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May–June 2016

The Magazine of Fun and Fact


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Helmsburg Sawmill Melchior Marionettes Village Green

Ukulele Congress The Continuum The Boot is Back May–June Events

Bean Blossom Festivals:

50th Bill Monroe Bluegrass John Hartford Memorial


Village Green Building Celebrating over 100 years in nashville The Nashville you came to see and love…

Where you can see the work of local artists — whether it’s ice cream, candy and fruit preserves made the old fashioned way or the artwork of local artists and craftsmen. · first floor · Homemade Ice Cream Homemade Candies Homemade Fruit Preserves · second floor · Antiques · Art and Craft Galleries Working studios of local artists



The Candy Dish

Yes, we really do make it ourselves!

Fine Homemade Chocolate Candies and Fudge Gourmet Caramels Over 50 Flavors of Salt Water Taffy



Homemade Ice Cream

Harvest Preserve the

Homemade Fruit Butter Gourmet Food Cookbooks · Cookie Cutters Postcards · Greeting Cards Kitchen Gadgets Galore Giftware · Tea and Teaware


Functional and Fine Art Made in Indiana


61 West Main street · nashville, indiana

Rated ★★★★★ on TripAdvisor!


Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat





2620 Valley Branch Rd · Nashville, IN 47448 GPS 39.1638298 / -86.1485959


all Zip Line activities use code OBCS2016 Expires 12/31/2016 Excludes holidays


Carmel Ridge Rd


Nineveh Edinburgh Morgantown 31 37 135 I-65 46 Bloomington Columbus 46 NASHVILLE 252

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Brownie’s Bean Blossom Restaurant


Vaught Rd.

Monroe Music Park & Campground BEAN BLOSSOM

Flower and Herb Barn Farmhouse Café

Plum Creek Antiques Market

Doodles by Kara Barnard


Rd .


Cordry Lake

Sprunica Rd.


HELMSBURG Farmers’ Market at Lightspinner Studio St. Davids Rid



Abe Martin Lodge

Spears Gallery


Rd. ch





Monroe Reservoir


Brown County State Park


eXplore Brown County

Rawhide Ranch

la Pop

Lodge on the Mountain T.C. Steele State Historic Site

Mike’s Music and Dance Barn




als d ent ek R . Tire at R l l e n r a n Co etre ue M catio ery alt C 46 S Breoewkside RCo. An’tBiqrown VnaCo. Win Cr rown ills o Brow B H Overlook to COLUMBUS Mt Lodge . Li kidscommons b GNAW 19th Hole ert y Rd BONE Bar/Grille Bear Wallow Distillery

ton Cr k



to BL OO

Knight’s Trash Removal


yB ran



Annie Smith Rd.


Old SR 4

Artist and/or Gallery

Tim ber Cres t


Green Valley Lodge Yellowwood Lake

Cox Creek Mill

Val le


Al’s Paint & BodyAl’s Garage

Country Club Rd

Oak Grove

Musical Entertainment




Mike Nickels Log Homes


Ow l Cr eek


Butler Winery BLOOMINGTON Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS Fireplace Center Harley-Davidson of Bloomington







to BL O


Rosey Bolte’s Uncommon Gourd Studio

Clay Lick Rd

Lake Lemon






MORGANTOWN TRAFALGAR Antiques Co-op The Apple Works Sweetwater Art Beyond Crayons Lake GMG Motors Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides House of Clocks

Upper Bean Blossom

Brown County N


Bob Allen Rd.

Homestead Weaving Studio Salem’s Good Nature Farm


Hoosier Artist

Fallen Leaf Books



B3 Gallery

Brown County Art Guild

The Wild Olive

ST SR 135 N

Village Green

Brown Co Winery

Sweet Cozy Living Nashville Candy Store Sports Etc. Be My Guest Head Over Heels

Heritage Mall

Spears Pottery Juls Etc.

The Sunshine Shack

House of Jerky

Main Street Shops


MAIN STREET That Sandwich Place

Nashville House


Gold &Old

Touch of Silver

Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts Brown Co Craft Gallery

Log JJail L il


Miller’s Ice Cream The Candy Dish The Harvest Preserve

? info


open M-F8-4

Downtown Cottages & Suites Copperhead Creek Gem Mine

Iris Garden Complex

Pioneer Village Museum

GOULD STREET Brown Co. Rock & Fossil Shop


Brown Co Public Library

Brown Co. History Center


Hidden Valley Inn



The Emerald Pencil

Big Woods Village



Men’s Toy Shop

Colonial Bldg.

Carmel Corn Cottage

State Farm Insurance-Bank


Brozinni Pizzeria

Hills O’Brown Realty

J.B. Goods/ Life is Good

Hotel Nashville

Redbud Terrace

McGinley Insurance


Career Resource Center

First Merchants Office Bank Health For U

County Offices



Brown Co Art Gallery

Masonic Lodge

Old SR 4



Village Florist

The Salvation Army



Coachlight Square

Brown Co Inn Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

Brown Co Community YMCA Brown Co Health & Living

Bear Hardware Comfort Inn

Brown County IGA


Tea Shop




Nashville General Store

Pine Room Muddy Boots

Salt Creek Park McDonald’s People’s State Bank

Salt Creek Inn

Seasons Lodge & Conference Center

Doodles by Kara Barnard


Artist and/or Gallery Rest Room


Musical Entertainment Parking


map not to scale

Nashville Indiana

Casa Del Sol Apache Tactical


Mercantile Store

Cornerstone Inn

Bearly Country

Bone Appetit Bakery Ethereal Day Spa and Salon Chateau Thomas Sweetea’s Winery

Camelot Shoppes

Lorna’s Hunter’s Leather & Electronics Boutique

Nashville Gyros Food & Art Fudge Kitchen

Possum Trot Sq

Artists Colony

Cathy’s Corner

Cedar Creek Winery

Nashville Express

Male Instinct

Rhonda Kay’s

Out of the Ordinary

Artists Colony Inn Toy Chest Carol’s Lazy One Crafts Sweetwater Back to Back Yesteryear Gallery Old Time Photos Grasshopper Flats Wishful Simply 4 You Thinking



Hoosier Buddy

Thrift Shop Community Closet


Olde Magnolia House Inn 4th Sister Vintage Store

Calvin Place


Schwab’s Fudge

New Leaf Amy Greely

Life is Good JB Goods


Too Cute Abe’s Corner

Melchior Marionettes

Jack & Jill Nut Shop

Brown Co Playhouse

58 South Apparel



Franklin Sq

Through the Looking Glass Wooden Wonders Nashville Image Old Time Photos For Bare Feet, Woodlands N & R Woodworking Brown Co Weavery & Roots Paint Box Gallery, Primitive Spirit Rich Hill’s Magic & Fun Emporium K. Bellum Leather, My Sister’s Shop Brown Co. Pottery, Agape Pearls Ferguson House

Antique Alley


Our Brown County ANTIQUES

Antiques Co-op.............................58 Be My Guest...................................59 Brown Co Antique Mall................37 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 The Emerald Pencil.......................29 Nashville General Store...............38 Plum Creek Antiques...................64


Antique Alley Shops.....................45 Antiques Co-op.............................58 Art Beyond Crayons.....................58 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Bear Hardware..............................22 Brown Co Antique Mall................37 Brown Co Art Gallery...................28 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................61 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 The Emerald Pencil.......................29 Hoosier Artist................................29 Indiana Heritage Arts Show.......31 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................60 Papertrix.........................................15 pARTake/ Art Walk........................31 Spears Pottery...............................28 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.28


Fallen Leaf Books..........................27


Shepherd of the Hills Evangelical Luthern Church.......33


58 South Apparel..........................40 Antique Alley Shops.....................45 Apache Tactical.............................49 Bear Hardware..............................22 Community Closet Thrift Shop...47 Harley-Davidson of Bloomington.................................23 Head Over Heels...........................59 J.B. Goods/ Life is Good...............18 Lazy One.........................................49 Lorna’s Leather & Boutique........60 Male Instinct..................................61 Men’s Toy Shop..............................52

Mercantile Store...........................48 Sports Etc.......................................59 Village Florist Tuxedo Rental......48 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............37


4th Sister Vintage Store...............54 Antique Alley Shops.....................45 Antiques Co-op.............................58 Apache Tactical.............................49 Appleworks....................................14 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Be My Guest...................................59 Bearly Country..............................15 Bone Appetit Bakery....................37 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................61 Brown Co Rock & Fossil Shop.....45 Brown Co Visitors Center.............21 Carol’s Crafts..................................49 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 Cox Creek’s Mill.............................18 The Emerald Pencil.......................29 The Ferguson House....................41 Foxfire.............................................41 Head Over Heels...........................59 Homestead Weaving Studio.......28 Hoosier Artist................................29 House of Clocks.............................58 K. Bellum Leather.........................29 Lightspinner StudioMartha Sechler..............................60 Lazy One.........................................49 Lorna’s Leather & Boutique........60 Madeline’s......................................46 Male Instinct..................................61 Men’s Toy Shop..............................52 Mercantile Store...........................48 Nashville General Store...............38 New Leaf.........................................29 Papertrix.........................................15 Rhonda Kay’s.................................40 Simply 4 You..................................19 Spears Pottery...............................28 Sports Etc.......................................59 Sweet Cozy Living........................37 Sweetwater Gallery......................19 The Toy Chest................................46 Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd.28

Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............37 Village Florist Flowers & Gifts.....48 Wishful Thinking...........................19


19th Hole Bar & Grille..................52 Brown County Playhouse............32 Copperhead Creek Gem Mine....45 Hotel Nashville Gazebo Parties..57 kidscommons................................48 Melchior Marionettes..................60 Monroe Music Park.......................36 Nashville Express Tour Rides......60 Pine Room–Muddy Boots...........55 Rawhide Ranch.............................27


Olde Time Flea Market.................47


19th Hole Bar & Grille..................52 Abe Martin Lodge.........................53 Appleworks....................................14 Artists Colony Inn.........................23 Bear Wallow Distillery..................23 Brown Co IGA................................32 Brown Co Inn.................................41 Brown Co Winery..........................53 Brownie’s Bean Blossom Rest.....38 Brozinni Pizzeria...........................27 Butler Winery.................................27 The Candy Dish...............................3 Carmel Corn Cottage...................48 Casa del Sol....................................38 Cedar Creek Winery......................37 Chateau Thomas Winery.............61 Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville........67 Farmers’ Market-St. Davids.........15 Farmhouse Cafe............................14 Gyros Food & Art Studios............61 The Harvest Preserve.....................3 Hoosier Buddy Liquors................55 Hotel Nashville..............................67 Hotel Nashville Gazebo Parties..57 House of Jerky...............................60 Jack and Jill Nut Shop..................61 McDonald’s....................................21 Miller’s Ice Cream............................3 Nashville BP...................................15 Nashville Candy Store..................59 Nashville Fudge Kitchen..............68

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Green Valley Lodge......................15 Hampton Inn.................................12 Hidden Valley Inn.........................25 Hills o’ Brown Vacation Rentals..22 Hilton Garden Inn.........................12 Holiday Inn Express......................12 Hotel Nashville..............................67 Lodge on the Mountain...............60 McGinley Vacation Cabins..........64 Monroe Music Park & Campground.................................64 Nickel’s Vacation Cabins..............14 The North House...........................67 Olde Magnolia House..................54 Overlook Lodge............................33 Rawhide Ranch.............................27 Seasons...........................................45


Brown County History Center....47 kidscommons................................48

Nashville General Store...............38 Nashville House............................45 Pine Room–Muddy Boots...........55 Schwab’s Fudge.............................38 Seasons...........................................45 Sunshine Shack.............................61 Sweetea’s Tea Shop......................40 That Sandwich Place....................37 Trolly’s.............................................38 The Wild Olive.................................2


Antiques Co-op.............................58 The Ferguson House....................41 Plum Creek Antiques...................64


Bear Hardware..............................22 Head Over Heels...........................59 K. Bellum Leather.........................29


Antique Alley Shops.....................45 B3 Gallery.......................................28 Brown Co Antique Mall................37 Brown Co Art Guild.......................29 Brown Co Craft Gallery................61 Cathy’s Corner...............................23 Ferguson House............................41 Foxfire.............................................41 Grasshopper Flats.........................19 Hoosier Artist................................29 Juls Etc............................................25 LaSha’s............................................61 New Leaf.........................................29 Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts.........60 Rhonda Kay’s.................................40 Spears Pottery...............................28 Too Cute at Abe’s Corner.............37 Touch of Silver Gold & Old..........18



Abe Martin Lodge.........................53 Artists Colony Inn.........................23 The Brick Lodge............................67 Brown County Health & Living...18 Brown Co Inn.................................41 Comfort Inn...................................12 Cornerstone Inn............................39 Creekside Retreat.........................54 eXplore Brown County..................4

Bone Appetit Bakery....................37


B3 Gallery.......................................28 Spears Pottery...............................28 Yesteryear Old Time Photos........19


Brown County Real Estate...........65 Hills o’ Brown Realty.....................65 ReMax Team...................................61 F.C. Tucker-Jennifer Gabriel....... 65


eXplore Brown County..................4 Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides............54 Rawhide Ranch.............................27


Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS.......................40 Brown County Health & Living...18 Career Resource Center...............48 Ethereal Day Spa and Salon........55 Hunter’s Electronics.....................54 Nashville BP...................................15 Shepherd of the Hills Evangelical Luthern Church.......33 Village Florist Flowers & Gifts.....48 State Farm InsuranceBrandon Stiles...............................22

SERVICES DIRECTORY 64-65 Al’s Garage/Paint & Body BETA Teen Center

Brown Co Community YMCA Brown Co Real Estate Brown Co Tire & Auto Career Resource Center Farmers Insurance—McGinley First Merchants Bank Flower and Herb Barn GMG Motors Health For U Helmsburg Sawmill Hills o’ Brown Realty McGinley Vacation Cabins Monroe Park Campground People’s State Bank Plum Creek Antiques F.C. Tucker-Jennifer Gabriel Waltman Construction Co.


Head Over Heels...........................59 K. Bellum Leather.........................29


Apache Tactical.............................49 Bearly Country..............................15 Bone Appetit Bakery....................37 Carol’s Crafts..................................49 Fallen Leaf Books..........................27 Fireplace Center............................48 Harley-Davidson of Bloomington.................................23 House of Clocks.............................58 Hunter’s Electronics.....................54 K. Bellum Leather.........................29 Male Instinct..................................61 Men’s Toy Shop..............................52 Sports Etc.......................................59 The Toy Chest................................46 Wishful Thinking...........................19


Sweetwater Gallery......................19


Artists Colony Inn.........................23 Hotel Nashville..............................67 Village Florist.................................48


Mike Nickels Log Homes....... 47 Salem’s Good Nature Farm... 60


13 Pavilion Summer Music Series 16 Arrow Tag at eXplore Brown County ~by Chrissy Alspaugh

20 Helmsburg Sawmill ~by Bob Gustin

24 The Village Green ~by Julia Pearson 30 50th Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival ~by Mark Blackwell 34-35 Photos ~by Marti Garvey

42-43 Calendar of Events 44 Festival of Flowers PaintOut IHA Show and Sale Clay Day in the Park 46 Sampler: Muddy Boots’ New Digs 50 Melchior Marionettes

~by Lee Edgren

56 John Hartford Memorial Festival ~by Mark Blackwell

58 Arts Village Cinefest 62 Ukulele Congress ~by Jeff Tryon

64-65 Services Directory 66 Continuum

~by Jim Eagleman

Cover Photo: Gary Bartels ~by Chrissy Alspaugh


Mark Blackwell makes his home in an area of Brown County where “the roadway is rough and the slopes are seamed with ravines and present a meatless, barren, backbone effect.” He was born in the last century and still spends considerable time there. He plays music with the “Lost Shoe String Band” when he can get away with it, writes for Our Brown County, and only works when he has to. Jeff Tryon is a former news editor of The Brown County Democrat, a former region reporter for The Republic, and a former bureau chief for The Huntsville Times. Born and raised in Brown County, he currently lives with his wife, Sue, in a log cabin on the edge of Brown County State Park. He is a Baptist minister.

Jim Eagleman recently retired from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources after 40 years as a naturalist at Brown County State Park. He hopes to finish his memoirs soon. He and his wife Kay have three sons, all graduates of Brown County High School. Kay and Jim enjoy all outdoor activities, especially kayaking. Julia Pearson wrote for a secular Franciscan magazine for ten years and served as its human interest editor. She and her husband Bruce have made Lake Woebegone Country their new homebase for life’s continuing adventures. Julie, Bruce, and four-footed Suki are adjusting well. Julia enjoys traveling and visiting museums of all types and sizes, with her children and grandchildren. Joe Lee is an illustrator and writer. He is the author of The History of Clowns for Beginners and Dante for Beginners and illustrator of six other titles, including the forthcoming Dada and Surealism for Beginners in the ongoing “for Beginners” series. He is an awardwinning editorial cartoonist for the Bloomington Herald Times, a graduate of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and a veteran circus performer. Joe lives with his wife Bess, son Brandon, George the cat, and his dogs, Jack and Max. Chrissy Alspaugh is a freelance writer and owner of Christina Alspaugh Photography. She lives in Bartholomew County with her husband, Matt and two children. She can be reached at <>. View her work at <> or on Facebook. Lee Edgren, writing since kindergarten, attended journalism school at the University of Michigan. Her career includes writing for a newspaper, for a government agency, and for UM Medical Center. She became seriously interested in yoga during the late 1980s and traveled widely. Lee has a master’s degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University. She lives in both in Brown County and in northern Michigan and owns River Light Yoga studio. Bob Gustin worked as a reporter, photographer, managing editor, and editor for daily newspapers in Colorado, Nebraska, and Indiana before retiring in 2011. He and his wife, Chris, operate Homestead Weaving Studio in southern Brown County. She does the weaving while he gives studio tours, builds small looms, and expands his book and record collections.

featured photographs Marti Garvey is a photographer and artist who has lived in Brown County for more than 30 years. She and her husband, Norbert, raised four children in the hills and hollers of Owl Creek. Inspired by light, structures, nature, music, people, and spontaneity her work has been featured in various publications. “Do at least one creative thing a day” is a motto she has lived by her whole life—which is why her camera and art supplies accompany her wherever she goes. Contact her at <> or view her photos at <>..

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12 Our Brown County May/June 2016

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Pavilion Summer Music Series T

he Pavilion Summer Music Series in Nashville, Indiana, is a free outdoor music event running May through October 2016. The Saturday afternoon series will be located in The Pavilion at Main and Jefferson Streets, featuring local and regional musicians in a relaxed outdoor setting. The concerts are free to the public, and will run from 4:30pm until 6:00pm. Some seating will be available, but guests are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets for the lawn area. The Pavilion at Main and Jefferson was a gift to the town of Nashville from the Johnson family in 2011 with plenty of lawn space for your favorite blanket or chair (some seating available). You can listen to the show and then stroll among the town’s many eclectic shops, or get a tasty treat at Nashville’s eateries. The Pavilion Music Series is sponsored by the Johnson Family, Brown County Community Foundation, and Arts Village Brown County. May 28 Roger Bannister Trio (Bluegrass) June 18 Silver Sparrow (Guitar and mandolin harmony) 

Last issue’s photo was of the Abe Martin chainsaw carving on Franklin St. in Nashville. Carri Harris-Spires guessed it.

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• Playground with Super Slide

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14 Our Brown County May/June 2016

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May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 15

~story and photos by Chrissy Alspaugh

Arrow Tag

Gary Bartels, owner of eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat, demonstrates German-made bows and rubbertipped, shatter-proof arrows that make his newest adventure, Arrow Tag, fun for all ages.


he new Arrow Tag archery games at eXplore Brown County are hitting the mark with adventurists age 8 to 80. Never heard of it? That’s because eXplore Brown County owner Gary Bartels is copyrighting the term and just launched the games this spring. “I’m just having a good time learning where it’s going to take us,” Bartels said with a laugh. “It’s definitely already catching on among our visitors who want to try something outdoors that’s new and different.” The idea began when Bartels discovered indoor Archery Tag with his grandson in Las Vegas. The lifelong archer said the game was a fun progression in difficulty from a game like laser tag, but the arrows didn’t shoot very far and left much to be desired. Then he stumbled upon a German-made system of bows and rubber-tipped, shatter-proof arrows that have become popular in Europe among live action role-playing enthusiasts. He ordered some sets and let his imagination run wild. Bartels’ Arrow Tag games combine the best aspects of dodge ball, paintball, and laser tag, while also teaching survival skills and how to string and shoot a bow. After a training session players participate in games ranging from a light-hearted round of Bottoms Up, in which 5-year-old Henry Stateler, right, and his brothers, from left, Kaleb and Isaac Fortner enjoyed some Arrow Tag games during a family vacation.

16 Our Brown County May/June 2016

New at eXplore Brown County one’s opponent’s buttocks is the target, to a fast-paced mock survival scramble modeled after the “Hunger Games” movies. Over the course of an hour, players experience a great cardio workout without the bruises of paintball, Bartels said. eXplore Brown County employee Janelle Berning said she found Arrow Tag to be slightly more difficult to learn than paintball, but coworker DaRon Bruce said it’s “way more fun, and a whole lot more lighthearted.” Clinton, Indiana residents Donnetta and Mike Polomski visited eXplore Brown County with their grandsons during spring break and said the games were right on target for everyone in their group, which ranged in age from 5 to 51. “They had a blast,” Donnetta said. “The boys got in the car and were already planning their next trip back. Henry, the 5-year-old, said it was his best day ever!” Bartels said the games are great confidence-builders; he’s even marketing them for corporate team building. “Folks come into Arrow Tag not quite sure what they’re doing, but nobody gives up. They just try to shoot better, run faster, and it’s great to see their improvement just from the beginning to the end of one game.”

Employees (from left) Quincy Robinson, Jess George, Janelle Berning, DaRon Bruce, and Abby Tharp received top marks during a recent lesson in a new series of games that park owner Gary Bartels calls Arrow Tag.

The 65-year-old Bartels grew up in an era when cowboys and Indians dominated television sets across America, and children’s outdoor play centered around those themes. “A bow was more fun than a cap gun,” said the Ohio native. By age 12, he and his friends routinely trekked to the town dump with their bows and arrows to shoot tin cans. But these days, many parents struggle to wrestle their children away from electronic devices and into the outdoors at all. One of Bartels’ goals at eXplore Brown County is to get people, “off the couch and away from their screens.” Recent movies like The Hunger Games and Avatar are helping inspire a resurgence of interest in archery, he said. Bartels hopes to be part of that trend. But more than anything, he’s just excited to get to play with bows and arrows again on a daily basis. “Technically, during games I’m the ref, but I really can’t keep myself from playing,” he said laughing. “It’s fun to watch folks who say they just want to watch but quickly have to join in.” Arrow Tag is offered twice daily at eXplore Brown County on the days they are open. Glow-in-the-dark arrows also are available for night games. The facility can accommodate groups of up to around 20, or up to around 40 if players rotate on and off the field. A one-hour game costs $25 per person. Call for availability. eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat offers free parking and restroom and shower facilities. Visitors also can play paintball, take zip line tours, ride ATVs and buggies, go mountain biking, camp, and more. For information, <> or (812) 988-7750. 

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 17

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The Iron Gate by Brad Cox

Unique Metal Art Studio

4705 Annie Smith Rd. Nashville

172 N. Van Buren Street in Nashville, IN Second Location in Calvin Place– (S. Van Buren and Franklin Streets) • 812-988-0900

Brad Cox and his wife Stephanie invite you to discover their studio and mill located along the banks of Salt Creek just 10 minutes from Nashville. Hours vary. Call ahead.

A member of the CarDon family.

d e s t i n at i o n Albert C. Drake

Goldsmith and Silversmith 42 years of quality service in Brown County

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Private Suites and Respite services available

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Brown County Health and Living Community

is worth the drive! (812) 988-6666

55 East Willow St. Nashville, IN 47448 Located behind Salt Creek Plaza off of 46 East


18 Our Brown County May/June 2016


Touch of Silver, Gold & Old 87 E. Main St. • Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-6990 • (800) 988-6994 Hours: 10am - 6pm • 7 days a week

Back-to-Back Complex

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Wild West • Prairie • Civil War Roaring 20s and more! 145 S. Van Buren • Nashville, IN • 812-988-7305 Next to Artist Colony Inn, behind Sweetwater Gallery

est. 1972

Doug Stoffer, Designer/Jeweler

Sweetwater Gallery featuring locally crafted:

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145 S. Van Buren Nashville located in the Back-to-Back Complex 812-988-0449

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 19

Helmsburg Sawmill

~story and photos by Bob Gustin


ow 75 years old, Bill Pool still laces up his boots every morning and makes the five-mile trip from home to the Helmsburg Sawmill, which he has owned since 1973. But he hasn’t put in a single day of work in those 43 years. At least, that’s the way he sees it. “I love what I do. I haven’t worked a day since I bought the mill,” he said. Most days, you’ll find Bill at the sawmill by 7:30 a.m. or earlier, cutting, planing and stacking wood, operating heavy equipment, helping customers and generally taking care of business. Such a schedule would easily wear out even younger men, but while he

20 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Bill and Susan Pool.

admits it isn’t play, he refuses to call it work. It’s more like his calling, and he says he’ll retire when he can no longer lace up those boots. Bill can tell what type of wood he’s dealing with by its smell. He can judge its thickness by feel, and he can figure complicated board feet pricing in his head. He’s right where he wants to be, running a family business with his wife, two sons, daughter, and grandson involved. Born in Iowa, Bill moved with his family to Brown County in 1956, graduated from Brown

County High School and took a shot at college before joining the Air Force as a medic. He was stationed in Scotland when he decided to check out a square dance in 1963, where he met a young woman named Susan. They fell in love and married the next year. The couple moved to Brown County in 1965, bought land north of Bean Blossom, and began raising a family—along with a Christmas tree farm. There has been a sawmill of one sort or another in Helmsburg since the early 1900s. Bill was working at the Chrysler plant in Indianapolis when Charlie Richards decided to sell the sawmill at 2230 State Road 45. All Bill knew about wood at that point was how to cut firewood. But he was a quick learner, and Richards stayed around for a few years to show him the ropes. Along the way his children, Willie, Kevin, and Melanie, grew up at the sawmill and naturally became a part of the business. Ian, Kevin’s son, has also begun work at the mill. Bill and Susan turned over the business to the two sons about three years ago. Lots has changed since the Pools took over the sawmill. In 1973, Bill says, some of their major customers were “hippies” from the Needmore area, and area farmers. In recent years, over-the-counter sales have tripled, and builders come from a wide area to get the air-dried poplar. Here’s the secret to his success: Treat customers fairly and give them a product they want, and dividends are paid via word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business, he said. And a presence on the Internet, overseen by daughter Melanie, has brought another set of changes. The Pools buy timber from landowners, and carefully cut and manage woods from Terre Haute to Rising Sun. They harvest the trees, haul it to Helmsburg, process it, and take pride in seeing the final product. It’s a no-waste business. The cut lumber builds everything from cabins to fine furniture, while the sawdust goes to horse farmers, bark mulch goes to flower growers, other mulch is sometimes dyed and commercially sold, and the tops of trees become firewood. Some of the wood goes to make veneer, and the Pools offer hickory, walnut, white and red oak, Continued on 22

Where are the nearest restrooms? How late do the shops stay open? Where can I take a beautiful scenic drive? Our friendly staff can answer all of these questions and more at the Brown County Visitors Center at the corner of Van Buren and Main Street. Stop by for advice, recommendations, and official souvenirs. 812.988.7303

Download the official Discover Brown County App today!


Medium Fry and Medium Drink with purchase of any LARGE Sandwich Valid at Nashville, Indiana location only

501 E. State Rd. 46 • Salt Creek Plaza 812.988.4452

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 21

Competitive Rates – FDIC-Insured* 1.55 % APY* 36 - month CD 1.75 % APY* 60 - month CD It’s a beautiful thing.

Brandon E. Stiles, Agent State Farm Agent 110 N Van Buren Street Nashville, IN 47448 Bus: 812-988-9990

Let me help you choose an FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposit from State Farm Bank® and watch your money grow. Bank with a good neighbor®. CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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HELMSBURG SAWMILL continued from 21 hard maple, cherry, ash, beech, sycamore, and poplar. Tall stacks of carefully arranged boards airdry under big buildings atop a hill near the sawmill office. Most of the time, a huge assortment of lengths and widths are available. “If you have something, you can sell it,” Bill said. “If you don’t have it, you have to go get it. So it pays to have a fair amount of stock. It gives you options.” Among those options are lumber packages for log homes. You bring the building plans, Helmsburg Sawmill provides the lumber. The mill also sells grade lumber, cross ties, lumber for pallets, and byproducts like the mulch, sawdust, and firewood. That’s part of what has kept the Pools in business for nearly half a century. For Bill, it’s pretty simple: “I like making boards.” You can reach the Helmsburg sawmill at (812) 988-6161 or online at <> and Facebook. 

State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

Peaceful tranquility in the country... Book a cabin today! Vacation Rentals BrownCountyLogCabins .com Furnished Log Cabins, Homes & Cottages

Rates, Reservations & Weekday Specials Online 812.988.6429 · 4118 East State Road 46 · 4.5 miles east of Nashville Office Hours 9 am–5 pm Monday–Saturday

22 Our Brown County May/June 2016


Inn & Restaurant

A Charming 19th Century Style Inn and Restaurant

• 20 Guest Rooms, 3 Suites with Whirlpool Baths • Banquet and Conference Rooms for Retreats or Parties • Gift Certificates Available Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Breakfast Buffet 7:30 am–10:30 am “Early Bird” Specials Mon.–Thurs. 3–5 pm At the corner of Van Buren and Franklin Streets in Nashville, Indiana

812-988-0600 • 800-737-0255

812-333-8300 Hwy 46 Bloomington

Open Mon.–Sat. 11–6 (Closed Sun.) O

BEAR WALLOW DISTILLERY B Makers of Distilled Spirits using locally grown grains in an old-fashioned copper still

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Take a Tour

4484 E. Old State Road 46 (Look for the signs) (812) 657-4923 •

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 23

The Village Green

Looking back and ahead

~by Julia Pearson

“Moser and Henderson playing checkers” by Frank M. Hohenberger, courtesy The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

“There’s only ‘bout two places left any more where a feller don’t get skinned –th’ post office an’ th’ town pump.” —Abe Martin’s Almanack by Kin Hubbard


ld Abe Martin’s spirit must surely be smiling somewhere in the mist of the early mornings in Brown County. A first class postage stamp has gone DOWN in price— enough to buy two penny postcards. And the comforts of the town pump are being resurrected in downtown Nashville with the revitalization of the Village Green. At the intersection of Jefferson and Main streets, town restrooms will open this season and be available year-round for locals and town visitors. Included are two familydesignated restrooms, with the convenience

24 Our Brown County May/June 2016

of changing tables and toddler seats. There will also be a “comfort station”— an inside retreat that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, thanks to the installation of high efficiency heat and air conditioning units. Replacing the public restroom facilities in Antique Alley, these new restrooms have amenities that include a lactation station for nursing mothers. There are plans to make a children’s play area next to the restrooms with seating along porch. The town pump will be refurbished by the Rotary club. The Town Square (now the Village Green) was a significant part of Nashville life. Early archival records and photos chronicle the town square of yesteryear. As early as 1881, fencing and tree planting were a point of public business of the Town Board “Marble game at public square” by Frank M. Hohenberger, courtesy The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

of Trustees. In 1887, the marshall’s duties were stated to include the confinement of “swine found running at large upon the street, alley, Public Square or commons”. They were to be placed “in some safe and suitable enclosure within the corporate limits”. Just two years later, the issue of free-ranging swine in the Public Square was once again addressed in the official minutes. The town pump became a gathering site for neighbors. Unsupervised by parents, children played marbles in the dirt while men produced checker boards and challenged each other to games. Documents record that in 1911 a special assessment for sidewalks was made to adjacent property owners; and in 1913 an ordinance was adopted to borrow money to refit the wells of the Public Square, which provided a water supply for use in case of fire. Looking back through the records, Ordinance No. 62, Section I was passed in 1915 and states: Be it ordained by the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated town of Nashville, Ind., that the Public Square in said town be and is hereby converted into a public park; all of the improvement thereof and care thereof to be under the care, direction and control of the Board of Trustees. With the designation as a public park, an ordinance passed two years later prohibiting animals from being hitched within the Public Square due to the damage caused to the young trees. In 1921, the public well was cleaned and the pumps repaired. Many photos in the Lilly Library and Brown County Historical Society Archives show the Town Square as the site of huge events: parades with reviewing bleachers erected street side and full of spectators; art festivals with tents and booths with tables laden with crafts and produce grown close to home; local children bundled up and grinning in the snow-covered square, with snowballs in hand and ready to pelt each other. Golden remembrances of a time cherished by Hoosier tourists and county neighbors include special sites like the Dillinger Museum, the Serpentarium, and the Alice Weaver House. Children could dash about within a block and be astounded by curiosities found nowhere else. Continued on 26

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 25

VILLAGE GREEN continued from 25 Town Manager and Economic Development Director, Scott Rudd, who grew up in Nashville and is an alumnus of Brown County High School, said the Village Green property was gifted to the town of Nashville from Brown County two years ago. He recalls his own carefree childhood bicycling through town and happily anticipates seeing the center of town functioning as a safe and handy gathering place for families. Rudd, who graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington where he studied

Town pump today, south east corner of the Village Green, courtesy photo.

Public Affairs, moved back to the area in 2007, married his wife Erika, and is raising their son Carter. “All things come t’him that waits—if he know where t’wait.” —Abe Martin Abe would be glad that in 2016, kids can still wait for their parents at the Village Green. 

“Street Fair View 1954,” by Frank M. Hohenberger, courtesy Brown County Historical Society.

26 Our Brown County May/June 2016

“Public square, horses etc.” 1934 by Frank M. Hohenberger, courtesy The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

“1948 Street Fair,” courtesy Brown County Historical Society.



Guest Ranch

al times are All adventures & me call ahead ! – lic pub the to n ope mended – om Rec ons ati erv – Res







Open 7 days a week, Year round

AMENITIES INCLUDE: Cowboy Hotel • Cabins • Tipis • Guest Discounted Zips & Rides 24/7 Coffee Station • Corporate Retreats • Team Building Programs Geocaching • Free Wifi • 54 Acres of Land • Nightly Campfires Hiking • Fishing • Swing Set & Sandbox • Half Court Basketball 1292 St Rd 135 S, Nashville


Brown County

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A family-friendly pizza place PIZZA • SALADS • CALZONES

aLL uSed BookS June 1-5, 2016

Not your usual bookstore… 45 S. Jefferson Street · Nashville, IN 812.988.0202 · ·


Monday-Saturday 10 am – 5 pm | Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

140 W. Main Street • (812) 988-8800 In the heart of Nashville by the Village Green area at the intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets.

Dine-In or Carry-Out

Sun.–Thurs. 11am–9:30pm; Fri. & Sat. 11am–10:30pm

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 27

HOMESTEAD WEAVING STUDIO Quality Handwovens by Chris Gustin


Years of Indiana


EST. 1926

Yarn • Looms • Supplies Open 11 to 5 most days

Southeastern Brown County 6285 Hamilton Creek Road • 812-988-8622

Brown County Art Gallery Brown County’s Original Art Gallery

Locally Crafted Pottery • Jewelry • Photography • Wood • Fiber • More... Downtown Nashville (beside the Nashville House) • Open Daily • 812.988.1286 • Spears Gallery on Facebook

28 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Galleries · Permanent Collections Art Education Studio Consignment Art Open Daily 10 am – 5 pm · Sunday Noon – 5 pm Free Admission · Free Parking Corner of Main & Artist Drive · Nashville, IN 812.988.4609 ·




sie Hoo

S. 45

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Also Selling Shoes: Sandals, Haflinger, Arcopedico,

Moccasins and Sheepskin Slippers

812-988-4513 • 92 W. Franklin, Antique Alley in Nashville, IN

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 29



~by Mark Blackwell

am terrible at remembering anniversaries—I’m a man. But this year is special. June, 2016 marks the occasion of the 50th annual Bill Monroe Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival. That makes the Bean Blossom festival the oldest continuously running Bluegrass music festival in the world and earns it a “don’t miss” status on my calendar. Mr. Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass music, purchased the Brown County Jamboree music park back in 1952 and booked country music acts in the big old Jamboree barn that used to sit about where the Museum is located. Mr. Bill and the Bluegrass Boys played at the park several times a year and other Bluegrass oriented bands played there.

Top: Doyle Lawson, above: Del McCoury. photos by Cindy Steele

30 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Bill Monroe

Many of the Grand Ole Opry stars of the 1950s would stop by when they were touring. A weekly square dance was held in the barn for many years. The first official Bluegrass festival was held in 1967. That first festival was a puny affair compared to the one coming up in June. It wasn’t even called a festival. Monroe advertised it as a “Big Blue Grass Celebration”. It lasted two days and boasted five named bands. By comparison, the 2016 festival goes on for eight whole days, from June 11 through June 18, with more than sixty-five top-notch Bluegrass acts. This year’s line-up include a cadre of folks who have been in the business for more than fifty years like the Del McCoury Band (Del was a Bluegrass Boy back around 1960), Jesse McReynolds (of Jim and Jesse fame) and the Virginia Boys, the Dry Branch Fire Squad, Bobby Osborne and Rocky Top Express, and a lot more. Top acts such as the Grascals, James King, Dailey and Vincent, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, David Davis and the Warrior River Boys will perform. About every Bluegrass band worth their salt will be there for this historic occasion. You will hear everything from traditional, old-time Bluegrass to “Newgrass” and Bluegrass Gospel all served up with consummate musicianship. And if you are a musician there are workshops for the banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, and harmony singing taught by festival headliners. Once, I even attended a session on how to work around one microphone like the old traditional bands. It’s certainly not hard to find other folks to jam with in the parking lot or camp sites. So don’t forget to bring your own “axe” with you.

Bluegrass Festival

Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition. photo by Cindy Steele

Talking with the stars and band members up at the shelter house after they perform is a festival tradition. In most areas of the show business world there is a wall of separation between the audience and the performers—but not in Bluegrass. I have always found the performers to be friendly, happy to provide autographs, and even helpful. I was taping some interviews with various folks one time at the festival when a pretty good storm suddenly blew in. I needed to get back to my truck to get some garbage bags to protect my recorder and laptop but I didn’t want to leave them alone at the shelter. I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do when a couple of members of a Grammy-award winning band offered to baby sit my equipment for me. A big difference between the first “celebration” and this year’s festival is the park itself. Primitive is the first word that comes to mind when I think back to the early days. The old barn was torn down back in 1986 and replaced with the “Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum” in 1992. The outdoor stage has been rebuilt and refurbished but the original “Back Home Again in Indiana” sign is still in its place above the stage. I am happy to report that the sanitary facilities have also been suitably updated. Continued on 37

2015 IHA Gold Award “Spring Carriage Ride” Forrest Formsma

38th annual

Exhibition and Sale

A Juried Fine Art Exhibition of Indiana Artists

june 11 - july 2, 2016 Brown County Art GAllEry

Corner of Main & Artist Drive · nashville, Indiana 812.988.4906 · 


May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 31


Hometown Proud Local Grocery Store Serving Beautiful Brown County Since 1975! • Certified Angus Beef • Large Beer and Wine Sections • Organic Grocery • Dairy • Picnic Supplies • Produce • Full Service Bakery/Deli • Frozen • Custom Cake Decorating • Wine • Custom Deli Trays, Veggie Trays, Fruit Baskets, and Gift Baskets Ever-Growing Selection of Gluten-Free Products 30 Hawthorne Dr. • Nashville • East SR 46 at light • 812-988-4546

Y e a r ro u n d l i v e e n t e r ta i n m e n t Saturday, May 7

May 13, 14, 20 & 21


The Kenan Rainwater Band


Live American roots music | $12

Live comedy play presented by the Brown County Community Theatre Directed by Casey Kersey $15.50, $14.50 & $10.50 student

Saturday, June 25

Saturday, July 16

Saturday, May 28

Terry Lee and the Rockaboogie Band The wildest piano pumpin’ rock & roll show since Jerry Lee Lewis! | $18.50

Saturday, July 30

June 4 & 11, July 2 & 9

Live country music returns to little Nashville! $16.50 & $17.50

Movie Events

and the latest releases

An Evening with Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen Traditional and contemporary folk music and songs | $15

Barney Fife Fully Loaded The antics of Barney Fife to original stand-up routines, opening performance Hamilton Creek Bluegrass. All ages show | $22.50

Competition & Concert Adult competition – 11 am Evening concert – 7:30 pm $22.50 all-day pass | $17.50 concert


P E R F O R M I N G A R T 812.988.6555 ·


Every weekend except for special events · Sunday 7 pm closed captioned Adults $5/Children/Students $4

May 6 Batman: The Movie (1966) June 18 Arts Village Cinefest


Showtimes 7:30 pm · Tickets & schedule online · Beer, wine & concessions available | Box Office: Thursday–Sunday | 70 S. Van Buren · Nashville, IN

32 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Bean Blossom, Indiana

Come, share the peace of the Lord with us! • SUNDAY SCHOOL 9 a.m.—All children welcome • ADULT BIBLE STUDY 9 a.m.—All welcome • WORSHIP SERVICE by Pastor Phil Meadows 10:15 a.m. 5802 Old Settlers Rd. • SR 135 N. Morgantown, IN (Bean Blossom) next to Brownie’s Restaurant Website:

FOOD PANTRY last Wednesday of the month 9–11 a.m.

Get away in comfort

The Overlook Lodge Full size living room, dining area, kitchen and a deck or patio

Every room has an outstanding view of the golf course and Brown County State Park

One or two bedroom units with the luxuries of home Great rates

A Condominium-Style Hotel

Golf packages available

2359 State Road 46 East 2.5 miles east of Nashville

Stay one night or long term


Seasonal outdoor pool & hot tub 18 hole golf course Driving range & pro shop 19th Hole Sports Bar & Grille

Visit us at Facebook/SaltCreekGolf

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 33

photos by Marti Garvey

36 Our Brown County May/June 2016

MONROE FESTIVAL continued from 31 The park can handle camping for everything from the biggest land yacht to a pup tent. There are RV sites with 30 and 50 amp electrical hook-ups and over 300 water hook-ups. You can also rent one of the thirteen log cabins. Camping at Bean Blossom is like moving into one of the friendliest neighborhoods you can imagine. You all have an appreciation for music that brings you together. You don’t have to take time away from enjoying the shows to cook lunch or supper. There is an amazing array of food vendors ready to satisfy whatever you might have a yen for. I highly recommend the walleye sandwich, the pulled pork barbeque, fried green tomatoes, the tenderloin—oh heck, it’s all good. You can’t go wrong spending the week or just a day or two at the 50th Annual Bill Monroe bean Blossom Bluegrass festival. Tickets can be purchased by the day, 3-day combo, and for the whole week with discounts for early purchases. Camping is extra. For more information, tickets, and campsite reservations go to <> or call (800) 4144677. 

Too Cute at Abe’s Corner

Open daily 9:00 - 7:00 Free Parking

Large selection

Women’s Women’s and and Children’s Children’s Clothing Clothing Handmade Handmade Purses Purses

145 S. Jefferson Nashville in the little white house

SWEET COZY LIVING in Nashville, Brown County •Home Decor •Brown County Shirts and Hoodies •Accessories •Many Locally-made Items •Unique Clothing •Custom Chess Sets •and more... 47 E. Main St. Old School Way Behind Brown County Winery (812)360-1230 •


OVER 7,000 square feet!

• Premium, all-natural treats since 1997 • Over 20 varieties from low-fat to grain-free • Gourmet and seasonal snacks, too

Antique Mall

Brown County

For Dogs

Get a FREE Sampler bag of natural dog treats with $10 purchase and this ad.

DOGS WELCOME! (812) 988-0305

Open 7 days 211 S. Van Buren St. (behind Shell station)

Open all year–7 days a week Mon.–Sat. 9 to 5:30 Sun. 11 to 5:30

We Buy and Sell

Since 1995

13 miles west of I-65 3 miles east of Nashville, IN

812-988-1025 3288 State Rd 46 East

There’s a wine for any palette!

Free tasting of our locally made wines. You can choose from bold dry reds to refreshing whites and sweet fruit wines.

38 Franklin St. E. (Near the train) Nashville, IN (812) 988-1111 • Open 7 days a week 12 pm to 5 pm

Largest Collection of Bobby Knight Memorabilia Breakfast 8:30 - 11 a.m. Sandwiches & Salads 11 a.m. - ? At the corner of Main & Van Buren Streets (underneath the Nashville House) - 988-2355 May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 37

Nashville’s Unique Dining Experience (1800s Cabin)

Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Specialty Linen, Rugs, Candles Curtains, Stitcheries Antiques, Billy Jacobs Prints

Nashville General Store & Bakery Sun.–Thurs. 9–5, Fri. 9–6, Sat. 9–7

Breakfast and Lunch BBQ, Chicken Salad, Soups, Pit Ham Cinnamon Rolls, Cobblers, Cookies, Brownies Coffees and Cappuccino

118 E. Washington St. (by the creek) • Nashville, IN • 812-988-6362

BEAN BLOSSOM Restaurant Good Food, Good Service, Good Prices


Catfish on Friday Nights Daily Specials Breakfast Served All Day

Bean Blossom SR 135 North • 988-1147 Open 7 days a week

AAuthentic Mexican Cuisine Family Owned and Operated •Daily Specials •Kid’s Menu

FULL BAR AVAILABLE 812-988-4535 Carry Out Available COACHLIGHT SQUARE 101 E. Washington St. one block east of S. Van Buren St. (in front of the high school) in downtown Nashville

38 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover cards

LLemon Sh k Shake-ups Hot Dogs • Sausages •Brats Hickory-Smoked Pork BBQ COUPON Buy One BBQ Meal Deal Get One HALF OFF North Van Buren and Gould Streets in Nashville Indiana • 988-4273

Serving from a Foundation of Excellence 35 individually appointed guest rooms, a two bedroom house and a studio apartment with complimentary hot breakfast, afternoon refreshments, evening desserts and on-site parking included

Check our website for special packages and last minute deals

Downtown Nashville 888-383-0300 â&#x20AC;˘

May/June 2016 â&#x20AC;˘ Our Brown County 39

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE DRINK L e t’ s meet at Sweetea’s

Lowest price drink free Must present ad Expires 12/31/16

*Bubble Tea *Sassafras Tea *Lunch Served Daily

South South o end of Nashvil le ju f the in Coac Shell Gas Statist hlight S quare on (81

225 S.

2) 988-

Van Bu re


n St. Su

ite C

FREE WiFi Find us on the web at:

40 Our Brown County May/June 2016

The Ferguson



78 W. Franklin Street Nashville 812-988-7388

Visit rooms of:

• Swan Creek Candles • Iron Decor • Home Accessories

• Holiday Decor

• Fashion Jewelry

• Accent Tables

• Garden Accents


and more . . .


59 E. Main St. Nashville 812-988-8707

51 State Road 46 East Nashville, Indiana 47448

Renovated rooms!

• Fashion Apparel, Jewelry and Purses • Gifts and Home Decor • Willowtree Angels • Swan Creek Candles • Kitchen Accessories • Baby Gifts • Holiday Decor • Garden Decor

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 41

Calendar Brown County Playhouse

• May 7 Kenan Rainwater Band Brown County native Kenan Rainwater will perform solo, duo, and full band • May 13, 14, 20, 21 Blithe Spirit Live comedy play presented by the Brown County Community Theatre • May 28 Terry Lee & Rockaboogie Band The wildest piano pumpin’ rock n’ roll show since Jerry Lee Lewis! • June 4, 11, July 2, 9 Outlaws & Honky Tonks Live country music • June 25 An Evening with Cindy Kallet and Grey Larson Traditional and contemporary folk music MOVIES –THE LATEST RELEASES See schedule online Most performances at 7:30 70 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville 812-988-6555

Melchior Marionettes “Comedy Cabaret on Strings” May 28 June 4, 11, 18, 25 July 2, 30 (closed August) Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00 Free Popcorn! Tickets $5 Westside of S. Van Buren St. Downtown Nashville

Pine Room - Muddy Boots Music most days—Not all dates were booked at time of publication May 1 Chris Dollar Bluegrass Jam 7:00 May 2 Coot Crabtree 8:00 May 3 Michael Martin Band 7:00 May 5 Chuck Wills & Kara Barnard 7:00 May 6 Kade Puckett 6:00 Split Rail Acoustic Birthday 9:00 May 7 Mission 22 Benefit 11:00am May 8 Jeff Morgan 7:00 May 10 Travers Marks 7:00 May 11 Joe Bolinger 8:00 May 12 Avocado Chic 7:00 May 13 Kade Puckett 6:00

The schedule can change. Please check before making a trip. Coot Crabtree 9:00 May 14 The McGuires 8:00 May 15 Dave Sission 8:00 May 16 Hillbilly Hippies 7:00 May 19 Silver Sparrow 10:00 May 20 Kade Puckett 6:00 May 21 Black White & Blues Band 8:00 May 22 Joe “Rollin” Porter 7:00 May 23 Kolob Baker 8:00 May 26 The Hammer & the Hatchet 8:00 May 27 Kade Puckett 6:00 Megan Maudlin 9:00 May 28 Pike 27 8:00 May 29 Do us Dillman 7:00 May 30 Joe Bolinger 8:00 June 2 Chuck Wills & Kara Barnard 7:00 June 3 Kade Puckett 6:00 June 4 Stella & Friends 8:00 June 5 Chris Dollar Bluegrass Jam 7:00 June 7 Travers Marks 7:00 June 9 Jason Blakenship 7:00 June 10 Kade Puckett 6:00 June 11 Pat Otto 8:00 June 12 Jeff Morgan 7:00 June 16 Silver Sparrow 10:00 June 17 Kade Puckett 6:00 June 19 Dave Sisson 8:00 June 23 Flatland Harmony Experience 8:00 June 24 Kade Puckett 6:00 812-988-0236 and on Facebook

Chateau Thomas Winery May 5 May 7 May 13 May 14 May 20 May 21 May 27 May 28 June 3 June 4 June 10 June 11

42 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Dave Miller Fistful of Bacon Cari Ray Band Barry Johnson Gary Applegate Graig Thurston Two for the Show Jeff Foster The Marlinaires Luke Carol Project Warrior Kings Gary Applegate Paul Bertsch Band

June 17 Impasse June 18 Robbie Bowden June 24 Retro Bros June 25 Jeff Foster Music 7:00-10:00 Fri. and Sat. 812-988-8500

Outdoor Gazebo Parties Hotel Nashville May 27 Scott Strange June 24 Fistful of Bacon 6:00-9:00 812-988-8400

Abe Martin Lodge Music Saturdays 6:00-8:00

Salt Creek 19th Hole Bar Live Music Fridays and Saturdays

Big Woods Music Fridays, Saturdays + more

Brown County Inn Lounge Music Fridays, Saturdays 9:00

Seasons Lodge Music Fridays and Saturdays 9:00

Mike’s Music & Dance Barn Monday dance lessons 6:30 Wednesday beginner lessons 6:00 May 7 Smooth Country May 13 DJ w/ dancing w/ Billy 6:30 May 14 Dances w/ Dirt - Smooth Country May 20 The Marlinaires May 25 Leadership Graduation 4:30 May 28 Smooth Country May 30 Joe Edwards & Jan 1:00 Dinner 2:30 performance 4:00 jam session June 10 Dancing w/ Billy June 11 Smooth Country June 17 The Marlinaires June 18 Ballroom dance w/ house band June 25 Smooth Country 812-988-8636

SPECIAL EVENTS: Spring Blossom Parade May 7, Downtown Nashville, 11:00 Sponsored by Brown County Lions Club

Morel Sale & Festival May 7, State Park Nature Ctr,10:00-4:00 Morel sale, demos, arts and crafts fair

Brown County Craft Fair May 7, 4-H Fairgrounds, 9:00-3:00 Craft vendors. Proceeds to 4-H.

Village Art Walk Second Saturdays, 4:00-8:00 Free self-guided walking tour of downtown Nashville art galleries

Farmers’ Market St. David’s May 13–Sept. 30, Fridays, 4:00-7:00 pm Intersection of SR 135 and SR 45 in Bean Blossom. Produce, live music, jams, baked goods, herbs/plants, artisan crafts

39th Shelby Spring Fling Car Show

Wire-wrapping techniques. Create a bracelet or earrings. • June 25 Stretching the Envelope with Michele Pollock Bookbinding. Create a journal.

6th Annual John Hartford Memorial Festival June 1-4, Bill Monroe Music Park in Blean Blossom The most laid back festival in America.

Indiana Heritage Arts Show June 11-July 2 Brown County Art Gallery Largest juried Midwest art competition

50th Bill Monroe Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival June 11-18 at Bill Monroe Music Park Bean Blossom. Legends and newcomers.

Arts Village Cinefest

May 22, Deer Run Park, 1:00-3:30

June 17 & 18 Friday (Brown County Art Gallery) 7:00 Reception and documentary films: “Artists of Brown County” “Hohenberger in Brown County” Saturday (Brown County Playhouse) 11:00 Smarter Smart Phone Videos workshop w/Tom Preston 2:00“100 Years of Art and Artists” 1949 “Living Treasures of Brown Co” 2008 3:45 Photography of Jerry Uelsmann 4:30 Videos taken by smart phones 7:00 “Renoir” feature film, 2013 (R-rated) 9:00 no-host after-party Big Busted Bar


Clay Day in the Park

May 14-15, Brown County State Park

Dances with Dirt Trail Run May 14

Festival of Flowers Paint Out May 21, T.C. Steele SHS located in Belmont Register 812-988-2785

Brown Co Humane Society Dawg Gone Walk and Fiesta

4th Saturday of the month Chateau Thomas Winery, 3:00-5:00 Drink wine as you learn from an artist. $40 per person; includes glass of wine, refreshments, instruction, and materials. • May 28 Jewelry Wrap-up with Elizabeth Parrock

June 25 at Brown County State Park Nature Center, 10:00-4:00 Raku with potter Larry Spears. Participants glaze and decorate pieces to take home. 812-988-1287

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Brown County Art Guild Features the Marie Goth Estate Collection and contemporary art by more than 40 award-winning member artists. May: Chris Newlund & Robert Hoffman June: Thom Robinson & Hattie Stanton 48 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville 812-988-6185

Brown County Art Gallery Features works by 60 contemporary artists and early Indiana masters May 1-8 Mabel B. Annis Student Art Show June 11-July 2 Indiana Heritage Arts Show Corner of Main St. & Artist Dr. in Nashville 812-988-4609

Olde Time Flea Market Every Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Weekends, 9:00-5:00 State Road 46 East in Gnaw Bone

Bucks & Does Square Dances May 6 (Ice Cream) and June 3, at YMCA, 8:00-10:00 located at 105 Willow Street June 10, at Abe Martin Lodge, 8:00-10:00 Brown County State Park

Brown Co. History Center Open Thurs.-Sun. 11-4 Archives: Tues. and Fri. 1-4 Displays and exhibits North of the courthouse Donations welcome

Indiana Raptor Center Live birds of prey, tours by appt. only. Wed.-Sun. 11:00-5:00 Group programs available. Closed January and August. 812-988-8990

Brown County Dragway Gatesville Road in Bean Blossom Racing every Sunday thru October 812-988-1505 or 812-988-6103

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 43

Festival of Flowers PaintOut T

he public is invited to a fun and relaxing day at the annual Festival of Flowers PaintOut at the T.C. Steele State Historic Site in Brown County on Saturday, May 21 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The “en plein air” (in open air) art competition is open to emerging and well-known artists of all ages. The festival will feature artists painting on the site grounds from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Artists participating must have their blank canvases or pages stamped prior to beginning their work. Judging will begin at 2 p.m. and the festival concludes at 4 p.m. Adult categories include oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, and drawing. Children 12 and under and teens may enter any media. The first place winner and the people’s choice winner will be displayed at the Brown County Art Gallery in downtown Nashville. An early bird registration will be available with a discount offered through April 30. Registration rates will apply May 1 through 21. The first 20 artists to register will receive a commemorative mug from Brown County Redware in honor of the bicentennial. “The gardens were such a huge part of Steele’s inspiration here on the property,” said Andrea deTarnowsky, site manager. “With a major garden restoration in progress, visitors will be able to enjoy the gardens as they were in the Steeles’ day.” For more information, or to register, contact program developer Cate Whetzel (812) 273-4531 <>. 

Clay Day in the Park P

otter Larry Spears is holding his mini-workshop Clay Day in association with the Indiana Arts Commission and the Department of Natural Resources. This 2016 Arts in the Park program celebrates the Centennial of Indiana State Parks and the 50th Anniversary of the IAC. Clay Day in the Park is slated for Saturday, June 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Nature Center in Brown County State Park. This one day event will offer the public an opportunity to-do raku. The raku glazes and firing process can create an exciting range of color, a variety of surface interest, and many one-of-a-kind pieces. Spears will offer various shapes of bisque-fired raku ware to be glazed and decorated. The potters will place the glazed pieces in raku kilns, with a firing time ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. The pottery is then removed from the kiln, while still glowing red, and placed in a container filled with various combustible materials. The material instantly ignites and the potters proceed with the “reduction” aspect of the firing process, by covering the containers and cutting off the oxygen supply to the piece. The piece is then submersed in a water bath to cool, and lastly cleaned. Participants take home their pieces. Reservations are not necessary and all supplies will be furnished. The IAC is covering the cost of the first 100 pieces of pottery; thereafter a nominal fee of $10 will be charged. For additional information call (812) 988-1287 or email <>. Visit <>, or for the latest updates like Spears Gallery on Facebook. 

44 Our Brown County May/June 2016

IHA Show & Sale I

ndiana Heritage Arts is announcing its 38th annual art exhibition will run from June 11 until July 2 at the newly expanded Brown County Art Gallery, 1 Artist Drive, in Nashville, Indiana. The show and sale of paintings, one of the largest in the Midwest, attracts thousands of art lovers to the free show. Hours daily are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Over 130 artists enter art work to be juried and selected for hanging. All paintings are for sale. Between prize money and purchase awards, artists in 2015 received some $53,000. The popular People’s Choice award of $500 will be awarded at the close of this year’s show to the artist garnering the most votes from the viewing audience. New this year are sponsors Michael Fulton and Judith Stewart of Brown County. The IHA Directors’ Purchase Award this year will honor the late Dick Ferrer, a former board member and artist whose work often hung in the annual shows. Indiana Heritage Arts has acquired a permanent collection of more than 15 paintings that hang in the IHA space in the Brown County Art Gallery. Jim Ross, Indianapolis gallery owner and long-time IHA show organizer, said, “Our show’s goal is to encourage artists of today who are working in the traditional style made known by Hoosier artists painting in the late 1800s and early 1900s in Brown County.” He added that it was an honor for IHA to recognize outstanding artists. The judge for this year’s show is nationally known plein air and American impressionist painter, Anne Blair Browne of Nashville, Tennessee.“We work to find jurors whose work relates to what our artists are doing. She is an excellent example of the traditional style that appeals to art patrons of today,” he said. An awards presentation will take place at the gallery Friday, June 10. IHA is a non-profit organization which has a gallery and sales space at Brown County Art Gallery. More information is at (812) 988-4609 or email <>. 

Nashville, Indiana’s #1 Fun Attraction


GEM MINE Pan for Gems Fossils Arrowheads

Fun and Educational for All Ages

At the



• Rooms with balcony views • Enclosed pool • Restaurant • Lounge • Conference facility for up to 600 people


Just North of the Courthouse 79 N. Van Buren ~ (812) 988-2422

Fallen Leaf Books Hoosier Artist

Brown Co. Art Guild

Jack and Jill Nut Shop




Agape Pearls Brown County Pottery Brown County Weavery and Roots For Bare Feet Ferguson House K. Bellum Leather Rich Hill’s Magic & Fun Emporium My Sister’s Shop Nashville Image Old Time Photography N & R Woodworking Antique Alley on the West Side Paint Box Art Gallery Nashville House Primitive Spirit Through the Looking Glass Out of the Antique Wooden Wonders Ordinary Alley Woodlands Gallery Shoppes

560 State Road 46 East, Nashville, IN 812-988-2284 •

Historic Nashville House Serving the traveler since 1859 with old-fashioned hospitality Corner of Main and Van Buren Streets in Nashville, Indiana 812-988-4554 May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 45


Muddy Boots’ new digs

f finding your morning biscuits and gravy or an evening jam session has seemed like a game of “Who moved my cheese?” lately, you’ll be happy to know that Nashville’s favorite breakfast spot, dessert destination, and all-around hangout coffee spot has relocated from the “main drag,” Van Buren Street, to a space back of the Pine Room in Salt Creek Plaza. The move from one of the premiere locations in town to what has to be one of the more obscure has been a little bumpy for the coffee shop. It was started with the intention of creating a hangout for local artists, musicians, coffee hounds, and those suffering from the sweet tooth.

It’s not yet clear whether the visitors will be able to find their way to the east side rear of the complex, but the locals will always seek out good breakfast and a steaming hot mug of Brown County coffee. Opened last February in a 1,600 square foot space just behind the Pine Room’s kitchen, the New Muddy Boots features all of the amenities and accoutrements of the old one—the espresso machine, the glass dessert case filled with every kind of pie and other gooey goodies, teas and sodas, and the painting of guys in tractor hats. In addition, the new space features dart boards and pool tables, and more elbow room for musical acts, and jam sessions when the spirit moves. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks in a unique environment.

Gifts for home and happiness

In the Artist Colony Shops • 125 S. Van Buren St. (812) 988-2817

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or more French Country Décor $20purchase Locally Made Items • Quilts Unique Gifts • Mona-B Handbags Madeline’s Famous Soy Candles

Van Buren & Franklin Streets Nashville • 812.988.6301

46 Our Brown County May/June 2016

The key question when one awakes on a random morning in Nashville is, “Where are my biscuits and gravy?” Regular readers will understand that, while all biscuits and gravy are good, there is a certain standard of breakfast execution that must be attained to bring complete satisfaction. So, in a random spot check, I drifted in one Saturday morning to sniff around and see how the biscuits and gravy were running. The new Muddy Boots is more spacious and somehow more modern looking, with an eclectic collection of small tables that can be moved around to suit the needs of different sized groups. The breakfast menu remains intact. I had the full order of biscuits and sausage gravy with a side order of eggs over easy. My companion had the regular breakfast with eggs, sausage, and toast. As I waited for my order, I sniffed around to satisfy myself that all was more or less as expected and suitable for all future Muddy Boots activities, and I found it to be so. When our order arrived, I was pleased and gratified to find a classic order of my favorite breakfast, just as it always had been uptown. There’s something about biscuits and gravy that makes a man philosophical—that gives him confidence and hope, bracing him up for the day. The coffee was strong and dark-roasted. Sunlight streamed in the window and the sound of jovial banter rose from the tables of contented customers. I had relocated my gravitational center and all was well with the world. 

Building Fine Log Homes for over 40 Years HONESTY • INTEGRITY • HANDCRAFTED QUALITY

3497 Clay Lick Road • Nashville, IN • (812) 988-2689

Brown County

History Center Displays and Exhibits

Pioneer Village Museum

Bringing Brown County’s Past to Life

Looking for event space? or more info 812-988-2899 Open Thurs.–Sun. 11–4, Archives: Tues. and Fri. 1–4 North of the courthouse • Donations welcome

Olde Time


Have Your Garage Sale Under Roof

Every Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Weekends


Thousands of Bargains and Uniques

State Road 46 East • Gnaw Bone 9:00 am – 5:00 pm • 812-988-2346

HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 to 4:00

1st and 3rd Saturdays 10:00 to 1:00

THRIFT SHOP South Van Buren in Nashville (behind Subway) (812) 988-6003 Proceeds go to local charities

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 47


Welcome to a Happy Place! We

Complete line of: • Wood Stoves and Inserts • Gas Stoves and Inserts • Fireplaces Your first step to Energy INDEPENDENT LIVING 812-336-2053 1-800-344-3967

1210 W. 2nd St. Bloomington



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Three floors of hands-on learning and fun!

not valid with any other offer


Old and Young Love this Shop! Same Shop, New Location •T-Shirts •Toys •Gifts •Collectibles Jackson Creek Village across from Casa Del Sol •Brown County Souvenirs on Washington in Nashville •Haitian/Mexican Metal Art (812) 988-2725 •Bells and Chimes •Yard Art • Weddings • Anniversary • Birthdays • Holidays • Funerals

TUXEDO RENTAL Flowers & Gifts Where kids play to learn and adults learn to play! • 812-378-3046 309 Washington St. Columbus, IN Downtown Columbus, a short drive from Nashville

Open Mondays June 6–Aug. 8, 10–5; Tues.–Sat. 10–5, Sun. 1–5

(812)988-7045 y

Open Mon.–Fri. 8:30 to 5, Sat. 8:30 to 4

188 S. Jefferson St. • Nashville

We Deliver to: Bloomington Columbus Morgantown Martinsville Trafalgar all Brown County


Double Dipped Bacon Popcorn Pickle Popcorn

Sweet Treats • Ivy Tech Programs • Certified Nursing Assistant • Quickbooks Training • Computer Classes

• GED • Electrical • Solar Energy • Work One

246 E. Main St. Nashville, IN • (812) 988-5880 Visit our website for the schedule.

48 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Carmel Coated Peanuts Chocolate Coated Bacon Strips Carmel Coated Bacon Strips

Free Samples Show this ad & receive a FREE small drink or Caramel Puff with popcorn purchase.

Look for the red & white building at the north end of town

812-988-6011 •


The largest tactical gear store with the most affordable prices

Full line of Firearm Accessories & Holsters Ammo · Knives · Camping & Survival Gear for men and women

Coachlight Square · Washington & Van Buren | 812.720.7031 · ·


The Lang Company · Mud Pie · Bea’s Wees · Jim Shore Lenox · Lilliput Cottages · Disney · Lori Mitchell Open Daily · 125 South Van Buren Street · Artists Colony Shops 812.988.6388 · Carol’s Crafts Nashville

of Nashville The Cuddliest Shop in Town!

Fun matching pajamas and accessories for the entire family Mud Pie Baby Collection for boys & girls Check out our Birthday Outfit Tree! Artists Colony Shops · 125 S. Van Buren · Nashville | 812.345.3993 · ·


May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 49

~by Lee Edgren


nchantment is afoot in Nashville, right downtown, on Van Buren Street in a sequestered, sycamoreshaded, 60-seat open air theater that houses the Melchior Marionettes for four months of the year. Finding it is just the beginning of the magic.  Their 34th year in Nashville begins on May 28, with the 20-minute “Comedy Cabaret on Strings,” which is billed as “a show for all ages.” The show features half-life-size puppets designed and built by Peggy Melchior Pearson, the Artistic Director of the Melchior Marionettes, who handles these large, colorful puppets in full view of the audience.  It is as fascinating to see her dexterous manipulation of the strings as it is to see the resulting movements of the puppets—including the jungle bird who drinks a drink, the opera singer whose bosom heaves, while taking in the joy of the children in the audience. One visitor wrote: “I am an actor by trade, and not inclined to applaud a sock, but that is not what this is. Peggy Melchior’s theater seems straight out of a fairytale. The space is painted with colorful old-world designs, detailing the history of puppetry and crafted with meticulous detail. I found it all fascinating from a technical aspect, but once the show started—it’s pure art.” Peggy has an obvious love of all that being a truly professional puppeteer involves. She loves the art of storytelling, the cultural universality of telling stories with puppets, making marionettes, painting sets, and connecting with those who become enchanted with her performances.  The pace of the show is quick and, while the script is completely suitable for children, there are arch remarks that

50 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Peggy Melchior Pearson with Checkers. courtesy photo

also keep it entertaining for adults. Peggy notes that the audiences are often largely adult these days and that many people come back season after season. “IU students who started coming when they were five come back with their parents, and in the fall, ladies come decked-out for Halloween.” The Melchior Marionettes sprang to life in the early 1950s when Peggy Melchior’s mother, Erica, a German immigrant and art student, designed and built her own puppets and wrote her own puppet shows. Peggy began doing her own puppet shows in the Indianapolis area in 1972, “almost as soon as I could drive.” Like her mother, she went to art school. She is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, with a major in graphic design. Melchior Marionettes expanded in the 1990s with the addition of Debbi White, who is now the Executive Director of Peewinkle’s Puppet Studio in downtown Indianapolis. White “manages most everything associated with numbers,” as well as writing scripts for some of the 13 show that have been created for the Melchior Marionettes’ other venue, which opened in 1997. The captivating art of puppetry and her own joy in performing, creating, and teaching also led to the involvement of Peggy’s daughter Heidi. You may not be surprised to learn that Heidi was also an art major, with a major in painting, who also started doing shows in Nashville as soon as she could drive. Now Heidi manages the technology associated with the productions. She is also the fiber arts teacher at Center Grove High School. During her fall break

Melchior Marionettes

The “Slightly Haunted” show October, 2015. photos by Cindy Steele

and weekends she appears as “Gertrud the Witch” at Peewinkle’s Puppet Studio. It was a weekend drive in the early 1980s and a chance encounter with the redoubtable Alice Weaver that led to the Melchior Marionettes coming to Nashville. As the story goes, Alice was sitting in her rocking chair in what was then her antique store, The Ferguson House. Peggy complained to her that there was nothing for children to do in town. Alice replied, with characteristic brusqueness, “So why don’t you do something about it?!” It was a galvanizing challenge. Peggy approached Andy Rogers, who had a little space at the end of an alley that he was willing to rent. As they finalized their agreement, Rogers cautioned her: “Don’t spend too

much money.” Peggy and her husband built benches with lumber from the Helmsburg sawmill, installed a canvas roof, and Peggy began doing two shows each Saturday in 1983. Now there is an 11-year-old granddaughter who has some marionettes that Peggy helped her build. Who knows what the future will bring? The Melchior Marionette Theater opens up with “Comedy Cabaret on Strings” that runs through September (closed in August and some days in July for her son’s wedding in California), and follows in October with “The Slightly Haunted Puppet Theater.” Shows are on Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., with tickets on sale 15 minutes before show time. There are additional performances in the fall. Tickets are very inexpensive, and children under two are free. And to add to the magic, there is always free popcorn.  With advance notice, Melchior Marionettes can accommodate a variety of special performance and workshop requests, from weekday offerings to group tickets, to puppet making workshops, and more. To contact Melchior Marionettes, call 800-849-4853 or e-mail <>. 

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 51

Fine Pipes and Tobaccos Premium Cigars

Knives by Benchmade, Kershaw, Microtech, Esee, Tops, Protech, Zero Tolerance and many more

Variety of T-Shirts

Things you can live without ... but who wants to!

’ Luminox Watches (used by Navy Seals)

Old Colonial Bldg. 60 N. Van Buren St. Nashville, Indiana•812.988.6590•Visit us on Facebook

Maxpedition Hard-use Gear

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Guns and Ammo for Competition, Hunting, Sport, and Home Defense

Open 7 days a weekk ffor llunch, O h dinner, and late night • FLAT SCREEN TVs to watch your favorite sports • GREAT MENU: sandwiches, appetizers, and salads • FULL BAR with GREAT DRINK SPECIALS every day • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT most Friday and Saturday nights • KIDS always welcome until 9 pm • KIDS menu • Outdoor seating Located on the lower level at Salt Creek Golf Course 2359 State Road 46 East, Nashville 812-988-4323 • View full menu and entertainment schedule at 52 Our Brown County May/June 2016

el Slide ter Chann Wa ns ets tai Foun ump Buck l D re rfal Wate and mo

There is always something to do in Indiana’s largest State Park: Aquatic Center, Horse Back Riding, Mountain Bike Trails, Fishing, Tennis... Our full service restaurant is open daily.

We have the room for you!

Brown County State Park 160 accommodations: P.O. Box 547 Nashville, IN 47448 Abe Martin Lodge and guest rooms, two-story cabins, 1-877-Lodges-1 • (812) 988-4418 the Little Gem Restaurant and historic cabins. We have the perfect setting for any event, Corporate Retreats, Weddings, Getaways and Family Reunions and More!


Brown County Winery Award-winning Indiana Wines

Free Wine Tasting at both locations VILLAGE OF NASHVILLE

East Main St. and Old School Way


4520 State Road 46 East · Nashville


Monday–Thursday 10 AM-5 PM | Friday & Saturday 10 AM-5:30 PM Sunday · 11 AM-5 PM Shipping available to select states

Indiana Uplands Wine Trail Passports Stamped Here!

BROWNCOUNTYWINERY.COM · 812-988-6144 · 812-988-8646 May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 53

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Olde Magnolia House Inn 3 large, private overnight rooms above 4th Sister Vintage store filled with vintage items, extra blankets, quilts, pillows, games, smart cable TVs BOOK ONLINE! 614.638.8849 • 213 South Jefferson •

54 Our Brown County May/June 2016

30 E. Washington St., Nashville, IN (Across from the Circle K) 317.498.9982


Trail Rides Relax on a journey with Grandpa Jeff. ff. Take in the scenery and wildlife. No two rides will ever be the same —sunny summer days, fall colors, winter snowfalls, spring blossoms. Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Hay Rides Cattle Drives, and Custom Excursions

At least one hour notice. Trail Ride Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail, or through our website.

Grandpa Jeff personally trained our horses to take exceptional care of your family and friends of all ages.

call or text cell (812)272-0702 5889 S. Skinner Rd. Morgantown, Indiana


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Hoosier Buddy offers more than 150 different beers, including more than 80 craft, micro, and imports. We proudly offer a wide variety of beers from Indiana’s finest brewers.

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Hoosier Buddy offers an ever expanding array of top-notch spirits. Our whiskey category alone includes more than 75 different choices. Whether you’re looking for a Single Barrel Bourbon or a Single Malt from Islay— we stock them.

284 South Van Buren (next to Subway) Nashville, IN 812-988-2267

Follow us on Twitter @HoosierBuddy1 As always, Hoosier Buddy Liquors A reminds you to celebrate safe —don’t drink and drive.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Open Every Day 8 am–Midnight View our menu at

All Ages Welcome • Kids Menu •E Espresso D Drinks i k • Homemade Desserts • Breakfast until 5:00 pm • Pool P l Tables T bl • Dart Boards • Craft ft B Beer/Wine /Wi & S Spirits

Live Music 7 Nights a Week (812) 988-0236 51 E. Chestnut St. • (behind Salt Creek Inn) State Road 46, Nashville Free Parking

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 55

~by Mark Blackwell


he John Hartford Memorial Festival at the Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park has been called “the most laid back festival in America.” And that is fitting because John Hartford could be considered one of the most laid back performers America has ever produced. For those who may not know or cannot remember, John was an idiosyncratic, Grammy-award winning, multi-instrumentalist, Oldtimey, bluegrass singing, songwriter and steamboat pilot. He performed in the Coen brothers hit movie O Brother, Where Art Thou and in the “Down from the Mountain” concert the movie spawned. He also provided narration and music for Ken Burns Civil War series. John got his start playing banjo and fiddle in folk and bluegrass groups while still in high school. In 1965 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee and worked as a Disc Jockey and session musician and wrote songs in his spare time. He got a recording contract with RCA and produced a couple of albums, the second of which contained a song called “Gentle On My Mind.” That song won four Grammy awards and, as John said, “bought him his freedom.”

2015 festival photos by Cindy Steele. Artwork by Jon Griffin.

In 1968 he moved out to Los Angeles where he played on the seminal Byrds’ album “Sweetheart of the Rodeo,” was a writer and guest on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and appeared on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. Commercial success was not what John was looking for and by 1970 he had earned his riverboat pilots license. Still, he did not abandon music. 1971 saw the release of his album “Aereo-Plain” that John recorded with Norman Blake, Vassar Clements, Randy Scruggs, and Tut Taylor. That same year Hartford brought that band to Bean Blossom. “AereoPlain” was a game changer. Mandolin master Sam Bush said that without it there would be no Newgrass music. It was the catalyst for a new generation of acoustic musicians to explore and stretch the boundaries of folk music and to breathe new life into Bluegrass. John continued his musical experiments with people like Doug and Rodney Dillard, Sam Bush, Marty Stuart, and Jerry Douglas. He went on to develop a solo act in which he sang, accompanied himself switching between banjo and fiddle and keeping time by shuffling his feet and clogging on a piece of amplified plywood. In the 1990s he changed things up again, touring with his son

56 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Jamie and performing with the Hartford Stringband consisting of Bob Carlin, Mike Compton, Larry Perkins, Chris Sharp, and Mark Schatz. With this band he recorded an album called “Good Old Boys” which features a moving, ten and a half minute ode to Bill Monroe, “The Cross-eyed Child.” John and Bill were good friends right up to Bill’s passing in 1996. John was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the late 1980s but he continued to work at his song writing and performances. Even as his condition worsened he recorded several albums of fiddle music and co-authored a biography of blind fiddler, Ed Haley. John left this world fifteen years ago on June 4, 2001. He was 63. So, here we are, 45 years after John Hartford first graced the stage at Bean Blossom ready to, once again, honor his achievements in music and life with a festival. This year’s line-up is honorable as well, with: Sam Bush, Leftover Salmon, the Travelin’ McCourys, the Dillards, Danny Barnes (co-founder of the Bad Livers), Brown County’s the Whipstitch Sallies and the “White Lightning Boys” along with more than thirty other great acts. It’s gonna be a three day celebration of acoustic music, from bluegrass to newgrass and country, to good old American folk music. Tickets can be purchased by the day or for the three days and there are discounts for purchasing them in advance. For more information and tickets go to <>. Camping rates are extra and can also be arranged through the website. So come on out for what will surely become the “goodle days” in the “back roads of your memory.” I hope to see you there. 

Outdoor ebo Par ties z a G Food • Drinks • Live Music • Fun

Cookout Buffet (menu varies) • Cash Bar • Live Music May/June

(6–9 pm)

Friday, 5:(6–10Strange” pm) Friday, MayJune 27 “Scott Sunday, May 25: (5–9ofpm) Friday, June 24 “Fistful Bacon” July

Friday, July 8 “John Allen” Friday, July 22 “Barry Johnson” August

Friday, Aug. 5 “Scott Strange” Friday, Aug. 26 “Dave Miller” September

Friday, Sept. 16 “The McGuires” Friday, Sept. 30 “Dave Miller” Dates subject to change

245 N. Jefferson Street in Nashville, IN 812-988-8400 •

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 57


Morgantown 10 miles north of Nashville on scenic State Road 135 Serving Central Indiana since 1971 Visit our website And Facebook

at House of Clocks

Lay-a-way and Gift Certificates available 75 W. Washington St. P.O. Box 29 Morgantown, IN 46160-0029 812-597-5414 Tues.–Sat. 11–5 pm (closed Sun. & Mon.)

ANTIQUES CO-OP 129 W. Washington St. • Morgantown, IN 46160 (In the old hardware store building)

Country Primitives Advertising Antique Garden Old Paint Early Smalls Open 6 Days (Closed Mon.)

Furniture, Art Architectural Elements Pottery The Odd and Unusual and A General Line Like us on Facebook

(812) 597-4530

Layaway Available

ART Beyond Crayons Creativity beyond the classroom Pick your • Art Lessons for All Ages Palette: • Group Painting Parties

• Birthday Paint Parties • Home Schooled Instruction

Judy D. Wells • owner, K–12 Licensed Educator • 79 S. Marion St. • Morgantown, IN • (317) 403-7147 Flexible hours including weekends and evenings

58 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Arts Village Cinefest A

rts Village Cinefest 2016, June 17 and 18, will be huge, both in spirit and in offerings. Immerse yourself Brown County style in this arts tribute to Indiana’s Bicentennial, or choose the portions of the weekend that most intrigue you. Enjoy free films, a lively reception, a panel discussion, and a fun smart-phone photo workshop taught by local artist Tom Preston. Ending the event will be the R- rated film Renoir, which will be shown at the Brown County Playhouse. Vote for your favorite photograph among those displayed by local photo artists at the Playhouse. (Photographers: see the Cinefest call for photos on the Cinefest facebook page) Time travel with us. Get to know some of the founders and best-known artists of the Brown County Arts Colony, recapture the landscape and people of the early 1900s seen through the lens of noted photographer Frank Hohenberger, expand your awareness of even earlier Indiana artists, and then immerse yourself in the mysterious photographs of Jerry Uelsmann, a contemporary photographer who has become one of the most widely collected Indianainfluenced artists of all time. The Arts Village Cinefest is organized and sponsored by Art Alliance Brown County, the Brown County Playhouse, and generous donors within the community including Psi Iota Xi, Steve Miller, Michael’s Flowers, Austin Insurance, River Light Yoga, Hills O’Brown Realty, Arts Village Brown County, Indiana Heritage Arts, Our Brown County, Peoples State Bank, and others. Friday, June 17 (Brown County Art Gallery) 7:00 Reception and documentary films: “Artists of Brown County” “Hohenberger in Brown County” Saturday, June 18 (Brown County Playhouse) 11:00 Smarter Smart Phone Videos w/Tom Preston 2:00 “100 Years of Art and Artists in Indiana” 1949 “Living Treasures of Brown County Art Colony” 2008 3:45 Video of the photography of Jerry Uelsmann 4:30 Videos taken by smart phone workshop 7:00 “Renoir” feature film, 2013 (R-rated) 9:00 no-host after-party at Big Busted Bar 



Melt your stress away

All-natural Body, Skincare & Bath Products

South Van Buren Street Nashville, Indiana

Simple Sugars · Bath Bombs · Bath Salts

Largest selection of soaps, lotions & skincare in Brown County

SPORTS ETC. Your Team Headquarters for Licensed Sports Novelties and Collectibles

Heritage Mall · 41 South Van Buren 812.345.3993


• Collegiate • NFL • MLB • NHL

41 S. Van Buren St. Heritage Mall • Nashville, IN


Visit our website

Head over


• Minnetonka • Stetson n • Tilleyy Hats • Merrell

Homemade Fudge

over 20 flavors to choose from

Old Time & Hard Candy Taffy · Licorice · Gummies Brown County Souvenir Coins — collect all 4!

HATS HA ATS • FOOTWEAR • ACCESSORIES 49 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville • 812-988-6535 • fax: 812-988-6505

Heritage Mall · 41 South Van Buren 812.988.8745 ·

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 59

Melchior Marionette Theatre “Comedy Cabaret on Strings”

“Affordable Fashion”


•Men’s and Women’s Jewelry •Leather Wallets and Purses •Leather Accessories •Custom-sized Leather Belts •Women’s Clothing

40 Washington Street • Nashville, Indiana • (812)988-1825

Summer Schedule: May 28 June 4, 11, 18, 25 July 2, 30 Closed August Sept. 3, 17, 24

Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00 Free Popcorn! Tickets $5

(sold 15 min. before show) Westside of S. Van Buren St. Downtown Nashville

Halloween shows every Sat. & Sun. in Oct. 800-849-4853 •

Lightspinner STUDIO

Martha Sechler Unique Watercolors Mixed Media Gourd Art

4460 Helmsburg Rd. Nashville, IN • 812-988-7379 Open whenever home. Call ahead.

SR 135 Rd S. to 8419 Bob Allen Rd in Southern Brown County (812) 988-7053 • Open Mon.–Sat. 10am–6pm; Sun. 10am–3pm

Nashville Express

Dawn’s Nashville H of J

Beef, Turkey, Pork, Buffalo, Venison, Elk, Kangaroo, Wild Boar, and more

Nashville, IN (812) 988-1592

Main Street Shops Old School Way alley

Old McDurbin % Gold & 50 Gifts



• Anklets • Bracelets • Necklaces

Watches Sterling Silver 1000’s of Pendants Rings 58 E. Main Street (next to courthouse)

60 Our Brown County May/June 2016

Sightseeing Tours

2 1/2 mile scenic tour of Nashville Board at Fearrin’s Ice Cream • Franklin & Van Buren also service to Seasons, Brown County Inn, Comfort Inn

May – October • $5 per person • 812-988-6690 available for field trips, business functions, private tours 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. longer on weekends (ask the driver)

LODGE on the MOUNTAIN Two Secluded Guest Rooms Overlooking a Private Lake

Convenient to Nashville/Bloomington



FRI.&SAT.—BUY ONE get 2nd 1/2 OFF SUN.–THURS.—BUY ONE get ONE FREE (Excludes Sept.–Nov.)


Male Instinct “A Different Spin on a Man’s Store”

Gifts Apparel

• Northern Sportswear • Hats, Gloves, Billfolds Accessories • Ultimo Fragrance • Fusion Sweaters • Knives • Themed items Hot Stuff • Funny Stuff the

75 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville • (812) 988-1964

The Sunshine Shack

* REFRESH Something to “hit the spot” as you shop * REBOOT •Hot Dogs •Beer-soaked Brats * RE-ENERGIZE •Baked Beans •Tiny Pies •Slushees •Homemade Soft Drinks •Snow Cones •Floats •Tea •Coffee •Water •Homemade Ice Cream and Popsicles •Shakes and Sundaes • Smoothies •Fresh Squeezed Lemonade & Orangeade

Served with a smile Little shack on S. Van Buren Street near the stoplight in Nashville

The Marg and Brenda Team

Salted Nuts R d Roasted Daily Marg DeGlandon CSSS, CDPR

10 Artist Drive, P.O. Box 1609 Nashville, IN 47448


Brenda Longtin CSSS, CDPR

Associate Broker Broker/Owner Cell: 812-360-4083 Cell: 812-360-3889 Your Brown County Team

C Cinnamon Roasted Almonds & Pecans

C ashe ncy Mix epitas Peanuts Cashews, Fancy Mix, P Pepitas, Delicious Candies - Homemade Fudge Mail Orders - 812-988-7480

S.Van Buren (Shopper's Lane) Nashville

Our own Tzatziki sauce recipe, made from scratch

Wine Bar and Gift Shoppe Open Daily

Wine Tastings

• Cheeses and Gourmet Foods • Unique Wine Gifts • Comfortable Seating Live Music Fri. and Sat. 7-10 pm Coachlight Square • S. Van Buren and Washington, Nashville, IN

812-988-8500 •

Delicious! Free samples • Local Delivery Available <Most items under $10> • Gyros Food

S. Van Buren & Old School Way • Possum Trot Sq. Look for the sidewalk signs • (812) 318-0840


An y t hin g B u t

• Necklaces • Earrings O r d ina ry • Pendants • Bracelets A variety of stones and colors

58 East Main Street Nashville, Indiana (next to Brown County Courthouse)

North Van Buren and Molly’s Lane • Nashville

Doing business for over 25 years


open daily 10–5 • 812-988-7058

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 61

Mainland Ukulele owners, Tookta and Mike Hater. photo by Jeff Tryon

Ukulele Congress ~by Jeff Tryon


ts happy little sound has charmed generations of Americans and carried it all around the world—the ukulele is coming to Brown County, in numbers. Somewhere in a farm field surrounded by woods in pristine rural Brown County, hundreds of ukulele from all over the world will gather on a summer weekend to celebrate the little instrument that has entertained royalty and amused rock stars. It all started more or less by accident for Mike Hater, who accepted a friend’s challenge courtesy photo

to learn to play the tiny musical powerhouse. “It must’ve been maybe about 15 years ago, I had a friend who said he was going to learn how to play ukulele and told me I should do it too,” Hater said. “He said, ‘If I’m not too old, that means you’re not too old.’ So I said okay, and I started with it.” The ukulele’s diminutive size and ease of play makes it a handy instrument to keep around. “It’s the easiest string instrument to play,” Hater said. “After figuring out how to make a few chords and strum halfway decent, you can do some songs that you actually like; you go

62 Our Brown County May/June 2016

online and print out the tabs.” Hater started playing the ukulele and formed a small band that played weekly. Then a music company in Indianapolis hired him to do ukulele set ups, adjusting newlybuilt ukes for individual customers tastes. The owner hired Hater’s wife as secretary and office manager. That company moved to Brown County but went out of business. Since the couple had learned everything there is to know about the ukulele business they decided to get a small loan and create their own Mainland Ukuleles company.

“By that time, I was pretty active on some of the social media, making YouTube videos on the ukulele forums,” Hater said. “So we had friends helping us out, buying ukuleles almost from the first week. We got a little traction and here we are about nine years later.” The network led to something called the “World Ukulele Congress,” a gathering of uke enthusiasts from across the country and literally around the globe. “The Congress—this will be number eight this year—has gotten bigger and bigger, and it’s a free party,” Hater said. “The ukulele people are fantastic. We have people come from as far away as Australia. One guy comes from Paris, France almost every year. We always have at least a half dozen international people. One girl comes from Alaska. We always have a few Canadians and lots of people from the West Coast. It really brings a lot of people to Brown County.” “Everybody’s really supportive. It’s just a good time.” Although we think of Hawaii when we think of the ukulele (a word which may mean ‘jumping flea’ in Hawaiian) the original ukulele was based on a Portuguese instrument called the braguinha and built by expatriate sugar cane workers in the 1880s. The cheery sound of the pineapple-sized instrument soon conquered the Sandwich Islands, infecting even the Royal family, so that visitors to the paradisiacal islands carried it with them wherever they went. By 1915, the flea had jumped to U.S. soil, making an appearance at the Panama-Pacific International

Ukulele World Congress flash mob at the Nashville courthouse, 2015. photo by Cindy Steele

Exposition in San Francisco, where it was a huge hit and launched a wave of ukulele fever across the mainland. Vaudeville quickly embraced this amusing marvel, which had the ability to carry well in a large noisy concert hall before amplification, and took it to many new places. In the 1920s numerous musical companies began making ukuleles including Martin, Regal, Harmony, and Gibson. Soldiers returning from the Pacific theater after WW II set off a second wave of ukulele popularity in the 1940s and 50s. Millions of ukuleles were produced and sold and stars like Arthur Godfrey, George Formby, Roy Smeck, and “Ukulele Ike” entertained the nation. Then came the Sixties, and the ukulele kind of dropped out of sight, emerging only recently with a new wave of ukulele mania here in America and across the world. With the advent of the Internet and 21st Century media like the YouTube, a new era of ukes is dawning, a crazy, topsy-turvy world where people are playing

rock, reggae, blues, bluegrass and punk on the ukulele. <> and other web spots have created a new outlet for ukulele fanatics everywhere. The World Ukulele Congress is officially Friday and Saturday, but the players love it so much, people start showing up a week ahead of time. “By Tuesday, there’re about 200 people,” Hater said. “It’s lots of fun. It’s got a great vibe and I want to keep that vibe.” For that reason, Hater and his Congress want to keep the party focused on the instrument, and not on people who “just want to come out and get wasted.” “It’s a hoot,” Hater said. “I’ve got very few rules. We have an open mic and everybody gets two songs. It doesn’t matter how good or how bad you are. It’s just really fun.” “I think we had more or less 800 people last year. It’s cool. And it is seriously, maybe one of the biggest ukulele events in the world, but certainly the best ukulele party in the world.” The Mainland Ukuleles shop can be found online at <>. 

May/June 2016 • Our Brown County 63

Our Brown County AUTO SALES



24-Hour Towing


Plum Creek Antiques Open-Air Market Bean Blossom

• Fruit Jars • Garden Art • Furniture • Iron Things, • Lots of Junk and more 5 minutes north of Nashville (intersection of SR 135 & SR 45)

(812) 988-6268 BANKING

The Strength of Big, The Service of Small 189 Commercial Drive, Nashville, IN 47448 812.988.1200

Serving our home town area since 1981

Low down payments / interest rates We help you find the vehicle that suits you the best, without all the pressure and hassle.

50 N. Marion St. (SR 135 & 252 junction) Morgantown, IN 46160

(812) 597-5020


Full Mechanical Garage Brakes, Engine, Transmission 2 & 4 Wheel Alignment “Big to Small, We Do it All!”

1814 N. St. Rd. 135 • Nashville




Serving the Community for over 100 years

Paint & Body

$5 OFF Alignment Full Collision Repair

TIRE & Auto Repair

Brown County Tire 24 hr. Wrecker Service

812-988-8473 27 Salt Creek Rd (Intersection SR 46) Nashville

Contact us today for all your banking needs 41 S. Hawthorne Dr. Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-6633 CABIN VACATION RENTALS


Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground Just five miles from Nashville, IN One of Southern Indiana's largest campgrounds

• Over 55 acres with walking trails • Over 300 water/electric sites • 30 amp and 50 amp hookups • Over 300 tent sites General camping May thru October • Camping cabin rentals

• 2 dump stations • Wi-Fi • Heated/AC showerhouse • Laundry facility • Stocked fishing lake


WALTMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. Owens-Corning Preferred Contractor

Great on line SPECIALS!

• Sun.–Thurs.—Buy 2 get third consecutive night FREE • Check out our Last Minute Special

(812) 988-7337 • P.O. Box 386 • Nashville, IN 47448

LLicensed and Insured • 15 years total replacement warranty for roofs available

Don Waltman

Roof Coatings, Metal/Shingle Roofs, Remodels, Ro Power Washing and Sealing, Barns, (812) 327-1994 Garages, Decks, Siding, Windows and Doors, G and all construction needs and services! References Available

Services Directory EDUCATION



Career Resource Center of Brown County

146 E. Main St., Nashville

• GED • Electrical • Solar Energy • Work One

• Ivy Tech Programs • Certified Nursing Assistant • Quickbooks Training • Computer Classes


246 E. Main St. Nashville, IN • (812) 988-5880 for the schedule


Mon.–Sat. 9 am to 4 pm

Limit 3.

(4, 16, or 32 oz.) Save $ S $2.00 2 00 on R Roll-On, ll O Gel, G l Spray S Indiana Amish Natural Chickens and Indiana Raw Honey sold here! Also, Bison and Elk.


Christy McGinley-Hughes

Must have coupon for discount. Expires 06/30/16.



• Mulching - Seeding NEED HELP? • Weeding - Pruning • Tree / Shrub Planting • Fences - Walkways • Retaining Walls • Mowing / Trimming (812) 988-7232 • Flower / Herb Beds

We Can Do It All!

146 E. Main St. Redbud Terrace Nashville, IN


Complete Landscaping/ Design Services




After School Program


(and June Can-Do Camp)

Helmsburg Sawmill Inc.

TUESDAYS 3:00 to 6:30 At the intersection of two downtown alleys behind Miller’s Ice Cream and the Brown County Art Guild

Pool Enterprises, Inc.

Property Sales & Management

Logging to Lumber Custom Log Home Lumber Packages ~ Posts ~ Beams Rafters ~ Barn Siding ~ Board & Batten ~ Firewood Mulch ~ Sawdust ~ Buyers of Standing Timber 812-988-6161 •

812-418-8522 Jennifer Gabriel, Broker Associate 812-345-6811 cell • F.C. Tucker/ Scott Lynch Group •

812-988-8807 for details

Funded in part by a grant from the Brown County Community Foundation and the Local Coordinating Council •


For Exceptional Service Call Jennifer Gabriel



The Brown County YMCA is located behind the Comfort Inn Now open at 5:30 a.m. Mon.–Fri.

812-988-9622 •

The Continuum

~by Jim Eagleman


photo on Facebook taken four years ago shows a beautiful and tall Yellow Lady’s Slipper orchid. In the background are tall trees nearly leaved out and almost an entire green canopy overhead. The photo was taken in Brown County State Park along a road that I never recall having orchids. A few years ago a Bloomington friend and her companion who like to look for them in bloom showed me the flower location on a park map and said to watch for them. I looked and was excited to see such a lush growth, all appearing healthy. Why? If you know anything about the park and its deer dilemma, wildflowers, grasses, and ferns had disappeared from the forest floor when deer numbers peaked. So absent from the park’s herbal layer were they that a few years in the mid 1980s the popular Wildflower Foray, an annual event now in its 35th year, did not offer any public wildflower walks in the park. To have them return allowing rare orchids and other forest herbals to recover proved the controversial deer hunts were the right thing to do. I wondered to friends why the forest scene in the photo isn’t anything like the conditions we have now, four years later. There is now hardly any greenery on the forest floor and trees are a long way from fully leaving out. Why such a difference in so short a time? My interest as a biologist in global effects, changing plant and animal conditions, and trendwatching has been little help in this inquiry. I am reminded that globally we are warming, due to among other things, carbon dioxide build-up and a layer over the planet preventing heat escape. Changes are reported by scientists worldwide who watch for responses. But the photo does not help confirm for me that climate change is happening, and happening here. If we were warming, wouldn’t current conditions show more plant growth and more leafed-out canopy today compared to the conditions four years ago? Science is helping us understand that while conditions worldwide are changing, the total effect isn’t always increased temperatures. Prolonged cold, raging winter storms, with deep snow and ice lasting for months in different and in some new parts of the country hardly convince global change skeptics things

are getting warmer. “Global warming, my foot”, yells a neighbor as we both shovel our walks from a freakish winter storm. Weather scientists point out that conditions are gradually changing—fronts that bring these drastic weather conditions were not reported as occurring in recent time. Extremes in weather will be the norm we are told. Rising shoreline water is only one condition we will be confronted with as fluctuations continue. A bumper sticker helps me see the big picture: “It’s not global warming, Friend, it’s climate change!” Melting ice caps, time-lapse photos of glacier demise, and polar bears on shrinking icebergs are impressive while scenes of wind storms and regional flooding don’t hold our attention as much, but are as just as telltale. Not a doomsday predictor, rather a respected scientist, my friend told me, “These are exciting times to be alive!” And like the orchid that adapted and survived in my photo after over-browsing by hungry deer, he claims adjustments in the life of a plant or animal determine whether they and their kind will be around. “But let’s face it, weather has a lot to do with it,” he said. Nature term: (German) WALDEINSAMKEIT—A feeling of solitude, being alone in the woods and a feeling of connectedness to nature. 

HOTEL NASHVILLE Darlene’s at Hotel Nashville

Upscale Dining in a Casual Atmosphere Serving Dinner with Full Bar Service Thurs. 5 to 8 pm, Fri. & Sat. 5 to 9 pm

• Suites, Studios, Hot Tubs • Restaurant and Bar • Indoor Pool, Sauna, Whirlpool • Conference Facilities • Weddings and Receptions • Special Getaway Packages

Menu Features: Steaks, Seafood, Pasta, Chicken, Burgers, Appetizers, Soups and Salads

Reserve your Special Party now! Meetings and Banquets Catering in your home or other venue Weddings and Receptions

245 N. Jefferson St., Nashville (812) 988-8400 • (800) 848-6274

BRICK LODGE NORTH HOUSE • Accommodates 8 Guests • 3 Bedrooms and 2 1/2 Baths • Cable TV–DVD Player • Fully-Equipped Kitchen • Central Heat and Air • Electric Fireplace • Secluded Hot Tub • Gas Grill 194 N. Van Buren St., Nashville (812) 988-8400 • (800) 848-6274

• Accommodates 8 Guests • 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths • Game Room w/ Pool Table • Cable TV–DVD Player • Fully-Equipped Kitchen • Central Heat and Air • Gas Fireplace • Gas Grill • Outdoor Hot Tub 1878 N. State Rd. 135, Nashville (812) 988-6429


Fudge Kitchen

…so much more than fudge!

Our shop is bursting with flavor! WATCH US MAKE…

Our Creamy Fudge · Gourmet Popcorn All Natural Gelato · Seasonal Treats An old-fashioned candy store loaded with all of your favorite treats! We have the largest selection of Fudge, Popcorn, Candies, Ice Cream and Gelato in Brown County, Indiana.

{ Old Fashioned Since 1983 } ! line e N O er her Ord Anyw ! d hip S orl e W W e h in t

175 South Van Buren · Nashville, IN 47448 812.988.0709


Profile for Our Brown County

May/June 2016 OUR BROWN COUNTY  

A magazine about what makes Brown County, Indiana so special

May/June 2016 OUR BROWN COUNTY  

A magazine about what makes Brown County, Indiana so special

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