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ADVISING ON THE RISKS SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON THE REWARDS CORE COMSURE SERVICES Whether it’s an authorisation of regulatory matter, a need for training or an issue of regulatory interpretation, we can help you. Comsure’s team of regulatory and compliance experts are well versed in providing top level advice to help you to minimise your business’ exposure to risk. As well as having as experienced team of ex-regulators and practitioners Comsure has entered a number of strategic alliances with other service professionals to ensure your risks are mitigated.


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OUR BUSINESS Comsure was founded in 2005 with a view to providing comprehensive business risk advisory services. Whether it’s a regulatory matter, a need for training or an issue of legal interpretation, we can help. Our team of compliance experts are well versed in providing top level advice to help you to minimise your business; exposure to risk. By entering into a number of strategic alliances with other service professionals, Comsure is able to offer your organisation a wealth of skills and experience. As a business Comsure can offer the following services: •

Compliance SUPPORT

Due Diligence & Business Intelligence SUPPORT

Training SUPPORT

Employment & Health and Safety SUPPORT

Technology SUPPORT

MANAGING DIRECTOR BIOGRAPHY Mathew Beale - Mathew Beale, FCSI AIFP, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment and founder of Comsure. Between 1995 and 2002, he worked for the body that is now known as the Jersey Financial Services Commission, where he was responsible for the day-to-day conduct of business of regulated entities and where he reached the position of Senior Compliance Manager. Since 2002, he has worked within private practice in all aspects of regulatory compliance including: Assisting in the undertaking of reporting professional projects for the Jersey Financial Services Commission; Being involved in the preparation of the anti-money laundering guidance notes in Mauritius; Writing and delivering training courses relating to the field of compliance for private and public bodies. Mathew is also a senior lecturer on the International Compliance Association’s (ICA) Introductory Certificate in Compliance, the International (and UK) Diploma in Compliance and the UK Diploma in AntiMoney Laundering. He is also an acknowledged co-author of the materials used by the ICA in their UK and International Diplomas in Compliance. Since 2005, he has worked within Comsure in all aspects of regulatory compliance; taking him as far as Mauritius on specialised assignments and the Seychelles where he has assisted the regulator in delivering specialised training. .

Compliance SUPPORT At Comsure, we work closely with our clients in order to gain a detailed understanding of their individual requirements. Our consultants are able to tailor solutions to specific needs, ensuring clients gain substantial business opportunities and positive returns. In order to ensure high levels of quality in all of our consulting activities, we allocate an experienced director to each account. This provides consistency and continuity to each assignment undertaken.

If you want to discuss how we can be of help to you in more detail, please contact us by email or telephone, or download some of our information sheets provided.

We pride ourselves at Comsure in our proactive and client orientated approach to all of our work, and we strive to achieve a level of service and quality which is second to none.

Our team is qualified, professional and has a wealth of experience.

COMPLIANCE SUPPORT AND CO-SOURCING Through our Compliance co-sourcing offering Comsure will steer you through the complexities of compliance. Examples of recent tasks that Comsure have worked on include: b. Monitoring AML matters

1. Compliance Advice including;

c. Sample testing

a. AML dedicated help desk

b. Retainer telephone support services c. Mentoring for both the compliance and anti money laundering officers

4. Compliance briefings including; a. Board reports

b. Lunch and learn employee training

2. Compliance Reviews including;

a. Client File reviews for conduct of business, CDD etc. b. Policy and procedure reviews

3. Compliance Monitoring programmes [CMPs];

5. Pre/post regulatory visit support including; a. Regulatory remediation plans b. Enforcement support 6. Mock Regulatory visits.

a. Monitoring all regulatory activities

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

OUR SERVICES ARE TAILORED TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS Although we can undertake a once-a-year review or you can have a Comsure consultant on site for a number of days a week, maintaining records, reviewing documents and implementing procedures. The majority of our clients retainers on a monthly bases, to provide a comprehensive level of support.






Creation of an appropriate Compliance Framework, including the requisite compliance files, formal registers, undertakings, documents, proformas and reporting schedules; Ensuring the Compliance Manual and Compliance Monitoring Programme(s) (CMP) always remain up to date and specific to your business; Provision of comprehensive training in the framework, compliance procedural matters and the application of the CMP; Periodic formal reports to the board which provide details of compliance recommendations and guidance; We actively encourage you to pick up the phone or email to ask questions without the


7. 8.


concern of incurring additional consultancy fees, or waiting until we next visit your premises; Support with Regulatory forms, notifications and returns - including Regulatory forms for new employees, exemptions, changes in control, variations of permission or other Regulatory-clearance events; Advice on communication and ‘best approach’ with the Regulator; Full access to Comsure’s Training suite of programs – for free and at a substantial discount; Full assistance in the event of a Regulatory visit

(pre and post); 10. CDD support investigations.

11. Assistance with JFSC licence applications

The level of service depends on the monthly retainer you select - we will work with you to ensure you receive the package best suited to your specific requirements.


Whatever your needs our team will work with you to establish the compliance strategy best suited to your firm.


The compliance support you receive is carefully structured to first recognise regulatory risk and then identify a practical solution to the issues faced by your firm, whilst all the time acknowledging the Regulatory rules and guidance


The Comsure service allows you total freedom to create the compliance solution that best fits your day-to-day compliance needs. Whether you need low level assistance with frequent visits, an in-house compliance solution or special project, our service will be tailored to your needs.

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

Due Diligence & Business Intelligence SUPPORT Comsure Due Diligence and Business Intelligence incorporates all the tools,

knowledge and practical support a firm requires to keep its Financial Crime regime appropriately risk based, reflecting current risks and in line with best practice. This all-encompassing service is supported by


Highly customized reports covering all basic

acknowledged subject matter experts, Colin

due diligence requirements commonly used

Tansley with decades of experience; allowing you

for high risk or high value transactions,

to benchmark your CCD regime against industry

with the added value of background and

standards and recognised subject matter know-

reputation screening of the subject (most


importantly, the reports meet Anti Money laundering (AML), Anti Corruption and Counter Terrorist Financing (CFT) compliance

Colin can provide: 1.

Detailed, independent and comprehensive

obligations set by regulatory authorities and

business intelligence investigations which

associated laws and regulations).

delivers the insight needed to make effective business, risk and litigation decisions.


Company searches


Detailed personal and family profiles


Asset Tracing


Media searches


Property searches and valuations


Public Registry Searches including Land Registry and Probate


Background Checks


Local credit and debt judgment searches


A basic personal profile

10. Due Diligence and KYC 11. Compliance Verification 12. Surveillance and human source intelligence 13. Local Knowledge

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

COMSURE DUE DILIGENCE SERVICES Comsure offers dedicated investigatory services to law firms, financial institutions and decision makers with comprehensive background investigations, due diligence investigations and legal investigation services. WHAT WE DO Comsure Due Diligence Services tackles investigations of all sorts every day, including asset tracing, international and domestic due diligence background investigations, vetting of Board members and senior executives, complex litigation support, pre-employment background checks and witness interviews for civil or criminal litigation.

Our goal is straightforward. We provide our clients with information that will help them make informed decisions or avoid costly ones. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHAT WE DON’T DO… We don’t use illegal or unethical methods of

Our approach is simple and transparent. We use

obtaining information. Importantly, if we can’t

open sources, public records and thoughtful and

help you, we’ll tell you that we are not the ones

creative investigative techniques to get answers.

to handle your case, and we can help you find

We have developed a strong supporting cast of

someone who is better suited. We are not in the

experienced investigators who have specialties all

business of making promises that we can’t live up

over the world, making us nimble, proactive and

to or trying to be all things to all people.


HOW WE WORK: We work hard and think creatively to help clients with their particular needs and dilemmas. After an initial consultation, we will provide our client with a detailed action plan based on our recommendations. In this plan, we will outline specific goals to reach within stated deadlines. Our investigations are conducted in stages, which helps our clients maintain control of the case without costing a fortune. Comsure Due Diligence Services is headed up by Colin Tansley

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

Training SUPPORT COMSURE’s Training services (public and in house) are designed for people working in both the financial services sector and non-financial organisations. Comsure provides in-depth training on financial and

With the right training, you can boost customer

associated concepts and provides tools that can be

service, cut the re-working of errors and reduce what

used in the workplace every day. Technical concepts

you pay in compensation. You can also help avoid

are clearly articulated and practical examples help

disciplinary action by the regulator.

learners grasp the subject.

We can also turn your regulatory responsibilities

Our courses are designed for staff of all levels to help

into a genuine business advantage. With effective,

them perform more effectively.

thorough and well planned training you can make real leaps in many areas of your business, from


productivity to staff retention.

Our aim is to empower our delegates (and ultimately our clients) to succeed by developing their existing knowledge and skills. The regulator is very clear that it expects staff to have the skills, knowledge and experience to do their job.

IN HOUSE TRAINING a. Anti Money Laundering [AML] b. Compliance c. Corporate Governance d. Anti Bribery and Corruption [ABC training] e. Lunch and learn on regulatory matters

PUBLIC COURSES Comsure run various public courses. Examples of subjects that were run include: a. Anti Money Laundering [AML]

d. Employment law

b. Accounting

e. Collective investment fund matters

c. Health and safety

f. Internet investigative skills

For more details please visit our training website If there is a training topic you want, please ask so we can discuss in further detail.

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

IMPORTANCE OF REGULATORY COMPLIANCE TRAINING IN AN ORGANISATION Compliance training enables delegates to understand the legal, regulatory and business boundaries within which an organisation operates. Training also helps to reinforce the values of the business. Compliance training is the key priority of all organisations helping to meet legal, regulatory and professional obligations and retain standards.


Encourages a better workplace culture


Ensures standardisation and uniformity


Helps keep a pace with change


Increases transparency


Increases business efficiency and


Risk management mitigation through



Compliance training can help you avert mistakes that may lead to a breach in the law and or regulations. Therefore, the implementation of cohesive compliance training will ensure that employees work in a compliant and ethically sound manner.

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

Employment & Health and Safety SUPPORT Comsure HR and HS solutions offer total protection for you and your business. Expertise is on hand to assist 24 hours a day through our Advice Service which is available 365 days a year. In summary Comsure can offer you:


Employment Law compliance


Updates about Employment Law changes


Employment Law documents including contracts of employment, staff handbooks



Employment Law help - including legal advice from a qualified team of Consultants

Insurance-backed protection from the defence costs of Employment Tribunal claims and Health & Safety prosecutions


Employment Tribunal representation


Pro-active support about legal and HR issues


All advice given and legal work carried out by a legally qualified team of Consultants


A review of the way you manage Health

system, developed for your business,

and Safety in your premises. Conducted

including specific organisational

by qualified Health & Safety Consultants to

arrangements and monitoring procedures

identify areas of non-compliance with legal

required for its effective implementation

requirements 2.


Safety management system and advice on

utilise best practice and achieve compliance

continuing legal compliance

with legal obligations 3.

Regular visits to service your Health &

You will receive a report advising on how to 5.

Access to a 24 hour Telephone Advice

The preparation and installation of a

Service supported by qualified Health &

bespoke Health & Safety management

Safety Consultants

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

Comsure can help guide you through Employment Law or Health & Safety at work related issues. Over the years our services have increased to include everything to mirror an in-house human resources department. 24 HOUR ADVICE


1. 2.




We are with you every step of the way The Advice Service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. The 24 Advice Service is invaluable in resolving all kinds of Employment Law or Health & Safety related issue and difficulties The 24 Advice Service is not an emergency number or just for serious employment disputes or accidents, it is designed to assist you with any Employment or Health & Safety related issue, no matter how routine The aim is provide solutions to your Employment and Health & Safety issues and be there for you whenever you need advice, support or assistance


Legal Representation for Employment Tribunal and Health & Safety prosecutions We believe in prevention rather than cure, however in the event that you are served with Tribunal papers or you are faced with a Health & Safety prosecution from a current or former employee, you should notify our Legal Services Case Preparation Department for Employment or our Health & Safety Department as soon as possible. Upon such notification, we will see the case through from inception to conclusion

These services are offered in partnership with Peninsula Channel Islands Ltd

SEMINARS AND EVENTS Our Team of expert presenters operate across the country on a daily basis delivering valuable and commercial information to business owners, directors and senior managers in an easily digestible and entertaining way. Our fast paced seminars explore the issues that businesses face on a daily basis in dealing with the current and ever increasing amount of Employment Law and Health & Safety legislation. Typically our half day event will introduce delegates to current and future law, identify common pitfalls, highlight best practice and provide solutions to protect that important employer / employee relationship. Some of the key areas covered include: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Business owners legal obligations Employment law updates Managing absenteeism and sickness How to avoid Tribunals

5. 6. 7.

Dealing with redundancy Legislation and its impact on your business Health & Safety Compliance

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |

Technology SUPPORT Comsure technology provides IT solutions and resources to the financial services industry through a highly optimised model, combining our UK client facing team with specialist technical staff in our nearshore centres in Central Europe. WE HELP TO INCREASE OUR CLIENTS’ VALUE PROPOSITION BY PROVIDING: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Bespoke application software development Support, assistance and advice in both technical and business integration Assistance and management of software and application maintenance and testing services and, Business expertise to define, develop, implement and operate IT-driven solutions

We have developed long standing relationships with clients from different sectors and jurisdictions who put their trust in our services and quality delivery.

ADDRESSING COMPLIANCE ISSUES: An automated solution can assist a firms compliance and governance functions in such areas as: 1. 2.

Anti money laundering & Terror financing (AML/CFT), Fraud Prevention

3. 4. 5.

Security Compliance Risk Analysis and Rating Reputational Risk Management


Automation - automates compliance processes and allows you to save significant personnel costs;


Security - dramatically reduces the number of false positives and consequently lowers your cost;


Time to market - enables an easy and fast rollout, due to good usability with zero learning curve;


Value - increases the compliance quality, which automatically reduces risk;


Scalability – state of the art technology protects your investment;


Up-to-date – covers the needs of fast changing business and regulatory requirements;


Reliability – professional maintenance, active support and continuous product development and

Comsure Compliance Limited 1 Bond Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NP | +44 (0)1534 626841 |