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It’s the Holiday Season!

CLASSIC CLAUS Vestavia Hills native creates popular series of Santa Claus paintings inspired by Coca-Cola PAGE 13

Journal photo by Jordan Wald

Linda Stone, a retired pediatrician, became a Meals on Wheels volunteer about a year after retiring from Over the Mountain Pediatrics in 2018.

‘Making a Difference’

TOY TALK Local toy experts share their best bets for Christmas, plus great holiday gift ideas from OTM area merchants PAGE 24

Meals on Wheels Volunteer Delivers Warm Smiles and Hot Meals By Anne Ruisi


ou could say Meals on Wheels volunteer Linda Stone of Mountain Brook has her very own fan club at Villa Maria Senior Community in Birmingham’s East Lake neighborhood, starting with longtime resident Lucille Crowe. “She’s terrific,” Crowe said, beaming, as

Stone delivered her meals last week for Thursday and Friday’s Veterans Day holiday. “She’s the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been here for 25 years.” Stone is one of the just more than 400 volunteers who deliver 1,500 meals a day to homebound seniors and disabled people in Jefferson County, said Becky Wright, Meals on Wheels program director. Each day from Monday to See MEALS, page 11

SMILE BIG FOR SANTA The Jolly OId Efl is coming to town and we’ve got news on where to get a close up PAGE 30

2 • Thursday, November 17, 2022


Murphy’s Law

I ‘THE TRUE MEANING OF VETERANS DAY’ Vestavia Hills salutes veterans PAGE 8

RECIPES TO FOLLOW Shelby County woman shares her mother’s love for cooking in new cookbook PAGE 10

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER Woman continues Christmas stocking tradition started by mom PAGE 12

STATE CROSS-COUNTRY MEET Riley repeats as Spartans sweep Class 6A titles PAGE 40


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t was off the coast of empty, I should do a mental happy Newfoundland. I was waiting for dance. Even if I just forgot that I the ship to pull into port when I unloaded it earlier, it’s a moment to turned to see a rainbow in the disstop and smile. tance; just a small arc, mind you, but it As I’m driving out of the subdiviwas beautiful as all rainbows are. I sion and see a pile of turtles on the was prepared to watch it fade when drainage pipe on the pond, I picture another rainbow appeared, then anoththe one squished on the bottom saying, er, then another, each one more bril“Dude, do you know how many square liant than the last. They came down in feet are in this place?” and I laugh. front of the mountains. I could actually That’s good! When the traffic light see where they landed. It was the most changes so I can merge seamlessly amazing thing I had ever seen. And onto Highway 280, I should say, Sue Murphy then … and then … a rainbow came “Thank you very much!” When I open down within a few yards of the ship my car door in front of the donut itself. If I had been properly posishop and the smell of hot donuts is tioned, I could have reached out and I was raised to be in wafting across the parking lot to touched it. I am so thankful that I greet me, does it get any better than a constant state of was there to see that. that? Miracles. Teeny, tiny miracles. I see rainbows here at home, too, productive bustle, and The funny exchange you had not as often, not as brilliant, but with the lady at the checkout counsometimes my duty they’re always a marvel, aren’t ter, the fact that there was just they? I mean, all those colors tied mandate derails my enough milk left in the carton for up in a clear shaft of light. Who your cereal that morning (hence the wonder. could have seen that coming? stop at the grocery store), the cardiThere are also tiny rainbows that nal that stared in your living room form on the floor in my entryway. window reminding you to fill the Some afternoons, the sun filters through the front door feeder (also need to stop for birdseed). These are all glass and breaks the light into beautiful patches of color reasons to celebrate. on the rug. Same miracle in miniature, and yet, very It’s easy to be thankful for the big stuff, the huge, often I don’t even pause to acknowledge them. happy events, the openly joyous occasions in the comThere are clothes that must be folded, armloads of pany of family and friends. It takes a little more practhings to be schlepped from one room to another. I was tice to be actively thankful for the smaller things, the raised to be in a constant state of productive bustle, and little rainbows on your floor every single day. sometimes my duty mandate derails my wonder. I need This Thanksgiving, on your way to hauling the turto do better. key out of the oven or pressing the linens or making a Every time the phone rings and it is NOT a telemarfrantic last dash to the grocery store because you forgot keter, I should count that as a gift. When my toast pops the cream of mushroom soup, I hope you see a rainbow up perfectly browned the first time, it is a reason to cel- on your floor … and I hope you offer up a word of ebrate. When I open up the dishwasher and it is (ta-da!) thanks.

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Over the Mountain Views

Big Dog! Dogs Strutted Their Stuff During Canine Competition


J O U R N A L November 17, 2022 Publisher & Editor: Maury Wald Copy Editor: Virginia Martin Features Writer: Donna Cornelius Staff Writer: Anne Ruisi Photographer: Jordan Wald Sports Editor: Rubin E. Grant Contributors: Susan Murphy, June Mathews, Emil Wald, Marvin Gentry, Lee Walls, Bryan Bunch Advertising Sales: Julie Trammell Edwards, Tommy Wald, Gail Kidd

Journal Photo by Jordan Wald

Vol. 33, No. 8

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Rainbows on the Floor

Canine companions were the stars of the show Nov. 6 at Birmingham’s Next Hot Dog fundraiser for the Animal League of Birmingham. Avondale Brewing Company was the site of the event, which crowned an overall canine winner and a people’s choice for 2021-22. Also featured were competitions in categories such as Best Fur-do, Most Talented, Best Team Spirit, Most Squeezable Puppy and Sassiest Senior. Each furry contestant received a special swag bag, and representatives from local rescue groups were on hand. Enjoying the event were, from left, Kirsten Atkinson, Bindy and Lynn Geter.


Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 3




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Special Purchase

4 • Thursday, November 17, 2022

NOV 17 - DEC 1 Nov. 16-19 Market Noel

Ready for the Red Mountain Garden Club Greenery Sale are, from left, Melissa Hagan, Pratt Brown and Lucy Gaede.

Greenery Sale Set for Botanical Gardens

In-person shopping is back and online ordering will be available for most items at the Red Mountain Garden Club’s popular Greenery Sale at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Nov. 30. The event, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., marks the sale’s 40th anniversary. Several items can be ordered online at redmountaingardenclub.square.site and picked up on the day of the sale. Wreaths and fresh garlands by the yard, Fraser fir crosses, fresh cut greenery and holiday red bows are among the offerings that can be pre-ordered. Mailbox and lamp post decorations are

available only in person. Seasonal favorites such as paperwhites, amaryllis and reindeer food will be on the Gift Table, where shoppers can find one-of-a-kind specialty items. Gift Table items are not available for online pre-ordering. Proceeds will help support the Memorial Garden at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The club was founded in 1927 and is involved in several local projects that support the Memorial Garden, the Botanical Gardens and other groups and organizations dedicated to the environment and beautification of Birmingham.




Thurs., Nov. 17 Iron Bowl Kickoff Casino Cruise

A silent auction, casino games, a wine pull and a liquor toss are among the activities to be enjoyed at this fundraiser for the Reed Gastrointestinal Oncology Research Foundation’s Finish the Fight. When: 6-11 p.m. Where: The Club

Nov. 17-18 Magical Marketplace

The annual arts and crafts show to benefit Unless U will offer a VIP shopping event with $5 admission on Nov. 17. Admission is free on Nov. 18. When: VIP shopping event on Nov. 17, 5:30 -7:30 p.m. Nov. 18, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Where: Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church


A fun, free educational class focused on helping individuals better understand Medicare. Learn what questions to ask, when and how to enroll. When: 5:30 p.m. Where: 2116 Columbiana Rd., 205-704-9020

Journal file photo


The Junior League of Birmingham presents its Christmas market with vendors galore for those who want to get a jump on their holiday shopping. Ticket info: marketnoel.net. When: Nov. 16 preview from 7-10 p.m.; Nov.17 from 10 a.m.- 9 p.m; Nov. 18 from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Nov. 19 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Where: The Finley Center, Hoover






About 1,500 runners are expected at this fundraiser for the Levite Jewish Community Center and the Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders. 5K and 10K routes start and end at the center. When: 8:30 a.m. Where: Levite Jewish Community Center

Nov. 18-19 West Side Story Symphonic Dances

Join the Alabama Symphony Orchestra to celebrate one of Bernstein’s most joyful creations, “West Side Story Symphonic Dances.” The concert also will feature the world premiere of the Hammond Organ Concerto by Birmingham native Brian Raphael Nabors. When: 7 p.m. Where: Alys Stephens Center, Jemison Concert Hall

Sat., Nov. 19 The Magic of Model Trains

A holiday tradition at McWane Science Center, discover trains of every shape and size inside this awe-inspiring exhibit of locomotive displays. No detail is too small for miniature landscapes. When: Opens Nov. 19. Where: McWane Science Center


Meidcare Education Class


FAX: 205-824-1246 Novmeber


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Studio By the Tracks Holiday Open House

One-of-a-kind artwork by SBTT Studio Artists, great Studio merchandise including t-shirts, prints, totes, and more, also shop from over 15 local makers and food vendors from our community as part of the outdoor Holiday Market. When: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.. Where: Studio by the Tracks, 301 20th Street South in Irondale.

Sun., Nov. 20 Tree of Lights Memorial Dedication

A tree filled with lights will be placed on the corner of Oxmoor Road and Central Avenue in Homewood’s Central Park and illuminated through December as a memorial to those we have loved and lost in a fundraiser for Community


Grief Support. Donations for memorial lights and cards can be placed at communitygriefsupport.org. When: 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Handel’s Messiah

Professional soloists and orchestra will joint the Alabama Civic Chorale free performance of Handel’s “Messiah.” Those who wish may bring items that will be donated to children in need. When: 3 p.m. Where: Riverchase United Methodist Church

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 5

ABOUT TOWN and appearances by some of your favorite SEC Shorts characters. When: 7 p.m. Where: Alabama Theatre

Tues., Nov. 29 Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet

The acclaimed holiday tradition is live in theaters for the 30th Anniversary tour. The show features larger-thanlife puppets, breath-taking acrobatics and dazzling costumes in a production featuring stars of Ukraine ballet, performing at the highest level of classical technique. When: 7 p.m. Where: Alabama Theatre

Thurs., Dec. 1

Sat., Dec. 3

Aldridge Gardens Gifts of Art

A one-stop Christmas shopping event with unique, one-of-a-kind art items from a select list of local artists. When: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Where: The House at Aldridge Gardens

Holiday Market

The Fellowship House Junior Board is hosting a holiday market full of shopping, charity, and Santa! When: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Where: indoors at Sloss Furnaces

Thurs., Nov. 24


Fri., Nov. 25 SEC Shorts Live!

Can Auburn and Alabama fans peacefully coexist in a theater for a hilarious night of college football comedy? This will be a one-night-only event on the eve of the Iron Bowl celebrates the greatest rivalry in college football with hilarious sketch comedy, audience games, singing



Gifts of Art Thursday, Dec. 1 - 10 a.m.-7 p.m

CMYK C: 100 M: 0 Y: 85 K: 50

CMYK C: 47 M: 60 Y: 79 K: 68

PMS 400

CMYK: C: 0 M: 3 Y: 6 K: 16


A Silent Auction of Fine Art


njoy one-of-kind works of art crafted by a dozen hand-selected Alabama artists, working in ceramics, glass, wood, silver, and fabric, plants and more. Functional, wearable, decorative and Alabama-inspired items. Great gift ideas! Rain or shine, this indoor show takes place in the Gallery of the Aldridge House in Hoover. FREE ADMISSION.






6 • Thursday, November 17, 2022


ABOUT TOWN Sun., Dec. 4


Ho Ho Hoover-Randle

George Balanchine’s the




Hoover-Randle house will host it’s annual holiday event featuring performances, tours, and refreshments. Kids 12 and under are admitted free. When: 2 - 5 p.m. Where: Hoover Randle Home

Sounds of the Season

The Youth Leadership Program at Vestavia Hills High School hosts “Sounds of the Season,” a fundraiser for the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program of UAB’s O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center. The event will feature a silent auction of fine art by local artists and a performance by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Tickets: go.uab. edu/vhhsrise. When: 6:30 p.m. for the silent auction and dessert, with the ASO performance at 8 p.m. Where: Vestavia Hills Civic Center Ballroom

Sat., Dec. 10 Birmingham Girls Choir Holiday Concert



Shopping Sunday Funday! Shop the World at the Birmingham Museum of Art Sunday · November 27 · 12-5pm Artist Demos, Artisans, Book Signings, Treats, Drinks, and more! Every item discounted for one day only.

The Birmingham Girls Choir features three different choirs, with students ranging from K through 12th grade, with a goal to instill excellence and build community amongst girls who love to sing through the power of choral singing. When: 3 p.m. Where: The Summit in Saks Plaza

Dancing, Music and Fur

Red Mountain Theatre’s Holiday Spectacular to Hit the Stage Traditional and modern music, exciting choreography and some fourlegged friends will highlight Red Mountain Theatre’s Holiday Spectacular next month. The show, which runs from Dec. 1 to Dec. 18, features several guest stars who’ve performed with the company in the past and showcases the most talented young performers in Birmingham, according to a Red Mountain Theatre press release. Tickled Pink Petting Zoo will supply the animals in the production. The show is recommended for all ages. Show times are Wednesday through Sunday at 7:30 p.m., with matinees on Saturdays and Sundays at

2 p.m. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at redmountaintheatre.org. Tickets start at $32 for adults and $25 for children.

Courtesy RMT

Fri., Dec. 9


A Feast for the Eyes

to take part. “This event is a fun way to help raise funds for critical education about healthy relationships,” said MontgomeryClark said. “It’s a way to carry on the tradition that our family and friends loved for many years and help make memories for other families as they build their own houses to enter.” Meredith Montgomery said, “The most fun will be viewing and voting for

your favorite houses through the people’s choice awards and bidding in the silent auction for beautiful gingerbread houses made by professional bakers in the culinary division.” The gingerbread houses will be on display from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and residents can come through and judge which they think is best. It’s free to view the gingerbread houses, but there will be a small entry fee to take part in the judging. To enter your own creation into the gingerbread house-building competition or register to attend the event, visit gingerbreadjam.swell.gives.

the groundwork for community investment in cutting-edge research and innovative patient care. “Gray and Lee’s volunteer and philanthropic efforts at the O’Neal

Cancer Center and throughout the Birmingham community have truly made an impact on the lives of countless individuals, and it is a privilege to recognize them for all they have invested to make Birmingham and the state of Alabama a healthier, more vibrant place to live,” the statement said. A reception to honor the two will be held Dec. 1 by the board’s Director’s Circle. The 38th Annual ArtBlink will be held virtually Feb. 4 and also will honor Gray and Lee Thuston. ArtBlink will include an online auction and a dinner that can be picked up the afternoon before the event. For more information, visit artblink.org.

Gingerbread House Competition Marks the Holidays Gingerbread houses will be displayed in Vestavia Hills City Hall on Dec. 3 for viewing and judging. The event, Gingerbread Jam, is being presented to raise money for the Megan Montgomery Domestic Violence Prevention Fund, which provides grants to high schools and colleges for age-appropriate education on safe and healthy relationships. Building gingerbread houses was a family tradition for Susann Montgomery-Clark, daughters Meredith and Megan Montgomery, and many friends and relatives who were invited



Philanthropic Couple to Be Honored for Work With UAB Cancer Center This year’s ArtBlink Gala will honor Gray and Lee Thuston for their longstanding commitment to the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center and Birmingham at large. Lee has served on the advisory board of the center since 1994, holding numerous roles including president and income development chair, according to a statement from the board. It said Lee’s work helped lay

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 7




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‘The True Meaning of Veterans Day’ Vestavia Hills Salutes Veterans

By Anne Ruisi

Left, Vestavia Hills mayor Ashley Curry welcomes W. Kent Davis, state commissioner of Veterans Affairs, to Vestavia Hills’ Salute to Veterans on Nov. 10. Above from left, veterans Charles Farrell, Jack Howard and Gene Rozelle, with the Birmingham Harmony Belles, Kiley Watson, Nancy Hornsby and Louise Elmore, who performed songs from World War II.

Photo courtesy City of Vestavia Hills

Biographical vignettes focused on the heroism and the sacrifices of Alabama soldiers and sailors highlighted remarks by keynote speaker W. Kent Davis, state commissioner of Veterans Affairs, at Vestavia Hills’ Salute to Veterans on Nov. 10. As he prepared his remarks, Davis said, he tried to think how he could honor the nearly 400,000 military veterans in Alabama. That is about 1 in 10 people in Alabama who are veterans, the highest rate in the U.S. “Ultimately, I can think of no better way of discussing the true meaning of Veterans Day than by discussing stories of individual veterans from Alabama who have served their country in uniform,” the retired rear admiral said. “My hope is that, by discussing those individual lives, I can somehow memorialize the contributions of all veterans from Alabama.” These included men and women from the major wars and conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries. Among those Davis highlighted: • Osmond Kelly Ingram, a Pratt City firefighter who became the first U.S. Navy enlisted man to be killed in World War I. He died when a torpedo hit his ship as he ran to release depth charges at the ship’s stern. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Birmingham’s Kelly Ingram Park is named in his honor. • Holland Smith, born in the unincorporated community of Hatchechubbee in Russell County, who enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1905. He was called “Howlin’ Mad Smith” due to his ferocity under fire during World War I. By World War II, he’d been promoted to general and

directed extensive Army, Navy and Marine amphibious training. His vision for assault warfare is often given major credit for carrying the War in the Pacific to a successful conclusion. • Ola Lee Mize, an Albertville

native who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Korean War at Outpost Harry. At the outpost, he organized defensive actions, rescued wounded soldiers and engaged the enemy until reinforcements arrived the next day.

Jack F Granger CAI 873

3905 Shelby Co Hwy 11 Bir mingham, AL 35124 Growing area with a new elementary school open & new high school coming

Thursday, December 8, 1 PM @ Holiday Inn Express, Pelham TOUR DATES & MORE! GTAuctions.com or 205-326-0833

• Matthew Leonard, born in Eutaw, who served in the Korea and Vietnam wars. A platoon sergeant, he received the Medal of Honor posthumously after dying from wounds in 1967 in Vietnam. His platoon came under attack and he rallied his men, dragged a wounded soldier to safety and charged an enemy gun, destroying the hostile crew despite being hit several times by enemy fire. • Tamara Thurman of Brewton, an army sergeant who was killed in the attack on the Pentagon, where her office was near the area of impact on 9/11. “Together, despite their vast differences, these people stand as a metaphor for the invaluable gifts that military veterans in Alabama have bestowed on us,” Davis said. “They were military heroes. Several of them made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. It is fitting that we take part in remembering these great Alabamians and military heroes as we give thanks on Veterans Day.” The event, held at the Vestavia Hills Civic Center, also included performances of stirring patriotic songs by the Vestavia High School Honor Choir and Wind Symphony, songs from World War II and a “Salute to America” by the Birmingham Harmony Belles. Four young Alabamians from Central Alabama took the Oath of Enlistment into the Army or Navy. This was done for the benefit of their families, who could not attend the original enlistment ceremony, an Army official at the event said.

Rocky Ridge Principal Named to Board That Oversees The Nation’s Report Card Testing Program Dilhani Uswatte, principal of Rocky Ridge Elementary School in Hoover, has been appointed the elementary school representative on the National Assessment Governing Board. The board was established by Congress in 1988 to oversee and set policy for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as The Nation’s Report Card. NAEP provides information on student performance in various subjects on a national and state basis as well as for large urban districts. The 26-member board is responsible for deciding which subjects NAEP assesses, defining achievement levels and pursuing new ways to make the results useful and meaningful to the public. “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Uswatte as the elementary school principal representative on the Governing Board,” Lesley Muldoon, the executive director of the board, said in a statement from the Department of Education. “After the disruptions of the pandemic – evidenced by stark declines on The Nation’s Report Card last month –

Hoovef Schools

8 • Thursday, November 17, 2022

Dilhani Uswatte has served as the principal of Rocky Ridge Elementary School since 2014.

it’s more important than ever to help educators and families understand how children are progressing academically and how best to help each and every one of them succeed. Dr. Uswatte’s distinguished record as a STEM teacher, principal and mentor to fellow educators will strengthen the board’s efforts to ensure that The Nation’s Report Card informs educational recovery and acceleration efforts nationwide.” Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona appointed Uswatte to the See USWATTE, page 9


tional STEM accreditation through AdvancEd, now called Cognia. Before that, she was an eighth grade math teacher and department chair at Berry Middle School. She’s received several awards and honors, including being inducted into the Alabama Teacher Hall of Fame and named the 2019 Alabama Education Leader of the Year and a 2020 National Distinguished Principal.

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Uswatte has received several awards and honors, including being inducted into the Alabama Teacher Hall of Fame and named the 2019 Alabama Education Leader of the Year and a 2020 National Distinguished Principal.

Lexus ToyoTa BMW Jaguar Porsche

position. Uswatte has served as the principal of Rocky Ridge Elementary School since 2014. Under her leadership, Rocky Ridge earned interna-

“It is truly a privilege to engage with educators who are transformative in their approach to leading students. Dr. Uswatte is that kind of educator.” He pointed to Uswatte’s mentoring group, known as the Alabama Milken Visionary Partnerships. “Through this initiative, Dr. Uswatte and other Milken Educator Award recipients are revitalizing and strengthening education in Alabama,” Mackey said. “Dr. Uswatte brings with her enthusiasm and innovation that will benefit the board specifically and the field of education in general. As a state, we are so proud of her and cannot wait to see the impact she makes.”

BMW Jaguar Porsche

From page 8

In 2009, she received the National Milken Educator Award. Since then, she has developed and implemented a mentoring program for Milken award winners to help them mentor other teachers in their districts. “The selection of Dr. Dilhani Uswatte to serve in the elementary principal position for the National Assessment Governing Board will greatly benefit our nation’s students, especially as schools focus on unfinished learning,” said L. Earl Franks, executive director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals. Eric Mackey, Alabama state superintendent of education, added,

ToyoTa BMW Jaguar Porsche


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“Five Star” Thanksgiving Turkey “The best turkey I’ve ever had, hands down! 5-star winner” — Tammy Heinss, author of “Cook With Love”

INGREDIENTS: Kosher coarse salt 1 tablespoon minced fresh thyme leaves Grated zest of 1 lemon 1 (12-to-14 pound) fresh turkey (Honeysuckle White preferred) 1 large yellow, sweet onion, unpeeled, cut into eighths 1 lemon quartered 8 sprigs fresh thyme 4 tablespoons butter, melted Freshly ground black pepper


Journal photo by Jordan Wald

1. The Monday before Thanksgiving, combine 3 tablespoons salt, thyme and lemon zest. Wash the turkey inside and out, drain well and pat it dry with paper towels. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of the salt mixture in the cavity of the turkey and rub the rest on the skin, including under the wings and legs. Tammy Heinss left her job in 2016 to focus on writing a cookbook. The work was put on hold when Heinss’ mother, who suffers from dementia, moved in with her. “Cook With Love” was finished in March.


Recipes to Follow

Shelby County Woman Shares Her Mother’s Love for Cooking in New Cookbook

By Virginia MacDonald

t began as a love of her Mother’s love of cooking. It has evolved into a way to share recipes with her daughters and everyone else, said Tammy Heinss who last week, for the first time, clutched her brand new 260page cookbook. She took the name of the cookbook, “Cook With Love,” from an inscription her mother wrote in a cookbook she gave her daughter when she graduated from Booneville High School in Booneville, Mississippi. The book inscription read: “Cook with love. Love you, Mother.” Heinss, now a Shelby County resident, was raised on a Polled Hereford cattle farm in Booneville. “I grew up watching my mother cook,” she said. “There was something about her in the kitchen that was warm and inviting. She really loved cooking for us and making things that we all enjoy.” Heinss’ daughters, Kelley of Huntsville and Sarah of Chicago, have asked her through the years for recipes. So when she compiled the recipes for her book, she said, she thought it would be cool to include a history of the family. “That was my way to give them a flavor of their heritage.” Heinss started her own interior design business, Moon Interiors, in 1999. She was the visual merchandiser and buyer for Urban Home Market when she left her job in 2016 to focus on writing

a cookbook. The work was put on hold when Heinss’ mother, who suffers from dementia, moved in with her. “Her dementia made that year so hard that it nipped my creativity,” she said. After her mom was moved into memory care, COVID hit. “I worked on the book for two years straight, collecting new stories to go with those that I had already written,” Heinss said. The book was finished in March. “I had it completely compiled and sent it to graphic designer and photographer Kelsey Justice, who used to work for Alabama Magazine. She put the compilation into a layout and design format.

“It’s a personal gift to my children … for them and everyone else.” “We went back and forth editing and putting in pictures. I am so pleased with it.” The book includes a recipe for brined turkey that Heinss claims is the best she has ever tasted. But she will not be cooking it this Thanksgiving. “We are not having anyone for dinner this Thanksgiving. My daughter Kelly and her family are spending the holiday with his family in

Huntsville. Daughter Sarah is not coming home for Thanksgiving but will be home for Christmas “There will only be the two of us, and I will not be making a gigantic turkey. I am not exactly sure what we will do.” Last year, the turkey was the hit of her Thanksgiving dinner, along with mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, frozen cranberry and fruit salads, pecan pie and double-layer pumpkin pie. Heinss is back at Urban Home Market part time doing social media and helping with merchandising at the 17,000-square-foot store. She also continues interior design for clients whom she has worked with previously. “I don‘t want to take on new clients,” she said. “And I can leave that job at the end of the day when I am done. When you are an interior designer and working on a project, you never really leave that when you go home.” And what is the cookbook author’s favorite food? “I love Italian food,” Heinss said. “There are good recipes for lasagna and spaghetti in the cookbook. “But I gravitate toward homey things in the winter like chicken rice soup and dishes like that.” She said the best part of writing the book has been that it is a labor of love and fun. “It’s a personal gift to my children … for them and everyone else.” “Cook With Love” can be pre-ordered from tammyparrheinss.com/shop

2. Place the turkey on a roasting pan to catch any drips and wrap the whole dish tightly with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for one to two days. The day before you plan to roast the turkey, remove plastic wrap and put the turkey back in the fridge. The skin will dry out and turn a little translucent. 3. Thanksgiving Day, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. If there is anything on the bottom of your oven, the time to clean it out is before you preheat! 4. Place onion, lemon and thyme in the cavity. Tie legs together with kitchen string and tie the wings close to the body. Brush the turkey with the butter and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. 5. Place in the oven legs first and turn down to 325 degrees. Roast for about 3 hours or until the breast reaches 165 degrees and the thigh reaches 180 degrees with an instant-read thermometer. Check the temperature after 2 hours in the oven. 6. Remove from the oven and cover turkey tightly with foil to rest for 20-30 minutes. 7. Carve the turkey and arrange it on a platter. Cover with plastic wrap or foil. It can sit at room temperature for up to 2 hours.


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MEALS Friday, volunteers deliver a smile, a bit of friendly conversation and a filling, nutritionally balanced meal. The program is based at United Way of Central Alabama in Birmingham. Meals are free of charge and there are no income restrictions on seniors who participate. To qualify, an applicant must be age 60 or older, live in Jefferson County and be homebound and without help to shop for groceries or prepare a meal, according to United Way. Stone coordinates the 10-member Meals on Wheels volunteer team at her church, Canterbury United Methodist. They rotate in delivering 20 meals to the same recipients each weekday at Villa Maria’s two apartment buildings. Each volunteer has an assigned day to make deliveries, which works out to be one day every other week. Stone’s schedule means she usually participates every other Monday. It takes about 90 minutes to make the deliveries, she said. When the Canterbury Meals on Wheels volunteers organized, not all the members were familiar with each other, Stone said. “I had a little party at my house to make sure everyone knew each other,” she said. That makes it easier when a scheduling conflict arises; they can swap shifts. While specific residents who receive meals may change from time to time, there are others who the volunteers see all the time. “They become our friends,” Stone said. While delivering food is the primary aim, making the deliveries


Journal photo by Jordan Wald

From Page One

Meals on Wheels volunteer Linda Stone, left, delivers a meal and a smile to Lucille Crowe a longtime resident at Villa Maria Senior Community in Birmingham’s East Lake neighborhood, last week.

means the volunteers also can do an informal welfare check on the participants “We make sure they’re OK,” Stone said, adding that if someone doesn’t open their door to receive the meal, the volunteers can let Meals on Wheels know for follow-up.

ond floor of Villa Maria I, said he loves seeing volunteers like Stone. “I enjoy their company more than the food,” he said. During the pandemic, when daily

deliveries were restricted, Meals on munity with people,” she said. Wheels volunteers delivered food “Some of them don’t see anyone. once a week, Stone said. Every delivI’m not sure some of them have much ery contained a box with frozen meals family. It’s a little bit of a lifeline for that participants could eat during the them and provides social contact and week. Once pandemic conditions a meal,” Stone said. eased, regular weekday deliveries She enjoys the overall experience resumed. as a Meals on Stone, a Wheels volunteer. Volunteers Needed retired pediatri“I enjoy meeting people, talkWhile Meals on Wheels already is cian, became a delivering meals to 1,500 residents, ing to people,” Meals on Wheels more volunteers are needed to meet she said. “I enjoy volunteer about a demand, according to the United making a differyear after retiring Way of Central Alabama. ence in people’s from Over the You can help by signing up. lives. It feeds my Mountain It doesn’t involve a huge time soul as well as, Pediatrics in commitment, and volunteers say hopefully, it feeds 2018. Right after participating gives them great theirs.” retiring from her satisfaction. As Stone and 32-year medical For more information and to sign Kitchings precareer, she “took up, go to mowjeffco.org. pared to leave it easy a bit” and Villa Maria I and thought about head to the comwhat she wanted plex’s other building, Crowe smiled to do in the next chapter of her life. While she also is an active member of as she caught Stone’s attention. “Give me a hug goodbye,” she the Junior League of Birmingham said, a request Stone answered with a choral group and the choir, Meals on big smile of her own. Wheels is “a nice way to be in com-

Meals and Hugs

A typical delivery day begins at the United Way’s office in Birmingham, where volunteers pick up bags of hot meals ready to go. Stone and another volunteer, Edie Kitchings of Cahaba Heights, loaded the food into a car last week and took off for East Lake. At Villa Maria I, they began deliveries on the fourth floor. Resident Dianne Naftel is on their list. “I think it’s a great service. They are so pleasant, and I feel blessed to have it,” she said. Dan Lantaff, who lives on the sec-

Call us “Hanna Claus”

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Mon-Sat 10-5


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12 • Thursday, November 17, 2022



Like Mother, Like Daughter Woman Continues Christmas Stocking Tradition Started by Mom

Preparing for the Christmas season is a year-round job retired teacher Susan White inherited from her late mother, Lois Lee. That’s because White’s hand-knitted Christmas stockings, originated by Lee, are in demand at Homewood gift shop PrimeTime Treasures not only during the holidays but throughout the year. “It’s one of our most popular items. It’s Christmas 365 days a year,” said June Pryor, a volunteer and past chairman at the shop, which is operated and staffed by the Assistance League of Birmingham. While White’s Christmas stockings delight customers and earn her extra income, they are a legacy from her mother, who started making the stock-

Attic Antiques

Come Get Last Minute Decorations Tue.-Sat. 10-4:00 5620 Cahaba Valley Rd. 991-6887

ings to sell at PrimeTime Treasures decades ago. “That was my mama’s life. She was widowed for 47 years,” White said. “She made them all year long.” For more than 30 years, until she became ill several years before her death in May at 98, Lee knitted the stockings and sewed angel tree toppers and ornaments to sell at PrimeTime Treasures. Her daughter doesn’t do sewing crafts, but she’s mastered how to make the Christmas stockings. Mainly working with red, green and white acrylic yarn for the stocking itself, she incorporates a charming design, such as an angel, Santa and Mrs. Santa, a snowman, tin soldier and reindeer, to decorate each one. While her mother made the Christmas items consistently all year and kept them in a box under a bed until it was time to add a name to the top of the stocking when it was ordered, White waits for an order to come through before she starts knitting. “I work better under pressure,” she said. White said her mother made 60 to 70 Christmas stockings a year. This year, White made 50. Each sells for $92, Pryor said. Of that amount, White keeps $75 and the rest is used for the shop’s operating expenses.

Her Mother Tried …

Knitting is a hobby that came later in life, White said. She recalled her mother trying to teach her young daughter the craft, but White said she just wasn’t that interested in learning it. Knitting captured her attention in 1972 when she was a student teacher at a Bessemer kindergarten. A teacher at the school taught her and she made a red, white and green Christmas stocking for her then-fiancé, and future husband, George. “That stocking still hangs on my mantel every year,” she said, noting this Christmas marks the treasured stocking’s 50th anniversary. The couple will celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary next year. Additional Christmas stockings were made as the couple’s family expanded over the years, including for their two children and two grandchildren. “The dogs even have them too,” White added Her Christmas stockings hold up well for years because she uses the acrylic yarn, White said. “Moths get at wool and will ruin it. Mine is 50 years old and doesn’t have holes.” After she learned to knit, White often would help her mother make Christmas stockings when she got a

Journal photo by Jordan Wald

By Anne Ruisi

Susan White said her mother, Lois Lee, made 60 to 70 Christmas stockings a year. This year, White made 50. White is shown above with some of her stockings at PrimeTime Treasures in Homewood.

lot of orders and “if she was in a pickle.” One task she didn’t learn was how to make repairs to a stocking. “Mama could repair. She could do almost anything,” White said. While White has stopped taking orders for the season, she will start accepting them after New Year’s.

Examples of her work are on display at PrimeTime Treasures, where customers can place an order. Those at the shop fondly recall White’s mother and enjoy seeing White when she pops into the shop. “Her mom was a precious lady, and Susan is very much like her,” Pryor said.

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Inspired by Coca-Cola

Vestavia Hills Native Creates Popular Series of Santa Claus Paintings

Artist Dirk Walker didn’t discover his true calling until he was in his 30s, but since then he’s created several series of paintings that focus on scenes such as wildlife, landscapes, Birmingham landmarks and, notably in the holiday season, Santa Claus. His Santa Claus artwork will be on display Dec. 1 at a Christmas trunk show at Brombergs in Mountain Brook from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Walker’s Santa Claus paintings, which he started creating about 25 years ago, have become popular with collectors – so popular, in fact, that one pediatrician collected 27 of them and decorated his office with the paintings during the holidays, Walker said. “People have a warm, fresh and

Courtesy Dirk Walker

By Anne Ruisi

Dirk Walker started painting the Santa series almost as a joke, he said. He always loved the Coca-Cola Santas and wanted to paint one.

sometimes funny response to them,” Walker said. He started painting the Santa series almost as a joke, he said. He always

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 13


loved the Coca-Cola Santas and wanted to paint one. People still ask him to do them, and while in previous years he made different versions to pick from, this year he’s only doing two original Santa paintings. Fans don’t have to worry about the originals being sold before they can buy one; Walker offers prints. As a child in Vestavia Hills, Walker doodled, but his desire was to go into architecture. He was accepted at Auburn University but not into its renowned architecture school, so he went into industrial design. Walker was working for Central Bank of the South in the 1980s when he started painting for stress relief. He took one of his pieces to the Loretta Goodwin Gallery in Birmingham to get framed, and Goodwin was

impressed. She asked to see two or three more of his paintings. “It took me about two years to feel confident to bring more in,” he said. Eventually, he bought the gallery when Goodwin retired and owned it for about 20 years, until he decided to Acrylic on canvas by Maya Eventov concentrate on painting and brought in Beverly McNeil. The Beverly McNeil Gallery in Birmingham now carries his work, as do galleries in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. He has an online print store at dirkwalkerfineart.com.

Acrylic by Maya Eventov

Holiday Decadence Gift Basket $79 109 Hilltop Business Drive Pelham www.GriffithArtGallery.com 205.985.7969

2933 18th Street South Homewood, AL 35209 www.alabamagoods.com

Facebook.com/alabamagoods Instagram.com/alabamagoods

November Ad

14 • Thursday, November 17, 2022



Journal photos by Jordan Wald

Kathryn McPhaul, Katie Ross, Meagan Gargis and Carrie Gargis

Sue Ellen Binkley, Jamie Crow, Marie Knight, Angie Whiddon, Lauren Globetti, Amy Byars and Megann Cain

Homewood Witches Ride ‘Witches’ Fly Bicycles Around Homewood for Cancer Research

elebrating its 10th anniversary Oct. 30, the Homewood Witches Ride drew hundreds as “witches” rode their bicycle “brooms” on a 2.5-mile route to benefit the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB. Participants dressed up for the spooky fun occasion and decorated their bikes as they threw candy to children and families watching the “flight.” An after party with live music at Little Donkey was held with the witches and their supporters in attendance. ❖


Michelle Davis, Tiffany Linn, Leslie Dawson and Leigh Anna Hall

Sloane Drumm, Carrie Hicks, Jen Driskill, Cassidy Quimby, Sarah Jelks, Jenna Shugart, Kat Bailey, Katie Carroll; Back row, Jama Ketchum, Haley Brignac, Amanda Flavin, Zoe Burgess and Amy Stone

Front, Maggie Misner and Megan Jones. Back Ellen Bridges, Sally Bajalieh, Kristi Wood, Hayden Lancaster, Alex Whitfield, Bree Johnson and Audrey Bone.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us at

Park South Plaza 1425 Montgomery Hwy., Suite 111 Next to Diplomat Deli in Vestavia Hills Mon.-Fri. 10:00 - 5:00 Sat. 10-3 (205) 822-9173


Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 15


Witchy Evening

Witches of Cahaba Heights Enthrall During Their First Halloween Ride

Purchase a Gift Card, Earn up to a $500 Bonus Gift Card

Journal photos by Jordan Wald

Going on Now through Nov. 30th

Lori Stokes, Cailin Jones, Ginny Mayhew, Haley Wright and Caitlin Jackson

Jennifer Fuqua and Amanda Beshears

Playful “witches” rode their brooms and tossed candy to children Oct. 29 at the first Cahaba Heights Witches Ride. Participants dressed as witches and rode their bicycle “brooms” through the community in this fundraiser for the Cahaba Heights Merchant Association Community Beautification Initiative. The ride ended with a block party at The Heights Village and a fun, family-friendly Halloween movie shown at dusk. ❖

Karen Rayburn, Mary Joyce Lynch and Kaylee Lynch















225 Summit Blvd., Ste. 700 Birmingham, AL 205.870.3300 @GusMayerBirmingham

Anna Russell and Laura Pemberton

Karley Nemeth, Brittany Norman and Marie Thompson




Featuring Designer Vintage Handbags from Classic Coco including Chanel, Hermès & Louis Vuitton. 225 Summit Blvd., Ste. 700 Birmingham, AL 205.870.3300 @GusMayerBirmingham

Lisa Heifner-Hobson, Charlotte Ann Adams and Tish Tillis

Kathryn Dorlon, Rachelle Cather and Leslie Culver

16 • Thursday, November 17, 2022

Rehab Reality... by Judy Butler



A New Orleans Halloween Mystics of Mountain Brook Float Parade Through Crestline

A Mardi Gras take on All Hallows Eve entertained the crowd as the Mystics of Mountain Brook held its 20th annual Halloween parade Oct. 31. The family-friendly parade with floats and throws to catch drew huge crowds as it wound its way through Crestline. ❖

This time of year we often begin to stress, with the gift giving season only weeks away. There’s graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and of course birthdays throughout the year. As you think of what to give, consider a gift of love. If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction, Bayshore Retreat can be that gift. No one plans on being an addict, but with quality care everyone can beat it. In many cases, this will also be a gift of life. Each year hundreds of thousands die from overdose or alcohol related accidents. The choices we make have consequences and the choice of going or not going to rehab can be a life-changing consequence. We receive calls from previous clients often just to check on us and let us know that they are celebrating their 5thor 8th year of sobriety. Because we have only six clients at a time, there is a bonding that happens between our staff and clients as well as between clients. Most rehabs have hundreds of beds and use 12-step meetings as their program. At Bayshore Retreat, clients receive about 30 hours of counseling weekly (individual, small group and Life Skills) not 12-step meetings. Coming to Bayshore Retreat is like an escape. It’s an escape from addiction. When we say that we take the “Fear Out of Rehab”, this is what we mean. Most places treat everyone the same, with a ‘cookie cutter’ regimen. The addiction might be the only thing clients really have in common. This why they need the individual attention we provide to beat it.

Journal photos by Jordan Wald

Give a Gift of Love and Life



In Cognito

Partygoers dressed up for a night of dancing at Tricia’s Treasures Costume Ball on Oct. 29. The event at the Homewood antique store featured a costume contest, a signature drink, the Redmont Spellbinder by Redmont Vodka, and a dessert bar. A portion of tickets sales were donated to Banks Academy. ❖

Kris and Brittany Macon

Journal photos by Jordan Wald

Supporters Were Spellbound at Tricia’s Treasures Costume Ball

Electra Martin and Gregory Goetcheus

Matt Monroe and Tricia Thomas

Cathy and David Phares

Trent Farrow and Barbara Shepherd

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 17

18 • Thursday, November 17, 2022



150 Years of Care

Hundreds of Adventers filled the Fennec on Oct. 20 to celebrate the Cathedral Church of the Advent’s 150th anniversary as a congregation in downtown Birmingham. It was an evening of fellowship that recalled the ministry of the Advent’s activities and growth during its 150 years. The celebration featured an opening prayer and welcome from Dean Craig Smalley, followed by a brief presentation on the history of the Advent, written by Alice Bowsher and read by Margot Cooney and David Fleming. Fred and Carrie Teardo led attendees in singing hymns. Dr. Jonathan Linebaugh, Anglican Chair at Beeson Divinity School, also joined the festivities, delivering a word of encouragement and reflecting on the ministry of the Advent. The event was coordinated by Emily Curran and Elizabeth Sharman, with help from countless church members who assisted with decorations, flower arrangements, invitation design, the compilation of a slideshow and many other details. The Advent will continue its celebration with special Sunday services on Dec. 4 at 9 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. ❖


Cathedral Church of the Advent Marks Its Anniversary With Several Events

Jay Gardner, John Hargrove, Jay Ezelle and Kelly Hargrove

Tommy Mayfield, Emma Kegley, John Kegley, Maxwell Josephs, Auburn Powell, Ginger Mayfield

Elizabeth Sharman, Ann Haas, Emily Curran

IIIGUINIII 205-595-4846

www.guinservice.com Air Conditioning • Plumbing • Generators

Mae Mae Kracke, Gil Kracke and Jono Linebaugh

Perry Keel and David Hezlep Will and Elizabeth Fagan, Sharon Segner, Madison and Ben Nye


Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 19


New York lifestyle brand Frances Valentine opens new retail location at The Summit Birmingham Back in 2016, co-founders (and best friends) Elyce Arons and Kate Spade launched Frances Valentine, following their wildly successful foray into fashion with the one-and-only Kate Spade. You can think of Frances Valentine as the next chapter in the journey—a continuation of the joysparking, vintage-inspired, legendary style for which founders are known and loved. At its core, Frances Valentine conWE BELIEVE PERSONAL STYLE IS A MOOD-BOOSTING, CONVERSATION-SPARKING, CONFIDENCE-BUILDING CELEBRATION OF A LIFE WELL-LIVED. Elyce Arons, Frances Valentine co-founder

veys the spirit of Arons and Spade, two best college friends who dreamed big and had the moxie to make their mark on the world of fashion. In fact, the name itself is an ode to love, heritage, and deep connection—a celebration of lasting friendship, personal confidence, and heart-fluttering nostalgia.

Hello Birmingham! We’ve arrived at The Summit 225 Summit Blvd, Suite 97 W W W. F R A N C E S VA L E N T I N E . C O M @ F VA L E N T I N E N Y

“At Frances Valentine, we make clothes with heart, soul, and a story to tell – clothes that inspire you tell yours,” said co-founder Elyce Arons, left. “Clothes that make you smile every time you open your wardrobe. Clothes that make fashion feel fun again, that transcend trends and spark joy, year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation. We make clothes that create connection and friendships. “We believe personal style is a mood-boosting, conversation-sparking, confidence-building celebration of a life well-lived. It’s a timeless pursuit; a form of self expression that only gets better with age because it’s evolving in real time – just like us.” “This holiday season we are donning bright shiny sequins, fun, floral jacquards and plush, jewel toned velvets,” Said Elyce. “Although we do not consider our collections to be trendy, we are right on trend with our party and occasion wear this year. In addition to our clothing, we also

offer beautiful jewelry, handbags, and shoes that are the perfect complements to our line. We also have great gift items to please everyone on your list, including beautiful leather gloves, hand-knit mittens, scarves & hats, as well as a great new Pickleball paddle set. We have stocked up on hostess gifts with our new letterpress stationery collections, FV signature wine bags, fun puzzles and so many more unique, personal gift items that you will be able to shop in store. All of our items are able to come wrapped in our optional FV blue gift bag with red ribbon, which will make gifting a breeze! “We could not be more excited to launch our newest retail store in Birmingham. We make sure that our retail locations feel like you are walking into your best friend’s living room - warm, welcoming and gracious, so join us for a unique and personal shopping experience in our new store location at the Summit Birmingham!” Frances Valentine’s new retail store is located at 225 Summit Blvd, Suite 97 – next to Belk.

20 • Thursday, November 17, 2022



Sportsman’s Social

Journal photos by Jordan Wald

Clay Shoot Participants Took a Night to Relax Before Doing Battle the Next Day

David Baylot and Chrissy Kennedy

Carolyn Howell, John and Beth Lauriello and Cindy Whisner

Iron City Birmingham was the site for the Sportsman’s Social on Nov. 3 as supporters of the Lord Wedgwood Charity gathered there the evening before the annual Clay Shoot fundraiser on Nov. 4. The social offered participants a chance to relax, mix and mingle before the clay shoot, which was held the next day at the Orvis Shooting Facility at Pursell Farms in Sylacauga. The two-part fundraiser was presented by Bromberg’s to support the Lord Wedgwood Charity’s mission to place life-saving AEDs in schools, athletic programs, camps and nonprofits throughout the Southeast. ❖

at Lane Parke

Thursday Dec 1st 5 pm – 7 pm

Allen and Paige Dye

HOPE Begins with a Meal This Thanksgiving, you can set the table for lasting transformation. A warm meal at our facility for the homeless and hurting in our community is often the first step for hope. Our Active Recovery program then addresses the root causes of homelessness for anyone who wants to do their part. So many of our neighbors are struggling this time of year. They need your help. Your generous financial support this holiday helps start the process of their recovery.

Scan the QR code or visit jimmiehalemission.com/donate to give today.




Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 21

Allen and Paige Dye Vaughn Spanjer

Marcia Twitty and Gail Braswell

The holidays are time for The holidays arewith timefamily. for getting together getting together family. IfThe you notice that someone in your family holidays arewith time for SUMMIT BOULEVARD | 205.870.9477

Charlie and Marcie DeBardeleben and Marilyn and Jeff Whitlock

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @LevysatGusMayer

needs some extra care and attention, If you notice that someone in your family The arewith time for getting together family. give holidays us a call at Always Best Care. needs some extra care and attention, getting together withyour family. If you notice someone family give us a that call at AlwaysinBest Care. some extra care and attention, Ifneeds you notice that someone in your family As the only home healthcare company in the state give us a call at Always Best Care. needs some extra care and attention, of Alabama to be accredited by the Accreditation

As the only healthcare company in the state givehome us call at Always Best and Care. Commission ofaHealthcare (ACHC) the National ofAssociation Alabama toof beHome accredited by the Accreditation Care and Hospice (NAHC), As the only home healthcare company in theNational state Commission of Healthcare (ACHC) and the Always Best Care has served hundreds of seniors As the only to home healthcare company in the state of Alabama be accredited by the Accreditation Association ofindividuals Home Careinand Hospice (NAHC), and disabledto Birmingham. Services of Alabama be accredited by theand Accreditation Commission of Healthcare (ACHC) theofNational Always Best Care has served hundreds seniors provided byof Certified Nurse Aides include Commission Healthcare (ACHC) and (CNA’s) the (NAHC), National Association of Home Care and Hospice and disabled individuals Birmingham. Services Association of Home Careinand Hospice (NAHC), personal care, transportation, meal preparation, Always Best Care has served hundreds of seniors provided by Certified Nurseand Aides (CNA’s) include Always Best Care has served hundreds of seniors reminders companionship. andmedication disabled individuals in Birmingham. Services and disabled in Birmingham. Services personal care,individuals transportation, meal preparation, provided by Nurse Aides(CNA’s) (CNA’s) include provided byCertified Certified Nurse Aides Always Best Care combines high include touch medication reminders and companionship. personal care, transportation, mealpreparation, preparation, care,through transportation, meal andpersonal high tech frequent in-home checkups, medication reminders and companionship. medication reminders and companionship. Always Best Care combines free balance testing, ashigh welltouch as and high tech through frequent in-home checkups, 7x24 smart technology monitoring. Always hightouch touch AlwaysBest BestCare Care combines combines high free balance testing, as well as and hightech techthrough through frequent frequent in-home and high in-homecheckups, checkups, 7x24 smart technology free balance testing, as well free balance testing, asmonitoring. wellasas 7x24smart smarttechnology technology monitoring. 7x24 monitoring.

Here is what one of our client’s family member had to say about Always Best Care: “I would like to express myclient’s appreciation the in-home youabout provided to us Best after Care: my Here is what one of our familyfor member had care to say Always Here is what one of our client’s family member had to say about Always Best Care: wife’s were veryclient’s pleased with the caregivers Always Care.Best TheyCare: were Heresurgery. is whatWe one of our family member had from to say aboutBest Always

“Ivery would to express my appreciation forcomforting thethe in-home you provided to us after “Ilike would like toaexpress mytime. appreciation for in-home care you provided uscaregivers after my mywere helpful during difficult It was tocare know that all of to the “I would like to express my appreciation for the in-home care you provided to us after my wife’s surgery. We were very pleased with thethe caregivers from Always Best Care. They were wife’s surgery. WeWe were very pleased with caregivers from Best They were Certified Nurse Aides. would recommend your services toAlways anyone in Care. search of quality wife’s surgery. We were very pleased with the caregivers from Always Best Care. They were very during aones. difficult time.time. was comforting to thatall allofofthe the caregivers helpful during a Thanks difficult It was comforting toknow knowexcellent that caregivers carehelpful forvery their loved toIt your caregivers for their help.” – B.M werewere very helpful aWe difficult time. It was comforting to know that allinof the caregivers were Certified Nurse Aides. We would recommend yourservices services of quality Certified Nurseduring Aides. would recommend your to anyone anyone insearch search of quality Certified Nurse Aides. We would recommend your services to anyone in search of quality care for their loved ones. Thanks to your caregivers for their excellent help.” – B.M care for their loved ones. Thanks to your caregivers for their excellent help.” – B.M care for their loved ones. Thanks to your caregivers for their excellent help.” – B.M

Always Best Care, 6 Office Park Circle, Suite 315, Mountain Brook, AL 35223, 205-874-9730, jmancuso@abc-seniors.com Always Best Care, 6 Office Park Circle, Suite 315, Mountain Brook, AL 35223, 205-874-9730, jmancuso@abc-seniors.com

Always Best Care, 6 Office Park Circle, Suite 315, Mountain Brook, AL 35223, 205-874-9730, jmancuso@abc-seniors.com Always Best Care, 6 Office Park Circle, Suite 315, Mountain Brook, AL 35223, 205-874-9730, jmancuso@abc-seniors.com

22 • Thursday, November 17, 2022

Food and the sounds of live music by The Hams drew supporters to Dread River Distilling Company in Birmingham for the second annual Sips for Sound benefit for the Woolley Institute for SpokenLanguage Education on Nov. 6. WISE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching hearingimpaired children to speak and helps children who have speech and language delays. Comprehensive therapy provides opportunities for children who are deaf and hard of hearing to listen, speak, read and integrate fully into the hearing society. ❖

Journal photos by Jordan Wald

Sips for Sound

Live Music Raises Money to Help HearingImpaired Children



Allison, Emme and Audie Wooley

Jill Musgraves, Laura Primer and Sara Enger

Ashley and Phillip Johnson

Jim and Kathryn Delk and Haley and Mike Carton

Gary and Mandy Allen

Helen Lee and Graham Miles


Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 23



Mary Margaret Gullage, Elizabeth Jernigan, Laura Lancaster, Lesley Giles and Allison Ingram

Carleton Ambrose, Anna Hussey, Gin Echols and Ginna Gardner

Reminiscent of College

Delta Delta Delta Chapters Unite for Fall Gathering

Imagine your home, totally organized! Custom Closets, Garage Cabinets, Home Office, Pantries, Laundries Wall Beds, Wall Units, Hobby Rooms, Garage Flooring and more...

Alumnae Tri Deltas were treated to music and food during a fall gathering Oct. 26 at B.Prince in Mountain Brook Village. The Delta Delta Delta Birmingham Alumnae Chapter hosted the party, which included the Derek Day band and food from Vaughn and Company. Some of the DDD chapters represented were Alabama University, Auburn, Samford, Ole Miss, Wake Forest and Brenau University. Some of those who attended included Birmingham chapter President Catherine Pewitt, Sara Schilleci, Mae Mae Kracke, Laura Terrell Griese, Catherine Gross. Mary Margaret Gullage, Elizabeth Jernigan, Laurie Hereford, Frances Tynes, Turner Hull, Paige Jacoby, Joy Boozer, Kim Poynor, Lynn Ritchie, Laura Lancaster, Lesley Giles, Allison Ingram, Anne Sherrod, Jean Smallwood, Sarah Duggan, Cameron Estes, Anna Hussey, Anna Fikes and Ginna Gardner. ❖


for 18 Months! With approved credit. Call or ask your Designer for details.

Turner Hull, Paige Jacoby and Frances Tynes

Catherine Pewitt, Sarah Duggan, Sara Schilleci and Laurie Hereford

40% Off

Call for a free in home design consultation and estimate


Free Installation Terms and Conditions: 40% off any order of $1000 or more or 30% off any order of $700-$1000 on any complete custom closet, garage, or home office unit. Not valid with any other offer. Free installation with any complete unit order of $600 or more. With incoming order, at time of purchase only. Expires in 30 days. Offer not valid in all regions.

(205) 551-9061 www.closetsbydesign.com



Toy Talk

Over the Mountain Toy Stores Offer Best Bets for Christmas Morning



anta isn’t the only one making a list and checking it twice. Over the Mountain shoppers seeking great gift ideas for the young ones should look at these suggestions from our friends at Homewood Toy & Hobby and Snoozy’s/george in Mountain Brook. Please note that toy selections and prices may vary from store to store.

Homewood Toy & Hobby owner Tricia McCain likes Mindware Dig It Up! The Big Egg. It lets kids “excavate” seven dinosaurs out of an oversized egg.


Do you have any tips for shoppers who are navigating the 2022 holiday shopping season? The most important tip that I would give shoppers is not to wait on purchasing items that are at the top of their list. Most of our suppliers are shipping in a timely fashion these days but, with it already being HOMEWOOD TOY & November, the cut off for reorders will be here soon and HOBBY is at 2830 18th St. some of the hotter items will already be sold out for the year S. in downtown Homewood. from our suppliers. For more information, What is your favorite rising trend in toys? call 205-879-3986 or visit We have been seeing a rising trend in parents buying toys homewoodtoy-hobby.com or that provide quality play time. There has been an uptick in the store’s Facebook page. sales of board games, puzzles, more hands-on items like Lego and science/robotic type building kits. We are selling more toys that encourage group play and STEM play rather than novelty toys like fidgets and slime, which were all the rage last year.


Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Stack, $19.99, is a classic stacking toy of silicone cups topped by a squishy, textured bubble the little ones will love to push and pop. Ages 6 months and up. Kidoozie Whirl n’ Go Ball Tower, $19.99, is a six-tier ball tower for little hands that teaches fine motor skills. Ages 9 months and up. The sweet pastel design of the wood Classic World Toys Afternoon Tea Set, $34.99, will delight any child and guests at teatime. Ages 3 and up. A sequin Santa tutu is among the many vivid patterns of the Sparkle Sisters tutus for dress up, $32.99.

Ages 2 and up. Swedish in design, Viking Toys Noah’s Ark, $32.99, is durable, with a plastic ark and animals. Ages 1 -5. Bruder Trucks, $29.99 - $140, are the best brand of trucks in the market. They’re made in Germany and offer replicas of trucks made by Jeep, Cat, Mercedes and other truck manufacturers. Ages 2 and up. Spinmaster RC Monster Jam Gravedigger, $79.99, for ages 4 and up, is a remote-control monster truck for beginners that’s great for kids up to age 6. The shop has hobbygrade remote control vehicles for kids 7 and up in its hobby department.

See TRICIA, page 23

Snoozy’s Kids owner George Jones says that Stiix, which comes with two Bluetooth speakers with two different lighting modes, is a great gift for that hard to buy for tween or adult.


Do you have any tips for shoppers who are navigating the 2022 holiday shopping season? My advice to shoppers is to consider buying the item you are interested in when you see it. Shipping delays are still very much a problem in 2022. And of course, buy from your local merchants! We have searched SNOOZY’S KIDS is at our markets to bring you curated items at a reasonable price. 228 Country Club Park in And where else can you get your gifts wrapped? Mountain Brook’s Crestline What is your favorite rising trend in toys? Village. For more information, Whether it be art kits, science kits, puzzles or games, call 205-871-2662 or visit the customers seem to be looking for hands-on items. Anything store’s Facebook page. to give the children a break away from a screen.


Hape Musical Whale Fountain, $39.99, is for bath time fun. It’s an engaging toy that squirts water and plays music when the child presses the keys, which are little whales. Ages 18 months and up. Tonies, are interchangeable characters that tell stories and sing songs when placed atop the soft sided, storytelling audio Toniebox. Put one of the characters, such as Olaf from “Frozen,” Clark the Shark, Eloise or a penguin, on top of the box and enjoy their story. $99 for the box, $15.99 per character. Ages 3 and up. Where’s Squeaky? $14.99, is an interactive hide and seek game where Squeaky, a cute mouse, makes noises and teases players with phrases like, “Hey, I’m over here!” Ages 4 and up.

Tongues Out, $19.99, is a memory game for preschoolers in which players match puppies by the color of their tongues. Ages 4 and up. Children still want to play with Barbie, which starts at $14.99 for a single doll and $9.99 for a smaller version. Don’t forget accessories and Barbie sets, such as gymnast or horse trainer Barbie. Ages 3 and up. Jellycat, $15 and up, is a premier line of stuffed animals designed in London. Elephants, dogs, pandas, even flamingoes, feel so soft “they melt in your hands,” George said. All ages. “So stinkin’ cute,” is how George describes the line of Varsity letter items, $25 and up. Glittery initials on purple and

See GEORGE, page 23


TRICIA From page 22

Made in Spain, LLorens Dolls, $79.99 and up, are exquisite, lifelike dolls featuring adorable babies and toddlers. Ages 3 and up. Mindware Dig It Up! The Big Egg, $21.99, lets kids “excavate” seven dinosaurs out of an oversized egg. Comes with two chisels so a friend can join the fun. Ages 4 and up. Rainbow Loom Combo Set, $17.99, includes all the loops and charms and a loom to make bracelets, and it comes in a storage box. Ages 7 and up. Schylling Toys Lava Lamps, $34.99 and up, are great for preteens and teens. Great for boys and girls, and family game night, Fat Brain Toys Heap-o-Sheep, $29.99, challenges players to use a springboard to launch their plastic sheep into a paddock. Ages 5 and up.

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 25

TOY STORY Another great family gift is Playmonster Magical World of Disney Trivia game, $44.99. Ages 6 and up. Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack purses, $74.99 - $99.99, have a huge following among Disney fans. With a wide selection featuring Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh, and even Disney villains, these are great for preteens, teens and adults. Outdoor game combo Franklin Sports Fun 5 Combo, $74.99, includes badminton, ring toss, frisbee, jai alai and volleyball. It’s great for a family gift. Ages 8 and up.

Mary Charles’ Doll House

GEORGE From page 22

pink accessory bags labeled “hair,” “makeup” and “stuff” will appeal to tweens. Very popular with tweens, but kids as young as eight like them too. There’s also a line of small purses shaped like a cat’s head designed for little girls. Then there is the ever-popular Lego, $5.99 and up. Lego kits range from simple to complicated. Ages 5 and up, depending on the kit. For the younger set, there are Duplo sets, $12.99 and up, which are Lego-like blocks but chunkier so they’re easier for smaller hands to handle. Ages 3 and up. Moving Target Blaster, $49.99, is a game where players try to hit the target as it moves side to side. Ages 8 and up. Gib Gab, $24.99, is a fast-paced

New, Collectible Antique Dolls 2820 Petticoat Lane Mtn. Brook Village 870-5544 Open Thur. - Sat. 10am - 4:30pm

family trivia game. Ages 8 and up. George’s favorite toy this year is the Odyssey Trailblazer Fog Car, $49.99. It’s a remotecontrolled car with sound effects. Put water in the car and smoke comes out the tailpipe. There are interior and outdoor versions of the toy. Another version is The Ripper, $94.99. Ages 8 and up. Pickleball set, $100. Everyone’s playing, so why not get a set for the family? Science kits, $19 and up, are educational but fun. Pick from kits such as Perfume Labs, Gross Nose Science, Wind Bots, Talking Telescope and more. Ages 7-10. Wooden toys are popular, $80 and up. A finely crafted dollhouse,

To: From: Date:

$219, designed in France comes with furniture and a doll family, and Noah’s Ark, $119, is crafted in fine detail. Crystal Space Terrarium, $23.99, is a crystal growing kit in a UFO-shaped terrarium with glow in the dark features you can decorate. Ages 6 and up. Slender columns that offer big sound, Stiix, $99.99 are USB speakers that can be placed vertically or horizontally to fit your space. Charge them and move around the house. Ages tweens, teens, adults.

Mary Charles' Doll House Mary Charles’ Dolls, Doll Houses and Minatures

Doll House

COME SEE New, Collectible US IN Antique Dolls HOMEWOOD! 1901 Oxmoor Rd. 2820 Petticoat Lane Mtn. Brook Village 205-870-5544 870-5544

Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm

Open Thur. - Sat. 10am - 4:30pm

Mary Charles Robbins Over The Mountain Journal, 205-823-9646 ph., 205-824-1246, fax May 2010

To: Mary Charles This is your AD PROOF from the OVER THE MOU From: Over the Mountain JuneJournal 3, 2010 issue. Please fax approval or c 823-9646 ph, 824-1246 fax Date: Nov 2018 Please make sure all informat

including address and phon

This is your ad proof for the OTMJ for the November 15, 2018issue. Plea possible to approve your ad or make changes. You may fax

To: From: Date:

Mary Charles Robbins Over The Mountain Journal, 205-823-9646 ph., 205-824-1246, fax May 2010

initial and fax backincludin within Please make sure all Please information is correct,

If we have not heard from you by 5 pm of the Friday your ad will run as is. We print the pape

Thank you for your prompt Thank you for your prompt

If we have not heard from you by 5 pm of the friday before th

This is your AD PROOF from the OVER THE MOUNTAIN JOURNAL for the June 3, 2010 issue. Please fax approval or changes to 824-1246.

Please make sure all information is correct, including address and phone number! Please initial and fax back within 24 hours.

If we have not heard from you by 5 pm of the Friday before the press date, your ad will run as is. We print the paper Monday.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Monday-Friday 9:30-6:30 • Saturday 9:30-5:30 • Sunday 12:00-5:00 in November & December 2830 18th Street South • Homewood, • HomewoodToy-Hobby.com 2830 18th Street South • Homewood,AL AL35209 35209 • • 205.879.3986 205.879.3986. • HomewoodToy-Hobby.com



Children’s Hospital Ornament, Christopher Radko “The Doctor Is In” $75. Dr. Teddy is ready to share encouragement and cheer with the sick children who need him most. A percentage of the sales from this ornament will benefit Children’s of Alabama. Bromberg’s, 205-871-3276, Mountain Brook; 205-969-1776, The Summit



nce again we’ve asked some of our favorite area merchants, who just happen to be our valued advertisers, to offer a few can’t miss ideas for this Holiday Season. Business is good, people are shopping, so don’t delay, take this list with you and start shopping local today. It’s good for our economy, it’s good for Santa and it’s especially good for those on your list. e

Wool sheep starting at $12. Attic Antiques 205-991-6887.

Marla Aaron locket earrings reversible, mini caricatures of Marla’s lock shapes in earrings! Available in 18K yellow, white, and rose gold, $288 each (sold as singles). Etc..., 205-871-6747 shopetcjewelry.com

The Foghat Cocktail Smoker will change the way you experience food, wine and spirits. Flavored natural smoking fuel is added to smoker and burnt, creating a cascading waterfall of delicious culinary smoke to enhance the flavor of your culinary delights, $65. The Cook Store, 205-879-5277.

The lowest prices on Big Green Eggs through the end of the year and all the many accessories and great gift ideas in stock. Assembly, delivery, and financing available. AllSouth Appliance, 205-749-5224

ICONS: 50 Heroines Who Shaped Contemporary. Hardcover, 112 pages, 8 1/2 “x 8”. Birmingham Museum of Art’s Museum Shop 205-254-2389 shop.artsbma.org

Recess and Frances Valentine team up to bring joyful and happy paddles to the pickleball world, Recess and Frances Valentine Pickleball Paddle Set Juniper, $148. Frances Valentine, francesvalentine.com

Johnny Was cozy blankets. B. Prince, 205-871-1965

Detachable South Sea pearl earring jackets, $1,250 to $2,450. JB & Co., 205-478-0455

Glenwood’s Pecans for Autism have been a holiday staple for more than 40 years. Glenwood, 205795-3353, glenwood.org/shop

Resin and gold metal server set, $24. Ashford Hill for Henhouse Antiques, 205-918-0505.

Give a personal touch to your tree this year with pictures of family and friends. Frame measures 2-3/4” square, $17. Christines on Canterbury, 205-871-8297

Birmingham Zoo Family Membership: Enjoy your Zoo allyear-long! $145 2 adults and up to 6 children (ages 2-17). Birmingham Zoo, 205-879-0409

Gift Basket, customize it with any spices or products you want or add a gift card. Sexton’s Seafood, 205-967-3437

“Believe” Anne Neilson limited edition signed print 5” x 5” framed in acrylic, $79. Baker Lamps & Linens, 205-981-3330

CC White Slippers comes in women’s sizes 6/7- 9/10, $58. GiGis 205-593-4586

Cookie Fix holiday tins, because cookies are always a sweet idea. Tins hold from 8 to 40 cookies, $27 - $128. Cookie Fix, Homewood, Cahaba Heights and cookiefix.com.


Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 27


Happy Holidays!

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! Let Mantooth Interiors be your first stop in preparing your home for the holidays. Original Holiday, Birchwood Pine, and Hearth by Nest. Single wick $49. Mantooth Interiors, 205-879-5474

“If you only knew” is a beautifully framed original 36”x48” abstract painting by Corrie Jackson Hayes. A beautiful gift for the centerpiece of any fabulous room. Tricia’s Treasures, 205-871-9779

Bogg Bag is unique because of its patented design and durability. Perfect for tailgates, picnics or the beach, available in a variety of colors in two sizes, $69 - $89. Little Soles, 205-970-6990

Let TruBlue help catch up on your honey-do lists, $249 for three hours. Holiday décor, leaky faucets, grab bars, hinges, door knobs, pressure wash, replace ceiling lights and filters and other small projects around the house. TruBlue, 205-839-3838

Melatonik: Dr. Gunn’s favorite nonirritating, non-drying retinol. This night time serum works while you sleep. Wake up with the most beautiful glow! Gunn Dermatology, 205- 415-7536

Cotton and acrylic, super soft and cozy throws! Lots fo beautiful colors and machine washable! Marguerite’s Conceits, 205-879-2730

To: From: Date:

BIRDFOOD FEEDERS GARDEN ACCENTS UNIQUE GIFTS 1580 Montgomery Hwy, Birmingham 823-6500 • www.wbu.com/birmingham

WBU Over The Mountain Journal, PHONE: 205-823-9646 FAX: 205-824-1246 Nov


This is your AD PROOF from the OVER THE MOUNTAIN JOURNAL for the Nov. 17, 2022 issue. Please fax approval or changes to 824-1246.

TRENDS Please make sure all information is correct, including address and phone number!

Handmade blown glass ornaments from Egypt, $36. The Village Poodle, 205-423-5443

Beatriz Ball Luxury Melamine large bowl. The pieces are perfect for entertaining with style year ‘round, both indoors and out. The Blue Willow, 205-968-0909

Stunning 18kt white gold ruby and diamond ring and 18kt white gold emerald and diamond ring, BartonClay Fine Jewelers, 205-871-7060.

A gift they can open every day, a Brio Collection walk-in closet with slanted shoe shelves, decorative drawers and polished nickel handles. Prices vary, call for free design and quote. Closets by Design, 205-777-4000.

Please initial and fax back within 24 hours. Zakano socks made in Fort Payne If we have not heard from you by 5 pm of the Friday before the press date, from organic cotton with no seams in your ad will run as is. We print the paper Monday. the toes in fun, beautiful colors, $19. Thank you for your prompt attention. The Lingerie Shoppe, 205-871-8994

Fresh gift cards from your neighborhood Piggly Wiggle are the perfect stocking stuffer. thepigbham.com.

SHAY S 1678 Montgomery Hwy • Hoover, AL • 978-5880 www.shaysjewelers.com

28 • Thursday, November 17, 2022


One of a kind ruby and diamond necklace, custom designed by Mother Daughter designers, $5,500. Avani Rupa Fine Jewelers, 205-982-4888 avanirupa.com

Maison Francis Kurkdjian; Baccarat Rouge 540 is a luminous and intense fragrance with amber and woody floral notes. Gus Mayer, 205-870-3300

Southern Christmas Holiday Table Setting with Gold Charger, $41; Hand-Painted Christmas Botanical Napkin, $11; and Burnished Metal Antler Napkin Ring, $11. Urban Home Market, 205-980-4663

“White Poppies in Bloom” by Maya Eventov, 24”X24” acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $1,890. Griffith Art Gallery, 205-985-7969

Homewood Theatre Christmas Gift Card can then be used for any performance at Homewood Theatre. Go to homewoodtheatre.com click “Schedule/Tickets” then click “Gift Card” or call 205-873-1816.

Eighteen inch custom engraved shield necklace features vintage chain, our exclusive shield pendant, and exclusive Ex Voto toggle, $269. Ex Voto, 205-538-7301

Tarpon Cellars Cabaret Sauvignon - 750 mL. This delicious Napa valley cab is perfect for the holiday season with its bright fruit and heavy texture, $132.00 R&R Wine & Liquor, 205-8482080

Henau frames, traditional craftsmanship with a certain uniqueness, for people who love shapes, structure and colours, $485. iiis., 205-930-9394

Give the gift of science, learning, and fun that lasts all year long. Annual memberships start at $120 and provide memories that last a life time. McWane Science Center, 205-714-8300

For the one that can’t get enough: one month of unlimited rides, $240 and a pair of TIEM cycling shoes, $130. Ignite Cycle, 205-639-6908

Lily Juliet Servers Celadon, $180. Table Matters, 205-8790125.

Danz N Motion dance bags available for all dance styles and ages, $25-$45. Applause Dancewear, 205-871-7837


Our gift cards make great gifts or stocking stuffers! They can be purchased on our website DavenportsPizza.com or at our Vestavia and Mountain Brook locations.

Sweet Dreams Santa Green Gingham pj’s, comes in sizes 2T-8, $54. The Lili Pad, 205-298-1811

Fuzzy Footies, $9.99, one size fits most slip ons with nubs on the sole for traction on your hardwoods. Lots of colors to choose from. Flip Flops & What Nots, 205-967-7429.

Avachi -Super Hair Dryer Intelligent heat control for shine, fast drying, Engineered for balance, smooth, controlled styling. Salon Summit, 205-518-0406

Men’s cloud French Terry Quarter Zip is course-ready, no matter the weather and allows you to easily transition from the links to the streets and everywhere in between, $98. Tasc Performance, 659- 599-9240

Initial necklaces.14k gold dipped layering initial necklaces, $33.95, Second Hand Rose, 205-970-7997

Stiix Two Bluetooth speakers with two different lighting modes. Syncrhonized sound and light, with up to five hours playtime after charge, $99.99. Snoozy’s Kids 205-871-2662

Cheers to the Magic City! Designed by Alabama artist Katherine Baker, this stemless wine glass depicts some of the most iconic images in Birmingham $12.99. Alabama Goods, 205-803-3900.


Shrek the Musical, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. They’ll love tickets or even a season subscription! Red Mountain Theatre, 205-324-2424

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 29


14 kt gold and diamond bracelets starting at $650. Wide colored gemstone and diamond bands starting at $1,350. Shay’s Jewelers, 205-978-5880

During the month of November, enjoy $10 off gift memberships with code GIFT22. Offer ends Nov. 30. bbgardens.org/membership, 205-414-3950

GRIP6 belts are American made founded by BJ Minson, whose mission is to create high quality products that last decades. Little Hardware, 205-871-4616.

14kt two-toned omega-black Huggies with 0.67 cttwt of diamonds. Southeastern Jewelers, 205-980-9030


Twisted pearl necklace, $450. Wallace-Burke Fine Designer Jewelry, 205-874-1044.

Beautiful hand-made feeders from the Amish Country in Pennsylvania. Great for Black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, or peanut splits, assorted styles, $72.99. Wild Birds Unlimited, 205-823-6500

Men’s and women’s sun wear from Maui Jim. PolarizedPlus2 lens technology ensures the first minute is just as beautiful as the last, $350 for non-prescription. Gordon Eye Care @ The Narrows, 205-855-2020

Deer bookends, $155. Antiquities, 205-870-1030




5299 Valleydale Road, Suite 111 980-9030 southeasternjewelers.net (1/4 mile off 280)

30 • Thursday, November 17, 2022



Mark Your Calendars for These Upcoming Community Holiday Events

Smile Big for Santa!

hroughout the holiday season, the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce and local merchants will host open house events that provide festive community activities and encourage gift givers to shop local. “We’re seeing people are ready to get out of the house and ready to go,” Emily Jensen, president of the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce, said. “Mountain Brook is ready and open for business.” Crestline Village’s Holiday Open House will kick things off Nov. 17. Participating merchants will offer discounts and special activities from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Even Santa Claus may be stopping by again this year for pictures. The highly anticipated Mountain Brook Village Open House and English Village Open House will take place Dec. 1 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., with discounted prices and special events. The city’s celebrations will culminate with the annual Christmas Parade on Dec. 4. The parade begins at 3 p.m. at Office Park and travels through Mountain Brook Village. Floats decked out in holiday regalia and performances by Mountain Brook City Schools cheerleaders, dance teams and bands will be part of the event. For more information, visit mtnbrookchamber.org.


Vestavia City Center will hold a magical holiday celebration on Nov. 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. with the annual All Is Bright Tree Lighting. The Annual Tree Lighting Festival will take place Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. at Vestavia Hills City Hall and includes musical entertainment, merchant giveaways and a visit from Santa. Fun for the whole family, the annual Breakfast with Santa will be held Dec. 10 from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the new Vestavia Hills Civic Center. Citywide festivities will conclude Dec. 11 with the annual Vestavia Hills Christmas Parade and Celebration from 2 to 4 p.m. The parade will begin at Liberty Park Sports Complex and travel to Alston Meadows Park, where a holiday celebration will take place.


The City of Hoover will host its annual Christmas tree lighting on Nov. 29 to kick off the holiday season, including performances from local school choirs, visits with Santa, refreshments and more beginning at 5 p.m. at Hoover City Hall.

Journal file photo by Jordan Wald


Crestline Village Kicks Off the Holidays In Mountain Brook with Open House Event


SELFIES WITH SANTA Santa and Mrs. Claus have been known to stop by for pictures in Crestline Village, above, during the annual Holiday Open House event.

The City of Homewood will celebrate its annual Lighting of the Star in conjunction with the Homewood Christmas Parade on Dec. 7. The event will begin with the lighting of the historic Homewood Star over 18th St., followed by the parade at 6:30 p.m. and the lighting of the Christmas Tree at City Hall.

MB Chamber "State of the City" Luncheon November 16th

Crestline Village Holiday Open House November 17th

English Village Holiday Open House December 1st




Mountain Brook Village Holiday Open House December 1st

Mountain Brook Holiday Parade

MOUNTAIN BROOK · · · ., I I. I. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE December••4th--,a,,,;;::"""�!!:iiill:���� CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ,a,,,;;::"""�!:iiiill.����-=· ·•� ...-.,a,,,;;::"""�!!:iiill:����-=· �

Learn·· more about these and other events at www.mtnbrookchamber.org ·· ·· .. ,, I I. I. I I. I. ,a,,,;;::"""�!:iiiill.����-=· ·•� ...-.,a,,,;;::"""�!!:iiill:����-=· •• --,a,,,;;::"""�!!:iiill:����




·•� ...-.,a,,,;;::"""�!!:iiill:����-=·




Learn more about these and other events at www.mtnbrookchamber.org

Learn more about these and other events at www.mtnbrookchamber.org


Avani Rupa Fine Jewelers “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an exquisite piece of fine jewelry is too,” says Avani, pictured above left with her mother Rupa. Avani Rupa Fine Jewelers got its start around a dining room table. What began as a passion for good jewelry design and sourcing high quality stones, eventually led its way into a gorgeous boutique showroom located in Mountain Brook Village. “Successfully owned by a mother/daughter team and with a degreed education in GIA Gemology, our pieces reflect a modern style with a nod to our deeply rooted Indian culture and heritage, a unique distinction that is hard to find not only in Alabama, but within the southeast region. Our jewelry lines focus on one-of-a-kind and custom designed gemstone and handcrafted metal

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 31


pieces. We also offer engagement and bridal sets that can be completely custom made to suit individual taste and budget. No two pieces are ever alike and each are made with careful attention to intricate detail. “We are also known for our personable customer service; well at least that is what many of our customers tell us! We try to treat our customers like good friends. A personalized folio is developed for each customer; we really get to know them – what their preferences are, what speaks to them and their important dates. We’ve been a part of our customer’s lives for many milestones – something we feel is an honor and a privilege.” Avani Rupa Fine Jewelers is located at 2408 Canterbury Rd., 205-982-4888.

Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers Since 1987, Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers has been the premier jeweler in Birmingham, Alabama. “We are a family-owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience,” said owner Eric McClain above with wife Jill and son Ryan. “Our friendly and professional staff work to provide quality services and products at reasonable prices. “At Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers, we offer jewelry and watch sales and repair. We specialize in Rolex watch repair and Montblanc pen repair. Other brands we service are Omega, Panerai, Breitling, Longines, Hamilton, Baume et Mercier, and Luminox.” Barton-Clay has a full-time designer/craftsman, as well as a full-time jeweler.

You’ll also find diamond necklaces, bracelets, earrings - yellow gold jewelry - Montblanc

“We are a family-owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience.” Eric McClain

pens - Longines and Hamilton watches and more. Annual Barton-Clay Holiday Open House will be Sun., Dec. 4 from noon to 7 p.m. Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers is located at 2701 Cahaba Rd., 205-871-7060

Time for the Holidays! His and Hers

2408 Canterbury Road Mountain Brook Village avanirupa.com | 205-982-4888

2701 Cahaba Road | Mountain BrookVillage 205.871.7060 | bartonclay.com

32 • Thursday, November 17, 2022


“Continuing a longtime tradition, we are looking forward to the lighting of our Village Christmas Tree. This year’s tree arrived on November 13th and will be lit the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th,” said Ricky Bromberg, President of Bromberg’s. “Our 30-foot Fraser Fir tree is brought down from North Carolina each year before Thanksgiving. You may have seen the crane required to stand the tree up on the lawn in front of our Mountain Brook store while driving through the Village. It takes up to three days just to add the beautiful combination of approximately 30,000 white and colored lights to the tree, which stay lit through New Year’s Eve. “To our delight, we have seen many people stop to enjoy the Bromberg’s Village Christmas Tree over the years,” said Bromberg. “We have also noticed the numerous photos posted to social media in front of the tree. Stopping for photos with the tree seems to have become a holiday tradition for many families, couples, and friends.” Bromberg’s is adding to the holiday fun with a social media photo contest! “We encourage anyone who posts a picture or video with our beautiful tree to use the hashtag #BrombergsTree and tag us in their post.” Simply tag @Brombergs on Instagram



Christine’s on Canterbury

or @BrombergsJeweler on Facebook. All tagged posts with the tree and that hashtag will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a $500 Bromberg’s gift certificate. People without a social media presence who would like to enter the contest can email a photo in front of the tree to contact@brombergs.com with the words “Bromberg’s Tree” in the subject line. The prize will be awarded on Christmas Eve! Bromberg’s Mountain Brook is located at 2800 Cahaba Rd., 205-871-3276. The Summit location is at 131 Summit Blvd., 205-969-1776. You can also shop online at www.brombergs.com.

Christine’s on Canterbury, nestled just behind Gilchrist on Canterbury Road, is filled with new gift selections, as well as some of the familiar items always in stock. A large selection of paper products is available for Christmas entertaining. From Christmas napkins, plates, cards, and wrapping paper you will find Christine’s well stocked. An extensive collection of candles in beeswax and soy is always available. Festive holiday tapers include plain, lightly glittered to heavily glittered. Picture frames are a year round staple, but especially during the holidays with candid photos during family and friend gatherings. “Over seven companies with multiple fragrances to select from. Made in the USA,

France and England. Plenty of stocking stuffers with flavored nuts and caramels new this year. And of course, Poppy’s popcorn,” Jean said. “This year we are introducing Heartfully Yours by Christopher Radko. A broad selection of European hand-blown ornaments is available. MacKenzie-Childs continues to expand with new introductions,” Jean said. “We have always felt that the wrap is as important as the gift. Caspari designs are carefully selected for each season,” Jean said. “As many of our customers say, ‘It isn’t Christmas without a gift from Christine’s.’” Christine’s on Canterbury Christmas Open House is Dec. 1 from 4-8 p.m.. Christine’s on Canterbury is located at 2404 Canterbury Rd., 205-871-8297.

By Christopher Radko. A new charity conscious collection with a portion of proceeds benefitting heart disease, breast cancer and more.

C hristine’s Canterbury


2404 Canterbury Road • 205-871-8297


ExVoto Vintage Jewelry

Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 33


Elizabeth Adams, right, created ExVoto in 2009 after losing her youngest daughter to a brain tumor. ExVoto is a timeless lifestyle brand elevating every day living, and a portion of every sale goes to pediatric brain cancer research.

Personalized, hand engraving or machine engraving is available for many items, making ExVoto a great source for memorable and meaningful gifts. Uniting powerful stories from the past and present, ExVoto is a lifestyle brand celebrating timeless craftsmanship in jewelry and ladies apparel and building meaningful relationships through conversational pieces. ExVoto takes vintage jewelry elements and gives them a new story. Personalized, hand engraving or machine engraving is available for many jewelry styles, making ExVoto a great source for memorable and meaningful gifts. When it comes to apparel, they select speciality apparel from emerging, female-founded brands with a commitment to high quality craftsmanship and ethical working conditions. In the past few years, they have expanded their apparel, shoes, and handbag selection, while working closely with designers to offer unique and exclusive styles. ExVoto is proud to be a member of The

Gunn Dermatology

Female Founder Collective; an organization led by Rebecca Minkoff, that networks businesses led by women, to support women. Their Birmingham shop is located in Mountain Brook Village, and in the past year has moved just down Canterbury Road to a space 3 times larger than before! You can order online with in-store pickup and free gift wrap, even same-day pickup on select items! ExVoto is located at 2416 Canterbury Road, 205-538-7301.

Dr. Holly Gunn is an accredited board certified dermatologist with over 20 years of experience in the dermatology field. She is known for helping her patients achieve their dream skin while providing exceptional and relational patient care. Physician assistant, Mariah, agrees— healthy skin is a marathon and not a sprint. The two are fully committed to each and every unique journey with their patients. Gunn Dermatology is known for their advanced anti-aging regimens and treatments, specifically Vivace. This non-invasive skin tightening treatment leaves patients looking 5-10 years younger after a series of 3 treatments. Along with advanced dermatology, they are also the only office in Alabama that has the Physiq body contouring device that destroys fat, builds muscle and tightens skin all at the same time. It’s a

non-invasive treatment with absolutely no downtime but ALL the results. In addition to all of the medical and cosmetic treatments, they are now offering cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and spray tans- all for that healthy glow! The charming crestline clinic we have come to know and love has expanded from their boutique like clinic to a second location in Mountain Brook Village. The new clinic not only provides a luxurious patient experience, but allows Gunn Dermatology to meet the ever growing needs for its patients and community. Book an appointment to see what all we can do for you! Gunn Dermatology is located at 32 Church St. Crestline Village and 391 Rele Street, Mountain Brook Village 205-415-7536. Follow us on Instagram @gunndermatology

Second Location: NOW OPEN in Mountain Brook Village Schedule a medical or cosmetic consult with us today! We are also now offering Cryotherapy and Spray Tans! 391 Rele Street Mountain Brook, AL 35223 205-415-7536 gunndermatology.com Follow us on Instagram @gunndermatology

34 • Thursday, November 17, 2022

Ignite Cycle

When she moved from Boston to Birmingham, Ignite’s owner, Tiffany Martin, right, looked for a place to continue her passion of instructing spin, but was unable to find a place that compared to the studios in Boston. So, she set out to start a boutique cycling studio of her own. Ignite Cycle opened the doors of its flagship studio in Pepper Place March of 2019. After a wildly successful inaugural year, Ignite worked creatively to stay afloat during the pandemic, ultimately opening its second studio in Mountain Brook May of 2022. “The new studio offers the same killer workout, dark room, and dope beats, and also has childcare for their Riders’ little ones!” said Tiffany. “Ignite’s vision is centered around creating a space where all are welcome, none are judged, and exercise is all about having a great time!” Tiffany says beware of lot of fear-based marketing around holiday weight gain, the pressure to look a certain way upon returning home for


the holidays, or practice “earning” your holiday meals. “Not at Ignite. At Ignite, throughout the holidays, we continue the practice of celebrating our bodies’ abilities and strengths, while offering our Riders a place to have a few minutes to themselves during a busy season. The holidays can require us to give so much of ourselves to others. When you show up at Ignite, it is all about YOU. You show up, you clip in, and - in those four walls - your only responsibility

is yourself. “In addition to an absolutely mindblowing New Year special, we offer specials to students who are home for the holidays - those can be found on our social media and in our newsletters. Every year, we also have a challenge called The 12 Rides of Christmas - Riders are encouraged to ride with 12 different Instructors during the month of December, and are entered in a giveaway at the end!” Ignite Cycle is located at 1091 Jemison Ln, Lane Parke, 205-603-7463.

JB & Co.


Private Jeweler, John Bromberg maintains a return to an old-world artisan approach to fine jewelry. In an industry that is increasingly focused on mass production, JB & CO chooses

John Bromberg is a sixthgeneration GIA trained jeweler with memberships in the prestigious Diamond Dealers’ Club of New York and The American Society of Jewelry Historians. to focus on the unique, with specialties that include bridal, custom and estate jewelry. At a time when individual service and privacy is of the utmost importance, Bromberg personally works with his clients to select or create just the right piece for the occasion, always adhering to their style and budget. Whether it is a diamond engagement ring, a special piece for your day or turning your old jewelry into something current. JB & CO can help you with your jewelry heirloom. His collection of estate jewelry comes from the finest jewelry houses such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, Verdura, as well as, designers Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany, Ilias Lalounis, Pierre Sterle’, Elizabeth Locke, Katy Briscoe, Chopard and Ippolita. John also has a select collection of coveted watches from Cartier, Patek Philippe and Rolex. John Bromberg is a sixth-generation GIA trained jeweler with memberships in the prestigious Diamond Dealers’ Club of New York and The American Society of Jewelry Historians.

John’s longstanding relationships offer the unique opportunity for his clients to purchase fine jewelry at an exceptional value. JB & CO was named “The Best Jeweler” in the About Town magazine Readers’ Poll! For the full JB & CO experience, we recommend making an appointment. “Collect with us,” says Bromberg. JB & Co. is located at 1 Office Park Circle, Suite 201, Mountain Brook, AL 35223. 205478-0455. Website: www.JBandCoJewelry.com Instagram: @ JBandCoJewelryMountainBrookAL Facebook: JBandCoJewelry

JohnBromberg@JBandCoJewelry.com 205.478.0455 | JBandCoJewelry.com One Office Park Circle | Suite 201 | Mountain Brook, AL 35223


Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 35


Little Hardware In 1946, Lewis Little opened the doors of Little Hardware in Ensley. In 1959 an opportunity presented itself to move to the newly built Mountain Brook Shopping Center adjacent to Mountain Brook Village. Prospective businessman Frank Davies Jr. bought Little Hardware in 1965 from Mr. Little. In addition to being a devoted business-man, Frank Davies Jr. was dedicated to his family. He and his wife had three children, all of whom worked in the store at some point in their lives. His son, Frank Wesley Davies III, permanently joined the team in 1982, which made Little Hardware the family business Mr. Davies Jr. had dreamed about. In 2013, Little Hardware relocated to English

Village in the former Park Lane grocery store location. “We are a family owned and operated business built on service and selection,” said owner, Frank Davies, above, sixth from the left, with members of the Little Hardware team. “We offer barbecue grills, pet food, lawn and garden power equipment, bird feed and feeders. We are a full-line hardware store.” The popular longtime hardware store also sells Benjamin Moore paints and a complete line of STIHL products. “We have lots of great and practical gifts for everyone. We are open from 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Mon.-Sat.” Little Hardware is located at 2117 Cahaba Rd. in English Village, 205-871-4616.

Tasc Performance Born from a deep love of sport and an authentic drive to do what’s right, the family-run Tasc Performance company maintains one goal: to create the best activewear in the world, for the world. Tasc’s recently opened location in Mountain Brook is the New Orleans-based company’s third brick and mortar store. “What makes Tasc stand out from others, is their natural fabrics, a combination of unique blends of fibers,” said store manager Mary Glen Carton, above. “Organic cotton or merino wool with viscose from bamboo. This combination of fibers makes a fabric that feels amazing, durable and performs better than the common synthetic fabrics.” Tasc Performance offers a full line of Men’s

and women’s functional athletic apparel. The clothes are extremely versatile and comfortable. “With the weather changing, men and women alike have been layering up in our Men’s Legendary fleece vest and the Women’s Apex Fleece Half Zip,” said Mary Glen. “The Apex Fleece is great for everyday wear while shopping for the holiday season.” A Grand Opening for the new store in lane Parke is planned for Nov., 1.7 Ribbon Cutting at 4 p.m., and include food by Melt, Sol Y Luna drinks, and music until 7. “Be on the lookout for our Black Friday instore deals!” said Mary Glen. Tasc Performance is located at 370 Rele St., Mountain Brook, 659-599-9240.


Responsibly made. Built to move. Thoughtfully designed for greater flexibility and adaptability in modern life.

Join Us for Our


OPENNING! Nov. 17th, 4 - 7 p.m.

Now Open in Lane Parke! 2117 CAHABA ROAD • ENGLISH VILLAGE • 871-4616

370 Rele St., Mountain Brook | 659.599.9240 tascPerformance.com

36 • Thursday, November 17, 2022



The Cook Store

B. Prince

Ashford Hill for Henhouse Antiques

Located in charming English Village for over 20 years, Ashford Hill for Henhouse Antiques offers beautiful, unique pieces personally selected by owners Laura Ashford Gessert and Libby Hill McGowan, above from left. From the traditional to the unexpected, Ashford Hill for Henhouse Antiques offers a fresh approach to decorating. The team expertly mixes English with French, 18th century with 21st century, and primitive with formal. Customers will enjoy repeatedly visiting Henhouse Antiques as its offerings are constantly changing and evolving. “We hope you will join us for our Holiday Open House on Thursday, Dec., 1 from 5-7:00 p.m.” said Laura. Ashford Hill for Henhouse Antiques is located at 1900 Cahaba Rd., 205-918-0505.

Bezshan Dolatabadi, right, is the owner of B. Prince in Lane Parke. “Being in Lane Parke is wonderful and we love being a part of the Mountain Brook shopping experience,” Bezshan said. B. Prince is a relationship built boutique catering to people with unique taste. “We consider our customers family and close friends and we dress and accessorize them for all of their important events as well as everyday life!” Bezshan said. Bezshan travels all over the world to find fashion that captures current trends and fits in with client’s tastes and lifestyle. “On Nov. 25 join us for early shopping, great discounts and food and drinks!” “On Dec. 1, join us for Open House from 5-7 p.m., with live music, wine and food. “Be sure to also shop with us online at Shopbprince.com” B. Prince is located at 271 Rele St., Lane Park, 205-871-1965.

The Cook Store is a kitchen specialty shop featuring functional pottery, pots, pans and gadgets for cooking and entertaining. “The Cook Store has been a fixture in Mountain Brook since 1975,” said owner Wesley Lassen, with shop dog Lucy below. The Cook Store exclusively carries pottery skillets and sauce pans from The Pottery Works that are stovetop safe on both gas or electric cooktops. The store also offers kitchen linens, bakeware, cookware and more. “You can choose from Le Creuset non-stick cookware, USA Pan bakeware, Wusthof knives and pottery from local potters Tena Payne of Earthborn Studios and Gidge Black,” she said. “We are looking forward to a crazy holiday season of selling, selling, selling and wrapping, wrapping and more wrapping. We have lots of great gift ideas for the person who has everything and the person who doesn’t have enough. Come check out our pottery, great gadgets, wood, holiday towels, melamine serving pieces and dishes and lots more gift items. Our Holiday Open House is Dec. 1, 5-7 p.m. Visit us at thecookstoremtnbrook.com and be sure to check out our Instagram at thecookstore.” The Cook Store is located at 2841 Cahaba Rd. in Mountain Brook Village, 205-879-5277.

GIFTS THAT MAKE SCENTS 271 Rele Street • Lane Parke Mountain Brook • 205-871-1965 www.shopbprince.com


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Thursday December 1 5-7 PM

Davenport’s Pizza Palace

Davenport’s Pizza Palace was started in Mountain Brook Village in 1964 by Rex and Ardyce Hollis. Rex named the restaurant after his friend, Jim “Peanut” Davenport, who was a professional baseball player with the San Francisco Giants. They grew up together in Siluria, Alabama and Davenport had recently played in the 1962 World Series. After opening, Rex and Ardyce went door-to-door to introduce the community to this unique pizza, and fortunately they took a liking to it and have been supporting the original location for 58 years. Rex and Ardyce operated a second location in Vestavia Hills in the 1970’s for about 15 years. “The family has always dreamed about opening another location, and coming back to Vestavia felt like the perfect fit,” said Amanda Thames, who along with Yates Norris, above, are the third generation to own and operate the business. The Davenport’s Pizza family is thrilled to be serving the Vestavia Hills community! Davenport’s Pizza Palace, 700 Montgomery Hwy, Suite 193 in the Vestavia Hills City Center and 2837 Cahaba Rd. in Mountain Brook Village

Winter in at B.Pr

Family Owned & Operated Since 1964


Seated Bar with TVs Happy Hour Specials Game Room for Special Events Outdoor Seating Open for Sunday Lunch


Join us for our Open House to SHOP, CELEBRATE, and BE MERRY together. English Village 1900 Cahaba Road 205.918.0505 www.henhouseantiques.com

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The Lingerie Shoppe , Inc. was established in 1946. The focus of the shop has never strayed from the commitment to provide the highest quality undergarments, bridal lingerie and sleepwear to the generations of women and those who shop for them. Curating this merchandise provides opportunity to provide high quality along with best price. Brenda Meadows, above, and Betty McMahon purchased the shop in 1988. Betty retired in 1998 and Brenda has continued to enjoy the many facets of The Lingerie Shoppe—from purchasing the offerings at the shop to helping so many customers/friends find the right fit in a bra or the perfect gift for someone they love. “We often hear, ‘There has to be Lingerie Shoppe wrapped packages under our tree.’ We look forward to sharing this shopping season with our wonderful customers,” said Brenda The Lingerie Shoppe is located at 2403 Montevallo Rd, 205-871-8994.


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Marguerite’s Conceits

Marguerite’s Conceits is a specialty boutique featuring fine linens, pajamas, robes and lounge wear, bath and body products, candles, diffusers and aromatherapy products. “We also carry mb greene luggage and travel accessories for gals on-the-go,” said owner Marguerite Ray, pictured above. “Our Holiday Open House is Dec. 1, 5-7 p.m. Come visit your favorite Santa’s helpers for the best gift ideas!” “For the holidays, we have lots of cozy throw blankest, dreamy pajamas and robes, yummy treats and ‘feel good’ goodies for all the girls on your list. Our customer service can’t be beat and, of course, we offer beautiful complimentary gift wrapping—many small gift items are pre-wrapped and ready to go—perfect for teacher, friend or hostess gifts!” Marguerite’s Conceits is located at 2406 Canterbury Rd., 205-879-2730.




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“PAO celebrates 15 years!” said Paige Albright Orientals owner Paige Albright, above. “We opened in the fall of 2007 and have been steadily hand-selecting each and every rug in our collection. We travel globally WE TRAVEL GLOBALLY to locate the best TO LOCATE THE BEST of best for our cliOF BEST FOR OUR ents. CLIENTS. “Antique orientals are always in style. We are seeing lots of warm, earthy interiors layered with rugs and textiles.” Fifteen percent of all sales the week of Nov. 28 will be donated to the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama to commemorate PAO’s 15th anniversary. Paige Albright Orientals is located at 2814 Petticoat Lane, 205-877-3232.

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The Village Poodle is a boutique offering a range of items from ladies clothing, jewelry, baby gifts and antique chandeliers. “We have been in business for seven years and feel that we have filled a niche needed in Mountain Brook Village,”said owner Beverly Ruff, pictured above at right with Hillary Kent. “Throughout the season, shoppers will find a wonderful selection of fashionable clothing including the Hinson Wu shirt line. “We have been fortunate this year that our stock has not been affected by delivery issues. Our shop is fuller than ever before and we are excited to show you our new merchandise. “We are also offering a large selection of La Paris picture frames and our sea salt toffee which has always been very popular. “Make plans to shop with us, enter our drawing for a gift, and leave with your holiday purchases beautifully wrapped.” The Village Poodle is located at 2410 Canterbury Rd., 205-423-5443.

Join us at our Holiday Open House Thurs., Dec. 1 from 5-7pm.

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38 • Thursday, November 17, 2022

Spartans Rout Titans, Ready to Take on Hartselle Next

By Rubin E. Grant


games. He ran for 233 yards and six touchdowns in Mountain Brook’s 49-7 victory Mountain Brook football coach Chris against Pinson Valley in the first round. Yeager spent last weekend trying to learn as “I thought Cole played hard,” Yeager said. much as he could about the undefeated “Coming in we felt we needed him to carry it Hartselle Tigers. 20-25 times and he wound up with 30 carries.” The Spartans (10-2) will play host to Meanwhile, the Spartans’ defense was rockHartselle (12-0) Friday in the Class 6A quarter- solid against the Titans, allowing only a late finals of the state playoffs. third-quarter touchdown and coming up with Even before dissecting the kind of opponent three turnovers, including two in the red zone. the Spartans would face, Yeager Hampton King and Sam Hunt Junior running back Cole had interceptions. had a pretty good idea about Gamble had another what to expect. “I thought our defense played monster game for the “When you get to this point in really good,” Yeager said. “It was Spartans, rushing 30 the playoffs, anybody you play is a collective group effort.” times for 271 yards and going to be pretty good,” Yeager Despite the lopsided outcome, four touchdowns on runs Yeager said the Spartans need to said. “There are eight teams left of 2, 10, 79 and 1 yards. correct a few things before they and nobody stumbled in.” Mountain Brook earned its play Hartselle. spot in the quarterfinals with a “We had some big plays and 37-6 second-round victory at Gadsden City we played hard, but we didn’t play with preci(7-5) last Friday. Hartselle defeated Center sion on offense and we were sloppy at times,” Point 36-26 to advance. Yeager said. “There are times when you lose a Junior running back Cole Gamble had game, but you’re proud of the way you played, another monster game for the Spartans, rushing and there are times when you win a game and 30 times for 271 yards and four touchdowns on you come away saying we’re better than that. runs of 2, 10, 79 and 1 yards. We’ve got some cleaning up to do.” Gamble now has scored 10 touchdowns and Mountain Brook will be attempting to reach rushed for more than 500 yards in two playoff the semifinals for the third consecutive season.

Rebels Come Up Short at Thompson to End Evans’ First Season

By Rubin E. Grant

Robert Evans began his first season back at his alma mater as Vestavia Hills’ head football coach by saying he wanted to play Thompson twice. Evans got that chance last Friday in the second round of the Class 7A state playoffs, but the second matchup ended the same way the first one did – with a Rebels’ loss. Vestavia Hills fell 21-12 to the three-time reigning champions at Thompson’s Warrior Stadium to finish with a 7-5 record. The Warriors defeated the Rebels 34-14 during the regular season. Thompson (9-3) will visit Hoover (11-1) Friday in the Class 7A semifinals. “We had a chance, but things didn’t shake out our way,” Evans said. “We played well enough to win, but turnovers hurt.” Vestavia Hills outgained Thompson 298 total yards to 177 and ran 71 offensive plays compared to the Warriors’ 44. But the Rebels turned the ball over four times, including three interceptions in the second half. The Rebels, who reached the second round for the first time since 2015, led 3-0 at halftime on Carter Shirley’s 26-yard field goal. Thompson opened the second half with a 69-yard, 11-play scoring drive, capped by A.J. Green’s 1-yard run


for a 7-3 Warriors’ lead. The Rebels answered with Shirley’s 27-yard field goal to pull within 7-6. Early in the fourth quarter, Vestavia Hills tried a fake punt from its own 37-yard line, but it backfired and two plays later Thompson scored on Michael Dujon’s 33-yard run. “The fake punt, in hindsight, probably was not a good decision,” Evans said. Rebels junior quarterback John Paul Head scored on a 17-yard touchdown run with 5:12 remaining, but the 2-point attempt failed, leaving the Rebels behind 14-12. Vestavia Hill’s defense forced a punt, but a muff turned the ball back over to the Warriors, who clinched the victory on Green’s second touchdown run of the night, putting Thompson ahead 21-12 with 1:32 to play. “I’m proud of our seniors,” Evans said. “They set a great example for the younger players, those at the middle schools and our youth, with how they played. Once we get our weight program on par and get bigger and stronger, we’re going to be a force to deal with in the future. “We’ve got a lot of community support and support from our administrators. We’re never going to be the most talented team, but with our resources, in three or four years we’re going to win these kind of games.”

(13th). Jack Chapman (16th), Denton Russell (18th) and Branum Lloyd (19th) finished in the top 20. “After three straight second-place finishes, I was superexcited to see our boys get the championship,” McGovern said. “It’s our first sweep since 2011. I had somebody come up and tell me after the race that our seventh and eighth graders won the Metro and JV won the junior varsity state championship, so it was a very good year for Mountain Brook cross-country.”

From page 40

the 5K race in 17:57.30 to win her second consecutive Class 6A title. It was the second time this season Riley broke the 18-minute barrier. She was the only one of the seven individual girls champions to have a sub-18 time. Auburn’s Sarah Tole had the next fastest time, running the course in 18:02.91 to win Class 7A. “The time I ran was a great time, considering the conditions,” said Riley, who plans to sign a track scholarship with Notre Dame later this month. Mountain Brook cross-country and track coach Michael McGovern said he is running out of superlatives to describe Riley. “To be a two-time state champion is a remarkable accomplishment,” McGovern said. “She won several meets this season, and the only race she lost was in Seattle, when she finished in second place.” Mountain Brook swept the girls and boys team titles in 6A, and Homewood finished runner-up in both. The girls won their second consecutive class title and 25th overall. “The sweep was really special,” Riley said. “The girls and guys are close, like a big family.” The Mountain Brook girls were without senior Clark Stewart, a Virginia signee who was sidelined with a leg injury. Still, the Spartans scored 33 points to 88 for Homewood. The Spartans boys finished with 47 points to 65 for the Patriots. In the girls race, four other


The Vestavia Hills boys put an end to Huntsville’s Class 7A boys reign, preventing the Panthers from winning their fifth straight title. Top Rebel finishers were from left, Mitchell Schaaf, Alex Leath, Will Jordan and Wilson Holt.

Altamont won the girls Class 3A title, finishing with 55 points to second-place Whitesburg Christian’s 82.

Spartans earned All-State honors for finishing in the top 15. Mary Katherine Malone and Virginia Averyt finished fifth and sixth, running in 19:13 and 19:22, respectively. Gracie Walker (11th) and Kennedy Hamilton (14th) also earned All-State. Callie Kent (16th), Holland Finch (19th) and Lucy Benton (20th) finished in the top 20. “Our girls were in the next-to-last

race of the day and the course was really chopped up from the rain and mud,” McGovern said. “It was an outstanding feat. They ran with a lot of heart.” Clayton Collins was the top performer for the Mountain Brook boys, finishing second with a time of 15:56. Three other Spartans earned All-State honors, Braden Little (9th), Harry Clark (12th) and George Pelekis

Storybook Ending

The Vestavia Hills boys put an end to Huntsville’s Class 7A boys reign, preventing the Panthers from winning their fifth straight title. The Rebels and Panthers finished tied with 60 points apiece, but the Rebels claimed the state championship – the school’s first cross-country title since 2012 – on a tiebreaker that factored each team’s sixth runner finish. Vestavia Hills’ No. 6 runner, freshman John Hayes, finished 32, eight spots ahead of Huntsville’s Jack Gruber, the Panthers’ No. 6 runner, to give the Rebels the championship. “It was a total storybook moment,” Vestavia Hills coach Katherine Terino said. “You couldn’t write a better script if you tried. ‘It took only five minutes to determine who had won, but it felt like two hours. I started running around and screaming.” Throughout the season, Terino expected the Rebels to contend for the title, but two of their top runners, Henry Strand and Ethan Meadows, were sidelined for the state meet with injuries sustained during and after sectionals. “We had some adversity, with two

of our top seven runners injured,” Terino said. “But the boys came together and ran as a team. Our depth was important.” Mitchell Schaaf and Alex Leath finished eighth and ninth to lead the Rebels, while Will Jordan (12th), Wilson Holt (15th) and Jackson Mize (16th) all posted top 20 finishes. On the girls side, the Rebels scored 114 points to place third, behind Chelsea and Auburn. Junior Kaitlyn Wende finished fifth with a time of 18:42 and sophomore Claire Spooner placed seventh in 18:54 to earn All-State honors.


Indian Springs’ Elise Picard ran away from the pack, winning the 3A girls’ ace by more than a minute with a time of 19:11.32. Altamont won the girls Class 3A title, finishing with 55 points to second-place Whitesburg Christian’s 82. Laura Spann (8th), Abbey Sellers (10th), Ellie Sellers (13th) and Mary Spann (15th) led the way for the Knights. Homewood had two girls earn AllState honors in Class 6A. Emma Brooke Levering finished third with a time of 18:48 and Sydney Dobbins 10th with a time of 19:29. The Patriots’ boys had three AllState finishers, Grayton Murray (6th), Ben Murray (7th) and Andrew Laird (11th) John Carroll Catholic’s Arthur Langley finished fifth in the Class 5A race with a time of 16:07. Hoover’s Elijah Joseph was AllState in Class 7A boys, running 15:58 to finish 11th. Briarwood’s Mary Grace Parker earned All-State in Class 6A girls, finishing ninth with a time of 19:28.

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nals. “Our kids have done a good job of that. To a new coach and a new coaching staff, I’m tickled to be here. They’ve accepted me. It’s feeling more and more like home every week. We’re more like family every week. Again, I’m just glad to play again.” Hoover beat Hewitt for the second time this season and has won 11 consecutive games since a season-opening 17-14 loss to Auburn in the AHSAA Challenge at Montgomery’s Cramton Bowl. The Bucs (11-1) will host Thompson (9-3) Friday at the Hoover Met. It’s the sixth consecutive season the Bucs and Warriors

HOMEWOOD From page 40

Saraland (11-1) Friday. Saraland routed Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa 56-31 in the second round. “This is great for our fans and our community,” Homewood quarterbackpunter Woods Ray said. “I’ve never been this far in the playoffs before, so it’s great to get this far in my senior season. I just wish we were at home.” Ray threw for 171 yards and a touchdown and rushed for 85 yards and another score during the game last week. But it was his 42-yard punt that rolled dead at the Pike Road 2 in the final 96 seconds that was a real game-changer. “It turned out to be huge,” Ray


pleased with his team’s performance against Hewitt. That was in stark contrast to his assessment a week earlier when Hoover opened the playoffs with a 45-19 win over Bob Jones. “I thought they were focused,” Waldrop said of his team. “Wasn’t focused last week. We were focused on what we had to do tonight and we did a good job. “It was the best four quarters we’ve played this year. I think it’s the best we’ve played at home too. It was a good win.” Hoover was up three touchdowns before the Huskies’ offense got on track. Lamarion McCammon sandwiched a 2-yard touchdown run between two freshman quarterback Noah Schuback touchdown passes, a first-quarter 2-yarder to Jack Lamey and a 36-yarder to Jordan Woolen in

the second. Ahead 21-3 at halftime, Hoover’s DJ Estes had visions of breaking the game open with a return of the second-half kickoff. He bobbled and dropped the ball before slipping through the advancing Huskies. Hoover fans figured he was off to the races. And they weren’t alone. “Me too,” Estes admitted. “I got tackled by the safety.” Estes would eventually score on a return to break open the game, picking off a Peyton Floyd pass and returning it 40 yards for a score, effectively sealing the Bucs’ victory. “The receivers (were) lined up far out so (the quarterback) has no choice but to come back in,” Estes said, recounting the play. “I kind of baited it up. I saw him throw the slant, caught it and took it to the crib.”

Estes’ pick-6 was one of four Hoover interceptions, including two by Jay Avery and another by Keith Christein. Estes was an eighth grader in the stands when Hoover won its last state championship, in 2017. “We’ve got to get back there,” he said. “That’s the ultimate goal, getting back to state and winning it, taking it all. I feel like we’ll be unsatisfied if we do anything less.” Schuback, who completed 11 of 17 passes for 177 yards, has had to learn the history of Hoover football, having moved from California last year. But being new to the program doesn’t diminish his desire for the title. “I wanna go get it,” he said. “I want to go take home that blue map (championship trophy).”

said. “We were able to pin them back and give our defense another chance to stop them and hit them in the mouth. The defense really responded against a really good football team.” Homewood led 21-14 at halftime thanks to Ray’s third and fourth down magic. He converted a fourth-and-14 before scoring on a 3-yard run for a 7-0 lead. Then, he converted a thirdand-12 and fourth-and-one before throwing a 29-yard touchdown pass to Jackson Parris for a 14-7 advantage. Deadlocked 14-14, Ray drove Homewood 63 yards in nine plays, passing for 20 yards and running for 36 to set up Montrell Odell’s 3-yard scoring run with 36 seconds remaining in the half. In the second half, Homewood managed only a field goal, three first

downs and 65 yards. “We’ve been real explosive on offense all year so you have to give them a heck of a lot of credit,” Berguson said. Pike Road (7-5), which won the 2021 Class 5A state championship before moving up to Class 6A this year, appeared to tie the score on a 51-yard pass from Kaleb Foster to Jordan King, but a holding penalty nullified the score and the drive ended with a fourth-and-31 from the 28. Berguson said he didn’t see all the play, but it changed momentum. “They were spreading us out at the time,” he said. “I know it had to affect them mentally after that.” Homewood finally got untracked after taking over on its 49. Ray found Charlie Reeves for 20 and 17 yards

ished with 192 of Pike Road’s 300 total yards. He carried the ball 27 times for 140 yards, including a 17-yard touchdown and caught two passes for 52 yards with a 52-yard touchdown catch.

All-OTM Roster

Humes. Rounding out the team are Briarwood outside hitter Stella Helms and Oak Mountain right side Lauren Schuessler.

before Whit Armistead kicked what turned out to be the difference, a 26-yard field goal for a 24-14 lead with 9:21 remaining. Reeves and Parris combined to catch 12 of Ray’s 13 completions. Reeves had seven catches for 82 yards and Parris had five catches for 83 yards and a touchdown. Pike Road closed to 24-21 with 4:41 remaining on Tre’marcus Webb’s 17-yard touchdown run. Following the kickoff, Homewood picked up only its third first down of the second half as Ray completed a 15-yard pass to Reeves before the drive stalled at the Pike Road 44. Then, Ray boomed the 42-yard punt. Homewood stopped Pike Road’s sophomore running back sensation Anthony Rogers two yards short on fourth-and-four from the 8 to clinch the victory. Rogers, who has more than 30 college offers including Alabama, fin-

Gann heads up the 2022 All-OTM volleyball team. She is joined by her Vestavia Hills teammate Audrey Vielguth, a libero. Hoover, which reached the Class 7A state tournament, had four players voted to the squad – outside hitter Raegan James, middle hitter Kenzie Richards, right side Kendyl Mitchell and setter Maggie Harris. Mountain Brook, which reached the Class 6A semifinals, landed three players on the team – middle hitters Alice Garzon and Mae Mae Lacey, and setter Hannah Parant. Spain Park and Homewood both had two players make the team. Outside hitter Emily Breazeale and libero Brooklyn Allison are the Jaguars’ representatives, while the Patriots’ representatives are middle hitter Mira McCool and libero Sydney

Coach of the Year

Hoover’s Amanda Wood was voted the 2022 OTM Coach of the Year. She guided the Bucs to a 35-17 record and a state tournament appearance in her first season. Hoover lost 3-2 to Enterprise in a back-and-forth match in the Class 7A quarterfinals. “I did not expect it, but I am superflattered that a group of elite coaches picked me,” Wood said. “I don’t think I deserve any recognition without my kids. “The girls worked hard. I am superproud of them. I wish we could have gone at least one more round in the state tournament.”

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‘Gutsy Performance’

“We knew they were pretty one dimensional,” Berguson said, “but they are good at what they do. I felt like we tackled better than we have in weeks. It was a real great and gutsy performance. I knew (defensive coordinator) Freddy (Lawrence) would dial them up.” Ray was glad to escape with the victory. “It’s the playoffs, so you have to learn to take it one play at a time,” Ray said. “I thought we fared pretty well in the first half, but it was frustrating in the second half. It’s the playoffs and we’re just happy to get the win.”


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From page 40

year of my career. I stepped into a leadership role that I hadn’t done in the past.” Hardee appreciates that others noticed how well Gann played this fall. “I am excited about her being recognized by all the coaches Over the Mountain,” Hardee said. “She’s very deserving. She’s a great athlete, a great student and a great person.” As a team-first player, Gann was disappointed that the Rebels didn’t advance to the state tournament. They were eliminated in the first round of regionals by Bob Jones. “I wish we could have won one more game and gotten to state,” Gann said. “But I think the team as a whole improved a lot during the season. “It was the favorite season of my life, from a personal standpoint and a team standpoint. We had great team chemistry and we were playing at such a high level.” Gann plans to play in college, but she’s currently sorting through her options. “It would be amazing to play in college, but I’m still in the process of making a decision,” she said.

will square off in the semifinals. The Warriors, the three-time defending Class 7A champions, reached the semifinals with a 21-12 victory over Vestavia Hills. Before that outcome was known, Waldrop didn’t care if his team would face the arch-rival Rebels or their new nemesis in the Warriors. Hoover defeated Thompson 9-0 on Oct. 21 to claim the region title, but the Warriors have won their past four semifinal matchups. “It’ll be a repeat game next week and it’ll be a war,” Waldrop said. “We’re glad it’ll be here. Whoever it is is who it is. They’re going to come, we’re going to come and everybody’s going to get their money’s worth.” Some undisciplined play and a late touchdown notwithstanding, Waldrop could have hardly been more



Thursday, November 17, 2022 • 39





Spartans Rout Titans, Ready to Take on Hartselle Next PAGE 38

Rebels Come Up Short at Thompson to End Evans’ First Season PAGE 38

Thursday, November 17, 2022 ❖ OVER THE MOUNTAIN JOURNAL

Homewood Turns Good Season Into a Great One With 10th Victory By Bill Lumpkin III

Journal photo by Jordan Wald

Homewood coach Ben Berguson was looking for greatness when the Patriots took the field for their Class 6A playoff game against Pike Road last Friday at Waldrop Stadium. “I told the kids before the game a nine-win season was good, but a 10-win season was great,” Berguson said. Homewood earned its 10th victory with a 24-21 win, now the Patriots will play in the quarterfinals for the first time since 2018, their last 10-win season. Homewood (10-2) will visit Members of the 2022 All OTM Volleyball team are, front from left: Raegan James, Hoover; Kenzie Richards, Hoover; Sydney Humes,Homewood; and Savannah Gann, Vestavia Hills. Middle: Maggie Harris, Hoover; Kendyl Mitchell, Hoover; Stella Helms, Briarwood Christian; and Lauren Schuessler, Oak Mountain. Back: Coach of the Year, Amanda Wood, Hoover; Hannah Parant, Mountain Brook; Mae Mae Lacey, Mountain Brook; Alice Garzon, Mountain Brook; and Mira McCool, Homewood. Not pictured: Emily Breazeale, Brooklyn Allison, Spain Park; and Audrey Vielguth, Vestavia Hills.

See HOMEWOOD, page 39


By Rubin E. Grant avannah Gann didn’t shy away when things got a little tight during matches for the Vestavia Hills volleyball team this season. Instead, the Rebels’ senior outside hitter elevated her level of play. “Savannah is a fierce competitor,” Vestavia Hills coach Ashley Hardee said. “She’s always

working to get better. She’s a six-rotation player.” “She stepped up in critical moments. She put teams away when we had the lead or she brought us back when we were behind.” With Gann leading the way, Vestavia Hills reached the Class 7A North Regional and finished with a 29-10 record. She recorded 537 kills to surpass 1,000 for her career. She also tallied 265 digs, 43 aces and 18 blocks.

For her performance, Gann is the 2022 OTM Volleyball Player of the Year, selected in balloting by Over the Mountain volleyball coaches. “I am truly honored,” Gann said. “I don’t want to sound like I’m super shocked, but I didn’t think I would get an award like this because there is a lot of talent Over the Mountain. “I think I played well. I think I had the best

See OTM TEAM, page 39

Riley Repeats as Spartans Sweep Class 6A Titles

By Rubin E. Grant


Ray threw for 171 yards and a touchdown and rushed for 85 yards and another score during the game last week.

Hoover Routs Hewitt to Set Up Another Showdown With Thompson


By Solomon Crenshaw Jr.

Journal photo by Jordan Wald

Mountain Brook senior Reagan Riley had one thing uppermost on her mind as she ran the Oakville Indian Mounds Park course during the AHSAA 67th State Cross Country Championships on Nov. 5. “The conditions were not the best,” Riley said. “It was muddy after a torrential downpour, and it is usually dry and dusty. I was really watching my footing to make sure I didn’t slip or fall.” Riley kept her footing, finishing

Journal photo by Jordan Wald


Vestavia Hills’ Gann Earns OTM Volleyball Player of the Year Honor

Mountain Brook swept the girls and boys team titles in 6A, and Homewood finished runner-up in both.

Wade Waldrop spent eight seasons as head coach at James Clemens in Madison. Often, his Jets’ flightpath through the Class 7A playoffs was blocked by a team from Region 3. Now, as the first-year coach at Hoover, he leads one of those teams and he understands the difference. “It’s a playoff game every week, and if you don’t approach it that way, you won’t be in the playoffs.” Waldrop said after his Bucs defeated Hewitt-Trussville 28-11 last Friday at the Hoover Met to advance to the Class 7A semifi-

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