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Blending historical narrative, political analysis, and personal reflection, Jon K. Lauck offers a close-up view of the issues that divide the nation. Daschle vs. Thune is a case study of the continuing clash between liberalism and conservatism that has played out for more than a generation in U.S. politics. “Jon Lauck’s account of one of the hardest-fought elections in the 2004 campaign should be must reading for Democrats as well as Republicans.”—Michael Barone, Senior Writer, U.S. News and World Report


Anatomy of a High-Plains Senate Race By Jon K. Lauck

University of Oklahoma

Daschle vs. Thune

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Political Studies U n i v e r s it y o f O k l a h oma P r e s s

$24.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3850-3 · 304 pages

The Choctaws in Oklahoma

On the Drafting of Tribal Constitutions

From Tribe to Nation, 1855-1970 By Clara Sue Kidwell The road from dispossessed people to successful nation was a long one, but for the Choctaws it has been worth the journey. This book illustrates the Choctaws’ remarkable success in asserting their sovereignty and establishing a national identity in the face of seemingly insurmountable legal obstacles.

By Felix S. Cohen Edited by David E. Wilkins Felix S. Cohen was a leading architect of the Indian New Deal. His “Basic Memorandum on the Drafting of Tribal Constitutions,” provided practical guidelines for organizing tribal governments. Wilkins presents the entire work, describing its origins and placing it in historical context.

$34.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3826-8 · 334 pages

$34.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3806-0 · 200 pages

Best Sellers

$21.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3779-7 · 448 pages

The Democratic Century By Seymour Martin Lipset and Jason M. Lakin In The Democratic Century, Seymour Martin Lipset and Jason M. Lakin combine social, cultural, economic, and institutional analyses to explain why democracy has succeeded in some countries and failed in others. Rothbaum Lecture series, Volume 9 $34.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3618-9 · 480 pages

$24.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3627-1 · 384 pages

American Indian Tribal Governments By Sharon O’Brien “O’Brien’s book fills a gap in the literature about contemporary American Indians by providing sound information on the history and present state of Native American governments. . . .”—Choice $24.95 paper · 978-0-8061-2564-0 · 368 pages

Congressional Studies series, Volume 6

Rothbaum Lecture series, Volume 10

Rothbaum Lecture series, Volume 8


Polarization and the Politics of National Policy Making By Barbara Sinclair Party Wars is the first book to describe how the ideological gulf now separating the two major parties developed and how today’s fierce partisan competition affects the political process and national policy.

From Membership to Management in American Civic Life By Theda Skocpol In Diminished Democracy, Theda Skocpol shows that the decline in civic involvement has not always been the case in this country and how, by understanding the causes of this change, we might reverse it.

By David C. W. Parker This broad, well-researched political analysis of the candidate selection process over a 120 year period breaks misconceptions about the role of parties and candidates in congressional elections, and brings the historical analysis of American politics and social science research into one scholarly work.

Party Wars

Diminished Democracy

The Power of Money in Congressional Campaigns, 1880–2006

$24.95 paper · 978-0-8061-2516-9 · 384 pages

Oklahoma Stories and Storytellers series, Volume 5

$45.00(S) Cloth · 978-0-8061-3711-7 · 360 pages

Rothbaum Lecture series, Volume 4


International/Security Affairs series, Volume 2

A Memoir By Fred R. Harris An original memoir by one of Oklahoma’s most famous politicians and “native sons,” Does People Do It? Covers Fred Harris’s youth in 1950s rural Oklahoma, his state and national political career, and his experiences as Chair of the National Democratic Party and as a Presidential candidate.

By John T. Fishel and Max G. Manwaring In this timely book, John T. Fishel and Max G. Manwaring present a muchneeded strategy for conducting unconventional warfare, including the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, in an increasingly violent world.

Does People Do It?

Uncomfortable Wars Revisited

Forth co ming Books

Democratization in the Late 20th Century By Samuel P. Huntington “Huntington brilliantly sets out and orders the reality of the last two decades of change, imposing no unwieldy theoretical structures, making no unsupportable claims. If his judgment is remarkably, perhaps frustratingly, tempered, that is all the more reason to trust it.”—Freedom Review

University of Oklahoma Press ·  Venture Drive · Norman, ok - · oupress.com

The Third Wave

United States Mr. Ambassador Warrior for Peace By Edward J. Perkins with Connie Cronley Mr. Ambassador is the memoir of Career Foreign Service Officer Edward J. Perkins, the first black United States ambassador to South Africa. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan gave him the unparalleled assignment: dismantle Apartheid without violence. $39.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3767-4 · 576 pages

Community and the Politics of Place By Daniel Kemmis “Daniel Kemmis has made an important contribution to reviving the language of community and public life. While Kemmis writes from the perspective of a citizen of the rural west, what he says has meaning for all of us who are trying to reinvent the practice of politics.”— David Mathews, President, Kettering Foundation $14.95 paper · 978-0-8061-2477-3 · 160 pages

The Art of Political Warfare By John J. Pitney, Jr. This major work highlights the striking similarities between politics and war, and persuasively argues that the language of war teaches us about political activity. Each chapter takes a single military concept and applies it to political concerns ranging from campaign war chests to legislative tactics. $14.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3382-9 · 256 pages

Senators on the Campaign Trail The Politics of Representation By Richard F. Fenno, Jr. This book is the culmination of Richard F. Fenno, Jr.’s twenty years of work on the Senate. Fenno traveled with ten U.S. senators as they campaigned in their home states—using what he calls the “drop in/drop out, tag along/hang around” method of research-to present a developmental picture of their activities. rothbaum lecture series, Volume 6 $24.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3062-0 ·388 pages

Preparing America’s Foreign Policy for the Twenty-First Century Edited by David L. Boren and Edward J. Perkins This collection includes major policy statements and round-table discussions by the best minds of our time as they devise criteria for the employment of military force, economic and trade priorities, a broad covert intelligence mission, and the protection of our planet’s ecology—all in the context of our pluralistic society and instantaneous global communication. $21.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3123-8 · 448 pages

American Indian Committee Assignment Politics in the U.S. House of Representatives

Cash, Color, and Colonialism The Politics of Tribal Acknowledgment By Renée Ann Cramer In Cash, Color, and Colonialism, Renée Ann Cramer offers a comprehensive analysis of the federal acknowledgment process for American Indians, placing it in historical, legal, and social context.

By Scott A. Frisch and Sean Q. Kelly In this groundbreaking work, Frisch and Kelly draw on significant new data from congressional archives to reveal the complex process through which congressional members get assigned to the powerful committees of the House.

$24.95 cloth · 978- 0-8061-3671-4 · 224 pages

congressional studies series, Volume 2

A Nation of Statesmen

$55.00 cloth · 978-0-8061-3720-9 · 416 pages

The Political Culture of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans, 1815–1972 By James W. Oberly In this first history of the modern-day Mohicans, James W. Oberly narrates their story from the time of their relocation from Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to Wisconsin through the postWorld War II era.

Women Transforming Congress Edited by Cindy Simon Rosenthal Women Transforming Congress examines the increasing influence of women on Congress and the ways in which gender defines and shapes Congress as a political institution. congressional studies series, Volume 4

civilization of american indian series, Volume 252

$32.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3455-0 · 448 pages

$34.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3675-2 · 352 pages

$29.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3496-3 ·448 pages

The Indian Reorganization Act Congresses and Bills Edited by Vine Deloria, Jr. In 1934, Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier began a series of congresses with American Indians to discuss his proposed federal bill for granting self-government to tribal reservations. In The Indian Reorganization Act, Vine Deloria, Jr., has compiled the actual historical records of those congresses.

Congress and Defense Spending The Distributive Politics of Military Procurement By Barry S. Rundquist and Thomas M. Carsey Rundquist and Carsey examine how the distribution of defense contracts is influenced by the interaction of state and local economies with the organization of Congress, and how previous state representation on defense committees has affected current committee representation.

Custer Died for Your Sins An Indian Manifesto By Vine Deloria, Jr. In his new preface to this quality paperback edition, the author observes, “The Indian world has changed so substantially since the first publication of this book that some things contained in it seem new again.”

$24.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3402-4 · 224 pages

The Politics of Education

Documents of American Indian Diplomacy

American Indian Sovereignty and Federal Law By David E. Wilkins and K. Tsianina Lomawaima In the early 1970s, the federal government began recognizing self-determination for American Indian nations. As sovereign entities Indian nations have been able to establish policies concerning health care, education, religious freedom, law enforcement, gaming, and taxation—but these gains have not gone unchallenged. Uneven Ground discusses how the political rights and sovereign status of Indian nations have variously been respected, ignored, terminated, and modified by federal lawmakers as a result of the ambivalent political and legal status of tribes under Western law.

rothbaum lecture series, Volume 5 $19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-2887-0 · 352 pages

$19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-2424-7 · 272 pages

Latin America

Indian Gaming

Game Without End

Tribal Sovereignty and American Politics By W. Dale Mason ervations is an increasingly important component of tribal economic and political life. Mason demonstrates how, through their pro-gaming activities, Indian tribes act as both political entities and interest groups, while protecting their right to self-govern. Indian gaming is a new source of tribal-state conflict and debates surrounding it will continue well into the twenty-first century.

Dictators in Spanish America Edited by Hugh M. Hamill In this major revision of the Dictatorship in Spanish America, Hugh Hamill presents conflicting interpretations of caudillismo in twenty-seven essays written by an international group of historians, anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, journalists, and caudillos themselves.

$29.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-2826-9 · 256 pages

$21.95 paper · 978-0-8061-2428-5 · 384 pages

Violence and Survival in Modern Maya History By Victor Montejo Elilal, exile, is the condition of thousands of Mayas who have fled their homelands in Guatemala to escape repression and even death at the hands of their government. In this book, Victor Montejo gives a voice to those who until now have struggled in silence—but who nevertheless have found ways to reaffirm and celebrate their culture.

American Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era By Ronald N. Satz Ronald N. Satz’s American Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era uses the perspectives of both ethnohistory and public administration to analyze the formulation, execution, and results of government policies of the 1830s and 1840s.


State Terror and the Politics of Justice By Jaime Malamud-Goti This book is the first written by an insider about the tragic outcome of Argentina’s human rights trials. Malamud-Goti researched much of this book in Buenos Aires, where he interviewed former opponents, a few of them in military prisons.

Voices from Exile

$24.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3260-0 · 320 pages

From Peasant Struggles to Indian Resistance The Ecuadorian Andes in the Late Twentieth Century By Amalia Pallares Amalia Pallares examines the South American Indian movement in the Ecuadorian Andes and explains its shift from class politics to racial politics in the late twentieth century. $44.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3459-8 · 288 pages

$24.95 cloth · 978-0-8061-3171-9 · 304 pages

$19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3432-1 · 368 pages

$19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-2129-1 · 292 pages

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$19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3476-5 · 152 pages

By Theodore J. Lowi In The End of the Republican Era, Theodore J. Lowi predicts not only a collapse of the Republican coalition, but also the potential collapse of the United States’ Republican experiment at large.

By Vine Deloria, Jr. “Deloria has shown himself to be a perceptive social critic, an effective chronicler of recent Native American history, and a visionary political analyst. He says editing this volume of ten essays is an attempt to present a fresh approach to policy analysis in the hope of creating a new edifice of understanding for scholars and practitioners. The result is a provocative book.”—Journal of the Southwest

$125.00 cloth · 978-0-8061-3118-4 · 1,536 pages (2 volumes)

rothbaum lecture series, Volume 1

The End Of The Republican Era

American Indian Policy in the Twentieth Century

Treaties, Agreements, and Conventions, 1775–1979 By Vine Deloria, Jr. and Raymond J. DeMallie Reproduced in this two-volume set are hundreds of treaties and agreements made by Indian nations with, among others, the Continental Congress; England, Spain, and other foreign countries; the ephemeral Republic of Texas and the Confederate States; railroad companies seeking rights-of-way across Indian land; and other Indian nations.

$19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3395-9 · 336 pages

$75.00 cloth · 978-0-8061-3398-0 · 464 pages

congressional studies series, Volume 3

Conflict and Consensus on Capitol Hill By John Brademas Drawing from his experiences as a longterm congressman, John Brademas focuses on policy formation to examine the politics of federal support for education. Brademas provides both analytic histories of representative education legislation and philosophical meditations on the relationship between education and democracy.

Uneven Ground

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Democratization in the Late 20th Century By Samuel P. Huntington “Huntington brilliantly sets out and or- ders the reality of the last two d...


Democratization in the Late 20th Century By Samuel P. Huntington “Huntington brilliantly sets out and or- ders the reality of the last two d...

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