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July– Aug. 2013

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Hesitation Point Bike and



Guitar Competition


Jeff Foster

In the Right Place

The Sampler

Casa Del Sol

Moves to Town

And: Sisters of Sunlight and Shadow Birds Appreciated Summer Events



HOME TO INDIANA’S FINEST INSTRUMENT BUILDERS Huge selection of dulcimers, harps, and zithers!

Locally made mandolins, fiddles, and affordable imports.

Custom Handmade banjos by Jeff Russell and others .

Pictured: San Jacinto and Lexington by OC Bear, Doc Watson Signature Gallagher, Gallagher G-55. In addition to our handmade OC Bear and Gallagher guitars we also carry the Morgan Monroe and Indiana lines.

58 East Main Street Next to the Courthouse on Old School Way in Nashville, IN

812-988-1180 • www.weedpatchmusiccompany.com

Village Green Building

CELEBRATING OVER 100 YEARS IN NASHVILLE The Nashville you came to see and love… Where you can see the work of local artists — whether it’s ice cream, candy and fruit preserves made the old fashioned way or the artwork of local artists and craftsmen. ·   · Homemade Ice Cream Homemade Candies Homemade Fruit Preserves ·   · Antiques · Art and Craft Galleries featuring over 40 area artists Working studios of local artists



H I C

Yes, we really do make it ourselves!


The Candy Dish


Home of the Spinning Taffy and Nostalgic Candy Bins —·— Fine Homemade Candies & Fudge Fine Chocolate Fresh Roasted Nuts



.. · .

M A  F




A Dreamer’s Gallery Specializing in Art and the Vintage, Local and Unique!




Nineveh Edinburgh Morgantown 31 37 135 I-65 46 Bloomington Columbus 46 NASHVILLE 252


Country Club Rd






ch ran




k Rd ton Cr



Spears Gallery

Country Mouse Weaving Studio

Woman’s Way Gallery


Brown County State Park



Abe Martin Lodge

STORY Monroe Reservoir

Rawhide Ranch

eXplore Brown County



Mike’s Music and Dance Barn

Rinnie Seitz Rd

la Pop

Lodge on the Mountain T.C. Steele State Historic Site


ls to COLUMBUS ll nta e ue Ma ion Re kidscommons r . i s T t . iq pt n Co Co. Ant n VacaWinery Hills A oneto w o Br own ’ Brow n Co. orest mp M F Ca Br ills o Brow H Mt. Libe GNAW r ty Rd BONE

Old SR 4



to BL OO

Knight’s Trash Removal


f se o r Houunde Th r ’s e ze r Krited Sto Fe

Yellowwood Lake

ber Cre

Gaia’s Touch

Artist and/or Gallery


Whispering TimPines Alpacas

Green Valley NASHVILLE Lodge

Musical Entertainment

Val ley B


Al’s Paint & BodyAl’s Garage


Mike Nickels Log Homes






Oak Grove

Oak Grove Pottery




Doodles by Kara Barnard


Clay Lick Rd

Hilltop Cabin Brown Co. Cabins


. Rd

Ow l Cr eek


Flower and Herb Barn Farmhouse Café


BLOOMINGTON 4th Street Festival Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS Bloomingfoods Elegant Options Fireplace Center Longs Landing

Cordry Lake

Sprunica Rd.

St. David’s Plum Creek Farmer’s Mkt. Antiques Market





Vaught Rd.

Monroe Music Park & Campground BEAN BLOSSOM



Rosey Bolte’s Uncommon Gourd Studio

Upper Bean Blossom

Brownie’s Bean Blossom Inn


Lake Lemon



Carmel Ridge Rd



Sal t Cr eek

Brown County

MORGANTOWN Sheep Street Fibers TRAFALGAR Appleworks Sweetwater Antiques Co-op Lake House of Clocks Jeepers Miniatures Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides


Bob Allen Rd.

Homestead Weaving Studio Salem’s Good Nature Farm Elizabeth O’Rear Studio




Hoosier Artist Brown Co Art Guild

ST SR 135 N

The Candy Dish Smashing Designs The Harvest Preserve A Dreamer’s Gallery

Hobnob Corner

Head Over Heels

Nashville Candy Store Sports Etc.

Heritage Mall

Spears Pottery

House of Jerky

Gallery North

Main Street Shops


Redbud Terrace

McGinley Insurance

Health for U Career Resource Center

First Merchants Office Bank

County Offices

Brown Co Public Library

Gold &Old

Townhouse Touch of Silver Gifts

Broomcorn Johnny’s Glass Planet Gifts Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts Brown Co Craft Gallery

Weed Patch Music Co.

Log Jail

Pioneer Village Museum

MAIN STREET Brown Co Nashville Winery House That Sandwich Place


open M-F8-4

Copperhead Creek Gem Mine

Iris Garden Gallery and Cottages

Iris Garden Gallery


Village Village Green Boutique Ferrer Miller’s Gallery Ice Cream

? info


Pit Bull Leather Bedazzled Jewelry J Bob’s

Brown County History Center

GOULD STREET Trolly’s Brown County Rock & Fossil Shop

Norma Reigle Palm & Tarot


Hidden Valley Inn



Hesitation Point Honeysuckle Bike and Hideaway Backcountry

Granny’s Christmas Shop Mercantile Store The Wild Olive

MOLLY’S LANE Big Woods Village

The Silver Fern Beads and Gifts

Men’s Toy Shop Main Street Images

Colonial Bldg.

Carmel Corn Cottage


Harvest Moon Pizzeria

Bright & Williamson Insurance

Hills O’Brown Realty

Muddy Boots Cafe Leatherworks

J.B. Goods/ Life is Good

Hotel Nashville

Ol d



Brown Co Art Gallery

Masonic Lodge

SR 4



The Salvation Army

Michael’s Massage

Brown Co. Massage

White Sands Boutique

Melchior Marionettes

Brown Co Playhouse Jack & Jill Nut Shop

58 South Apparel

New Leaf Amy Greely


Artists Colony Inn B3 Gallery Carol’s Crafts • Toy Chest Brown Co. Clocks & Collectibles

Artists Colony

Cathy’s Corner

Nashville Express

Male Instinct

Rhonda Kay’s

Out of the Ordinary


Ole House

Primitive Spirit

Coachlight Sq

Brown County IGA Brown Co Inn Harvest Dining Room Bear Hardware • Comfort Inn Corn Crib Lounge Willow Manor Apartments Brown Co Community YMCA


Tea Shop

Ethereal Day Spa and Salon Chateau Thomas Sweetea’s Winery




Nashville General Store & Bakery

Salt Creek Inn Casa del Sol McDonald’s Pizza Pine King Room Tavern Brown Co Health & Living Community

Salt Creek Park

Seasons Lodge & Conference Center

Doodles by Kara Barnard


Artist and/or Gallery Rest Room


Musical Entertainment Parking


map not to scale

Nashville Indiana

Casa Del Sol

Cornerstone Inn

WASHINGTON STREET Appetit Camelot Shoppes Bone Bakery

Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Possum Trot Sq

Sweetwater Gallery Wishful Grasshopper Flats Thinking



Hoosier Buddy

Thrift Shop-Community Closet


Olde Magnolia House Inn 4th Sister Vintage Store

Schwab’s Fudge Abe’s Alley PITTMAN HOUSE LANE

Franklin Sq


FRANKLIN STREET Life is Good Calvin Place JB Goods

Through the Looking Glass Wooden Wonders Nashville Image Old Time Photos For Bare Feet, Cabin Scents Brown Co. Furniture, All About Dogs Brown Co Weavery & Roots Paint Box Gallery, The Clay Purl The Menagerie K. Bellum Leather Peaceful Valley Arts & CraftsGallery Brown Co. Pottery Ferguson House

Antique Alley



Antiques Co-op.............................52 Brown Co Antique Mall................60 Cathy’s Corner...............................15 Elegant Options............................33 Gnaw Bone Antiques/Uniques...64 Nashville General Store...............24 Plum Creek Antiques...................64 Townhouse Gifts...........................39


4th Street Festival........................66 Antique Alley Shops.....................51 Antiques Co-op.............................52 B3 Gallery.......................................39 Bear Hardware..............................55 Brown Co Antique Mall................60 Brown Co Art Gallery...................29 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................61 Cathy’s Corner...............................15 Elegant Options............................33 Ferrer Gallery...................................3 Gallery North.................................38 Hoosier Artist................................31 Iris Garden Gallery........................45 Peaceful Valley Arts & Crafts.......61 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.39 Rhoden Art Gallery at eXplore Brown County................23


58 South Apparel..........................27 Antique Alley Shops.....................51 Bear Hardware..............................55 Thrift Shop-Community Closet..57 Glass Planet Gifts..........................51 Head Over Heels...........................54 Hesitation Point Bike and Backcountry...................................18 House of Thunder.........................63 J.B. Goods/ Life is Good...............15 Male Instinct..................................61 Men’s Toy Shop..............................46 Pit Bull Leather Co........................55 Sports Etc.......................................54 Village Boutique...........................63


4th Sister Vintage Store...............19 4th Street Festival........................66 Antique Alley Shops.....................51

Our Brown County

Antiques Co-op.............................52 Appleworks....................................53 B3 Gallery.......................................39 Bone Appetit Bakery....................60 Broomcorn Johnny’s....................33 Brown Co Clocks & Collectibles..49 Brown Co Craft Gallery................61 Brown Co Pottery..........................61 Brown Co Rock & Fossil Shop.....45 Brown Co Visitors Center.............14 Carol’s Crafts..................................49 Cathy’s Corner...............................15 Country Mouse Weaving.............38 A Dreamer’s Gallery.......................3 Elegant Options............................33 The Ferguson House....................13 Ferrer Gallery...................................3 Foxfire.............................................13 Gallery North.................................38 Glass Planet Gifts..........................51 Granny’s Christmas Shop............59 Head Over Heels...........................54 Homestead Weaving Studio.......25 Hoosier Artist................................31 House of Clocks.............................52 House of Thunder.........................63 Iris Garden Gallery........................45 J Bob’s Trading Co.........................23 Jeepers Miniatures.......................52 K. Bellum Leather.........................24 Main Street Images......................23 Male Instinct..................................61 Men’s Toy Shop..............................46 Mercantile Store...........................59 Nashville General Store...............24 New Leaf.........................................29 Oak Grove Pottery........................25 Ole House.......................................37 Papertrix.........................................37 Peaceful Valley Arts & Crafts.......61 Pit Bull Leather Co........................55 Primitive Spirit..............................36 Rhonda Kay’s.................................27 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.39 Sheep Street Fibers......................52 Silver Fern Beads & Gifts.............36 Smashing Designs..........................3 Spears Gallery and Spears Pottery...............................25 Sports Etc.......................................54

Sweetwater Gallery......................15 Townhouse Gifts...........................39 The Toy Chest................................49 Wishful Thinking...........................61


Brown County Playhouse............51 Copperhead Creek Gem Mine....45 kidscommons................................33 Melchior Marionettes..................36 Monroe Music Park: Uncle Pen Days..............................4 Muddy Boots Cafe........................24 Nashville Express..........................60 Pine Room Tavern.........................24 Rawhide Ranch.............................55


Abe Martin Lodge.........................18 Appleworks....................................53 Artists Colony Inn.........................49 Bloomingfoods.............................47 Brown Co IGA................................56 Brown Co Inn.......................... 57, 59 Brown Co Winery..........................56 Brownie’s Bean Blossom Rest.....45 The Candy Dish...............................3 Carmel Corn Cottage...................33 Casa Del Sol...................................33 Chateau Thomas Winery.............60 Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville........67 Farmhouse Cafe............................14 Harvest Moon Pizzeria.................57 The Harvest Preserve.....................3 Hobnob Corner Restaurant........29 Hoosier Buddy Liquors................55 Hotel Nashville..............................67 House of Jerky...............................60 J Bob’s Trading Co.........................23 Jack n Jill Nut Shop.......................61 McDonald’s....................................60 Miller’s Ice Cream............................3 Muddy Boots Cafe........................24 Nashville BP...................................37 Nashville Candy Store..................54 Nashville Fudge Kitchen..............68 Nashville General Store...............24 Nashville House............................57 Ole House.......................................37 Pine Room Tavern.........................24 Schwab’s Fudge.............................24 Seasons...........................................57

Advertiser Index St. David’s Farmer’s Market.........27 Sweetea’s Tea Shop......................38 That Sandwich Place....................60 Trolly’s.............................................57 The Wild Olive...............................21


The Ferguson House....................13 Gnaw Bone Antiques/Uniques...64 Long’s Landing..............................25 Plum Creek Antiques...................64


Bear Hardware..............................55


Head Over Heels...........................54 K. Bellum Leather.........................24


4th Street Festival........................66 Antique Alley Shops.....................51 B3 Gallery.......................................39 Brown Co Antique Mall................60 Cathy’s Corner...............................15 Ferguson House............................13 Ferrer Gallery...................................3 Foxfire.............................................13 Glass Planet Gifts..........................51 Grasshopper Flats.........................15 Hoosier Artist................................31 J Bob’s Trading Co.........................23 Main Street Images......................23 New Leaf.........................................29 Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts.........61 Ole House.......................................37 Rhonda Kay’s.................................27 Silver Fern Beads & Gifts.............36 Touch of Silver Gold & Old..........25 Village Boutique...........................63 Woman’s Way Gallery-Carrie Foley, Janet Cullen...................................39


Abe Martin Lodge.........................18 Artists Colony Inn.........................49 The Brick Lodge............................67 Brown Co Inn.......................... 57, 59 Comfort Inn...................................12 Cornerstone Inn............................42 eXplore Brown County................25 Forest Hills Apartments...............19 Green Valley Lodge......................37 Hampton Inn.................................12

Hidden Valley Inn.........................47 Hills o’ Brown Vacation Rentals..47 Hilton Garden Inn.........................12 Holiday Inn Express......................12 Honeysuckle Hideaway...............60 Hotel Nashville..............................67 Iris Garden Cottages & Suites.....45 Lodge on the Mountain...............61 Mike Nickel’s Vacation Cabins....14 The North House...........................67 Olde Magnolia House..................19 Rawhide Ranch.............................55 Salt Creek Inn................................39 Seasons...........................................57 Willow Manor Apartments..........27

Career Resource Center Farmers Insurance—McGinley First Merchants Bank Flower and Herb Barn Gaia’s Touch Gnaw Bone Antiques/Uniques Helmsburg Sawmill Hills o’ Brown Realty Knight’s Trash Removal Kritzer’s Feed Store Mike Nickels Log Homes Norma Reigle-Palm and Tarot Plum Creek Antiques

Bill Monroe Museum......................4 Pioneer Village Museum.............39




Bone Appetit Bakery....................60


B3 Gallery.......................................39 Glass Planet Gifts..........................51 Main Street Images......................23 Spears Gallery and Spears Pottery...............................25


eXplore Brown County................23 Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides............19 Rawhide Ranch.............................55


Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS.......................63 Brown Co Health & Living...........47 Brown Co Massage.......................46 Brown Co Visitors Center.............14 Career Resource Center...............44 Ethereal Day Spa and Salon........63 Hesitation Point Bike and Backcountry...................................18 Michael’s Massage Therapy........19 Nashville BP...................................37


Al’s Paint & Body-Garage Robert Adair-Woodworking Baldwin Tree Service Bean Blossom Antiques Bright & Williamson Insurance Brown Co Community YMCA Brown Co Tire & Auto


Head Over Heels...........................54 K. Bellum Leather.........................24 Bone Appetit Bakery....................60 Brown Co Clocks & Collectibles..49 Carol’s Crafts..................................49 Fireplace Center............................33 Granny’s Christmas Shop............59 Hesitation Point Bike and Backcountry...................................18 House of Clocks.............................52 House of Thunder.........................63 K. Bellum Leather.........................24 Male Instinct..................................61 Men’s Toy Shop..............................46 Pit Bull Leather Co........................55 Primitive Spirit..............................36 Sheep Street Fibers......................52 Sports Etc.......................................54 The Toy Chest................................49 Weed Patch Music Company........2 Whispering Pines Alpacas...........36 Wishful Thinking...........................61


Ferrer Gallery...................................3 Hoosier Artist................................31 Sweetwater Gallery......................15


Artists Colony Inn.........................49 eXplore Brown County................23 Hotel Nashville..............................67


Lamb Lake Homes........................18 Flower & Herb Barn......................64 Whispering Pines Alpacas...........36

Cover photo by Cindy Steele

Jeff Foster at the Brown County Playhouse 2013 Brown County Music Awards

16 Jeff Foster, In the Right Place ~by Bill Weaver 20 Hesitation Point Bike & Backcountry ~by Karen E. Farley 26 Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

~by Lee Edgren

30 Brown County Sisters Allie and Molly ~by Julia Pearson

38 44 46 48 50

Secret Garden Tour Brown County History Mural Clay Day at Spears Gallery Casa Del Sol–The Sampler Birds Appreciated

~by Jim Eagleman

58 Brown County Vision ~by Henry Swain

62 Art on Fire Weekend 10-11 11 13 34-35 40-41 43

Contributors 11 Subscribe Where Is It? Contest Note from the Editor Brown County Photography Guild Calendar of Entertainment/Events Coloring Contest


Cindy Steele, publisher P.O. Box 157 Helmsburg, IN 47435

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Bill Weaver is an author and radio personality currently living in Bloomington. He’s published The College of Beer: The Story of Nick’s English Hut, and numerous zines including ER, D’KNOW, and The New York Squid. He writes for Our Brown County, IntoArt, and the Bloomington Herald-Times Homes section. He maintains a website of short stories called The Liars Bunch at <www.liarsbunch.com>. He’s known as Gus Travers, the co-host of WFHB’s The Dark End of the Street. Cindy Steele is the publisher and editor of this magazine. She works out of her home in Helmsburg, producing most of the ads and layout herself. She started a second publication in 2004 called INto Art that focuses on fine arts and crafts in this region. She consults with her son Evan Markley on photo choices and ad designs. Her friend Otis hosts a jam session every Thursday where she pretends to play the banjo or guitar and sings. Joe Lee is an illustrator and writer. He is the author of The History of Clowns for Beginners and Dante for Beginners and illustrator of six other titles, including the forthcoming Dada and Surealism for Beginners in the ongoing “for Beginners” series. He is an award-winning editorial cartoonist for the Bloomington Herald Times, a graduate of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and a veteran circus performer. Joe lives with his wife Bess, son Brandon, George the cat, and his dogs, Jack and Max. Julia Pearson is the Museum Director for the Brown County Historical Society. She and her husband, Bruce, reside in Bloomington. Julia is human interest editor and writer for a Secular Franciscan magazine, and is currently writing a column entitled “Leaves of Brown” for the Brown County Democrat. She loves traveling and visiting museums of all types and sizes worldwide, especially with her children and grandchildren. Jeff Tryon is a fifth-generation BrownCountian who has worked as a newspaper reporter, a carpenter, a cook, a factory droid, and a poet performing with a rock band. He lives with his wife, Sue, in a log cabin on a piece of property on the edge Brown County State Park. He attended his first Bean Blossom Bluegrass festival by going over the back fence from the cemetery. It is for people like him that “Hippy Hill” was named.

Henry “Hank” Swain moved to Brown County with his bride Mardi in 1947. He supported a family of five daughters by building homes. Hank’s books Leaves for the Raking, and Why Now? are bi-products of writing for Our Brown County. He has served the Chamber of Commerce, the Nashville United Methodist Green Room class, the Bloomington Society of Friends, League of Women Voters, and WRAPS (Writers, Readers and Poets Society). You will sometimes find him relaxing in his kayak on Salt Creek. Karen E. Farley and her husband Ken recently moved to Nashville from Columbus. She is mother of three, stepmom of four, grandmother of twelve and great grandmother of one. Karen’s passion for writing began in her twenties writing poems to her daughters. Married for 25 years, she contributes to several local, national, and international magazines. Jim Eagleman is a 38 year veteran of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as an interpretive naturalist, first working at Turkey Run State Park for three years and for the last 34 at Brown County. He and his wife Kay have three sons, all graduates of Brown County High School. Kay and Jim enjoy all outdoor activities, especially kayaking. Jim is currently working on his memoirs.

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Lee Edgren, writing since kindergarten, attended journalism school at the University of Michigan. Her career includes writing for a newspaper, for a government agency, and for UM Medical Center. She became seriously interested in yoga during the late 1980s and traveled widely. Lee has a master’s degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University. She lives in both in Brown County and in northern Michigan and owns River Light Yoga studio.

featured photographs BETA teen photographs of the Brown County State Park during the June Can-Do Camp. BETA is a Brown County after school program for teens. During the first day of the camp the teens were given cameras to take photos during a nature hike. Three professional photographers: Jim Krause, Anne Ryan Miller, and Jeff Danielson came along to share their tips with the teens.


• The Where Is It? The photo was of the cabin that holds books next to the Brown County IGA. Jennifer Butler guessed first. • Angela M. Culotta from Baton Rouge, LA won the Coloring Contest.

Win $20 (812)988-8807 Be the first person to call and get the prize money. Leave a message with the specific location of the Mystery Photo, your name, and phone number.

Enjoy Beautiful Brown County, Indiana and the village of Nashville!

NASHVILLE/BROWN COUNTY This award winning hotel is the perfect quiet getaway with its quaint and rustic lobby, free hot breakfast, complimentary wireless internet, indoor pool, fitness room and whirlpool suites. Trolley available to downtown Nashville.

Gold Award Hotel

812-988-6118 • 800-4CHOICE

75 W Chestnut, St Rd 46


Features 125 Luxurious Guest Rooms, CComplimentary High-Speed Internet, HHD Flat Screen TVs, 24Hr Complimentary BBusiness Center, 3000 Sq Ft Meeting Room, EExercise Center, Indoor Swimming Pool & W Whirlpool, Great American Grill Restaurant aand nightly room service. Next to Edinburgh PPremium Outlets and Exit 76 Antique Mall.

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US 31 & I-65, Exit 76B 812-526-9899 / 800-4CHOICE

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12 Our Brown County • July/August 2013


The Ferguson


78 W. Franklin Street Nashville 812-988-7388

Visit rooms of:

• Swan Creek Candles • Iron Decor • Home Accessories

• Holiday Decor

• Fashion Jewelry

• Accent Tables

• Garden Accents


ashville has long been a destination for women seeking gifts and home décor, but now there are many shops catering to women’s interest in fashion. If you see the word “boutique” in the name of shop you are sure to find fashion the focus of the merchandise. But many other businesses are offering clothing and fashion accessories along with their other goods. You might be surprised to find a beautiful dress in a place called Glass Planet Gifts or Foxfire. When I buy clothing I try on nearly everything in sight until it feels right. It helps to have someone else along to narrow down the choices. I recently went shopping with my friend Julie and I found it more fun to pick out things for her to try on than to shop for myself. We made it a girlfriend’s afternoon with coffee, good conversation, and pleasing purchases. Nashville is a little village with an abundance of unique things you won’t find in a mall. Most importantly, it is a great place to slow down and have fun with your friends and family. —Cindy Steele

and more . . .


59 E. Main St. Nashville 812-988-8707

• Fashion Apparel, Jewelry and Purses • Gifts and Home Decor • Willowtree Angels • Swan Creek Candles • Kitchen Accessories • Baby Gifts • Holiday Decor • Rhythm Clocks • Garden Decor July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 13


Farmhouse Cafe


Farmhouse CABINS

...a country drive to an unexpected dining pleasure

Authentic log cabin vacation rentals


Four romantic cabins filled with antiques, quilts and vintage furnishings

Homemade Soups, Salads and Garden Sandwiches


Steak · Salmon · Pork Chops Chicken · Pasta

Two-story Individually decorated Fully furnished Immaculately kept Front porch swings to melt your stress away Accommodating 4-8 guests

Daily 11 am–4 pm


Tuesday–Saturday 5–8 pm

• • • •

Cozy warm interiors Fireplaces Fully equipped kitchens Catch and release fishing, canoeing, hiking and swimming • Outdoor grills and fire pits • Secluded on 250 wooded acres

R Garden and Fruit Salads Soups · Desserts Herbal Teas · Cool Drinks Beer & Wine

5171 Bean Blossom Road

Just 15 minutes from Nashville


812.988.2689 · LogCabinsOf BrownCounty.com


Fans of the outdoors flock to Brown County every summer. Our Visitors Center can help you find the perfect outdoor activity, from hiking and mountain biking to fishing and zip lining. Your summer adventure awaits! Plan your escape today at BrownCounty.com.

BVB-040-OurBrownCounty-Ad-7.25x4.5-06.14-FNL.indd 1

6/11/13 11:09 AM

14 Our Brown County • July/August 2013 RES:

press ready

JOB: BVB-040-OurBrownCounty-Ad-7.25x4.5-06.14-FNL.indd DATE: 06/14/2012

MEDIA: Our Brown County Ad








7.25" x 4.5"








7.25” x 4.5”

Visit America’s First Store

Sweetwater Gallery featuring locally crafted:

Stained Glass Paperweights Mosaic Mirrors Fabric Wallhangings also offering:

Pottery Kaleidoscopes Metal Sculpture Owners, Ron and Penny Schuster

145 S. Van Buren Nashville located in the Back-to-Back Complex 812-988-0449 www.schusterglass.com

est. 1972

172 N. Van Buren Street in Nashville, IN Kids store is located in Calvin Place– (S. Van Buren and Franklin Streets)

www.JBGoods.com • 812-988-0900

Estate Jewelry Antiques Paintingg

Doug Stoffer, Designer/Jeweler Sterling Silver • Fine Diamonds Opals • Gemstones • Wedding Rings Titanium Bands • Austrian Lead Crystal For Quality and Price call 812-988-4037 Top Dollar Paid for Old Gold 150 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville

Things you can’t find anywhere else! 39 E. Franklin St. in Nashville

(North of Artists Colony Inn–next to where you board the train)

Painting Lessons available, call for times

812-988-4091• cathyscornerbc@gmail.com Also buying estate and vintage jewelry gold and silver (will travel).

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 15

Jeff Foster

In the Right Place photo by Geoff Thompson


~by Bill Weaver

ou know you’ve lucked out when your career is the thing you most enjoyed doing as a kid. “My earliest memories include banging around on a little ukulele my folks had gotten me,” says Jeff Foster while sitting in his second floor studio on Old School Way in downtown Nashville. “I started lessons at ten and just had a knack for it, got the bug, and decided I was going to be a musician. For a time I was playing all styles of guitar, banjo, mandolin, pedal-steel, bass. Anything with strings, I’d try it.” Growing up in Muncie, Jeff migrated to Bloomington in 1975. While there he studied ethnomusicology as well as jazz improvisation with world-renowned Professor David Baker. “I got my first job teaching at Indiana University,” he says. “I started with Beginning Guitar and ended creating, and writing the manual for, my own advanced level class called Sight Reading and Ear Training for the Guitar.”

16 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Foster hit the road in 1990, ending up in Bakersfield, California where he taught classical guitar at California State University. “I was out there ten years to the weekend. It was a very productive period for me. I did a lot of gigging in that area. I even played guitar at Buck Owens’s last wedding,” he adds, laughing. After his mother passed away, Jeff returned to Muncie where he fixed up the old homestead. One weekend he was visiting Bloomington with his wife Rhonda.

“I showed her around some of the old haunts and she just fell in love with the place,” he remembers. “We rented the house in Muncie and came down.” One day while visiting Nashville he ran into his old pal Frank Jones. “We hadn’t seen each other in thirty years but when we started playing guitars it was just like falling off a log. It sounded like,” Jeff pauses, then laughs, “like we knew what we were doing.” Soon after, they formed the Foster Jones Band, the selfproclaimed “Architects of Acoustic Mayhem!” “Even though I was living outside Bloomington, it seemed like all of the activities that I wanted to get into were happening in Brown County,” he remembers. “I knocked on a lot of doors but it was the doors in Brown County that were open for me.” He and Rhonda sold their home in Bloomington, buying “a little fixerupper about five minutes out of Nashville. “I just got done installing a hardwood floor in the living room. I’ve two grandkids now. It’s a full life. I joke to people, ‘For a guy with no steady job I manage to stay busy all the time.’” Busy hardly describes Foster’s days. Besides playing solo and with Foster Jones Band, he’s teaching banjo, guitar, and music theory at his studio and through Ivy Tech Bloomington at the Career Resource Center in Nashville. “I’ve taught guitar ever since I was in high school,” he says. “I enjoy sharing the nuts and bolts of making music and teaching people of all ages—from five to ninety. It’s something I find very gratifying.” He’s also setting up Brown County Music Studio. “I like recording where you don’t have the

big overhead and I like to work with people. I guesstimate what a job is going to cost and then get it done at that price.” He hates watching the clock. “There’s nothing worse than getting down to the end of your recording project with work to do but, darn, you’re out of money. I hate that feeling. I don’t like it as an artist and I don’t like it as a studio producer. I always end up putting in more time than I should but it makes for a much better working environment.” Jeff has produced the Brown County Hour (broadcast on WFHB 100.7 FM, 91.3 in Bloomington) since its first broadcast in 2010. “I was up all night working on the episode that’s coming up,” he says. “In August we’re going to try our darndest to take it to a monthly show. We’ve got a great crew and Pam Raider is the perfect partner. We always seem to be on the same page.” photo by Cindy Steele

Frank Jones and Jeff Foster performing at the 2013 Brown County Music Awards.

For the first time, Jeff is doing exactly what he wants to do. “I’m a country boy at heart. “Probably the book that influenced me the most, I’d have to say, was Walden by Thoreau. Those ideas of self-sufficiency, simplicity, love of Nature—these things are really important to me. I’m just a dumb old guitar player but it’s not hard to figure out when you’re in the right place. I honestly believe that I’ve finally come home. Since I moved here I have not had a bad day.” Jeff Foster can be found on the web at <www.stringdancer.com>; the Foster Jones Band’s schedule of upcoming performances and examples of their music are at <www.fosterjones.net>; music lessons can be scheduled through Ivy Tech Bloomington or through The String Dancer website. The entire archive of the Brown County Hour is at <www.browncountyhour.com>. 

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 17

el Slide ter Chann Wa ns ets tai Foun ump Buck l D re rfal Wate and mo

There is always something to do in Indiana’s largest State Park: Aquatic Center, Horse Back Riding, Mountain Bike Trails, Fishing, Tennis...

We have the room for you!

Our full service restaurant is open daily.

Brown County State Park 160 accommodations: P.O. Box 547 Nashville, IN 47448 Abe Martin Lodge and guest rooms, two-story cabins, 1-877-Lodges-1 • (812) 988-4418 the Little Gem Restaurant and historic cabins. www.indianainns.com We have the perfect setting for any event, Corporate Retreats, Weddings, Getaways and Family Reunions and More!

When it comes to the outdoors, we’ve got Brown County covered.

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18 Our Brown County • July/August 2013


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Owners: Sarah, Tad, and Josephine Armstrong. photos by Greg Clarke

~by Karen E. Farley

hroughout the year, outdoor enthusiasts head for Brown County to hike and ride the trails. Most return home after exploring, but Tad and Sarah Armstrong decided to make Brown County their new home. In March, they relocated from Indianapolis to Nashville. The couple met in Bloomington five years ago, while Tad was playing at a show in a restaurant. He is a singer, songwriter and plays bass guitar. Both enjoy the outdoors and recently completed 70 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Over the last few years, the idea of a bike shop in Nashville kept coming up in their conversations. “In October, after the Brown County Breakdown, that’s a mountain biking event held each

Located in the white building at Jefferson and Main Streets in Nashville.

fall in the park, we said, ‘Let’s do this. We either do this or stop talking about it,’” says Sarah. Two months ago, the couple opened Hesitation Point Bike and Back Country in downtown Nashville. “We chose that name because Hesitation Point, in Brown County State Park, is one of the area’s most beautiful vistas,” Tad says. The mountain biking trail may have inspired the name of their bike shop, but riding trails is not new to the adventurous couple. They both grew up in Northern Indiana. Sarah was raised on a farm and spent most of her time riding horses. Tad always rode a bike around

20 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Continued on 22




12:29 PM








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Located one block North of the Visitors Center on the second floor of Big Woods Village across from the courthouse. 44 N. Van Buren (135). (812) 988-WILD (9453) • www.thewildolive.com

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 21

HESITATION POINT continued from 20 the neighborhood. He remembers his first bike that his grandparents gave him and his brother. “We had matching red, Schwinn Stingrays,” he says. “We rode around delivering newspapers on them. We both saved up money from our paper routes and bought different seats, handlebars and pedals. We converted them to BMX bikes. Eventually, we bought actual BMX bikes because the Stingrays were just not cutting it in the neighborhood. I still have those bikes. I rescued them from my mom’s attic.” Tad and Sarah love the outdoors and plan to share that passion with others. Their excitement is what keeps customers coming back for tune-ups and accessories, and sharing stories about trails across the country. “Our aim is to get more people on more trails: hiking, biking, running or riding,” he adds. “We love the outdoors and want to be a place to rest, look at the map and figure out your next move.” For the past three years, Tad has participated in the Brown County Breakdown in the park. It is the biggest fundraiser for the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association

22 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

photo by Greg Clarke

(HMBA). The 9th Annual Breakdown is scheduled for Sept. 27-29. According to HMBA website, “The Brown County Breakdown isn’t a race; it’s just a great ride in the woods with a few hundred of your closest friends.” The ride begins and ends at Brown County State Park. There is live bluegrass music throughout the weekend, food and drinks will be available at the end of the ride. Limited group camping will be at the start/finish area. Bikers can register online at <www. browncountymountainbiking.com/breakdown>. Brown County has become a world-class mountain biking destination. In 2011, Brown County was added to the International Mountain Biking Association’s Epic Rides. With so many locals and tourists from around the world, Tad and Sarah saw an obvious need in Nashville. “There wasn’t a bike shop in Nashville,” he explains. “Occasionally we would need something and the closest place was either Bloomington or Columbus. It seemed that there was a space to fill here.” With their love of mountain biking, and desire to seize an opportunity, they opened the shop. Continued on 36

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July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 25

The 2nd Annual Indiana State

Fingerstyle Guitar

Kara Barnard and Chuck Wills. photo by Bill Wills

Competition and Concert

2012 Winner Jack Wilson. photo by Bill Wills


~by Lee Edgren

f you are looking for creativity, complexity, and excitement in music, filled with moments of “I can’t believe they just did that!,” come to the second annual Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition at the Brown County Playhouse Saturday, July 27. Organized by local music legend Kara Barnard and her business partner and fellow musician Chuck Wills, the Indiana competition is now in its second year. The winner of this competition will leave town with a made-in-Indiana, hand-made O.C. Bear guitar (worth approximately $4500), free entry to the international competition in Winfield, Iowa, the status that goes along with winning, “and all bragging rights.” The competition itself goes on from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, with a grand finale concert from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night. The concert will feature Muriel Anderson, the first

woman to win the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship; Brian Henke, who composes his own nature-inspired music and performs it on guitar and harp-guitar; and Pat Kirtley, who has won the National Thumbpicking Contest and the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship; along with the top three winners. If you are an ardent fingerstyle fan, you’ll want to spend the entire weekend in Brown County. On Friday night, there will be an open mic night at the Corn Crib Lounge and Muddy Boots Cafe, and the top three winners from last year will take the stage at the Pine Room. There will be music at other local venues, as well as workshops on Friday and Sunday. “Fingerstyle guitar is the highest form of the art. You won’t find anything that takes more dedication to master,” Wills explains. “There are just amazing gymnastics on the neck. Fingerstyle guitar can’t be duplicated by a computer. It’s something that has to be experienced in person. It takes a lifetime of dedication to the craft.” “Our ears are so used to thinking that there are several tracks and

26 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Continued on 26

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July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 27

COMPETITION continued from 26 multiple instruments, when we can’t see the players,” Barnard observes. “With fingerstyle guitar players, you get one player playing three or four parts at one time.” Due to the difficulty of the style, the names on the playbill tend not to be household names, “Most fingerstyle guitar players are people who dedicate themselves to the art,” Barnard states, adding that you are guaranteed musical excellence even if you do not know the name of the performer. In fact, this competition is judged solely on the musical performance. The names of the judges are not announced. The judges do not know the names of the performer they are listening to. The musicians can’t speak while on stage. And the judges are located where they can’t see the performers. The contestants have only five minutes to convince the judges that they have it all. The judges are listening intently to: arrangement (40

Mark Sganga, Brian Henke, Muriel Anderson, and Pat Kirtley at last year’s concert. photo by Cindy Steele

photo by Cindy Steele

2012 2nd Place Winner Kade Puckett.

points); execution and articulation (40 points); expression, dynamics and show value (10 points) and overall impression (10 points). Barnard, who is not a judge, coaches her students in the art of keeping people on the edge of their seats with their playing. “Judges usually want to hear an original arrangement of a known piece,” Barnard states, adding that the judges are often the same people who have written the commonly played arrangements and can spot lack of originality quite quickly. The difficulty of the art, along with the small size of the entire fingerstyle community, makes for an interpersonally warm weekend, an attitude that Barnard and Wills go out of their way to foster. While it is a competition, Barnard recalls that, “at last year’s evening show, when we had our three big name folks, there was so much chemistry between them, and between them and the winners, nobody wanted to stop playing. “We go overboard on the hospitality and the personal vibe. I want every player and every judge to feel how important they are. Brown County is a warm and welcoming place, and we want to extend that to every person who comes. We are really glad they’re here and we want them to come back to our community.” Wills sums it up: “Brown County has a really deep musical heritage. It’s easy for people to think of the Bill Monroe Park and bluegrass. We want to be champions for the fingerstyle players who have spent so much energy honing and perfecting the music that means so much to them. We hope we’re building another legacy. In 10 to 20 years we want to look back and say, ‘we’ve been a part of that.’” Tickets are available through <browncountyplayhouse.org> as well as through the link on the competition website, <indianastringfest.com>, which also has the complete schedule as well as information for competitors. Competitors may sign up to compete until the day before the event, if space permits. 

28 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Open Year-Round Mon.–Sat. 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Sun. Noon to 5:00 PM

Established in 1926, Brown County’s

original art gallery offers for sale artwork by contemporary artists and consigned early Indiana art. Selections from the Permanent Collections are also on display.

Restaurant Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Soups • Salads Sandwiches • After Five Menu Fine Wines Available Breads, Pastries, and Danish Baked Here Daily Center of Nashville Main and Van Buren Streets Open Daily • (812) 988-4114

Amy Greely

Brown County Art Guild • FINE ART SINCE 1954 •

photo by Geoff Thompson

Jewelry Designs NEW LEAF in Nashville, IN NEW LEAF

Featuring locally handcrafted jewelry by owner Amy Greely. An eclectic mix of creative items from local, regional, and global artists.

Located in Calvin Place, Franklin & Van Buren (812) 988-1058 • www.amygreely.com


The Marie Goth Collection and Regional Works by our Award-Winning Member Artists Fine Artisan Shop Open Tues.–Sat. 11 to 5, Sun. 12 to 5 48 South Van Buren Street in the historic Minor House PO Box 324 • Nashville, IN 47448 • (812) 988-6185 visit www.BrownCountyArtGuild.org

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 29

Brown County Sisters of Sunlight and Shadow

Allie left and Molly right with a guest who came through Nashville in October 1921. Brown County Historical Society archives


~by Julia Pearson

hen the photo journalist Frank Hohenberger began to record life of the native folks of Brown County, he was particularly taken with two sisters known for their razorsharp wit and pungent opinions of everyone and everything. They were Allie Ferguson and Mollie Lucas and are known in popular lore of the county even today. Their parentage was researched by the President of the Brown County Genealogical Society, Rhonda Dunn, and appeared in their 2012 Winter Newsletter. It reported that Harrison Lucas, their father, was born March 13, 1809 in Virginia. He and his wife, Barbara Whetzel Lucas, came from Belmont County, Ohio in 1856 and settled on Jackson Branch, northwest of Nashville in a log cabin. They had 11 children: Henry, Elizabeth Jane, Margaret E., Albert, John W., Melissa, Luther Harrison, Mary L. ‘Mollie’, Anna

30 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

M., Priscilla Alice ‘Allie’, and Etta May. Marriage took the girls from the farm and moved them to town. Allie was married to William (Bill) L. Ferguson on May 2, 1876. The couple first ran a boarding establishment in the old Minor House on Van Buren Street where the Brown County Art Guild is located today. They then bought and ran the Ferguson House Inn on Franklin Street in Nashville in the early 1900s. Bill was active in local politics, and for a time held the difficult but prestigious position of tax collector. Mollie ran her own Inn for a while and then helped Allie. Allie catered to juries, election committees, and traveling salesmen who provided most of the business in the late 19th century. Mollie never married. When Hohenberger came on the scene Allie was a cantankerous widow and proprietor of a small boarding house. Hohenberger was impressed by her defiance of social pretention and political idealism, though she was loyal to the minority Republican party. She took exception to the emotional services of the rural church, but also frowned on the rote ritual of the intown houses of worship. She openly opposed changing fashions in dress, music, and behavior—especially of young women. Hohenberger set up lodging as a single man in Nashville during the summer of 1917 and was noted for being a tidy housekeeper by all the women of the community. He cooked and cleaned for himself but eventually hired Molly Lucas, an “expert washwoman,” to do his mending and laundry. Within a few years, Hohenberger starting taking most of his meals at the boarding house run by Allie Ferguson. Continued on 32

Hoosier ARTIST

ANABEL HOPKINS Abstract and Impressionist Paintings www.anabelhopkins.com

JULIE TABORN Fused Glass Artist www.allthingsglass.org (269) 375-3234 • (812) 988-0729

45 S. Jefferson St. • Nashville, IN 812-988-6888 • HoosierArtist.net

A Cooperative Gallery of Fine Artists and Craftsmen Barb Bonchek • black and white Dizzy Art, tables Dana Burns • wood bowls and sculptures Carol Clendening NORTHWOOD • oil paintings Margie Cleveland • functional pottery ANNE RYAN MILLER Stained Glass and Metal Overlay www.AnneRyanMillerGlassStudio.com (812) 988-9766

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CHERYL DUCKWORTH Acrylic and Watercolor Paintings www.cherylgreggduckworth.com (812) 334-8421

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CAROLYN ROGERS RICHARD Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media (812) 320-2200 crichard@homefinder.org

Carolyn Rogers Richard • paintings, fabric art Anne Ryan Miller • stained glass, photography

BARB BONCHEK Acrylic and Epoxy Tables, Wall Hangings Pen and Ink Drawings www.dizzyart.com • (812) 876-1907

John Sodrel • photography Julie Taborn • fused glass Brett Volpp • abstract paintings RKELLY Ruth Wert • jewelry, stained glass over silk

ELIZABETH PARROCK Jewelry (812) 498-8972 SHARON JUNGCLAUS GOULD Gourds with Mixed Media Embellishments slj41@earthlink.net • www.artandspiritstudio.com

RKELLY RUTH WERT Antique/Old Jewelry, Stained Glass over Dyed Silk (812) 345-6719

MARTHA POWELL-JUNGCLAUS Art Dolls, Paintings, Hand-Knit Items (765) 342-3235 • (765) 343-2716 bitsyart@gmail.com

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 31

The Ferguson House Inn July 6, 1926. Brown County Historical Society archives

SISTERS continued from 30 Allie liked Hohenberger and welcomed him in her own kitchen throughout the 1920s—a privilege only shared by Molly Lucas. He was granted the affection of a son, and the resultant treatment reflected their mutual compatibility. Allie had two sons that were estranged, and she was accepted as a disagreeable personality not to be tangled with. In this very personal space at her kitchen table Hohenberger noted the interesting tidbits of their conversations: the day’s gossip, oral history, local legends, folklore of weather signs, home remedies, colloquial figures of speech, and accepted wisdom of the rural people. Hohenberger wrote in a character sketch of Allie on May 11, 1924, “She makes the two trips down the milky way each day in the year, looks after a goodsized garden spot, curbs the old hog’s rooting, keeps posted on all the village gossip, attends church services, never misses a funeral, and gives you no complaint about your meals and lodging.” The Ferguson barn—the “milk way”—was a mile west of town on the Helmsburg Road. Molly Lucas’s life was similar to Allie’s. Both grew up on a farm and moved to town. Allie was a cook and landlady; Molly was a washwoman. They both

32 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

were called upon to help with births, illnesses, and deaths. They enjoyed the simple pleasures of reading novels and corresponding with their woman kinfolks. And though both were vocal with their opinions, their personalities were opposite. Hohenberger called them Sunlight and Shadow. Mollie was the sunlight and the dark shadow was Allie. But there was a depth to the trust between Allie and Hohenberger. She had a sorrow at her core that he seemed to understand. The entry of Allie’s death in Hohenberger’s notebook was brief, formal, and factual. It was October 14, 1931 in the evening. It coincided with the end of the cultural documentation phase of his work in Brown County and the publication of his newspaper column was suspended. In the Southview Cemetery, or Oak Hill as it is also known, on the ridge above Jackson Branch, both sisters are buried in eternal peace in the Lucas family plot. Mollie died on April 10, 1932. Allie is buried next to Bill Ferguson . And next to her stone is a marker reading these three names and dates: MAUDE FERGUSON 1882; DAMON FERGUSON 1896; PYTHIAS FERGUSON 1896. It appears that at age 26, Allie lost a baby daughter, and twin boys at the age of 40. These losses no doubt were part of the shadow of her later years. 


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Where kids play to learn and adults learn to play!



with ad up to 4 people exp. 4-30-2014

Tues.–Sat. 10–5,Sun. 1–5 and also Mondays June 2 – Aug. 12

309 Washington St. Columbus, IN Downtown Columbus, a short drive from Nashville

kidscommons.org • 812-378-3046


Carmel Corn · Kettle Corn Carmel Delights Handmade Flavored Popcorn Dill Pickle · Cheese Chicago Style

We make Try our new flavor…Bacon! ordinary popcorn Show this ad & receive a FREE small EXTRAORDINARY! fountain drink with popcorn purchase. Look for the red & white building at the north end of town

Moved to COACHLIGHT SQUARE One block east of S. Van Buren Street on Washington (in front of the high school) in downtown Nashville

Now Serving Beer and Margaritas Friendly Service 812-988-4535 Carry Out Available

812-988-6011 • www.carmelcorncottage.com

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 33

Photos by teens from the June 2013 BETA Camp


Camp funded in part by a grant from the Brown County Community Foundation


Abbie Braedon

Madison Jacobie






Madison Clifford

Whispering Pines Alpacas Selling Animals and Products Made from their Fiber Sign up for a Farm Visit Today: 812-988-7419


HESITATION POINT continued from 22 The couple hired Andre Phillips as the bike repair expert. They are excited about the professionalism he brings to the shop “We wanted someone who was really good at repairing bikes,” he adds. “Andre is a perfectionist,” says Tad. “His idea of a good time is working on bikes- diagnosing problems and fixing them, making bikes run better. Every bike we sell has been inspected and approved by Andre. Nothing gets out the door without his okay.” photo by Greg Clarke

visit us at our new location on the corner of VanBuren Street (135 N) and Molly’s Lane 60 N VanBuren Street Nashville, IN 812.988.6450

Melchior Marionette Theatre “Comedy Cabaret on Strings” Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00 Free Popcorn! Tickets $5

(sold 15 min. before show)

Schedule: May 25 June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 July 6, 13, 20, 27 (closed August)

Sept. 14, 21 Oct. all Sat. & Sun. 800-849-4853 • peewnkle@earthlink.net • www.melchiormarionettes.com Westside of S. Van Buren St. Downtown Nashville


Fabric and all things Primitive • Fabric • Quilting Patterns • Primitive Handcrafted Wood Decor • Recycled and Repurposed Items to Decorate Your Primitive Home • Quilts and Throws

82 East Washington Street Nashville, IN (next to Ole House in the little cottage) (812) 988-8200 36 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Hesitation Point Bike and Back Country sells bikes, accessories and outdoor gear. They currently carry two brands of bikes: Felt and Niner. The store also offers both 26 and 29 inch Felt mountain bikes for day rental with free delivery to Brown County State Park. They plan to expand their product line and offer group rides in the fall. The new bike shop is definitely a family affair. Their 14-year-old daughter, Josephine, helps out at the shop on weekends and enjoys helping customers and organizing merchandise. Stop by the shop for a tune-up, cup of espresso or chat with Tad, Sarah, Josephine or Andre at 23 North Jefferson, next to Nashville’s Village Green area. Open 10 to 6 Tuesday through Saturday and 11 to 5 on Sunday. Call (812) 988-4566 for appointments or rentals. Visit their website at <www.hesitationpoint.com>, or check out their facebook page at <www.facebook.com/HesitationPoint>. 

Green Valley MOTOR LODGE

8 Y e ar A nniversar y

Find what you love… Love what you find

Dynamic classes and demo table.

Artistic Rubber Stamps FFor cardmaking, d k g & Scrapbooking collage & altered art The newest items and techniques!

Family owned and operated since 1999

We invite you to come and stay with us. We offer hometown charm and hospitality, and our themed rooms are in pristine condition, reminiscent of a vintage motel. Located in a tranquil setting, yet only 1 mile west of the Village of Nashville. King Hot Tub Suites · Free WiFi Military Discount

812-988-0231 · GreenValleyLodge.com 692 West State Road 46 · Nashville, Indiana 47448

Ole House

62 E. Washington St. Nashville, IN across from Coachlight Square/Circle K Indiana Salsa • Jams (free samples) H d ft d W d k Handcrafted Woodwork Magnetic Mailbox Covers Sports Items Custom Glass-Bead Jewelry Goose Clothes Indiana Blacksmith Ironworks Concrete Decorative Items



with this coupon.

Cardmakers’ cardstock sale now in progress. Buy any 10 sheets, get 5 more sheets free! 160 Old School Way in Nashville behind Village Candlemaker

(812) 988-2002 www.papertrix.com

Nashville BP 14 ” PIZZA with 1 Topping and Free Breadsticks


with coupon

www.ole-house.com • 812-988-4770

Flags•Flags•Flags•Flags Largest FLAG Inventory in Indiana

10% OFF any FLAG with coupon • not valid with other discounts • expires 9-30-2013

Exclusive FLAG Designs

State Roads 46 & 135 270 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville

988-1822 July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 37

Gallery North Nashville

Secret Garden Tour July 6–7, 2013

New Traditions in Fine Art & Craft Collecting Old School (Alley) Way, south from Main Street, across from courthouse in Nashville, Indiana

www.gallery-north.org • (812) 988-6855


Country Mouse Weaving Studio Joan Haab Hand Woven Chenille Designer Garments

7965 Rinnie Seitz Road • Nashville, IN • (812) 988-7920

Open Weds., Thurs., Fri. and by appt. • countrymouseweavery@gmail.com

Also available at Brown County Craft Gallery and Spears Gallery in Nashville

38 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

n Saturday and Sunday, July 6 and 7, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., five Brown County, Indiana gardeners will open their gardens for the sixth annual “Secret Gardens of Brown County” tour. It is sponsored by the Brown County Garden Club and proceeds will be used for community beautification projects including “Picture Perfect Brown County,” the club’s anti-litter campaign, and the Children’s Garden at the Brown County Public Library. The tour includes live music and a sale of perennial plants from Brown Hill Nursery. Visitors will also be able to purchase garden related art during the tour. These five gardens are full of creative and artful designs. You are encouraged to bring a camera, take notes, and return to your own gardens with ideas and inspiration. The tour is supported in part by a grant from the Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The cost is $10 (children under 12 free). Tickets and maps will be available starting June 1 at the Brown County visitors Center, located at corner of Main and Van Buren Streets, downtown Nashville, Indiana; from any garden club member; and at the gardens during the tour. For further information, maps and images of the gardens on the tour, visit <www. browncountyingardenclub.org> or e-mail: <browncountyingardenclub@gmail.com>. Visitors may also contact the Brown County Visitors Center at (812) 988-7303 or 800-753-3255 or visit the website <www.browncounty.com>.

Woman’s Way Gallery

Carrie Foley Janet Cullen

Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design

Pioneer Village Museum

Silver, Gold, Copper, Fine Gemstones, Fossils

At the Brown County Cra Gallery (Main Street next to the Courthouse) Visit us on the Back Roads Tour in October

812-320-1201 • 3276 Valley Branch Rd. Nashville, IN

Townhouse Gifts

Fil Filled F with Fun, Unique Gifts for Everyone!

Sat. , Sun., Holidays Open 1 – 4:30 pm

Pioneer Cabin Blacksmith Shop Log Jail Loom Room Doctor’s Office

Behind Courthouse between Buck Stogsdill Way & Locust Lane For Info: Brown Co. Historical Society (812) 988-2899

• Best Rates in Town • Limited Pet Rooms • Free Coffee/ Breakfast Snack/ Wi-Fi • Motorcycle/Bicycle Friendly • Picnic / Grill Area

551 E. State Road 46 Nashville, Indiana

Half mile from downtown 87 E. Main St. • Nashville • 812-988-2229 call for Winter Hours January-March

(812) 988-1149


July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 39

Calendar Brown County Playhouse Performing Arts Center Grease July 12, 13, 7:30 July 14 2:00 Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition and Concert July 27, 10:00 am, Concert 7:30 Saturday Night Sock Hop Aug. 3, 7:30 Don Pedigo Concert Aug. 10, 7:30 Mike Armstrong, Comedian Aug. 17, 7:30 Mr. Speed, Kiss Tribute Band Aug. 24, 7:30 GOLDEN TICKET PRODUCTIONS: Seriously Sinatra Aug. 30-Sept. Fridays, 7:30 Special matinee Sept. 1, 2:00 Platinum Girls Aug. 31-Sept., Saturdays, 7:30 FIRST AND SECOND RUN MOVIES Schedule online 70 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville 812-988-6555 www.BrownCountyPlayhouse.org

Melchior Marionettes “Comedy Cabaret on Strings” July 6, 13, 20, 27 (closed August) Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00 Free Popcorn! Tickets $5 Westside of S. Van Buren St. Downtown Nashville

Muddy Boots Cafe Some dates weren’t booked at the time of publication. July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 7

Richard Groner ASJ Megan Maudlin Kara & Chuck Steven Thomas Americana Showcase Joe Rollin’ Porter (11:00)

The schedule can change. Please check before making a trip. July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20 July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 Aug. 1 Aug. 2 Aug. 3 Aug. 4 Aug. 6 Aug. 7 Aug. 8 Aug. 9 Aug. 10 Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 15 Aug. 16 Aug. 17 Aug. 18 Aug. 19 Aug. 21 Aug. 22 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 25

40 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Jeff Morgan Rich Dowell Don Ford Robbie Bowden Biscuits & Gravey Shelf Life Robbie Bowden (12:30) Dave Sisson Indiana Boys A Metropolitan Guide TBA Anna Miller ChillBilly Hamilton Creek TBA Jessie McClain Barbara & Max McGuire Robbie Bowden Richard Groner Flatpicking Competition Robbie Bowden (12:30) Flatpicking Competition Americana Showcase Rich Dowell TBA Jeff Foster Kara & Chuck Steven Thomas TBA David Sisson ASJ Jonathan Hutchison Robbie Bowden Biscuits and Gravy Old Truck Revival Megan Maudlin Jeff Kistler TBA Don Ford Jeff Morgan TBA Richard Groner Chuck Wills (12:30) David Sisson Indiana Boys Robbie Bowden Hamilton Creek Braeden Brown Lost Shoe String Band Robbie Bowden (12:30) Jackson McGrew

Aug. 26 David Dwyer Aug. 28 Jeff Foster Aug. 29 Shelf Life Aug. 30 A Metropolitan Guide Aug. 31 Rich Dowell 812-988-6911 www. muddybootscafe.com

Pine Room Tavern July 5 Jonathan Hutchison July 6 Stella & Friends July 12 Jason Hathaway July 13 Barbara McGuire July 19 Frank Jones July 20 New Old Calvary July 26 Luke Austin Daugherty July 27 Michael Kelsey Aug. 2 Craig Thurston Aug. 3 Stella & Friends Aug. 4 Wade Baker Aug. 9 Kade Puckett Aug. 10 Barbara McGuire Aug. 11 PBJ Trio (7:00) Aug. 16 Alan Long Aug. 17 Whipstitch Sallies Aug. 23 Merrie Sloan Aug. 24 Foster Jones Aug. 30 Cari Ray Aug. 31 TBA (behind Salt Creek Inn) 812-988-0236 www. pineroomtavern.net

Chateau Thomas Winery July 5 Dave Miller July 6 Barry Johnson July 12 Cari Ray July 13 Jeff Foster & Frank Jones July 19 Robbie Bowden July 20 Gary Applegate July 26 Marvin parrish July 27 Paul Bertsch Band Aug. 2 Frank Bradford Aug. 3 Stella & Friends Aug. 9 Dave Miller Aug. 10 Impasse Aug. 16 Two For the Show Aug. 17 Gary Applegate Aug. 23 Marvin Parrish Aug. 24 Robbie Bowden Aug. 30 Mel Chance Aug. 31 Barbara McGuire Music 7:00-10:00 Fri. and Sat. 812-988-8500 www.ChateauThomas.com

Hotel Nashville Gazebo July 5 Marvin (6:00-10:00) July 19 Joe Buzz (6:00-10:00) Aug. 2 Dave Miller (6:00-10:00) Aug. 16 Itty Bitty Daddy Caddy (6-10) Sept. 1 Scott Strange (5:00-9:00) 812-988-8400

Abe Martin Lodge Music Saturdays Dave Miller 6:00-8:00 812-988-4418

Seasons Lodge Music Fridays and Saturdays 9:00

Brown County Inn Corn Crib Music Fridays, Saturdays 9:00

Mike’s Music & Dance Barn Saturdays Mike’s Smooth Country Band Fridays schedule varies. Call for details. Info 812-988-8636 www.thedancebarn.com

Salt Creek 19th Hole Bar Live Music Fridays and Saturdays 812-988-4323 www.saltcreekgolf.com

Bean Blossom Southern Gospel Jubilee July 11-13 at Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom 800-414-4677 www.beanblossom.us

July 27, Brown County Playhouse 40 top musicians from across the USA compete 10:00 to 2:00 (with lunch break). Evening concert at 7:30

Art On Fire Weekend

Brown County 4-H Fair

July 13, 14 at locations around Nashville Indiana Glass Trail presents “Art On Fire” event series. Demonstrations, displays, and presentations throughout the weekend.

Brown Bros. Circus with the Holler Hoppin’ Zip Lines

International FAMS Festival July 14, 16-18, 20, 23-28 Fine Arts Music Society concert series at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom, United Methodist Church in Nashville, and at Story Inn. Variety of concerts, duos, and young artists showcases. Most begin at 7:00. www.famsvestivalbrowncounty.org

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Music Fridays, Saturdays + more 812-988-6004 www.bigwoodspizza.com

July 20 and August 17 also: September 14 and October 12, 26, from 6:00 to 8:30 at the Artists Colony Inn 812-988-0600

SPECIAL EVENTS: Village Art Walk

15th Bean Blossom Gospel Jubilee

Big Woods Pizza

July 4 at the High School athletic field

July 25-27 at Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom Featuring Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers and Nathan Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys The best of bluegrass gospel music with more than 20 bands 800-414-4677 www.beanblossom.us

7th Secret Garden Tour


Second Saturdays-Free self-guided walking tour of downtown Nashville Art Galleries,original local and regional art

Brown County Lions Club’s Fireworks

Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

July 29-Aug. 3, at fairgrounds

August 1, at Rawhide Ranch The troop of acrobatic clowns hop the tightrope at dizzying heights up to 50 feet 1292 SR 135 South 812-988-0085

Clay Day August 3, Spears Gallery, 9 to 5 5110 State Road 135 South Experience glazing raku pottery

Sock Hop August 3, 7:30 to 11:30, Brown County Playhouse. Brown County Shrine Club fundraiser. DJ Music, food, beer, prizes. Invited to come in 50’s style attire.

Bean Blossom Blues Fest August 22-24, 9:00 am to 11:00 pm at Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom www.beanblossomblues.com

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Bucks & Does Square Dances July 19, Abe Martin Lodge, 8:00 to 10:00

Indiana Raptor Center Live birds of prey, tours by appt. only.Wed.Sun. 11:00-5:00 Group programs 812-988-8990 indianaraptorcenter.org

Pioneer Village Museum

July 27, 28 at Explore Brown County at Open Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 to 4:30 July 6, 7, from 10 to 4. Self-guided tour Valley Branch Retreat, noon to midnight May thru October in downtown Nashville of five private gardens in Brown County. Bringing together home-brewers, regional Sponsored by Brown County Garden Club. breweries, and beer distributors with Brown County Dragway artists and musicians for a fun filled, yet Racing every Sunday, Gates open at 9:00 Farmers’ Market St. David’s family friendly event. 5 miles north of Nashville, Gatesville Rd. Starting July 12, Fridays, 4-7 pm 812-988-7750 I812-988-6103 browncountydragway.com Intersection of SR 135 and SR 45 in Bean Blossom. Local produce, live music, jams, coffee, baked goods, local meats, herbs, July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 41 artisan crafts. 812-988-1038

38 individually appointed guest rooms with complimentary full breakfast, afternoon snacks, and evening dessert free on-site parking

Summer Specials New 2013: Cabin 360

tourist home for daily or weekly rental

Visit our website www.CornerstoneInn.com 42 Our Brown County â&#x20AC;˘ July/August 2013

Call 812-988-0300 888-383-0300

Facebook www.facebook.com/TheCornerstoneInn

July/August 2013 â&#x20AC;˘ Our Brown County 43

Brown County History Mural to be Unveiled

July 13, 2013


Mural panel by Rosey Bolte showing Brown County today, a place for arts, nature and adventure.

n Saturday, July 13, a new public art project will be unveiled in downtown Nashville.  Over the past year, nine local artists have each been recreating a scene from Brown County’s past on four foot by eight foot panels. These panels, which feature moments in Brown County›s history from the time of the Native Americans to today, will be hung together on the back wall of

• Ivy Tech Programs • Certified Nursing Assistant • Quickbooks Training • Computer Classes

• GED • Electrical • Solar Energy • Work One

246 E. Main St. Nashville, IN • (812) 988-5880 Visit our website www.bccrc.net for the schedule.

44 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

the parking lot at the corner of Van Buren and Gould Streets. The Brown County Historical Society recently purchased the parking lot, and was interested in having a history mural installed there. The public is invited to the unveiling ceremony, which will be held July 13 at 4:30 p.m. After the unveiling, a reception will be held at Iris Garden Gallery, which is the featured art gallery for the Second Saturday Village Art Walk, being held from 5 to 8 p.m. that same night.  The artists who created the mural include: Rosey Bolte, Dick Ferrer, Ann Francis, Anabel Hopkins, Amanda Mathis, Michele Heather Pollock, Martha Sechler, and Brett Volpp. In addition, Patricia Rhoden Bartels led her Brown County Junior High art classes in creating a panel based on the iconic early 20th century photographs of Frank Hohenberger. Other moments in history featured include the traveling huckster wagons of early days in Brown County, the arrival of artist T.C. Steele to Brown County, and the founding of Brown County State Park. The Brown County History Mural is sponsored jointly by the Art Alliance Brown County and the Brown County Historical Society, and was funded in part by grants from the Brown County Community Foundation and the Indiana Arts Commission. 

On the North side of the Courthouse

BEAN BLOSSOM Restaurant Good Food, Good Service, Good Prices


Catfish on Friday Nights Daily Specials Breakfast Served All Day

Bean Blossom SR 135 North • 988-1147 Open 7 days a week

Brown County y

Rock & Fossil Shop Great selection of one-of-a-kind Rocks and Fossils (812) 988-2422


Food • Drinks • Music Friday, July 5 (6-10 pm) “MARVIN”

Friday, July 19 (6-10 pm) “JOE BUZZ”


Downtown Cottages & Suites

Friday, August 2 (6-10 pm) “DAVE MILLER” Friday, August 16 (6-10 pm) “ITTY BITTY DADDY CADDY” Sunday, September 1 (5-9 pm) “SCOTT STRANGE” BUFFET DINNER each night...menu varies CASH BAR available HOTEL NASHVILLE • (812) 988-8400 245 N. Jefferson St. • Nashville, IN

Lodging in the middle of Historic Nashville’s downtown shops, restaurants, theaters


(812) 988-2422

office@visitbrowncounty.com July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 45

Clay Day

• Riding on the bike too long? • Headaches? • Low back pain? • Shoulder, leg, or hip pains?

August 3, 2013

Enhance this summer’s joy and relaxation with personalized treatment plans from

Brown County Massage Licensed Massage Therapists

Integrated Swedish Massage Certified Sports Massage Chair Massage


East West Methods Integrated Reiki

812-988-6707 812-327-3791

Aaron Smith • LindaThomas Match competitor’s rates... Flexible Hours

www.browncountymassage.com 104 South Jefferson Street in Nashville

Things you can live without ... but who wants to! Fine Pipes and Tobaccos Premium Cigars

Knives made in USA Precision ammo

Survival Gear/Food

Luminox Watches

(used by Navy Seals)

Maxpedition hard-use gear

Wooden signs made in Southern Indiana Variety of T-Shirts Old Colonial Bldg. North Van Buren St. in Nashville 812.988.6590 • www.menstoyshop.com

46 Our Brown County • July/August 2013


otter Larry Spears is once again initiating his annual mini-workshop; Clay Day, slated for Saturday, August 3, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Spears Gallery near Story. Clay Day offers the public an opportunity to participate in the glazing of raku bisque ware, and a chance to observe the firing process of this ancient method of creating pottery. The raku glazes and firing process can create an exciting range of color, a variety of surface interest, and many one-of-a-kind pieces. Larry, along with some other fellow potters, will offer several sizes and shapes of thrown and bisquefired raku ware, to be glazed and decorated by anyone with an artistic desire to do so. Following glazing each piece, the potters place the glazed pieces in raku kilns, with a firing time ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. The pottery is then removed from the kiln, while still glowing red, and placed in a container filled with various combustible materials. The material instantly ignites and the potters proceed with the “reduction” aspect of the firing process, by covering the containers and cutting off the oxygen supply to the piece. The piece is then submersed in a water bath to cool, and lastly cleaned. Reservations are not necessary and all the glazing supplies will be furnished. Clay Day is hosted by Spears Gallery, located in southern Brown County 5110 St. Rd. 135 South, Nashville, Indiana, just seven miles off of Indiana State Road 46 on Indiana State Road 135 South just beyond the Horseman’s Camp entrance to Brown County State Park and on your way to Story. For additional information call (812) 988-1287, or e-mail <spearspottery@sprynet.com> or visit <www.spearspottery.com>. 

Hidden Valley Inn

� Inspired living and compassionate care �

New Rehabilitation Gym and Private Suites now available

Call today for our weekday specials.

201 North Van Buren Street • Nashville, IN (812) 988-9000 or (877) 988-9099 www.hiddenvalleyinn.net




Bringing You One Step Closer To Home.

Brown County Health & Living Community features premier rehabilitation that restores lost abilities and reshapes lives. Rehabilitation is physician-led and features a flexible length of stay in private resident suites that include a flat screen TV, telephone and kitchenette. 55 E. Willow St., Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-6666


Escape to Country Elegance. Warm and inviting all suite hotel with fully equipped kitchenettes. Located in the heart of historic downtown Nashville. HVI provides exceptional service and affordable value in an atmosphere that is conducive to peace of mind and relaxation for our guests.

Vacation Rentals

Not a member? Not a problem! Stop in at the co-op for fresh, delicious, affordable food - to eat in or take away. 3220 E THIRD ST

near College Mall


right up the alley

Furnished log cabins, homes and cottages

Hot Tubs · Game Rooms · Outdoor Activities · Some Pet Friendly Seasonal Fireplaces · Homes Accommodate 2–10 Guests

Bo�� y��� Br��� C��n�� F��� Get�w�� tod��!


2 blocks west of courthouse square


Your locally grown co-op since 1976

Rates, Reservations & Weekday Specials Online

BrownCountyLogCabins .com 812.988.6429 · Office Hours 9 AM–5 PM Monday – Saturday Voicemail available after hours 4118 East State Road 46 · 4.5 miles east of Nashville


for Special Offers

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 47

Casa del Sol Moves to Town

The Sampler


hey say that in the restaurant business, as with real estate, the three key considerations are always, “location, location, location…”. So when a well-established restaurant like Casa del Sol makes a move from its familiar position on 46 West and Parkview to more well-appointed quarters in town, one wonders how it will fare. Accordingly, I gathered up my kitchen companion and made my way down to the Camelot Square complex on the south end of town, where the county’s only ethnic eatery is now located in the large, modern restaurant on the east end of Washington street. Casa del Sol’s traditional Mexican cuisine has been a local favorite for years and the funky re-purposed building (it was built as a greenhouse and garden supply years ago) only seemed to add to its charm. The new Casa del Sol is spacious and clean and has been decorated with south-of-the-border themed frescos similar to the ones seen in the courtyard at the old location; a little touch of the old in the new. The service has always been excellent, and this has not been altered by relocation. We were promptly greeted, seated and served up with complimentary chips and salsa, which I augmented with an order of cheese dip—a course of action I highly recommend.

While perusing the menu options, perhaps it would be good for us to have a short discussion about methods. Sure, I suppose technically, scientifically, I should probably order each thing on the menu and taste it, grade it on a rigorous twelve-point scale and enter it into the massive mental database of comparison with all other restaurants I’ve ever encountered both real and imagined. I should, but I know I’m not going to. The fact is, Mrs. Sampler and I eat there all the time. I can look at the menu for ten or fifteen minutes, however long you want, but in the end, when the server comes, my wife knows and I know, I’m going to order the Fajitas Monterey. Oh, at various times over the years, I have eaten my share of burritos, enchiladas, the occasional order of Continued on 53

48 Our Brown County • July/August 2013


Inn & Restaurant

A Charming 19th Century Style Inn and Restaurant


and Collectibles • 20 Guest Rooms, 3 Suites with Whirlpool Baths • Banquet and Conference Rooms for Retreats or Parties • Gift Certificates Available • Free Guest Parking

Where Time Stands Still…

Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Breakfast Buffet 7:30 am–10:30 am “Early Bird” Specials Mon.–Thurs. 3–5 pm At the corner of Van Buren and Franklin Streets in Nashville, Indiana

812-988-0600 • 800-737-0255


Artists Colony Shops vintage clocks · antiques · jewelry bears · dolls · uncommon treasures Since 1981 • Open 362 Days a Year

Find something special for you and your loved ones from our selection of

Quality Gifts & Collectibles including distinctive hand-painted Brown County ornaments and Locally-made pottery

Friendly, knowledgeable staff We ship every day Visit our website www.CarolsCrafts.com E-mail: Sales@CarolsCrafts.com 800-345-6388

Artists Colony Shops, S. Van Buren St., Nashville

Artists Colony Shops · 812.988.6909 Open 7 Days a Week info@browncountyclocks.com 

Toys and Games for All Ages Featuring Russian Nesting Dolls Featurin

AB Brown County Tradition Bro Located in the Artists Colony Shops 125 S. Van Buren St. – Nashville, IN www.browncountytoychest.com

Since 1972

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 49

Birds Appreciated! ~by Jim Eagleman


n any morning walk I try to keep binoculars close by—on the back porch, or in my truck. If I don’t carry binoculars with me I miss things. Watching birds, the second-most popular American outdoor activity, is a great way to “tune in” to nature. I say tune in, for it is often the bird call that first attracts attention—followed by our neck-breaking stretches and awkward positions to chase and confirm it. I enjoy this unpredictable pursuit as the bird flits undetected ahead of me—a cat and mouse game between watcher and the watched. If “birding”, the active sport of bird watching, is the second-most popular outdoor pursuit, what is the first? The top two are closely related. It is something you accomplish by watering, weeding, and pruning—gardening! We Americans plant vegetables, fruit trees, vines, ground covers, flowers and shrubs at an overwhelming rate every year, much to the delight of nursery and garden supply stores. Who doesn’t enjoy munching into a fresh, home-grown tomato or an ear of Hoosier sweet corn? And we like the color, beauty and variety home plantings provide. Gardening gets us outside to plant, water, and monitor a hopeful crop. Home landscaping and gardening can be of benefit to birds for food, nesting sites, and protective cover. At a recent school talk about conservation I drew a picture of a bird cage on the blackboard and a rather amateur rendition of a canary swinging on a perch. I spoke about

50 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

photo courtesy DNR, Wildflower Foray.

the workers who took the caged bird into the mines. Years ago, this was the only way for miners to know it was safe to work. If the caged canary stopped singing, or they found it lying on its back, the miners knew to exit quickly. The small bird was the indicator of the dangerous noxious gases in the mine. I told my students to think of birds generally in the same way—they can tell us how well we are taking care of the earth. The numbers of birds, how they are distributed, and the summer and winter range tell bird scientists a lot. Over time, if birds are not found in locations historically used, something has caused them to move. Is it competition for food sources, weather, habitat changes, or something else? If bird scientists see numbers from annual counts dwindle, is local development to blame, or something more global? When birds return from their wintering grounds earlier than normal their insect diet may not be readily available. The birds may find less food, or the wrong life stage of the insect as food, resulting in different nutrition and breeding . Changes in the world relate to changes and adjustments in bird and animal life. And change is inevitable. Eastern Bluebirds nest in and around our Brown County property, and have responded well to installed boxes. This Continued on 54

“Where there’s something for everyone”

We are behind the courthouse in Nashville • (812) 988-0210


Art Glass • Photography • Clothing • Jewelry


Featured glass artist: Wesley Fleming

All About Dogs Brown County Furniture Brown County Pottery Brown County Weavery and Roots Cabin Scents The Clay Purl For Bare Feet Ferguson House Head to Toe K. Bellum Leather The Menagerie Antique Alley on the West Side Nashville Image Nashville The Bookloft Brown Co. Hoosier Artist Art Guild Old Time Photography House Paint Box Art Gallery Jack and Jill Out of the Antique Nut Shop Peaceful Valley Gallery Ordinary Alley Through the Looking Glass Shoppes Wooden Wonders FRANKLIN ST




book, music and lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

presented by Summer Youth Theatre Friday & Saturday, July 12 & 13 · 7:30 pm Sunday, July 14 · 2:00 pm

Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

Saturday, July 27 Competition 10:00 am · Concert 7:30 pm

Saturday Night Sock Hop

benefit for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital Saturday, August 3 · 7:30 pm



Don Pedigo Concert Saturday, August 10 · 7:30 pm

Mike Armstrong, Comedian Satuday, August 17 · 7:30 pm

Mr. Speed, Kiss Tribute Band Saturday, August 24 · 7:30 pm


Seriously Sinatra Fridays · 7:30 pm August 30 through September Special matinée Sunday, September 1 · 2:00 pm

Platinum Girls

Saturdays · 7:30 pm August 31 through September

Beer and wine sold in the auditorium

Box Office Hours: Thursday – Sunday · Noon – 5 PM · Until curtain time on show days 70 S. Van Buren Street · Nashville, IN · 812.988.6555 · BrownCountyPlayhouse.org · Tickets available online


July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 51


Morgantown Serving Central Indiana for 41 Year s

10 miles north of Nashville on scenic State Road 135

Since 1971

Visit our website

www.theclockconnection.com Lay-a-way and Gift Certificates available 75 W. Washington St. P.O. Box 29 Morgantown, IN 46160-0029 812-597-5414 Tues.–Sat. 11–5 pm (closed Sun. & Mon.)

ANTIQUES CO-OP 129 W. Washington St. • Morgantown, IN 46160 (In the old hardware store building)

Country Primitives Advertising Antique Garden Old Paint Early Smalls Open 6 Days (Closed Mon.)

Furniture, Art Architectural Elements Pottery The Odd and Unusual and A General Line Like us on Facebook

(812) 597-4530

Layaway Available

A dollhouse is… …a child’s toy …an adult hobby …a family heirloom Open year round Monday-Saturday 10 to 5

Everything for dollhouses with friendly, helpful service online at jeepersminiatures.com 69 W. Washington Street • Morgantown • 812-597-4346

52 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Knitting, Weaving, Spinning

Classes, Yarns, Fleeces, Looms, Wheels Weds. 6-8:30; Thurs, Fri., Sat. 10–5; Sun. 1–5; Closed Mon. & Tues.

2.5 miles west of Morgantown SR 252 (at the sheep farm)

CASA DEL SOL continued from 48 pork carnitas along the way, but when it comes right down to it, I have become inescapably infatuated with that delicious sizzling skillet of meat and onions and peppers with its affable companion plate loaded up with beans, rice, shredded lettuce, pico de gayo, sour cream, and guacamole. I already know full well that is what I want and must have. Mrs. Sampler studies the menu like it’s the long form tax return, suggesting this and that, throwing various feints and fakes. I know that she will pick the Chimichanga. She loves Chimichangas, those tortillas stuffed with chicken or beef or shrimp and deep fried to a golden brown They are delicious here, served with rice and beans, lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole. “The Chimichangas look good,” she says casually, studying the menu offerings like a railbird with a racing form. Huh. Maybe she’ll go for the tantalizing Nachos del Sol— beef, shredded chicken, beans, lettuce and sour cream layered on tortilla chips and smothered with cheese dip—so tasty! But I musn’t suggest it, because in my experience, Mrs. Sampler also never orders a menu item I suggest first, and I don’t want to spoil it for her in case that’s what she really wanted. She pretends to look at the fajitas, but I know that years of watching me consume them has more or less put her off of this delightful offering. The fajitas platter comes with little soft tortillas and you make your own little mini- burrito. I hoped she would order the Chili Rellenas Cena; a poblano pepper stuffed with Chihuahua cheese, lightly battered and deep fried, topped with red sauce and served with beans and rice. I have heard it is scrumptous. In the end, she settled on the Enchilada Supremas, a beef, chicken, cheese and bean enchilada topped with red sauce, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. There’s also the option of combination dinners in almost every stripe, so that one could order a burrito, enchilada and tamale (a number six) or an enchilada, chalupa and taco (a number twelve), or even vegetarian combo dinners of diverse descriptions.

And the taco salad is also good. I’ve heard the shrimp tacos are worth a bite. The fajitas arrive with a majestic steaming-hot presence; peppers and onions and tomatoes and beef and chicken and shrimp all sizzling on a steaming skillet born aloft on a wooden trencher—there’s something primal and awe-inspiring about this steaming heap of goodness. The smell of it is nearly enough to satisfy. Mrs. Sampler pronounced the enchiladas “just wonderful” and said the traditional red sauce had “…an interesting flavor.” As we contentedly munched away at our copious and delectable dinners, when I reached across and sampled some of my partner’s plate, it began to dawn on me that everything on the menu was pretty darned good, and no matter what had arrived, I would have undoubtedly, in the end, been just as profoundly satisfied. The hardest part is making up your mind what to order. And by the way, you can order adult beverages at the new location. 

What a trip to the country is all about!

Beautiful Venue for weddings, parties, and receptions Fudge Shop and Ice Cream Parlor Baked Goods made from scratch Jams, Honey Gift Items

Melons, Tomatoes Sweet Corn Green Beans Summer Apples Peaches Blackberries Blueberries Playground with Super Slide and Bamboo Maze Friendly Farm Animals

Mon.-Sat. 9 – 6, Sun. 10 – 6

317-878-9317 www.apple-works.com

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HERITAGE MALL Shops South Van Buren Street Nashville, Indiana

SPORTS ETC. Your Team Headquarters for Licensed Sports Novelties and Collectibles

• Collegiate • NFL • MLB • NBA

41 S. Van Buren St. Heritage Mall • Nashville, IN


Visit our website www.browncountysports.com

Head over


• Minnetonka • Stetson • Tilley Tilleeyy Hats • M Merrell

HATS HA ATS • FOOTWEAR • ACCESSORIES SORIES 49 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville • 812-988-6535 headoverheels@switched.com • fax: 812-988-6505

Nashville Candy Store Old-Fashioned Candy Homemade Fudge Peanut Brittle

Heritage Mall 41 S. Van Buren (3 doors south of Nashville House) www.nashvillecandy.com (812)988-8745 toll free (877)735-8657

Buy a pound of FUDGE Get a half pound FREE

54 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

BIRDS APPRECIATED continued from 50 spring, we saw fledglings being fed by parent birds while another pair nested in a nearby box. What a treat to see these beauties fly down from a perch, quickly pick up an insect, then fly back. That flash of blue is unmistakable! Mild winters and plenty of food this spring resulted in several breeding pairs. This wasn’t the case a few years back. One box full of young was flooded by heavy, overnight rains and less bluebirds resulted that year. We are fortunate to live in this section of southern Indiana with so many natural areas to visit; and all of them produce birds, free for the searching! At nearby Monroe Reservoir, waterfowl and shorebirds abound. Each winter it provides great viewing of Bald and often, Golden Eagles. Natural areas like parks and state forests are great birding sites, but often its unassuming brushy fencerows and country pastures that can produce the most exciting birding. Closer to home, I like to scan the treetops from my back porch for any bird activity. Bird calls on an IPhone app let me entice in the male, as long as I don’t keep him from protecting a territory or take him away from his job of protecting the female and nest. I play it just long enough to see him fly. Squeaks cause curiosity and sometimes bring in the bird closer for viewing. Our Bird Appreciation Day at the Brown County State Park was June 22. Go to <www.interpretiveservices@dnr.IN.gov> and click on Brown County for monthly calendars of our interpretive programs. 

Hoosier Buddy Liquors Cold Beer, Fine Wines & Select Spirits Cold Beer:

Your Headquarters for the Great Outdoors • Camping Supplies: • Fishing Tackle Tents, Camping Lights, • Horse Tack Sleeping Bags, Grills, • RV Replacement Parts Fire Starters, Coleman Heaters and Lanterns, • Huge Selection of Cooking Utensils Carhartt Clothing • Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Hoosier Buddy offers more than 150 different beers, including more than 80 craft, micro, and imports. We proudly offer a wide variety of beers from Indiana’s finest brewers.

Fine Wines:

Hoosier Buddy is a wine-lovers type of store. With more than 200 wines to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our “Affordable Imports” and “90+ Point” selections.

Select Spirits:

Hoosier Buddy offers an ever expanding array of top-notch spirits. Our whiskey category alone includes more than 75 different choices. Whether you’re looking for a Single Barrel Bourbon or a Single Malt from Islay— we stock them.

284 South Van Buren (next to Subway) Nashville, IN 812-988-2267

Salt Creek Plaza • Nashville Mountain Bike Rentals

(812) 988-8888

www.BearHardware.com Mon.–Sat. 7:30am–7:00pm Sun 10:00am–4:00pm

As always, Hoosier Buddy Liquors reminds you to celebrate safe —don’t drink and drive.

We Fill Propane Tanks

Nashville’s only Guest Ranch ...because a campfire helps you see things in a different light. TM

Home of the

Holler Hoppin’ Zip Lines

Perfect for group outings!

Fishing Nightly campfires Hayrides Team building Low ropes course Weddings Church events 54 acres of land

11-room inn 1 vacation home Public trail rides Family reunions Women’s retreats Kids’ horse retreats Lighted basketball court Playground equipment Hiking and relaxation

812-988-0085 888-94-RANCH (79624)

Pit Bull L E AT H E R CO. Fierce gear for bikers... and anyone along for the ride!

Motorcycle Apparel: •Jackets •Saddle Bags •Chaps •Fork Bags •Vests •T-Bags •Gloves

Handbags & Wallets T-Shirts: •Biker •Music

Sunglasses & Goggles

•Colts •Attitude, etc.

20 N. Van Buren (across from courthouse) P.O. Box 398 • Nashville IN 47448 812-988-6007 • e-mail: pbl101@sbcglobal.net Sponsor Miracle Ride for Riley Hospital for Children

1292 State Road 135 South Three miles east of Nashville www.rawhideranchusa.com


Become our Facebook fan and learn about NEW ARRIVALS and WEEKLY SPECIALS

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Hometown Proud Local Grocery Store Serving Beautiful Brown County Since 1975! Competitive Pricing • No Cards or Membership

Free–No Hassle

Loyalty Program

• Certified Ang us Beef • Large Beer an d Wine Section Text: bciga to casper (227-737) s • Picnic Suppli es Exclusive coupons, discounts, specials, announcements! • Full Service B (Opt out at any time) akery/Deli • Custom Cake Decorating Organic Grocery • Dairy • Produce • Frozen • Wine • Custom Deli T rays, Veggie Tra ys, Fruit Baskets, and Gift Baske Ever-Growing Selection of Gluten-Free Products ts 30 Hawthorne Dr. • Nashville • East SR 46 at light • 812-988-4546 • www.browncountyiga.com


Brown County Winery Award-winning Indiana Wines

Free Wine Tasting at both locations VILLAGE OF NASHVILLE

East Main St. and Old School Way


4520 State Road 46 East · Nashville


Monday–Thursday 10 AM-5 PM | Friday & Saturday 10 AM-5:30 PM Sunday · 11 AM-5 PM Shipping available to select states

Indiana Uplands Wine Trail Passports Stamped Here!

BROWNCOUNTYWINERY.COM · 812-988-6144 · 812-988-8646 56 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

Come eat up in “Hog’s Heaven” (our deck)

New rooms with balcony view, restaurant, lounge, and enclosed pool. Conference facility for up to 600 people.

812-988-2284 • SeasonsLodge.com

Trolly’s own Hickory-Smoked Pork BBQ Hot Dogs • Sausages • Brats Lemon Shake-ups North Van Buren and Gould Streets in Nashville Indiana • 988-4273

A Brown County Landmark renowned for savory home cooking and old-fashioned hospitality 812-988-4554

HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 to 4:00

1st and 3rd Saturdays 10:00 to 1:00

THRIFT SHOP South Van Buren in Nashville (behind Subway) (812) 988-6003 Proceeds go to local charities

Featuring comfortable rooms, restaurant, bar, and indoor pool. Meeting space for up to 275 people.

812-988-2291 • BrownCountyInn.com

•PIZZA•PASTA • S A N D W I C H E S • SALADS Dine inside or on the patio


140 W. Main

Carry Out

Sun.–Thurs. 11–9 • Fri. & Sat. 11–10

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 57

u n o t C y V n ision w o r B ~by Henry Swain


n 1990 the Brown County League of Women Voters created a project for the future called The Committee of 2010. Its purpose was to assess county problems existing at the time and project how to solve them during the next 20 years. It was a bold and ambitious project from which most of the initial concerns were addressed and solutions accomplished during the first 10 years. The first large item of concern in l990 was the Land Use Master Plan which had been prepared by a firm called PKG and presented to the county commissioners and the community in 1993. The plan was not well received and it was felt that the town of Nashville should have a separate plan. The commissioners decided not to reject the plan totally, but to form a group of volunteer citizens to take the PKG plan and revise it to better fit the needs of our community. This committee was drawn from all segments of the county so that the concerns of each local area would be represented. Remarkably this committed committee held together for the three years dedicated to the task. Based on surveys taken and earlier public meetings this committee met for a total 78 hours in 38 open meetings in the revision of the original PKG plan. The revision was presented to the commissioners in 2000 and was accepted. It is the plan under which the county operates today. Equally important to the plan was the updating of the ordinances and zoning regulations. The momentum to do this was stalled due to political and personnel changes, but it has been done intermittently since as new problems surfaced.

58 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

The Master Plan was mostly written by our local citizens who understood the problems unique to our county. The vision for our county’s future has remained the same in all of the Master Plan revisions since the first plan in the l960s. It is in the implementation of the ordinance and zoning regulations where most of our citizens become personally affected. By a process that took eight years, a combination Recycling Center-County Highway Garage was built. An office of Veterans Affairs was established and a building to house it was constructed at the county Deer Run park grounds. The League was invited to a meeting in Columbus that led to the establishment of the Brown County Community Foundation. Other items on the 2010 list were: a new Post Office, new Jail, a hiking trail from Deer Run Park to Brown County State Park, a YMCA, a Fire District, a Community Building, and a new County Library. A bequest of $30,000 from Onya La Tour toward a Community Building languished in the Town Hall treasury for several years and was proposed by the town council to use the money for a new Town Hall. Most on the town council at the time did not know Onya. Several citizens who did know Onya and her desire for the funds to be used for a Community Building challenged the board’s proposal. The Town Council decided to use their portion of the County Adjusted Gross Income Tax distribution toward a new Town Hall building and gave their old building to the La Tour Committee. The committee later sold the building and gave the proceeds to the new Brown County Library for a room on the lower level known as the La Tour Community Room. Continued on 62

Bigg Woods Village lage gge

Autumn in

Brown County For Arrival September 20 to November 27, 2013

Across from Brown County Courthouse

44 N. Van Buren St. north of stoplight

Granny’s Christmas & Gift Shop

• Santa • Snowmen • Precious Moments • Dept. 56® • Snow Village • Dickens • Nutcrackers and much more!

(812) 988-6208 • second floor


Since 1979

• T-Shirts • Toys • Gifts • Collectibles—Elvis and Betty Boop • Brown County Souvenirs (812) 988-2725

“Old and Young Love this Shop!”

Our Best Value 2-NIGHT Package Stay


2-day/2-night overnight stay, plus a $30 Harvest restaurant voucher, plus a $10 Harvest breakfast coupon

$189* (2 nights/ Sun.–Wed. arrival) $229* (2 nights/ Friday arrival) $199* (2 nights/ Thurs. or Sat. arrival) Reserve on-line MENTION FALL PACKAGE

www.browncountyinn.com or 800-772-5249


indoor pool playground game room tennis courts horseshoes bocce

yard games miniature golf basketball volleyball shuffleboard ping-pong

Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge

Nearby: Rules:

2 blocks to Nashville’s 200+Shops, Galleries, Restaurants and Theaters 2 miles to Brown County State Park Advance reservation and deposit required. Above offer valid based on availability September 20 thru November 27, 2013. Not valid for group room bookings beyond 10 rooms per stay. Children (up to age 17) stay free with parents – Max occupancy per room is 2 adults/2 child.

* Add 12% sales tax to all rates (food vouchers are not taxable)


State Road 46 East in Nashville, Indiana

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OVER 7,000 square feet!

Brown County

Antique Mall Open all year–7 days a week Mon.–Sat. 9 to 5:30 Sun. 11 to 5:30

We Buy and Sell 13 miles west of I-65 3 miles east of Nashville, IN

812-988-1025 3288 State Rd 46 East www.bcantique.com


• Quality all-natural treats since 1997 • Over 20 wholesome varieties from low-fat to wheat and corn free • Fancy Gourmet and Seasonal Snacks • Barkingood Boutique

Bring this ad get a FREE bag of DOGS WELCOME! (812) 988-0305 natural dog treats 211 S. Van Buren St. (behind Shell station) with your $10 purchase www.barkingood.com

House of Jerky •Beef•Buffalo •Turkey•Venison •Alligator•Wild Boar •Kangaroo

Largest Collection of Bobby Knight Memorabilia Breakfast 8:30 - 11 a.m. Sandwiches & Salads 11 a.m. - ? At the corner of Main & Van Buren Streets (underneath the Nashville House) - 988-2355

Cottage Accommodations in the Heart of Nashville

Innkeeper 812-720-0222

Bob & Chris Kirlin 26 Honeysuckle Ln. • Nashville, IN


(812) 988-1592 • Nashville, IN Main Street Shops, Old School Way alley

Nashville Express Sightseeing Tours

2 1/2 mile scenic tour of Nashville Board at Fearrin’s Ice Cream • Franklin & Van Buren also service to Seasons, Brown County Inn, Comfort Inn & Salt Creek Inn

May – October • $5 per person • 812-988-2308 available for field trips, business functions, private tours 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. longer on weekends (ask the driver)

Serving Brown County

Wine Bar and Gift Shoppe Open Daily

Wine Tastings

• Cheeses and Gourmet Foods • Unique Wine Gifts • Comfortable Seating Live Music Fri. and Sat. 7-10 pm Coachlight Square • S. Van Buren and Washington, Nashville, IN

812-988-8500 • www.ChateauThomas.com 60 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

McDonald’s ®

501 E. SR 46 Nashville, IN.

We moved two blocks south!

58 East Main Street Nashville, Indiana

FREE in-store demos!

(next to Brown County Courthouse) www.browncountycraftgallery.com

Old School Way and Pittman House Lane

(next to the Toy Chest, behind Sweetwater Gallery) Visit our website for class schedules www.wishfulthinking-in.com • 812-988-7009

open daily 10–5 • 812-988-7058

Male Instinct

“A Different Spin on a Man’s Store”

Gifts Apparel

• Northern Sportswear • Hats, Gloves, Billfolds Accessories • Ultimo Fragrance • Life is Crap Tees • Knives • Themed items Hot Stuff • Funny Stuff the maleinstinct.com

75 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville • (812) 988-1964

C Cinnamon Roasted Almonds & Pecans

Salted Nuts R d Roasted Daily

C ashe ncy Mix epitas Peanuts Cashews, Fancy Mix, P Pepitas, Delicious Candies - Homemade Fudge Mail Orders - 812-988-7480

S.Van Buren (Shopper's Lane) Nashville

Old McDurbin % Gold & 50 Gifts


LODGE on the MOUNTAIN Two Secluded Guest Rooms Overlooking a Private Lake

Convenient to Nashville/Bloomington



FRI.&SAT.—BUY ONE get 2nd 1/2 OFF SUN.–THURS.—BUY ONE get ONE FREE (Excludes Sept.–Nov.)

812-988-6429 www.browncountylogcabins.com

• Woodstock chimes • Bearfoots by Jeff Fleming • Dillman Farm apple butter and preserves • Brown County Shot Glasses


• Anklets • Bracelets • Necklaces

Watches Sterling Silver 1000’s of Pendants Rings 58 E. Main Street (next to courthouse)

The Peaceful Valley Arts & Crafts Shop

Handmade soaps, candles, and birdhouses Also jewelry, art, Brown County magnets

Located in Antique Alley 75 S. Jefferson, Nashville

(317) 783-6726 • www.peacefulvalleyartscrafts.com

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 61

Art on Fire July 13 and 14, 2013


he Indiana Glass Trail presents an “Art on Fire” weekend event series that showcases Indiana’s talented artisans who use various methods and skills to create mystical glass art. The series runs summer through fall with Brown County set to be featured the weekend of July 1314, 2013. Brown County has a colorful weekend of events planned consisting of glass art exhibits, demonstrations, video documentaries and open galleries. Below are some of the gifted artists you will find featured for the weekend: Anne Ryan Miller For 25 years, Anne has practiced her stained glass craft in Brown County. Anne developed a multi-layered copper overlay technique. Lawrence Family The Lawrence Family Glass Blowers are in their 46th year of flame working glass figurines and sculptures. Pete Bullard Pete’s glass interest began 42 years ago with a kit for a hanging lamp. Since that time he has worked on his own doing custom work and restorations. Ron Schuster Ron has worked with glass for 42 years, initially working in stained glass then branching out to include hot glass and dichroic glass paperweights. Ruth Wert Ruth’s glass art is dyed silk with stained glass over the top then framed. She also makes mirrors from stained glass and creates garden art from slumped glass. Joy Sims Joy has been creating custom stained and etched glass for 20 years, first at her specialty door and window

62 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

business in Jackson, CA and, since her retirement on the Gulf Coast, she is creating her own designs for galleries and commission work. Abby Gitlitz Abby began working with flat glass in high school and did it as a hobby all through college, until she discovered hot glass. Her art is strongly influenced by her travels in Latin America and enjoys combining the traditional blown form with Mexican folk art. Glass artists in Nashville will bring their best to the Brown County Art Gallery from July 1–15 for a special exhibit called “Art on Fire”. The exhibit will be accompanied by a new video produced by Vision Ventures Video Productions of Indianapolis in association with the Brown County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau called “Art on Fire” which shows the artists at work. The video features the artwork of Anne Ryan Miller, Ron Schuster, and the Lawrence Family Glassblowers. There will be demonstrations by various glass artists in downtown Nashville as part of the Indiana Glass Trail celebration. Visit the <www.browncounty.com> website for more information. Enter “glass trail” in the search prompt for the video link.  VISION continued from 58 Many of the visions in the Committee 2010 were implemented because county government officials shared the vision and worked patiently from one administration to the next to make them happen. But it is more than that. It was the commitment of Brown County citizens to sit through many meetings of contentious wrangling to move forward and to be a part of the process. The Brown County Community Foundation established a committee of community leaders called Partnership Brown County. In 2008 a consulting firm prepared a Community Needs and Assets Assessment for the county. With the information from this assessment, the Partnership and the League of Women Voters committed to moving the county forward with a greater sense of common direction. The League was asked to work with the committee because of the experience in implementing the goals outlined in the original committee of 2010. The assessment issues continue to be a focus of the Partnership and the League. 

Ethereal Day Spa & Salon

Brown County’s “Unique Boutique”

Boutique •Clothing •Accessories •Jewelry

Girlfriends Summer Getaway Hot Tub Soak · ½ hour Lavender Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage Express Facial · Pedicure advance reservations recommended · allow 2½ hours ·$145 per person

$55 Single Massage & Hot Tub Soak

40% off Regular Spa Packages

Weekdays Monday-Thursday only

Tuesdays & Sundays at the Spa

VILLAGE BOUTIQUE Corner of Main and Jefferson Streets in Nashville, IN at the Village Green

812.720.9009 · EtherealVillage.com

(formerly Peg Ann’s Boutique)

Village of Nashville · Corner of Van Buren & Washington, 2nd floor Monday–Saturday 10 to 7 · Sundays by appointment

Open 7 days a week

Gift Cards available online or at the Spa


Lisa J. Baker, DDS

Dr. Lisa Baker, tooth artist and smile specialist


Amazing While-you-wait Crowns! BEST PRICES IN TOWN! For All Your Riding Needs MENS & WOMENS:

Family Cosmetic Preventive Dentistry

Call for an appointment today:

812-332-2000 • www.drlisabaker.net 4217 E. 3rd Street • Bloomington, IN 47401

Leather Jackets, Chaps, Vests, Bags, Gloves, Riding Boots, Helmets, Eye Wear, Rain Gear, Gel Seat Covers, Flags and Flag Mounts, Batteries, Oil, Cleaners, Man Cave Items, st Sons of Anarchy, & more Let Us Ho e t Rid

Your Benefi

HOUSE OF THUNDER 4413 State Road 46 E. Nashville, IN Just 3 miles east of Nashville in Gnaw Bone 812-988-0255 • Wed.–Sun. 10 to 6 (closed Mon. & Tues.)

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 63

Our Brown County ANTIQUES

Plum Creek Antiques Open-Air Market Bean Blossom

• Fruit Jars • Garden Art • Furniture • Iron Things, • Lots of Junk and more

5 minutes north of Nashville (intersection of SR 135 & SR 45) Tues.–Fri. 12 to 4 Sat. & Sun. 12 to 5 (812) 988-6268 ANTIQUES

Gnaw Bone Antiques and Uniques



Paint & Bodyy

The Strength of Big, The Service of Small 189 Commercial Drive, Nashville, IN 47448 812.988.1200

Full Collision Repair 24-Hour Towing Bring in this ad get




• Mulching - Seeding NEED HELP? • Weeding - Pruning • Tree / Shrub Planting • Fences - Walkways • Retaining Walls • Mowing / Trimming (812) 988-7232 • Flower / Herb Beds

Full Mechanical Garage

We Can Do It All!

Brakes, Engine, Transmission “Big to Small, We Do it All!”

1814 N. St. Rd. 135 • Nashville

• Primitives • Amish Built Furniture Can Do • Distressed Furniture Custom Orders • Quilts • Glassware • Antiques–all shapes and sizes Located at 4469 State Road 46 East (between Nashville and Columbus) 10 am to 6 pm Tues.–Sun. (closed Mon.) (812) 988-6250 gnawboneantiques.com EDUCATION

Career Resource Center of Brown County


Complete Landscaping/ Design Services


Brown County Tire


24 hr. Wrecker Service



Auto Repair

27 Salt Creek Rd (Intersection SR 46) Nashville HEALTH


HEALTH FOR “U” H 146 E. Main St., Nashville

812-988-9890 • Ivy Tech Programs • Certified Nursing Assistant • Quickbooks Training • Computer Classes

• GED • Electrical • Solar Energy • Work One

246 E. Main St. Nashville, IN • (812) 988-5880 www.bccrc.net for the schedule


KRITZER’S Feed Store $

3.00 OFF*

any wild bird seed *(cannot be used with other discounts or promotions)

4245 SR 46 E - Gnaw Bone

(812) 988-7100 • kritzersfeedstore@att.net

Mon.–Sat. 9 am to 4 pm

Limit 3.


Must have coupon for discount. Expires 8/31/13.

Save $ S $2.00 2 00 on R Roll-On ll O or G Gel (4, 16, or 32 oz.)

Indiana Amish Natural Chickens and Indiana Raw Honey sold here! Also, Bison and Elk. YOUR AD HERE


Services Directory Rates published bi-monthly


Single Block $50 Double Block $72 2 or more 10% OFF

annual 20%OFF

Call Cindy 812-988-8807

FINE WOODWORKING Handmade Doors and Furniture and High-end Carpentry

30 years experience 812.837.9363 812.360.5236 SHOP/OFFICE


Services Directory INSURANCE

BRIGHT & WILLIAMSON Insurance Agency

Bob Gredy Sr. Auto • Home • Business Health • Life • Bonds

(812) 988-2275 24 N. Jefferson St. fax: 988-7670 P.O. Box 698 home: 988-7185 Nashville, IN 47448



Helmsburg Sawmill Inc. Custom Log Homes

Farm Lumber • Board and Batten Wavy Edged Siding • Beams Buyers of Standing Timber

812-988-6161 LOG HOME SERVICES

AUTO • HOME • LIFE BUSINESS 146 E. Main St. Redbud Terrace Nashville, Indiana

Christy McGinley-Hughes 812-988-6399

• Log Cabin Repairs • Chinking & Repair • New Construction • Cabin Inspections

(812) 988-2689


3497 Clay Lick Rd. • Nashville





Trash Removal

Residential • Commercial 15 yd Roll-Off Service (812) 988-8000



Norma Reigle a $50 Reading

North end of Nashville across from Muddy Boots

Palm &Tarot Reader

(812) 988-0798 (812) 988-8775 WELLNESS / MASSAGE NAME YOUR CATEGORY

Pruning • Planting Removals Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Matt Baldwin ISA Certified Arborist #IN-3202a

(812) 988-9998 WELLNESS


The Brown County YMCA is located behind the Comfort Inn Now open at 5:30 a.m. Mon.–Fri.

812-988-9622 • www.browncountyymca.org

Gaia’s Touch Paula Sutton, CMT, RM

Create a healthier lifestyle • Herbal Consultation • Massage Therapy • Reiki • Natural Health Sessions (812) 360-6879 paula@touchofgaia.com www.touchofgaia.com 243 Heimburger Rd. Nashville, IN

of the Arts and Crafts

• Arts • Crafts • Music • Kids Zone • Labyrinth

August 31 and September 1 Saturday 10 to 6 • Sunday 10 to 5

Downtown Bloomington 4th Street Grant to Indiana 4thstreet.org

66 Our Brown County • July/August 2013

HOTEL NASHVILLE Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville

Upscale Dining in a Casual Atmosphere Serving Dinner with Full Bar Service Thurs. 5 to 8 pm, Fri. & Sat. 5 to 9 pm

• Suites, Studios, Hot Tubs • Restaurant and Bar • Indoor Pool, Sauna, Whirlpool • Conference Facilities • Weddings and Receptions • Special Getaway Packages

Menu Features: Steaks, Seafood, Pasta, Chicken, Burgers, Appetizers, Soups and Salads

Reserve your Special Party now! Meetings and Banquets Catering in your home or other venue Weddings and Receptions

245 N. Jefferson St., Nashville (812) 988-8400 • (800) 848-6274 www.hotelnashville.com

BRICK LODGE NORTH HOUSE • Accommodates 8 Guests • 3 Bedrooms and 2 1/2 Baths • Cable TV–DVD Player • Fully-Equipped Kitchen • Central Heat and Air • Electric Fireplace • Secluded Hot Tub • Gas Grill 194 N. Van Buren St., Nashville (812) 988-8400 • (800) 848-6274 www.northhousegetaway.com

• Accommodates 8 Guests • 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths • Game Room w/ Pool Table • Cable TV–DVD Player • Fully-Equipped Kitchen • Central Heat and Air • Gas Fireplace • Gas Grill • Outdoor Hot Tub 1878 N. State Rd. 135, Nashville (812) 988-8400 • (800) 848-6274 www.bricklodge.com

July/August 2013 • Our Brown County 67

Our shop is bursting with flavor!

Watch us make… Free box of popcorn with mention of this ad

· Over 20 flavors of our Creamy Fudge · 50 flavors of Gourmet Popcorn · All-natural Gelato and Ice Cream

175 South Van Buren in Possum Trot Complex

812-988-0709 · nashvillefudgekitchen.com

Profile for Our Brown County

July/August 2013 OUR BROWN COUNTY  

A magazine about the people and places that make Brown County, Indiana so special.

July/August 2013 OUR BROWN COUNTY  

A magazine about the people and places that make Brown County, Indiana so special.