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n On behalf of the Ottenwalter family and our entire Ottenwalter Show Pigs crew, I’d like to thank you for your interest in the second annual Ladies of our Legacy Sale. This year marks my 11th year managing the herd here in Colusa, California, and what a ride it has been! When I started at Ottenwalter Show Pigs in January 2009, we ran about 60 sows, had one annual show pig sale that catered mainly to our local customers, I was the only full time employee, and we had some big ambitions. Ten and a half years later, as I write this, we are one of the largest suppliers of show pigs to the youth in this country. Our sow numbers are floating around 360, we have a sale every month of the year, and our staff includes six full time employees in addition to several part timers that all help keep all the gears of our operation running smoothly. While we still have those big ambitions, the size and scope of our operation has changed immensely. We’ve climbed some mountains and we still have a lot more to climb. Our enthusiasm and love for what we do has never been greater! Our operation has always been unique in the fact that we’ve been fortunate enough to have both Mark’s desire and commitment to buying the most elite females we come across and my passion for building from within – identifying those most superior females and basing our herd around the genetic progress made from them. Over the years, we have encountered lots of different bloodlines and through the process of constantly sifting through the best of the best

with relentless determination and ridiculously high standards, we’ve created our own program that we’re very proud of. We’ve made a great team, and as the hogs continue to get better, the support from our friends and #teamottenwalter customers only grows. “Why are we selling so many sows? Didn’t you guys just have a big Legacy sale last year?” – These are some questions I’ve been asked as I prepare all the material for this sale, and the answer is yes, we did sell lots of females last year. This farm has made a commitment to being aggressive in terms of gilt retention and this policy continues to skyrocket our numbers, even faster than we expected over this past year. Elite females, if taken care of properly, will produce more elite females and that’s what we must bank on moving forward. We need to make room for the next set of gilts sitting out at our isolation facility and we need to once again, slow down a bit so we can better manage our herd and assist our customers. Once more, we embrace this sale as both an opportunity for our customers to get their hands on some of the females that have helped make our program what it is today, as well as an opportunity for us to downsize a bit and make room for the next generation, which was largely created by these females. We have always believed and will continue with the same approach: that forward progress is of utmost importance and we must always have faith in our next generation. We run a tight ship here in Colusa – if they cannot farrow and function in the crate, if they don’t breed back, or if there is ever

a quality issue with their offspring they do not stick around! In today’s competitive industry there is no time to work with mediocrity, and we must demand a lot from our females. That being said, a tremendous opportunity lies within this offering. This is not a set of females we kept with the intention of selling as breds, but they literally are right out of the heart of our herd. The gilts being offered were intended to be retained as building blocks for our next generation, and all of the sows have served us well and have remained in our herd because they’ve done their job to a high level. In the pages to follow we will do our best to show you what they’ve accomplished for us and how they’ve contributed to our legacy. The proven females lying within this sale have done more than help put us on the map– they’ve paid the feed bills, provided photos for our champions page, and put smiles on the faces of countless young people. They are incredibly special and will continue their influence within their new programs, no matter where they end up. Careful thought and deliberation has been put into each and every female’s mating, because in our experience, the more we plan for success the more we tend to experience it. We invite you to take a look through our offering and take advantage of this unique opportunity. These are the Ladies of Our Legacy!

sh a r e in our success

Russell Pedrett

Sale Details June 25th Contacts Russell Pedrett (530) 681-9811 Brian Anderson (620) 515-3348 Noa Taipin (541) 281-8080 Cody Meek (530) 681-9814

GUARANTEE All sows will sell bred unless otherwise noted in this catalog or on the online sale site. All sows listed as “bred” are guaranteed to be carrying a litter. All females that sell “open” are guaranteed to breed. Ottenwalter Show Pigs views the total purchase price of a bred female as 60% attributed to sow value and 40% to the litter value. Should a “bred” female not turn out to be bred, the buyer will be entitled to a 40% refund of the purchase price in addition to two doses of semen from any of our herd boars to get her bred back. All boars are guaranteed to have acceptable semen quality and settle sows. They are not guaranteed to live breed. All purebreds are registered and pedigrees will be transferred following the sale. Not every picture is a reflection of current gestation.



ALL bred sows in this sale that sell for $5,000+ are eligible for two doses of semen from any of our herd boars for their next litter. All open sows will come with two doses of semen from any boar in our stud to get them bred for their next litter. Semen is subject to availability and limited to only our boars housed at Ottenwalter Show Pigs - partner boars are not included. **Buyer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with semen**


We welcome you to Colusa, California to see this sale offering in person anytime before the sale. Please schedule an appointment with Russell or Cody. Due to our catalog printing deadline, many of the photos were taken early in gestation. Please check the sale site at for short videos of the sale lots uploaded the week prior to the sale.


Our herd health is under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Hendrickson. All females being offered are current on all pre-breed and pre-farrow vaccines and are in good current health. Please contact us with any direct questions you may have. Any questions or concerns directly related to vaccination protocol or overall herd health can be directed at Dr. Hendrickson (765) 730-3960.


Here at Ottenwalter Show Pigs, we always stand behind our product. Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding care/management of your new bred female. We STRONGLY URGE our customers to follow these guidelines below: 1. Administer estrumate or lutalyse the day before their listed due date to induce farrowing on their due date. All due dates listed are based upon a 114 day gestation period. 2. Put your gilt/sow in the farrowing crate 3-4 days before her due date and have a heat lamp or mat turned on on both sides of the crate starting three days before their due date. Have oxytocin on hand to use if needed during farrowing and only use after having checked that the birth canal is clear. Also have a bottle of lube available and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND having a “Pig & Lamb Puller” on hand which can be purchased from Nasco or PBS Animal Health for about $9.

3. We use and recommend the Four Star Show Pig Vaccination Protocol. For more information or any questions, please contact us. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have. Russell (530) 681-9811 or Cody at (530) 681-9814.


Ed Krische will head out the week of July 1 and travel I-80 east through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa, then I-74 from Davenport, IA to Indianapolis, and I-65 on in to Louisville, KY to the Summer Type Conference. Ed is charging $350/hd for bred females with potential volume discounts. For the older boars, please contact Ed in regards to pricing. For more details, please contact Ed at (541) 778-2314. Please note the pricing schedule below: For each bred female selling for $2500-$5000, Ottenwalter Show Pigs will contribute $100 toward the hauling fee and the buyer will owe Ed $250. For each bred female selling for $5000-$7500, Ottenwalter Show Pigs will contribute $250 toward the hauling fee and the buyer will owe Ed $100. For each bred female selling for $7500 or more, Ottenwalter Show Pigs will cover their hauling expenses and the buyer will owe Ed nothing.


Bob May Livestock will be handling our southwest and southern California Deliveries with options heading into the Midwest as well. More details will be posted to the Sale Page on as time nears closer.For questions please contact Bob at (530)200-0866.


Tom Toth will leave the morning of June 26th, headed up I-5, on his way home to Anacortes, WA. Tom will travel through Oregon and into Washingtion and his route can change based on need. For pricing and details, please contact Tom Toth at (360)770-7792. Additional delivery options will be listed closer to the sale date on ***Any corrections or changes indicated on sale site will take precedence over anything printed before the sale***

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Lots 1-14

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

“The 4-8 Family”

Lots 15-18

“The Scared Straights”

Lots 19-21

“The Renigs”

Lots 22-30

“The Bacon & 69-4 Descendants”

Lots 31-33

“The Great 73-6 and Detox 1-2 Sow Line”

Lots 34-35

“The H2 Influence”

Lots 36-45

“The Big Purchases”

Lots 46-50

“Passion for Purebreds”

Lots 51-52

“Young Bloods”

Lots 53-63

“The Work Horses”

Lots 64-68

“The Boys Behind the Scenes”

Lots 69-73

“The Ackerman Collection”

Lots 74-76

“The Malay Consignments”


Selling in the Exchange

161-3 /// SIRE: Scared Straight dam: Warfarah Clone 70-4 service sire: outta line /// due date: 8/2/19 /// dob: 11/14 /// cross


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The 4-8 Influence

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 1

17-12 /// Sire: Shooter /// Dam: Perfect remedy 4-8 Service Sire: Up Down /// Due Date: 8/2/19 /// DOB: January 2013 /// cross As big of a part of our legacy as the 28 litter sows have been, the three 17 litter sows have been right there with them, and they too are largely responsible for our expansion in sow numbers over the last few years. Pedigree-wise, the neat thing about the 17’s is that they not only are dammed by 4-8, but on the top side they incorporate the 1-2 (Detox x Supernatural’s sister) sow, who was the dam of Shooter, California Kid, and most importantly 73-6 – Scared Straight, Tombstone, and NoNo’s mom. The 17’s have always been ahead of their time in terms of the bone and extra stoutness they put into their offspring and I would have to say when compared to the 28’s, the 17’s have probably been responsible for a few more barrow wins because of it. Of the three 17’s, 17-12 was the best show gilt and she was always the thickest made, biggest hipped one. Her first mating to Fame Monster produced three tremendous young sow prospects that have left their mark – 37-7 and 37-6 in our program and the “Snake” sow we sold to Malay’s to help get them started. Additionally her first litter contained the Peter Dragon boar that did a tremendous job making females here and he is the


sire of lot 4 in this offering. Subsequent matings to Lexion, One of a Kind, No Mercy, Wedding Night, and No Hands have all yielded large and deep litters from which we’ve retained daughters and seen barrows win on many levels. My personal favorite litter by 17-12 were her 16 litter Smoke on the Waters that yielded our blue 16-2 sow. 16-2 by all indicators is set to leave a lasting legacy of her own. In her short career here in Colusa, she’s raised the dominant solid blue gilt campaigned in Oklahoma in 2017 by the Childers boys, an equally dominant and impressive blue gilt shown by the same crew in 2018, and most recently the Grand Champion Barrow at the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo shown by Madilyn Norvell. Like all elite 4-8 daughters, 17-12 has been extremely productive in terms of both number born alive and also in the depth and consistency of her litters. She’s always bred right back coming out of the crate and we could expect her litter to be amongst the best of any particular farrowing group. Her pending Up Down mating could potentially be a home run, not only phenotypically but pedigree-wise those females should have real herd-building promise.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 2 60-7 /// Sire: Maverick

Dam: Perfect remedy 4-8 Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/14/19 /// DOB: August 2014 /// cross Capping off the trio of elite 4-8 daughters leading off the sale is Maverick 60-7. Like lots 1 and 2, 60-7 and her sister 60-3 (who we lost last year) have both contributed at a high level and left a lasting legacy in Colusa. Unlike many of the other 4-8 daughters, the 60’s have always been massive and extra moderate, and because of that, their better litters have been out of taller, good designed boars. 60-7 has had exceptionally deep and consistent litters sired by Tombstone, Cowboy Swag, No Hands, Kiss My Socks, Square Up, and most recently Bed Bug. Her 160 litter Wedding Nights farrowed in September of

16 turned lots of heads early on as they were MEGA stout, and several topped our November 2016 online offering. Typical of any superior 4-8 daughter, 60-7 can farrow large litters and does an exceptional job raising them. Mated to the Up Down boar that we haven’t offered semen on, they should by all indicators be her very best effort yet – we anticipate lots of value in his pigs this fall and couldn’t be more excited about what we’ve seen from him thus far.

Lot 3 95-2 /// Sire: peter dragon Dam: Renig 28-12 (Colt 45 x Shooter 17-7) Service Sire: kill bill /// Due Date: 8/11/2019 /// DOB: Sept. 2015 /// cross Since she began her career here in Colusa, 95-2 has been one of my personal favorite females because she so closely resembles the 28 litter sows, and true to what you’d expect from her pedigree, she has been ultra-prolific. Breaking down her pedigree, 95-2 is intensely linebred – her sire Peter Dragon was dammed by Shooter 17-12 (a 4-8 daughter), and her dam is Renig 28-12 (also a 4-8 daughter). Furthermore, there’s more Super Monster throughout her pedigree than about anything you could possibly find anywhere, and it’s because of this carefully aligned pedigree that she’s not only productive, but also has extremely consistent litters no matter the mating. Her first litter right out of the chute was extremely impressive – the 199 Wedding Nights. They topped our January 2017 sale and

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

we retained a couple barrows for Mark’s grand daughters to feed for the Colusa Fair. Her 165 litter Blurred Visions were equally impressive, the 128 litter WN 45’s sold and fed exceptionally well in the fall of 2017, and her 26 litter Shine On’s were extremely deep. Her most recent litter sired by Jack Daniels has twelve individuals laying back in the chip barn that we’re excited to sort through and no doubt contains another linebred keeper gilt or two. Bred to Kill Bill at Lean Value should be herd-building material, as it will line up the Black Attack lying deep within both of their pedigrees. If you haven’t heard about Kill Bill yet you will soon – he’s mated to a large percentage of the females in Colusa for this summer.


Lot 4

Bad Man daughter 51-1

55-5 /// Sire: cowboy swag /// DAM: no fare 10-11 Service Sire: teen spirit /// Due Date: 8/11/19 /// DOB: January 2015 /// cross When we made the decision to have another Legacy sale this summer, we knew we had to commit to offering some of all our all-time favorites to make way for the next generation and to help curb our numbers. 55-5 absolutely is one of those favorites and we could just as easily have chosen her to start the sale with. Her dam is none other than “Maddi” 10-11, No Mercy’s full sister and also the dam of Sunshine & Whiskey, WN 45, and LOTS of females residing in Colusa, CA. The 55’s were possibly my second favorite litter of all time (second only to the 28’s), because they were all so impressive and identical as


gilts growing up. We retained all 5 gilts in the litter, and after losing 55-4 before we could get her bred, the other four remain in Colusa and each have multiple daughters laying back within the herd. Her sister 55-1 is the dam of the great WN 119’s and grand dam of the Champion Dark Cross Barrow at Houston last year, while 55-3 and 55-2 have daughters of Wedding Night, Short Bus, Wedding Blues, and Outta Line placed back into the herd (And I’m sure I missed one or two sires as well). 55-5’s best two daughters are big time contributors– the 51 litter Bad Man sows. They are as stout as anything in Colusa and their litters

are always super easy to sell and turn lots of heads. 55-5 has been one that truly has hit with every single litter and she’s been mated to Tombstone, Bad Man, Man of Honor, Straight Survivor, 225K, Shine On, Wedding Blues, and most recently Bed Bug. Her 40 litter Straight Survivors topped our 2017 September online sale and Nelson Hanson fed the best barrow for Arizona Nationals where he won his class and was right in the hunt. We’ve used Teen Spirit extensively and we will continue that game plan moving forward. 55-5 is the IDEAL mating for Teen and if we can give her new owner some advice: keep all the gilts.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 5 73-3 /// Sire: 225K

Dam: No fare 10-11 Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/22/19 /// DOB: January 2018 /// cross As we face the reality of large sow numbers, a growing gilt pool, and constant “busyness”, we are forced to make some tough decisions, like letting a young elite daughter of “Maddi” 10-11 go. We used the 225K boar extensively last year and have several very nice daughters to show for it – in fact, our recent May 4 farm sale had a large percentage of pigs out of 225K dams, including 73-3’s Teen Spirit litter. Like the rest of her mates, 73-3 is extra thick. She’s stout skulled,

bold chested, and big pinned and she comes in a moderate package. Teen Spirit was an ideal match for her first mating. She farrowed ten, raised them all, and those pigs were very well received and got some great homes. Her pending mating to Up Down not only brings in another shot of No Mercy and 4-8 but also the 46-1 sow line on the topside. The genetic value for their new owner should be enormous, and we’d anticipate lots of monetary value for her elite barrows as well.

Lot 6 150-5 /// Sire: colt 45 Dam: shooter 17-10 Service Sire: sells open /// Due Date: NA /// DOB: November 2015 /// cross During our sow herd expansion over the last several years, Colt 45 was a boar we relied upon a lot to lay some daughters back in and he did such a good job of adding stoutness and look while keeping them within their skeleton, plus we always welcomed the opportunity to throw an extra shot of Super Monster back in our pedigrees. Many of our better barrows were Colt 45’s and his daughters out of our 4-8 sow line have proven to generate exceptionally well. 150-5 has done a tremendous job for us and if we were to add up all of the dollars of pigs she’s produced, it would rank among the highest of the females in this sale. Her dam was the Shooter 17-10

sow that we lost last year. She was a mate to the 17-12 sow we are offering as lot 2 and she was extremely prolific and gave us lots of daughters. 150-5 farrowed a strong Visionary litter offered in our Mach 2nd sale – a boar pig sold to Platt and several elite barrows stood out. Her 118 litter Outta Lines were very popular last fall where we offered a couple elite males at the Major League Sale and the gilts highlighted out October online set. True to what her pedigree dictates, this momma does a great job of farrowing and raising pigs and she can always be counted on to provide a high end, valuable litter. 150-5 will sell open and ready to breed for an Expo aged litter next year.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 7 36-1 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: verbatim 61-2 Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 7/19/19 /// DOB: june 2018 /// cross It’s not everyday that we offer elite Wedding Night gilts out of our keeper pen, and quite honestly 36-1 is the kind that has helped get us where we are today. Our thought process is quite simple: we need to curb sow numbers and in order to do so we need to make tough decisions. The 61-2 Verbatim sow behind her is one of my very favorites. She is an elite daughter of Shooter 1710 and granddaughter of 4-8. If you study her pedigree, especially with Verbatim on the top side, there is quite a

bit of Black Attack in there and perhaps that’s the reason why she’s so productive. 61-2 can always be counted on for large numbers and we try to retain all the daughters we can. Wedding Night has proven to be such a tremendous mating on these linebred females, then as a breeder you’re options are wide open on his daughters. Outta Line should provide some blue color and extra stoutness of skull and feature – we’d anticipate the barrows here to be highly valuable come fall! Dam of 36-1

Lot 8 103-5 /// Sire: wn 45 Dam: Renig 28-11 Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 8/11/19 /// DOB: July 2017 /// cross We’ve never offered so many females out of the heart of our herd like what we are in this sale, and there are so many good opportunities for someone wanting to build a program. 103-5 represents an awesome opportunity—not only is she a direct daughter of Renig 28-11 (and grand daughter of 4-8), but on the topside her grand dam would be “Maddi” 10-11and great grand dam would be 4-8. We build these pedigrees on purpose, with the goal being consistency, productivity, and knowing exactly what we’ve got. 103-5 is the kind that makes raising show pigs


easy and fun – in her first two litters she raised nine and ten pigs. The 133 Straight Survivors last fall sold very well and they were extra good build, tall fronted pigs. The 91 litter Bed Bugs offered 3/30 in our farm sale proved very profitable and an elite pair of gilts found some great homes for the summer and look to have a chance to ring a bell. Her pending mating to Outta Line should be the “money” litter – she is exactly the type that he’s done such a good job on and after his dominant first two seasons, his progeny will undoubtedly be sought after again this fall.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com



175-3 /// Sire: pinnacle

Dam: sunshine & whiskey 27-2 Service Sire: straight south /// Due Date: 8/3/19 /// DOB: april 2017 /// cross We just have a pair of these 175 litter Pinnacle sows and they’ve both been quite impressive over their first three parities. 175-3 had a dynamite Wedding Night litter offered in our late August online sale last fall, she followed that up with a deep set of Outta Lines that were Expo age, and her extra stout Good Time pigs will sell May 29 in our online auction before Expo. Her 27-2 (Sunshine & Whiskey x Renig 28-9) momma and

aunt 27-6 are highly linebred sows that just never miss. They’re moderate framed, great built sows that are extra functional and can be counted on for a deep consistent litter that’ll give our customers a chance to win every trip through the crate. Her sister 175-2 has potentially our very best barrow on feed for the summer sired by Outta Line and we’d anticipate this one’s mating to the highly sought after Straight South boar at SGI to be flat incredible.

Service sire: Straight South

Lot 10 98-3 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: on target 80-4 Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/6/19 /// DOB: January 2018 /// cross This little 98-3 sow is super sexy, and if we didn’t have her sister 98-4 bred for an earlier litter, there’s no way we’d let this one go. She is a granddaughter of 28-12 (lot 1) and great grandma would be 4-8. Dam 80-4 is an extremely productive On Target sow and we’ve had lots of success with our On Target females – in fact, 98-3 would be a full sib in blood to the Connor Utterback gilt

that dominated the show circuit in Indiana last summer and wound up 5th Overall Cross Gilt at the World Pork Expo. 98-3 is a bit off center of her pedigree in terms of frame size – she is a notch bigger in her kind and we think Up Down is the ideal mating here. These pigs should be a hot commodity this fall and their pedigree is set up for long term success.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 11 99-2 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: sunshine and whiskey 41-1 Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 7/28/19 /// DOB: january 2018 /// cross 99-2 is a great little Wedding Night x (Sunshine x Renig 28-12) sow, and this is the kind that has helped put us on the map these past few years. She’s great built, good looking, and offers a great skeleton with all the power she’ll ever need backing her in the pedigree. Momma 41-1 and her two sisters 41-2 and 41-3 have carried us to the next level and have each

placed multiple daughters back into the herd. Her service sire Good Time is poised to enjoy a great summer and fall show season with his first pigs selling 3/30 and 5/4 – to this date we still haven’t offered semen sales on him or Up Down and that should only help create value for 99-’s litter moving forward. Buy with confidence here!

Grand dam Renig 28-12

Lot 12 159-1 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: john wayne 109-3 Service Sire: kill bill /// Due Date: 8/2/19 /// DOB: March 2017 /// cross As many impressive show pig sows as we’ve got back in the barns here in Colusa, CA, it’s hard to find many as strikingly beautiful as 159-1. She offers a tremendous combination of both power and pretty, and she represents lots of years of putting pedigrees together. Her extremely impressive dam 109-2 was sold as lot 2 in our Ladies Sale last summer and she was (John Wayne x Cowboy Swag 55-2 x No Fare 10-11 x Perfect Remedy 4-8) – to this date she was our very favorite daughter of John Wayne. 159-1


herself has done quite well. Her first litter sired by Shine On were very deep and impressive and they sold in our August online offering last fall (barrow pictured). Her March 15 Teen Spirits, currently in the chip barn, really look the part and we believe she is set up for big time success with her current mating to Kill Bill. Bill was the most impressive linebred male we fed through the winter and he’s mated to a very large percentage of the females here in Colusa for the summer.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 13 35-4 /// Sire: shine on

Dam: wedding night 119-2 Service Sire: wn 180 /// Due Date: 8/5/19 /// DOB: june 2018 /// cross 35-4 represents a tremendous opportunity here right out of the heart of our keeper gilt pen! Her dam, Wedding Night 119-2, is quite possibly the most impressive sow living in Colusa, CA and she is the dam of Colt Wolf’s Champion Dark Cross Barrow at Houston in 2018. She has truly provided us with a dynamite litter every trip through the crate and 35-4 is the best gilt out of her extra deep litter from last summer, which included a $4100 barrow prospect in our August online sale. 35-4’s extended pedigree on the bottom side would be (Wedding Night

119-2 x Cowboy Swag 55-1 x No Fare 10-11 x Perfect Remedy 4-8), and all four of those females have proven to be about as potent as it gets. 35-4’s sire Shine On has had a tremendous first year, capped off by siring the Grand Champion Barrow Overall at the recent Oklahoma Youth Expo. Her first mating to Wedding Night 180 should yield smaller pigs at birth and a tremendous match for phenotype – 180 continues to be one of our most popular sires and he will add rib and boldness as good as anything out there.

Lot 14 87-1 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: oumanned 77-2 Service Sire: shine on /// Due Date: 7/29/19 /// DOB: february 2017 /// cross The 87-1 sow is a littermate to the popular “The Officiant” boar that we own with Small Town Genetics, and he’s done lots of good for both of our programs. Her dam, Outmanned 77-2, is a blue belted sow that’s absolutely beautiful and I wish we had a photo of her. Grand dam would be none other than “Maddi” 10-11 (pictured). 87-1 has had two extremely good litters, both sired by Straight Survivor, and that’s proven to be a very good mating (pigs

pictured sold in our 2/2 farm sale). Typical of a Wedding Night daughter, 87-1 is moderate and extra stout – she will inject bone and muscle into her progeny while maintaining a square build. Mated to Shine On – the sire of the OYE Grand Overall Barrow this year, should not only be a tremendous phenotypic match but there should be lots of value here for her new owner. The Officiant

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

10-11 grand dam of 87-1


Lot 15

43-3 /// Sire: scared straight DAM: monumental 42-8

Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/15/2019 /// DOB: January 2015 /// cross Scared Straight 43-3 is a mouth-wateringly gorgeous sow and her dam, Monumental 42-8, was equally as gorgeous. There’s no doubt she will go down in history as one of the very best Scared Straight daughters of all time. As a young show gilt for the Anderson 43-3 hails from a long line of females born and bred here in Colusa – her extended pedigree reads Scared Straight x Monumental 42-8 x Warfare 1-6 x Bulletproof 75-4 x Alias 27-1 3-5, the old Alias sow being the Grand Gilt at OYE back in 2005. 43-3 has had six extremely impressive litters during her tenure here in Colusa – her first litter sired by Hired Man yielded a dynamite young sow, 132-1, who raised the Reserve Grand Barrow at the California State Fair last year and also the Grand Overall Gilt at the Oregon State Fair. 43-3 has had litters sired by Hang Em High, Wedding Night, 225K, Shine On, and most recently Bed Bug – all of them have been large in numbers and


deep in quality. The 139 Wedding Nights stick out in my mind as one of our very best Wedding Night litters offered in the fall of 2017. Up Down should be a great answer for this next parity, ideally timed for both the OYE gilt and Texas barrow markets.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 16

197-1 /// Sire: straight survivor DAM: full strut 25-11

Service Sire: wedding blues /// Due Date: 8/29/19 /// DOB: october 2017 /// cross 197-1 or “Doug” as we like to call her is a dynamite young sow and should be a money-making machine wherever she winds up. She is dammed by the great 25-11 sow, AKA “Blurreds mom”, who topped our Legacy sale last summer at $10,000. 25-11 obviously has had a big influence as the dam of Blurred Vision, but believe it or not her influence on the female side may be greater. While Doug is her youngest daughter, all three of Blurred’s sisters during their tenures in Colusa were exceptional generators, in fact 88-3 raised the Reserve Dark Cross Barrow at Houston in 2017 shown by the Wisdom family. Another half sister to Doug working for Dave Dickmeyer in Missouri raised their $37,000 Seeing Double boar at the World Pork Expo last year that sold to SGI. “Doug” has always been a deep bodied, square built, tall fronted sow – the kind that you can breed to power and expect some big results. Her Wedding Night litter

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

offered in our Feb 2 sale this year really hit a lick, totaling well over $10,000 on just a handful of individuals. Her Outta Lines in the nursery look to be equally as impressive and they’ll sell June 19th. Her pending mating to Wedding Blues may be a bit on the younger side for the Texas majors but we assure you – they’ll be damn good.


Lot 17 6-3 /// Sire: tombstone Dam: no mercy 7-6 Service Sire: wedding night /// Due Date: 8/29/19 /// DOB: jan 2016 /// cross 6-3 marks the very last Tombstone daughter in production here in Colusa and she’s been a really good one. Tombstone did a tremendous job for our program and he came along just at the right time where we had a large number of females we could use him on – he sired more winners during the summer of 2016 than perhaps any other sire for us, and similar to Straight Survivor/Scared Straight, there’s been lots of value in his daughters. 6-3 is dammed by the old 7-6 (No Mercy x Warfare) sow that we bought at OYE several years back, bred by Mike Fischer. 6-3 was actually a gilt Nelson Hanson bought in our pig sale that he showed at the

2016 California State Fair along with her sister. They both made the prestigous Golden Opportunity Gilt Sale at just about 230 lbs, we bought 6-3 back for a sow prospect. Her first litter right out of the gate was flat awesome – the 69 litter Unleashed pigs, and they topped our April 2017 sale. Hunter Eilers drove a 69 litter gilt to multiple Grand Overalls in Texas that summer. 6-3 has also had extremely impressive litters sired by Outta Line, Bad Man, and Wedding Blues. A Wedding Night mating only makes sense and with her dam being blue we wouldn’t be too concerned about many solid black pigs. No matter the color, we are confident they will be quite good!

Lot 18 161-1 /// Sire: straight survivor Dam: best man 3-1 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: NA /// DOB: august 2017 /// cross 161-1 is a gorgeous young second parity Straight Survivor sow and she was a highly successful jackpot gilt for the Neugebauer family in the spring of 2018. Typical of a Straight Survivor, she’s tall fronted, strong pasterned, and deep bodied with great running gears – the ideal type to mate to a power boar such as Wedding Night or Outta Line. Her first litter sired by Wedding Night were offered in our March 2nd sale and they were a big hit – the two prospects pictured totaled over $6k and many mates are


on feed headed to some of the tougher mid July shows out here in California. 161-1, like her dam (Best Man 3-1), has superior maternal abilities. She farrowed and raised all twelve her first litter, and as I write this she’s bellied down big time and due to Outta Line June 3rd. She sells open and ready to breed to the #breedottenwalter boar of your choice!

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 19 88-5 /// Sire: renig

Dam: warfare 18-16 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: na /// DOB: march 2014 /// cross The Renig sows are highlighted by one of the most dominant Renigs of them all outside of the great 28 litter – 88-5. 88-5 has been around a while and she’s been one of our very favorites over the years that has really contributed at a high level. What’s unique about her is that for the older pedigree she represents, we’ve been able to run that back through quite a few of the pedigrees here through her son in stud, Bed Bug. Her dam was a really big bodied, fast growing (Warfare x Grizz) sow and 88-5 came out of a litter of 16. Like

momma, she’s been ultra productive – she breeds back every time, farrows large litters, and milks like a Holstein cow. Aside from her 24-1 Sunshine & Whiskey daughter selling in this sale (opposite page), we’ve also retained daughters out of Colt 45, Wedding Blues, and WN. In fact, one of our most elite barrows sold this spring was out of one of her Wedding Blues daughters. 88-5 is in awesome shape and she has several parities still in her future. She sells open with the opportunity to breed her to any #breedottenwalter sire in Colusa!

Bed Bug

Lot 20 24-1 /// Sire: sunshine & Whiskey Dam: renig 88-5 Service Sire: wedding night /// Due Date: 8/28/19 /// DOB: june 2015 /// cross Sunshine & Whiskey laid back so many tremendously good females for us that have paved the way for the success we are seeing today. As whole, Sunshine daughters generally excel in the following traits: A) They are moderate framed and never too big B) They offer the industry’s best hip and hind leg – a trait we feel is ever-so important, and C) True to their pedigree, they are rather prolific, easy to get bred, and easy to manage in the farrowing house. 24-1 offers the double whammy pedigree, being out of the great 88-5 sow that we will

dearly miss. Her litters have proven very profitable, sired by WN 45, Teen Spirit, and Outta Line to name a few. The 47 litter Teens from last summer (two are pictured) fed really well and a couple found the keeper gilt pen. Her 292 litter Outta Lines are just hitting the show ring next month and we have high expectations. For this mating decision, we finally got some sense and mated her to old man Wedding Night – we can promise there will be lots of value, both as barrows and replacement females, in this mating moving forward.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 21

Dam of 6-6

6-6 /// Sire: renig /// DAM: smack that 17-11 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: na /// DOB: july 2014 /// cross 6-6 caps off the “Renig” section of this year’s Legacy sale and she’s another one that we could have easily started the entire sale off with knowing she’s that caliber. She will sell open after raising her Good Time litter farrowed 5-20. 6-6 and her sister 6-7 (who we lost two years ago) will both forever have a lasting legacy on the Ottenwalter Show Pigs program. 6-7 is the grand dam of Shine On, who recently sired the Grand Champion Barrow at OYE, and her Scared Straight daughter 21-1 (Shine On’s dam) is one that we


consider amongst our very best. On the other hand, 6-6 has placed even more daughters back into the herd, two of which we wouldn’t trade for anything – Wedding Night 40-2 and Sunshine & Whiskey 28-1. We’ve already begun stockpiling daughters of both these sows and both of their legacies have just begun. 6-6’s dam, 17-11 (pictured), was the Grand Champion Overall Gilt at the very first San Angelo gilt sale in 2009 and her pedigree was (Smack That x Super 7). One of our biggest mistakes of the past ten

years was not keeping enough daughters out of this sow – she raised as many winners as perhaps anything we’ve ever had, and she stuck around for over dozen parities. We used a younger photo for 6-6 so she looks a bit different – she’s in tremendously good shape and did develop a blood wart a couple years back, so she’s got more white hair on her now. She represents an awesome opportunity for anyone wanting to build a program and in our eyes, her pedigree is like gold. Take advantage while you can!

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 22

42-8 /// Sire: force of nature /// DAM: hillbilly bone 74-9 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: na /// DOB: august 2013 /// cross Our leadoff sow in the “Bacon Descendants” section has truly been a pleasure to have in production – we call her “Micah” because she was shown by Micah Lovelady at OYE in 2014 after a long and dominant show career in Oklahoma. Micah is dammed by Hillbilly Bone 74-9 – she and her two sisters have played a major role in the development of our sow herd over the years, and 74-9 is the dam of Claire McCormick’s Grand Champion Barrow at the Texas State

Fair last year. 42-8 is a littermate to the Grand Champion Barrow at Bell County, TX in 2014 – a barrow that Nathan Ray judged and deemed one of the more special individuals he’d seen at the time. 42-8 is also possibly one of the last daughters of the Force of Nature boar we bred and sold to Shaffers that did a bang up job of siring winning show barrows at all levels. 42-8 is in amazingly good shape and cycles regularly. She farrowed and raised twelve pigs in late

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

January and we stuck the best two gilts back in the keeper pen. Her fall Shine On litter last year yielded my #1 favorite keeper gilt from that set, and she’s had highly profitable litters sired by Wedding Blues, Bad Man, Tombstone, Outta Line, and Maverick. If they were all this dependable and productive, this business wouldn’t be nearly as challenging. 42-8 sells open and ready to breed – take advantage and build from the same genetic pool that’s worked for us.


Lot 23 78-2 /// Sire: colt 45 Dam: renig 15-10 Service Sire: wedding night /// Due Date: 7/19/19 /// DOB: Aug 2015 /// cross One of the biggest “heros” or “stars” in the development of our program is undoubtedly the Renig 15-10 sow. Although she may not get as much attention as 4-8, in our minds they are in the same league and 15-10’s genetic reach goes a very long ways. 15-10’s dam is Hillbilly Bone 74-8, a littermate to 74-9 and both are still working within our herd and producing at a high level. 15-10’s first litter contained the Grand Champion Barrow at the Kansas State Fair sired by One of a Kind and right out of the gate we knew she was going to be a real generator. 15-10 is also responsible for the Wedding Night 9-12 boar that we used extensively here but his semen quality didn’t enable us to keep him around long. More important are all of the daughters she’s provided us with, which include the 9-4 Wedding Night sow, 104-1 and 104-3 Sunshine & Whiskey sows, two 12 litter Short Bus sows, and of course the 78’s. They are

all extra productive and it’s easy to tell a 15-10 daughter walking through the barn. The 78 litter sows came out of her second litter and they’ve been stellar from the start. 78-2 had one of our highlight littes in the fall of 2017 sired by Straight Survivor. Three barrows totaled over $20,000 at the Breeders Best Sale out of that set. She provided us with an exceptional keeper gilt out of 225K last spring as well. 78-4 has also done extremely well, although she’s been mated a bit different. Her Red Sky litter in the spring of 2017 produced the “Pumpkin” barrow (pictured) that the Taipin family in Oregon enjoyed lots of wins with that summer. She left us with a mouthwatering keeper gilt out of last fall’s Get It On litter as well. While 78-2 sells bred to Wedding Night and 78-4 sells open with the buyer’s choice of semen, these are a tremendous pair of proven sows with the ability to put anyone on the map.

Lot 24 78-4 /// Sire: colt 45 /// Dam: renig 15-10 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: NA /// DOB: august 2015 /// cross


w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 25 156-6 /// Sire: unleashed Dam: wedding night 9-4

Service Sire: sells open /// Due Date: na /// DOB: august 2017 /// cross 156-6 is a beautiful young Unleashed sow out of a killer momma and a very famous grandma – none other than Renig 15-10. While we’ve gone in depth about 15-10 and Renig’s genetic influence, Unleashed on the sire side here deserves some attention. We used Unleashed at Kurt Morgan’s extensively in 2017 and early 2018 with tremendous results – he made more than his share of winning barrows, but this 156 litter was especially unique. The unique combination of Outmanned and Bone Thug on the topside with Wedding

Night and Renig on the bottomside provided a captivating set to look at and the 156’s were a litter that we just set every one of them back in the keeper gilt pen. To be honest, we couldn’t be more pleased with how they matured and each and every one of them has had several trips through the farrowing crate. 156-6 had a great litter of Wedding Nights that were included in our January farm sale and the lot 15 barrow (pictured) was one of the high sellers in one of the best sales in our history.

She followed with a Bed Bug litter that will sell June 19, and she sells open alongside the rest of this special set. In our opinion, she represents a tremendous investment for anyone wanting to get started the right way.

Lot 26 173-2 /// Sire: bad man Dam: sunshine & Whiskey 109-4 Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 8/30/19 /// DOB: april 2017 /// cross “Cheyenne” is a tremendous young sow with a bright future ahead of her, and she’s one that’s already paid her way here in Colusa. She was shown by Cheyenne Murdock at the 2017 Arizona Nationals, where she was 2nd in one of the heavier, tougher crossbred gilt classes. She’s dammed by one of Russell’s favorite Sunshine sows, 109-5, and her grand dam is 74-8 – the same sow who raised 15-10. In our experience, these good Bad Man sows have been worth

their weight in gold because the quality of their pigs is almost always heads and tails above the rest of the group. 173-2 proved this with her first litter – the 30 litter Cowboy Swags which included a pair of high selling gilts in our late August sale last fall. She followed with a dynamite Jack Daniels litter this past November, and we swung for the fences with her pending mating to Outta Line. You can expect them to be blue and MEGA STOUT!!

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 27 171-7 /// Sire: deadpool Dam: wedding night 71-2 Service Sire: jack daniels /// Due Date: 8/14/19 /// DOB: Aug 2018 /// cross

Lot 28 171-8 /// Sire: deadpool Dam: wedding night 71-2 Service Sire: heat 4-21 /// Due Date: NA /// DOB: august 2018 /// cross

Lot 29 171-9 /// Sire: deadpool Dam: wedding night 71-2 Service Sire: heat 4-22 /// Due Date: na /// DOB: august 2018 /// cross


After much debate, we decided to offer all three of these promising young 171 litter gilts in the sale offering. While they’re tremendously impressive and offer a different bloodline on the topside, we must make tough decisions in order to keep manageable numbers. Since 171-8 and -9 were both lease gilts, at print time they are at our isolation facility and we will get them pictured by the online sale. They will sell open and ready to breed for an Expo aged litter. 171-7 stayed at the farm and she’s bred the right way to build a program and make some elite barrows – to Jack Daniels. I wish we had a photo of their young and super impressive Wedding Night 71-2 dam to share – she’s solid red in color and has monster legs. 71-2 is a direct daughter of the legend 69-4 (pictured), and these are the most closely related descendants of Bacon that money can buy. We had a few Deadpool litters last summer and were extra impressed with their completeness and squareness of build. The barrow pictured was a littermate to these 171 litter gilts that turned out to be an absolute monster. The addition of one or more of these females would benefit any program and we have the upmost confidence in these girls moving forward.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 30 for reference only

91-3 Bacon

Dam of 2-3

2-3 /// Sire: short bus /// Dam: shoot em x toxic 69-4 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: 8/30/19 /// DOB: july 2018 /// cross The 2-3 belted “Streber” gilt is another gilt that’s at our isolation facility come print time and we will get her pictured by the sale. She and her sister are the result of a bargain we made with our friend Dakota Streber in Oklahoma when we discovered he still had her Shoot Em mom. Pictured are 2-3’s

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

mom (Shoot Em x Toxic 69-4 x Bacon) and the old “Bacon” 91-3 sow, the very first foundation female for us here in Colusa – to this day, Bacon (born fall 2007) still lives and she is currently carrying another litter. We couldn’t believe how nearly identical Dakota’s sow is to Bacon, and she’s done lots of

good for Dakota as he’s built his program. We traded Dakota a really high end show gilt last fall for the best two gilts in her Short Bus litter, and although they’re nearly identical, space only allows us to keep one. 2-3 will sell open and ready to breed to any Ottenwalter sire of choice.


Lot 31

59-1 /// Sire: colt 45 /// DAM: monumental 98-6 Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/23/19 /// DOB: Feb 2015 /// cross What better female to highlight the 73-6 and 1-2 sow line section than the one many called the greatest show gilt ever to win Tulsa? 59-1 was completely dominant at Tulsa 2015, and described by judge Andy Rash as an absolute creature. She was purchased by Dylan Evans through the sale at Tulsa for $20,000, then almost two years later we were able to make a deal with Dylan to get her brought back to Colusa. What’s unique about her ancestry is that she goes back to the great 1-2 Detox sow (California Kid and Shooter’s dam,


also the dam of Warfare 73-6) through a different set of parents than the rest here in Colusa. Her dam, Monumental 98-6, was an extra special daughter of Shoot Em 47-9 – California Kid and Shooter’s sister. She was also the dam of Nightlife at Upperhand Genetics. 47-9 to this day was one of the more impressive sows I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and she was the dam of the very first barrow Claire McCormick ever bought from us – the Reserve Dark Cross at San Antonio in 2015. Both 47-9 and 98-6 had rather short tenures here in

Colusa, as we lost them both to injuries, but 59-1 has filled in their footsteps really well. She raised my very favorite litter sold in our recent May 4 farm sale – the 133 litter Up Downs that were extremely good and we expect to hear form later this fall. She’s also the dam of the 1 litter Wedding Night 45’s from last year that we consider the very best WN 45’s to date. As pleased as we were with her Up Downs, we opted to repeat that mating for her new owner which should be incredibly valuable come October.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 32 62-2 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: warfare 73-6

Service Sire: up & up /// Due Date: 7/7/19 /// DOB: january 2016 /// cross Wedding Night 62-2 is a powerhouse of a sow with a legendary mom, and she’s generated for our program as expected. Her dam is none other than Warfare 73-6 – Scared Straight, Tombstone, Lego, and No No’s mom. 73-6 has arguably had more influence than any other female on our program, especially because she’s raised so many influential sires that we’ve run through the herd time and again. Like mom, 62-2 is huge bodied, big pinned, and growthy. There’s never a lack of width, body, bone, or

muscle with this genetic line. She does carry the red gene and if mated the right way she will have calico colored pigs. 62-2’s daughter, 168-2, has also done a nice job and she herself was a great show gilt in early 2018. Our experience with 62-2 and her mom has been to mate them to an extended, pretty boar and they never miss – 62-2 has had two Shine On litters that have been way good, she farrowed one of our deepest Straight Whiskey litters last summer, and her No Hands were deep and consistent as well.

Lot 33 168-2 /// Sire: no hands Dam: wedding night 62-2 Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 7/5/19 /// DOB: august 2017 /// cross 168-2 was a beautiful little show gilt and as a little pig last fall in our keeper pen, many visitors tried to talk us out of her. We finally agreed to let the Neugebauer boys show her and she won her class everywhere she went. Her sire, No Hands (Bone N Hand x No Mercy), did lots of good for us and he sired more than his share of

winners in 2017 and 2018. 168-2, like her sire, has always had an elite set of running gear – something we believe is crucial in trying to win these bigger shows. She had a very strong mid Feb Good Time litter and she’s bred back to Outta Line for what should be both an IDEAL and very colorful mating!

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


#teamott Lexi Hernandez grand barrow arizona national

Alia Rodgers Reserve overall california state fair

Chase Martin grand commercial gilt oklahoma youth expo

Claire McCormick grand barrow state fair of texas

tenWalter Colt Wolf champion dark cross houston

Connor Utterback high points gilt indiana jr circuit

Hadley Hendrickson grand barrow indiana stock show

Jordan Shepherd reserve grand barrow tulsa state fair

#POWER Haley Montgomery champion overall gilt arizona national

Madisyn Norvell grand champion barrow oklahoma youth expo

Mikala Grady grand champion market hog national western stock show

RTOWiN Mikayla Sciortino champion overall purebred gilt njsa western regional

Sterling Boyles

reserve grand champion market hog national western stock show

Lot 34 4-6 /// Sire: 357 Dam: rock solid 44-5 Service Sire: Wedding blues /// Due Date: 8/30/19 /// cross Those who follow our program know what a large impact the H2 Genetics sow herd purchase we made in 2016 has had for us, and in many ways, it was a complete game changer for us. Those females have contributed far more to our program than we ever imagined possible. Tim and Kelly – thank you for the opportunity and we hope we haven’t let you down as we’ve progressed with your sow herd. We made the tough decision to let 4-6’s mom, “Madea”, go in last year’s Legacy sale, but not before we had a half dozen daughters and well over a dozen granddaughters working in the herd. 4-6 was part of our H2 sowherd purchase, and she is a littermate to the Reserve Crossbred Barrow at OYE

in 2015. She and her sister 4-5 (who we lost earlier this year) have been tremendous generators during their tenure in Colusa. Their first litters right out of the gate, sired by Wedding Night, placed multiple barrows in the premium sale at OYE. 4-6 had an incredible (and very valuable) litter of Touch N Go blues, a really good Straight Survivor litter, which included a high selling barrow in our September 2017 sale, a killer litter of Manchilds, and her Wedding Blues litter last summer had lots of friends as well. Truly she has been a sow that never misses, and we’ve found the same to be true about her sister and half sisters. We have one exceptional Wedding Night daughter out of 4-6 currently working

in the herd that we will move forward with, and she’s bred back to both Wedding Night and Wedding Blues for a late August litter which should give her new owner a real opportunity to have something to build on.

Lot 35 167-1 /// Sire: sunshine & Whiskey Dam: hillbilly bone 1-1 Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 8/30/19 /// DOB: Sep 16 /// cross Sunshine & Whiskey 167-1 is a dynamite young sow and if we didn’t have her two sisters and three half sisters, there’s no way we would be able to let her go. Her dam was the great 1-1 “Fancy” sow who was our absolute favorite Madea daughter that we lost in a freak accident last year. 167-1 was the best show gilt in the litter, and in fact we let Tim Herren find her a home to show at both OYE and Expo in 2017, where she did well and really looked the part. The 167 and 113 litter sows, who are all daughters of Hillbilly Bone 1-1, have all generated extremely well and are responsible for a large percentage


of the females kept back here last year, as well as winners over the past couple years. 167-1, being sired by Sunshine & Whiskey, is a moderate framed sow with an awesome hip and hind leg. She’s always balanced beautifully from the side and she’s extra stout featured but still has a feminine look. She’s one that we honestly haven’t mated right up until now – her first two litters sired by WN 45 and Wedding Blues sold really well, but were a bit on the moderate side in terms of frame size. She has an awesome litter of Jack Daniels in the nursery as I write this, and we will do our best to retain a daughter or

two from that set as 167-1 moves on to a new program. She’s mated Outta Line to line up “Madea” on the bottom side and we think phenotypically this should be a home run. Keep the males intact here for sure!

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 36

4-3 /// Sire: red sky /// DAM: drop down Service Sire: wedding night /// Due Date: 7/18/19 /// DOB: January 2016 /// cross Our leadoff sow for the “Big Purchases” section is Red Sky 4-3 – one of the best and most profitable purchases we’ve made these past few years. We bought 4-3 the year I judged the gilts at the Indiana Crossbred Classic – she was a classwinner and Mark’s favorite gilt there. Also as a baby gilt she was Reserve Grand at the Field of Dreams and bred by Pruett. 4-3’s first litter was January of 2017 and she started hitting home runs right off the bat. Her Wedding Night pigs

totaled nearly $30,000 in our March and April sales that year, which included the $9000 lot 1 barrow (pictured) in our April auction. We kept a mate boar that we later sold to Upperhand Genetics called Wedding Day, and he has been very popular and a wise investment for them. Her next litter sired by WN 45 topped our September online sale, again totaling well over $10,000. Her mating to Shine On again produced a herd boar – Reflection, who we sold in the Legacy

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

sale last summer and now stands at Upperhand. She followed with two extra strong Hangover and Bed Bug litters, and she’s no where near done yet! 4-3 has always been tremendously productive – she farrows large litters and they’re always the biggest, fattest pigs at weaning. She’s bred back to old man Wedding Night for full sibs to Wedding Day, and if her new owner decides to cut them – they should be incredible barrows for San Antonio or Houston!


Lot 37

14-6 /// Sire: west coast /// DAM: warfare 9-8 Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 7/21/19 /// DOB: aug 2014 /// cross The $32,000 Eggers sow purchase, X14-6 has been a great generator for two programs now and she’s poised to continue her influence where ever she may wind up. She’s in awesome shape and has been very easy to get bred and manage. Here’s an excerpt from Joe’s description of her when we purchased her in 2017: “ Everyone always wonders, so what is Lot 1 going to be in that sale or this sale. Well honestly, there was never a debate here, its 146. In her first litter born August of 2015 - lets just say the stars all align producing the GRAND OVERALL at the 2016 HOUSTON STOCK SHOW. Her next litter was highlighted with a $6500 lead-off barrow at our Super 7 Spring sale


and a pair of keeper gilts. We re-made the Houston mating again for the fall of 2016 and she hit this one clean out of the park. We maybe didn’t win the biggest banner in the state of Texas but this mating will do more for the future of Eggers Showpigs than any that has ever been born here. 3 Elite keeper gilts, $10,000 lead-off barrow at King of the Hill II sale, another pair of elite show barrows, and oh by the way DROP THE MIC, standing at SGI.” Since we made that purchase, 14-6 has done big things – she hasn’t raised another Grand Overall at Houston yet but we’ve retained three dynamite daughters that are all producing at a high level. She came bred to Big Man on Campus, and we kept

those best two daughters. They each had great Wedding Night and Outta Line litters this winter that generated lots of dollars and included one of the high sellers in our January sale. 14-6 also farrowed Wedding Night, Outta Line, and Bed Bug litters here – all of which lived up to the reputation that Joe conveyed in his original description. I do believe her best mating yet is inside her belly, as the Good Time pigs have been flat incredible– not to mention they will be a rarity this fall since we haven’t offered any semen. No matter where she winds up, this litter should have some MEGA value and this female is obviously the kind that can jumpstart any program.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 38

42-2 /// Sire: ffl /// DAM: perfect remedy Service Sire: sells open /// Due Date: na /// DOB: July 2015 /// cross 42-2 is another sow that has without a doubt proven herself to be a wise purchase, and she’s generated lots of dollars in her tenure here at Ottenwalter Show Pigs. She was purchased from The Stud in 2016 their big summer bred female sale, and we picked her up at Expo that year. Her first mating for us was to Sunshine & Whiskey which produced two extremely good keeper gilts, both of

whom are working in our herd today. Her second mating was where it got real fun – bred to Wedding Blues, she raised the $12,000 Smoke boar we sold to Laird’s at Perfect Timing 2017 – but in our opinion, he wasn’t the best pig in the litter. His sister was the Reserve Light Cross weanling gilt at the Fall Classic that year, and went on to be named Reserve Grand Overall Weanling gilt, and

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

she sold for $11,000 to Hi Point. Yet another mate was the Reserve Light Cross barrow at that same event, and he wound up making the sale at Austin in 2018. 42-2 followed up with extremely impressive litters by Outta Line and The Officiant, and her Good Time litter is in the nursery as I write this. She sells open with the opportunity to use any of our sires in stud in Colusa.


Lot 39

1-10 /// Sire: visionary /// DAM: on top (mouse) Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: na /// cross Lots of folks probably think we are crazy for selling this one, especially when we just bought her last year. This is “Minnie”, lot 24 from the Exchange purchase from Decker Show Pigs last year during the World Pork Expo. Minnie has a big reputation and her dam, “Mouse”, certainly needs no introduction. Mouse was Decker’s $10K baby pig purchase from Brinning who was a dominant jackpot gilt and has served as Decker’s foundation female– she and her daughters are responsible for a large number of boars placed in studs over the past few


years.”Minnie” was a multiple time jackpot winner during the summer of 2015 and she was the Reserve Grand Breeding Gilt at the Kentucky State Fair. She is a littermate to the 5th Overall Division 1 Gilt at the World Pork Expo in 2015, the Grand Overall Gilt at the Indiana State Fair in 2015, and Party Up North. She is a full sib to the 5th Overall Cross Gilt at the 2016 WPX, the Champion Cross Gilt at the 2017 Winter Type Conference, and the 2017 5th Overall Division 3 Gilt at the WPX. “Minnie” herself has raised Hands Down at lairds, Decked Out

at Heimer’s, and Walking Rights at Southern Gold. Her sister is the mother of Silver Lining at Lairds, Mousetrap at Southern Gold, and Rusty at SGI. Minnie came to Colusa bred to Secret Society and she had an awesome litter – her spring Wedding Night litter contained some very impressive barrow prospects that found great homes headed to our state fair. Like most of the elite females in this section, Minnie has contributed to our program and become part of our legacy. She will sell open ready to breed for an Expo aged litter.

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Lot 40 277-5 /// Sire: bear 84 /// Dam: creature Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/16/19 /// DOB: august 2014 /// cross Over the years, we’ve purchased plenty of females bred by Cobb Farms, either directly from there or from junior exhibitors at events such as the Oklahoma Youth Expo. These females have done lots of good for us, and we still have several sow lines that go back to some of those better purchases. One exceptional example of the success they’ve provided for our program would be Mikayla Grady’s Grand Champion Barrow at this year’s National Western Stock Show – he was out of a great On Target sow we bought at the Indiana State Fair. I would have to say, of all the Cobb purchases we’ve made over the past ten years, including the $22,000 “Mamba” sow who is still working in our program,

277-5 has been one of the very best. We bought her at the 2015 OYE where she was our absolute favorite gilt shown that year Every litter she’s had has contained “elite individuals”, and she’s responsible for tens of thousands of revenue over the past few years. Bred to Sunshine & Whiskey, 277-5 raised the Reserve FFA Barrow at the California State Fair in 2017, and he was one of our very favorites shown anywhere that year. She’s had high revenue litters out of American Bad Boy, Wedding Night, WN 45, and Straight Survivor, but if we were betting, the Up Downs she’s currently carrying should be her best effort yet. This sow is absolutely capable of winning the big one and she will be sorely missed!

Lot 41 142-1 /// Sire: bear 274 Dam: on time Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 7/5/19 /// DOB: august 2016 /// cross This gorgeous little 142-1 sow makes the second elite Cobb female to leave the farm following our June 25th Legacy Sale, and like we’ve said before, we need to make some tough decisions in order to cut our numbers back and better use our resources here in Colusa. 142-1 was purchased as lot 99 in the 2017 OYE Night of 100 Stars Sale, and like most of the rest of the Cobb females that have worked in our program, she’s been extremely productive. Her very first litter were Wedding Nights offered in our November ‘17 pig sale and she more than doubled her

$7000 purchase price with their sale that evening. She followed up with the highly impressive 92 Californication litter offered in our 3/31/18 sale that found lots of good homes and fed really well. Her Outta Lines last fall were dynamite, and we consigned a pair to Breeders Best where they were well received, and she had a large litter of Wedding Blues in December that contained some high end individuals. Good Time should prove a tremendous mating here – his pigs have been as stout and “Hillbilly Bone” in their look as anything we’ve come across.

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Lot 42 12-14 /// Sire: vendetta Dam: captain morgan Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 7/23/19 /// DOB: na /// cross The 12-14 Vendetta sow sure has made a wise investment, and we’d have to say she’s made it super easy to look really smart. We bought her at the inaugural San Antonio Gilt sale last year from our friend Ben Cozart and she was bred by Luke Lindner. We’ve always thought she was the ideal female to mate to Wedding Night, and that theory has proven pretty true – both of the litters she’s farrowed here have been Wedding Nights and both have been WAY good. Her first litter contained two dynamite barrow prospects we sold at the Breeder’s Best

last fall, one of which was our high seller there that really turned some heads. Her second litter (some pictured) were offered in our March 30 farm sale, and they were amongst some of the very best sold that day in the biggest and highest grossing sale we’ve hosted here at the farm. In our experience, if Wedding Night worked on a female then Outta Line usually will knock it out of the park – that’s what we’re hoping for 1214’s new owner this summer.

Lot 43 18-1 /// Sire: white man Dam: r u my sister Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: NA /// DOB: august 2016 /// cross The 18-1 White Man sow sure is an impressive female to look at and she captivated us at OYE in 2017 with her eloquent combination of stoutness and balance. She will generate as much bone and hair as about anything, and she’s had three killer litters for us – sired by Sunshine & Whiskey, Wedding Night, and most recently Teen Spirit. Her Wedding Nights were particularly


exciting (two prospects pictured), and the high selling barrow prospect in our June 2018 online sale really fed exceptionally well – he played hard with the big boys in a tough barrow division at American Royal and eventually won his class at the NJSA Western Regional. Her Teens on feed now look quite good, and all options are on the table for her next parity.

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Lot 44 21-2 /// Sire: hunted Dam: contender

Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/28/2019 /// DOB: april 2017 /// cross 21-2 really has matured into a beautiful young sow since we bought her from our friends the Bliss family at the 2017 Arizona Nationals, where she was one of our very favorites at that event. She was bred by Newcastle Genetics and has always been a moderate framed, bold ribbed powerhouse. Her first litter sired by Straight Whiskey were very well received and fed extremely

well – they were athletic, long striding and patterned up awesome from the side. Her second litter of Wedding Nights were loaded with bone and power. No one knows what the future holds, but we are putting lots of eggs into the Up Down basket and the older his first pigs get, the more we are thinking that’s a very wise idea. Buy with confidence here!

Lot 45 156-11 /// Sire: common law Dam: killer instinct Service Sire: shine on /// Due Date: 7/15/2019 /// DOB: april 2017 /// cross The Common Law 156-11 sow was the second Bliss family purchase we made at the Arizona Nationals in 2017 and she was bred by George Cooper. 156-11 and 21-2 have always been eerily similar in their moderation, stoutness, and look from the side, and we mated them both to Straight Whiskey for their first litter. 156-11’s litter was extremelyt impressive and it contained the Champion Cross Gilt at the Southeast Regional shown by Madison

Daniel. As you would expect, her next mating to Straight Survivor was equally impressive and yielded one of the very best gilts offered in our March 2nd sale, selling to Andrus Livestock in Idaho. 156-11 is currently mated to Shine On, the sire of the Grand Champion Barrow at the Oklahoma Youth Expo this year, and not only should they be easy to market but there’s a good chance there will be some winners.

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Lot 46

1-8 /// Sire: tcg2 game on 3-7 /// DAM: TJY0 PSSS Bellringer 1-4 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: na /// DOB: december 2013 /// chester Of all the sows in this year’s Legacy Sale, the one that we may miss the most is Chester 1-8. She is quite possibly the winningest Chester sow in history, and she most certainly is the winningest in our history and that we have ever heard of. She’s literally produced champions in every single litter, so many that we really don’t have the time to sit here and look them all up and it’s impossible to remember them all! She has


been absolutely dominant, and we will tell you that her winners that stick out in our minds the most are the Champion Chester Barrow at Arizona Nationals 2017 (and his littermate the Reserve Chester Gilt), and the Reserve Chester Gilt at the 2017 World Pork Expo. She also has the distinction of being the only Chester sow to raise the Grand Champion Overall at a rather competitive County out here in California – the Redwood

Empire Fair. Chester 1-8 has been a model female in terms of her abilities to breed, farrow, and raise large litters, and those litters have been extremely marketable and had a very high winning percentage. She’s most certainly not done either – as I write this she is raising a large litter of Mountain Mike’s and we will offer her open in the Legacy Sale, with the strong suggestion of a Boomawang mating for her new owner.

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Lot 47 57-4 /// Sire: sit tight

Dam: born to be 154-9 Service Sire: stay true /// Due Date: 7/1/2019 /// DOB: june 2018 /// york Here at Ottenwalter Show Pigs, we are currently facing the reality of a rapidly expanding sowherd that involves many different breeds, and we can only maintain so many of each particular breed. The 57-4 York gilt, for example, would be an easy keeper for any elite purebred program and she absolutely needs to be on anyone’s radar who is serious about raising Yorks. She was shown by Jack Goodwin at the Western Regional, where she won the second youngest class and then went on to be second to another gilt of ours

at the Arizona Nationals. She is dammed by Born to Be 154-9, who is Born Ready’s sister and El Dorado’s half sister, and 154-9’s dam is our foundation Ricochet 1-1 sow, who was the Grand Champion York Gilt at Tulsa in 2015. 154-9’s Sit Tight litter contained lots of impressive individuals last summer, and she once again proved her generating ability with a killer set of Dominators this spring that sold really well. 57-4 is mated to the Stay True boar at Top Cut to line up the Sit Tight on the topside. She is set up for success!

Lot 48 42-7 /// Sire: drain the swamp Dam: yet again 154-4 Service Sire: junior /// Due Date: 7/11/2019 /// DOB: july 2017 /// york 42-7 is a killer young York sow, and whether you’re wanting to add to or begin a Yorkshire program, or just looking for a female that can make some winning southwest barrows this fall, this one will do the trick! She is sired by Drain the Swamp, the Reserve Champion York Boar at the Fall Classic in 2016, and her dam is a littermate to the $37,000 El Dorado boar we sold Hi Point who was Champion at that same event.

42-7 had a killer Outta Line litter offered in our March 30 sale this year, and we elected to get serious about San Antonio aged York barrows with her current mating to Junior – Junior is the Wedding Night clone that we’ve largely kept to ourselves. We would expect a high percentage of solid white pigs out of this litter and the (Wedding Night x York) mating has really worked well in the past.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 49 4-4 /// Sire: KTB4 King of Queens 3-3 Dam: NWEI3 Impeccable 90-9 Service Sire: adderall /// Due Date: 7/18/19 /// DOB: january 2016 /// duroc When we decided to get serious about building our Duroc program a few years ago, we reached out to our friend Travis Platt to locate some foundation females for us and he’s played a huge part in helping our program get to where it is today. 4-4 was one of those original red females Platt brought to us and she’s raised more than her share of winners during her tenure in Colusa. Her very first litter were Attentions

and we were able to retain a mouth-watering daughter who was also a class winner at our State Fair in 2017. She’s also responsible for the impressive 104 litter Clydesdales we sold last fall that got lots done for our customers. She’s currently mated to Adderall – our linebred Attention boar we anticipate you’ll be hearing lots more about this summer. By all logic, they should be her best effort yet.

Lot 50 150-3 /// Sire: free n clear Dam: loudmouth 95-1 Service Sire: no words /// Due Date: 8/5/19 /// DOB: august 2018 /// spot When we saw Kristi Awalt’s Champion Spot and Reserve Overall Gilt at the Arizona Nationals in 2017, Mark told me that day that we were going to be in the Spot business, and he bought her. Fast forward a year and a half, and we are up to about five select Spot females with what feels like a great start towards building a program. 150-3 and her littermate sister are out of the very first litter that Kristi’s Spot had and


that entire litter was extremely impressive. While we’d love to retain both 150 litter gilts, we feel that 150-3 is a great example of the product we are now producing and a great way to let the public know we are in the Spot business! She’s bred to the very popular No Words boar at TKO Genetics for a linebred Loud Mouth litter, and they should be perfectly aged for the southwest majors.

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Lot 51 152-2 /// Sire: outta line

Dam: wedding night 49-1 Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 7/14/2019 /// DOB: march 2018 /// cross 152-2 is a mouth-watering young keeper gilt and she was an amazing show gilt for Caitlyn Carter last fall. Caitlyn bought her in our June 2018 pig sale (picture included) for an Arizona Nationals gilt and 152-2 is out of one of the very first Outta Line litters farrowed. Her dam, (Wedding Night x No Mercy) 49-1 was offered in last year’s Legacy sale and she too was a beautiful female that helped pay the feed bill for

us here in Colusa. To be honest, we thought 152-2 could’ve done better at both the Western Regional and Arizona Nationals, although she was at the top of her class at both events and was always a true powerhouse. She’s mated to the huge ribbed, big legged Good Time boar that saw a large percentage of our sows going into this summer, and her new owner should be set up big time for success!

Lot 52 24-4 /// Sire: cowboy swag Dam: Sunshine & Whiskey 186-1 Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 7/24/2019 /// DOB: june 2018 /// cross While we will have 24-4 pictured and put online before the sale, at press time she is currently at isolation and we will take her photo when she is back at the main farm. 24-4 was a killer show gilt for JT Stinson this past fall and winter, and she was second in her class at Arizona Nationals. She’s always offered a shot more extension with genuine width at the ground in a very square and attractive package. What’s even more important is her

genetic background – her dam, 186-1 (pictured), is an elite Sunshine & Whiskey daughter of the great 138-7 Bone Thug sow (lot 54 in this sale). We have two 186 litter sows and we are banking on them BIG TIME as our herd progresses these next few years. We can tell you from experience – Cowboy Swag daughters have been worth their weight in gold and the bottom side behind this one only enhances her value.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 53

138-7 /// Sire: bone thug /// DAM: big step 31-6 Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/31/19 /// DOB: december 2013 /// cross Affectionately referred to as “Bone Thug”, 138-7 is a true powerhouse and has been one that we’ve relied on time and again to get some big things done for us. As a show gilt, Bone Thug was nearly unbeatable. She was Grand Overall at the Colusa County Fair in 2014 shown by our very own Lexi Hernandez, and judge Kyle Pullen called her the best animal he’d seen that year. Three weeks later, she was Reserve Grand Overall at the prestigious California Pork Spectacular, then she topped off her career as the Reserve


Grand Overall Gilt at the California State Fair – that same year Lexi showed both the Grand and Reserve Overall Gilts at State Fair, and the Grand was our lot 1 sow in last year’s Ladies of Our Legacy Sale. That was truly an incredible pair. Bone Thug has provided us with many killer litters over the past few years, and to this date I think she has been the very mating for Sunshine & Whiskey. We loved that mating so much that we mated her to him every time until we finally lost Sunshine in the summer of 2017. That mating produced

the two 186 litter sows that we have lots of faith in, many, many high dollar baby pigs, and the Reserve Dark Cross Barrow at the Texas State Fair in 2016 - a barrow we thought was good enough to clone but we were unable to get DNA pulled in time to get it done. Bone Thug’s last litter sired by Up Down was offered in our May 4 sale and the lot 4 barrow was perhaps as good as anything we’ve sold this year. We opted to repeat the mating and she’s poised to set someone up REAL NICE for Houston or OYE next year.

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Lot 54

14-2 /// Sire: wedding night /// DAM: beyond 4-1 Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: na /// DOB: january 2017 /// cross “Khalifa” is lot 55 in this year’s sale and if it were up to our employees Kai and Noa, she would not be leaving the farm. Khalifa was Kai’s 2017 jackpot gilt that absolutely dominated – in fact she has to be the most dominant jackpot hog in history in the Pacific Northwest. She was named Grand Overall at the Southern Oregon Junior Classic, the Oregon Junior Livestock Expo,

and the Desert Storm Jackpot, then she was Reserve Grand Overall at the Pacific International – all are big, competitive jackpots with national judges and Khalifa won effortlessly. Khalifa’s mom, “Aggie” 4-1 (Beyond x Swagger) on the next page was also a dominant show gilt and the two are incredibly similar in the way they’re built and just how massive and big centered they both

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

are. Khalifa has farrowed three extremely good litters for us, sired by Shine On, Rockstar, and Straight Survivor, and by sale time she will have weaned her pending Up Down litter. She’s arguably a legend in her own right and no doubt in her prime as a show pig producing sow, our suggestion is to take advantage of this great opportunity!


Lot 55

4-1 /// Sire: beyond /// DAM: swagger 7-2 Service Sire: shine on /// Due Date: 7/15/19 /// DOB: July 2015 /// cross “Aggie” is another favorite around the farm here in Colusa, and as I sit here writing these descriptions it’s mind boggling the number of females included in this offering that have been so near and dear to our hearts. Aggie is most certainly one of those – she was Alia Rodgers’ dominant show gilt in 2015 who was named Grand Overall at the California Pork Spectacular, then


Reserve Grand at the Napa Fair, which is California’s most competitive county. Her dam was the great 7-2 Swagger x Heimlick sow that we purchased at the Crossbred Classic a few years back from Weston Wyatt for $17,000, and she was offered in last year’s Ladies of our Legacy Sale. As a producing female, Aggie has done more than just a solid job. She is the dam of “Khalifa”

14-2 (lot 55 in this sale), who was the most dominant show gilt in the Northwest, at least in recent history. She’s also farrowed exceptional litters by Tombstone, Straight Survivor, Sunshine & Whiskey, and Cowboy Swag. Her pending mating to Shine On, the sire of the Grand Overall Barrow at OYE 2019, give us goosebumps thinking about the possibilities.

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Lot 56

110-3 /// Sire: american bad boy /// DAM: mandingo 30-4 Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 7/20/19 /// DOB: september 2019 /// cross While lot 57 is not the most beautiful creature as a mature sow, we would put this one up against most all of them in terms of her ability to generate winners!! 110-3 comes from a little different genetic background. She is sired by American Bad Boy and her dam was Mandingo 30-4 – that 30-4 sow was a powerhouse of a gilt purchase we made at OYE that still has some big time influence today. In fact, 30-4 is the grand dam of the Good Time boar

we are running through the sow herd for this summer’s litters. 30-4 raised the Grand Champion Barrow at the 2017 Arizona Nationals that was shown by Cheyenne Murdock and sired by Wedding Night. That barrow’s two elite sisters, 9-1 and 9-2, continue to help populate our herd and 9-1 is the dam of Good Time. 110-3 came out of 30-4’s very first litter and she too was an impressive show gilt. At just 250 pounds, she was named the Reserve

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

Champion Cross Gilt at the 2016 Western Regional, and she’s been a productive sow who generates STOUT pigs!! Her Cowboy Swag litter last year produced Jack Goodwin’s highly successful jackpot gilt in the northwest, she had a dynamite Straight Whiskey litter last fall, and her 45 litter Teen Spirits this spring were extra stout. We finally got smart and mated her to Outta Line which should be out of this world!


Lot 57 8-2 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: bear 274 81-7

Service Sire: SELLS OPEN /// Due Date: na /// DOB: december 2016 /// cross Wedding Night 8-2 is an extremely high end little sow out of “Mamba”, the $19,000 Reserve Champion Gilt at the 2016 World Pork Expo that we purchased bred by Cobb. We offered two of 8-2’s sisters in last year’s Legacy sale and they were really well received and both buyers have been more than pleased. The 8 litter was Mamba’s first and we initially were able to retain four gilts, all of which had litters for us and have helped us take the next step. 8-2’s sister 8-7 is the dam of Angle of Attack at Lean Value – a boar that needs to be used

across the board, and one that’s generated much excitement amongst Rusty and his crew. 8-2 has proved herself an extra solid generator, she has good sized litters and their quality is exceptional. Her December 39 litter Teen Spirits proved extremely profitable in our March 2nd sale and we kept back a pair of killer gilts. Her litter last summer were Shine Ons that contained several high end barrows as well. She will farrow Outta Lines in late May and be offered open with buyer’s choice of any “BreedOttenwalter sire for the next round.

Lot 58 209-2 /// Sire: outmanned Dam: visionary 20-8 Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 8/2/2019 /// DOB: nov 2016 /// cross 209-2 can flat generate!! She is the dam of the great 19 litter Shine Ons last spring that grossed over $35k in our March 2018 sale. We’ve included pictures of some of the lots, but nearly her entire litter made the sale and they were all amongst the high sellers in the set. Ellie Borba purchased the lot 14 barrow for her final year showing at the Mid State Fair, and he was named Champion FFA & Reserve Grand Overall at that monster show last summer (over 800 head shown). The rest of the litter fed out really well, two of the better barrows were players at out state fair but honestly just needed


a couple more weeks to be dead right. 209-2 followed up with two beautiful Straight Survivor litters and her Wedding Nights will be in out late May online sale. 209-2’s dam is the Visionary 20-8 sow bred by Baade that we purchased at the Indiana State Fair several years back. We’ve built around this female with a half dozen daughters in production and it would be hard to find a more beautiful female anywhere – she is absolutely gorgeous and hands down the most elite Visionary daughter we’ve come across. 209-2’s mating to Good Time should undoubtedly have lots of value this fall!!

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Lot 59 239-4 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: double nickel 49-10 Service Sire: kill bill /// Due Date: 7/31/2019 /// DOB: november 2017 /// cross 239-4 is one of the more elite white sows we’ve laid back in the last several years and she’s an absolute powerhouse. Her photo makes her look like a taller, prettier sow and she is absolutely awesome designed, but in person she’s more of a powerhouse and she’s always been that way. She was the high seller in our February pig sale last year (photo included) and Jim Bowling, who flew out for the sale bought her for Expo. We made a deal with him at Expo to bring her back last summer because she is one of the stoutest Wedding Night daughters we’ve seen and we think

chances are high this one can make a big time winner. She weaned a beautiful mid March litter of Teen Spirits and we are itching to get in the chip barn and get them sorted for the May online sale. 239-4’s dam was the 49-10 Double Nickel x Monumental sow purchase (pictured) from The Stud we made at the same time we bought 42-2, and she was very productive. 239-4’s current mating to Kill Bill at Lean Value has tremendous potential, and if you haven’t heard about Bill yet you will – he saw heavy use here in Colusa for the summer and we are just getting started.

Lot 60 15-9 /// Sire: no mercy Dam: deep threat 38-8 Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 7/31/19 /// DOB: january 2016 /// cross One of our favorite purchases Mark has made over the past few years was the 38-8 Deep Threat sow that we called “Tina” from Lettow Show Pigs. “Tina” served as the headline female for Lettow for years, and her accomplishments include raising: a class winning Hamp barrow at Houston, an $80,000 litter, and the Grand Champion Barrow Overall at the 2015 Iowa State Fair. We purchased “Tina” bred from Lettow and her first litter of No Mercy’s contained three beautiful daughters that have all written their own stories within our

herd. 15-9 has proven the most prolific of the three and she always does a tremendous job milking pigs in the crate. Her Wedding Blues litter last year was the hit of our March sale and it contained a $10,000 private treaty gilt that we really didn’t want to sell. She’s had large, profitable litters every time and currently her Wedding Nights in the next set look quite good. Like a large portion of the females we will farrow this summer, she’s mated to Outta Line and based on our experience with this sow line that should be right up her alley.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 61 132-4 /// Sire: sunshine & whiskey Dam: ffl 42-2

Service Sire: revolution /// Due Date: 8/1/2019 /// DOB: march 2017 /// cross Our general experience with Sunshine & Whiskey daughters is that they’re often capable of getting big things done. As a whole, they’re extremely good built and their hip and hind leg, like S & W’s, enhances their capability of having a big time winner. There are countless great Sunshine sows behind so many of the champion photos on our webpage, and we’ve had a tendency to try to hoard as many as we can. 132-4 has kind of a unique story – she is dammed by 42-2 (lot 39 in this sale), Smoke’s mom, and that makes her a double

bred Perfect Remedy. For her first litter, she was actually used as a recipient sow to carry the Wedding Night clones and she is the sow that carried Junior to term. After we got her through that scenario we started her with an Outta Line litter that was extremely good last fall – the 137’s farrowed in August. She followed with a short Wedding Blues litter, and we have her bred back to Revolution at Morgan Genetics – an elite Dirty Secret boar that Kurt hasn’t advertised yet but it destined to make a big splash later this summer.

PoWer to Win. 48

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Lot 62 5-2 /// Sire: wn 45 Dam: cowboy swag 208-2 Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 7/4/2019 /// DOB: june 2017 /// cross The two 5 litter sows are truly examples of some of the fun we get to have here in Colusa – they are the second generation product of an elite gilt purchase we made and then we got to put our own spin on those genetics – breeding livestock can be one of the most rewarding things in life and it’s something we truly have a passion for. Their grand dam, 75-2, was Kilee Gillard’s Grand Champion Gilt at the California State Fair several years back, bred by Newcastle (Fortune x Pipeline). We bought her for $10,000 that day and she was truly an impressive female, we sold her in the Legacy sale last summer. Her best litter farrowed in Colusa were the 208 Cowboy

Swags, and we retained an equally impressive daughter back, 208-2 – 208-2 is the dam of these 5 litter sows, and they’re sired by WN 45 which incorporates the “Maddi” 10-11 and of course Perfect Remedy 4-8 sows into their pedigree. True to what their pedigree dictates, they’ve proven productive through their first two parities and pig quality has been exceptional. 5-2 is the dam of the Bed Bug 136’s in our May 4 sale, and 5-4 dammed the 9 litter Bed Bugs earlier this year. Their pending matings should get anyone excited – Good Time and AOA have a bright future and phenotypically these have a chance to be extra special.

Lot 63 5-4 /// Sire: wn 45 Dam: cowboy swag 208-2 Service Sire: Angle of Attack /// Due Date: 7/8/2019 /// DOB: june 2017 /// cross

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


straight **Clone of Scared Straight** (MAIN EVENT X WARFARE 73-6) STRESS: NEGATIVE

Lot 64 Description as listed on our webpage: • We LOVE this rascal and he will breed a large percentage of our sow herd in the coming months!! • Scared Straight was getting MAJOR things accomplished for our program when he died unexpectedly. We are beyond pleased to have him back in perhaps an even better version! • We’re not sure if he is actually better than his clone parent, or perhaps more fitting for the time than Scared Straight was two years ago, but this guy is an absolute stud! • Time and again the best pigs we are producing come out of Scared Straight daughters – in particular the (Wedding Night x Scared Straight) genetic combo has been lights out. We plan use this guy heavily on Wedding Night and Sunshine daughters and expect big things! • His dam 73-6 continues to prove her superiority with every litter – in addition the numerous daughters and grand daughters in production, she also produced Tombstone and the $60,000 Lego boar sold to Hi Point • Monster chested, tall fronted, and big backed with a huge center body


• Like Scared Straight, his best feature is the perfection he offers in terms of his skeleton. We have yet to find one more impeccably built! • Straight Survivor has hit the ground running – his first crop to hit the show ring has already produced the Grand Champion Barrow at Arizona Nationals, Champion Division 1 Barrow at Arizona Nationals, and four classwinning Crossbred Barrows at the same event. Straight Survivors successes speak for themselves. It’s easy for the general public to get excited about “the next big thing” at the “big boar stud” but VERY few boars come along that can match the success experienced by Straight Survivor – let’s not even mention the success Scared Straight offered a couple years before. How many of those “next big things” will accomplish what Straight Survivor has? The more pertinent question may be how many “legends” have accomplished what Straight Survivor has. Why sell him you may ask, are we past him? For starters, we’ve been very diligent about freezing

semen on boars we feel appropriate and we have a large bank of SS stored up for whenever it’s needed. And secondly – we are anything but past Straight Survivor. He has truly been a timeless sire and in today’s day and age, he is still the BEST fronted boar we’ve ever seen – both in terms of chest width and height at his shoulder. His pasterns are next level and he will fix problems in that regard. He sires more body and grow than ANYTHING out there, and is the perfect go – to choice for first time parities on heavy muscled gilts. Not to mention he adds bone, and his semen quality has always been exceptional. Straight Survivor has been “plowed through” this sow herd time and again, as was his half brother Tombstone and as we are currently doing with No No. It’s time he sees more use and helps build more sow herds – we firmly believe that’s the right thing to do.

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coWboy sWAG (xtra swag x super monster)

STRESS: NEGATIVE /// bred by newcastle genetics and purchased from small town genetics

Lot 65 Description as listed on our webpage: • We would like to sincerely thank our friend James Backman for the opportunity to bring Cowboy Swag to Colusa! • Over the years, Cowboy is undoubtedly one of the very best boars we’ve ever used in our program and he has already had a long lasting effect on our herd- we have over a dozen daughters in production and they are all amongst the very best top end of our females. • The “winning percentage” of the Cowboy’s is one of the highest of all the sires we’ve ever used • We believe Cowboy has more value now than ever– his added size and extension up front, picture perfect chest,

knee, and front feet, and tremendous pin width make him our most exciting sire to put back on both the Wedding Night and Sunshine lines. He will once again sire a large percentage of the litters farrowed in Colusa in 2018! It would take a very long time to detail the success Cowboy has impacted our program with. He’s provided us dozens of elite daughters that we’ve counted on to generate our next generation of winners and next generation of females, and he is embedded deep within the pedigrees of a rather large percentage of sows residing in Colusa, CA. The 55 litter sows alone have had a major impact, for example the Champion Dark Cross Barrow at Houston last year was out of 119-2. She, her sister, and her mom 55-1 are the sows we

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

rely on time again for big results and to take us to the next level. Has Cowboy been used up? Cowboy is responsible for our highest selling litter last spring – offered in our April 2018 pig sale, he sired a pair of gilts bringing $9000 and $8500, and their sister (pictured) was a dominant jackpot gilt for Dustin Andrus last summer in the northwest. Our friends and neighbors Gold Starr Show Pigs used him extensively last year and as a result he sired the Grand & Reserve Champion Market Hogs at the Nevada County Fair. Cowboy does have some age on him but he’s in great shape and semen quality remains excellent. He will always be super special in our minds and the legacy he’s left here in Colusa will forever be felt.


john Wayne (visionary x private party x super monster) STRESS: NEGATIVE

Lot 66 Description as listed on our webpage: • Dam is a littermate to the $55,000 Double Nickel, and grand dam is a littermate to the Grand Champion Barrow at Denver, as well as Mile High • $33,000 DUNCAN PURCHASE FROM DIAMOND V SHOW PIGS • The one we HAD TO HAVE at Duncan! • The tallest fronted one we’ve ever seen, this one is flat sexy! • Offers tremendous width at the ground coupled with the bulk and mass up high needed to win barrow shows • Has generated more interest than any other sire in stud!


• The logical next step for our program John Wayne’s tenure here in Colusa has been a really good one. He was initially a very popular semen sales boar and more than paid his way through semen sales alone in his first season. We used him extra hard that first year with some big time results. John Wayne sired the Champion York Barrow at Rodeo Austin in 2017, bred by our good friend Brady Jennings, and his impact will be felt through multiple females and their daughters working back in the herd. “JW” still has a very loyal following and fan base and repeat semen sales on this guy have been better than any other sire in our stud.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

WEDDiNG NiGHT 180 Wedding night X american bad boy 119-7 (ABB x Swagger) STRESS: NEGATIVE

Lot 67 Description as listed on our webpage: • We were feeding this rascal for World Pork Expo but when the time came we just couldn’t bring ourselves to load him up! • Brings stoutness, bone, and power to a new level – his skull, forearm, and blade are truly massive and he matches it with big time pipe underneath!

• His dam 119-7 is a rising star in our program, and he comes from an exceptional litter with mate gilts topping the Sweethearts for the Summer Sale at $16,000 and our January Farm Sale at $5,000. She brings a little different genetic package to the table to put back on top of our current predominant lines here in Colusa!

• Has a huge, robust center rib laid in him and is impeccable in terms of squareness to the ground, both through his chest and from behind

WN 180 has been an extremely popular semen sales boar, and we’ve probably sold more doses on him than any other sire. We priced him affordably

June 25 /// t hepigpl a

and customers have been extremely pleased with the results. Him dam, American Bad Boy 119-7 is also the dam or Jordan Shepherd’s Reserve Grand Champion Barrow at Tulsa last year that was sired by Outta Line. That same 119-7 sow has another herdboar in the works that we will introduce later this summer, and who we anticipate will have a mjaor impact. 180 will add bone, round rib shape, and a big back like no other. We’ve seen a bit more grow in his progeny than with Wedding Night or Wedding Blues, and he’s also proven a good sire to use on first time gilts.


mountain mike EIN X Bonecrusher 20-9 x big rig 16-6 Ear Notch: 183-5 registration number: 148540005

Lot 68 Description as listed on our webpage: • Mountain Mike was the Champion Chester Boar at the 2016 World Pork Expo, bred by us. Our good friend Mike Cebollero purchased him, and as time passed and our Chester program continued to heat up, it became evident we needed this rascal back! • Mike’s littermate barrow, shown by Drew Jacobsen, enjoyed a dominant show season in the midwest before being named Champion Chester Barrow at the World Pork Expo, and many said he should have been a top five barrow over all breeds. • Mike’s littermate gilt sold for $5000 at the Sweetheart’s for the Summer Sale, and she now resides in Chalmers, IN where she produced Heavy Duty at Purple Power Boar Stud in her first litter. • Mike’s dam, Bonecrusher 20-9, was the best daughter of our foundation Big Rig sow purchased from Fresno State. Her final litter produced the Champion Chester & Reserve Supreme Overall Gilt at the Arizona Nationals this past year, and she sold


for a World Record Price of $12,000. • Mike will see substantial use in our Chester program – he is a tall fronted, extra attractive boar with tremendous athleticism and running gears. He hails from a tremendous background and we have the utmost confidence in his ability to generate Mike’s pedigree and background speaks for itself, and he has been exceptional as a sire for us here in Colusa. His pigs proved extremely valuable last summer in our online offerings, and he sired the Champion Chester Gilt at the recent Arizona Nationals shown by Kai Taipin – that gilt is one of the more impressive Chesters we’ve seen in recent times. Simply put, Mike needs used on a much bigger scale and he is absolutely relevant to any Chester breeder wanting to make them better. We’ve ran him through our Chester sow herd multiple times no and it’s time he helps others build their programs.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 69 4-3 /// Sire: straight survivor Dam: sunshine & Whiskey x anthrax Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/31/2019 /// DOB: july 2017 /// cross Littermate to Straight Whiskey

Lot 70 3-1 /// Sire: straight whiskey Dam: killer instinct x closer Service Sire: outta line /// Due Date: 7/28/2019 /// DOB: june 2018 /// cross The very best Straight Whiskey daughter produced by our program, and dammed by an elite (Killer Instinct x Closer) sow purchase from Ottenwalter, bred by Cobb.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 71 21-4 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: visionary 20-8

Service Sire: up down /// Due Date: 7/25/2019 /// DOB: january 2016 /// cross Lot 72 was purchased as a high dollar gilt prospect from Ottenwalter’s in their spring 2016 pig sale. She’s dammed by their great 20-8 sow (pictured) who is also the dam of lot 59 in this sale. She has been our absolute best generator of

high end show pigs. She is the dam of the Real Survivor boar we sold to Hi Point in the spring of 2018, and also a $5000 private treaty boar we sold to Showtime Sires, and also lot 73 in this year’s Legacy sale.

Lot 72 1-2 /// Sire: shine on Dam: wedding night 21-4 Service Sire: good time /// Due Date: 7/17/2019 /// DOB: May 2018 /// cross Lot 73 is the very best daughter we produced out of our great Wedding Night 21-4 sow, and she’s sired by Shine On, the sire of the Grand Overall Barrow at the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo. She’s a true


combination of power and pretty, and her pedigree combines both of the dominant, productive lines that have helped contribute to all the major success at Ottenwalter Show Pigs.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

Lot 73 11-2 /// Sire: tombstone Dam: monster quest Service Sire: jack daniels /// Due Date: 7/29/2019 /// DOB: june 2016 /// cross We used Tombstone extensively across our small program and he made a big impact for us. Customers were extremely happy with how big bodied, growthy, and good designed his pigs were and we found him to be the kind we could use on power sows and he wouldn’t mess

anything up. That’s exactly the case with this 11-2 sow – she’s dammed by an extra powerful Monster Quest sow puuchase from Ottenwalter’s. We know Jack Daniels saw extensive use in Colusa this spring and felt he was the right mating for this stout featured, bold centered 11-2 momma.

Lot 74 2-10 /// Sire: wedding night Dam: slingblade x fame monster 37-7 Service Sire: mongo /// Due Date: 8/8/2019 /// DOB: na /// cross When we bought our sow we named Snake from Ottenwalter we had big expectations. Lets just say that she definitely surpassed those lofty goals we had for her. The sow we call Money is a granddaughter to our great snake sow. Her Sling Blade mom is out of the 22 litter we had in July of 2015. That litter included the reserve overall barrow at the 2015 Major League sale that sold for $7,000 plus several littermates that won classes at Texas Majors 2016. Money was out of the great 2 litter we had in August of 2016. That litter produced the reserve champion cross gilt at Fort Worth 2017. There were also several littermate barrows that

won classes at Fort Worth and San Antonio 2017. We retained 2 gilts out of that litter that never left the farm one of them being Money. Both of them have had amazing litters for us. Her littermate sister had one of our best litters ever produced on the farm that included the Reserve Lightweight AOB Barrow at Houston 2019. Money has been gilt heavy in her litters allowing us to retain some great females from her. Her last litter out of Visionary was absolutely incredible. We are retaining several gilts out of that litter to fill the void Money will leave. Study her picture and winning genetics behind this girl.

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


Lot 75 18-4 /// Sire: ghost rider

Dam: Monumental x Super Monster Service Sire: white lightning /// Due Date: 8/17/2019 /// DOB: na /// cross Every once in a while you have those litters that go beyond. In 2017 that was Monumental’s 18 litter. We ended up retaining 3 gilts out of that litter and 18-4 was one of them. She is out of a sow we call Monumental that is behind a lot of our big barrow wins this last few years. These include the Reserve

Cross barrow at 2016 Arizona National and the Supreme overall market hog at Stanislaus County 2017. There are also countless county fair winners this sow line is responsible for. We still have her two littermate sisters which is why we decided to offer her to make room for the 18 litter daughters we have kept.

Lot 76 163-6 /// Sire: phenom Dam: creature Service Sire: mongo /// Due Date: 7/16/2019 /// DOB: na /// cross The sow we call “Cobb” impressed us when we saw her being shown. We ended up buying this gilt in an effort to start a new sow line. We bred her to our herd boar Ghost Rider with the intent of keeping gilts to move forward with these new genetics.


Offering this sow was a tough decision but we feel that her Ghost Rider daughters we kept will keep her legacy going long into the future. Buy with confidence her only litter she had at our farm will be heard from.

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

The Boar Stud

June 25 /// t hepigpl a



WEDDiNG night


STRESS: NEGATIVE /// Shares the same dam as Turn Me Loose and Captain Morgan $50,000 PURCHASE FROM KURT MORGAN

Semen available, see website for details


w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

WEDDiNG blues


Semen available, see website for details

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


outta line


Semen available, see website for details


w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com


focus x attention ear notch: 10-8 /// registration number: 394184008

Semen available, see website for details

June 25 /// t hepigpl a



Semen available, see website for details

shine on Semen available, see website for details


w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com

good time 13-2 x (wedding night x mandingo) Stress: negative

Semen available, see website for details

bed bug Wedding Night x (Renig x Warfare x Grizz) stress: Negative

Semen available, see website for details

June 25 /// t hepigpl a


junior clone of wedding night STRESS: negative

Semen available, see website for details

jump around LEAPS & BOUNDS X (GAS MONEY X PANTS DOWN) REG # 622357004 EAR NOTCH: 230-4

Semen available, see website for details


w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com


Semen available, see website for details

jack daniels SUNSHINE & WHISKEY X 46-1 (MONSTER SQUARE X WARFARE 73-6) STRESS: carrier

Semen available, see website for details

June 25 /// t hepigpl a



Semen available, see website for details

#breedottenWalter 68

w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com



Wedding NiGHT 45 PRE-ORDER:





w w w.ot t en wa lt er show pigs .com







June 25 /// t hepigpl a


We’ve tried many supplements with mixed results, especially finding products we felt worth the added cost to our feed program. Choice of Champions Livestock supplements provide incredible value. All these products really work and we highly recommend them for anyone serious about feeding show pigs! –Russell Pedrett, Herdsman/Farm Manager Ottenwalter Show Pigs

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Amanda Pedrett 541.326.7727


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