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Music at the Red Barn

John Whitcomb Plays it All

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C. Carey Cloud The Breeze Bends the Grass

Uncle Pen Days at Monroe’s Final Beauty, Winter Prep Sampler at Chocolate Moose Fall Happenings


Village Green Building Celebrating over 100 years in nashville The Nashville you came to see and love…

Where you can see the work of local artists — whether it’s ice cream, candy and fruit preserves made the old fashioned way or the artwork of local artists and craftsmen. · first floor · Homemade Ice Cream Homemade Candies Homemade Fruit Preserves · second floor · Antiques · Art and Craft Galleries Working studios of local artists



The Candy Dish

Yes, we really do make it ourselves!

Fine Homemade Chocolate Candies and Fudge Gourmet Caramels Over 50 Flavors of Salt Water Taffy



Homemade Ice Cream

Harvest Preserve the

Homemade Fruit Butter Gourmet Food Cookbooks · Cookie Cutters Postcards · Greeting Cards Kitchen Gadgets Galore Giftware · Tea and Teaware


Functional and Fine Art Made in Indiana


61 West Main street · nashville, indiana

Rated ★★★★★ on TripAdvisor!


Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat





2620 Valley Branch Rd · Nashville, IN 47448 GPS 39.1638298 / -86.1485959


all Zip Line activities use code OBCS2016 Expires 12/31/2016 Excludes holidays


Carmel Ridge Rd


Nineveh Edinburgh Morgantown 31 37 135 I-65 46 Bloomington Columbus 46 NASHVILLE 252

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Brownie’s Bean Blossom Restaurant


HELMSBURG Farmers’ Market at Lightspinner Studio St. Davids

Cordry Lake

Sprunica Rd.


Monroe Music Park & Campground BEAN BLOSSOM

Flower and Herb Barn Farmhouse Café

Plum Creek Antiques Market

Doodles by Kara Barnard


Gatesville Store

Rd .








Al’s Paint & BodyAl’s Garage

Abe Martin Lodge

Bobby G’s Tack & Saddlery STONE HEAD



Rd ton Cr k





STORY Monroe Reservoir



Brown County State Park

eXplore Brown County

Rawhide Ranch



Mike’s Music and Dance Barn

la Pop

Lodge on the Mountain T.C. Steele State Historic Site


OA o. K d C als ent wn reek R . Tire t R l l o n r a o ea B alt C M tio S rown Ce Retr ntique n Vaca Winery B d A i w s 46 Co. k o. ro Cree rown Cills o’ B Brown B H Overlook Mt Olde to COLUMBUS Lodge . Li Tim kidscommons GNAW ber e 19th Hole Deja Vu ty R Fle BONE Bar/Grille d a M Art & Fine Bear Wallow kt Craft Show Distillery




Annie Smith Rd.





Artist and/or Gallery

yB ran

Old SR 4

Green Valley Lodge Yellowwood Lake

Cox Creek Mill


Country Club Rd

Oak Grove

Musical Entertainment

Val le



Mike Nickels Log Homes


Ow l Cr eek


Butler Winery BLOOMINGTON Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS Fireplace Center Harley-Davidson of Bloomington Artisan Guilds of Bloomington Show & Sale





Vaught Rd.

Clay Lick Rd

Lake Lemon






MORGANTOWN TRAFALGAR Antiques Co-op The Apple Works Art Beyond Crayons Sweetwater GMG Motors Lake Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides House of Clocks Las Chalupas Col. Vawter Day Rosey Bolte’s Uncommon Gourd Studio

Upper Bean Blossom

Brown County N


Bob Allen Rd.

Homestead Weaving Studio Salem’s Good Nature Farm


Hoosier Artist

Fallen Leaf Books



B3 Gallery

Hobnob Corner

Brown County Art Guild

The Wild Olive

ST SR 135 N

Village Green

Brown Co Winery

Sweet Cozy Living

Head Over Heels

Nashville Candy Store Sports Etc. Be My Guest

Heritage Mall

Spears Pottery Juls Etc.

The Sunshine Shack

House of Jerky

Main Street Shops


MAIN STREET That Sandwich Place

Nashville House


Gold &Old

Touch of Silver

Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts Brown Co Craft Gallery

Log JJail L il

Pioneer Village Museum


Miller’s Ice Cream The Candy Dish The Harvest Preserve

? info


open M-F8-4

Downtown Cottages & Suites Copperhead Creek Gem Mine

Iris Garden Complex

2016 Quilt Show-Sept. 16-18

GOULD STREET Brown Co. Rock & Fossil Shop


Brown Co Public Library

Brown Co. History Center


Hidden Valley Inn



The Emerald Pencil

Big Woods Village



Men’s Toy Shop

Colonial Bldg.

Carmel Corn Cottage

State Farm Insurance-Bank


Brozinni Pizzeria

Hills O’Brown Realty

J.B. Goods/ Life is Good

Hotel Nashville

Redbud Terrace

McGinley Insurance

Health For U


First Merchants Office Bank

County Offices



Brown Co Art Gallery

Masonic Lodge

Old SR 4



Village Florist

The Salvation Army


Toy Chest

Artists Colony Inn Carol’s Crafts

Artists Colony

Cathy’s Corner

Cedar Creek Winery

Nashville Express

Male Instinct

Rhonda Kay’s

Out of the Ordinary

Coachlight Square

Brown Co Inn Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

Brown County IGA

Brown Co Community YMCA Brown Co Health & Living

Bear Hardware Comfort Inn




Nashville General Store

Salt Creek Park Salt Creek Inn People’s State Bank Pine Room Muddy Boots

Seasons Lodge & Conference Center

Doodles by Kara Barnard


Artist and/or Gallery Rest Room


Musical Entertainment Parking


map not to scale

Nashville Indiana

Casa Del Sol Apache Tactical


Tea Shop

Mercantile Store

Cornerstone Inn


Gyros Food & Art Lorna’s Leather & Boutique

Papertrix Thomas Treehouse

Bone Appetit Bakery Ethereal Day Spa and Salon Chateau Thomas Sweetea’s Winery

Camelot Shoppes

Hunter’s Electronics

Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Possum Trot Sq

Sweetwater Back to Back Yesteryear Gallery Old Time Photos Grasshopper Flats Wishful Simply 4 You Thinking



Hoosier Buddy

Thrift Shop Community Closet


Olde Magnolia House Inn 4th Sister Vintage Store

Joseph Sanders Gallery

Calvin Place


Schwab’s Fudge

New Leaf Amy Greely

Life is Good JB Goods


Too Cute Abe’s Corner

Melchior Marionettes

Jack & Jill Nut Shop

Brown Co Playhouse

58 South Apparel



Franklin Sq

Through the Looking Glass Wooden Wonders Nashville Image Old Time Photos For Bare Feet, Nashville Pickers N & R Woodworking Brown Co Weavery & Roots Paint Box Gallery, Primitive Spirit Rich Hill’s Magic & Fun Emporium K. Bellum Leather, My Sister’s Shop Brown Co. Pottery, Agape Pearls Ferguson House

Antique Alley


Our Brown County ANTIQUES

Antiques Co-op.............................44 Arts, Antiques, & Garden Show..24 Be My Guest...................................50 Brown Co Antique Mall................63 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 The Emerald Pencil.......................29 Nashville General Store...............34 Plum Creek Antiques...................66


Antique Alley Shops.....................51 Antiques Co-op.............................44 Art Beyond Crayons.....................44 Arts, Antiques, & Garden Show..24 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Back Roads Studio Tour...............13 Bear Hardware..............................18 Brown Co Antique Mall................63 Brown Co Art Gallery...................28 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................65 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 Deja Vu Art & Fine Craft Show....70 The Emerald Pencil.......................29 Hoosier Artist................................29 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................64 Papertrix.........................................15 pARTake/ Art Walk........................63 Spears Pottery...............................28 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.28


Fallen Leaf Books..........................25


Shepherd of the Hills Evangelical Luthern Church.......33


58 South Apparel..........................36 Antique Alley Shops.....................51 Apache Tactical.............................61 Artisan Guilds of Blm Show........24 Bear Hardware..............................18 Community Closet Thrift Shop...49 Harley-Davidson of Bloomington.................................23 Head Over Heels...........................50 J.B. Goods/ Life is Good...............22 Lorna’s Leather & Boutique........64 Male Instinct..................................65 Men’s Toy Shop..............................52 Mercantile Store...........................48

Sports Etc.......................................50 Sweet Cozy Living........................63 Village Florist Tuxedo Rental......48 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............59


4th Sister Vintage Store...............56 Antique Alley Shops.....................51 Antiques Co-op.............................44 Apache Tactical.............................61 Appleworks....................................14 Artisan Guilds of Blm Show........24 Arts, Antiques, & Garden Show..24 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Back Roads Studio Tour...............13 Be My Guest...................................50 Bone Appetit Bakery....................63 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................65 Brown Co Pottery..........................64 Brown Co Rock & Fossil Shop.....51 Brown Co Visitors Center.............21 Carol’s Crafts..................................61 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 Cox Creek’s Mill.............................22 Deja Vu Art & Fine Craft Show....70 The Emerald Pencil.......................29 The Ferguson House....................37 Foxfire.............................................37 Head Over Heels...........................50 Homestead Weaving Studio.......28 Hoosier Artist................................29 House of Clocks.............................44 Joseph Sanders Gallery...............21 K. Bellum Leather.........................29 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................64 Lorna’s Leather & Boutique........64 Madeline’s......................................59 Male Instinct..................................65 Men’s Toy Shop..............................52 Mercantile Store...........................48 Mosaics by Cindy Steele..............62 Nashville General Store...............34 New Leaf.........................................29 Papertrix.........................................15 Rhonda Kay’s.................................36 Simply 4 You..................................19 Spears Pottery...............................28 Sports Etc.......................................50 Sweet Cozy Living........................63 Sweetwater Gallery......................19 The Thomas Treehouse................58

The Toy Chest................................48 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.28 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............59 Village Florist Flowers & Gifts.....48 Wishful Thinking...........................19


19th Hole Bar & Grille..................52 Artists Colony Dinner Theater....63 Brown County Playhouse............32 Col. Vawter Day.............................45 Copperhead Creek Gem Mine....51 Hotel Nashville Gazebo Parties..59 kidscommons................................48 Melchior Marionettes..................64 Monroe’s Bluegrass Hall of Fame/ Uncle Pen Days Festival...............31 Nashville Express Tour Rides......64 Pine Room–Muddy Boots...........57 Rawhide Ranch.............................25


Olde Time Flea Market.................49


19th Hole Bar & Grille..................52 Abe Martin Lodge.........................53 Appleworks....................................14 Artists Colony Inn.................. 23, 63 Bear Wallow Distillery..................23 Brown Co IGA................................32 Brown Co Inn.................................37 Brown Co Winery..........................53 Brownie’s Bean Blossom Rest.....34 Brozinni Pizzeria...........................25 Butler Winery.................................25 The Candy Dish...............................3 Carmel Corn Cottage...................48 Casa del Sol....................................34 Cedar Creek Winery......................63 Chateau Thomas Winery.............65 Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville........71 Farmers’ Market-St. Davids.........15 Farmhouse Cafe............................14 Gatesville Store.............................59 Gyros Food & Art Studios............65 The Harvest Preserve.....................3 Hobnob Corner Restaurant........18 Hoosier Buddy Liquors................57 Hotel Nashville..............................71 Hotel Nashville Gazebo Parties..59 House of Jerky...............................64 Jack and Jill Nut Shop..................65 Las Chalupas..................................44 Miller’s Ice Cream............................3

Advertiser Index Nashville BP...................................15 Nashville Candy Store..................50 Nashville Fudge Kitchen..............72 Nashville General Store...............34 Nashville House............................51 Pine Room–Muddy Boots...........57 Schwab’s Fudge.............................34 Seasons...........................................51 Sunshine Shack.............................65 Sweetea’s Tea Shop......................36 That Sandwich Place....................63 Trolly’s.............................................34 The Wild Olive.................................2


Antiques Co-op.............................44 The Ferguson House....................37 Plum Creek Antiques...................66


Bear Hardware..............................18


Head Over Heels...........................50 K. Bellum Leather.........................29


Antique Alley Shops.....................51 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Back Roads Studio Tour...............13 Brown Co Antique Mall................63 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................65 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 Deja Vu Art & Fine Craft Show....70 Ferguson House............................37 Foxfire.............................................37 Grasshopper Flats.........................19 Hoosier Artist................................29 Juls Etc............................................24 LaSha’s............................................21 New Leaf.........................................29 Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts.........64 Rhonda Kay’s.................................36 Spears Pottery...............................28 Sweet Cozy Living........................63 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............59 Touch of Silver Gold & Old..........22


Abe Martin Lodge.........................53 Artists Colony Inn.........................23 The Brick Lodge............................71 Brown County Health & Living...22 Brown Co Inn.................................37 Brown Co KOA...............................49 Comfort Inn...................................12

Cornerstone Inn............................35 Creekside Retreat.........................56 eXplore Brown County..................4 Green Valley Lodge......................15 Hampton Inn.................................12 Hidden Valley Inn.........................24 Hills o’ Brown Vacation Rentals..18 Hilton Garden Inn.........................12 Holiday Inn Express......................12 Hotel Nashville..............................71 Lodge on the Mountain...............64 McGinley Vacation Cabins..........66 Monroe Music Park & Campground.................................66 Nickel’s Vacation Cabins..............14 The North House...........................71 Olde Magnolia House..................56 Overlook Lodge............................33 Rawhide Ranch.............................25 Salt Creek Inn................................56 Seasons...........................................51


Brown County History Center....49 kidscommons................................48




Bone Appetit Bakery....................63


B3 Gallery.......................................28 Joseph Sanders Gallery...............21 Spears Pottery...............................28 Yesteryear Old Time Photos........19


Brown County Real Estate...........67 Hills o’ Brown Realty.....................67 ReMax Team...................................65 F.C. Tucker-Jennifer Gabriel........67


eXplore Brown County..................4 Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides............56 Rawhide Ranch.............................25


Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS.......................36 Brown County Health & Living...22 Ethereal Day Spa and Salon........57 Hunter’s Electronics.....................65 Nashville BP...................................15 Shepherd of the Hills Evangelical Luthern Church.......33 Village Florist Flowers & Gifts.....48 State Farm InsuranceBrandon Stiles...............................18

Al’s Garage/Paint & Body Brown Co Community YMCA Brown Co Real Estate Brown Co Tire & Auto Delivery by Guff Farmers Insurance—McGinley First Merchants Bank Flower and Herb Barn GMG Motors Health For U Helmsburg Sawmill Hills o’ Brown Realty McGinley Vacation Cabins Monroe Park Campground People’s State Bank Plum Creek Antiques F.C. Tucker-Jennifer Gabriel Waltman Construction Co.


Head Over Heels...........................50 K. Bellum Leather.........................29 Apache Tactical.............................61 Bobby G’s Tack & Saddlery..........14 Bone Appetit Bakery....................63 Carol’s Crafts..................................61 Fallen Leaf Books..........................25 Fireplace Center............................48 Harley-Davidson of Bloomington.................................23 House of Clocks.............................44 Hunter’s Electronics.....................65 K. Bellum Leather.........................29 Male Instinct..................................65 Men’s Toy Shop..............................52 Sports Etc.......................................50 The Toy Chest................................48 Wishful Thinking...........................19


Artisan Guilds of Blm Show........24 Sweetwater Gallery......................19


Artists Colony Inn.........................23 Hotel Nashville..............................71 Village Florist.................................48


Mike Nickels Log Homes....... 49 New Song Mission.................. 49 Cindy Steele for Council........ 62


16 The Science of Autumn ~by Bob Gustin 20 Hall of Fame/Uncle Pen Days Festival ~by Mark Blackwell 26 Michele Pollock ~by Chrissy Alspaugh 30 The Breeze Bends the Grass ~by Lee Edgren 38-39 Photos ~by Dana Skirvin 46 John Whitcomb ~by Lee Edgren 40-43 Calendar of Events Pioneer Women’s Quilt Show

Rock & Mineral Show & Swap Art Colony Weekend Art Gallery Celebrates 90 Years Brown Co. Back Roads Studio Tour

54 Music Returns to the Red Barn ~by Jeff Tryon 58 The Mast Crop ~by Jim Eagleman 60 Sampler at The Chocolate Moose 66-67 Services Directory 68 Remembering C. Carey Cloud ~by Julia Pearson Cover: South Shore Drive near Lake Lemon ~by Cindy Steele


Mark Blackwell makes his home in an area of Brown County where “the roadway is rough and the slopes are seamed with ravines and present a meatless, barren, backbone effect.” He was born in the last century and still spends considerable time there. He plays music with the “Lost Shoe String Band” when he can get away with it, writes for Our Brown County, and only works when he has to. Jeff Tryon is a former news editor of The Brown County Democrat, a former region reporter for The Republic, and a former bureau chief for The Huntsville Times. Born and raised in Brown County, he currently lives with his wife, Sue, in a log cabin on the edge of Brown County State Park. He is a Baptist minister.

Jim Eagleman recently retired from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources after 40 years as a naturalist at Brown County State Park. He hopes to finish his memoirs soon. He and his wife Kay have three sons, all graduates of Brown County High School. Kay and Jim enjoy all outdoor activities, especially kayaking. Julia Pearson wrote for a secular Franciscan magazine for ten years and served as its human interest editor. She and her husband Bruce have made Lake Woebegone Country their new homebase for life’s continuing adventures. Julie, Bruce, and four-footed Suki are adjusting well. Julia enjoys traveling and visiting museums of all types and sizes, with her children and grandchildren. Joe Lee is an illustrator and writer. He is the author of The History of Clowns for Beginners and Dante for Beginners and illustrator of six other titles, including the forthcoming Dada and Surealism for Beginners in the ongoing “for Beginners” series. He is an awardwinning editorial cartoonist for the Bloomington Herald Times, a graduate of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and a veteran circus performer. Joe lives with his wife Bess, son Brandon, George the cat, and his dogs, Jack and Max. Chrissy Alspaugh is a freelance writer and owner of Christina Alspaugh Photography. She lives in Bartholomew County with her husband, Matt and two children. She can be reached at <>. View her work at <> or on Facebook. Lee Edgren, writing since kindergarten, attended journalism school at the University of Michigan. Her career includes writing for a newspaper, for a government agency, and for UM Medical Center. She became seriously interested in yoga during the late 1980s and traveled widely. Lee has a master’s degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University. She lives in both in Brown County and in northern Michigan and owns River Light Yoga studio. Bob Gustin worked as a reporter, photographer, managing editor, and editor for daily newspapers in Colorado, Nebraska, and Indiana before retiring in 2011. He and his wife, Chris, operate Homestead Weaving Studio in southern Brown County. She does the weaving while he gives studio tours, builds small looms, and expands his book and record collections.

featured photographs Dana Skirvin was born in Oklahoma, is well-traveled, and has lived in Nashville for the past twenty years. She has a degree in painting and old-fashioned photography (before it all went digital). She is a professional masseuse (massage artiste). She and husband Marc are raising two Brown County daughters. She writes poems, sings while driving, participates in Figtree Fellowship Radio Players productions, and acts in Brown County Community Theatre.

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The Science of

Autumn ~by Bob Gustin rown County’s natural beauty has drawn artists to it for more than a century, and the combination of spectacular changing hardwood trees and a thriving arts colony brings thousands of visitors to the area each autumn. While the poets and painters enrich our imagination with mysterious images of autumn colors, scientists know it is simple chemistry behind the changing of the leaves. For thousands of years we’ve enjoyed, but also puzzled over, the cause of autumn’s majestic pronouncement of the coming of winter. At one point, it was chalked up to cooler temperatures and shorter days. Turns out, that’s right, but those conditions serve mainly as a catalyst. And the length of days is the main catalyst, because


weather is not as reliable of an indicator as the clockwork of the heavens caused by the tilt of the earth on its axis, which controls the amount of sunshine each area of the earth receives. Brown County artist Susan Ahbe said autumn is her favorite season because of the distinct light as well as the subtle secondary colors which accompany the bright tones of October. “There’s a softness to the autumn light in the morning,” she said, caused by the slant of the sun’s rays. Like Brown County painters before her, many of her pieces are local landscapes, rich with various shades of green in the summer and celebrations of reds, oranges, and yellows in the fall. To understand these changes, imagine a tree as not only a living organism, but also a self-

16 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

contained factory of sorts. The main products of this factory are oxygen, carbohydrates and chlorophyll. A tree releases oxygen into the atmosphere, helping keep humans and animals alive. It uses chlorophyll to capture the sun’s energy and power the factory. And it manufactures sugars and starches to feed itself. Here’s how it works: Each leaf on a tree acts as a little solar panel, collecting sunlight to power the factory. Each root of the tree collects water from the ground and pipes the mineral nutrients it contains through the inner bark to the leaves. There, 90 percent of the water is evaporated. Leaf cells containing chlorophyll absorb the sunlight and change water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and energy the tree can use to grow—mainly sugars

Know your tree by its colors: Oaks: red, brown, russet Hickories: bronze Aspen: yellow Poplar: yellow Dogwood: purplish red Beech: light tan Maples: scarlet, orange, red, yellow Sassafras: deep orange, scarlet, purple, yellow Sweetgum: yellow, purple, red

“Goin’ Home” by Susan Ahbe.

and starches. This process is called photosynthesis. In the summer, chlorophyll fades as it soaks up light, and the tree constantly manufactures new pigment. But those green chlorophyll pigments aren’t the only ones in a leaf. There are also chemical components such as carotenoids and xanthophyll pigments which are oranges and yellows. Most of the year, we can’t see them because of the comparatively huge amount of chlorophyll. Here’s where the poet and painter mysteries come in. A tree somehow senses, through cooler temperatures and shorter days, that winter is coming. It goes into what might be compared to a bear-like hibernation, conserving its energy for the

hard days to come. It does that by closing off the connection between the leaf and the tree using the chemical auxin. When a tree shuts down the chlorophyll factory, other pigments have their moment of glory. And other chemical changes may produce red anthocyanin pigments, which result in the red purple leaves of some trees, like Brown County’s famous dogwoods and sumacs. Other trees, like oaks, just turn a leathery brown because of the mixture of pigments in the leaves, including tannins. Why shut down the factory? Some parts of a tree can survive freezing temperatures, but the fragile leaf structures cannot. (Evergreen trees have waxy substances to protect their needles, so don’t need to stop chlorophyll production.) Jonathan Roales, assistant property manager for MorganMonroe and Yellowwood state forests, said there are dozens of species of trees in the Brown County forests. Among the most common are oak, tulip poplar, aspen, maples, hickory, beech, sassafras, and ironwood. And he particularly enjoys the brilliant autumn reds of Virginia Creeper vines. State forests are popular for leaf-peepers in the autumn, but it also is a busy time for other uses of the land. Hunting is allowed on state forests, and the cooler temperatures of autumn bring out the hikers and campers. “People enjoy camping then because they can sit closer to the campfires,” he said. It’s also a good time for collecting wild edibles, including persimmons and paw-paws. “We encourage people to come out and enjoy the natural resources around them, and we’re constantly trying to improve,” he said. The amount of moisture in the soil and air temperature can have an impact on fall colors. Summer droughts can mean late falls. It’s not easy to predict when the best fall colors will arrive in Brown County. Jane Ellis, executive director of the Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), says those looking for fall colors should keep an eye on weather forecasts, since warm days and cool nights generally mean brighter colors. Nobody really knows how many people visit Brown County in the fall, but the CVB keeps track of the number of people who enter the Visitor’s Center on Main Street, and nearly a fourth of the 65,000 people the staff saw in 2015 came in October. You can enjoy the colors and keep an eye on changes by checking the CVB’s leaf cam at <>. Ellis said a new, higher quality camera has been purchased to keep an eye on autumn. Sources: State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry; USDA Forest Service;; U.S. National Arboretum;; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Arbor Day Foundation. 

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It’s a beautiful thing.

Brandon E. Stiles, Agent State Farm Agent 110 N Van Buren Street Nashville, IN 47448 Bus: 812-988-9990

Let me help you choose an FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposit from State Farm Bank® and watch your money grow. Bank with a good neighbor®. CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Wine-Down Wednesday

Every Wed. 6–8 pm

1/3 OFF select wines and music by Jeff Foster

*Up to FDIC insured limits. Annual Percentage Yields as of 04/20/16. Advertised rates are subject to change at the Bank's discretion. The minimum balance required to earn the stated APY is $500 (rates apply to deposits less than $100,000). A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals prior to maturity. 1001287.3

State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

• Soups • Salads • Sandwiches • After Five Menu • Fine Wines Breads, Pastries, and Danish Baked Here Daily

Center of Nashville Main and Van Buren Streets Open Daily • (812) 988-4114

Vacation Rentals

This winter, retreat to a cabin in the woods... Furnished Log Cabins, Homes & Cottages Rates, Reservations & Weekday Specials Online Office Hours 9 am–5 pm Monday–Saturday

812.988.6429 · 118 East State Road 46 · 4.5 miles east of Nashville

BrownCountyLogCabins .com 18 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Back-to-Back Complex

145 South Van Buren Street

PLY 4 YOU SIM Handmade & Unique Gifts • Hand-painted Signs • Homemade Body Scrubs • Giant Scrabble Letters • Solar-Changing Finger Nail Polish • Biker Bracelets • Painted Ball Jars And much more...

145 S. Van Buren St. Nashville, IN 812-350-8806

145 S. Van Buren Street

Simply 4 You Gift Shop

Celebrating 15 Years

Sepia Old Time Color Color Black & White

OVER 200 BACKGROUNDS Wild West • Prairie • Civil War • Roaring 20s and more! FREE in-store demos!

145 S. Van Buren Nashville, IN

Old School Way and Pittman House Lane

(next to the Toy Chest, behind Sweetwater Gallery) Visit our website for class schedules • 812-988-7009

Next to Artist Colony Inn, behind Sweetwater Gallery

Weekdays 10–6, Sat. 10–7, Sun. 10–6


est. 1972

Doug Stoffer, Designer/Jeweler

Sweetwater Gallery featuring locally crafted:

Sterling Silver • Fine Diamonds Opals • Gemstones • Wedding Rings Titanium Bands • Austrian Lead Crystal For Quality and Price call 812-988-4037 Top Dollar Paid for Old Gold 150 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville

Stained Glass Paperweights Mosaic Mirrors Fabric Wallhangings also offering:

Pottery Kaleidoscopes Metal Sculpture Owners, Ron and Penny Schuster

145 S. Van Buren Nashville located in the Back-to-Back Complex 812-988-0449

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 19

42nd Annual

Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Hall of Fame & Uncle Pen Days Festival September 21–24, 2016

~by Mark Blackwell o you remember being on the losing end of some little dust-up as a kid and lying there with your face in the dirt with some big bully on top of you twisting your arms like pretzels, telling you to say “Uncle”? Did you ever wonder why they wanted you to say “Uncle”? I did, but I never found out why. I have asked everybody I know and even consulted the internet but nobody has come up with a very convincing theory. However, come September I will be crying “Uncle” for the Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Uncle Pen Days Festival. Pretty much everybody who has spent any time listening to Bill Monroe’s music has heard his song about his Uncle Pen. The song answers the question of why Bill wanted to honor his uncle with a festival—but what about this Hall of Fame business? Well, Mr. Bill, the father of Bluegrass music, established his Bluegrass Hall of Fame back in 1992 here at Bean Blossom as a tribute to the musicians who helped to develop and disseminate the music that he originated. This year’s inductee is a former “Bluegrass Boy” and banjo picker extraordinaire, Mr. Butch Robins.


20 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Butch was born in Virginia in 1949. He took up the banjo as a youngster, and starting in 1965, he was winning banjo competitions at various fiddle gatherings and some of the very first Bluegrass festivals. His association with Bill Monroe and the music park go back the 1967 when he took a job with Bill. Butch hired on as a banjo player but found himself doing as much day-labor and clean up as he did pickin’. Throughout his fifty plus years as a musician, Butch has played with bands such as Jim and Jesse, the Newgrass Revival, toured with Leon Russell, and worked as a session musician for what seems like everybody who was alive in Nashville, Tennessee back in the 1970s. He was the banjo player for Bill Monroe from 1977 to 1981. Butch has recorded three CDs under his own name, written a book about his life and experiences as a musician, and recently produced a series of videos, entitled Butch Robins presents —Bluegrass Music, Its Origin and Development as a Unique and Creative Art Form. Butch will be further immortalized as an honoree in the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame. You can be a witness to this occasion and visit the Hall of Fame and Museum as a ticket-holding attendee of this year’s festival. But free admission to the museum is not the only extra you get with a ticket—there are also workshops on various instruments and performance techniques that go on throughout the four days of the festival. Another benefit of the festival is that you can get up close and personal with some of the greatest musicians in Bluegrass music like Jesse McReynolds, Little Roy Lewis, Bobby Osborne, Ronnie Reno (they will all be there this year), and more at the shelter on top of the hill. I always enjoy getting say “Howdy” and having a little conversation with some of my Bluegrass heroes. Just about anybody who plays good Bluegrass is a hero to me. Some of the “heroes” showing up this year, besides the one I’ve already mentioned are: Russell Moore and IIIRD Tyme Out, Raymond Fairchild and the Maggie Valley Boys, The Wildwood Valley Boys, Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time, Karl Shifflett and the Big Country Show, The Grascals, and many more.

In addition to talking to my favorite performers, I also enjoy saying “Howdy” to the folks I meet at Bean Blossom. It’s always good to meet new people and it’s pretty easy to make new friends—we already have music in common. Speakin’ of makin’ new friends, I highly recommend staying at the campground. Brown County has some very nice hotel and motel accommodations, but the fun doesn’t stop just because the last band of the day has left the stage. If you play a guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, or bass it’s not hard to find an impromptu “parking lot” or camp-site band to jam with. And if you don’t play an instrument, the bands are happy if you just show up with a pair of ears and a little enthusiasm. I think that a lot of the improvements to the campgrounds over the years were done just to make it a little easier on the “jammers.” I mean after you have been up all day listening to top tier Bluegrass from the concert stage, attended a few workshops, eaten your way down Vendor’s Row, and then played “Blue Moon of Kentucky” with a pick-up band until the wee hours, you shouldn’t have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. No, it makes more sense to just climb into your tent, camper, or RV knowing that you can get a hot shower right there in the campground when you wake up. Tickets are $25 for Wednesday, $30 for Thursday, and $35 apiece for Friday and Saturday, or you can come for the whole four days for $105. Camping is extra. You can give ’em a call at 800-414-4677 or go online at <> to make your reservations. I know you won’t regret it. 

Where are the nearest restrooms? How late do the shops stay open? Where can I take a beautiful scenic drive? Our friendly staff can answer all of these questions and more at the Brown County Visitors Center at the corner of Van Buren and Main Street. Stop by for advice, recommendations, and official souvenirs. 812.988.7303

Download the official Discover Brown County App today!

Joseph Sanders Gallery

Sterling Designs by Sharon & Larry

Anything But Or dinary

SBJ/LMJ Designs Opals by Larry • Pe n d a n t s • Earrings • Bracelets • Necklaces

812-988-0522 Featuring Joseph Sanders and other Indiana artists

A variety of natural stones and colors

175 S. Jefferson St. Suite B, Nashville (behind Christian church) Enter from Pittman House Lane, Abe’s Alley area Available for commission photography work • (765) 480-1108

N o r t h Va n B u r e n a n d M o l l y’s L a n e • N a s h v i l l e

Doing business for over 25 years

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 21

Visit America’s First Store


The Iron Gate by Brad Cox

Unique Metal Art Studio

4705 Annie Smith Rd. Nashville

172 N. Van Buren Street in Nashville, IN Second Location in Calvin Place– (S. Van Buren and Franklin Streets) • 812-988-0900

Brad Cox and his wife Stephanie invite you to discover their studio and mill located along the banks of Salt Creek just 10 minutes from Nashville. Hours vary. Call ahead.

A member of the CarDon family.

d e s t i n at i o n Albert C. Drake

Goldsmith and Silversmith 42 years of quality service in Brown County

• 5 Star Rating

Visit for more information

• Private Suites

With private showers and WiFi

• Orthopedic & Neurologisy Specialtsts On-site and licensed

• Short Term Retreats

Private Suites and Respite services available

Yes !

Brown County Health and Living Community

is worth the drive! (812) 988-6666

55 East Willow St. Nashville, IN 47448 Located behind Salt Creek Plaza off of 46 East


22 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016


Touch of Silver, Gold & Old 87 E. Main St. • Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-6990 • (800) 988-6994 Hours: 10am - 6pm • 7 days a week


Inn & Restaurant

A Charming 19th Century Style Inn and Restaurant

• 20 Guest Rooms, 3 Suites with Whirlpool Baths • Banquet and Conference Rooms for Retreats or Parties • Gift Certificates Available Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Breakfast Buffet 7:30 am–10:30 am At the corner of Van Buren and Franklin Streets in Nashville, Indiana

812-988-0600 • 800-737-0255

812-333-8300 Hwy 46 Bloomington

Open Mon.–Sat. 11–6, Sun. Noon–5 O

BEAR WALLOW DISTILLERY B Makers of Distilled Spirits using locally grown grains in an old-fashioned copper still

Come try a Mo Moonshine Shake-up Gnaw Bone Bourbon now available

Take a Tour

4484 E. Old State Road 46 (Look for the signs) (812) 657-4923 •

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 23

A Brown County Harvest

Arts Antiques

& Garden Treasures Show & Sale

Located at • Plants • Antiques • Herbs • Garden Art

Sunday, Oct. 2 10 to 4 • FREE

Lunch 11 – 4 Dinner 5 – 9

Open Every Day

A gathering of Artisans and Antique Dealers offering country furniture and primitives, vintage collectibles, cabin ware, garden relics, jewelry, paintings, and more. Come enjoy a fun-filled day in the country browsing and shopping. Excellent food, cold drinks, and desserts available.

Artists, Craftsmen, Antique Dealers Booth Space Available Call for information and registration • (812) 988-2689

HOLIDAY SHOW and SALE Bloomington Spinners & Weavers Guild Local Clay Potters’ Guild Indiana Glass Guild Friday, November 4: 4pm–9pm

Saturday, November 5: 9am–5pm


Meet the Artists! Watch a Demonstration! Lots of Great Holiday Gifts!

more info: 24 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016



Guest Ranch

al times are All adventures & me call ahead ! open to the public – ommended – – Reservations Rec







Open 7 days a week, Year round

AMENITIES INCLUDE: Cowboy Hotel • Cabins • Tipis • Guest Discounted Zips & Rides 24/7 Coffee Station • Corporate Retreats • Team Building Programs Geocaching • Free Wifi • 54 Acres of Land • Nightly Campfires Hiking • Fishing • Swing Set & Sandbox • Half Court Basketball 1292 St Rd 135 S, Nashville


Brown County

3.5 x 4.5 A wonderful mix ofSize: Old, New, Used and Rare Cost: $667.00 Runs: April 2016 - April 2017


A family-friendly pizza place PIZZA • SALADS • CALZONES

Not your usual bookstore… Check out our new selection of journals and sketchbooks, and handmade greeting cards

140 W. Main Street • (812) 988-8800

45 S. Jefferson Street · Nashville, IN 812.988.0202 · ·


Monday-Saturday 10 am – 5 pm | Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

In the heart of Nashville by the Village Green area at the intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets.

Dine-In or Carry-Out

Sun.–Thurs. 11am–9:30pm; Fri. & Sat. 11am–10:30pm

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 25

Michele Pollock Art, Ideas, and Passion


~story and photos by Chrissy Alspaugh

hat does it mean to be human? For local artist and poet Michele Pollock, it means being led by passion rather than life’s more predictable paths. It means helping others wherever she can. Embracing life’s messiness. Smiling. Michele’s studio awakens the moment her bare feet patter in. Rainbows of paper scraps suddenly scatter across her desk. She’s searching for the pieces that will breathe life into vellum sketches depicting whimsical animal musicians, dancing marionettes, and serene songbirds. Michele is in constant motion, flowing from workbench to sewing machine, as her hand-stitched journals and destined-for-frame pieces emerge. Flipping through a stack of notebooks in search of a drawing, Michele smiles at the improbability of locating any particular thing inside the mix of to do lists—poem fragments, ideas for art fairs, and a wide array of other “weird things,” as she calls them, with a laugh.

26 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Unlike some artists who teem with creative genius but lack the skills to run an organized business, this Purdue University chemical engineer excels at both. Exiting her work space, Michele strides smoothly down a hallway grid of neatly framed applique collages. She lands momentarily at her computer, where Excel and PowerPoint keep her on top of Lost Lake Studio. This is the side of Michele that hints at the life she lived for a decade as a scientist at 3M in Minnesota. She was researching asthma inhalers when she finally listened to her heart and began a Master of Fine Art program, studying among other things, poetry and book binding. Michele returned to her home state of Indiana in 2007 and opened the studio in 2008. Today, her business has soared to a sales volume of about 2,000 pieces annually. Just as she followed her heart into art, Michele’s work remains driven by passion rather than dollars. Pieces depicting the flora and fauna of Brown County readily reach clients—and she creates plenty of those—but her love of marionettes means her studio walls and fair booths also boast things like frogs playing violins and clowns wearing tutus. Personal passion also has kept Michele interested, for nearly a decade, in a project called “What it Means to be Human,” a visual and poetic exploration of scientific and philosophical differences between

humans and other species. She has created paper quilts representing DNA microarrays, collages examining humans’ unique link between tears and emotion, and she continues cross-stitching a piece depicting brain neurons firing. She acknowledges that the once grant-funded project ultimately represents her own search for the purpose of life. Michele is ensuring that part of her purpose as an artist in Brown County is using her skills to better the art community as a whole. She is the volunteer press coordinator for the annual Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour, which this year will invite the public into 14 studios from October 1 to 31. She also helped Nashville secure an Indiana Cultural District designation, is a consigning artist and press coordinator at the Brown County Craft Gallery, a member of Art Alliance Brown County, has volunteered with the Brown County Playhouse, and currently is coordinating artist information for the Discover Brown County, Indiana mobile app. Fellow Brown County artist Rosey Bolte said Michele always is eager to help, brings terrific energy and ideas, and “keeps the tour fresh for

visitors.” Rosey said Michele deserves tremendous credit for drawing visitors to the community. But to Michele, it’s just about returning the favor. “I just feel so lucky to have fallen into this arts community,” she said. “If I’m in any way helping keep our community vibrant, that would thrill me.” 

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 27


Brown County Art Gallery Foundation presents

Quality Handwovens by Chris Gustin

Brown County Masters…

the Legend Continues

Yarn • Looms • Supplies Open 11 to 5 most days

Southeastern Brown County 6285 Hamilton Creek Road • 812-988-8622 90th AnniversAry ColleCtors’ showCAse

September 18–October 30, 2016 september 17 · 6 pm · $55 per person

Opening Night Reception Wine · Food · Music · Art

The Artist’s Collection

Retrospective of work by Indiana artist C.W. Mundy september 18 · 2 pm · $5 per person

200 Years of Indiana Art

Exhibit & lecture by Mark Ruschman, Curator, Indiana State Museum september 21 · 6 pm · $10

Bluegrass Barbeque

Locally Crafted Pottery • Jewelry • Photography • Wood • Fiber • More... Downtown Nashville (beside the Nashville House) • Open Daily • 812.988.1286 • Spears Gallery on Facebook

28 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Live music featuring C.W. Mundy & Friends · Food · Open gallery Reservations Required · purchase tickets online

Open Daily 10 am – 5 pm · Sunday Noon – 5 pm Free Admission · Free Parking Corner of Main & Artist Drive · Nashville, IN

Official Wine of the Brown County Art Gallery

812.988.4609 ·




sie Hoo

S. 45

, IN 888 HVILLE 8-6 S -98 » NA 2 1 8 ST. SON FER


NEW LEAF An eclectic mix of creative items from local, regional, and global artists

Featuring Leather Goods Made in Brown County

Fine Leather Goods

• Handbags • Belts • Hats • Accessories • Holsters • Leather • Tools • Dye •Supplies

Featuring locally handcrafted jewelry by owner Amy Greely

Calvin Place, Franklin & Van Buren • Nashville

(812) 988-1058 •

And Shoes: Haflinger, Arcopedico, Moccasins, Sheepskin Slippers 92 W. Franklin, Antique Alley, Nashville, IN 812-988-4513

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 29

The Breeze Bends the Grass

One of Steele’s well-known paintings, “Selma in the Garden,” depicts the red-haired Selma, a tiny figure in a large straw hat, nearly lost in a riot of colorful blooms. The concept expanded to include other artists, and was initially titled Hammer, Garden, Canvas and Clay. It presented the lives of metal artist Janet Payne Bowles; landscaper Selma Steele; painter Marie Goth; and ceramicists the Overbeck Sisters. Then Detor talked Cunningham into expanding it into a musical play. The passions and careers of these women arose during the shifting political and artistic values at the turn of the 20th century. The Arts and Crafts movement stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms. Leading thinkers in the movement linked good design to the values of a good society. The movement was Arbutus Cunningham and Krista Detor. photos by Jim Krause ardently anti-industrial and embraced a vision of life in ~by Lee Edgren which workers could take pride in craftsmanship. Arbutus Cunningham recalls that her personal hey were women who felt a fierce need to create, unwilling to sacrifice their lives as artists, stepping connection to the women of The Breeze came out of conventional female roles to become artists through her mother’s mother, a farmer in a “teeny tiny agricultural community in south Texas,“ and her fight in a world dominated by men. to retain a life of the mind. Cunningham’s grandmother Award-winning writers Krista Detor and Arbutus Cunningham invite us to consider the life of the woman had been a French scholar in college. After her farm artist with its hardships and its glories in their powerful work for the day was done, she spent late evenings translating the essays of Montaigne into Spanish. collaboration, The Breeze Bends the Grass. The Breeze Cunningham quotes her: “Always keep a corner of your will return to the Brown County Playhouse for six mind free for yourself alone. The soul withers from performances this October 13–15, and 20–22 at 7:30 constant toil.” p.m. All original cast members—Krista Detor, Arbutus Janet Payne Bowles was a successful metal worker. Cunningham, Lara Lynn Weaver, and Amanda Biggs— She faced the hard truth that to have a life at all, she are returning, and a fifth artist, Kate Braun, will join would have to divorce her alcoholic husband and, them. This will be the third time this play, with its beautiful without knowing how she would do it, provide for herself and her children. She made gold spoons for music, is presented in Brown County. The original financier J. Pierpont Morgan. production arrived in 2012. Extensively reworked, the Selma Steele was a trained artist and teacher. She production returned in 2014 for one performance only. transformed acres and acres of thin and unforgiving And now it will be shown again thanks to the support of the Bicentennial Indiana Masterpiece Grant from the Brown County soil into glorious gardens. She lived on at the House of the Singing Winds after Steele’s Indiana Arts Commission, as well as a grant from Duke Energy, and support from the Brown County Art Guild. death in1926 and, shortly before her own death, gave the property to the State of Indiana as a perpetual What is now a musical theater piece began with memorial to the life of the spirit. Her gardens are the Arbutus Cunningham’s commission to write a spoken focus of a major restoration project. performance piece about Selma Steele, the wife of According to Cunningham, the Overbeck sisters’ artist T.C. Steele. Selma, who was an active force in her mother was a force of nature. She insisted that art husband’s creative life, made it her mission to create was the primary and main focus of any meaningful glorious gardens “interesting enough to be placed on existence. The sisters lived through a period of great the painter’s canvas.” Continued on 69


30 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 31


Hometown Proud Local Grocery Store Serving Beautiful Brown County Since 1975! • Certified Angus Beef • Large Beer and Wine Sections • Organic Grocery • Dairy • Picnic Supplies • Produce • Full Service Bakery/Deli • Frozen • Custom Cake Decorating • Wine • Custom Deli Trays, Veggie Trays, Fruit Baskets, and Gift Baskets Ever-Growing Selection of Gluten-Free Products 30 Hawthorne Dr. • Nashville • East SR 46 at light • 812-988-4546

Y e a r ro u n d l i v e S h ow S & Mov i e S September 9, 10, 16 & 24

A powerhouse trio with incredible harmonies performing classic songs from Madonna to Aretha to Lady GaGa! $18.50 & $20.50

October 29

September 3, 9, 17, 23, 30 & October 8

Live Revue — 4 Performers 4 Decades 4 Genres: rock, country, R&B, pop $18.50 & $20.50

October 13, 14, 15 & 20, 21, 22

October 1 & 6

October 7

Join the cast as they explore the 50s era of music by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly | $18.50 & $20.50

Songs by the rockers who gave a voice to working class values — the music of Springsteen, Mellencamp, Petty & more $18.50 & $20.50

November 7

Comedian Heywood Banks

Movie Events

and the latest releases

Every weekend except for Special Events Sunday 7 pm showings Closed Captioned

ENCORE: Best of One Pulse Entertainment Eric Brown, Jenn Cristy and company close their Playhouse season with a special night of live music hits $18.50 & $20.50

October 29 | 11 pm | $10 The Rocky Horror Picture Show r Musical about Hoosier women artists starring Krista Detor | $19.50 & $20.50

Singer-comic-songwriter-poetmusician has become a cult hero and pop icon | $27.50


P E R F O R M I N G A R T 812.988.6555 ·


December 31 | 4 & 7 pm | $7 Love Actually r Adults $6 | Children/Students $5


Showtimes 7:30 pm · Tickets & schedule online · Beer, wine & concessions available | Box Office: Thursday–Sunday | 70 S. Van Buren · Nashville, IN

32 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 812-988-8057

St. Rd. 135 N. half mile north of Bean Blossom (5802 Old Settlers Rd. Morgantown, IN) next to Brownie’s Restaurant

“We Preach Christ Crucified.”

Excellent accessibility for handicapped

• SUNDAY DIVINE SERVICE 10:15 a.m. • SUNDAY SCHOOL 9 a.m.—All children welcome • ADULT BIBLE STUDY 9 a.m.—All welcome FOOD PANTRY last Wednesday of the month 9–11 a.m.

Get away in comfort

The Overlook Lodge Full size living room, dining area, kitchen and a deck or patio

Every room has an outstanding view of the golf course and Brown County State Park

One or two bedroom units with the luxuries of home Great rates

A Condominium-Style Hotel

Golf packages available

2359 State Road 46 East 2.5 miles east of Nashville

Stay one night or long term


Seasonal outdoor pool & hot tub 18 hole golf course Driving range & pro shop 19th Hole Sports Bar & Grille

Visit us at Facebook/SaltCreekGolf

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 33

Nashville General Store & Bakery Nashville’s Unique Dining Experience (1800s Cabin)

Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Specialty Linen, Rugs, Candles Curtains, Stitcheries Antiques, Billy Jacobs Prints

118 E. Washington St. (by the creek) Nashville, IN • 812-988-6362 Open Sun.–Thurs. 9–5, Fri. 9–6, Sat. 9–7

Breakfast and Lunch BBQ, Chicken Salad, Soups, Pit Ham Cinnamon Rolls, Cobblers, Cookies, Brownies Coffees and Cappuccino

LOOK for the NASHVILLE GENERAL STORE EXPRESS for your commute to and from the Brown County State Park. Express is taking reservations for private charters.

BEAN BLOSSOM Restaurant Good Food, Good Service, Good Prices


Catfish on Friday Nights Daily Specials Breakfast Served All Day

Bean Blossom SR 135 North • 988-1147 Open 7 days a week

AAuthentic Mexican Cuisine Family Owned and Operated •Daily Specials •Kid’s Menu

FULL BAR AVAILABLE 812-988-4535 Carry Out Available COACHLIGHT SQUARE 101 E. Washington St. one block east of S. Van Buren St. (in front of the high school) in downtown Nashville

34 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover cards

LLemon Sh k Shake-ups Hot Dogs • Sausages •Brats Hickory-Smoked Pork BBQ COUPON Buy One BBQ Meal Deal Get One HALF OFF North Van Buren and Gould Streets in Nashville Indiana • 988-4273

Custom gift certificates available for the holidays

37 individually appointed guest rooms with complimentary full breakfast, afternoon snacks and evening dessert. Free on-site parking. » Visit our website for best deals and availability: CORNERSTONE INN


DATE: JULY 14, 2016



888-383-0300 • 54 e. franklin street • downtown nashville Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 35

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE DRINK L e t’ s meet at Sweetea’s

Lowest price drink free Must present ad Expires 12/31/16

*Bubble Tea *Sassafras Tea *Lunch Served Daily

South South o end of Nashvil le ju f the in Coac Shell Gas Statist hlight S quare on (81

225 S.

2) 988-

Van Bu re


n St. Su

ite C

FREE WiFi Find us on the web at:

36 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

The Ferguson



78 W. Franklin Street Nashville 812-988-7388

Visit rooms of:

• Swan Creek Candles • Iron Decor • Home Accessories

• Holiday Decor

• Fashion Jewelry

• Man Cave

• Garden Accents

and more . . .



59 E. Main St. Nashville 812-988-8707

51 State Road 46 East Nashville, Indiana 47448

Renovated rooms!

• Fashion Apparel, Jewelry and Purses • Gifts and Home Decor • Personalized and Memoriam Gifts • Swan Creek Candles • Kitchen Accessories • Baby Gifts • Holiday Decor • Garden Decor

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 37

photos by Dana Skirvin


The schedule can change. Please check before making a trip.

Sept. 3 Jeff Bloom Fights MS Benefit Sept. 4 Chris Dollar Bluegrass Jam 7:00 Brown County Playhouse Sept. 6 Travers Marks 7:00 RESPECT Sept. 9, 10, 16, 24 Sept. 7 Open Mic w/ Coot Crabtree Powerhouse trio performing classic songs. Sept. 8 Avocado Chic 7:00 4 Dimension Sept. 3, 9, 17, 23, 30, Oct. 8 Sept. 9 Kade Puckett 6:00 4 performers, 4 decades, 4 genres Will Scott 9:00 The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll Sept. 11 Alan Long 7:00 Oct. 1, 6 Music by Elvis Presley, Chuck Sept. 12 Hillbilly Hippies 8:00 Berry, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Little Sept. 13 Roger Banister 8:00 Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly Sept. 14 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 8:00 Working Class Heroes Oct. 7 Roger Banister 8:00 Songs by the rockers who gave a voice to Sept. 15 Roger Banister 8:00 working class values Silver Sparrow 8:00 The Breeze Bends the Grass Oct. 13, 14, 15, Sept. 16 Kade Puckett 6:00 20, 21, 22, Musical about Hoosier women Roger Banister 8:00 artists starring Krista Detor Sept. 17 Roger Banister 8:00 ENCORE: Best of One Pulse Entertainment Sept. 18 Dave Sisson 8:00 Oct. 29 Eric Brown, Jenn Cristy and Sept. 19 Don Flemons 8:00 company close out their Playhouse Sept. 20 Roger Banister 8:00 season, night of hits Sept. 21 Claude Bourbon 8:00 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Sept. 23 Kade Puckett 6:00 Oct. 29 11 pm Sept. 28 Open mic w/ Joe Bolinger 8:00 Comedian Heywood Banks Nov. 7 Sept. 29 Ian McFeron 8:00 MOVIES –THE LATEST RELEASES Sept. 30 Kade Puckett 6:00 See schedule online Wade Water & Friends–a night Most performances at 7:30 music from JJ Cale 9:00 70 S. Van Buren St. 812-988-6555 Oct. 1 Stella & Friends 8:00 Oct. 2 Beasley’s Orchard 5:00 Chris Dollar’s Bluegrass Jam 7:00 Melchior Marionettes Oct. 4 Travers Marks 7:00 “Comedy Cabaret on Strings” Oct. 5 Open mic w/ Coot Crabtree 8:00 Sept. 3, 17, 24 Oct. 6 Chuck Wills & Kara Barnard 7:00 “Slightly Haunted Puppet Theatre” Oct. 7 Kade Puckett 6:00 Oct. 1, 2, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, Oct. 8 Dave Arcan 9:00 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 Oct. 9 Alan Long 7:00 Showtimes 1:00 and 3:00—extra times in Oct. 11 Roger Banister 8:00 October Oct. 12 Open mic w/ Dave Sisson 8:00 Free Popcorn! Tickets $5 Sofia Talvik 8:00 Westside of S. Van Buren St. Oct. 13 Jason Blankenship 7:00 Downtown Nashville Oct. 14 Kade Puckett 6:00 Oct. 15 Jonny Grave 8:00 Pine Room - Muddy Boots Oct. 16 Joe “Rollin” Porter 7:00 Music most days—Not all dates were Dave Sisson 8:00 booked at time of publication Oct. 19 Open mic w/ Jason Blankenship Sept. 1 Chuck Wills & Friends 8:00 8:00 Sept. 2 WFHB Fall Fund Drive Oct. 20 Silver Sparrow 8:00 John Whitcomb 12:50 Oct. 21 Kade Puckett 6:00 Haley Jonay 1:50 Flea Bitten Dawgs 9:00 Cari Ray 2:50 Oct. 22 The All Good Things Band 8:00 White Lightning Boys 3:50 Oct. 25 Roger Banister 8:00 Kade Puckett 6:00 Oct. 26 Open mic w/ Joe Bolinger 8:00

Oct. 27 Matchsellers 8:00 Oct. 28 Kade Puckett 6:00 Wade Water & Friends—a night music from Hank Williams 9:00 812-988-0236 and on Facebook

Chateau Thomas Winery Sept. 1 Paul Bertsch Band Sept. 3 Craig Thurston Sept. 9 Cari Ray Sept. 10 Jeff Foster Retro Bros Sept. 16 Two For the Show Sept. 17 The McGuires Sept. 23 Impasse Sept. 24 Fistful of Bacon Sept. 30 Barry Johnson Oct. 1 Smokestack Lightning (Phil) Oct. 7 Dave Miller Oct. 8 Gary Applegate Oct. 14 Impasse Oct. 15 Jeff Foster Warrior Kings Oct. 21 Paul Bertsch Band Oct. 22 The Marlinaires Oct. 28 Cari Ray Band Oct. 29 Craig Thurston Music 7:00-10:00 Fri. and Sat. 812-988-8500

Outdoor Gazebo Parties Hotel Nashville Sept. 16 The McGuires Sept. 30 Dave Miller 6:00-9:00 812-988-8400

Indiana RedBarn Sept. 1 Sept. 2 Sept. 8 Sept. 9 Sept. 10 Sept. 15 Sept. 16 Sept. 17 Sept. 22 Sept. 29 Sept. 30 Oct. 1 Oct. 6

The Hammer & The Hatchet Will Scott w/ Opal Fly & Kapow Female of Folk Bopha Boys Split Rail Derick Howard Earphorik Flatland Harmony Experiment Joyce & The PBJS Dacota Muckey Slidecate Royale Comedy w/ Brad Scott & Mitchell Potts The Hammer & The Hatchet

Oct. 7 Empty Glass Prophets Oct. 8 Austin Beliles & Friends Oct. 13-15 Fall Weekend Jamboree Not all dates booked-71 Parkview Rd.

Other Friday and Saturday Night Music Venues: Salt Creek’s 19th Hole Brown County Inn Seasons Lodge Big Woods

14th Annual Bean Blossom Bikerfest Sept. 6-11, all day at Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground in Bean Blossom Music, bike rides, poker runs, field events 812-988-6422

44th Annual Cider Run Custom Car Show

Abe Martin Lodge Little Gem Restaurant

Sept. 10,11 Brown County State Park Sat. at Brown Co Inn 8-noon-awards, food Sun.“Flag Drags” at Brown Co Dragway See some of the nicest rods, customs, muscle cars, trucks, and antiques.

Music Saturdays Dave Miller 6:00-8:00 Info 812-988-4418

7th Hoosier Hops & Harvest

Pavilion Music Series Sept. 17 Cari Ray Trio Oct. 8 Jeff Foster 4:30-6:00 Corner of Main & Jefferson Streets—Sponsored by the Johnsons

SPECIAL EVENTS: Village Art Walk

Sept. 10, 1:00-6:00, at Story Inn 30 craft or micro breweries from in a sixstate area. Must be at least 21. Live music, and food. 812-988-2273

28th Annual Great Outdoor Art Contest

30th Annual Col. Vawter Day Sept. 17, 8am-5pm in Morgantown A day full of fun with street vendors, live entertainment, car show, arts & crafts, food, KidZone, bake off, tours and more

42nd Bill Monroe Hall of Fame & Uncle Pen Days Fest Sept. 21-24 at Bill Monroe’s Music Park & Campground in Bean Blossom Four great days of bluegrass. Bring your lawn chair. Daily combo tickets available 800-414-4677

BucCornEar Festival Sept.24 8:00 am-6:00 pm, at Jackson Twp Fire Dept. in Helmsburg. Pirates, Popcorn and Fire Prevention. Music, food, vendors, car show BucCornEar Festival Facebook page

Old Settlers Reunion Sept. 24, 10:00-4:00 at the Brown County History Center and Pioneer Village Activities include music and traditional arts demonstrations.

Farmers’ Market St. David’s

Sept. 10, 7:00 am-4:00 at TC Steele State Historic Site in Belmont. Features artists painting on site grounds, concert, food. 812-988-2785

May 13–Sept. 30, Fridays, 4:00-7:00 pm Intersection of SR 135 and SR 45 in Bean Blossom.

Brown County Art Colony Weekend


Sept. 9-11 at various venues in Brown County. See more on page 43.

Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Brown County History Center 90 East Gould Street Features rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Quilt Show Pioneer Women’s Club

Back Roads of Brown County Tour of Studios

Sept. 16, 17, 18 Fri. & Sat. 10:00 am-5:00; Sun. 10:00 am-3:00 Brown County History Center Over 100 quilts. Spinning/weaving demos, Lunch Cafe, Quilt drawing Sun. Apply at

Fall Fare - Methodist Church

Second Saturdays, 4:00-8:00

4th Saturday of the month Chateau Thomas Winery, 3:00-5:00 Includes glass of wine, refreshments, instruction, and materials. $40 Sept. 10 Fun with Abstract Anabel Hopkins Sept. 24 Fun with Florals with M.K. Watkins Oct. 22 Autumn Landscape with Anabel Hopkins

Great Brown Co Shootout Sept. 3, 4 Proceeds benefit volunteer emergency departments. Concert at Mike’s Dance Barn, benefit ride, golf scramble, and vendors.

Abe Martin’s County Picnic & NASHCAR Outhouse Race Sept. 17 W. Main St. in Nashville Sat. 10:00 am-5:00 Abe Martin Pig Roast Picnic, cornhole competition, plunger toss competition, parade, time trials, and NASHCAR race

Brown County Rock and Mineral Show and Swap

Month of October. Free self-guided tour. Works for sale and artists demonstrations.

Oct. 1, 8:00 am-3:00 Village Green Food, arts, crafts, flea market

Arts, Antiques, and Garden Treasures Show and Sale Oct. 2, 10:00 am-4:00 at the Flower and Herb Barn and the Farmhouse Cafe northeast of Bean Blossom. Artisans and antique dealers with food and fun. Free Continued on 42

Pioneer Women’s Quilt Show


he Brown County Historical Society Pioneer Women’s Quilt Show will be held September 16, 17, 18 at the Brown County History Center, 90 E. Gould St. in Nashville. Hours are 10 to 5 on Friday and Saturday, and 10 to 3 on Sunday. There will be hand-quilting, spinning, and weaving demonstrations and musical performances. Over 100 quilts will be on display, some for sale. A lunch café of sandwiches, salads, and homemade pies is provided by the Pioneer Women. A quilt drawing will be held at 3:00 Sunday. The Pioneer Village Museum and the Brown County History Center are located just north of the courthouse in downtown Nashville. For more information call (812) 988-2899. 

Brown County Rock & Mineral Show & Swap


he first annual Brown County Rock and Mineral Show and Swap will be held on September 30 and October 1 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Brown County History Center, 90 East Gould Street in Nashville featuring rocks, minerals, and fossils and including jewelry, polished stones, and crystals. Both local and national vendors will be displaying items from around the world. There will be demonstrations, flint knapping, gold panning, and wire wrapping jewelry. Show dates were picked to not conflict with the major national shows. Organizers expect the show to grow and would like to get the word out to local and surrounding areas to increase membership of the Brown County Rock and Mineral Club. For more information visit <> or the Brown County Rock and Mineral Club Facebook page. 

CALENDAR continued from 41

Olde Time Flea Market

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Brown County Art Guild

Every Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Weekends, 9:00-5:00 State Road 46 East in Gnaw Bone

Sept. 9-11 Art Colony Weekend See details on page 43 Sept.: Peggy Brown, Judith Lewis Oct.: Brian Gordy & Wyatt LeGrand 48 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville 812-988-6185

Brown County Art Gallery Aug. 6-Sept. 10 Gustave Baumann Sept. 11 2nd Sunday with the Artists Sept. 17 Reception Collector’s Showcase Sept. 18 Ruschman Lecture Sept. 18-Oct. 30 Collector’s Showcase Corner of Main St. & Artist Dr. in Nashville 812-988-4609

Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show


n November 12, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., nearly 70 artists will participate in the12th annual Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show at The Commons in downtown Columbus, Indiana All items must be made wholly or in part from recycled material. The show is an official Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project. The range of work includes assemblages, glass, jewelry, mixed media, sculpture, wearable art, weaving, woodworking, and some creations which each year defy classification. On Friday, November 11 at 6:30 p.m. a rare free viewing of the award-winning documentary “Landfill Harmonic” will be presented at the Commons. The film follows a group of poor children who live in a garbage dump in Cateura, Paraguay. A violin they find there inspires the creation of more instruments and formation of the Recycled Orchestra. For more information check Facebook or contact the Columbus Area Arts Council at (812) 376-2539 or <>. 

Bucks & Does Square Dances Oct. 7 at YMCA, 8:00-10:00 located at 105 Willow Street

Brown Co. History Center Open Thurs.-Sun. 11-4 Archives: Tues. and Fri. 1-4, North of the courthouse, Donations welcome

Indiana Raptor Center Live birds of prey, tours by appt. only. Wed.-Sun. 11:00-5:00 Group programs available. Closed January and August. 812-988-8990

Brown County Dragway Gatesville Road in Bean Blossom Racing every Sunday thru October 812-988-1505 or 812-988-6103

Artisan Guilds of Bloomington Show


he Artisan Guilds of Bloomington will be hosting their 3rd annual Holiday Show and Sale on Friday, November 4, 4–9 p.m. and Saturday, November 5, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. at the Bloomington Convention Center, 302 S. College Avenue in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. The Bloomington Spinners & Weavers Guild rooms are on the first floor of the Convention Center, as are the Indiana Glass Guild’s booths. The second floor displays the work of Local Clay Potters’ Guild members together in a gallery setting. Show includes demos and educational exhibits. There is ample free parking at the Convention Center and there will be food and beverages available in The Artisan Café on the first floor. For more information visit: Artisan Guilds of Bloomington Facebook page, <>, <>, <>. 

Art Colony Weekend


he Brown County Art Guild hosts the 2nd annual Brown County Art Colony Weekend September 9–11 in collaboration with the Brown County History Center, the T.C. Steele State Historic Site, the Art Alliance of Brown County, and the Brown County Playhouse. The opening reception is Friday, 5:30–7 p.m. at the Brown County History Center featuring art work from the Guild’s Paint Out participants, refreshments from Artisan Foodworks, a birthday cake for T.C. Steele (9/11/1847), and music by the Matt Romy Duo. Admission is $10. Saturday, the 28th Great Outdoor Art Contest will be held 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. at T.C. Steele State Historic Site. Winners will be shown at the Brown County Art Guild September 12–30. Guild members, Peggy Brown and Judith Lewis, are featured at the Guild during Saturday’s Village Art Walk alongside a special retrospective exhibit of Dale Bessire. Lemoyne Smith and Amanda Webb will provide the music. Sunday, from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m., “Breakfast with the Artists” of the Nashville Villagescape Plein Air Painters happens at the Artist Colony Inn. Admission and full breakfast buffet is $20 (free to registered Villagescape painters). The Nashville Villagescape Plein Air Paint Out will be held Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Prizes include $1,000 for First Place, $500 for Second Place, $250 for Third Place, and $125 for People’s Choice Award. Entry fee is $20 and $15 for Brown County Art Guild members. The Brown County Playhouse will hold a Hungarian Slacks benefit concert on Sunday, 2:30 to 3:30 pm, for the Brown County Art Guild, featuring Guild artist Wyatt LeGrand. Admission is $20. The Villiagescape Awards Ceremony and closing reception will be held Sunday 4 to 5 p.m. at the Brown County Art Guild. 

Art Gallery Celebrates 90 Years


ne of the oldest ongoing art galleries is right here in Nashville. In the fall of 1926 the early members of the art colony decided they needed a gallery to exhibit and sell their work. For over 30 years, the Gallery perked along, welcoming thousands of visitors, including First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. A change of ownership and a downtown fire forced a move in the 1950s. A new gallery was built on property donated by Adolph Shulz just east of the courthouse on Main Street, where the Brown County Art Gallery resides today. In 2015, the Gallery Foundation board and artists championed the building’s refurbishment and 8600 square foot addition. On September 17, the Gallery will begin a celebration of its 90 years with Collector’s Showcase 2016: “Brown County Masters, the Legacy Continues.” Showcase will run until October 30. Masterpieces of early Brown County art, loaned by collectors will be exhibited alongside work from current members of the Association. One of Indiana’s most recognized artists, C.W. Mundy, will present a retrospect of his 30+ year career. Opening night reception is Saturday, September 17, at 6 p.m. Food is catered by Hotel Nashville, wine from Brown County Winery, and music by Jon and Zelton Kay. Reservations are $55 per person. On Sunday, September 18, Indiana State Museum Fine Arts Curator Mark Ruschmann will present a program on “200 Years of Indiana Art” at 2 p.m. for a $5 fee per person. Wednesday, September 21, is “Barbeque and Bluegrass” featuring C.W. Mundy and his band for $10. Beer and wine is available. All the events are open to the public. The proceeds from the paid events help fund the exhibit. For more information (812) 988-4609 or visit <>. 

Back Roads Studio Tour


n Brown County, Indiana, art isn’t a hobby. It’s a way of life. During October, visitors can get a glimpse into that way of life. 14 studios. 22 artisans. The Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour is a free, self-guided driving tour of the present-day “Art Colony of the Midwest.” Meet the artists and craftsmen. Watch them create. Spend quality time talking with them and learning their stories. Tour the studios and grounds where they create, and see the inspiration behind the art. Buy handcrafted items directly from the artists who made them. Since the late 1800s, the scenic hills and valleys of Brown County have attracted a wide variety of artists and artisans. The historic studio and home of one of Brown County’s first artists, T.C. Steele, is included on the tour. These artists and craftspeople create everything from paintings to hand-woven rugs; from pottery and jewelry to gourd art and handbound books; from metalwork to handcrafted brooms; from fiber art to calligraphy; from woodworking and photography to stone carving and baskets. And their studios range from rooms inside their homes to impressive stand-alone galleries and workspaces. The Brown County Studio Tour is an artist-run nonprofit. For almost 20 years, this group of dedicated artists and craftspeople have worked to share the beauty of Brown County and the unique breadth of fine arts and crafts being made here. The tour is always free. A map and guide is available online at <>, at the Brown County Visitor Center in downtown Nashville, and at many businesses in Nashville. The route is well-signed, and no reservations are required. Studios are generally open daily October 1–31 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are a few exceptions noted on the map. 


Morgantown Serving Central Indiana since 1971

10 miles north of Nashville on scenic State Road 135

Visit our website And Facebook

at House of Clocks

Lay-a-way and Gift Certificates available 75 W. Washington St. P.O. Box 29 Morgantown, IN 46160-0029 812-597-5414 Tues.–Sat. 11–5 pm (closed Sun. & Mon.)

ANTIQUES CO-OP 129 W. Washington St. • Morgantown, IN 46160 (In the old hardware store building)

Country Primitives Advertising Antique Garden Old Paint Early Smalls Open 6 Days (Closed Mon.)

Furniture, Art Architectural Elements Pottery The Odd and Unusual and A General Line Like us on Facebook

(812) 597-4530

Layaway Available

ART Beyond Crayons Creativity beyond the classroom Pick your • Art Lessons for All Ages Palette: • Group Painting Parties

• Birthday Paint Parties • Home Schooled Instruction

Judy D. Wells • owner, K–12 Licensed Educator • 79 S. Marion St. • Morgantown, IN • (317) 403-7147 Flexible hours including weekends and evenings

44 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

C Check out our new full bar f Sunday Special: Bucket of Bud Light or Miller Light $9.99

Breakfast• Lunch • Dinner Open Mon.–Sat. 7 am–9 pm • Sun. 7 am–8 pm Breakfast served 7–10:30 am

329 S. SR 135 Morgantown (812) 597-5900 •

30th Annual

Street Vendors Crafts, jewelry, decor, soaps, baked goods, antiques, collectibles, face painting, balloon art, and more...


Main Stage at 11:30 am Prizes for obedience , cutest

In the Whitaker Bldg 9 – 5 Ribbons awarded

Historic Tours

Rummage Sale

Guided Historic Tours Board the wagon 12 – 4 pm 4 Way Stop (First Merchant’s Side)

United Methodist Church Annex

5th Annual Starts at 8 am North end of Whitaker parking lot

2nd Annual Talent Show Main Stage 9 – 10:30 am Different age categories

Pet Contest

Arts & Crafts Show

5K Dash

Morgantown’s Got Talent

Celebration of Community

Fire Dept. Fish Fry 11 – 4 at the Fire Station Homemade ice cream

Saturday, September 17 BBQ Pork Chops

Bake Off

8 am to 5 pm

Bring any dessert to Eastside of Whitaker Auto 9 –10 am, Judging at 10 Entries donated to Fire Dept.

Sponsored by The Morgantown Lions Club

Wellspring Homeless Family Shelter Whitaker Auto Lot starting at 11 am

Car Show

BBQ Chicken

10 – 2 at GMG Motors Registration 8 –10 am Door Prizes, Trophies at 2 pm 50/50 Drawing

United Methodist Church

Live Entertainment 1:00 – Herb Brock 2:00 – JB and Melanie O’Neal 3:00 – Lacey and Jamie Sichting


Breakfast with Seniors

Church and Washington Streets Bouncie Houses, Putt-Putt Golf Sawdust Scramble at 1 pm

Morgantown Community Center 7 –10 am Biscuits & Gravy, Fried Potatoes

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 45

John Whitcomb Plays it All


Take me to the stars with you, I love you, you say, “you too,” I can see both Venus and Mars in a Milkyway Honeymoon Can’t you see us dancin’, Can’t you see us laughin’ Can’t you see us there on the face of the Moon Wouldn’t it be crazy? You and me my baby shining like a star Satellite built for two…

photo by Cindy Steele

~by Lee Edgren

ike the lyrics to his song “Milkyway Honeymoon,” which has a quirky tempo and jazz-inspired chord changes, John Whitcomb has a laid-back style and a personal story that is, even in a town filled with characters, pretty unusual. His guitar sound has been compared to that of Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, and Ronnie Montrose. And he can play it all— rock, country, honky tonk, rhythm and blues, jazz, and classical music. He’s now at work on his third CD, which he hopes will come out in January or February, 2017. The as-yet-untitled album features the contributions of some well-known area artists, including Carolyn Dutton, Slats Klug, Dane Clark, Jason Ricci, and Andrea Swift. He’s recording with Rich Morpurgo at Midwest Audio in Bloomington. “It’s kind of a mixed bag,” he says. “It harkens back to early jazz and blues, like Cab Calloway and Eubie Blake. It’s just tunes I’ve written, some new, some old, things I’ve wanted to get recorded for quite a while.” He’s played on about 20 other albums, including those by Rick Wilson, David (not Dave) Matthews, and Curtis Moore. By day, for about the past 20 years, he’s been The Village Painter here in Nashville, Indiana. Before becoming a painter, he led a colorful life as a full-time musician in Indy, California, and Nashville, Tennessee. He’s played with Jayne

Bond and the Pink Martinis, a party cover band, since the mid-90s. And he’s the worship leader of the St. Paul United Methodist Church in Bloomington. He won’t bring it up, and it isn’t in his publicity materials, but John’s father was Indiana Governor Edgar Whitcomb and his mother was a runway model. Whitcomb, who died in February, 2016 at the age of 98, was a colorful man who had been captured and tortured by the Japanese during WWII, ultimately escaping to China by swimming all night in

46 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

shark-infested waters. He endured bitter Republican party infighting during the time he was in office 1969–1973. John was seven when his father took office and remembers the tension around late night phone calls from then-vice-president Spiro Agnew. “Growing up in a political family is one of the hardest environments,” John notes.” The one thing I learned how to do was change plans in a second.” One year, John Mellencamp rented the Whitcomb’s lake house in Seymour. “I took private lessons with Dave Parman. I was 13 years old and Dave was John Mellencamp’s bass player at the time. I hung out at the house with Mellencamp ‘like a horse fly.’” John credits his older sisters with his exposure to contemporary music as he grew up. “We learned a lot by taping a quarter to a phonograph needle. It slowed it waaaay down, but didn’t change the key. That really helped my ear. ” The bedrock in John’s life is his family and his strong Christian faith, which led him to several years in Indianapolis’s The Vineyard Community Church’s praise band and to his CD Soul Check. John’s first two albums, Recollections of the Boy and Soul Check are not currently available, although some cuts from Soul Check are available on ReverbNation. “I’d always had faith. I was raised in the Methodist church, always believed in God What was new and different in the Vineyard band was the absolute feeling of God’s presence.” John and his wife Terri have also been active in mission work in Burma (now Myanmar), China, and Mexico, as well as in several states here in the United States.

Whitcomb with the Jayne Bond band. photo by Bob Zachidney.

“I played in several bands through high school. After high school I found the ‘honky tonk’ circuit. That was five nights a week for six years.” Wanting to be out of that life, John enrolled at the Musician’s Institute in the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood, California. By the time he graduated, he was good enough to be invited to play on the student album. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee and worked in a corporate cover band for close to three years. His father invited him on a sailing trip around the world, but chronic seasickness brought John’s trip to an early end. “I found my way back to Indiana and played in the American Cabaret Theater’s pit band, playing Broadway musicals.” When John and Terri met, John said, “I had done enough road work, done that lifestyle, I’d played with major artists in Nashville. Once I saw what the road was all about, I didn’t want it. I met Terri and the kids and that was what I wanted most. I learned how to love a family through my wife. And I really liked

it.” They have raised two girls and a son. Amber, their oldest girl, her husband Ryan, and their three children live in Bloomington, as does second daughter Tabitha. In 2014, John, Terri, and their son Zach, were featured in an episode of NBC’s Dateline. Zach and his fiancé were in Japan, but in different locations. Their communication was ended by the huge tsunami of that year. Zach was compelled by love to reunite with her, despite being refused entry to the city she was in. Living through their separation was agonizing, but the story had a happy ending. Zach and his wife and their toddler son now live together in New Zealand. And now, John is focused on writing and performing more original songs and on doing a bit more touring. He’s playing more local venues as well. “Like Johnny Winter said, ‘It’s not about competition, it’s about communication.” John can be contacted at <> and heard on <>. 

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 47


Welcome to a Happy Place! We

Complete line of: • Wood Stoves and Inserts • Gas Stoves and Inserts • Fireplaces Your first step to Energy INDEPENDENT LIVING 812-336-2053 1-800-344-3967

1210 W. 2nd St. Bloomington



Three floors of hands-on learning and fun!

with ad up to 4 people, exp. 12/31/16 not valid with any other offer


Old and Young Love this Shop! Same Shop, New Location •T-Shirts •Toys •Gifts •Collectibles Jackson Creek Village across from Casa Del Sol •Brown County Souvenirs on Washington in Nashville •Haitian/Mexican Metal Art (812) 988-2725 •Bells and Chimes •Yard Art • Weddings • Anniversary • Birthdays • Holidays • Funerals

TUXEDO RENTAL Flowers & Gifts Where kids play to learn and adults learn to play! • 812-378-3046 309 Washington St. Columbus, IN

Downtown Columbus, a short drive from Nashville Open Tuesday–Saturday 10–5, Sunday 1–5

(812)988-7045 y

Open Mon.–Fri. 8:30 to 5, Sat. 8:30 to 4

188 S. Jefferson St. • Nashville

We Deliver to: Bloomington Columbus Morgantown Martinsville Trafalgar all Brown County

CARMEL CORN COTTAGE New Oriental Ice Cream New Popcorn Flavors

Double Dipped Bacon Popcorn Pickle Popcorn

Sweet Treats

In the Artist Colony Shops • 125 S. Van Buren St. (812) 988-2817

Carmel Coated Peanuts Chocolate Coated Bacon Strips Carmel Coated Bacon Strips

Free Samples

Show this ad & receive a FREE small drink or Caramel Puff with popcorn purchase.

Look for the red & white building at the north end of town

812-988-6011 • 48 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Brown County

History Center Displays and Exhibits

Pioneer Village Museum

>>>> NOW<<<<

Brown County


>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<< formerly Last Resort RV Park

Open April–October

2248 State Road 46 East • Nashville, IN Bringing Brown County’s Past to Life

Looking for event space? or more info 812-988-2899 Open Thurs.–Sun. 11–4, Archives: Tues. and Fri. 1–4 North of the courthouse • Donations welcome

Olde Time

Minutes away from fine dining, shopping, museums, live entertainment, and theater

Info: 812-988-4675 • Reservations: 800-562-9132 Equipping children for life...through the love of Christ Jesus


Have Your Garage Sale Under Roof

Every Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Weekends


Thousands of Bargains and Uniques

State Road 46 East • Gnaw Bone 9:00 am – 5:00 pm • 812-988-2346

HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 to 4:00

1st and 3rd Saturdays 10:00 to 1:00

THRIFT SHOP South Van Buren in Nashville (behind Subway) (812) 988-6003 Proceeds go to local charities

In Beautiful Brown County! (812) 372-1004 A nurturing, educational non-profit campus for at-risk kids

Building Fine Log Homes for over 40 Years HONESTY • INTEGRITY • HANDCRAFTED QUALITY

3497 Clay Lick Road • Nashville, IN • (812) 988-2689

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 49



Melt your stress away

All-natural Body, Skincare & Bath Products

South Van Buren Street Nashville, Indiana

Simple Sugars · Bath Bombs · Bath Salts

Largest selection of soaps, lotions & skincare in Brown County

SPORTS ETC. Your Team Headquarters for Licensed Sports Novelties and Collectibles

Heritage Mall · 41 South Van Buren 812.345.3993


• Collegiate • NFL • MLB • NHL

41 S. Van Buren St. Heritage Mall • Nashville, IN


Visit our website

Head over


• Minnetonka • Stetson n • Tilleyy Hats • Merrell

Homemade Fudge

over 20 flavors to choose from

Old Time & Hard Candy Taffy · Licorice · Gummies Brown County Souvenir Coins — collect all 4!

HATS HA ATS • FOOTWEAR • ACCESSORIES 49 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville • 812-988-6535 • fax: 812-988-6505

50 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Heritage Mall · 41 South Van Buren 812.988.8745 ·

Nashville, Indiana’s #1 Fun Attraction


GEM MINE Pan for Gems Fossils Arrowheads

Fun and Educational for All Ages

At the



• Rooms with balcony views • Enclosed pool • Restaurant • Lounge • Conference facility for up to 600 people


Just North of the Courthouse 79 N. Van Buren ~ (812) 988-2422

Fallen Leaf Books Hoosier Artist

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Historic Nashville House Serving the traveler since 1859 with old-fashioned hospitality Corner of Main and Van Buren Streets in Nashville, Indiana 812-988-4554 Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 51

Fine Pipes and Tobaccos Premium Cigars

Knives by Benchmade, Kershaw, Microtech, Esee, Tops, Protech, Zero Tolerance and many more

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’ Luminox Watches (used by Navy Seals)

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Open 7 days a weekk ffor llunch, O h dinner, and late night • FLAT SCREEN TVs to watch your favorite sports • GREAT MENU: sandwiches, appetizers, and salads • FULL BAR with GREAT DRINK SPECIALS every day • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT most Friday and Saturday nights • KIDS always welcome until 9 pm • KIDS menu • Outdoor seating Located on the lower level at Salt Creek Golf Course 2359 State Road 46 East, Nashville 812-988-4323 • View full menu and entertainment schedule at 52 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

el Slide ter Chann Wa ns ets tai Foun ump Buck l D re rfal Wate and mo

There is always something to do in Indiana’s largest State Park: Aquatic Center, Horse Back Riding, Mountain Bike Trails, Fishing, Tennis... Our full service restaurant is open daily.

We have the room for you!

Brown County State Park 160 accommodations: P.O. Box 547 Nashville, IN 47448 Abe Martin Lodge and guest rooms, two-story cabins, 1-877-Lodges-1 • (812) 988-4418 the Little Gem Restaurant and historic cabins. We have the perfect setting for any event, Corporate Retreats, Weddings, Getaways and Family Reunions and More!


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Free Wine Tasting at both locations VILLAGE OF NASHVILLE

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Monday–Thursday 10 AM-5 PM | Friday & Saturday 10 AM-5:30 PM Sunday · 11 AM-5 PM Shipping available to select states

Indiana Uplands Wine Trail Passports Stamped Here!

BROWNCOUNTYWINERY.COM · 812-988-6144 · 812-988-8646 Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 53

Music Returns to the Red Barn

Doug Talley at the Indiana RedBarn.

~story and photos by Jeff Tryon any people are working to make Brown County and Nashville a place synonymous with music in the eyes of visitors, and a place of welcome and nurturing for local musicians and the local music scene. In that spirit, local musician Doug Talley has taken on the challenge of resurrecting a forgotten jewel of a local performance space, the Red Barn theater, as Indiana RedBarn. Located just west of Nashville on State Road 46, the Red Barn has a long history of playing host to musical acts. For many years, The Lloyd Wood Show made a popular home stand there. More recently, performer Robert Shaw had success with his Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley tribute shows on the Red Barn stage. Now, Talley is hoping to revive the venerable barn theater for a new generation of songwriters and performers of every kind, and to create another space for welcoming public music to Nashville.


54 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Derick Howard performs the third Thursday.

“When we got here there were no signs of life,” Talley said recently. “We’ve got a lot to do. But everything is in working order now and we’re going to run shows here Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights this year and see if the town is willing to support it. If they will, we’ll keep doing it and have even more.”

The Waydown Wanderers at an August rehearsal.

“Traditionally it’s been country style and bluegrass, and we’re going to mix it up a little bit. We are, of course, doing plenty of country and bluegrass, but we’ve also got some rock music coming through here, some pop, some string bands—a really nice mix of everything, I think.” So far, that mix has included bands like “The Waydown Wanderers” on the Midwest leg of their national tour and a young power trio called “The Trick” featuring two brothers on bass and drums. “These are young kids, 19 and 20. They are something to see, really amazing,” Talley said. Local staples The Indiana Boys will perform at the Red Barn, along with groups like Spank N Mickey, and other acts, which have been seen locally at places like Big Woods and The Pine Room. Talley said the more intimate, focused atmosphere of the small theater will help audiences connect with musicians. Talley said there will be regular Thursday-night stands by local acts. “Derick Howard, he’ll be doing the third Thursday of every month. He’s popular,” Talley said. “A local group, The Hammer and the Hatchet—everybody loves them—will be doing the first Thursday of every month.” Thursday shows will be from 7 to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday shows will be from 8 to 11 p.m. He said there has been talk of adding some matinee shows in October, possibly featuring popular local bands. “I’m a local musician,” Talley said. “One thing that is really important to us here is that the local musicians be able to use this place. We’ve got some beautiful venues in the area but they’re not very accessible to the local musicians. So I’ve got some local music in here at least every week.”

Talley’s first up-close encounter with the classic barn theater was at a 2011 show. “The place was absolutely packed, it was amazing. I had never really seen it from the inside before,” he said. “I live right up the road, so I’ve driven past it a thousand times, and there’s never anything here, never anything going on.” “Local musicians are in agreement, it’s just a phenomenal place to play,” Talley said. “Not only does the room sound amazing, we’ve got a really nice house sound system. We’ve got technicians on staff for sound and lighting, so we make it really easy on the bands.” “They just show up, we’ve got a space back in the green room for them, and they can just focus on playing their show, and we’ll make it easy for them, and they’ll sound amazing.” Many other ideas are percolating. October brings comedian Brad Scott, one of Talley’s favorites. There’s also some talk of holiday shows, if the support can be found. “I want to do a Sunday afternoon farmer’s market, shoot for noon until five, with fresh produce and some vending,” he said. “I know there’s another farmer’s market, but I know with my busy schedule I never make it over to that one, so we’re hoping we can get some people to come out after church and maybe check it out.” The venue is scheduled through October, with plans to extend through November if possible. “It’s a beautiful place. I’ve loved it from the first time I saw it,” Talley said. “I’m honored to be taking a stab at bringing this place back to life. If the community will support it, it will be an amazing place to be.” The Indiana RedBarn is located 71 Parkview Road, on State Road 46 East behind Hesitation Point bike shop. The cover is $10 with BYOB. You can find it on Facebook at Indiana RedBarn. You can contact Talley at <>. 

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 55

All New Guest Rooms and Suites with Kitchenettes

Best Rates in Town • Limited Pet Rooms • Free Coffee / Wi-Fi • Motorcycle / Bicycle Friendly • Picnic / Grill Area • Fire Pit – We Supply Wood Book Your Meeting, Banquet, or Reception at our Conference Center

2450 State Road 46 East, Nashville, IN Close to Salt Creek Golf Course, Brown County State Park Toll free 844-4RETREAT (844-473-8732)

4th Sister

Vintage Store

Repurposed home décor, memorabilia & collectibles

Olde Magnolia House Inn 3 large, private overnight rooms above 4th Sister Vintage store filled with vintage items, extra blankets, quilts, pillows, games, smart cable TVs BOOK ONLINE! 614.638.8849 • 213 South Jefferson •

56 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

For Reservations:

Call 812-988-1149 or go to or 551 E. State Road 46 Nashville, Indiana Half mile from downtown


Trail Rides Relax on a journey with Grandpa Jeff. ff. Take in the scenery and wildlife. No two rides will ever be the same —sunny summer days, fall colors, winter snowfalls, spring blossoms. Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Hay Rides Cattle Drives, and Custom Excursions

At least one hour notice. Trail Ride Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail, or through our website.

Grandpa Jeff personally trained our horses to take exceptional care of your family and friends of all ages.

call or text cell (812)272-0702 5889 S. Skinner Rd. Morgantown, Indiana


Day spa & Salon

PINE ROOM MUDDY BOOTS Candlelight $185 Couples Massage Hot tub soak, Massage & Rainforest Shower

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

25% Off Spa Packages · Tuesdays & Sundays · Appointment Required

812.720.9009 · Village of Nashville · Van Buren & Washington, 2nd floor Monday–Saturday 10 to 7 · Sundays by appointment

Book Online!

Hoosier Buddy Liquors Cold Beer, Fine Wines & Select Spirits Cold Beer:

Hoosier Buddy offers more than 150 different beers, including more than 80 craft, micro, and imports. We proudly offer a wide variety of beers from Indiana’s finest brewers.

Fine Wines:

Hoosier Buddy is a wine-lovers type of store. With more than 200 wines to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our “Affordable Imports” and “90+ Point” selections.

Select Spirits:

Hoosier Buddy offers an ever expanding array of top-notch spirits. Our whiskey category alone includes more than 75 different choices. Whether you’re looking for a Single Barrel Bourbon or a Single Malt from Islay— we stock them.

284 South Van Buren (next to Subway) Nashville, IN 812-988-2267

Follow us on Twitter @HoosierBuddy1 As always, Hoosier Buddy Liquors A reminds you to celebrate safe —don’t drink and drive.

Open Every Day 8 am–Midnight View our menu at

All Ages Welcome • Kids Menu •E Espresso D Drinks i k • Homemade Desserts • Breakfast until 5:00 pm • Pool P l Tables T bl • Dart Boards • Craft ft B Beer/Wine /Wi & S Spirits

Live Music 7 Nights a Week (812) 988-0236 51 E. Chestnut St. • (behind Salt Creek Inn) State Road 46, Nashville Free Parking

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 57

The Mast Crop

photo by Dana Skirvin

~by Jim Eagleman nticipating the harvest, gardeners can look to the bounty of crops and flowers they enjoy. Weeks have passed since planting and tending and while fresh produce was enjoyed all through summer, a cool fall will still reward with late crops of tomatoes, cukes, and sweet corn. Properly stored, potatoes will grace the winter menu. Like gardens, the woodland harvest is in full swing. Collectively called the mast, hard and soft fruits and nuts of our Brown County woods will be gathered and consumed by the wildlife—deer, turkeys, squirrels, woodpeckers, and blue jays. Blue jays are actually credited for planting more trees than squirrels. Many rodents will use these crops throughout the coming winter. Overwintering wildlife use this resource to sustain themselves during the harsh weather. And fall production nearly guarantees new plants in spring will follow. One fall day a botany professor had us gather maple seeds, called samaras, outside the classroom building. He was curious how many of the pairs of winged seeds we call “helicopters” were viable. With push brooms and large garbage bags, we swept them up along street curbs and sidewalks, a single maple tree producing 12 full bags. It must have appeared strange to other students walking to class. We thought so, too, and for the next four


58 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

class meetings and in between lectures, we tediously inspected and counted seeds piled on tables. The majority of the samaras had no seeds present, a small number had one seed, and only a few (2%) had two, the full component. Why, we discussed, was so much energy expended by the tree to produce a huge amount of seeds when only a few might propagate? Responding to a good spring with ample rain, maple flowers flourished (the fruiting stage), and good growing conditions persisted through summer. We concluded it was a good lesson to see energy levels, response, and production in an otherwise overlooked and common example. Acorns, hickory and beech nuts, witch hazel, and walnuts are referred to as hard mast. Persimmon, pawpaw, spicebush, sassafras, dogwood, all berries, apples, grapes, rose hips, and plums are soft mast. We can utilize many of these for our own consumption. Elder and gooseberries are made into pies and wine. A fall hickory nut cake is a true delight. Scientists have looked at nutritional values of some fall fruits and found them high in lipids, the fat content responsible for powering long distance flights of migrating birds. Conversely, it is a high sugar content of summer berries utilized when birds are more sedentary, on the nest. It is interesting to see ripening times of these fruits, and how and when they are used in the avian world. This process has continued for eons of course, but now close examination results in better understanding for mankind living in a natural world. A glance to Brown County fall colors, both overhead and at our feet (asters, goldenrods, ironweeds), will be what catches attention on hikes and drives, but it is the mast crop of each fall that assures us that our glorious autumns will continue. 

Too Cute at Abe’s Corner

Large selection of

Women’s and Children’s Clothing

Handmade Purses 145 S. Jefferson, Nashville, in the little white house Open daily 9:00 - 7:00 • Free Parking

Gifts for home and happiness

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Van Buren & Franklin Streets Nashville • 812.988.6301

Outdoor ebo Par ties z a G Food • Drinks • Live Music • Fun

Not pretentious. Not fancy. JUST REAL GOOD FOOD. GATESVILLE COUNTRY STORE. It’s one of those places that you are excited to tell your friends about—a best-kept secret that’s too good to keep. A place where the people are real and friendly, and they’re likely to know your name before long. The food is good, honest food that’s tasty and genuine. Made with heart and soul. We’re located off the beaten path, and maybe a bit hard to find—but worth the effort. It’s where the local folks go. So, if you’re interested in finding a place that’s a little old-school and truly authentic Americana, come see us at Gatesville Country Store. Enjoy browsing the antiques, panning for gold in Salt Creek (behind the store), or just relaxing with a good meal or a piece of pie and some conversation. 4525 Salt Creek Rd. Nashville, IN 47448

(812) 988-0788

Cookout Buffet (menu varies) • Cash Bar • Live Music May/June

(6–9 pm)

Friday, 5:(6–10Strange” pm) Friday, MayJune 27 “Scott Sunday, May 25: (5–9 Friday, June 24 “Fistful ofpm) Bacon” July

Friday, July 8 “John Allen” Friday, July 22 “Barry Johnson” August

Friday, Aug. 5 “Scott Strange” Friday, Aug. 26 “Dave Miller” September

Friday, Sept. 16 “The McGuires” Friday, Sept. 30 “Dave Miller” Dates subject to change

245 N. Jefferson Street in Nashville, IN 812-988-8400 •

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 59

The Sampler at

The Chocolate Moose W

hen one calls to mind that ice cream institution The Chocolate Moose, born in the city of blooming knowledge to our geographic west sometime in the 1930s, the first image that probably comes to mind is of the line of helpless ice-cream-aholics one inevitably sees outside their walk up window on Bloomington’s South Walnut Street. But things will be different with the new Chocolate Moose outlet on South Van Buren Street in Nashville. There is plenty of indoor seating, even some outdoor seating, and plans for a drive thru window soon. And there is coffee. The old ice cream stand model has been wed to the more recent vintage Brown County Coffee Company to produce a two-headed, breakfast and dessert dynamo. Throw in a few sandwiches, and one can easily imagine whiling away morning, afternoon,and evening hours. Excited and innervated by this prospect, I proceeded forthwith to the combination ice-cream and coffee shop to experience for myself the joyous advent of hand dipped cones, shakes, sundaes, and splits with multiple toppings and syrups. The clean, airy space is furnished by a stand-up coffee bar, several small tables, and deep, comfortable sofas suitable for long-term lounging. The service is quick and efficient, but the choices are nearly mind-boggling. Hand dipped or soft serve? Dish or cone? What kind of cone? Sprinkles, toppings, flavored syrups? I hesitated ever so slightly over the notion of assaulting a sundae or even a banana split. I wanted to see how they would present it. In the end, I could not fight off my solemn devotion to butter pecan ice cream with a waffle cone.

60 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

No doubt, I will arrive one day soon at a rendezvous with the hot fudge sundae or an afternoon tryst with a fully loaded banana split. For now, I kept it simple. Mrs. Sampler went for straight vanilla, softserve, with chocolate syrup—a classic ice cream treat. The hand-dipped ice cream is still homemade at the parent Chocolate Moose store in Bloomington in 13 flavors. The Moose also offers five flavors of vegan ice-cream made from coconut milk. Continued on 62


The largest tactical gear store with the most affordable prices

Full line of Firearm Accessories & Holsters Ammo · Knives Camping & Survival Gear for men and women

Coachlight Square · Washington & Van Buren |

812.720.7031 · ·


The Lang Company · Mud Pie Bea’s Wees · Jim Shore Lenox · Lilliput Cottages Disney · Lori Mitchell Open Daily · 125 South Van Buren Street in the Artists Colony Shops 812.988.6388 · Carol’s Crafts Nashville Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 61

THE SAMPLER continued from 60 We sat at a small table and scrutinized the patrons, many of them small children, as they partook of their frozen delights. There is hardly anything more entertaining than watching children eat ice cream. The friendly and capable staff tell me things have been going great, although still a little slow in the mornings. That may change when the drive-thru window is open, hopefully “in a couple of weeks.” Also, breakfast sandwiches may be in the offing. The store is open 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The new Moose offers a hot ham and cheese sandwich, all beef hot dogs, Coney dogs, pulled pork barbecue, a “Frenchie”, which, apparently, is the “Champagne of sloppy Joe’s,” and a “Spanish burger,” baked in tomato sauce and topped with Coney sauce. There’s also a black bean and chipotle patty vegetarian burger on a whole wheat bun. Now, while one could enjoy an ice cream cone and then coffee, I wanted to do justice to the coffee experience by approaching it separately from the morning perspective. Accordingly, upon the following morning, I escorted my kitchen companion once again to the Chocolate Moose, this time for morning coffee. Brown County coffee is a burgeoning business that began as a hobby. Nick Shultz got interested in home-roasting coffee through some articles on the Internet and soon invested in some equipment and began home-roasting his own beans. Now, Brown County Coffee is the third-largest coffee roaster in the state, producing about a ton of roasted coffee each week from two commercial roasting machines.

The packaged results can be purchased at several local stores, dozens of restaurants around the area, and of course, at the new storefront in Nashville. I like my coffee plain black—no need to ruin a perfectly good cup of java with a lot of fooling around and nonsense. But I am aware that The Chocolate Moose/Brown County Coffee store is the kind of place where one can get not only lattes and mochas and cappuccinos and so forth, but experiment with all kinds of amendments and flavorings. We sip our morning coffee as sunshine streams through the windows and a steady stream of locals and visitors pass through seeking coffee. A coffee shop is always a place of community, and the relaxed atmosphere seems perfect for that. But the coffee just makes me want more ice cream. And the ice cream makes me want another cup of coffee. It occurs to me that I could become permanently entangled in the gravity loop, the infernal bittersweet paradox of an ice cream stand turned coffee house. But I can comfort myself with the knowledge that, at the worst, I will continue to be profoundly satisfied. 

Paid for by Cindy Steele

Mosaics by Cindy Steele

Community-minded | Dependable | Experienced

62 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Available at Spears Pottery in Nashville, IN (beside the Nashville House on South Van Buren Street)

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at the Artists Colony Inn This arranged marriage has some challenges with family on the groom side from London and on the bride’s side from Paris, KY. Will you hear the vows or will a murder stop the ceremony?


“Let’s Have Us a Weddin’”

BBQ Chicken Prime Rib Salad/ Dinner Roll Baked Beans Green Beans New Potatoes Corn Wedding Cake

$45 per person • (812) 988-0600

July 23, Aug. 27, Sept. 24, Oct. 1, 15, 29, Nov. 12

SWEET COZY LIVING in Nashville, Brown County •Home Decor •Accessories •Unique Clothing

•Brown County Shirts •Many Locally-made Items •Custom Chess Sets •and more...

47 E. Main St. Old School Way Behind Brown County Winery (812)360-1230 •


OVER 7,000 square feet!

• Premium, all-natural treats since 1997 • Over 20 varieties from low-fat to grain-free • Gourmet and seasonal snacks, too

Antique Mall

Brown County

For Dogs

Get a FREE Sampler bag of natural dog treats with $10 purchase and this ad.

DOGS WELCOME! (812) 988-0305

Open 7 days 211 S. Van Buren St. (behind Shell station)

Open all year–7 days a week Mon.–Sat. 9 to 5:30 Sun. 11 to 5:30

We Buy and Sell

Since 1995

13 miles west of I-65 3 miles east of Nashville, IN

812-988-1025 3288 State Rd 46 East

There’s a wine for any palette!

Free tasting of our locally made wines. You can choose from bold dry reds to refreshing whites and sweet fruit wines.

38 Franklin St. E. (Near the train) Nashville, IN (812) 988-1111 • Open 7 days a week 12 pm to 5 pm

Largest Collection of Bobby Knight Memorabilia Breakfast 8:30 - 11 a.m. Sandwiches & Salads 11 a.m. - ? At the corner of Main & Van Buren Streets (underneath the Nashville House) - 988-2355 Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 63

Melchior Marionette Theatre “Comedy Cabaret on Strings”

“Affordable Fashion”


•Men’s and Women’s Jewelry •Leather Wallets and Purses •Leather Accessories •Custom-sized Leather Belts •Women’s Clothing

40 Washington Street • Nashville, Indiana • (812)988-1825

September: 3, 17, 24

Free Popcorn! Tickets $5

“Slightly Haunted Puppet Theatre”

(sold 15 min. before show) Showtimes 1:00 and 3:00 extra times in October Westside of S. Van Buren St. Downtown Nashville

October: 1, 2, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30

800-849-4853 •

Lightspinner STUDIO

Martha Sechler Unique Watercolors Mixed Media Gourd Art

4460 Helmsburg Rd. Nashville, IN • 812-988-7379 Open whenever home. Call ahead.

Nashville Express

Dawn’s Nashville H of J

Beef, Turkey, Pork, Buffalo, Venison, Elk, Kangaroo, Wild Boar, and more

Nashville, IN (812) 988-1592

Main Street Shops Old School Way alley

Old McDurbin % Gold & 50 Gifts



• Anklets • Bracelets • Necklaces

Watches Sterling Silver 1000’s of Pendants Rings 58 E. Main Street (next to courthouse)

64 Our Brown County Sept./Oct. 2016

Sightseeing Tours

2 1/2 mile scenic tour of Nashville Board at Fearrin’s Ice Cream • Franklin & Van Buren also service to Seasons, Brown County Inn, Comfort Inn

May – October • $5 per person • 812-988-6690 available for field trips, business functions, private tours 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. longer on weekends (ask the driver)

LODGE on the MOUNTAIN Two Secluded Guest Rooms Overlooking a Private Lake

Convenient to Nashville/Bloomington



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Male Instinct “A Different Spin on a Man’s Store”

Gifts Apparel

• Northern Sportswear • Hats, Gloves, Billfolds Accessories • Ultimo Fragrance • Old Guys Rule • Knives • Themed items Hot Stuff • Military the

75 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville • (812) 988-1964

The Sunshine Shack

* REFRESH Something to “hit the spot” as you shop * REBOOT •Hot Dogs •Beer-soaked Brats * RE-ENERGIZE •Baked Beans •Tiny Pies •Slushees •Homemade Soft Drinks •Snow Cones •Floats •Tea •Coffee •Water •Homemade Ice Cream and Popsicles •Shakes and Sundaes • Smoothies •Fresh Squeezed Lemonade & Orangeade

Served with a smile Little shack on S. Van Buren Street near the stoplight in Nashville

The Marg and Brenda Team

Salted Nuts R d Roasted Daily Marg DeGlandon CSSS, CDPR

10 Artist Drive, P.O. Box 1609 Nashville, IN 47448


Brenda Longtin CSSS, CDPR

Associate Broker Broker/Owner Cell: 812-360-4083 Cell: 812-360-3889 Your Brown County Team

C Cinnamon Roasted Almonds & Pecans

C ashe ncy Mix epitas Peanuts Cashews, Fancy Mix, P Pepitas, Delicious Candies - Homemade Fudge Mail Orders - 812-988-7480

S.Van Buren (Shopper's Lane) Nashville

Our own Tzatziki sauce recipe, made from scratch

Wine Bar and Gift Shoppe Open Daily

Wine Tastings

• Cheeses and Gourmet Foods • Unique Wine Gifts • Comfortable Seating Live Music Fri. and Sat. 7-10 pm Coachlight Square • S. Van Buren and Washington, Nashville, IN

812-988-8500 •

Delicious! Free samples • Local Delivery Available <Most items under $10> • Gyros Food

S. Van Buren & Old School Way • Possum Trot Sq. Look for the sidewalk signs • (812) 318-0840

Hunter’s 58 East Main Street Nashville, Indiana

Computer and Cell Phone Repair LARGE Format Printing

(next to Brown County Courthouse)

30 E. Washington St., Nashville, IN (Across from the Circle K) • 317.498.9982

open daily 10–5 • 812-988-7058

Sept./Oct. 2016 • Our Brown County 65

Our Brown County AUTO SALES



24-Hour Towing


Plum Creek Antiques Open-Air Market Bean Blossom

• Fruit Jars • Garden Art • Furniture • Iron Things, • Lots of Junk and more 5 minutes north of Nashville (intersection of SR 135 & SR 45)

(812) 988-6268 BANKING

The Strength of Big, The Service of Small 189 Commercial Drive, Nashville, IN 47448 812.988.1200

Serving our home town area since 1981

Low down payments / interest rates We help you find the vehicle that suits you the best, without all the pressure and hassle.

50 N. Marion St. (SR 135 & 252 junction) Morgantown, IN 46160

(812) 597-5020


Full Mechanical Garage Brakes, Engine, Transmission 2 & 4 Wheel Alignment “Big to Small, We Do it All!”

1814 N. St. Rd. 135 • Nashville




Serving the Community for over 100 years

Paint & Body

$5 OFF Alignment Full Collision Repair

TIRE & Auto Repair

Brown County Tire 24 hr. Wrecker Service

812-988-8473 27 Salt Creek Rd (Intersection SR 46) Nashville

Contact us today for all your banking needs 41 S. Hawthorne Dr. Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-6633 CABIN VACATION RENTALS


Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground Just five miles from Nashville, IN One of Southern Indiana's largest campgrounds

• Over 55 acres with walking trails • Over 300 water/electric sites • 30 amp and 50 amp hookups • Over 300 tent sites General camping May thru October • Camping cabin rentals

• 2 dump stations • Wi-Fi • Heated/AC showerhouse • Laundry facility • Stocked fishing lake


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Don Waltman

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• Mulching - Seeding NEED HELP? • Weeding - Pruning • Tree / Shrub Planting • Fences - Walkways • Retaining Walls • Mowing / Trimming (812) 988-7232 • Flower / Herb Beds

146 E. Main St., Nashville


We Can Do It All!

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Christy McGinley-Hughes




146 E. Main St. Redbud Terrace Nashville, IN


Helmsburg Sawmill Inc. Pool Enterprises, Inc.

Logging to Lumber Custom Log Home Lumber Packages ~ Posts ~ Beams Rafters ~ Barn Siding ~ Board & Batten ~ Firewood Mulch ~ Sawdust ~ Buyers of Standing Timber 812-988-6161 • •


Property Sales & Management


For Exceptional Service Call Jennifer Gabriel 812-418-8522 Jennifer Gabriel, Broker Associate 812-345-6811 cell • F.C. Tucker/ Scott Lynch Group •



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Remembering C. Carey Cloud ~by Julia Pearson lot has been made of the grassroots of a community. Born on March 12, 1899, Hoosier C. Carey Cloud, is one such talent nurtured from the ground up. As a young boy growing up on a poor family farm, summertime brought him hard work. In his autobiography, Cloud Nine: The Dreamer and the Realist, Cloud recalls a sun-scorching day in midJuly when he hand hoed the rows of corn with his father and older brother Corey. The others finished their work and went to the dinner table, leaving nine year old Carey in the field. Afterward his father’s comments echoed down the years, “Son, you are going to learn that throughout life you are going to have to hoe out your own row.” Carey and his brother Corey made their own toys to amuse themselves. They made slingshots, beanshooters, tops, kites, pipe rockets, and other inventions. They also bought mail-order novelties from magazines. Since the brothers’ names were so similar the mail department would often get them confused. So Carey moved his middle initial “C.” (for Claude) to the front of his name to make a distinction. Dropping out of school in his teens, Cloud had a series of jobs that were stepping stones in his selfeducation. The first was working on Jake Baker’s farm. After three months working on a Cloverleaf Railroad crew improving the roadbed, Cloud got


“Basket of Apples,” acrylic.

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C. Carey Cloud circa 1944, at his desk playing with his toys.

a job at a glass factory in a suburb of Marion. He quit that to try his fortune in the oilfields of Kansas, but homesickness brought him back to Indiana with his first paycheck. The next job with the Marion Shoe Company was his “first pleasant job.” It provided a salary of $10 per week for nailing soles on to shoes. He was just 17 years old when he and 16 year old Vera Nickerson eloped to St. Joseph, Michigan. Joining Vera’s sister and her husband in Cleveland, Ohio, Cloud worked in a steel mill. The Clouds had a daughter and the family moved to Bluffton, Indiana where Carey worked at the H.C. Bay Piano Company. During this time, Cloud finished his course in the Landon Correspondence School of Cartooning and Illustration. This was the entire scope of his formal art education. Cloud then worked for the Fort Wayne Engraving Company drawing labels, hand-lettering, and doing small commercial jobs. This was not satisfying his creative bent so he set off to find work in Cleveland again. He first painted signs. He earned $20 a week instructing students at the Landon Correspondence School. Next door was the Cleveland Press where Cloud got on for $25 a week. Soon he was working some nights at the Cleveland Plain Dealer in the arts department. Cloud also sold designs to greeting card

publishers. The Morrison Financial Advertising Agency hired him and his work expanded into magazine illustrations. Cloud later moved to Chicago and became art director for the Baumgarth Calendar Company. Cloud wrote: “My success in life partly may have been due to my limited formal education; I was naïve; I didn’t know what I couldn’t do, and went ahead and did it.” Carey and Vera Cloud’s family grew to include two sons, and they spent summer vacations in Brown County. They bought artist Adolph Shulz’s studio property. It was at this time that Cloud drew a single column comic called “Luke Barker” for the Bonnet-Brown Newspaper Syndicate. Luke Barker was a rail-fence philosopher and became so popular that there was a noonday radio program broadcast from Indianapolis featuring the character. He also produced illustrations for Blue Book magazine and invented a patented pop-up design for children’s books. But The Depression brought down all these endeavors. The family left Brown County to return to Chicago, where steady employment came with the advertising department of Cracker Jack. This eventually led to Cloudcrest Creations, the trade name adopted for Cloud’s toy designs. Cloud’s career of designing Cracker Jack toy prizes lasted 25 years. Financially successful, the Clouds returned to Brown County where they bought acreage from Mary Murray Vawter. It was one mile south of Nashville and had a chalet-type home and a 100-year old caretaker’s cabin which served as his studio for the next 30 years.

When he was 65 years old Cloud made a serious commitment to painting. He called his technique “realism in depth.” He was not readily accepted by the Brown County artistic community, but in 1949 he served as host for three days to twenty members of the Chicago Art Guild. Their watercolors were featured in Ford Times magazine. A Carey Cloud picture of a sorghum mill brought a query from California asking where the syrup could be purchased. This brought Cloud the recognition of the Brown County Art Gallery. His inspiration included old barns, churches, feed stores, and the earthy lives of simple folks. He was asked to join the Brown County Art Association and eventually served three terms as president. He played a major role in helping the group obtain a new gallery in 1962. Puss in Boots pop-up book.

Carey Cloud had art shows in the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Building and the Indiana University Union Building. One painting done in North Carolina of a dilapidated building with “Truman” graffiti was bought by Senator Birch Bayh as a gift for President Truman. It is now housed in the Truman Library. He was a featured guest at numerous radio talk shows and was covered by major magazines. In 1979 Cloud was interviewed by

Charles Kuralt for the well-known TV program “Charles Kuralt, On the Road for Walter Cronkite.” The beloved wife and supporter of this self-made man, Vera, died in the spring of 1971. His autobiography was published in 1983. Carey Cloud died a year later, leaving his own tangible mark. He always said, “Ideas breed ideas.” There is a display of his Cracker Jack prizes and book at the Brown County History Center. THE BREEZE continued from 30 success, followed by near destitution during the depression. But the pottery survived into the 1950s, and one piece recently sold for more than $58,000. Marie Goth was a very successful portraitist. She lived until 1975 and never stopped painting. Marie and her sister Genevieve, both painters, were exceptionally close. Genevieve had supported Marie at the beginning of her career. Together they sing about their amazing life. According to writer Louisa Dyer, the performances in The Breeze Bends the Grass are hauntingly powerful. The women they portray will speak to the soul of every person who has ever been determined to live who they really are. As the lyrics conclude: “Life is hard, not often or even ever fair… but the world is full of wonder. An old sycamore casting its shadow on new snow. The fire that turns cold metal to liquid curves. And even in a dry year, there is the way the breeze bends the grass.” Tickets are available on-line at <> and at the Brown County Playhouse Box Office at 70 South Van Buren Street in Nashville, or call (812) 988-6555. 

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