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Road Trip We Are Southern Maryland Bound! Personality Profile

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From the Bay to the Blue Ridge

Since 1988 • Priceless

August 2017

Road Trip We Are Southern Maryland Bound! Personality Profile

HUNTER J. LANG From Politics to the Piano! Business Profile

YOUR DOGS BEST FRIENDS “Home away from Home” for your Pooch! Dining Out

VOLA’S DOCKSIDE GRILL Old Town Waterfront Dining at it's Finest! Across the River

NATIONAL HARBOR Staying Cool in the Casino!

on the road with OTC

about the cover Photo by © 2017 Molly Peterson Jackie Bogle Meuse, Alexandria native and Little Washington Spa owner, sent us this fabulous photo by Molly Peterson of her two canine kids - Belle the English Bulldog and Roo the Blue Merle Australian Shepard. Roo had an unfortunate accident early in July and is no longer with us. This is our tribute to Roo. If you mention the Old Town Crier when you stop in the Spa, 20% of what you spend will be donated to an animal charity of your choice.


Jeff Leukel picked up a copy of the OTC while attending a conference at the Gaylord Resort in National Harbor. He decided to take it back to sunny Sanford, Florida and catch up with the latest from the comfort of his chair in the Office Of The Public Defender. We had the pleasure of meeting Jeff during his stay and look forward to the next time he is in the area. If you would like to see your picture here, take the OTC with you on your next trip, snap a high resolution photo and send it along with information for the caption to office@ Happy Trails!

August 2017 | 1



Dog Days of Summer BY WANDA LOU WILLIS

Here we are in the middle of summer. Whew! July brought us some warmer temps if not just down right hot. Hopefully August will cool off a little bit but I have my doubts – it is the Dog Days of Summer you know! I guess by looking at the cover this month you may have been given a big clue. The “About the Cover” goes in to detail about these two cool canines but I wanted to take some space here to extend our sympathy to Jackie Bogle Meuse and her family in the loss of Roo. He was hit by an automobile a few weeks ago and didn’t make it. Jackie is the proprietor of Little Washington Spa in Washington, VA. She is going to be donating 20% of what you spend with her to your favorite animal charity if you mention the Old Town Crier this month. You can treat yourself and some furry friends all at the same time. See her ad in the Health and Fitness section. Road Trip takes us back to Solomons, Maryland, but through different eyes than mine. It is a thoughtful approach to one of my favorite places. We are also looking forward to checking out some of the places in Rappahannock County that we missed last month. Be sure to see the Rappahannock ad layout in the To the Blue Ridge section where Julie Reardon writes about the fruit and vegetable bounty available this time of year in the region. We will no longer publish Civil Discourse. Doug Coleman has supplied us information about the Civil War for the past four years, which is a huge feat. Like myself, a lot of readers will miss his monthly contribution. One writer leaves and another comes on board. We are happy to welcome Nancy Bauer as our new Grapevine contributor. You will enjoy her take on VA Wines as much as we do – I am sure! Don’t forget to find a good place to check out the solar eclipse that occurs on August 21st. Looks like it will take place around noon or so in these parts. It is a once in a lifetime occurance! From where we are it will only be a partial eclipse where only a portion of the sun will be blocked out by the moon but still worth a watch.

Early July begins the “dog days of summer” which lasts until early September. Depending on latitude and climate, the actual dates vary greatly from region to region. Nearly everyone has heard this expression and knows that it refers to the hottest, most sultry days of summer. Some of the popular beliefs or claims connected with this period are that it is an evil time, there’ll be droughts and plagues, wine will turn sour, and humans will suffer from heat hysterics or go mad. The Ancient Greeks believed that the “dog days” weakened men and women became aroused. The phrase took on an ominous meaning by the 19th century. It was believed that dogs would most likely contract rabies during this period. Today it’s a time to be laid back and carefree while sipping iced tea in sleepy contemplation. The term seems a natural expression since dogs pant and lie as flat on the ground as they can to avoid the heat; however, it has nothing to do with dogs. Where does the expression “dog days of summer” come from? What does it really mean? The “dog” in this saying refers to Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky which rises and sets with the Sun. The ancient Egyptians named the star Sirius after their God Osirus,

DID YOU KNOW ... August was named in honor of Augustus Caesar. It has 31 days because Augustus wanted as many days as Julius Caesar’s month of July had*. Previously names Sextilis in Latin, it was the sixth month of the Roman calendar. *They took that extra day from February

whose head resembled that of a dog. Both ancient Egyptians and Romans believed that the combination of the brightest luminary of the day (the sun) and the brightest star of night (Sirius) was responsible for the extreme heat experienced during the middle of summer. In ancient Egypt, the New Year began with the return of Sirius. When it appeared they knew that the “Nile Days” were at hand. It was a warning to the people who lived along the Nile River that the floodwaters were coming which added to the fertility of their lands. At this time the people would open the gates of the canals that irrigated their fields. In recent years, the phrase “Dog Days” or “Dog Days of Summer” have been given new meanings. It’s frequently used in reference to the American stock market. Summer is typically a very slow time for the stock market. Poorly performing stocks with little future potential are frequently known as “dogs.” Watch the summer sky for the Dog Star, Sirius. It can be seen with the naked eye. The star will appear to be brilliant white tinged with blue. When the air is unsteady, or when the star is low on the horizon it seems to flicker and splinter with all the colors of the rainbow. Dog Day bright and clear Indicate a happy year. But when accompanied by rain, For better times our hopes are vain.

The gladiolus and the poppy are the month’s traditional flowers.

August, the eighth month of the current Gregorian calendar and the third month of Summer’s rule, derives its name from Augustus (Augustus Caesar). The traditional birthstone amulets of August are the peridot and the sardonyx.

Stay cool my friends………….

2 | August 2017



Courtesy of C. Davison for VTC



6-9 p.m. - Admission: Free; pets welcome Mt. Vernon Avenue - Del Ray First Thursdays is a series of free outdoor street festivals along Mt. Vernon Avenue in the spring and summer. Every first Thursday of the months of April, May, June, July, August and September the Del Ray Business Association features businesses along Mt. Vernon Avenue, special events, food and music. Each month has a different theme with activities for children, live music and a festive atmosphere.


FRIDAY NIGHT ON THE SQUARE Fridays at 7:30 p.m. - Admission: Free Market Square - 301 King St. City concert series with Friday night performances throughout the summer. Feel free to bring a picnic and chairs or sit around the fountain or bench seating in front of City Hall.


SPECTACULAR SEAFOOD • CREOLE & CAJUN SPECIALTIES Alexandria’s Renowned Neighborhood Restaurant & Bar

3804 Mt. Vernon Avenue • Alexandria 703-684-6010 •

Sundays through Labor Day - 2:00-5:00 p.m. Admission: $5 adults ($4 with AAA); $3 children ages 5-12; free for kids 4 and under Gadsby’s Tavern Museum - 134 N. Royal St. 703-746-4242 Special family tours led by junior docents grades 4-7 and ending with hands-on activities in the ballroom will be offered at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum. Thanks to stationed guides, families will be able to start a tour as soon as they arrive and move through the museum at their own pace, and children will be able to connect with the museum through their peer tour guides.

Look what our Yelp clients are saying!


FRIENDSHIP FIREHOUSE FESTIVAL 9 a.m.-2 p.m. - Admission: Free Friendship Firehouse Museum - 107 S. Alfred St. Enjoy the annual Friendship Firehouse Festival in the 100 Block of S. Alfred Street. Visit historic Friendship Firehouse and get a free fire hat! Be sure to see the old hose reel, as well as the suction pumper fire engine, both pulled by hand. This year marks the 151st anniversary of the City of Alexandria Fire Department. Festival includes community booth, fire-fighting activities, fire vehicles, and more.

ALEXANDRIA ARCHAEOLOGY DIG DAYS 1:30-3 p.m. - Admission: $5 Shuter’s Hill at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial 101 Callahan Dr. Assist Alexandria Archaeology at a public dig! The dig day includes an introduction to the history and archaeology of the Shuter’s Hill Site, a site tour, and the opportunity to sift through excavated soil and assist with artifact processing. $5 donation and pre-registration is required at www.alexandriava. gov/Archaeology.



APOTHECARY MUSEUM GEEK TOUR: A MAGICAL APOTHECARY TOUR 12 noon-1 p.m. - Admission: $15 per person Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum - 105-107 S. Fairfax St. ALEXANDRIA CALENDAR> PAGE 28


Laura was so gentle and Olivia was incredibly helpful and personable! Love the area as well.

2727 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301


I’ve been waxed probably since I was 15 and this was the first waxing experience where I didn’t wince when she did it. Very clean space & they seem to keep all the tools clean, no double dipping, etc. I had Naudia and she did an excellent job.

MON 11am-7pm • TUE - THU 10am-8pm • FRI 9am-8pm • SAT 9am-7pm • SUN 12 noon - 5pm


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Requests are usually written on a post-it note and then attached to currency. The higher the denomination, the quicker the song is performed.

From Piano to Politics to Piano


his month’s profile is a real treat. Last week we ventured into Georgetown to see Hunter Lang perform at the Georgetown Piano Bar on M Street. This brought back a lot of memories as friends and I would ride our motorcycles to Georgetown in 1967. Our destination back then was the Crazy Horse bar where a few friends worked as waiters. Twelve ounce bottles of beer cost 75 cents back then. Times have certainly changed. The Georgetown Piano Bar is located at 3287 M Street, where the old Rhino Bar once reigned king and back in my day it was Winston’s. We arrived about 9 pm and the round basement-level bar was packed and most of the tables were taken as others milled around with a cocktail or beer in hand. I know I have gotten older but man, I don’t remember being that young. The two keyboard pianos were two steps down from the bar level. About 9:15 Hunter Lang and his piano partner Joshua Rich, after passing out song sheets, took their seats, and the fun began. What is sometimes billed as dueling pianos, these two entertainers played and sang back and forth the rest of the night. They play their favorite songs or you can make a request. The request is usually written on a post-it note and then attached to currency. The higher the denomination, the quicker the song is performed. If you can’t think of a song, there are a ton of recommendations on the song sheet they pass out. They can tackle any number and deliver the goods as evidenced by Lang’s version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to Love. Freddie Mercury would be proud.

4 | August 2017

Lang discovered his talent at the ripe old age of 5. In kindergarten he heard a song by the group The Toys, and it stuck in his head. He was soon walking around singing this and other songs that he memorized. He has since been practicing his art for over 20 years. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, Lang attended the Douglas Anderson School for the Performing Arts and their Grammy award winning music program. He later attended the University of Memphis where he played with the acclaimed University of Memphis group Sound Fusion for three years. Originally playing by ear, Lang studied classically with Lithuanian Virtuoso Broniaslavia Kimel and the brilliant Memphis musician Joan Gilbert. In 2008 Lang performed master classes at the New England Conservatory and the Longy School of Music in Boston, MA. He has studied songwriting and commercial music at Berklee College of Music’s Summer Program in Boston and dedicated the majority of his time to PERSONALITY PROFILE > PAGE 23




Brittany Wolf of Your Dog's Best Friends.


2000 A Jefferson Davis Highway Alexandria, VA 703-566-1111

YDBF Mission Statement: We are your partners in raising and caring for your best friend. We will be there with helpful advice and essential services from puppyhood through the senior years.

Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

We are a loving and hardworking team who are devoted to understanding and enriching the minds, bodies and hearts of dogs. We are trained professionals with the knowledge to help you bring out the best in your dog and to help them to live a healthy, happy and highly social life. We are a profoundly positive place for dogs to play, exercise, socialize, and learn. We are a community of dogs who are bonded by play, good manners, and friendship. “A devotion to dogs is at the heart of everything we do.”


hat better way to celebrate the “Dog Days of Summer” than featuring one of the area’s top full service dog daycare establishments in this space. Located in a large, lavender (very soothing color I guess) corner building on the Jeff Davis Highway in the Del Ray area of Alexandria, Your Dog’s Best Friends (YDBF), caters to your canine friends every need. In addition to daycare, they have boarding facilities that are monitored 24 hours a day, offer grooming and walking services and conduct both training and socialization sessions. They also sell a wide assortment of dog related paraphernalia both in the facility and online. This is definitely a one stop shop. This state-of-the-art facility was built with much attention to cleanliness, safety and most importantly, the OldTownCrier

comfort of your dog. Established in 2003 as a result of a movement among the residents of the Del Ray section of Alexandria to attract a dog daycare into their area, YDBF is the culmination of those efforts. To quote prominent Alexandrian and early advocate and well-known dog lover, Sandy Modell, “Create a profoundly positive place for dogs and success will follow.” This is certainly the case with YDBF. This may actually be one of those Field of Dreams businesses that the “Build it and they will come” model worked. This definitely isn’t the norm with the other 99% of business models. Owner, Paul Haire, formerly an established real estate investor and broker and policy wonk, went back to his roots – sort of – when he decided to take on the YDBF endeavor. In his youth he worked at an oceanographic institute in Hawaii

and assisted in the care and training of the porpoises. It was pioneering work at the time, applying then new Skinnerian principles of positive operant conditioning. The results were phenomenal and it was clear that the time the porpoises spent in training were the physical and emotional highpoints of their days. This experience and his time spent with Karen Pryor- then director of the porpoise program and founder of the “clicker” training method of teaching dog obedience – led Paul to apply the lessons about behavioral conditioning he learned in her program to create and manage the vibrant community for dogs that is now YDBF. Paul and his black lab, Bella’s previous experience with cageless daycare and boarding played a big part in the model here. His philosophy isn’t that this is a “luxury” but that it is beneficial to

the well-being of both the dog and the owner. Many of you are familiar with one of our local cat rescue groups King Street Cats. They operate under the same philosophy. There are no cages at their facility and they subscribe to letting the felines who end up in their care roam freely and socialize. They have a very high adoption rate since they get to know each of their charges and can pair their unique personalities to those of potential adopters. In talking with the employees, it is clear that they love what they do and that transcends to their furry clients. Brittany Wolf was very gracious about giving me the tour and she most certainly enjoys what she does. This is a very happy place! If you are looking for a retreat for Fido and Fifi that can, indeed, be called your dog’s best friend, check out YDBF. August 2017 | 5



although there is no guarantee such value will be recognized by the overall market. Some funds look to generate income by investing in companies that pay dividends. Investors can receive that income as cash or reinvest it in additional fund shares. However, keep in mind that reinvested income generally is taxable in the year it’s paid unless it’s held in a tax-advantaged account, such as an IRA.

Which approach is right for you?

Remember to diversify

To Be Active or Passive, That Is the Question


ctive investing or passive investing. It’s an ongoing debate, and here, briefly, is what’s behind it. Active investing involves the skills of an investment manager who seeks to generate greater returns than a market benchmark or index and may pursue other goals, such as risk reduction and income enhancement. A passive manager’s investment strategy, on the other hand, is designed to track the performance of an index, an asset class, or market segment (benchmark) and achieve returns that closely correspond to the returns of that benchmark with low fees. The goal of this type of investing might be, for example, to track the performance of the S&P 500 Index, which means owning a basket of stocks that mirror the composition of the index. Once the basket’s contents are determined, the manager generally steps back and lets market forces do what they will. With this type of investing, the manager will not sell securities to take advantage of changing market conditions and may have less flexibility to react to price declines in the securities but will continue to hold the same securities as the benchmark it is designed to track. Active investing includes substantial research and, possibly, a fair amount of trading, and the manager generally passes these expenses on to the investor. On the other hand, expenses for a passively managed fund, such as an exchange-traded fund (ETF), are usually low, making it comparatively 6 | August 2017

What’s Best Your Deal? Active


• Ongoing research and frequent trading

• No ongoing research and little, if any, trading • Relatively low expenses • Generally more tax efficient • May seek to track the performance of an index, such as the S&P 500

• Relatively high expenses May focus on ... • Large-, mid-, or smallcapitalization • Value vs. growth • Dividend-paying (income) companies inexpensive for investors to own. It is important to note that although these funds trade relatively infrequently, keeping administrative expenses relatively low, means the fund’s performance probably will not match the benchmark’s performance exactly. This is the crux of the debate: Is active investing worth the additional expense?Active remains popular According to Morningstar Direct, U.S. investors have been increasingly drawn to passive funds, but they still have substantially more invested with active managers. One reason may be a potential challenge passive investing faces when the markets are down or flat. While a passive manager’s hands are essentially tied during these times, an active manager is able to make adjustments to the portfolio in an attempt to improve its performance. Although there’s no guarantee these efforts will prove successful, the active manager – unlike the passive manager

– at least has room to maneuver.

Wide range of alternatives Because there are literally thousands of funds on the market, deciding on active investing opens the door to a wide range of additional choices. There are funds concentrated on a specific level of capitalization, or cap – a term used to describe a company’s size. It’s determined simply by multiplying a company’s stock price by the number of shares in the market. In addition to large-cap, such as those in the S&P 500, there are also mid-cap and small-cap companies. In addition, there are funds focused on different investing styles. Growth funds invest in companies that appear poised to grow faster than their market sector or the market in general, although growth may not be realized. Value funds, on the other hand, look for companies that investors appear to be overlooking for one reason or another and show promise for a comeback,

The debate over active vs. passive is somewhat pointless because you don’t have to choose between the two. In addition to spreading your money across a variety of different asset classes (stocks, bonds, and cash), market capitalizations (large, medium, and small), and investing styles (growth and value), you can also diversify by including both passive and active investments in your portfolio. For help with building a portfolio designed to help you reach your goals, consider turning to a professional financial advisor. All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. There is no assurance any investment strategy will be successful or that a fund will meet its investment objectives. An investment in an exchange–traded fund (ETF) will fluctuate and shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. ETFs are subject to risks similar to stock including market risk, which is the risk that the value of an ETF’s holdings may fluctuate in response to general economic and market conditions, the prospects of individual companies, and industry sectors. Shares of ETFs are bought and sold at market price in the secondary market, which may differ significantly from the ETF’s net asset value and are not individually redeemed from the fund. Only “authorized participants” or market makers may trade directly with the fund, typically in large, specified blocks of 50,000 shares. Ordinary brokerage commissions for purchases and sales may apply which could reduce the fund’s returns. There are different types of ETFs such as index-based, sector and industry, investment style, or asset class, each with its own risk and return characteristics Index-based ETFs seek investment results that, before expenses, generally correspond to the price and yield of a particular index. There is no assurance that the price and yield performance of the index can be fully matched. Sector- and industry-based ETFs are narrowly focused. Concentration in certain sectors or industries may present more risks for a portfolio than if it was broadly diversified over numerous FINANCIAL FOCUS > PAGE 40



A Superfan Visits Supercon


his subject is a little off topic for my column, but dedicated to all those that know, “with great power comes great responsibility.” I was able to attend “Supercon” in Raleigh, NC, and it turned me into a blubbering mess. “Supercon” is a three-day festival for fans of pop culture, superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, anime, cartoons and video games. I was able to meet some of the amazing actors and contributors to shows and games I grew up loving! There was something for everyone there, and provided for an amazing weekend. I am just gonna tell you a little about my weekend! I was set to leave Friday, July 14th at 9:55am on a MegaBus from Union Station to go to Richmond, to meet my boyfriend Stephen, and due to one of many cats knocking my phone off my charger, I missed my bus. Then, with my luck, the next bus got cancelled. Luckily, my boyfriend, who lives in Danville, VA, had his best friend, Jarrod, that lives in Richmond, who was also coming with us to “Supercon”, drive two hours to come pick me up at Union Station. We spent many hours in the car, blasting music, and talking about who we were excited to see at “Supercon.” We finally made it to Richmond, grabbed some food, and headed our way to Raleigh. We got to Raleigh, checked into our hotel, and decided we would go down to the hotel bar and end our night with a good beer! When we arrived at the hotel bar, we saw people dressed in cosplay which is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game - and were in heaven aka “nerd fandom” to the extreme! We were tired, but it isn’t often you are in a setting where you can have a discussion with someone about, OldTownCrier

“who shot first?” We then proceeded to a place called, “The Haymaker,” there were even more people in cosplay outfits! We eventually ended the evening, knowing we needed to get our sleep for the next day at “Supercon.” I did not know what the day would bring! We woke up, grabbed some brunch, and headed to registration. The lines were long, but moved quickly, and gave you some time to check out more of the cosplay outfits! I had set in my mind who I wanted to see for the day! We started just walking around admiring all of the different cosplay. First event we attended was the panel on, “Dragon Ball Z,” slightly uneventful, but still interesting. We then proceeded to head to the main floor, where all of the merchants were and where celebrities were doing photos and signings. I got lost several times, I didn’t know where to look! I felt like a dog that saw a squirrel! TOO MANY THINGS TO SEE! Stephen and his Dad are big fans of Ric Flair, we stood in his line to get a photo and autograph from him, he was a pleasure. I didn’t get in the picture, but told him it was awesome to meet him and shook his hand. It was then, that LeVar Burton of, “Reading Rainbow” and one my favorite shows, “Star Trek: Next Generation” was about to take the stage for a Q and A. “Geordi” was hilarious! He engaged the audience, talked about his new podcast, “LeVar Burton Reads,” and of course talked about the difficulties of wearing the infamous visor on Star Trek. We then went back to the main area, to check out more booths that had memorabilia from the shows and comics that we love. I proceeded to see Optimus Prime, the “Ghostbusters” car, Boba Fett,

and Scorpion from “Mortal Combat.” Second panel we saw; was Jason David Frank, who is known for playing the “Green Power Ranger.” The room was full of fans dressed like various Power Rangers. The MC ended up bringing up the best-dressed Power Rangers to make the whole team for a photo shoot with Jason. Next panel we went to was Gaten Matarazzo from “Stranger Things,” he plays the adorable Dustin. He acts way beyond his years; he spoke of some of his favorite superheroes and tried to answer questions about the new season coming out in October, without giving too many details! Then the apex of the weekend commenced for many, Michael Rooker was set to take stage. He is known for his role in, “The Walking Dead,” and most recently “Guardians of the Galaxy”, as Yondu. If you haven’t heard the quote, “I’m Mary Poppin’s Ya’ll” you are missing out! He had the audience on their feet; and there was some of the best cosplay of the evening; “I AM GRUT!” We had to leave after that panel. I could have been there for weeks! This was the first “Supercon,” in Raleigh, and according to reports, the city of Raleigh had an economic benefit of 1.8 million dollars! I know they got some of my money! So “Supercon” in Old Town, Alexandria? I’d be there! August 2017 | 7



Visionaries never go out of style JFK@100

Born in 1917—100 years ago — Kennedy died in his prime.


n November 22, 1963 an assassin shot Kennedy dead. He died of a wound in the brain caused by a rifle bullet. Kennedy was the fourth U.S. President to succumb to such wounds. For Kennedy, the past was prologue. It included wealth: he received a $1 million trust fund from his father in 1938. Also education: Kennedy studied at the London School of Economics in 1935, and graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 1940. His first book, While England Slept, was published in 1940 at age 23. He took his first political step in 1946. Kennedy represented Massachusetts 11th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1947 to 1953, elected to the US Senate in 1952, and passed over as a Vice Presidential nominee in 1956. On August 24, 1960 candidate Kennedy launched the southern leg of his Presidential campaign from Alexandria, Virginia. The Alexandria Gazette reported: “With presidential candidate Kennedy in the fore…politicos…will stage what promises to be the largest political rally ever held in the city of 8 | August 2017

Alexandria. The rally sponsors… hope that spacious George Washington High School stadium, which seats 14,000 persons, will be jam-packed to a standing room only condition.” “The affair will launch the

the grating problems of [a divided] political party… the [Democrat] Party platform on civil rights and sociological issues.” Virginia Dixiecrats “deplored the Democratic Party’s reckless disregard for constitutionality; principles in the Civil Rights Plank and inflationary Federal spending.” “The Republican orators are fond of saying

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. — John F. Kennedy

Democrats’ national campaign in the south…The oratory, to which all else was a prelude, indicated the issues which will be most stressed… these bore down on the experience of [his opponent] Richard M. Nixon, the matter of foreign policy and the Communist threat. It avoided

that experience in foreign policy is a major issue in this campaign,” Senator Kennedy told the Stadium crowd. “I agree. But the issue is not merely the experience of the candidates. It is the experience which the whole Nation has gone through in the last 8 years…” “Never before have we experienced

such arrogant treatment at the hands of our enemy,” Kennedy continued. “Never before have we experienced such a critical decline in our prestige, driving our friends to neutralism, and neutrals to our outright hostility. Never before have the tentacles of communism sunk so deeply into previously friendly areas—in Iraq and the Middle East, in the Congo and Africa, in Laos and Asia, and in Cuba, 90 miles off our shores, and elsewhere in Latin America.” “Mr. Nixon is experienced— experienced in politics of retreat, defeat, and weakness.” Kennedy concluded. “The facts are there. They must be faced. The answers are not easy.” Governor J. Lindsay Almond described the launch as “the most enthusiastic rally of my political experience in Virginia.” President-elect John F. Kennedy was welcomed to office in November 1960. At age 43 JFK was the youngest President ever elected; also the first Roman Catholic. He argued separation of church and state, eschewed McCarthyism, and defeated Richard M. Nixon. Kennedy, a pragmatic liberal, also defeated Virginia Dixiecrat, Southern Conservative Democrat Harry F. Byrd, Sr. “Byrd offered usual denunciations of the Supreme Court, civil rights legislation, Federal spending and foreign aid,” The Washington Post reported. Like Presidents Truman and Eisenhower before, Kennedy understood the geopolitical changes associated with World War II. In 1943 an injured JFK received the Navy and Marine Corps medal for his military conduct while commander of the PT-109, a boat sunk in the Pacific by the Japanese. Two years later citizen and Hearst reporter John F. Kennedy walked the Berlin ruins with Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces General Dwight D. Eisenhower. “Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans— born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage—and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this Nation has always been committed,” President Kennedy said on January 20, 1961. A BIT OF HISTORY > PAGE 15




Beach Books



In August the metro area creaks to a halt as lazy days arrive for workaholic Washingtonians. Many wend their way to the beach or to the mountains. Some take a couple of days for a staycation. So peruse an admittedly incomplete list of beloved “beach books.” While I find it enjoyable to read a trashy new bestseller stained with my suntan-lotioned fingerprints, I also have vacation-ready favorites that vigorously promote armchair travel, great writing, and fun, no matter where you happen to unwind. Put down your smart phones and pick up a hard copy or a Kindle version. I’ll leave you to it! THE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion I just finished re-reading this recent romantic comic novel about a socially unskilled science professor who embarks on a Wife Project, in which he endeavors to find a suitable spouse with the help of professor friends and a carefully weighted academic questionnaire. Although there are some typical rom-com elements to the story, it is unusually original, charming, and hilarious. I hope it becomes a classic comedy with great actors who could carry the story. Don’t miss it. RED SPARROW AND PALACE OF THIEVES by Jason Matthews


Matthews, a former CIA station chief, has written two electrifying spy thrillers, revealing current spy tradecraft that will enthrall readers. His books feature a beautiful, ballettrained Russian intelligence officer named Dominika Egorova, who must navigate the post-Soviet intelligence network in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Forced to become a “Sparrow,” a woman trained to seduce targets and flip them over to Russian intelligence, she struggles to survive among a world of post-Soviet bureaucrats. When she is assigned to seduce Nathaniel Nash, a first-tour CIA officer who is managing his own mole in Russian intelligence, they become involved as she finds herself disillusioned with her country’s goals and modus operandi. Particularly relevant in the current political climate, these novels also offer a compelling view into current Russian intelligence gathering. I’m looking forward to the third book in the series, The Kremlin’s Candidate, which will be coming out in 2018. The movie Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence as Egorova, will appear next year. SHANTARAM by Gregory David Roberts Roberts’ roman à clef is a fascinating tale based on his own experience as a

former heroin addict, poet, and robber. He escapes an Australian prison to move to Bombay, where he becomes a fixture in the colorful demimonde. After starting a medical clinic for slumdwellers, he becomes a smuggler, counterfeiter, and gunrunner who ends up in Afghanistan fighting alongside the mujahedeen. Roberts writes with heart and compassion about love, sorrow, and the bright lights of his sprawling, pulsing city. With a brilliant cast of characters and a sweeping panorama of Bombay in the 1970s and 1980s, this novel is hard to let go. IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote Capote’s 1966 classic is one of the bestselling and best-written true crime novels of all time. A pioneer in the field of creative nonfiction, Capote’s work is a story of mid-century America and the tensions between solid hardworking communities and America’s drifter underclass, damaged and dangerous. After seeing a small article in the

New York Times about the murder of the Clutters, a respected family in Holcomb, Kansas, Capote moved there to immerse himself in the solving of the crime. When the murderers were captured he became close with them to report his story fully. Capote became a town fixture until he finished the book, interviewing and becoming friends with police and other residents until the killers were hung. Then he finished his masterpiece and blockbuster best-seller, the writing of which affected him psychologically for the rest of his life. Carefully and beautifully penned, it moves as fast as a lonesome train speeding its way through the Midwest. SKINNY DIP by Carl Hiaasen A very funny crusading columnist for the Miami Herald, Hiaasen has revealed the crooked politics of Southern Florida and touchand-go environmental conditions there for years. He also writes fiction that takes often-surreal Florida and skewers it with passion and humor. Skinny Dip has perhaps the best three beginning lines in popular fiction: “At the stroke of eleven on a cool April night, a woman named Joey Perrone went overboard from a luxury deck of the cruise liner M.V. Sun Duchess. Plunging toward the dark Atlantic, Joey was too dumbfounded to panic. ‘I married an asshole,’ she thought, THE LAST WORD > PAGE 40

August 2017 | 9

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music festivals17 '

If you like music and the outdoors, these festivals are the best for you, your family and friends to attend. Come for the day or camp the weekend. Support local and international artists performing around our area. August 8-13 Galax Old Fiddler’s Convention Galax, VA

824 King Street Old Town Alexandria, Virginia 703.299.0655 Mon-Fri 7:30 am-7 pm • Sat 9 am-5 pm

August 12-13 Moonrise Festival Baltimore, MD August 17-20 Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival Gettysburg, PA

AFTER HOURS Birchmere 703.549.7500 3701 Mt. Vernon Ave. The Blackwall Hitch 571-982-3577 5 Cameron St. Carlyle Club 411 John Carlyle Dr. 703-549-8957 Chadwicks 203 S. Strand St. 703.836.4442 Evening Star Cafe 703.549.5051 2000 Mt. Vernon Ave.

10 | August 2017

The Fish Market 703.836.5676 105 King St. King Street Blues 703.836.8800 112 N. St. Asaph St. La Portas 703.683.6313 1600 Duke St. Las Tapas 703.836.4000 710-714 King St. The Light Horse 703.549.0533 715 King St.

August 24-27 Lockn Festival Arrington, VA Sept. 21-24 Watermelon Park Festival Berryville, VA October 5-8 Festy Experience Arrington, VA

Murphys Irish Pub 703.548.1717 713 King St. O’Connell’s 703.739.1124 112 King St. Rock It Grill 703.739.2274 1319 King St. Shooter McGees 703.751.9266 5239 Duke St. Southside 815 703.836.6222 815 S. Washington St. St. Elmos 703.739.9268 2300 Mt. Vernon Ave.

Taverna Cretekou 703.548.8688 818 King St. TJ Stones 703.548.1004 608 Montgomery St. Trattoria da Franco 703-548-9338 305 S. Washington St. Two Nineteen 703.549.1141 219 King St. These establishments offer live entertainment. Call to confirm show times, dates and cover charges. Check our advertisers’ websites




The Suburbs: Hey Muse! I’ve said it before, just what it is that I love the most about music – no matter how much I think I know, no matter how much I have heard, no matter how many records I own or how many articles I’ve read, what I know barely scratches the surface of what is out there. And quite often artists who I damn well should be aware of still manage to slip by my radar, simply because there is so much music to be heard and I simply had yet to come across them. Such is the case with The Suburbs. I recently came across their latest release, Hey Muse!, totally by chance, and gave it a listen. I figured that they were a new band, some quirky indie pop outfit that had really studied up on the 80s, and happened to pull it off better than just about anyone. I was immediately blown away by just how convincing they were, impressed to see a modern band that had gotten it so right. I had no idea. Further research hipped me to the fact that no, in fact they are not a new band, not by any stretch, but rather a legendary new-wave band from Minneapolis that formed in the late 1970’s, one that was known for bridging the gap between the funk of Prince and the punk of Hüsker Dü. Somehow the legend totally dodged my consciousness over the years but it turns out that they put out four excellent albums in the 80’s and, after reuniting more recently, this is their second of this decade. My initial pleasure in thinking they were a contemporary band that got it right quickly gave way to a whole new sense of giddiness and the revelation that, simply put, this is the greatest album OldTownCrier

of the 2010’s to come out from an 80’s band. Exploring their early catalogue, you can hear traces of other art-punk-new-wave bands such as Gang Of Four, Wire, and XTC, with the occasional pop masterpiece appearing every now and then, while their 2013 “comeback” album, Si Sauvage is the product of a more mature Suburbs. Musically, Hey Muse! sits somewhere in the middle. It’s not as left-field as much of their 80’s work, but it has every bit of the urgency that those early records have. At the same time, it doesn’t sound as grown-up as Si Sauvage, but this is still the product of a band that knows precisely what it’s doing. Every note, every word, every nuance sounds deliberate. That doesn’t mean that this record sounds labored. It’s far too inspired for that. This is the product of a seasoned band. Kicking off with the title track, there is a groove that is almost reminiscent of Disintegration-era Cure mixed with the early baggy beats of The Charlatans, singer Chan Poling pleading with his muse to “teach me a song and make it beautiful”, as he searches for hope within the nonsense of the modern world. Obviously his muse listened because that song kicks off ten of the most perfect songs to ever exist on the same piece of wax. “Lost You On The Dance Floor” is a very modern, groove-happy dance pop song that is my personal pick for Single Of The Summer. This is the kind of song that you do not expect to come from a veteran band and even though I’ve listened to it well over a hundred times

now, that is a fact that never escapes me. “Je Suis Strange” makes good use of the band’s horn section and, at times, reminds me of a more upbeat Morphine, Poling’s voice at times recalling the late great Mark Sandman. Elsewhere, his voice calls to mind David Bowie and that is quite apparent on “Lovers”, which almost sounds like a lost Bowie song. A little bit of a Psychedelic Furs vibe pops up in “Can’t Take You Back”, except with the majesty of horns and a ton of energy. It is by this point that you kind of realize that this album is like a single-shot greatest hits set. I really do wonder just how many songs they wrote for this album, how many songs got the shaft in order to wind up with this track list. There is no way that they

just wrote ten songs and they happened to be this good. No band is that awesome. No matter their route, however, the result is a win. “Unified Force” has a bit of an early Duran Duran feel, especially in the instrumental breaks, but this is honestly better than much of that band’s work (no slight on DD, this song is just that good). “Our Love” brings back the Morphine vibe, a low-rock number with some great subtle organ and horn fills and a groove that just makes you want to move. “Cupid” is a loping, rolling number about falling for someone that’ll make you bob your head. The energy of this record only dips for “Butterfly”, which is a beautiful, haunting number that really should be a single. I could see that song being performed on SNL, something

that really should happen. Closing out the album is the propulsive “When We Were Young”, a song that harkens back to their early sound, especially in the squealing guitar swells. This is a song that just as easily could have opened the album but it also a perfect exclamation point. The thing about this album, aside from the quality of the songs, is just how accessible the entire package is. It has firm roots in the 80’s which makes it appealing to people of my generation. But it’s also modern enough that it totally makes sense for it to exist today, and it could easily appeal to younger generations. Most importantly, of course, is that it appeals to ME. It will take a very special album to keep this from topping my year-end best-of list. You absolutely must hear this. August 2017 | 11




Artists Wanted f you follow my blog then you know that one of the things that I love doing is exposing art scammers. If you are an artist, and you have a web site or your email is anywhere in the web, then you probably receive one of these a week.

The email usually goes something like this: Hello, I would like to make an order for some works. Do you ship internationally? Let me know if payment is accepted by Master card or Visa card, or bank wire transfer, or international money order. Often there are also grammatical errors in the email – that’s an usual tipper, but even when elegantly composed, and if you respond to the email, the scam nearly always marches along the following path: They want to pay you by check, but they want you to wire them some money back from the “over payment.” Usually the scammer tells you that they’re overseas, but have someone in the USA who owns them money, and they’ll have that person mail you a check, and they want you to take the

12 | August 2017

artwork’s price and the shipping price from that check, and then wire them the excess. They offer to pay via credit card, which of course are stolen cards and may even clear your bank, or Square or PayPal for a day or two. They’ll volunteer to pay for all shipping to their country (usually overnight), and pre-pay the import duties on the card. A few days later, you’ll get a note from your bank telling you that it was a stolen card. If your artwork is already on the way and delivered, you may be hosed – if not, contact the shipper immediately. They will mail you an international money order, and the fakes are so good that sometimes they even “clear” your bank for a few days until it is returned as a fake by the issuing agency – usually a foreign post office. They send you a check, and it will look really real – often they are business checks from real companies, but they are all fake. The checks may even fool your bank for a while, and they may make the funds available to you, but when the check comes back to the bank as fake – even weeks later – the bank will take their funds back. Bottom line: If getting the artwork from your studio to the “buyer” involves volunteered overpayment, covering all shipping no questions asked, expensive overnight/quick

shipping, etc., be very suspicious. If you control the shipping process, then it adds some safety.

Specify your preferred shipper Wait to ship until payment has been confirmed in your account – be careful though, just because it is available to withdraw, does not mean the same as confirmed. Best way to figure that out is to discuss it with your bank ahead of time, and pay extra attention to checks.

New subject: One of my pet peeves… Those of you who are regular readers know that one of my constant concerns is the poor relationship between DC museum area curators and DC area artists, and the rarity of interest by most DC area museum professionals in their own city’s art scene and artists. Like anything, there are notable, but rare, exceptions. In fact the only exception that I can think of is Jack Rasmussen at The Katzen Museum at American University. And one of the unexpected benefits of the Trawick Prize and the Bethesda Painting Awards has been that they have “forced” the hired DC, VA and MD museum professionals and curators to look at the work of artists from the region; some amazing success stories have spawned from that exposure. Area artists should be very

grateful to Ms. Trawick for all that she has done and continues to do for the fine arts around the capital region. Through those paid gigs, local museum curators are “forced” to look at the artwork of DC, MD and VA artists. But getting back on subject and generally speaking, most of the DC area museum curators and directors still find it easier to catch a flight to another city to look at an emerging artist’s work from that city, than to take a cab to a DC area artist’s studio or visit a local gallery. I think part of this is because, again with an exception here and there, most of these curators came from other parts of the nation and overseas, and they tend to bring their regional familiarities with them, rather than discover new ones (it takes a lot of work). They are also part of a curatorial scene where little risk is taken, and the herd mentality reigns supreme. As a result, one can count in one hand the number of artists (local or otherwise) who have had their first ever museum show (or any museum show) in a DC area museum. And yet, even major museums (such as the Whitney in New York) have given local, unknown artists their first museum solos, although this is becoming rarer and rarer. GALLERY BEAT > PAGE 13



Example: I know that I wasn’t the only one amazed to find out that the now gone Corcoran’s Sam Gilliam retro over a decade ago was the first solo museum show by arguably DC’s best-known painter. And I am sure that the fact that Dr. Jonathan Binstock’s (at the time the Corcoran’s Chief Curator) PhD work was on Gilliam had a lot to do with the Corcoran’s decision to focus a solo on a DC area legend. The rarity of local focus is also caused partially because of the fact that DC area museums generally tend to think of themselves as “national museums,” rather than as “city museums,” like all other major cities in the world have. We have no Washington Museum of Art. Furthermore, because of the sad lack of coverage by the DC local media of the DC local art scene and events, museum professionals have to spend more personal time (which they often lack) to “learn” about DMV artists and galleries, rather than learning from reading,

as they do about what’s going on in NYC and LA and Miami and Seattle from the national magazines, or perhaps the coverage that those cities’ news media gives to their local arts. And so it takes an “extra” effort on the part of a DC museum curator to get his or her interest aroused on any event in the local scene. Some of it is networking (a big name museum donor requests a visit to a gallery or a studio), some of it is financial (they are paid to jury a show), some of it is media-driven (such as the rare positive review in the even rarer news media coverage) and some of it is accidental (such as a curator admiring the work of a “new” artist in a LA gallery only to be told that the artist is a DC artist). All of these have happened in my experience; they are empirical facts. If you would like to check out the blog - Daily Campello Art News at https://dcartnews.



Spurgeon-Lewis Antiques 112 N. Columbus Street

Torpedo Factory Art Center 105 N. Union Street

BW Art, Antiques & Collectibles 108 N. Fayette Street

Principle Gallery 208 King Street

Imperfections Antiques 1210 King Street

Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery 105 N. Union Street

The Antique Guild 113 N. Fairfax Street

St. George Gallery 105 N. Alfred Street

Silverman Galleries 110 N. St. Asaph Street

The Art League 105 Union Street

Red Barn Mercantile 1117 King Street

Local Colour Old Town 218 N. Lee Street

Washington Square Antiques 425 S. Washington Street

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Enamelist’s Gallery 105 N. Union Street

Cavalier Antiques 400 Prince Street

Printmakers, Inc. 105 N. Union Street

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Kelly’s Art & Frame 510 N. Washington Street

Henry Street Antiques 115 S. Henry Street

Oerth Gallery 420 S. Washington Street

Curzon Hill Antiques 108 S. Columbus Street

Jeffrey Winter Fine Arts 110A S. Columbus Street

The Hour 1015 King Street

Johnston Matthew 105 N. Union Street

A Galerie 315 Cameron Street

Huddy Studio 105 N. Union Street

Random Harvest 810 King Street

Mezzanine Multiples 105 N. Union Street

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Silverman Galleries 110 N. St. Asaph Street

Van Bommel Antiek Hous 1007 King Street

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Lloyd’s Row 119 S. Henry Street

Betty Grisham Studio 105 N. Union Street Imagine Artwear 112 King Street


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Quite simply, our new Angelrox Collection is perfect— flattering, elegant, soft, easy, and ideal for all seasons. Easy care, sustainable plant based bamboo rayon and cotton. Come and see all the new clothing and accessories arriving every day—all crafted just for you in America. Come see our entire line of amazing American-made clothing, jewelry and crafts.

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The Batman Brooding From the Naked Superheroes series Charcoal on Paper, 20x16 inches ©2015 F. Lennox Campello Represented by Alida Anderson Art Projects, LLC Washington, DC For more information or images of other works from the Naked Superheroes series, email us at

August 2017 | 13






ou can save vegetable seeds from your garden produce to plant next year. Seed saving involves selecting suitable plants from which to save seed, harvesting seeds at the right time, and storing them properly over the winter.

Plant selection Tomatoes, peppers, beans and peas are good choices for seed saving. These plants have flowers that are self-pollinating, and seeds that require little or no special treatment before storage. Seeds from biennial crops such as carrots or beets are harder to save, since the plants need two growing seasons to set seed. Plants with separate male and female flowers, like corn and vine crops, may cross-pollinate, so it is difficult to keep the seed strain pure. A stand of sweet corn can be pollinated by popcorn from a nearby garden on a windy day. The flavor of the current sweet corn crop will be affected, and a crop grown from these seeds will be neither good sweet corn nor good popcorn. Cucumbers, melons, squash, pumpkins, and gourds can all be cross-pollinated by insects. Although the quality of the current crop will not be affected, seeds from such a cross will grow into vines with fruit unlike that of the parent plant--often inferior in flavor and other characteristics. When saving seed, chose open-pollinated varieties rather than hybrids. If open-pollinated varieties self-pollinate or are cross-pollinated by other plants of the same variety, they set seed which grows into plants that are still very similar to the parent 14 | August 2017

plant, bearing similar fruit and setting seeds that will produce more similar plants. Open-pollinated varieties may be “heirlooms,” varieties that have been passed down from one generation of gardeners to the next, or they may be more recent selections. Hybrid vegetable plants are products of crosses between two different varieties, combining traits of the parent plants. Sometimes a combination is particularly good, producing plants with outstanding vigor, disease resistance, and productivity. Hybrid seeds are generally more expensive as they cost more to produce. Hybrid plants, such as ‘Big Boy’, ‘Beefmaster’ and ‘Early Girl’ tomatoes will produce viable seed. Plants grown from that seed, however, will not be just like the hybrid parents; instead, they will be a completely new combination of the good and bad traits of the plants that were initially crossed. It’s impossible to predict just how the seedling plant will perform or what qualities the fruit will have. Some tomato varieties are not hybrids; instead they are open-pollinated types such as ‘Big Rainbow’,

‘San Marzano’ and ‘Brandywine’. Seed produced by these varieties will grow into plants very similar to the parent plants, with nearly identical fruit. Likewise, ‘Habanero’, ‘California Wonder’ and ‘Corno di Toro’ peppers; ‘Lincoln’, ‘Little Marvel’ and ‘Perfection’ peas; and ‘Kentucky Wonder’, ‘Blue Lake’ and ‘Tendercrop’ beans are all open-pollinated varieties that will come true from seed. Once you have planted an open-pollinated crop, select the plants from which you want to save seed. Choose only the most vigorous plants with the besttasting fruit as parents for the next year’s crop. Do not save seed from weak or off-type plants.

Harvesting seed Saving tomato seeds is easy. Allow fruits to ripen fully and scoop out the seeds, along with the gel surrounding them, before you cook the tomatoes. Put the seeds and gel in a glass jar with some water. Stir or swirl the mixture twice a day. The mixture will ferment and the seeds should sink to the bottom within five days. Pour off the liquid, rinse the seeds and spread them out to dry on paper towels. Saving pepper seeds is even easier. Allow some fruits to stay on the plants until they become fully ripe and start to wrinkle. Remove the seeds from the peppers and spread them out to dry. Save pea and bean seeds by allowing the pods to ripen on the plants until they’re dry and starting to turn brown, with the seeds rattling inside. This may be as long as a month after you would normally harvest the peas or beans to eat. Strip the pods from URBAN GARDEN > PAGE 40


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Check us out online at “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty,” Kennedy continued. Communism was the enemy, freedom the goal. As President, Kennedy challenged the Soviets in Cuba; then to a space race. “Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors,” Kennedy exclaimed. “Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage arts and commerce.” Kennedy witnessed the east-west construction of Germany’s Berlin Wall; embraced an emerging Third World and established The Peace Corps. “To those new States whom we welcome to the ranks of the free, we pledge our word that one form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far more iron tyranny,” Kennedy continued. President Kennedy signed the women’s Equal Pay Act and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. “Let both sides, for the first time, formulate serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control of arms—and bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the control of all nations,” Kennedy declared. Kennedy commemorated the Civil War centennial and welcomed leaders of the Negro March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. “The main target of the demonstration was Congress, where committees are now considering the Administration’s civil rights bill,” The New York Times reported. “The legislation faces a filibuster by Southerners.” “The civil rights bill sent to Congress by OldTownCrier

President Kennedy was the most comprehensive package of civil rights proposals since Reconstruction,” Andrew Young wrote 1996. “The Birmingham movement had given civil rights the moral high ground, but the crafting of legislation was in the hands of the Justice Department and the NAACP’s Clarence Mitchell.” “So let us begin anew—remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof,” Kennedy concluded. “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate. Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.” “In looking back I would say that I have never regretted my choice of profession, even though I cannot know what the future will bring,” candidate Kennedy told Cannon. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier in1953 and received the Pulitzer-prize for Profiles in Courage in 1957. His last book, A Nation of Immigrants, was published posthumously in 1964. Only his daughter Ambassador Caroline Bouvier Kennedy [Mrs. Edwin Schlossberg] lives on. President and Mrs. Kennedy are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

or on Facebook at Old Town Crier Regional Magazine

Sarah Becker started writing for The Economist while a graduate student in England. Similar publications followed. She joined the Crier in 1996 while serving on the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association Board. Her interest in antiquities began as a World Bank hire, with Indonesia’s need to generate hard currency. Balinese history, i.e. tourism provided the means. The New York Times describes Becker’s book, Off Your Duffs & Up the Assets, as “a blueprint for thousands of nonprofit managers.” A former museum director, SLAM’s saving grace Sarah received Alexandria’s Salute to Women Award in 2007. Email: August 2017 | 15




nimal lovers may believe that only irresponsible humans could “lose” a beloved cat or dog. But accidents happen. If you see a lost dog or cat, your actions could make all the difference in helping a pet finds its way safely home.

Think “Lost”, Not “Stray” Losing a pet is surprisingly common. An ASPCA survey found that 15% of pet lovers reported losing a dog or cat in the past 5 years. Yet many assume that any dog or cat on its own outdoors—particularly without a collar or ID tag—is homeless. Too often, we believe that these animals are feral or abandoned. One reason why we assume that lost animals are strays is that lost pets may appear shy or fearful. Many dogs are just, well, scaredy cats. Some breeds may be more skittish, and a dog on his own outside who seems anxious or scared may just be timid. And depending on how long the dog has been lost, he may even “look” like a stray and be thinner, with matted or dirty fur. That’s why the Missing Pet Partnership, a nonprofit organization that helps families track down their lost pets, advises people to “think lost, not stray.” By treating that cat or dog as someone’s lost pet, rather than as abandoned, you may significantly increase the odds of reuniting them with family. “Someone who believes that a dog was dumped is more likely to selfadopt that dog rather than attempt to find its owner,” reports the Missing Pet Partnership. “In reality, we have many people showing up at our animal shelters every day to report that their dog escaped and is lost.”

Outdoor Cats: Lost, Stray, or Feral? When a cat is living outdoors, it can be difficult to tell if it’s a lost pet, a stray, or feral. A feral cat is not socialized to people, is typically fearful

KING STREET CATS ADOPTION CALENDAR JULY 2017 FOR DETAILS & MORE INFO website: email: King Street Cats is looking for foster homes! You provide the spare room and TLC and we provide food, litter and all vetting. Please email for our Kitten Fostering FAQ at:

16 | August 2017

Can You Help Me Find My Way Home? of them, and survive on their own outdoors. Feral cats are unlikely to ever enjoy living indoors as pets. Unfortunately, a lost cat, particularly one used to living indoors, may appear feral at first glance. A cat who has only lived indoors may go into fightor-flight mode outside. That’s why Alley Cat Allies, a cat advocacy group, says it’s important to understand the difference between an aggressive or feral cat and one that’s simply scared. According to Joan Miller, a cat behavior expert, behaviors that seem aggressive, such as hissing or growling, may actually mean the cat is expressing fear or anxiety. Feral cats are unlikely to vocalize, so meows or purrs may also be signs of socialization with humans. A feral cat may actually appear

more neat and well-groomed than an escaped pet. A pet is likely to be stressed and anxious when outdoors and may stop grooming. If the cat responds quickly to sounds like a can or bag of food opening, she is probably not feral. If you think the cat may be someone’s pet, try to safely catch and secure them. Approach them slowly, making sure they can see you. Never chase a cat. Use smelly food like tuna or sardines to lure them to a carrier or box with plenty of air holes. If the cat is so scared or shy that you cannot get close enough to secure them, you may need to use a humane trap.

Helping Lost Dogs

approach with caution. Any sudden movement or loud noise may spook them, so be careful near busy streets. The Humane Society of the United States recommends speaking calmly and reassuringly as you approach, making sure they can always see you. If possible, use strong-smelling food to lure them to you. If the dog appears aggressive or threatening, don’t approach them. Go somewhere safe and call Animal Control (see Resources below). If you can approach the dog, secure them, either with a collar and long leash or by containing them in a fenced yard. If you leash them, the Missing Pet Partnership suggests first

If you encounter a lost dog, it may be frightened, sick, or injured, so

KING STREET CATS 25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-4.30pm

PETCO UNLEASHED 1101 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202 Every first Sat and third Sat/Sun from 1pm-4pm

THE DOG PARK 705 King Street, Alexandria, VA22314 Every second Saturday from 1pm-4pm

PETVALU Bradlee Shopping Center, 3652 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302 Every first and third Sat/Sun from 1pm-4pm

PETCO UNLEASHED 1855 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20007 Every fourth Sat/Sun from 12pm-3pm

NATURES NIBBLES 2601 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301 Every second and fourth Saturday from 1pm-4pm





telling them, “Go home!” Believe it or not, some dogs know exactly where home is and will lead you there!

I’ve Caught the Animal—Now What?



PRINCE Cinderella, are you looking for your Prince Charming? If so, come meet the handsome Prince today! Prince is an excitable, playful, goofball who loves to walk, walk, walk! This affectionate “doggo-potamous” gets a little excited around other dogs and small children so we think it would be preferable for him to reign supreme at home and be the only child (dog or human) in the house. Prince is about two years old and weighs in at a robust 60lbs. If you think this Prince can sweep you off your feet, come meet him today! **Thanks to a generous donor, Prince’s adoption fees have been paid!**

CACHE Humans, meet Princess Cache “Cash” Money. This 13-year-old is a sweet and sassy girl who will eagerly greet you each morning, and snuggle by your side in the evening. But don’t be fooled. This princess loves her life of leisure, but stays fit and active by chasing little balls, scratching her cat tree (and only her cat tree) and kicking at her catnip sock!


As Cache’s loyal subjects, you must be willing to provide her nice pets, yummy food, and ping pong balls to roll across the floor. In return, Cache promises to provide you with endless love and joy at your castle. Cache’s foster parents say that she is a fun and funny girl who surprises them daily with her curiosity and silliness. Whether she’s burrowing under the covers to sleep by your knees or running around the house top speed to chase those invisible mice, Cache will never cease to bring a smile to your face.

JORDAN Jordan is a one-year-old male dove. Jordan is social and cheerful; he loves to interact with people and enjoys playing with toys, like his bells and his mirror. He also has a very soothing coo, and enjoys serenading staff and guests in the morning and the evening. With all his activity, it’s important to Jordan to stay clean, and he regularly takes baths in a large water bowl. Jordan is available for adoption now, so if you’d like to make this charming boy your duet partner, please stop by!

Animal viewing and adoptions available at noon every day we are open. Monday: 9 AM – 7 PM Tuesday: 9 AM – 7 PM Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 9 AM – 7 PM

Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM Saturday: 11 AM – 5 PM Sunday: 11 AM – 5 PM

After you’ve secured the animal, time is of the essence in finding their humans. First, contact local shelters and rescue organizations and file a found-animal report. Shelters are typically the first place people call when a pet goes missing, so it’s critical to contact them quickly. Provide complete information about where you found the animal, including landmarks and cross-streets. Next, take the animal to the nearest shelter or veterinarian so they can scan for microchips. Microchipping is increasingly common, particularly in pets adopted from shelters, and may be the most effective way to ensure a lost pet is reunited with family. (Microchipping services post online profiles of missing pets.) The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association reported that 52% of microchipped dogs were returned home, compared with 22% of unchipped ones. Only 2% of cats without microchips were reunited with family, but microchipping increased this to 39%! If you can’t safely house the animal until their family is found, you’ll need to surrender them to a rescue. But there’s still plenty you can do to help get them home. Go door-to-door where you found them. Bring a photo and description to show neighbors, ask if they know the family, and give them your number. Post photos and the animal’s description on social media, and encourage others to share. Think about what you’d want others to do if they found your pet alone outside without a collar. Your hard work could make all the difference for a distraught family missing their beloved companion. Laura Harris is a volunteer with King Street Cats who lives in Alexandria with her two cats, Thunder and Marmalade. She thanks Steph Selice of KSC for her help with this article.



Don’t forget to enter and vote in AWLA’s “Click Your Pick” contest!

4101 Eisenhower Avenue • Alexandria, VA Mon-Fri, 1-8 pm • Closed Wed • Sat & Sun, 12-5 pm OldTownCrier

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Save the Reefs Finally, Citizens and Governments Are Working Together to Save Caribbean Reefs


or years we have been “loving to death” a marvelous life form. The good news is that we are learning the errors of our ways in time to make a difference. Coral reefs are constructed by clusters of simple marine animals called cnidaria. Like their jelly fish and anemone cousins, the cnidaria species known as coral have mouths surrounded by small tentacles used to catch and eat tiny prey the size of planktons. To compensate for their lack of bones, cnidaria live in organized colonies and secrete calcium to build a protective exoskeleton known as coral reefs. Like many creatures, coral requires sunlight found in clear, relatively shallow waters. Corals’ shallow water habitats are shared by many other creatures that have grown to depend upon the nutrients and small prey attracted to reefs. Reef fish have evolved and adapted to this unique environment in part through colorful camouflage hiding them from even larger prey. In the tropics, clear shallow waters 18 | August 2017

and colorful coral and reef fish are attracting increasing numbers of terrestrial animals, aka us. Marveling at their otherworldly beauty, we swim and snorkel among the coral colonies and fish. Few realize, though, that our very acts of appreciation threaten the marine communities’ survival. It should be obvious that we shouldn’t stand or sit on coral reefs. And, we must be mindful that the fins we wear when snorkeling can slice off or knock down delicate coral structures. Sadly, though, we are unknowingly killing the defenseless cnidaria themselves through chemical attacks. Who among us has not seen an oily slick floating on the surface of otherwise pristine water? At least four chemicals commonly used in sunscreens can kill coral, according to numerous environmental and public interest authorities. The Environmental Working Group, for instance, has issued warnings about oxybenzone (used in about 70 percent of non-mineral sunscreen products), butylparaben, octinoxate and a chemical called 4MBC. Though all of these and others are harmful, oxybenzone, widely used in plastics and nail polish, may be the most harmful substance in sun lotions says EWG and other groups. Although the oceans are big, 4,000 to 6,000 tons of sunscreen enter coral reef areas each year, the National Park Service tells us. And, tiny portions of sunscreen chemicals – the equivalent

of a drop of water in an Olympic pool -- can be toxic to corals, according to a study cited by Time magazine. Lest you think this is academic because it won’t affect where you swim, think again. Sunscreen chemicals are affecting reefs and associated marine life in Virginia, the Carolinas and the Virgin Islands. Indeed, the Environmental Working Group reports that recent studies have found dangerous levels of oxybenzone in reefs in the V.I. (4,000 times known harmful levels!) and off South Carolina (four times the amount known to be harmful). Volunteers who comprise the non-profit Island Green Living Association ( are working with governmental and other entities to save U.S. Virgin Island coral reefs that, like all coral worldwide, are being stressed by rising sea temperatures, related climactic changes and real estate development. “Reducing waste streams in our island communities, eliminating harmful run-off into the sea, adopting more sustainable living practices and reducing use of harmful sunscreens can all help save our stressed coral reefs,” says Harith Wickrema, chairman of the Virgin Islands Waste Management Association and president of the Island Green Living Association. Mr. Wickrema, a Temple University professor and eco-tourism expert, is optimistic that we can save our reefs for future generations of islanders and tourists. He and others

say many sunscreen products utilizing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will effectively block the sun while not leaching harmful chemicals into the water. Some sunscreen specifically marketed and identified as “reef safe” actually contains oxybenzone, Mr. Wickrema said. Consumers need to look carefully at packaging or, better still, visit the Environmental Working Group site for more information on safe products. Visitors to St. John can find a list of stores selling safe sun products by clicking on the “Saving our Reefs” button at Dr. Craig Downs, a Virginia based environmental scientist cited by Island Green Living, notes that Caribbean reefs have suffered substantial damage and destruction over the years. “Any small effort to reduce oxybenzone pollution could mean that a coral reef survives a long hot summer or that a degraded area recovers,” Dr. Downs has said. The National Park Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are among the Federal government agencies studying the health of our reefs and educating the public on how to save them. NOAA, in partnership with commercial SCUBA divers who donated their time and knowledge, the University of the Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands government, recently completed a two-year effort to CARIBBEAN CONNECTION > PAGE 19



map and assess the health of the Territory’s coral reefs. To help implement the study’s findings and recommendations, NOAA has awarded the USVI government a $505,000 coral reef management grant. Representative Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), the USVI’s Delegate to Congress, said in a July announcement: “This grant is significant to the residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands because it will allow the territory to continue our efforts to preserve, protect and further the understanding and conservation of coral reef ecosystems.” The funds will go to the V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources to support “highly successful and indemand educational programs including EcoCamp, a citizen science water quality project startup, and funds to support a Reef Benefits educational campaign” among other projects, Rep. Plaskett said. Despite an unsettling national political scene,

it is heartening to see individual citizens, some Federal agencies and local governments (Hawaii, California and the USVI come to mind) taking action in our home waters to save coral reefs, one of Earth’s most endangered life forms. Jeffrey R. McCord is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Gannett newspapers and Truthout.

org, among other publications. For more than 20 years he’s called Northern Virginia home. Jeff is the author of two fact-based Caribbean novels available on Amazon. com: “Undocumented Visitors in a Pirate Sea,” a quarterfinalist in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest; and, “Santa Anna’s Gold in a Pirate Sea,” a finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book contest. He now divides his time between Virginia and St. John, USVI.

Hillcrest Guest House is located within a residential area, rising two stories above Cruz Bay, on the crest of a hill and minutes from the beach and the US National Park, Virgin Islands. Six suites available, $185-$235/day Call 340-776-6774 or 340-998-8388

Park Place


Key West Getaway One Block from Sloppy Joe’s Contact: • 1-800-654-5131


Apartment on St. John. $170/Night, no minimum stay. Pets allowed with some restrictions. Pool, kitchenette, private bathroom, screened porch overlooking tropical forest with banana and papaya trees, double bed, and separate living area. Perfect for a couple or young family. Amenities include kayaks, snorkel gear, and bamboo walking sticks.



ey west getawa

Escape to paradise

You Could Be Swimming in Warm Waters Right Now

More than 60 percent of this spectacular Caribbean island is Virgin Island National Park, offering hiking, snorkeling, and unbelievable views. Get out of traffic and come to paradise.


Ann Street Gardens

As featured on HGTV and winner of “Bang For Your Buck” in St. Thomas. This recently renovated villa resides on the edge of a cliff 200 feet above the Atlantic Ocean crashing onto the rocks below. The best location on the island—a private, secure, gated community of luxury villas—the villa offers spectacular views of the Atlantic and various islands including St. John, Jost Van Dyke and Tortola. The main house has 3 bedrooms with a detached cottage with its’ own queen size bed. Large deck, pool and spa. Phone 703 628-9005 • Fax 703 765-5900

Reservations: Listed on VRBO, #829001 August 2017 | 19



Sittin’ Pretty


ne thing you do not hear sailors say is: “I can’t wait to go sailing on Saturday and spend six hours on my rear end.” That they are excited to get some fresh air, yes. Sun and wind on the face, definitely. Some solid sitting time? Sailors tend to skip that part. It might be denial. Unless you are a dinghy racer on a windy day, in which case you work your leg and core muscles with hiking straps and trapezes, you are probably spending most of your sailing hours sitting, and in August, waiting. Even in windy months, phrases such as “butt cleat” and “rail meat,” the widespread usage of padded shorts, and the hefty price for marine cushions are further proof that we sailors spend serious time on our duffs. We don’t advertise how often we sit around, as it is not terribly adventurous; but it is inevitable, especially in a season known for slow sailing. When the Chesapeake Bay’s dog days arrive, some sailors opt for alternate activities, such as a day at the beach, a camping trip, a lawn concert. What may enhance such activities? Cool chairs, of course. One summer, when a bank sign en route to Rehoboth Beach read 97 degrees by 11 a.m., we tested our new Sport-Brella Chair DLX for the first time in the hot sand. What initially appealed to me about the chair was the swiveling umbrella. The sun has been my friend for long enough for us to act like siblings; we have our battles. I am losing, but I have befriended wide-brimmed hats, biminis, and my new 50 SPF Sunbrella sun shade that can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted as the sun and breeze shift. The umbrella is smart, but the bells and whistles are what give the chair’s owner bragging rights and make it an awesome gift for the outdoorsy soul who 20 | August 2017

The author, pictured above, is sitting this one out. has everything. Who else at your neighborhood concert in the park has a built-in thermal pouch big enough to fit four 12-ounce beer cans below the cup holder of the padded armrest? How about an attached bottle opener, a pouch for an iPod and opening for the headphones, a lumbar roll, and a removable ottoman? True, it isn’t the cheapest, but I figured my other beach chair was a hand-me-down, with the only benefit being that it still works. No sun shade, no beer cooling capabilities, no footrest. We could only find two areas of improvement for the Sport-Brella Chair. Lugging the packed 12-pound sleeve down the beach would feel less

cumbersome with a padded strap… or temperatures below 90 degrees. Swimmers may find that water pools on the seat, so some sort of drain may help. Or a towel. When it comes to my favorite chairs, this new one almost ties with the top chair for most of my weekends: the West Marine Go Anywhere Chair. They bill it as an “all-in-one cushion, seat, and recliner” with a “heavy-duty ratcheting hinge” for five reclining positions. What this means in real life is that you can sit up straight and comfortably as you eat a nice dinner in the cockpit, drag it over to soften your seat while you steer the boat, recline and relax as your first mate steers, ratchet it flat and take a nap on it in, ratchet it back up and watch fireworks or the sunset from the bow, take it off the boat and carry it to the maritime museum concert, and stow it easily. But, no umbrella, no mini-cooler. Eventually, those ratcheting hinges bust a spring and make the chair go permanently flat. Sigh. It is nice to have options, though, however imperfect, because man, it’s hot. Am I right that most of us will venture outside, anyway? Let’s relax and remember how nice it is to slow down, sit down, and spend time with our friends, even if to just wait for wind.

Winans is the managing editor of SpinSheet, PropTalk, and FishTalk magazines in Eastport, MD.. This article first appeared in the July 2010 issue of SpinSheet. OldTownCrier



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The Pier

Restaurant•River Bar Unforgettable Sunsets Delicious Recipes Refreshing Libations Live Music • River Breeze Local Crabs


Brunch every Saturday & Sunday

Maryland Life



STONEY’S KINGFISHERS SEAFOOD BAR & GRILL 14442 Solomons Island Road Solomons, Maryland 20688



DEEP WATER AND COVERED SLIPS AVAILABLE 14485 Dowell Road Solomons, MD 20629 410.326.4251

Open Daily

Mon-Fri 11am-10pm Sat-Sun 9am-10pm

14575 Solomons South | Solomons, MD


July 2017 | 21

11850 BLUE POINT CT. LUSBY, MD 20657 You’ll love coming home to your private retreat! This custom built contemporary home with 2 fireplaces & 1 wood stove, hardwood floors, spacious bedrooms and 2 large decks & screened porch is nestled among the trees on 3 gorgeous acres and is only a short distance to the neighborhood private beach. This home will make each day feel like a vacation! Convenient to Pax Naval Base. CA9909627 • $499,900

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Sunrise breakfast & private tethered balloon rides for top level sponsors

All your favorite local food & drink vendors on site all day

Bring your lawn chairs & blankets to enjoy live music beginning at 1pm

Enter to win a 45 minute balloon flight (to be scheduled after 8/26/2017)

(additional fee)

End the night right! Balloon glow and fireworks start at sun down

General Admission: $10 per adult, $5 per child (3-12 yrs) |  Festival with KIDZONE & live music begins at 1 pm  |  Tethered balloon rides begin after 3pm  |   Fireworks & Glow Balloon Show begin at sunset  |  All balloon activities & fireworks are wind and weather permitting, subject to authorization by on site FAA & pyrotechnics representatives  |  There is no reschedule date  |  Free parking with shuttle service from College of Southern Maryland, Hallowing Point Park, & Calvert County Fairgrounds  |  Limited handicap parking available at Spider Hall Farm

For more info:     FB: Southern Maryland Balloon Festival

22 | August 2017


© Hunter with his dad K. C. Lang enjoying a Sunday with us at Mackie's steakhouse for brunch. PERSONALITY PROFILE | FROM PAGE 4

the music industry program at the University of Memphis, in Memphis, TN. Over the past 15 years, Lang has entertained thousands by performing in piano bars and in large venues, for senators, governors and even a presidential family. Lang’s DC connection started in the spring of 2014. While surfing the White House website he discovered their internship program and thought, “What the heck, why not?” but also thinking, “No way am I going to get this.” “You get to choose five areas you want to work in, and my first choice was in the Office of the Vice President.” This young man is certainly not shy! After a rigorous selection process that lasted several months, Lang became the “luckiest intern of them all,” and landed his number one choice. “Wow, I was working in the Vice President’s ceremonial office right outside the door to his main office,” he tells me. “Some interns don’t even work in the White House: they work down the street.” Lang’s life began to get real busy that spring and summer. He would go to the White House in the morning and work in Joe Biden’s office from 8 to 5, then to another interns apartment in town to sleep for an hour or two then go to Georgetown and play piano at Mr. Smith’s (then located on M Street but since moved to the old Chadwick’s space on K Street) from 9 pm to 1 am, then drive 35 miles to Stafford Virginia, go to bed and start all over the next morning. “Vice President Biden is one of the most incredible people I have met, heard, speak or worked with. There is never a dull moment. With me, I am always doing real work whereby at the end of the day I think, ‘Wow, I helped make a difference in America today!” In 2014, Mr. Smith’s was planning to relocate. This is when Lang and three friends

decided to open their own place. They secured a lease on M street and opened Georgetown’s second piano bar. Lang and his dad, K.C. Lang, built a two station piano shell that would allow for one performer or two “dueling pianos.” With a big mirror hanging behind them, the audience gets to see the action of the performer’s hands as they glide across the keys. For someone who wanted to be a rock star since he was a kid, the next Billy Joel or Elton John, he has arrived. “It is a really big high when you have a bunch of people watching just me as my fingers fly over the keyboard,” he says. “I could go through life totally half ass if I wanted to, I could play piano in the bar until I am 45, maybe 90, but I want to do other things than play in a bar…maybe a song in a movie or write songs for other performers.You can’t take everything with you to the grave, if I can wake up in the mornings and make people happy by getting my hands on a piano, that is what I like and that is what I want to get out of life…reach and touch other people with my music.” This energetic 27-year-old touches people with more than his music. He is flat out a good guy with a ton of talent. Enjoying a cocktail or two with him after Sunday brunch brings out his compassion for not only his music but also for the people around him. When we had brunch he brought his dad with him who was visiting from Jacksonville. After meeting and talking to K.C. you begin to understand why this piano player is so well grounded.

Beautiful 1.30ct Old European Cut diamond in gold bezel of 14 kt Yellow gold wrapped in a reticulated silver band secured with 14 kt strip

GOLDWORKSUSA.COM 1400 King Street, Old Town Alexandria, VA 703-683-0333

If you get a chance, check out Hunter Lang at his Georgetown Piano Bar. He performs there Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 9 pm. Check out the Old Town Crier Facebook page or online version to see and hear a few clips of this talented man.

Check us out online at or on Facebook at Old Town Crier Regional Magazine


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On Watch

Solomon’s Island, Revisited This past month Beth Jannery submitted a road trip for consideration. Solomons, Maryland is a favorite destination of ours as well as many others from northern Virginia and I write about southern Maryland often. The approach is different than I would take and made me think in different terms. My sailboat is in Calvert Marina and every time I sail out I pass the statue “On Watch”. I hope that you enjoy the article. – Bob Tagert


e’re a disconnected nation. It’s summer and there is no wacky, oddlyfun ice bucket challenge happening on social media to connect us all. We are tired, torn and frustrated. We are fighting one another. I suggest a road trip. We need an adventure. Something to relight our inner American flame before she flickers out. I propose disappearing to quiet Solomons Island, Maryland and embracing an American adventure. Road trips give me a sense of freedom and I’m off, leaving the rest of my hectic world behind to renew my 24 | August 2017

spirit. I wonder what it will take to renew our countries’ spirit. I find the simple answer for all of us on Solomons Island. It’s the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a start. I make my way toward a restaurant on the pier and devour a dozen raw oysters with extra lemon. There is plenty to do – if I have the desire to go, go, go – boat rides, fishing excursions, you name it. But I don’t. I want to keep it simple. Anything I do on the shore involves fresh seafood. There are fresh oysters from The Pier at Solomons as well as very tasty rockfish bites and crab cakes to be eaten.

Food connects us. But this isn’t enough. I’m still feeling the grip of my torn America. I explore offerings of fresh crabs (medium and large size) covered in Old Bay with hot drawn butter, lemon and vinegar as tasty options. I talk to locals about their unease in our divided America. Next I walk on the boardwalk and notice an American flag, a stunning piece of art for sale hanging inside Solomons Gallery. Note to self: That flag, framed in a weathered window pane, goes on my wish list. I’m staying at a charming Chesapeake Bay inn, in an enormous light and airy third-floor suite that offers three different and spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay, each with its own comfortable sitting area. I’m told to experience the oversized whirlpool tub for two. Except I’m solo. The main house of the inn was built in 1906 in Queen Anne SOLOMON’S ISLAND > PAGE 25


He could be our symbol, if we allow him, to reconnect us and remind us that we are “One Nation under God”. In this moment I feel safe under this protector. This is what our country needs right now. A safe harbor. I hope our country can reconnect. I drive home, with my inner light re-lit. My America is a place where we are all protected. I set a piece of driftwood from a beach hike on my coffee table as a reminder of how simple and peaceful life can be. I vow to unplug a little


Victorian style. According to information provided by Solomon’s Island Business Association, Solomon’s is located at the southern tip of Calvert County, in Southern Maryland, where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay. The island itself was variously known as Bourne’s Island (about 1680), Somervell’s Island (17401814) and Sandy Island (18271865). According to the association, “When freedom and liberty faced their darkest hours in World War II, Solomons was chosen by the Allied command to be the staging area for amphibious invasion training.” Solomons Island is just across from the United States Patuxent River Naval Air Station (on the south side of the mouth of the Patuxent River). I remember this from my time covering the Navy in the early 1990’s. According to the United States Census Bureau, Solomons has a total area of 2.3 square miles and nearly 15% is water, consisting mainly of Back Creek, a tidal inlet that extends north from the Patuxent River. It takes about one day to become intimately familiar with Back Creek. I like being somewhere that is only two miles, most of which is water, boats and seafood, and real happiness. A late dinner at The Lighthouse and my mussels are loaded with garlic and hot drawn butter. It’s more like I ordered mussels to come with my bowl of hot butter. It’s heaven in a bowl. No complaints other than a few of my mussels aren’t open or won’t open but there are so many of them I’m getting full. Drenching the plentiful garlic bread into the hot liquid may be to blame. I see a man on a yellow boat. Island legend has it he stays on the water year round. A couple of locals describe him as fixture at Solomons Island. He’s certainly a good conversation piece. The couple at next table talks about the man on the yellow boat. In this moment I feel we are all connected. Real conversations and meaningful easy moments. No one is arguing about politics. Then a nighttime surprise comes in the form of a tall, stand-alone statue called “On Watch” that I never knew OldTownCrier

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more and connect more often face to face with those I love. I remind myself to live simply. That I have all I need. That simple pleasures are most meaningful. And I’m grateful for those who stand watch. Protecting my family. Protecting our country. A Northern Virginia writer discovers a Solomon’s Island hidden gem and a protector of our nation. Beth Jannery is the Director of Journalism at George Mason University and author of the novel The Admiral’s Daughter.

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existed. There is very little written about it. A local art dealer gives me a history lesson about how Solomons Island was used as the training ground for the military to practice storming the beach of Normandy. I imagine the invasion. The water. The exhaustion. The strength. The courage. Then I discover a littleknown monument hidden away on the island dedicated to those who trained here and served. I ask to be taken to see it, even in the dark. I get in the local’s car and we drive onto the island’s backroads and make our way to the Protector. That’s what I decide to call it – the lone man keeping watch – the Protector. It is the On Watch statue

that I never knew existed. In the moment I jump out of the car, leaving the door open and my purse on the floor mat where my flip flops sit. There is a single spotlight shining on the monument and I walk up to him and feel a sense of obligation to be silent and respectful. I slowly raise my iPhone to take a picture and bow my head to honor those who served. Respect. I feel the soil beneath my bare feet and I’m truly moved to be in the presence of this monument, which is silently keeping watch on all of us. He is On Watch of all Americans. My hope is anyone reading this will be drawn to Solomons Island and ask to see the protector On Watch.

Address ____________________________________________ City/State/Zip ________________________________________

Whenever you go to Solomons, don't miss the rockfish and crab cades at The Pier August 2017 | 25



Photos by Julie Reardon

The Fruits of Summer


tarting with strawberries in May, the gardens in the Blue Ridge offer up tasty treats all summer long, but the bounty of the harvest is most abundant in late summer, where there is almost an embarrassment of riches in the form of local fruits and vegetables, herbs and homemade goodies on offer in the Blue Ridge. With consumer interest in locally sourced organic goods at an all-time high, more restaurants and independent markets and even some groceries

26 | August 2017

have responded to the demand, but you can’t get much fresher than visiting some of the farm markets our area has for fresh-picked goodness. Close in, most people know of or have driven by one of the area’s oldest farm markets, part of the 150-acre Avalon Farm on the southbound side of Rt. 29. The Buckland Farm Market is family owned and operated 7 miles south of Gainesville just over the Prince William county line in Fauquier County at 4484 Lee Hwy., New Baltimore and offers fresh and organically

grown produce picked daily. It also has a large array of fresh baked goods including pies and breads along with jams, jellies and spreads as well as canned goods. In season, it’s open 7 days a week. Another family owned and operated orchard in a postcard pretty setting is Williams Orchard near Flint Hill, also family owned and operated. “It’s a real farm, not a hobby. It’s our livelihood,” said owner Eddie Williams, whose family has been farming the scenic, hilly land there since 1921. He added that this has been a great year for peaches; their orchard grows 14 varieties including both white and yellow. “Once they TO THE BLUERIDGE > PAGE 28



background photos by John McCaslin

Quièvremont Winery

The winery and vineyards are located on the foothills of the Blue Ridge, surrounded by Reality Farm’s cattle and goat herds, pastures and ponds. Visit us at 162 Gid Brown Hollow Rd., Washington, VA 22747 Open Thurs. -Sun. and holiday Monday’s -Noon -7pm

Tel: (540) 987-3192

You’re Invited for the Perfect Getaway Enjoy classic Southern hospitality at its best at our 1760s Southern Georgianstyle mansion on 83 acres in beautiful Rappahannock County.

Stunning mountain and pastoral views. Many diverse activities nearby. 15% off your two-night stay. Please visit or call Audrey Regnery at 540.675.1114. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

HORSE N HOUND 667 ZACHARY TAYLOR HWY. FLINT HILL, VA. 22627 Store Hours: Monday – Saturday 10-5pm


Full Service Tack Store for the English Horse & Rider

Assorted Gifts-some local, leather bags & belts

All Natural Cat & Dog Foods, leather collars & leashes

Pet tags engraved while you wait

Outdoor Wear-boots, hats, rainwear, gloves & socks

30 September Song Lane Washington, VA 22747 540.675.1114 ▪

540-675-1650 •


August 2017 | 27


ripen, you only have a 7 to 10 day window so you have to plant different varieties so they’re available late July through early September.” Along with the peaches, they grow a variety of apples too and right now they have a beautiful crop of Ginger Golds. He expects to have the popular Honey Crisps and Galas available early August. They have vine ripened tomatoes, green beans, peppers, squash, eggplant and more along with jams and jellies. The farm is a working cattle farm, so you can order a side or quarter of beef to fill your freezer, too. Williams Orchard is open seasonally 7 days a week from 9 to 5. It’s located at 3 Williams Farm Lane, Flint Hill, Va. Check out their Williams Orchard Facebook page or call (540) 675-3765. Better known for its 5 star cuisine, the Inn at Little Washington, whose chefs used local meats and produce long before it became trendy, now has a market where the public can buy from their same producers on Sundays. The Inn’s Farmer’s Market is open Sundays from 10 am til 2 pm through October. Here you can find fresh organic produce, gourmet and pasture raised meats, artisanal breads and pastries, organic herbs and botanicals, soaps and beauty items, local crafts and more. There are usually sandwiches and/or barbecue too. Take a drive and enjoy the bounty of the Blue Ridge!

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches So you came home with a bushel of ripe peaches you can’t eat fast enough, and you don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to can them. My late mother taught me an easy way to extend summer into winter months by freezing fresh peaches. It does not require the equipment or labor of canning, there’s no cooking involved, and you can freeze several quarts in a half hour. These frozen peaches are a real treat to serve in the winter, far surpassing canned or mealy grocery peaches. They make a tasty dessert served alone; you can toss them partially thawed into a blender for a frozen peach daiquiri, or drizzle them onto ice cream for a special topping.

Fresh Frozen Peaches (makes about 2 quarts) 8 large or 10 medium fully ripe peaches ½ cup demerara (raw) cane sugar 2 T Certo brand or other fruit preservative*, found in canning section of grocery 1 to 2 lemon* wedges 4 pint-sized or 2 quart-sized freezer bags Wash and peel peaches, cutting away any bruised

portions. Slice fruit into mixing bowl. Sprinkle the sugar and preservative onto the slices and squeeze the lemon over them and then mix gently, being careful not to bruise the slices. Let stand 5 minutes; the lemon and sugar will cause the peaches to form their own juice. Spoon the peaches and juice carefully into freezer bags and lay flat in freezer until solid. Once frozen they can be placed anywhere. *Note: the lemon and preservative will keep the peaches from turning brown when you thaw them for later use. Lemon alone helps to an extent if you’re adamantly against use of any preservatives, and the brown color won’t affect the taste, but the peaches will not look as pretty. Use within 6 months.


On this one hour specialty tour of the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum, learn about the real world botanical science that inspired the potions and herbology of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and make your own magical sleeping potion! Adults and children ages 8 and older welcome.

AUGUST 18TH MOVIES UNDER THE STARS OUTDOOR MOVIES SERIES 8:30-11 p.m. - Admission: Free Market Square 703-746-5592 The City of Alexandria invites you to a screening of family-friendly movies.). Be sure to bring blankets or a beach chair and enjoy an outdoor movie. Arrive early to choose your seating and feel free to bring a picnic supper. Some light concession sales.

AUGUST 19TH CINEMA DEL RAY OUTDOOR MOVIES 7 p.m.; films begin at dusk - Admission: Free Mt Vernon Recreation Center - 2701 Commonwealth Ave. Bring family, friends, neighbors and a blanket to watch these open-air movies including Sing, Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast and Moana at Cinema Del Ray, now in its 12th season.



potomac belle

docked in old town alexandria

AUGUST 27TH FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT 150TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION PICNIC SERIES Admission: Varies Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House - 9000 Richmond Hwy. Celebrate world-renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday at the only Frank LloydWright house open to visitors in the D.C. region—the Pope-Leighey House! Located just 10 miles from Old Town Alexandria, the Pope-Leighey House is the perfect showcase of one of Wright’s “Usonian” style modest homes that he began designing in the 1930s. The Pope-Leighey Picnic Series ends on the 27th with a mid-century modern, family-style back-to-school picnic (Loren Pope was an education reporter and author) on the grounds of the house. Stay tuned for other events throughout the year, from indepth architectural tours to Twilight & Tipple Tours with beverages and bites.

28 | August 2017

Cruise the waters of the Potomac River with its postcard views of the DC skyline. Business entertainment, private parties, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are our specialties. We take the art of entertaining to a whole new level, no matter what the occasion. You and your guests will remember the cruise for years to come. Quality service begins with custom planning to suit your needs. | 703-868-5566 | OldTownCrier




he Alexandria Restaurant Partners, owners of The Majestic, Virtue Feed and Grain and Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap opened their latest eatery in Alexandria a few months ago… Vola’s Dockside Grill and Hi-Tide Lounge. With the dog days of August on us, eating dockside food seems to be a natural. For those really hot days there is a spacious air-conditioned restaurant and bar and for those wonderful cooler days, there is ample outdoor seating along the waterfront. Attached to the restaurant is the Hi-Tide Lounge where the island theme prevails with signature rum and other cocktails. It is called the Hi-Tide Lounge because when the Potomac River has an unusually high tide - particularly combined with a heavy rain upstream - the river rises and backs up the storm drains into the streets of Old Town. Hi-Tide Lounge sits about 6 feet above the street and is safe from rising water. This is fast becoming not only a favorite gathering place for locals but also for private parties. Vola’s is named after Vola Lawson, a community activist who was Alexandria’s City Manager from 1985 to 2000. Vola helped to stabilize the city’s finances and make Alexandria what it is today. The local animal shelter is also named after Lawson due to her long time fight for animal rights. Today the restaurant continues to support many of Lawson’s causes including hosting regular fundraisers for animal rescue groups. The main restaurant sports a large bar of about 25 seats and there are photographs from the past throughout the restaurant. Besides great drinks, the bar also serves lunch and dinner. On our night there we were seated at an indoor table with a window view of the patio. We started out with their signature conch fritters with key lime mustard sauce and chipotle cocktail sauce. This is a popular island dish made famous in the Florida Keys. Not being too familiar with conch fritters, I thought these hushpuppy type bites were full of flavor and a few strips of conch, which is chewy, like clams, a favorite of mine. Other appetizers include Smoked Fish Dip, Crab Dip, Fried Calamari and Vola’s favorite… Deviled Eggs & Bacon. Oysters are a biggie at Vola’s. They bring in local oysters daily and offer different selections from around the region with half-price on selected oysters Monday through Friday from OldTownCrier

LH said that Vola’s lobster roll was tangy and delicious. The author thinks the slaw made the trip worthwhile.

Waterfront Dining at Vola’s Dockside Grill VOLA’S DOCKSIDE GRILL & HI-TIDE LOUNGE 101 North Union Street Old Town Alexandria 703 -935-8890 3-6pm. Vola’s also serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday. For my entrée I ordered the Crispy Fried Chicken with maple-black pepper buttermilk biscuit, roasted fingerling potatoes and corn on the cob. The chicken was very moist due to pressure-cooking and then deepfrying. The coating was thick and crunchy which is just how I like it. The fingerling potatoes were cooked to a deep brown color and tender throughout. I would have preferred white sweet corn rather than the yellow corn that was served, however it was very good. Fried Chicken with maple-black pepper buttermilk biscuit, roasted fingerling potatoes and corn on the cob.


August 2017 | 29


Neil L. Burroughs How did you get started in the bartending business? Thanks to the pressure of my older brother and mentor, Phil Vickers, and a hidden desire to make new tastes I decided to jump right into this ever evolving industry and trade. From traveling and drinking to learning and appreciating other cultures and reasons behind certain drinks and garnishes, I love the whole concept of bartending. Enjoying the random bar guest conversations and serving the old style drinks that are popular now are part of what being a seasoned bartender is all about. However, my liver and my mind awareness started with Phil Vickers and was made possible by Paul Salter now of Mission BBQ. What is your biggest bartender pet peeve? The guests who arrive on their phones AND stay on their phones and make no consistent eye contact. You know, the ones who point and wave and never finish a statement and then complain about orders not coming out correctly and or lack of service. What is the cleverest line anyone has ever used to get you to give them a free drink? Still to this day a 20 dollar bill in the air and when I card them and it’s their birthday....I’m like “Oh Lord, welcome to drinking in public and not in your friends basement”.


What is the best/worst pickup line you have overheard at the bar? Excuse me.... does this smell like chloroform. Just playing….”I’m single, let’s mingle and for 5 or 6 hours let’s not be single. In the morning let’s kiss and get brunch because I promise I’ll be the best mistake you’ll make this month”. Tell us about an interesting encounter you have had with a customer(s). When I was 18 years old, I was serving tables at Outback Steakhouse on Route 1 in Alexandria and this amazing couple - soon to be parents - were in my section and picking out possible names for a boy or girl. Evidently I served them a great meal and they enjoyed the banter since, a few months later they returned and, you guessed it, there is another Neil on the planet. Another quick story. When I started bartending, I had five bar regulars that ended up being my close friends and family. Ironically, they are all named Bill – Bourbon Bill Effen, Vodka Bill,

Neil is behind the bar Monday and Tuesday mornings and Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Hot Daughter Bill, Boat Bill and Crazy Bill. One day a new guest introduced himself, “Hi, my name is Bill” and I laughed and said....”Well hello number 6!” It’s our joke but they are, to this day and 18 years later, some of the best people I have in my life even if I don’t see them as often as I would like. They are like family. Right Bill? If you could sit down and have a drink with anyone in the world, past or present, who would that be? This is a hard question. There are so many. First, my grandfather secondly

Frederick Douglass and then it would be Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. I can’t foget Penelope Cruz or Rosario Dawson. Besides being gorgeous, they do a lot of community service. I also wouldn’t mind sitting down with Colin Powell. and Darth Vader! Neil is behind the bar Monday and Tuesday mornings and Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. If you would like to see your favorite mixologist featured in this space, send contact information to office@

Redstone Pickled Goose – Grey Goose Vodka, dill pickle and olive juice shaken, shaken, shaken and garnished with pickle wrapped hand stuffed blue cheese olives!

30 | August 2017


dine out!


JOIN US FOR STEAK NIGHT Thursdays 5-9 PM Starting at $15.95

LIVE MUSIC 7 NIGHTS A WEEK WITH NO COVER IRISH HAPPY HOUR 4-7 PM MONDAY-FRIDAY Featuring all draft beers, rail liquor plus half price on select appetizers 713 King Street • Old Town Alexandria 703.548.1717 •


GET YOUR PASSPORT STAMPED WITHOUT LEAVING TOWN! August 1 – September 30, 2017 2 restaurant stamps = one free dessert 3 restaurant stamps = one free drink (draft beer, select glass of wine or select cocktails)

4 restaurant stamps = one free appetizer 5 restaurant stamps = one free entrée Reward redemption at the time of your next visit and purchase. One reward redemption per table.

No time to travel?

Join us for a tour around the globe with our ARP Culinary Passport. Pick up your passport at any ARP restaurant and begin collecting your stamps and rewards today!

Alexandria’s Finest Dining • Veteran-Owned Brunch • Weddings • Private Events


106 S. Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 571-970-3669

LENA’S WOOD-FIRE PIZZA + TAP 401 E. Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA 22301 703-683-5330

VOLA’S DOCKSIDE GRILL 101 N. Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 703-935-8890


4053 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA 22206 703-746-9007 OldTownCrier


911 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 703-837-9117

214 King Street • Old Town Alexandria 703.683.6868 • August 2017 | 31



Next Time You’re in Prague ... This month the profile is a bit different. While traveling to Prague last month I encountered this wonderful place. It was recommended by the staff at our Hotel Neruda. The ambiance is very relaxing and perfect for unwinding after a busy day. A very romantic setting as well. The Santini Garden Restaurant is situated in a quiet yet central location below the Prague Castle. They serve delicious modern Czech cuisine. During the summer days, there is a lovely Santini Garden seating area with beautiful views of the old Prague houses. The history of the building dates to the Middle Ages when it was reconstructed from the church and an adjacent guildhall. Visit the place that J. B. Santini Aichel (1677 - 1723) chose for his final rest. Santini was a brilliant Czech architect of Italian origin who created his own unique architectural style the Baroque Gothic style. Enjoy moments of pleasure with good food in the heart of Prague, near the U.S. Embassy. When did you first become interested in cooking and what made you choose a culinary career? I started cooking with my grandmother at the age of 7. And since then, I did not let go, and the cooking was a clear choice for me. Who or what has been your biggest inspirations during your career?

They were the two biggest gastronomic icons Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay. What dish on your menu are you most curious to see how it’s received? Rigatoni with basil pesto and seared chicken breast, decorated with Parmesan cheese. What do you feel sets your cuisine apart from others in your field? The quality of raw materials and access to work If any chef in the world (past or present) could prepare you a meal, who would you want that to be? Heston Blumenthal - Heston Marc Blumenthal, OBE is a British celebrity chef. He is the proprietor of The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, one of four restaurants in Great Britain to have three Michelin stars; it was voted No. 1 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2005. What’s your guilty food pleasure? I enjoy the environment, the people I work with, the raw materials and the discovery of new things and recipes. The chef is learning all his life if he is not lazy!

If you would like to see your favorite local chef featured in this space, please send contact information to

Seared duck breast on mixed salad with red currant sauce and Grenaille potatoes (365,-Kč = $15.94 USD) and Grilled pike perch fillet served with Romanesco purée with vegetable garnish (325,-Kč = $14.19 USD)

Photos © Chester Simpson


32 | August 2017


“The Finest Lebanese Cuisine” –Washington Post, 2001 Family Owned & Operated Come and Enjoy a Cozy Candlelit Dinner Carry-Out Available • Free Delivery Open 7 Days for Lunch & Dinner

719 King St. Old Town Alexandria 703.684.9194 •

Now open for BRUNCH Saturdays & Sundays at 10AM 121 South Union Street, Old Town Alexandria 703.548.1785 

A local favorite since 1978 American comfort foods and over 250 wine & beer from around the world

August Lobster Crab Cakes! See our website for details

SUMMER TIME LUNCH SPECIA L $19 for 2 Courses * $22 for All 3

Specials Every Day Saturday & Sunday Brunch Wine Bar and a Sports Pub Private Party Room 1700 Fern St, Alexandria 703.998.6616 OldTownCrier

Appetizer Choice Of Potato and Leek So up w/White Truffle Field Green Salad w/H Oil erb Mustard Vinaigr ette, Oven Dried To Roasted Golden Be matoes & Walnuts et Salad w/Baby Arugu la & Shaved Parmesa n Entrée Choice Of Warm Salad of Spina ch w/Seared Salmon & Warm Mushroom Traditional Caesar Dressing Salad w/Grilled Chick Parmesan Risotto w/G en rilled Zucchini, Aspar agus & Shaved Parm Wild Mushroom Ris esan otto w/Pancetta, En glish Peas, Shaved Pa rmesan & White Truffle Oi l Angel Hair Pasta w/F resh Tomato Sauce & Basil Pesto Homemade Lasagna w/Spinach Pasta & Tr aditional Bolognese Dessert Choice Of Tiramisu w/Homem ade Mascarpone Dark Chocolate Mo usse w/Hazelnuts & Raspberry Coulis Selection of Homema de Sorbet

August 2017 | 33

AMERICAN ASHAR RESTAURANT AND BAR 116 South Alfred St. 703-739-6090 BILBO BAGGINS 208 Queen St. 703-683-0300 BLACKWALL HITCH 5 Cameron St. 703-739-6090 BURGER FI 111 N. Pitt St. 703-746-9242 CARLYLE CLUB 411 John Carlyle St. 703-549-8957 CHADWICKS 203 Strand St. 703-836-4442 An Old Town tradition since 1979 and an original Georgetown pub and restaurant since 1967. CHART HOUSE One Cameron St. 703-684-5080 CITY KITCHEN 330 South Pickett St. 703-685-9172 USA City inspired menu choices that bring together traditional American and global cuisine with their own personal touch. Casual dress. $30 and under. Lots of free parking. Open 7 days a week with brunch on Sat & Sun 11-3. AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

INDIGO LANDING #1 Marina Dr. Washington Sailing Marina 703-548-0001 JACKS PLACE 222 North Lee St. 703-684-0372 JACKSON 20 480 King St. 703-842-2790 JOE THEISMANNS 1800 Diagonal Rd. 703-739-0777 KING STREET BLUES 112 N. St. Asaph St. 703-836-8800 LAPORTAS 1600 Duke St. 703-683-6313 LIVE OAK 1603 Commonwealth Ave. 571-312-0402 LOST DOG CAFE 808 North Henry St. 571-970-6511 MACKIE’S BAR AND GRILL 907 King St. 703-684-3288 MAGNOLIA’S ON KING 703 King St. 703-838-9090 MAJESTIC CAFÉ 911 King St. 703-837-9117 MASON SOCIAL 728 Henry Street Old Town Alexandria 703-548-8800

PORK BARREL BBQ 2312 Mount Vernon Ave. 703-822-5699

THE WAREHOUSE BAR & GRILL 214 King St. 703-683-6868

LA MADELEINE 500 King St. 703-729-2854

RAMPARTS 1700 Fern St. 703-998-6616

ASIAN ASIAN BISTRO 809 King St. 703-836-1515

TWO NINETEEN RESTAURANT 219 King St. 703-549-1141

REYNOLDS STREET CAFÉ 34 S. Reynolds St. 703-751-0830

MALAYA 1019 King St. 703-519-3710

RIVER BEND BISTRO 7966 Fort Hunt Rd. Hollin Hall Shopping Center 703-347-7545 ROCK IT GRILL 1319 King St. 703-739-2274 RT's RESTAURANT 3804 Mt. Vernon Ave. 703-684-6010 SAMUEL BECKETTS IRISH GASTRO PUB 2800 S. Randolph St. Villages of Shirlington 703-379-0122 SHOOTER MCGEES 5239 Duke St. 703-751-9266

MAI THAI 9 King St. 703-548-0600 NASIME 1209 King St. 703-548-1848 RED MEI 602 King St. 703-837-0094 STREETS MARKET AND CAFE 3108 Mt. Vernon Ave. 571-431-6810

FACCIA LUNA 823 S. Washington St. 703-838-5998

THAILAND ROYAL 801 N. Fairfax St. 703 535-6622

THE ITALIAN PLACE 621Wythe St. 571-777-8981

TOKYO JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE 66 Canal Center Plaza 703-683-8878

SOCIETY FAIR 277 S. Washington St. 703-683-3247

CAPHE BANH MI VIETNAMESE 407 Cameron St. 703-549-0800

SONOMA CELLAR 207 King St. 703-966-3550

SANG JUN THAI 300 King Street 571-312-3377

SOUTHSIDE 815 815 S. Washington St. 703-836-6222

KAI ZEN TAVERN 1901 Mt. Vernon Ave. 703-836-1212

MOUNT VERNON INN Mount Vernon, Va 703-780-0011

sweetgreen 823 King St. 571-319-0192

THE SUSHI BAR 2312 Mount Vernon Avenue 571-257-3232

EVENING STAR CAFÉ 2000 Mt. Vernon Ave. 703-549-5051

MURPHYS IRISH PUB 713 King St. 703-548-1717 Old-world Irish pub featuring a roaring fireplace, serving a variety of imported, domestic and non-alcoholic beers in a friendly atmosphere. Serving robust American-Irish meals at fair prices. Favorites include fish and chips and Irish stew. Irish-style entertainment nightly.

T.J. STONES GRILL HOUSE & TAP ROOM 608 Montgomery St. 703-548-1004 American cuisine with libations from around the world. Bar specials Mon-Fri, 4-7 pm. Brunch served Sat & Sun.

CONTINENTAL BRABO by Robert Weidmaier 1600 King St. 703-894-3440

FIRE FLIES 1501 Mt. Vernon Ave. 703-548-7200 FIVE GUYS 725 King St. 703-549-7991 FLAT TOP BURGER 529 East Howell Ave. 571-970-1006

MYRON MIXON PITMASTER BBQ 220 North Lee St. 703-535-3340

FOSTERS GRILLE 2004 Eisenhower Ave. 703-725-1342

NICKELLS AND SCHIFFLER 1028 King St. 703-684-5922

GADSBYS TAVERN 138 N. Royal St. 703-548-1288

NINAS DANDY Potomac Party Cruises Zero Prince St. 703-683-6076

HARD TIMES CAFE 1404 King St. 703-837-0050 HEN QUARTER 1404 King St. 703-684-6969 HUNTING CREEK STATION 801 King St. 703-836-5126

34 | August 2017

NORTHSIDE 1O 10 East Glebe Rd. 703-888-0032 OCONNELLS RESTAURANT & BAR 112 King St. 703-739-1124

TRADEMARK 2800 Jamieson Ave. 703-253-8640 UNION STREET PUBLIC HOUSE 121 South Union St. 703-548-1785 Old Town’s favorite neighborhood tap and grill. Southern style menu, fine steaks, fresh seafood. Sunday brunch, private parties, happy hour. VERMILLION 1120 King St. 703-684-9669

LA BERGERIE 218 N. Lee St. 703-683-1007 ITALIAN BUGSYS PIZZA RESTAURANT 111 King St. 703-683-0313

COLUMBIA FIREHOUSE 109 S. St. Asaph St. 703-683-1776

FIN & HOOF 801 N. Saint Asaph St. 703-836-4700

YVES BISTRO 235 Swamp Fox Rd. (in Hoffman Ctr.) 703-329-1010

BRABO TASTING ROOM 1600 King St. 703-894-5252 CEDAR KNOLL INN GW Parkway at Lucia Ln. 703-799-1501 RESTAURANT EVE 110 S. Pitt St. 703-706-0450 TEMPO 4231 Duke St. 703-370-7900 Northern Italian, French provincial & American cuisine featuring fresh seafood, meats and pasta served in a contemporary, romantic atmosphere. FRENCH

VIRTUE GRAIN & FEED 106 South Union St. 571-970-3669

BASTILLE 606 N. Fayette St. 703-519-3776

VOLA’S DOCKSIDE GRILL & THE HI-TIDE LOUNGE 101 North Union St. 703-935-8890

LE REFUGE 127 N. Washington St. 703-548-4661 FONTAINES CAFFE & CREPERIE 119 S. Royal St. 703-535-8151

GERANIO RISTORANTE 722 King St. 703-548-0088 Still Old Towns highest-rated Italian restaurant (Zagat). Discerning Old Towners flock here for refined cuisine in this comfortable, yet sophisticated restaurant. With entrees from $14, there is no reason not to enjoy a selection from their Wine Spectator award-winning list, while being attended by the friendly staff of seasoned professionals. Reservations recommended and casual attire welcomed. HANKS PASTA BAR 600 Montgomery Ave. 571-312-4117 IL PORTO RESTAURANT 121 King St. 703-836-8833 LANDINI BROTHERS 115 King St. 703-836-8404 Elegant, classical Italian cuisine served in a lovely historical setting. Fresh veal, homemade pastas, and fresh fish are some of the daily choices. An extensive list of wines and champagnes served in a sophisticated and friendly atmosphere. LENA’S WOOD-FIRED PIZZA & TAP 401 East Braddock Rd. 703-960-1086 PARADISO 124 King St. 703-683-5330 PINES OF FLORENCE 1300 King St. 703-549-1796

MEDITERRANEAN LA TASCA 607 King St. 703-299-9810 TAVERNA CRETEKOU 818 King St. 703-548-8688 PITA HOUSE 719 King St. 703-684-9194 Family owned and operated; carry out available and free delivery. DELIAS MEDITERRANEAN GRILL 209 Swamp Fox Rd. Alexandria, VA 703-329-0006 SEAFOOD HANKS OYSTER BAR 1026 King St. 703-739-HANK FISH MARKET-OLD TOWN 105 King St. 703-836-5676 Internationally known and locally owned! We serve shrimps, a few crabs, tall people and lots of nice people, too! Live music and lively food! ERNIES ORGINIAL CRABHOUSE 1743 King St. 703-836-0046 THE WHARF 119 King St. 703-836-2834 "Its All About the Seafood," traditional and creative coastal cuisine. FISH MARKET-CLINTON 7611Old Branch Ave. Clinton, MD 301-599-7900 INDIAN BOMBAY CURRY COMPANY 2607 Mount Vernon Ave. 703-836-6363 DISHES OF INDIA 1510A Bellview Blvd. 703-660-6085 NAMASTE 1504 King St. 703-970-0615 MEXICAN LATIN SOUTHWESTERN DON TACO TEQUILA BAR 808 King St. 703-988-3144 LOS TIOS GRILL 2615 Mt. Vernon Ave. 703-299-9290 LOS TOLTECOS 4111 Duke St. 703-823-1167 TAQUERIA POBLANO 2400-B Mt. Vernon Ave. 703-548-TACO (8226)

RED ROCKS FIREBRICK PIZZA 904 King St. 703-717-9873 TRATTORIA DA FRANCO 305 S. Washington St. 703-548-9338


t.j. stone’s



Eat Drink & Be Irish Open Mon–Sat 11am, Sun 10am

Kids Eat Free Mon–Wed 5-8pm

grill house and tap room


Sat: 11 to 3 Sun: 10 to 3

celebrating american cuisine with libations from around the world

$.99 Bloody Mary and Mimosa Refills



3 to 7 Mon - Fri

Live Music 6 Nights/wk Best Irish Sessions


Daily Food Specials Sunday Jazz 1:30-3:30pm Photographer: K Summerer for Visit Alexandria

112 King Street Alexandria | 703.739.1124


ourdoor patio dining private event room over 300 beer & wine 608 Montgomery St Alexandria 703.548.1004


Summer Seafood Month!

Inspired by foods found in cities across America with a toast to their craft brews, wines, and spirits 330 S. Pickett Street | (703) 685-9172











Kids or No Kids?


ome wineries love kids, some tolerate them, and some say nope, not happening, “don’t even think about it!” We’ve rounded up a few of each to help you pick the right winery for your day away in Virginia Wine Country.

ADULTS-ONLY WINERIES All adults, all the time at these peaceful Northern Virginia wineries. (No one under 21 permitted.) CHATEAU O’BRIEN, Markham DELAPLANE CELLARS, Delaplane RDV VINEYARDS, Delaplane

“NO-GO ZONE” WINERIES Each of these Northern Virginia wineries offers designated “familyfriendly” or “adults-only” areas. BREAUX VINEYARDS, Purcellville Children are welcome everywhere, except for the upper patio, which offers adults-only seating for 50. CANA VINEYARDS, Middleburg – Kids are welcome in the first floor tasting room, porch, patio, and grounds. (A separate area is designated “adults only.”) 36 | August 2017

CHRYSALIS VINEYARDS, Middleburg – Age 21 and over only on the second floor and deck areas.

HARTWOOD WINERY, Fredericksburg – Kids are free to roam at this friendly winery near Fredericksburg.

FABBIOLI CELLARS, Leesburg – Kids allowed in the barrel room and second level. No one under 21 permitted on the third level and on the sail patio.

MIRACLE VALLEY VINEYARD, Delaplane - There’s plenty of room for kids to run outside, and annual events like the Harvest Party and Halloween Party always include something special for them.

PARADISE SPRINGS, Clifton – The winery’s back patio deck is reserved for adults only.

MORAIS VINEYARDS, Bealeton – Play areas and picnic tables make it easy to visit with kids.

STONE TOWER WINERY, Leesburg – The Harvest Barn tasting room is family and pet friendly. The Tower View Tasting Room next door is limited to those 21 and over. THE WINERY AT BULL RUN, Centerville – Kids welcome in the tasting room and the two-acre back yard and adjacent patio. The one-acre front yard and patio are strictly 21 and over.

“KIDS WELCOME” WINERIES Little ones find a warm welcome at these Northern Virginia and Central Virginia wineries.

Northern Virginia 612 VINEYARD, BERRYVILLE – Kids here get a playground and play area of their very own. ASPEN DALE WINERY, Delaplane -

Families are welcome to bring outdoor games, like frisbees, footballs and cornhole. Kids also love the farm animals--horses (including 3 minis), goats and chickens. BARREL OAK WINERY, Delaplane – Owner Brian Roeder tells us, “We have play activities and piles of dirt for the kids. Also, a scavenger hunt and all kids get free juice boxes.” DESERT ROSE RANCH & WINERY, Hume - A special area set aside in the tasting room called the “Kiddie Korner” has some items to keep kids entertained.

POTOMAC POINT WINERY, Stafford – Kids can play with books and toys in the “Little Buds Room” next to the tasting room, and board games are available for family play in the D’vine Lounge. THREE FOX VINEYARDS, Delaplane Kids are welcomed with lollipops and all the outside space they can handle, including a meadow along the banks of Crooked Run. Kid-friendly events include an annual Easter Egg Roll, Kite Flight and Rubber Duck Race.

Central Virginia ADVENTURE FARM, Earlysville – Bring your kids, and your dogs, too. GRAPEVINE > PAGE 39


The Wineries, Cideries & Distilleries of Virginia It's an impressive list — pick a region or wine trail and check out what the Old Dominion has to offer

2 WITCHES WINERY & BREWING CO 434-549-2739 209 Trade Street Danville 24541 50 WEST VINEYARDS 571-367-4760 39060 John Mosby Highway Middleburg 20117 612 VINEYARD 540-535-6689 864 Shepherds Mill Road Berryville 22611 8 CHAINS NORTH WINERY 571-439-2255 38593 Daymont Lane Waterford 20197 868 ESTATE VINEYARDS 540-668-7008 14001 Harpers Ferry Road Purcellville 20132 ABINGDON VINEYARD WINERY 276-623-1255 20530 Alvarado Road Abingdon 24211

804-580-4944 3138 Jessie Dupont Memorial Highway Heathsville 22473 AUTUMN HILL VINEYARDS BLUERIDGE WINERY 434-985-6100 301 River Drive Stanardsville 22973 BARBOURSVILLE VINEYARDS 540-832-3824 17655 Winery Road Barboursville 22923 BARREL OAK WINERY 540-364-6402 3623 Grove Lane Delaplane 20144 BARREN RIDGE VINEYARDS 540-248-3300 984 Barren Ridge Road Fishersville 22939 BELIVEAU ESTATE WINERY 540-961-0505 5415 Gallion Ridge Road Blacksburg 24060

ABOVE GROUND WINERY 975 McKinley Road Middlebrook 24459

BELLE MOUNT VINEYARDS 804-333-4700 2570 Newland Road Warsaw 22572

ADVENTURE FARM 434-971-8796 1135 Clan Chisholm Lane Earlysville 22936

BLACKSNAKE MEADERY 540-834-6172 605 Buffalo Road Dugspur 24325

AFTON MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS 540-456-8667 234 Vineyard Lane Afton 22920

BLENHEIM VINEYARDS 434-293-5366 31 Blenheim Farm Charlottesville 22902

ALBEMARLE CIDERWORKS 434-297-2326 2545 Rural Ridge Lane North Garden 22959

BLOXOM VINEYARD 757-665-5670 26130 Mason Road Bloxom 23308

ALTILLO VINEYARDS 434-324-4160 620 Level Run Road Hurt 24536

BLUE BEE CIDER 804-231-0280 1320 Summit Avenue Richmond 23230

AMERICAN WAY COUNTRY WINES 434-262-1250 13750 VA-47 Chase City 23924

BLUE RIDGE VINEYARD 540-798-7642 1027 Shiloh Drive Eagle Rock 24085

AMRHEIN'S WINE CELLARS 540-929-4632 9243 Patterson Drive Bent Mountain 24059 ANKIDA RIDGE VINEYARDS 434-922-7678 1304 Franklin Creek Road Amherst 24521 ARTERRA WINES 540-422-3443 1808 Leeds Manor Road Delaplane 20144 ASHTON CREEK VINEYARD 804-896-1586 14501 Jefferson Davis Highway Chester 23831 ASPEN DALE WINERY AT THE BARN 540-364-1722 3180 Aspen Dale Lane (GPS: 11083 John Marshall Hwy) Delaplane 20144 ATHENA VINEYARDS & WINERY


BLUE VALLEY VINEYARD AND WINERY BlueValleyVineyardandWinery. com 540-364-2347 9402 Justice Lane Delaplane 20144 BLUEMONT VINEYARD 540 554 8439 18755 Foggy Bottom Road Bluemont 20135 BLUESTONE VINEYARD 540-828-0099 4828 Spring Creek Road Bridgewater 22812 BODIE VINEYARDS 804-598-2240 1809 May Way Drive Powhatan 23139 BOGATI WINERY 540-338-1144 35246 Harry Byrd Highway Round Hill 20142 BOLD ROCK CIDER

1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy Nellysford 22958 BOXWOOD ESTATE WINERY 540-687-8778 2042 Burrland Road Middleburg 20117 BREAUX VINEYARDS 540-668-6299 36888 Breaux Vineyards Lane Purcellville 20132 BRENT MANOR VINEYARDS 434-826-0722 100 Brent Manor Lane Faber 22938 BRIGHT MEADOWS FARM 434-349-5349 1181 Nathalie Road Nathalie 24577 BRIGHTWOOD VINEYARD & FARM 540-717-2165 1202 Lillards Ford Road Brightwood 22715 BROOKS MILL WINERY 540-721-5215 6221 Brooks Mill Road Wirtz 24184 BURNLEY VINEYARDS 540-832-2828 4500 Winery Lane Barboursville 22923 BYRD CELLARS 804-652-5663 5847 River Road West Goochland 23063 CANA VINEYARDS & WINERY OF MIDDLEBURG 703-348-2458 38600 John Mosby Highway Middleburg 20117 CAPITOL VINEYARDS 845-598-2662 3600 Sage Road Delaplane 20144 CARDAMON FAMILY VINEYARDS 540-668-9018 12226 Harpers Ferry Road Purcellville 20132 CARDINAL POINT VINEYARD & WINERY 540-456-8400 9423 Batesville Road Afton 22920 CARET CELLARS 540-413-6454 495 Meadow Landing Lane Caret 22436 CARROLL VINEYARDS 703-777-3322 29 South King Street Leesburg 20175 CASANEL VINEYARDS & WINERY 540-751-1776 17956 Canby Road Leesburg 20175 CASTLE GLEN ESTATES WINERY 804-837-0703 18185 Narrow Path Trail Doswell 23047 CASTLE GRUEN VINEYARDS AND WINERY 540-229-2498 1272 Meander Run Road

Locust Dale 22948 CASTLE HILL CIDER 434-296-0047 6065 Turkey Sag Road Keswick 22947 CATOCTIN CREEK WINERY 14426 Richards Run Lane Purcellville 20132 CAVE RIDGE VINEYARD 540-477-2585 1476 Conicville Road Mt. Jackson 22842 CEDAR CREEK WINERY 540-436-8394 7384 Zepp Road Star Tannery 22654 CHATEAU MERRILLANNE 540-656-6177 16234 Marquis Road Orange 22960 CHATEAU MORRISETTE 540-593-3647 287 Winery Road SW Floyd 24091 CHATEAU OBRIEN AT NORTHPOINT 540-364-6441 3238 Railstop Road Markham 22643 CHATEAU Z VINEYARD 1219 Main Street Lynchburg 24504 CHATHAM VINEYARDS ON CHURCH CREEK 757-678-5588 9232 Chatham Road Machipongo 23405 CHESTER GAP CELLARS 540-636-8086 4615 Remount Road PO Box 108 Front Royal 22630 CHESTNUT OAK VINEYARD 434-964-9104 5050 Stony Point Road Barboursville 22923 CHRYSALIS VINEYARDS AT THE AG DISTRICT 540-687-8222 39025 John Mosby Highway Middleburg 20117 COBBLER MOUNTAIN CELLARS 540-364-2802 5909 Long Fall Lane Delaplane 20144 COLTSFOOT WINERY 276-623-7653 19158 Stone Mountain Road Abingdon 24210 COOPER VINEYARDS 540-894-5474 13372 Shannon Hill Road Louisa 23093 CORCORAN VINEYARDS & CIDER 540-882-9073 14635 Corkys Farm Lane Waterford 20197 CREEK'S EDGE WINERY 540-822-3825 41255 Annas Lane Lovettsville 20180

CROSSKEYS VINEYARDS 540-234-0505 6011 East Timber Ridge Road Mt. Crawford 22841

FIREFLY HILL VINEYARDS 540-588-0231 4289 Northfork Road Elliston 24087

CRUSHED CELLARS 571-374-WINE (9463) 37938 Charles Town Pike Purcellville 20132

FIRST COLONY WINERY 434-979-7105 1650 Harris Creek Road Charlottesville 22902

CUNNINGHAM CREEK WINERY 434-207-3907 3304 Ruritan Lake Road Palmyra 22963

FLYING FOX VINEYARD 434-361-1692 27 Chapel Hollow Road Afton 22920

DAVIS VALLEY WINERY 276-686-8855 1167 Davis Valley Road Rural Retreat 24368

FOGGY RIDGE CIDER 276 398-2337 1328 Pineview Road Dugspur 24325

DELAPLANE CELLARS 540-592-7210 2187 Winchester Road Delaplane 20144

FOX MEADOW WINERY 540-636-6777 3310 Freezeland Road Linden 22642

DELFOSSE VINEYARDS AND WINERY 434-263-6100 500 DelFosse Winery Lane Faber 22938

GABRIELE RAUSSE WINERY 434-981-1677 3247 Carters Mountain Road Charlottesville 22902

DEMOCRACY VINEYARDS 434-263-8463 585 Mountain Cove Road Lovingston 22949 DESERT ROSE RANCH & WINERY 540-635-3200 13726 Hume Road Hume 22639 DEVAULT FAMILY VINEYARDS 434-993-0722 247 Station Lane Concord 24538 DOUKÉNIE WINERY 540-668-6464 14727 Mountain Road Purcellville 20132 DRY MILL VINEYARDS & WINERY 703 737-3930 18195 Dry Mill Road Leesburg 20175 DUCARD VINEYARDS 540-923-4206 40 Gibson Hollow Lane Etlan 22719 EARLY MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS 540-948-9005 6109 Wolftown-Hood Road Madison 22727 EDEN TRY ESTATE WINERY 540-786-0037 6818 River Road Fredericksburg 22407 ELK ISLAND WINERY 804-627-3929 5759 River Road West Goochland 23063 FABBIOLI CELLARS 703-771-1197 15669 Limestone School Road Leesburg 20176 FINCASTLE VINEYARD & WINERY 540-591-9000 203 Maple Ridge Lane Fincastle 24090

GADINO CELLARS 540-987-9292 92 Schoolhouse Road Washington 22747 GAUTHIER VINEYARD 703-622-1107 5000 Farmer's Drive Barhamsville 23011 GENERAL'S RIDGE VINEYARD 804-472-3172 1618 Weldons Drive Hague 22469 GILES MOUNTAIN VINEYARD & WINERY 540-267-4125 290 Moye Road Staffordsville 24167 GLASS HOUSE WINERY 434-975-0094 Tasting Room 5898 Free Union Road Free Union 22940 GLEN MANOR VINEYARDS 540 635-6324 2244 Browntown Road Front Royal 22630 GOOD LUCK CELLARS 804-435-1416 1025 Good Luck Road Kilmarnock 22482 GRACE ESTATE WINERY 434-823-1486 5273 Mount Juliet Farm Crozet 22932 GRANITE HEIGHTS WINERY 540-349-5185 8141 Opal Road Warrenton 20186 GRAY GHOST VINEYARDS 540-937-4869 14706 Lee Highway Amissville 20106 GRAYHAVEN WINERY 804 556-3917 4675 East Grey Fox Circle Gum Spring 23065 GREENHILL WINERY & VINEYARDS

540-687-6968 23595 Winery Lane Middleburg 20117 GREENWOOD VINEYARDS 434-579-2836 9050 Mountain Road Vernon Hill 24597 GREY HORSE VINEYARDS 540-788-4620 12285 Elk Run Church Road Midland 22728 GUILFORD RIDGE VINEYARDS 540-778-3853 328 Running Pine Road Luray 22835 HAMLET VINEYARDS 276-629-2121 405 Riverside Drive Bassett 24055 HAMPTON ROADS WINERY 757-899-0203 6074 New Design Road Elberon 23846 HARTWOOD WINERY 540-752-4893 345 Hartwood Road Fredericksburg 22406 HICKORY HILL VINEYARDS WINERY 540-296-1393 1722 Hickory Cove Lane Moneta 24121 HIDDEN BROOK WINERY 703-737-3935 43301 Sprinks Ferry Road Leesburg 20176 HIDDENCROFT VINEYARDS 540-535-5367 12202 Axline Road Lovettsville 20180 HILL TOP BERRY FARM AND WINERY 434-361-1266 2800 Berry Hill Road Nellysford 22958 HILLSBOROUGH VINEYARDS 540-668-6216 36716 Charles Town Pike Purcellville 20132

HUNTING CREEK VINEYARDS 4344549219 2000 Addie Williams Trail Clover 24534 INGLESIDE VINEYARDS 804-224-8687 5872 Leedstown Road Oak Grove 22443 IRON HEART WINERY 3742 Boone Furnace Road Allisonia 24347 JACEY VINEYARDS 804-580-4053 619 Train Lane Wicomico Church 22579 JAMES CHARLES WINERY & VINEYARD 540-931-4386 4063 Middle Road Winchester 22602

JAMES RIVER CELLARS 804-550-7516 11008 Washington Highway Glen Allen 23059 JBR VINEYARDS & WINERY 540-250-7291 8205 Little River Dam Road Radford 24141 JEFFERSON VINEYARDS 434-977-3042 1353 Thomas Jefferson Parkway Charlottesville 22902 JUMP MOUNTAIN VINEYARD 540-348-6730 1493 Walkers Creek Road Rockbridge Baths 24473 KESWICK VINEYARDS 434-244-3341 1575 Keswick Winery Drive Keswick 22947 KILAURWEN WINERY, LLC 434 985 2535 1543 Evergreen Church Road Stanardsville 22973 KING FAMILY VINEYARDS 434-823-7800 6550 Roseland Farm Crozet 22932

HONAH LEE VINEYARD 540-406-1313 13443 Honah Lee Farm Drive Gordonsville 22942

KNIGHTS GAMBIT VINEYARD 2218 Lake Albemarle Road Charlottesville 22901

HORTON VINEYARDS 540-832-7440 6399 Spotswood Trail Gordonsville 22942

LAKE ANNA WINERY 540-895-5085 5621 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania 22551

HUME VINEYARDS 540-364-2587 5396 Washwright Road Hume 22639

LAZY DAYS WINERY 434-381-6088 1351 N Amherst Highway Amherst 24521

HUMMEL VINEYARDS 804-493-9998 1005 Panorama Road Montross 22520

LEO GRANDE VINEYARDS & WINERY 540-586-4066 1343 Wingfield Drive Goode 24556

HUNT'S VINEYARD 540-942-8689 57 Hawkins Pond Lane Stuarts Draft 24477 HUNTERS RUN WINERY 703-926-4183 40325 Charlestown Pike Hamilton 20158

LEXINGTON VALLEY VINEYARD 540-462-2974 80 Norton Way Rockbridge Baths 24473 LINDEN VINEYARDS 540-364-1997 3708 Harrels Corner Road

August 2017 | 37



s it me or are things moving faster than ever before? It seems like a few weeks after school is out for the summer, the "Back to School" promotions start at the stores and on the TV. As we are growing our vines through the year, I feel like we quickly move from one season to another without ever catching up. Farming berries, hops, pears and grapes at 6 locations keeps us busy throughout the year, with the heavy push being when things are warm and wet. I think warm and wet is the best way to describe this season. We have had some pockets of dryness, but the majority of the summer has had its rainstorms come through to keep the grass green and the plants growing quite well. The challenge with the excess moisture in the vineyard this time of year is multifaceted. The vines will not grow more grapes when things are wet, but they will grow more leaves. The extra leaves will bring more energy into the plant but will also add to the shading of other leaves. All of the leaves are susceptible to diseases such as Downy Mildew when they do not get a chance to dry. Also the weeds and grass are growing like crazy, holding moisture and slowing down the air movement that would allow the vines to dry. 38 | August 2017


Weather Woes So, what do we do to keep this situation managed in a way that we can still get top quality fruit for our vintage? First, we are mowing, controlling the weeds, pulling leaves off the vines and hedging to keep the air flowing and the sunshine reaching the inner part of the canopy. Also we use an irradicant organic spray that will rinse off the spores of Downey Mildew. We will follow up with another spray to keep the diseases at bay insuring healthy leaves that will

bring energy to the fruit for ripening. Some vines are more susceptible to certain diseases than others. And some vineyard locations will harbor the diseases more than others. The Sangiovese is quite susceptible and is planted in a lower, rather wet section. This is a bad combination. It sure is nice that I keep making mistakes so I have the opportunity to continue my learning. Where do we go from here? Our issue is already under control. There

are new leaves replacing the ones that were diseased. Some of the sick ones only have a blemish and are still working. None of the disease reached the fruit. We just need to continue our mowing, weed control and hedging routine through the vineyards until the rain stops and the green stops growing. We also continue to scout the vineyards on a regular basis so we can catch any diseases early before any infestation. I guess this state of perpetual “busyness” is part of our industry as well as our culture - and it may even be part of the weather. I recognize that I bring some of this pace on myself, but maybe I can find a way to have a few less things on the list. My summer crew is leaving next week to return to school. I guess I should ponder the idea of a few less things while I go hedge trim the vines again. …….Harvest is right around the corner! Doug is the proprietor and winemaker at Fabbioli Cellars in Loudoun County and has been penning this column for several years. He has been instrumental in the success of many of the Commonwealth’s vineyards and wineries. OldTownCrier



BEDFORD COUNTY WINE TRAIL The Bedford Wine Trail in the Central Virginia region includes five vineyards and wineries surrounding Bedford.

DEVAULT FAMILY VINEYARDS, Concord – DeVault is as much park as winery, with an indoor swimming pool, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts.

BLUE RIDGE WINE WAY The Blue Ridge Wine Way features eight wineries and vineyards in the spectacular mountains of the Northern Virginia region.

GRAYHAVEN WINERY, Gum Spring - Grayhaven has a playground, nature trail, horses, dogs, and wide open spaces - there’s plenty to see and do.

BOTETOURT COUNTY WINE TRAIL The Wine Trail of Botetourt Country features three wineries in the Blue Ridge Mountains. EASTERN SHORE WINE TRAIL The Eastern Shore of Virginia Wine Trail hosts three wineries along the Land Between Two Waters. This area is a unique rural coastal environment. Hundreds of miles of Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay shoreline provide a wealth of recreational opportunities for beach-lovers, fishermen, and boaters in addition to wine lovers.

DUCARD VINEYARDS, Etlan - Family-friendly with kids’ games available.

HICKORY HILL VINEYARD, Moneta - Toys and simple seasonal activities will help kids pass the time while mom and dad taste. And – score! – the winery is right next to Smith Mountain Lake, so naturally flip flops and bathing suit coverups are acceptable attire. KESWICK VINEYARDS, Keswick – Kids and dogs, dogs and kids. Bring both to friendly Keswick, which has a fenced, off-leash dog park for dogs to run around and play.

LAZY DAYS WINERY, Amherst – Kids are always welcome, and the winery hosts a popular Summer Solstice Festival every year, with lots of activities for kids. PEAKS OF OTTER WINERY, Bedford - Co-located with Johnson’s Orchards, Peaks of Otter is naturally kid friendly, with farm animals, fruit trees and grapevines, picnic tables and ponds. Peaks of Otter even hosts field trips for kids in the spring and fall.

DATE NIGHT BRENT MANOR VINEYARDS, Faber - Like a caped crusader, Brent Manor’s kid-friendly demeanor changes on the occasional Saturday night when they host no kid/no pet Date Night Wine ‘Til Nine. Check the dates on their website and then book a sitter. Reprinted with permission from Virginia Wine in My Pocket. For more guides, maps and itineraries for Virginia Wine Country, go to or download the free app in iTunes or Google Play.

FAUQUIER COUNTY WINE TRAIL Fauquier County is home to 16 wineries and vineyards — each with its own unique flavors. Enjoy awardwinning Virginia wines, wine tastings and tours. SHENANDOAH VALLEY WINE TRAIL The Shenandoah Valley Wine Trail is an association of six vineyards and wineries. LOUDOUN WINE TRAIL Loudouns Wine Trail in Northern Virginia takes you through Virginias hunt country to 23 participating wineries. CHESAPEAKE BAY WINE TRAIL The Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail, in the Chesapeake Bay region, highlights six different wineries. HEART OF VIRGINIA WINE TRAIL The Heart of Virginia Wine Trail in Central Virginia presents several events throughout the year at four wineries located in the central region of the state. BLUE RIDGE WINE TRAIL The Blue Ridge Wine Trail features five wineries and vineyards in the spectacular mountains all within minutes of the Blue Ridge Parkway. GENERALS WINE & HISTORY TRAIL In 2009, 10 wineries banded together to form a new type wine trail experience. The new wine trail experience was to tie our rich wine heritage with our rich historical heritage and thus the Generals Wine & History Trail was born. MONTICELLO WINE TRAIL The Monticello Wine Trail leads to 24 wineries from its hub in Charlottesville. Source: Virginia Wine Marketing Office


email us at 15669 Limestone School Rd • Leesburg, VA 20176 703.771.1197 •


A Father Figure

Tasting Room Hours - Open Year Round

Thursday-Saturday, & Monday 11-5 pm • Sunday 12 pm (noon)- 5 pm

Mention or bring this ad for a complimentary tasting for two through 12/23/2010 10100 Three Fox Ln. • Delaplane, VA • 540-364-6073


August 2017 | 39



LG opted to check out Vola’s version of the now popular Lobster Roll. Here is what she had to say: “It seems like this is the new phase following in the steps of resurrecting the “tater tot” and “mac and cheese”. Every cool place has a lobster roll on the menu now. This version is compiled of lumps of lobster tossed with lemon mayo and celery served on a New England style roll with southern slaw (very, very good and tangy), a spicy pickle and your choice of Old Bay fries or sea salt and vinegar chips. The sandwich was good and she would order it again but the next time I will ask for a little more of the lemon mayo and celery combo – I couldn’t really tell that there was celery in the mix. The fries are great and did I mention that the slaw was really good?” For dessert I couldn’t pass up the key lime pie. A firm pie filling that was loaded with flavor and little pieces of lime zest on a delicious graham cracker crust topped with a dollop of house made whipped cream. This was a perfect ending and brought back memories of my younger days. The menu isn’t over whelming and has a great variety of offerings that cover a taste for everyone. They have a variety of beers and a wine list that isn’t extensive but perfect for this restaurant. The specialty drinks featured at Hi-Tide Lounge are all available in the restaurant as well. Vola’s serves lunch and dinner and hosts brunch on Sundays. Check out the details at

sectors of the economy. This will increase a portfolio’s vulnerability to any single economic, political, or regulatory development affecting the sector or industry and may result in greater price volatility. Investment-style ETFs include growth- and value-type ETFs. The growth and value types of investing tend to shift in and out of favor; growth may not be realized; and a company’s intrinsic value may not be recognized by the overall market. Asset class ETFS include small-, medium-, and large-cap stocks. Investing in small- and mid-cap companies involves additional risks from investing in large-cap companies, such as limited liquidity and greater volatility. Dividend-focused ETFs generally seek to track the investment results of an index composed of dividend-paying equities. The income generated by the ETF’s holdings is dependent upon the dividend policies of the companies in which it invests. Dividend-paying stocks may URBAN GARDEN | FROM PAGE 14

the plants and spread them out to dry indoors. They should dry at least two weeks before shelling, or you can leave the seeds in the pods until planting time.


Key Lime Pie made for the perfect ending to our visit. THE LAST WORD | FROM PAGE 9

knifing headfirst into the waves.” This hilarious story features Joey, who floats to shore on a random bale of Jamaican pot; her corrupt husband Chaz, a marine biologist who doesn’t know which way the Gulf Stream runs; Red Hammernut, a redneck agribusiness owner who harries migrant laborers while dumping fertilizer into the Everglades; and a former cop and loner named Mich Stranahan who lives in an island off the coast near Miami. Hiaasen’s bizarre characters add great humor to a tale based on his own experience reporting on those trying to destroy ecology in the Everglades and Florida in general. I keep giving away copies of this book to people who generally don’t read. They tend to finish it quickly. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen You may want to avoid reading 40 | August 2017

Store seeds in tightly-sealed glass containers. You can store different kinds of seeds, each in individual paper packets, together in a large container. Keep seeds dry and cool. A temperature between 32° and 41°F is ideal, so your refrigerator can be a good place to store seeds. A small amount of silica-gel desiccant added to each container will absorb moisture from the air and help keep the seeds dry. Silica gel is sold in bulk for drying flowers at craft supply stores. Powdered milk can also be used as a desiccant. Use one to two tablespoons of milk powder from a freshly opened package. Wrap the powder in a piece of cheesecloth or a facial tissue and place it in the container with the seeds. Powdered milk will absorb excess

ponderous classics on vacation. Well, this is not one of them. If you read it for school years ago, give it a dusting and another go. This pointed comedy of manners for adults was written over 200 years ago, but it remains as fresh, satirical, and accurate regarding human nature as ever. You can also download this novel on your Kindle for free. COLD COMFORT FARM by Stella Gibbons For PBS viewers who enjoy wry, tongue-in-cheek English television series, this book is a rare comic treat. English majors who struggled through purple-prose modernists like D.H. Lawrence and other over-the-top

fall out of favor with investors and may not return more than the overall stock markets. Dividends may be reduced, changed, or eliminated at any time. Both active and passively managed funds are subject to fees and expenses not applicable to indices which are unmanaged and unavailable for direct investment. This article was written by/for Wells Fargo Advisors and provided courtesy of Carl M. Trevisan, Managing Director-Investments and Stephen M. Bearce, First Vice PresidentInvestments in Alexandria, VA at 800-247-8602. Investments in securities and insurance products are: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANKGUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. © 2017 Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC. All rights reserved.

moisture from the air for about six months. Be sure to label your saved seeds with their name, variety, and the date you collected them. It’s too easy to forget the details by the following spring. Use saved seed within one year; the older the seed the lower the germination and vigor. Jimmy, also known as Farmer D, is a native of the DMV and has resided in Del Ray, Alexandria, Va. for 24 years. He and Angie currently share their home with their two cats — Jax and Scooby. Questions or comments about Urban Garden or a garden question for Jimmy can be directed to: Write “Urban Garden” in the subject line.

authors who romanticized rural life as haunted with characters destined for disaster will enjoy the adventures of Flora Poste. A no-nonsense twenty-yearold orphan possessed of panache and all skills except that of making her own living, she decides to visit distant relatives at Cold Comfort Farm in the fictional village of Howling, Sussex. Her modern outlook and presence creates a stir among the eccentrics there, as she delves in to organize their lives and sweep away their pretensions as doomed figures. A 1995 movie adaptation starring Kate Beckinsale is just as amusing, although I would still recommend reading the book before watching the movie. Both made me laugh out loud.

THE INIMITABLE JEEVES AND CARRY ON, JEEVES by P.G. Wodehouse I’ll end in a similar British vein with these wonderful short stories. While they have been filmed often, the original written stories are so much better than any televised version: dry, witty, and very amusing. No one parodied early twentieth-century foppish upperclass culture like Wodehouse, with brilliant butler Jeeves saving the dimwitted, good-natured layabout Bertie Wooster from scrapes on regular occasions. While the Jeeves books can be somewhat long, these short stories are very enjoyable to peruse in bed or by the pool one by one. Happy summer reading! OldTownCrier



f I had a dollar for every single time I’ve been asked “Will my Ex come back to me?” – I would be George and Amal’s (as in Clooney) neighbor on that Italian island, with enough left over to jet set to the Galapagos every time I needed a fix of wild nature!

SERIOUSLY Y’ALL. Why do you keep bemoaning the situation between you and the ex? Why are you mooning over him and wanting him (or her) to come back to you? There was a perfectly good reason you broke it off and there’s an equally great reason for you to learn the joy of being single and unattached. NOW LET ME TELL YOU THE TRUTH. I’ve been there a few times myself. Mostly I was the breaker-upper – because – attachment and trust issues. Sometimes though, I was left staring into the broken shards of my imaginary perfect life with Mr. not-so-Perfect-butI-was-going-to-make-himso. It hurt and it stung to be left and my Ego was really in a tizzy. I hated finding out that the person that I’d covered with my love and kisses was out and about town with one (or three) others, all the while promising me that we’d buy that adorable house on the corner together so we could raise kids and get old and gray together. I HAVE LOVE IN MY HEART FOR YOU when you ask this question, even while I’m internally groaning. OldTownCrier

Will He (or She) Come Back to Me? I’m groaning because I see myself and so many of my friends when we were in that same position. I’m smiling because we all came out of it as better, more joyful people and empowered people who eventually found bliss on our own terms. Some of us with partners that are wildly more of a fit for us than the one we cried for and some of us without partners but the freedom and vision to dive into living our dreams on our own terms. We’re all so much more US as a result of letting that other one go. WHEN YOU PUT YOUR HANDS IN FRONT OF ME and ask me if your ex is coming back I can only tell you what I see about YOU and how you are in relationships. I can clearly see where you’re stuck and I can give you specific details about how and why you get yourself entangled with people who are not a fit. This doesn’t mean that they are bad people. And it totally doesn’t mean that you need to Gumby yourself into someone you’re not in order to regain that person in your life. WHAT YOU’VE JUST EXPERIENCED IS THE LAW OF CONTRAST. It shows you all the ways you’re attracting and buying into relationships that are not a fit for you for the long term. This doesn’t mean that the relationship was wasted time. (I know, I know, everyone else is getting

married! They’re having kids! and you feel left behind.) This is a great opportunity to ask yourself if you trust the Divine. Divine timing is always right. You can’t do this wrong! (what a relief, right?) Just because you’re comparing yourself to someone else doesn’t mean that you’re behind or wrong or dealing with an evil curse. It simply means that you’re learning lessons on your own time. WANT TO SPEED UP THAT LEARNING CURVE? Look to your hands and take action on what you learn.

TOO MANY PEOPLE WANT A PSYCHIC TO TELL THEM, “Yes, he’s coming back. He’ll be there in 3 months,” so they can sit back and wait for life to happen to them. They are literally handing their power over – to the psychic and to the person for whom they’re longing. What the psychic doesn’t tell you is that when he comes back it’s just more of the same and you’ll sink another decade into trying to become someone you’re not in order to “keep” them – ending up miserable with three kids who don’t want to speak to either of you once they turn 18.

INSTEAD OF ASKING “WILL HE (OR SHE) COME BACK TO ME?” Ask, “How can I be the best possible version of myself in a loving and committed relationship?” or “What are my blind-spots when it comes to relationships and how can I take action to clear up those challenges?” Then you’ll leave your reading with some seriously useful intel and you’ll have specific guidance on moving forward to a more joyful relationship future. Empower yourself and use your hands to light your path to love.

Are you at a crossroads and need to make some serious decisions? If you’re feeling stuck at work, in love or in general, it can feel impossible to get out of your own way. Peggie helps you assess your situation, using ancient and modern tools to help you move forward with a specific plan of action. Private Sessions are available by phone or Skype. August 2017 | 41



9 Things to Know About Fitness Technology Tools


hose looking to get and stay fit may need look no further than their smartphone, desktop computer, or wrist. The many apps, wearables, and online fitness programs that are available today are helping to motivate people to get off the couch and start getting physical. In the January 2017 issue of the journal Frontiers in Public Health, researchers report that fitness technology, which includes apps and trackers, has become increasingly popular and that it has the potential to significantly impact public health, research, and policies. However, most people don’t know much about them. The more they know about the fitness technology tools, the better they will be able to choose one that will fit their lifestyle and goals. “The right fitness tool has the potential to be a virtual coach right at your

42 | August 2017

fingertips,” explains Coach Sarah Walls, personal trainer and owner of SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc., who is also the strength and conditioning coach for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics. “An effective app, wearable or online program will give the ability to tailor your program

to suit your needs, provide you with a variety of ways to meet your goals, and help you accurately track your progress.” Coach Walls, who developed her own fitness app that allows her to provide clients with customized training plans, videos, and

more, offers these 9 things to know about fitness apps/tools: Apps have come a long way, now allowing individuals to get specific and customized training plans within minutes. Individualized training plans are essential in maximizing progress and limiting injuries. Programs such as hers allow for an individually tailored training plan at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. Some training plan generators even take into account injury history and training age to give the perfect fit. No more do people have to try and rely upon generic training plans or those that are not a good fit for them. The best training plan is one that the trainee will actually do. Training plans that are a good fit are more likely to be completed. Wearable tech products like the Fitbit, Apple Watch, Polar, and Garmin are allowing everyday exercisers to have a dashboard to their body at an incredibly affordable price. These products help individuals fine-tune their training to what their bodies need that day - this can prevent overtraining and

injuries. If properly interpreted, heart rate monitors and apps that track sleep can show possible signs of an individual who may be getting sick or is at risk of overtraining. With the notifications and gentle reminders to “stand up” or reach the “move goal” for the day, these devices can be very effective in helping people stay more consistently active. “With all of the technology available today it’s a great time to get serious about fitness and activity goals,” added Coach Walls. “The key to success with exercise tools is to make sure that you are using one that can be customized to suit your needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to fitness goals. The right program will be a great tool to help you achieve success and reach your goals.” Sarah Walls has over 15 years of experience in coaching and personal training. She offers coaching to develop athletes, adult programs, team training, online coaching programs, and more. To learn more about Coach Wells’ online training program, visit the site: Cher Murphy, owner of Cher Murphy PR, brings with her a wealth of experience in covering a variety of interesting fields. As an expert in public relations, she works with clients in some of the most popular sectors, including fitness, health and wellness, business, education, restaurants, travel, and entertainment. Sources: Frontiers in Public Health. Behavior changes with fitness technology in sedentary adults. https://www.ncbi.nlm. OldTownCrier


THE CABLE WOOD CHOPPER Summer is cruising by so I hope you have taken full advantage of it so far. This month’s exercise is the Cable Woodchopper. Two different versions exist. The handle can be on a high pulley to finish low or, in this case, start low and finish high. More resistance will be needed for the high-low chop and less for the low-high. I am using a single grip rotating handle attached to the end of the cable, however, I use both hands (right is over the left) to grab the handle. The start position is shown in figure 1. Take a quarter-squat stance with the feet wider than shoulder-width. You should be far enough away from the weight stack such that the weights do not touch each other. Keep both arms straight and the hands about knee high. The pictures show me starting on the lower left side rotating and extending up high to the right for the finish. This should be one continuous, smooth motion as you pull the handle in a diagonal line, rotating the torso, extending out of the quarter squat with a slight rotation of the hips. Keeping your arms straight and the handle away from your body during this exercise will effectively engage the core muscles. Try ten reps from left to right and then switch to the other side without resting. The resistance should be light if you are trying this for the first time. Do not attempt a one- repetition max because of the spinal rotation factor. You can incorporate the low-to-high version of the cable woodchopper into a warm-up routine or utilize it in an abdominal workout. Either way, this is an excellent exercise for all the major muscle groups and a great way to increase the heart rate too! Stay cool out there!!

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Old TOwn denTisTry FrinetKasper,DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Crowns & Bridges Invisalign • Sealants Fillings • Whitening

1203 Prince Street Alexandria, Va. 22314

703.683.0800 Hablamos Español • Same Day Appointments August 2017 | 43



DYI Summer Beauty


uring the “dog days of summer”, most of us need a pick me up to our beauty routines. Forget the spa and save some money by giving yourself an at home facial. Here are some easy steps on how to get a spaworthy facial in the privacy of your own home and at a fraction of the cost.

STEP 1 Get Your Face Squeaky Clean

STEP 2 Scub a Dub Dub

Use a good facial cleanser to rid your face of make-up and debris from the environment. Be sure to use the right cleanser for your skin type. If you are dry or sensitive, avoid cleansers with too many active ingredients, glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. If you are oily, be sure to use a cleanser that gets your skin and pores clean without stripping it.

Get rid of dead skin and rid pores of the gunk. Find a physical exfoliant - one with some grit to get rid of the ick. Beware of physical scrubs that use nutty ingredients as their scrubbing agent. These can superficially scar the skin and cause problems during your not so youthful years. Look for scrubs that use perfectly round spheres to ensure a safe exfoliating experience. Examples of such are those with ingredients of diathomous earth or jojoba beads.

Experience the Difference

Some tips on using a scrub: • If you use on dry skin, you’ll get a deeper exfoliation • For a good scrub, but not too deep, use on damp skin after you cleanse. • For a mild exfoliation, mix the exfoliant with your cleanser.


Purchase three or more products and receive 15% off and triple loyalty points!

LULU SAGE SALON & SPA 610 Madison Street, Suite100 • Old Town Alexandria, Virginia 703.894.0709 •

First-time Customers Enjoy 15% Off Don’t forget about our rewards program! 44 | August 2017

STEP 3 Put on a Mask Even Though It’s Not Halloween Now that you’ve cleansed and scrubbed away the dead skin, apply a facial mask. Masks come in many forms and have different uses. If you are feeling as dry as the Sahara, you might try a mask that boosts the moisture in your skin. Moisture or hydration masks – as they are often called – usually look like jelly and don’t dry while sitting on the skin. Clay based masks are great for skin that is either dull or congested. The clay ingredients work to pull out impurities that are clogging pores and to bring back the natural glow that has been camouflaged by dead skin cells.

STEP 4 Give your Face a Treat After your mask is wiped clean, your face is ripe for a treat. Apply a treatment serum appropriate for your skin type. If you are worried

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH emerginC spf 30+ and tinted 30+ spf 30+ and tinted spf 30+ are touted as “Broad Spectrum Sun Protectors” - a lightweight, nongreasy powerful sun block for the face that provides powerful UVA/UVB protection. This sun block contains all natural ingredients to protect and nourish the skin, including vitamin C, which improves tone and texture by removing dead skin cells, ultimately diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that often result from sun exposure.

What we think:

This sun screen does go on nicely and the tinted version lets you know that

about your age catching up to your skin, apply a Vitamin C based serum. Vitamin C is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth. It helps to rebuild collagen and improve the skin’s elasticity. If you are acne prone, apply an anti-acne serum. These serums help keep pore-clogging, acneinstigating bacteria at bay. For normal skin types, simply apply a vitamin-infused cocktail of antioxidants to help keep the skin looking healthy.

STEP 5 Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow The final step is to seal in all the goodness with a moisturizer to improve your natural inner glow. Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type – creams for dry skin, lotions for combination, and oil-free for oily skin. If you are performing your spa facial during the day, you might choose a tinted moisturizer to even the tone of your skin and give you a little added glow.

you have even coverage and there isn’t a white residue like some of the others we tried. Probably because it doesn’t contain any zinc oxide. It is good under makeup and holds up to normal perspiration, however, we don’t recommend using it if you are at the pool or the beach since it is neither water resistant or water proof. We did use it in conjunction with other emerginC products for the face, however, for the price, we aren’t sure that it does that much better than some of the drugstore brands out there.

Retail Prices: spf 30+ $38 spf 30+ tinted $40 Available at upscale spas and online at




Fishing for a Cause Anglers Pitch In For St. Jude’s Hospital Sports are measured in numbers. Games are determined by inches. Clocks run out. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Americans are always keeping score. Last month, 127 anglers took to the waters of the Potomac and by the end of the fishing day; they raised $6,820 for the kids of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. This might not seem to be a lot, but there were more than 2 times the participants this year. This was the 22nd tournament. Going back 20 years, Viacom DC radio General Manager Charlie Ochs listened to one of his managers make a pitch for the country music radio giant WMZQ to enhance their fundraising efforts for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The program Director and Sales Manager at the time were solidly opposed to a bass fishing tournament. They didn’t like the image fishing presented, at least in their minds. They felt the bass fishing demographic didn’t suit their demographics. Charlie heard them out and then took off his glasses and became Sargent Ochs. His eyes lit up and he asked if they knew anything about bass fishing. Charlie wasn’t a bass fisherman, but knew they bought boats, trucks, and tackle and made every Middle America purchase. He also knew they had families and made donations to worthy causes like St. Jude. Consensus was reached and here we are more than 20 years later. Amazingly, there are a few guys who fished the original event who continue to show up and bring others to the tournament. This event is like no other competition. Oh sure, there are a few gunslingers seeking prize money, but OldTownCrier

there are others like the Pyles brothers who in 2016 donated their winnings right back to St. Jude. This gathering of local bass anglers includes some of the best fishermen on the river along with avid anglers who just want to take a Friday off to support the kids. And support they do by showing up and opening their hearts and their wallets. Events like this are enhanced by corporate sponsors willing to donate products to show support for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and of course the anglers. Long time sponsor Hanz Extremity Wear has provided their line of waterproof socks and gloves for nearly the entire run. Jack’s Juice Bait Spray has been there too with samples, hats and shirts for the contestants. BoatUS also joined up over a decade ago, providing useful swag, like cooler bags, lanyards, and key floats. They also toss in towing packages. The support of GAMMA Fishing line is also very much appreciated, donating line for just about every angler; braid, fluorocarbon or copolymer. Water Gremlin supplies split shot weights. Newcomer 13 Fishing, rod and reel maker, jumped at the opportunity to participate. They donated a dozen rods for bass fishing and a few for crappie. Others also support the event. St. Jude Children’s Hospital is a worthy cause. At a cost of $2.4 million per day to operate St. Jude, the kids rely on public contributions to provide more than 75 percent of the operating funds. Insurance only provides 14% and 9% comes from grants. Most hospitals generate more than 90% of their revenues from insurance recoveries and other sources. St. Jude, the second largest health care charity in America according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Philanthropy 400 list and the 11th largest charity on Forbes list of the 200 largest U.S. charities, has consistently been in compliance

with the Council of Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance. The American Institute of Philanthropy, as well as financial rating agency Moody’s and Fitch have also rated St. Jude favorably. But more importantly, St. Jude changes the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Finding cures and saving children is their mission. Sharing treatments invented at St. Jude have helped to push the overall survival rate for childhood cancer from 20% when the hospital opened in 1962 to more than 80% today. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. What was behind the dramatic increase in this year’s tournament participation? Was it the decent weather? Maybe that the Potomac River is yieldin g plenty of quality size largemouth bass. Perhaps it was the publicity generated via social media. All valid possibilities. But, after talking to each and every participant, it turned out it was the kids, the brave kids who put up the fight of their lives, that got everyone to take a hot Friday off to participate in their battle. These anglers didn’t ask for thanks. They just wanted to know when the 23rd Annual St. Jude Children’s Hospital Potomac River Open Team Tournament would be so they could show up again, in record numbers. Author Capt. Steve Chaconas is Potomac bass fishing guide & contributing writer for BoatU.S. ( Potomac River reports: nationalbass. com. Book trips/purchase gift certificates:

Potomac River Bassing In August

Water is hot! Best to get out early to get a topwater bite. Start with a Lucky Craft G-Splash 80 popper. Use 14 pound test GAMMA Copoly or 30-pound test Torque braid. Look for clear water when there is water over the grass. With low water, Mann’s Super Frogs on 60-pound Torque braid will get big ones to come up. Twitch over clumps and pause in holes. Find a cadence that works. This will work all day when water is low. As for tides, move into the grass as the tide rises. Mann’s Baby 1-Minus covers water. Also Mann’s Stone Jig with a HardNose Mullet 3.5 inch trailer will cover water too, but deeper into the grass. Lift and drop and try steady retrieves. Also, Texas rigged Mizmo tubes on 16-pound test GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon with Mustad 3/0 Mega Bite Tube hooks can be pitched to holes in the grass. Soak soft plastics in garlic Jack’s Juice Bait Spray. Polarized Maui Jim HT sunglasses help to locate targets.

August 2017 | 45




love hearing about everyone’s summer plans, travels and adventures. It’s a throw back to elementary school when everyone showed up the Tuesday after Labor Day sporting their brand spankin’ new lunch boxes, and the teachers soft rolled you into the curriculum by giving you the floor to brag about your summer excursions via the brilliance of ‘show and tell.’ I’ve always been envious of anyone who could stand up in front of a crowd and spin a yarn of a tale—and let me tell you, some of the fifth graders from Marumsco Hills were on par with Mark Twain and Jules Verne with their creative recaps of travels along Ocean City’s infamous boardwalk or the local, and often treacherous, water slide. The real magic of ‘show and tell’ as everyone knows, however, is in the show. I don’t care how harrowing it was scaling that diving board for the first time; show me the scar from the stitches you got skate boarding! Playing miniature golf at Myrtle Beach yaddee yadda ya. Genuine sea horse skeleton from South of the Border?! Awesomeness! One of my personal ‘show’ bests was the pink coin purse that I scored from Dinosaur Land in Front Royal after a weekend of camping along the Shenandoah. Confession: I may still have said treasure cleverly stowed away somewhere. Oh, the memories. That little purse symbolizes so much. Not just that of a local landmark, but the weekend spent with my family trying to survive in the wilderness. Trust me—camping then was not anything like the ‘glamping’ of today. No. There was nothing glamorous about camping in 1976 unless you have a thing for squatting in the woods and dodging snakes. Route 1 was a wilderness in the ‘70s for Christ’s sake. Although, truth be told, my mom, my aunt and I did score the ultra-glamorous and highly-coveted sleeping spot within the confines of my aunt’s boyfriend Walt’s camper – which, by the way, was not unlike my very hip Barbie camper. Probably about the same size to scale, but lucky for us, not made of orange plastic. Although, like the Barbie camper, the sink didn’t work, and there wasn’t a fully functioning bathroom (aka pee only) or anywhere to bathe— luxuries that now spoil me in my 50s. I remember having to jetty myself up onto the dining table, place one foot onto the kitchen counter and pull myself up into the bed that my mom and I shared. And, by bed, I mean 2” piece of foam. The dining room table magically converted into another bed where somehow my 6’ tall aunt was to sleep. It was all so very glamorous 46 | August 2017

U.S.S. Winning at Yachtsea

Gloat & Tell until I rolled out of the bed and came crashing down on Aunt Norma right after my cute 10 year old butt slammed into the corner of that kitchen counter. Now that was a shiner! And so my love affair with glamping came to a screeching halt. If only I had the opportunity to stand in front of my peers today to regale them with my summer adventures! I’d hold them spellbound with my adventures ‘gloating’ along the Chesapeake Bay with my husband XXL in our beloved yacht and envy of the sea, Winning at Yachtsea. I’d tell them about how we boarded and embarked on a week-long aquatic odyssey starting at a world-renowned resort marina where we enjoyed four days of pampering and play. We awoke every morning to the sweet, buttery smell of Belgian waffles served up by our personal onboard butler, Yves. After a breakfast fit for a king served bedside (thank you, Yves) in our spacious state room, we laid poolside sipping exotic cocktails, kayaked amidst the white caps, enjoyed gourmet dinners under the stars, and ended each night with a bottle of Cristal. From there, we headed to another luxurious Bay destination where we spent our afternoons swimming in a sparkling infinity pool equipped with underwater music because why be without music for a moment? By merely waving our hands, plates

piled high with East Coast Caviar aka lump fin crab appeared. After a few days, our capable Captain Jacques steered Winning at Yachtsea towards St. Michael’s, MD where we tied up for two nights. We biked through the quiet village in the early morning hours, sipped cappuccinos at an idyllic coffee shop, and watched the sun rise across the Bay. We whittled away our afternoons gazing into each other’s eyes, napping and then awakening for an afternoon glass of Prosecco flown in daily from Italy. Evenings were filled with fresh straight-off-the boat oysters and wine that would make your tongue curl with envy. After the telling portion was over, I’d show everyone the tennis ball sized pearl that XXL found on an underwater excursion. And that, my friends, is how you gloat. Fast forward to real life and it’s deja vu all over again circa 1976. Our ‘yacht’ is a quite lovely fishing boat (not orange plastic) that, on a hot July day, might smell somewhat like a cross between a fishmonger shop and a Texaco fuel pump. [Disclaimer: XXL says I have a whiffer like a blood hound and it most certainly does NOT smell like anything other than a boat with diesel engines]. Like my beloved Barbie camper—there’s nowhere to go #2 or bathe. Steering into St. Michael’s was a wee little bit of a stretch as we actually lost steering enroute. As in, WE HAD NO

STEERING. Luckily, XXL is very smart and his mechanical abilities are off the charts so he heroically (and somewhat magically) was able to get us safely into the marina without careening into another boat or jet skier for which I am eternally grateful. While I did eat my weight in oysters and crabs, alas, I have the belly to show for it. Sadly, the Belgian waffles and Prosecco were a mystical, cruel joke and figment of my twisted imagination. The only thing I was awaken to each morning was the sudden urge to find a bathroom with a proper commode. Yves and Jacques may exist, but I have yet to meet them although I do pray for their arrival daily. You guessed it—there is no pearl to show either. Only some bruises from climbing on and off the boat as well as a map of the Bay which I will proudly display in my bathroom as a reminder of all the marinas that have great bathrooms. The good news, however, is that I didn’t come crashing down on anyone during the middle of the night so at least you’ll be spared me showing you my shiner. Cheers to a summer of memories and thank you, XXL, for making all my days an adventure. Lori Welch Brown is the founder of JCL Services, Ltd., the area’s premiere personal concierge and professional organizing company since 2001. In addition to writing, Lori is a struggling artist who enjoys spending time w/ her husband XXL and their fur babies Dozer & Macey. OldTownCrier




Stayin’ Cool in the Casino

t’s a numbers game here! 3 lively bars, 7 happy hours during the week, 8 full service restaurants, 9 food vendors in the National Market, a gorgeous 400 room hotel and spa, a 3,000 seat theater and 24 Hour Gaming – All under one “air conditioned” roof! I have to admit that I really do like this place! If I had a tad more expendable income, I would probably be considered a “regular” here. I do tend to spend a bit more time at the restaurants than I do in the casino at this point but that is another reason that I like the MGM. Jose Andres’ FISH is my full service restaurant of choice at this point but I haven’t had the pleasure of dining at Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse yet. However, their bar and lounge is quite inviting. Tap Sports Bar is just that – lots of big screen televisions and large portions of typical bar food and some good cold beers. Marcus’ Classic American and Ginger’s Asian are the only two restaurants that don’t have access to the great waterfront views but they are inviting nonetheless. The National Market food court is one-of-a-kind. You won’t find any chintzy chain restaurants here (unless you consider Starbuck’s in that category). Nine unique venues from the Bento Box to Honey’s Fried Chicken and Waffles grace this space. All with very reasonably priced fare and drinks. The Theater is a very special space! The sound system and acoustics in this place are over the top! The fact that it only seats 3,000 people also makes for pretty much not having a bad seat in the OldTownCrier

house! I am looking forward to seeing one of my old favorites, Cher, this month. It’s my birthday present to myself. I hear that her show is fabulous considering her “advanced” age. And….I don’t really care if she is sporting a bit of cosmetic alteration! It is entertainment! There are some really interesting works of art both inside and outside of the MGM. One of my favorites is the huge Cinderella Shoe by Liao Yibai that is near Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parkers boutique located in The District section of the resort. Music Icon Bob Dylan even has a large sculpture that stands on the perimeter, but my favorite is the piece that welcomes you to the hotel. The Conservatory is a very special area that spans two floors with the best view from the lobby of the hotel. You will miss this if you enter from the parking garage unless you make it a point to walk to the main entrance to the casino. The displays in this area are changed seasonally and are truly works of art. The photo here doesn’t really do it justice. This makes it a welcoming place for everyone. There are several high end shops in The District section as well. I’m not a big shopper so I don’t really frequent these unless I have shopping guests in town. I do have my eye on a pair of sunglasses in one of the shops so I may have to break down soon and spend the $$$. You pass all of them on the way to the restaurants so window shopping is definitely in order. Let’s talk about the main attraction – this is the

area’s truly “Las Vegas” style casino. The Horseshoe in downtown Baltimore is a close second but has a ways to go to compete with the MGM. A Poker Room that rivals many others, Black Jack and Craps tables, Roulette Wheels and a plethora of slot machines round out the gaming. However, at this point there isn’t any sports betting offered here. There is gambling for the high rollers in the high stakes rooms and plenty more for those of us “low” rollers. I actually like to play Black Jack but at this point in my life can’t justify spending $25 a hand so I have taken up the penny slots! Don’t laugh, I have held my own with these 2017 versions of the “one armed bandit”. My favorite is one of the Buffalo Herd themed machines located in my “secret” section of the main floor. There are several of them but there is “my” special one and I’m not saying where it is. You can have a lot of fun with $20 on a penny machine if you don’t get carried away. Be sure to secure your MLife Rewards card on your first visit. You will be surprised at what you might win. I know I was. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to explore the MGM National Harbor, it is worth the trip whether or not you gamble. It is designed such that there is no need to even enter the casino if that isn’t your thing. Just a visit every time they change out the Conservatory display to take in lunch or dinner is worth the trek. Like with everything else these days, you can log on to the MGM National Harbor website and other social media outlets to get details on everything under their roof. July 2017 | 47

It’s cooler at National Harbor

National Harbor Calendar of Events - August 2017 FREE FITNESS CLASSES On the Plaza Through October Participate in a free fitness classes on the Plaza brought to you by No Excuse Workout. All classes run from 7-8 pm except Saturday morning yoga that runs from 10-11 am. Mondays - CardioHIT Tuesdays - Kickboxing Wednesdays - Zumba Saturdays – Yoga (Please refer to National Harbor’s Facebook page for any weather related cancellations.)

MOVIES ON THE POTOMAC Through September Nothing says summer like an evening under the stars—and there’s no better way to enjoy the season than a date night at National Harbor. Join

us on the Plaza every Thursday night - Date Night Style - and Sundays – Family Night Style! Please note that movies will begin at 6 pm on Sundays and 7 pm on Thursdays and will be shown once, so end times may vary with each movie. Double Features start at 4 pm. A schedule of movies to be shown can be viewed below. Date Night Screenings: 3rd – The Blind Side 10th – Central Intelligence 17th – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 24th – Top Gun 31st- Rocky (1976) Family Night Screenings: 6th – Space Jam 13th – Double Feature: The Karate Kid (1984 & The Karate Kid (2010) 20th – The Might Ducks 27th – Remember the Titans



and souls of civilians and military personnel alike, while their tuneful stylings in a variety of genres please music lovers of all ages. Don’t miss these FREE shows on the Plaza stage.

Through September 29th 4 pm- 8 pm Start your weekend right with Summer Fridays at National Harbor! Play Corn hole, Connect Four, Giant Jenga, hula hoop, hopscotch, and more with family and friends. Enjoy performances by Bobby McKey’s, giveaways, and listen to the DJ spin your favorite summer jams. And of course, joining us means you get front row seats to the best sunset view in the DMV. Get your cameras ready and your flip flops on!

5th – 257th Army Band 12th – Air Force Singing Sergeants 19th – Air Force Concert Band 26th – Air Force Airmen of Note


*Please note that times/dates may be changed or cancelled due to weather. Updates will be made via social media, so please make sure to follow the Harbor on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates!



Saturdays Through September 23rd - 7 pm World-class performances by bands from the nation’s Armed Forces at National Harbor will stir the hearts

American Way Saturdays and Sundays Through October - 10am-5pm Miller Farms Farmer’s Market returns

to National Harbor with their wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, beautiful flowers and plants, and much more. Located on American Way by the fountain. Miller Farms is a 267-acre farm in Clinton, MD that has been family owned and operated since 1840.

August 19th On the Plateau Session 1: 11 am – 3 pm Session 2: 5 pm – 9 pm Join thousands of your new BFF’s at the all-you-care-to-eat taste extravaganza complete with over 65,000 crabs, lots of beer, crafts, live music and much more! Tickets available at and at the door. Discounts on tickets purchased prior to the event.

Potomac RiveRboat comPany SightSeeing – Private CharterS – Water taxiS

AC LOUNGE 156 Waterfront Street 301-749-2299 BOND 45 149 Waterfront Street 301-839-1445 BRASS TAP 164 Fleet Street 301-965-9116 BROTHER JIMMY’S BBQ 177 Fleet Street 301-909-8860 CADILLAC RANCH 186 Fleet Street 301-839-1100 CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL 158 National Plaza 301-749-2016 CRAB CAKE CAFE 140 National Plaza 240-766-2063 ELEVATION BURGER 108 Waterfront Street 301-749-4014 FIORELLA PIZZERIA E CAFFE 152 National Plaza 301-839-1811

48 | July 2017

GRACES MANDARIN 188 Waterfront Street 301-839-3788 GRANITE CITY FOOD & BREWERY 200 American Way 240-493-3900 IRISH WHISPER 177 Fleet Street 301-909-8859 McCORMICK & SCHMICK 145 National Plaza 301-567-6224 McLOONES PIER HOUSE 141 National Harbor Plaza 301-839-0815 NANDO’S PERI-PERI 191 American Way 301-567-8900 NATIONAL PAST TIME SPORTS BAR & GRILLE Gaylord Resort 301-965-4000 OLD HICKORY STEAKHOUSE Gaylord Resort 301-965-4000

PIENZA ITALIAN MARKET Gaylord Resort 301-965-4000 POTBELLY SANDWICH WORKS 146 National Plaza 301-686-1160 PUBLIC HOUSE 199 Fleet Street 240-493-6120 REDSTONE AMERICAN GRILL 155 National Plaza 301-839-3330 ROSA MEXICANA 135 Waterfront Street 301-567-1005 SAUCIETY AMERICAN GRILL 171 Waterfront Street 240-766-3640 SUCCOTASH 168 Waterfront Street 301-567-8900 THAI PAVILLION 151 American Way 301-749-2022 WALRUS OYSTER & ALE HOUSE 152 Waterfront Street 301-567-6100

alexandria – national harbor Water taxi

washington by wateR monuments cRuise

National Harbor is a waterfront destination across from Alexandria. Round-trip and One-way service provided.

Enjoy our nation’s monuments and historic landmarks on a narrated cruise between Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown Washington D.C.

george WaShington’S mount veRnon by wateR cRuise

Water taxi to the national Mall

Arrive by boat and spend the afternoon exploring the 45-acre estate, grounds, Museum and Education Center.

Arrive in style at the National Mall to view the Roosevelt Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and more!

For additional information, visit our ticket booth located in the Alexandria City Marina, behind the Torpedo Factory Art Center.



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An Evening in the Vineyard August 10, 2017 6 - 10 pm Running Hare Vineyard Prince Frederick, MD Purchase tickets on our website: or call 410-535-0892 Proceeds Benefit The Burnett Calvert Hospice House

Gerald Van DeVelde & Rene Cunningham

Richard & Claire Piason

Happy Hour Tuesday through Friday 4:00pm to 6:30pm

Lunch Thursday and Friday 11:00am to 2:00pm

Dinner Tuesday though Sunday 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11:00am to 2:00pm

With seasonal menu changes, a waterfront patio, and a fireplace in each room, Cedar Knoll is the perfect setting for a romantic evening, a gathering of family and friends, or special events small and large. Ask us about our private event space! Walk-ins Welcome, Reservations Recommended 703.780.3665 9030 Lucia Lane Alexandria, VA 22308

Old Town Crier - August 2017 Issue  
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