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MAY 2018 - #14

FEATURES Lauren Sanderson, the new R&B princess Niall Horan in Paris: exclusive photo diary





In the current music industry where radios, TV and streaming are the big players deciding to spread the word about an artist (or not), it becomes more and more difficult for new artists to get their music heard if they don’t meet some criteria. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes talent but above all it takes a lot of hard work. At On The Move Magazine, we give a particular attention to talent no matter where you come from, your musical genre, the amount of followers/views/fans you have got. We don’t talk quantity, we talk quality. We talk quality because we love music with the big M. We carefully choose the artists you’ll discover in this magazine to introduce you to «la crème de la crème». You’ll find big names, you’ll find unknown names. You’ll love what you’ll listen to, or maybe you will hate it but at least, you’ll give our artists a chance. Because at the end of the day, every success story began with a chance given. ‘‘

Pamela Charbit founder of On The Move







Tom Misch and the best talents of Musexpo 2018

The best albums of April 34


Lauren Sanderson, the new R&B princess



5 Seconds Of Summer,


stronger, bolder, more confident than ever


Niall Horan live in Paris



Jacob Plant, the rising producer to watch


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music video OF THE MONTH It’s been a long time coming but the collaboration between Marshmello and Logic is finally here. In an epic 10 minutes long music video the duo re-enacted a memorable scene from ‘Office-Space’ and it was really unexpected. Covered in makeup, the rapper teaches us all a lesson: work hard to make your dreams come true and find happiness.


On April 20th, the music industry lost one of his most talented artists. Avicii was loved by many and known by his peers as the DJ that changed the game when he rose to fame in 2011 thanks to his hit «Levels». Fans all around the globe will now remember him as an incredible artist who brought to our ears so many great songs that made and will continue to make the entire world dance such as «Hey Brother», «Addicted To You» or even «Wake Me Up». Farewell,Tim Bergling.

EDEN - THE VERTIGO WORLD TOUR Supporting the release of his debut studio album «Vertigo», the Irish singer EDEN kicked off a world tour in North America in March 2018 and will continue in Europe in May 2018. Matching experimental sounds with a daring songwriting, the producer filled his album with personal experience and new challenges.


otm playlist it happeneD 4 years ago Four years ago, in 2014, a British storm named Sam Smith was about to hit the whole world. On May 28th, the singer released his first debut album «In The Lonely Hours», filled with personnal lyrics and emotional tones, putting his sensibility and strong voice upfront. Today, Sam Smith is considered one of the most talented artists of his generation, along with Adele and Ed Sheeran, his fellow British co-star. Don’t lie, we know you still tear up a bit listening to «Stay With Me» or «I’m Not The Only One».



LAUREN SANDERSON You might not have heard about her yet but you will for sure this year. Hailing from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the 22-year-old mixes R&B and Hip Hop with an Alternative touch and made a name for herself on YouTube to the point of being able to sell out a completely self-booked 18 city tour last year, and her self-released EP hit #1 on the iTunes R&B album chart. Extremely close to her fans, Lauren Sanderson is not just another voice in an ocean of new artists. Her creative approach and easy going persona, blended with her sensual voice and eclectic sound make her an artist to watch! Let’s sit and have a chat .


n The Move: You started off by posting videos on YouTube of you giving motivational speeches. Was it a way for you to build a following in a different way, or just to make your voice heard? Lauren Sanderson: I just made the videos to share my own feelings and I didn’t really know what was gonna happen with those. I just wanted to share how I was feeling and let people know that they weren’t alone no matter what they were going through but I didn’t know what was gonna happen with them. I think I ended up doing kinda both: inspire people and build the foundation for everything else but when I first started making them it was really just to remind people that there’s another person out there who is in the same position. We all have stuff that makes life harder but you’re not alone. On The Move: How did you go from those speeches and the TED talk you gave, to writing songs and wanting to be an artist? Lauren Sanderson: I didn’t even know that I was going into music. I always loved music but I didn’t really plan this and when I started to get big with those videos, that’s when I realized what was gonna happen, I had no clue. Basically, I would do those uplifting speeches about positive messages and everything and I felt that it wasn’t expressive enough. I felt like I couldn’t tell the whole story only by speaking. I felt like I needed to have more of a crazy thing and that’s how I started looking up on YouTube and searching for beats, and then found instrumentals and just wrote raps on those. Everything I was saying in my videos, I was saying in my raps as well. Then I found a studio in my city and took this rap that I wrote and looked up on Google on how to put a song on ITunes and I just put it up. That was the beginning of everything. People said from the videos that I should keep making videos because it inspired them, which meant so much to me, so when I put out the song I felt like it really connected more. It meant also more to me for it to be in a song form and not just talking. On The Move: Do you think it’s important for an artist - not just to entertain - but to use their voice to empower people ? Lauren Sanderson: I think it depends on the artist. I would rather hear a message from someone who means it. With my platform I know I want to inspire and empower people. Everyone has a story. When I was in high school I had a story that - for some reason - people wanted to pay attention to and at that point I

was just that kid in Indiana. So I think as long as people are sharing their stories and being true to themselves, that’s the most inspiring thing you could do. On The Move: How would you describe your record «Spaces»? Lauren Sanderson: «Spaces» stands for the spaces in my heart. My first EP was about heartbreaks and breakups and after I had my first real relationship I had this huge space in my heart. When I say «Spaces» I am talking about those spaces after this person left my life but now it’s spaces of opportunities. On «Spaces» I really talk about how I am chasing my dreams and there’s this song named «Los Angeles» that I wrote in Indiana and talking about how I don’t know how I am gonna get to Los Angeles, but I know I will. «Spaces» to me is to put your headphones on and zone the rest of the world out and being somewhere else and go to another galaxy.

« I would do those uplifting speeches about positive messages BUT I felt that it wasn’t expressive enough » On The Move: Your song «Los Angeles» describes your thoughts of you wanting to move to Los Angeles and make it in the business. Why LA in particular and are you inspired by this city now you’re here? Lauren Sanderson: I don’t know really why I wanted to come here *laughs*. I wrote that song and a couple of weeks later I got an email from Epic Records which is now my family and they invited me to LA to meet with all of them. When I signed I always knew that I would end up in California because it’s the most free place. I feel like I can be my freest self here. On The Move: What were your inspirations to write all of those songs? Lauren Sanderson: I think I am really inspired by HipHop, authentic storytelling. I love J.Cole, I love Tyler The Creator, Mac Miller, all of those weirdo rappers. I think all of those rappers are in a cool space where they can freely be themselves and I really like bands like LANY and The Neighbourhood. I really just like HipHop, alternative and this kind of stuff.


« When I heard the beat of ‘Written In The Stars’, I was in another world and that’s my goal, that’s what I want people to feel when they are listening to my music » On The Move: So if you had to collaborate with someone, it would be a rapper? Lauren Sanderson: No, it would be a singer and they would sing the hook and I would rap. That could be anyone. I wanna collaborate with Kehlani someday. I think we are in the same space, we share similar messages and energy so I feel like it could be a dope collaboration. On The Move: You’ve been releasing music for a while now, is there a song in particular that you love more than the others for some reason?

Lauren Sanderson: That’s a good one, you have good questions *laughs*. I am gonna say my song «Jenny» or «Written In The Stars». I feel like there’s my singing side and my rapping side in «Written In The Stars», it is really just a letter to the universe. When I heard the beat I was in another world myself and that’s my goal, that’s what I want people to feel when they are listening to my music. I just went in my own world when I heard it and I feel like that song is really representing who I am because I just poured it all out and I talk about my past and past addiction and I am just like: «this is who I was, my future is just written in the stars» so whatever happens is gonna happen so I embraced it and trusting the universe.



ZOOM ON... With the power of the internet and social media, aspiring musicians now have a powerful platform in their hands to create music and make themselves heard. And, the public, on the other side, is one click away from discovering an infinity of talented young artists... Each month, the team of On The Move chooses some of them to showcase and bet on their careers, bound to take off in the near future!



when Jazz meets Electronica

The artist we are introducing you to today is young, fresh, and above all creative. That so much creativity is hidden in this young British artist, only 21 years old, is impressive. And Tom Misch, our new prodigy now collects big names, such as our favorites Zak Abel and Anderson. Paak with whom he has already collaborated. What is the recipe of this jazz fan? We tell you everything! Tom Misch was born into a “bohemian” family, as he likes to describe it, where everyone is either an artist, a musician or an actor. In short, creativity is a major part of his DNA. He began his musical learning with the violin at age 4 and also sang in a choir, before the guitar took over. He namely played songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Nirvana. Tom has thus been immersed in eclectic musical worlds, from rock to hip-hop, and even opera. “I prefer a more organic approach to making music, but also to building a fanbase. I don’t want a big push on my music as I don’t want to be as big as possible.” While preparing a degree in Music Technology, he began to create his own beats and at just 16 years old, he started releasing songs on Soundcloud on a regular basis. His captivating track «Follow», on which his sister plays the saxophone, ended up on the YouTube channel Majestic Casual, which is very popular with almost 4 million subscribers. What better way to propel the young Tom Misch into the limelight in no time! His career then began to establish and Tom received many opportunities. He created his own label, Beyond The Groove, and released several EPs including the sophisticated «Reverie» in 2016 in which he collaborated with hip-hop artist Loyle Carner, and «5 Day Mischon» more recently, which benefits from the collaboration of singer-songwriter Zak Abel. “I try so many genres that it’s hard sometimes to pinpoint. I guess my sound is uplifting, soulful, funky — and happy more than it is sad.”

Today, the multi-instrumentalist can boast of his unique fusion of jazz, EDM and hip-hop. But also his sold-out tours in the United States, the United Kingdom and France. And his 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify! As you can see, Tom Mish is rising fast and is branding himself as one of the UK’s most exciting emerging talents. With his first studio album entitled «Geography», Tom definitely dances with the genres and manages to explore them and marry them in a clever way. The opus would not be complete if the young artist did not offer us tasty collaborations, bringing his sidekick Loyle Carner on «Water Baby», or the iconic hip-hop band of the 90’s De La Soul on «It Runs Through Me». A guitar riff here, a saxophone there with a backdrop of happy and controlled beats, Tom Misch impresses and we want more. What we know for sure is that we found our soundtrack for the summer!

Listen if you are a fan offeel-good vibes and strolls on the beach at sunset. Actually there’s no one we can actually point out that would be similar to Tom Misch. Just listen and see it for yourself!

One song to listen to“Water Baby”, a pure jam, groovy as we like it! “Movie” for its romantic, almost sensual atmosphere.





This month the usual A&R Musexpo composed of three days of panels, discussions and showcases took place in Hollywood, Los Angeles. During those three days, the attendants were able to discuss matters related to the music business and especially the A&R, standing for Artist & Repertoire field. Each night, eight new artists came from all over the world to perform and spread the word about their music in front of a professional audience. On The Move was here to give you an exclusive insight of this event. We all know that Sweden is taking over the world at the moment especially when it comes to electro music. Noëp is another proof of that. His single « Move» amassed over 7.5 million plays on Spotify and he completely won us over with his eclectic set and obvious energy.

NOËP Tom Gregory Coming straight from England, the 22-year old singer Tom Gregory started off the night the right way by demonstrating a raw talent and performing his hit single «Run To You» that racked up about 10 million plays on Spotify only. Accompanied by his band, the singer also sang some pop/rock infused new tunes and we bet on Tom who is set to have a big year! Jesse Kinch has the most unexpected voice and everyone was left speechless. He received the top spot in the fanvoted «Rising Star» television program on ABC and we totally get why. Bringing back the old rock sound really worked this time and we are convinced that he’s not going to stay in the shadows very long.

Jesse Kinch BLOW

The Frenchies have arrived in the US! For their very first time in America, the four-piece band added a very nice pop/electro French flavor to the night by playing their hit «You Killed Me On The Moon» along with other tracks from their acclaimed EP «Fall In Deep».




While on tour to support their new single «Want You Back» and announce their third album «Youngblood» coming out June 22nd, the Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer was in Paris for a couple of days where we had the chance to talk about their musical comeback after their 2-year break. Formed in Sydney in 2011, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford met at school and started playing together before being joined by Ashton Irwin, who was at that time in another band. The band quickly started to post covers, then original songs on their YouTube channel before being noticed, getting signed, releasing their debut hit «She Looks So Perfect» and embarking on a worldwide tour as One Direction’s support act. From this point, everything escalated very quickly for the quartet. Two albums, two sold-out worldwide tours and a two-year break later, 5 Seconds Of Summer is ready to come back, stronger, bolder, and more confident than ever.



or a couple of days before this date, there was kind of a turmoil in Paris among the 5SOS fans who prepared themselves for the return of their favorite band. When arriving I could hear the laughs coming from the other room where Luke Hemmings, 20, Michael Clifford, 22, Calum Hood, 22 and Ashton Irwin, 23 were. «Hi On The Move! We are not on the move yet but we are coming soon» laughs the drummer after noticing us. The guys seemed happy to be there in the city of love where they could notice that the 5SOS mania was still intact and the fans clearly wanted the band back after their 2-year break. While greeting us, I couldn’t help but notice how much each member had changed. The last time On The Move saw the band, they were playing a sold-out Bercy in May 2016... Beside the new sound they displayed in «Want You Back» the visual aspect of the band is also different with each member showcasing a new sense of fashion. Luke Hemmings, the lead singer and guitarist brought out the classic but efficient jean jacket - black shirt while, next to him, Ashton Irwin the drummer displayed a classic rock Danny Zucko all-black look. Calum Hood the bassist on his right went for a sophisticated look, mixing a Led Zepplin t-shirt and blue suit pants while Michael Clifford preferred the rock-edgy style with ripped jeans.

The band evolved, there’s no doubt about that. On The Move: Hello boys! Before getting into serious things, how are you all? It’s been a while since the last time we saw you in France. Ashton Irwin: Bonjour comment ca va? It’s been a long while. We missed Paris. We’re good thanks, a little bit tired with all the traveling but happy to be back. How are you on this... rainy day? *laughs* Luke Hemmings: I need to say that I love your shirt. I’d see myself wearing it. On The Move: I am good too, happy you guys are as well. Thank you Luke. Luke Hemmings: I love it. I have a similar one in black and white. That’s totally my style!

Ashton Irwin: Yes and ...*looking at Calum* go on bassist boy! Calum Hood: *laughs* I think we are more confident in ourselves than ever that what we have created is great and we really feel passionate about it so there’s no reason to feel nervous. Ashton Irwin: Because we are fantastic *laughs* you gotta be confident don’t you? On The Move: You have to, being confident is the best things you could do and there’s nothing wrong with that! Luke Hemmings: What’s wrong with being... Ashton Irwin: Don’t sing Demi Lovato! *laughs*

« The two previous albums are stepping stones to the accomplishments that hopefully will come from the third album that we’ve just made » Ashton Irwin On The Move: You came back after a long break with your new single «Want You Back» which - according to me - stays in the 5SOS lane while being different in a way. Were you nervous about what the fans would think about this new musical direction you’re taking? Ashton Irwin: You want to start first Luke, singer boy? Luke Hemmings: *laughs* We were a bit nervous when we recorded the first demo. We loved it but we needed to add a few things on our own, like drums, guitar and all of this... because it didn’t sound like that when we first did it, but then we weren’t really nervous about it because we love it and we hope the fans do too.

On The Move: I think Luke has an inner Demi that he’s trying to express right now. Can you tell us the story behind the song and why did you choose this one to be the first single? Ashton Irwin: This song made a lot of sense musically for us to be the first single because after we tracked our instruments on it, it made a lot of sense with the rest of the record in the way that it was a nice introduction to the way we sound now. Lyrically it was inspired from a place of travel in memory and a way to move on but you can’t from something that happened, either romantically or to be in any way, just from something in general. Thats why we chose «Want You Back» as the first single.


On The Move: I am sure you love playing it live as well! The band: Yes! Luke Hemmings: It is actually one of my favorites, maybe because it is the only one of the new ones that everyone knows. Michael Clifford: And the only one out! On The Move: How would you describe this next step in terms of sound and to you what will be the main difference between this one and the two previous ones?

Ashton Irwin: I like to think of the two previous ones as stepping stones to the accomplishments that hopefully will come from the third album that we’ve just made. The difference is obviously musically but also life experiences, I think we’ve upgraded our lyrical game and I also think we are more focused on what we can actually achieve as a band rather than everything shocking us for the first time. I think we feel more confident and comfortable! On The Move: I listened to your new songs «Youngblood» and «Valentine» and I can’t help but think that there are some old British rock influences in those so could you tell me more about how those two came about?

«It’s important for us to look back to see what people have done as well as looking at what is going on at the moment » Luke Hemmings

« we’ve added a lot of inspirations that we haven’t necessarily been able to, comfortable to, or haven’t had enough time to dive into in the past » Calum Hood Ashton Irwin: You just said «so» in the Australian way! Sooooo *laughs* Luke Hemmings: You do sound Australian! Michael Clifford: There are some words you say with the Australian accent and some with the British one and some with the French one, that’s funny. Calum Hood: She’s not French, she’s been fooling us. *laughs* seriously though, I think that those two songs are very special songs for us. They were honest breakthroughs when we wrote them as the rest of the album unfolded. It’s interesting that you say that actually because we’ve added so many inspirations that we didn’t necessarily ... *look at Ashton* Ashton it’s ok you can giggle away. Ashton Irwin: Michael is making me giggle sorry, it’s been a long life! *laughs*

Calum Hood: It’s been a long 23 years *laughs* we’ve added a lot of inspirations that we haven’t necessarily been able to, comfortable to, or haven’t had enough time to dive into, nor had we had the life experiences that we have now so I think those two songs will pave the way for the rest of the band’s career. Luke Hemmings: A lot of the guitars in those songs come from bands in the 80s, that kind of era that makes pop and rock very well with great melodies for example The Police or Tears For Fears, those kinds of things are very important for us to look back to see what people have done, not copy but get inspiration from that kind of things as well as looking at what is going on at the moment. On The Move: I can totally hear the influences like you just pointed out Luke but did you guys at some point wanted to rebrand yourself to be seen more as a rock band than a pop band like people are used to defining you?


Ashton Irwin: We’ve never put genres or labels on our band because we think that we are more capable when we don’t have tags on our name, you know. I think there was no motive to be any type of band at all, this is actually the most fluid album we’ve ever made in our career. This is a kind of redefinition or continuation of whatever people were trying to define us as before, I think we can confidently settle in the dust or wherever they say we are now. Michael Clifford: I think it was almost the completely opposite. It was like we wanted to make this record without wanting people to see us as a rock band, or without caring what people are gonna think about us. I think in the past records we were so much younger and had so much less life experiences and we value those things. The best think you can do as an artist is not care about those types of things and it took us a while to get to that point where we were ready to make that decision of just purely being about whatever we think is gonna sound the best. I think we’ve accomplished that.

Calum Hood: At the end of 2016 and start of 2017 it was kind of hard to push through and after a few months there was a sense of clarity within the band of what we wanted to accomplish and what album we wanted to make for ourselves creatively as a band and as individual artists. On The Move: You decided to go on tour before the release of the album to be able to sing your new songs live for your fans. Was it important to reconnect with them in an intimate way, by playing quite small venues compared to arenas? Michael Clifford: Definitely, it was. I think that it’s really important for us as a band to remember why we love playing live so much. I think that playing these small venues is kind of nostalgic for us in a way as it makes us feel like we are starting again. It is the type of venues we were playing when we started, smaller than these even. It’s good for us and I think it’s good for a band to do that sometimes.

« We wanted to make this record without wanting people to see us as a rock band or caring what people WILL think » Michael Clifford Luke Hemmings: We always try to write the best songs we could write and whatever song we did write, we took the song and made it fit into one album. On The Move: So it’s just about making music that you personally enjoy? Ashton Irwin: Exactly! It’s also about scaring ourselves. We took a lot of avenues, we made probably five albums in one, you know what I mean. We were trying out so many different things that sometimes you would be like: «yes this is it» and then two weeks later into making that type of album you’d be like: «damn, this is not the right avenue» On The Move: You took a kind of long break before coming back with new material. Did this break help you to come up with new ideas? If so, to what extend? Luke Hemmings: I think there were more inspirations because of the new life experiences that we’ve had but it also taking a step back on what we’ve done and looking to the future and saying that we want to be a band for as long as possible, and saying the potential of what we could do if we kinda did all the things we’ve talked about, like being more open and free and everything.

Just stop trying to go up, up, up and just be like «let’s go back and go all around the world to go visit our fans who want to see us so badly.» I think we are testing those new songs, it’s been amazing and by the time we are going on a new tour, those songs will be released and they will be in the best shape they could be. On The Move: It’s always about perfecting your craft to be a better artist right? Among those new songs you are talking about, is there one you particularly feel connected to? Ashton Irwin: You said it! *laughs* There are a couple for many reasons but one of the standouts for me is this song called «Lie To Me». Its influences are old but it feels very new, I feel like we’ve done something interesting musically to us, that we can continue on, on the next album maybe. On The Move: We will wrap this up now, thank you boys! Luke Hemmings: Thank you for your support since the beginning and for having us!




NIALL HORAN Since the beginning of March, Niall Horan has been hitting the road with his first ever solo world tour. In all the biggest European cities -and soon in Oceania, Asia, South and North America, the Irish singer-songwriter comes to meet his public following the success of his debut LP « Flicker » released in October 2017. You’ve missed the show you wanted to attend? You want to relive a memorable night? You’re eager to know what to expect from an upcoming date of the « Flicker World Tour »? Hop with us, front row, at Niall’s Parisian show.



ho would have thought, at the time of One Direction, that Niall was going to headline his own world tour? The Irish part of the quintet was frequently labelled as the shyest one. But you just have to see him live to realize that was jumping to a false conclusion. Yes, Niall Horan’s music is characterized by a smooth yet catchy folk sound. Yes, the man carries around an elegant modesty. But God knows there can be a lot of charm in being reserved and we witnessed it in real life in le Zénith de Paris on that day of April! Even before Niall Horan was on stage, the audience cheered for him fiercely. It was clear that people in the crowd weren’t there to confirm their opinion on Niall on that night, but to shout their love to him instead. So, what is best song to start the night on an already suffocating venue than the groovy « On The Loose »? The fans -on the loose themselves– shout the lyrics as one, and won’t cease to sing along for the entire set. A bright start that Niall Horan doesn’t allow to fade away by carrying on with the catchy « The Tide ». Between songs, Niall Horan let his knowledge of French slip here and there, playfully. When he shouts « Allez les Bleus ! » -as a regular French football supporter-, we can’t help but smile. These little jokes make him even nicer than he already seems. His good spirit is infectious!

Niall Horan takes on a softer side with « This Town », the track that revealed him as a solo artist. Whether it is ardent or vulnerable, emotion is running through every song performed as in the charming « Paper Houses ». In « You and Me », charm mingles with confidence, shining through the deep vocals of the artist. Being confident is what you also need when you tackle a song of Bruce Springsteen like « Dancing in the Dark ». Niall covers it with no pretentiousness and most of all, brilliantly ! « You can’t start a fire without a spark » the song says… And that special spark, Niall definitely has it! Master of his favorite instrument and comfortable in occupying the whole stage, there is no doubt that Niall belongs where he is standing right now. On « Seeing Blind », he even does the job of two people at once, performing solo a track he initially shares with Maren Morris. But, Niall isn’t exactly solo as he shares great moments of complicity with his musicians. The fire soothes a bit on « Too Much To Ask », « Flicker » et « Fool’s Gold », the last one being drawn from One Direction’s discography. It becomes very difficult to channel the public’s fervor even though the artist asks to put away phones and enjoy the silence on « Flicker ». Excitement eventually fades away for a second and the moment feels like a beautiful respiration in the course of this show.


On « So Long », it is time for Niall Horan to shine a bit differently, in front of a piano. He leaves us thinking he should play it way more often before singing the charming « Since We’re Alone », opening a space of intimacy. Another languorous song « Fire Away » is playing and violins twirl around before one pop anthem you can’t resist. Niall Horan covers Camila Cabello’s « Crying in the Club » and gradually leads us towards a flamboyant grand finale. Indeed, as the show unravels, the energy doesn’t cease to increase. A spirit of rock blows on « Mirrors » and announces the surge of the encore! As a goodbye, Niall Horan chooses three tracks which effet is inevitable on the public. First, « Drag Me Down » – one of the latest hits released by One Direction – clearly electrify the crowd. It was almost too predictable but the reference to his early career as one of the members of the band feels nice to remember, and fair-play to emphasize. The tension doesn’t drop on the sexy « Slow Hands ». On this song, Niall leaves his guitar aside and becomes a true performer. Going from one end of the stage to the other, he goes for a few dance moves and comes to

meet his public more closely. On the way, he borrows a French flag from a fan front row. Ultimate tribute to the country that welcomes him warmly tonight! Niall Horan ends on Irish accents with the beautiful « On My Own ». A federative track, that lets the music slip away softly... Niall says a last goodbye to his public before letting his musicians close the show alone, as some shinning letters now chant his initial « NH ». If we learned something about Niall Horan tonight, it is clearly that his apparent calm and supposed timidity actually hide a true energy and a delicate selfconfidence. In front of a public that sometimes comes very close to hysteria, Niall Horan doesn’t lose himself and delivers an honest, generous and playful show. The jump from studio to live is totally convincing thanks to simple, solid arrangements and even some surprising reinterpretations, of his own songs or songs of artists that particularly inspire him. Then, if the Zénith’s crowd was clearly won over from the very beginning, the rare people that were left to convince are charmed as well!




OF APRIL Every week of the year, a bunch of records are thrown into the world, portraying the singular influences, universes and sounds of artists. Do you get lost in the numerous releases? On The Move Mag is here to help. This month, as always, we opened our ears and dove into what matters most : music! Whatever genre suits you, you’ll find something new to discover... Here are our favourite albums released in April.


2018 definitely is Cardi B’s year! In January, she made a strong impression in the video of « Finesse », Bruno Mars’ single. And, now, her debut album, « Invasion of Privacy », is out! It is composed of thirteen songs and several big names of the music industry are part of the tracklist : Kehlani, SZA, Migos, Chance The Rapper, J Balvin and 21 Savage. Cardi B clearly knows how to surround herself! The directness of her lyrics as well as her eccentric look can remind us of Nicki Minaj. All this looks very promising! The intro song « Get Up 10 » is one of our favorites. Nobody can bring Cardi B down and she makes the whole world know that : « Look myself in the mirror, I say we gon’ win / Knock me down nine times but I get up ten ». With this debut album, the artist establishes herself as the new female rapper to watch so stay tuned!

Top 3 tracks: Get Up 10, Ring (feat. Kehlani), Best Life (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy

Janelle Monae never fails to amaze us. Talking about important subjects and matters, the singer has crafted a complex and singular pop album, reflecting the world we’re living in. «Dirty Computer» radiates with harmonies and hypnotic rhythms, leaving you speechless from the very first track. Yet, on «Crazy, Classic, Life», Janelle sets the tone for the rest of the album : you should feel free and live a liberated life. Sometimes, like on «Take A Byte», the album reminds us of a classic 90’s RnB record but as a whole, it feels a lot like a Prince and Destiny’s Child collab, but we’re loving it! Later, «I Got The Juice», featuring Pharell Williams, is a bouncy retro pop-banger. Like a grand celebration of life and freedom, Janelle Monae is ready to «grab back’ and doesn’t believe in walls»!

Top 3 tracks: Americans, I Got The Juice, Dirty Computer


It’s 2018. Does that mean that all the artists are entitled to make an album filled with political opinions and controversy? Well, with «America», the band, led by Jared Leto, definitely sets the tone. While the opening track and lead single «Walk On Water» is aggressive and powerful, 30 Seconds To Mars managed to mix what feels like a thousand of melodies with amazing yet surprising duets, like the one with Halsey on «Love Is Madness». Unusual and surprisingly good, the band drifted away from their roots to find a darker and even more sound. From drums to guitars rifts, we can’t quite get enough of this record!

Top 3 tracks: Walk On Water, Rider, One Track Mind

30 seconds to mars - AMERICA Formed in 2014 by Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, NewYork based duo Sofi Tukker found their salvation in the form of a famous apple. Their track « Best Friend » was used for the iPhone X commercial in 2017 and in no time, Sofi Tukker hit like the new EDM storm. After their first EP « Soft Animals » in 2016, here is their debut album. Wait for music as free and colorful as their looks are announcing! « Treehouse » takes you through 10 very diverse steps of one infectious journey. It opens on « Fuck They » which somehow channels the extravaganza of 90’s Danish band Aqua. And very quickly, other surprising elements comes in the picture like the use of Portuguese. « Energia » or « Johny » then shines out as very peculiar and sensual tracks. Among all, you’ll also find dancefloor bangers like « Batshit » or solar tracks to accompany your summer trips like « The Dare ». No need to say that we already want more than these wild 31 minutes from Sofi Tukker!

Top 3 tracks: Benadryl, Baby I’m A Queen, The Dare

Sofi Tukker - TreehousE

Somewhere between creativity and innovation, Tom Misch, the new blue-eyed prince of soul mixes jazz, electronica, hip-hop and more, creating a very diverse and unique sound. Shy, daring, refreshing, that’s how you could describe «Geography», the first studio album of the British singer. While «Before Paris» is an inspiring opening song, filled with jazzy and upbeat rhythms, «Lost In Paris», the first actual track, is a simple yet joyful song that makes you eager for more. Sometimes, like on «Movie», the album also carries some Craig David vibes, and it surprisingly fits very well. If you’re looking for a chill and simple artist with a minimalist yet impressive creative universe, Tom Misch is definitely the one. Bonus point : the singer gave a jazzy twist to the famous «Isn’t She Lovely» with an instrumental cover.

Top 3 tracks: Before Paris, Movie, You’re On My Mind

Tom Misch - Geography

She was featured in our March issue as one of the twelve female artists to redefine pop music. With a universe mixing British pop-rock, Motown music and Japanese karaoke, Bishop Briggs is definitely one of a kind. We were waiting eagerly for her debut album and it is finally out! And if you thought her bold and explosive first hit « River » would lead the way, you’re mostly right. The ten tracks of « Church Of Scars » all carry that same anthemic spirit, especially thanks to a running theme : standing up in the face of adversity and coming back stronger from a rough path. The warm and powerful vocal range of Bishop Briggs makes you want to join her in this war for life, as in «White Flag». The 25 year-old singer-songwriter declines it in smoother («Hi-Lo (Hollow)») or dancier (« Tempt My Trouble ») attempts, always spiced up by heady backing vocals and electronica or trap infused interludes. Always an effective move but with the risk of being repetitive, in the whole picture of an album.

Top 3 tracks : White Flag, Hallowed Ground, Water

Bishop Briggs - Church of Scars Post Malone is not a one hit wonder and this album is here to prove it. His melodic and moody rap fit well with the minimalist rhythm and composition of the various tunes. Talking about woman, pills and destruction, «Rockstar» sets the tone and lead the way for the main topic of this album: life as a modern idol in the music industry. Painting an honest yet depressing portrait of what he’s going through, this third album is a serious demonstration of what Post Malone can do. Yet, sometimes, some of the tracks feel a bit too moody for an average listener.

Top 3 tracks: Rockstar, Candy Paint, Paranoid

POST MALONE - Beerbongs & Bentleys « Speak Your Mind », the debut studio album of Anne-Marie, is finally here! The waiting time must have been really long for her fans since the first single – « Alarm » – was released in May 2016 and the second one – « Ciao Adios » – in February 2017. Both of these punchy pop songs are now hits and the singer-songwriter’s more recent singles are clearly following the lead. Indeed, who does not know the lyrics of the catchy chorus of « Friends » – featuring Marshmello ? Anne Marie definitely knows how to get the crowds on their feet. However, in this album, she also offers to her fans songs like « Peak » or « Some People », which highlight the emotion and the captivating range of her voice. With a beautiful mellow instrumental, « Peak » clearly is one of the most mature tunes of the artist. Then, with « Perfect », we can discover a humorous ode to imperfections and tolerance : « I’m okay with not being perfect ‘cause that’s perfect to me ». Simple but effective!

Top 3 tracks: Friends (ft. Marshmello), Peak, Then

Anne-Marie - Speak your mind


JACOB PLANT From London to Los Angeles, the multitasking DJ and producer Jacob Plant is going to change your playlist forever. After unveiling remixes for big names like Calvin Harris, Rihanna or Tinie Tempah, the 27 year-old British artist recently released his new deep melodic single «Eastside» featuring Soren Bryce, following the success of his previous track «About You». We sat with Jacob in the heart of Hollywood to discover more about the rising producer who is set to make it big in 2018.


n The Move: Hi Jacob. Nice to have you today with us on this sunny day in California. Could you tell us more about the beginning of your musical journey and how you started in music?

Jacob Plant: I do yes, but it would be more producers than singers. I’d love to work with DJ Snake but I think everyone does now (laughs). It always changes and I always want to work with new people.

Jacob Plant: Hello On The Move! Thank you for having me! I started when I was about 13 years old, my dad had some recording equipment at home just to practice and when I was about 17 years old I sent my music to a record label. Then Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1 in England played my track, then I did my first show and everything started from there.

On The Move: But you did work with Calvin Harris, right? How was it to work with such an influential figure in the electro scene?

On The Move: Did you know from the beginning that you wanted to pursue music as your daily job?

On The Move: How did your new track «Eastside» come about?

Jacob Plant: Absolutely. I didn’t know that I wanted to be a DJ though. I used to be in a band, like a rock band. (laughs)

Jacob Plant: That one was through my manager. He found Solen and she had some music that she was working on. It wasn’t really dance so I worked on that, we were back and forth because I actually never met her. It happens a lot nowadays because you have the instruments and all the tools to communicate. We never met but we work remotely and it came quite quickly.

« I am always looking for a special voice » On The Move: In 2015 you had a song named «Drop That» in the motion picture «Home». How do you approach producing for this kind of projects, comparing to when you have to produce for your own EP or record? Jacob Plant: That song was going to be a single originally, it was something that I was teasing at a festival at the time and it got picked up for the film. Normally there’s a brief that you have to follow so it’s more specific in the sound, in the things you do and choose and in the structure of the song as well. But it was very cool and I’d love to have more of these experiences. On The Move: You have this song named «About You» featuring Maxine and your new single «Eastside» is featured Soren Bryce. How do you choose the people you collaborate with? Jacob Plant: For «About You», Maxine came around and we wrote it with other writers. She came for about three days and then we shot the video in downtown, that was really fun. That was really natural. The last day we wrote that song, the police came around for noise complaint (laughs). It usually happens naturally with singers I collaborate with. On The Move: Do you have a dream collaboration?

Jacob Plant: That was very nice. We did some shows together in Vegas and some remixes as well, that was a super cool experience.

On The Move: What are you looking for in the people you’re working with? Jacob Plant: I am always looking for a special voice and a song, and I think that if the song is good then nothing else really matters. On The Move: A lot of British artists now come to the US because they think that you have more creative freedom here than in the UK. What do you think about it? Jacob Plant: I agree. I think the UK is probably one of the best places for new music and there’s always the most amazing artists coming from the UK and I think the world sees England as the place to discover music but I think it’s quite hard to sustain just being there. Here it’s so much bigger than our country and there’s more opportunities and people to work with. On The Move : Did you find new inspiration by coming here? Jacob Plant: Yes, from the people living here and those I’ve met so far. The city is so different from anywhere and especially from the place I am from so it is really easy to find new inspiration here.







ho has never dreamt of his favourite band going full orchestral? One year after their «Wild, Wild World Tour», the British quatuor Bastille hit the road again with eight very special dates across the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The «Bastille ReOrchestrated» tour carries a name that speaks for itself. Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson and Chris Wood -along with their fellow added live musician Charlie Barnes- have rearranged a selection of their tracks, taken from their different albums and EPs. Accompanied by string and brass sections and a gospel choir, they performed them in a ‘never heard before’ way in some iconic symphonic venues. And among these 8 dates, one was even more special than the others. On April 16th, Bastille headlined what is considered the most prestigious stage of their hometown: the Royal Albert Hall in London. Among the band’s fandom and for its members themselves, it kind of felt like a moment of History.

set. As another proof, Dan Smith actually hopped on stage even before Bastille’s grand opening to share a beautiful moment with supporting act (and friends) To Kill A King on «Choices». Anyway, heavy smiles and sparks in every one of the members’ eyes speaks the truth of this singular moment.

During the night, the surprises are numerous and it begins with the way the band chooses to open its set. Taking its usual course upside-down, they hit the stage with an acapella rendition of «Pompeii», traditionally the closing track of their concert. An hypnotic opening that set the tone for what’s coming -especially regarding the way the 10 chorists will (almost) steal the show. A few seconds into «Send Them Off!» and the whole musical ensemble is awake! Some of these musicians and chorists were actually introduced to the London show only 24 hours before to spread an even stronger and vivid effect in such an iconic place.

This time unexpectedly, Dan Smith invites Ralph Pelleymounter, frontman of To Kill A King, to perform «Cut Her Down», a minimalistic and heavy ballad created for their common side-project ‘Annie Oakley Hanging’. This performance leaves us wanting way more from the two musicians! Another delightful collab happens on «No Angels», a brilliant hybrid track borrowing songs from TLC and The XX. British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre appears to sing her part as in the version featured in the «Other People’s Heartache, Pt. 2» mixtape. A particularly powerful moment and an amazing demonstration of Ella Eyre’s vocal skills!

Between tracks, frontman Dan Smith expresses the unrealness of the moment in the most spontaneous way: «This is f***ing mental». But this is no reason for any of the band members to turn big-headed as they will enlighten the musicians and vocalists’ talent several times during the

For our greatest pleasure, the best tracks taken from «Wild World» and «Bad Blood» have also passed the test of reorchestration. Bangers «Blame», «Snakes» and «Icarus» are even more epic in this form. Indeed, the arrangements for this tour are not all about stripping it down. There is still


The ReOrchestrated tour is the occasion for Bastille to pick up tracks they haven’t played for a long time or never played before. «Laughter Lines» -featured in «All This Bad Blood»- reenters the setlist as one of the most striking moments of the night. «These Streets» also finds a new organic life. Predicted by some, the band then turns the deeply electro infused «I Know You» featuring Craig David, into a contrasted yet uplifting ode to friendship. Die-hard fans will even recognize lines taken from «Durban Skies» inserted in it.

time to dance, as on the very pop «Good Grief», or jump and scream your lungs out on «Of The Night». «Oblivion» remains a little moment of grace to hold on to -enpowered by enchanted violins and cellos, the choir’s delicate harmonies and thousands of flashing littles coming from the public. Very laid down on their previous tour, «Two Evils» is now opened by an electric saxophone intro and backed up by warm voices. If there is one track out of Bastille’s discography that was meant to be played in such a way, it must be «Glory». And Dan Smith asserts it himself! The sound of strings fills the room and emotion is at its highest. Is it because of the lyrics, the few silences held through the song or Smith’s particularly refined vocal soarings? Well, a little bit of it all! «The Anchor» also goes down that sensitive path, a few minutes ahead. «Fake It» finds Bastille (and their chorists) sharp as ever. «Then let’s try our very best to fake it». Well, if there is a show where nothing is faked, it is tonight, in this place! As the bridge approaches, the orchestra gets more and more vigorous, racing. The magnetized crowd sings as one and lights are flashing frenetically, adding to the dizziness of the moment. With anthemic «Things We Lost In The Fire» and «Laura Palmer», the show is coming to an end. But the best might be found in the encore!

To conclude on that one-of-a-kind night, Bastille doesn’t go for the obvious and chooses meaning over success. Closing the show as it closed their debut album, «Weight of Living, Pt. I» rings even harder on those circumpstances. ‘When you just can’t seem to shake the weight of living’, all you need is a Bastille’s gig!

The room goes dark, then red... and Dam Smith reappears on the higgest floor, in front of the venue’s organ, for what we have to call a bad-ass rendition of «Bad Blood». The song instantly rings like the soundtrack of some dark movies. Every protagonists on stage turns into a black shadow, melody and voices rising to the ceiling like an incantation. Epic! It all goes down to human grounds (and wounds) in «World Gone Mad», written for the soundtrack of Netflix hit-movie «Bright». Flirting with the highest pitches, Dan Smith’s voice is full of vulnerability but doesn’t miss a note.

A year after their one-night show at Union Chapel - that paved the way for this whole reorchestrated journey, Bastille succeeds in building a balanced show. While some tracks will find grace in minimalistic arrangements, some others remain as powerful thanks to a virtuoso move from drums, bass and synths towards strings, horns and voices. During this ReOrchestrated tour, Bastille is still Bastille, as honest, generous, down to experimentation but in a wilder, deeper and more real version of themselves. And we would have never wanted it to end.



or the promotion of their 8th album « MANIA », Fall Out Boy stopped by the Zénith in Paris this April. It’s been more than three years since the release of their latest album « American Beauty/American Psycho » and more than two years since their last concert in the French capital -at the famous Olympia. No need to say they were expected! While the public waited feverishly, not one but two support acts played as an introduction. First, the young new-yorker MAX -wearing a glittery disco jacket- hit the stage and quickly had the whole Zénith dancing on some pop bangers. The singer, boiling with energy, was as convincing on his own tracks as on covers such as Outkast’s « Miss Jackson » or Ginuwine’s « Pony ». A sweet sadness filled the room when he dedicated the beautiful « Lights Down Low » to his wife. The crowd is charmed! Then pop turns to rock with Against the Current, formed by lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri. The band first got recognition with successful covers on Youtube. Selfreleasing several EPs, they eventually got signed by Fueled By Ramen, home for FOB as well, in 2015. In le Zénith, they obviously played the best tracks of their debut album «In Our Bones» , released in May 2016, but also give us a taste of its follow-up by performing « Strangers Again » for the first time on stage. It’s almost 10:00 p.m when Fall Out Boy arrives and the least we can say is that they hit that stage hard. The curtain drops (literally) and they go with « The Phoenix » : giant screens, pyrotechnic effects, lightning and smoke… The public will be satisfied as visually as musically! They carry on with « Irresistible » and « Hum Hallellujah » before settling down for a second, when Pete Wentz adresses a simple « Merci » to the public... which goes wild! Violet confettis are falling from the sky at the sound of « Immortals » while


some footages of the animated movie « Big Hero 6 » are broadcasted, the song being part its soundtrack. The first track from the MANIA era being performed is « Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea ». Guitars are loud. The crowd is screaming as one and raise their fists high on the rallying call « EAU DE RÉSISTANCE » : true rock! Then, Andy Hurley goes on some kind of trance for a drum solo with Kendrick Lamar’s « Humble » as a background. Now back to the early days... Fall Out Boy cannot avoid playing « Dance Dance ». Pete Wentz, now wearing a fluo security jacket, ends up in the middle of the venue perched on the screens. « Wilson Expensive Mistakes » and «Thnks Fr Th Mmrs » follows before Frosty et Royal Tea, mascots of « MANIA », appears on a giant screen to make fun of the band and crowd. Always in shape, the band comes back with « I Don’t Care » while some of the greatest f*cks in the history of cinema are projected on screen ! For the past 10 years, Patrick Stump has been asking the fans to sing « till your lungs give out » but the fans’ lungs have not given out yet on « This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race ». The band also knows how to throw some warm and catchy vibes with « Hold Me Tight Or Don’t » before going back to old school rock on « Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy » with Frosty playing Fortnite on the screen. The FOB will continue with « Church » (for the fourth on stage) and « Champions ». The band greets us with three songs for the encore : « Uma Thurman » accompanied with scenes from Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction, then « My Song Knows What You Did In The Dark », before leaving on the classic « Saturday » during which Pete Wentz will reveal a PSG shirt hidden under his vest. The parisian crowd thanks him for that! Fifteen years after the release of « Take This To Your Grave », the public is definitely still fond of Fall Out Boy!


nother incredible show for Imagine Dragons. Last month, the quatuor coming from Las Vegas and composed of Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman, Ben McKee and Wayne Sermon was in Paris for a second sold-out show at AccorHotels Arena. We have already seen them during their «Smoke+Mirrors tour» so we already had a high level of expectation and the only thing we can say is that the band didn’t disappoint. The AccorHotels Arena has changed since the last time the band played in France, allowing them to use two different stages, one being in the center of the venue. The band made a big impression by starting their set with «I Don’t Know Why» from their latest album «Evolve». With the same energy that made the band so famous, the four artists rocked that stage, announcing the beginning of an incredible show. Dan Reynolds’ vocals are as powerful live as they are on the record and the tracks even more enjoyable. Imagine Dragons decided to play a broad portion of their songs, smartly chosen among their three albums. «Believer», «Shots» and «It’s Time» made the public singing on the top of their lungs. The band gave everything they had with «Thunder», «Radioactive» and «On Top Of The World» while a sea of big ballons were thrown on the audience. As usual, the singer Dan Reynolds decided to use his voice to spread a positive message. He indeed had an inspiring speech about love, tolerance and the LGBT community. After a little interlude, the band surprised the fans by playing an acoustic set and performing «I Bet My Life», «Bleeding Out» and «Next To Me». This acoustic moment gave an emotional feeling to the dynamic set and gave us the opportunity to really appreciate the band’s musicality and talent. Once again Imagine Dragons set the level very high and there was no boring moment in their set. They showed one more time that they certainly deserved every piece of success they have.




MACKLEMORE Europe : from May 3rd (Offenbach, Germany) to May 27th (Gelsenkirchen, Germany) + North-America (w/ Kesha) : from June 6th (Phoenix, AZ) to August 5th (Tampa, FL)



Europe : from May 23rd (Cologne, Germany) to June 30th (Lisbon, Portugal) + Australia/New Zealand : July 24th (Perth, Australia) to August 21st (Auckland, New Zealand)


Asia : from May 1st (Manila, Philippines) to May 12th (Tokyo, Japan) + South-America : from May 23rd (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to June 2nd (Mexico City, Mexico) + North America : from June 5th (Dallas, TX) to July 14th 2018 (Los Angeles, CA)

Europe : from April 18th (Paris, France) to May 12th (Lisbon, Portugal) + Australia/ New Zealand : from June 1st (Auckland, New Zealand) to June 7th (Melbourne, Australia) + Asia : from June 10th (Manila, Philippines) to June 15th (Tokyo, Japan) + South America : from July 4th (Santiago, Chile) to July 14th (Mexico City, Mexico) + North America : from July 18th (Woodlands, TX) to September 23rd (West Palm Beach, FL)



North-America : from June 6th (Toronto, Canada) to August 12th (Malibu, CA)


North-America : from May 3rd (Morisson, CO) to June 16th (Portland, ME)


North America : from September 25th (Washington, DC) to October 12th (San Francisco, CA) + Europe : from October 18th (Bristol, UK) to October 27th (Manchester, UK)


North America : from May 5th (Vancouver, Canada) to May 13th (Los Angeles, CA) + Europe : from September 1st (Enschede, Netherlands) to November 15th (London, UK)

Europe : from May 24th (Belfast, Ireland) to June 27th (Bologna, Italy) + South-America : from September 20th (Mexico City, Mexico) to November 27th (Fortazela, Brazil)


Europe : from May 22nd (Berlin, Germany) to June 4th (Milan, Italy) and from September 6th (Manchester, UK) to September 28th (Newcastle; UK) + North America : from October 9th (Dallas, TX) to October 25th (Vancouver, Canada)



Europe : from May 3rd (London, UK) to May 26th (Bath, UK)

Australia : from May 4th (Cairns, QLD) to May 27th (Fremantle, WA) + Europe : from June 9th (Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands) to July 15th (Carcassonne, France)



G-EAZY The Beautiful & Damned Tour The American rapper and producer released a highly-anticipated album at the end of 2017, foaming with collabs from Charlie Puth to Cardi B, Kehlani and Halsey. Will the live transposition will be as full of surprises? See it for yourself! Europe : from May 6th (Copenhagen, Denmark) to June 6th (Dublin, Ireland) + North America : from July 20th (Seattle, WA) to September 8th (Miami, FL)

Europe : from May 5th (Amsterdam, Netherlands) to June 7th (Paris, France)

Europe : from May 3rd (Paris, France) to May 16th (Copenhagen, Denmark)



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Julien Granel is someone we can call persistent. This young artist has been working for years now to have his music heard and we are glad he didn’t give up along the way. In 2013, at 18 years old, he participated in the TV contest Nouvelle Star but got eliminated before the live shows. Coming from classical territories (he studied for 13 years in a Conservatoire), Julien Granel gradually shaped a universe of its own mixing boiling synths with tender lyrics, as influenced by Ed Banger Record’s artists as by Etienne Daho. He describes his own music as «graphic, dreamy and energetic». His first single « Tant que le soleil brille » -and its music video directed by Eliott Fournié- is indeed an accurate illustration of these adjectives. After touring a lot in France (he’s been a support act for pop sensation Loïc Nottet), Julien Granel went in studio with producer Bastien Dorémus (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Christine & The Queens, Juliette Armanet) to finish a debut EP that promises to be eclectic!

Whether you like her sound or not, Marwa Loud is a phenomenon you can’t really ignore. The 21 year-old female artist coming from Strasbourg, has already been heard and seen millions of times by internet surfers. From her collaboration with DJ Sem « Mi Corazón » to her own hit « Fallait Pas », Marwa Loud has become in no time the latest revelation on the French rap scene. With her endless energy and a striking honesty, she puts the entire rap game at her feet : Lartiste made her his protégé by signing her on his label Purple Money and Rohff expressed his appreciation of her work online. In March, she released her debut album « Loud » -which 16 tracks have been ready for a year Marwa confessed- and it is already certified gold. « I made it with uplifting, dancing tracks to party on. But I’ve also got more melancholic and personal songs. I wanted to tell stories.» How could we explain such a quick and impressive success? Well, Marwa is damn ambitious but also absolutely natural. She built a career for herself with no strategy she explains, never took a singing lesson or participated in a TV competition... She just went ahead and stuck to her dream and her personality no matter what. Pretty sure that’s why the public relates to her that much!

We’re looking forward to hear more from Julien Granel and advise you to go see him on stage where he loves to improvise!

© dr

« My upcoming tracks will be heavier, going towards house, acid and techno. It is a true mix of everything that has shaped me musically. »



Let’s say it: Oscar Anton is one of Youtube’s child prodigies. The 21 year-old singer-songwriter drew attention to himself through the internet platform and you just have to scroll his page to enjoy the numerous covers he published for the past year. From Adele to Chance The Rapper, he rearranges them all brilliantly. But beyond his charming husky voice, Oscar Anton is most of all a musician. And that’s where his covers shine out particularly... They’re not a finished product but a work in progress. In the form of «1 min reworks», Oscar Anton gives great demonstrations of his skills, by literally building the tracks in front of our eyes with pads, keys, acoustic or electric guitar and eventually, vocals. And these habilities obviously don’t come from nowhere... At 8 years-old, he started studying classical piano. Later, he taught himself guitar. As a teenager, he was part of a band named Youngmotion and had the opportunity to play numerous venues (including the Bataclan) and festivals. But Oscar eventually felt he needed to go solo. And now, years after, he’s flying high with a great debut single! It is called « Voices » and is an uplifting pop-folk gem. The song is part of an EP released in February in which you can also find three other original tracks : another pop anthem «If You Wait For Me», rock-tinged «Kiss» and hybrid ballad «Free» plus a cover of Ed Sheeran’s «Shape Of You». The EP feels like an introduction that opens many horizons for Oscar’s future... Really nice to meet you Mr. Anton!

What caught our attention was not so much about Oré’s vocal skills but about her writing ones... She playfully juggles with words, their sonorities, structures and meanings, to build lyrics as funny as poetic. She delivers these daring lines through a flow that would make any claimed rapper jealous and her melodies are delightful hybrids infused with electro. For the catchy « Agence Matrimoniale », Oré found inspiration on our current relation to dating sites and apps, in which we almost become consumer objects. The music video is stuck between urban and girly codes, ending up in an irreverent and powerful proposition. Oré carries on that impertinent tone on the groovy « Vacances » where she basically invites us to say f*ck to everything and go for a holiday with a loved one... Hell to the yes! On smoother vibes, « Avril » or « Le Temps des Cerises » mixes organic hip-hop and digital ondulations. «La Nuit Tombée» might be our favourite: Oré takes her time, gives more space to sound itself, the song being more melodious overall. When Oré explores her vulnerability, she hits even harder. Whether she goes cheeky or tender, Oré’s universe is smart and sharp both musically, lyrically and visually. Yes, she has got it all!

© dr

© dr

The French scene has not been that dense and exciting for years and with only a few tracks out, Oré makes a great contribution to that vibrant era.




founder, editorial director I spend most of my time apologizing to my favorite streaming platform for ripping off their «add to playlist» button. When i’m not looking for new artists to talk to you about I drown myself in a sea containing a mix of old R&B and punk-rock sound. Sometimes I go to concert venues more often than I go to bed and I listen to music even when I sleep. I’ll be probably deaf in 40 years but knowing you’ll discover new artists through this mag makes everything worthwhile.


graphic designer, writer

Wannabe architect, musical writer by passion. I am in love with matter, music and words. Drunk with british indie-rock and popfolk. I guess my wildest dream would be designing and building a gig venue, for which I would decide the opening line-up. In the meantime, I am the curly girl with too much hair, front row.


writer Meet the youngest of the crew ! Aspiring music journalist and communication student, I spend most of my free time surrounded by books and hot chocolate. Basically obsessed with british pop music and indie artists, if you’re looking for me you’ll probably find me singing my heart out at a concert. if i could turn back time, i’d definitely pop to the Panic! At The Disco show in Chicago in 2008.


writer Who am I, in a nutshell? I am a daydreamer, a traveler at heart, a concert addict and I see beauty in everything. Music is my escape route and my best friend. People say that have an eclectic taste in music which is true although you’ll see me mostly at rock shows. Fun fact: I actually own a guitar since I was 4 and I still don’t know how to play. I am also the girl that’s like «Hey you gotta listen to this!» and 2 hours later we’re still on YouTube... Oops!


writer If it were possible, I would probably live in a concert venue! Gigs are, without any hesitation, the events I appreciate the most. Addicted to pop music, tattoos, Youtube, The Greatest Showman original soundtrack, TV shows and Disney movies, I always love to discover new artists and talk about them with my friends. Professionally speaking, my biggest dream would be to have a fashion or musicrelated job. I guess I just need art to be part of my life!



On The Move



Featuring 5SOS, Lauren Sanderson, Jacob Plant, Niall Horan, Tom Misch, Bastille and more.


Featuring 5SOS, Lauren Sanderson, Jacob Plant, Niall Horan, Tom Misch, Bastille and more.