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Cox Creek Mill

Jon Kay Connecting Connecting Community, Community, Culture, Culture, and and Arts Arts Brown County Rock Shop

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July/August 2018

NEWLY REMODELED! Come sample the flavors you love in a new light!


Village Green Building Celebrating over 100 years in nashville The Nashville you came to see and love…

Where you can see the work of local artists — whether it’s ice cream, candy and fruit preserves made the old fashioned way or the artwork of local artists and craftsmen. · first floor · Homemade Ice Cream Homemade Candies Homemade Fruit Preserves · second floor · Antiques · Art and Craft Galleries Working studios of local artists



The Candy Dish

Yes, we really do make it ourselves!

Fine Homemade Chocolate Candies and Fudge Gourmet Caramels Over 50 Flavors of Salt Water Taffy



Homemade Ice Cream

Harvest Preserve the

Homemade Fruit Butter Gourmet Food Cookbooks · Cookie Cutters Postcards · Greeting Cards Kitchen Gadgets Galore Giftware · Tea and Teaware


Functional and Fine Art Made in Indiana


61 West Main street · nashville, indiana

Brown County N

135 Martinsville


Nineveh Edinburgh Morgantown 31 37 135 I-65 46 Bloomington Columbus 46 NASHVILLE

Sweetwater Lake

Vaught Rd.

Cordry Lake

Sprunica Rd.

John Hartford Festival

Brownie’s Bean Blossom Restaurant

Monroe Music Park & Campground



Helmsburg General Store

Bean Blossom Farmers Market

Lightspinner Studio

Upper Bean Blossom


The Apple Works Antiques Co-op Art Beyond Crayons Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides House of Clocks Las Chalupas Morgantown Eye Center Rosey Bolte’s Uncommon Gourd Studio




Doodles by Kara Barnard

Flower and Herb Barn Farmhouse Café

Plum Creek Antiques Market


Gatesville Store


Old SR 4



b Web KOA let’s ls r Co. Rd a c a n S t k w reat Mall • on Ren Bro Cree i Tire Ret Salt own Co.eekside Antique n Vacat . Winery E w n Co Cr Co. Br ON Bro wn Hills o’ Brow NAW B G o r B Overlook G n Lodge Mt Traaw Boto COLUMBUS Dunham . Lib ding ne Cr Gnaw Bone 19th Hole Sugar Creek BBQ Store & Bakery ert Pos eek Sports Bar yR t House of Thunder d Heartland Tattoo Bear Wallow Webb & Sons Distillery Restoration

Mike’s Music and Dance Barn Abe Martin Lodge

eXplore Brown County

Rawhide Ranch





Annie Smith Rd.




Cox Creek Mill


Green Valley Lodge

Yellowwood Lake

Artist and/or Gallery


Country Club Rd

Oak Grove

Musical Entertainment

yB ran


Lodging/ Camping

Mike Nickels Log Homes

Val le

Ow l Cr eek

Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS Fireplace Center 4th Street Festival


Butler Winery





Clay Lick Rd

to BL O



Lake Lemon




Carmel Ridge Rd



Brown County State Park Trails End & Panhead Saloon

T.C. Steele State Historic Site




ton Cr k Hamil






la Pop


STORY Monroe Reservoir


Bob Allen Rd.

Homestead Weaving Studio Salem’s Good Nature Farm


Hoosier Artist

Fallen Leaf Books



B3 Gallery

The Wild Olive

Brown Co. Art Guild

Hobnob Corner

ST SR 135 N

Village Green

Brown Co. Winery

Head Over Heels

Heritage Mall

Ethereal Day Spa Heritage Candy Store

Spears Pottery Juls Etc.

New Harmony Soap Co.

Gold &Old

Redbud Terrace

Health For U McGinley Insurance



Office First Merchants Bank

County Offices

Woodlands Touch of Silver Gallery

Main Street Shops



MAIN STREET Our Sandwich Place

Nashville House

Log JJail L il Nashville Spice Co.

Weed Patch Music Company

Pioneer Village Museum


Miller’s Ice Cream The Candy Dish The Harvest Preserve


open M-F8-4

Copperhead Creek Gem Mine

Iris Garden Complex

Brown Co Public Library

Brown Co. History Center

GOULD STREET Brown Co. Rock & Fossil Shop


Hoosier Barn & Table


Hidden Valley Inn



The Emerald Pencil

Big Woods Village



Men’s Toy Shop

Colonial Bldg.

Carmel Corn Cottage


Brozinni Pizzeria

Carpenter Hills O’Brown Realty

J.B. Goods/ Life is Good

Hotel Nashville



Brown Co Art Gallery

Masonic Lodge




The Salvation Army

Bird’s Nest Café

Melchior Marionettes

Jack & Jill Nut Shop

Brown Co Playhouse



Coachlight Square

Chateau Thomas Winery

Bone Appetit Bakery

Brown Co Inn Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

Brown County IGA

Brown Co Community YMCA

Bear Hardware

People’s State Bank

Salt Creek Park

Furniture, Decor, & More

Casa Del Sol



Artist and/or Gallery

Musical Entertainment

Salt Creek Inn

Seasons Lodge & Conference Center

Doodles by Kara Barnard


Mercantile Nashville Store General Store




Brown Co T-Shirt Shop Moondance Vacation Homes

Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Possum Trot Sq




map not to scale

Grasshopper Flats Wishful Simply 4 You Thinking

Brown Co Craft Gallery

Cornerstone Inn


Nashville Indiana Rest Room

Back to Back

House of Jerky Fawn Hill

Artists Colony Inn

Artists Colony

Cathy’s Corner

Cedar Creek Winery

Nashville Express

Rhonda Kay’s

Out of the Ordinary

Sweetwater Yesteryear Gallery Old Time Photos



Hoosier Buddy

Thrift Shop Community Closet

Nashville BP



Calvin Place


Schwab’s Fudge

New Leaf Amy Greely

Life is Good JB Goods



Franklin Sq

Brown Co Pottery

K. Bellum Leather Ferguson House

Antique Alley

Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts

58 South Apparel


8 Our Brown County • July/August 2018




Antiques Co-op.............................54 Brown Co Antique Mall................13 Cathy’s Corner...............................14 The Emerald Pencil.......................19 Furniture, Decor, & more.............36 Gnaw Bone Creek Trading Post..50 Nashville General Store...............58 Plum Creek Antiques...................68 Scarlet’s Webb...............................32


4th Street Festival Arts & Crafts.57 Antiques Co-op.............................54 Art Beyond Crayons.....................54 B3 Gallery.......................................18 Back Roads Studio Tour...............37 Bear Hardware..............................51 Brown Co Antique Mall................13 Brown Co Art Gallery...................18 Brown Co Art Guild.......................19 Brown Co Craft Gallery................37 Brown Co Forge.............................51 Cathy’s Corner...............................14 The Emerald Pencil.......................19 Hoosier Artist................................19 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................48 Papertrix.........................................15 Spears Pottery...............................18 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.18 Village Art Walk.............................23


Fallen Leaf Books..........................61


58 South Apparel..........................42 Bear Hardware..............................51 Brown Co T-Shirt Shop.................36 Community Closet Thrift Shop...27 Foxfire Boutique...........................47 Furniture, Decor, & more.............36 Head Over Heels...........................27 House of Thunder Motorcycle Outfitters..................43 J.B. Goods/ Life is Good...............22 Men’s Toy Shop..............................28 Mercantile Store...........................59


4th Street Festival Arts & Crafts.57 Antiques Co-op.............................54 Appleworks....................................48 B3 Gallery.......................................18 Back Roads Studio Tour...............37 Bone Appetit Bakery....................12 Brown Co Art Guild.......................19 Brown Co Craft Gallery................37 Brown Co Pottery..........................32 Brown Co Rock & Fossil Shop.....42 Brown Co T-Shirt Shop.................36 Cathy’s Corner...............................14 Cox Creek Mill................................23 The Emerald Pencil.......................19 Fawn Hill.........................................48 The Ferguson House....................47 Foxfire.............................................47 Furniture, Decor, & more.............36 Gnaw Bone Country Store & Bakery.........................................32 Gnaw Bone Creek Trading Post..50 Head Over Heels...........................27 Homestead Weaving Studio.......18 Hoosier Artist................................19 Hoosier Barn & Table....................37 House of Clocks.............................54 K. Bellum Leather.........................19 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................48 Madeline’s......................................27 Men’s Toy Shop..............................28 Mercantile Store...........................59 Nashville General Store...............58 New Harmony Soap Co................35 New Leaf.........................................19 Papertrix.........................................15 Rhonda Kay’s.................................42 Simply 4 You..................................33 Spears Pottery...............................18 Sweetwater Gallery......................33 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.18 Village Art Walk.............................23 Wishful Thinking...........................33 Woodlands Gallery.......................26

4th Street Festival Arts & Crafts.57 19th Hole Sports Bar....................62 Bean Blossom Farmers Market...29 Brown County History Center....26 Brown County Playhouse............67 Copperhead Creek Gem Mine....42 Melchior Marionettes..................61 Nashville Express Tours...............13 Rawhide Ranch.............................29 Trails End & Panhead Saloon......27


Gnaw Bone Creek Trading Post..50


19th Hole Sports Bar....................62 Abe Martin Lodge.........................28 Appleworks....................................48 Artists Colony Inn.........................15 Bean Blossom Farmers Market...29 Bear Wallow Distillery..................51 Bird’s Nest Cafe.............................23 Brown Co IGA................................67 Brown Co Inn.................................49 Brown Co Winery..........................50 Brownie’s Bean Blossom Rest.....46 Brozinni Pizzeria...........................29 Butler Winery.................................29 The Candy Dish...............................3 Carmel Corn Cottage...................58 Casa Del Sol...................................58 Cedar Creek Winery......................61 Chateau Thomas Winery.............13 Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville........71 Farmhouse Cafe............................14 Gatesville Store.............................26 Gnaw Bone Country Store & Bakery.........................................32 Gyros Food is Art..........................48 The Harvest Preserve.....................3 Helmsburg General Store...........46 Heritage Candy Store...................36 Hobnob Corner Restaurant........55 Hoosier Buddy Liquors................55 Hotel Nashville..............................71 House of Jerky...............................26 Jack and Jill Nut Shop..................48

DIRECTORY Las Chalupas..................................54 Miller’s Ice Cream............................3 Nashville BP...................................15 Nashville Fudge Kitchen..............72 Nashville General Store...............58 Nashville House............................14 Nashville Spice Co.........................63 Our Sandwich Place.....................59 Schwab’s Fudge.............................46 Seasons...........................................37 Sugar Creek BBQ...........................61 Trails End & Panhead Saloon......27 Trolly’s.............................................46 The Wild Olive.................................2


Antiques Co-op.............................54 The Ferguson House....................47 Furniture, Decor, & more.............36 Plum Creek Antiques...................68


Bear Hardware..............................51


Head Over Heels...........................27 K. Bellum Leather.........................19


4th Street Festival Arts & Crafts.57 B3 Gallery.......................................18 Back Roads Studio Tour...............37 Brown Co Antique Mall................13 Brown Co Craft Gallery................37 Cathy’s Corner...............................14 Ferguson House............................47 Foxfire.............................................47 Grasshopper Flats.........................33 Hoosier Artist................................19 Juls Etc............................................22 LaSha’s............................................26 New Leaf.........................................19 Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts.........32 Rhonda Kay’s.................................42 Spears Pottery...............................18 Touch of Silver Gold & Old..........22 Village Art Walk.............................23


Abe Martin Lodge.........................28 Artists Colony Inn.........................15 The Brick Lodge............................71

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 9 Brown Co Inn.................................49 Cornerstone Inn............................66 Creekside Retreat.........................55 eXplore Brown County..................4 Green Valley Lodge......................23 Hidden Valley Inn.........................22 Hills o’ Brown Vacation Rentals..14 Hotel Nashville..............................71 Brown Co KOA Campground......46 Monroe Music Park & Campground.................................68 Moondance Vacation Homes.....51 The North House...........................71 Overlook Lodge............................62 Rawhide Ranch.............................29 Salt Creek Inn................................23 Seasons...........................................37

Brown Co Tire & Auto Dunham Plumbing Farmers Insurance—McGinley First Merchants Bank Flower and Herb Barn Health For U Helmsburg Sawmill IN Seamless Guttering Keyed IN Property Mgt. Monroe Park Campground People’s State Bank Plum Creek Antiques RE/MAX Team Marg & Brenda Waltman Construction Co. Webb & Sons Auto Restoration

Brown County History Center....26




Bone Appetit Bakery....................12


B3 Gallery.......................................18 Hoosier Artist................................19 Spears Pottery...............................18 Yesteryear Old Time Photos........33


Carpenter Hills o’ Brown Realty.59 RE/MAX-Marg & Brenda..............69


eXplore Brown County..................4 Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides............55 Rawhide Ranch.............................29


Brown County Visitors Center....31 Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS.......................42 Dunham Plumbing.......................69 Ethereal Day Spa...........................46 The Heartland Tattoo Co.............43 Keyed IN Property Mgt................69 Morgantown Eye Center.............14 Nashville BP...................................15 Voils.................................................66


Bear Hardware Bagged Trash Brown Co Community YMCA


Head Over Heels...........................27 K. Bellum Leather.........................19 Bone Appetit Bakery....................12 Brown Co Rock & Fossil Shop.....42 Fallen Leaf Books..........................61 Fireplace Center............................59 Head Over Heels...........................27 The Heartland Tattoo Co.............43 House of Clocks.............................54 House of Jerky...............................26 House of Thunder Motorcycle Outfitters..................43 K. Bellum Leather.........................19 Men’s Toy Shop..............................28 Nashville Spice Co.........................63 Papertrix.........................................15 Weed Patch Music Company......59 Wishful Thinking...........................33


Back Roads Studio Tour...............37 Hoosier Artist................................19 Sweetwater Gallery......................33 Village Art Walk.............................23


Artists Colony Inn.........................15 eXplore Brown County..................4 Hotel Nashville..............................71


Mike Nickels Log Homes.............58


Contents 12 Fingerstyle Guitar Festival

16 Cox Creek Mill ~by Ryan Stacy 20 Jon Kay ~by Bob Gustin 24 Brown County Rock Shop

~by Jeff Tryon

30 Bean Blossom Overlook

~by Paige Langenderfer

36 Craft Gallery Moves New Harmony Soap Co. 38-39 Photos ~by Monique Cagle* 40-41 Calendar of Events

44 Bucks & Does Dancers

~by Chrissy Alspaugh

48 B3 Gallery Expands 52 Sam Parks ~by Julia Pearson

56 Field Notes: Crawdads

~by Jim Eagleman

60 Lawn Order

~by Mark Blackwell

Bob Gustin worked as a reporter, photographer, managing editor, and editor for daily newspapers in Colorado, Nebraska, and Indiana before retiring in 2011. He and his wife, Chris, operate Homestead Weaving Studio. She does the weaving while he gives studio tours, builds small looms, and expands his book and record collections.

Paige Langenderfer is a freelance writer and communications consultant. She writes for numerous publications. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University and her Master’s degree in public relations management from IUPUI. Paige lives in Columbus with her husband and daughters. Contact her at <langenderferpaige@gmail.com>.

Jim Eagleman, recently retired DNR naturalist, and his wife Kay, enjoy hiking the many natural areas, preserves, and land trust sites in Brown and neighboring counties. His FIELD NOTES have appeared in this publication for several years. Contact Jim with comments and inquiries at <jpeagleman@gmail.com>.

Ryan Stacy is a content writer at Monroe County Public Library, and also enjoys writing about Brown County. He and his wife live in Bloomington, where they can often be found chasing movies, good food, and cultural events. His other interests include reading, photography, and music.

Joe Lee is an illustrator and writer. He is the author of The History of Clowns for Beginners and Dante for Beginners and illustrator of six other titles, including Dada and Surealism for Beginners, and Music Theory for Beginners. He is an awardwinning editorial cartoonist for the Bloomington Herald Times, a graduate of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and a veteran circus performer.

Julia Pearson wrote for a secular Franciscan magazine for ten years and served as its human interest editor. She and her husband Bruce have made Lake Woebegone Country their new homebase for life’s continuing adventures. Julie, Bruce, and four-footed Suki are adjusting well. Julia enjoys traveling and visiting museums of all types and sizes, with her children and grandchildren.

Jeff Tryon is a former news editor of The Brown County Democrat, a former region reporter for The Republic, and a former bureau chief for The Huntsville Times. Born and raised in Brown County, he currently lives with his wife, Sue, in a log cabin on the edge of Brown County State Park. He is a Baptist minister.

Mark Blackwell no longer makes his home in Brown County where “the roadway is rough and the slopes are seamed with ravines and present a meatless, barren, backbone effect.” He now resides within sight of the sixth green of an undisclosed golf course. He was born in the middle of the last century and still spends considerable time there.

64 Hands On History ~by Paige Langenderfer

68-69 Services Directory

70 Sampler at Gyros

Cover: Brad Cox at Cox Creek Mill ~by Ryan Stacy Thanks, Mom, for making it happen!

10 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Cindy Steele is the publisher and editor of this magazine. She sells and designs ads, sometimes writes, takes photos, and creates the layout. For fun, she likes to play the guitar or banjo and sing. Her new hobby is making mosaics.

Chrissy Alspaugh is a freelance writer and owner of Christina Alspaugh Photography. She lives in Bartholomew County with her husband, Matt and three boys. She can be reached at <christina_alspaugh@ yahoo.com>. View her work at <ChristinaAlspaughPhotography.com>.

*Monique Cagle, a Brown County artist, lives near Yellowwood State Forest, an

area where she finds inspiration for her many branches of art. She began taking photos of the landscape around her to use the images for her paintings, and as her photographic eye improved, she went on to capture the story of her life in the country- the seasons, the animals, and the farm where she lives. Some of her art can be seen at <www.sleepycatstudio.com>.

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OUR BROWN COUNTY P.O. Box 157 Helmsburg, IN 47435

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 11

7th Annual Indiana State

Fingerstyle Guitar Festival July 27 and 28, 2018 Friday July 27 will feature a party at the Brown County Inn from 7 to 11 p.m. Performers will include Cari Ray, and 12 nationally-ranked guitarists, including the previous winners of the competition. The competition on Saturday, July 28 begins at 11 a.m. at the Brown County Playhouse. The top three will be announced at 4 p.m. The evening concert highlights the top three players, the announcement of the winner, and a concert performance featuring Tim and Myles Thompson, and Jack Wilson. The Indiana State Fingerstyle Competition is one of only eight competitions worldwide to be accredited by the Walnut Valley Festival, which has ingerstyle guitarists will converge on Nashville, Indiana been honoring acoustic musicians for the past 46 years in July for the Seventh Annual Indiana State Fingerstyle during its national competition. Tickets are available at Guitar Festival. The only event of its kind in the Midwest, <browncountyplayhouse.org>. it will bring 30 of the finest fingerstyle guitar players from the Fingerstyle guitar is the technique of playing the guitar United States and Europe to compete at the Brown County by plucking the strings directly with fingertips, fingernails, Playhouse on Saturday July 28. or picks attached to the fingers. The term is often used The Brown County community was chosen for the synonymously with fingerpicking, classical, or thumb style. competition because of its rich history as an artist colony, Prominent fingerstyle players include: Chet Atkins, Merle home to many accomplished acoustic musicians. Travis, Tommy Emmanuel, and Andres Segovia. Artists will compete for a handcrafted Thomas Roeger The Brown County Playhouse doors open at 9:30 guitar valued at $5,500, and the opportunity to play during a.m. on July 28. The competition takes place from 11 an evening concert that will feature world-renowned artists a.m. to 4 p.m. The evening concert begins at 7:30 p.m. Tim and Myles Thompson, and Jack Wilson. The top three Tickets are available online at <indianastringfest.com> or competitors will perform during the evening show. <browncountyplayhouse.org> and at the Brown County The event will span two days. Playhouse during regular box office hours.



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12 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Mosaics by Cindy Steele

Available at Spears Pottery in Nashville, IN (beside the Nashville House on South Van Buren Street)

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Wine Tastings

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Last issue’s photo was a doll character that sits on the player piano at Miller’s Ice Cream in Nashville. Heather Ford was the first to guess the photo.

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July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 13

Morgantown Eye Center


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July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 15

Cox Creek Mill just off Salt Creek Road, near Nashville. Artisan and entrepreneur Brad Cox.

~story and photos by Ryan Stacy


here’s a lot of energy emanating from Cox Creek Mill, and only a part of it comes from the fourteen-foot water wheel there that Brad Cox fabricated himself. For Brad and his wife Stephanie, who own and run their artisan ironworking business out of the mill house, big ambitions are a way of life—and the energy they put into realizing them could power the entire county. When I arrive at the Mill, deep in the woods just off Salt Creek Road, Brad’s in full multitasking mode. He’s been with a video documentary team all day, showing them his welded works of art on the property and around Nashville. He’s also in the process of packing up for the Talbot Street Fair that weekend in Indianapolis, where he’ll show his work—as he does several times a year— across the country. Brad pauses for a few of my questions, disappears to tend to his next task, then circles back to me. This is normal, Stephanie tells me. “None of us likes to stay still,” she says with a laugh. “We all keep busy all the time. Our TV’s never on.” The couple followed their dream to Brown County from Northwest Indiana nearly twenty years ago, when Brad realized his job as an industrial welding foreman was taking him away from his family. “I had two boys and a wife, and I’m traveling for days at a time, missing their ball games, missing family time, and I would just get a knot in my stomach every time I had to leave home,” he says. Having spent many summers in Brown County since his childhood—his extended family owned property and businesses here—Brad knew just the setting for a major life change. “Once I’d get off the highway and get over the hill into Brown County, I wouldn’t even think about what was in that rear-view mirror,” he says. “I’ve

16 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Cox Creek Mill been all over the United States multiple times, and there’s nothing like Brown County. It’s like being in a whole new state of its own.” Brad had experimented with welding creative pieces on his own in years past and felt the urge to jump into art full time. But, as he says, “Talking about achieving your goals is easy. Doing it is the hard part.” Nevertheless, he and Stephanie made a plan, opened their business, and held their breath. The community response was positive, and Brad’s creations became a welcome addition to the creative landscape around Nashville. His work in welded metal featured everything from insects to trees to trellises, many fashioned from the materials of industry and domestic life: bolts, hand tools, frying pans, gears. “I keep a lot of that stuff around, and sometimes it’ll sit there until I need a good idea,” Brad says. “Then all of a sudden I’ll look over, and something I hadn’t thought of will work real well with what I’m working on.” Soon his work could be found at places like Nashville’s Big Woods Brewing Company and at various outdoor spots around town. A few years in, Brad got another big idea: to open a new location. After the site for the Mill was chosen, the Coxes got down to work, clearing a spot among the trees and vines of the thick forest there. Initially the idea was to house Brad’s studio and the store inside the Mill, but it soon became clear that the property was the ideal place to live as well as work. So Brad altered his design, and the soon the space above the storefront became the family’s home, with Brad taking his work space to an out-building he put up next to the Mill. It’s worked out great, with a showroom visitors can browse for unique items for themselves and others. “There’s something for everybody here,” says Brad. “I’ve got over 150 designs now—yard stuff, wine-related items, horse-related items, functional and ornamental stuff for the home. It’s made by hand and you can’t find anything like it anywhere else.” The family’s work ethic has also rubbed off on ten-yearold Briar. Of the three boys in the family, he’s the only one left at home, but he keeps busy. In addition to the geodes and lemonade he sells, the jewelry Briar makes is on display at the Mill, and he even does a live magic performance for visitors (I still can’t figure out how he knew which card I picked. Every time.). “He kind of lives a rock star life,” Brad says. “His friends always ask him what it’s like to live next to a water wheel and a pond, and get to travel to all these art shows, and he just shrugs. It’s all he knows.”

Briar and Stephanie Cox in the studio’s showroom.

Stephanie agrees that life at the Mill can be unconventional at times: cell reception can be spotty, and when the creek is up, the family has to stock up on groceries and stay put—there’s no crossing the bridge to the main road. But she says she wouldn’t have it any other way. “We love it here, and we love having people come out to see what we’re up to,” she says. For Brad, it’s all about doing his part to add to Brown County’s distinct charm and flavor. “You can build structures and businesses in any town,” he says, “but you can’t fabricate personalities. It’s the people you’ll find here that will really inspire you to get lost in the experience of Brown County. I hope that’s what our place does for people.” Cox Creek Mill is at 4705 Annie Smith Road just east of Nashville. It is on the Back Roads of Brown County Studio tour happening the entire month of October. Most studios on the tour can be visited year round. Advance notice of your visit is appreciated since the Cox family travels to many art shows around the country. Contact the Mill at (812) 988-6690 or <theirongatebybradcox@yahoo.com>. 

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 17



Quality Handwovens by Chris Gustin

Brown County Art Gallery Brown County’s Original Art Gallery

Yarn • Looms • Supplies

· established 1926

Visit us on the Back Roads Tour

Southeastern Brown County 6285 Hamilton Creek Road

· GALLERY EVENTS · Open 11 to 5 most days–Call ahead

www.HomesteadWeaver.com • 812-988-8622

JULY 7 & 8

Paint and Petals

Floral Arrangement Competition and Special Exhibition by the Brown County Art Gallery Association


Collectors’ Showcase 2018

“Steele & Shulz: A Brown County Partnership”

Celebrating the relationship that lead to the founding of the Gallery September 15 · 6 pm | Collectors’ Showcase Opening Reception September 16 · 2 pm | “Steele & Shulz: A Brown County Partnership” program by Rachel Perry October 27 | Gustave Baumann’s “Of a County Called Brown” Exhibit, Program, Book Premier and Signing by Martin Krause

Locally Crafted Pottery • Jewelry • Photography • Wood • Fiber • More... Downtown Nashville (beside the Nashville House) • Open Daily www.spearspottery.com • 812.988.1286 • Spears Gallery on Facebook

18 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Visit our website for a complete calendar of workshops Open Daily 10 am – 5 pm · Sunday Noon – 5 pm Free Admission · Free Parking Corner of Main & Artist Drive · Nashville, IN

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handmade fine art

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Featuring Leather Goods Made in Brown County

An eclectic mix of creative items by local, regional, and global artists

Fine Leather Goods

• Handbags • Belts • Hats • Accessories • Holsters • Leather • Tools • Dye •Supplies

Calvin Place Franklin & Van Buren Streets Nashville, IN • (812) 988-1058 www.amygreely.com

And Shoes: Haflinger, Arcopedico, Sheepskin Slippers 92 W. Franklin, Antique Alley, Nashville, IN 812-988-4513


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Featuring handcrafted jewelry by owner Amy Greely


WELCOME TO THE HISTORIC ART GUILD Experience two floors of gallery space with work from over 45 award-winning local and regional artists together with an extensive permanent collection of early Brown County artists. There are featured exhibits, artist demonstrations and a Fine Artisan gift shop to enjoy.

48 S. Van Buren Street Nashville, IN 47448 BrownCountyArtGuild.org 812 988-6185 LILACS BY VJ CARIANI

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 19

Jon Kay

Connecting Community, Culture, and Arts ~by Bob Gustin

Jon Kay with Bill Root’s model of his boyhood home. photo by Bob Gustin


on Kay thinks a lot about community, culture, aging, arts, and the inevitable connections between them. As director of Traditional Arts Indiana, the Nashville resident has interviewed African drum makers, woodworkers, hoop net makers, blacksmiths, weavers, musicians, and dancers, among countless others. For his latest project, he is focused on artists in an 11-county region, including Brown County. “The arts are the soul of a community or group,” he said, affecting the quality of place, quality of life, quality of a community. But the modern world has sold our soul in so many ways, he said, and TAI is working to identify people who are striving to be “cultural hubs” and supporting them to make it easier for folk arts to survive and spread. Folk artists are “hidden in plain sight” in many communities. “It’s about the past,” he said, “but it’s just as much about our investment in the future and on whether we want a world based

20 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

on capitalism or one based on community, family, and cultural practices that connect people to the past and the future. It’s about a continuity of self.” Traditional folk arts, he said, have two realms. One axis comes from the past and goes to the future. The other is about what communities and groups do in social situations, using art to connect with others and support them emotionally, communally, and physically. A recent national study ranked Indiana near the bottom—46th out of the 50 states—for quality of life among older adults. Brown County is distinctive because it has the oldest average age in the state. The county is what social scientists call a “naturally occurring retirement community,” with resources such as the public library and the YMCA and its “Silver Sneakers” exercise program to support it. But three plagues of aging are isolation, boredom, and feelings of hopelessness, he said. “Folk arts are an antidote to all three,” Kay said. “People want to share.” The survey of aging folk artists, now in a factfinding phase, is scheduled to begin this fall, and is designed to find elders skilled in traditional crafts, music, or other areas and pair them with other older adults to improve the quality of life for all involved. Counties included in the survey are Brown, Orange, Greene, Martin, Daviess, Crawford, Washington, Dubois, Monroe, Owen, and Lawrence, an area Kay calls the “uplands.” Folklorists will be assigned to survey each county.

In the introduction to his 2016 book Folk Art and Aging: Life-Story Objects and Their Makers Kay says, “I explore how older adults use fork art, specifically material forms of life stories, as a strategy for coping with some of the difficulties they face as they age. “Often deployed to express their personal or cultural identities, these distinctive objects also help maintain and forge connections with family and friends, and assist in distilling and telling their own meaningful life stories. “Although some people make art throughout their lives, many gerontologists recognize that old age is often the creative age.” The Mathers Museum of World Culture has a current exhibit on “Creative Aging” which includes a scale model of Brown County resident Bill Root’s boyhood home. Root worked on the model while participating in the Indiana State Fair, a venue Kay has used to find folk artists. The museum’s website says the exhibit, which Kay curated, shows how some elders

“Little Italy” hooked rug by Marian Sykes. photo by Bob Gustin

of Folklore and Ethnomusicology. He dropped out of IU a couple of times before graduating with a degree in general studies, and played music as a side career. He finished his IU degree in 1994 and got a master’s in folk studies at Western Kentucky University, followed by a doctorate in folklore from IU in 2014, which has one of the premiere folklore departments in the U.S. He worked at the Florida Folk Culture Center at White Springs, Florida, and directed the Florida Folk Festival before returning to Indiana. He was named director of Traditional Arts Indiana in 2004. Kay and his wife, Mandy, have a son Zelton, who recently participated in National History Day in Washington, D.C., and was named winner of the best overall History Day project from the State of Indiana. For more information on the TAI project, contact Jon Kay at <jkay@indiana.edu> or Zelton Kay performing with his father at the 2017 Youth Music Showcase. photo by Cindy Steele (812) 855-0418.  use their creations to assist in recalling and sharing important life stories and are often part of social interactions or storytelling events. Among other artists in the exhibit are Columbus woodcarver Bob Taylor. The exhibit runs through July 27. Kay, 51, was raised in southern Brown County, attending Nashville Elementary and Brown County High School before enrolling at Indiana University, where he is now a clinical associate professor in the Department

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 21

in Nashville, IN

172 N. Van Buren Street AND

102 S. Van Buren Street (Calvin Place)

www.JBGoods.com • 812-988-0900

Albert C. Drake

Goldsmith and Silversmith All Suite Hotel Located in Downtown Nashville Private Bedroom with King Bed Dining Area and Fully Equipped Kitchenette Living Room with Queen Sofa Sleeper Private Porch/Balcony • Free WIFI Fireplaces and Whirlpool Baths available

Call for Specials

812.988.9000 • 877.988.9099

201 North Van Buren St. Nashville, IN • www.hiddenvalleyinn.net

22 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

46 years of quality service in Brown County

Touch of Silver, Gold & Old 87 E. Main St. • Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-6990 • (800) 988-6994 Hours: 10am - 6pm • 7 days a week www.touchofsilvergoldandold.com


The Iron Gate by Brad Cox


Unique Metal Art Studio

4705 Annie Smith Rd. Nashville

Brad Cox and his wife Stephanie invite you to discover their studio and mill located along the banks of Salt Creek just 10 minutes from Nashville. Hours vary. Call ahead. theirongatebybradcox@yahoo.com



APRIL–OCTOBER, 2018 | 4:00–7:00 PM



• Limited Pet Rooms • Motorcycle / Bicycle Friendly • Picnic / Grill Area

Call 812-988-1149

or visit SaltCreekInnHotel.com 551 E. State Road 46 Nashville, IN

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 23

Brown County

Rock & Fossil Shop

~story and photos by Jeff Tryon


ack around the turn of the century a young couple settled around these parts and staked a claim up along the north end of Van Buren Street. When Matt and Amy Gray bought the whole north end of the block in 2003, there were seven different tenants with different kinds of shops. But as tenants would retire or move, they would take over the space, slowly re-inventing it to their own unique vision. They created Copperhead Creek Gem Mine (Little Gem), where you can buy a bag of dirt, sit at a flowing water sluice, pour it into a screen box, and shake to reveal gems, fossils, arrowheads, and other treasures, which can be identified from handy cards that are supplied. “There’s always the question, ‘Are we going to get anything?’” Matt said. “But people are always blown away, completely surprised, at how much they get. “The kids absolutely love it, and what happens, the kids start saying,

‘Look at this!’ and the parents are all of a sudden back in there buying bags for themselves.” The Little Gem is open until the water freezes and opens back up when it thaws. “I’ve seen a lot of gem miners sitting out here in the snow,” Matt said. The Grays contract with a father-sons team that go to 14 different mines to get material and mix the mining dirt from all the different ones to give “a plethora of different rare and unusual things that they find.” Customer/prospectors buy different sized bags of mining dirt with various things inside, according to what they’re mining for; there are small bags, large bags, bags with gems or minerals, fossil bags; there’s one bag Amy dubbed “Mother Load,” because it’s so heavy to carry. “That one has pretty much everything in there,” he said. Out of the success of the gem mine store, the Brown County Rock & Fossil Shop was born. “People would come and say, “This is great, is there a rock shop around here?’

24 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

It was sort of by public demand that we decided to do that.” Fortunately, he had a friend who was the guy who sells to the people that sell to the rock shops, so they jumped right in. “We just loaded up on what would give us a wonderful rock shop right from the get go. And we’ve never looked back,” said Matt. Now, the couple travels to different places to buy specimens for their shop, including the World Gem and Mineral Show held each year in Tucson, Arizona. Last year, they brought back 5,000 pounds of specimens. “It’s a fantastic show; it’s actually 50 different shows that all converge on the Tucson area all at the same time,” Matt said. “Anything of note, of beauty, of rarity that’s been found in the earth in the previous year, is pretty much going to be in Tucson.” “Honestly, every single thing that we find we get excited about being able to bring it back,” he said. “We are there for three weeks, and every single day we find another thing that we are just completely excited with.

They sell geodes they collect locally, along with geodes from Africa, Brazil, and all over the world Probably the most impressive piece in the store is a 500-pound Brazilian geode that’s been split in half to reveal fantastic giant purple amethyst crystals. For special items like that, local blacksmith Denny Smith makes special display bases. Matt said he and Amy are partners. “We find everything together and we run the business together. We also have the Iris Garden Cottages and Suites. We do everything as a partnership. I have friends that say, ‘You mean you work with your wife all the time?’ I wouldn’t have it any other way.” It seems like a case of recognizing a real treasure when you come across it. 

“It’s just a really fun business to be in, to go exploring. We also go ourselves, to the quartz mines in Arkansas, we actually go and dig at different places and find things ourselves.” By going themselves and bringing back their own stock, they cut out the middle men and bring the finest of what can be found into their shop. They can offer it much more affordably than a lot of rock shops can. “We’ve got gems, minerals, crystals, fossils—really anything that comes out of the earth. Everything that you can think of, we have.” Goniatites, Moroccan geodes, calcites, shark teeth, lead quartz crystals, smokey quartz crystals, petrified wood, tigers eye, Tranka geodes, amonites—minerals and rock formations of every variety are to be found there.

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 25


11 flavors of BEEF 3 flavors of TURKEY 3 flavors of BEEF BRISKET 4 flavors of BEEF STICKS 2 flavors of PORK 2 flavors of BACON Also: Elk, Boar, Buffalo, Venison, Gator, Rabbit, Salmon, Kangaroo, Turtle, Ostrich, Trout, Camel, Python, Ahi

Jerky Seasonings & Dips • Peanuts

125 S. Van Buren St. Artists Colony Shops (Between Toy Chest and Carol’s Gifts)

Nashville, IN • (812) 988-1592

Sterling Designs by Sharon & Larry Anything But Or dinary

SBJ/LMJ Designs Opals by Larry • Pe n d a n t s • Earrings • Bracelets • Necklaces

812-988-0522 A variety of natural stones and colors N o r t h Va n B u r e n a n d M o l l y’s L a n e • N a s h v i l l e

Not pretentious. Not fancy. JUST REAL GOOD FOOD. GATESVILLE COUNTRY STORE. It’s one of those places that you are excited to tell your friends about—a best-kept secret that’s too good to keep. A place where the people are real and friendly, and they’re likely to know your name before long. The food is good, honest food that’s tasty and genuine. Made with heart and soul. We’re located off the beaten path, and maybe a bit hard to find—but worth the effort. It’s where the local folks go. So, if you’re interested in finding a place that’s a little old-school and truly authentic Americana, come see us at Gatesville Country Store. Enjoy browsing the antiques, panning for gold in Salt Creek (behind the store), or just relaxing with a good meal or a piece of pie and some conversation. 4525 Salt Creek Rd. Nashville, IN 47448

(812) 988-0788

Doing business for over 25 years

Brown County

History Center Displays and Exhibits

Pioneer Village Museum

Bringing Brown County’s Past to Life

Looking for event space? or more info 812-988-2899 Open Thurs.–Sun. 11–4, Archives: Tues. and Fri. 1–4 North of the courthouse • Donations welcome

26 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

87 East Main Street • Nashville, IN (812) 988-6080 • thewoodlandsgallery.net

Gifts for home and happiness

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or more French Country Décor $20purchase Locally Made Items • Quilts Unique Gifts • Mona-B Handbags Madeline’s Famous Soy Candles

Van Buren & Franklin Streets Nashville • 812.988.6301 Vicki@MadelinesFrenchCountryShop.com www.MadelinesFrenchCountryShop.com

Women’s boutique, kids and teen clothing, men’s clothing, and household items

Head over


Selling gently used items to benefit Brown County. Accepting clothing and household item donations.

• Minnetonka • Stetson n • Tilleyy Hats • Merrell

Look for the sign


Open ALWAYS on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 to 5:00 (weather permitting) 1st and 3rd Saturdays 10:00 to 1:00 and Fridays 12:30 to 5:00 MAY-OCTOBER (catch us if you can off season)


Like us on Facebook at Brown County Community Closet, Inc.

49 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville • 812-988-6535 headoverheels@switched.com • fax: 812-988-6505

South Van Buren in Nashville (near stoplight, behind Subway) (812) 988-6003


Enjoy some classic American Fare in the dining room or outside. Grab a beer from our award-winning list. Live music every Saturday Night. Just 7 miles south of Nashville on a favorite scenic route among motorcyclists and car clubs • 4646 SR 135 S. Kitchen Hours: Friday and Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (open later most Saturdays), Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 27

Abe Martin Lodge A Splashin’ Good Time! & the Little Gem Restaurant Our full service restaurant is open daily

New Cabin Suites

• Slide • Water Channel • Fountains • Dump Buckets • Waterfall

We have the room for you Guest rooms, two-story cabins, historic cabins, cabin suites Ask about our pet-friendly rooms

There is always something to do in Indiana’s largest State Park: Aquatic Center, Horse Back Riding, Mountain Bike Trails, Fishing, Tennis...

We have the perfect setting for any event: Corporate Retreats, Weddings, Getaways and Family Reunions, and more! Brown County State Park • P.O. Box 547 • Nashville, IN • 1-877-Lodges-1 • (812) 988-4418 • www.indianainns.com

Knives by Benchmade, Kershaw, Microtech, Esee, Tops, Protech, Zero Tolerance and many more

’ Luminox Watches (used by Navy Seals)

Fine Pipes and Tobaccos Premium Cigars

Things you can live without... bbut who wants to! Old Colonial Bldg. 60 N. Van Buren St. Nashville, Indiana•812.988.6590 menstoyshop@yahoo.com•Visit us on Facebook

Guns and Ammo for Competition, Hunting, Sport, and Home Defense

28 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Variety of T-Shirts

Wooden Signs made in Southern Indiana



Guest Ranch

al times are All adventures & me call ahead ! open to the public – ommended – Rec ons ati erv Res –








Open 7 days a week, Year round

AMENITIES INCLUDE: Cowboy Hotel • Cabins • Tipis • Guest Discounted Zips & Rides 24/7 Coffee Station • Corporate Retreats • Team Building Programs Geocaching • Free Wifi • 54 Acres of Land • Nightly Campfires Hiking • Fishing • Swing Set & Sandbox • Half Court Basketball 1292 St Rd 135 S, Nashville




Brown County Size: 3.5 x 4.5 Cost: $667.00 Runs: April 2016 - April 2017


A family-friendly pizza place PIZZA • SALADS • CALZONES

140 W. Main Street • (812) 988-8800 In the heart of Nashville by the Village Green area at the intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets.

Dine-In or Carry-Out

Sun.–Thurs. 11am–9:00pm; Fri. & Sat. 11am–10:00pm

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 29

”Every time I go by as a passenger, I crane my neck so that I can savor the magnificence.” —Cathy Martin

The Bean Blossom Overlook K

~by Paige Langenderfer

eith Bradway caught his first glimpse of the Bean Blossom Overlook in 1934 with the completion of State Road 135. “I would stop for the view at least once on each visit to my mother who lived near Fruitdale,” Bradway said. “I greatly enjoyed the panorama which extends about three miles northwest to Oak Ridge and its continuation about six miles to the north where a gap allows the passage of State Road 135.” Aside from the natural beauty of the Overlook, it was also a major attraction among tourists who would stop to enjoy the view, have a picnic, or even paint the scenery. The Bean Blossom Overlook was nestled in the heart of the designated “Brown County Parkway” along State Road 135 North between Bean Blossom and Nashville. This corridor was set aside to preserve its scenic beauty in 1932 by the Department of Natural Resources State Parks director, Colonel Richard Lieber.

30 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

In 1985, the DNR gifted approximately 150 acres of land that included the Bean Blossom Overlook, to the Brown County Parks and Recreation Department to ensure the property remain in local stewardship. Since that time, very little has changed. However, the maturing hardwoods continued to grow, blocking the once majestic view of the countryside. As a founding member of the Brown County Park Board, Cathy Martin was involved when the state highway department transferred ownership of the three land parcels of land in 1986. After the land transfer, the board took bids to gently timber the land. The money raised from the timber sale were used to supplement money raised by the park board members as a match from an anonymous donor. After numerous citizens and local groups met the match, the park board was able to purchase the approximately 40 acres known as the Piefer Farm.

Continued on 34

PLAN YOUR OUTDOOR Adventures IN BROWN COUNTY! OUTDOOR ADVENTURE AND ACTIVITY IS ALIVE IN BROWN COUNTY. There is no better place to stretch your spirit of adventure and experience the breadth of offerings to quench your need for that adrenaline rush. We have some of the best mountain biking in the country, hiking and trail running, zip lining, horseback riding and running events, and more. Something for everyone to do—and be active—in the beauty of this place. We ARE adventure. #ilovebrowncounty

Outdoor Recreation Annual Events/Race Calendar TRIRI RAINSTORM: July 16-21, 2018 BROWN COUNTY EPIC: October 12-14, 2018 KNOBSTONE TRAIL RUN: October 13, 2018 TECUMSEH TRAIL MARATHON: October 27, 2018 CABIN FEVER 5K: November 3, 2018 BROWN COUNTY HILLY HALF: November 10, 2018 GRAVEL GROVEL: November 24, 2018 REINDEER ROMP: December 1, 2018 FIRST DAY HIKE: January 1, 2019 FRIGID ROGAINE: January 5, 2019


July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 31

Scarlet’s Webb ANTIQUES "If Grandma had one, we do too!"

13 miles west of I-65 • 3 miles east of Nashville, IN 3288 State Rd 46 East • 812-988-1025 Behind Brown Co. Antique Mall Open 7 days a week till 5:30

Gnaw Bone

Country Store & Bakery

*Homemade Baked Goods *Antiques *Local Products *Artist Goods 4883 SR 46 E. Gnaw Bone, IN

Lodge & Conference Center

TUESDAYS: Tex-Mex served in the bar 5–8:00 p.m. SUNDAYS: Fried Chicken Buffet 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

• Balcony Rooms

812-988-4266 www.gnawbonebakery.com gnawbonecsbakery@gmail.com Open Daily • Closed Tuesdays

• Restaurant • Lounge

• Enclosed pool

Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts


• Anklets • Bracelets • Necklaces % 50 OFFLRY E Watches JEW Sterling Silver Rings 1000’s of Pendants

NEW LOCATION in Nashville Blue building in Antique Alley • S. Jefferson St. 32 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

• Conference facility for up to 500 people

560 State Road 46 East, Nashville, IN 812-988-2284 • SeasonsLodge.com

Back-to-Back Complex

145 South Van Buren Street Established 2001

FREE in-store demos!

Old School Way and Pittman House Lane

(next to the Toy Chest, behind Sweetwater Gallery) Visit our website for class schedules www.wishfulthinking-in.com • 812-988-7009

PLY 4 YOU SIM Handmade & Unique Gifts • Hand-painted Signs • Homemade Body Scrubs • Giant Scrabble Letters • Solar-Changing Finger Nail Polish • Biker Bracelets • Painted Ball Jars And much more...

145 South Van Buren Street

Sepia Old Time Color Color Black & White

OVER 200 BACKGROUNDS 145 S. Van Buren St. Nashville, IN

Wild West • Prairie • Civil War • Roaring 20s and more!


145 S. Van Buren Nashville, IN

Simply 4 You Gift Shop Simply_4_you@aol.com

Next to Artist Colony Inn, behind Sweetwater Gallery

Weekdays 10–6, Sat. 10–7, Sun. 10–6


est. 1972

Doug Stoffer, Designer/Jeweler

Sweetwater Gallery MOVING is


158 Old School Way

Sterling Silver • Fine Diamonds Opals • Gemstones • Wedding Rings Titanium Bands • Austrian Lead Crystal For Quality and Price call 812-988-4037 Top Dollar Paid for Old Gold 150 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville

Stained Glass Paperweights Mosaic Mirrors Fabric Wallhangings We will be in transition this year. Be sure to visit both shops.

812-988-0449 July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 33

1959 postcard of the Bean Blossom Overlook during the Redbud and Dogwood time. Work by artists Clayson Baker and Dale Davis.

OVERLOOK continued from 30 Subsequent to the purchase, the board asked for suggestions for naming the park and chose Deer Run as its name. Over the years, under the guidance of the Brown County citizen board members and its directors, the park has evolved into the playing fields, play equipment, disc golf course, and picnic areas that it is now. Within the past three years, the county was able to once more selectively timber the overlooks and use the money raised to add adjoining acreage to Deer Run. That acreage is now the enclosed children’s play area. Since the last timber clearing in the mid-1980s, the view that inspired visitors faded behind an army of trees. Saddened by the outcome, Bradway wrote a letter and asked local officials to take on the project of clearing the Bean Blossom Overlook view. “Now the view is totally hindered by the oak trees in the clearing on the hillside when the leaves are out, and I no longer bother to stop,” Bradway wrote in a letter. “The property on which the wayside is located including the land extending down the hill is owned by Brown County Parks and Recreation. I would like to have those trees pruned, thus making the view once again worth stopping for, and adding substantially to the attractiveness of our county.” Mark Shields, director of the Brown County Parks & Recreation Department, has been credited as the driving force behind the project.

34 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

“I was approached by members of the community requesting that the Parks Department consider re-opening the view of the overlook. I was told that, decades ago, the spectacular view from this overlook rivaled that of any other in the state,” Shields said. With approval from the Park Board, and after examining several options, Shields reached out to a local timber buyer and arranged for a timber harvest to take place to re-open the view. This allowed the project to be completed with no cost to the Parks and Recreation Department. “Since the re-opening of the overlook view, we have received numerous compliments regarding the project,” Shields said. “I’ve also noticed that now, each time I drive past, the overlook typically has several visitors picnicking or just enjoying the view, much the same as it did decades ago.” Martin said she is extremely proud of the way the community has come together to make this project a reality. In addition to the tree clearing, local Boy Scouts are planning to construct new picnic tables for the shelter house at the Overlook, a fact that especially interests Martin whose son’s Eagle Scout Project in the 1980s was constructing picnic tables for Deer Run’s shelter house. “I personally had forgotten how glorious a view could be enjoyed at the overlook. Every time I go by as a passenger, I crane my neck so that I can savor the magnificence,” Martin said. “Also, except in the deepest night, cars are parked in the lot. Others, too, seem to be relishing the impressive panorama.” 

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 35

Craft Gallery Moves

T New, Antique, and Vintage Furniture

All at Affordable Prices Coachlight Square in Nashville, IN • 765-318-6747 (off East Washington Street next to Casa del Sol and behind Visitors Center)

Fresh Homemade Fudge Old-Fashioned Candies Candy by the Pound Cream Filberts/Mothballs Rock Candy • Jelly Belly Chocolates/Turtles Pucker Powder We ship everywhere!

41 S. Van Buren St. Nashville, IN (in the Heritage Mall) 812.200.1077 HeritageCandyStore@gmail.com

Design Your Own or choose from Ready Made Garments Hundreds of choices! • Something for all ages and sizes • T-Shirts • Hoodies • LS Tees • Hats

• Tanks • Jackets • Jerseys • Tye Dye

• Night Shirts • Swim Shorts • Beach Towels • Flip Flops

Corner of Washington and Van Buren Street (Across from Visitors Center) Nashville, IN • 812-988-6939

36 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

he Brown County Craft Gallery, a cooperative gallery featuring fine arts and crafts, is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. After spending more than half that time in the same Nashville location, it has moved south to 62 East Washington Street. The new neighborhood includes the Brown County Visitors Center, Casa del Sol, Chateau Thomas Winery, Sweatea’s Tea Shop, Nashville General Store, and many other shops. The building sits at the intersection of Old School Way and Washington Street near the restroom facility. The Craft Gallery sells the handcrafted work of more than 30 artists from Brown County and surrounding counties. A variety of art and craft categories are featured including weaving, knitting, pottery, jewelry, baskets, wall hangings, metalwork, watercolors, photography, gourd art, and woodworking. 

New Harmony Soap Co.


ew Harmony Soap Company opened a new store in Nashville at 59 E. Main Street, Suite G, next door to Educated Otter. The store offers natural, handmade soaps, lotions, and body care products that are infused with nutrients from plants and herbs formulated to optimize skin absorption. New Harmony Soap Company creates all of its own products at its New Harmony store location and uses only the finest organic ingredients to produce its recipes, which leave skin feeling soft, clean, and refreshed. “We’re turning soap and body care into Natural Skin Nutrition. We provide your family what you need to feed your skin a healthier diet,” said Jim Spann, owner. “Our soap provides you with a naturally, rich scented soap that feeds your skin the daily nutrition that it needs. Our soap goes beyond natural with our special recipe of infused, botanicals and vitamins that we all need for our skin to feel better.” More information visit their Facebook page at <facebook.com/newharmonysoapnashville> or their website <newharmonysoap.com>. 

created by hand

local artisans


1 9 7 8


A unique cooperative gallery featuring fine arts and crafts by local and area artists Open Daily 10 AM - 5 PM except major holidays VISIT US IN OUR NEW LOCATION!

62 E. Washington St. · Nashville, IN 47448 BrownCountyCraftGallery.com 812.988.7058


BCCraftGallery @BCcraftgallery


Making custom furniture and home décor from reclaimed barn wood and timber Antique tools shop • Nashville like it used to be 165 N. Van Buren St. Nashville, IN (north end of town) 812-597-5444

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 37

photos by Monique Cagle


The schedule can change. Please check before making a trip.

Brown County Playhouse

19th Hole at Salt Creek Golf

4 Dimensions July 6, 7, 13, 14 Rock/Pop/Country/R&B Creating Happiness July 20 A TED Talk inspired speaker event 7th Annual Fingerstyle Guitar Competition July 28 Competition 11 am, Concert 7:30 pm I’ve Got the Music in Me! Aug. 3, 4, 10, 11 @7:30, Aug. 5 @2:00 1960s & 70s musical productions Hoosier Harmony Aug. 17, 24, 25 @ 7:30 Aug. 18 @ 2:00 & 7:30, Aug. 26 @ 2:00 Revue of Indiana-born composers The Birth of Rock & Roll Aug. 31 50s piano bangin’, guitar slingin’, bass thumpin’ rock & roll FIRST RUN MOVIES ON THE BIG SCREEN Check website for schedule 70 S. Van Buren St. 812-988-6555 www.BrownCountyPlayhouse.org

July 6 Dave Miller (7:30-9:30) July 7 Karaoke July 13 Opal Fly July 14 Acoustic Jukebox (9:00-11:00) July 20 Spare Change Band July 21 South of 44 July 28 Dan Kirk Band Aug. 3 Dave Miller (7:30-9:30) Aug. 4 Karaoke Aug. 10 Opal Fly Aug. 11 South of 44 Aug. 17 Bodhi Coffel Aug. 18 Two for the Show Aug. 24 Spare Change Band Aug. 25 Dan Kirk Band Music starts at 8:00 unless specified www.SaltCreekGolf.com 812-988-7888

Melchior Marionettes “Comedy Cabaret on Strings” July 7, 21, Sept. 1, 15, 29, 30 (closed August) Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00 Free Popcorn! Tickets $5 S. Van Buren St. Downtown Nashville

Chateau Thomas Winery July 6 Live Music July 7 Cari Ray Trio July 13 Brad & Casey July 14 Ross Benson July 20 Mike Renard July 21 Live Music July 27 Amanda Webb Band July 28 Live Music Aug. 3 Live Music Aug. 4 Robbie & Carolyn Aug. 10 Live Music Aug. 11 Live Music Aug. 17 Paul Bertsch Trio Aug. 18 Craig Thurston Duo Aug. 24 Live Music Aug. 25 Live Music Music Friday and Saturday 7:00-10:00 812-988-8500 www.ChateauThomas.com

Mike’s Dance Barn Regular shows feature Mike’s band Smooth Country Mondays lessons at 6:30 July 7 Mike’s band (free that Sat.) July 13 The Marlinaires July 14 Mike’s band July 21 Mike’s band July 28 Mike’s band Aug. 4 Mike’s band Aug. 11 The Marlinaires Aug. 18 Mike’s band Aug. 25 private party 812-988-8636

Indiana Red Barn July 21-22 SCI Blues Society Party July 27-28 2nd Annual Jerry Jam in honor of Jerry Garcia Aug. 4 Cari Ray & Shaky Legs The Hammer & The Hatchet Will Scott Aug. 11 Intimate Campout with Rich Hardesty Aug. 18 The Doors of Chicago—Best Doors tribute band in country Aug. 24-25 Lazy Summer Home 71 Parkview Road https://redbarn-jamboree.ticketleap.com

40 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Trails End and the Panhead Saloon July 7 Dan Kirk Band & Mumble Food (5:00) July 14 Don Ford-Horses & Harley’s Bash July 21 The Wrong Side of Dixie July 28 Clint Zimmerman Aug. 4 Two for the Show Aug. 11 The Dan Kirk Band Most music starts at 6:30 4646 S. SR 135 812-988-1385 Facebook: trailsendandthepanheadsaloon

Open Mic Night at Brown County Inn Every Wed. 7:00-10:00 (not July 4) 800-772-5249 www.BrownCountyInn.com

Other Friday and Saturday Night Music Venues: Seasons, Brown County Inn, Big Woods

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre July 28; Aug. 11 & 18 Artists Colony Inn 812-988-0600 www.artistscolonyinn.com

Village Art Walk Fourth Fridays, 4:00-7:00 Free self-guided walking tour of downtown Nashville art galleries www.VillageArtWalk.com

Nashville Farmer’s Market Sun., Noon-3:00, Brown Co. Inn Parking Lot Locally grown vegetables, herbs, flowers, live music and more.

Bean Blossom Farmers Market Starting May 25 Fridays, 4:00-7:00 pm Intersection of SR 135 and SR 45 in Bean Blossom. Produce, live music, jams, baked goods, herbs/plants, artisan crafts. www.BeanBlossomFarmersMarket.com

Village History Tour July 2, 3, 5, 6, 9-13, 16-20, 23-27, 30, 31 Guided, walking tour through Nashville begins and ends at the Visitors Center. Local natural history of the land, people, industry, and founding of the art colony. Progresses from the oldest settlement to the new Visitors Center. Ends with two history films. 211 S. Van Buren St. 800-753-3255 www.browncounty.com

Summer Bliss Wellness Retreat July 20, 21 • Abe Martin Lodge Yoga, massage, creative arts, sound healing, meditation, woodland walks 317-501-9000

Snake Festival

July 4 at the High School athletic field

July 21 • 10:00 am | Concert 6:00-9:00 pm Brown Co State Park. Free Educational and fun activities featuring Hoosier Herpetological Soc., Scale Talez reptiles. $5 admission to concert. WFHB sponsor. 6:00 Alexander Lee & Thee Vatos Supreme 7:00 Piney Woods Blues & Hotrod Horns 8:00 More Z Starr

4th of July Celebration at Brown County Inn

7th Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival

Brown County Lions Club’s Fireworks

July 4, 5:00 pm to dusk. Live music from Zion Crossroads, Cookout & BBQ, Cash Bar, Bounce House, Miniature Golf, Cornhole, Giant Bubbles, Open Swim. Free. Food and beverages for purchase. 800-772-5249 www.BrownCountyInn.com

July 27-28 Fri. Players on stage at Brown County Inn Sat. Competition and Concert at Brown County Playhouse with Top US musicians Sat. Competition at 11:00, concert at 7:30 www.indianastringfest.com

9th Bean Blossom Southern Gospel Jubilee

July 29-Aug. 4, at fairgrounds Some events: July 29 Queen Contest July 30 Cody Ikerd Concert july 31 Junior-Littles Contest Aug 1 Tractor & Truck Pull Aug 2 Motorcross

July 5-8 at Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom hosted by the Perrys www.billbaileyconcerts.com 800-414-4677 www.beanblossom.us

Ice Cream Social July 14 • 2:00-4:00 Brown County Public Library Bubble fun for everyone and live music. Chocolate Moose provides ice cream.

Hands On History Children’s Program July 19 • 1:00-4:00, History Center Old time remedies, folklore, and folk characters in a fun, interactive way. Children 8-12 years of age. Requires pre-registration $5 per child. browncountyhistorycenter.org 812-988-2899

Brown County 4-H Fair

20th Bean Blossom Blues Fest Aug 23-25, 9:00 am to 11:00 pm at Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom National Artists, Festival kickoff—party/ jam on Thursday. Workshops offered on harmonica, guitar, and spoons. www.beanblossomblues.com Tickets: 812-325-8836

Brown Co. History Center Open Thurs.-Sun. 11:00-4:00 Archives: Tues. and Fri. 1:00-4:00, North of the courthouse Picnic on the Porch July 2

Bucks & Does Square Dances Aug. 3 • 8:00-10:00 at YMCA The YMCA is located at 105 Willow Street July 13, Aug. 10 • 8:00-10:00 at Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County State Park

Brown County Art Gallery Features works by 60 contemporary artists and early Indiana masters Paint and Petals July 7 John Michael Carter Figure Workshop July 12 Bill Farnsworth Workshop Aug. 6 Corner of Main St. & Artist Dr. in Nashville 812-988-4609 www.browncountyartgallery.org

Brown County Art Guild

Brown Co. Humane Society Annual Barn Sale Aug. 9-11, Humane Society Barn Books, furniture, toys, clothes, tools, cookware...thousands of items. 128 South State Road 135

Hands On History Children’s Program Aug. 16 • 1:00-4:00, History Center Pioneer summer activities on compass reading, weather signs, and survival skills. Children 8-12 years of age. Requires pre-registration $5 per child. browncountyhistorycenter.org 812-988-2899

Features the Marie Goth Estate Collection and contemporary art by more than 40 award-winning member artists. Painting Demo w/ Donna Shortt July 1 Maritime Exhibit July-Aug. Painting Demo w/ Larry Rudolech July 21 48 S. Van Buren St. 812-988-6185 www.browncountyartguild.org

Brown County Dragway Gatesville Road in Bean Blossom Racing every Sunday thru October and some Saturdays 812-988-6103 Track 812-988-1505 Facebook BrownCountyDragway

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 41

Nashville, Indiana’s #1 Fun Attraction


GEM MINE Pan for Gems Fossils Arrowheads

Fun and Educational for All Ages



5000 lbs. of NEW Beautiful & Unique Specimens for 2018

Just North of the Courthouse 79 N. Van Buren ~ (812) 988-2422

We appreciate our loyal customers!

Our market fresh product selections are the result of your requests for the items you like best.

is located in the heart of downtown Nashville on South Van Buren Street next to Out of The Ordinary and across from the Brown County Playhouse

This season we display: Tervis Tumblers, Swan Creek, Sanuks, Woodstock Chimes, Melissa & Doug, Stony Creek Lighted Vases, Essential Oils and Diffusers, 69 S. Van Buren St. Simply Southern T’s & Accessories, Nashville, Indiana Our Favorite Handcrafted Jewelry Did we mention all the hats, scarves, and fashion jewelry?

812-988-2050 rhondakays@msn.com

You will find traffic stopping items at 58 South! Our porch review has attracted many of you already. We enjoy offering today’s fashion. You’ll find affordable items that are wearable every day or for those special occasions. Our accessories, hats, and scarves complete the outfit or add new Located in downtown Nashville fresh looks to your next to the Brown County Playhouse existing wardrobe. Our Fitflops will 58 S. Van Buren St. bring comfort to your Nashville, Indiana tired and weary feet —come hear the 812-988-8440 testimonies! fiftyeightsouth@gmail.com

58 South Apparel

42 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Motorcycle Outfitters For All Your Riding Needs

Best Prices in Town

TOP QUALITY MEN’S & WOMEN’S: • Leather Jackets • Chaps • Bags • Gloves • Conceal Carry Vests & Purses • Helmets • Eye Wear • Cleaners • Milwaukee & Z1R Boots • Rain Gear • Phone & Tech Mounts • Large Selection of Ladies Apparel • Cool Mancave Items and Everything In Between

SR 135

Brown County’s only Tattoo Studio Nashville Gnaw Bone

SR 46 4413

10% OFF

Purchase with ad!

812.988.0255 4413 St. Rd. 46 East, Nashville, IN Just 3 Miles East of Nashville in Gnaw Bone


4413 State Road 46 East Nashville, Indiana (Gnaw Bone) Next to House of Thunder

More than 25 years experience

Tim Rupp HOURS: CLOSED Mon–Tues, Wed–Sat 10–6, Sun 12–6


Bob Martin

• First in cleanliness • First in experience • First in satisfaction

(812) 988-4054 www.HeartlandTattooCo.com

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 43

Bucks & Does Square Dance Club ~story and photos by Chrissy Alspaugh


housands of dancers across the nation know it’s hip to be square. Or dance that way, at least. Brown County’s Bucks & Does Square Dance Club, Inc. will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020, and some of their members have been dancing even longer. “They say square dancers live at least 10 years longer than average!” said Bucks & Does treasurer Betty Richards, who is nearing 30 years with the club. A square dance is comprised of groups of eight dancers arranged in a square, all facing the middle. The various square dance movements are based on steps and figures used in traditional folk dances. Dancers learn basic movements, each with its own distinctive call, but do not know in what order they will be called. Nashville’s club was launched by a small group

44 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

who met in 1969 at Brown County State Park. While pondering what to call themselves, deer wandering through the park provided inspiration, and the Bucks & Does were born. Today, don’t be fooled into thinking the members’ primarily retirement-aged status suggests anything about the pace of this sport. Most members dance as late as midnight or 1 a.m. at the club’s dances on Fridays throughout the summer, and many travel to do it all over again with nearby square dance clubs on Saturdays. Bucks & Does will host dances from 8 to 10 p.m., or likely much later, on Aug. 3 and October 5 at the YMCA, 105 Willow Street, Each dance costs $10 per visiting dancing couple, and spectators are invited to enjoy the club’s potluck dinner and watch the dance for free. The admission charge to dance includes lessons beginning at 8 p.m.

The club also will host free dances open to all ages from 8 to 10 p.m. July 13 and Aug. 10 at the Abe Martin Lodge inside Brown County State Park. Park gate fees apply. Charlie Johnson, who has been square dancing since the 1950s, leads many of the Bucks & Does dances on the mic as caller, prompting dancers to their next moves and also entertaining the crowd. “Once you get me on the mic, I’m like a Baptist preacher—you’ve got to beat the mic away from me,” he said, laughing. Johnson teaches two levels of square dancing: a more basic “mainstream” style, and the more advanced “plus level.” He said a couple motivated to begin learning square dancing and master all the movements through the plus level could pick it up in about six months of lessons. The club is always eagerly accepting new dancers, and Johnson said children as young as five or six years old can pick up the steps easily. That made Charles and Linda Hestand wonder whether square dancing might be the perfect way to exercise and socialize after retirement. “We knew we didn’t want to sit at home in front of the television,” said Linda, who now serves as a board member for the Bucks & Does. “And now, we absolutely love to come dance. It is really a lot of fun!” Johnson chuckled, noting that one of his favorite songs to start dances with is “I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair.” Betty Richards laughed, admitting that part of her passion for square dancing is the frilly fashion. She guessed that her closet holds about 60 complete outfits —dresses, skirts, petticoats, shoes—

From left: Beverly and George Lockhart, and June Krebbs.

”We knew we didn’t want to sit at home in front of the television. And now, we absolutely love to come dance. It is really a lot of fun!” —Linda Hestand and don’t forget the matching bloomers. But these square dancers have a serious side, too. Throughout the past five decades, the Bucks & Does have danced to benefit Brown County schools, to entertain crowds at the county fair, in area parades, nursing homes, and much more. The Bucks & Does also have traveled by plane, train, and everything in between to attend state conventions, national conventions, a tour through Europe, and even a few cruises.

The friendships that have been fostered over the years are irreplaceable, said club President June Krebbs, who has been dancing since 1978. Club Vice President Beverly Lockhart said she’s never met a more kind or honest group of people than the square dancers she’s met from across the U.S. “There aren’t many other places anymore where you could put your handbag down, leave it all night, and it will still be there when you get back,” she said with a grin. Ruth Johnson, Charlie’s wife, witnessed the love and support of their club first-hand when the Bucks & Does secretly planned a dance and raised $1,500 for the Johnsons’ granddaughter, whose husband was killed in April. “People from everywhere came,” Ruth said. “I was in tears. It’s just love.” The Johnsons said square dancing is one of the best things that’s ever come into their lives. “It’s our life, our family,” Ruth said. “They’re there for you through everything.” 

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 45

Brown County




Rejuvenation Bundle

Open April–October

2248 State Road 46 East • Nashville, IN

3 services / $99 per person: 30 Minute Swedish Massage • Facial • Sugar Scrub for Feet

Minutes away from fine dining, shopping, museums, live entertainment, and theater

41 S. Van Buren St. - Heritage Mall • Nashville

Info: 812-988-4675 • Reservations: 800-562-9132 www.browncountykoa.com

(between the Nashville House and Out of the Ordinary)

812.720.9009 • EtherealDaySpaAndSalon.com



Good Food, Good Service, Good Prices


Catfish on Friday Nights Daily Specials Breakfast Served All Day

Bean Blossom SR 135 North • 988-1147 Open 7 days a week

Accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover cards

LLemon Shake-ups Sh k Hot Dogs • Sausages •Brats Hickory-Smoked Pork BBQ COUPON Buy One BBQ Meal Deal Get One HALF OFF North Van Buren and Gould Streets in Nashville Indiana • 812-988-4273 46 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

New, Spacious Look Inside. New Owners: Sharon & Leonard Richey Pizza & Wings, Groceries, Ice Large Selection Domestic/Craft Beer & Wine LOTTERY, Tobacco Products Camping Supplies, Live Bait & Tackle Hunting & Fishing Licenses Check Station, Firewood State Road 45 and Helmsburg Road Intersection • (812) 929-7797

The Ferguson


• Swan Creek Candles • Home Accessories • Fashion Jewelry • Garden Accents • Iron Decor • Holiday Decor • Man Cave and more…

78 West Franklin Street • Nashville, IN • 812-988-7388 www.FoxfireBoutique.com

Fashion Apparel Jewelry and Purses 59 East Main Street, Suite B • Nashville, IN • 812-988-8707

Foxfire • Gifts and Home Decor • Kitchen Accessories • Personalized and • Baby Gifts Memoriam Gifts • Holiday Decor • Swan Creek Candles • Garden Decor

59 East Main Street, Suite A • Nashville, IN • 812-988-8707 July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 47

Lightspinner STUDIO

What a trip to the country is all about!

Martha Sechler Unique Watercolors Mixed Media Gourd Art

Melons, Tomatoes Sweet Corn, Green Beans Summer Apples, Peaches Blackberries Blueberries 8 57 S 250 W 8157 W. Trafalgar, IN • Fudge Shop and Ice Cream Parlor lor or

4460 Helmsburg Rd. Nashville, IN • 812-988-7379 Open whenever home. Call ahead.

Our own Tzatziki sauce recipe, made from scratch



• Baked Goods from scratch • Jams, Honey, and Gifts • Playground with Super Slide

317-878-9317 www.apple-works.com Visit us on Facebook for the latest happenings

Free samples • Local Delivery Available <Most items under $10> gyrofoodnashville.com • Gyros Food

S. Van Buren & Old School Way • Possum Trot Sq. Look for the sidewalk signs • (812) 318-0840

Fawn Hill

B3 Gallery Expanded –Ascension Fine Arts


3 Gallery has recently expanded, opening Ascension Fine Arts. As the name suggests, the new space is focused on fine art and has a large selection of paintings, photography, mixed media, print-making, sculpture, mosaics, art glass and wood. The original gallery space continues to sell both functional and fine art. The combined galleries represent over 50 Indiana artists, with more than half of the items being made in Brown County. Both galleries are located at 61 W. Main St., on the second floor of the Village Green Building. Artists who are interested in having their work juried for display can contact the gallery at (812) 988-6675 or via email to <gallery@bussert.com>. 

Rustic Home Décor

Lamps, Lanterns, Candles, Wreaths, Pillows, Bags, Shirts Picture Frames and more... In the Artists Colony Shops - Upstairs (Elevator Available) 125 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville, IN • 812-200-3200

Salted Nuts R d Roasted Daily

C Cinnamon Roasted Almonds & Pecans

C ashe ncy Mix epitas Peanuts Cashews, Fancy Mix, P Pepitas, Delicious Candies - Homemade Fudge Mail Orders - 812-988-7480

S.Van Buren (Shopper's Lane) Nashville 48 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

brown County Inn HOTEL, RESTAURANT & BAR

On the corner of 135 & 46 just 3 blocks of downtown with free parking Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week 8am to 9pm Sunday to Thursday 8am to 10pm Friday & Saturday

www.browncountyinn.com (812) 988-2291

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 49

en p O w


Gnaw Bone Creek Trading Post General Store • Antique Mall

New Owners • New Ideas • Come See Us! PRIMITIVES • ANTIQUES

Tons of Items for Your DIY Projects! Visit Picker’s Alley • 1000s of Items

Coming Soon: Petting Zoo Miniature Golf Creekside Cabins Primitive Camping

5515 St Rd 46 East • Gnaw Bone • 10 minutes from downtown Nashville • 812-718-1852

Award Winning Indiana Wines = Enjoy

outdoor seating at Gnaw Bone location = Complimentary Wine Tastings = Shipping to select states

Village of Nashville East Main St. and Old School Way

Winery in Gnaw Bone

Voted one of the Best Winery Experiences in Indiana!

4520 State Road 46 East Nashville

Fruit Wine of the Year [\ Double Gold Winner



BrownCountyWinery.com · 812-988-6144 · 812-988-8646 OPEN DAILY | Monday–Thursday 10 am-5 pm | Friday & Saturday 10 am-5:30 pm | Sunday · 11 am-5 pm 50 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Picture Perfect Getaway

1891 Schoolhouse Inn is a Brown County historic vacation getaway, perfect for a weekend stay, holidays, family vacations, girls’ weekend, men’s gathering, etc. The short distance to Bloomington makes it a great place to stay while attending Indiana University functions and activities.

Call, Book Online, or Stop in! 30 Washington St. • Nashville, IN 812.988.6554 MoonDanceVacationHomes.com Like and Follow Us!

• Log Cabins • Game Rooms • Pet Friendly • Hot Tubs • Private Pools • Lake Fronts

Hoosier Hooch Premium Flavored Moonshines

Your Headquarters for the Great Outdoors • Camping Supplies: • Fishing Tackle Tents, Camping Lights, • Horse Tack Sleeping Bags, Grills, • RV Replacement Parts Fire Starters, Coleman Heaters and Lanterns, • Bulk Mulch Cooking Utensils and Top Soil We Fill Propane Tanks

Salt Creek Plaza • Nashville

(812) 988-8888

www.BearHardware.com • YETI Coolers Dealer

Mon.–Sat. 7:30am–7:00pm Sun 10:00am–4:00pm

BEAR WALLOW distillery

Makers of distilled spirits using locally grown grains in an old-fashioned copper still

Tours and Tastings Gnaw Bone Bourbon Famous for our Moonshine Shake-Up Cocktails

4484 E. Old State Road 46 Gnaw Bone (Look for the signs) (812) 657-4923 • www.bearwallowdistillery.com Mon.–Thurs. 11–5, Fri.–Sat. 11–6, Sun. 12–5

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 51

Sam Parks at the old log jail in Nashville. Frank M. Hohenberger. The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

~by Julia Pearson


Sam Parks

rown County’s old log jail was an early draw for the “leaf peepers” that come to the area every fall to view the countryside’s autumn beauty and the artist colony. Sam Parks, farmer-turned-sheriffturned entrepreneur leased the old jail and converted it to a museum of pioneer curiosities and artifacts. He collected admission fees of a dime from each of the many tourists, amassing $1,200 within two years. Frank Hohenberger immortalized Parks sitting on the iron doorsill of the jail, posing with a gun from the displays. Years earlier, Sam Parks found himself in charge of his family’s farm when just eighteen. Marrying Ida Hedrick, who would inherit her parents’ farm, Parks set about looking for a livelihood that did not

52 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

involve labor and plows. He worked as a policeman in nearby Bloomington for several years. This must have been agreeable work because Parks then nominated himself in the Brown County Democratic party primaries for the position of sheriff. He was elected in 1902 and 1904, despite his fondness for whiskey, gambling, and all-around rowdiness. 1906 found him back on the farm and out of public service. Dillon Bustin’s If You Don’t Outdie Me: The Legacy of Brown County (Indiana University Press, 1982), describes the shift in the years following World War I to mechanized farming methods, leaving hundreds of families in hilly areas unable to pay for mortgage and taxes. Farmsteads were abandoned or sold, and longtime families were moving out. Outsiders were moving in, building summer and weekend vacation cottages,

which in turn led to vandalism and burglaries. The arm of the Ku Klux Klan was being felt by Brown County, as were other Hoosier communities. The time for a diligent sheriff was needed for these problems, with the furor over Prohibition growing louder. Parks entered the race for sheriff in 1904. The Prohibition party ran a candidate for sheriff, who received 56 votes. In comparison, Parks received 1,091 votes and the Republican opponent received 786 votes. With the eventual passage of the Volstead Act, politicians in Brown County, like those across the United States, found themselves weighing national policy with local values. Bustin states: “…In many localities the opinions of the newly enfranchised women, seem to have neared a consensus. Abusive or violent drunkenness was against the rules, as had always been true.” There was an agreement that violent abusive drunkenness was not socially acceptable, but nothing was morally wrong with the consumption of liquor. The product of local stills, “white mule” corn whiskey, was tolerable and women did their part to keep their men out of trouble. Temperance had its vocal supporters in Brown County at this time—women, educators, and clergy. But there were also male school teachers and ministers that were known to imbibe. During this transitional period between 1918 and 1922, Clint Moore was the “incorruptible” sheriff. By 1922, most voters were ready for a “lessconscientious candidate.” Sam Parks saw his opportunity and announced he would enter the race for sheriff again. Some concerned citizens, with memories of Parks’ lax term twenty years earlier, circulated a petition banning him from the election. Anonymous letters sent to the County Commissioners warned of

Sam Parks on the Liars Bench in 1926,. Frank M. Hohenberger. The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

dire consequences if Parks won. Following his election, Parks moved into the sheriff’s house in Nashville. The following night, the house was burnt to the ground. Another house was rented for Parks and his wife by the County Commissioners. During his first term, many people were irritated with Parks’ selective policing of illegal activities. Many believed that only gamblers and distillers raided by Parks were members of the local Republican party. In 1924, twelve candidates were in the primaries for sheriff. The position had shown to be profitable and the County Commissioners planned to build a new jail (the old log jail was condemned by the state years before) and a new sheriff’s residence to replace the one that had been burnt down. To ensure his reelection, Frank Hohenberger’s diary records, Parks made a deal with Ku Klux Klan for the needed votes. He became less cautious while pursuing the profitable aspects of his office. He

harassed less influential distillers and dealt openly in confiscated moonshine. His own behavior revealed indulgence in drinking. In October 1925 Parks was arrested by the County Coroner, Joshua Bond, at a local fox meet and charged with public drunkenness. A few weeks later, while transporting a prisoner to the Monroe County jail, Parks was arrested by the Bloomington police and charged with transportation of liquor and public intoxication. Parks claimed the whiskey was from a recent raid on an illegal still and was just not disposed of. The charges were reduced, but his public service was finished. Democrats shunned him, and his wife filed for divorce. Parks was able to delay his trials until his term in office was over in 1927. He rented an apartment while preparing for his divorce proceedings and his public drunkenness defense. Broke from his legal problems, Parks began selling used cars at the new Ford garage. Parks’ wife, Ida, eventually gave the Elkinsville farm where she had lived with Sam to her sister on condition that the sister care for their aging mother. 

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 53


Morgantown Clock Sales & Repair

House of Clocks Horology Since 1971 . Morgantown, IN www.TheClockConnection.com 812-597-5414 houseofclocks@att.net 75 W. Washington St. Morgantown, IN 46160 Open Tue. - Sat. 11-5pm Sun. & Mon. Closed Su

ANTIQUES CO-OP 129 W. Washington St. • Morgantown, IN 46160 (In the old hardware store building)

Country Primitives Advertising Antique Garden Old Paint Early Smalls Open 6 Days (Closed Mon.)

Furniture, Art Architectural Elements Pottery The Odd and Unusual and A General Line Like us on Facebook

(812) 597-4530

Layaway Available

10 miles north of Nashville on scenic State Road 135

ART Beyond Crayons Creativity beyond the classroom Pick your • Art Lessons for All Ages Palette: • Group Painting Parties

• Birthday Paint Parties • Home Schooled Instruction

Judy D. Wells • owner, K–12 Licensed Educator • judydenisewells@gmail.com 59 S. Marion St. • Morgantown, IN • (317) 403-7147 Flexible hours including weekends and evenings

54 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Check out Ch our full f bar Sunday Special: Bucket of Bud Light or Miller Light $11.25

Lunch & Dinner

Open Tues.–Sat. 10:30–10:00, Sun. 10:30–8:00 • Closed Mon.

329 S. SR 135 Morgantown (812) 597-5900

All New Guest Rooms and Suites with Kitchenettes

Restaurant Serving Lunch & Dinner Daily and also Breakfast Sat. & Sun.

Wine-Down Wednesday

Book Your Meeting, Banquet, or Reception at our Conference Center

2450 State Road 46 East, Nashville, IN Close to Salt Creek Golf Course, Brown County State Park www.creeksideretreat.net Toll free 844-4RETREAT (844-473-8732)


Trail Rides

Every Wed. 6–8 pm

1/3 OFF select wines and music by Jeff Foster

• Soups • Salads • Sandwiches • After Five Menu • Fine Wines Breads, Pastries, and Danish Baked Here Daily

Center of Nashville Main and Van Buren Streets Open Daily • (812) 988-4114 HobnobCornerRestaurant.com

Hoosier Buddy Liquors Cold Beer, Fine Wines & Select Spirits Cold Beer:

Hoosier Buddy offers more than 150 different beers, including more than 80 craft, micro, and imports. We proudly offer a wide variety of beers from Indiana’s finest brewers.

Fine Wines:

Hoosier Buddy is a wine-lovers type of store. With more than 200 wines to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our “Affordable Imports” and “90+ Point” selections.

Relax on a journey with Grandpa Jeff. ff. Take in the scenery and wildlife. No two rides will ever be the same —sunny summer days, fall colors, winter snowfalls, spring blossoms. Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Hay Rides Cattle Drives, and Custom Excursions

At least one hour notice. Trail Ride Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail, or through our website.

Select Spirits:

Hoosier Buddy offers an ever expanding array of top-notch spirits. Our whiskey category alone includes more than 75 different choices. Whether you’re looking for a Single Barrel Bourbon or a Single Malt from Islay— we stock them. Grandpa Jeff personally trained our horses to take exceptional care of your family and friends of all ages.

call or text www.GrandpaJeffsTrailRides.com cell (812)272-0702 info@GrandpaJeffsTrailRides.com 5889 S. Skinner Rd. Morgantown, Indiana

284 South Van Buren (next to Subway) Nashville, IN 812-988-2267

Follow us on Twitter @HoosierBuddy1 As always, Hoosier Buddy Liquors A reminds you to celebrate safe —don’t drink and drive.

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 55

Field Notes: Crawdads

You git a line, I’ll git a pole, honey, You git a line, I’ll git a pole, babe, You git a line, I’ll git a pole, We’ll all go down to the crawdad hole, Honey, oh babe, be mine.

~by Jim Eagleman


ears ago, while enrolled at Western Illinois University, I took summer school classes at Kibbe Life Science Station. Located on the Mississippi River between Hamilton and Warsaw, Illinois, Kibbe afforded us wildlife students plenty of outdoor places to study and learn. Classes were an exceptional opportunity for total immersion in the natural history of the river. I believe my professors also liked a change of teaching environments, from formal classroom to the outdoors. An ichthyology class every morning met early on the river to shock for fish. We traveled in three boats equipped with electric generators and tubs to

hold fish that were stunned with two electrodes dangling in front. Students took turns netting the big fish that wiggled out of the water. Back at Kibbe, we keyed out strange looking suckers, paddlefish, gars, and sturgeon. Hot July days with high humidity made us anxious to get off the river by mid-morning. My little bluegrass band took a brief hiatus that summer. Everyone worked to make money for the following academic year. I made time to practice in the evenings and sought out quiet places so as not to disturb my classmates. The many crayfish we accidentally netted in class brought to mind a traditional folk tune. I scribbled some verses to go with the familiar chorus. I wanted the tune to describe how crayfish, also called crawdads, crawfish, crawl-dads, mountain lobsters, or yabbies, could be boiled and eaten. Some of the commercial fishermen we met in class

56 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

supplemented their catch with crayfish. One fellow invited the class over to his home one evening to show us how he boiled and “shucked” them. It took a lot to make a meal I recall, and we laughed at the term, “freshwater lobster.” Instead of butter, we dipped the little bodies in saucers of catsup. Now when I was a boy we’d go fishin’, But it wouldn’t always be fish we’d go fishin’ for; We’d go down by the bridge where the river flowed. Our ol’ swimmin’ hole and nobody knowed we’d be fishin’, for them crawdads. The professor explained that crayfish are eaten all over the world, and like other edible crustaceans only a small portion of the body is edible. We saw them typically swim backwards to avoid capture in creeks at Kibbe, and in small streams that flowed into the Mississippi. Their mud tunnels, made from little rolled up clumps, could be seen everywhere on the Kibbe flood plains. The claws extend outward and can pinch, so

you grab them on the body behind the head to pick them up. They have four pairs of walking legs and little swimmerets under the abdomen. They have both long and short antennae. Now these critters build themselves a home along the river, And they build a little mud mound by their front door; They sit there and make pretend, and I thought we could catch us maybe 8 or 10 And take ’em home and boil ’em up for our supper. In high school biology class, I recall dissecting a rather anemic-looking crayfish—a step up on the evolutionary scale from the primitive earthworm. We learned over half of the more than 500 species exist in North America. Most crayfish live in freshwater, but some can live in salt or brackish water. A friend kept a few in his aquarium and showed us the shell, or exoskeleton, that was shed as the crayfish grew. So we had a plan worked out where we’d sneak up behind ’em, And scare ’em out into a big ol’ gunny sack. So my friend got on one side, I got on the other. He held the sack and I started into hollerin’, Well them crawdads they ran on down to the water.

Now these crawdads they ran on down to the water, And my friend was still intent on gettin’ us a supper; But they got them pinchers and they go to grabbin’ I turned around and my friend had had it, cuz there was one of them crawdads hangin’ on the end of his nose. Now crawdad are really good eatin’ and that’s the truth, But there are some that don’t like it, they say it’s uncouth; But them that don’t like it they ain’t really tried it, It’ll make a good supper, there ain’t no denyin’ it, Why don’t you try it sometime, crawdads for supper. During the fall term my band mates and I shared tunes we had learned or written over the summer. Working on the vocals and harmonies, my crawdad tune was a hit when we played a bar near Kibbe one night. The patrons affectionately called themselves “river rats.” In the icthyology classroom, large glass jars held the fish we captured for reference and further study. A bubbling tank in the corner held a few of the crayfish we caught. I smiled as I watched them slowly move on the gravel bottom. 

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 57

CARMEL CORN COTTAGE New Oriental Ice Cream New Popcorn Flavors

AAuthentic Mexican Cuisine Family Owned and Operated •Daily Specials •Kid’s Menu

Double Dipped Bacon Popcorn Pickle Popcorn

Sweet Treats


Butter Toffee Chocolate Delites Chocolate Coated Bacon Strips Carmel Coated Bacon Strips

812-988-4535 Carry Out Available

Free Samples

Show this ad & receive a FREE small drink or Caramel Puff with popcorn purchase.

Look for the red & white building at the north end of town

812-988-6011 • CarmelCornCottage.com

COACHLIGHT SQUARE 101 E. Washington St. one block east of S. Van Buren St. (in front of the high school) in downtown Nashville

Running for office in Brown County?

Voters couldld readd your add iin ththe next issue. Contact Cindy at ourbrown@bluemarble.net • 812-988-8807 FYI candidates that ran ads in the March/April issue won their primaries.

Building Fine Log Homes for over 40 Years HONESTY • INTEGRITY • HANDCRAFTED QUALITY

3497 Clay Lick Road • Nashville, IN • (812) 988-2689

Nashville General Store & Bakery Nashville’s Unique Dining Experience (1800s Cabin)

Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Specialty Linen, Rugs, Candles Curtains, Stitcheries Antiques, Billy Jacobs Prints

118 E. Washington St. (by the creek) Nashville, IN • 812-988-6362 Open Sun.–Thurs. 9–5, Fri. 9–6, Sat. 9–7

Breakfast and Lunch BBQ, Chicken Salad, Soups, Pit Ham Cinnamon Rolls, Cobblers, Cookies, Brownies Coffees and Cappuccino

NASHVILLE GENERAL STORE EXPRESS SHUTTLE Reserve the Nashville General Store Express for your charter needs.

58 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Welcome to a Happy Place!


Complete line of: • Wood Stoves and Inserts • Gas Stoves and Inserts • Fireplaces Your first step to Energy INDEPENDENT LIVING

•Brown County Souvenirs •Garden Flags •Yard Art Old and Young Love this Shop! Jackson Creek Village •Haitian/Mexican Metal Art across from Casa Del Sol •T-Shirts •Toys •Chimes on Washington in Nashville •Concrete Statuary •Collectibles (812) 988-2725

812-336-2053 1-800-344-3967 1210 W. 2nd St. Bloomington BloomingtonFireplaces.com



Locally built instruments and affordable student models meticulously displayed, making this little music store a destination point in Brown County Lovingly owned and operated by

At the corner of Main & Van Buren Street (underneath the Nashville House) 812.988.2355

Family Friendly Menu Cooked from Scratch

Kara Barnard and Kristin Thompson

Breakfast (till 11:00) • Lunch • Early Supper

musicians, instructors and instrument adoption specialists

Open daily at 8:30 am till slow (Closed Wed. & Thurs.)

58 E. Main Nashville, IN—Look for BANJO by courthouse

Build your own sandwich, burgers & dogs, daily specials Tex-Mex menu items, delicious desserts

812-200-3300 • www.weedpatchmusicshop.com

158 N. Jefferson Nashville, IN 47448

visit callcarpenter.com

Hills O’ Brown Realty

Front Porch to Back Deck... We’ve got you covered Call us to list your home today!









812-327-7462 317-418-2320





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Branch Manager








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Lawn Order


~by Mark Blackwell

here was a time, at the start of the last quarter of the previous century, when I applied to and was accepted to a U.S. government job training program. I was a young man and at that time employment was as scarce as honesty in Congress. I raised my hand, bit my tongue, and enrolled in CETA. CETA stood for the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act. It was a Nixon-era creation but had more than a faint whiff of the New Deal about it. I joined up and was promptly sent out to Yellowwood State Forest to relearn just about everything the Boy Scouts had taught me ten years earlier.

60 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

I identified trees, built trails, picked up litter, and rescued wayward raccoons from trash cans. I learned how to harvest acorns and Tulip Poplar seeds (sent to a state tree nursery). I assigned campsites and obtained some modicum of social sensitivity from drunk/rowdy campers who thought that camping in a state forest conferred the right to be jerks. What I didn’t suspect was that spending a lot of time outdoors and in close proximity to big trees would result in falling in love. I was already infatuated with camping, boating, hiking but somewhere along the line I came to want a committed relationship with Mother Nature. Now, you might think that I would have considered going to college and getting a degree in forestry so I could spend my life in the woods, but I saw what that did to the professionals I worked with. I saw that the people with the best instincts for forest management were always over-ruled and harassed by office dwellers and bean counters and that situation would negatively affect my affection for nature. I realized I didn’t want to work in the woods. I wanted to live in the woods. My job at forest came to an end, babies were born, other work came along, houses were bought and sold, moves were made, and life went on. And then when the children grew up and the demands

that life makes eased up some, I wound up with a new wife and a mortgage on ten acres located in the heart of Yellowwood. With the help of friends, I began building my dream cabin in the woods. All went about as smoothly as building projects are apt to go, and in about a year and a half I had a cabin, a barn, and a heck of a lot of woods. Things were perfect for a while, but then nature started complaining. First it was the coyotes taking liberties, and then it was a gang of hoodlum raccoons, and then there was the day of the snakes. In one day, all within thirty yards of the front door, I spotted a black snake, a corn snake, and a copperhead. I was okay with the black snake because they are good at keeping the rodent population within bounds. I thought the corn snake was kinda perty, and they are benign. The copperheads, though, I found worrisome. It was the timber rattler that fetched up a ruckus by the back door a few weeks later that convinced me to take action. My stint working at the state forest was the impelling force that led me to live in the woods, but there was an opposite force compelling me to seek out a sylvan habitat—the fact that I had to mow the lawn when I was a kid. It was one of my least enjoyed chores. I was equipped with a non-riding, boy-propelled Jacobson mower, sporting a 250 pound bullet proof, cast iron housing topped by a two and a half poodle power engine that my dad got in a dubious deal. But that’s not the worst of it. The lawn was roughly forty acres and landscaped like a Delta Force training facility. It seemed like it took weeks to finish the job, and when I did I had to start over again. Therefore, when I became an adult I swore to never have a lawn. No sir, I would live in an apartment or a penthouse or a strip-mall parking lot, anywhere there was no lawn. Now I have a lawn. It’s a reasonable size. I can mow it in about an hour and a half on my Dear John Deere 42” cut, riding mower. But I still don’t understand lawns. I suppose they’re good for croquet and lawn tennis. My secret theory is that lawns are for mowing and mowing is an esoteric western meditation technique. You can drive anywhere on any weekend and see thousands of blissed out guys manifesting a form of suburban satori as they ride into the sunset on their Wheel Horses, and then away from the sunset, and then into the sunset. Oh, yeah, there is one more thing a lawn is good for—you can see the snakes coming! 

Come to Gnaw Bone for some tasty BBQ

Open for Lunch and Dinner • Wednesday–Sunday 812-988-5810 • SugarCreekBBQco.com • Wed.–Thurs. 11–8, Fri.–Sat. 11–9, Sun. 11–7

4359 State Road 46 East • Nashville, IN 47448 10 minutes from downtown Nashville. Look for the flags on the south side of the highway.

Melchior Marionette Theatre “Comedy Cabaret on Strings” Summer Schedule: May 26 June 2, 16, 30 July 7, 21 Closed August Sept. 1, 15, 29, 30

Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00 Free Popcorn! Tickets $5

(sold 15 min. before show) Westside of S. Van Buren St. Downtown Nashville

Halloween shows every Sat. & Sun. in Oct. 800-849-4853 • www.melchiormarionettes.com

A Wonderful Mix of Old, New, Used and Rare Books

45 S. Jefferson Street · Nashville, IN 812.988.0202 · fallenleafbookstore.com Sun–Fri 11 am – 5 pm · Sat 10 am – 5 pm

Journals · Sketchbooks Handmade Greeting Cards Local Postcards

There’s a wine for any palette! Free tasting of our locally made wines. You can choose from bold dry reds to refreshing whites and sweet fruit wines.

38 Franklin St. E. (Near the train) Nashville, IN (812) 988-1111 • cedarcreekwine.com Open 7 days a week 12 pm to 5 pm

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 61

• FLAT SCREEN TVs to watch your favorite sports • GREAT MENU: sandwiches, appetizers, & salads • FULL BAR w/GREAT DRINK SPECIALS every day • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT most Friday & Saturday nights • KIDS always welcome until 9pm • KIDS Menu • Outdoor Seating

Open 7 days a week

Located on the lower level at Salt Creek Golf Course • 2359 State Rd. 46 E., Nashville 812-988-4323 • View full menu & entertainment schedule @ www.saltcreekgolf.com

Get away in comfort

The Overlook Lodge Full size living room, dining area, kitchen and a deck or patio

Every room has an outstanding view of the golf course and Brown County State Park

One or two bedroom units with the luxuries of home Great rates

A Condominium-Style Hotel

Golf packages available

2359 State Road 46 East 2.5 miles east of Nashville

Stay one night or long term

812.988.7888 SaltCreekGolf.com Visit us at Facebook/SaltCreekGolf

62 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Seasonal outdoor pool & hot tub 18 hole golf course Driving range & pro shop 19th Hole Sports Bar & Grille

Spices · Rubs Salts · Peppers Baking · Blends Jams · Sauces Mixology Marinades Gift Baskets Box Gift Sets Open Year Round · Order online any time

NashvilleSpiceCompany.com 58 East Main Street, #4 · Nashville, Indiana on Robert “Buck” Stogsdill Way across from the Courthouse

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Named Brown County Chamber of Commerce 2017 Business of the Year

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 63

Hands on History Volunteers Mary George Kipp, Marcia Sleds, and John Kipp lead a session about trading/bartering.

~story and photos by Paige Langenderfer


even-year-old Thomas Kender figures it would take about a million mink furs to make a coat. And if given the choice of which animal he would like to hunt, trap, and eat, Thomas said a deer easily tops the list over a skunk, mink, raccoon, squirrel, or beaver. Thomas was one of about 20 children to participate in the June session of the Brown County Historical Society’s program called “Hands on History.” The monthly program is held from 1 to 4 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month, from April through October. Sessions are held in Nashville’s Pioneer Village (the loom room, the cabin, the schoolhouse, the blacksmith shop, etc.) and in the Brown County History Center. The program is open to all children ages 8 to 12. There is a $5 fee per class and participants are encouraged to register online prior to each class by visiting <browncountyhistorycenter.org> or call (812) 988-2899. Each session features expert presenters who focus on skills that were needed a century ago like hunting and trapping, soap making, Kathy Sparks teaches how to identify animals by their footprints.

64 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

gardening, bee keeping, sewing and weaving, tree and vegetation identification, and more. Along with learning how to set a trap in June, participants learned how to identify animals based on their footprints and how to barter and trade for necessities. Kathy Sparks, a retired educator, and several other history-loving volunteers developed the program in 2016. The Brown County Historical Society provided start-up funds and the program received a grant from the

reading about them in books, the participants come to realize the trials and tribulations and life experiences that they have in common with the youth in days gone by.” The volunteers, for the most part, are retired educators, school librarians or nurses, or others who have a love of history and want to share that love with young people. Marcia Sledd, a retired children’s librarian from Nashville, has been volunteering since the program began.

bartering session the participants also had a chance to look at money from the 19th century and learn how bills were literally cut into pieces to represent smaller currencies. “I just like the old ways,” said Kipp, a member of the Pioneer Women’s Club. “We need to pass on our history so that we can learn from our mistakes and appreciate our past.” Sparks said the program is often filled to capacity. In 2017, 157 children participated, with participants coming from Nashville, Spencer, Franklin,

Patrick Haulter, Ernie Dickmeyer, and Lana Dickmeyer explain hunting and trapping. Kids are touching a mink pelt. Brown County Community Foundation. The funds were used to buy supplies including Dutch ovens, slates for the schoolhouse, weaving and spinning equipment, cooking utensils, tools, garden supplies, etc. “We realized that there was a gap in programming for children with a focus on history. The goal is to instill a love of history—local history when we can—in today’s youth,” Sparks said. “By experiencing events as Pioneer children may have, rather than only

“I just love reading and telling stories to the children,” she said. “History is so important.” Dressed in pioneer period clothing, Mary George Kipp helped teach the children about trading and bartering at June’s session. While playing a role playing game, Kipp gently reminded one participant that a hunter/trapper would not barter the tool of his trade (a gun) for a wagon wheel, but would more likely trade a few furs. During the

Monticello, Bloomington, and even as far away as Michigan. “We are in our third year of the program and it has really taken off,” Sparks said. “Happily, we have children that have participated from the onset of the program and have even had several “graduates” who have come back to assist once they have aged out (at age 13).” For more information, visit <browncountyhistorycenter.org/ childrens-activities.html>. 

July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 65

#1 Rated on TripAdvisor Custom gift certificates for all occasions

Voils 812-361-3595



Decorative Concrete Patios, Driveways, Slabs Basements Retaining Walls Foundation Repairs Bridges

Construction Homes New Construction Remodel Bridges Plumbing

Excavating Visit our website for best deals and availability: cornerstoneinn.com

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66 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Driveways Land Clearing Lakes and Ponds Culverts Water and Sewer

Septics New Septic Installation Repairs Plumbing and Excavating Presby Systems (start at $7500)

BROWN COUNTY July 6, 7, 13 & 14

August 3, 4, 10 & 11 · 7:30 pm August 5 · 2 pm

July 20

July 28

A TED Talk Inspired Speaker Event

Daytime Competition 11 am Evening Concert 7:30 pm

August 17, 24, 25 · 7:30 pm August 18 · 2 & 7:30 pm | August 26 · 2 pm

August 31 7:30 pm

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND MOVIES 812.988.6555 · BrownCountyPlayhouse.org

Movie Events

and the latest releases


Showtimes 7:30 pm · Tickets & schedule online · Beer, wine, champagne & concessions available Box Office: Thursday–Sunday | 70 S. Van Buren · Nashville, IN


Hometown Proud Local Grocery Store Serving Beautiful Brown County Since 1975! • Certified Angus Beef • Large Beer and Wine Sections • Organic Grocery • Dairy • Picnic Supplies • Produce • Full Service Bakery/Deli • Frozen • Custom Cake Decorating • Wine • Custom Deli Trays, Veggie Trays,

Ever-Growing Selection of Gluten-Free Products 30 Hawthorne Dr. • Nashville • East SR 46 at light • 812-988-4546 July/August 2018 • Our Brown County 67


68 Our Brown County • July/August 2018



Plum Creek Antiques Open-Air Market Bean Blossom

• Fruit Jars • Garden Art • Furniture • Iron Things, • Lots of Junk and more 5 minutes north of Nashville (intersection of SR 135 & SR 45)

(812) 988-6268


Serving the Community for over 100 years


Brown County Tire 24 hr. Wrecker Service



Auto Repair

27 Salt Creek Rd (Intersection SR 46) Nashville BAGGED TRASH DROP OFF


The Strength of Big, The Service of Small 189 Commercial Drive, Nashville, IN 47448 812.988.1200

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Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground One Southern Indiana's largest campgrounds STORAGE • Over 55 acres with walking trails • 2 dump stations • Over 300 water/electric sites • 30 amp and 50 amp hookups • Over 300 tent sites • Camping cabin rentals

• Wi-Fi • Heated/AC showerhouse • Laundry facility • Stocked fishing lake

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WALTMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. Owens-Corning Preferred Contractor

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Don Waltman

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Insurance Collision Center Family Owned & Operated since 1976

4555 Old 46

(5 miles east of Nashville in Gnaw Bone)




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VALUABLE COUPON • Mulching - Seeding NEED HELP? • Weeding - Pruning • Tree / Shrub Planting • Fences - Walkways • Retaining Walls • Mowing / Trimming (812) 988-7232 • Flower / Herb Beds

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We Can Do It All!

Complete Landscaping/ Design Services

HEALTH FOR “U” H Mon.–Sat. 10–5


Limit 1.

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(4, 16, or 32 oz.) Save $ S $2.00 2 00 on R Roll-On, ll O Gel, G l Spray S Indiana Amish Natural Chickens and Indiana Raw Honey sold here! Also, Bison and Elk.



Dunham Plumbing Co., Inc.


Licensed Plumbing Contractor • Bonded • Insured #CO89000011 Repair, Remodel, Pump Service, Water Conditioning Drain Cleaning, Water Heaters


812-988-0248 • Nashville, IN • Since 1981 REAL ESTATE

TEAM The Marg and Brenda Team is Your Brown County Team


www.MargAndBrendaTeam.com 10 Artist Drive, P.O. Box 1609 Nashville, IN 47448 Marg DeGlandon CSSS, CDPR Brenda Longtin CSSS, CDPR Broker/Owner Associate Broker Cell: 812-360-4083 • margd@remax.net Cell: 812-360-3889 • shaht@mibor.net

Helmsburg Sawmill

Logging to Lumber


Pool Enterprises, Inc.

Custom Log Home Lumber Packages ~ Posts ~ Beams Rafters ~ Barn Siding ~ Board & Batten ~ Firewood Mulch ~ Sawdust ~ Buyers of Standing Timber www.helmsburgsawmill.com • helmsburgsawmill@gmail.com facebook.com/helmsburgsawmillinc



Personal Training Fitness Center Swim Lessons Gymnasium Day Camp Exercise Classes Climbing Wall


Open at 5:30 a.m. Mon.–Fri.

All Colors Free Estimates Quality Workmanship Vinyl Siding and Soffit

Ron Bishop





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Keyed IN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Let us find your next door. Property management for rentals for a month or longer. Let us find a rental for you or manage your property. Call for listings or free estimates.


Sampler at

Gyros T

he Sampler tracked down the much heard of and talked about Nashville Gyros, which had somehow been eluding me. I had seen their sign, right across Van Buren from the Nashville Christian Church parking lot “Not Just Gyros— Food Is Art Studios” and had even dropped by the place in Possum Trot Square, behind the fudge shop, after hours. I love a big, messy Gyros, piled high with meat and slathered with sauce. I braved the weekend crowds and made my way to the little stand with all the outdoor tables right, around the corner form the gelato and flavored popcorn place. And, as an unexpected bonus on a hot summer day, there is a nice, airconditioned dining room for those who do not care to dine “al fresco” in the Indiana heat and humidity. One thing everybody says about this place is how friendly the people are, and I am happy to report that is true. No need to futz around the menu. I came for the Gyros and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m having. Although, I can’t help noticing there is a Philly cheesesteak on the menu that looks entirely tempting; spice blended sirloin steak topped with onions, peppers, and Provolone cheese, served with a choice of sauces, including mildly hot bourbon sauce and a hot mango habanero sauce. Also on offer are a Bourbon steak or chicken sandwich with your choice of Feta or Provolone cheese.

I have also heard good things about the hummus—garlic or roasted pepper hummus served with pita and Tzatziki sauce. Even though Nashville Gyros touts their generous portions, I felt it was my duty to have the large Gyros. In service of you, the fair reader, of course. The foil-wrapped beauty appeared at my table hot and juicy—a substantial pile of beef and lamb mix served on a warm fresh pita, piled high with lettuce, tomato, onion, and the special super secret house Tzatziki sauce, the ingredients of which, the waitress confidentially informs me, are not revealed under any circumstances. “In case of food allergies, you just tell the chef what you’re allergic to and he’ll tell you if there’s any of that in there.” The Gyros was everything I had hoped for—meaty, juicy, succulent, and delicious. Grab a napkin, because you’re going to need it and probably several more before you’ve dispatched with this fantastic sandwich.

70 Our Brown County • July/August 2018

Of course, you can always have it as a salad, your choice of meat on a bed of lettuce, tomato, onion, Kalamata olives and Feta cheese, topped with the homemade Tzatziki sauce. That is the non-gluten approach, and would probably be a lot less messy—but let’s face it—without the pita, would it really be a Gyros? For a brief second, I was hearing the Bouzouki music playing softly in the background and picturing the classical Greek coastline on a fine summer day. The food was wonderful with a good atmosphere, indoors or outside on a nice day. From time to time Nashville Gyros offers limited time specials including spanakopita, Italian beef, Thai chicken, or Tabouli. I know that you are going to find it hard to believe that I did not sample the well-regarded Baklava. But the monster Gyros had done its work. I was stuffed and well-satisfied. I feel my sweet tooth has let you down this time. And yet, I was profoundly satisfied. Gyros is open Thursday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (subject to change) and closed during the most wintery season. In town delivery is available. Phone (812) 318-0840 or visit <gyrofoodnashville.com> email: <gyrosnshvlleind@gmail.com>. 

HOTEL NASHVILLE Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville

Upscale Dining in a Casual Atmosphere Serving Dinner with Full Bar Service Thurs. 5 to 8 pm, Fri. & Sat. 5 to 9 pm

• Suites, Studios, Hot Tubs • Restaurant and Bar • Indoor Pool, Sauna, Whirlpool • Conference Facilities • Weddings and Receptions • Special Getaway Packages

Menu Features: Steaks, Seafood, Pasta, Chicken, Burgers, Appetizers, Soups and Salads

Reserve your Special Party now! Meetings and Banquets Catering in your home or other venue Weddings and Receptions

245 N. Jefferson St., Nashville (812) 988-8400 • (800) 848-6274 www.hotelnashville.com

BRICK LODGE NORTH HOUSE • Accommodates 8 Guests • 3 Bedrooms and 2 1/2 Baths • Cable TV–DVD Player • Fully-Equipped Kitchen • Central Heat and Air • Electric Fireplace • Secluded Hot Tub • Gas Grill

• Accommodates 8 Guests • 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths • Game Room w/ Pool Table • Cable TV–DVD Player • Fully-Equipped Kitchen • Central Heat and Air • Gas Fireplace • Gas Grill • Outdoor Hot Tub

194 N. Van Buren St., Nashville (812) 988-6429 www.northhousegetaway.com

1878 N. State Rd. 135, Nashville (812) 988-6429 www.bricklodge.com


Fudge Kitchen

…so much more than fudge!

Our shop is bursting with flavor! WATCH US MAKE…

Our Creamy Fudge · Gourmet Popcorn All Natural Gelato · Seasonal Treats An old-fashioned candy store loaded with all of your favorite treats! We have the largest selection of Fudge, Popcorn, Candies, Ice Cream and Gelato in Brown County, Indiana.

{ Old Fashioned Since 1983 } ! line e N O er her Ord Anyw ! d hip S orl e W W e h in t

175 South Van Buren · Nashville, IN 47448 812.988.0709