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Hip Hip Hooray for Independence Day! Magazine


San Antonio is Military City USA and July is the month we celebrate our nation’s independence. With that in mind, we here at Our Kids Magazine want to give an extra big thank you to our men and women in uniform and their families. We also want to Magazine send out extra hopes and prayers for the safety of all those family members serving overseas and on the seas who risk everything every day to keep us all safe here at home. If you and your family want to take part in area Independence Day celebrations and show your support, you can check our calendar for some options. Despite consumer education on fireworks safety, every year thousands are injured Magazine - some seriously - by these very means of celebration. So, if you are planning to celebrate this 4th of July with a bang, please read Kimberly Blaker’s article on the “do’s and don’ts” when handling fireworks to help keep your family safe as we celebrate this important day. And, since we are on the topic of independence, this month’s issue also includes Magazine an insightful article by Sarah Lyons which lists “10 Skills to Know Before Age 10”. All kids are different. Some are just born with the “Let me do it” attitude while others prefer more help from their parents. Lyon’s article will give you some ideas about how to help foster independence now in youngsters that can help them as they grow towards adulthood. As summer drags on, you may be worried about your kids losing hard-won academics skills over the summer. If so, check out Sara Marchessault’s article “Use It or Lose It” which has 6 project ideas to keep their skills fresh and ready for next school year. Speaking of the next school year, another good read is Gayla Grace’s “Helping Kids Face Back to School Fears”. Sometimes it’s academic fears, sometimes it is social fears, but either way, Grace supplies some strategies to help you help your kids to be ready for the inevitable return to school.

Rudy Riojas

Be Safe and Happy Reading!

Our Kids Publisher

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August 5- 13, 2017


Kidcation Week is the time of the year when the city rolls out the red carpet for kids of all ages, transforming San Antonio into a citywide playground. Families can enjoy money-saving deals and free activities throughout the town. Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

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No Playing Around Fireworks Do’s and Don’ts Fireworks related injuries are on the rise despite consumer education about the dangers. This is according to the results of a Special Study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for the year 2015. That year alone there were 11 fatalities. In addition, there were 11,900 injuries involving fireworks treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms. Eight thousand of these occurred in the 1-month period surrounding the 4th of July. Boys had a somewhat higher rate of injuries than girls, 61% to 39% respectively. The groups with the highest rate of emergency room treated injuries were ages 15 to19 followed by 5 to 9-year-olds. Still, children in other age groups and even adults suffer a fair share of injuries each year. Adults over 25 years of age in all age groups constitute 46% of fireworks related injuries. The Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworks, coordinated by the National Fire Protection Association urges the public to play it safe and forego the use of fireworks and instead enjoy fireworks displays conducted by trained professionals. This seems like sound advice. Still, it is not something everyone will adhere to. So be cognizant of the safety tips recommended by such organizations as The National Council on Fireworks Safety,, and the National Safety Council. ■■Abide by local laws regarding fireworks.

■■Read all information that comes with the fireworks before

igniting them. If none is available, research online.

■■Do not allow young children to handle fireworks.

Sparklers heat up to 2,000 degrees and are responsible for serious injuries every year.


Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

By Kimberly Blaker

■■Always closely supervise older children using fireworks.

■■Have a hose or bucket of water nearby in case of fire or to

fully extinguish fireworks that don’t go off.

■■Never try to re-light a firework that doesn’t work. Wait 20

minutes then soak it in a bucket of water. ■■Never shoot them out of glass or metal containers. ■■Do not use homemade fireworks. ■■Wear safety glasses when shooting them off. ■■Do not carry fireworks in your pockets. ■■Never aim fireworks toward another person or animal. ■■Light them one at a time and then move away quickly. ■■Do not drink or use drugs prior to or while igniting fireworks. ■■Let off fireworks only in clear areas away from buildings and vehicles. ■■Keep fireworks stored in a cool place. ■■Keep pets and animals away from the sound of the fireworks.

Finally, the advent of camera phones and the popularity of social media has encouraged fireworks pranks. Kids, and even sometimes adults, think they can safely prank a friend or family member by igniting a firework in close proximity. Despite seeing videos in which no one was injured, the risk is high, and often does lead to injury. Make sure children and teens understand that fireworks pranks should never be done and can result in serious injury. Kimberly Blaker, of Michigan, is a realtor and an author and freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in more than 200 newspapers, parenting and women’s magazines, and other publications throughout the U.S FRIEND US @

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Book and Lyrics by Marcy Heisler Adapted from the Junie B. Jones Series of books by Barbara Park Music by Zina Goldrich JUNIE B. JONES THE MUSICAL is presesnted through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

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Use it or Lose it: 6 Ideas to Retain More This Summer By Sara Marchessault

Are you worried about what your kids will lose over the summer? They just spent nine to ten months strengthening reading skills, writing longer sentences, and practicing math that gets steadily more complex. Now they have an 8-12 week break in the regular application of those skills. What can you do over the summer to make sure they retain as much as possible? Here are 6 project ideas to keep their skills fresh and ready for next school year.

Write and publish an original story. From a young age, we introduce children to the magic of reading. Many of them fall in love with stories and start making their own books. These handmade books might start with stapling together pictures and progress to writing, editing, and typing. To take this even further, learn to selfpublish an original book using an on-demand print service. The process of writing and editing original stories and learning how to self-publish takes time. It’s a great way to emphasize skills learned in school, and to practice completing a large project with lots of steps. 8

Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

Take a kid planned trip.

Ready to put some of those geography and math skills to work? Invite your child to plan a trip for the family to enjoy. Planning a trip can include exploring with a map, choosing a location, deciding on a budget, determining the best way to travel, and tracking expenses on the trip. Along the way other skills can be used too. You can use travel guides to decide what to do on your trip. Your kids can keep a journal of their experiences. They could even experiment with video on this trip. At the end of your trip, go over the miles traveled and review with your kids how well your family stuck to the budget.

Become an expert.

Is your kid interested in bugs? Bears? Beans? What would they love to get their hands into? Is it time to send away for a science kit to dissect your own frogs? Or is it perhaps an opportune season to put your kid in charge of planning and executing a garden? Have you got one obsessed with flight who would love to learn more about how a plane gets off the ground and into the air? To learn about anything, you can explore online, or visit your local library. Invite your child to learn about something new, to take notes on that something, FRIEND US @

EDUCATION GUIDE and to create a display or report to share it. This might be the perfect time to learn a new software, such as PowerPoint or Keynotes or Prezi. How can they share what they’ve learned?

High School Diploma Or GED Program

Grades 9-12 4 Hour Sessions

AM Session 7:45 am - 11:53 am

Engage in a service project. This usually requires going outside of your general everyday routine. It can be as simple as helping the elderly woman across the street by weeding and maintaining her flower beds or as in depth as signing up for a local project with AmeriCorps or United Way for the summer. How would your child like to give back? Clean up trash in the park? Work with younger kids who need help learning to read? Service is a wonderful way to give back, as well as to practice the application of skills used in school.

Publish a blog or vlog (video based blog). Maintaining a blog or vlog is a great way of practicing the skills needed for clearly communicating ideas. Blogs or vlogs can be topic based, where the publisher posts articles or videos on one specific topic, or they can be a public journal that shares the everyday adventures or observations of the creator’s life. Many are some of each. There are free sites that will help a young person start an original blog or vlog. Simply search for “free blog sites” to see several choices. By maintaining a blog or vlog, kids can practice writing, editing, and honing their message. With video this would also include speaking and using video recording equipment. This requires communication and technical skills, both of which are great to practice over the summer. You can even bring math into play by studying the analytics of a blog.

Make something to sell. Do you have a budding entrepreneur in your midst? If so, consider what they can make to sell. I know an 11-year old girl who makes stuffed animals and sells them through a local retailer. She is learning about quality, buying supplies to make her product, charging enough to cover her cost and labor, and tracking her profits. What does your child make, or would they like to make, that they could make well enough to sell? This can be a practice in creativity that grows into real-life application of math skills. What other ideas can you think of for a summer project? When you’re choosing a project for the summer, make sure to let your kids take ownership – and keep it fun! The more fun it is, the more likely they are to stick to it, and the more they’ll get out of the experience. By the time fall rolls around, they’ll be ready to jump into a new school year.

• No Tuition or Uniforms • Accredited • Small Classes • Graduation Acceleration • Credit Recovery • Personal Attention • Safe Environment • School Supplies Provided

PM Session 12:45 pm - 4:53 pm

(210) 299-1025 1325 N. Flores, Suite 100 San Antonio, TX 78212

Come be a part of the Educator Effectiveness Process!


General Ed., Special Ed., Gifted-And-Talented

Differentiated Education

for children with anxiety, learning challenges such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or autism, or those simply needing a small class environment. We place students in learning groups based on ability not age.

Apply Online Today! | 210-690-4800 12746 Cimarron Path #120, San Antonio TX 78249

The PREP is a Private Preschool delivering a unique education from 6 Weeks to Pre-Kindergarten as well as Afterschool Programs & Summer Camp.

Sara Marchessault is a writer, journal designer, and teacher. Her latest book, Beyond Pen & Paper: 33 Experiments in Journaling, gives readers ideas for getting the benefits of journal writing beyond the habit of conventional journaling. Sara and her family moved twice in one year, keeping them all just a little busier than usual. Learn more about her work at Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

July 2017 |



Helping Kids Face Back to School Fears By Gayla Grace

“Mom, I’m not sure I should have signed up for Calculus and AP English,” says Adam, a high school junior. “I’ve heard both classes are really hard at my school.” Adam, a smart student who doesn’t want to disappoint his parents, lacks confidence in his ability to keep up with the work required in his upcoming classes. His main fear centers around academics. Adam’s younger sister, Avery, is entering middle school and she’s nervous about her new school environment. Avery doesn’t make friends easily and many of her friends will be going to a different middle school. She worries about who she’ll eat lunch with and whether she’ll have anyone to talk to in the mornings. Avery’s fears are focused on the social aspects of school. As our kids head back to school, they have fears that range from finding the right bus after school to whether they’ll pass all their classes to graduate. A child’s personality, learning style, academic needs, social and emotional development as well as prior school experiences contribute to their specific fears and how they handle them.  As parents, we can help our kids adjust to upcoming changes and cope with whatever fears they face with the following strategies:

Acknowledge the Fear

Minimize Drama Surrounding the Fear Adam’s fear of passing Calculus might bring up memories of our own failures in high school. When these thoughts surface, it’s best to tread cautiously on how much we say. Positive statements that remind Adam of his previous successes in difficult classes will help dissipate his fears. Brainstorming ideas, such as using a tutor or his brainy friend next door when necessary, will empower him past his fear. Watching children struggle with fear sends many parents into rescue mode. Instead of helping them face their fear, the parent finds a way of escape. Adam doesn’t need to enroll in a different class because he’s nervous about Calculus. He needs reminders of how he has succeeded in the past and encouragement that will enable him to plunge through. “It’s a wise parent who realizes not only that our children watch us and repeat our words, but they also take their cues about how to react to life from us,” says Sherry Surratt in her Thriving Family article, “Mom, I’m Scared.” If we Northeast

ay ?

When our kids recognize and put words to their fears, we can then help them cope. Questions from Avery’s mom like, “What are you concerned about as you start middle school-the lunch period, making new friends?” will get Avery talking. As she expresses her fears, her mom can acknowledge them by saying, “I know it can be scary to start a new school. Do you remember when we first moved here and how well you adjusted to your new school, new church, and new soccer program in the community?” She could

also remind Avery of her wide base of friends in elementary school and encourage her to talk about how she made friends before. If a child has had a challenging or traumatic issue at school, it’s important to acknowledge the problem and help the child separate the past from the present. For instance, just because Avery encountered a mean-girl friendship last year that shattered her confidence doesn’t mean she can’t equip herself to manage it better in middle school. Stressful situations provide opportunities for kids to practice life skills, and with our support and words of wisdom, those skills carry into adulthood.

(210) 655-6941

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Toddlers 3 Healthy Meals a Day After School

Outside Playtime 10

Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

What W il l


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D is cov er

Pre-K 6:30am-6:30pm Monday-Friday


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A THRIVING K-8 Faculty TUITION FREE · Outstanding A THRIVING K-8 CHARTER SCHOOL · Nurturing Environment TUITION FREE • College Preparatory Curriculum · Daily Hebrew Language Class CHARTER SCHOOL • Daily Hebrew Language Class · Convenient North San Antonio Location12500 N.W. Military Hwy. • Outstanding Faculty • Nurturing Environment · College Preparatory Curriculum February 1-28, 2017 • Convenient North SanApplications Antonio Location · Outstanding FacultyAccepting for limited number of Fall 2017 seats. · Nurturing Environment

Accepting Applications February, 1-28 2018 For morenumber information, please visit 2018 seats. for limited of Fall · Convenient North San Antonio Location For more information, please visit 12500 N.W. Military Hwy. Or call us atcall1-28, Accepting Applications February 2017 or 210-302-6900 · Daily Hebrew Language Class

210-302-6900 for limited number of Fall 2017 seats.

For more information, please visit “We believe the greatest strengths of MSSA are Or call us at its challenging academic curriculum, emphasis 210-302-6900 on grace and courtesy, and an environment that instills respect for others.” – MSSA Parent

12500 N.W. Military Hwy.

PK-3 THROUGH 8TH GRADE MSSA admits students of any race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin.

17722 Rogers Ranch Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78258 - 210.492.3553

What Are You Doing This Summer? SUMMER CAMP . . . Join us for an incredible Summer Camp experience! • Kinder – 13 Years • Kids’ Choice Special Interest Clubs

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EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS . . . We offer a fully accredited, innovative educational program in a beautiful state-of-the-art facility, where a warm and caring staff utilizes a professional curriculum and the very best in educational toys and equipment! • Full & Part Time: Infants – Age 13 • Drop-Ins Accepted • After School care with pick-up from area schools


• Waterpark & Splash Deck• Soccer Field • Adventure Jungle Indoor Playground • 1950's-Style Soda Shop for Cooking & Science Projects • Country Home Movie Theater • Putt-Putt Golf Course • Arts/Crafts Lab & Computer Lab • Large Indoor Gym & Basketball Court • Student Accounts • iPad Station & Interactive Whiteboard • Horseback Riding, Petting Zoo, & Inflatable Water Slides at Country Home’s Adventure Quest


Full & Part Time for Preschool, Afterschool & Summer Camp!

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July 2017 |


EDUCATION GUIDE over-react, we send messages of worry that can enable our children›s fear.» We hinder our children from the maturing process when we magnify the problem and take over to solve it. Facing fears and learning how to cope with stressful situations is a normal part of healthy development.

Teach Your Child to Ask for Help In a new school environment, it’s likely that Avery fears getting lost in the halls. First-day anxiety can be relieved by teaching her that help is only one question away. Teachers are prepared to help new students navigate large buildings with hard-to-find classrooms. Older students can also provide friendly guidance to newcomers. School counselors are equipped to provide assistance when students need answers to more difficult situations. If Avery encounters bullying from mean girls, asking for a counselor’s help alerts school administration of a problem that might need addressing on a larger scale and protects Avery from behavior that could escalate. Reminding kids they don’t have to face their fears alone gives them confidence to face a new environment and walk through challenging situations.

Help Your Child Build Resiliency Children who have a resilient attitude fare better with whatever life presents. Parents can’t predict every


Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

circumstance a child will encounter, but we can help nurture strong attributes. The American Psychological Association offers the following ten tips to help build resilience in children and teens. ( ■■Make connections (friends, family support, church) ■■Have him or her help others (contribution) ■■Maintain a daily routine ■■Take a break (when overly stressed or worried) ■■Teach your child self-care ■■Move toward your goals ■■Nurture a positive self-view ■■Keep things in perspective and maintain a hopeful outlook ■■Look for opportunities for self-discovery ■■Accept that change is part of living   Resiliency enables our kids to face their fears head on and gives them confidence to overcome them. Back to school fears are real and kids need help coping with what worries them. As parents, we can help our children adjust to upcoming change and face their fears by modeling and teaching healthy development skills and coping strategies.   Gayla Grace holds a master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling and has coached her five kids through an assortment of back to school fears.




BASIS Texas Schools 3 locations MEDICAL CENTER 8519 Floyd Curl San Antonio, TX 78240 NORTH CENTRAL 318 E. Ramsey Rd San Antonio, TX 78216 FUTURE BASIS CENTER 117 S. Winston Lane San Antonio, TX 78213

Bright Ideas Enrichment Center 9433 Frederickburg Road 210-694-4622

At BASIS charter schools, our nationallyranked, internationally-acclaimed curriculum is founded on the notion that any student can be taught to love learning. Students are always prepared for their next level of education thanks to our passionate and supportive subject expert K–12 teachers, and our STEM-inspired, AP®-infused, accelerated liberal arts curriculum.

Eleanor Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy 12500 NW Military Hwy, #150 San Antonio, TX 78231 210-302-6900

EKHLA is a K - 8 open enrollment public charter school with a partial immersion Hebrew Language focus. We offer a rich and innovative curriculum, with passionate teachers and extraordinary student support. Our dedicated teachers know their students individually. We educate the whole student to be gracious, kind and tolerant. Our goal is to develop curious lifelong learners who have a sense of responsibility to the world.

We realize that each child is unique with a specific set of needs. It is our sincere desire to accept the challenge and work toward the goal of meeting each of those needs. We offer Infant and Toddler care, Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 and Private Kindergarten, with breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack provided. We also offer Swimming lessons, Ballet, Gymnastics, Karate and Spanish for Tots.

Brighter Futures Learning Center 210-566-1999 1213 Borgfeld Road Schertz, TX 78154 We strive to meet the needs of all children. Children are encouraged to explore their environment and think creatively. Teachers guide and enhance this process through materials and activities. Come out and take a tour of our beautiful facility. See our website for details on our security, facilities, curriculum and extracurricular activities. We are excited to announce that you will be seeing our newest location in Cibolo in late 2016! We welcome you to come out to meet our amazing staff!


Catholic School 2 years to 8th Grade

Rattle n’ Roll Registered In Home Infant Care

EST. 1963

• 18 Months - Kindergarten • Afterschool Care 1st through 5th grades • Summer Camp 5 through 10 year olds • Located on six wooded acres with pool

NOW ENROLLING (210) 696-0213 Babcock and Huebner Area

• Comfort, Security and Trust • 6 weeks to walking • Limited to 4 infants • High-Quality Individual Attention • Serving the Helotes Area Contact Ms. Donna


• Infant Care • Pre-School Programs • Music & Gymnastics • Private Kindergarten • Karate • Spanish • Ballet • Swimming Located near USAA and the Medical Center. 9433 Fredericksburg Monday - Friday 210-694-4622 6:15 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Trinity United Methodist School

“Encouraging growth through the enrichment of the whole child”

Affordable Private School Education 18 month olds - 5th grade

Accepting applications for 2017-2018 • Child-centered preschool program

Enhanced by Music, All Aboard, Library, Motor Skills & Spanish classes

• Accelerated Curriculum

Music, Theatre Arts, Technology, Spanish, Latin, Library and PE. IPADS issued to 3rd - 5th, Smartboard technology

Now Enrolling for 2017/2018 School Year • Before and After School Program • IPads/Laptops 1:1 Grades 3rd-8th • School Sports and Clubs • Summer Fun Program • T.C.C.E.D. Accredited

515 North Street,

Converse Texas 78109 2 miles west of Randolph AFB on FM 78

210-658-6701 St. Monica School admits students of any race, religion and national or ethnic origin. Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

• Texas Certified Teachers give children the desire to become lifelong learners • Students who excel academically

Trinity’s 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have consistently scored in the top 5% of all students tested nationwide on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills

• Before and after school care available

(210) 684-5214 5319 Newcome Dr.

Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools July 2017 |



Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church & Early Childhood Center 5323 Blanco Rd. San Antonio TX 78216 210-732-7223 – Church 210-733-9444 Daycare

Sharing and teaching the love of Christ as we reach out to all people. “Viviendo,compartiendo –y- ensenando el amor de cristo mientras alcanzamos a toda persona. Our acre supplements the home by providing a place in which the child may develop in an arranged environment with trained staff. Opened all year round.

Colonial Hills United Methodist School 210-349-1092 5247 Vance Jackson,

At Winston, students succeed in the face of ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and related academic challenges. 210.615.6544

8565 Ewing Halsell Dr. San Antonio, TX 78229

Advocating for minds that learn differently.

This summer, give your child the tools to





Bring Light to Your Child’s Struggle How it works: Brain Balance is a non-medical comprehensive program, customized for each child, combining physical and sensory exercises with cognitive skill training and healthy nutrition.

Brain Balance addresses: • Lack of Focus • Impulsiveness • Tantrums • Trouble Making Friends • Family Relationships/ Social Skills • Academic, Social or Behavioral Issues

Visit us at one of our three locations in North San Antonio, West San Antonio, and New Braunfels. LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED


Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

trained children ages 3-5 years.

Marvelously Made - the School for Young Children 14837 Old Bandera RdS Helotes, TX 78023 210-338-5699 Experience-based learning In a beautiful environment with outdoor classrooms. Marvelously Made School Is a half-day preschool and kindergarten which honors children as they play and learn. This unique school focuses on the developmental needs of children.

Our Savior Lutheran Preschool Academy 11503 Vance Jackson Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78230 210-696-2716

At CHUMS our mission is to provide a safe, loving environment that nurtures and develops the whole child. Our curriculum and developmentally appropriate environment helps children grow emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. We develop self-esteem, socialization and skills for life. Offering care for children ages 18 months to Kindergarten.

Every child at OSLPA is a gift from God. Our children receive loving care and a well-equipped setting where they can play and learn. OSLPA is dedicated to assisting parents in the development of their children by providing opportunities and guidance to stimulate spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.

Country Home Learning Center Call 210-687-1002

Rattle n’ Roll 16114 Ponderosa Pass Helotes 78203 210-912-7780

Country Home Learning Center provides the very best in quality childcare for ages 6 weeks to 13 years, with exceptionally small classes. We offer an innovative, comprehensive educational program in a first-class facility. Students enjoy our • Waterpark • Adventure Jungle Indoor Playground • Putt-Putt Golf Course • Gymnasium • 1950’s-Style Soda Shop • Movie Theater • Computer Lab • Horseback Riding at Country Home Ranch.

Discovery World Learning Center San Antonio, TX NORTHWEST 5455 Prue Road 210-691-0064 DOWNTOWN 406 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd 210-225-7464 NORTHEAST 6020 Fountainwood 210-655-6941

Infants • Toddlers • Preschool • Pre-K 25 Years of Affordable Child Care. Our children learn through play. We teach a professional curriculum, serve 3 healthy meals a day, include sports programs, outside playtime, arts & crafts. 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday. 6wks–12yrs. Call to schedule a tour!

Love to Learn Preschool 15502 Huebner Rd. Ste #111 San Antonio, T X 78248 210-492-2606 6044 FM 3009, Ste #285 Schertz, TX 78154 210-566-4096 Love to Learn Preschool is early child development with a twist! Using purposeful play, students develop academic, physical and social skills through activities that will prepare them for kindergarten. Love to Learn Preschool is offered Monday and Wednesday 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM to potty

Babies know and are able to perceive much more than once thought. This makes informed positive, intentional and appropriate stimulation from an informed, high-quality infant care provider critical to early childhood development in these areas: Bonding & Attachment – Sensory Development – Visual Tracking – Auditory Stimulation – Olfactory and Taste – Tactile System -Motor Skills. Sensational Beginning!

Suburban School 210-696-0213 5409 Encino Park Road Suburban School is a year-round School for two-year-olds through four-year-olds. An enriched pre-school and kindergarten program is conducted for all children from September through May. During the summer, programming varies according to age level. Summer months are optional for five through 10-year-olds in our Happy Acres Day Camp program. Suburban School, a place where children can learn in a unique, natural setting and are encouraged to become independent, caring individuals.

Trinity Preschool 210-653-2800 5415 N. Loop 1604 E. San Antonio, TX 78247 Trinity Preschool has a full and engaging educational and Biblical focus with our standard activities including Age Appropriate Curriculum, Bible Stories & Chapel, and Pre-K Program for 4’s & 5’s. Learning Centers offer preschoolers 6 Weeks thru Pre-K Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Library, Music, Science and optional activities that include Computer class, Dance class, Gymnastics, and Bricks-Bytes/ Bots.


EDUCATION GUIDE MONTESSORI SCHOOLS Hill Country Montessori School 830-229-5377 50 Stone Wall Dr., Boerne

Nestled on 10 acres in the Texas Hill Country, our mission is to inspire your child to a life-long love of learning. We put great emphasis on insuring we remain true to the Montessori philosophy and true to our mission. Serving children 18 months through 14 years.

Monte Vista Montessori School 210-737-6363 237 W. Magnolia, San Antonio, TX 78212 The Monte Vista Montessori School is a traditional Montessori school founded by a team of Montessorians who together have well over a century of experience in Montessori education. It is an ungraded school that works with children from ages two to fourteen.

Keystone School has been a haven for bright, motivated children since 1948.

Montessori Children’s House (210)558-8339 4911 Golden Quail San Antonio, Texas 78240

*Top Independent School in San Antonio *Consistently leads San Antonio with highest percentage of National Merit Scholars *Academic WorldQuest World Champions *Diverse, culturally rich environment

Since 1987 our name best describes the warm, home-like environment of our school-inspired by the first “Children’s House” opened by Dr. Maria Montessori. We offer an authentic Montessori education program for infants to 6 years.

Montessori Kids Universe 6506 West Hausman Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78249 210-558-3627

Excel | Grow | Engage | Lead visit for more information



Childcare Is an expense. A Montessori Education Is an Investment In your child’s future. Nurture, Inspire and educate. We off a classic Montessori education enhanced with a Reggio Emilia inspired art and science enrichment experience.

Our students learn more than swimming and tumbling; they build fundamental skills in a loving environment that fosters development. Here, kids really grow!

Mount Sacred Heart School 210-342-6711 619 Mt. Sacred Heart Road, San Antonio

Choose LOVE for Your Kiddo

San Antonio’s only Catholic Montessori school, Mount Sacred Heart is a private, co-educational Catholic school committed to excellence in faith and education. A spiritually based community fostering personal uniqueness and development of the whole person.

100% Child-Centered Highly Trained Staff State-of-the-Art, Indoor Facilities Mommy Owned and Operated

San Antonio Country Day Montessori School 210-496-6033 4194 Jung Rd. San Antonio, TX 78247 San Antonio Country Day Montessori School is an academically rich Montessori environment for students 2 1/2 years - 6th grade. Preschool programs include two, three, and five day programs.  Call today for a tour or to apply.

The Montessori School Of San Antonio

to Triumph!

Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

Lessons • Preschool • Parties • Gifts July 2017 |



Mount Sacred Sacred Heart Mount Heart Catholic School Catholic School Now Enrolling Enrolling 2017-18 Now 2017-18 Call For For Your Personal Call PersonalTour Tour

210-342-6711 210-342-6711

PreK4-8th Grades PreK4-8th Grades

Enriched Curriculum Enriched Curriculum Spiritually Centered Spiritually Centered Small Class Class Size Size Honor Programs Honor Programs


San Antonio’s Antonio’s Only Catholic Catholic Montessori School Montessori School

Nationally Awarded Nationally Awarded Ages 2 ½ ½ to to 55years years

619Mt. Mt.Sacred Sacred Heart Heart Rd San 619 San Antonio, Antonio,TX TX78216 78216 Community † †Community

Compassion †† Compassion

††Integrity Integrity

† Service † Service

Age Appropriate Curriculum Bible Stories & Chapel Pre-K Program for 4’s & 5s

Trinity Preschool 6 Weeks thru Pre-K

Now Enrolling for Fall ‘17 • Christian Education • Extracurricular/Elective Sports & Arts • Challenging College Prep Curriculum • Diverse Student Body

• Character Building • Easy 1604 Access BTW Hwy 281 & IH 35 • Safe Community • Low Teacher / Student Ratio Academy & Preschool: 210-653-2800

5401 N. Loop 1604 E. San Antonio, TX 78247 Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

development. Here, kids really grow!

Mount Sacred Heart School 1/4 1/4page page 210-342-6711 619 Mt. Sacred Heart Road, July Finder July2017 2017Pre-School Pre-School Finder San Antonio

MSSA provides  a personalized education using the Montessori Method and philosophy  to support each student’s development while fostering a love of learning. We partner with parents, guiding students to achieve their full potential in academic, social, physical, intellectual, aesthetic, and moral development from early childhood through adolescence.


First Baptist Academy of Universal City 210-658-5331 1401 Pat Booker Road, Universal City The mission of FBAUC is to educate students for time and eternity by presenting God’s truth in all areas of education and character development. First Baptist Academy professes that the Bible is the standard for ALL truth and its source is in Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Every subject, whether scientific, historical, mathematical, literary or artistic is taught with the consciousness that Jesus Christ is to be central in all living and learning. First Baptist Academy ministers to 455 children Pre-K 3 through 12th grade.

Holy Name Catholic School 210-333-7356 3814 Nash Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78223 Educating children in Southeast San Antonio since 1961. We offer small classes for ages 3 years through 8th grade, teaching Catholic values Incorporated across the curriculum. Our goal is to educate the whole student. We offer a co-curricular sports program for 3-8th grades as well as Academic Teams. Our strong music program includes all grade level. We encourage strong parental involvement. Call for a tour of our campus.

Since 1980


210-492-3553 17722 Rogers Ranch Pkwy, San Antonio Texas 78258

Keystone School 210-735-4022 119 East Craig San Antonio, TX 78212 Keystone school has been a haven for bright, motivated children since 1948. Small classes with an accelerated, college -preparatory curriculum are led by master teachers, and are enhanced by fine arts, computer and science labs, library facilities, athletics, and foreign languages. Grades PK3-12.

Love to Learn Preschool 2 Locations Huebner Rd 210-402-2606 Schertz 210-566-4096 movement means more learning! Students develop fundamental academic, physical and social skills through exciting activities that will prepare them for Kindergarten. Our students learn more than swimming and tumbling; they build fundamental skills in a loving environment that fosters

Mount Sacred Heart is a private, coeducational Catholic school committed to excellence in faith and education. A spiritually based community fostering personal uniqueness and development of the whole person.

Positive Solutions High School 1325 N. Flores, Suite 100 San Antonio, TX 78212 210-299-1025 positivesolutionshighschool

Brief Description: Positive Solutions High School, chartered by the State of Texas in 1998, is an open enrollment charter school offering an accelerated high school diploma program for grades 9-12 as well as a GED program (4 hour sessions available in AM or PM). Positive Solutions High School students will succeed academically and in society.

San Antonio Academy 210-733-7331 117 East French Place, San Antonio, TX 78212 San Antonio Academy educates Pre-K thru eighth grade boys to succeed in life scholastically, emotionally and physically. At The Academy, boys discover that it is awesome to be smart, loving and hardworking.

St. Luke’s Episcopal School 210-826-0664 15 St. Luke’s Lane San Antonio, TX 78209 St. Luke’s Episcopal School has been forming confident and faithful scholars, citizens and leaders since 1947. Nestled on a hilltop in Alamo Heights, St. Luke’s serves boys and girls in PK3 through 8th grade. SLES delivers 21st century education through a well-balanced program: rigorous curriculum and innovative instruction; extensive extracurriculars; STEM; service learning; and daily chapel.

St. Matthew Catholic School 10703 Wurzbach Rd. San Antonio, TX 78230 210-578-5044 St. Matthew Catholic School is dedicated to the mission of educating a strong, faithcentered community through a commitment to the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social and physical development of each child. Register now for Pre K4 - 8th Grade.

St. Monica’s Catholic School 210-658-6701 515 North St., Converse At St. Monica, our mission is to provide all students a challenging academic curriculum within a program where Catholic values reflecting God’s love are taught, practiced and ever present.


EDUCATION GUIDE St. Thomas Episcopal School 1416 N. Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX 78232 210-494-3509 St. Thomas offers a faith-based education for children ages 2 through 5th grade. Our curriculum focuses on the individual child’s gifts and needs and is built on a strong foundation that includes mathematical thinking, interdisciplinary social studies, inquiry science and a multi-faceted language arts program .The St. Thomas Core Values emphasize commitment to Christ, honesty and integrity, inclusiveness, creativity, respect, and excellence.  We offer small class sizes and are fully accredited by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools. We are a nut-free campus.

Christ Our Savior Daycare Marisol Zavala Director


5323 Blanco Rd. San Antonio TX, 78216 All programs accepted

Sunshine Cottage 603 E. Hildebrand San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 824-0579 Founded in 1947 by John and Dela White, Sunshine Cottage offers a listening and spoken language environment for all children with hearing impairment as well as for typically hearing children. Sunshine Cottage provides students the opportunity to excel and experience new learning adventures each day. Pre-school through fifth grade. Contact: Executive Director Dr. Belinda Pustka, (210) 824-0579, bpustka@

The Circle School 217 Pershing Ave, San Antonio TX 78209 210-822-0461 The Circle School is a family-centered learning environment for children in grades PK3-8th. The school is committed to the development of the whole child through the enrichment of body, mind, heart, and spirit. We strive to make our kids  engaged and inspired citizens of the world. The Circle School’s innovative curriculum and vibrant culture give children and their families  an experience like no other in San Antonio. 

BASIS schools were recently ranked the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

The Clowvazar Academy (210) 690-4800 12746 Cimarron Path #120 San Antonio, TX 78249 A school for kids with Anxiety, Autism and other special needs. We provide education to Gifted-And-Talented, General Ed and Special Ed students. Our program puts students in courses according to ability not by age. We provide a whole education that helps students in all academic areas (such as math and English) as well as tools to help students deal with their social and academic anxieties.

The Winston School 210-615-6544 8565 Ewing Halsell, San Antonio, TX 78229 WSSA is a private, accredited school for students (K-12) of average to above average intellectual ability who have a diagnosed learning disability in one or more academic areas or a learning difference such as ADHD. Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

BASIS San Antonio Primary North Central Campus is still accepting K–5 applications for the 2017–2018 school year. Visit Primary

North Central Campus ™ (480) 696 3997 | 318 E. Ramsey Rd., San Antonio, TX 78216 1706_048

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Holy Name Catholic School Educating the Southeast Side

Summer Camp

June 5-August 4, 2017 • Ages 3yrs through 8th grade • Themed weeks with Wednesday field trips • Small group tutoring in math & language arts


Trinity United Methodist School 210-684-5214 5319 Newcome Dr. Affordable Private School education for 18 month olds through 5th grade. We offer a child-centered preschool program with music, All Aboard, motor skills and Spanish classes. Accelerated curriculum for Kinder – 5th includes music, piano, theatre arts, technology, Spanish, Latin, art library and PE, Smartboard technology. I-pads are issued to 3rd – 5th grade students.

SPECIAL NEEDS ADVOCACY SERVICE Education Liaison Services (210)859-0970 Education Liaison Services’ mission to help parents navigate the maze of special education services is to ensure that your special needs child receives the appropriate education geared to meet each child’s unique learning needs. Our skilled team of experienced special education teachers advocate for your child’s most appropriate educational experience.

EDUCATION PROGRAMS Mathnasium (210)494-4111 300 W. Bitters Suite 160 San Antonio, 78216 sanantonio

Mathnasium provides students with the skills they need to improve their self-confidence in math. Our program consists of ongoing assessments, individualized learning plans and specially trained, caring instructors. Daily rewards encourage participation and enthusiasm. We help children understand, enjoy and excel at math.

The Clowvazar Academy (210) 690-4800 12746 Cimarron Path #120 San Antonio, TX 78249 A school for kids with Anxiety, Autism and other special needs. We provide education to Gifted-And-Talented, General Ed and Special Ed students. Our program puts students in courses according to ability not by age. We provide a whole education

that helps students in all academic areas (such as math and English) as well as tools to help students deal with their social and academic anxieties.

Sunshine Cottage 603 E. Hildebrand San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 824-0579 Sunshine Cottage offers a listening and spoken language environment for all children with hearing impairment as well as for typically hearing children. Sunshine Cottage provides students the opportunity to excel and experience new learning adventures each day. Pre-school through fifth grade.

Brain Balance Achievement Center 210-620-7378 The Brain Balance program brings hope to families of children who suffer with behavioral, academic and social challenges. We are specialized achievement centers that utilize a drug-free, multi-faceted approach to address the underlying issues in many of the behavioral, developmental, and learning disorders that plague so many children today. Three locations in San Antonio and surrounding area.

TUTORING Inspiring Excellence 210-509-7951 Over 25 years experience inspiring students to do and be their best. Tutoring phonics, reading, language arts, math, handwriting, STAAR prep ages pre-school through high school. ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia welcome. ESL experience. One on one tutoring.

Anna Simon 210-385-0314 Autism, Asperger and Special Needs tutoring in Math, Reading and Writing. More than 10 years experience and success.

Excellence in learning, living, and serving

S . Matthew CATHOLIC SCHOOL Register Now • Pre K4 - 8th Grade Near USAA & the Medical Center

210-478-5044 18

Our Kids Magazine | July 2017



10 Skills to Know Before Age 10 By Sarah Lyons

By the time your child turns ten, you may have started teaching them responsibilities, assigned weekly chores, and started discussing whether they are old enough to stay home alone for a few minutes at a time. In the middle of their tween years, ten year olds are ready to begin taking on more responsibilities. Krystal Laws, Olathe mother of seven, says “Parents can think about where they would like their kids to be at age 18 then go back every few years making goals to work up to independence as an adult. Having a vision for where you’re headed really helps in knowing what to work on at various ages.” What are some basic skills kids can learn before ten? Here are some ideas:

Basic household tasks Teach your child some basic household tasks. If you are busy, out of the house, or under the weather, your child should be able to make himself a sandwich, pack a sack lunch for school, and be able to prepare a small meal in the microwave. It is also good to teach your kids how to do laundry, run the dishwasher, and how to clean up a spill.

Safety Keeping our kids safe is a huge priority for parents. At a young age, we begin to teach our kids how to safely cross the street, bike and road safety, and to be aware of strangers. By age ten, parents should take it one step further by teaching kids about internet safety and what to do in case of an emergency. “I want them to be safe mentally and physically.” says Lisa Parrish, mother of three. “They should know how to use the phone, procedures for being home alone or in emergencies, safe touch, and that no means no.” Kids approaching ten should also know basic first aid and when to call 911. 20

Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

Proper hygiene and self-grooming Ten year olds should understand the importance of good hygiene and how to care for their own body and hair. Frequent showers, proper face and hand washing, and wearing deodorant are good habits to get into as the changing hormones of the teen years approach.

Budgeting and saving Ten years old is also a great time to introduce basic budgeting skills. Kids can learn to pick something out that they would like to purchase, research the cost, and begin saving for it. This helps teach them delayed gratification, the value of the dollar, the reward for hard work, and also how to budget and save for things that they want. This skill will be necessary as they plan for larger purchases in adulthood.

Problem solving skills

When presented with a problem, children often look to the adults in their lives to solve the problem. Rather than giving your child the answer to the problem, why not let them try to work it out themselves? The problem solving skills learned early will benefit them as they grow older. You can also present your child with different scenarios and ask them what they would do. Ask your child - If you get lost, what should you do? What if you forget your lunch at home? What if you see another child getting teased? If there is a fire in the house, what should you do? Working through different scenarios and practicing problem solving skills will help your child build confidence for when they are faced with a problem.

Value of hard work    Kids need to know the value of hard work, especially as they head off to college or into the workplace. Even FRIEND US @

middle and high school require a higher level of study habits. Developing good study habits also helps kids learn that their dedication pays off when they receive good grades because of it. To prepare your child for the workforce, assign chores that work towards a family goal, like putting in a garden for everyone to enjoy, or saving up allowance to work towards something they would like to purchase will show them the long-term payoff of hard work.   

Proper etiquette and speaking skills Ten year olds should know how to treat other people respectfully, approach adults in public, have proper phone etiquette, know how to shake hands, and express gratitude when someone gives them a gift or does something for them. With so much electronic communication, we must teach our children that when having face to face conversations, it is polite to use proper language rather than text speak. “Kids this age should know the Golden Rule and treat others the way they’d like to be treated.” says Laura Fenner, Olathe mother of four. Ten year olds can build confidence in this area by practicing public speaking and participating in sports or recitals.

Caring for others Kids learn a lot when given the responsibility of taking care of something or someone else. Examples could be a pet, garden or plants, or helping with younger children. This helps teach them responsibility and selflessness.

Outdoor skills Kids this age can be taught outdoor safety. Fire safety, how to use a map and compass, what poison ivy looks like, and water safety are all good examples. Teaching them these skills encourages them to find outdoor activities that they enjoy. Again, as we face competition with the screen, teaching kids how to be safe when pursuing outdoor activities, may open a love of the outdoors that they have not yet experienced.

Healthy habits The importance of a healthy diet and routine exercise are lessons that are never too early to learn. While they may not be preparing entire meals at age ten, they do need to know that potato chips are not a well-balanced lunch. Kids should also be able to listen to their bodies so they can tell you if they are unwell and what is wrong. Healthy sleep habits and a good diet can help them perform better in school and improve their moods. Kids should also be able to manage their emotions and calm themselves when needed.    These skills are a guideline as every child and every family is unique. You may find that in your family you value certain skills over others or that some of these were learned some time ago. “Be flexible with your plan to teach life skills” says Laws, “Everyone learns at a different pace.” Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

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Build a Better World Summer Reading Program Continues Through July It’s not too late to sign up for the Mayor’s Summer Reading Club. The San Antonio Public Library is calling upon children of all ages to “Build a Better World” this summer. Whether you think like an engineer or an environmentalist, an artist or an animal rights activist – the library has books you’ll love to read and activities you’re sure to enjoy. Make reading a family priority and help us build a better world. This year’s summer reading program will feature visits from community partners and performers, recycle art projects and, of course, tons of fun. For more information, go to

July 4th / Independence Day Celebration at Woodlawn Lake: Independence Day Celebration at Woodlawn Lake: Bring the entire family to Woodlawn Lake Park the biggest and best party in town celebrating our nation’s birth and our freedom. Families are invited to participate in a fun-filled day of games, food and musical entertainment at San Antonio’s Official Independence Day Celebration. This celebration features many free activities such as Zumba, a mechanical bull, live music, a parade, and of course the H-E-B Fireworks Extravaganza! Delicious food and a fun carnival will fill the park, for the entire family to enjoy. Free. 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Woodlawn Lake Park, 1103 Cincinnati Ave. 210-212-8423. http://saparksfoundation. org/events/4th-of-july-celebration/

UTSA and St. Mary’s U Offers Summer Food Service Program through July 26 The Prefreshman Engineering Program-USA (PREP-USA), which is part of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Institute for P-20 Initiatives, announces the sponsorship of the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) from June 12 to July 26, 2017 at the UTSA Downtown Campus. The program makes sure low-income children continue to receive nutritious meals during the summer months when school is not in session. Free meals will be provided to children 18 years or younger at the open sites and times as follows: UTSA Downtown Campus, Frio Street Building (FS) Commons Area every Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. (no service July 3 or 4) and St. Mary’s University, University Center Cafeteria every Monday through Thursday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. (no service July 3 or 4). For more information, go to


Our Kids Magazine | July 2016

July 5, 12, 19, 26

Astronomy in the Park: Join astronomers and other stargazers to observe the sky through large telescopes in an informational program with the San Antonio Astronomical Association. 7 to 10:30 p.m. every Wednesday, weather permitting. Check the SAAA Facebook page for updates/weather cancellations. Free. Raymond Rimkus (Park Parking Lot), 6440 Evers Rd., Leon Valley. 210-262-8384. SanAntonioAstronomy/

To Advertise Call 305-4181

What’s Inside 28 Family Theatre 38 Ongoing Exhibits 1 Saturday

Independence Day Celebration: The City of Helotes hosts the Independence Day Celebration, including a free concert by the Helotes Area Community Band, a bouncy slide for the kids, food vendors, familyfriendly activities, and more! There will also be free hot dogs, ice cream, and apple pie (while supplies last). Please bring your own chairs / blankets and feel free to bring your own food and drinks, as well. Free. Activities start at 6:30 pm, and fireworks will be launched at dusk. Behind City Hall at the Helotes Municipal Complex, 12951 Bandera Road, Helotes. events/independence-day-celebration/ Family Drop-In Program: The Garden offers many opportunities to enjoy plants, nature and gardening together as a family. Stop in for the Saturday Family Drop-in programs to connect with the plant world and promote understanding the importance of plants in our lives. These programs include fun, handson activities. This month’s theme is “Red, White and Blue Berries”. No registration is needed – just ‘Drop-in’. Participants create crafts, play games and take part in a garden exploration activity. Free with admission. 10 a.m. to noon. San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Place. 210-536-1400. http:// Wild for Wildlife: Tom Kinsey, Master Naturalist and retired education specialist at the Witte Museum, brings his live critters- a friendly snake, cute rats, a green tree frog and the infamous Madagascar hissing cockroaches! It’s an educational and entertaining program for the whole family. Free; donations accepted. 9 to 11 a.m. Phil Hardberger Park West, PHP Urban Ecology Center, 8400 NW Military Hwy. 210-492-7472. Fourth of July Artisan River Walk Boutique: Some of the most unique handmade merchandise available anywhere can be found at this annual show. Enjoy a stroll along the picturesque River Walk, stop to talk to vendors who are anxious to share information about their craft, and take home an item that will enhance your home, wardrobe or garden. Free. Hours vary by date. San Antonio River Walk. https:// fourth-of-july-artisan-river-walk-boutique CNC - Family Hiking: Explore the trails of the Cibolo Nature Center & Farm with a guided walk through one of our Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

four ecosystems (Marsh, Prairie, Creek, Woodlands). The walks are suitable for all ages and will include stops to explore and learn about the plants and animals that live here. $5 per family. No registration necessary. 2 to 3 p.m. Meet at CNC Visitor Center, 140 City Park Road, Boerne. 830-249-7230. https://ciboloorg. cnc-family-hiking/160125 Fiesta Noche del Rio: A summer outdoor performance on the River Walk featuring the songs and dances of Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Texas. Since 1957, the show has been seen by more than one million visitors from around the world and raised more than $2.75 million for local children’s charities. Tickets are $20 for adults/$15 for seniors/$8 for children ages 6-14. 8:30 p.m. Arneson River Theatre at La Villita. 210- 2264651. First Saturday at the Alamo: Enjoy First Saturday, an interactive living history event, designed to give visitors a glimpse of life in early Texas. Includes live demonstrations, living history and history talks. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Alamo. 210-225-1391 ext. 143. http://

MONDAY Earl Abels

Mon - Thurs from 5pm - 8pm kids eat free with every adult entree purchase 1201 Austin Hwy #175


One free child’s meal after 5:00 P.M. with adult entrée purchase. 606 W Cypress St, SATX 78212

WEDNESDAY Kids eat free after 4 pm with every adult entree purchase* All Locations *Excludes 5307 Walzem Road, San Antonio 78218

Romes Pizza

MarketPlace at Old Town Helotes: Music, food and a good time for all as local craftsmen offer treasures from across South Texas. Jewelry, arts and crafts, fresh produce and one-of-a-kind pieces are on display. Free. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 14391 Riggs Rd., Helotes. 210695-5964. http://www.helotesmarketplace. com/

Kids eat free 4pm - 8pm with every adult entree purchase

SAMA Tours for the Visually Impaired: Docent-led tours for the blind and visually impaired include descriptive language, touch, sound and smell to enhance the visitor’s experience with art.  Guide dogs, sighted companions and others are welcome on the tours, as are wheelchairs and other walking aids. Free. 10 to 11 a.m. Call for reservations. San Antonio Museum of Art, 200 W. Jones Ave. 210-978-8183. https://www.

Kids eat free 11-close with adult purchase* All Locations *Excludes 5307 Walzem Road, San Antonio 78218

“Kids Fun Day” with Trains: The New Braunfels Train Museum is a place for fun for kids of all ages. “Kids Fun Day” is the first and third Saturday of every month. Kids of all ages “run the train” and become a “junior engineer.” 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free. New Braunfels Railroad Museum. 830-6272447. http://newbraunfelsrailroadmuseum. org/public_html/



Firehouse Subs

Free Kid’s Combo with the purchase of one adult meal.Includes kid-sized sub, dessert, kid’s drink, and fire hat. Valid only at “THE COLONNADE III”. Dine-in only. 9961 IH-10 W SATX, 78230

Visit Our Kids Magazine online for more restaurants July 2016 |


starts at 9:15 p.m. Free admission. 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pickrell Park, 701 Oak St, Schertz. 210-619-1000. http://visitschertz. com/annual-event/jubilee/ Let Freedom Run! 5K Run/Fun Walk: This event benefits The Veterans Memorial Plaza and is known as the “Schertz Parade 5K” as thousands of people will be along the parade route to cheer the patrioticallydressed participants. Awards will be given for the best dressed Uncle Sam and Mrs. Sam. This is a “Best of Texas Race Series Race” with points to all registered athletes. Race day packet pick-up & registration is at 8 a.m. on site and the race will start at 9:15 a.m. $2535 with kids under 12 free. There will be a special Free 1K Run/Fun Walk for Kids at 9 a.m. Schertz Civic Center, 1400 Schertz Pkwy., Schertz. 210-385-8348. let-freedom-run-5k-run-and-walk-

On July 8, CNC’s Kids Club will explore rocks at the Herff Farm in Boerne.

2 Sunday

First Sundays for Families - Red, White and Blue: Get creative and design your own contemporary-style patriotic painting, along with other festive 4th of July art projects. Free with museum admission/Children 12 & under free. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. San Antonio Museum of Art, 200 W. Jones Ave. 210-978-8100. event-detail?eid=8329 Fourth of July Artisan River Walk Boutique: see July 1

3 Monday

Fourth of July Artisan River Walk Boutique: see July 1

4 Tuesday

Independence Day Celebration at Woodlawn Lake: see lead-off pg 22 BRAVO! An Evening of Song and Dance: An Evening of Song and Dance features the Parks and Recreation Department’s Fandango and Alamotion Dance Troupes; the City’s youth band, TAKE NOTE, will accompany the dance performances while showcasing the band. Enjoy the drama of traditional folkloric numbers, passionate vocals, outstanding live music and high energy contemporary dance routines. General admission is free, however, donations are always appreciated. Doors open at 7 p.m. for the 8 p.m. performance.  Proceeds from donations


Our Kids Magazine | July 2016

benefit the youth participating in the Parks and Recreation Department cultural programs. Inclement weather can lead to cancellation of shows. Show time is 8 p.m. and the box office opens at 7 p.m. $10 suggested donation. Arneson River Theater in La Villita. 210-207-3132. www. aspx Boerne Fireworks: Come out and enjoy a great fireworks display. Sponsored by the Boerne Fire Department. Free. 9 to 10:30 p.m. City Park, 106 City Park Rd., Boerne. ?EID=9696&month=7&year=2017&day=1 2&calType=0 23rd Annual Leon Valley 4th of July Celebration: Family, friends, fireworks and fun will be the focus of this Independence Day celebration. Includes the Pioneer 5K On-and-Off Trail Walk/Run, opening ceremonies, parade, two stages of all-day entertainment, and food, drinks, pony rides and fun activities. No outside food or beverages allowed. Free. Parade begins at 10 a.m. at 7410 Huebner Rd. and fireworks are at dusk. 10 a.m. to dusk. Raymond Rimkus Park, 6440 Evers Rd., Leon Valley. 210-684-1391 ext. 234. http:// Annual Schertz Jubilee Parade & Festival: Several live bands will perform during the two-day festival. Activities include the annual parade, live music, a carnival, a BBQ Cook-Off, a 5K Walk/Run, food & beverages, arts & crafts and fireworks. Suitable for all ages. Parade begins at 9:30 a.m. and Fireworks Extravaganza

Movie in the Park & Fireworks: Somerset’s great family 4th of July event starts with a water slide, hot dogs, door prizes, and popcorn. Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a family movie followed by a fireworks display to celebrate Independence Day. Free. 6 to 11 p.m. Somerset City Park, 7360 East 6th St., Somerset. 830701-4100. City-of-Somerset-Texas-172640262911794/

5 Wednesday

Astronomy in the Park: see lead-off pg 22 SAMA Playdates: Toddlers can enjoy stories, gallery activities, hands-on art, movement and music during this event designed to cultivate, nurture and inspire creativity while developing an appreciation of art and world cultures. Participants should meet at the front desk. 10 to 11 a.m. Free with museum admission.  San Antonio Museum of Art, 200 W. Jones Ave. 210-978-8183. https:// Weed Wednesdays – Volunteer at PHP: Hardberger Park’s diversity of flora and fauna is being threatened by exotic invasive weeds and volunteers are needed to combat these weeds each Wednesday from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. E-mail wendy. or call 210-2073292 for directions to week’s location. Phil Hardberger Park, 13203 Blanco Road (East Side). 210-207-3106. http://www. Little Explorers: Preschoolers and their caregivers can use their five senses for fun and adventure as they discover nature through stories, crafts, games, songs and outdoor exploration. The third Tuesday of each month will feature special guest To Advertise Call 305-4181

Mother Nature for story time. $5 per family. 10 to 10:45 a.m. Cibolo Nature Center & Farm, 140 City Park Road, Boerne. 830249-4616.

the sounds of great smooth jazz with national headliners at Wonderland of the Americas Amphitheatre. This year’s performance features a diverse line-up of headlining and special opening acts, new to the Jazz Festival. These performers include: Los Angeles-based trumpeter Rick Braun; UK’s Smooth Jazz keyboardist Oli Silk; Grammy nominated guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr.; D.C. saxophonist Phillip “Doc” Martin; world jazz duo guitarists Strunz & Farah; national recording artist and saxophonist Chase Huna; and contemporary guitarist Steve Oliver. Local singing sensation (and the only returning artist) MELINA will join Texas guitarist

BRAVO! An Evening of Song and Dance: see July 5

6 Thursday

BRAVO! An Evening of Song and Dance: see July 5

7 Friday

Balcones Heights Jazz Festival: Rain or shine, roughly 4,500 fans will revel in


Ruben V on stage as well. Bring lawn chairs and blankets to these free concerts under the stars; food and beverages available for purchase. The event itself is free and open to all ages. 7:30 to 10 p.m. (opening act at 7:30 p.m. / headliner at 9 p.m.) Wonderland of the Americas Amphitheatre, 4522 Fredericksburg Rd. 210-732-0055. Miss Anastasia’s Twiglet Storytime: Miss Anastasia combines story time and a delightful craft each Friday. Free. 10:30 a.m. to noon. Twig Book Shop in the Can Plant Building, 306 Pearl Parkway Ste. 106. 210-826-6411. http://www.thetwig.

Sports Camp


June 5 - August 18


(includes tennis and swimming)

Nine Weekly

SPORTS CAMP • WEEKLY M-F 8:00a.m.-5:30p.m.

All Ages & Le

TENNIS CAMP • WEEKLY M-F 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.



June 5 -Augssions .4

(includes swimming)

Summer Sewing Camps and more!

GROUP PARTIES! • Birthday • Team Sports • Perfect for Company Picnics

Abby’s Attic Sewing & Crafting Studio 9815 Culebra Suite 112



4721 Callaghan Rd. (easy access from all parts of town)

Green Tree



featuring the award-winning exhibition

The DoSeum • 2800 Broadway • San Antonio, TX 78209 (210) 212-4454 • Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

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com/miss-anastasia Art Strolls: Take your infant or toddler out for the morning to enjoy a themed tour of the museum collection and a related sensory playtime for little ones 18 months and younger. Diapers, blankies and yoga pants are welcome. Free for members and $10 for nonmembers. Children under 12 months should arrive at 10 a.m. to tour and play from 10:15 to 11 a.m. Children 12 months to 2 years

should arrive at 11 a.m. to tour and play from 11:15 a.m. to noon. Register online or call 210-805-1768. McNay Art Museum, 6000 N. New Braunfels Ave. 210-8245368. family-programs Fiesta Noche del Rio: see July 1

8 Saturday

Build A Terrarium!: Families with kids

ages 6 – 12 can have fun while reviewing plant needs, the structure and functions of plants, and explore seeds. Create your own terrarium to take home with you. $25 per family unit (one adult and up to three children, $10 per additional person). 10 to 11 a.m. . San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Place. 210-5361400. family-programs/ Outdoor Movie at Mission Marquee Plaza: The community is invited to experience the magic and nostalgia of one of San Antonio’s historic gems as the Mission Marquee Plaza will be the setting for an outdoor screening of “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Food trucks and concessionaires will be on hand and attendees are also welcome to bring their own snacks, lawn chairs, blankets and coolers. Free. 7 to 10 p.m. Movie begins 15 minutes after dusk. Mission Marquee Plaza, 3100 Roosevelt Ave. 210-207-6968. MissionMarqueePlaza Dog Adoption & Chipping Event: Looking for a dog of your own? The San Antonio Humane Society brings dogs needing a home and available for adoption. Already have a dog? Bring it by to get microchipped. San Antonio Humane Society adoption and microchipping fees apply. 9 to 11 a.m. Phil Hardberger Park East, 13203 Blanco Rd., Salado classroom. 210-492-7472. www.philhardbergerpark. org Slithering Snakes: Meet Blaine, the snake man and shed your fear of snakes in this hands-on, interactive class. Children and families will learn about the benefits of snakes and how the medical industry uses snake venom for research. Nearly 30 snakes will be on display. Following the presentation will be a kid-friendly activity. RSVP required. Suggested donation: $3 per person, $6 per family. 10 a.m. to noon.

Travis Park hosts three Movies by Moonlight features free to the public this month.


Our Kids Magazine | July 2016

Celebrate Peter Pan Day!: ‘Cause “All children, except one, grow up.” Forget

To Advertise Call 305-4181

looking for buried treasure on some deserted island, instead drop by The Twig’s 14th Annual Pirate Party at 10:30 a.m. Don your favorite costume and fly over to join Miss Anastasia for hilarious pirate stories, sea-worthy grub, a treasure hunt, and a rollicking good time. Free. 10:30 a.m. The Twig@ Can Plant Building, 306 Pearl Parkway, Ste. 106. 210-8266411. peter-pan-day-0 Sensory-Friendly Films: Partnering with the Autism Society, AMC Theaters brings Sensory- Friendly Films to families affected by autism in the San Antonio area. The program provides a special opportunity for families to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment. The auditoriums dedicated to the program have their lights up, the sound turned down and audience members are invited to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing. Dates and films are subject to change so be sure to verify in advance. $4 per person. 10 a.m. AMC Rivercenter 9, 849 E. Commerce St. get-involved/events/sensory-friendly-films Kids Club – Rocks!: Kids can explore the amazing rocks that make up the Hill Country. Investigate interesting rocks and decorate some to take home as pets. $5 per family. 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. No dropoffs allowed. Herff Farm, 33 Herff Rd., Boerne. 830-249-4616. Moondance Concerts at the CNC: Concert under the oaks and stars at the Cibolo Nature Center featuring Jazz Blues & Diamonds. Bring chairs, blankets, and picnics to this fun and casual event! A food truck will also be on-site for the event. 7 to 10:30 p.m. Members $7.50/ Nonmembers $10/ Seniors 65+ $5/ Kids 12 and under free. Cibolo Nature Center, 140 City Park Road, Boerne. 830-249-4616. https:// events/concerts.html Beginners’ Bird Walk: Meet the San Antonio Audubon Society (SAAS) trip leader at the Judson Nature Trail in

Alamo Heights on the second Saturday of each month. Nonmembers are welcome and binoculars with instructions can be provided. Free. 8 a.m. 246 Viesca, Alamo Heights. 210-342-2073. Boerne Market Days: On the second Saturday and Sunday of each month, families can enjoy shopping in an outdoor setting with artists and craftsmen showing their creative talents and wares. Live music, food, kids’ activities and more. Free. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Free. Boerne, Main Plaza. 210-884-8193. http:// Fiesta Noche del Rio: see July 1 An Elementary Scavenger Hunt will be part of the fun at Phil Hardberger Park on July 12.

9 Sunday

Texas Freedom Colonies: Free Second Sunday honors African Americans and the unique communities they created after the Civil War and Emancipation. Enjoy an educational day honoring the heritage of Texas’ African American towns, settlements and the planners and preservationists that made them possible. Free. Noon to 4 p.m. Institute of Texan Cultures, 801 E. Cesar Chavez Blvd. 210458-2300. events/texas_freedom_colonies/

11 Tuesday

Movies by Moonlight: Bring picnics, lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy an outdoor screening of “Finding Dory”. Free plus free parking after 5 p.m. at cityoperated parking garages, lots & meters. Pre-entertainment begins at 7:30 p.m. Showtime is 8:30 p.m. Travis Park, 301 E. Travis.

Free Family Day - Summer Block Party!: Enjoy a day of play and creativity with art making, sidewalk chalk, fun games on the lawn and some BBQ too. View favorite works of art as we celebrate the McNay’s collection this summer. Laugh out loud and take heart the positive message of American strongwoman, Mama Lou. Free.

12 Wednesday

Elementary Scavenger Hunt – A Fit Pass Event: Students, bring your families for a guided scavenger hunt along the park’s Geology and Water Loop trails. A wildlife check-off sheet is provided to guide you during your nature walk. This program is part of the Elementary Summer Series for students 7 to 10 years old. It is also part of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Fit Pass. Registration is suggested. Fit Pass is a program of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation. Participants earn

1 to 4 p.m. McNay Art Museum, 6000 N. New Braunfels Ave. 210-824-5368. free-family-day-summer-block-party/ Boerne Market Days: see July 8

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Dorothy Keck Dancers Register NOW for Fall Classes


• • • OUR 57th YEAR


829-8489 1532 AUSTIN HWY Sunset Square Shopping Center Next to HEB

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points toward prizes. To learn more about Fit Pass events, go to: ParksAndRec/Programs-Classes-Fun/ProgramsClasses/Fitness/Fit-Pass. Free; donations accepted. 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Phil Hardberger Park East, 13203 Blanco Rd., Salado classroom. 210-492-7472. www. BRAVO! An Evening of Song and Dance: see July 5 SAMA Playdates: see July 5 Astronomy in the Park: see July 5 Weed Wednesdays – Volunteer at PHP: see July 5 Little Explorers: see July 5

13 Thursday

Catch Junie B. Jones, the Musical at the Magik Theatre through August 13.

Junie B. Jones, the Musical at the Magik Theatre: It’s time for first grade, and Junie B. can’t wait to see all her friends! But over the summer old friends have drifted away, and new ones have moved in. Junie B. soon learns that things don’t always stay the same, and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A sensory friendly showing is set for July 1. Show times vary by date. $12 - $15. Runs through August 13. The Magik Theatre, 420 S. Alamo. 210-227-2751. buy-tickets-2016/2016-2017-season Shrek, The Musical: “Once upon a time, there was a little ogre named Shrek...” And thus begins the tale of an unlikely hero who finds himself on a life-changing journey alongside a wisecracking Donkey and a feisty princess who resists her rescue. Throw in a short-tempered bad guy, a cookie with an attitude and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits and you’ve got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero. Luckily, there’s one on hand... and his name is Shrek. Show times vary by date. $15 - $29. Runs through July 30.Woodlawn Theatre, 1920 Fredericksburg Rd. 210-267-8388. event/9519463de4cbaf061f02b4fc85ab4e81 Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most beloved stories and the classic animated film, Disney’s The Little Mermaid is a hauntingly beautiful love story for the ages. With music by eight-time Academy Award winner, Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater and a compelling book by Doug Wright, this fishy fable will capture your heart with its irresistible songs, including “Under the Sea,” “Kiss the Girl” and “Part of Your World.” $15-$23. Show times vary by date. Runs through August 6. Roxie Theatre, 7460 Callaghan Road. 210-360-9180. Hairspray, the Broadway Musical: You can’t stop the beat when Tracy Turnblad shakes up her home town of Baltimore in this fabulous 60s musical. Tracy’s innocent desire to dance on The Corny Collins Show catches her in a whirlwind of fame as she challenges the social prejudices of race and beauty. $12-$42. Times vary by date. Runs July 7 through August 6. The Playhouse, 800 West Ashby. 210-733-7258. http://www.


Our Kids Magazine | July 2016

Throwback Thursday at Mission Marquee Plaza: The community is invited to experience the magic and nostalgia of one of San Antonio’s historic gems as the Mission Marquee Plaza will be the setting for an outdoor screening of “The Princess Bride”. Food trucks and concessionaires will be on hand and attendees are also welcome to bring their own snacks, lawn chairs, blankets and coolers. Free. 7 to 10 p.m. Mission Marquee Plaza, 3100 Roosevelt Ave. 210-207-6968. MissionMarqueePlaza Middle School Scavenger Hunt – A Fit Pass Event: Students, bring your families for a guided scavenger hunt along the park’s Geology and Water Loop trails. A wildlife check-off sheet is provided to guide you during your nature walk. This program is part of the Middle School Summer Series for students 10 to 14 years old. It is also part of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Fit Pass. Registration is suggested. Fit Pass is a program of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation. Participants earn points toward prizes. To learn more about Fit Pass events, go to: http://www.sanantonio. gov/ParksAndRec/Programs-Classes-Fun/ProgramsClasses/Fitness/Fit-Pass. Free; donations accepted. 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Phil Hardberger Park East, 13203 Blanco Rd., Salado classroom. 210-492-7472. www. BRAVO! An Evening of Song and Dance: see July 5

14 Friday

Dive In Movie in the Park : The City of Boerne hosts a free Family Movie Night featuring “Finding Dory” and Pre-Movie Activities. Come out early, pick your spot, get a movie snack or two and hang out and enjoy free entertainment before the movie. Bring blankets and lawn chairs. Drinks and food trucks will be available at the park, so please no outside food or drinks. Free. 6:30 p.m./ Movie begins at dark. Main Plaza, 100 N. Main St., Boerne. 830-249-9511 ext 5. calendar/summer-scene-movie-park-8 Fiesta Noche del Rio: see July 1 Balcones Heights Jazz Festival: see July 7 Miss Anastasia’s Twiglet Storytime: see July 7 Art Strolls: see July 7

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15 Saturday


Video Games Live™ with YOSA: An immersive concert experience featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Created, produced and hosted by game industry veteran and superstar Tommy Tallarico, YOSA performs alongside exclusive synchronized video footage and music arrangements, laser lighting, well known internet solo performers, electronic percussion, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.  Pre-show events include the very popular meetand-greet with top local game designers. $22-$89. Show times vary by date. Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, 100 Auditorium Circle. 210-223-8624. https:// video-games-live-yosa

DWTS Live! - Hot Summer Nights: TV’s hottest show is coming to town in Dancing with the Stars: Live! - Hot Summer Nights. Fans of the show have the opportunity to see the best ballroom dancers in the business perform live at the Majestic. This all-new production showcases every type of ballroom and modern dance seen on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars and will feature Season 24 Pro Dancers Lindsay Arnold, Sharna Burgess, Artem Chigvintsev, Sasha Farber, Keo Motsepe, Gleb Savchenko, Emma Slater, and more. $40-$100. 8 p.m. Majestic Theatre, 224 E. Houston Street. 210-226-5700. Frida Fest 2017: Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter, continues to be admired by so many people around the world. Born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico her life was a unique self-creation. To this day, many continue to be mesmerized and inspired by her paintings, her poetry, and her fashion. In this free, family-friendly, indoor event, over 50 artisan market vendors offering one-of-kind crafts and art to honor her spirit. Attendees can expect to experience a one of a kind art gallery, a handmade mercado, fashion, music, performances, & culinary traditions;

CNC Nature Crafts: Every third Saturday of the month, CNC combine nature and crafts to create fun for the whole family. Each participant can create a work of art to take home with them. $5 per family. 2 to 3 p.m. No registration necessary. 2 to 3 p.m. Cibolo Nature Center, Visitor Center, 140 City Park Road, Boerne. 830-249-7230. html/event/2017/06/17/1497729600/

with talents such as El Tallercito de Son SATX, Grupo Folklorico de Bendiciones and much more. Presented by Que Retro Arts. Free. Noon to 9 p.m. Wonderland of the Americas, 4522 Fredericksburg Rd. 210-273-5023. https://www.facebook. com/events/1779975922264762/?active_ tab=about Bird Walk: Look for birds in their native habitats. An experienced guide leads this walk every third Saturday of the month. Featured birds include hummingbird, Long-billed Thrashers, Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, Green Heron and the Common Moorhen. Take binoculars. For ages 10 and older. Participants should meet at the Carriage House. Walk is free with garden admission. 9 a.m. San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Place. 210-536-1400. Fiesta Noche del Rio: see July 1 “Kids Fun Day” with Trains: see July 1

16 Sunday

Video Games Live™ with YOSA: see July 15

17 Monday

KidX Summer Movie Series: Bring the kids to see “The Secret Lives of Pets” at Rolling Oaks Mall during their free Summer


San Antonio's Largest Private Indoor Party Venue!


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• A Main Game Room with All Free Play Arcade Games! Pool table for the adults and moonbounces for the kids! • Largest Toddler Zone in SA! Amusement Rides, Life-size Castle (NE), Jungle Gym (NW) Soft Play Toddler Area, Activity Tables, Play Houses, Slides and much more! • Indoor Pinata Breaking area! • A Private reservation for up to 75 guests with an Open Dining area! Two locations to better serve your Party Needs! Northeast 12403 Nacogdoches SA, TX 78217 Northwest 4914 NW Loop 410 SA, TX 78229


1-800-RAINBOW (1-800-742-6269) Our Kids App Available on Itunes & Google Play

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The Briscoe Western Art Museum

George Catlin’s North American Indian Portfolio showcases a very rare deluxe set of George Catlin’s North American Indian Portfolio. This edition of 31 hand-painted color plates is one of only three known sets still in existence. Catlin’s Portfolio is among the most famous color plate books relating to North America’s Native populations produced in the 19th century. George Catlin was one of the first artists to venture along the western reach of the Missouri River to study and document the Native peoples of the region. From 1832 to 1837, Catlin spent the summer months sketching the tribes of the Great Plains and then finished his pictures in oils during the winter. Catlin’s North American Indian Portfolio contains the lithographic prints resulting from his years of painting, living with, and traveling amongst tribes such as the Mandan, Sioux (Lakota), Blackfeet, Crow and several others.  Overall, Catlin painted around 600 highly realistic and powerfully projected portraits of Indians, carefully recording their dress, culture, and way of life.  The exhibition also includes excerpts from the documentary film, Frontier Visionary: George Catlin and the Plains Indians, produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum1 and a reference reading area. This exhibition is free for members and with paid Museum admission. Exhibit runs through September 4.  Admission: $10 adults (13-64); $8 students, seniors, military; Children 12 & under, Active Military and their Family are free. Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Free Museum Admission from 4-9pm). Wednesday - Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The Museum is closed Mondays and select holidays: New Year’s Day, Battle of Flowers Fiesta Parade, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Briscoe Western Art Museum, Jack Guenther Pavilion, 210 W. Market Street. 210-299-4499. visit-the-briscoe/hours-admission

San Antonio Botanical Garden

Art in the Garden features a 10-month solo exhibit of Steel Sculptures of George Tobolowsky. Tobolowsky’s work includes 10 steel sculptures placed in the Lucile Halsell Conservatory setting. Based at the Mountain Springs Sculpture Studio in Mountain Springs, Texas, Tobolowsky creates abstract metal sculptures from found objects, pieces of bulky industrial castoffs scoured from scrap yards and fabrication plants. The metal pieces, rarely altered, are arranged into balanced compositions fit together like “pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.” Considered part assemblage and part recycling, his work follows closely the artistic influence of Louise Nevelson and James Surls. Exhibit runs through December. Admission: $10 adults (14-64); $8 students, seniors, military; $7 children age 3-13; free for children under 3 and all members. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Place. 210-207-3250.

Institute of Texan Cultures

Little Texan, Big World features artwork by participants in the City of San Antonio’s Parks & Recreation youth centers. Through storytelling, film, photography and more, area youth explore their own identities through examining their cultural, social and familial experiences. The exhibit focuses on how the student artists view themselves at Texans and how they see themselves in relation to the rest of the world. Student projects include photography, shadow boxes and statement pieces, created by students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, at Parks and


Our Kids Magazine | July 2016

Now through September 4, families can catch George Catlin’s North American Indian Portfolio exhibit at the Briscoe Western Museum. Recreation centers across the city, under the direction of three different art directors. Project components are designed to help students contemplate their place in the community, their place in Texas, and their place in a larger world. Exhibit runs through October 29. Texas Missions and Churches of Roberto Cardinale presents an artist’s vision of 12 iconic Texas religious sites to explore the critical role missions and churches played in the development of the Lone Star State. Cardinale, now of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a former president of the San Antonio Art Institute and has created more than 500 sculptures depicting churches and synagogues from around the world. The exhibit will include wooden artistic interpretations of San Antonio’s Spanish Missions, San Fernando Cathedral before and after its renovations, El Paso’s Mission Ysleta, and other sites. Visitors will be able to see the artist’s original sketches before he began assembling the wooden sculptures. Various history panels in the exhibit will detail mission architecture and construction techniques, and unique architectural features such as perfectly placed windows which allow solar illuminations of the sanctuaries. Exhibit runs through August 20. Texas in the First World War explores the role of the Lone Star State in this pivotal world event. One hundred years ago, the United States entered the “War to End All Wars.” This idealistic hope of the “Great War” leading to lasting world peace would instead devastate large parts of the globe, and set in motion events taking humanity directly to yet another world war within decades. By the end of the war, 198,000 men and 450 Texan women would serve in the military alongside civilian volunteers both at home and overseas. Through images, stories, and artifacts, Texas in the First World War sheds light on the legacy of a global conflict that still heavily influences world affairs, politics, and alliances to this day. Exhibit runs through March 11, 2018. Admission: $8 for adults (12-64); $7 for seniors (65+); $6 for children (3-11); free with membership, UTSA or Alamo Colleges identification. Regular hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon-5 p.m. Sunday. Institute of Texan Cultures, UTSA HemisFair Park Campus, 801 E. César E. Chávez Blvd. 210458-2300. To Advertise Call 305-4181

The Witte

Wild Weather reveals how scientists are working to better forecast these events and help mitigate the impact on communities, infrastructure and lives. Experience extreme weather patterns including tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves, thunderstorms and severe winter storms from the safety of the exhibition hall. Visitors can discover the effects of climate change from around the globe and learn how to weather the storm. Kathleen and Curtis Gunn Gallery. Exhibit runs through September 4. Whales: Giants of the Deep exhibition uses an engaging blend of science, storytelling and innovative interactive galleries that give visitors the opportunity to discover more about the world of whales and what lives in the oceans’ depths. Bring the family for this hands-on interactive and immersive exhibit. Explore the latest research about the marine animals from their evolution and biology to the important role they play in human cultures. The Mays Family Center. Exhibit runs through September 4. Admission: $10 for adults (12-64); $9 for seniors (65+) and active duty military; $7 for children (4-11); and free for children ages 3 and younger and to all museum members. Regular hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday and Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday and noon-5 p.m. Sunday. Witte Museum, 3801 Broadway. 210-357-1900.



Available to start a program at your facility.

We want you to jump with us!

“Coach Bobby” Barrera / Phone: 210-269-0725



CHARACTER BUILDING BASKETBALL PROGRAMS Register online at or Call (210)600-5777 Questions:

Register online at or Call (210) 600-5777

President of RISE Basketball, Marie Ferdinand 3-time WNBA All Star & Louisiana State University (LSU) Hall of Fame Inductee


President of RISE Basketball, Marie Ferdinand 3-time WNBA All Star & Louisiana State University (LSU) Hall of Fame Inductee

Movie Mondays. Free. 10 a.m. to noon. Rolling Oaks Mall, 6909 N Loop 1604 E. (Lower level in front of Macy’s.) 210-651-5601. http:// event/summer-movie-series

18 Tuesday

Movies by Moonlight: Bring picnics, lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy an outdoor screening of “Storks”. Free plus free parking after 5 p.m. at city-operated parking garages, lots & meters. Pre-entertainment begins at 7:30 p.m. Showtime is 8:30 p.m. Travis Park, 301 E. Travis. free-outdoor-films/travis-park/3106-06-2017-movies-by-moonighttravis-park

19 Wednesday

David Blaine Live: Renowned magician David Blaine single-handedly redefined magic after producing and directing his original television special Street Magic when he was just twenty-three, which Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller called “the best TV magic special ever done.” The New York Times noted that

Blaine has “taken a craft that’s been around for hundreds of years and done something unique and fresh with it,” whilst The New Yorker claimed “he saved magic.” $29.50-$79.50. 8 p.m. Majestic Theatre, 224 E. Houston Street. 210226-5700. BRAVO! An Evening of Song and Dance: see July 5 SAMA Playdates: see July 5 Astronomy in the Park: see July 5 Weed Wednesdays – Volunteer at PHP: see July 5 Little Explorers: see July 5

20 Thursday

BRAVO! An Evening of Song and Dance: see July 5

21 Friday

Shining Star ENERGY Youth Football Clinic: For the ninth consecutive year, the Valero Alamo Bowl will host the free Shining Star ENERGY Youth Football Clinic for youth ages 7-14. Coaches from area colleges including Incarnate Word, Trinity and UTSA will join forces


SPORTS PHYSICALS* • Sports and pre-activity physicals

• Walk-in; no appointment necessary

• Open seven days per week

• Check-in online

To find the location nearest you, visit *Valid at San Antonio-area clinics only. Self-pay only; cannot be used in combination with insurance. Offer expires September 30, 2017. Mention Coupon Code 99395SP6.

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July 2016 |

FST 46957 Our Kids Magazine_July 2017_ThreeEighthsPg-4C_San Antonio_FastMed_MECH.indd 1


5/31/17 6:19 PM

of the first giraffe to visit France, Zarafa is a sumptuously animated and stirring adventure, set among sweeping vistas of parched desert, wind-swept mountains and open skies. A small boy named Maki meets Zarafa, a baby giraffe - and an orphan just like him, as well as the nomad Hassan, Prince of the Desert. Together they journey to Alexandria and Paris. Free. 8:45 to 10:30 p.m. San Antonio Museum of Art, 200 W. Jones Ave (West Courtyard). 210-978-8183. http://www.

Video Games Live™ with YOSA will be performed at the Tobin Center on July 15 and 16. to teach over 500 participants about sportsmanship and football. Attendees will participate in offense, defense/agility and blocking/tackling drills run by the coaches. This clinic also includes free concussion testing for area high school students and a college scholarship program. Free. Pre-registration is available online. On-site registration is at 8 a.m. and the clinic is from 9 a.m. to noon. Alamodome, 100 Montana St. 210-7046391. shining-star-energy-youth-football-clinic/

Toddler Art Play –Music Makers: Mini Museum visit meets creative playtime for children under 5. Wear paint clothes for a fun, messy time at the McNay. 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.  McNay Art Museum, 6000 N. New Braunfels Ave. 210-824-5368. toddler-art-play-music-makers/ Fiesta Noche del Rio: see July 1 Balcones Heights Jazz Festival: see July 7 Miss Anastasia’s Storytime: see July 7 Art Strolls: see July 7

22 Saturday

Star Party: This astronomy-filled event will feature star experts with their telescopes for dazzling night-sky experiences. Telescopes provided by San Antonio Astronomical Association. Bring blankets, chairs & bug spray. Meet near the pavilion, no registration required. Check the SAAA Facebook page for updates/weather cancellations. Free. 9 to 11 p.m. Boerne City Lake Park, 1 City Lake Rd., Boerne. 210-262-8384. SanAntonioAstronomy/

The Wonder-filled World of Worms!: A special kid’s composting workshop at Villa Finale invites kids ages 6-12 to attend this fun, hands-on workshop where children will learn how to create their own compost using live worms. Kids will be introduced to the importance of worms in our eco-system, tour Villa Finale’s worm and composting areas (not open to the public), and create their own compost bins.  All supplies, including worms plus a special take-home treat, will be provided.  This activity is open tor children and their parents. $5 per child. 10 to 11 a.m. Villa Finale Museum & Gardens, 401 King William Street. 210-223-9800. http://www.

Family Flicks - Zarafa: Films begin at sundown. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and picnics. Inspired by the true story

Drum Corps International Competition: Once again, San Antonio hosts the annual DCI Southwestern Championships as 23

Field Trips:

Different monthly themes are offered • Around the World Percussion • Rock n Roll • Super Heroes • Native American Indian • Beach & Hawaiian • Christmas & Holiday We bring multiple percussion instruments to you for an interactive music jam session.

Offered at:

Cole Locke-Hill Brauchle Galm Fields Helotes

Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary

210-260-2221 Our Kids Magazine | July 2016

Wild with Worms Workshop – Starting a Vermiculture System at Home: Feel guilty when you throw away food scraps? Worry no longer!  In this fun, hands-on workshop families with kids of at least 8 years of age can create a starter worm bin to take home. $45 includes all materials per family unit (one adult and up to three children, $10 per additional person). 10 a.m. to noon. San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Place. 210-536-1400. education/family-programs/ Nature Walk - Poetry in Nature: Local poet, teacher and naturalist Mobi Warren combines a deep love for nature and poetic expression as she leads the walk. Ms. Warren shares her original poems, as well as poems of other poets to inspire participants to experience and express nature in words. Free; donations accepted. 8 to 10 a.m. Phil Hardberger Park West, PHP Urban Ecology Center, 8400 NW Military Hwy. 210-492-7472. Outdoor Movie at Mission Marquee Plaza: The community is invited to experience the magic and nostalgia of one of San Antonio’s historic gems as the Mission Marquee Plaza will be the setting for an outdoor screening of “Sing”. Food trucks and concessionaires will be on hand and attendees are also welcome to bring their own snacks, lawn chairs, blankets and coolers. Free. 7 to 10 p.m. Movie begins 15 minutes after dusk. Mission Marquee Plaza, 3100 Roosevelt Ave. 210-207-6968. MissionMarqueePlaza

After School Classes Start in September

Please contact us for information or visit our website


amazing marching bands take the field to compete in one day. Also features DrumLine Battle and SoundSport competitions.  No video recording is permitted. Small cameras are allowed. Cameras with large lenses will not be permitted. $20$67. Children 3 years of age and under are free to enter and must sit on a lap. 2 p.m. Alamodome,100 Montana St. 210207-3663.

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Our Kids

Mon-Sat: 10am - 7pm Sun: 12pm - 5pm

210-490-7171 923 N. Loop 1604 E. #106

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Sensory-Friendly Films: see July 8

23 Sunday

Bon Voyage Cancer!: A Fashion Show Fundraiser taking you places and taking on cancer. During this local San Antonio event local models (children fighting cancer or who have beaten it) will strut their stuff on the runway at the San Fernando Hall. All the proceeds raised from this event will go back to local San Antonio children in $500 medical grants. Food and Beverage, Face Painting, Marvel and Star Wars Character Photo Ops, Caricature Artist, Photo Booth, Open Bar (21+ only), Silent Auction, Raffle, T-Shirt and Teddy Bear Shop, Live DJ, and more. $8-$15. 12:30 to 3 p.m. San Fernando Hall, 231 W Commerce St. https://www.eventbrite. com/e/bon-voyage-cancer-fashion-showfundraiser-tickets-34305037290

San Antonio hosts the annual DCI Southwestern Championships on July 22 at the Alamodome. Astronomy in the Park: see July 5 Weed Wednesdays – Volunteer at PHP: see July 5 Little Explorers: see July 5

KidX Summer Movie Series: Bring the kids to see “Sing” at Rolling Oaks Mall during their free Summer Movie Mondays. Free. 10 a.m. to noon. Rolling Oaks Mall, 6909 N Loop 1604 E. (Lower level in front of Macy’s.) 210-651-5601. event/summer-movie-series

25 Tuesday

Movies by Moonlight: Bring picnics, lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy an outdoor screening of “Little Mermaid”. Free plus free parking after 5 p.m. at cityoperated parking garages, lots & meters. Pre-entertainment begins at 7:30 p.m. Showtime is 8:30 p.m. Travis Park, 301 E. Travis.

Miss Anastasia’s Twiglet Storytime: see July 7

26 Wednesday

SAMA Playdates: see July 5

Birds of Prey with Swooping Sangria: A Thirst for Nature Event featuring a discussion of the sometimes scary but always mesmerizing birds considered Birds of Prey. These predator birds are characterized by keen vision that allows them to detect rodents during flight and powerful talons and beaks. Learn more while sipping on “Swooping Sangria.” $10 -Adults, $5-Kids (Under 6 Free). 7 to 9 p.m. Cibolo Nature Center, Visitor Center, 140 City Park Road, Boerne. 830-2497230. thirst-nature-event-4

28 Friday

Fiesta Noche del Rio: see July 1 Balcones Heights Jazz Festival: see July 7

27 Thursday

24 Monday

830-249-9511 ext 5. https://visitboerne. org/calendar/summer-scene-movie-park-9

Christmas In July Outdoor Movie: The Santa Clause, Rated PG, will be screened for the public at Boerne’s Main Plaza. Come out early, pick your spot, get a movie snack or two and hang out and enjoy free entertainment before the movie. Free. Pre-movie activities begin at 6:30 p.m. and the movie starts at dark. Main Plaza, 100 North Main, Boerne.

Art Strolls: see July 7

29 Saturday

Global Tiger Day: Celebrate Global Tiger Day by bringing the family out to theme day at the SA Zoo. Activities will be held throughout the Zoo that develop awareness and encourage the protection of the world’s tigers. This event is free with zoo admission. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. San Antonio Zoo, 3903 N. St. Mary’s St. 210-7347184. theme-days/

31 Monday

KidX Summer Movie Series: Bring the kids to see “Beauty & the Beast” at Rolling Oaks Mall during their free Summer Movie Mondays. Free. 10 a.m. to noon. Rolling Oaks Mall, 6909 N Loop 1604 E. (Lower level in front of Macy’s.) 210-651-5601. events-news/event/summer-movie-series



For Parties Booked in June and July

Party Packages Include

Inflatables During Entire Party • Indoor Piñata Station • Play Area Kids Light Show • Sing/Dance Along • Pizzas and Drinks Setup/Clean up • Table Covers, Chairs, Plates, Cups, Napkins, Forks

210-757-3383 4963 Stahl Rd Ste 106 San Antonio Tx 78217

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June 19 - August 11

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281/Redland Area


• Ages 2yrs-10yrs • Sibling Discounts • Free Trial Class • 4 Locations




Phonics - Reading - L. Arts Math - Handwriting - STAAR Prep. ADD - ADHD - Dyslexia - ESL Exp. 1:1 Pre-school - 8th Grade

“Inspiring students to excel and do their best!”

Gail Saunders, B.S. Ed. C.I. 25+ Years Exp.(210) 509-7951

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English ESL Available Specialty Classes for Adults

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Princess and Superhero Characters


• Moonbounces • Wet/Dry Combo Units • Waterslides • Dunk Tanks • Concession Machines • Tables & Chairs

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Our Kids Magazine | July 2017

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Our Kids Magazine July 2017  

San Antonio is Military City USA and July is the month we celebrate our nation’s independence. With that in mind, we here at Our Kids Magazi...