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Exce lle n t Dec o rations, F ine Music, Pn-tty Costumes and a New Outfi t of Scenery to be Exhibited Fr:day Well A rranged Pre gram and G ood Even in g. Campaign for I n creased Endow me n t The Campaign Was Under S t u d ent "Eats" are Evening's Featu res. is Making Very Satisfacto r y mng, • "'Prt thing is in readiness for the Ever:. t e Direction and Pledges Came :'l·l o ncla y ev e · " ·1 22 h Pr0gress. Unsolicited. F 1·eshme11 c Iass s11owec\ ome real Tunior play which is to be given in 1 p i1·it, e nthusiasm a nd ab ility in hapel Friday eve ning the th e .o ll cge $174,783 ALREADY PLEDGE D I ONE GIRL PLEDGES $1500 ' ~P Ie ncI'd b anquet g ·tYcn to the Juniors Hay third. For the past few week the m em111 the U. B. c hurch. £ye ry J base o f Spirit Runs High as Classes Vie w it h the affair was a ·ucce - 5 an d every he rs o f· the cast hav e been hard at Special E.fforts are Being M ade for · · Each 0th.er for Supremacyperson pre_sent e n J.O"<H , part and now the Few Remaining D ys-Great , ' l 011 c o f tlie \\'0 r k pract1c1ng t11e1r Hobday Declared. I ve ry best time of th e yea!'. T h pt· _ they a rc in the best o f shape to give Confidence Manifested. Last T hursday ~1orn ing at the g ram was made SJ icy a ll the way their pl ay entitled " Little Mrs. Cum\Vith only e leven days more 'left to regular Cha pe l serv ices the students through b:,, the w itty rema rk s of t he 11 in." T he few days ~ maining be- co mplete the campaign fo r increase d gave evid ence to th e fact that they toastmaster, J. R. Howe, a nd t he fo re the production 10 th e public will endowment, o llegc I adcrs a rc put­ were behind th e co ll ege in thei1· driv e c l ver r e pli c of t he othe r s peakers. be utilized by pulling 011 the finishing Ling forth every e ffort to ga in the v ie­ for increased en dowment by pledging A fter th hearty address o f \ ,V m. te> uches and dress r,· hear als. The tory on May n inth. Ther e arc be ing $8385, all of which was 1·ai s ed in the \ ' ance and res()Oti · e lJ,· · w o utsHl,·r · 6fficµ' t•'··le, Vai ice 1.1·1Jl)s, tc that h:1\·e h eard parts o f se nt from th e co lk,".,.e ' short space of two hours . This ef- A ucl1·ey 1 cl 11 sa ng t,vo "', lecti· 0115 , t he play, and the 11 a nager who has grams, builctins. a11 d ~!>c' · ial letters to fort was <.> nt ir ly in the h ands of the "In S ummer T iin e", .e-. ''. Sti·c lezkt', atid w1tnc:s · • performance say t he leaders in every communit_v urgc<1 t11e entire students themselves, and with 110 pe- "Felice"- Li·uraiic", , , ,(11·r h a v 1·0 11·11 1t · ·, s to 1le t11e 1Jest p1ay that has been ing them to hasten their work and cial ·solicit,a ti ons they surp1·i cl the o bligate by Mary Griffit h. 1 n h e r given by the s tudents for seH ral have their particular territory recollege officia ls wi th their re ult s . toa t ''Measi es," \"irginia Burtner years. po rting the full quot'.l raised hy the The ar ra ngements fo 1· this cam- h we d great familiarity with h e r I l3esid the play itself there is a n- I time the la t clay rolls 10 1 1 ar1 uncl. 1 ign among th e students wa · in ,- u I· · s t as <1·c1 So . far the a 111Ja· ' 1 I a: 1icc n P : JJec t • Ju . 1 E 1111·1Y . rno Id o ther attraction which is f great inpa charge of a co mmi ttee h eaded by when she talk ed about .. T he Bridge." te re ·t 10 tl, e stud,·nts the ms elves and gress111g 111 a manner w,1o lly sat1 Thoma 13. Bro wn , and n ot a ing le . fter the piano so lo. ,, econ cl Im- that is' the new scenery t hat is to be II factory _to1 those in barge, ' l he latest bu of th.c hu: nlty ha d a part in it pr mptu," Ki·oegei·, b) Agne~ \ Vright, used. Recently the ubli · peaking . rrp.c,rt_ u h:lJH~ J, ,, ~- th·,t '174/R~ except Prof. C. 0 . Altman w h o acted Li lli an Coe read "The Hazing of Va l- Counc il p ur chased an entire n ew o ut- has b ee n _sub sen bed with ~~ vcra l good merely as the spok es man . A very e lev- iant." fit to be used 0 11 tht• stage of the Col- contnb utt ons not yet reported. In a er plan wa wo rked o u t by th e leaders E lege Cli ape l. , tatement recently made by Dr. W. • xtempo1·aneous speeches were in the form of cla ss co m petiti on. A given . . e nt . . . Al reacy 1 t1c,cts · 1 1 t1e by P1·es icl ltppmger, Miss are 011 sa 1e and G. Cli ppi n ger he said, "If we can have lalrge black?oard wa s pl ace d u pon t h e :M c Fadden Prof. Fritz and Clair Sid- \ from on ly partia l reports th ey are on our r ecords $300,000 I y May ~tfotm w1~h co lumn s fo r each of the cla,ll, and th e program was ended with J going fast. Manager L. J . Michael fourt h, there is no doubt but that he ' eclasses m school , upo n w h ich were the singing of " Oh, \ Ve're · Pi·oud of a ys, " If you haven't already sent in will be able to get the remaining ~:ked the pl ecl ~es as they came in. Our Alma Mater." yo ur request for reserved seats do it hundred thousand in the last five 1 ~r a few _bn: f r emarks. by th e h e colors of the Junior Class wer e at once so t hat you may have a chance clays." chairman th Scn 101· Cla s started the . t. ti d t' (C . Minister and special field workers 011 ball rolling. F rom t h at time on ea rn c1 u 111 ie ecora wns. o ntmu ed page ti,·e.) a rc putting forth their very best e f-



I '[ pledges cam e so fa t t h at it kept two I people bu y at t he b lackboard crediting th e cla s es with their various (Continu ec\ on page five.)

Student Volunte er O fficial Speaks at Chapel Services. Mr. J. H . \'ogle, trav e ling sec retary for th e stu dent olunteer Movement occupied th e chape l period last 'vVe d­ ne day morning by giving a talk o n. "The Ori rnt and How it Stands To ­ day". Mr. \ 'ogle is a ver;, p1·oficient speaker and he te lls his story from first hancl information as he has spe nt everal years ,vorking :imong the Ori• ental peoples. . The main facts brought out in his brief addr es were that there are at present two ma in political parties at work in J apan, one standing for the _principl es of cl emoc:-acy and the other militari ti c in its program. They are spreading thi spirit to China and it is havin g it effect. The call of the Orient today is fo r t1·ain~d Christian leaders to tea ch th em the fundam e nt­ als of the new R eli gion. During th e clay conferences were held with tho se of th e stu dents who were interested in th e wo rk.


O fttimes human b •ir1g , excited by e ven th s li g htest injustice. a re led to the pe rpetration o f deeds w hich in th e ir sa ner mome nts t hey co uld sca1·cely imagin e them e h·e cap able of. La t Mo nday night the membe 1·s o f t h e Fres hman class in Otterbein, enraged i.) y the theft of a part of the clothing worn to the Freshman-Junior banquet, overrnn t he w hole vii!age o f Westerville in sea rch o f the o phomorcs, w hom they had good reason to s uspect o f the deed. The c ulpi·its were fo und, to be sure, but the prolonged siege of their stronghold w as un s ucces fut. Di couraged by their apparent defeat in one direction the Freshies determined that they wo uld yet wreak venegance on some one. With ye lls of disappointment they again ransacked the town. Failing to find any more of their natural enemie , the ophs, they had the audacity to boldly attack and overpower one of the members of t h e enior cla s. He was

fo1·ts in the few days that remain. Jn many of the confercnc s the ministe rs are changing pttlpits and speaking in behalf of Ott rbein a nd her (Continued on page five.)

l.astily convicted a an accomplice in the misc\cmean r. His act was characte rizecl by one o f the heartless Annual May Morning Feed Freshmen as "a s neaking little trick." To Be Given Next Saturday. \Vith no definite p lan announced the Girls o f the lo a l Y. W. . . A. have ba nd o f ri tcrs s tarted toward Alum bee n bu y the las t fe w clays with the C1· ek. O nlookers almo t trembled preparations of the annual 'May wit h p ity as they li ste ned to the mut- 1Iorning Breakfast. The o rganiza­ ter ing o f the mob. Tho e who had tion work has all been ompleted and s upposed that the usual p1rnishment eve ry girl has a particular duty to in the form o f a clucki11g would be in- perform. During the comin week flicted, b egan to fear that su,i;h a Vvesterville citizens ,v ill be o licited th ing w as thought to be good for for any contribution tltey may wish to the c riminal. make to help the gi rl s along with thi The crowd neared the bridge. May Morning festiva l. \,Voulcl they susp nd him head clownThe girls of the Y. vV. C. A. every ward by means of ropes around his year give a breakfast at the Donnifee t? 'vVere they going to hang him tory the proceeds of which go to by his t humbs? Question after ques- make up their budg t for the year's tion flas hed through the minds oJ the expenses. This year's occasion prom­ s pectators. Finally the mob seemed ises to be the best held for some time to have reached a decision for they and a good patronage is expected. halted within a few rods of the Tickets for the occasion will he on bridge. A circle was quickly formed sale the first of the week and it is around the victim and the puni h- hoped that all the ,s t \idents in Otterment inflicted. bein will r spond an I _purchase tickHonestly, now, they spanked him! ets as th y are solicited.



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new courts. H a winning tennis , COCHRAN HALL Ruth Fries sp ent the week-end 111 team is expected they m ust have l Martha Stoier of Bell vi ll e, 0., vis- Indianapolis visiting relative . Coliege Yells, Good Music, ana Sti r­ courts to practice on. The next • itcd friends in the Ha ll a few days 11rs. \V. J. Comfort was the guest match is with Capital and everybody 1 thi week. ri ng Speeches are Heard at the should boo t the team to victory. i of Ruth Deem Friday evening at dinSouthei:n Hotel Saturday. ner. 11 r. Gaylord "haffer and Mr. RusLast Saturday noon, a banquet was CA NTO N BANQUET A SUCCESS sel !'aime r were gu e t on \,\'ednes- , ---given at the New Southern Hotel in O tterbein Alumni, Former St udents clay evening at dinner. Esther Harley's friend, Marjorie Columbus by the Alumni in Franklin and Friends Meet in U. B. Katherine \\'arn er and Bertha : \,Vhistler of Dayton, 0., vi ited her County. There were a large number Church. Hancock mortared to Delaware on 1 Ol'er th e week-e nd · of graduate fr m both Columbus 1 Last week the alumni of Canton, F1·1·dav • ~ fter 1100 11 • , aturday evening the Pifer sisters, and \,\' cstcrville present. '·The Hall Ohio, held a most successful banquet E· vclyn a_nd ~fargaret,, g_ave a delightLois Clark . pent th e week-end viswa decorated with Otterbein pen­ 1f in the parlors of the First lJ. B. .. 1tmg her cou · 1n in Columbu , O. u_ I push m honor of tneir guests Harnants and banner . Twelve students of Otte rb ein,· tw repres nting each Church. in the interests of the endow[ . y . net Homer and Flore•1 cc Barnard of 1• ane oung spent a few days this Cleveland, O. cla s, furnish ed the yell and led the ment campaign. Speeches and music was the feature of the occasion be- wee k at :.larion. 0 .. with her s ister. college songs. Prof. Spessard's orchestra was in attendance and render- sides the umptuous layout on the Gladys Lake was happy entertain- I' The Sunday guc t s were Harriet ed the music for th e banquet. G. \,V. ta?les . . . ing her mother and father, Mr. and Homer au d Florence Barnard of Stoughton of \Vesterville was elected foaS t s were given by J. S. Wit- 1Irs. J. \\'. Lake, thi week Clev eland, O.; i\larjorie \Vhistkr of . helm '90; L. . Hert· 11. C. \Vagoner · Dayton O a11cl :-.la1·tl1a tofer of toastmasterandheap1)0111tedacom-,,>·'· .. • .' , , 1 'f · · L dt G I f St :.Ier)·I Black visited in Zanesv1'llc. B II 11 O 'tt t k ft ti b • t· , •-, " 1,,,, y a a1 ver. J, o rasj e v1 e ' · m 1 ec o Ioo a e r 1e su scnp ton I b - · 1kl. C I urg; F re d H anwa 1t, ,13 ; Pro £essor E. • 111 ·ran" 111G c1· o. dD r. \\,. . G . c·l1pp111gcr. · · · a f orcc f u 11 .\ . J one : an r. ,, . . 1pp1nger 111 • • D \ , The music for rbe occa 1011 was fur• • a dd rcss ma d e an appca l for a greater 1 • · II e sa1·d ti,a t th e cam- n1she<l tter . , . by :.l1s . ·c Ruth Cogan. and . )e111. I 0 · Id l f ·1 d th t an kirk ano :.[essrs. La h, \\ arncr. paign. cou 1'. t ic a at ure, an a Hanawalt and Exline. succc s was Just ahead. , . A Good Place to Eat. '92 · ti \\ arner wntcs that the cam, rn ,e nex t speec 11 1 Rev. . . . . M r. Bl ac k·, 1 I f tl I I t' d pa1gn 1s progressmg nicely and that )roug ,t up many O • ic O < I.J;lle an they have ct their goal for $5000. Confectionery, Soda Fount ain, Lunch and Special Orders. Iun of his Otterbein days. Rev. J. H. Harris told in a conTRACK CONTEST STARTED A Special Chicken Dinner everySunday. Orde r s received over phone. ·vincing manner the ignificance of the Otterbein and the good it would do .Tou.namentArouses In terest in Daily the l. 8 . church. Practice-At Present Barnhart , 50 North State St. Bell 181 The la t speech was given by en - 1 and Hayes Tied for First. COLUMBUS A LUMNI FEAST







· ,., .·

"The New Model Restaurantn




a tor Lloyd of Columbu . He et Track is coming along in fairly ;•.•:.=:.=.=.=.=..=:..=::: == = = .=..=.=.~. = =.=.=.=.= .=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=:.=.=.=.=:=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=:.=:.=:::~ .. ""!! forth several good plans for a suc- good hape. Owing to bad weather I cessful cndi1:g f the campaign, and ' and other influence , practice wa closed with an c~rnest pit-a for the ~omewhat broken up la t week but peoptc·s support in carr) ing Frank- I things arc l~oking more favorahl~ a~ lin County '·over th top." present. \V1th two good week, 01 , practice before the Heidelberg meet 1 SECO ND DEFEAT FOR TEAM the men ought to round into good form. ONLY MEDICAL SCHOOL IN Tennis Team Puts Up Good Scrap A new scheme i- being tried to deTHE CITY OF CLEVELAND But Lose:; Tournament at velop a little more in tere t in the O h:o Wesleyan. .:very day practice. A school tourna- · For the second ti.me thi pring the , ment has been tarted in which ail the 1 1!Admits only college degree men and seniors in absentia. • tennis team has lost a tournament track men are to take part. Every 1!Excellent 1aboratories and facilities for research an d a d vance d wor k . away from h me. Saturday the Var- 1I man is to _c~m~)cte in each event and 1!Large Sole medical control of L a k es1"d e, c·tty an d ~• · clinical I"T • material. . . sity lost in a c l ~c fight with Ohio t!,c 11a11 hn! hmg first get as many \.,nanty CJ.Osp1ta 1s. Clm1cal Clerk Services wi"th m · d'1v1"d ua l mstruct1on. · · \Vesleyan at Delawa1·e. The tourua- points as there are men competing. 1!Wide choice of hospital appointments for all gr d t a. ua es. ment had been sched ul ed as a four The secqnd man one le s and so 011 fiFifth optional year leading to A. M . in Medicine. man match but wing to the ab ence down the list. of Captain Rcsskr it w:is cut down to I A gold medal i., to be given to the 1!Vacation courses facilitating transfer of a avarice 1 d stu d ent.;. . three men matches, two single and winner of the con~est, a silver medal j 1!Sess1on opens Sept. 26, 1918; closes June 12 , 1919 . T u1non . •.• $150 .00 . one double. to the man gettmg second and a · Gray met Lowry o the \ ,V csleyan hronze medal to the man getting team in. the first match and _won his t~1ird place. T_he next even will get For catalogue, information and ap·plication blanks, addn.-s · sets ea dy 6-2, 6-3. At no time was nbbons as their reward. THE REGISTRAR, 1353 East 9th St., Cleveland the \Y e ·!cyan man within striking Only Lwo events have been run off ra/s steady playing I so iar, the hundred yard da h and the <listancc for which credited tterbein with the high jump. In the hund.red yard first set won t hi s season. da h Haye was fir t, Barnhart ecBancroft however was not so for- ond, Fox third, while in the high tunate. He met Bracken and won jump Barnhart was tir t. Haye cc­ the fir t set easily with a score of ond and Wood third. At present 6-4. Then the \ Vesleyan man came Iray1,; · and Barnhart are tied for first to the front and won the next two plac-: with Fox next in line. OPTICIAN sets 3-6, 3-6. •Ba ncroft was greatly J. H. Larimore, news editor of the handicapped in his match a the back­ stop was only a few feet from the American •I ue fo r more than six year past, ha. re · igned that po ition back line. to become e~1tor ~f P ubli c Opinion. In th e double- Gray and Brown 11r. Lanmore s active connection with Know what it mean playE>d Lowry aud Bracken. They th is paper begin wit h thi issue. A_ little more tha n 20 year ago 11r. "Quick Optical Service" 1·s on.: of tht bigge·t featu re of the won the fi rst set 6-3, bu t the \Vesley­ Larimore came to \,V es tervill e to be­ Reed o rgani zat io n. an men came back s trong and, aided come c~nnected with P ublic Opinion. by the rooters, w n the nex t two sets Afte r eight yea rs with th e paper he \Ve do not acrificc quali t)· to ' [Jeed, but th rough a pc rfec te d ':"cnt into the daily newspaper fi eld. 6-1, 8-6. Y tem we acco mpli h both . Only two things gave \,Vesl eyan the Latc_r h~ became ide ntified with the publtcat1ons of the Anti-Saloon advantages over the Varsity. Tho e Lea~ue, and with publicity work. A 40 North High Street were practice and rooters. For three port~on of t hat publicity work he will COLUMBUS, OHIO • _week nothing has been done on th e contmu e.

Western Reserve University







Clyde S. eed Q. o. s.


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Address all communications to T h e Otterbein Tan and Ca rdin a l, 20 W . Main St., We ste rvill e, Oh io. ubscription Price , $ I. SO Pe r Y ear, payabl e in advance.

ve r y life itse lf. But th ese u11pl ea ant me1110 1·ies wo ul d quick ly pa ss and a g ain h e r fa ce would g low a s h e told us of the staunchne s s with whi ch sh e stood aga in st s la very and inte mp e ranc e. Perhaps she ,vould tell u s how s h e receiv e d h er name ; how her fost er-parent s desired to name her in h onor of the founder of the Uni t ed Bre thr en ch ur ch and a t th e same tim e d e sired to take in th e whol e rea lm of edu cat ion and th er e fore cal le d her Otterbein Univers ity. A ll the s e things and ma ny mor e our A lma Mat e r cou ld t 11 u s whil e w e in turn can on ly say , " May th e coming year s bring great e r joys a nd honor s and p ri vi leg es to our lov ed Ott e rb ein ."

Alumna! Register. Recent ly there wa s issu ed from th e co ll eg e office a n w edition of the a lu mna ! r egi s te r. T hi s litt le pap e r boun I vo lu m is of great va lu e as it co n ta in s th e name s and addre sses of a ll th e grad uat e s of Otte r bei n up to th e pres e nt elate. side from t h e above m e ntion ed feat ur e of thi s r eg ister there is a lso much more va luabl e inform1tion, su h as t h e c la s ifi cati o n and editoria ls. It ha taken much ti me and hard wo~k to co mpl ete the material for this b ok, but the committe e h as g lad ly c!ont th e work in order that th e a lu m ­ ni of ou r c li ege mi g ht b e c lose r drawn t o g e ther.

IT STRIKES US. That the students more than went " over the top" in their campaign for increased endowment. That cla ss sc raps are not so bad to handl e a s th ey us ed to b e.

That the tennis courts are fast beco m ing a waving meadow du e possib le t o th e spring rain s (?) That the class banque t s thi s year we r e the b est fo r som e t im e. That students s hould mention th e Tan a nd Ca rdinal wh en they are mak­ ing their purc h ases. That t h er e ar e on ly a fe w more we e ks in w hi ch to ge t r ead y for th e final exam s.

EDITORIALS He who learns th e rul e

o f w is­

dom with out conformin g to them in hi lifo is like a man who plow in bi liel<l but do cs not sow.-Saadi. Otterbein

co ll ege

ce le brated

th e


seventy -li rst ann iversary of it s birth on April 26. When individua ls have passed th e "thr ee scor a nd t en" mark they are u ually in clined to be reminiscent and cou ld our b e lov e d Alma Mater peak in words w e could understand no do ubt s he too wo uld recount tal es of th e ear ly day s o f h e 1· sojourn as an in Litutio11 o f learnin g. Perhaps she wo uld tell u s of th e muddy st reets, of the s wamp y cam­ pus, of the little white frame chap e l, and of the old fram e gir ls ' clormitory . he might tell u of that fir s t c hap e l period when eight s tud en t s a . e m b le d for religious worshi1i before t h ey b e­ gan the day' wo r k. Sh e might re ­ count the ten yea rs that pa sse d ti ll the first class was grad ua t cl and ca 11 oar attention to th e name o f tho se women who grarluat ed th e n . Sh e would, no cl ubt, p int with prid e t o the fact that s he wa s th e fir s t co l­ lege in the world to atllllit w o men on an equality with men and that fr o m the .beginnin g wom e n have b ee n members of th e faculty. If our d ear old Alma Mater s h o ul d by chan c e r e­ call the finan cial struggles of tho se early years he would sur e ly s igh deeply as she to ld of th e tim es wh e n the "wolf at th e do or" thr eatened h er


CASC0-2 3/8 in. CLYDE - 2 1/s In

C. W. STOUGHTON, M. D. 29 W . College Ave. \ Ves tervi ll e, 0 .

That the College Office is well pleased with the progress of the drive for $400,000.

Bell Ph o n e 190

T hat Ott e rbein is giving som e of h e r bes t m e n to t h e army . T ha t the students are negl ecting to contri bute to the " Club Talk" column.

B . C. YOUMANS, Bar ber 37 N . State St. Sho e Shine in Connection. Shop closed at 8 o'clock except SatuTday.

T ha t th e fa c ulty is gettin g g en e r o u s w i t li th <:! ir ho liday s. That Dr. Clippinger is sure a busy m an and a good person to s end after th e "sh eckels". That M a y 9 t h will be a big d ay for O tterbein if s h e gets he r $400,00 new endowment.

Entered as seco nd cla ss matt e1· Sep ­ The Y . M . C. A. Huts. Clean Up. tember 25, 1917, at the pos tofli ce at [n the last iss ue of th P u bli c Opin- 111 th e camps around our country and csterville, 0 ., und er act of March 3, io n co n s id erab le me n tion wa s made of in countric far away


Page Th r ee

itz. Pho ne 110


15 'N es t Co llege Ave. Bell Phon e 9

Citz. P hone 167

B. W . W ELLS, M erchant Tailor Fine line of spring samples. Cleaning and Pressing done on

"clean up" we ek. Tr u e enough we st ude nt s do not hav e any dirty and littered back yard s but if w e w ere ab le to tak e an inventory of the pro ­ fes s o rs' cla s 1·ecord s w e wo uld , no do ub t, fi nd many litte r e d standing of the st ud ents. forth p c cial effort t o clean up , let us as s tud e nt s a ls o purge our clas s re cords of the, di 1·ty b la ck s p ots that ar c lo b e found th e r e. Hav e yo u any excess o f "cuts "? Is your wo rk a ll u p to elate? Are yo u proud of the r ecord whi ch th e pro ­ fesso1·s hav e afte r your nam e ? T h ese ar e on ly a fe w s ugge s t io n s. Th e r e ar c m a ny o th r s that ar c equally im­ p rt a nt, but a t an y r a t e let u s n o t ha ve cl utt c n :d up , di s ta s teful r eco rds . et a s id e Ma y fir t to th e ninth as a w ee k to g et a ll ba ck w o rk in , c la ss "c ut s" exc u s ed , and your grad es u p a b ove th e " s<:! a leve l".

Th e r e's a lot of wooden h o u s es t hat ar e mark ed Y. M . C. A . And som e ar c painted y e ll o w and so m e are brown or green, o w , say, w h o ow n s th e se hous es a nd what do th e le tter s m ean?

short notice. Cor. Main and State St.

T h ey m ea n a bit of co mfort and th ey m ean a p la ce to re'st, \,Vh c1·e eve r y tired so ldi er b o y is w 1o mc a s a gu est. Th ry m ean a bit o' friendly ta lk, so m e mu s ic, and som e jokes, And so m e q ui et li ttle corners for writin g t o y o ur fo lk s.


Our Pap er. far t hi s y ear w e hav e iss ue d four e diti o ns of th e Tan and ardinal. 'vV e ha ve h eard r e mark s pro and co n and ·th e main t o pi c o f di sc u s io n see m s t o b e with r egard t o th e numb e r · o f pages. l t t a k es m o n ey t o run a pa pe r a nd o tn- o nl y m ea n o f prov id ­ in g thi s is thr o u g h the m e dium of aclv c ni s in g. 1n thi s r es p ec t th e s tud e n ts can h el p o u1· bu s in ess m a nager a g r eat d eal by s imp ly m e nti o ning th e T an and Cardinal wh e n making th e ir pu r­ c ha ses. Tt is to b e h oped that a ll will t a ke thi s matt e r se riou s ly a nd d o a 11 th ey can t o mak e th e coll eg e paper a s uccess.

y o u a s k wh o o w n s th es e h o uses ? 1 think yo u know hi s name . Yo u ca ll him Savi o r, Master, L o rd, t h e m eaning's ju t the sam e. 'T is th e o n e w h o gav e him s elf for u s, t h e L ead e r of our life. \ Ve pray h e' ll lea d a nd ke ep o ur bo ys, in p e ri l a nd in . trif e.

Th ey m ea n a bit o f hum an love amid th e s t o rm of war. T h ey me a n th e won! of h ea li ng for s pirit s w o und ed sor e. Th ey m ea n a s imple messag e from God 's wn holy vVord, \11(1 th ey m ea n th e thought of the · h o m e- land wh e n th e ' s we e t o ld h y mn s ar e h eard .

O k ee p th e m s tr o ng and s tea d y, and k eep th e 111 cl ean and tru e I H elp t h e m to battl e for the right a nd p u t th e vi ctory throug h ! Be t h o u th e ir s hi e ld and b u ck ler ; b ut if o n e is s tru ck down, apt ain o f sa lvation, give th em th e h eav enly c r o wn . -T h e R ev . Henry Van Dyke, D. D .

SEELEY Formerly The White Front. Give U s a Trial. Our Specialty To treat everybody right.

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G. W . HENDERSON, M. D. Residence Office 99 S. State ta le and Plum to .J 1-'. M . Sun. 10 to II A. M .. \la ys and E venin gs by appointment

G. H. MAYHUGH, _M. D. East College Ave. Bell 8 ◄

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Page Four these names i found an old Otterbein "grad" , Lieut. Orren I. Bandccn. Mr. Band ee n's name appears at t he h ead of those cited in the French Regi­ mental Ord er.



' 16. \ Vord has bee n r ece ived from Rodney Huber and he is doing ex­ celle.nt work for the Bureau of Business Affairs in Greenwich, Co nn .

Look at the Toe

'92. S up erint end ent John H. Francis ' 16. Miss Mary N ichol s sp ent th e of o lumbu s, who is now director of week -e nd with h er sister, 1frs. E. 'vV. the national sc hool war garden mov e­ ch ear. m ent , was in Co lumbus la s t Monday Ex '18. In a let ter from Lieut. J . J. and Tuesday. At a meeting of school Mundhenk who is with the Amer- teachers and principals o n Monday ican Forces in France, he says he is at afternoon at th e hamb er of Com­ the front mid st shot and shell and is mcrcc auditorium he exp lain ed the doing nicely. Mr. Mundh enk is an p lans of th e government for int er es t­ officer in a Motor T ru ck o. of the ing th e sc hoo l children of the nation Quarte r Ma s ter's orps. in the cultivati o n of war gardens. illr. Franci is on a tour of large '00, Prof. Glen Grant Crabill gave a cit ies in c ludin g Dayton, in cinnati, very intere s ting and instructive lec­ Indiana, o li s, C hi cago, Tol edo, and tur e, la st we e k, before the physics levelan d whert' h e will present the class of 'vVestervill e High c\1001 o n work o f th e ch oo l war gardens. the prin cipa ls of th e pip e organ. 'vV . Mi ss Crace oblentz of CirA. Kline of th e cla s of '1 6, i th e prohio, a nd Mi ss Kath erin e fici ent in s tru c tor of th ese st ud ents. 'o hl cntz of L il ly Chap e l~ Ohio, sp ent ' 15. \ Vorel ha s been received to th e the week- end at th e hom e of th eir effec t that Claude Bro n. o n is th e rnothe1· on \,Ve st H o m e s tr ee t. proud father of a baby g irl. Ur. Bron so n was rece ntl y reco mm end ed '15, '14. "ilfr. and il l 1· . H owar d \ V. for a co mmis sio n in the Third Offi ­ Elliott (il l ildred Coo k) of Jackson, cers' Trainin g Camp at amp Sher- ill iss. , arrived in vV es te rvi I le last Thursday. 'illr. E lliott has been ca ll ­ man . ed to report at ·amp Sherman today. ' 17. A. vV. ea ll y pent a day with Mrs. Eliott w ill r emain in vV este rvi ll e fri ends in \ Vestervi ll las t wee k be- a t t he h 111e o f h er parents, Mr. and fore leav ing fo r ·amp Ja ck on . l\lr. Mr s. R. O. ook. ea ll y was among th e s ucce sful , _ candidates in th e 3rd Officer Train- 92 Robert L. Blagg and Mrs. B lagg o f Co lumbu s, Ohio, were in Cleve land ing Camp at Camp Sherman. las t vVedn csday attending th e wedding of 1\I r. 'vV . C. Benham of Colum­ bu s and 1\I rs. Sarah Brooks ooke of 1 ~ 1:vela11d , which was solemn ized in ..________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___,, 1 nnity chur c h. leve land, at high noon o n th a t day.


Y. W. (. A.


Gladys Sw ig art co ndu ct ed a n un - ' 17. Ll oyd D. 1\ lign ery, who i now us ually helpful Y . \V . C. A. mee tin g wearing ncl e Sa m's uniform and is Tuesda y evening. T he topic wa s stati o ned at th L' C0 lumbu s barracks • " l~uth, th e Moabitcss." l\ li ss wigart was in \\'esterville o n S unda y. to ld the s tory o f Ruth rea listic a lly, picturing her un selfis hn es in g1v111g ' 17. l\lanu cl l\,lanongdo was a visitor up h e r hom and friends for th e sake amo ng \\' este rville friends ove r Sun­ of he r moth e r-in -law and h er mot h er­ day. .\lr. .\fan o ng do has be en in o­ lu 111bia l 1 ni vcrsity thi s year and ha in -la w' s God . "Th e Bibi<' s tor)' g ives a good illus­ now comp le ted the work requir ed for tration of the 1'owcr of lo \' e in de­ a master's tkgrt'e. l le is n o w on hi s te r minin g a p ·r ~on's ac ti ons. A great way to th t· l"h ilippines wh ere h e will many men a nd women of today ha ve be a teacher in Hig h School. given up t heir ow n personal des ires '15. Paul E. Zu ernc r reports that he and ambitions that th ey might se rv e is now a pri va te in th e Ameri ca n humani ty. Unse lfi s hn ess 1s the .Ar my, an d expects to soo n be in watchw o rd of th eir liv es. T he rca - F ranc <:. J It· is a rn c mber of t he 39t h so n that so many peo ple today arc E n gi n eers. no t living Chri st ian li ves, is that they , 12 A c1· • . . . . :>CC0r 1n g to t 11e r epo rts re ce 1v are not willing to sac n fice the so -ca ll - cc1 1,ere 1ast wee k, I('1yos 111· y a b c 1s · d ocd pl ea ur cs of th e. wo rl d.. Ruth , 111g • • exce II ent wor k· for 1u•s peop 1e 111 placed a proper valu a t ion on ti me and z -1 · k J energy. Often we, today , t hink o( ezc. · i iga en, apan. many litt le reaso n s why we sh ou ld be ' 11. \\'o rd ha s been re ce ived from carefu l no t to ove rl ook the one or two Fran c.- to th e effect that several of hio's men hav e been a warded h n­ big r ea so n why we hould do it." m o ng After a hort round -ta ble discus- ors for con picuaus brav ery. sion Mrs. \ Veinland ga vc the second of a se ries of talks based on T. R. Clover's book, "T h e J es us of His­ tory."



Man, in pa ss in g car-"H:ive an acci dent, old fe llows?" , hauffeur und er ca r (G rumbling)-, " No, thank you. Jus t had one." '-- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - '

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THE TAN AND CARDINAL L O CALS . "Herb" Mey er s and h is landlo1·d,


;::!i~::r~;::~~·;:::~:,~:~: ~~ near the old fair g r o u nd says they ta sted g r eat.

"H rb

.Page Five

''L1·ttle Mrs Cumm1·n'' •

"Barney" was in D ayt n over the BY RICHARD PRYCE

week end. H e s ai d his son "Gi ll y" was doing ni ce ly . Serg. GI


man _5pent


0 . Ream of Camp heratur d ay and unday in

Westerville .

College Chapel, Friday, May 3rd

Mrs. N eva Anderson Mertz left a mp S he r man •to visit her husband. H e expec t his regiment to leave Chilli coth e soon.

Friday for


"Bob" Y o un g a fo r mer student of Otterbein. is lea vin g for Camp her­ man Tuesda y . He is now stationed at th e Colu m bus Ba rr acks .

S ea ts on Sale at Williams' W ednesd ay Afternoon, May First.

Ma il Orders for Seats NOW to

Mr . ~.[. I. Co m fort of I thica was visitin g Prof. Guitn e,, last week. Her . son \Vm. Comfort was a dinner guest there Sunday.


Helen Isaac Merle Ward a nd Mi (Continued from page one.) (Co nt in u ed fr m page o ne.) Keller spent th e w eek -end at "Ike's" STUDENT S GO OVER THE T OP JUNIORS TO GIVE COMEDY home in Bowling Gr een. pledges. -at the best."

(':iuo :i.:'led UIO.I J p;i n u !1LIO:))

Victory Looks Good for May 9

gr eat campaign . pecial workers are Afte1· all the students present had a Russell Palm er spe n t the w eekdoing thei1· very best to vis it as ma ny The ast as th ey w ill appear next end at hi s hom e in Zanesviile, Ohio . chance to make their contributions the commu n it ies as they can to assist in Sophomores stood at the head of .the Friday eveni ng wi ll be a s fo ll ows: th e drive .for pledges. Big Mike and "Rats" Moore sp e nt list with $.2490 t o their ci-edit, whi le Mrs. ummin-V ir igin ia Burtner. In this conference, th e So utheasf Sunday aft ern oo n in Columbus look­ the Juniors finish e d second. The first Ohio, splendid work has been done by J1.1liet-Freda Fraz ier. ing for Th eda in "The Forbidden year students maintained the third Dr. R. A. Hi rt and Prof. N . E, CorClarei1cc Eglamorc-A. C. S idda ll. Path·' but w e r e un s u cces fut in th ir position, with the S e niors and Pre­ netet. Southeast Ohio wi ll go above quest. paratory tu den ts holding fourth and I Capt. ands-H. E. M ichae l. its quota, and this, President C lip­ ~Ir P lain-Jessie \i\/ier. ~ Mr. .and 1frs, J. R. Love are the fifth places respectively. pinger ·believes, wi ll be true of m◊'St The largest individual gift came l Susy P lai n-Ka t hryn ' Narner. proud parents of a 6¼ pound girl, most of the ni ne confe r ence . when one Donna. born . un day afternoon. All from the Sophomor e cla It is proba b le that if a ll reports Horace Egla m o re-J . C. id dal l. Otterbein wi sh to extend to Mr. and girl pledged , 1500. The second hig h ­ were in the sheet wou ld show slightly Harr iett-Vida W ilh el m. Mrs. Love th eir h earty congratu la- est cam e from th e Freshman with a more than half the desired amount Ellen-Hele n Bovee. pledge of $200. The remaining gifts tions, safe ly provided for. It is k nown ~li ll s-L. J , W 'oocl. ranged from twenty-five _to one hun­ that some g ivers are h o ld in g back, Virgil Paren t of 0. S. U. Medical dred dollars. CAMPAIGN NEAR CLOSE a n d \vii i not anno unce their gifts u ntil chool visited A li ce Hall Sunday. B e fore dismis s ing th e assem_bly the la t few days of the campaign. "Bob" hauck of Boston, 1'Las ., P.-ofcssor Altman announced that the Small Pledges in the Final Days Will Also, t h ere is in t his, as in a ll oth er Win for Otterbein on has joined th e Av iat ion Corps and i faculty had declar e d th e remaind e r of campa ig n s, the cum ulat ive effect, May 9. now station ed a t th e \ Vright Aviation the day a holid ay, and the students wh ich w il l he lp to pus h up the totals \Vith on ly a few mo r e days left more rapid ly as t he campaign draws rose in uni so n and gave the college Field, near Da yt o n. Oh io. yell which fairly made the chape l every in te r est has been di rected to­ towa r d its clo e. Miss Ruth Brun dage left Thursday ward th e e ndow m en t ca m paig n . I n In Westervi lle t h ere has been for a month's visi t w ith her uncle, walls tremb le. - The can'!paign has not yet closed an effo rt t o r eac h every fr iend and awakened a g r eater in terest than James \Vis e, an d fam ily at Drumand it is the firm conviction of the alumnus of th e co ll ege, th e Tan and heretofore, and it is beli eved th at the right , Okla. leaders that the sum will mount to Cardina l is p ublis h ing a copy of the citize11s wil l do t heir fu ll d u ty. Ruth Conl ey a n d Ediia Farley $ 10,000 by "May ninth, o we ll pledge card. If yo u have not a lrea dy Everyw h ere th er e is g r eat confi ­ were both call ed h ome on a ccount of pl ea sed were th e college authorities contributed or if you wis h to p ledge dence man ifested a n d none of the the death c f th eir grandmothers. that th e good n e ws was immediately mor e thrnugh this pape r clip and send leaders are discouraged over t'he pro­ wir l' d to all th e fi e ld men. l'residen( in th e attach ed blank prope rl y fi ll ed gress thu far. 1 Agnes \\ ri g h t spent the w ee k- e n d at her hom e in ·ana l \,Vinch cs t e r. Clippinge 1· i!l s peaking of the student out. . e ffort Friday m o rning s aid, "\Ve hooe Katherin e \,V a i went to Dayton, that the c hur c h m e mb e rs and friends "'C:: • -0 0. for th e week-end. in the nine co o ptrating co nferences I.. $400,000. Mrs. J essie G ifford and Miss Marie ·will catch this s pirit and r espond to u"' Wagon er vi sited Ray Gifford at Camp th e c::ill in an t: qu a lly marv e lo u s m a n­ -0 Sherman Sunday. 1'[r. Gifford likes n c r. All I can say is that w e h eartily $........................ 19...... "' camp environ ment and is fe eling fine. thank you students fo r your loyal C I h er eby pl edge t o Otterb ein Co ll ege, Wes t ervill e, Ohio, t h e sum of A party o f fo ur b ravely facer! yes- support." "' i-, terday's thun der s h owe1· to cat lunch ........................................................ D o llars to be use d for endowmen t and a under th e he lter of Shark's Ford M usic S t u dents Giv e R eci tal: scien ce building. Payments ar e to be made in four equal annual La t Tuesday evening in the audiBridge. .s:: installments, June 1, 1918; June 1, 1919; June 1, 1920; Jun e 1, 1921. torium of Lambert Ha ll , music lovers Oil ::, Six percent interest to be paid annually from June I , 1918. Collin ( poi n t in g to h i head)- enjoyed an exceptio na ll y goo d recita l 0 I.. "This is ni_y Philo ph ro n ean Temple." give n by t h e stude n ts of t he Schoo l o f .c "Herb"-Y es, it h a s wood in it, the M us ic. T h e selectio n s whic h we r e cu -0 same as the o th e r ' P h ro n ean' Tern- we ll c hose n w ere rend er ed in a man­ s"' pie." n e r t ~ brin~ cre dit both t o th e p e r ­ Name My life has been in va in said t h e form e r s a nd th eir in s tru c t o r s. Th e well red corpustl e, arid the art e ry t o ok progra m co n s is te d of a varie ty o f it to heart. piano, violin and voca l nu m b e r Address ·········································-···········'·········








Page Six




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