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In the current music industry where radios, TV and streaming are the big players deciding to spread the word about an artist (or not), it becomes more and more difficult for a lambda artist to get his music heard if he doesn’t fit some kind of criterias. It takes time, it takes patience, talent but above all it takes a lot of hard work. At On The Move Magazine, we give a particular attention to talent no matter where you come from, your musical genre, the amount of followers/views/fans you have got. We don’t talk quantity, we talk quality. We talk quality because we love music with the big M. We carefully choose the artists you’ll discover in this magazine to introduce you to «la crème de la crème». You’ll find big names, you’ll find unknown names. You’ll love what you’ll listen to, maybe you will hate it but at least, you’ll give our artists a chance. Because at the end of the day, every success story began with a chance given. ‘‘

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Oscar and The Wolf, longing for ‘Infinity’



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Picking up where her «Now Or Never» video ended, Halsey is on the run and rocks her new biker chic look. Continuing the story of Luna and Solis, she gives even more credit to her album and we can’t wait to see how the story goes!


HALSEY BAD AT LOVE SAVE THE DATE HARRY STYLES LIVE ON TOUR 2017 Following the release of his debut album «Harry Styles», the singer kicked off his first solo tour last month in San Francisco and will visit Europe in October. From original songs to impressive covers, you sure don’t want to miss out this live experience! Harry will be in Paris on October 25th.

Who has never heard of Liam Payne ? After being a part of 1D, this British guy decided to go solo and follow his own musical path. Last month, we sat down with Liam and had a chat about his musical future, as well as his inspirations and upcoming solo album. If you wanna know everything about it, go read our latest issue asap! Read our interview on OTM Mag #7

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it happened 5 years ago Forget everything that happened during those long 5 years. We’re now in 2012, the pop-rock scene is rising and with it, the new phenomenon : All Time Low. After «So Wrong It’s Right», «Nothing Personal» and «Dirty Work», the band released their fifth album, «Don’t Panic» and «Don’t Panic, It’s Longer». Don’t lie, we know you’re all still losing it to «Oh, Calamity!» and «Backseat Serenade» and it’s more than ok! Read our interview of 2017 All Time Low on OTM Mag #5


OSCAR AND THE WOLF From human to creature, from Oscar to « the Wolf », Max Colombie is swimming between two inspired waters. With his debut album « Entity » in 2014, the belgian magician conquered the North-East of Europe thanks to a gloomy yet soothing pop. A few days after the release of his new record « Infinity » -that could definitely make him take over the world-, Oscar lowers his guards and lets Max express himself about his influences, fears and ambitions. Some confidences at times strange, often inspiring spoken to On The Move.


n The Move Mag: Hello Max! Thank you very much for being here today. Your second album «Infinity» has just been released. Can you describe it in terms of sounds and moods?

On The Move Mag: It seems like you have a very particular process when it comes to lyrics. You first think in terms of sounds and vowels than actual words. Was it the same for this new album?

Max Colombie: This album is more eclectic. I call it a little bit like a «shuffle album» so it is not like going from the first song to the last song and experiencing one kind of sound. I wanted to make something that works when somebody thinks «I wanna listen to that particular song» and not really the whole album. I don’t want people to be in one trip for 45 minutes, you know. In terms of sound, it is lighter than the previous one, there is more sunlight in there. In the first one, the songs were sadder. Now, the songs are less sad but still melancholic. The dark undertone is a little bit more underneath and there is a lot of sunlight, you know. Imagine someone crying in the sun, just a very weird contrast, these kind of things. Or you know «Six Feet Under» the TV series? The subject is always death but it is always filmed in the daylight. That’s what I like, I like this contrast.

Max Colombie: Yes, every time I come up with some sort of musical sketch, I invent a sort of English that doesn’t exist and I work on the vowels. So, it’s random you know, when I have, for example, a «ah»-»eh»«ih» that I think is strong enough, I can never change it into «ih»-«oh»-«ah» because I would think it’s not good anymore. Then, I have to find words that fit to those vowels. Yeah, I think I’m never going to be able to work differently.

On The Move Mag: It is a heartbreak that drove through the making of «Entity», your first album. What inspired or guided you for «Infinity»? Max Colombie: Basically, I called it «Infinity» because it has to do with the fact that I would like to live forever, in a way. For example, I go on holidays and I see a beautiful beach, right? Then, when I arrive there, I get immediately sad because I know it’s not endless. I always miss it already when I’m there and it pretty much sucks. That’s what I have with everything, you know, with love or with beautiful things. Everything comes to an end so I’m already nostalgic about it when I’m there. So, yes, just the fact that things are not endless is like my biggest darkness right now so that’s where the inspiration came from. On The Move Mag: On the track «Princes», taken from «Entity», you wrote «Run for the gold, run for the money, run for the infinity». Has the meaning of the word, this notion of «infinity» changed for you from the first to the second album? Or have you always been driven by that same feeling? Max Colombie: Well, actually, I had it a little bit on the previous one but now, I am digging more into that subject. So, yeah, I’ve always had it somehow, I have always been afraid of death.

On The Move Mag: Then, the sound of the language itself becomes very important. Why did you choose English among other languages you could have used? Max Colombie: Because when I do this, when I play with those vowels, it sounds more like English. I would love to try this with other languages. I speak a little of Spanish as well but I need to learn the language more first. I’m planning on doing that very soon. I am on level 2 of Duolingo (laughs)

« ‘INFINITY’ HAS TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT I would like to live forever, in a way » On The Move Mag: The experience of Oscar and The Wolf relies a lot on a visual aspect. What are your inspirations to set up this aesthetic? Max Colombie: Aesthetically, it is a combination of a lot of things. Los Angeles for example, what the city looks like, the light there, the houses, the sunrises and sunsets... The still pictures of David Hockney and Edward Hopper as well. Then, TV series like True Blood, also that episode of Black Mirror [San Junipero, episode 4, season 3 ndlr.]. It is crazy how this is literally the subject of my album and I discovered it after I wrote it. And also the way it is filmed, what it looks like. Those colors, this purple. There are those clubs, that are very much into the new album, those clubby vibes, the beaches, sadness that comes with the beach. I wish that I could have written the soundtrack of that episode !


On The Move Mag: Talking about TV series and cinema. You told several times that you wouldn’t be interested in being a part of a movie making process because it is a quite long and time consuming. Would a visual album be a thing for you? Like Beyonce or Frank Ocean did. Max Colombie: I am a very skeptical person about how to translate music into visuals. Because my music is more like visuals that come from so many artists together but it’s not just moving pictures or memories or something. It is strange and I know I kind of have to make videos for my songs and I like to do it but it is never gonna represent perfectly what the song is. The sound of the songs already represent enough visuals in someway. But, on the other side, it could create another world to the song, which is also interesting. But I don’t think it’s really necessary. It’s strange, sometimes I think a song becomes better because of the video and sometimes not really. Sometimes, they work really well together. It’s just really hard because you already made the song that you wanted to work for itself but people can have a different approach to the song when they see the video. That what makes me skeptical about it. So, I wouldn’t really like to do a visual album. I like to record videos but I don’t really like to be recorded on camera. I really don’t! On The Move Mag: Somehow, it would reduce people’s freedom to interprete your songs.  Max Colombie: Yes, exactly, in the same way that writers sometimes don’t like when their book becomes a film. Sometimes, they don’t mind because I mean, of course, they can earn so much money out of it. But I understand that sometimes writers think it was not really what they intended. Of course, it can never be the exact projection of what the director and writer want, it is not even possible, it can never be the same thing. You have so many different frequencies of two minds running into each others. You can never make it happen. On The Move Mag: There’s also the fact that, the work is yours and then it becomes someone else’s somehow. How do you collaborate with the directors of your videos ? Max Colombie: Yeah, sometimes it becomes interesting you know, if I’m a fan of a director, I can sort of accept it in a way. So sometimes, I have to let it go. I still need to be inside of the process, though. And not let it go for a hundred percent. So of course, I give words to the director. Like for the new single [Runaway ndlr.]

I told Frederik Heyman I saw a lot of wind, rain, specific kinds of color. We really start from the bottom together and then, the director works his way out of my ideas and tries to place them together. Because sometimes, they are very chaotic. Then, he tries to glue them together. It’s fun but I just really don’t like shooting these. Shooting a video is really tiring. I mean, I get to be there at 7:00 am... For the «Breathing» video, I had to go through the make-up for 8 hours. It was my idea to have these fucking diamonds all over my face but still, 8 hours ! I really don’t like the atmosphere of shooting videos. So, I would love to direct somehow but I don’t like the job (laughs). On The Move Mag: Even though you don’t particularly like to go through the making of a music video, is there one video of yours you specifically liked and was proud of, at the end? Max Colombie: I really like «Princes» and «Breathing». But the last one that came out for «Runaway» is my favourite one, I think. I had to be there at 7:00 in the morning and they had to pull me with a rope in the air so that I would be hung up upside down with ice cold rain on me... for hours! The blood in my head ! And I was like «Why do I have these stupid ideas all the time?»

« I am a very skeptical person about how to translate music into visuals » On The Move Mag: The artwork cover for «Infinity» also carries this strange atmosphere where you incarnate a creature, with this title written in an old horror movie typo. How did you come up with this? Max Colombie: I actually had two ideas for the cover. I wanted to try a very light one with flowers and a very dark one. For me, what the title represents is a little bit like a vampire or a creature that would be immortal. That’s what I wanted to capture in the picture but immortality always comes with a cost which is then why I cry. Because there is something that I of course lost. It’s a little bit of a fantasy, fairy-talish and it worked better for me to have this dark cover. I also listened to the music with the covers with flowers in mind, and I didn’t like it. The music is already light enough so I wanted to have a real contrast in between the sound and the visual. I always like when there is something really sad happening in a movie and happy music plays, or the other way around. It feels so strange! I always like that. That’s what I wanted to do there.


On The Move Mag: Along the way, you also collaborated with others on specific tracks like «You’re mine» with Raving George and a cover of «Back to Black» with Tsar B. Will there be any other collab in the future? Max Colombie: Yeah, actually, I am already busy on working with others. There are really really nice names, but I really can’t tell much right now. Yeah, it’s really a lot of fun. I am very happy about it. When I’ll be finished promoting my second album, in a year and a half maybe, I should release this material but I’m working on it already. I’m looking forward to it. It’s actually weird, I’m working on songs that are going to be released in two years. But that’s fine! I really wanted to work with these people for a long time and now, they have got some time for me so... I took my chance. When I do collabs, I really like to go out of my comfort zone because, somehow, people cannot be blame me for releasing something that is not exactly me. Because there is someone else next to my name (laughs) Then even if they ask «Why is he doing such weird things?» Yeah, but it is not just me ! (laughs) It is easier, you know (laughs) It’s interesting, I can be very childish with these things. I don’t have to have all the weight on my shoulders to release it.

« I hope people IN MY CONCERTS will feel free and allowed to be who ever they want to be » On The Move Mag: Your live performances are like big parties, with a lot of costumes, settings and lights on stage. Do you already have any ideas about the way «Infinity» will be transposed to the stage? Max Colombie: Yeah! We are already kind of teasing a bit with the new productions. But it’s gonna be literally me as a supernatural being. Me transforming into this person that is immortal, in a way. Really, I am not gonna fly anymore. I really don’t want to! (laughs) Because I could, you know, I could go in the arena and fly from here to there. But I’m scared I’m gonna be like screaming so, no, no flying stuffs (laughs) But I’m looking for natural elements, like weather elements. Yeah, we’ll see what it does! It’s exciting. On The Move Mag: There’s also this contrast where you’re performing in front of huge crowds in Belgium, Netherlands etc. but for example, you’ll be here soon in Paris in a much intimate venue. How do you approach these different kinds of performances?  

Max Colombie: A smaller performance like the one in Paris is really good for me to teach myself how to perform on the big ones. Those are the ones where I try out stuff. Where I can be maybe more expressive. Because when you do an arena, it is a little bit more directed and everything is arranged. Your place is there and there and there. There is more freedom in smaller venues and I really enjoy that. I really don’t care what the lights look like or whatever, I just want to enjoy myself in these intimate venues. It’s different but I also like both of them a lot. On The Move Mag: The feeling with the audience must also be very different. Max Colombie: Of course, it’s closer. There was only one time, in France actually, where that closeness bothered me. Because I can hear the public so clear actually. And there were two people talking, and normally I really don’t get angry, but I think there were on drugs or something, really screaming and I couldn’t hear my own voice. I am not so used to that closeness and that time, I got angry (laughs) And I made them go away. Because I really couldn’t concentrate.  So yeah, sometimes, you can get surprised by the things going on in the crowd. You see a lot of reactions directly, you see their eyes. Sometimes, I think someone is going to smell me or something (laughs) If I smell bad, then they will know (laughs) I get scared of that (laughs) On The Move Mag: To finish, how would you describe your work to someone that don’t know you yet to invite them to discover Oscar and The Wolf? Max Colombie: I don’t know if I could say anything. It kind of feels pretentious to do it... I don’t know, maybe like  I said before, some fantasy, a lot of light and darkness at the same time, a little of drama. And in my concert, I hope people will feel free and allowed to be who ever they want to be. Allowed to be weird at some point. Maybe weirder than they dare to be on the street. So, that’s what I would like them to know. That’s a bit what Lady Gaga does with her Monsters. Yeah, that’s a little bit that philosophy. On The Move Mag: So fans can be whatever they want to be, and they could come fly in the venue as you don’t want to.  Max Colombie: Yeah, I would love that! That would be so cool, like fans flying. We just need people to make sure they’re attached and then, they would be going to the air when I do this [his arms coming up in the air] (laughs) That would be so amazing (laughs) I am so gonna write it down to remember. David Copperfield style!



ZOOM ON... With the power of the internet and social medias, aspiring musicians have now a powerful platform between their hands to create music and make themselves heard. And, the public, on the other side, is one click away from discovering an infinity of talented young artists... Each month, the team of On The Move chooses some of them to showcase and bet on their careers, bound to take off in the near future !




Call that a bold but successful transition. From being Hot Chelle Rae’s front man to becoming a country music’s up and coming new artist, Ryan Follese didn’t exactly go the easiest way. Yet, with a solar debut album, the 30 year old artist proves he can switch genre like no other, with a constant genuineness and a surprisingly versatile talent. Country music fans are happily accepting former rock star Ryan Follese into the country music scene with the release of his first single, “Float Your Boat” and selftitled debut album on August 2017. Born to parents who are quite well known in the country music scene, Ryan decided to pursue other avenues of music and was quite successful in carving his own path in the industry. His band, Hot Chelle Rae, best known for their song “Tonight, Tonight” earned their place on the Billboard Top 10 charts and even snagged the coveted American Music Award for “Sprint New Artist of the Year” in 2011. The band went on to create another album together before they parted ways to pursue solo careers in 2015. While living in Los Angeles, Ryan began writing his country album when he received the news that his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He immediately returned home to Nashville to be with his family. Ryan and his songwriting parents, Keith and Adrienne Follese, found solace working together creating Ryan’s country album, which truly make this first album, one from the heart. The album consists of 12 amazing tracks that range from fun upbeat summer anthems; which is reflected on tracks such as “Summer Like You”, “Float Your Boat”, and “Growing Up”; to deep heartfelt ballads such as “Sing It”, “One Thing Right”, and “Lose a Little Sleep”. Ryan’s flawless transition from one extreme genre of music to another just goes to show how gifted of a musician he really is. It’s not often that an artist can successfully make such a daring career move but I have no doubts Ryan will have a very successful career in Nashville, and country music fans certainly seem to agree! While summer is almost over, there are still a few opportunities to catch Ryan on the road this summer on Sam Hunt’s tour “15 to 30”. It’s no wonder why Ryan chose to head his album with the song “Lose a Little Sleep”, an upbeat and catchy love

song that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. However, the true tones of the album are found in the wake of “Lose a Little Sleep”, as the listener is lead into the album’s first two hit singles “Put a Label On It” and “Float Your Boat”. These songs are the existential summer country anthems that make you want to put on your best boots, grab a cooler of beer and your closest friends and party all night long. Ryan transitions the album smoothly with other fun tracks such as “Growing Up”, “Roots”, and “Wilder” and moves into a more laid-back, after-party vibe on tracks such as a “One More Round”, “Sounds Like You”, “No Headlights”, and “Summer Nights”. The stand out romantic ballad on the album is “One Thing Right”, and it is perfect in its simplistic and fresh wording while not being overly done in romantic sappiness. The album is full of other great tracks that will get you up and dancing and reminiscing on long summer nights spent with the one you love. But the most telling track is the final song of the album “Sing It”. This song allows the listener a glimpse into the journey Ryan has taken that lead up to this record. The song is a tribute to not only his past but his future, and the album in whole is a true statement to listeners that Ryan belongs here.

Listen if you are a fan ofIf you’re a fan of country music with pop influences, make sure to check out fellow musicians such as Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett and Luke Bryan.

One song to listen to«Lose a Little Sleep» : with a catchy melody and meaningful lyrics, this song is one to be stuck on replay in your car all summer (and winter)!





She has way more in common with Amy Winehouse, Adele, Jessie J and Kate Nash than you think. First, Ella Eyre is coming from the UK, second, she is a Brit School alumn -that shaped even more superstars than the four previously quoted- and third, she has got a voice to remember. Get to know the next British female act to take over the world! Ella McMahon, best known as Ella Eyre, is born in West London but, unlike a lot of her fellow British musicians, she didn’t start music from a particularly young age. She first was a brilliant swimmer but was forced to take a step back from that discipline after repetitive health problems.

sound, something you can hear on tracks like « Good Time » , « Always » or « Together » – drawn from her 2015 debut album « Feline » – that mix the fierce and frantic energy of Rudimental’s music with the warmth and charm of Ella’s voice.

It could have been a rough path for anyone but this unfortunate event somehow turned into a happy nudge from life, as it brought Ella Eyre to one of the most famous schools of performing arts. The talented teenager made it to the BRIT School, where some of the most iconic music destinies were built :

« My music has much more of a « live » sound. Somehow, there is the influence of dance music, but not exactly in the way Rudimental uses it. There is more soul, hip-hop and R’n’B. »

« I was going through the toughest time in my life, a really upsetting teenage break-up, and went on a school trip to the 2011 Brit Awards. I was in the gods in a rubbish seat and filmed the performance of Adele on «Someone Like You». When you watch it again, you can hear me crying. It was a real turning point.» At the BRIT School, Ella Eyre studied music but also theatre by performing in a lot of musicals. With time, she eventually chose to focus on her singing and writing skills. In the course of 2011, Ella met her manager and signed to the Warner/Chappell Music record label. The year after, she earned a contract with Virgin EMI. It all started from there, first with a lot of great featurings for the young artist! One of them is « No Angels » with British band Bastille: a brilliant mash-up between « No Scrubs » from iconic R’n’B trio TLC and« Angels » from The XX. But it’s in 2013 with « Waiting All Night » her collaboration with drum’n’bass formation Rudimental that Ella Eyre topped the UK charts for the first time. In 2014, she wins, together with Rudimental, the BRIT Award for best single of the year, also giving a burning performance during the show. Between soul and R’n’B, Ella Eyre’s universe plays with different sonorities, also coming form her various influences such as Amy Winehouse, Hans Zimmer or Etta James. Her past experiences also helped define her own

Since the release of her first EP «Deeper» in 2013, Ella Eyre gradually earned her place in the music industry, as well as the recognition of her peers. But yet, we were waiting for her moment to shine on the international scene. And it happened last June, when she played her best card by collaborating with English producer Sigala. « Came Here For Love » undeniably marked this past summer with its feel-good vibes and is still on the highest spots of the charts. It was then a perfect timing for Ella Eyre to follow up with a fresh personal track : her new single « Ego » featuring californian rapper Ty Dolla Sign. The quite sarcastic song goes way more pop than her previous work, but is as catchy. In the perspective of a new album, Ella Eyre should once again fill our playlists with some solar tracks in the next months. When you’re named after one of the most legendary jazz singer, you can only spread great music around.

Listen if you are a fan of-

The soul of Emeli Sandé, Tori Kelly or Katy B caught in an energetic synths, drums and basses storm.

One song to listen toIf there was only one to choose, we’d go for “Home”, one of her deepest and touching track. Its universal theme should resonate in each and every one. And you’ll love it even more live !




the pop star we were waiting for

Forget that Justin Timberlake or Robbie Williams made it solo, or that the One Direction boys are on a hiatus, because boybands seem to be the new trend these days. With The Tide, New Hope Club and the newcomers PRETTYMUCH, the next wave of boybands is here. Is the world ready for another big phenomenon ? One Direction fans, you might want to sit down for a while. If their hiatus has left a hole in your chest, and in your life, meet PRETTYMUCH, Simon’s Cowell new secret weapon. If solo male artists like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes are topping the charts with their hits, there’s no doubt that the boyband image and group mentality will work in PRETTYMUCH’s favor. Because what’s better than one guy singing and dancing? Five guys singing and dancing! Back in the 90’s, N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys made the vocals-plus-choreography popular, and if you thought it was over because the 1D boys refused to dive into the dance routine mania, PRETTYMUCH are here to bring back those retro vibes and vintage aesthetic. Before joining the band, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret and Zion Kuwonu were all pursuing solo careers until Simon Cowell recognized their individual strengths and melded them into a group. Since then, the five young guys, aged from 17 to 19, have been living together in Los Angeles while recording their debut album and perfecting their dance moves. «The coolest thing was that when were really together for the first time is that you could see the potential of each member.» One thing is sure, with their debut single «Would You Mind», PRETTYMUCH made a huge step forward and towards success. The track showcased some pretty nice harmonies (who would’ve thought?) and rolls back 30 years to the swingbeat era while putting upfront some timeless pop vibes and addictive hook. Add to this a tiny bit of RnB and you’ll get the perfect bop to carry you through winter.

So yeah, this might as well be the next new wave of boyband s: bringing back the old-school vibes and dance routine on top of pop music with vintage rock mixed with modern RnB. If it sounds a bit weird to you, don’t worry, the five teens are actually rocking and nailing this particular style! As to know if an actual debut album is coming, we’ll have to wait and see! According to Arreaga, yes, the band is working on an album and new music, but they just don’t feel like dropping one at the moment. «The biggest thing is we just wanna drop single after single after single, and be performing as much as we can, and turn it up whenever.» While we will eagerly be waiting for new music, you can always catch up on the band’s cover and practice on Instagram. For now, we might place our bet on them, but still, let’s see what they’re capable of first before jumping on the bandwagon.

Listen if you are a fan ofOne Direction, The Vamps, or even Boyz II Men. Well, basically any boyband out there, whether you like a rock vibe or a modern vintage sound. Could PRETTYMUCH be the next big thing? Why not, but only time will tell!

One song to listen to«Would You Mind» as it’s their only song out at the moment. Written by Savan Kotecha, who previously worked with One Direction and Ariana Grande, this couldn’t be a bad song, and with the harmonies of the five guys on top of that : it’s a yes for us!



KEIYNAN LONSDALE As he started dancing at a very young age, Keiynan Lonsdale has been making a name for himself through the years as a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Currently playing Wally West in the TV show «The Flash», Keiynan will be seen in the 20th Century Fox’s YA film «Love, Simon» coming out next March, and shows that he’s multitasking by also focusing on his musical career. Meet the talented Keiynan Lonsdale.



n The Move Mag: Hello Keiynan. We are really happy to be here with you, how have you been? Keiynan Lonsdale: Hey On The Move ! I am doing well, really happy to be here with you. It is actually my last day in Los Angeles for a while, I’m going to Vancouver tomorrow to continue shooting for The Flash’s next season which I’m very excited about. On The Move Mag: You released your new single «Good Life» a couple of weeks ago, what’s the story behind it? Keiynan Lonsdale: Actually we wrote the song by accident because I was supposed to work with different co-writers, we started the session and I guess he wasn’t really feeling it (laughs) because he just bailed after 20 minutes. Me and the producer were like «oh maybe we should work on something else! » and then he played me that track and I had the melody too and the words just sort of came out naturally which was nice. The producer’s roommate actually ended up helping me as well and just we built it up very quickly which is awesome. The message in it is clear and it is also a celebration of youth and the fact that we are trying to figure it all out but what we do know - among all the things that we don’t know - is that we really appreciate authenticity and enjoying life and not necessarily all the things that we were taught to focus on when we were kids. You know, make sure you have the perfect job, make sure you have the best car. Your friends, having fun and enjoying the world is what matters. On The Move Mag: Before «Good Life» you released a track named «Higher» and collaborated on Kasbo’s song «Lay It On Me», has music always been a part of your life? Keiynan Lonsdale: Yes, I started dancing when I was 2 and I was obsessed with Michael Jackson. I just danced all day, every day. MJ was always a huge influence on me and then I realized when I was 11 or 12 that I could write songs so I started writing but I was a terrible singer (laughs). I kept practicing by myself, in secret because I knew I was a bad singer so I had a lot of fear of performing in front on anyone else. I wanted to tell everyone that I wanted to be a singer but if they would ever ask me to sing I would have been like «I can’t do it» (laughs). It was after I left high-school that I was more confident, putting up Youtube videos and stuff. Having strangers sort of appreciating what I was doing was interesting because they gotta be pretty honest. It gave me confidence to start releasing my own music.

On The Move Mag: Besides this music career, you also have an acting career and are currently playing Wally West in the CW’s hit TV show «The Flash». Is music influencing your work as an actor ? Keiynan Lonsdale: I’m sure it is, not in ways that I can recount specifically though. Everything that I do makes up this human that I am, and I think what helps me as an actor is everything that I have experienced and I can sort of have a different perpective to how I approach different roles. So I’m sure my experiences in music have shaped me and how I intend, sometimes shape as well what I do with acting.

« The message in ‘GOOD LIFE’ is clear and it is a celebration of youth » On The Move Mag: Are you planning on releasing an EP or an album anytime soon? Keiynan Lonsdale: Yes, we are working on the album which will be very cool. I don’t know when we will be putting this out (laughs). I think I changed a lot and I try to just be a sponge with everything in terms of myself and try to grow as a person, and so I feel that I just want to be a sponge as much as possible and then put that into the music. I think I’ll know when it’s ready and when it’s right but for now it’s in the studio, writing as much as possible. I know the intention behind the album and the message, that’s why «Good Life» was a perfect way to start because it is just about celebrating love. On The Move Mag: There are many of your colleagues on «The Flash» who play music as well, do you guys play music together sometimes? Keiynan Lonsdale: They bring a guitar all the time so we jam a lot. They know that I’m trying to learn guitar so sometimes they try to make me join in and I’m like «Oh I’m terrible» (laughs). Everyone sings, it’s pretty cool, it’s definitely a musical cast. On The Move Mag: Do you prefer singing or acting? Keiynan Lonsdale: It’s not a matter of preferences. For me if I’m just doing one thing I get very antsy and I like to know that I’m focusing on acting, that’s my job, and I wanna know that in between takes I have



another thing to think about. I’ve been on the show for a couple of years so I’ve been able to find my rhythm. Therefore as an actor you wait a lot (laughs), that’s when I thought «I have a chance to continue this creativity because I have so much energy that I want to use all the time». Same with music, when I think of music I instantly think of music videos and I think how we’re gonna play the scene, how is my acting coming to play with videos, so it’s all sort of connected.

have the feeling that I want, that’s why I edited it myself because the video involves a lot of my friends and it had to have the right feeling. Also, when you are so passionate about something you just want to make sure that everyone else that are working on it has the same passion but you can’t expect that from people if they’re not already involved, and I never want to force anyone to have passion about something that they don’t care about. So it’s about finding the right balance and the good people.

« Everything that I do makes up this human that I am »

On The Move Mag: You are pretty into fashion as well. Have you ever considered a career in fashion? What do you think about it?

On The Move Mag: Are you involved in every aspect of your music career, including as you said music videos and other visuals? Keiynan Lonsdale: Yes, which is a good thing and a challenging thing (laughs). I’ve been editing the «Good Life» video which was fun because I love editing but at the same time there are still things that take a lot of time. So I ask for help and people help me but you have to make sure you’re on the same page with the people you work with. I have to make sure that I

Keiynan Lonsdale: Hmm not right now (laughs). I feel like I need to learn a lot more about it. I like to play around and see what feels good for me that day but every time I look at the stuff that I did I feel like I’ve changed again. I am constantly evolving. I don’t know what technically goes with what so I think - in a sense it makes me feel a lot more carefree about fashion but if I ever go in a fashion career, I’d need to educate myself a lot more. INTERVIEW by PAM CHARBIT PHOTOS : HEATHER KOEPP FOR ON THE MOVE STYLIST : KEIYNAN LONSDALE



OF SEPTEMBER Every week of the year, a bunch of records are thrown into the world, portraying the singular influences, universe and sound of artists. Do you get lost in the numerous releases ? On The Move Mag is here to help. This month, as always, we opened our ears and dived into what matters most : music ! Whatever genre suits you, you’ll find something new to discover... Here are our favourite albums released at the end of the summer.


Only 3 years after their debut album «Wishful Thinking», Neck Deep is back with a brand new record «The Peace and The Panic». As a whole, the sound of the pop-punk band is catchy and even if some tracks will grow on you after a few listens, there’s probably a song that will make you want to sing along after a few notes. On this record, the band wanted to take risks and experiment a bit more. As if Ben Barlow was more aware of his vocal skills, on «In Bloom» the singer shows us his best side and delivers a solid performance, while the presence of Architect’s Sam Carter in «Don’t Wait» brings an aggressive but pleasant touch. Without bringing something new, Neck Deep proved that they still have a lot to offer!

Top 3 tracks: Wish You Were, In Bloom, Parachute

Neck Deep - The Peace and the Panic Kesha is back and it feels amazingly good! In a few words, this third album is fresh, strong, powerful and definitely worth the wait. While the opening track «Bastards» is emotional, pure and soft, «Let ‘em Talk» is an impressive rock song featuring the metal band, Eagles Of Death Metal. As a whole, «Rainbow» is a rollercoaster of emotions and will either make you want to scream and pump the air, as on the feminist anthem «Woman» or will bring a tear to your eye like the simple yet beautiful «Hymn». Yes, «Rainbow» is heavy and Kesha puts her vulnerability upfront, but that’s what make the record and the lyrics authentic, and true.

Top 3 songs : Hymn, Praying, Learn To Let Go

Kesha - Rainbow

Without Ryan Lewis, Macklemore had a lot to prove but, with «Gemini», his second solo album, the rapper seems back to what he does best and delivers a record that is as refreshing, versatile and imperfect as the artist himself. The album kicks off with «Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight», a true Macklemore’s song with its funky vibe and bouncy melody. Throughout the album, the rapper also tries his hands at something more mature with some rock’n’roll vibes on «Firebreather», or some classic hip-hop beats like on «Willy Wonka». No matter what style you like, we can predict that there will be a song that will make you feel some type of ways on this record. Major positive point : Macklemore showcased new talents, like Dan Caplen, as well as famous singer like Kesha or the new sensation Lil Yachty. Talk about a comeback, we are loving it !

Top 3 tracks : Firebreather, Glorious, Excavate

Macklemore - Gemini If you’re looking for the perfect songs to chill and jam along to, then «All Your Fault: Pt 2» is the perfect EP for you. Like a mix of Rap, R&B, HipHop and pop, as a whole, the EP gives us some nice tracks and holds a very ‘feel-good’ vibe. Even if the Part 2 might feel a little less coherent and thought than Part 1, Bebe incorporates a lot of genres and adds some nice touch to her work and songs. While «That’s It» featuring the rappers Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz is a catchy opening track with its haunted melody, «(Not) The One» is a bubblegum/pop song that the EP needed. This one got us excited for an actual album !

Top 3 tracks: (Not) The One, Meant To Be, The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)

Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault: Pt. 2

The potential Nothing But Thieves has is immense and undeniable, and, if their debut album was already a fantastic piece, there is absolutely no doubt that «Broken Machine» is here to confirm their talent. Taking inspirations from Muse or even Royal Blood, Nothing But Thieves seems to add a new string to their bow. In a word, the highlight of the album is probably «Live Like Animals» with its retro vibe and intense chorus. Later, the loud catchiness of «Amsterdam» and the bouncy bassline of «Broken Machine» show that the boys are definitely not here to play ! As a whole, with great lyrics and brilliant vocals from Conor Masonthis, this album is a must listen.

Top 3 tracks : Amsterdam, I’m Not Made By Design, Live Like Animals

NOTHING BUT THIEVES - BROKEN MACHINE Since Camila Cabello left the band, Fifth Harmony had a lot to prove with their first album as a four piece. «Fifth Harmony» sounds a lot like the most promising record of their career and might as well be their most cohesive album to date. Filled with a lot of R&B vibes and vibrant pop sounds, the record seems to be inspired by a lot of artists and classic tunes such as «He Like That» which reminds us of a brilliant Rihanna tune. Later on the album, the four girls deliver an amazing vocal performance on the heart wrenching «Messy». Either you like it or not, there’s a definitely a song on Fifth Harmony’s record that you can relate to !

Top 3 Songs : Bridges, Messy, Down

Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony The Script are back with a brand new style and identity! Album after album, the band never fails to reinvent themselves and produce a different sound. This time around, it’s not different. Drifting away from the mainstream pop music, they tried their hand at something modern, and added some nice electro touches. On «Divided States Of America», Danny and his bandmates decided to talk politics, while on «Make Up», they play with our feelings and deliver a powerful and emotional message about self-love. Even if you feel a bit weird about their new sound, there’s no doubt that The Script will be adding this record to their hall of fame.

Top 3 tracks: Rain, Divided States Of America, Freedom Child


Given their almost complete anonymity, PVRIS’s success was as dazzling as unexpected. Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski and Brian McDonald blew a wind of freshness and originality in the music scene with their debut album «White Noise» in 2014. Did the band manage to aim even higher? What we can say is that «AWKOH, AWNOH» is cathartic, musically evolved but also rich in mystery and twists. It is not as diverse as the first album but we can appreciate the introduction of new instruments such as the harp in the very surprising «Walk Alone». «What’s Wrong» and «Anyone Else» are the kind of songs that start fairly slowly, but grow crescendo, building up instrumentally and gathering your feelings leaving you almost breathless at the end. Recorded in a haunted church, adding more consistency to the band’s image and even more depth to the album, the latter allows us to glimpse a certain light through the darkness, thanks to catchy melodies and new pop harmonies. PVRIS proves their strong personality and their ability to deliver creative, meaningful and energetic tracks that will haunt you for a long time, if not forever.

Top 3 tracks : What’s Wrong, Anyone Else, No Mercy

Pvris - All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell 35

ALEX WHO? Her stage name might leave a bit of a doubt about her identity but once the question will be answered, you ‘ll definitely remember her. Alex Who? writes and sings some sophisticated soul pieces, enriched by her double roots between the heat of Tanzania and the refinement of Holland. A few weeks ago, our team was lucky enough to meet the elegant artist. Talking trips around the world or musicians that inspire her, Alex Who? show us how she makes the most of every place and every era without ever labelling music. A genuine and generous artist you might want to discover !



n The Move Mag: Hi Alex! It’s very nice to meet you. In order for our readers to get to know you, can you tell us how you started making music? Alex Who?: I always wrote my words down on paper. I started just writing poetry and stories and at a certain time, I was also a jazz singer and I went to jazz clubs to do covers of Nina Simone for example. But one time, there was this jazz session where I started using my own lyrics, and I was just jamming with the musicians in the Jazz Club. Somebody heard me, and he saw something in me that made him think «Wow, if you actually give this a shot, you know, you could totally be a professional songwriter and singer !» And apart from music in general , for me, it sets so high because my heroes are Al Green, Donna Summer, Nina Simone... Their music is so brilliant, I never thought that I could do it like them. But then, I got this huge opportunity to make a demo for Atlantic Records and when they got it, they actually pretty much signed me right away so that made me take my music serious from that moments on.

« I want my albums to be a representation of whatever I am going through » On The Move Mag: Why did you choose to call yourself «Alex Who?» with that question mark at the end? Alex Who?: So, the question mark in my name «Alex Who?» is there for a couple of reasons. Number one is that the question mark is very important to me because it stands for me as a sign of intelligence. The people that I encountered in my life that are the most intelligent, the most amazing are always the people that keep asking questions, that are never finished learning, that always want to learn more, grow as a person. So, that’s the question mark ! And also, «Alex Who?» is because I like such a broad range of music myself from classic to african music like Fela Kuti or even rock, like Cream that is one of my most favourite bands, that I never want to be confined to one label or one type of music. I want to be able to always show different sides of «Alex Who?». On The Move Mag: What is the story behind one of your hit-tracks « Summer in December » ?

Alex Who?: I had this conversation with my sister and we were talking about somebody in my life that I missed and I was thinking «How do I miss this! and that kind of situations!» and she said «Wait! You don’t remember that he made you feel like this?» She reminded me of all the bad things and I thought «Wow, why is our human brain so selective about what we choose to remember, about situations, about days, about people?» So, that’s why I wrote «Summer in December». I used the seasons to describe my experience of this so that’s why I wrote : «Why do I only remember you like summer in December, when you’re colder than November?». It’s about why we choose to remember the good things, when it wasn’t actually that great. On The Move Mag: You are dutch but are actually living in Los Angeles. What does this city bring you, as a musician? Alex Who?: For me, it doesn’t really matter where I am. I am a very adaptable person, I live all over the world. I lived in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Cambogia, New-York, London, everywhere and now, I live in Los Angeles. For me, it’s a perfect place to be because that’s where everything happens in the music industry now. What kind of influence it has on my music is that whenever I go out, or I go to music industry gatherings or whatever, I always bump into musicians. I always bump into other producers, people who make music so it is very easy to end up doing a collaboration after the first meeting, you know. I love doing collaborations with different kinds of people because it gets music out of me that I would have never guessed that I would make. Because those different kinds of musicians get that out of me, you know. I love doing collaborations for those reasons. So, L.A. is full of that, full of creatives, full of musicians. On The Move Mag: Your latest EP « This Is Who, Pt. One » has been released in September. What are the themes that go through it? Alex Who?: The album that I worked on with Johnny Black is called «This Is Who» and the first EP that’s coming out is «This Is Who, Pt. One». It is really about where I was in my life at the time that I wrote that album. I want all of my albums to be a representation of whatever I am going through at that moment. During that time, I fell in love a lot, as I always do actually. Therefore I wrote about that. But the music is never written from the perspective of a victim : «Why did you leave me? Why did you break my heart? I am so lonely.» It’s never like that. It’s always : «Now you’re gone, I realize that you’re not here for me». Or it’s about that silly little game that we play.


About love and heartbreak. We always tend to hurt each other. And it’s more from an observing bystander kind of perspective that I write that «I’m better off without you». It’s all about empowering girls or boys or whoever is listening, and I hope that people that listen to my music will connect with it and make it their own story, just like «Summer in December» if you listen to the lyrics. The biggest joy I get is when I listen to people appreciating my music and they say to me «Oh wow, It really made me think of that one time I etc.»That makes me so happy when I manage to catch feeling in a song that people can relate to it. On The Move Mag: How was playing at Coachella? Alex Who?: Coachella was amazing! The fact that so early in my career, I get to play a big stage like that was amazing. This time, I wasn’t playing Coachella under my own name «Alex Who?» but doing it in a collaboration with a good friend of mine that I am doing a side project with called «The Human Experience». He is an amazing producer and I’m very blessed that I could do this collaboration with him and play this biggest of a stage at Coachella this early in my career. I love performing as it is, you know, performing is the best thing ever! On The Move Mag: If you had to describe your own music, which words would you use? Alex Who?: I would never want to label my music but if I had to, then, in my opinion, there is only two types of music. First, there is soul music, which is hopefully what I make... Well, that’s what I make ! I call it «soul music» because it comes from the soul. And the other type of music is «money music» which is made with the intention to make money. And that’s never the case with me. I make soul music because I write what’s on my mind and what’s in my soul. Then, I put it in into a song. On The Move Mag:  What are the artists that inspire you the most ? Alex Who?: All of the artists that I admire, that I love to listen to are also soul music artists. Nina Simone is definitely my god-mother in music. And if I have to name a more current music artist that I look up to... My god, there’s too many. Anderson .Paak is killing it right now! He just makes the best music. He restored my faith in current music. Because I had my throwback in that sense. Let me see... There is so many people that are doing great things but I do love Lauryn Hill, I do love the band Cream. Oh, there’s so much music I love,

I could go on and on like this forever! But also Elijah Blake right now is killing it, and you can always put on a funky Missy Elliott song and that just makes me move! I cant’ help it because she’s just too funky. On The Move Mag: Do you prefer being in the studio or on stage? Alex Who?: I love them both for very different reasons. I love recording because... Well actually, it’s not the recording that I love the most, it is more the creating, making a song, being in the studio with other creatives and then, creating music. That’s what I really, really love. But performing, I love it for a totally different reason. It’s because it is such a powerful thing when you are on stage and all the people in the crowd have their own problems, they have their own stories, their own lives. And it is such a powerful and cool thing if you can stand on stage with whoever is listening to you, who came to see you. You can take them on a journey, and just make them forget. And pick them up and make them cry and make them laugh, you know, that’s an amazing thing to be able to take people on a journey. And take them to places they’ve never been before.

« there is only two types of music : ‘SOUL MUSIC’ AND ‘MONEY MUSIC’ » On The Move Mag: What are your three favourite tracks at the moment? Alex Who?: That’s a very difficult one, the three songs I love the most at the moment? I’m just gonna tell you the three last songs that I have been listening to and that I am a bit obsessed about. One is by Masego and it is called «Navajo». He does this live performance that is amazing! So, remember, «Navajo» is the song and it is by this incredible guy named Masego. The second song is Anderson .Paak when he sings «Come Down». That is such a funky tune and I have been listening to it on repeat, the live session as well as the original album version. And then, one of my all-time favourites that I have been listening to last is «I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free» by Nina Simone, the live version when she was performing in 1976 in Montreux. That song represents true freedom for me, freedom in a song, freedom in life. Just freedom !




OF 2017


thirty seconds to mars

strong and fierce words by lenaelle fontaine

picture All rights reserved

If you’re in your twenties, chances are, a few years ago, you’ve been losing your mind and singing your heart out to «Riot», «Welcome To The Black Parade», or even «The Kill (Bury Me)». After years of waiting, it’s time to wake your teenage self and emo side because your favorite bands are back in action! From Paramore to All Time Low, it’s now time for Thirty Seconds To Mars to shake the music industry and take the world by storm with some new tunes. But in the meantime, while the fans were eagerly waiting for new music, Jared Leto didn’t waste his time! He made an impressive appearance as The Joker in the DC Comics film adaptation of «Suicide Squad», along with Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Cara Delevingne.

The fifth album Since the singer finished filming the DC Comics movie, Jared and his two bandmates have been working on their fifth studio album which, according to some Instagram posts, is promised to be release at some point this year. While we still don’t know much about the upcoming album, the followup to 2013’s «Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams» will be very different from

what the band has previously released. In a word, the album, as said by the frontman Jared Leto, is promised to be kind of «sexual».

«walk on water» And here it is, after four long years, hundreds of days and thousands of hours, Thirty Seconds To Mars are finally back with a new single, «Walk On Water». Following the steps of Green Day and some new artists like Declan McKenna, the band decided to talk politics on this new record. More than just another song about freedom and fight, «Walk On Water» is a fresh and fierce call to arms that sees the band calling for unity in a fragile and broken America. The lyric video was also a hint related to the fifth album. Featuring some real life footages, the video was an input to another projet from the band : a documentary.

A day in the life of america This documentary aims to be a “filmed portrait” of what the USA are nowadays. Jared Leto asked fans to submit their footage from across all of the 50 states, in order to capture «24 hours in the life of the country on July 4th». "We want to see the real America".


picture Ryan Aylsworth

We’ve been waiting for P!nk’s return this whole time and now she’s finally back! Her latest album «The Truth About Love» was released in 2012 : a sixth record that was worthy of the previous ones with hit-singles such as «Blow Me (One Last Kiss)», «Try» or the charming «Just Give Me A Reason» with Nate Ruess from Fun. But since the end of this record’s promotion, the performer quietly retired from the musical scene and chose to take care of her and her family. Besides an intimate side project in 2014 called «You+Me» with Dallas Green -a.k.a City And Color-, P!nk wasn’t exactly under the spotlights and took the time to prepare her next studio album. Since the beginning of the 2000’s, P!nk never failed to surprise us. She went from hip-hop on «Family Portrait» to dance on «Get The Party Started», from pop on «Who Knew» to rock on «So What»... We lost count on the number of now classical tracks she gave birth to, becoming one of the pop icons of this generation. So what to expect from her soon-to-be-released 7th album?

«BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA» She is now 37 years old and her new opus called «Beautiful Trauma» -due to be out on October 13th- could be the one of her prime of life. Being

a wife and a mother made her even more aware of what is going on into our world and how she can use music to point and debate society matters. Being always committed through her art, P!nk is not one to keep quiet about her opinions and that’s exactly what shines through her latest single : a positive wake-up call on humanity.

«WHAT ABOUTS US» On a nice melody tinted with electro vibes, the artist plays on the ambiguity of the «us» : us as a couple, us as society. «What about us? What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about us? What about all the broken happy ever afters?» Is she talking to a deceiving lover or a failing politic? P!nk has always carried that elegance, spreading bitting messages undercover, avoiding trash and polemics. On «Beautiful Trauma», she’s getting way more personal but still universal : «It was you, The pill I keep taking, The nightmare I’m waking, There’s nothing but you, My perfect rock bottom, My beautiful trauma». We definitely love how P!nk can go wherever she wants and be whoever she wants to be while still talking to us all, no matter our age, gender or origin. And that’s the power of P!nk!


TAYLOR SWIFT HER NEW DARK SIDE words by lenaelle fontaine

picture All rights reserved

Taylor Swift is back with a dark and brand new era! Though it’s been nearly three years since the pop-country singer released her album «1989», a lot happened in the «Swift-World». From reignited feuds to new love stories, Taylor also took on a more background role in music. She co-wrote one of Calvin Harris’ most popular hit «This Is What You Came For» featuring Rihanna on the lead vocals, and took the world by storm by releasing a surprising duet with Zayn Malik «I Don’t Wanna Live Forever». Sexy and dark, the single appeared on the «Fifty Shades Darker» soundtrack and was probably a sign that Taylor Swift was ready for something more mature and rebellious.

«Look what you made me do» It took time, but it’s finally here! Earlier this month, the singer cleaned all her social media and announced her new album «Reputation». As promised, she later released the lead single «Look What You Made Me Do». Forget about her famous country songs

like «Love Story» or «You Belong With Me» , Taylor is back with a dance-pop song and vengeful lyrics. In a few words, the single is a big f*ck off to her haters. There is no big cheerful chorus like on her previous work, but instead, Taylor chose to be more direct and plays with some horror-movie sound effects. That’s quite a concept, but it actually works pretty well. With this lead single, the «Reputation era» feels already a lot colder and darker than what we are used to when it comes to Taylor Swift.

«reputation» The sixth album While we still don’t know much about Tay’s sixth album, one thing is sure : she’s ready to rip her own image apart and own her bad press instead of brushing it off. Leaning into the dark side never looked so good! The second track released off the record was «... Ready For It ?», a pop oriented, electronic inspired song with elements of tropical house and dubstep. The song is lyrically about Taylor’s reputation, but also talks about sexuality and falling in love again. As she dramatically said, the old Taylor is dead. Are you ready for it ?


picture All rights reserved

Nobody could have passed by the Sam Smith storm that hit the world in 2014. In two years and with only one album, highly acclaimed both by the critics and the public with 12 millions copies sold, the 25 year old British singer took over the international industry thanks to the wide range of emotions gathered in « In The Lonely Hour ». «Stay With Me», «Lay Me Down» or «I’m Not The Only One» reached our hearts and souls in no time thanks to soft and charming melodies but above all, Sam Smith’s flawless voice. It was enough to turn him into one of the most important British music acts, picking up four Grammy Awards on the way. He could have gone on to this rising path by releasing some other materials but instead chose silence as a subtle yet powerful tool. Though writing a song for the soundtrack of James Bond’s «Spectre» in 2015 was a punctual challenge he raised successfully with «Writing’s On The Wall» (and an Oscar!), the greatest test was still ahead : the second album.

«TOO GOOD AT GOODBYES» How to compose the follow-up to such a brilliant and loved album? The step is decisive for Sam Smith. After teasing his return on social media, the artist finally pleased his feverish public with «Too Good At Goodbyes».

As usual, Sam Smith’s new track is a powerful and touching anthem about love and its setbacks. The melancholy Sam Smith carries never feels like an overused recipe and still seems incredibly genuine in this new single! Supported by a simple and enchanting gospel choir, «Too Good At Goodbyes» doesn’t need anything more than some piano notes and Sam Smith’s gifted voice to work like an haunting spell. The singer once again displays all his magic on both melodies, words and vocals to great us with a universal song. The track could enter its fourth consecutive week at number 1 in the UK charts and we only recommend you to listen to its newly revealed rendition recorded in Hackney Round Chapel. This one feels like heaven in our ears !

COLLABORATIONS ON THE WAY It’s on Zane Lowe’s mic on Apple Music that Sam Smith confessed his new album will be out right before Christmas with a surprising duet as well as a collaboration with US producer Timbaland. Former One Direction member Liam Payne also announced he was working with Timbaland a few weeks ago and now is Sam Smith turn. We don’t really know what will come out of this one but we are dying to hear more of Sam Smith!


AVICII When the music is too appealing to retire words by PAM CHARBIT

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You heard he retired a couple of months ago but guess who’s back again? Swedish DJ superstar Avicii is back in the game with an unexpected new project named AVĪCI, his six-track EP that was teased only a few weeks prior to its August 10th release date. The 28 year-old producer pleasantly surprised the music world by announcing the release of new tracks, 3 years after he unveiled his second album «Stories» in 2015. Tim Bergling didn’t just produce new music, he has been working hard to create many projects that his fans can look forward to.

EARLY RETIREMENT, UNEXPECTED COME-BACK Avicii broke the heart of the EDM world by announcing that he wanted to retire from music to concentrate on other areas in his life including travelling. The superstar couldn’t stay away from music much longer though, only a year and a half after this announcement, the «Wake Me Up» DJ is back with a fresh project. «This is the first year I felt like I’ve been able to kind of live normally for the first time in eight years or something» he says, «so it’s been really cool to have a year off!» he confessed to BBC Radio 1 with renewed ambitions.

A new album in the making, a documentary coming up and a new radio Expect more music from the Swedish/ Dj producer. He indeed says that «AVĪCI (01)» is the first EP of three so the whole album will be released with the third EP. Upon this release, Avicii announced the arrival of the «True Stories» documentary that will showcase the DJ’s rises, struggles with fame, health and early retirement. The «Avicii : True Stories» documentary was directed by longtime Bergling friend and visual collaborator Levan Tsikurishvili and is basically the untold story behind the artist. This new release arriving at select movies theaters on October 26 will also contains videos from Avicii’s very last concert in Ushuaia on August 2016. If a new album and new documentary aren’t enough, Avicii launches his new radio show «Avicii FM». The very first episode included an entire hour of music along with an anecdote that details the DJ’s trip to Peru where he injected frog poison into his body to release all the toxins. Yes, you get it. Avicii is back for good and even though he will not get back on stage anytime soon, there are a lot of things that fans can look forward to.

THE SCRIPT A BRAND NEW SOUND words by lenaelle fontaine

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For the past few years, it’s not a secret that Ireland had a lot of talents that made waves outside the Irish boundaries. From Niall Horan, to the rock band U2, it’s now time for The Script to shake the music industry with something new. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane! In 2008, the band rose to fame with their hit «The Man Who Can’t Be Moved». Four albums later, The Script are still riding on top of the charts with some gems and successful collaborations. From «Hall Of Fame» to «Superheroes», they already produced some unforgettable songs that’ll carry their spirit forever.

«Freedom Child», a fresh start Each album Danny, Glen and Mark have produced has had a different sound, reflecting the music scene at the time they released it. And this time around, they went for modernity and change! Released on July 13th, the promo single «Rain» topped the charts across multiple nations for several weeks. The song is about pain, but the message contrasts with the fresh and modern beat. Someone asked for changes?

With «Freedom Child», the devil is in the details. Drifting away from their mainstream pop sound, the band decided to try their hands at something new and modern by incorporating some electro touch to their usual vibes. Following 30 Seconds To Mars and Green Day, Danny and his bandmates also made politics and social issues the central subjects of this record. On «Divided States Of America», the band sends a strong message about Americans turning a “blind eye” to victims of discrimination. Later on the album, with «Make Up», they deliver positives and encouraging lyrics about self-love. So yes, on this album, there’s a song for everyone. Whether you like it or not, The Script shows us that, despite your political views or your problems, you can be whoever you want to be. Just be yourself!

What’s Next ? The band have recently announced a tour that will take them across the United States and the UK. from September 28th to February 23rd 2018. If you want to be a part of it, be quick because the tickets are selling fast!



Nick MURPHY Missing Link Tour


America : from October 9th (Vancouver, Canada) to October 26th (Austin, TX) + Europe : from November 23rd (Koln, Germany) to November 29th (Paris, France)

America : from October 4th (San Francisco, CA) to October 15th (Austin, TX) + Europe : from November 1st (Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg) to December 5th (London, UK)



Europe : from October 22nd (Birmingham, UK) to November 16th (Madrid, Spain)

America : from October 1st (Houston, TX) to October 23rd (Mexico) ; Europe : from November 2nd (Munich, Germany) to November 30th (London, UK)

ASGEIR America : from October 1st (Philadelphia, PA) to October 6th (Austin, TX) + Europe : from October 12th (Paris, France) to October 16th (London, UK)

RAG’N’BONE MAN Europe : from October 30th (Tilburg, Netherlands) to November 28th (Brighton, UK)

PHOEBE RYAN America : from October 31st (Philadelphia, PA) to November 14th (Los Angeles, CA)

LORDE Europe : from October 1st (Birmingham, UK) to October 19th (Trondheim, Norway) + New Zealand/Australia : from November 7th (Dunedin, NZ) to November 26th (Melbourne, AUS) + America : from March 1st, 2018 (Milwaukee, WI) to April 15th, 2018 (Nashville TN)


Europe : from October 25th (London, UK) to November 18th (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

America : October 6th (Denver, CO) to October 24th (Vancouver, Canada) + Europe : from November 7th (Antwerp, Belgium) to March 8th, 2018 (Linz, Austria)



Europe : from October 3rd (Dublin, Ireland) to October 25th (Amsterdam, Netherlands) + America : from November 2nd (Philadelphia, PA) to November 16th (Los Angeles, CA)

Europe : from October 5th (Brighton, UK) to November 6th (London, UK)



America : from October 6th (Austin, TX) to October 24th (New-York, NY) + Europe : from October 28th (Lisboa, PTG) to November 29th (Brighton, UK)

America : from October 1st (Detroit, MI) to October 8th (New-York, NY) + Europe : from October 12th (Vitoria, Spain) to November 1st (London, UK) + Australia : from November 9th (Brisbane) to November 12th (Sydney)



Europe : from October 2nd (Berlin, Germany) to November 11th (London, UK)

Europe : from November 7th (Paris, France) to December 12th (London, UK)



America : from October 1st (Washington, DC) to October 14th (Phoenix, AZ) / from June 5th (Dallas, TX) to July 14th (Los Angeles, CA) + Europe : from October 25th (Paris, France) to April 16th 2018 (Dublin, Ireland) + April 21st (Perth, Australia) to June 2nd (Mexico)


WHAT’S UP BB Brunes are back with a new album «Puzzle»

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Ten years after the release of their first single «Dis Moi», the french band is back in action with a fresh and new sound. One thing is sure, they have definitely learnt from their past experiences to deliver one of the most honest and mature single and album. At times rock, at times indie, years after years and records after records, the band slowly drifted away from their original sound to create their brand new pop identity. Forget about the heavy guitar riffs of «Le Gang» or the dreamy sounds of «Long Courrier»! For «Puzzle», Adrien Gallo, Félix Hemmem, Karim Réveillé, Bérald Crambes and Raphaël Delorme are exploring new perspectives and testing new electro vibes. The first single «Eclair Eclair» was amazingly catchy and gave us a nice look at what the album would sound like.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, McSolaar is back with a brand new single. After 10 long years, the french rapper decided that it was time for him to bounce back and give his fans something fresh, that was a reflect of the world we are all living in. With «Sonotone», the first track off his new album, McSolaar tries his hand at something a bit more modern with some nice yet discrete EDM touches, but don’t worry, his style, words and ideas are still as sharp and fierce. «I only take the pen when I have a purpose. I experience and go through different things, I keep them in mind and I think this kind of frustration really creates the magic. No anguish at all, if it goes fast, it’s because I missed it a lot.» As he tells the story of a man who refuses to grow old, the rhythmic is infectious and incredibly effective. The four first lines of the single were actually written ten years ago, a proof that the rapper has stayed true to himself and his music, but still managed to produce a track that the young generation can identify itself to. There’s no doubt that «Geopoétique» will be highly effective and contemporary. Yes, we definitely can’t wait for November 3rd. Get ready for McSolaar big comeback! And we’re looking forward to it!

Yes, BB Brunes have changed and they are now all grown up adults, with different ideas. Inspired by some of the greatest french artists like Alain Bashung or Etienne Daho, the band is writing a new chapter, and we sure hope that it won’t be the last!

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«We truly wanted to reinvent ourselves. We want you to forget what we’ve done before because it’s a whole new sound. If you listen to «Blonde Comme Moi» or «Nico Teen Love», and then «Puzzle», you’ll see that they’re nothing alike at all. They have nothing in common.»



They’ve been our guilty pleasure in French music for almost 15 years now. Benoît Poher, Florian Dubos, Fabien Dubos and Nicolas Chassagne are known as KYO and have composed the most unforgettable French pop-rock tracks of these past decades. All the kids of the 90’s (even if some won’t admit it) have gone through their emo days playing their second album «Le Chemin» on repeat. After a quiet debut album in 2000, their 2003 second album as well as their third «300 Lésions» released in 2004 topped the French charts in no time. The public still know by heart the dark lyrics of «Le Chemin», «Dernière Danse» or «Je Saigne Encore» and the four musicians became a true phenomenon, bringing together a dedicated fandom and receiving dozens of awards in Europe. But this massive success was somehow a bit too fast and overwhelming and the four guys just decided to take it slow. During their time away from the front stage, each of them went for more personal projects. The frontman Benoît Poher wrote a lot for others and at some point reunited with Florian on a new project called Empyr, going on hardcore paths. And while their earliest tracks had become classics, nobody expected them to come back as KYO. But against all odds, KYO returned with the album «L’équilibre» in 2014. Their 10-year break made some of the critics skeptical but the best response to it came from the most important side : their audience. The record instantly went number 2. A new and bright beginning for KYO! And 2017 will sign a next step. A few weeks ago, the quatuor released a brand new single called «Ton Mec». Benoît Poher’s vocals are still suave and warm as always but the sound of KYO is much more contemporean, a soft pop tingled with synths accents. What strikes us the most here (and have always been the best parts about KYO when we think about it) are the lyrics. Talking about relationships, desire and disillusions with a sharp pen, KYO makes adultery sounds like a poem. Harsh on the heart, delicate on the ears.

Blues and jazz are the genres that are usually tied to him but he brilliantly and boldly adds pop, rock or even reggae touches to his work. At the end, we don’t even care about the blurry limits of his music. As he likes to recall «There is only two types of music: good music and bad music». And his is definitely part of the first category! Proof is, he is the one and only french musician to have ever been signed to the iconic jazz music label Blue Note. On his freshly revealed fourth album «Bricks», he still carries around his harmonica like it was an extension of his being. And it is the only thing he needs to build a fiery little gem like the instrumental track «Burn Out». The other 33 min of this too-short but beautiful record is a glance laid on our world, as positive or violent it can be : “This record talks about what it represents to be in a city nowadays, with all it has of innocence and guilt, depending on how you look at it. It is not a praise, nor a judgment. I simply describe it.” The simple reason why you can not stay unmoved by Charles Pasi’s music : he sings life with all its shades and paradoxes.

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You would expect him to play in a dusty cellar jazzclub on a night in New-Orleans... Still, Charles Pasi lives between Paris and Nice and studied music for several years in Rome. That probably explains how his sound is both rough, sophisticated and seductive.




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