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hauteonline THUG KITCHEN Let’s face it. Most college students don’t eat well. Not every student can cook organic and nutritious meals in their dorm rooms or cramped kitchenettes. Thug Kitchen, a food blog, is fed up with the processed junk people consider food, and has created a recipe book and website where healthy eaters can gather and share.


The creators of Thug Kitchen, Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, started the mostly vegan recipe blog after hearing some complaints from people about their health issues, while not trying to eat right. Thug Kitchen is dedicated to making healthy eating easier and not an expensive and complicated process. It proves that people don’t need to have money to eat healthy.


The website incorporates cuss words for humor’s sake. Who doesn’t like the expressions "hell yeah" and "f*ck that" while trying to cook a "bomb-ass meal?" The website includes an expansive archive of recipes. The variety of meals is made easier by directions written as if they were spewed during a rap battle. Thug Kitchen is for those who "give a f*ck" about food.



MEN IN THIS TOWN Giuseppe Santamaria, a photographer from Toronto, currently resides in Sydney where he has created a "journal" chronicling different men’s street style. Santamaria uses candid shots of men walking around the city that encompass their individual attire and distinct edge.


As a photographer, he’s attracted to men with a flashy and prominent fashion sense. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, GQ.com, GQ Australia, Esquire UK, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Mr. Porter, and ABC Radio. In 2014, Men In This Town was published into a coffee table book.


Santamaria’s photography is natural and spontaneous, allowing one to appreciate the art of street style and the vibe of an urban setting. Whether its clean-cut suits with converse or long, ragged hair and skateboards, fashion from all points of the spectrum are represented. Prepare to be inspired by men from New York to Tokyo while getting a glimpse of the heart of each city and the men walking through them.



LOVEBROWNSUGAR LoveBrownSugar is the personal style blog of Christina Brown, a New York native. It not only covers fashion and beauty, but it does so while embracing women of color who have curvier figures. In a world that constantly brings girls down for their differences or "imperfections," this blog is a breath of fresh air and self-empowerment.


With a passion for the ins and outs of the fashion industry, Brown provides useful tips, ideas, and how-to’s through her own relatable perspective. She showcases what is trending each season and helps her readers comfortably style and afford those trends by offering outfit inspiration and including links to similar items.


Brown’s blog stands out among others by continuing the conversation outside of style and into her life. Through posts about her personal travels and inspirational advice for her followers, Brown shines the light on her own life. A unique highlight on LoveBrownSugar is "Monday Motivation" where she presents a thought provoking quote along with a firsthand experience to offer a sense of intimacy with her readers.


STREET ETIQUETTE Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are average urban New Yorkers, except for one extraordinary difference: they are the writers and editors of Street Etiquette— an engaging online blog for men. Street Etiquette has been internationally recognized by publications like The New York Times and The Guardian for its content and direction.


Not just showcasing "typical New York" fashion, the blog introduces the men (and women) behind the clothing and the music of the fast-paced lifestyle. It gives a real, behind the scenes, look at the aspects of urban life and promotes up-and-coming artists.


Kissi and Gumbs journey all over the world including Africa, Thailand, and Brazil. Their posts include vivid descriptions of each place, so it feels like the reader has been transported to the exotic destination with them.


This section is devoted to the inspiration behind the posts. Videos are included for many sections, offering a fun perspective. It’s updated daily and includes unique pictures and give depth to "the men behind the scenes."



5 1989

1989 is finally here, and I don’t mean the dreadful comeback of excessively teased hair and shoulder pads. Taylor Swift’s brand new album, 1989 has finally been released. Whether you’re a diehard T Swift fan or just like a few songs, this album will rock your world. Talk about creating a completely new, mature sound, Taylor Swift has written songs that will resonate with anyone in their college years. From shutting down the haters with "Shake it Off" to getting over a rough breakup with "I Wish You Would," 1989 is a masterful compilation of the ups and downs of life in your 20s. From being deemed a country-pop singer, to officially proclaiming 1989 as a pop album, Taylor has grown with her fans over the years through her music. So whether you decide to invest in the entire album, or just a few of your favorite songs, 1989 will most definitely strike a chord with your life as it did mine.



As the temperature drops, my need for warmth while remaining chic increases. I'm always looking for new ways to remain both comfy and chic, and this year over-the-knee socks are my go-to. Stockings are versatile, easily dressed down for cold walks to class or dressed up to go out when one is willing to brave chilly temperatures. I love wearing mine with a comfy sweater, a skirt, and floral Doc Martens. Over-the-knee socks are the perfect staple to keep one's winter wardrobe simple, warm, and stylish.




Equal parts fashionable and functional, the Chelsea boot is the quintessential shoe of the moment. Prepare to stand apart as the classier counterpart to your combat boot-wearing friends. The leather, ankle-high boots feature a signature elasticized side panel—a simple detail that makes a distinct statement for this colder season. Popularized in the 1960s because of its ties to the Beatles, the style has made a comeback in the street-style scene. As timeless as the band that brought them to the forefront of fashion, you’ll want to get a piece of this boot mania.



The 1946 black and white film, "It’s a Wonderful Life" was produced and directed by Frank Capra and still runs every Christmas Eve—a time-honored tradition in my home. Not only is the movie beautiful and inspirational, it also features marvelous vintage clothing worn by the dapper actor, Jimmy Stewart and gorgeous Donna Reed. You’ll fall in love with Stewart’s character, George Bailey, as he struggles through trials and tribulations to find the true meaning of life. "It’s a Wonderful Life" is the epitome of a classic holiday film that I will continue to cherish.




"Dear White People," which premiered in theaters in October 2014, is a satirical film that everyone should see, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or political views. Set on an Ivy League campus, "Dear White People" tells the story of activist Sam White, played by Tessa Thompson. The film revolves around her controversial campus radio show appropriately titled, "Dear White People," where she divests from the societal norms and discusses the constantly-occurring issues in our world today. This film strives to breakdown stereotypes of people of color, while adding humor and ease to a conversation that is anything but easy to have. Lastly, the fashion in this film ranges from Black Panther-esque throwbacks to modern clubwear, and it’s all definitely a sight to see. The combination of well-developed characters, several underlying plotlines, and the feeling of discomfort you get when you’re actually learning something makes for a refreshing film.




thread online @threadmag




vimeo Watch over 30 videos made by Thread on Vimeo: HTTP://VIMEO.COM/THREADMAG

EDITOR’S NOTE Season’s Greetings, Threadies! As 2014 begins its final month, there is a sense of thrill and enchantment surrounding us. From this winter’s very first snowfall to the late night festivities on the 31st, December is a time for holiday shopping, spending time with family, and, of course, looking fabulous for all of the holiday parties. Luckily, our accessories page highlights cufflinks for men (pg. 28) and statement jewelry pieces for women (pg. 34), to glam up a tailored suit or a party dress. We also teach you how to make gorgeous stone rings (pg. 62) (an easy gift idea) in our DIY section. For those of you hosting a party, flip to our Make It section (pg. 79), and sinfully indulge along with your guests in red velvet cupcakes with white hot chocolate and equally decadent spoons. In the holiday spirit, we must also be aware of our country’s ongoing struggle for equality. One of our writers recounts her trip to Ferguson, Missouri, a couple months ago to experience firsthand the Weekend of Resistance and to fight for justice (pg. 104). To fully encompass the celebratory feel of the holidays, "’Tis the Season" (pg. 142) presents various scenes like baking cookies and throwing the ultimate New Year’s bash. "Charged Attire" (pg. 200) delves into the various technological additions that have been added to our daily ensembles.


So secure your cufflinks and glittery necklaces, my loves, and toast in the New Year with holiday sparkle. Bisous,

Nadia Kurtz


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runwayrealway CHANEL By LINDSEY SMECKER | Photos by BRE THOMAS


hanel’s Ready-to-Wear collection for the Fall/Winter 2014 season was no exception to the fashion label’s cutting edge tendencies. Karl Lagerfeld and his team never fail to find innovative ways to showcase their elaborate collections on the runway. For this particular line, Chanel transformed the runway into an elaborate grocery store. Shelves were completely stocked with thousands of Chanel labeled products. The show also featured iconic supermodels including Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. Although Chanel will always be known for its classic look of tweed and clean lines, the label effortlessly finds ways to blend the traditional with the contemporary. The varying ensembles that are seen at the grocery store serve as inspiration. The runway show began with Delevingne strutting in a soft, pink crop top tracksuit paired with a long, tweed duster coat. Thereafter, models came out in everything from body chains to cropped turtleneck sweaters with metallic leggings. Chunky yet tailored tweed jackets and skirts paid homage to the classic Chanel look. One element that all of the outfits had in common was bright, athletic sneakers. By doing so, Lagerfeld was able to cohesively play up the "grocery store style" through the practicality of the collection. The fashion line also showcased several pop art inspired patterns, which is a projected trend for the coming season. The tailored comfort of this collection makes it a go-to for any college student. If looking to recreate the runway style, look no further than a favorite crop top accompanied by a tweed jacket, tailored sweats, and some flashy sneakers. For a night out, pair a bold, bulky sweater with a pair of metallic leggings and a duster coat. Chanel has stood the test of time by remaining one of the world’s most recognizable fashion labels for over a century. Just as Coco Chanel revolutionized women’s fashion, Karl Lagerfeld is bound to continue following in her footsteps by making bold statements through each collection he contrives.







nown for seamlessly blending music and fashion, record label and clothing innovator Maison Kitsuné unites a retro feel to its menswear collection for Fall/ Winter 2014. This season, the label’s clean, French style takes a trip back in time to the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. London Beats brings an urban English vibe to the recognizable Americana sportswear from Maison Kitsuné’s past collections. Jackets seemed to be the standout pieces in this line, ranging from the classic bomber to an English style doublebreasted pea coat. A wool-lined denim jacket paired with a bandana neck scarf encompasses rockabilly Western ideals, while a statement green velvet suit creates a very retro, on trend London silhouette. Topped off with a pair of bobby socks and rolled up trousers, a distinct ’50s feel is added to the collection. A mélange of textures, patterns, and colors is woven into the collection. Plaid collared shirts are paired with camouflage jackets, while a paisley patterned T-shirt is balanced by a subtle navy and black zebra print. Luxurious textures like suede, velour, and leather are juxtaposed by wool, denim, and knit, giving the line a sophisticated yet relaxed finish. The color palette varies with plum, hunter green, and russet hues, while also coupling the trendy black and navy combination seen in other designer’s collections this season. Kitsuné, which roughly translates from Japanese to "fox," features the signature animal on screen-printed T-shirts and crewneck sweaters throughout the collection. These carefree items are paired with more polished pieces, like skinny trousers and black loafers, signifying the classic, laid-back sophisticate. Targeting the "refined rocker," pieces from the musically inclined collection can be easily translated to any college men's style. For a busy day of classes, layer a button-down collared shirt with a screen-printed sweater and throw on a favorite bomber jacket. For a night out, slip on some high top Converse and opt for a vintage double-breasted pea coat to dress up the look. Rev up polished pieces with Maison Kitsuné’s spin on the classic greaser look, ensuring a style that’s one of a kind.






petite woman with a grandiose presence in the fashion world, Olivia Palermo has proven herself as a true New Yorker with a strong grasp on what it means to be best dressed. Palmero is best known for her role on MTV’s "The City," alongside Whitney Port. Since the show went off the air, she has still very much kept a presence as a New York socialite due to her impeccable taste in fashion. Today, she operates her own blog that allows users to shop from Palermo’s boutique and read up on the latest news in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also has a strong following on several social media outlets including Instagram and Twitter. Olivia Palermo’s signature style includes several different structured pieces. She’s been seen pairing tailored trousers alongside a basic, chunky sweater to a mini-skirt and flowing blouse. One of her more notable pairings includes leather leggings, a basic long sleeve shirt, fur vest, and a pair of cat eye sunnies. As a trendsetter in the world of fashion, Palermo even made a statement at her wedding, where she sported a white scoop neck sweater with a full tulle skirt overlaying a pair of white shorts, which was designed by Carolina Herrera. Palermo can be seen wearing everything from a bubblegum pink Valentino dress to a tweed jacket from Zara. She emulates a style similar to Sarah Jessica Parker on "Sex and the City," with her mix of high end and affordable pieces. To emulate Olivia Palermo’s style on campus, pair dark skinny jeans, a white button up, patterned sweater over top, heeled booties, and a statement necklace. For a night out, one could wear black leather trousers and a white button up with a statement jacket to complete the look. Her immaculate taste in clothing alongside her effortlessly chic style makes Olivia Palermo a true fashion trailblazer. Working as a guest editor for Piperlime and collaborating with up and coming sunglass company, Westward Leaning, Palermo is continuing her stride as "one to watch" in the fashion industry.




nown for standing out among Hollywood’s elite with his luscious locks, full beard, and piercing blue eyes, Jared Leto is becoming a revered fashion figure in the film and music industry. Leto is most recognized as the lead singer of the band, 30 Seconds to Mars, or as the character, Rayon, from the film, "Dallas Buyers Club." He has also starred in the movies "American Psycho" and "Mr. Nobody." His good looks even earned him a spot in People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. Being such an iconic man through his work in film and music, it is no surprise that he is now making a statement in the world of fashion. Seen in impeccably tailored suits on the red carpet by designers like Yves Saint Laurent, to a graphic tee, beanie, and distressed jeans on the streets, it’s no wonder designers are flocking to have him wear their clothes. Among his different styles exists a mixture of scarves, khaki and denim, leather and flannel, and fur with tie-dye. Leto has even been seen showing off clothes originally designed for women. On one particular occasion, he was spotted at a fashion show in trousers that were also seen on a female model at Chanel’s Paris-Dallas Métiers d’Art 2013 Ready-to-Wear Show. A typical Jared Leto ensemble includes a flannel wrapped around the waist with skinny, leather pants, basic white tee, a denim vest, combat boots, and finished off with aviator sunglasses. He may even top off the look with a patterned scarf. As for men who are looking to emulate his style on campus, it’s all about taking risks. Pairing a fitted white shirt with black jeans, a distressed leather jacket or a flannel around the waist with a bold scarf is a simple way to recreate his original style. The bold statements Leto makes with his fashion choices are admirable to say the least, and young men shouldn’t be intimidated to try out a trend that is out of their comfort zone. Personal style is all about confidence, and it’s not necessary to have long hair or rock star swagger to be deemed the most stylish guy on campus.






In December 2013, I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I packed up my bags, turned in my keys, and traded in the bright city lights of New York City for a true college experience in Athens, Ohio. Growing up, I became obsessed with the idea of living in New York City. Although it took me until 2010 to actually step foot in Manhattan for the first time, a few "Friends" and "Gossip Girl" episodes were enough to convince me at a young age that the bustling streets and fast-paced energy of the city was the life for me. When it came time to apply to colleges, however, I hesitated. I applied to only one school in New York— Fordham University at Lincoln Center, a liberal arts college located in the heart of Manhattan. At the time, attending school in the city was still a foreign concept. Nearly everyone in my high school went on to be a Bobcat, Buckeye, Bearcat, Flyer, or Red Hawk. If you would have asked me in March 2012 where I was going to college, I would’ve said "OU" without a tinge of doubt. Then my acceptance letter from Fordham came in. I was suddenly forced to choose between following my high school crowd or starting a new adventure in the big city. I ultimately chose the latter. Attending school in New York City opened my eyes to the different people and cultures around me. From the

bold street style to an eclectic music scene, Manhattan is a world all its own—and one that I fell in love with. However, I quickly realized that New York City would wait for me. Although Manhattan is an amazing place, I only have four, short years to have the quintessential college experience. After a strenuous mental debate, I decided to transfer to Ohio University. I knew that going to a state school in the Midwest was going to be way different than attending a private college in the city, from the food to fashion to lifestyle in general. Once I arrived in Athens, it didn’t take long to reaffirm that the OU experience was the college experience for me. Though I love the city and cannot wait to start my working life there after graduation, I am thrilled that I can have the traditional college experience I always wanted in addition to living in Manhattan. Not many students get the opportunity to attend class in a college town and in NYC, so I use my blog, From Metro Cards to Meal Plans, as a way to showcase the perks of each. At its core, From Metro Cards to Meal Plans is all about appreciating where you’re at in present time. Though I like to think of myself as a budding Carrie Bradshaw who left a piece of her heart in the Big Apple, my blog shows that there have been few better moments in my life than those during my time as an OU Bobcat. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 27






en’s cufflinks date back as far as the sixteenth century, and they have remained iconic accessories in every man’s wardrobe. Otherwise known as "sleeve buttons," cufflinks have become increasingly popular, and everyone from celebrities to the all-American white-collar worker is sporting them. Men began wearing cufflinks because they were looking for a more elegant way to present their cuffs than the traditional string being used to hold them together. Contrary to popular belief, cufflinks can be dressed up or down due to the immense variety of styles. Cufflinks come in many shapes, materials, and designs, and can be tailored to any man’s personal style. A


quick search for "cufflinks" on Pinterest turns up a wide array of designs for a man in his early twenties. From simple monogrammed silver cufflinks to a more elaborate pair featuring Captain America’s shield, the style chosen depends on the wearer’s interests. Cufflinks can be made out of metals, wood, and even leather—the variations of designs are limitless. From rose gold and sterling silver to platinum, the type of metal provides the shopper with numerous choices for an outfit. The chain link cuff is the most well known design, wherein a chain joins the two parts of the cufflink, but there are many new types that have paved their way into the modern world. The bullet back and toggle closure is com-

monly seen among the business elite and are the simplest to fasten. Fixed back cufflinks are more difficult to put on, but are most resilient when it comes to wear and tear. The ball return cufflink is decidedly more attractive than bullet or toggle closures, and is available in chain link or fixed styles. Of course, the type of cufflink worn depends on the event. For everyday attire, small, metal cufflinks will complement almost any outfit. A formal event or date party with a group of friends would be the perfect place to sport a funky new design. However, a work meeting or job interview is not the place for eccentric cufflinks. Simple, understated designs are more appro-

priate for that type of setting and will portray the look of a polished, puttogether man. When shopping for cufflinks, a man should know what he’s looking for before browsing, as it can be quite overwhelming. Knowing the type of metal, shape, and size of the cufflinks that best suit their style is the most practical way to begin a search for the foolproof pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks can be purchased on any budget, with prices ranging from $20 for a pair of custom cufflinks on Etsy, to $200 for a pair of Burberry cufflinks from Nordstrom. For those men on a college student’s budget, several stores sell plastic or enamel cufflinks


that complement any outfit just as well as an expensive set. A pair of plastic cufflinks can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $10, yet they are still a stylish addition to a dress shirt. Being such an effortless piece of jewelry, cufflinks add a sense of prestige and class to any outfit. They can make even the simplest of outfits, like a white button up and khakis, stand out due to exclusive design options. Throughout the ages, cufflinks have been a tried and true trend that are bound to continue their centuries long stay as necessary accessories in every man’s wardrobe.






rom Alexander McQueen to Chanel, the runways this season were decorated with exotic statement pieces, which means it’s time to stray from the basic go-to jewelry and experiment with a gaudier trend. Not only will those styles spice up any outfit, but they are bound to be lasting in upcoming seasons. Set the old bracelets aside and slip on something a little more extravagant like a hand bracelet. Alexander McQueen’s Fall/ Winter 2014 collection showcased a divine hand bracelet with silver leaves extending from the woman’s fingers to her wrist. The hand bracelet is an impeccable way to add flair for a night out. Paired with a dress and pumps or skinny jeans and a blazer, the hand bracelet will pull an outfit together unlike any other arm candy. Look for hand bracelets at a local retailer or online at Forever 21. Wearing multiple rings is another ideal way to make a statement. Nina Ricci introduced multi-rings as a statement piece in her 2014 collection for Fall/Winter. When rings are worn on every finger or every other finger, the urge to buy never has to be curbed; just keep



adding more. Shoppers can purchase several rings from different places to create a cohesive, enchanting statement piece. When using rings to invigorate a look, any combination goes. Choose a medley of rings in gold, silver, or brass, some with large turquoise stones and a few with small crystals. Whether getting ready for a work meeting or a night out on the town, adding a few extra rings will take any look from simple to glamorous. It’s important not to overlook the most well known of the statement 36 | THREAD

pieces, the extravagant necklace. Marni, Etro, and Givenchy amplified their Fall/Winter 2014 collections with exaggerated collar necklaces. Huge multi-colored crystal flowers adorned the necklines of sweaters and spiked Swarovski crystal collars sparkled on the necks of models dressed in all black. Some of the necklaces were layered with gold or silver chains to give the look a fascinating flair. A crystal collar or a tribal collar can be paired with a little black dress or a stylish top and skinny trousers to switch up any

dull or boring outfit. Collar necklaces can be found for an inexpensive price at Express or for a reasonable but more expensive cost at Nordstrom. Don’t be afraid to pile on necklaces, rings, and bracelets—the more, the merrier. Break out a little black dress and pair it with an elaborate floral collar necklace. Stack multiple rings in different metals and rock a hand bracelet. Statement jewelry pieces will not only embellish any woman’s wardrobe but will ensure that all eyes are on her. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 37



kissabletrends By JULIE RHODES Photos by KINSEY BALL



f looking to make a bold statement during the winter, adding a colorful, audacious lip color is a simple and stylish way to do so. A bold matte lipstick or glossy lip shine is just as eye-catching as any bauble. Whether it’s for a long day of classes or for a formal occasion, lipstick is a simple way to individualize and enhance any look. From bright pinks to deep purples and blacks, lipstick comes in an array of colors for women to choose. Rich reds, feminine berries, and warm neutral tones dominated the runways. The focus seems to be how to incorporate these dark, intense colors into an everyday look. While traditional


nude colors will always be a hit, adding a dark color to a basic sweater and jeans can take the look to a new level. Now more than ever, women are incorporating fierce lip shades into their ensembles. The trick is choosing the color that best suits individual skin tone. For instance, a dark, edgy plum shade would best accentuate someone with a fair skin tone and brown eyes, while rich reds complement warmer complexions. A translucent gloss can be added on top of any shade of lipstick to add a sense of depth to the look. In addition to matte lipstick and glosses, one of the latest trends for young women on and off the runway is



the ombre lip. That technique consists of creating a gradual fade of color from dark to light with one deep-toned lipstick paired with an inner lighter tone. To create the effect, begin by lining the outermost part of the lips with the deep-toned lipstick and slightly blend with a cotton swab. Then apply the lighter shade of lipstick to the middle of the lips and blend the two shades together, creating a more dramatic look. Both colors stand out on an otherwise simple face of makeup. Ombre lips can be done with any two or more colors. It is commonly achieved with a deep purple outline and inner berry tone to contrast. To make a bold statement using lip color, try using a

black lipstick for the outline alongside subtle gray tones. When it comes to experimenting with lipstick, a common fear among women is what brand will provide the longest wear, as well as where to purchase it. The best lipsticks do not have to be designer brands from Nordstrom. In fact, some of the most versatile lip colors that will allow for all-day wear can be purchased at local drug stores, such as CVS or Walgreens. Lipstick is easily accessible, inexpensive, and an everyday accessory that will complement any outfit. A piece of jewelry may go out of style, but adding a bold lipstick to a look will always be trendy. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 43































or men, maintaining the eyebrows can be seen as an intimidating and unnecessary addition to the daily regimen, but polished eyebrows are becoming a popular trend among men. The eyebrows not only help to shape the face, but they even add natural definition. Eyebrow care is not just for women anymore— male celebrities and athletes are becoming known for their iconic brows. Justin Theroux, Zac Efron, and Drake are just a few of the celebs whose brows are idolized by makeup artists and their fans alike. Having unruly brows is something that all men should strive to avoid. Maintaining the brows is simple and it does not require much time or skill. First, do not wax, but tweeze. The more natural look is preferable, and that is best achieved by tweezing. Based on the rate that the hair grows, tweeze the eyebrows at least once a week to clean up the stray hairs under the brow,

and especially in the middle of the two brows. That will halt the development of the unsightly unibrow. However, ensure that the unibrow isn’t over-plucked so it doesn’t appear unnaturally groomed. When choosing a tweezer aim toward selecting the Tweezerman brand. Not only can Tweezerman be found at local drugstores, but it is affordable on any budget. A fair warning for a man looking to get his eyebrows waxed—be aware that waxing creates a clean, square shape that looks unnatural. Waxing should also be avoided by anyone with sensitive skin or those who use acne medication, because it could cause severe irritation. Looking for the more professional route of eyebrow maintenance that won’t cause red bumps? Then threading is the technique to use. Threading is an Indian-style hair removal technique that will remove unwanted hair from the brows without looking too overdone. However, convenience is key WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 47

with eyebrow grooming, so if threading is not available nearby, there is always the option of getting the brows trimmed by a barber. Because most eyebrow trims are complimentary, it’s definitely something to look into before the brows begin to take over the face. As a crucial part of every man’s facial features, the eyebrows must be maintained regularly. Because upkeep is simple and affordable, there should be no excuses for out of control brows. Don’t be known as the guy with the mad unibrow or the untamed caterpillars on the face—maintain the brows frequently, and they just might be deemed the best brows on campus. 48 | THREAD


THANK YOU! Your contributions have helped us immensely and are greatly appreciated. Sending our warmest wishes and hoping that Kismet will reopen soon and continue to keep Athens stylish! #UNIONSTSTRONG WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 49



patternplay By KYLIE SOUDER Photos by ISAAC GIBSON



hether one dresses more forward or conservatively, working patterned separates into the wardrobe will add a polished, youthful vibe to any ensemble. Patterned separates can be paired with conscious styling or worn separately, which makes this trend economically sound for struggling college students. The holiday season is the best time of the year to sport these bold patterns, because color is such a heavy aspect of the season. Combinations to incorporate into the current wardrobe include polka dots, florals, and plaids. Mixing polka dots with more polka dots is the simplest of pattern pairings. Sticking with the same color palette is an effective way to ensure the patterns coordinate without being too overly matching. Try a blouse with a navy dot 52 | THREAD

and white background accompanied by a skirt with a white dot and navy background. Another way to mix polka dots is by pairing a larger dot alongside a smaller dot. Mixing two of the same sized dots can be jarring to the eyes and look more ‘80s than modernly styled, but when feeling eccentric, it’s definitely one to try. Whitney Port is often seen incorporating polka dots with other patterns into her work attire, mixing them with pencil skirts and blouses. If looking to make a bold statement, pairing florals is necessary. Being on trend season after season, floral pairings can be done well by mixing similar types of flowers, color families, and sizes of print. To avoid emulating the look of a trip to Margaritaville, shy away from tropical-looking floral prints that radiate with primary colors. Look for florals that are delicate and bring out

a sense of femininity. When dressing for class, pair a small patterned floral blouse that’s tucked into jeans with a larger print floral cardigan. That pairing allows for a casual yet bold take on the trend. For a night out, rock a large print, colorful top tucked into a dark floral pair of trousers, and neutral wedges. Rihanna is the queen of mixing bold patterns—the fashion conscious should look to her for floral pairing inspiration. Moving up in the pattern pairing level of difficulty is plaid. This look can be trendy and classic if styled well, or extremely tacky if not. Plaid on plaid should only be featured in differing colors and line structure to avoid settling back into the dark ages of the ‘70s. A simple, everyday look can include pairing a blue plaid button down over a gray tone plaid sweater, finished off with a solid colored pant

or legging to not overwhelm the look. Dressing up plaid is effortless—pair a plaid blouse with an embellished collar necklace to take the look from day to night. Fashion bloggers, like The College Prepster, have already begun posting lookbooks for the holiday season that show how to incorporate different pattern play, like plaid, into the wardrobe. Mixing patterns like polka dots, florals, and plaids come easy with practice. Don't let the fear of mixing wild colors and patterns be a deterrent in creating a show-stopping outfit. Buying patterned separates will allow any ordinary wardrobe to be filled with versatility and liveliness. Resurrect those playful, patterned pieces from the back of the closet, and emulate the pattern play trend unlike ever before. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 53



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elieve it or not, there are stylish ways to keep warm during the frigid winter months without letting the latest fashion trends disappear under chunky, mismatched layers of clothing. The combinations of layering techniques are endless; whether you’re running to class on a chilly morning, or bundling up for a night on the town, there’s a layered look that will trap the heat in but let personal style shine through. Fear not, with a few basic clothing pieces and some fashion inspiration, layering in style this winter isn’t quite the hassle as it may seem. Keep it casual for class with a pair of jogger




sweatpants that are comfortably tailored, to avoid the "rolled-outof-bed" look. Pair the sweat pants with a favorite graphic tee, and a zip-up hoodie. Nothing says stylishly structured better than a pea coat to tie it all together, thus achieving warmth and sophistication. Hoodie buried in the dirty clothes hamper? Throw on the comfiest of flannel shirts to peek out from underneath the pea coat for an instant refined grunge look. The key to this season’s layering trend is to separate clothing pieces from their standard partners. Mix up conventional outfit pairings to create looks that are new and exciting, rather 58 | THREAD

than resorting to the go-to coat and jeans when it’s below thirty degrees outside. Layer from the inside out with a down vest over a tailored tweed suit. It’s easily removable and doesn’t hide the suit’s cutting-edge style. Or, pair a bold striped crew-neck sweater over a simple white button up, making the outfit not too casual, yet not overdressed. If the cold is still out to bite with all these layers, a solid-colored CPO Jacket will add a final thick layer to complete the look without taking away from the ultimate vision for the outfit. For a dressed up take on this trend, a vest and tie can easily be paired with more than just a standard suit

jacket. Swap out the jacket for a hefty cardigan as the outermost layer, like male celebrities David Beckham and Daniel Radcliffe have been spotted wearing this season. The fit should not only maintain the body’s shape, but its temperature as well. If you’re out of cardigans or man cardis just aren’t appealing, a denim or leather jacket can be paired with the same vest and tie for a look that’s rough around the edges, while still keeping in the warmth. Winter cannot be tackled in full without a reliably fashionable cap to keep the noggin toasty. A bold colored knit cap can be effortlessly

thrown on, instantly adding a wash of color to any neutral winter look. Collect a variety of colors and styles to add a new element to any outfit. Wear one with the fanciest of suits or the most laid-back denim—the choices are limitless. Become a layering master this season and dress in ways one normally wouldn’t. More layers of clothing allow for more opportunities to be fashion forward and stay warm this winter. Take advantage of the frosty weather and strut into the day with dress that will spice up the chilly and blasé surroundings of winter, inside and out. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 59

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ainty rings may be fun and practical enough for daily wear, but sometimes small, delicate rings can cost quite a bit of money. With just four items, you can make several lovely stone rings that are cute to wear alone or stacked with multiples. These rings also make great inexpensive gifts for the holiday season. After you make one of these rings for yourself, you will be tempted to make them for everyone you know—or you may just make one for each of your fingers.




Small stones Wire cutter E6000 Craft Adhesive 22-gauge wire



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 64 | THREAD

Cut a 2-inch piece of wire. Wrap it around your finger and adjust to fit. Cut a small piece of wire and wrap it around a small stone. Using the wire cutter, clip the wire in the middle of the stone. On the back of the stone, put a small amount of E6000 to keep the stone in place. Let the glue dry. Cut another small piece of wire and wrap it around the small stone. Be sure this wire is perpendicular to the first wire. Clip the wire in the middle of the stone with the wire cutter. Add another small amount of E6000 on the back of the stone to keep both pieces of wire in place. Let the glue dry. Put a dab of the E6000 on the back of the stone and place the wire ring in the center of the glue. Let the glue dry and be sure that the ring does not lean or fall. Wear your new ring alone or make multiple rings to stack on your fingers.








Plain coffee mug Sharpies Oven 66 | THREAD


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t’s inevitable that as the temperature outside gets colder, our choice of drinks gets warmer. Sipping morning coffee in a customized mug could make the bitter, cold days a little more bearable. Designing a mug like this is easy and doesn’t take long. You can try a simple idea, such as a handwritten note, or get creative with an artistic design. Sit tight—this cute, coffee mug will be done in no time.


Decide on the phrase or image that you want to draw on the coffee mug.


Use a pencil to lightly trace a rough draft on the mug of what you want your finished product to look like.


Carefully write on the coffee mug with the Sharpie color of your choice.


Bake the mug at 350 degrees Farenheit for approximately 20 minutes.


After that, allow the mug to cool thoroughly, and it’s ready for use. *Avoid putting the coffee mug in a dishwasher. Hand wash only.




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veryone deserves a relaxing and rewarding bath after a stressful day of work or school. You can make this happen by creating your very own fragrant bath bombs. These delightful bursts of perfume can be molded into an assortment of shapes that will exfoliate dry skin as well as use aromatherapy to help calm the senses, especially after a hectic day. Although they are commonly used during bath time, you can also use them as air fresheners. Bath bombs are easy to make and smell absolutely wonderful.


1 Large Bowl • Plastic, Fillable Ornament or a Candy Mold Set • Whisk • Measuring Cup • Tablespoon & Teaspoon Set


Baking Soda – 8 oz. • Cornstarch – 4 oz. • Epsom Salt – 4 oz. • Cream of Tartar – 4 Tablespoons • Water – ¾ Tablespoon • Your Choice of Fragrance or Oil – 2 Teaspoons • Vegetable Oil – 2 ½ Tablespoons • Food Coloring – 1 or 2 Drops



1 2 3 4 5 6

Combine dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl—baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salt, and cream of tartar. Add in wet ingredients gradually—water, your choice of fragrance or oil, vegetable oil, and food coloring.


Make sure to stir with the whisk as you go. You want a sandy, grainy consistency. Once all ingredients are properly combined, pack mixture into a plastic ornament or your mold of choice.


Carefully remove contents from the mold and place on a towel to dry. Let them sit overnight to harden, or bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.






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s the weather is getting colder, there are more excuses to not work out. If you can make it to the bars on a Wednesday, you can certainly knock out a 30-minute abs workout before the calories from all those late-night shots get the best of you. It’s one thing to force yourself to the rec center on the days when all you want to do is stay in your room or cover yourself in a million layers to go on a run down the bike path. Fortunately, there are workouts that can do everything the gym or a run can do. When those cold winter days keep us from leaving our room, here are some effective CrossFit workouts that’ll keep us on the right track.


TRICEP DIPS 3 sets of 20 off a chair or bench



work it

LADDER 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 • burpees • squats • sit-ups For example: 10 burpees, squats, and sit-ups, then work your way down the ladder in this order.


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Go to http://yankeecandlefundraising.com and enter Thread's group number 990070384 into the "Start Shopping" box.


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hen it comes to simple treats like cupcakes and hot chocolate, sometimes it seems far too easy to just empty out a box of Betty Crocker cake mix, or throw together a cup of Swiss Miss rather than start from scratch. But here’s the good news: starting from scratch is much simpler than you may think. And if the classics tasted good before, you’re in for a sweet surprise. Ever wonder why your mother’s cupcakes tasted so much better than your "just add water" mix? Here’s her secret. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM OUTHREADMAG.COM|| 79

Red Velvet Cupcakes INGREDIENTS (BATTER):

2 cups sugar ¾ cup vegetable oil 2 eggs, room temperature 1 cup buttermilk, room temperature 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 oz. red food coloring ½ cup hot water 1 teaspoon white distilled vinegar 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder


1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Farenheit, and mix together the sugar, oil, and eggs in a large bowl. 2. Next, add in the buttermilk, vanilla extract, and food coloring, and stir until the mixture is all one color. 3. The hot water and distilled vinegar come next, to finish out the liquid ingredients. 4. Slowly add flour to the bowl, followed by baking soda, baking powder, and salt. 5. Mix in the cocoa powder last, and make sure the mixture is smooth. 6. Line a muffin pan with cupcake papers, and spoon in about ¼ cup of the batter into each. 7. Let them bake for 18-20 minutes. 8. While you’re waiting, get started on your frosting.



1 (8 oz.) package of cream cheese, room temperature 4 tablespoons butter, softened at room temperature (not melted) 2 cups powdered sugar


1. Stir the cream cheese and butter together, and add the powdered sugar in little by little, beating it to a paste. 2. If the frosting isn’t reaching the desired consistency, add in about a teaspoon of buttermilk to soften it up. 3. Let the cupcakes sit for five minutes in the pan once you’ve taken them out of the oven (do not do the "toothpick test" until after these five minutes). 4. Take them out of the pan and allow them to reach room temperature on a cooling rack; it is important that the cupcakes are finished cooling before you add the frosting. 5. Pipe on the frosting or smear it with a knife, take a big bite, and enjoy!


Chocolate-Covered Spoons INGREDIENTS:

9-10 spoons of your choice 150 grams of chocolate of your choice (you can mix and match or divide the types to the amount you wish) Chocolate chips or peanut butter chips (or both!)


1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave (times will vary based on how much of each type you use). 2. Line a baking pan with parchment paper. 3. Lay the spoons on the parchment paper with the handles resting on the edge of the pan so that they are level. 4. Pour the chocolate onto the spoons and add the extra toppings however you’d like before the melted chocolate hardens. 5. Once they are decorated how you’d like, pop them in the fridge for about 20 minutes to speed up the process. 6. When all of your treats are solid to the spoons, serve them with hot chocolate to your guests or store them in the fridge for a quick and cute snack for later. 82 | THREAD

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White Hot Chocolate INGREDIENTS:

4 cups milk of choice (half and half or heavy cream also work) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 8 oz. of white chocolate, chopped into small pieces


1. Put the white chocolate into a small saucepan, and pour in the milk and vanilla extract. 2. Let the ingredients simmer over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally. 3. Once it has reached a steady simmer (not a boil) and the chocolate is melted evenly, remove it from heat and serve it in your favorite mug. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 83

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wenty-three years ago, Appalachian citizens came together to begin a citizen action group now known as Rural Action. The organization aims to improve Appalachian Ohio’s environmental, economic, and social conditions for the three pillars of sustainable development. "We believe that healthy communities are not possible without a healthy environment, without a thriving economy, and without a strong community where all people are valued," Rural Action Media and Communications Manager Susi Rankis said. Appalachian Ohio once contained an abundant amount of resources such as timber salt, clay, coal, iron, oil, and gas. In the past, logging and mining companies extracted those resources without any regard for the people who lived in the area. The extractive companies left communities to fend for themselves after resources ran out, causing the land to no longer be viable for profit.

To help remedy and improve the region, Rural Action performs asset based community development. One aspect of the programs is working with farmers on good agricultural practices and prolonging their growing seasons. Another includes helping landowners understand how to make their forests healthier and more valuable. On another level, Rural Action encourages businesses to reduce generated waste and to make products that will have less harmful impact on the land. Rural Action also works to restore streams in order to provide natural balance, and educating the community and younger generations on the beauty and value of this land. "We foster social, economic, and environmental justice by investing in our communities, our youth, and our land and water to create new opportunities in the region," Chief Executive Officer Michelle Decker said. By focusing on those aspects, Rural WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 89

Action believes it can advance communities’ wellbeing. According to Rankis, although its best interest is to help communities, sometimes without enough knowledge, people can be weary of Rural Action’s mission. Many organizations have appeared and given people a false sense of hope. However Rural Action has been around since 1991, and they intend to continue for many years to come. Decker believes that having the local population value sustainable development, due in part to the work they do as an organization, is an achievement in itself. "If we can maintain the work and continue to really engage our members and people at the grassroots over time, [we] will increasingly be a force for positive change at the community-level," Decker said. Although, noticeable accomplishments are hard to gauge, Rural Action made great strides in its journey toward bettering Appalachian Ohio. "Measuring success month to month or year to year isn’t always easy—development work takes decades, and usually generations," Rankis said. "Are we all the way there? No, we have a lot of work to do yet, and I believe we will be around for a long time, but we make measurable strides every year." Those strides include working with more local businesses and public events in managing waste, having a robust educational program, helping new local business through its agricultural and forestry programs, and returning life to streams. For example, with its restoration work on Monday Creek, the organization has increased the species of fish 90 | THREAD

living in that habitat from three to 32. In order to attain those successes, they had to recruit the help of many people. Rankis notes all of the work the organization accomplishes is because of the people, who work or volunteer for,

Are we all the way there? No, we have a lot of work to do yet, and I believe we will be around for a long time, but we make measurable strides every year." MICHELLE DECKER financially support, or spread awareness of Rural Action. Decker agreed and added that the people that make up Rural Action have values, which include believing that people are a part of the earth and that everyone can make a difference, that keep the organization fervent. "How we express those values every day with so many partners and community members—keeps us real, grounded, and focused," Decker said. Essentially, the organization manages sustainable projects that use available resources in Appalachian Ohio by focusing on four specific areas: waste and recycling, sustainable agriculture and forestry, environmental education, and watershed restoration. By targeting those specific areas of concern, they can help foster a healthier and stronger community for the long term.



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nside a small shop in Athens, a bearded man wearing a stylish hat is perched on a wooden stool. A variety of black and brown hats line the back wall while violins hang from the ceiling. An assortment of colorfully patterned bow ties fills up the table in the front window of Fiddle & Bow, located on East State Street in Athens. Bearded shopkeeper, Joel Lensch, moved back to Ohio two years ago for his wife’s job at nearby Ohio University. He took a leap of faith and bought his very own space. His unique store sells an assortment of hats, bow ties, and violins. He said the combination works, because many people associate fashion with music. Lensch, manager and luthier, not only possesses an associate degree in string instrument technology, but


also is skilled in sewing bow ties. Between working at the Village Bakery & CafĂŠ and running his own shop, he is a very busy man. From cutting out the intricate curves of the violin from a block of wood to painting on the multiple varnish coats, Lensch and other luthiers handcraft each violin to perfection for distribution. "This just came as a block of wood. I just trace it out onto the wood, and then I just cut out the kind of form on my band saw. After that, everything is by hand," Lensch said. Most of the violins sold in the shop are modeled from early Italian-made violins, such as Stradivarius violins, because they are said to be the best ever made. The violin-making process is a complicated one that requires long hours of cutting, sanding with a plane

tool, and varnishing. Lensch laughed, saying, "Everything is a certain measurement. It’s very specific and kind of a pain." After putting together all the pieces of the violin, it must be coated with 10 layers of a red-brown varnish to give the finishing touches. With the amount of detail and time it takes to make a violin, Lensch can perhaps produce one violin a year. Each violin must be carefully constructed and perfected. Along with violins, Lensch has been producing his own bow tie collection, "Lucky Ties." His assortment of bow ties acquired its name from an old nickname: Lucky. These patterned bow ties are hand stitched by Lensch himself in the workspace in the back of his shop. "It doesn’t just have to be about ties, it can be about human connections, like the ties between people,"

Lensch said about the name of the bow ties. Because Ohio University is so close, there is a number of occasions for a bow tie’s use. He would like to custom make bow ties for local weddings and hopes to sell bow ties during high school prom season. These bow ties are unique because of the local material acquired from local thrift stores and a shop uptown called The Wooden Spool. He aims to make all-American bow ties and to sell his Lucky Ties collection not only in his shop, but also in shops in Columbus. Although he doesn’t have grand plans for "taking over the world" with his collection, Lensch plans to see what products sell well and to take business in that direction. In the end, he mainly dreams of crafting all of the products within his small shop on East State Street. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 95

Say like a fiddle player was playing a square dance and really wanted to have more of a full sound, that was one of the reasons because they could hit a bunch of strings at once. Where if you’re playing classical music and you’re just hitting one note, that doesn’t really carry that well for like a square dance." JOEL LENSCH


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he incident has been so vastly covered by the media that it is unlikely to be unfamiliar with the tragic story of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was shot on Aug. 9 after a confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson. The specifics of the confrontation have been disputed and have divided the country. As reports of police attacks on minorities, specifically young, black men, have increased, a fury grew in the hearts of many people. Passion has ignited among Michael Brown’s peers, college-aged students, and people of color, who will not stand for living in fear of the people meant to serve and to protect them. A group of Ohio University students used the racial-driven event to start a new, important dialogue on campus. That inspired Ryant Taylor, Olivia Wallace, Kelli Oliver, Jasmine Renee Riley, and Tyler Barton to organize a walkout on the Ohio University campus, #HandsUpWalkOut. All are members of the Student Senate, except Barton, who is involved with the Student Union. "It was mostly the six of us that did a lot of the planning and tried to reach out to the students to say ‘Hey! We’re doing this, and we think it should matter to everyone,’" Taylor, the Student Senate’s LGBTQIA commissioner, said. The march was in connection with Hands Up United, a group combatting police brutality in the wake of the




Hey! We’re doing this, and we think it should matter to everyone." RYANT TAYLOR

Michael Brown shooting. It took place on the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality on Oct. 22 and coincided with over 90 other marches around the country. At 12:01 p.m., hundreds of students walked out of their classes and congregated on College Green, where they were given a chance to share their own experiences and feelings about the issue. The marchers advanced across the 100 | THREAD

campus, paraded through the Uptown area, and marched down University Terrace. From there, the marchers proceeded up through Baker University Center where students had another chance to speak out. Finally, the group came full circle by ending the march on College Green. Although the march was directly influenced by the unrest in Ferguson, the organizers wanted it to acknowledge broader issues of marginalization.

"It was definitely a way to address feelings students might have about being people of color or minorities and not feeling represented properly, or not having a place to express anger about these things that are happening nationwide, and potentially in Athens," Taylor said. According to Taylor, the group members had three main goals for the march, and they were all achieved in their eyes. They hoped to genuinely

impact attendees by showing them that police brutality is actually occurring all over the country, and that it can happen anywhere. Their biggest aspiration for the march was to set the scene for more discussion about race relations. Judging by the reactions from students, it seems the goal of opening eyes to the realities of racial injustice has been accomplished. "With such a passionate and diverse crowd of people marching for equalWWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 101

ity it was without a doubt successful. Making at least one student feel like they have a voice ‌ is in itself a victory," Olivia Miltner, the student senate communication senator for the Academic Affairs Commission, said. Morgan Peterson, a junior studying strategic communications, who attended the march, initially had reservations. Student protests are often criticized for being ineffective. However, like others in the crowd, Peterson was ultimately moved by the experience. "I don't know if it will bring change ‌ but I do think it was a platform to raise awareness and to educate others on current issues with racial profiling," Peterson said. Time will tell if the march was successful in starting an ongoing dialogue, but the #HandsUpWalkOut was nothing if not a good start.

102 | THREAD



104 | THREAD

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racismliveshere By KELLI OLIVER Photos by KELLI OLIVER

Mike Brown’s death was something like a dream to me. A nightmare. On the day he was shot, I felt like my world stood still; I was almost panicked. It was difficult to fathom that this could be happening again. Trayvon Martin’s death felt like just yesterday.


But when I walked outside, no one in Athens seemed to be reacting. People were grocery shopping, watching Netflix, and going about their lives. When I brought up Mike Brown, people kind of just shook their heads and said that it was a shame. That enraged me. I didn’t understand why people weren’t livid. The only thing that was able to give me any kind of solace was watching the live streams of the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri. It was comforting to see that there were other people who recognized the severity of the circumstances. Mike Brown’s death was something like a dream to me. That dream ended when I was standing in the place where his body lied on the ground for fourand-a-half hours as a demonstration of police power. Then the reality set in. After being somewhere like that, it’s hard not to let it affect you in countless ways. I knew I wasn’t crazy for being outraged; this was just as significant as I thought it was.


Mike Brown was killed on Aug. 9. After two-and-a-half months, there still was not justice for him or for the community of Ferguson, sparking the Weekend of Resistance on Oct. 1012. The Weekend of Resistance was a weekend set to organize and stand in solidarity with Mike Brown and the many bodies who have fallen victim to police brutality. People from all over the country congregated in St. Louis and Ferguson to march, to educate each other, and to demand justice. Four Ohio University students, including myself, made a nine hour trip to St. Louis to join the struggle during the Weekend of Resistance. We essentially had 36 hours to experience what it was like in St. Louis and to provide help in any way we could offer. Our day was spent marching through the streets of St. Louis and learning at teach-ins about different difficult subjects that were related to the issue. Those experiences made me feel boisterous, excited, and empowered.


In the late evening, we left our host’s home in historic St. Louis and headed to Ferguson. The drive from downtown was a silent one amongst our group. I think we all recognized that what we were about to throw ourselves into was going to be extremely different WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 105

than our experiences earlier that day. It felt like a grave. In Ferguson, we joined hundreds in a march in darkness for two-anda-half miles from the place where Mike Brown was shot to the Ferguson police department. We stood face to face with the officers in their riot gear. The whole way there we chanted: "Brick by Brick! Wall by Wall! We will make the system fall!" People came out of their homes and held their fists in the air to show their support. I will never forget that moment. It was clear that that community needed the support from outside Ferguson. They needed and still do need the 106 | THREAD

reassurance that their fight is not just their fight any longer.


Mike Brown’s death was something like a dream to me. For the people in Ferguson, Beaver Creek, Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, and New York, it was not a dream. The violence against the black community in this country has almost become banal. The police shoot down black men almost every day; if they’re not killed they’re disproportionately placed in the industrial prison complex. Mike Brown represents the life

of every black man. If justice is not served, the public will know exactly where the value of a black body is held in the eyes our system. It has become a battle for self-preservation. As a woman of color here at OU, it is evident that things need to change immediately. Anyone who looks at anonymous and not-so-anonymous forms of social media like Yik Yak and Twitter can vouch for the racist rhetoric that comes from our very own campus. It is also evident that there are people on this campus that agree that things need to change. Racism lives in St. Louis. Racism lives in Ferguson. Racism lives here.


That is why, in partnership with a few of my close friends, I helped organize the #HandsUpWalkOut event. The walkout was not a way to bring justice, but to show the people who were not marching that there was an issue at hand. There are many people who preach that we live in a post-racial society. Anyone who says this has never walked down Court Street during the HallOUweekend or on an average day. I urge everyone to continue to march, to organize, and to demand justice until racism no longer lives here.


clowningaround By SAM PARKER Photos by JENNA WALLACE

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he young alternative group, Campus Carnival, is just like the rest of the college students at Ohio University. Its music relates to fans’ lives whereas its upbeat tempo brings the campus listeners to their feet. "We want to be a carnival of noise in the college environment," Josiah Myers, senior band member and lead vocalist, said. The audience feels electricity in the room when Campus Carnival is on stage. The band’s members, equipped with chaotic attire and energetic beat, not only provide a beat for the crowd, but they partake in all the activities average college students do. Four OU students make up the alternative band: Wes Gilbert, Josiah Myers, Noah Wilkinson, and its newest addition, Henry Allen. Along with writing and performing songs that express their high school and then college lives, the band is now advancing in the media as well. "Despite being a remarkably new band, the guys have drawn large crowds to their shows and engaged more fans than Pamela Anderson has men," Dan Leko, the Campus Carnival manager, said. The band’s songs are now on Spotify and it has recently been announced as a "featured band of the month" on

110 | THREAD

Pupfresh.com. Pupfresh is a website that displays popular bands, video performances, exclusive interviews, and other content related to music. The band takes on a nonchalant attitude with its newfound popularity. When asked about the recent success, Wes Gilbert, bassist and vocalist for the band said, "We’re just happy to be alive." Aside from their evolving success as artists, the members of Campus Carnival still focus on living as everyday college students. That becomes

We want to be a carnival of noise in the college environment." JOSIAH MYERS evident in their songs, resulting in fans feeling connected to the music. "They’re all really down-to-earth guys. They really mesh, and they are all really mellow and chill. They just like to have fun," Evan Montgomery, a fan of the band, said. Campus Carnival held true to that description during the interview. They couldn’t resist telling funny stories

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about previous performances and sharing their favorite childhood cartoons. That quirky coolness that the band members exude also shines through their style. When performing, Campus Carnival maintains an unconventional style, complete with mismatched colors and often a member sporting gym shorts. That is just a part of the eccentric demeanor that draws the attention of so many fans. "Definitely their style would be goofy. They’re trying to show that ‘We’re not here to dress nice; we’re here to play good music,’" Montgomery said. Although that may be viewed as a lack of style, the discord captures the essence of Campus Carnival: loud, innovative, and fitting the college lifestyle. The music, however, often has a deeper, more introspective nature. In the song, "99 Problems," Campus Carnival sings about a friend who made some poor choices and refused to let others help. The band essentially reverts to the members’ relatable collegiate lives.

In another song called "Rugrats" the band refers to its college experience, saying, "Before you know it, these days become weeks … And these beautiful places will all just be memories." The relativity of their lyrics is just another example of how the members of Campus Carnival are just average college students. "Rugrats" is especially relatable to band manager, Leko, who feels that it reaches the audience on a personal level. "Their music is easy to identify with because the songs are upbeat and fun, while at the same time their lyrics speak some real wisdom," Leko said. Campus Carnival’s energetic sound and meaningful lyrics have placed the band in the limelight, but its fun personality and creative style has positioned it in fans’ hearts. Each member of Campus Carnival is just another student—together they are creating a soundtrack for college life. "I feel like every college kid can relate to lines like these because we’re passionate about the times and experiences we have in college, but it really is gone before you know it," Leko said. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 113


Whether it's crimson, burgundy, scarlet, or poppy, the color of passion is classic and fierce. Shades of red make a bold statement with a hint of danger. Pair a monochromatic ensemble with equally flaming lips and prepare to emerge from the room in a cloud of smoke. 114 | THREAD


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An Ethereal Encounter By MEGHAN SHAMBLEN Photos by JULI PIERANDRI

A mesh canopy caresses two ethereal creatures, adding beauty to the cavity of Mother Nature in winter. Knit scarves and oversized sweaters bring high key to a new level while warming the bones. Vacant stares and perfect hair complete this look when getting lost in the woods. 128 | THREAD


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Tis ‘


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cozy fire and comfy sweaters. Sparkling lights strung all around. Mistletoe hanging from a doorway. A glass of champagne as the clock strikes midnight. Winter is here, and though the snow is piling up and the sun is setting earlier, the best parts of the season have arrived with an invite to a holiday house party. Cheers! 144 | THREAD


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Get all dressed up and ready to wreak havoc. Raise hell in chic evening wear, defeating the dissonance of distressed elegance. Though it's bound to get messy, take out the straight-laced confinement of refined ensembles by breaking the mold and interrupting the structure.


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Love is in the air with classic and iconic looks from some of Hollywood and beyond's most timeless couples. The perfect pairing complements one another perfectly inside and out. Even as romantic feelings seem to fade and time goes on, stylish lovers are hard to forget. There are many famous romantic pairings but these six have withstood the test of time in style.



JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE & BRITNEY SPEARS The pop prince and princess Britney and JT once wowed in head to toe denim before it was cool. They were always in sync, the ultimate early-2000s teen dreams. 178 | THREAD


A sense of humor is always attractive, and Ellen and Portia never seem to be at a loss for laughter. Portia's pretty femininity and Ellen's structured affinity for masculine pieces are a perfect contrast that defy the odds and prove opposites attract.



If you're looking for Helena, you only need to look as far as a film by Tim. The two are a quirky and dark duo that isn't scared to break the rules and take on risky roles.

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Their love story wasn't always peace and love, with Yoko having been the rumored reason for the Beatles breakup. John and Yoko were always willing to throw up the peace sign and stay psychedelic. All you need is love and John and Yoko had it.



Even though he was nothing but a hound dog, their puppy love was enough to keep Elvis and Priscilla the ultimate love story ... for a few years. There may have been trouble in Graceland, but on the red carpet, the gaudy pair never failed to impress.

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ZELDA & F. SCOTT FITZGERALD The old sport and his match were a match made in gilded Art Deco heaven. The roaring '20s twosome were always dapper, and theirs was a love story worth writing novels about.







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"Tattoo (n.): An indelible mark or figure fixed upon the body by insertion of pigment under the skin." The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition for tattoo may explain just what a tattoo is, but it does not capture the incredibly personal side of tattoo art. While indelible means that the marks cannot be easily removed, indelible is also defined as "not able to be forgotten." Many students, professors, and Athens residents bear permanent ink on their skin—the only thing that can be taken to the grave. Not only do these marks boast longevity, but the memories and inspirations behind them often tell a great deal about the canvas’ life, love, and passions. There are four tattoo shops within walking distance in Athens: Decorative Injections, Thunder Bunny Tattoos, Art Apocalypse, and Skin Hooked. All of them are thriving, but that’s not surprising. According to the National Post, the tattoo industry was a $1.65 billion industry in 2013. It’s clear why these artists and shops prosper, because people have a desire to immortalize the art and stories that have shaped them as people. 186 | THREAD

For some, tattoos are a reminder of overcoming adversity and serve as a reminder to stay positive when things get rough. "The most meaningful tattoos to me are my matching ‘I love you’s’ in Italian and French that I got done with my best friend," Jason-Jasmine Armstrong, an Athens resident, said. "They are reminders to ourselves that we are loved and worthy of love and that we love ourselves. We have both suffered from depression and have overcome suicidal tendencies and desires." Professor and Ph.D. student Ashley Hopkins had the words "Be Brave" tattooed above her heart, just one of her 11 tattoos. "The past two years have been pretty difficult for me on many different fronts. Sometimes it’s felt like I’m barely able to keep my head above water, but I’ve somehow managed to keep myself afloat— financially, emotionally, physically and what-have-you. A few months ago things felt particularly tough, so I got ‘Be Brave’ above my heart to remember strength. I think words can be powerful, and it does make me feel stronger. Just getting it made me feel

spotlight style


It does make me feel stronger. Just getting it made me feel stronger." ASHLEY HOPKINS

stronger," Hopkins said. Jake McLelland, a freshman studying education, has two tattoos. The most important of the two is his forearm tattoo that says, "There is nothing ordinary about you," in his own handwriting. That particular tattoo was the result of two very difficult years and one very important high school education teacher. "If I could put into words exactly how the last two years of high school were for me it would contain primarily expletives and some mixture of sad emojis," McLelland said. Between working 40 hour work weeks while attending school to overcome monetary adversity and facing his sister’s depression, McLelland admits he was not doing the best in high school, which only furthered his discontent. "The one enjoyable thing I can pick out of that time was my Introduction to Education class, taught by who would become my favorite teacher of all time 188 | THREAD

and one of the few reasons I made it to college. I walked into her office toward the middle of the semester and told her what I was dealing with and that I didn’t want her to think I was some [jerk] trying to skate through the class, and that was my excuse for turning in ‘average and ordinary’ assignments," McLelland said. After receiving an A on his final project for the class, his assignment was marked with a page long note from the professor who encouraged him to continue his pursuit to become a teacher, ending with, "And last but not least, there is nothing ordinary about you." "So as I’m going through literally the worst time of my life, I get this handwritten message that she sees a spark in me that most people don’t. It was the best thing that could’ve been said to me at the worst time," said McLelland, explaining why it was a nobrainer to get tattooed onto his body.

"Nothing gets better all at once and I have a long road ahead of me, but it’s nice to have a reminder that says, ‘Hey, stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the people who believe in you know that it’s worth it,’" McLelland said. Some tattoos are meant to immortalize life-changing experiences. Claire Chadwick, a junior studying Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, has 11 tattoos, varying in meaning. "There is some degree of meaning behind all of my tattoos but the most meaningful is my half sleeve. I was involved in political protests in Oakland where I was tear gassed and sort of saved a guy’s life. The half sleeve is of a skull head which is a traditional tattoo that means ‘a past life, now changed, never to revert,’" Chadwick said. Junior studying sociology, Nora Yepez-Ornelas had a white ink tattoo on her arm of lyrics from the band Have Heart, after watching a video of its last show. "Before playing ‘Watch Me Rise,’ vocalist Pat Flynn said, ‘You are not a slave to your addictions. You are not a slave to your depression.’ Every single person in the crowd went wild and sitting in my bedroom alone I realized that all of those people felt at some point in their lives what I was feeling. Even watching it years later I get chills. My ‘Watch Me Rise’ tattoo is a reminder to myself that where I was a couple of years in any aspect of my life is not where I am today and where I am today is only a stepping stone of where I will be in the future." Senior Haden DeRoberts zapped his love for his father and brother on his arm. His arm displays pheasant feathers, the mature pheasant feather representing his father and the outer two younger feathers represent his WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 189

brother and himself. "I grew up hunting pheasants together with them, and it has always been a bonding activity for us. Mom is gonna get a piece too, I’m still figuring that one out though." John Stathopoulos, a junior pursuing a degree in specialized studies, decided to immortalize the street on which he grew up. "My first tattoo is the sign of the street I grew up on with some of my best and longest lasting friends. That street will always be dear to me, and I have made some of my fondest memories there between the alleys and porches. My two friends and I got renditions of the same basic concept, except done in different styles and with some different imagery too," Stathopoulos said. Stathopoulos is not the only student with a matching tattoo with his friends or even a tattoo done by friends. Whereas a few of Stathopoulos’ tattoos were stick ’n’ poke, some of his professional tattoos were done by his sister Georgia. Others have trusted their friends to give them stick ’n’ pokes, a do-it-yourself method of tattooing by using a heated up medium sewing needle and a bottle of ink. Those tattoos can be done anywhere; for example, James Schuster, a freshman studying premedia arts and studies, received his third tattoo in James Hall 138. "[It’s] meaningful in the fact that I let someone I care very much about put something permanent on my body," Yepez-Ornelas, who has a stick ‘n’ poke sad ghost tattoo, said. Whether those tattoos were the work of professional artists or stick ’n’ pokes completed in the intimacy of living rooms and bedrooms, it’s clear that the art that people choose to immortalize on their bodies is an intimate window into what people are willing to carry with them forever. 190 | THREAD

That street will always be dear to me, and I have made some of my fondest memories there between the alleys and porches." JOHN STATHOPOULOS







They’re everywhere. They’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, they’re staring from the rack by the check-out line at the grocery store. They rule the media world in circulation and readership. Their colorful covers entice and invite readers to turn their smooth pages. Not many can resist. Magazines. A wide variety of them exists: news, sports, food, housekeeping, health, and fashion.


The fashion magazine industry has undergone serious changes since the early 1900s. Vogue began as a simple magazine to feature illustrations and patterns, but has since transformed to include fashion photography, profiles on prominent designers, and fashion related features. GQ and Esquire soon followed, providing a magazine solely for men’s lifestyle and fashion. According to The Society Pages, Cosmopolitan was originally a publication that featured pieces about improving the home, family, and cooking. Later, it became "a showcase for new fiction and published works by authors." Television’s emergence in 192 | THREAD

society caused the consumer demand for fiction-based publications to decline. In the ‘60s, Helen Gurley Brown became editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan and pushed the magazine’s shift toward sexual freedom for women. The publication’s recent covers showcase attractive women and headline articles for women that give advice for better sex and how to please men. GQ was originally only for men’s fashion, providing trend updates and allowing retailers to make recommendations to male customers. Once the publication was taken over by Art Cooper, he expanded it to include a multitude of subjects transforming it into a general men’s magazine. In order to adjust to the changing face of media and how society gains access to information, magazines shifted from print publications to create a presence online. That increases a publication’s accessibility. Marilyn Greenwald, a magazine feature-writing professor at Ohio University, agrees that that strategy is important to keep



readership and gain new consumers. "A lot of the fashion magazines have been around for a long time so they have entrenched readers that they’ve had for a long time," Greenwald said. "Many of those readers are older but I think to get the younger readers, they have to make sure that they have an engaging online presence. That’s the bottom line to get people so their readers don’t die off."


Condé Nast owns both Vogue and GQ, two high fashion, highbrow publications that have towering presences in print and online. According to its mission statement, "Vogue places fashion in the context of culture and the world we live in—how we dress, live and socialize; what we eat, listen to and watch; who leads and inspires us." That lends itself toward a variety of demographics. Compared to other women’s fashion magazines, Vogue covers the most social issues. "I think Vogue has a lot of news-y stuff, book stuff, and serious culture," Greenwald said. Every year, publications release media kits that contain their mission statements, demographic statistics, advertising prices, and a look into their release schedule for that year. It’s pretty simple to find the media kits for various publications by just Googling it. Vogue’s media kit outlines the profile of its readership by gender, college education, age, and employment status. The amount of print subscribers that have some college education is 66 percent, while 72 percent of online readership is also college educated. Currently, 87.5 percent of Vogue’s subscribers are women, while 12.5 percent are men. This isn’t too 194 | THREAD

surprising, given that much of the content is women’s fashion, culture, and articles that mostly pertain to women. But the featured fashion and runway snapshots that are published are usually out of the price range of an average reader. "I don’t think that you can seriously make the argument other than from a social point of view that it’s going to be lucrative for them to be able to say ‘Hey, you can get it at Target,’" Greenwald said. Gentlemen’s Quarterly claims to be the authority on men. Condé Nast

posts on its site, "With its unique and powerful design, work from the finest photographers and a stable of awardwinning writers, GQ reaches millions

The bible for young women." COSMOPOLITAN

of leading men each month. The only publication that speaks to all sides of the male equation, GQ is simply sharper and smarter."

Seventy-one percent of their print subscribers are male and the online readership is 68 percent male and 32 percent female. Those statistics would be somewhat surprising if GQ didn’t have articles online that integrated women’s voices. The high fashion that GQ features in its issues is no doubt expensive. The average person isn’t usually willing to pay $45 for a white T-shirt from Armani Exchange. So why do people continue to buy and read these magazines? "The people who read these magazines, they want to see the WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 195

196 | THREAD

spotlight style

expensive stuff," Greenwald said. "It’s just a fact. " Cosmopolitan, like GQ does for men, claims to be "the bible for young women," and "delivers sharp, entertaining coverage on work and money, fashion and beauty, health, and relationships, culture, and celebrities." Young women? Cosmo’s media kit reports that the median age of its female readership is 34.7. But the candid sex advice offered through articles in Cosmo seems to be tailored toward younger women, newly graduated from college, and starting families and careers. "[Magazines are] more candid, more unafraid to say something I think in previous years they would’ve been afraid of getting letters, or response from people getting offended," Greenwald said. "I think that’s a reflection of younger readers." Nylon Guys provides its male readers with "a comprehensive read covering a custom blend of what real guys want, from the latest gadgets and cars to apparel and music." Its content and readership reflects that declaration— hardly any female models can be seen in issues or on the site and the large majority of its features are about male celebrities. But the featured male celebrities aren’t all that famous. Nylon Guys provides an alternative-style magazine for the readers who aren’t interested in the mainstream

designers and celebrities, but would rather be enticed by individuals and companies that are small and upand-coming. Its gender demographic profile seems to make the most sense. Of its entire readership, 93 percent is male and 7 percent is female. The content is completely tailored toward men.


Over the years, fashion magazines have transformed from illustrations and fiction writing to hard-hitting culture articles and highbrow fashion photography. But some publications have devolved from in-depth writing to articles about sex advice only for "young women." Vogue and GQ have had dedicated readerships throughout their existence. "A lot of the fashion magazines have been around for a long time so they have entrenched readers that they’ve had for a long time," Greenwald said. That is true—many of the magazines circulating in print are well established with loyal readers. As long as the fashion industry evolves and grows, so will fashion magazines, and vice versa—creating a positive correlation. Fashion magazines are not expected to disappear from circulation with the amount of following and readership they’ve accumulated over the decades. People will always want to see fashion and will always want to read about sex, celebrities.


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chargedattire By JENNA GUYOT Photos PROVIDED

As technology advances, so does fashion. From Apple’s new watch, to solar clothing and the GER mood sweater, fashion is becoming entangled with technology. Newer products are constantly being created, and one can’t possibly guess what’s coming down the fashion pipe.

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The GER mood sweater is wearable technology that displays the feelings of the wearer. Depending on this person’s mood, the sweater will change colors using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is the way the conductance of human skin changes in response to stimuli. The GER mood sweater is a white turtleneck sweater that measures the levels of GSRs present. When calm or at rest, the skin GSR is lower. The technology works by attaching 202 | THREAD

sensors to the users’ hands that are hooked to the collar. The levels of arousal range from calm to excited, starting from the calmest level to the most excited. A green color will show up when the user is most calm, and it represents a tranquil and zen mood. The most excited state displays a yellow color, which represents a feeling of bliss and nirvana. The GER mood sweater was featured in the Digital Fall 2013 Fashion Show in San Francisco. The sweater is expected to appear in stores in March 2015.


The primary use of watches has always been to check the current time, but not anymore. With the advancement of technology, Apple has found a way to incorporate both fashion and practicality. In September of 2015, Apple will release the iWatch. There are many unique features that will make communicating with others even more efficient. The watch allows its wearer to sketch or draw something quickly on the screen, and a friend on the other end can watch the drawing animate and

then respond back with a custom drawing. The watch also includes a heartbeat feature. When its user presses two fingers to the screen, a built-in heart rate sensor records and monitors one’s heartbeat. Not only does the iWatch allow for innovative communication, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. With an all-day fitness tracker, the device uses an accelerometer to measure the user’s total body movement. Another Apple feature of the iWatch is Passbook. It allows users to keep WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 203

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tickets, boarding passes, and loyalty cards in one place. Consumers will also be able to securely use their credit and debit cards, and their personal card numbers will never be shared with merchants. Instead, iWatch creates a specific device account number for each card. That device account number is used to process payments.


In the bustling modern world, phone batteries are constantly running empty. With solar clothing, fashion is being combined with charging capabilities. A coat and dress have been designed that place solar cells close to the body. The coat incorporates 48 rigid solar cells into the fabric, and the dress contains 72. If the clothing is worn in the sun for an hour it can store enough energy to allow a typical smartphone to be at 50 percent charge. Now that fossil fuels are depleting, it’s time that someone come up with a visible and sustainable solution. Solar clothing is a revolutionary way to combine fashion and technology by utilizing the biggest source of energy—the sun. Fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen’s inspiration for this innovative clothing stemmed from society’s dependence on connectivity. She knows we want our smartphones powered. With a touchscreen watch, solarpowered clothing, and the GER mood sweater, advancement in technology is only going to make for more reliable, tech-savvy fashion in the future.


multitaskers By CATHERINE LU Photos PROVIDED

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spirations of living like the rich and famous are not uncommon in our entertainment-obsessed culture. The fashion conscious fantasize about owning the latest designs from the runway. The wanderers crave spontaneous adventures in distant and faraway lands. But for the rest of society, the secret of how celebrities manage to keep their figure and health in tact while juggling an insane schedule was kept safe behind closed doors. It all seemed like an elusive dream, only possible if one could somehow achieve the seemingly otherworldly status of celebrity. With the emergence of several celebrity lifestyle blogs like Blake Lively’s Preserve and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, it’s now possible to emulate the Hollywood elite. Gwyneth Paltrow, an Oscar winner for the film "Shakespeare in Love," launched her lifestyle website, Goop, in the fall of 2008. Perhaps most recognized for her role in the "Iron Man" movies as Pepper Potts, the titular character’s love interest, Paltrow is credited for sparking debate regarding the site’s focus on macrobiotic diets and parenting habits. Her site is often criticized for its smug and condescending undertones.

Readers are often treated to advice that is not even applicable to their lives. For example, Paltrow’s fashion tips leave much to be desired (monetarily), because many of the products she promotes are on the pricier side. Although the site has been routinely ridiculed by critics for its inability to relate to the public at large, Paltrow refuses to let the disparaging remarks stop her from expanding. In 2013, she collaborated with fashion designer Michael Kors to create a limited-edition clothing line, which was sold on Goop in an effort to reach a larger consumer base. Following in Paltrow’s virtual footsteps, "Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively recently produced her own website, Preserve, which launched in July 2014. Yet it isn’t the standard celebrity lifestyle website. It doesn’t give instructions on how to live like the "Savages" star. "[I’m] not trying to show you the perfect life or the aspirational life," Lively said in an interview for Vogue in July 2014. "It’s not about me. And it’s not about watching my journey of learning how-to, it’s about me sharing that with you so we all sort of learn together." Rather than promoting the actress, the website spotlights individuals across America who create vintage


210 | THREAD

I love getting dressed up, [taking] pictures and I love inspiring other people, so it doesn’t really feel like a job." JAMIE CHUNG


items. Provoking a sense of nostalgia for the simpler times, Lively hand picks the items sold on her site. From women’s fashion including trench cloaks to home décor consisting of clocks and candles, there is absolutely no doubt she is focused on bringing greater appreciation to the small pleasures in life. "People want to get back to the magic of smaller, special, and handmade. We grew up getting every bit of information we needed instantly. So we want to know the backstory," Lively said in the Vogue interview. "People want things with meaning. I know that because I want that. This space doesn’t exist, so I’m creating it." Her love for items that have a "fairytale aspect, but with a sinister twist," is evident, as everything from herbal fragrances and yoga mats to candles is available on the site. Jamie Chung, best known for her role in "The Hangover" series, runs a fashion blog that features her travels and latest outfits. "I try to post two times a week. It’s

212 | THREAD

fun for me," Chung said in an interview with the entertainment show "Extra." Through social media, including Facebook and Instagram, she frequently promotes the site to entice fans with her adventures abroad in cities like Saigon or showcase fashion from around the world. In Saigon, she shot stunning photographs while biking through the countryside, and even documented the chaotic streets teeming with motorcyclists. In addition, Chung captured the rustic lifestyles of the Vietnamese by eating local foods such as pho and durian. "I love getting dressed up, [taking] pictures and I love inspiring other people, so it doesn’t really feel like a job," she said. "But it keeps me busy." Before the Internet, the dreams of living like a celebrity were just that— dreams. Today, countless lifestyle blogs are giving a how-to guide on stardom and a show-and-tell of certain celebrities’ worlds. Armed with the insider scoop on the latest trends, we now have the potential to live our own wild adventures.

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he ability to stream entertainment at any moment from Netflix and Hulu has caused people to become incredibly engaged with their favorite shows. For some, it’s difficult to get up from the computer and reconnect with reality after becoming absorbed into the lives of fabulous television characters. Trying to keep up with this obsession, more designers and retail companies are creating collections inspired by the small screen. Whether one’s preference is watching "Scandal," enjoying reruns of "Mad Men," or the suspenseful reality of "The Voice," viewers can embody their favorite onscreen characters.


Doesn’t everyone wish they were good enough to be Team Adam, Gwen, Pharrell, or Blake? For those born without singing talent, stylists Erin Hirsh and Joleen Garnett have the solution in the form of a "The Voice" inspired collection. Oversized prints paired with a Kohl’s faux leather coat, can show one’s inner R&B star quality. Fans of this show tend to have bias toward one contestant or another, and Kohl's is a store that caters to a very diverse range of fans. By purchasing some of the looks created by the show’s stylists, "The Voice" fans can look good enough to get the judges to turn their chairs. The better singers on the show tend to have quite the vocal range, and Kohl’s enforces that through its own range of fashion.

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SCANDAL AND THE LIMITED For those inspired by Kerry Washington’s revolutionary "Scandal" character, Olivia Pope, The Limited has the answers. Washington’s powerful character inspires everyday people to be as poised and confident as her. The Limited is a convenient retailer located in almost every mall, and "Scandal" fans can get their hands on clothes that enforce that feeling of empowerment for a good price. Plaid capes, flare-leg trouser pants and checkered trench coats, give off a

216 | THREAD

feminine vibe that isn’t too girlish, which describes the feelings of many women nowadays. With the vibe of "Scandal" and today’s women’s movements, many females feel as if they have to choose between brains or beauty. "Scandal" allows women to have both. The collection’s colors are soft and delicate, and the structured tailoring demands attention from those in the workplace. Pope is fabulous and fearless, and now her fans can follow that inspirational lead.

BANANA REPUBLIC AND MAD MEN One can return to the classic and slick 1960s with Banana Republic’s "Mad Men" inspired collection. Trends tend to repeat themselves especially when TV shows are set in the past. This collection adds a modern twist to the characters’ signature styles, as specified by the collection’s name "Mad for Mod." The line includes bright and innovative colored prints, resembling the aesthetics of Pucci and Carnaby Street. The collection was designed by the show’s head stylist Janie Bryant in

collaboration with Banana Republic. If one wants to emulate Megan Draper’s sultry style, then this collection can help with a mod silk shirtdress. Fans can express the put-together meets playful style of this era through other great pieces like dapper three-piece suits, sleek belted cocktail dresses, and classic fitted polo shirts. Luckily, the fantasies of being a strong television character can become a reality with the stylish and accurate pieces found at average retail stores. WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 217


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evolvingthreads By PERRI CAMELLA Illustrations by JESSICA SHOKLER


rom the coalmines of California to the runways of Paris, denim has come a long way since the coining of its name as the workingman’s uniform. Although first worn in Europe by wealthy workingmen during the 1700s, fashion designers worldwide can thank Levi Strauss for first introducing denim jeans to the U.S. in 1890. When the company created its first pair of traditional Levi 501 Jeans, they had no idea it would go on to influence fashion for decades to come. Gaining popularity after bad boy James Dean was seen rocking a pair of jeans in "Rebel Without A Cause," denim became synonymous with youth and style. The ‘60s saw a skinnier cut that was popular among rock bands and musicians like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Intervening on the journey to a skinny fit, the ‘70s created a whole new meaning for jeans—transforming the slim cut into bellbottoms. They represented that generation’s carefree persona with the

addition of colorful patchwork. The ‘80s introduced acid washing and the denim on denim look that has recently regained popularity. Decorated with brightly colored paintings and sparkly rhinestones, the jean jacket was nothing short of an individual’s own work of art. Associated with the introduction of techno and house music, it is no wonder ‘80s style jeans introduced the tightest fit yet. The high-waisted style (skinny ankles with rips and holes) was undoubtedly made to show every curve while shaking to Madonna and Queen’s greatest tunes. Jeans were worn to make a statement and symbolized the generation’s nonconformist attitude. The '90s opted for a cleaner look, doing away with bellbottoms and embellished jeans, and moving toward a baggier fit to correspond with the newly introduced dance-pop music. Although denim never went out of style, the introduction of khaki and branded sportswear became prominent in the ‘90s and periodically


outshined denim. After being featured in Chanel, Dior, and Versace’s summer 1999 collections, denim made a comeback. Originally considered a cheaper piece of apparel, fashion designers have found a way to make jeans and denim pieces a pricier option. Versace introduced a daring look with a waxed effect denim jacket seen in their Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show. The jacket, available in dark red or green, paves the way for a trend unseen in the past: colored jean jackets. Dolce & Gabbana featured a selection of minimally distressed,

skinny blue jeans in their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. A floral pair, reminiscent of ‘90s chick Kelly Kapowski from "Saved By The Bell," was also included in the collection. Burberry went for an equally attention-grabbing look while choosing an assortment of colorful skinny jeans for their 2014 collection. Yellow, green, and red—the collection has it all. Careful to create a more modern look compared to the ‘80s bright jean style, Burberry paired both men and women’s colored jeans with a neutral colored top. Whether it be diamond details,








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custom alterations, or just a brand name that increases the price of the piece, one can’t help but wonder if more costly options are better quality. In an interview with ABC News, Elle magazine’s fashion news director Anne Slowey said the biggest benefit of spending more on a denim piece is its longevity. The bigger the number on the price tag, the more durable the fabric and color. Whether designers have convinced everyone of this theory is a different story. Before the late 1900s, there wasn’t an array of designers selling high priced denim to consumers. Jeans

were simple but each generation made them their own. Jump to 2014 and high-waisted pants are back. Jean jackets are still in, overalls are now casual street wear, and distressed jeans are more popular than ever. It seems this generation has a case of nostalgia, or maybe just a vast acceptance and respect for each generation’s individual flair. What’s made denim consistently popular in each decade is its versatility. First introduced as a pant, denim has transformed into hats, book bags, shirts, and dresses. It has proven worthy of evolution.








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he fashion world suffered a great loss on Oct. 20 with the loss of haute couture designer Oscar de la Renta at the age of 82. It was not initially clear what the cause of de la Renta’s death was, although the designer was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. His wife later confirmed to The New York Times that the fashion legend passed away from cancer complications. The Dominican designer had been a staple in fashion since his brand launched in 1965. Even after he left the island, the Dominican Republic always served as an inspiration to the designer and added exotic flair to his work. He was known for his elegant, feminine designs and clean shapes. The designer was a fan of detail, with many collections featuring embroidery, appliqués, flowers, feathers, and patterns. Every woman he dressed was perfectly tailored for her body. De la Renta dressed several first ladies including Jacqueline Kennedy and numerous celebrities including Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, and his good friend Sarah Jessica Parker. De la Renta designed the gown Parker wore to this past year’s Met Gala. It was a full black and white ball gown with a simple but elegant black crisscross panel in the train and his iconic signature in red along the bottom. With a career that spanned half a century, couture won’t be the same without him. At 18, de la Renta left the Dominican Republic to study abstract art at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, Spain. While there, he discovered fashion was his true passion and decided to switch focus. His first big moment was designing a dress for the daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to Spain, which landed on the cover of Life magazine. Around that time he received an apprenticeship


with Cristobal Balenciaga, a legendary fashion house in Spain. After his time at Balenciaga, de la Renta vacationed in Paris. Immediately following his arrival, he was offered a job at Lanvin, another major fashion house. He spent two years there and honed his craft. At Lanvin, de la Renta learned how to tailor and defined his style. After two years, he moved to New York City to begin work as a designer for Elizabeth Arden. Working for Arden was a step toward creating his own brand, and he launched his own work shortly after. De la Renta was known for his tailored trousers, gorgeous gowns, suit 226 | THREAD

ensembles, classic forms, and attention to detail. All of these characteristics are what made his work unique. His iconic style brought some powerful friends and fans. The designer dressed former first ladies Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush. Michelle Obama had held out on wearing the designer until recently when she hosted the Fashion Education Workshop at the White House in early October. The First Lady wore a knee-length cocktail dress that was adorned with blue and white flower embroidery. He also recently designed the wedding dress for Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney’s new WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 227

wife. Vogue featured a stunning portrait of Alamuddin in her wedding dress with de la Renta in the issue following the wedding. De la Renta showed his last collection at New York Fashion Week in September. The Spring 2015 collection had a little bit of everything: fitted pants, suits, tea dresses and more of his breathtaking and signature ball gowns. The line was

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very feminine with lace, gingham prints, pastels, floral details, and feathers. It was classic de la Renta and a stunning representation of his work. Although he is gone, the legendary designer’s reputation of class and elegance will live on. De la Renta lived to dress sophisticated, powerful women. His passion was evident in every collection he designed, and his style was

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always recognizable on the red carpet. His gowns could range from highly structured and detailed to minimalistic. He understood women and their bodies more than many designers ever do. De la Renta was a class act and beloved by many. A private memorial was held for de la Renta and was attended by the Clintons, Charlie Rose, Hugh Jackman, Mat-

thew Broderick, Barbara Walters, and Diane Sawyer to name a few. Other designers also attended to pay their respects, including Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan. During the service, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour read a poem titled, "He is Gone." The outpouring of respect showed his impact.


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ravis, Stewart, and Kohl, the "Krochet Kids," are three guys empowering many women around the world. Krochet Kids International is a non-profit company established in 2008. They pride themselves on helping impoverished women by supplying women with resources that give them the opportunity to rise above poverty. Krochet Kids Intl. was created way before the young men even realized their hobby could turn into something 232 | THREAD

more. The three men coined their nickname, the Krochet Kids, in high school. Kohl, the CEO and co-founder, learned how to crochet so he could make hats to wear while participating in winter sports. Once he mastered the art, he decided to teach his two best friends, Travis and Stewart. Once they started sporting their new handmade gear in school, everyone wanted to get a Krochet Kids creation. Soon their peers started requesting orders—the three friends had unintentionally start-

ed a small business. As sales started getting hot, the men were graduating high school and going their own separate ways; the Krochet Kids were out of business. Years passed, but the men found themselves reunited by a common goal: to help women rise above poverty. One summer during college, Stewart went to Uganda where he experienced firsthand how impoverished women lived. When he returned, he shared his story. The three men knew

they had to do something to help. They decided to teach the impoverished women of Uganda and Peru an art they learned many years ago—crochet. The Krochet Kids were back in business and better than before. The Krochet Kids Intl. business plan is focused on helping people in need. As a non-profit, they are able to integrate financial investments and resources into program initiatives that are focused on empowerment. This gives the company an opportunity to provide their global staff, donors, and customers with the reason Krochet Kids Intl. exists—to create a lifelong impact on people in need. Their unique three step plan focuses on creating change. First, they create a job so the women can support their families. Next they educate them so the women can live without outside aid. Finally they provide mentorship to help each woman create a successful career for her future. In Northern Uganda and Peru, Krochet Kids Intl. helps over 185 women and their families. At each program they use a fair income to relieve poverty instantly and provide further training to ensure a stable future for these women. They work with each crocheter for a minimum of three years in order to guarantee adequate training and mentorship. The ultimate goal is to offer financial stability and enough knowledge to be independent and successful members of the local economy. Women are first divided into teams. Each team has a leader in charge of managing the group, and every group member is responsible for meeting their crochet quota. Each Krochet Kids Intl. product is unique. These women take pride in their work and sign the tag on every piece they create. Every product sold has a different name on WWW.OUTHREADMAG.COM | 233

the inside of the tag. This gives the customer a special bond with their product. To know the exact name of the woman who created the product gives the consumer an altruistic feeling. The products Krochet Kids Intl. create are not only high quality, but also stylish. They have products available to men, women, and children including hats, scarves, bags, and pocket tees. The prices range from almost twenty to sixty-five dollars, which is reasonable for the quality of the products. Their signature items are loose knit hats, slouchy beret beanies, and tribal print travel bags with leath234 | THREAD

er details. The 2014 holiday look book consists of black, grey, mustard orange, and maroon relaxed fit crochet hats, oversized leather travel bags, cable knit scarves and headbands. Something that started as a simple hobby turned into an international organization that creates jobs, selfworth and strength for impoverished women. Kohl, Stewart, and Travis have dedicated their lives and business to helping others. It is not merely a "nice thing to do," but rather an obligation that they took to assist the less fortunate and create a better and more caring world for all.

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coloredhair RANT By MEGAN LAIRD

I am all for individuality. The ability to be yourself, express yourself, and do what you want while not caring what the haters say is important. But, if dying your hair cotton candy blue is expressing yourself, I am urging you to find a new method. There are countless times that I have passed someone on the street and shuddered at the hair they were sporting. Especially when the only other thing I notice besides your Kesha-colored hair is the obnoxiously obvious regrowth. In the event that you are going to jump on the colored hair bandwagon, at least commit to it. Regrowth happens whether your hair is auburn or aqua. But when it happens to be aqua, your regrowth makes me cry or "borderline vomit." The only thing worse than teal hair is faded teal hair with a side of regrowth. On top of the fact that it isn’t attractive, I find myself wondering how many times a day you have to deep condition your locks for them to not fall out at the slightest touch. I understand the concept behind your abnormally colored head—you are unique, exciting, and societal norms don’t get you down. Whatever the reason may be, I can promise it isn’t working. There is such a thing in the world of fashion and beauty as "too much" and I am here to say that colored hair is definitely it. Your crazy colors are not only frying your locks but also my eyes. So jump off that bandwagon and find a less visually assaulting way to prove to us that you’re no Plain Jane.

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Everyone is born with some shade of brown, black, blond, or red hair. But throughout people’s lives they may dye it other shades or colors to freshen things up. Within the past few years unnatural colors have become more and more popular. From blue to purple, pink to green, and other colors in between, people are rocking these bright colors all around campus. Although crazy colors go against what society views as "normal," I’m here to advocate that normal is boring and wild colors are not. Unnaturally colored hair is beautiful. Pastel pinks, purples, bold blues, and reds are simply gorgeous. These colors make people emulate mystical creatures like a mermaid or a fairy in the best way possible. Even though these colors are becoming more popular, you don’t see them 24/7, which is why they still grab your attention. Unusual hair colors are a great method of self-expression. It shows off someone’s bold and fun personality and that they aren’t afraid of what people think. People who are confident enough to try different hues in their hair are the kind of people we should strive to be. The boys and girls that rock wild colors don’t fear society’s norms and want to stand out in a crowd. If it weren’t for these brave people, we would all look exactly the same. What fun would it be to live in a world where we all looked the same? So why blend in with some dull shade of brown or blond when you can stand out with a vibrant red or pastel purple? Be bold and add some color—you’ll rock it. Illustration by KAYLA BREEDEN



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