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Celebrating 20 Years!

Nov. –Dec. 2015

The Magazine of Fun and Fact Deb James

A Life with Bears Stone Head Nature Preserve

Ferrer Gallery Friends Taking New Directions

The Legend of Picker Dan Will Vawter, Early Artist Looking Back on 40 Years of Nature Sampler at Brozinni Pizzeria The Christmas Tree Holiday Events


Village Green Building CELEBRATING 100 YEARS IN NASHVILLE The Nashville you came to see and love…

Where you can see the work of local artists — whether it’s ice cream, candy and fruit preserves made the old fashioned way or the artwork of local artists and craftsmen. ·   · Homemade Ice Cream Homemade Candies Homemade Fruit Preserves ·   · Antiques · Art and Craft Galleries featuring over 40 area artists Working studios of local artists



H I C

Yes, we really do make it ourselves!

The Candy Dish





.. · .

Fine Homemade Chocolate Candies and Fudge Gourmet Caramels Over 50 Flavors of Salt Water Taffy



A Dreamer’s Gallery Specializing in Art and the Vintage, Local and Unique!



Carmel Ridge Rd


Nineveh Edinburgh Morgantown 31 37 135 I-65 46 Bloomington Columbus 46 NASHVILLE 252

Vaught Rd.

Monroe Music Park & Campground BEAN BLOSSOM

Flower and Herb Barn Farmhouse Café

Plum Creek Antiques Market

Doodles by Kara Barnard


Rd .


HELMSBURG Farmers’ Market at Lightspinner Studio St. Davids

Cordry Lake

Sprunica Rd.


Brownie’s Bean Blossom Restaurant





Abe Martin Lodge

Brown County State Park


Rd. ch





Spears Gallery STORY

Monroe Reservoir


la Pop

Lodge on the Mountain T.C. Steele State Historic Site

eXplore Brown County

Rawhide Ranch




Mike’s Music and Dance Barn

ton Cr k



to BL OO

Knight’s Trash Removal


rt Crest esoound R t r als d ent Lasampg reek R . Tire t R l l n a C alt C n Co etrea ue M catio ery 46 S Breoewkside RCo. An’tBiqrown VnaCo. Winp Moneto Cr rown ills o Brow Cam B H Overlook to COLUMBUS Mt Lodge . Li kidscommons b GNAW 19th Hole ert y Rd BONE Bar/Grille Bear Wallow Distillery

yB ran



Annie Smith Rd.


Old SR 4

Artist and/or Gallery

Tim ber


Green Valley Lodge Yellowwood Lake

Cox Creek Mill

Val le


Al’s Paint & BodyAl’s Garage

Country Club Rd

Oak Grove

Musical Entertainment




Mike Nickels Log Homes


Ow l Cr eek


Butler Winery BLOOMINGTON Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS Fireplace Center Harley-Davidson of Bloomington







to BL O


Rosey Bolte’s Uncommon Gourd Studio

Clay Lick Rd

Lake Lemon


MORGANTOWN TRAFALGAR Antiques Co-op The Apple Works Sweetwater House of Clocks Lake Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides Las Chalupas





Upper Bean Blossom

Brown County N


Bob Allen Rd.

Homestead Weaving Studio Salem’s Good Nature Farm


Hoosier Artist

Fallen Leaf Books



Hobnob Corner

Brown County Art Guild

The Wild Olive

ST SR 135 N

Village Green

Brown Co Winery

Sweet Cozy Living Nashville Candy Store Sports Etc. Be My Guest Head Over Hillbilly Footwash Heels

Heritage Mall

Spears Pottery Juls Etc.

The Sunshine Shack

House of Jerky

Apache Tactical

Gold &Old

Townhouse Touch of Silver Gifts

Main Street Shops


MAIN STREET That Sandwich Place

Nashville House


Weed Patch Music Co. Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts Brown Co Craft Gallery

Log JJail L il

Pioneer Village Museum


Ferrer Gallery Miller’s Ice Cream The Candy Dish The Harvest Preserve

? info


J Bob’s

open M-F8-4

Downtown Cottages & Suites Copperhead Creek Gem Mine

Iris Garden Complex

GOULD STREET Brown Co. Rock & Fossil Shop

Brown Co Public Library

Brown Co. History Center


Hidden Valley Inn



Brozinni Pizzeria

The Emerald Pencil

Big Woods Village



Men’s Toy Shop Main Street Images

Colonial Bldg.

Carmel Corn Cottage


Bright & Williamson Insurance

Hills O’Brown Realty

J.B. Goods/ Life is Good

Hotel Nashville

Redbud Terrace

McGinley Insurance


Career Resource Center

First Merchants Office Bank Health For U

County Offices



Brown Co Art Gallery

Masonic Lodge

Old SR 4



Village Florist

The Salvation Army


Artists Colony Inn Toy Chest B3 Gallery

Artists Colony

Cathy’s Corner

Nashville Express

Male Instinct

Rhonda Kay’s

Out of the Ordinary

The Thomas Treehouse



Coachlight Square

Brown Co Inn Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

Brown Co Community YMCA

Brown County IGA Bear Hardware Comfort Inn


Tea Shop


Pine Room Muddy Boots

Salt Creek Inn

Seasons Lodge & Conference Center

Salt Creek Park McDonald’s

Nashville General Store & Bakery

Doodles by Kara Barnard



Dining Lodging

Artist and/or Gallery

Musical Entertainment Rest Room



map not to scale

Nashville Indiana

Casa Del Sol

Mercantile Store

Cornerstone Inn

Bearly Country

Forever Bone Appetit Sweet Bakery Ethereal Day Spa and Salon Chateau Thomas Sweetea’s Winery

Camelot Shoppes

Lorna’s Hunter’s Leather & Electronics Boutique

Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Possum Trot Sq

Sweetwater Back to Back Yesteryear Gallery Old Time Photos Grasshopper Flats Wishful Simply 4 You Thinking



Hoosier Buddy

Thrift Shop Community Closet


Olde Magnolia House Inn 4th Sister Vintage Store

Calvin Place


Schwab’s Fudge

New Leaf Amy Greely

Life is Good JB Goods


Too Cute Abe’s Corner

Franklin Sq

Melchior Marionettes

Jack & Jill Nut Shop

Brown Co Playhouse

58 South Apparel



Gaia’s Touch

Through the Looking Glass Wooden Wonders Nashville Image Old Time Photos For Bare Feet, Woodlands Brown Co. Furniture, It’s All About Dogs Brown Co Weavery & Roots Paint Box Gallery, Primitive Spirit Rich Hill’s Magic & Fun Emporium K. Bellum Leather, My Sister’s Shop Brown Co. Pottery, Agape Pearls Ferguson House

Antique Alley


Our Brown County ANTIQUES

Antiques Co-op.............................57 Be My Guest...................................61 Brown Co Antique Mall................52 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 The Emerald Pencil.......................28 Nashville General Store...............54 Plum Creek Antiques...................64 Townhouse Gifts...........................43


Antique Alley Shops.....................53 Antiques Co-op.............................57 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Bear Hardware..............................33 Brown Co Antique Mall................52 Brown Co Art Gallery...................28 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................52 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 The Emerald Pencil.......................28 Ferrer Gallery............................ 3, 29 Hoosier Artist................................29 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................48 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.29 Rhoden Art Gallery at eXplore Brown County..................4


Fallen Leaf Books..........................27


58 South Apparel..........................32 Antique Alley Shops.....................53 Apache Tactical.............................50 Bear Hardware..............................33 Brown Co Weavery & Roots........63 Community Closet Thrift Shop...55 Harley-Davidson of Bloomington.................................23 Head Over Heels...........................61 J.B. Goods/ Life is Good...............22 Lorna’s Leather & Boutique........48 Male Instinct..................................52 Mercantile Store...........................42 Sports Etc.......................................61 Village Florist Tuxedo Rental......43 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............55


4th Sister Vintage Store...............50 Antique Alley Shops.....................53 Antiques Co-op.............................57 Apache Tactical.............................50 The Apple Works...........................51 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Be My Guest...................................61 Bearly Country..............................15 Bone Appetit Bakery....................52 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................52 Brown Co Pottery..........................63 Brown Co Rock & Fossil Shop.....51 Brown Co Visitors Center.............24 Brown Co Weavery & Roots........63 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 Cox Creek Mill................................22 The Emerald Pencil.......................28 The Ferguson House....................25 Ferrer Gallery............................ 3, 29 Foxfire.............................................25 Head Over Heels...........................61 Hillbilly Footwash.........................61 Homestead Weaving Studio.......28 Hoosier Artist................................29 House of Clocks.............................57 J Bob’s Trading Co.........................14 K. Bellum Leather.........................42 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................48 Lorna’s Leather & Boutique........48 Madeline’s......................................42 Main Street Images......................14 Male Instinct..................................52 Men’s Toy Shop..............................26 Mercantile Store...........................42 Monroe Gift Shop.........................26 Nashville General Store...............54 New Leaf.........................................29 Papertrix.........................................15 Rhonda Kay’s.................................32 Simply 4 You..................................19 Spears Pottery...............................28 Sports Etc.......................................61 Sweet Cozy Living........................63 Sweetwater Gallery......................19

The Thomas Treehouse................63 Townhouse Gifts...........................43 The Toy Chest................................55 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.29 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............55 Village Florist Flowers & Gifts.....43 Wishful Thinking...........................19


Brown County Playhouse............18 Copperhead Creek Gem Mine....51 kidscommons................................43 Pine Room–Muddy Boots...........49 Rawhide Ranch.............................27 Rich Hill’s Magic Emporium........48


19th Hole Sports Bar & Grille......39 Abe Martin Lodge.........................38 The Apple Works...........................51 Artists Colony Inn.........................23 Bear Wallow Distillery..................23 Brown Co IGA................................18 Brown Co Inn.................................22 Brown Co Winery..........................38 Brownie’s Bean Blossom Rest.....42 Brozinni Pizzeria...........................27 Butler Winery.................................27 The Candy Dish...............................3 Carmel Corn Cottage...................43 Casa Del Sol...................................55 Chateau Thomas Winery.............52 Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville........67 Farmhouse Cafe............................14 Forever Sweet................................42 The Harvest Preserve.....................3 Hobnob Corner Restaurant........50 Hoosier Buddy Liquors................51 Hotel Nashville..............................67 House of Jerky...............................52 J Bob’s Trading Co.........................14 Jack & Jill Nut Shop......................52 Las Chalupas Mexican Rest.........57 McDonald’s....................................63 Miller’s Ice Cream............................3 Nashville BP...................................15 Nashville Candy Store..................61 Nashville Fudge Kitchen..............68 Nashville General Store...............54

Advertiser Index Nashville House............................45 Pine Room–Muddy Boots...........49 Schwab’s Fudge.............................42 Seasons...........................................45 Sweetea’s Tea Shop......................32 That Sandwich Place....................63 The Sunshine Shack.....................53 The Wild Olive.................................2


Antiques Co-op.............................57 The Ferguson House....................25 Plum Creek Antiques...................64


Bear Hardware..............................33


Head Over Heels...........................61 K. Bellum Leather.........................42


Antique Alley Shops.....................53 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Brown Co Antique Mall................52 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 Ferguson House............................25 Ferrer Gallery............................ 3, 29 Foxfire.............................................25 Grasshopper Flats.........................19 Hoosier Artist................................29 J Bob’s Trading Co.........................14 Juls Etc............................................33 LaSha’s............................................53 Main Street Images......................14 New Leaf.........................................29 Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts.........48 Rhonda Kay’s.................................32 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............55 Touch of Silver Gold & Old..........22


Abe Martin Lodge.........................38 Artists Colony Inn.........................23 The Brick Lodge............................67 Brown Co Inn.................................22 Comfort Inn...................................12 Cornerstone Inn............................44 Creekside Retreat.........................50 eXplore Brown County..................4 Green Valley Lodge......................15

Hampton Inn.................................12 Hidden Valley Inn.........................33 Hills o’ Brown Vacation Rentals..33 Hilton Garden Inn.........................12 Holiday Inn Express......................12 Hotel Nashville..............................67 Lodge on the Mountain...............63 McGinley Vacation Cabins..........64 Monroe Music Park & Campground........................... 26,64 Nickel’s Vacation Cabins..............14 The North House...........................67 Olde Magnolia House..................50 The Overlook Lodge.....................39 Rawhide Ranch.............................27 Salt Creek Inn................................48 Seasons...........................................43


Bill Monroe Bluegrass Museum.26 kidscommons................................43


Bone Appetit Bakery....................52


B3 Gallery.......................................28 Main Street Images......................14 Spears Pottery...............................28 Yesteryear Old Time Photos........19


Hills o’ Brown Realty.....................65 ReMax Team...................................52 F.C. Tucker-Jennifer Gabriel....... 65


eXplore Brown County..................4 Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides............49 Rawhide Ranch.............................27


Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS.......................32 Career Resource Center...............43 Ethereal Day Spa and Salon........49 Hillbilly Footwash.........................61 Hunter’s Electronics.....................49 Nashville BP...................................15 Village Florist Flowers & Gifts.....43


Bright & Williamson Insurance Brown Co Community YMCA

Brown Co Tire & Auto Sara Callanan Music Studio Career Resource Center Farmers Insurance—McGinley First Merchants Bank Flower and Herb Barn Health For U Helmsburg Sawmill Hills o’ Brown Realty Knight’s Trash Removal McGinley Vacation Cabins Mike Nickels Log Homes Monroe Park Campground Plum Creek Antiques F.C. Tucker-Jennifer Gabriel Waltman Construction Co.


Head Over Heels...........................61 K. Bellum Leather.........................42


Apache Tactical.............................50 Bearly Country..............................15 Bone Appetit Bakery....................52 Fallen Leaf Books..........................27 Fireplace Center............................42 Harley-Davidson of Bloomington.................................23 House of Clocks.............................57 Hunter’s Electronics.....................49 K. Bellum Leather.........................42 Male Instinct..................................52 Men’s Toy Shop..............................26 Rich Hill’s Magic Emporium........48 Sports Etc.......................................61 The Toy Chest................................55 Weed Patch Music Company......63 Wishful Thinking...........................19


Ferrer Gallery............................ 3, 29 Hoosier Artist................................29 Sweetwater Gallery......................19


Artists Colony Inn.........................23 Hotel Nashville..............................67 Village Florist.................................43


Stuff a Stocking Event..................26

contents Cover: Bearly Country bears by Cindy Steele

16 Stone Head Nature Preserve ~by Paige Langenderfer

20 Ferrer Gallery Friends ~by Lee Edgren

24 Sampler at Brozinni Pizzeria 30 The Legend of Picker Dan ~by Mark Blackwell

34-35 Photos by Marti Garvey 36-37 Calendar of Events 40 Early Artist Will Vawter ~by Julia Pearson 46 Christmas in Brown County

~by Paige Langenderfer

~by Jeff Tryon

~by Cindy Steele

~by Jim Eagleman

53 Humane Soc. Chocolate Walk Deja Vu Art and Fine Craft Show 54 Big Trees ~by Paul Sackmann 56 Brown County Christmas Tree 58 Deb James, A Life with Bears 60 Memoirs of a Naturalist

Jim Eagleman is a 40 year veteran of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as an interpretive naturalist, first working at Turkey Run State Park for three years and for the last 34 at Brown County. He and his wife Kay have three sons, all graduates of Brown County High School. Kay and Jim enjoy all outdoor activities, especially kayaking. Jim is currently working on his memoirs.

64-65 Services Directory 66 Once Upon a Time Ago ~by John Wm. Sisson

contributors Mark Blackwell makes his home in an area of Brown County where “the roadway is rough and the slopes are seamed with ravines and present a meatless, barren, backbone effect.” He was born in the last century and still spends considerable time there. He plays music with the “Lost Shoe String Band” when he can get away with it, writes for Our Brown County, and only works when he has to. Jeff Tryon is a former news editor of The Brown County Democrat, a former region reporter for The Republic, and a former bureau chief for The Huntsville Times. Born and raised in Brown County, he currently lives with his wife, Sue, in a log cabin on the edge of Brown County State Park. He is a Baptist minister.

Julia Pearson wrote for a secular Franciscan magazine for ten years and served as its human interest editor. She and her husband Bruce have made Lake Woebegone Country their new homebase for life’s continuing adventures. Julie, Bruce, and four-footed Suki are adjusting well. Julia enjoys traveling and visiting museums of all types and sizes, with her children and grandchildren.

Joe Lee is an illustrator and writer. He is the author of The History of Clowns for Beginners and Dante for Beginners and illustrator of six other titles, including the forthcoming Dada and Surealism for Beginners in the ongoing “for Beginners” series. He is an awardwinning editorial cartoonist for the Bloomington Herald Times, a graduate of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and a veteran circus performer. Joe lives with his wife Bess, son Brandon, George the cat, and his dogs, Jack and Max.

Lee Edgren, writing since kindergarten, attended journalism school at the University of Michigan. Her career includes writing for a newspaper, for a government agency, and for UM Medical Center. She became seriously interested in yoga during the late 1980s and traveled widely. Lee has a master’s degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University. She lives in both in Brown County and in northern Michigan and owns River Light Yoga studio.

Paige Langenderfer is a freelance writer and communications consultant. She writes for numerous Indiana publications, and is a featured columnist in The Republic. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University and her Master’s degree in public relations management from IUPUI. Paige lives in Columbus with her husband and daughter. She can be contacted at <>.

Marti Garvey is a photographer and artist who has lived in Brown County for more than 30 years. She and her husband, Norbert, raised four children in the hills and hollers of Owl Creek. Inspired by light, structures, nature, music, people, and spontaneity her work has been featured in various publications. “Do at least one creative thing a day” is a motto she has lived by her whole life—which is why her camera and art supplies accompany her wherever she goes. Contact her at <> or view her photos at <>..

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12 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Note From the Publisher


t seems like every other person in Brown County creates something for a living—anything from fine oil paintings to whiskey. People write books, play music, build instruments, make syrup, bake pies, make furniture, weld yard art, make jewelry, weave rugs, craft beer, and take photographs. What is it about this place that makes a person want to dive into the creative process? I think there is something primal about the need to create—something that goes back to the cave drawing days. We have an instinct to express ourselves that separates us from the other species. Living in the beautiful hills and hollers of Brown County, away from the order and disorder of the cities, seems to free us and take us to another state of mind. We don’t stop and consider whether what we are creating will please someone else. We do it to please ourselves. It makes us happy. We lose track of time when we are in that process, in touch with some kind of spirit that takes the wheel. The early Brown County artists recognized the spirit here in the early 1900s. T.C. Steele was the first artist to make this place his home. Then others from cities like Chicago followed. I have come to believe that every person has the capability to create something beautiful. And that the more we encourage each other, the more creative we will be. As young people, most of us convince ourselves that we aren’t good enough to pursue artistic endeavors and the spirit gets stifled. But when we are surrounded with people that use their creative energy, the spirit awakens. If you move here, you may start making things, too. I commuted every day to bigger cities to work corporate jobs for many years until I discovered I could make a living making things on my own. I put together this magazine in a tiny office in my home and have for twenty years now. Brown County is full of independent people like me who take risks and create. As the holiday season approaches I suggest giving something that was made here to the ones you love. Share a little of the creative spirit that lives in these hills. You can find lots of things made in Brown County. Just ask around. —Cindy Steele

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Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 15

Stone Head Nature Preserve


Mike Kelley at Stone Head. Courtesy photos

~by Paige Langenderfer

ike Kelley describes the 122-acre Stone Head Nature Preserve, with its heavily wooded ridge tops and gently sloping terrace, as an unfinished novel. Each day reveals another chapter in its geologic history, but there are many more pages to write. This story began many years ago when, as a young boy, Kelley fell in love with nature. On walks on his uncle’s 40-acre property in Decatur, Indiana, Kelley developed an appreciation for plants, animals, and insects. In a high school zoology class, he was introduced to and fell in love with bird watching.

“It was then that I became hooked on the game of watching birds,” Kelley said. “I dreamed of someday having my own private wooded trails where I could enjoy my admiration for ‘odd birds.’” But nature is much more than a hobby to Kelley. “It inspires me such that I tell people my church has trees and offers shade to those who seek it, even the logger who scars it in exchange for monetary gain,” he said. “I worship there almost daily, in total awe of the many wonders of life.” After a career as an orthodontist, Kelley and his wife Jan were able

16 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

to make his dream come true, purchasing the 122 acres that now make up the Stone Head Nature Preserve. Kelley bought the land, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to preserve the land in its original splendor. “Like all the different cells of a human body working in a coordinated fashion to make up the individual, I believe that all of nature is functioning together as one big organism called life. We all need each other for ultimate survival,” he said. “The ego of man has us thinking of ourselves as superior to the rest of nature when

”…I tell people my church has trees and offers shade to those who seek it…I worship there almost daily, in total awe of the many wonders of life.” in reality, all of nature is equal as one. We all need each other for ultimate survival.” Over the past 10 years, Kelley and volunteers have been successful in nearly eliminating invasive plants, giving native plants and animals the opportunity to reclaim the land. There has been a homecoming for nesting blue grosbeaks and sedge wrens, Virginia and sora rails, nesting and migrating duck species, great white egret, and little green heron. All but one of the 11 frog and toad species have returned, as well as beaver and mink. Part of the success is due to restoring a portion of the land, in a valley flood plain, to a wetland. Plantings have included a variety of native wetland plant species around the ponds, as well as prairie grasses and wildflowers. Tree saplings were planted along the banks of Salt Creek to create a buffer, favoring the creek and its inhabitants. “It’s always nice to see certain wildlife species that wouldn’t otherwise be found here if not for changing the habitat through wetland improvements,” Kelley said. After enjoying the land privately for several years, Kelley began considering donating his land to

a conservation trust to protect it from potential development in the future. Today, the donated land is managed by the Stone Head Conservancy, a newly formed non-profit organization. The board of directors of the Stone Head Conservancy is responsible for improvements to the land including bridges, boardwalks, invasive species control, signage, trail upkeep and other maintenance. As a dedicated nature preserve, Stone Head Nature Preserve serves as a living museum, a record of Indiana’s original natural character. Located in southern Brown County, five miles south of State

Society, Walking Women Hiking Club, Sassafras Audubon Society, Moonwalker’s hiking group and school groups from Columbus. It has annually been on the program for Brown County’s Spring Wildflower Foray and Nature Awareness Weekend. Kelley said he hopes the preserve will grow and inspire others to preserve land. “It is our dream to someday have an uninterrupted corridor of nature preserve running the length of Salt Creek Valley (Middle Fork) from Stone Head to Story, dedicated to the appreciation and study of nature for generations to

Road 46, the preserve is open to the public, welcoming each visitor with wetland and meadow trails, wooded hills and countless species of birds, vegetation, animals, and insects. Informal footpaths provide good starting points for exploration and nature study. Various local groups have already utilized the land including the Bloomington Photography Club, Bloomington Watercolor

come,” he said. “It won’t happen in our lifetimes, but all dreams have a starting point and we like to think the seed has been planted for future growth.” For more information on the Stone Head Nature Preserve or the Stone Head Conservancy, visit < StoneHeadConservancy> or <>. 

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18 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Back-to-Back Complex

145 South Van Buren Street

Weekdays 10–6, Sat. 10–7, Sun. 10–6

PLY 4 YOU SIM Handmade & Unique Gifts • Hand-painted Signs • Homemade Body Scrubs • Giant Scrabble Letters • Solar-Changing Finger Nail Polish • Biker Bracelets • Painted Ball Jars And much more...

145 S. Van Buren St. Nashville, IN 812-350-8806

145 S. Van Buren Street

Simply 4 You Gift Shop

Sepia • Old Time Color • Color • Black & White


FREE in-store demos!

Old School Way and Pittman House Lane

(next to the Toy Chest, behind Sweetwater Gallery) Visit our website for class schedules • 812-988-7009

Wild West • Prairie • Civil War Roaring 20s and more! 145 S. Van Buren • Nashville, IN • 812-988-7305 Next to Artist Colony Inn, behind Sweetwater Gallery

est. 1972

Doug Stoffer, Designer/Jeweler

Sweetwater Gallery featuring locally crafted:

Sterling Silver • Fine Diamonds Opals • Gemstones • Wedding Rings Titanium Bands • Austrian Lead Crystal For Quality and Price call 812-988-4037 Top Dollar Paid for Old Gold 150 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville

Stained Glass Paperweights Mosaic Mirrors Fabric Wallhangings also offering:

Pottery Kaleidoscopes Metal Sculpture Owners, Ron and Penny Schuster

145 S. Van Buren Nashville located in the Back-to-Back Complex 812-988-0449

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 19

Ferrer Gallery Friends


errer Gallery, for 16 years the welcoming and intriguing space at the top of the stairs in the old Village Green building at 61 West Main, will close its doors December 13, 2015. On display through the gallery closing is their final group show, “New Directions,” which commemorates their connection with the gallery and their lengthy friendship with one another, while pointing at possibilities for the future. It is a bittersweet event for the three artists—Dixie and Dick Ferrer and Barb Brooke Davis—who have made the gallery and working studios their creative home. While they have loved their interaction with customers, many who return

year after year, the successful gallery has required a great deal of time and energy. “It’s been a helluva ride,” Barb Brooke Davis exclaims, “and we are still friends.” All the same, all three are ready for the change. “We’re all ready to slow our pace down, and speed up our production,” Dixie notes. Two years ago the Ferrers built a studio next to their house in the woods, described by Dixie as an “enchanted” place. Both have noticed the impact of its serenity and the uninterrupted hours on the quality of their work. They also want to spend more time with their family: six children, 13 grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. Barb will move her

20 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Barb Brooke Davis, Dick and Dixie Ferrer.

~by Lee Edgren

studio to her home, also relishing the prospect of uninterrupted time to concentrate on new projects as well as more family-focused time. Barb, who had independent shops before joining forces with the Ferrers, celebrated her 35th Nashville October this year. All three have new or continuing Nashville gallery affiliations. Although they will be working at home, their work will still be available in other venues. Dick’s paintings will be at The Brown County Art Gallery, Hoosier Salon Gallery in Indianapolis, and the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association (IPPA) paintouts around the state. Dixie’s work will be found at The Brown County Art Guild, New Leaf, and Sweetea’s Tea Shop, while Barb will be at the Brown County

Taking New Directions

photos by Cindy Steele

Work by Barb, Dixie, and Dick.

Craft Gallery and Primitives and Pinecones. Before opening the gallery, Dixie had been in four different Village Green studios and Barb in three. At one time, all the space in the building had been devoted to artists’ studios. Dixie had a small gallery on the second floor and a teaching space on the third floor. The Ferrers expanded the gallery several years ago, as other second floor artists’ studios became available. When they first opened the gallery and working studios, they thought they would never fill it. Smashing Designs with Susan Threehawks and Connie Simmonds were part of the original gallery and working studios group. Over the years they have had more than 120 different

artists showing at the gallery. At their peak, they had 45 at one time. “The gallery has always been tightly juried. But there were a lot of people who came here who had never been anywhere before, but had quality work.” Barb and Dixie have been friends for almost 40 years. Their kids went to the same pre-school in Indianapolis. “Barb taught me about running the business. I was a “loose” runner and Barb helped me to become better at business.” Until four years ago Dick worked full time in Indianapolis and was in the gallery only on weekends. Dixie notes that, “When he retired and came in, it was a democracy, but women ruled. We worked really hard to make sure everyone was happy. It took about a year. “And,” Barb quips, “when Dixie’s not here, Dick and I play really cool music.” “What fun we’ve had!” Dixie notes. “People still talk about “The Ugly Bug Ball” and the PJ party we had.” And they have always had a memorable Halloween party. “We were always trying to come from a different slant

and we were always trying to stir up the art scene.” All three want their customers and collectors to be assured that although the gallery is closing, they (and their work) will still be here in Nashville and available. All are willing to schedule appointments at their studios, and the Ferrers will continue to teach in various venues. “We’re not going anywhere,” Dick exclaims. “We live here.” 

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 21

Visit America’s First Store


The Iron Gate by Brad Cox

Unique Metal Art Studio

4705 Annie Smith Rd. Nashville

172 N. Van Buren Street in Nashville, IN Second Location in Calvin Place– (S. Van Buren and Franklin Streets) • 812-988-0900



Brad Cox and his wife Stephanie invite you to discover their studio and mill located along the banks of Salt Creek just 10 minutes from Nashville. Hours vary. Call ahead.

Albert C. Drake

Goldsmith and Silversmith 42 years of quality service in Brown County


with Extended Hours 7 Days a Week Breakfast Breakfast Buffet Lunch & Dinner Lunch & Dinner

8am to 11am 8am to 11am 11am to 9pm 11am to 10pm

Mon–Fri Sat & Sun Sun–Thur Fri & Sat

At the intersection of HWY 46 & 135 3 Blocks South of Downtown Nashville (812) 988-2291

22 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Touch of Silver, Gold & Old 87 E. Main St. • Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-6990 • (800) 988-6994 Hours: 10am - 6pm • 7 days a week


Inn & Restaurant

A Charming 19th Century Style Inn and Restaurant

• 20 Guest Rooms, 3 Suites with Whirlpool Baths • Banquet and Conference Rooms for Retreats or Parties • Gift Certificates Available Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Breakfast Buffet 7:30 am–10:30 am “Early Bird” Specials Mon.–Thurs. 3–5 pm At the corner of Van Buren and Franklin Streets in Nashville, Indiana

812-988-0600 • 800-737-0255

812-333-8300 Hwy 46 Bloomington

Open Mon.–Sat. 11–6 (Closed Sun.) O

BEAR WALLOW DISTILLERY B Makers of Distilled Spirits using locally grown grains in an old-fashioned copper still

Come try a Mo Moonshine Shake-up Gnaw Bone Bourbon now available

Take a Tour

4484 E. Old State Road 46 (Look for the signs) (812) 657-4923 •

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 23

The Sampler at

Brozinni Pizzeria I

n my line of work, one must embrace the fact that a restaurant can be an ephemeral thing—while some stand unchanged for decades as bastions of hospitality, others come and go like the changing of the seasons. So it was with some sense of trepidation that I approached my latest investigation, Brozinni Pizzeria, a new restaurant just off the Village Green at 140 West Main Street. The place was jam-packed on a weekend evening in autumn, and as we waited we watched the nimble and

speedy servers handle the tide of orders coming and going from the kitchen, bussing and cleaning tables, while graciously and politely seating and serving us. These folks do not get enough credit by half for their contribution to the local hospitality industry. The antipasto at Brozinni—ham, salami, and Provolone cheese with cukes, grape tomatoes, red onions, and black olives—is getting a great

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And Much More!

1 24BVB-142-AppAd-OurBC-7.25x3-FNL.indd Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

8/19/15 2:07 PM

JOB: BVB-142-AppAd-OurBC-7.25x3-FNL.indd NAME:



DATE: 08/18/15 PG




press ready


Our BC


The Ferguson


rap around town, and I understand that the chef salad is excellent. There’s also a first-rate Greek salad with Feta cheese and Kalmatra olives. Lurking among the appetizers are some freshbaked concoctions called “garlic knots”—house-made dough tied in a knot and drizzled with garlic butter and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese—“soon to be world famous,” according to the menu. I was delighted to find a full complement of calzones, those stuffed crust pockets of meaty and cheesy goodness, on the menu. There were so many, it was hard to know where to start. A simple cheese calzone, stuffed with Mozzarella and Ricotta is near perfection, but why not add spinach to that pie? You know that Popeye would. How about ham and cheese, or the “meat lovers” ’zone with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and ham? Or even a Buffalo chicken calzone with hot sauce and crushed red pepper, chicken, bacon, and mozzarella? It’s so hard to choose—one of the few drawbacks to an evening at Brozinni. I settled on the classic Stromboli with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, mozzarella, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, and red onions. I left it to my lovely and charming spouse to choose a pizza, even though I feared she would break my iron-clad rule of always ordering exactly the same pizza for purposes of comparison with all previously eaten pizzas. I’ve learned a lot from married life. You can order regular crust or “grandma’s pie” crust in a 16 or 20 inch pie with your choice from among 18 toppings. Just a word to the wise here—you’re going to want more pizza than you think, because it is utterly delicious. Continued on 45

78 W. Franklin Street Nashville 812-988-7388

Visit rooms of:

• Swan Creek Candles • Iron Decor • Home Accessories

• Holiday Decor

• Fashion Jewelry

• Accent Tables

• Garden Accents

and more . . .


59 E. Main St. Nashville 812-988-8707

• Fashion Apparel, Jewelry and Purses • Gifts and Home Decor • Willowtree Angels • Swan Creek Candles • Kitchen Accessories • Baby Gifts • Holiday Decor • Garden Decor

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 25

Fine Pipes and Tobaccos Premium Cigars

Knives by Benchmade, Kershaw, Microtech, Esee, Tops, Protech, Zero Tolerance and many more

Variety of T-Shirts

Things you can live without ... but who wants to!

’ Luminox Watches (used by Navy Seals)

Old Colonial Bldg. 60 N. Van Buren St. Nashville, Indiana•812.988.6590•Visit us on Facebook

Maxpedition Hard-use Gear

Wooden Signs made in Southern Indiana

Open Year Round • Shop this Holiday Season at

Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Gift Shop

Be amazed at the Great Selection of Gifts for

Bluegrass Music Lovers • Huge number of hard-to-find CDs and Tapes • T-Shirts • Souvenirs • Videos • Hats • Signs • Bluegrass Books • Picker Supplies • Things that make you smile • Song Books • Bill Monroe Music Park Shirts • iHeaters The Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Country Star Museum is also open year round

812-988-6422 or 800-414-4677

BILL MONROE MUSIC PARK & CAMPGROUND 5 miles north of Nashville on SR 135 Bean Blossom

26 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Guns and Ammo for Competition, Hunting, Sport, and Home Defense

Stuff a Stocking Nashville, Indiana

December 5, 2015 11 am - 5 pm Ticket Prices: Online Presale $15 Day of Event $20

presented by

Children will visit participating businesses in downtown Nashville, Indiana to fill their commemorative Christmas Stocking with treats ranging from candy, toys, ornaments, etc.

For more information & Tickets contact: Brown County Community Foundation 812-988-4882

Nashville’s only Guest Ranch ...because a campfire helps you see things in a different light. TM

Home of the

Holler Hoppin’ Zip Lines

Perfect for group outings!

11-room inn 1 vacation home Public trail rides Family reunions Women’s retreats Kids’ horse retreats Lighted basketball court Playground equipment Hiking and relaxation

812-988-0085 888-94-RANCH (79624)

Fishing Nightly campfires Hayrides Team building Low ropes course Weddings Church events 54 acres of land

Open 7 days a week, Year round

1292 State Road 135 South Three miles east of Nashville

A wonderful mix of Old, New, Used and Rare


A family-friendly pizza place PIZZA • SALADS • CALZONES

Not your usual bookstore… Best Sellers · Classics Collectible Editions Signed, First Editions Indiana History and Local Interest

140 W. Main Street • (812) 988-8800

45 S. Jefferson Street · Nashville, IN 812.988.0202 · ·


Monday-Saturday 10 am – 6 pm | Sunday Noon – 6 pm

In the heart of Nashville by the Village Green area at the intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets.

Dine-In or Carry-Out

Sun.–Thurs. 11am–9:30pm; Fri. & Sat. 11am–10:30pm

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 27

Locally crafted Unique Pottery by Larry Spears Elegant Jewelry by Marilyn Greenwood

Also representing over 20 local/regional artists • Pottery • Photography • Jewelry • Painting • Wood • Fiber • and more Downtown Nashville (beside the Nashville House) • Open Daily • 812.988.1286 • Spears Gallery on Facebook

HOMESTEAD WEAVING STUDIO Quality Handwovens by Chris Gustin

Yarn • Looms • Supplies Open 11 to 5 most days

Southeastern Brown County 6285 Hamilton Creek Road • 812-988-8622

Established in 1926, Brown County’s original art gallery offers for sale artwork by contemporary artists and consigned early Indiana art. Selections from the Permanent Collections are also on display.

Open Year-Round Mon.–Sat. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sun. Noon to 5:00 pm

28 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Downtown location open with full inventory until December 13

Special prices on select items Great finds for Holiday gifts


& c rafts m e n


fin e a rtists



Handmade with Care

45 S. JEFFERSON ST. » NASHVILLE, IN » 812-988-6888

NEW LEAF An eclectic mix of creative items from local, regional, and global artists

Featuring locally handcrafted jewelry by owner Amy Greely

Calvin Place, Franklin & Van Buren • Nashville

(812) 988-1058 •

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 29

The Legend of

Picker Dan

Picker Dan was a little baby. Sittin’ on his daddy’s knee He picked up a little Mickey Mouse guitar And said music gonna be the death of me.


ho is Picker Dan? Well, some folks say he’s just a feller in a story the old folks like to tell when the subject of music comes up. Others say that he’s real but they can’t say where he’s from or where he’s goin’. Still others, who have never seen him, say that Picker Dan is the spirit that lives in a sweet melody and a drivin’ rhythm. Sometimes, when the music hits you just right, you can see him out the corner of your eye, kinda in the shadows, tappin’ his toe and smilin’. According to a reliable source, Picker Dan was born and raised in an overly large, northern city in an adjoining state. His musical talent exhibited itself when he was handed a baby rattle at six months of age. After giving the rattle a cursory inspection he immediately demonstrated several complex AfroCuban rhythms. As a six-year-old, he could be found playing hot piano in some of his city’s seedier blues clubs, trading his skill on the ivories for an education. By

30 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

photos by Cindy Steele

~by Mark Blackwell

the time he was ten he invested his talents playing hard-driving rock and roll guitar. His talent was raw and wild and Picker Dan knew that he needed to bring it under control. He decided to go to music school to learn how to rein in his gift. In haste to bring some discipline to his prowess he enrolled in the Chicago Musical College at Roosevelt Univesity. He barely completed a semester when it dawned on him that he had made a terrible mistake. His desire to have his talent lovingly nurtured was only a passing fantasy. He realized that he and music school were just not made for each other. “There’s a man of mystery roaming through the land. Far and near you hear of him; he’s found on either hand. So, if you hear somebody pickin,’ it’s likely Picker Dan.” Once again Picker Dan was adrift in time and space. He roamed the country looking for a place to fit in and a style of music he could call his own. He

liked Heavy Metal but was afraid it would lead to a hernia. He tried Disco but discovered he had allergic reaction polyester. Free Jazz made him feel trapped. Drum circles left him feeling beat. Grunge Rock was an insult to Picker Dan’s sense of hygiene. It was a time when Picker Dan became just Dan. He gave up on music—or the music gave up on him. Either way, Dan tried his hand, or rather his voice, at a job in a tech support boiler-room. Hour after hour Dan would answer the phone and put people on Hold. He never got back to the people on Hold and they fired him. But it wasn’t Dan’s fault, not really, because Dan’s talent was music and did not extend to computers. Dan, still feeling like there was no place for him in the world of music, did not know what to do next. He didn’t want to get another job. He found out the hard way that jobs are like Kryptonite to musicians. So he began to jog.

The Boxcar Annies at the Pine Room Gabrielle, Heather Dawn, Picker Dan, and Barry.

He jogged down one block and then another. He picked up speed. He was running. He didn’t know where he was running to or what he was running from. He ran in fair weather and foul, in daylight and dark. Across the landscape of America he ran. Rumors began spreading about him. Some folks said he was running from the Law. Some folks said he was running from a tragic love affair. No matter, Dan kept running. He had been back and forth and up and down the length and breadth of this great land when there just south of the cross roads of America, Dan stopped running. Dan saw what was to become his destiny in the form of the words on a green sign “Bill Monroe Memorial Highway.” He picked up his pace again and in short order he saw another sign that said “Bean

Picker Dan with Otis Todd.

Blossom,” and a third that read “Bill Monroe’s Memorial Music Park,” where Dan directed his feet. When he heard the ringing of a banjo, the trill of the mandolin, a guitar bein’ flat picked, a fiddle singin’ out a melody, and all of it anchored by a solid thumpin’ dog house bass, Dan knew he had found what he had been looking for all his life—Bluegrass. Very soon after finding the Mecca of Bluegrass music, Dan enrolled in the Otis Todd Institute of Advanced Country and Bluegrass Musicology. It was there that Dan met a few other fellers, not unlike himself, and they put a band together called The White Lightning Boys. No matter how often they gigged, Picker Dan still had talent left over. When he wasn’t playing, he was thinking. When Picker Dan was thinking his thoughts were not always pure. They strayed towards the unnatural, like “Why does a man have to choose between his guitar and his mandolin? Why can’t he have both…and play them at the same time?” Luckily, Picker Dan did find more outlets for his obsessive need to make music. He was an integral part of the Keenan Rainwater band and the Indiana Boys. He plays with another picker prodigy and fellow White Lightning Boy, Barry Elkins, in a duo called Lucky and the Kid and with the Boxcar Annies, a band with Barry’s daughter, Heather Dawn Elkins, and Gabrielle Steenberger. So that’s some of the story of Picker Dan the guitar man, the mandolin man, and all-round good guy. You can usually find him playin’ in one of the local venues, in one band or the other. If you’re you are listening to a smokin’ Bluegrass band, the feller on the guitar will likely be Picker Dan Bilger. 

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 31

32 Our Brown County â&#x20AC;˘ Nov./Dec. 2015

Treat your Sweetheart to a romantic getaway…

Vacation Rentals BrownCountyLogCabins .com Furnished Log Cabins, Homes & Cottages Rates, Reservations & Weekday Specials Online

812.988.6429 ·

Voicemail available after hours Office Hours 9 am–5 pm Mon–Sat 4118 East State Road 46 · 4.5 miles east of Nashville

LikE uS on

for Special Offers

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 33

photos by Marti Garvey


The schedule can change. Please check before making a trip.

Brown County Playhouse

Nov. 15 Pat Otto 7:00 Nov. 17 The Hammer & The Hatchet 7:00 Most performances at 7:30 Nov. 18 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 A Sweet Night with Another Round Nov. 19 Boxcar Annies 7:00 Nov. 7 Nov. 20 Kade Puckett 6:00 Comedian Heywood Banks Whipstitch Sallies 9:00 Nov. 13 Nov. 21 Silver Sparrow 6:00 Heartland Film Festival Dakota Joe 8:00 Best of the Fest Nov. 22 PBJ Trio 5:00 Nov. 20 & 21 Nov. 24 Dave Sisson 7:00 Believe, A Brown County Christmas Nov. 25 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 Nov. 27-29, Dec. 4-6, 11-13, 18-20 Nov. 26 Lucky and the Kid 7:00 A one-of-a-kind holiday show featuring Nov. 27 Kade Puckett 6:00 Christmas songs and Broadway classics. The McGuires 9:00 Elf (the movie)- Stuff a Stocking Event Nov. 28 Jeremiah & Stone Cold 5:00 Dec. 5 at 1:00 Zion Crossroads 9:00 When Harry Met Sally Dec. 1 Travers Marks 7:00 Dec. 31, 4:00 & 7:00 Dec. 2 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 MOVIES –THE LATEST RELEASES Dec. 3 Chuck Wills & Kara Barnard 7:00 Schedule online Dec. 4 Kade Puckett 6:00 70 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville Dec. 5 Pat Otto 8:00 812-988-6555 Dec. 6 Chris Dollar Bluegrass Jam 7:00 Dec. 8 Roger Banister Duo 7:00 Dec. 9 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 Dec. 10 Avocado Chic 7:00 Pine Room - Muddy Boots Dec. 11 Kade Puckett 6:00 Music most days—Not all dates were Dec. 12 Will Scott 6:00 booked at time of publication Blankenship Band 8:00 Nov. 1 Chris Dollar Bluegrass Jam 7:00 Dec. 13 Jeff Morgan 7:00 Nov. 2 Don Ford 7:00 Dec. 14 Doug Dillman 7:00 Nov. 3 Travers Marks 7:00 Dec. 15 The Hammer & The Hatchet 7:00 Nov. 4 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 Nov. 5 Chuck Wills & Kara Barnard 7:00 Dec. 16 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 Dec. 18 Kade Puckett 6:00 Nov. 6 Kade Puckett 6:00 Nov. 7 The Hammer & The Hatchet 6:00 Dec. 19 Hillbilly Hippies 6:00 Corey Cox 9:00 Stella & Friends 8:00 Dec. 21 The Hammer & The Hatchet 7:00 Nov. 8 Jeff Morgan 7:00 Dec. 23 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 Nov. 10 Jason Blankenship 7:00 Dec. 26 The McGuires 7:00 Nov. 11 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 Dec. 30 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 7:00 Nov. 12 Avocado Chic 7:00 Dec. 31 Chuck Wills & Kara Barnard 7:00 Nov. 13 Kade Puckett 6:00 812-988-0236 and on Facebook Pat Otto 9:00 Nov. 14 Coot Crabtree 5:00 Indiana Boys 8:00

Brown County Inn Lounge Music Fridays, Saturdays 9:00

36 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Seasons Lodge Music Fridays and Saturdays 9:00

Chateau Thomas Winery Nov. 6 The McGuires Nov. 7 Impasse Nov. 13 Dave Miller Nov. 14 Mark LaPointe Nov. 20 The Amanda Webb Band featuring Jeff Foster and Barry Johnson Nov. 21 Paul Bertsch Band Nov. 27 Sharlee Davis & Will Devitt Nov. 28 Retro Brothers Dec. 4 Marvin Parrish Dec. 5 Gary Applegate Dec. 11 Dave Miller Dec. 12 Cari Ray Dec. 18 Barry Johnson Dec. 19 Two for the Show Dec. 26 Tim Brickley Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve Impasse Music 7:00-10:00 Fri. and Sat. 812-988-8500

Abe Martin Lodge Music Saturdays 6:00-8:00

Salt Creek 19th Hole Bar Live Music Fridays and Saturdays

Big Woods Music Fridays, Saturdays + more

Mike’s Music & Dance Barn Monday Night Dance Lessons Nov. 6 & 7 closed for wedding Nov. 13 Terry Lee & Rock-a-Boogie Band Saturdays Mike’s Smooth Country Band Closing Dec. 19 till March 1 812-988-8636

SPECIAL EVENTS: Village Art Walk Nov. 14, Final walk of 2015, 5:00-8:00 Free self-guided walking tour of downtown Nashville art galleries

Annual Chocolate Walk Nov. 14, Downtown Nashville 10:00-5:00 Sample yummy chocolate treats while strolling through the village of Nashville. Proceeds go to Brown County Humane Society. Tickets $25 available in Nashville: Brown County Humane Society animal shelter: 128 State Road 135 S. 812-327-3016

Visitors Center Holiday Open House Visitors Center Patio in Nashville Nov. 27, noon-5:00 Delicious cookies, hot chocolate, and a visit with Santa, his elves, and maybe even Mrs. Claus in the official kick-off of the holidays in Brown County.

Tree Lighting Ceremony with Santa Nov. 27, 6:00 at the Brown County History Center

Visits with Santa Nov. 27, 28, and Dec. 5 at the Visitor Center patio. Free rides on the Nashville Express train

Holiday at the Farm 5:00-7:00 on Nov. 27-29, Dec. 4-6, 11-13, 18-23 Holiday activities at the Shireman Homestead

Santa Train Dec. 4, around 8:30 in Helmsburg Santa arrives by train via the Indiana Railroad. Children and adults are invited to board the train and visit with Santa. Also, many other Christmas and cartoon characters. Fun for the whole family.

Annual Children’s Christmas Fund Auction

Christmas Bird Count

Dec. 4 at Out of the Ordinary Restaurant Proceeds from auction items ensure that children in need that live in our community have a new item for Christmas.

Holiday Lights Parade and Toy Drive Dec. 5, 6:00 Floats travel through the Village of Nashville. Hot chocolate and cookies offered at various sites. Bring a new unwrapped toy to donate to the local Salvation Army for distribution to needy Brown County families.

Stuff a Stocking Dec. 5, 11:00-5:00 Children receive a custom made stocking from For Bare Feet and collect treats from 30 Nashville merchants. Advance tickets can be purchased for $15 online at or on the day of the event for $20 at the Brown County Community Foundation or the Visitors Center

Breakfast with Santa at the Brown County Inn Dec. 5 and 6, 8:30-11:00 Enjoy the Inn’s hearty breakfast buffet while the kids visit with Santa. Drawings for gifts, a hot chocolate bar, and more.

Steele’s Country Christmas Dec. 5, T.C. Steele’s State Historic Site noon to 4:00

Christmas Sing-a-Long

Dec. 13, Brown County State Park Nature Center, 8:00-3:00. Estimate the numbers and kinds of birds

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Brown County Art Guild Nov. 7 Guild 15 Annual Fundraiser 6:00-8:30 Showcases fall and winter exhibits, two live collaborative paintings by Guild members, an exhibit and fine art estate sale of Louise Hansen paintings, and a unique live and silent auction Nov. 4-Dec. 31 Cityscape/Holiday Exhibit Village Art Walk Reception 5:00-8:00 Dec. 5, Stuff a Stocking 11:00-5:00 48 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville, IN (812) 988-6185

Brown County Art Gallery Now-Feb. Artists Assoc. Fall/Winter Show Nov. 7-Dec. 31 Artists Assoc. Christmas Show (812) 988-4609

Brown County History Center Open 1:00 to 4:00 Tues.–Sat. Displays and exhibits North of the courthouse $2 Donation

Bucks & Does Square Dances Nov. 6, YMCA, 105 Willow St. in Nashville Nov. 27, Abe Martin Lodge in State Park Dance 8:00-10:00

Indiana Raptor Center Live birds of prey, tours by appt. only. Wed.-Sun. 11:00-5:00 Group programs available. Closed January and August. 812-988-8990

Dec. 12, Brown County Inn, 7:30

Charlene Marsh Christmas Open House Dec. 12, 13 at the Charlene Marsh Studio and Gallery. Paintings for sale. 10:00-5:00

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 37

el Slide ter Chann Wa ns ets tai Foun ump Buck l D re rfal Wate and mo

There is always something to do in Indiana’s largest State Park: Aquatic Center, Horse Back Riding, Mountain Bike Trails, Fishing, Tennis... Our full service restaurant is open daily.

We have the room for you!

Brown County State Park 160 accommodations: P.O. Box 547 Nashville, IN 47448 Abe Martin Lodge and guest rooms, two-story cabins, 1-877-Lodges-1 • (812) 988-4418 the Little Gem Restaurant and historic cabins. We have the perfect setting for any event, Corporate Retreats, Weddings, Getaways and Family Reunions and More!


Brown County Winery Award-winning Indiana Wines

Free Wine Tasting at both locations VILLAGE OF NASHVILLE

East Main St. and Old School Way


4520 State Road 46 East · Nashville


Monday–Thursday 10 AM-5 PM | Friday & Saturday 10 AM-5:30 PM Sunday · 11 AM-5 PM Shipping available to select states

Indiana Uplands Wine Trail Passports Stamped Here!

BROWNCOUNTYWINERY.COM · 812-988-6144 · 812-988-8646 38 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Open 7 days a weekk ffor lunch, O l h dinner, and late night • FLAT SCREEN TVs to watch your favorite sports • GREAT MENU: sandwiches, appetizers, and salads • FULL BAR with GREAT DRINK SPECIALS every day • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT most Friday and Saturday nights • KIDS always welcome until 9 pm • KIDS menu • Outdoor seating Located on the lower level at Salt Creek Golf Course 2359 State Road 46 East, Nashville 812-988-4323 • View full menu and entertainment schedule at

Get away in comfort

The Overlook Lodge Full size living room, dining area, kitchen and a deck or patio

Every room has an outstanding view of the golf course and Brown County State Park

One or two bedroom units with the luxuries of home Great rates

A Condominium-Style Hotel

Golf packages available

2359 State Road 46 East 2.5 miles east of Nashville

Stay one night or long term


Seasonal outdoor pool & hot tub 18 hole golf course Driving range & pro shop 19th Hole Sports Bar & Grille

Visit us at Facebook/SaltCreekGolf

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 39

Early Artist

Photo of Will Vawter in his studio. Frank M. Hohenberger Collection, Lilly Library.

~by Julia Pearson ill Vawter, whose full name was John William Vawter, was born in Boone County, West Virginia on April 13, 1871. When he was six years old his family moved to Greenfield, Indiana. Born with talent and self-taught, Will attended the John Heron Art Institute in Indianapolis and the Art Students League in New York. His first job as an illustrator was for the Indianapolis Sentinel in 1891. His work soon started appearing in many other newspapers and magazines. Vawter and his sister worked together on a children’s book, The Rabbit’s Ransom. He met poet James Whitcomb Riley, one of Greenfield’s native sons, in 1893 and became his illustrator for the next thirty years. It was the Golden Age of Indiana Literature and Riley was recognized as the “Hoosier Poet” or the “Children’s Poet.” The sparkle of local dialect and descriptions of Midwest life by Riley’s verses are often visualized behind the eyes of readers with Vawter’s sketches. Frequently using local residents as models, Vawter illustrated eleven volumes of Riley poems. Some of the titles with Vawter’s illustrations are A Defective Santa Clause (1904), Riley Songs O’Cheer (1905), Riley Songs of Summer (1908), and Songs of Home (1910).


40 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Samples of the Riley illustrations.

Will Vawter Below: autumn landscape oil painting. Right: small snow scene etching. From the Brown County Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

Poet and landscape artist, Mary H. Murray, was interested in a romance with Riley, but feelings were not mutual. She met Vawter through Riley, and their relationship led to marriage in 1906. Vawter and Riley shared a taste for alcohol. It’s said that Mary moved her husband to Brown County when she discovered it was a dry county. They found 57 acres to their liking on Town Hill, a half mile south of Nashville, and made it their home. For the next fifteen years Vawter worked on magazine illustrations. Will Vawter was loved by the local folks, but Mary was viewed as an eccentric and bitter woman. She was given to filing lawsuits against anyone who offended her. In 1923, Vawter divorced Mary and left their farm to move into two rented rooms in downtown Nashville. One served as living quarters and the other as his art studio. He began “keeping company” with a long-time friend, Ola Genolin, who was the widow of the town’s first druggist. To his friends’ delight, he proposed to Mrs. Genolin and they were married in September 1923. Northeast of town, the couple built a new home and studio. They traveled frequently, but Vawter was a fixture of the community, playing checkers and chess at Miller’s Drug Store.

With the Brown County Art Colony at hand, and the friendship, encouragement, and support of artists such as T.C. Steele, Adolph Shulz, and Gustave Baumann, Vawter pursued his interest in oil painting. He became as successful in this medium as he was in illustrating and printmaking. He had a loose, impressionist style and caught the spirit of Brown County’s countryside— the Peaceful Valley—on canvas. He exhibited and won the prize for best winter scene at the first Hoosier Salon exhibit in 1925. He was a charter member of the Brown County Art Gallery Association. The tourists who made their way to Brown County loved to watch Vawter at work. When this became a distraction, Vawter locked the door. Brown Countians still talk about Will Vawter painting as he sat in his car, reaching overhead and cleaning his brushes on the auto’s ceiling upholstery as he worked. When T.C. Steele died in 1926, it was Vawter who carried Steele’s ashes to his burial site. When Vawter died suddenly of pneumonia fifteen years later on February 11, 1941, in Nashville, the tight circle of artists were shocked Continued on 55

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SAMPLER continued from 25 Brozinni Pizzeria fancies itself as “a taste of New York,” with giant photos of Manhattan skyscrapers adorning the walls. And so their specialty pizzas are named after various Manhattan boulevards and byways. The “Broadway” has spinach, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, and red onions; the “Park Avenue,” pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and ham; and the “Canal Street” is a combination of the two. The “Garden State Parkway” has a sweeter, chunkier tomato sauce; the “34th Street” is a white pie with ricotta cheese, roasted garlic, basil, and no red sauce; the “Kissena Boulevard” is a meatball parmesan pizza with mozzarella and fresh basil. Mrs. Sampler ordered a cheese pizza with pepperoni and black olives. This is what happens when you let amateurs mess around with the system. I cannot complain, however, because when the pizza arrived, hot and freshly handmade, it was not only beautiful to behold, but completely delicious. I was obliged to eat at least one slice, you understand, purely for professional reasons. The crust was fresh, tough yet tender in all the right ways, perfectly cooked, and with plentiful and tasty toppings. Then comes the Stromboli calzone. This thing is a beast, a true work of culinary art. It must weigh in at about a pound and a half, a gigantic meat and cheese concoction, golden brown and steaming hot through the darling little vents sliced in the top of the pastry. I told my wife, it’s what a microwave hot pocket dreams of one day becoming. It comes with a side of house-made marinara, or you can get cheese, ranch dressing, or garlic butter as a dip. The massive calzone was so big and beautiful it was hard to know where to attack. Eschewing cutlery, I grabbed the warm, meat-stuffed envelope of crust with both hands and ate it like a sandwich. It was scrumptious and delectable, and made my heart sing with gladness. And so, yet again, I was profoundly satisfied. Brozinni Pizzeria is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11a.m. to 10:30 p.m. It is family-friendly, walk-ins are welcome.

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Historic Nashville House Serving the traveler since 1859 with old-fashioned hospitality Corner of Main and Van Buren Streets in Nashville, Indiana 812-988-4554 Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 45

photos by Cindy Steele

Christmas in Brown County

~by Paige Langenderfer ashville will celebrate Christmas in the Village in signature style this year with a festive calendar of events. From the iconic Christmas Light Parade, to Breakfast with Santa and a Christmas sing along, this small town Christmas has something for everyone. Santa Claus will be taking visitors at the Pioneer Village, Mrs. Claus will be visiting with children at Bear Hardware, and the new Town Christmas tree, located in front of the new History Center, will be lit for the first time on December 5. The streets and shops will be decorated with lights and garland, creating a winter wonderland for residents and visitors. Stuff a Stocking is one of the community’s newest traditions. Participating children receive a custom made stocking from For Bare Feet and collect treats from 30 Nashville merchants. Last year, the Brown County Art Guild gave children a water color painting kit and later displayed


46 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

the children’s completed art. Other merchants gave children small, wrapped gifts. The second annual Stuff a Stocking will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on December 5. Advance tickets can be purchased for $15 online at BrownCountyGives. org. If still available, tickets can be purchased on the day of the event for $20 each at the Brown County Community Foundation or the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Only 300 tickets will be sold. For more information, visit bcgives/stuff-a-stocking. Tree Lighting Ceremony with Santa—6 p.m. November 27 at the Brown County History Center. Visits with Santa—Noon to 5 p.m. November 27 and 28 and December 5 at the Visitors Center Patio. Bring your camera and take advantage of free picture opportunities with Santa! Don’t forget about the free rides on the Nashville Express Tour Train during these times too!

Holiday Lights Parade and Toy Drive—6 p.m. December 5 in Nashville. The Christmas Light Parade offers a variety of unique and brightly lit floats traveling through the Village of Nashville. Hot chocolate and cookies will be provided along the parade route. Steele’s Country Christmas—Noon to 4 p.m. December 5 at T.C. Steel State Historic Site. Go back in time to the early 1920s, when the Steele’s celebrated the holidays at the House of the Singing Winds, inviting neighbors into their home. Christmas Music Sing-Along—7:30 p.m. December 12 at the Brown County Inn. Listen to beautiful voices and guitar, but don’t be shy about singing out loud to your favorite holiday tunes. Last year’s Stuff a Stocking event.

Visitors Center Holiday Open House—Noon to 5 p.m. November 27 at the Visitors Center. Join Santa and his elves at the Brown County Visitors Center for free hot chocolate and cookies. Take your photo with Santa and warm up with some hot chocolate while you wait. Holiday at the Farm—5 to 7 p.m. November 27–29 and December 4–6, 11–13, and 18–23 at the Shireman Homestead. Take a lighted wagon ride to the holiday village, visit Santa, the holiday treat house, and the holiday workshop. Have your letters ready for Santa’s mailbox so you can get a letter back. Believe, A Brown County Christmas—November 27–29 and December 4–6, 11–13, 18–20 at the Brown County Playhouse. A “one of a kind” holiday show featuring Christmas songs and Broadway classics and some comedy. Children’s Christmas Benefit Auction—6 p.m. December 4 at Out of the Ordinary. Proceeds from auction items ensure that children in need have a new clothing item for Christmas. Santa Train—December 4 in Helmsburg. The Indiana Rail Road Company proudly presents the Santa Train. Come out and get into the spirit of the season when Santa’s train makes a stop near you. Breakfast with Santa—8:30 to 11 a.m. December 5 and 6 at the Brown County Inn. Enjoy the Brown County Inn’s hearty breakfast buffet while the kids visit with good ol’ Saint Nick. Drawings for gifts, a hot chocolate bar, and more.

Charlene Marsh Christmas Open House and Weekend Exhibition—10 a.m. to 5 p.m. December 12 and 13 at the Charlene Marsh Studio and Gallery. Enjoy seasonal cheer, new paintings, organic refreshments, and the studio and gallery decked out in holiday finery. Christmas Bird Count—8 a.m. to 3 p.m. December 13 at the Brown County State Park Nature Center. Canvas the park’s natural areas, trails, lakes, and shores to estimate the numbers and kinds of birds spending their holidays in Brown County. (Bring binoculars) Santa’s Zip & Sip—December 1–25 at eXplore Brown County. Santa is at eXplore Brown County to zip with your family and find out if you’ve been good this holiday season. 

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eave it to an artist to see the beauty in worn leather coats, mismatched silverware, oriental carpet scraps, and old sweaters. These are just some of the materials artists have repurposed to create work for the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show. The event will take place at The Commons in Columbus, Indiana on Saturday, November 14, 2015 (10 a.m.–5 p.m.). This year marks the eleventh year of the show. More than fifty, professional artists from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky are participating. Work featured includes assemblage, jewelry, sculpture, weaving, wearable art, leatherwork, and glass art, all created from scrap materials or items that have been repurposed. A few years ago, a new category was added to recognize artists who use sustainable, natural materials to create their work. 

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rown County Humane Society’s Chocolate Walk is on Saturday, November 14, 2015 (10 a.m.–5 p.m.) in Nashville, Indiana. “Chocolate walkers” will be able to sample different chocolates by visiting participating retailers. Local chocolate-makers and premier Indiana chocolatiers will be handing out chocolate to each chocolate walker. For the price of a ticket, a person can stop at as many shops as they wish, sample the delectable creations, all while seeing the beautiful town of Nashville at the start of the holiday season. All proceeds go directly to the animals. Tickets are $25 and may be purchased through the Brown County Humane Society’s website <>, by phone (812) 327-3016 (9 a.m.–6 p.m.), or in Nashville at Brown County Humane Society, 128 SR135 S. 

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Big Trees ~by Paul Sackmann


have a book by Albert J. Beverage on the subject of Abraham Lincoln during the years 1809 to 1858, published in 1928. Page 38 starts Chapter Two, “Indiana: Boyhood and Youth.” It describes the forest north of the Ohio River onward to Indianapolis and further points north. The second paragraph mentions a gentleman named Adlard Welby who claimed that in 1819 he measured an oak tree and found it to be 24 feet in circumference. Other measurements in this chapter found trees up to 47 feet in circumference. The forest is also described with many species of trees, all of them giants. Indiana at this time was virgin forest. The forests of today, here in Brown County, are only 125 years old. The county was almost clearcut of its forests by 1900. This walnut cabinet was recently discovered in an old tool shed. The boards are from early timber harvested from the Brown County area pre-1850. One of the boards in this cabinet is 30 inches across. The cabinet was so heavy with tools

Nashville’s Unique Dining Experience (1800s Cabin)

Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Specialty Linen, Rugs, Candles Curtains, Stitcheries Antiques, Billy Jacobs Prints

Nashville General Store & Bakery Sun.–Thurs. 9–5, Fri. 9–6, Sat. 9–7

Breakfast and Lunch BBQ, Chicken Salad, Soups, Pit Ham Cinnamon Rolls, Cobblers, Cookies, Brownies Coffees and Cappuccino

118 E. Washington St. (by the creek) • Nashville, IN • 812-988-6362 54 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

and junk that it had sunk through the wood floor to the ground. The walnut boards did not rot away. It is nice to know that a tree harvested before 1850 has survived in furniture form up to 2015. What if an original stand of forest was still present today as it was being discovered and documented in 1819? If a piece of land the size of Brown County State Park had been preserved as it was found, I would bet that the virgin forest would still be standing today. Maybe, a few of the trees would have measured more than 50 feet in circumference.  VAWTER continued from 41 and grieved. Vawter was laid to rest at Park Cemetery in Greenfield, Indiana. The Hancock County Arts Council commemorates the life and work of Vawter with the Will Vawter Art Show and Competition, which celebrated its fifteenth event this past spring. The annual juried competition and exhibit is open to all artists residing in Indiana and has impressive prizes and offers opportunities to show and sell their work. Information can be found at the Hancock County Arts Council website <www.>. It is a fitting memorial to Vawter, who valued his Greenfield ties and often visited the city throughout his life. It also is a bow to the camaraderie that Vawter found in the Artist Colony in his Brown County home. Some of Vawter’s works can be found at the Brown County Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection. 

Too Cute at Abe’s Corner

Large selection of

Women’s and Children’s Clothing

Handmade Purses 145 S. Jefferson, Nashville, in the little white house Open daily 9:00 - 7:00 • Free Parking

Toys and Games for All Ages A Brown County Tradition since 1972 Located in the Artists Colony Shops 125 S. Van Buren St. – Nashville, IN • 812-988-2817

AAuthentic Mexican Cuisine Family Owned and Operated •Daily Specials •Kid’s Menu

HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 to 4:00

1st and 3rd Saturdays 10:00 to 1:00

THRIFT SHOP South Van Buren in Nashville (behind Subway) (812) 988-6003 Proceeds go to local charities

FULL BAR AVAILABLE 812-988-4535 Carry Out Available COACHLIGHT SQUARE 101 E. Washington St. one block east of S. Van Buren St. (in front of the high school) in downtown Nashville

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 55

Brown County Christmas Tree ~by Jeff Tryon n the darkest week of the year, during our shortest days, we raise a dazzling array of lights, ornaments, decorations, and Christmas trees of every fancy—a sea of lights dancing, blinking, singing against the darkness of winter solstice. They say the tradition of hacking down a live tree, dragging it into the house, and lighting it up to celebrate the yuletide season is four or five hundred years old. The tradition has changed a lot, especially in my lifetime. When I was a kid, the ordeal would begin with a trip up onto the hill behind Aunt Ruth’s, where we would make our way through a field of small Scotch Pines— all about the right height, five to eight feet tall. Dad would select a candidate and whack it down with an axe. Later, when we were bigger, he would make my brother and I cut it down with a rusty, loose-bladed bow saw. It never occurred to me at the time that the reason the trees there were uniformly of Christmas tree height was because Dad and Uncle Eddie had planted them ten or fifteen years earlier. They planted a lot of pine trees for erosion control in Brown County in the 1940s and 50s. I have ventured into the woods recently to find a “real, wild, old-fashioned tree,” only to find them all grown to an ungainly size. Dad would never have dreamed of going to a tree lot and certainly would not have paid actual money for a Christmas tree—a thing that grew wild and could be had anywhere for the labor of removing it. Of course, these old wild trees were not shaped and groomed like the Christmas lot trees we’re used to these days. Often you find today’s trees get a good spray of green dye to make them look a little more lively. The wild trees looked like residents of remote


56 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

places, kind of shaggy and bewildered, compared to the nicely turned out commercial trees of today. Dad would hammer two small boards together in a criss-cross and then hammer the resulting cross up into the trunk of the tree. This process was accompanied by much excited dialogue, occasional injury, and was rarely effective on the first attempt. Most of my adult life, I have labored with those metal tree stands—a kind of dish with feet or legs and little spikes you’re supposed to drive up into the tree trunk. These are, if possible, even more ineffective than the boards. But, recently they’ve come up with a better mousetrap, a plastic bucket on a big flat disk, virtually impossible to knock over, and a Continued on 62


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ANTIQUES CO-OP 129 W. Washington St. • Morgantown, IN 46160 (In the old hardware store building)

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Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 57

photos by Cindy Steele

Deb James

~by Cindy Steele eb James got her first sewing machine at the age of five and hasn’t stopped sewing since. She grew up in Elida, Ohio, a little town near Lima, where her mother was a seamstress, creating goods for several stores in Brown County and big craft shows. Deb made her own doll clothes and toys with her mother’s leftover material. She loved to tag along with her parents on the trips to Nashville and imagined herself having a store in a little building on Washington Street. She followed in her mother’s footsteps, making bears and dolls for the past 35 years. Now she is realizing her girlhood vision with her own Brown County store, Bearly Country. Deb always adored bears, especially old bears. She would take the bears apart and figure out how to make them bigger. Her handmade bears and dolls became Christmas presents to family and friends.


A Life with Bears

58 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

Deb needed a way to make money and still stay at home with six young children very close in ages. She started selling bears and dolls at small craft shows and flea markets. They became so popular so fast that she soon sold them wholesale to shops in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and Indiana. Her kids helped with making the body parts and selling. Deb ran the wholesale business for a total of 20 years, first serving more

than 25 shops, and then cutting back to about a dozen. She also ran a retail shop in Rushville and Metamora, Indiana. Much of Deb’s life was spent as a single parent. She often worked two or more jobs to keep the family going. She closed her shops when she moved to the city to work in the floral business with Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers. She was responsible for the floral departments of their ten funeral homes. She later managed the floral business of Cub Foods that serviced Ohio and Indiana. When Deb’s youngest child was a junior in high school, she married her husband Bill. The first year they were married he paid for four weddings. They had a blended family of 10 children and 23 grandchildren. She was able to concentrate on making bears and dolls again and worked the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County for about nine years. Last year, her husband retired after working at Rolls-Royce for 48 years. He encouraged Deb to open the shop she had longed for in Nashville. They had lost their home in a fire and he wanted her to start up the store while the house was being rebuilt. Her supply of crafts had been spared from the fire and she made more bears and dolls while living in their camper. When the little building behind her current shop location opened up, they rented it. But, two months after retiring, Bill found out he had stage-four cancer, and passed just before Christmas. Recovering from the blows of losing both her husband and her home in such a short time has not been easy for Deb. Her daughter Megan Westdyke and her sister Cheryl Dotson have been by her side to help with the business. Her home in Monrovia has since been rebuilt but Deb spends most of her time in the camper in Brown County to be closer to the shop. Megan runs the shop while Deb makes more bears and dolls. Her sister comes over for a week at a time to help make product. When Ian Levett retired from running the Ole House this past summer, Deb chose to move into that larger space. She had already outgrown the little building she had started in. Since the move her business has increased and she tripled her inventory. Her children and grandchildren have

Deb with her bear called Truman, based on an 1878 “stovepipe” design.

been a big help. They all moved the store to the bigger location in a single night. The bears and dolls are the main focus of the shop. Each one has a unique face and personality. Some of her designs are based on 19th Century bears that she took apart and reconstructed, and some have primitive styles. You will also find unique bunnies, scarecrows, quilts, doll clothes, primitive clothes, and floral decorations. You must see her work to appreciate the quality. A bear and a doll of hers are even on exhibit at the Indiana State Museum. Bearly Country is located at 62 East Washington Street at Old School Way in Nashville. Deb’s hours may vary through the holiday season so call ahead at (317) 464-9953 or visit her Facebook page bearlycountrybydeb. 

Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 59

Memoirs of a Naturalist ~by Jim Eagleman y soon-to-be-finished memoirs cover my life from the farm in Pennsylvania as a youth, through high school and college, and my life as public servant and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) employee. This is in no way an endorsement of the book. It was really written for my three sons so they can learn about some of my escapades and history. It is a likely assumption they will not want a personal copy. Like my master’s thesis from grad school, it is a sure cure for insomnia. I’ve heard some people assemble memoirs to document a life of adventure and intrigue. They hope readers will want to meet them, ask them to speak for a group, or invite them over for cocktails. But often the work doesn’t come close to a good read. The finished version is either printed on a personal computer or sent to a local publisher. Some copies are given to friends as presumptuous gifts, but most remain in the box. I believe memoirs are written selfishly. For nostalgic saps like me, I think back to a day I played with friends, worked long hours at my dad’s veterinary practice, or enjoyed hunting trips at the farm. Recounting the event, I see it happily play out again in my mind—the people, emotions, places, and even smells, come back. Well, maybe not the smells, but a memory of them persists. Common to nearly all my chapters has been a love of the land. How I conveyed the story, created the scene, was my next challenge. I have learned good writing is a gift shared only by a few exceptional people. Winston Churchill was known to have spent an entire day constructing the best sentence. It can be taxing, exhausting.


60 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

My memoirs will also finalize my 40 plus years with the Indiana DNR. I will retire this December. It is time to let others enjoy this gig, “new blood”—complete with better, high-tech skills, and more energy, with the optimism of youth—can now take over. It’s been a good run. It is time to step aside and do other things. What have I learned working as an educator with the public? What great observation can I share after this stint? No earth-shattering realizations—nothing too revealing or insightful. A natural resources educator working at a state park, with other colleagues to confirm this, will merely state we have a big job on our hands. Relating the natural world and all we gain and learn from it becomes a lifelong mission. Dedication comes easy since it’s an important story to tell and we are committed. I hope we continue to have eager and curious people in our audiences—those that love nature and want to know more make teaching so enjoyable. Still, it is adults, mindful of obligations, who take the kids along and create the best learning opportunities. Both can grow with an understanding and appreciation that may continue. And children aren’t the only ones who can learn. Over the years I have noticed visitors—parents and couples—still bringing kids to snake talks, wanting to sing at campfire programs, and learning a few constellations. Early bird walks are only attended by those who enjoy a new bird or see one up-close. Beginner birders become impatient, complain of the optics or neck strain. Park history tends to be only Continued on 62

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Nov./Dec. 2015 • Our Brown County 61

CHRISTMAS TREE continued from 56 tapered bottom that helps you to get the tree plumb to the world before you screw in the screws that (theoretically) hold it upright. And the bucket holds a good bit of water, enough to keep the tree fresh for a month. When you buy a tree from a lot, you’ve got to cut the cap of dried sap off and trim off the very bottom of the trunk to expose the wood. Then you need to keep it submerged in water. The first couple of days after bringing the tree home and putting it up, it will suck up a gallon of water or more. It hasn’t had a drink in quite a while, and it might be the last one it ever gets. Another tree ritual of my youth was the testing of the light bulbs. The bulbs on strings of Christmas lights used to be bigger and they were wired in series, which means if any one light bulb on the string is burned out, none of the lights on the string will light up. This led to a puzzle of figuring out which bulbs were good and which were bad, providing hours of holiday fun. The things we hang on the tree, the little balls and the various ornaments, the bells, angels, characters, and symbols come out each year and each year the whole collection is subtly changed—new ornaments are added, some are broken or carried off, separated from the tribe. Each year’s tree is like a new composition using mainly the same elements, but in a different arrangement, on a different canvas, and usually with some new additions. A box of ornaments is like a family history; here’s one Mag made in kindergarten: here’s one with a baby handprint that says “1985”; and there, a goofy fishing moose acquired at some office gift exchange. According to tradition, the Christmas tree should remain up until Epiphany, January 6, also known as

62 Our Brown County • Nov./Dec. 2015

“Twelfth Night,” when it is to be burned in a public bonfire with all the other Christmas trees. We live out at the end of the road, and winter is obnoxious, so I have developed a new tradition of just tossing the thing out in the backyard for the duration. Then, at our annual Saint Patrick’s Day party, we drag it out to the fire pit out back and set it alight— our annual “Burning of the Green.” After a month of being the star of Christmas, and another three of lying out in an Indiana winter, the tree is engulfed in a truly impressive column of flame. For a few minutes, it burns bright as the spirit of Christmas present, casting showers of sparks aloft like the twinkling tree lights. Then it dies down into the bonfire, the glowing embers recalling all the warmth and color of the season. MEMOIRS continued from 60 enjoyed by older visitors. Geology programs can sometimes be accompanied with a few snores. Any live animal talk always trumps a slideshow. Bees in the observation hive can attract visitors for hours and the one-way glass window in the nature center bird room is a good place to linger and meet fellow campers. Parks are many things to many people. In her book, The Art of Memoir, author Mary Karr offers several reasons to undertake a personal account. The main benefit is cathartic. We can better visualize the person we are, what makes us tick, if we actually write down the experience. Small farm advocate Wendell Berry would agree. He states in his theory of “sense of place,” we can’t truly know ourselves unless we know, and even write about where we are from. These approaches help us connect with the land, a not-so-lofty concept that needs constant reinforcement from educator, owner, and user. It is the land that will sustain, refresh and teach us. Perhaps arrogantly, I’d like to think that at the heart of my programs over many years has been this tribute to the land. “Once you learn to read the land, I have no fear of what you will do to it, or with it. And I know many pleasant things it will do to you”. Author and conservationist Aldo Leopold’s words ring loud and true for all of us as land owners, public and private. Read him. I suspect you will become inspired. Love the land—we all will sleep better! See you down the road. 




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Once Upon a Time Ago

nce upon a time ago In a land that you all know In the forest yellowwood Far from your own neighborhood Lived some creatures in a tree Far away from you and me And all of them had great renown But none of them in your hometown They lived together crowned in glory I’ll bet you never heard their story But now its time to tell it all Of all the things that I recall For if you listen to this tale Maybe good just might prevail! No matter if its false or true The ending might be up to you! From the time that it was born When it fell, the small acorn On the ground, before it grew Somehow inside the seedling knew Now free from bond on limber yoke It’s free to grow a mighty oak! So towards the soil went the root Then towards the sunlight sent a shoot And as it grew, became a sprout It spread its leaves and branches out And with the power of the sun Oak’s new life had just begun! …And so the sapling grew its branches In the wild full of chances Every season, hot or cold A struggle for the young and old When every year its leaves were shed The oak in winter went to bed… …But every year and in the spring The world becomes a wondrous thing! The winter quiet now is gone And everywhere a world of song! Oak would always like spring best But never yet had had a nest? …And then one day just passing by A young tree caught a young bird’s eye… The cardinal said, “I’ve found the spot I’ll bet the tree will let me squat and build my home and with my pride A nest prepared for my new bride!” The tree said, “Oh, It’s my delight! You’ll like the view, how about my height?” And so the cardinals moved right in And Oak’s adventures now begin For every spring throughout the year Their family brought the wild oak cheer

It loved the flutter of their wing To hear them in its branches sing! To shield them from a summer storm and keep their family safe and warm! …And other tenants hopped on board The ants, of course, came by the horde The butterfly would flutter by Giving each new leaf a try Tapping here and there a leg To find a spot to lay an egg And when she finally got it right She might even spend the night! The mighty oak was mighty proud At how it’s limbs had drawn a crowd But Oak it really didn’t know How large its family soon would grow For on its branches in its skin Other critters moved right in! The beetles hid from Mrs. Spider Till the hornets moved beside her… …She thought she’d have a better chance Up higher on another branch… And as their stories all unfold Slowly Oak grew slowly old And as its mighty branches bent Many creatures came and went… It soon would laugh about the time A young bear met a porcupine Though it was larger in the duel The bear came out the bigger fool! Why even deer beneath were fed By all the seeds the big oak shed! …A squirrel family found a hole And in the daytime stood patrol And any gossip, made no matter They could hear those squirrels chatter And every creature knew right then The who and how and where and when! …The possum liked to hang around By its tail and upside down And spend a lazy afternoon With the oak and old raccoon And tell the oak about the tales That happen on the forest trails… And why each night they make the climb Because of all the peace of mind Knowing what the oak is worth When safely hid above the earth! …But even in its roots below Even there the homes would grow! All its roots for every mouse Became the routes throughout their house

And Oak could not remember when It didn’t have a gopher den Tucked somewhere with lots of shade Protected by its forest glade… The oak said, “Well, that must be it! There’s no more creatures I can fit!” …Oh, but little did Oak know How big its family soon would grow… Now as the oak grew in the earth It grew in size, both height and girth And many critters of the air Began to build their homes up there! Spring brought robins and the dove Bluejays and the owl above And on the top upon the crown A regal eagle’s nest was found! Many creatures big and small Lived on Oak as it grew tall A hummingbird two inches big Built its nest between a twig For many years a mother bear Had cubs inside a hollow there! Sleeping through the winter long Oak would listen to her song A lullaby to each new life She’d nurture through its joys and strife And all of this without a word Every bit the big oak heard “The joy,” said Oak, ”is truly mine That as I’ve grown and over time That many creatures God has made Lived their lives beneath my shade And every life that I have known Has proudly called my branches home!” …And several hundred years went by Spreading leaves beneath the sky And every season, every year The oak lived life with little fear… …But then one day there came a man Who when he surveyed tree and land Said, “With that oak it all makes sense! I’ve just found my house and fence! …And when he cut the big oak down Those homes were shattered to the ground But now he has his house of wood Where once the mighty oak had stood And warm inside he piled higher The oak upon his growing fire… So now you know it’s understood They’ll do this to your yellowwood Unless by change your helping hand Will save your creatures and your land!

—John Wm. Sisson

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Profile for Our Brown County

Nov./Dec. 2015 OUR BROWN COUNTY  

A magazine about what makes Brown County, Indiana so special

Nov./Dec. 2015 OUR BROWN COUNTY  

A magazine about what makes Brown County, Indiana so special

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