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In the current music industry where radios, TV and streaming platforms are the big players deciding to spread the word about an artist (or not), it becomes more and more difficult for new artists to get their music heard if they don’t meet some criteria. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes talent but above all it takes a lot of hard work. At On The Move Magazine, we give a particular attention to talent no matter where you come from, your musical genre, the amount of followers/views/fans you have got. We don’t talk quantity, we talk quality. We talk quality because we love music with the big M. We carefully choose the artists you’ll discover in this magazine to introduce you to «la crème de la crème». You’ll find big names, you’ll find unknown names. You’ll love what you’ll listen to, or maybe you will hate it but at least, you’ll give our artists a chance. Because at the end of the day, every success story began with a chance given. »

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the song of THE summer calvin harris x dua lipa - one kiss Moving away from his electro-house trademark, Calvin Harris fused pop, dance, hip-hop and soul together to create a funky banger. Teaming up with the pop sensation Dua Lipa, the two stars unveiled «One Kiss», a tropical and psychedelic track. Fresh from her success with «New Rules» and «IDGAF», Dua signed yet another hit with this dreamy collaboration. Let’s hit the replay button and dance all summer long!

The hopeless Fountain Kingdom saga has come to an end It’s time to find out how the whole story started. Back in 2017, Halsey started building up a strange story inspired by Romeo and Juliet and based her second album around the star-crossed relationship of Luna and Solis. Introduced by «Now Or Never», the very beginning of the story finds its source in the «Strangers» music video, featuring Lauren Jauregui. In the video, the artists fight in the annual «Youth Brawl», the two houses, Angelus and Aureum, are facing each other. As exlovers, both Lauren and Halsey are merciless, yet in the end, Luna wins the duel and eventually meets her new love interest: Solis. The start of yet another fight between the two rival houses, but undying feelings for the young lovers. After finding a new shelter in the «Bad At Love» music video, Luna then tries to get back to her angelic lover. As she croons her way through an eclectic crowd in «Alone», she spots Solis with another woman - who looks exactly like her. Overwhelmed by emotions, she runs away and purges herself of the young man. In a cryptic ending, she’s last seen partying, free of her complicated love story. At only 23, the young singer-songwriter built for the second time - after Badlands - a whole new universe, full of hidden details and mystery. Don’t wait any longer and step into this world with Halsey.

music video OF THE MONTH Keiynan Lonsdale - Preach It’s about light. It’s about darkness but it’s about finding and embracing yourself and your identity. Starting the video in an empty bar, the young rising Keiynan Lonsdale then shows a much brighter and colorful side of his personality, happily dancing in a field of flowers. «For me it’s about fucking with your own soul, agreeing to be on the ride together no matter what, and discovering/remembering that magic is real if you believe it so.» Eventually, the singer explodes in a glowing rainbow heart. Now that’s a way to show off your true self!

SAVE THE DATE twenty one pilots - the bandito tour Yes. It’s official, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph have returned from their long term hiatus. Not only did they provide their fans two new singles - «Jumpsuit» and «Nico and the Ninners», but they also announced a brand new tour starting on October 16th, including dates across the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. On tour, they’ll perform brand new songs from their upcoming album «TRENCH» which will be out on October 5th. We don’t know about you but we have a feeling that this is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

what's hot ? years & years - palo santo For their sophomore album, the British band created a futuristic and dystopian world known as Palo Santo. In this world, androids have taken over the world and are left craving for true and real emotions. Humans, like Olly, are then recruited to perform on a live-show and are required to satisfy the need of their owner. Don’t wait any longer to dive into Palo Santo!


ASLOVE Here is a young French DJ/producer you should pay attention to. One year ago, Aslove came to light thanks to his irresistible cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s « Put Your Records On ». He turned the sweet ballad into a blazing anthem and thousands of listeners fell for it. Since then, Guillaume Banet is creating his own path onto the industry with some original tracks such as the catchy « So High » or the more recently released « Good Ideas ». Telling us about his debut as well as his plans for the future, this rock-lover -whose stage name comes from a Jimi Hendrix’s record- underlines how emotions and contrasts are important in his vision of electro. A refreshing talk!


n The Move: Hi Aslove! The public is getting familiar with your tracks but doesn’t know your story that well. How did you start in music? Aslove: At the beginning, I started playing drums and other instruments because I had them at home. Then, I created some bands and did a bit of live shows. But one day, I discovered electronic music through the band Justice. They opened the doors of producing and DJing for me, but in a live way, not only with DJ sets. I really appreciated it because it stuck with what I was doing before while broadening my horizons with new sonorities. Justice, they also got this rock side, even in their style, with their leather jackets. It was a perfect transition between what my life was before and what I wanted it to be. When I started listening to them and producing my own sound with my computer, I really wanted to mix live. I didn’t know how to use a record deck, I only had a small controller and a software bought on the internet, but I eventually met the boss of a nightclub in my area. They proposed me to do a test for one night. I tried but it didn’t go really well. But weeks after weeks, I came back. I was under age but they didn’t really seem to care (laughs). I learnt how to mix with the resident DJ and I eventually mixed more and more until I did it for a full night. Then, I was myself a resident there until I was 18. After I graduated, I wanted to do something music-related. I went to Lyon to integrate a school for DJs which is called «UCPA Ecole des DJ». It delivers an actual diploma so my parents were cool with it too (laughs) I was there for two years, part-time at school, part-time working in a night-club, until I was 21. Then, I met Universal Music’s team and I got signed. On The Move: You started posting tracks online way before getting signed, right?  Aslove: I have always done music for myself. I started doing covers in 2015. Not remixes, but actual covers. For example, I thought «I like «Miss You» by The Rolling Stones, let’s do it entirely my way». I had so much fun collaborating with friends for the vocals and doing it all from scratch. I posted the first one in January 2015. But it wasn’t until a blogger reposted it that I had a great number of views. It helped so much and gave me a great visibility. It went a bit viral and I started posting more every month. My community grew exponentially. It hit a peak with my cover of  « Put Your Records On », originally by Corinne Bailey Rae. It was first available on Soundcloud and then it became my first actual single. On The Move: You remixed tracks from Katy Perry, Jacob Banks, Carla Bruni, Portugal. The Man…

These artists and songs can be very far from the EDM area. Which are the elements that particularly catch your attention and make you want to remix a song? Aslove: It’s always a feeling but what matters most to me when I listen to a track is to know exactly what I am going to do with it. It’s not about doing «better» than the original -which would be a bit pretentiousbut proposing a version that could also be the original! That’s how I work. Sometimes, I just want to do a remix to integrate to my DJ sets because I know it would be a banger. But, for Carla Bruni’s song, for example, I didn’t tell myself I wanted to have a club version, I only really was interested in changing those instruments, those harmonies. Switching the original chords and putting something brand new in it to bring a different emotion.  Sometimes, if you change what’s behind a certain melody, you can drive it in a completely different place. Is it joyful? Well, I can make it darker. Or the other way around. Only by changing the chords while staying in the same scale. That’s what I prefer: confusing people, making themselves ask which song is the original. 

« I love CONFUSING people, making themselves ask which SONG is the original » On The Move: We talk a lot about your covers and remixes but you also have your own original tracks. You recently unveiled your single «Good Ideas». What was your creation process for it? Aslove: « Good Ideas » was born more than six months ago. It was inspired by all those tracks that came out these past few months: from Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars… These funky vibes! Especially Bruno Mars, I am a huge fan of him. I asked myself: « Do I want to do something original or do I want to do a second « Put Your Records On » ?  » In the end, I loved the vibes of those DJs so much that I wanted to do my own version of it. So, it was really more of a personal pleasure than any other thing. I wasn’t that sure it was going to be my next single because it was more about having fun with old vintage synths, 80’s beatboxes and stuff. There was no marketing scheme but it ended up being released because I met the right person at the right time. The right singer, the right rapper. We did something cool.


On The Move: Whether it was your previous single « So High » with Norma Jean Martine or « Good Ideas » with Tim Chou and Leroy Menace, the vocals really occupies a great place in your tracks. How do these collaborations happen? Aslove: Even if I am a DJ, I am also a huge fan of pop music. In pop, vocals are really important. I particularly love American pop even if it does sound cliché. But when you analyze Katy Perry or Bruno Mars’s work for instance, you realize there are only a few elements in their music but each one is perfectly crafted. There is a huge effort put on vocals. There are multiple layers of voice in their tracks and that’s what I love. So, for «Good Ideas», I went for that. I searched for a pop singer and I really looked for him, I didn’t know him before. I stumbled upon Tim Chou while listening to  Felix Jaehn’s album. They did a featuring together. I went on his profile and listened to his tracks. I thought it was the right person because he exactly got that type of «pop American voice» I was looking for. Regarding vocals, I usually start to write something, not in terms of words but in terms of melodies and then, we exchange ideas. But he wrote the lyrics entirely, because he is more fluent in English than I am. In « Good Ideas », I also had this idea of having a rap part in it. And I met Leroy Menace by chance, thanks to my editor. Initially, he does a darker, deeper rap. Not fun and light things à la Migos. It was a new experience for him but he got it so well, we built that very naturally.  For « So High » my previous single, I had it all written and composed with my team, and we sent that to the singer, including the lyrics. So it was two very different processes.  On The Move: For « So High », you unveiled a collection of remixes from HUGEL, LeMarquis and RetroVision. What does it feel like to have it all reverse and hear your own track remixed by others?

the DJ plays house music from 11 pm to 6 am without stopping, always at the same rhythm, without contrasts, then I’m not even having fun. So, yeah, it is my number one concern during a set. I like to alternate tracks with a slow tempo and tracks with faster ones. Trying to change styles, going for very different tunes in the same set. I like it eclectic, as some kind of open format. In the same place, you can have house, then all of a sudden, there is Michael Jackson popping! If the transition is good, then it’s okay. That’s what I love the most in a set: surprising people! On The Move: What can we expect from Aslove for the future? Aslove: New tracks! I really hope I’ll be able to release more. The fact is, when you are signed to a major label, you also have to play the game of promotion and I hope we are going to succeed in it to release more songs, bring more people into the Aslove community and give more and more material to the listeners. In 2015, I released one track a month. Now, I release about three a year so it is very different. And I also hope I’ll get to experiment more. Release unusual things, maybe far from the radio format, more underground stuff. Not necessarily clubbing, dancing things but tracks to really listen to.

« What I love to do the most during a set is surprising people » On The Move: Is there any young artists you would like to draw our readers’ attention to? 

On The Move: In your opinion, what are the ingredients of a good DJ set?

Aslove: That’s a good question! I listen to a lot of different things and it can be difficult to draw one out of it but I recently discovered King Princess. She’s an American singer-songwriter and multiinstrumentalist signed to Mark Ronson’s label. He is my favourite producer, he built his own label and she is the first artist signed on it. I discovered her tunes in a Spotify playlist when she only got about 30 000 streams. Now, she’s got millions! She is really cool and interesting.

Aslove:  For me, the most important ingredient is contrast. Even I, as a DJ, can’t really stay for all whole night in front of a DJ mixing. Apart from clubs, where the vibes and surroundings are very specific. But live, if


Aslove: It was funny and awesome because they explored styles I would never have been able to explore myself. RetroVision went very future house, future bass. And I loved it! The question is always to know whether you are going to like it, or not, when you receive it. But I liked it all so it was very interesting to pursue.





With the power of the internet and social media, aspiring musicians now have a powerful platform in their hands to create music and make themselves heard. And, the public, on the other side, is one click away from discovering an infinity of talented young artists... This month, the team of On The Move chooses 12 of them to showcase and bet on their careers, bound to take off in the near future!


KING PRINCESS King Princess is part of a generation of artists who aren’t afraid to tie committed words to their heady melodies. Revealed by the brilliant « 1950 » -which now counts more than 90 million streams-, the 19 yearold New-Yorker has just released her debut 5-track EP called « Make My Bed ». Mikaela Straus delivers a true (queer) love letter. With the greatest genuineness, King Princess tells us about her desires, love stories and heartbreaks. Embracing both her sexual orientation and her musical identity, she succeeds in being soft and bewitching, without ever lacking of character. In her suave pop, you’ll find the intensity of punk, a genre that influenced her from her younger years. Signed to Mark Ronson’s label Zelig Records, she is definitely one bold young talent to watch!

TOMMI WARING Tommi Waring is going to enrich your summer playlists. His debut single « Miami » is the first taste of the artist’s project currently in the work. The song, which is an ode to the city he was born in, will rhythm your days and nights with its retro-influenced, popelectro infused vibes. As he started writing music from a very young age, Tommi also attended the renowned Berklee College Of Music in Boston which helped him to shape his own sound. Whether or not you have been to Miami yet, you need to keep an eye open on Tommi Waring’s upcoming music that is full of promises.


She is the new recruit of Best Laid Plans, a British independent label run by Bastille’s frontman Dan Smith, his inseparable producer Mark Crew and Dan Priddy. Akine is only 17 years old but her haunted vocals and sharp lyrics seem to come from a much older soul. Coming from Ukraine, Nicole Kozina had to face war in her home country from a young age. Seeing her people suffer and being forced to flee drove her to music, as a medium for expressing her fears, pain and protest. In her debut single « Pray For The Prey », written at only 13 years old, Akine poignantly questions the place and power of religion in this context: « We pray (...) All because we don’t know who to obey ». Her latest track « No Gold » is a second alt-pop banger with more intimate but all too meaningful lyrics. Her debut EP « Don’t Foster Fear » is coming out this fall.

RAVYN LENAE You may not know about her yet, but keep your ears peeled because you’re in for a trip with this young lady. Back in late 2010s, Ravyn Lenae emerged with a singular universe and atmospheric RnB oriented songs that sound like a mix of Erykah Badu and early Little Dragon. Making her debut in 2015 with her EP « Moon Shoes », she then got picked up by Atlantic Records to produce another short album in 2017. So far, Ravyn managed to put out catchy and memorable singles like « Sticky » and the bouncy « Closer (Ode 2 U) », both from her latest work « Crush EP ». Without really looking for celebrity, the singer managed to make a name for herself and is on her way to create her own musical universe, filled with old school vibes, liberty but also and most importantly, talent.


A few months ago, she was still in college, studying music in Boston. With her soulful and relatable lyrics and rooky yet stylish melodies, she won over the heart of millions with her viral smash « claws ». Like a new found liberty and independence, the young star then released « Feel Love », an impressive piece of music, filled with discrete touches of RnB and a constant electro vibe. Working on her EP, Syd B will release her debut work later this year and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the rising star.


She was Israel’s best kept secret, but it’s now time for Ninet to step into the spotlight. She’s a rock artist based in LA and her music is a mix of The Kills, PJ Harvey and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In her country, she’s already a star but as the time goes, she is more and more determined to bring her music and singular universe overseas. With her haunting melodies and seducing vocals, it didn’t take long for the critics to compare her to another pop icon: Lana Del Rey. Like Lana, Ninet always tries to get out of her comfort zone and go the extra mile, not restraining herself to one theme only like love or friendship. Her music and lyrics come from whatever happens in her life and she feels free to write about her deepest feelings and thoughts. Like an open and honest journal, step into her strange universe and stay for a little while.



Dominic Harrison a.k.a YUNGBLUD is not one to put in a box. Pop? Hip-hop? Punk? Rock? We’re still wondering. He is not one to tame either. Coming from Northern England, the 20-year old singer, songwriter and multiinstrumentist (count guitar, bass, piano and drums in it) aims to use his music as a powerful tool to speak out about society matters: «There’s so much going on politically and it just baffles me that nobody’s talking about it in pop music». His rebellious energy never fades, whether it is in his music, his videos or while performing live. He’s got the impertinence linked to his British roots and could be the serious heir of classic bands like Arctic Monkeys or Oasis. The whole world is now all eyes on him: his song with Charlotte Lawrence «Falling Skies», was featured on 13 Reasons Why’s soundtrack and his debut album « 21st Century Liability » is available since July.

DYLAN DUNLAP You might not know about Dylan Dunlap yet but you surely will in the close future. The LAnative pop singer has everything he needs to make a name for himself: well-crafted songs, hard-working persona and a great energy on stage. He and his band opened for One Republic at the 38th annual Stadium of Fire event on July 4th after winning a contest, opposing him to many other talented artists. If his previous single «Clockwise» already received support from the fans and media, his upcoming one «LiarLover» promises to start another chapter for the young singer. He also will embark in an America tour this month and you certainly don’t want to miss that!

DUCKWRTh Jared Lee best known as Duckwrth (should we see it as a tribute to Kendrick Lamar’s track?)- is a 30 yearold rapper coming from Los Angeles. Not only is his flow flawless, but he also writes, composes, dances, has brilliant graphic skills and directs stunning videos. His hip-hop is melodic and elegant, with a bit of a punk spirit. Often uplifting, it can be completely fun and carefree. Duckwrth released a project along with The Kickdrums in 2015 before unveiling his first full-length album «I’m Uugly» the next year, followed by «XTRA UUGLY» in 2017. In this mixtape which has the length of an actual LP, you’ll find 13 shades of Duckwrth «tearing genres into millions of pieces» thanks to his crazy instrumentals! If you’re discovering him here, now is the right time to jump on the bandwagon... His Colors session available on Youtube should convince you!


He writes. He sings. He plays piano. He plays guitar and he tells stories. There are a lot of things Alec Benjamin is actually good at. Originally from Phoenix, the young singer moved to Los Angeles to explore his creativity. After dropping several mixtapes and random tracks, Alec toured with Jon Bellion, Matisyahu, and Hoodie Allen and started making a name for himself. Eventually, his hard work paid off and the singer came back stronger than ever this year with « Let Me Down Slowly » and followed it up with the fantastic « Boy In A Bubble ». His songs are like tales and the melodies are soft and haunting, yet, Alec is a storyteller unlike most of his talented peers. Reminding us of Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, there’s no doubt that Alec Benjamin will be one of the breakout stars of 2019!

ELLA MAI Back in 2014, three young girls made it to the first step of the X-Factor by singing a modern cover of Little Mix’s infamous track « Little Me ». Even though they were knocked out the competition at the next stage, one of them eventually drew the attention and released one of the biggest bops of the summer. Her name is Ella Mai, she’s 23 and she’s probably England’s next big thing. In 2017, the young star released « Boo’d Up » her first single, but it wasn’t until this year that the track picked up a second life. Praised by million, Ella is now on her way to stardom armed with her hit inspired by vintage RnB and classic jazzy sound. Keep an ear out for this young lady, you’ve been warned!


Born in Belgium with Egyptian roots, Amir Muharram Fouad has been raised in a family of musicians. No wonder why at 21 years old, he has already developed such a dense and mesmering universe. His voice is the most stunning thing you’ll hear this year (and the next hundred!). Tamino has studied music on a classical register (his stage name is borrowed from Mozart’s La flûte enchantée) but he was also influenced by contemporary figures such as St Vincent, Laura Mvula, Agnes Obel or James Blake. His music is simple and melancholic, mysterious and striking. With a voice going from the depths to the greatest heights with amazing ease, Tamino pours all his heart and soul in his music... Only to have ours melting. His debut EP « Habibi » (« my love » in Arabic) displays 4 spellbinding tracks that will make you wish you could stay there and get taken away in Tamino’s spiral forever.


TROYE SIVAN The 23 year-old Australian singer Troye Sivan no longer needs an introduction. After unveiling his debut album «Blue Neighbourhood» in 2015 which propulsed him as one of the most interesting new pop artists in our generation, the «Good Side» singer is ready to show the world that he evolved and is more confident, bold, sincere and true to himself than ever. His sophomore record «Bloom» is set to be released on August 31th and On The Move sat with Troye to discuss new musical direction, selfconfidence and upcoming projects. Take a seat and appreciate the evolution of Troye Sivan.



n The Move: Hi Troye, we are happy to have you with us again, more than two years after our first interview together. Your new album « Bloom » is coming out soon. What do you think will be the main difference between this one and « Blue Neighbourhood »? Troye Sivan: Time flies! Thank you for having me again and still supporting me during all those years. I think the main difference is that you hopefully will be able to hear how much I’ve grown as a person. I am much more comfortable and confident. I feel like I am a better songwriter than I was before. I figured out my sound a little more and everything is a bit more thought of and I think people will be able to hear that. On The Move: It’s always a big deal to have a second record coming up especially after a successful debut album, because of the expectations that the fans and critics might have. Did you feel that pressure while recording? Troye Sivan: I did a little bit but I was so ready, I feel like, to try to outdo myself. I was really excited to try and get back to the studio and I felt like I could make something better than last time. I feel like I did that because I am really proud of the album. It’s exciting. I would have been scared if I was in the studio and be like: «Ok what am I gonna do now?». It would have been scary but I came so excited, with all of these ideas and I was ready to create. On The Move: A feeling of freedom and no inhibition pours out of your first single « My My My ! ». Why did this song in particular feel right to release first? Troye Sivan: I feel like it was a good introduction to where things are going and to who I am as a person now, you know. It felt like all of the things that I feel, like being carefree, liberated and a little more grown up, gay and sexy…It felt like an accurate representation of who I am and I wanted to share that. On The Move: Will this feeling that you have dominate the album? Troye Sivan: I think so. I think you’ll be able to hear me having fun and relaxed. Hopefully you can hear me messing around and having a laugh at the studio and everything’s just good. (laughs) On The Move: Is there any tracks in this new album that you feel particularly connected to?

Troye Sivan: There’s this one named « Postcard » that I am really excited about because I feel like it’s sort of about the beginning of a relationship where you realize for the first time that your partner is not perfect. And he realizes that you’re not perfect either and it’s about recognizing those things and being like: « Ok, I see those things but as long as you’re here for me the way I really need you at the end of the day, then that stuff doesn’t really matter and we can get through it ». So it’s kind of getting over that and some relationships survive that and some don’t. The song is really about surviving this. On The Move: Your single «The Good Side» has such a singular melody, really different from what you’ve done already and from what we’re used to listen to in pop music. How did you come up with it? Troye Sivan: It was a bunch of things. First of all we needed a story that we wanted to tell, that was the most important thing. The lyrics were really important too and that’s what came first, with that guitar strumming. Because there were so many stories to tell, that sort of influenced the structure of the song and there was no chorus, there were like three verses. Then the instrumental part sort of just fell together. I wrote the song with the producer Bram Inscore and we took it to Ariel Rechtshaid who kind of added that little sparkle that you can hear on top. It’s just a beautiful collaboration of not thinking too much and let it happen.

« I think what influences me the most is the people that I meet » On The Move: «The Good Side» also carries an oriental or asian pitch somehow. Do you feel like the fact that you’re travelling so much inspires you particularly? Troye Sivan: Maybe, yes. I think what influences me the most is the people that I meet and hearing the recommendations of what they suggest that I listen to. I think that comes from traveling a lot, because I meet a lot of new people who always tell me about new music and so that helps a lot.


On The Move: You said that all your dream producers (Leland, Max Martin, Ariel Rechtshaid...) have been into the « Bloom » project and have at least written something with you. Which lesson do you draw from the time spent with them ? Troye Sivan: The thing that I learned was that no one has this magic formula that just works and everyone is on the same boat of just trying their best and trying new things. Some things work, some things don’t. The only difference between them and someone else is, of course there’s a natural talent, but on top of that the most important is the work ethic and love for music. Those two things push them to take things further than anyone else. I think that was a nice thing to realize. On The Move: A couple months ago, you released « Strawberries and Cigarettes » on the Love, Simon soundtrack. How did it happen? Troye Sivan: I actually wrote the song for my first album but it never made the album, so we just kind of have it sitting there and Jack Antonoff texted me one day and was like: « Hey, I’m doing the music for this movie, can we try to see if « Strawberries & Cigarettes » would work? » I heard about the movie already and I was really excited about it so I was like: « wow ok sure ». So we recorded the vocals again because my voice kind of changed since I recorded the song, we made a couple of changes and I am so happy with how it turned out. The movie is beautiful, I’m so honored to be a part of it and my song is on a really special part of the movie so it was really exciting! On The Move: Speaking of tracks that was left aside and then picked up again... Was the selection of the tracklist hard to pursue? Troye Sivan: Yeah, picking songs was tough! I was still writing and going through this selection a few weeks ago. I really wrote a lot of songs for « Bloom ». On The Move: Your debut album was also a visual story brought to our eyes through the « Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy ». It seems like your latest videos for « Bloom » or « My My My! » don’t follow the same narrative lead. What can we expect from your new album, visually ? Troye Sivan: I think I sort of stepped back from narrative videos just because I did it already on the first album. I wanted to communicate a vibe and a feeling visually rather than a story necessarily. I think you leave the story to the music or you leave it to the

people who apply their own story. I also wanted to create and communicate an attitude. I’m very, very involved in the music videos (laughs) I come up with ideas about colors, styling, locations, casting... Pretty much everything! It is the same for my tours. We’re not there yet but I’m definitely thinking about that already. I think I wrote this album to perform live so, it is also gonna be a really fun show! On The Move: Your album will be opening on a song named « Seventeen ». What would you say to your 17 year-old self if you had a chance to? Troye Sivan: I would say… «Get excited because things get really good» (laughs) but I’d also say «relax and try to stress less, there’s no rush. Just enjoy!» On The Move: You started on Youtube when you were a teenager. Now you’re 23, you grew up under the eye of your public but also with him. Some people call you the voice of a generation. Do you feel like it? Troye Sivan: Not really, even though I deeply appreciate that and I am really flattered by that kind of comment. But at the same time I think I’m one voice of many that need to be heard and I’m excited to be a part of what I see as a really positive shift in music, but I definitely just see myself as a part of it.

« I feel like I am a better songwriter than I was before » On The Move: Among these «other voices» you’re referring to, what are the ones you look up to? Troye Sivan: I am very excited about Kevin Abstract from Brockhampton. I think he has a really great voice to have out there and also Hayley Kiyoko, Sam Smith, Olly Alexander, Halsey… there are so many and I’m excited to be there along them! On The Move: Do you have any dreams that hasn’t been achieved yet ? Troye Sivan: I would love to be nominated for a Grammy. I would love to have one radio hit as well, that would be very nice! (laughs)




OF JUNE/JULY Every week of the year, a bunch of records are thrown into the world, portraying the singular influences, universes and sounds of artists. Do you get lost in the numerous releases? On The Move Mag is here to help. This month, as always, we opened our ears and dove into what matters most : music! Whatever genre suits you, you’ll find something new to discover... Here are our favourite albums released in June and July.


It’s been a very long time coming but the third album of Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer is finally here. Introduced by the infectious and cool-tempo «Want You Back», there’s no doubt that the four boys didn’t come to play this time around. While the melancholic «Lie To Me» gives us chills, the title track «Youngblood» is a funky song with bits of hip-hop and RnB along the way. If the whole album is inspired by the 80’s and more recent bands like Fall Out Boys, the quartet mixes together a lot of genres from rock on «More» to the electro infused «Babylon». Brilliantly well done, «Youngblood» is also showing a lot of maturity and evolution. At still a very young age, Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum are definitely on their way to stardom.

Top 3 tracks: Babylon, Lie To Me, Meet You There

5 SecondS Of Summer - Youngblood

Fun. Confusing. Exciting. Here’s how you could sum up the new Panic! At The Disco’s album in a few words. Like a big mix of the first five albums, Brendon Urie managed to create a sound filled with pop, rock, funk, jazz and a tiny bit of electro. If one can’t love everything, it’s a safe bet that there’s at least one song that will suit the most difficult fan out there. Bringing theatrical aspect to the album with «Roaring 20s», the singer also brings in a lot of catchy and vintage vibes like on «Old Fashioned» and «One Of The Drunks». As the final note, «Dying In LA» is a simple yet heartfelt and dreamy song that will leave you speechless and with teary eyes. So, yes, «Pray For The Wicked» is complex, but it’s its diversity that makes it so special and good.

Top 3 tracks: Dying In LA, One of The Drunks, Roaring 20s

PANIC! AT THE DISCO - PRAY FOR THE WICKED The British indie-rock band Florence and the Machine, led by frontwoman Florence Welch, released «High As Hope» their fourth album, successor of «How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful» which earned them five Grammy nominations. It’s hard to compete with yourself, but Florence and the Machine are full of resources. This album’s sound is more minimalistic, showcasing even more Florence Welch’s amazing vocal performance and raw lyricism. While «Hunger» goes full out, «Grace» is a stripped-down beautiful apology, just Florence’s angelic voice and the piano. Less is more and we’re definitely in for it. There’s a lack of risk in this record, but it’s bare, emotional and there’s beauty in embracing your soul.

Top 3 tracks: Hunger, Big God, Patricia

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE - HIGH AS HOPE Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you’ve heard of Jorja Smith before! The designated British heir of R&B has risen thanks to the irresistible and homemade « Where Did I Go? » in 2016, which fastly led to the release of her debut EP « Project 11 ». We’re now in 2018 and in the meantime, she became Drake’s protégé, was featured on Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther soundtrack and even opened for Bruno Mars. On her highlyanticipated debut album, the 21-year old singer-songwriter goes from intimate introspections (« Tomorrow », « February 3rd ») to subtly questioning society (« Blue Lights », « Lifeboats (Freestyles) »). This collection of jazzy and soulful ballads finds highlights in the urgency of « Teenage Fantasy »or the dancehall touches of « On Your Own ». Her voice is at the center of everything, developing flawlessly in all directions : soft, sharp, husky or high-pitched, even vanishing into laughs. It seems like Jorja Smith is whispering to our ears and we would easily get lost (not found) in her musical confidence!

Top 3 tracks: Teenage Fantasy, On Your Own, Tomorrow


One year ago, he was making waves all over the world with his hit single « Found What I’ve Been Looking For », which cumulated more than 25 million streams on Spotify and made us fall in love with Tom Grennan’s voice. Because there’s something special about the British singer’s voice: it’s charismatic and unusually mature, which brings his songwriting and the stories he conveys to a higher level. Now, the dreading step of the debut album is behind him and it’s honestly a success. « Lighting Matches» is versatile and captures his youth and charm. Tom never ceases to surprise, going from having a rebellious attitude, to being introspective and emotional, or even being cheeky as in « Secret Lover ». While « Make ‘em Like You » is a catchy gem which will probably stay in your mind for a while, the young singer-songwriter really stands out on « Sweet Hallelujah », combining desperation and courage, and showing a new side of his talent.

Top 3 tracks: FWIBLF, Run In The Rain, Praying

Tom GRENNAN - LIGHTING MATCHES Beyoncé and Jay-Z, also known as The Carters, dropped a surprise with their first joint album under their civil names. This 9-track album seems to act as a public display of the power couple’s ‘happy ending’ after Beyoncé exposed her husband’s infidelity in her last album « Lemonade» and Jay-Z’s mea culpa in his record « 4:4 ». « Everything Is Love » divides as much as it fascinates. Opening with « SUMMER » a soulful and timeless track setting peace and harmony, « APESHIT » comes right next, a banger with efficient beats although Beyoncé doesn’t need that much auto-tune in our opinion… The record covers a wide range of genres and shows The Carters’ ability to combine both their own creativity and musical soundscapes. Too bad, the lyrics are a bit more problematic: boasting about how rich they are feels redundant throughout the whole album. They came, they saw, they conquered.

Top 3 tracks : APESHIT, 713, LOVEHAPPY

THE CARTERS - EVERYTHING IS LOVE The second album of Years & Years is finally here and this is, as described by Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen, a concept album. Entitled « Palo Santo », it definitely contains a futuristic aspect. Indeed, at the beginning of « Sanctify », the first single’s music video, we get a sort of synopsis. In fact, « Palo Santo » is a genderless society which is populated by androids and where humans are now a ‘rare commodity’. An android is responsible for retrieving humans and bringing them to the city. There, they become objects of fantasy, artists that have to entertain the android people. In the music videos, Olly Alexander plays one of these humans. This original plot totally matches the idendity of the electronic-pop trio. From the now successful « Sanctify » to « Here » – a song entirely written and produced by Olly Alexander – or the angelic chorus of « Hypnotized », the album is full of little treasures.

Top 3 tracks: Sanctify, Howl, Hypnotized


For his fifth record, Drake went big by releasing a 25-track double LP. Offering nearly 90 minutes of music. Two years after « The Views », the very anticipated « Scorpion » is a well-writen summary of Drake’s universe and a response to his haters. On one side, called the « A Side », Drizzy broaches his life as a rapper and how he tries to manage it. This is the rap side of the album. Every song is steeped in a late-90’s vibe, where minimalists melodies highlight Drake’s unique flow. On the other side, the « B Side », the artist offers 13 new songs with the same bitterness. Teased in the past few months with the brilliant « Nice For What », this is the R&B part of the album. Finally, this LP is full of wellcrafted pieces that need multiple listening. But there is on thing for sure, Drake has nothing left to prove. He is doing what he wants, whether we like it or not !

Top 3 tracks: Is There More, Nice For What, Don’t Matter To Me



NORMAN PERRY Norman Perry belongs to the new generation of artists who will help shaping the R&B sound of tomorrow. Coming from New Haven, Connecticut, the singer is set to achieve big things in the near future. After unveiling his debut album «Play By Play» at the beginning of the year, Norman is already ready to drop a new project in the next couple of weeks. The young singer skillfully blends mellow but atmospheric R&B and HipHop bars while displaying his soulful vocals on well-crafted tracks. If «Play By Play» is a good overview of the artist’s universe, there’s no doubt that the best is still yet to come. Get to know Norman Perry and thank us later.


n The Move: Hi Norman! For those who don’t know you yet, could you tell us about how you started getting into music? Norman Perry: I started music when I was 13 but I started to take it seriously around 16. I did a lot of Hip-Hop stuff so I think that’s something you can hear a lot in my lyricism. One day I was like I need to take a break to figure out what I really wanted to do and what made me happy instead of what made me feel like it was a job. I wanted to make it feel like it was a hobby, making money off of it and doing what I really liked. So it just naturally happened. On The Move: Did you always want to get in music at some point or was it something you got an interest, as a daily job, along the way? Norman Perry: I always wanted to do music. My father plays music, he had a Jazz band that was pretty dope so I’ve always been a great fan of music. On The Move: You’re from New Haven but you now live in Boston. Did this change of environment help you to shape your sound? Norman Perry: I actually lived in Boston for 9 years but I am back in New Haven actually, just working and going hard. I love my city.

« I ride with New-York HipHop to the death » On The Move: Who are your music inspirations? Norman Perry: I really love early Drake, like « Comeback Season » Drake is really dope to me. Other than that for lyricism, I’d say Nas and Jay-Z, I’m a huge fan of those two. Also Biggie but I ride with New-York Hip-Hop to the death. This is where I’m from you know, supporting the city. On The Move: How would you describe your sound? Norman Perry: I would describe my sound as trap RnB basically, the boy with the vocals in the back (laughs) On The Move: How do you process when you want to create a song?

Norman Perry: Just the vibe. Being around people who’s going to keep me in a good mood to want to record. Being around people who are giving me inspiration. It has to be more inspiration than determination. It has to be more than just wanting it. I need to feel my vibe and to just play it up. I usually take out my phone, vibe out and do some vocal recordings and melodies and stuff. When I was making « Alive » I was just humming it out and once I got the whole melody, I started playing with the lyrics. I would change the melody for that songs like 10 times (laughs), I think it worked out for the best. On The Move: What do you think about the state of Hip-Hop right now? Norman Perry: I think it’s cool, I think it’s creative. I think a lot of stuff is overrated but I think a lot of stuff is under-appreciated as well so I’m pretty 50/50 on it. I don’t really hate anything right now, I am so serious about positive vibes so I support everything because I just hope that anybody who comes across my music, they’d actually see the good and creative side out of it and support it as well. I think there was a better time of it but it’s still dope, I love Hip-Hop. I can’t complain about music (laughs). On The Move: Why did you choose to name your debut album « Play By Play » ? Norman Perry: I made this song named « Royal Sonesta » and when I did that I was with my roommate and I was like I need to get out of here, it sucks in here. So I leave and I go to an hotel named « Royal Sonesta ». So I go to the hotel, I start making the song, I am a little fucked up and just chilling and enjoying my time there, by myself. I started saying « I gotta to take it play by play », just freestyling. Sometimes I don’t write, I just feel it and it’s the best way to get the vibe of the song. I started to tell myself that it was real, that I take it day by day and play by play. I thought it was really relatable. On The Move: You’re currently independent and trying to make things happen with your team. What do you think is the biggest challenge as an independent artist? Norman Perry: The biggest challenge to me is the resources, the people you run into and the networking. Sometimes it’s hard, it takes time to do it but it’s a part of the process and the game so I don’t see it as a hard time. I look at it as anything that’s worth having is not gonna come easy. It’s more rewarding so I’m up for it.


On The Move: Do you have a special song in your album that you feel particularly connected to?

On The Move: What are you listening to the most at the moment?

Norman Perry: I’m in a debate between « Slide » and « Hate » all the time, but I really love « Slide » . That’s really dope to me, I feel like the song is not just for one crowd, I feel like it’s for anybody. It could be about a friend that you miss, or a girl that you miss. It could be about anything.

Norman Perry: I like Lil’ Baby. Lil’ Baby is dope and has a solid project! (laughs)

On The Move: Do you write from personal experiences or you’re trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Norman Perry: A little bit of both, I would say. Sometimes it’s about things that I might see myself wanting to do. I just want to be relatable for people and people saying that it helped them to get through the day.

On The Move: What can we expect from you in the next upcoming months? Norman Perry: Big things! We have « XX 2 » coming up, that’s gonna be crazy. I got some dope producers on that, we got possibly DJ Mustard on it, we’ve got K.Swisha… some big names on it. I am looking forward to working with more producers and make the best music possible but « XX 2 » is gonna be very huge and we are currently planning on doing some shows and stuff.

« Anything that’s worth having is not gonna come easy »







hance, chemistry and music got Marijn van der Meer and Jorrit Kleijnen together four years ago. Enigmatic contraction between « Heaven » and « Haven », the dutch band HAEVN carries in its name all the richness and paradox of its music. Light and warm at the same time, the duo’s sound is a field of exhilirating textures. Last June, the two musicians performed for the first time out of their native borders, in Paris. And under HAEVN’s vibes, the Nouveau Casino felt like an actual piece of heaven. The venue isn’t exactly full when HAEVN’s members hit the stage. But for a band that has never performed in this city before, the fans on the front row seem pretty into it, wearing black shirts stamped with HAEVN’s logo. Indeed, a great part of the audience actually made the trip right from the Netherlands to have the chance to attend this particularly intimate show. And how could we blame them! The duo -Marijn at the vocals, Jorrit at the keys- is accompanied by a drummer and a guitarist. The set opens on the sweet and minimalistic «The Sea», also the opening track of their album «Eyes Closed». The melody goes subtly more ardent as the band unrolls this bitter-sweet ballad. Marijn’s tight and envelopping voice fills the room with only a few words... Welcome to HAEVN’s world! Time is really important for the band. The time to write, to compose, to arrange. The time to fully complete a song, an album before unveiling it to the world. This is with the same delicacy that HAEVN goes on with « Back In The Water » and its immersive power. Right after it, the members of HAEVN speak for the first time to their audience, explaining that this is their first show abroad and that they are very grateful for this opportunity. A gratitude also radiating from their smiles!  


With « City Lights », a wave of nostalgia takes over the room but not for too long... The languish notes and electric accents of the track fade away to let the feverish «Love Is A Game» take its place. Marijn goes for his string instrument. The tune is more defying, sensual than the previous ones. Bodies start ondulating in the crowd, people cheering warmly... Jorrit throws a kind look to Marijn, whose charisma is clearly undeniable. HAEVN’s charm is fully operating! An hypnotic elegancy and a delicate restrain comes from  Marijn while Jorrit  is clearly definite by gentleness and generosity. He adresses to the public in French:  «  Bonsoir messieurs dames, nous sommes très heureux d’être ici ce soir ! » before pursuing in English, « Through the power of internet, some people found our music and decided to be here tonight. » Astonishment and gratefulness mingle in his words. He goes on by explaining that, in the Netherlands, radios are afraid that HAEVN’s tracks aren’t famous enough so they are often asked to make some covers. This is how they integrated Bruce Springsteen’s « I’m On Fire » to their repertoire, a song they perform for their dutch/french crowd right away. Then, they go back to « Eyes Closed »’s tracklist with the enchanting « Where The Heart Is ». An ode to revery and hope put in music. In the same vein, « Hold On »praises patience and tenacity, on a catchy melody. One of our favourites both studio and live! It is now time for confiding in. The musicians sneak off, including Jorrit, to let Marijn shine in an intimate moment. He speaks for a few minutes about a particularly harsh time of his life, where he was sick and music helped him to

go forward: « I always hoped to sing this song in front of an audience ». « Just Stay » is an acoutic gem full of vulnerability. Through the song, the barman of the venue dared to broke the religious silence of the crowd by stiring ice cubes. But anyway, it didn’t break Marijn’s composure and intensity. His « I’ll take a chance and live » stays suspended into the air. The full team goes back on stage for « Fortitude », an epic flight of lyricism that will have hundreds of images going before your eyes. This cinematographic side was also perceived by the producers of « Riverdale » as they used « Fortitude » in the TV show’s soundtrack for season 2. With « We Are », HAEVN spreads out a nocturnal and dizzying urban imagery. This fuzzy feeling is refocussed by the catchy « Mind Games ». If our mind could have gotten lost in further territories during the previous track, this one brings us back to Paris, at this exact right time, dancing the night away. Two other electric songs comes after it: « Sinner Love » and its remarkable guitar solo and « Let Love Tear Me Down »  with its federative choirs and storbe lights.  « Finding Out More » completes the set with electronic touches before the band leaves. Even before one of them could speak as they return for the encore, a voice breaks into the crowd: « I came from England for « Bright Lights » » Granted wish! « Bright Lights » speaks about going through a though period, seeing some light at the end of the tunnel... If there is one end we don’t want to see coming, it is this gig’s. The musicians thank their crowd once again, even apologizing for «being stuck on replay». The emotion is palpable. HAEVN finally retires on a graceful new track, confiding «we could say this will be the first track of our second record». We imagine that the path towards a second album will be long but this is a journey we will be very willing to make by HAEVN’s side!

« We don’t want to tell you how to feel, we just want to move you to places that help you create your own memories »



illing the Stade de France in Paris was a dream of his and he can tick it off of his list now. After performing in several smaller venues like Le Bataclan in 2014, the Zenith of Paris in 2015 and the Accorhotels Arena last year, Ed Sheeran did not fill one but two stadiums in France. On the first date, he confided to the public that this dream of his came up when he saw the French rap band IAM perform there. However, he was told that few international artists could boast of having performed on this legendary stage, the French public being quite difficult to conquer.

After two very successful support acts, Jamie Lawson and Anne-Marie, who, as for her, already had several songs known by the public such as «Ciao Adios», «Friends», or «2002», Ed Sheeran entered the stadium with simplicity. Indeed, it’s without artifices and without musicians that the British singer-songwriter appeared: only him, his guitar, and his pedal loop, which allowed him to play his instrumentals on stage all by himself. Ed Sheeran chose to position “Castle On The Hill” at the top of his setlist: right from the first notes of the single, which had given a taste of his album «Divide», the crowd came alive and sang the chorus at the top of their lungs. Then came «Eraser» and the atmosphere did not weaken, quite the contrary. This is indeed a very energetic track that shows the singer’s talent as a rapper. Our favorite ginger boy continued with «The A Team», the first single from his debut album. Although not everyone is here since day one, this song is still strongly present in everybody’s minds. A magical and intimate moment where we got back to the atmosphere of his first small gigs. A mashup then followed up: «Don’t» / «New Man». It is a quite successful and very effective combination between these two titles that appear respectively on the 2nd and 3rd album of the British prodigy. «Dive» and «Bloodstream» also won unanimous support and the fans were delighted to hear the latest single from the album «Divide», «Happier», performed live. Once again, the audience sang in unison, which Ed Sheeran genuinely loves, seeing his fans react to the rhythm of his melodies. As he says so well, we are not only his audience, we are also his «dancers» and his «backing vocalists».


The worldwide famous 27-year-old singer also admitted that he still does not feel very comfortable when it comes to dancing on stage but invited everyone to enjoy the moment without thinking of others. After «I’m A Mess» and «Galway Girl», which is the third single of his latest album, Ed Sheeran mixed again two songs: «Feeling Good», a cover of the famous track by Nina Simone and «I See Fire» which appeared on the soundtrack of the movie «The Hobbit». Then followed a moment of tenderness: Ed Sheeran performed romantic ballads, one after another. «Thinking Out Loud» came first, one of his sophomore album’s greatest hits, and on which a marriage proposal actually took place in the pit. Then came a mashup with «One» and «Photograph». Finally, “Perfect” was next, to the delight of all. The show went on with two catchier and more dynamic songs: «Nancy Mulligan» and «Sing», first single off his second album «X». Ed went off the stage quite quickly, and returned for the encore: we still had two last songs to enjoy, and here he was, all smiling and wearing the football jersey of Les Bleus, as a nod to the victory of the French football team against Uruguay the same afternoon. From the first notes of «Shape Of You», the crowd went wild on the song of the summer 2017 before singing the chorus of «You Need Me I Do not Need You» that closed this exceptional show. If the rumors of a hasty retreat were ever to circulate, Ed Sheeran will have made his performance at the Stade de France a magical moment, with his brilliant music and beautiful voice as well as the amazing visuals designed for each songs, that his fans are not ready to forget.

« Believe me, if you start dancing, the person next to you will start dancing, and then the person next to them will also start dancing… »



U2 EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR Europe: from August 31st (Berlin, Germany) to November 10th (Dublin, Ireland)

MASEGO North America: from August 5th (Columbia, MD) to September 8th (Las Vegas, NV) + Europe: from September 13th (Manchester, UK) to October 9th (Budapest, Hungary) + North America: from October 16th (Boston, MA) to November 18th (Los Angeles, CA)

TOM GRENNAN Europe: from September 18th (Paris, France) to September 29th (Berlin, Germany)


North America: from September 25th (Washington, DC) to October 12th (San Francisco, CA) + Europe: from October 18th (Bristol, UK) to October 27th (Manchester, UK)


Asia: from August 6th (Seoul, South Korea) to August 12th (Bali, Indonesia) + North America: from August 18th (Long Island, NY) to September 14th (Del MAr, CA) + Europe: from September 17th (Madrid, Spain) to September 26th (Berlin, Germany)


North America: from August 1st (Alexandria, VA) to August 13th (Austin, TX) + Europe: from September 6th (Barcelona, Spain) to September 27th (London, UK)


North America: from August 12th (Philadelphia, PA) to September 14th (Denver, CO) + Europe: from September 17th (Oslo, Norway) to September 27th (Glasgow, UK)


Europe: from September 6th (Cologne, Germany) to September 29th (Milan, Italy) + Australia: from October 7th (Melbourne, VIC) to October 13th (Sydney, NSW) + North America: from November 4th (Calgary, Canada) to December 1st (Los Angeles, CA)


Europe: from August 2nd (Luhmühlen, Germany) to September 30th (Paris, France) + North America: from October 13th (Nashville, TN) to November 6th (Los Angeles, CA) + New Zealand/Australia: from November 13th (Auckland, NZ) to November 25th (Margaret River, AU)


Europe: from September 9th (Copenhagen, Danemark) to September 19th (Paris, France) + North America: from September 21st (Ithaca, NY) to November 10th (Miami, FL)

North America: from August 1st (Madison, WI) to August 12th (San Francisco, CA) + Europe: from September 24th (Esch-surAlzette, Luxembourg) to October 23th (Dublin, Ireland) + North America: from October 26th (Washington, DC) to November 19th (Hollywood, CA)




BRITNEY SPEARS PIECE OF ME TOUR The ultimate American pop star is getting to the end of her 9th tour which drove her all around the world for the past two years... Your last chance to see the iconic Britney Spears live! Europe: from August 4th (Brighton, UK) to September 1st (Blackpool, UK) throught Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland and France + one last date in Austin, TX, USA on October 21st.

Europe: from September 9th (Amsterdam, Netherlands) to September 20th (London, UK)

Europe: from September 1st (Enschede, Netherlands) to November 15th (London, UK)




Yumi and Moon Boy surely didn’t expect their lives to change by meeting one another at a common friend’s party! Driven by the same passion for music and same influences (counting The XX or Ben Khan), they started working together as Royaume, each being familiar with writing and composing from a young age. They released their earliest material in 2016. « Blue Asphalt » was soaked into nostalgic and languishing dreampop while « Endless Grace » was an optimistic piece, partacoustic part-electro. We didn’t know much about them by that time. Though their debut tracks were dazzling, their true identity was yet to be found. Mission accomplished with « Again », a debut-EP Royaume released last June! They already paved that way last year with « If We », which resonated like a feminist anthem. In the music video, a group of women -shining with diversity- were playing soccer with Barbie dolls, to throw away the all too perfect and unrealistic model it represents. Royaume’s EP is also a home for the sonic « Again » which colourful video –using the Japanese art of shibari- is another punch on gender inequality in our society. You’ll also find « Do You Know » - channeling the vibes of Bronski Beat’s « Smalltown Boy »-, the pleading « Miho Beach » and the utterly catchy « Empty Hearts ». « Five titles as five phases of love » as the band describes it. Hearing and seeing this stellar debut, we warn you: get prepared for Royaume to actually reign on French electro-pop for the years ahead! Their debut album is yet to be released under the independent label Pias.

With such a voice, it’s no doubt she’s going to get the moon! At only 14, Naya has impressed France back in 2014, when she participated to The Voice Kids and made it to the finale. Although she didn’t win, she has been even more fortunate ever since and four years after, she has released an EP named « Blue some » and will unveil her very first album later this year. Naya has basically bathed in music her entire life, her parents are musicians, and she began playing music and learning at a conservatoire at age 6. She learned piano, guitar and drums all by herself and then singing came naturally. With her sublime and elegantly raspy voice, she enchants and adds a little je-ne-sais-quoi to her warm pop sound. Taking inspiration from British musicians and bands like The Beatles, Oasis, Radiohead or for the younger ones, Jake Bugg and Declan McKenna, she likes to blend electronica elements with guitar and create a modern, fresh piece of music. There’s no doubt you’ll see this little star rising fast soon. She’s been performing at a decent amount of festivals around France but also overseas, at the renowned Glastonbury Festival! This year she’ll be the opening act for Charlie Winston on his French tour. She might be young but she’s definitely stepping onto the big stage!

© Mara Zampariolo

© Unknown Project


JULIA, CLEVER AND GRACEFUL R&B Jérémy Frérot on his very own patH

© Leny Guetta

Back in 2014, a duo rose to fame thanks to the French edition of «The Voice». After two albums and with the likes of millions of fans accross the country, Florian Delavega and Jeremy Frerot were some of the most acclaimed artists in France.

Right in the middle of the summer, all we want to do is chill in the sun with suave music in our ears… Well, we might have come across the perfect artist for that! Julia has been a part of the hip-hop/soul Parisian scene for years now. She has been writing, composing and organizing jam sessions, trying to make her way onto the music industry. Now seems to be the right time for her to shine as she unveiled a proper debut single, with a very well crafted production both visually and musically. With « Dunes », the singer-songwriter proposes a hybrid and sensual track, infused with R&B vibes while bringing poetic lyrics upfront. Carefully chosen words and controlled silences create an hypnotic discourse. Julia’s clear and warm vocals only make it even more addictive! Her universe is also embodied in a charming music video directed by Zoé Joubert. Both very retro and very contemporary, the visual celebrates feminity in a glamourous way.

Yet, two years later, Florian and Jeremy decided to stop their career to focus on their personal lives. But, it wasn’t really the end for one of the singers. Indeed, Jeremy Frerot chose to follow his own musical path by releasing a new single, «Au Revoir». Taken from his debut solo album, the song has a nice acoustic touch and gets easily stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself humming and nodding along, thanks to the acoustic rhythm and guitar notes. Perfectly crafted for summer, it’s a light and easy song, but still very effective. One thing is, Jeremy Frerot didn’t take much risks as «Au Revoir» could easily fit into the duo’s discrography. Be it «Frero Delavega» or «Des Ombres et des Lumières», this new take reminds us a lot of what we’ve already heard. Still, as much as we missed hearing their simple rythm and smart lyrics , it’s always nice to be able to have a bit more of that magic.

As you can see and hear, Julia brings great spirit, message and groove to the R&B scene, which has been too-easily categorized as shallow in France for the past decades. And stay tuned to Julia’s vibes, an 8-track album might be around the corner.

© Jessy Nottola

Only a few weeks ago, Julia published « No Romeo », a truly refreshing mix of soul, lounge and hip-hop music. Delicate French verses turn into boiling English choruses. You could actually make love on this track, while it is practically an antiromantic anthem. Such a brilliant contrast!




founder, editorial director I spend most of my time apologizing to my favorite streaming platform for ripping off their «add to playlist» button. When i’m not looking for new artists to talk to you about I drown myself in a sea containing a mix of old R&B and punk-rock sound. Sometimes I go to concert venues more often than I go to bed and I listen to music even when I sleep. I’ll be probably deaf in 40 years but knowing you’ll discover new artists through this mag makes everything worthwhile.


graphic designer, writer

Wannabe architect, musical writer by passion. I am in love with matter, music and words. Drunk with british indie-rock and popfolk. I guess my wildest dream would be designing and building a gig venue, for which I would decide the opening line-up. In the meantime, I am the curly girl with too much hair, front row.


writer Meet the youngest of the crew ! Aspiring music journalist and communication student, I spend most of my free time surrounded by books and hot chocolate. Basically obsessed with british pop music and indie artists, if you’re looking for me you’ll probably find me singing my heart out at a concert. if i could turn back time, i’d definitely pop to the Panic! At The Disco show in Chicago in 2008.


writer Who am I, in a nutshell? I am a daydreamer, a traveler at heart, a concert addict and I see beauty in everything. Music is my escape route and my best friend. People say that have an eclectic taste in music which is true although you’ll see me mostly at rock shows. Fun fact: I actually own a guitar since I was 4 and I still don’t know how to play. I am also the girl that’s like «Hey you gotta listen to this!» and 2 hours later we’re still on YouTube... Oops!


writer If it were possible, I would probably live in a concert venue! Gigs are, without any hesitation, the events I appreciate the most. Addicted to pop music, tattoos, Youtube, The Greatest Showman original soundtrack, TV shows and Disney movies, I always love to discover new artists and talk about them with my friends. Professionally speaking, my biggest dream would be to have a fashion or musicrelated job. I guess I just need art to be part of my life!



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