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THE MODERN DANCE SHOW April 25, 1958 8:30 p.m.

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MEMBERS OF THE MODERN DMCE CLUB Joan Durr........................ president Delyte Jones..................... secretary Joanne VanSant .......... advisor Reba Akers Priscilla Huprich Mary Ann Anderson Nancy Leonhardt Jack Hinton Eileen Mitchell Mary Sue Webner THE OTTERBEIN MODERN DANCE CLUB Organized in about the year 19^6 by Miss Geraldine McDonald, this group was, until recently, known as Orchesis. The Dance Club participates in various campus and community functions throughout each year, the most frequent being presentations on May Day, at the All-Campus Christmas Party and in numerous chapel programs. The group has also performed before the Ameri­ can Association of University Women, at the local high school and, next week, will travel to Ohio Wesleyan University to par­ ticipate in a Dance Symposium. Tonight's program marks the fifth anni­ versary of Modern Da.nce shows at Otterbein, the first having been presented in the spjlng of 1955*


Ki^RDI GRAS Introduction* .Mary Ann Anderson'^ King of the Mardl Gras. .Jack Hinton”^ Mardi Gras.................... Delyte Jones* and Eileen Mitchell* JOAN DURR, JACK HINTON, DELYTE JONES, EIL­ EEN MITCHELL, Reba Akers, Mary Ann Ander­ son, Ralph Bender, Patti Blais, Dave Burt, Pat Hill, Miriam Hoover, Pa.ul Koons, Wavalene Kumler, Dave McCracken, John Payton, Kendra Pittman, John Schlenker, Sharon Swank, Edie Walters, Maiy Sue Webner. INTERviissiON - 5 minutes F^iNCY FREE.......... .Jack Hinton* from a one-act ballet by Leonard Bernstein 1st Sailor 2nd Sailor 3rd Sailor 1st Girl.. 2nd Girl.. 3rd Girl.. Bartender.,

. ...... Jack Hinton .... Ralph Bender •Marshall Cassady ..•..*.Edie Walters Mary Ann :^nderson .....Sharon Swank • • ...... Neal Lund

'When three sailors hit a big town like New York, their first thoughts usually turn to — well, you know. After a bit of looking, our three sailors find two girls who consent to be escorted by them. Each sailor trys to outdo the other, jealousy arises, and a brawl ensues, leaving the boys alone once more. Soon, however, an­ other young lady passes by, the sailors forget their little disagreements and are again off in the usual pursuit. INTERMISSION - 10 minutes


Joanne VanSant*

Individuals interact and cooperate in or­ der to survive; some are accepted, others rejected• V^at is our concern for the repressed — his faith, fate and struggle#*. JOAN DURR Miriam Hoover Wavalene Kumler

Kendra Pittman Sharon Swank

DriNCEl'JIKJoan Durr'^ Today, in an era of science and satel- , lites, the mystery of the universe has lost none of its magical appeal* We can close our eyes and dream of the future, wondering whether this nebulous infinity might soon become the ideal spot for a romantic holiday. ^ Only experience makes us fully realize that the distant beyond, unlike the cold emptiness people so often assign to it, is really a lovers* retreat, where even the scientists* telescope can not probe the cloudy darkness of its nights* Earthians•«••••••«.Jack Hinton Reba Akers Eileen Mitchell Spacians*.......... Joan Durr Mary Ann Anderson Delyte Jones * CHOREOGR\PHERS


Technical Director

Tom Lehman

Sta^e Crow Morris Bailey Lorraine Bliss Ed Cox Dick Gallogly Chuck Lombright Dick Tobias Orace Wolfersberger

Costumes Nancy Leonhardt^ Phyllis Volponi Brenda Dali Pat Hill

Publicity Jan Ellenberger Kathy Krumhansl

Proper am s Eileen Mitchell Mary Sue IVebner

Pound Marilyn Day

Special Flowers Tom Miller

Tickets Lyn Yarman

Ushers Gladys Satterthwait Pat Sliver

^ Chairman ACKNOWLEDG-EMENfS The Modern Dance Club extends its thanks to: The Women*s Athletic Association for its support, The Art Department for its cooperation, and to Cap and Dagger for its technical assistance

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1958 Modern Dance Show  

1958 Modern Dance Show