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Tractors Hyundai-Tractors "Super" From Korea Hoang Long Auto - a truck and tractor dealer in the South, always wants to bring customers the best quality products to meet the needs of customers.

Today, Hoang Long Company will introduce to customers the Hyundai HD1000 tractor imported CBU from Hyundai Motor Korea, with guaranteed quality worldwide.

This car is really creating a craze in Vietnam market with high load capacity, durable operation and efficient fuel economy, surely this will be a best choice for customers at this moment.

Introducing Hyundai HD1000 Tractor

Following the success of the Hyundai HD700 tractor line, the HD1000 inherits the advantages of its predecessor and applies more modern technology today, it can be said that the product is one of the two-wheel tractors. the most effective. Hyundai HD1000 heavy-duty tractors with the design for the payload to join the traffic reached 39 tons, helping optimize the investment efficiency for customers. The engine is equipped on the car is the most modern type of Hyundai Korea today - DC6CC has a cylinder capacity of 12344 cm3, for maximum maximum power, durability and economical operation. In addition, this engine is famous for its durability, low failure, and increased safety when the vehicle is traveling on long journeys.

Modern car model with cabin head is equipped with suspension spring suspension system to reduce vibration when the car is on the road. Full car comfort system in spacious cabin helps drive the most comfortable on any road.

If you want to buy Hyundai HD1000 tractors, please contact 0909 415 145 or come to our showroom at: 967 National Highway 1A, Thoi An Ward, District 12, TP. Ho Chi Minh to choose and see the car offline.

Tractor Price HD1000

It can be said that in Vietnam, Hyundai HD1000 tractors have won the trust from customers with excellent quality of products.

In terms of price, Hyundai HD1000 is priced at 1,560,000,000 VND (1.56 billion), this reference price does not include VAT and other fees. This price may change from time to time, please contact our hotline 0909415145 for the most accurate price advice. Prices always come with quality and that view is always true to this HD1000 tractors, surely you will be satisfied with the efficiency that the car brings.

Price of Tractor Hyundai HD1000 Compared to Other Tractors

In general, Hyundai HD1000 car prices are at an average level when compared to other tractors currently.

Specifically, the current price of HD1000 car is 1.56 billion while US International tractors and Chinese Dongfeng tractors are cheaper from VND 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion.

Imported Korean Daewoo 2019 tractors originated from CBU was priced at 1.77 billion VND. Trago tractors refer to 1.6 billion and Xcient tractors cost over 2 billion VND.

Through the price comparison table above, it can be seen that the Hyundai HD1000 series car has a moderate price, not too cheap, nor too expensive in accordance with the financial of most customers but the quality is completely guaranteed.

Advantages of Hyundai HD1000 410PS Tractor HD1000 container tractors are Hyundai's strategic products that have all the elements that make the car a reliable friend of individuals and businesses on all roads. HD1000 2-bridge has good fuel economy

Rated as the most efficient 2-axle tractors today, Hyundai HD1000 container tractors apply advanced electric throttle engine technology to help the vehicle operate effectively on fuel efficiency thereby reducing operating costs, carrying High economic efficiency for the owner. Despite owning a large engine block of up to 410PS (302Kw) with a capacity of 12344cc, but due to the control by a computer program (electric throttle), the vehicle operates efficiently, very suitable for North- South, many steep hills. On average, tractors Hyundai HD1000 if full load is about 40 tons, the consumption of only 35 to 40 liters of oil / 100km. In addition, the car is durable and environmentally friendly with Euro 4 engine.

Common Rail multi-point direct fuel injection technology also plays an important role in increasing fuel burning efficiency, reducing emissions, helping vehicles operate more fuel efficiently.

Tractor Hyundai HD1000 410PS for easy repair and maintenance Tractors in general and Hyundai HD1000 tractors in particular are specialized transport vehicles with regular operating time on long distances of thousands of kilometers, so the wear and tear are impossible. avoid. If previously, many people were afraid to choose the HD1000 tractor because this type of vehicle at that time was difficult to repair because of the technical and experience of repairing this new type of electric scooter which was not popular, currently with a series Euro4 tractors imported into our country, this situation is no longer available. The electric throttle motor with the ECU central control box may have been an obsession for many people, but it is now easy to correct errors and correct errors just by connecting to the test machine. error on computer screen. In addition, car repair parts are more than before, easy to find easy to buy because the number of suppliers imported a lot.

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Hyundai HD1000 Tractor Trailer Review  

Hyundai HD1000 Tractor Trailer Review Hoang Long Auto - a truck and tractor dealer in the South, always wants to bring customers the best qu...

Hyundai HD1000 Tractor Trailer Review  

Hyundai HD1000 Tractor Trailer Review Hoang Long Auto - a truck and tractor dealer in the South, always wants to bring customers the best qu...