companies are choosing to stray away from the “eternal youth” image. Companies





like Zara are featuring models over 40 in their latest “Timeless” campaign. The three models featured, Malgosia Bela, Kristina de Coninck, and Yasmine Warsame, have walked the runway for Martin Margiela and Christian Dior. In the Zara campaign, each woman shares her personal story about how age has influenced her style. Designer Rachel Comey not only chose to feature older models in her campaigns and advertisements, but she also featured multiple models over 40 in her Spring 2016 runway show. Comey, who prides herself on urging women to dress differently from what they are expected to wear based on age, body type, or otherwise, often strays from casting traditional model-types. To Comey, the purpose of clothing is self-expression and nothing else. Although the designer does create pieces made for formal occasions, she normally sticks to blouson tops and thick knits—comfortable and realistic pieces that women of any age could wear. Models with gray hair proudly strutted down the runway, asserting that style truly doesn’t disappear with age. And since style doesn’t magically go away once one reaches a certain age, why is it so rare to see any models over the age of 40 featured in runway shows, advertisements, and brand campaigns? Companies are using models half the age of their consumers to sell their products and an unrealistic 202 | THREAD

expectation of what aging gracefully is supposed to look like. But, there are others choosing to fight the stereotype that style disappears with age. Iris Apfel, 96, is an American business woman and fashion icon. Known for her chunky jewelry and brightly colored outfits, Apfel routinely shares what it means to her to be old and stylish. “There’s no how-to road map to style, it’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude,” Apfel said. If anything, supermodels like Naomi Campbell have only proved that style gets better with age. Campbell, 47, is always rocking a glamorous look, even while offduty. Whether draped in fur or sporting a sheer dress, she exudes confidence on and off the street. Campbell, along with fellow ’90s supermodels Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni, and Helena Christensen, strutted down the Versace runway in an epic reunion during Milan fashion week. Draped in gold gowns, the five walked down the runway hand-inhand, creating an unforgettable finale to the show. Although the fashion and beauty industries are making some strides in diversity, they still seem to ignore the fact that people over a certain age still have style. Confidence and personal style do not fade with time, and hopefully the industry will continue to bring attention to the fact that aging gracefully is more than just wrinkle prevention and dressing modestly.




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irlfriend Collective is an activewear company dedicated to creating eco-friendly pieces and providing the best quality materials for their customers. Every aspect of production from the collection of raw materials to facilities, employees, and partners is carefully selected in order to ensure consumers with both ecologically and cost-friendly apparel. Husband and wife duo, Quang and Ellie Dinh, were astonished when they realized the lack of companies that used sustainable materials for their products. They took it upon themselves to create a brand that not only met their environmental values, but cared for all the people in involved in creating the product. Consumers were first introduced to Girlfriend Collective by ads on various social media platforms offering free leggings to those who redeemed the promotional code and shared the ad on their Facebook page. The leggings were free, but customers were asked to pay $20 for shipping. The ad generated attention for the company, and it created anticipation for the launch of the full collection in June 2017. When the idea of Girlfriend Collective came to fruition in April 2016, the main goal was to produce clothes for people concerned not only with the look of their clothes, but also where they come from and their

composition. What stands out about Girlfriend Collective is their use of recycled polyester. To produce the material used for their eco-friendly products, they turn to Taiwan, where they source all their post-consumer water bottles. These serve as the main component of each pair of their leggings. Taiwan has historically been referred to as “Garbage Island.� Once the government saw the intensity of the problem, the nation of Taiwan transformed and is now a world leader in recycling, with 55 percent of waste being recycled. Recycling has become a large part of Taiwanese culture. Each night, citizens gather to sort waste and have started programs to promote recycling and recycling awareness. Girlfriend Collective took a closer look at the Tzi Chi Foundation, which sets up micro-recycling centers in rural areas of Taipei. Once all the waste is separated, the water bottles are sorted into categories of plastic, with numbers one through four. Girlfriend Collective uses Polyethylene Terephthalate (number one plastic) in all their leggings. All the bottles are chipped at the processing center, which is owned by a local Taiwanese family who has been involved in the recycling industry for years. The Taiwanese government has certified the center and embeds their trust WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 205

in it as well. It is important to be certified in the recycling industry, so companies do not “recycle� brand new bottles, pass their products off as recyclable, and sell them at higher prices. Once sorted through, the Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) chips are sent to the spinning mill to be washed and dried and then eventually melted. Once heat is applied, the pieces transform into thick strands and then are turned back into even tinier pellets. The new pellets are heated once again, becoming extremely fine threads that are spun together like yarn. At this point in the creation process, the material is sent to the knitting factory. The knitting process is a 206 | THREAD

lengthy one. Girlfriend Collective’s product material is stronger and softer than the average legging or sports bra. This step of the process takes lots of dedication, time, and preciseness. In 24 hours, 100 pairs worth of fabric are produced. This ensures that consumers are receiving the best quality possible. After knitting comes dyeing. Dyeing fabrics can be extremely harmful to the environment. Many companies choose to use the non-environmentally safe route, dumping their wastewater in streams and rivers. By dumping contaminated water into freely flowing bodies of water, people, the environment, and crops are harmed. Girlfriend Collective


dumps their waste, which is dye mud, by dropping it off at a pavement facility. From there, paving stones are produced, and sidewalks are improved. Every single step in Girlfriend Collective’s lengthy creation process is monitored for eco-friendliness. Aside from taking care of the environment, Girlfriend Collective values their employees. The factory where all the cutting and sewing is done is owned by a Danish family that has been in the textile industry since 1931. Here, the factory is more dedicated to the people within them, rather than the profit the products bring. In 2005, Girlfriend Collective’s Danish partners opened up their

factory in Vietnam. Along with many values that were brought to the new factory, one of the most important is the fact that they pay their employees fair wages. Pay starts 125 percent above the local minimum wage, and employees are given free lunch and dinner, along with guided exercise breaks throughout the day. Health insurance is also provided, in addition to free health checkups every six months. Each factory is SA8000 certified, which guarantees many important workplace laws, including the right to unionize, child labor laws, safe working conditions, et cetera. Girlfriend Collective’s style is minimal, yet luxurious. The leggings WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 207


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come in two styles, mid-rise and high-rise, along with the option of 3/4 length and full-length pants. The color palette ranges from a variety of neutral tones to deep blues, bright apricot, pink, and of course, black. Girlfriend Collective offers styles for all body types and features diverse models on the website. The simplicity of the design and variety of colors makes styling quite easy. Girlfriend Collective pieces can easily be integrated into any outfit, for any kind of style, to provide an effortless, minimalistic look. Aside from promoting environmental awareness, Girlfriend Collective supports many other organizations and causes. During the month of October, all of the proceeds from the Dusty Rose leggings and Paloma bra went to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Along with making charitable donations, Girlfriend Collective also featured a new woman each week, telling her story of her experiences with breast cancer. Girlfriend Collective not only provides customers with ecofriendly and quality materials in their products, but encourages women to take care of themselves and empowers them to feel good in what they wear. Showing their employees as much love as their products proves that Girlfriend Collective is a reliable and innovative manufacturer. When it comes to the look of each piece, simple designs and defined colors are not only cost efficient, but can easily be integrated into any closet and are appealing to all.

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RANT BY HANNAH PRIDEMORE As the weather gets colder, layering is a must. It makes it easy to achieve an effortless look while keeping warm. One thing to avoid when layering, though, are heels and socks. While the trend has become popular with stars like Rihanna, who has sported the look multiple times, it really shouldn’t be a go-to for anyone other than her. First of all, it’s not classy in any way, shape, or form. No matter how fancy the socks are, it looks tacky. They can turn a nice pair of heels into a drab, almost sloppy look. It’s like you were in a rush to get ready and grabbed the first pair of shoes you saw, which is almost never a good thing to do. Trying to add accessories can make it super stressful when it comes to choosing an outfit, and socks are no exception. You have

212 | THREAD

back of the closet

to find a pair that not only go with the heels, but with the actual outfit, too. It would be ridiculous to wear white tube socks with a sleek and elegant look. They can really make or break an outfit, and choosing the perfect outfit is already stressful enough on its own. Certain heels also require different sock styles, too. For example, you can’t wear low-cut socks with heels that go higher than your ankles because the socks wouldn’t be seen and toe socks aren’t even an option. Socks and heels are really not worth the effort. Unless you’re Rihanna it will be hard to rock this look. It’s one of those trends that only celebrities can pull off. All of their clothes are tailored to fit them anyway, so the average person can never actually achieve their looks. Socks with cute cats or funny phrases printed across them go great with Vans, Keds, or even Birkenstocks, but they will ruin a pair of heels. If it’s cold, wear a cute pair of booties, not heels.

RAVE BY DORI GRAY Listen up kids: socks and heels are a LOOK. It’s a cozy-chic game changer that will especially come in handy now that global warming has decided to finally give Ohio a break and let us have real winter weather. Heels shouldn’t go into hibernation when the seasonal snowfall begins. Also, your feet shouldn’t have to risk

ashy-ness and/or amateur frostbite when you’re feeling a little too sassy for sneakers. I can understand why one would initially shake their head at such a concept. I mean, socks were made for gym shoes and boots, right? I should be able to show off my pedicure in these (admittedly overpriced) Jimmy Choos, right? Wrong. Since when do socks come with a rulebook? Be honest, what college student has the time and money to get a pedi? Save your coins, sis. Moisturize your feet and slip on a pair of cozy feet warmers: socks. “Wouldn’t wearing socks clash with my look and cramp my style?” The answer to that question is no, not at all. In fact, adding socks to your high-heeled outfit could enhance your style. To conclude my Rave, I’ll leave you with this: if Rihanna’s doing it, why aren’t you? Come on over to the bright side, young grasshopper. Rock those platform sandals year-round with a pair of warm socks. There are endless amounts of sock designs in the universe, and a wide variety heel heights, shapes, and sizes. Think of all of the colors and embellishments. Think of the combos you could create by mixing the two fashion staples together. The world is truly your oyster.


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