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September 2013| $6.00 The Charity Issue

4th Annual

Beauty of Charity Issue Manufacturers Give Back

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Editorial Letter.................... 10 The Beauty of Charity 자선의 아름다움

Expert Advice.....................12 Design Essentials® Reveals Little Known Facts about the New “It” Ingredient - Argan Oil


Feature Article The Bootstrapper’s Dirty Dozen ����������������������������� 70 by Joseph Callaway

Starting a small business is hard work. Here are 12 unexpected tactics—all centered on putting clients first—that will help your company to succeed.

Beautiful Inside and Out

How Should You Sell It?......22 Giving Back Through Charity

어떻게 판매할 것인가? 자선을 통한 환원

Urban Call Briefs.................49 Understanding Generational Marketing Among African-Americans

Retailer Profile

The Science of Curl

by Tony Bae

King of Locs........................67 Clipper Tips......................... 86 Replacement Blade Size Matters!!!

Therapy Trends....................88

Star Beauty Supply������������ 80 다양한 방법으로 고객들과 소통해야 합니다

Rallying Around Recovery

Tonsorial Times ..................90 Barbers are Booming

업계소식........................... 100

Jinny News ......................102 Industry News .................104 Coupons..........................113 Show Calendar................116 Ad Index..........................116 Reader Feedback.............. 118 Product Spotlight............. 120 Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer 4

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

On The Cover Achieve superior shine and styling flexibility with EcoCustard Conditioning, Shining & Styling Cream from ECOCO! This formula contains essential oils like Olive and Moroccan Argan along with conditioners to protect, hydrate and nourish hair. EcoCustard is safe for daily use on all hair types and the ultimate choice to express any style! Learn more on page 55 or online at www.ecocoinc.com.

CONTENTS September 2013 Knowledge To Know

Ombre Hair............................. 32 by Lindsay Perez

What is this “ombre hair” that everyone keeps talking about? It is a hair color effect that is here to stay. Be sure to be well-educated about this procedure so you can accurately inform customers when they are ready to tackle the technique.

모든 사람들이 말하고 있는 “옴버 헤어” 란 무엇인가? 모발에 색상 효과를 주는 스타일로 아직도 많은 사랑을 받고 있다. 이에 대해 상세히 알아보고 소비자들에게 잘 전달해 보도록 하자.

The Importance of Business Philanthropy������������������� 38 by Denice Gierach

Business owners, especially in a down economy, are so involved in making their numbers that they probably do not give much thought to asking about business philanthropy. Take a moment to explore why it’s important and the many ways it can benefit your company.

Finished Product

Moroccan Hair Oil ���������������������������������������� 28 by Aaron Bainbridge

The skin and hair moisturizing capabilities of Moroccan hair oil are what make it the hair oil of choice for many. Learn more about this product and what makes it so great.

Business Tips

Are you Creating a Culture of Exile?���������������������������56 by Christine Comaford When employees feel they belong, they’ll give you their all. When they don’t, well, you’ll get only crumbs. Learn why belonging is such a powerful human drive and what you can do to foster it.

당신은 망명의 문화를 만들고 있는가? 당신 직원들의 소속감이 부족할 수도 있다는 5가지 징후 직원들이 소속감을 느낄 때, 그들은 모든 것을 당신에게 줄 것이다. 그들이 어떤 소속감도 느끼지 못한다면, 당신이 얻게 되는 것은 몇몇 부스러기 조각 정도일 것이다. 소속감이 왜 이토록 중요한 것이며, 이러한 소속감을 주기 위해 당신이 할 수 있는 것이 무엇인지 알아보자

기업 자선의 중요성

Tips You Might Not Know When Donating for Charity ��������������������������������������������������60

지금과 같이 불경기인 시기에는 대부분의 회사들이

by Christian Aligo

자선에 관해 관심을 가질 여유가 없다. 하지만, 왜 자선이

Since your business is obliged to help your community and to extend a hand to the needy ones, you must keep your door open to solicitations. However, you must make sure you are helping the right charity and that your donation will reach its recipient.

중요하고, 어떻게 회사에 도움이 되는지를 알아 보도록 하자.

자선단체에 기부할 때 당신이 간과할 수 있는 것들

Show Coverage Cosmoprof North America....................... 92 Cosmoprof North America continues to exemplify the energy and creativity that drive the beauty industry. As such, 2013 proved to be a record year for the show both in terms of the largest number of attendees in the show’s history and the largest number of participating exhibitors. Not to mention, it was also voted the Most Innovative Organization in the Trade Show Industry!

여러분의 비즈니스가 지역사회에 환원해야 하는 어느 정도의 의무를 가지고 있는 이상, 어려운 사람들을 도와줄 수 있도록 마음의 문을 열어 놔야 한다. 하지만 어떠한 단체를 도와주고 있는지, 그 도움이 전달이 되는지를 확실히 파악해야 한다

Special Charity Section

The Beauty of Charity��������������������������������������������������76 Join us in celebrating the charitable efforts of two members of the beauty industry. In this, our 4th Annual Beauty of Charity issue, we highlight the contributions that Conair and DRM-JPC Brands are making to help others.

꾸준히 자선을 행하고 있는 뷰티업계의 자랑스런 두 회사들이 있다. 이번에 OTC 뷰태 매거진의 4번째 ‘자선의 아름다움’ 특집을 맞아 Conair 와 DRM-JPC Brand 의 자선 활동들을 소개 하고자 한다.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013


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OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Editorial Letter

The Beauty of Charity 자선의 아름다움


t is something we are often told from childhood, that

true beauty comes from the inside. Society tries to place parameters on what beauty is from a visual standpoint, and this can change as trends come and go. Nevertheless, the attributes of beauty from within are more often than

릴 적부터 종종 들어왔던 얘기 중에, 진정한 아름다움은

내면에서 나온다는 말이 있습니다. 사회는 시각적 관점에서 보는 아름다움을 매개 변수로 두려 하고, 이것은 무수히 바뀌는 유행에 따라 변할 수가 있습니다. 그럼에도 불구하고, 내면에서부터 나오는

not steady throughout the years, seeing that a good heart

아름다움의 속성은 오랜 세월동안 이어져 왔고, 좋은 내면의

never goes out of style.

아름다움은 결코 유행을 타지 않는다는 것을 보여주고 있습니다.

From the heart is where charity originates, at least

저는 자선의 출발은 마음에서부터라고 생각합니다.

in my opinion. It is through a genuine concern for the

사람들이 사회환원 활동에 참여하는 것은 다른 사람들의 행복에

wellbeing of others that people participate in the action

대한 진정한 관심이 있기 때문입니다. 주변의 지역사회이든 혹은

of giving back—whether to the community surrounding

멀리 떨어진 곳이든, 시간, 돈, 물품, 혹은 단순한 몇몇 기도나 좋은

them, or far off places. Through the contribution of time, money, goods or merely a few prayers and kind thoughts, humble givers help those around them in a multitude of

생각의 기부를 통해, 겸손한 기부자들은 주변 사람들을 다양한 방법으로 돕고 있습니다. 이것은 단지 개인적인 일뿐 아니라,

ways. Not only is this an individual task, but your OTC

OTC 매장 또한 독립체로써 참여할 수 있습니다. 시도해 보세요.

store can participate as an entity as well. Give it a try; it

여러분의 지역사회에 여러분의 매장에 관한 새로운 인식을 주며

may give your community a new appreciation for your

새로운 고객을 확보하는데도 도움이 될 수도 있습니다.

establishment and help you gain new customers.

Like in past magazines, we have once again gathered

제품들을 모아 여러분들에게 소개하고 있으며, 여러분의 매장을

some of the newest, most innovative products in the indus-

운영하는데 유익한 정보도 함께 싣고 있습니다. 이 달에 우리가

try to introduce you to, along with helpful information for running your store. However, this month we have slanted the focus to charity for our 4th Annual Beauty of Charity issue.

항상 그래왔듯이, 우리는 업계의 가장 새롭고 혁신적인

초점을 기울인 것은 ‘자선’ 으로, 4th Annual Beauty of Charity에 관한 기사들입니다. 페이지76에는, Conair 와 DRM-JPC 브랜드,

Beginning on page 76 we have highlighted the efforts of two

이 두 회사의 자선에 관한 노력들을 집중 조명하였습니다. 나는

manufacturers: Conair and DRM-JPC Brands. I encourage

여러분들이 이 기업의 자선 참여 활동에 대해 배우고, 여러분들이 할

you to learn about their involvement with philanthropy, and

수 있는 자선 활동을 선택하고 그것을 위한 스스로의 방법을 발견할

let it inspire you to discover your own way to help with your

수 있는 영감을 얻길 바랍니다. 기다리지 마시고, 자선에 동참해

charity of choice. What are you waiting for? Get to giving!


Editor hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com 10

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

June 2012OTC Beauty Magazine


Expert Advice

Design Essentials Reveals Little Known Facts about the New “It” Ingredient – ARGAN OIL ®

As the new “It” ingredient, Argan Oil has multiple benefits. Using products containing Argan oil—such as the products found in Design Essentials® new Argan Collection—delivers everything you’re looking for when it comes to beautiful, lustrous hair! To help you understand all the many benefits of this super hair ingredient, Design Essentials® has compiled a list of little-known facts about Argan oil that every woman should know … Antioxidant: Hair ages too! Argan oil contains vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant which fights natural damage occurring from environmental stressors to the hair at the cellular level.

Healing Balm: Not just for hair, Argan is beneficial to the skin as well. Argan oil contains Vitamin F, a key component which stimulates skin and hair growth.

Hair Repair: Whether from over processing with chemicals or excessive heat through the use of styling tools, using products infused with Argan oil over time will help reverse damage to the hair by strengthening it and mending split ends.

Shine Bright: Adding natural sheen and gloss, Argan oil gives natural shine. When combined with other natural moisturizers, like Olive, Jojoba and Coconut oils - all of which are found in Design Essentials® Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Créme—hair will have maximum gloss.

Soften Up: As a natural oil, Argan penetrates the hair to soften strands and improve elasticity.

Manage Your Mane: Tangles and flyaways block your style profile. Using a lightweight hairdress with Argan oil increases manageability for combing, brushing and for achieving bouncy styles.

Protect Yourself: Using an Argan oil hairdress or moisturizer will protect hair from thermal and environmental damage by creating a barrier around the hair. Strength in Numbers: Weakened hair benefits from products designed to gradually add strength to strands. Argan oil fortifies the hair by strengthening the protein bonding structures of the hair. Ban Breakage: If hair is weakened from sharp combs, brushes or hair tools, Argan oil helps to moisturize the hair, thus lessening tangles, snags and breakage. Fight Fading: When hair is color treated, UV rays, stripping shampoos and heat from styling tools can dull once-vibrant color. Argan oil helps prevent fading by protecting the hair, as well as providing light-reflecting shine to enhance color.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Moisture to the Max: Natural oils add and help to seal moisture into the hair. Some may find using oils by themselves too heavy, so a lightweight product containing Argan oil helps to deliver the benefits of moisture without sticky or greasy residue. Design Essentials® NEW Argan Collection contains products with this amazing ingredient. Get all 10 benefits of Argan oil in the new Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Créme available online at www.DesignEssentials.com or at your local salon. Also visit www.facebook.com/ designessentialshaircare.

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine




As you and your customers gear up to participate in various charitable efforts, be sure you look fabulous doing so. We recommend using some of these products that are fresh on the market.


Strengthen and Restore Hair

Revive and restore the look of hair with Hask® Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing Conditioner. Infused with moisturizing Argan Oil, this conditioner penetrates the hair shaft, gently softening and detangling while protecting against damage and breakage.


Go Pro

Pamper curls with this delicious lightweight daily indulgence that improves hairs’ elasticity while rehydrating, reactivating and protecting curls. Smooth ‘N Shine’s Curl-Licious Mist is just the thing thirsty curls need. www.smoothnshine.com


Bye-Bye Build-up

KOEE Lightening Facial Wash effectively lifts away build-up from bacteria and oil. It does not contain hydroquinone and is formulated using natural fruit extracts. This unique formula gradually fades unwanted discoloration and evens skin tone for a more radiant complexion. www.koeeusa.com


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

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September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



It’s a Miracle! African Pride® Olive Miracle formula is rich in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the ultimate in silky smooth deep conditioned hair and a moisture-rich, healthy scalp. The new featherlight Leave-in Conditioner helps protect hair from damage while strengthening on the inside. www.strengthofnature.com

Wake up to Nourished Hair Enriched with rejuvenating Amla Oil, 1001 Oils Cream™ Night Wrap is a supple and indulgent night treatment that provides intense moisture to help soften and smooth frizz overnight. Made for all hair types. www.softsheen-carson.com

Just For Me Just For Me® Hair Milk Nourishing Cream Cleanser bathes strands in super rich lather that rinses quickly for hair that’s silky soft with finger-thru manageability. It leaves dryness, tangling, and breakage way behind. Ideal for tight, curly or wavy textures. www.jfmvipclub.com

Be Natural YOU® Be-Natural™ Curl Moisturizing & Defining Spray is unequaled in adding moisture to curly and wavy hair styles. This unique spray helps to eliminate breakage and keep the hair soft for a healthier style with lasting sheen. www.youbenatural.com


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Be Edgy Accent eyes with Ardell Professional’s Edgy™ Accented Edges lashes. Elongating already beautiful lashes and adding a little “pop” to the outer edges, they are sure to demand attention when walking in a room. www.aiibeauty.com

Barber’s Shine Bonfi Natural’s Oil Free Barber’s shine contains a unique special light complex blend of ingredients that was formulated and designed to impart the highest shine possible, on human and synthetic hair. It also works great on dread locks and twists. www.wetnwavy.com

Soft and Shiny Sensitive By Nature Silken Foam Wrap has a unique blend of Olive Oil and Argan Oil to provide long lasting holde while leaving hair soft with incredible shine. This non-flaking formula is great for wrapping, thermal styling, blow-drying and roller or wet setting hair. www.sbnusa.com

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


How should you sell it?

This month’s focus is...

giving back through charity! Giving back to charitable initiatives through donation of time, energy and money can make you feel good on the inside, and help your company succeed. How can this help OTC stores increase their business?

How does supporting charitable efforts help your business? What is the easiest way to get started helping in the community? “The DRM-JPC Brands family is anchored in African-American traditions. One of the most long held values is rooted in an African Proverb that notes “It takes a village to raise a child.” By supporting charities, specifically charities that touch young women of color, we are helping to evolve our future consumer, the fabric of our “community.” Our brands are emotionally tied to our consumer and we are able to expand that emotional tie by aligning our philanthropic arm with platforms valued by that consumer. By increasing the emotional connection to the brand through its efforts in the philanthropic space, we further tie ourselves to our likeminded consumer.

The easiest way to get started helping in the community is to be visible.

Offering the brand to properly vetted community activities and events where the consumer can be educated and feel good about themselves and the product is a win-win for corporations and communities alike as it builds the first bridge to brand loyalty.” Kimberly Hairston, CMO If you have input you’d like to share regarding this question, send an email to hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com. Your response could be featured in the October issue! 22

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

DRM-JPC Brands www.drmiracles.com


어떻게 판매할 것인가? 이 달의 판매 초점은 ...

자선을 통한 환원이다! 시간이나 에너지, 금전적인 기부를 통한 자선 활동은 내적으로 당신의 마음을 뿌듯하게 할 뿐 아니라, 당신의 기업이 성공하도록 도울 수가 있다. 어떻게 이것이 OTC 매장의 비즈니스를 증대시키는데 도움이 될까?

자선을 위한 노력을 지원하는 것이 어떻게 당신의 비즈니스에 도움이 될까? 지역 사회를 돕기 위해 가장 쉽게 시작할 수 있는 방법은 무엇일까?

“ DRM-JPC 브랜드 가족은 아프리카계 미국인들의 전통에 뿌리박고 있습니다. 가장 오래도록 보유하고 있는 가치 중의 하나는 “아이들을 키우려면 온 마을이 나서야 한다.”는 아프리카 속담에 뿌리를 두고 있습니다. 자선 단체를 지원하는 것으로, 특히 유색 인종의 젊은 여성들과 접촉하는 자선 단체를 지원함으로써 우리는 지역 사회의 기본 구성인 미래의 소비자들을 진화시키는데 도움을 주고 있습니다. 우리 브랜드는 소비자들과 정서적으로 결속되어 있으며, 우리의 자선의 손길을 그 소비자들에 의해 평가된 플랫폼에 맞추어 조정함으로써 정서적인 결속을 확장해 나갈 수가 있습니다. 자선 공간내에서의 노력을 통해 브랜드에 대한 정서적 연결을 증가시킴으로써, 우리와 같은 생각을 가진 소비자들과 더욱 단단하게 묶여질 수 있습니다. 지역 사회에 도움을 주기 위해 시작할 수 있는 가장 쉬운 방법은 보여주는 것입니다. 소비자들이 스스로와 제품에 대해 교육을 받고 좋은 느낌을 얻을 수 있는 제대로 선별된 지역 사회 활동이나 이벤트에 제품을 제공하는 것은 기업과 지역 사회가 모두 윈-윈 하는 것으로 브랜드 충성도를 위한 첫 번째 다리를 구축하는 것과 같습니다.”

Kimberly Hairston, CMO DRM-JPC Brands www.drmiracles.com 이 문제에 관해 여러분의 의견을 공유하고 싶은 분들은, hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com로 이메일 보내주세요. 여러분의 의견은 10월호에 게재됩니다!


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

April 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


One of history’s best kept secrets

by Aaron Bainbridge

Moroccan Hair Oil 모 로 코 헤 어 오 일, 잘 숨 겨 져 있 던 보 물 The history of Morocco is rich and illustrious. Intertwined with it is the Argan tree, whose nuts are the source of the Moroccan Argan oil. Also referred to as Moroccan hair oil, this oil has been the subject of debate in many forums both online and otherwise, and all these seem to have arrived at one conclusion: that it stands head and shoulders with the best hair products in the world. The hair and skin product industry is a multi-billion dollar one and has therefore attracted many companies, most of which claim that their products are the best. However, when all is said and done, one fact that will always remain true is that high quality hair products should have the ability to repair flaky and damaged hair with ease. Argan oil for hair has proven that it is capable of doing just that, if the testimonies of those who have used this oil before are anything to go by. Nowadays most hair products are made using chemical ingredients which can react negatively with one’s hair and skin, with far reaching consequences. In fact, others have been known to trigger skin cancer in some people and this should send a clear warning to those who are in the search for the perfect products to use on their hair. The Moroccan Argan oil

is made using naturally-occurring materials extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree. As such, this oil does not react harmfully with one’s skin and hair. In addition, Argan oil for hair can be applied on all kinds of hair with very pleasant results. The skin and hair moisturizing capabilities of Moroccan hair oil are what make it the hair oil of choice for many. To prevent one’s hair from drying up and breaking, this oil forms a protective non-greasy layer over the hair. Rival hair oils can also achieve this but not before they leave your hair greasy and sometimes smelly due to the accumulation of dust and dirt after using them for some time. Argan oil for hair is a well formulated product which ensures that those who use it on their hair get only the best results and are well protected from any harmful reactions. This oil is fairly priced too, and one can buy Moroccan oil online as well as from most well-known salons worldwide. However, when buying online one should pay attention to the genuineness of the product so as not to fall victim to unscrupulous online dealers. Reading the customer testimonials given on a particular site before buying is very advisable as well.

모로코의 역사는 풍부하고 걸출하다. 이에는 모로코 아르간 오일 의 주재료가 되는 너트가 나는 아르간 나무도 포함되어 있다. 모 로코 헤어 오일로 언급되는 이 오일은 온라인상에서나 다른 많은 포럼에서 논쟁의 주제가 되어 왔는데, 결국에는 하나의 결론에 도 달하는 것 같다. 세계에서 가장 좋은 헤어 제품들 사이에서도 월 등하다는 것이다. 헤어 및 스킨 케어 제품 산업은 수십억 달러에 달하는 산 업이며, 자신들의 제품이 최고라고 주장하는 많은 기업들에게는 매력적인 분야이다. 그러나, 모든게 끝났을 때도, 여전히 한가지 명백한 진실로 남게 될 것은 고품질의 헤어 제품은 부서지거나 손 상된 모발을 쉽게 복구하는 능력을 갖고 있어야 한다는 것이다. 모발용 아르간 오일은 아르간 오일 이전에 여러 다른 방법을 사용 해 본 사람들의 증언처럼, 그 능력이 입증되었다. 현재 대부분의 헤어 제품들은 지금까지의 결과로는, 모 발과 피부에 부정적인 반응을 일으킬 수 있는 화학 성분을 이용해 서 만들어진다. 사실, 어떤 제품들은 피부암을 유발하는 것으로 알려져 있는데, 이러한 것에 관해서는 자신의 모발을 위한 완벽한 제품을 찾는 사람들에게 분명한 경고를 보내야만 한다. 모로코 아

르간 오일은 아르간 나무의 너트로부터 추출된 천연 재료를 사용 해서 만들어진다. 따라서, 이 오일은 사람의 모발과 피부에 유해 한 반응을 일으키지 않는다. 게다가 모발용 아르간 오일은 모든 타입의 모발에 사용할 수 있으며 결과도 아주 만족스럽다. 모로코 헤어 오일의 피부 및 헤어 보습 기능이 많은 사 람들로 하여금 헤어 오일을 선택하게 하는 요인인 것이다. 모발이 건조하거나 손상되는 것을 방지하기 위해서, 이 오일은 모발에 기 름지지 않은 보호막을 형성한다. 다른 경쟁 오일들도 이런 역할을 할 수는 있지만 그것들은 모발에 번들거린 채 남게 되고, 어떤 경 우에는 사용 후 먼지가 머리에 축적되어 냄새가 나기도 한다. 모 발용 아르간 오일은 사용한 사람들이 최상의 결과를 확신할 수 있 도록 잘 배합된 제품이며, 유해한 반응으로부터도 보호된다. 이 오일은 가격 역시 적당하다. 전세계적으로 잘 알려진 미용실뿐 아니라 온라인에서도 모로코 오일을 구입할 수가 있다. 그러나, 온라인 구매 시에는 진품 여부를 반드시 확인해서 파렴치 한 온라인 매장으로부터 피해를 입지 말아야한다. 구입 전에 특정 사이트에 개시된 고객평을 읽어보는 것도 아주 권장할 만하다.

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OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Knowledge to Know by Lindsay Perez

Ombre Hair 옴버 헤어 What is this “ombre hair” that everyone keeps talking about?

사람들이 끊임없이 얘기하는 이 “옴버(ombre) 헤어”라는 게

Ombre hair is a color effect, where the bottom of the hair

무엇일까? 옴버 헤어는 모발의 끝부분이 위쪽보다 옅게 보이

looks lighter than the top. It’s a beachy, carefree look, a low-

는 컬러 효과이다. 이것은 바다를 연상시키며 편해보이는 모

maintenance technique, and it’s been around now for a couple

습에 관리 또한 쉬운 기술로써, 태양 광선으로 인해 퇴색되지

seasons with no signs of fading. It was first seen on celebrities like Ciara and Drew Barrymore, and then took on a life of its own with women playing with different levels of contrast, and neon or pastel ends.

The ombre trend is here to stay and Clairol Professional

has the products your customers need to get the look! A tip for creating the soft, shaded effect that makes ombre so unique is to use two different lightener formulas and tone the hair after

않는 계절이면 주로 볼 수가 있다. Ciara나 Drew Barrymore와 같은 유명 연예인에 의해 처음 선보였는데, 다른 단 계의 색조나 네온이나 파스텔 색상의 모발 끝부분을 즐기는 여 성들에 의해 그 생명력이 이어져 왔다. 옴버 트랜드는 여전히 남아있고, Clairol Professional은 여러분의 고객들이 관심을 가질 필요가 있는 제 품을 보유하고 있다! 옴버를 아주 독특하게 창조하는 부드러운 음영 효과를 만드는 조언을 하자면, 두 가지 다른 라이트너를 사용해서 모발이 옅은색으로 바뀐 후 모발에 색조를 내라는 것

it has been lightened. Clairol Professional BW2 is the perfect

이다. Clairol Professional의 BW2는 옴버를 위해 사용

lightener to use for ombre, because it lightens quickly, evenly,

할 수 있는 완벽한 라이트너인데, 그 이유는 빠르고 고르게 모


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

and stays put to avoid bleeding. Clairol Professional crème demi permanente offers a gentle way to tone the hair while getting incredible shine and conditioning.

Creating different formulas with your lightener is as

simple as using two different developers. For example, a darker formula for the midshaft section of the hair could be BW2 + 10-volume developer while the lighter formula for the ends of the hair would be BW2 + 20-volume developer. It’s best to apply both formulas with angled tip tint brushes to give a feathered and more natural looking result.

The easiest way to DIY ombre is by sectioning the hair

into six vertical sections. Starting at one of the front vertical sections, apply the darker formula approximately 3 inches away from the roots (medium to longer hair), leaving out the last two to three inches of hair. Next apply the lighter formula on the ends, making sure to saturate evenly. Repeat these steps on the remaining five vertical sections and process for 30 minutes, or

Ombre hair is a color effect, where the bottom of the hair looks lighter than the top. It’s a beachy, carefree look, a low-maintenance technique, and it’s been around now for a couple seasons with no signs of fading.

발의 색상을 옅게 만들어 어려움 없이 사용할 수가 있기 때문 이다. Clairol Professional의 crème demi permanente는 부드러운 방법으로 모발의 색조를 낼 수 있으며 놀라 운 광택과 컨디셔닝 효과를 함께 제공한다.

다른 포뮬러를 라이트너로 만드는 것은 간단히 2개의

다른 산화제를 사용하면 된다. 예를 들어, 모발 중간 부분을 위 한 짙은 색상의 포뮬러로는 BW2 + 10-volume 산화제를 사 용할 수가 있고, 모발 끝부분을 위한 옅은 색상의 포뮬러로는 BW2 + 20-volume 산화제를 사용하면 된다. 깃털처럼 보다 자연스럽게 보이는 결과를 위해서는 끝부분이 각진 염색 브러 쉬를 사용해서 두 포뮬러를 바르는 것이 최선이다.

혼자서 옴버를 할 수 있는 가장 쉬운 방법은 우선 모발

을 6개의 수직 섹션으로 나누는 것이다. 앞쪽의 수직 섹션부터 하나씩 시작하며, 모근(중간정도나 긴 모발)으로부터 정확히 3 September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



It’s best to apply both formulas with angled tip tint brushes to give a feathered and more natural looking result. until the desired level of lightness has been reached.

인치 떨어진 곳에서부터 짙은 포뮬러를 바른다, 모발 끝 2-3인

Toning the hair after lightening can make a huge

치는 남겨둔다. 다음으로 모발의 끝부분에 옅은 색상의 포뮬러

difference in the ombre color result. Clairol Professional crème

를 바르는데, 골고루 스며들도록 해야한다. 남은 5개의 섹션에

demi permanente is a great line to have on hand. Because it is

도 이 단계를 반복하는데 30분 정도 두거나, 원하는 옅기의 색

ammonia free, it is ideal for deposit-only services like toning prelightened hair. If your customer has naturally dark to medium brown hair, they will probably need a light ash shade like 8A or 10A to neutralize any unwanted warmth that is normally exposed during lightening. Customers with naturally medium to light blonde hair will get great results from toning with a light Neutral or Gold shade like 10N or 8G.

Finally, to maintain a cool blonde tone, have your

조가 나타날 때까지 그대로 둔다.

옅은 색상으로 만든 후 모발에 색조를 입히는 것은 옴

버 컬러 결과에 큰 차이를 만들 수가 있다. Clairol Professional의 crème demi permanente는 손에 쥘 수 있는 가 장 좋은 제품들이다. 이 제품은 암모니아가 함유되지 않았으며, 라이트닝을 마친 모발에 색조를 입히는 것처럼 오직 착색만을 하는 작업에 이상적이다. 만일 여러분의 고객이 짙은 색이나 중 간 갈색의 자연 모발을 갖고 있다면, 아마도 8A나 10A 옅은 에 쉬 색조가 필요할 것인데, 라이트닝 도중 주로 발생하는 원치않

customers use Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner once

는 온기를 중화시키기 위해서이다. 자연적으로 중간 정도나 연

per week or as needed. The color depositing shampoo adds a

한 금발을 가진 고객들은10N나 8G와 같은 옅은 뉴트럴이나 골

violet tone while it cleanses to avoid any unwanted brassiness.

드 색조로 토닝을 하면 아주 좋은 결과를 얻을 수 있다.

Since Clairol Professional has everything your customer needs

to create the hottest haircolor trend of the moment, why look

고객들은 주 1회 혹은 필요에 따라Shimmer Lights 샴푸와


컨디셔너를 사용한다. 착색 샴푸는 모발이 황동색으로 노랗게

끝으로, 멋진 금발 색조를 유지하기 위해서, 여러분의

변하는 것을 방지하기 위해 세척 시 보라 색상을 모발에 더해준

Lindsay Perez

is an experienced colorist and the Education and Curriculum Manager for Clairol Professional.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

다. Clairol Professional은 여러분의 고객들이 가장 핫한 헤어 컬러 트렌드를 만드는데 필요한 모든 것을 갖고 있다. 다 른 제품들을 둘러볼 필요가 있겠는가?


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Knowledge to Know by Denice Gierach

The Importance of Business Philanthropy 기업 자선의 중요성 Business owners, especially in a down economy, are so involved in making their numbers that they probably do not give much thought to asking about business philanthropy. Why is it important? As it does not directly add amounts to the bottom line, why be involved in it? If you are a family owned business or a closely held corporation, you may be wondering why is it important to you? Are your philanthropic efforts all giving to the charity (certainly, a good cause) or does your firm get something back from all of your efforts or donations? It has been said that business philanthropy is one of the most effective ways to teach children family values (if you are a family owned business and your children are involved in the business) or establishing the culture of the company and its values (if you are a closely held company). A company that makes business philanthropy a part of who they are has a value that goes beyond just dollars. They are acknowledging that they are part of the community that supports their business and want to be involved in that community and give back to it. Through our philanthropy efforts, business owners address issues or needs in 38

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

비즈니스 소유자들은, 특히나 경기 침체 시기에, 매출을 올 리기 위해 너무도 신경을 쓰는 나머지 기업 자선에 관한 질 문에 대해서는 아마도 많은 생각을 하지 못할 것이다. 이것 은 왜 중요할까? 이것이 수익을 높여주는 것도 아닌데, 왜 여 기에 참여하는가? 만일 당신의 비즈니스가 가족 소유 비즈 니스이거나 비상장 법인인 경우, 이것이 왜 당신에게 중요한 지 의문을 가질 수도 있다. 당신의 자선에 관한 노력으로 인 해, 당신의 회사가 무언가를 다시 되돌려 받는가? 비즈니스 자선은 자녀들에게 가족의 가치를 가장 잘 가르칠 수 있는 효과적인 방법 중 하나이며, (만일 당신이 가 족 소유의 비즈니스를 갖고 있고 자녀들이 비즈니스에 참여 하고 있다면), 회사의 문화와 가치를 구축할 수 있는(만일 당 신의 회사가 비상장 기업이라면) 방법인 것이다. 비즈니스 자선 활동을 기업의 일환으로 하는 회사는 단순히 금전적인 것 이상의 가치를 갖는다. 그들은 자신의 비즈니스를 지원하 는 지역 사회의 일원임을 인식하고, 그 지역 사회에 참여하 고 되돌려주고자 한다. 우리의 자선 활동을 통해, 비즈니스

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


K-t-K the community that government is unable, unwilling or not well suited to address adequately. Part of the corporate culture and values for the business may be the underpinning that after achieving financial security for the business owners and their families, that success brings with it an obligation of sorts to share that success with others. This may emanate from civic responsibility (businesses who want to be good corporate citizens), a moral or religious conviction (businesses who “give back” to the community do it because it is the right thing to do) or leaving a lasting legacy as the business tycoons did of earlier generations, such as business owners in Chicago who established many of the museums that we have come to enjoy (Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium, just to name a few). In a closely held business or family owned business context, the business can institute a regular pattern of giving money, inventory or other property directly to certain charities. For instance, companies in the food business may regularly give food the various food pantries. Or the company may set up a matching gift program to benefit charities supported by their employees. Some companies have set up their own foundation to aid the communities in different ways. Other companies may have a donation program to The United Way, which is deducted from the wages of employees who elect to participate and those donations may be matched by the company. Another method of supporting charitable organizations in the community may be to give employees “charity days” where the employees volunteer their time to a particular charity to do various things that may range from being a mentor to troubled children, to painting or updating the facility where the charity is located to acting as volunteers as a community event. Any activity of this nature will reinforce the company’s value system, as well as give the company visibility in the community. In addition, although this is not why a company might have this as part of their value system, consumers might buy from that company more regularly, knowing that the business supports the community in a number of ways. If a charity that the company normally supports asks one 40

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

소유주들은 정부가 할 수 없거나, 하려고 하지 않는 것들, 혹은 적절하게 해결하기에 적합하지 않은 지역 사회의 문제나 필요한 것들을 해결한다. 기업의 문화나 가치는, 비즈니스 소유주나 그 가족들의 재정적인 안전이 우선 달성된 후에 생각 될 수도 있지만, 성공은 다른 사람과 성공을 공유해야 하는 의무를 동반하기도 한다. 이 것은 시민적 책임(좋은 기업 시민이 되려는 기업), 도덕적 또는 종교적 신념(그것이 옳은 일이기 때문에 사회로 “환원”하려는 기업), 혹은 우리들이 알고 있는 많은 박물 관(Field Museum과 Shedd Aquarium 등 몇몇 이름만대도 알 수 있는)을 설립한 Chicago의 한 비즈 니스 소유주와 같은 초기 세대의 비즈니스 거물들이 유산 상속을 포기하는 것과 같은 사상으로부터 나온 것 이다. 비상장 기업이 나 가족 소유 비지니 스의 경우, 자금이나 제품, 혹은 다른 소유 물을 특정 자선 단체에 직접 전달하는 일반적인 방법으로 자선에 참여할 수 있다. 한 예로, 요식업 회사는 정기적으로 음식을 기부 하는 것을 들 수 있다. 혹은 직원들이 자선에 참여하는 만큼, 회 사에서 그에 해당하는 증정 프로그램을 설정할 수도 있다. 어떤 기업은 다양한 방법으로 지역 사회를 돕기 위해 자신들의 단체를 설립하기도 한다. 또 다른 기업들은The United Way에 기부 프 로그램을 만들기도 하는데, The United Way는 참여를 신청한 직원들의 월급에서 기부금이 공제가 되며, 회사는 그 기부 금액 만큼 또 기부를 하는 것이다. 지역 자선 단체를 지원하는 다른 방법으로는 직원들에게 “자선 활동의 날”을 주고 그들이 특정 자선 단체에서 봉사할 수 있는 시간을 주는 것이다. 이 시간 동안 직원들은 문제를 일으키 는 아이들의 멘토가 되는 것부터, 건물 보수 작업을 돕거나 지역 이벤트에 자원 봉사자로서 활동할 수도 있다. 그들의 이런 활동 들은 기업의 가치 체계를 강화하는 것은 물론, 지역 사회에 기업 의 가시성을 제공하게 된다. 게다가, 비록 이런 방법이 기업의 가 치 체계의 일부가 되는 이유가 아니라 하더라도, 소비자들은 다 양한 방법으로 지역 사회를 지원하는 기업이라는 것을 알고, 그 기업으로부터 더욱 일정하게 제품을 구매할 수도 있다. 기업이 일반적으로 지원하는 자선 단체가 기업의 중간

K-t-K of the company’s midlevel or upper level managers to service on that charity’s board of directors or on committees for the charity, it is a good opportunity for those managers to use their skills that they have acquired in that for-profit business and upgrade the methods used by the not-for-profit business. It is an honor to serve in that way and each employee gains the respect of those in the business, the charity and the community. He or she meets valuable contacts which may be helpful for the business in the future. Because that employee may be making substantial decisions with respect to the direction that the charity may go, this experience may make those employees much better managers of the business that they work in on a day to day basis. While the primary motivation for a company’s involvement in business philanthropy may be civic responsibility, establishing a corporate culture that embraces such value, it is apparent that participants in business philanthropy more often than not get back much more than what they put in, both in experience and satisfaction.

급 또는 고위 관리자들에게 자선 단체의 이사회나 자선 위원 회 임원직을 요청한다면, 해당 관리자들에게는 아주 좋은 기 회가 될 것이다. 그들은 이런 기회를 통해 비영리 사업에 사 용되는 방법을 업그레이드할 수 있고 영리 사업에서 습득한 자신의 능력을 발휘할 수가 있다. 이런 방법으로 봉사할 수 있다는 것은 아주 영광스러운 일이며, 직원들은 직장과 자선 단체, 지역 사회로부터 존경을 받을 것이다. 그들은 장차 비 즈니스에 도움이 될 수도 있는 가치 있는 인간 관계를 형성 하게 된다. 그들은 자선 단체가 추구하는 방향에 대한 실질 적인 결정을 내릴 수가 있기 때문에, 이런 경험은 그들이 하 루하루 일해가는 직장에서도 보다 나은 관리자가 될 수 있게 만든다. 비즈니스 자선에 기업이 참여하는 주된 동기는 시민 적인 책임일 수도 있고, 그러한 가치를 포용하는 기업 문화 를 확립하고자 하는 것일 수도 있지만, 비즈니스 자선에 참 여하는 사람들은 경험과 만족 면에서 그들이 준 것보다 훨씬 더 많은 것을 얻는 것은 분명하다. Article courtesy of articlesbase.com. You can find the article at: http://www.articlesbase.com/ethics-articles/the-importance-of-business-philanthropy-5048237.html

Denice Gierach is a lawyer and owner of The Gierach Law Firm in Naperville. She is a certified public accountant and has a master’s degree in management. She may be reached at deniceg@gierachlawfirm.com. For more information on Denice and The Gierach Law Firm visit www.gierachlawfirm.com.


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Urban Call Briefs by Lafayette Jones

Understanding Generational Marketing Among African-Americans A

mong African-Americans there are key historical beliefs, lifestyles, and social values of each generation.

and other events which help to define each generation. These distinguished characteristics determine how These milestones include a range of

generations: individuals in each generation participate in economic

from the G.I. (military) generation of Marcus Garvey, spending. founder of the Back To Africa movement during the Every generation passes through the same stages as years of 1901-1924, to the campaign and election of they become older, however there are some individuals our 1st African-American President, Barack Obama, who blend in with other generations and take on in Generation Z during years 2000-2013.

social practices, beliefs, and spending habits of those

A generation can be defined as a group of individuals generations. It is also important to note that the time

born at approximately that same period. There are periods of generations overlap with others also creating several generations that marketers define to reach consumers with versatility to their spending habits. consumers.

Marketers and retailers have utilized the values of a

Each generation is characterized by their music, generation to build consumer relationships. In fact, fads, inventions and historical events that occurred this process has been used for decades. during their time period. These events contribute to the

Lafayette Jones

Each month, Urban Call Briefs covers subjects that provide readers of OTC Beauty Magazine with information on multicultural consumers, Hispanics and African Americans, who are the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. The mission of this column is to build a bridge of communications and information between manufacturers and retailers and the ethnic consumers they wish to serve better. The column offers resources covering marketing, retail merchandising, consumer research, purchase behavior, fashion and beauty trends, industry events and people, trade association news, new product launches and a potpourri of information designed to help the readers make intelligent decisions about the customers they serve. Urban Call is a registered trademark of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi). For more information, call 336-759-7477 or visit www.segmentedmarketing.com.

The preceeding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Urban Call Briefs Marcus Garvey

Name: G.I. (military) Generation Period: 1901-1924 Current Age Range: : 89-112 years old Generational Events: World War II, Fascism, and Communism (World Events) Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash, Great Depression, Harlem Renaissance, Alcohol Prohibition, Women Suffrage, Niagara Movement, W.E.B. Dubois, William Trotter, Marcus Garvey, National Advancement for All Colored People (NAACP) (U.S. Events) Entertainment : Radio Shows, Jazz (music) “The Jazz Singer,” “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (film) Marketing Characteristics: This generation is known for their loyalty, patriotism and selfreliance, therefore marketers expressed patriotism through advertisements and focus on creating relationship with these consumers. Generational Marketing Campaigns: Ford Motors, Colgate Toothpaste Where are they now?: Retired, Independent and Assisted Living Centers High Consumption Products: Health Care Products, Prescription Drugs

Dorothy Height Name: Silent Generation Period: 1925-1942 Current Age Range: : 71-88 years old Generational Events: World War II, Mahatma Gandhi and the Nonviolence Movement, Atom Bomb (World Events) The New Deal, Great Depression, Scottsboro Boys, Dorothy Heights, Founder -National Council for Negro Women (U.S. Events) Entertainment : Rise of Swing and Jazz (music) “Babes in Toyland”, “Cleopatra” (film) Marketing Characteristics: This generation is known for their confused morals, however as they began to age they became family oriented and marketers utilized a family based slant in advertisements. Generational Marketing Campaigns: Sripto Ink Pens, Pan-American Coffee Bureau Where are they now?: Members of this generation are retired; however the youngest of this generation remains in the workforce. High Consumption Products: Prescription Drugs, Life Insurance, Health and Beauty Products, Independent and Assisted Living Centers

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Name: Baby Boomers Period: 1943-1964 Current Age Range: : 49-70 years old Generational Events: Vietnam War, Korean War (World Events) Assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Senator Robert Kennedy, and President John F. Kennedy, Women’s Movement, Affirmative Action, Civil Rights Act, Birmingham Bombings (U.S. Events) Entertainment : Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, The Beatles, Motown (music) Miracle on 34th Street, Casablanca (film) Marketing Characteristics: This generation values self-fulfillment and self-improvement, as a result marketers incorporated spiritual and subculture tones in advertisements. Generational Marketing Campaigns: Coca-Cola Soft Drink, Volkswagen Cars Where are they now?: Many of this generation remain in the workforce and preparing for retirement. High Consumption Products: Life Insurance, Health and Beauty Products, Prescription Drug, Travel Packages, Genealogy, Finance Service Products. 50

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Rosa Parks

Name: Generation Jones Period: 1954-1965 Current Age Range: : 48-59 years old Generational Events: Cuban Revolution, Korean War, Sputnik Satellite (World Events) Civil Rights Movement, Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education, School Desegregation, Little Rock Nine, Rosa Parks , Bus Boycotts (U.S. Events) Entertainment: Doo Wop, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll (music) Carmen Jones, Ten Commandments, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Disney Animation (film) Marketing Characteristics: This generation is known for being very informed, therefore marketer created brands and products specifically for these consumers. Generational Marketing Campaigns: Dubble Bubble Gum, Crest Toothpaste Where are they now?: This generation is developed in the workforces and will not retire for a few more years. High Consumption Products: Health and Beauty Products, Investment Plans, Life Insurance

The Jackson 5

Name: Generation X Period: 1966-1981 Current Age Range: : 32-47 years old Generational Events: Vietnam War, Oil Crisis, Voyager Spacecraft and Space Explorations (World Events) Watergate Scandal, Computer Revolution, Rising Divorce Rates, Environmentalism, Shirley Chisholm first African American Woman to run for President, Black Panther Party (U.S. Events) Entertainment: Soft Rock, Elton John, Rhythm Blues, The Jackson 5, Disco (music) Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Little Shop of Horror, The Godfather (film) Marketing Characteristics: This generation is known for their dry humor, and prefers hip packaging, and artful television commercials. Generational Marketing Campaigns: Volkswagen Cars, Nike Where are they now?: Many in this generation are becoming defined in their professions and are advancing within careers. High Consumption Products: Homes, Automotives, Apparel, Health and Beauty Products, and Electronics.

Nelson Mandela Name: Cold Y Generation Period: 1982-1985 Current Age Range: : 28-31 years old Generational Events: Iran-Iraq War, Lebanese War, Tiananmen Square Protests, Chernobyl Disaster (World Events) Mount St. Helen Erupts, President Ronald Regan’s War on Drugs, Vanessa Williams, first African American to be crowned Miss America, Toni Morrison first African American to win Nobel Peace Prize for Literature (U.S. Events) Entertainment : Heavy Metal Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Run DMC, MC Hammer, Pop Michael Jackson (music) Extra Terrestrial (E.T.), Star Wars, Back to the Future (film) Home Computers, Nintendo GameSystem (technology) Marketing Characteristics: Developed self-awareness, marketers made sure that these consumers had an understanding that they were being heard. These consumers are also computer savvy, skeptical of advertisements, and celebrity driven. Generational Marketing Campaigns: Adidas, Virginia Slim Cigarettes, Calvin Klein Clothing Where are they now?: Entering workforce or Grad School Programs High Consumption Products: Apparel, Automotives, Electronics, Health and Beauty Products, Entertainment September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Urban Call Briefs Vanessa Williams

Name: Generation Y Period: 1983-1999 Current Age Range: : 14-30 years old Generational Events: Multinational Corporations, fall of Berlin Wall, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Nelson Mandela freed from prison, Rwanda Genocide (World Events) Assassination of John Lennon, Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, Cloning of Dolly the Sheep, Mae Jemison first African American Astronaut Woman in Space, Jocelyn Elders first African American Surgeon General (U.S. Events) Entertainment: Rhythm and Blues, Rap, Rock and Roll, Pop (Music) World Wide Web, Pagers, Cell Phones, Video Games (technology) Marketing Characteristics: This generation is known for being style conscious, tech-savvy, flashy or entertaining advertising appeals. Generational Marketing Campaigns: Old Navy Apparel (retro-commercials), Mountain Dew Soft Drink Where are they now?: Many members of this generation currently attend Colleges and Universities or they are entering the workforce, however the youngest of this generation are in middle (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12). High Consumption Products: Apparel, Automotives, Electronics, Beauty Products, and Entertainment

Barack Obama Name: Generation Z Period: 2000-Present Current Age Range: : 13-younger Generational Events: Y2K (World Events) 9/11 Terrorist Attack, Hurricane Katrina, Rise of Online Social Networks, Jena 6, Halle Berry first African American Woman to win Oscar for Best Actress, Election of 1st African American President Barack Obama (U.S. Events) Entertainment : Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Rock and Rock, Pop (Music) Harry Potter, Shrek, Lord of the Rings (film) Apple i-Pods Media Players, High Definition Tele Elementary and Secondary Schools, visions, Cell Phones, GPS Systems (technology) Marketing Characteristics: Despite their very young age this generation has a strong influence over parents, when it comes to purchases. This generation is also highly connected to media and technology. Generational Marketing Campaigns: BRATS fashion dolls, Wii Game System Where are they now?: Members of this generation are currently in elementary (grades K-5) or middle school (grades 6-8). High Consumption Products: Toys, Video Games, Entertainment, and Electronics


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Business Tips by Christine Comaford

Are You Creaing a Culture of Exile? Five Warning Signs Your Employees May Lack a Vital Sense of Belonging 당신은 망명의 문화를 만들고 있는가? 당신 직원들의 소속감이 부족할 수도 있다는 5가지 징후 When employees feel they belong, they’ll give you their all. When they don’t, well, you’ll get only crumbs. Learn why belonging is such a powerful human drive and what you can do to foster it. 직원들이 소속감을 느낄 때, 그들은 모든 것을 당신에게 줄 것이다. 그들이 어떤 소속감도 느끼지 못한다면, 당신이 얻게 되는 것은 몇몇 부스러기 조각 정도일 것이다. 소속감이 왜 이토록 중요한 것이며, 이러한 소속감을 주기 위해 당신이 할 수 있는 것이 무엇인지 알아보자.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Consider the power of belonging. Adolescents will change their speech, dress, and behavior to “fit in” with their peer groups. Inner city teens will commit crimes—including murder—for the privilege of wearing gang colors. Adults, too, gain much of their identity from the neighborhoods they live in, the churches they attend, the political parties they align with. Yes, belonging to “the tribe” is a human need we never grow out of—yet most leaders neglect it in the workplace.

Many companies have fostered cultures of exile. No one is purposely

making people feel they don’t belong, but they’re also not proactively making them feel they do—and that’s a huge, huge mistake.

Belonging, along with safety and mattering, is a basic human drive.

After food-water-shelter needs have been met, we must feel that we’re safe, that we matter, and that we belong. If not, we can’t seek self-actualization, or be in our “Smart State”—meaning we can’t perform, innovate, collaborate, or do any of the other things it takes to survive in our global economy.

Exile is a deep-rooted, very primal fear. When employees feel this way,

they hide out, procrastinate, or say what the boss wants to hear instead of what she needs to hear. Such behaviors are devastating for business. When they occur chronically, not only will your company be unable to move forward and grow, it may flounder and fail. 소속감의 강력한 힘을 인지하라. 청소년들은 자신들의 또래 집단과 어울릴 수 있도록 그들의 말이나 복장, 행동을 바꾼다. 도심의 청소년들은 갱 집단을 상징하는 특정 색상의 옷을 입을 수 있는 특권을 위해 살인을 포함한 각종 범죄들을 저지르기도 한다. 어른들 또한, 그들이 살고 있는 이웃이나, 다니는 교회, 지지하는 정당으로부터 자신의 정체성의 상당 부분을 얻게된다. 그렇다, 사람들은 “집단”에 대한 소속감이 필요한 것인데, 대부분의 지도자들은 직장 내에서 이것들을 소홀히 하고 있다. 많은 기업들이 망명의 문화를 조성해왔다. 누구도 의도적으로 다른 사람이 소속감을 느끼지 못하게 만들지는 않지만, 그렇다고 그들이 소속감을 느낄 수 있도록 주도적으로 나서지도 않는다. - 그리고 그것은 아주 어마어마한 실수이다. 어떤 문제 의식이나 안전함을 함께 소유한다는 소속감은 인간이 기본적으로 추구하는 것이다. 의식주가 해결되어진 후부터, 우리는 안전하며 공통의 문제 의식을 갖고 어딘가에 속해있다는 느낌이 반드시 필요해졌다. 그렇지 않으면, 우리 스스로 자아 실현을 추구할 수 없게 되거나, 우리의 “ 깨어있는 상태” 안에 있을 수 없게 된다. - 즉, 글로벌 경제에서 생존하는데 필요한 다른 어떤 것들도 수행하거나, 혁신, 협력할 수가 없게 된다는 뜻이다. 망명은 뿌리 깊은, 아주 원초적인 두려움이다. 직원들이 그러한 망명에 빠지게 되면, 숨으려 하고, 미루거나, 또는 상사가 들어야 할 내용 대신 상사가 듣고 싶어하는 말을 하게 되는 것이다. 그러한 행동들은 비즈니스에 엄청난 손실을 가져오게 된다. 이런 행동들이 만성적으로 발생한다면, 단지 당신의 회사가 발전하고 성장할 수 없는 것뿐만 아니라, 허우적거리다가 실패할 수가 있다. “사람들은 자신이 소속감을 느끼지 않는다고 결코 크게 떠들지 않는다.” “이것은 대단히 위험한 것이다. 문제를 진단하고 해결을 위한 조취를 취하는 것은 모두 지도자인 당신에게 달려 있는 것이다.” 라고 그녀는 말한다. 다음은 당신이 망명의 문화를 조성하고 있을지도 모른다는 여러가지 적신호들이다. September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


“People will never speak up and say they feel they

don’t belong,” she says. “It’s just too scary. It’s up to you as the leader to diagnose the problem and take steps to fix it.” Here are several red flags that indicate you may be fostering a culture of exile: Certain people get preferential treatment. Maybe there are different sets of rules for different employees: “exempt” people and “non-exempt” people. Preferential treatment is a leadership behavior and it’s extremely damaging. It’s a major culprit in making people feel exiled. Cliques and inside jokes flourish. Sure, we all “click” with certain people more readily than we do with others. That’s only natural. But if you notice some employees seem to be regularly excluding others take it seriously. Those who are left out know it…and it doesn’t feel good. Generally leaders do set the tone, so when you focus on belonging, everyone will.”

어떤 사람이 우대를 받고 있다. 각 직원들마다 “면제” 대상과 “비면제”대상과 같이 적용되는 규칙이 다를 수도 있다. 특혜는 리더쉽의 일환인데, 매우 해로운 것이다. 이것은 사람들이 직장을 옮기고 싶게 만드는 주범인 것이다. 파벌과 내부 풍문. 대부분의 사람들은 다른 사람들과 쉽게 어울리거나 소통한다. 그것은 자연스러운 것이다. 그러나 만일 어떤 직원들이 다른 사람들로부터 심각하게 소외되는 것을 당신이 알게 됐다면, 심각하게 받아 들여야 한다. 소외된 사람들이 그것을 알게 된다면, 기분 좋을리 없다. 일반적으로 지도자들은 직장의 분위기를 잘 조성해야 한다, 그리고 당신이 소속감을 중요시 한다면, 모두가 그것을 따를 것이다. 견고한 사일로(저장고)는 정보를 원천 징수하거나 영역 싸움을 초래한다. 물론, 부서들은 분명히 서로 구별이 되어 있다. 그들은 서로 소외될 필요가 없다. 앞으로 함께 행진해 나가면서 건강한 방법으로 부서들의 “ 차별화”가 가능하다. 그룹들이 그들만의 정체성을 가지는 것은 괜찮다, 그러나 그들은 여전히 서로 힘을 합쳐 최종 목표를 향해 서로 도울 수 있어야 한다.

Entrenched silos lead to information withholding and turf wars. Of course, departments are, by definition, different from each other. Still, they needn’t be alienated from each other. It’s possible for departments to be “different” in a healthy way while still marching forward together. It’s okay for groups to have their own identity, yet they must still be able to link arms and help each other toward that end goal. There is no path for personal development or advancement. True belonging is knowing you’re not just a cog in the machine. It’s knowing employers care about your future and want you to live up to your potential. Making employees feel that strong sense of belonging can send performance into hyperdrive, says Comaford. When people feel they truly belong, they will open up their minds and do

자기 개발이나 발전을 위한 경로가 없다. 진정한 소속감이란 당신이 단지 기계 속의 하나의 톱니가 아니라는 것을 인식하는 것이다. 그것은 고용주가 당신의 미래를 염려하고 당신이 가진 잠재성에 부응할 수 있기를 바라고 있음을 당신이 아는 것이다. 직원들이 강한 소속감을 느끼도록 만드는 것은 실적을 최상으로 올릴 수 있다고 Comaford는 말한다. 그들이 진정으로 소속감을 느낄 때, 그들은 마음을 활짝 열고 자신이 속한 집단이 성공적임을 확신하기 위해 자신의 모든 힘을 다해 무엇이든 할 것이다. 그들은 활기차고 적극적이며 100% 준비된 상태로 업무에 임할 것이다.

everything in their power to make sure the tribe is successful. They’ll come to work jazzed and engaged and 100 percent on.

Christine Comaford is a global thought leader who helps mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies navigate growth and change, an expert in human behavior and applied neuroscience, and the bestselling author of “Rules for Renegades.”


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

September 2012 OTC Beauty Magazine


Business Tips by Christian Aligo

Tips You Might Not Know When

Donating for Charity

자선단체에 기부할 때 당신이 간과할 수 있는 것들 당신의 회사는 지역사회를 돕고 필요한 곳에 손길을 내밀어야 할 의무가 있기 때문에, 당신은 여러 가지 기부 요청에 대해 문을 열어두어야 한다. 그러나, 당신이 올바른 자선 단체를 돕고 있으며, 당신의 기부가 도움을 받는 사람들에게 전달이 되는지를 분명히 확인해야 한다.

Since your business is obliged to help your community and to extend a hand to the needy ones, you must keep your door open to solicitations. However, you must make sure you are helping the right charity and that your donation will reach its recipient. Here is a list of 10 tips you might not know when donating for a charitable cause.

다음은 당신이 자선의 목적으로 기부를 할 때 미쳐 알지 못할 수도 있는 10가지의 항목들이다.

First, know your current events. Someone may be asking for cash to help victims of a fire in your community but in

첫째, 현재의 이벤트를 알고 있어야 한다. 지역 사회의 화재 피해자를 도와주기 위한 돈을 누군가가 요구할 수도 있지만,


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Business Tips fact, there is no fire in your place. Be involved with what is happening in your community, so you will know if a cause is real or a mere fiction.

실은 주변에 화재가 난 곳이 없다. 지역 사회에서 무슨 일이 일어나고 있는지 관여하라, 그러면 실제인지 단순한 허구인지 알 수가 있다.

Second, ask for written documents. Solicitations must come in letters, not done verbally. Moreover, you need to check if the letter expresses a sincere plea. Complete details of the cause must be included in the letter also. A legitimate cause has some inclusions, like notes from the local government unit or from officials.

둘째, 작성된 문서를 요청하라. 도움의 요청은 편지로 와야하며, 말로 해서는 안된다. 또한, 편지가 진심으로 도움을 부탁하고 있는지 확인해야 한다. 도움을 요청하는 이유에 대한 완전한 세부 내용이 편지에 포함되어 있어야 한다. 합법적인 이유는 지방 정부 단체나 공식적인 사무실의 노트와 같은 첨부 내용이 있다.

Third, contact your community charity registration when you are not convinced about the authenticity of a cause. You need to confirm from the authority that the cause is real before writing an amount your business will give. Fourth, call law enforcers when you confirm that the cause is not real. Close the door and strategically call the police. Report what is happening. This is to ensure that no other business will be further cheated by the solicitor. Fifth, calling the charitable institution is encouraged if your business would like to give more than cash. If your business likes to help in bringing goods to far areas with the company car, coordinate with the institution. While it is true that charitable institutions are in need of money, these also need volunteers and some miscellaneous things. Sixth, honor your pledge. Write a record of your pledges and fulfill them. Be realistic in pledging also. If you find your business in deficit and cannot fulfill a pledge you made months ago, coordinate so you can pay for the unfulfilled pledge next time. Seventh, it would be smart to refuse solicitations with prescribed amounts. Genuine charities won’t ask a donor to give a specified amount at all. Real charitable institutions would always ask a business what it can give, and does not 62

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

셋째, 만일 당신이 자선 목적에 대한 진위 여부에 확신이 가지 않을 경우, 지역 사회 자선 단체 등록 기관에 문의하라. 당신의 회사가 기부할 금액을 작성하기 전에 해당 자선 목적과 이유가 사실임을 기관으로부터 확인해야만 한다. 넷째, 자선 이유가 거짓임을 확인했을 때는 법률 집행 기관에 연락하라. 문을 닫고 전략적으로 경찰에 연락하라. 무슨 일이 일어나고 있는지 신고하라. 이것은 다른 기업들이 추후에 이런 가짜 자선 행위에 속지 않도록 하기 위함이다. 다섯째, 당신의 회사가 현금 외에 다른 것도 기부하고 싶다면 자선 기관에 문의할 것을 권장한다. 타지역에서 물건을 가져오는데 당신의 회사 차량으로 도움을 주고 싶다면, 해당 자선 기관과 일정을 조율하라. 자선 단체가 돈을 필요로하는 것은 사실이지만, 자원 봉사자들이나 그 밖의 여러가지도 역시 필요로 한다. 여섯째, 당신의 기부할 수 있는 금액을 서약하고 지켜라. 서약의 기록을 작성하고 이를 이행하라. 그것은 또한 현실적인 맹세여야 한다. 만일 당신의 회사가 적자를 내고 당신이 한 달 전에 한 서약을 이행할 수가 없다면, 지불하지 못한 액수는 다음 달에 납부할 수 있도록 조정하라. 일곱번째, 이미 정해진 액수의 요청을 거절하는 것은 현명한 것이다. 진정한 자선 단체는 기부자에게 결코 특정 액수를

Business Tips

요구하지 않는다. 진정한 자선 기관은 항상 기업이 기부를 할 수 있는지 먼저 물어보며, 금액 자체를 요구하지는 않는다.

demand for an amount. Eighth, cash is still the best thing to give to charities. When you offer goods, delivering the goods can be a headache. When you offer gifts, gifts can be stolen. However, it should be a case to case basis. The bottom line: give your donations to trusted charities and to trusted people. Ninth, always remember that you donate to share and not to win sweepstakes. Donating is different from buying a ticket in a fund-raising event. When you donate, you give without accepting anything. Law has it that you can never donate to win goods or cash. Tenth, solicitations that need your cash immediately are dubious. Genuine solicitations give you time to decide how much will you give. However, donations that are intended for events need a deadline. Normally, all donations should be sent before the date of the event.

여덟번째, 현금은 여전히 자선 단체에 줄 수 있는 가장 좋은 방법이다. 당신이 물품을 제공할 때, 물품의 운반이 골치거리가 될 수 있다. 만일 선물을 제공할 때, 선물은 도난의 우려도 있을 수 있다. 그러므로, 각각의 경우에 맞게 해야만 한다. 결론: 신뢰할 수 있는 자선단체와 사람들에게 기부하라. 아홉번째, 당신은 나누기 위해서 기부를 하는 것이지 경품에 당첨되기 위한 것이 아님을 항상 명심하라. 기부는 모금 마련 행사의 티켓을 구입하는 것과는 다르다. 당신이 기부를 할 때는, 아무런 보상없이 그냥 주는 것이다. 상품이나 현금에 당첨되기 위해서는 기부할 수 없다는 것이 법률상 명시되어 있다. 열번째, 당신의 현금이 즉시 필요하다는 자선 요청은 수상하다. 진실한 자선 요청은 당신이 기부 액수를 결정할 수 있도록 시간을 준다. 그러나, 이벤트를 위한 기부는 마감이 필요하다, 일반적으로 모든 기부는 이벤트 날짜 이전에 보내져야 한다. Article courtesy of articlesbase.com. You can find the article at: http://www.articlesbase.com/non-profit-organizations-articles/tips-you-might-not-know-when-donating-for-charity-5423865.html

Christian Lizardo Aligo has is a public relations team member at New Media Services, an Australian web and mobile company that publishes “Voice for the Deaf” newsletter in its endeavor to improve the lives of deaf youth in the Philippines.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013




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BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION (*vs. untreated hair)

Don’t relax without it.

t 50

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2012


King of Locs by Cyrus Jackson

Science of


The world of hair care is like any other category. Hairstyles come and go with the trends. We have all seen the emergence of natural hair care and curly styles make a dramatic come back in the last few years. Within the realm of natural hair care we have been hearing new terms like the kink, the coil and the spiral. No matter what ethnicity or what terminology is used there is a science to hair that is curly. So given the new trends and demand for more product it is worth taking a 360 degree look at the style and the nature of this hair care trend. Hair is composed of a protein called keratin that grows directly from the hair follicle. Based on genetics the hair follicle can be shaped in a round pattern or a flat pattern. If the follicle is round and long, the natural state of the hair will be straight and tends to grow longer. If the hair follicle is flat and short the hair will grow at different rates and in different places throughout the scalp creating a wave or a curl pattern. The wave or curl pattern is further altered by the interaction of protein and disulfide bonds that cause the Keratin to bend. This is why curly hair tends to be weaker due to the bend in the keratin shaft. Many people of all races and hair types typically find it harder to grow longer hair due to breakage. Curly hair can also be tricky to moisturize as the bending of protein bonds let it varying amounts of moisture depending of the particular curl pattern


of the hair. This can cause a styling problem as curly hair often needs more moisture to maintain. Many product lines only meet the needs of some curly hair types. The products are often oil based and this can be effective but for only one segment of people with curly hair. Genetics comes in to play again as some people will produce more natural oils within the scalp and may require less oil in the hair. The climate, season and everyday diet also affects the way the body releases natural oils. In our laboratories we have found that to have a complete line of products to meet the varying needs of curly hair a line should always have a naturally based oil product for sheen and protection, a water based crème or lotion for maximum moisture, and a defining gel to seal in style and combat humidity. A mild shampoo is needed for cleansing and those with curly hair should shampoo less than people with straight hair. This is true even if the hair is naturally curly and a relaxer or straightening agent has been applied to the curl as the shape of the hair stand has been changed, but the hair production and protein make up of the hair will never change. Curly hair that is over washed will tend to become frizzy and unmanageable. One of the most important products for curly hair is a strong protein conditioner and if the hair is going to remain in a curly style, a leave in conditioner may help to define proper curls.

Cyrus Jackson has had a successful career in the hair care industry for over 30 years including sales, marketing and product development with companies such as World of Curl, D-Orum Products and Leisure Curl. Jackson is the owner and president of Professional Products Unlimited, Inc. makers of one of the first complete products lines in the industry for the care and maintenance of natural ethnic hair types, Jamaican Mango & Lime. Jackson’s continued development and promotions of quality products for natural ethnic beauty has made him the self proclaimed King of Locs. September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Feature by Joseph Callaway

The Bootstrapper’s Dirty Dozen:

Twelve Not-So-Obvious Tips to Help Small Business Owners Prosper Starting a small business is hard work. Here are 12 unexpected tactics—all centered on putting clients first—that will help your company to succeed. So, you’re building a small business from the ground up, with only the proverbial wing and prayer to keep you aloft. What are you most intensely focused on? If your response is “stretching my shoestring budget,” “establishing processes that work,” or (the biggie) “making money,” you’re not alone, but all of those answers are wrong. Anything that takes your focus off the customer puts your business in harm’s way. Whatever industry you’re in, success boils down to this: attracting enough customers, and keeping them coming back—with interest! When you’re growing a small business, you can’t afford to disappoint customers, or even offer them a good-enough experience. You have to ‘wow’ them every time, which means giving them the first fruits of your time, energy, creativity, and focus. And here’s the payoff: when you succeed in putting your clients first, you will find that 70

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

everything else—growth, a positive reputation, and financial security—all fall into place. Living and working this way is not easy. Putting your customers’ interests ahead of your own every time will seem counterintuitive, risky, and sometimes even frightening, especially at first. Eventually, though, keeping your commitment to clients first will start to feel more natural. And by that point, the benefits, rewards, satisfaction, and success will be rolling in— and you’ll be proud of the person and professional you’ve become. Here is a “dirty dozen” tips that might not be obvious, but will help you to put clients (as well as competitors and employees) first so that your small business can grow and prosper:

Change your thinking about why you exist. If you go into work thinking, “How do I make money?” you’re already off on the wrong foot. What you need to be thinking is, “How do I serve others?” Consciously putting your own best interests in second place goes against the grain of human nature, but you will find that when you focus on how best to serve clients, tough decisions make themselves. Take your business personally. Never let the words “it’s just business” cross your mind (and certainly not your lips). This old standby phrase is simply not true, especially to a client who feels as though he has been belittled, treated coldly, pushed away, or used. Remember, to truly serve, you have to care. Little things matter more than you think. Especially when you’re trying to get a small business off the ground, it’s easy to get caught up in pursuing the “big” goals: growing your company, expanding your client base, hiring more employees, and making a profit, for example. But don’t become so fixated on the forest that you fail to see the trees. Hard times don’t justify stinginess. We’ve all heard the expression “The more you give, the more you get.” And you may be willing to put it into practice when it comes to giving your clients things like honesty, competence, and care. But if you give away your expertise, time,

energy, and (gasp!) money, won’t you just go broke? Not necessarily. It may take time, but whatever you give will usually come back to you with interest. Don’t lie—even if it makes you look better, makes you rich, or keeps a client from walking. Sometimes, it’s tempting to tell white lies, exaggerate, misdirect, omit, and cut corners to make life easier. Generally, it’s also easy to justify these things to yourself, but when it comes to putting clients first, these “little” lies are just as bad as the whoppers. Yes, honesty can be tough in the moment, but in the long run you’ll gain a reputation for trustworthiness that will change your life. Be honest with yourself, too. As it has already been established, you should never lie to a client or to anyone else, but honesty shouldn’t stop there. Ask yourself, “Am I lying to myself about where my priorities lie and how others perceive me?” Try to see your business as your clients and customers see you. Are you putting them first—or putting yourself first? Treat employees at least as well as you treat your clients. While you don’t treat your employees like dirt, you may feel that you don’t owe them any special favors, either. After all, you’re paying them—isn’t that enough? Well, no. Whether you realize it or not, the way your people treat customers reflects the way you treat them. Your job is to serve others, period. September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Feature Make sure your highest praise comes from your competitors. Yes, you read that correctly. You can— and should—strive to win the approval, goodwill and admiration of your competitors. If possible, get to know their leaders and employees, and help them when you can. You don’t have to give away trade secrets, but you can offer advice, for example, or refer a customer whose needs are better matched to what another business has to offer. Don’t do these things manipulatively, but in the spirit of giving—your efforts will come back to you with interest. Have faith that there is enough business to go around. Look for chances to do something fun and special. It’s true: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. However, injecting a little lightheartedness and creativity into your business gives your customers something to look forward to and provides them with a memorable reason to stay engaged and loyal. If you aren’t driven to be “number one” with your clients, you might as well close your doors. Many business owners will admit that they just want “to do a good job” or “make a living.” This isn’t good enough.

Joseph Callaway

Especially if your business is smaller and less established, being the customer’s second choice means you’re on the road to eventual failure. Never, ever fire a tough client. When a client is needy, moody, picky, overly emotional, combative, or something else, it’s tempting to write him or her off. And if you can’t wave goodbye in reality, you do it mentally and merely go through the motions of serving the client. That’s a mistake. If you aren’t meeting a client’s needs, it’s their job to fire you…not the other way around. A “Clients Last” attitude leaves a long legacy. Having a “Clients First” attitude can benefit you and your small business in numerous ways. The opposite attitude can have just as tremendous of an impact…a negative one. Never, ever underestimate the damage that putting your clients last (taking them for granted, not listening to their concerns, patronizing them, putting your own interests first, etc.) can do, and how far it can spread. No matter what good or service your small business provides, these 12 tactics will help with the task of bootstrapping your company. Even if putting clients first no matter what seems counterintuitive at first, give this way of doing business and living life a chance. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you.

is the author of countless advertisements, newspaper pages, magazine layouts, fliers, blog posts, manuals, property profiles and thousands of real estate contracts. He, along with JoAnn Callaway, are coauthors of the New York Times bestseller “Clients First: The Two Word Miracle” and founders of the real estate company Those Callaways.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013


Section Discover

the Beauty of

자선의 아름다움

It’s that time again –

time to take a moment to pause from the busy routines of life and be thankful for all that we have. Being blessed with friends, family and overall wellbeing is something to be grateful for, because not everyone is as fortunate. For this reason we here at OTC Beauty Magazine want to recognize two companies (Conair and JPC-DRM Brands) for their efforts to support the charity of their choice. No matter why they chose to participate in philanthropy, we applaud them and urge you to take their lead. In addition to making you feel good inside, helping a charity in your community or abroad could help your company succeed even further. So read on in this section of the 4th Annual Beauty of Charity issue; it just may inspire you to take action!


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

시 이 시간이 되었다 -삶의 바쁜 일상을 잠시 멈추고 우리가 가진 모든 것에 감사해야 할 시간이다. 친구와 가족, 전체적인 행복을 얻은 축복은 감사해야할 일이다, 왜냐하면 모두가 다 행운을 얻는 것은 아니기 때문이다. 이런 이유로 우리 OTC 뷰티 매거진은 그들이 선택한 자선 단체를 지원하기 위해 Conair와 JPC-DRM Brands 두 회사의 노력에 주목하고자 한다. 그들이 어떤 이유에서 자선에 참여하게 되었는지에 상관없이, 우리는 그들에게 박수를 보내며 앞장 선 그들을 여러분들이 따르기를 바란다. 내적으로 여러분의 기분이 좋아지는 것은 물론, 지역 사회나 해외 자선 단체를 돕는 것은 여러분의 회사가 더욱 성공하는데 도움이 될 것이다. 자선 활동의 아름다움에 관한 4번째 기사에서 해당 내용들을 읽어봐라. 당신을 움직이게 할 영감을 얻을 수도 있을 것이다!


of Pink


onair® Corporation is proud to support and partner with The Breast


onair사는 유방암 예방과 치료 달성을 목적으로하는 유방암

Cancer Research Foundation®

연구 재단(BCRF)과 파트너가

(BCRF) in their mission to achieve

되어 그들을 지원하는 것에

prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime. BCRF strives to reach this goal by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research, at leading medical centers worldwide, and increasing public awareness

자부심을 갖고 있다. BCRF 는 전세계 주요 의료 센터의 혁신적인 임상 및 번역 연구에 중요한 자금을 제공하고 유방 건강에 대한 대중 인식을 높이려는 그들의 목표 달성을 위해 노력하고 있다.

Conair의 Power of Pink

about good breast health.

캠페인은 2003년부터 BCRF

에게 혜택을 부여해왔으며

The Conair Power of Pink

campaign has been benefitting

현재까지 백만 달러 이상의

BCRF since 2003 and has raised

기금을 마련했다. 올해, Conair

more than $1 million to date. This

는 자신들의 핑크 컬렉션

year, Conair is donating $110,000,

(Power of Pink)을 고객들에게

regardless of sales, to the BCRF,

제공하는 것뿐 아니라, 회사

in addition to offering customers

매출에 상관없이, 11만불을

products in their annual Pink

기부하고 있다.

collection (Power of Pink).

Go online to learn more

about Conair and their participation in the effort at www.conair.com/ breast_Cancer_Month/. For more information about the BCRF, visit www.bcrfcure.org.


breast_Cancer_Month/에서 Conair와 그들의 자선 참여 노력에 대해 자세한 내용을 볼 수 있다. BCRF에 관한 자세한 정보는 www.bcrfcure.org에서 볼 수 있다

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



with Dawn of Hope, Inc.

“Changing lives and being accountable to each other, one person at a time”

DRM-JPC와 Dawn of Hope, Inc.의 협력 “변화하는 삶과 서로에 대한 책임”


awn of Hope Inc. is a non-profit organization that will gear its services towards building, uplifting, encouraging and supporting women, teenage girls and youth/young adults in the foster care system. Dawn of Hope was birthed out of the vision of Founder Sharyse M. Porter, after witnessing these often forgotten groups (women, teen girls and foster children) go through life with a broken spirit, rejected, bound to past hurts and being held captive spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially. “Once we get to the root of our hurt and pain and allow God to heal, then we are able to be an affective in blessing others and lifting each other up,” notes the founder. “Over the next 12 months, Dr. Miracle’s will work with Dawn of Hope, Inc. to create programming that revolves specifically around self esteem and authentic beauty. We will offer the young women in the program a platform through which to share their stories and thoughts about how they see themselves and how they can begin to replace over commercialized ideals of beauty with their own personal definitions in a manner that goes beyond physicality,” explained Kimberly Hairston, CMO, DRM-JPC Brands. Members of the brand management, marketing and public relations teams will also provide support—not only through product gifting, but actual interaction with the young women who are a part of this bourgeoning organization. 78

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013


awn of Hope Inc.는 여성들과 십대 소녀들, 그리고 청년들을 위한 위탁 시스템을 지원하고 장려하는 서비스를 제공하는 비영리 단체이다. 설립자인

Sharyse M. Porter씨는 소외된 그룹(여성, 십대 소녀 및 위탁 아동들)들이 정신적인 혼란이나 과거의 상처에 매여 정신적, 감정적, 재정적으로 어려움을 겪는 것을 보면서Dawn of Hope 를 설립하게 되었다. “우리의 상처와 고통의 근원을 찾고 신께 치유를 맡긴다면, 우리는 다른 사람들을 축복하고 서로를 일으켜 세워 줄 수가 있습니다” 라고 설립자는 말한다. “향후 12개월 동안, Dr. Miracle’s는 구체적으로 자기 존중감과 진정한 아름다움을 중심으로 하는 프로그램을 만들기 위해서 Dawn of Hope, Inc 와 함께 일하게 됐습니다. 우리는 젋은 여성들에게 그들이 스스로를 어떻게 바라보며 물질적인 것을 넘어선 방법을 통해 어떻게 그들이 상품화된 미에 대한 생각을 자신만의 정의로 변환시킬 수 있는지에 관해 그들의 생각과 의견을 공유할 수 있는 프로그램을 제공하게 될 것입니다.” DRM-JPC 브랜드의 Kimberly Hairston, CMO가 설명했다. 브랜드 관리, 마케팅 및 홍보팀 멤버들이 지원하게 되는 것은, 단지 선물용 제품을 증정하는 것뿐만 아니라, 빠르게 성장하고 있는 이 단체를 구성하는 젊은 여성들과 실제적인 교류를 갖는 것이다.


Profile by Tony Bae

다양한 방법으로 고객들과 소통해야 합니다 Star Beauty Supply • Charleston, SC 소매상이란, 공장에서 제품을 생산하여 각종 유통경로를

있는 Star Beauty Supply 는 고객과의 소통을 중시하는 경

거친 후, 최종적으로 제품을 소비자들에게 판매하는 최전

영 모토를 가지고 그들만의 성공영역을 구축해 나가고 있

방에 위치해 있다. 실질적인 판매를 이뤄내는 위치에 있

는 스토어이다. 김보람씨와의 인터뷰를 통해 그들의 소통

는 소매상들 역할의 중요성은 더 말할 필요가 없다. 그들

방법을 엿보도록 해보자.

의 말 한마디에 판매되는 제품이 바뀔 수 있고, 그들의 말 한마디에 제품의 값어치가 바뀌게 된다. 그렇다면, 소매 상들이 판매 시 가장 중요하게 생각해야 할 요소는 무엇일 까? 여러 가지가 있겠지만, 그 중 하나는 고객과의 관계일 것이다. 제품을 대변하고 소비자들의 주머니를 열기 위해 고객과의 소통은 필수이며, 고객과의 친밀한 관계를 갖기 위해서는 그들과의 많은 대화가 필요할 것이다. 제품에 관 한 설명은 기본이고, 그들이 사용한 후에 피드백까지 받을 수 있다면 금상첨화일 것이다. 이러한 것이 말로는 쉽지 만, 막상 실천을 하려면 보통 어려운 일이 아닌 것이다. 하 지만 진정으로 고객을 생각하는 마음가짐을 갖는다면 충 분히 실천할 수 있는, 비즈니스 성공법의 하나인 것만은 확실하다. 이번 달 OTC 뷰티 매거진은 Charleston, SC 에 위치한 Star Beauty Supply 를 방문하여 인터뷰 하였다. 김명오, 문은숙 사장부부와 둘째 딸 김보람씨가 운영하고


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

뷰티 입문 2004년 미국으로 이민을 온 보람씨 가족은, 미국에서 친척 이 뷰티 서플라이 스토어를 운영하고 있었고, 이민 전부터 그 스토어 인수를 계획하고 도미하였다고 한다. 둘째 딸인 보람씨는 그 당시 고등학생이었는데, 친척이 운영하는 스 토어에서 일을 도우며 뷰티 서플라이 스토어에 관한 기본 적인 사항들을 배웠다고 한다. 몇 개월 뒤인 2004년 8월 에 김사 장 부부 는 스토 어를 오 픈 하였 고, 그 동안 배 운 짧은 지식을

바탕으로 그들은 뷰티 업계에 입문하였다. “처음엔 영 어도 잘 못하는 상태라 무작정 제품들을 외우면서 익히 기 시작했어요” 라는 보람씨는 이제는 고객들에게 제품 을 상세히 설명하며 풍부한 제품 정보를 전해주는 어엿 한 뷰티인이 되었다. 현재 친척들이 운영하고 있는 다른 뷰티 서플라이 스토어들도 동명인 Star Beauty Supply 를 쓰고 있다고 하는데, 이는 프랜차이즈의 효과를 내기 때문에, 소비자들에게 보다 깊은 신뢰를 구축하는 작용 을 한다고 한다. 본인 만의 경쟁력을 만들어라 현재, Star Beauty Supply 의 주변에는 동 업종 스토어가 4개정도 있다고 한다. 어떠한 업종이든 상관없이, 경쟁 업체가 전혀 없는 지역은 찾아보기 힘들다. 자본주의 사 회에서는 당연한 일이고, 그러한 선의의 경쟁에서 어떻 게 우위를 차지하냐는 것이 관건인 것이다. 각 비즈니스 들은 그들만의 경쟁력을 만들어가며 성공을 향해 달려가 고 있다. Star Beauty Supply 가 내세우는 자신들의 경쟁 력은 네 가지로 압축할 수가 있다고 한다. 그 첫 번째로 는 제품의 다양성을 들 수 있다고 한다. “어렵게 스토어 를 방문한 고객들이 빈손으로 나가는 일이 있어서는 안 됩니다” 라는 보람씨는 “가급적 색상이나 종류들의 구 색을 갖춰 놓으려 하고 있으며, 취급하는 제품들이 동이 나지 않도록 2주에 한번씩 꼬박 주문을 하고 있습니다” 라고 한다. 이는 제품에 대한 선택권을 고객들에게 주는 것으로, 고객들의 신뢰를 쉽게 구축할 수 있는 요인으로 작용할 것이다. 모든 스토어 오너들이 다양한 제품을 구 비하고 싶어하는 마음은 같을 것이다. 다만, 제품을 지 속, 유지하는 문제와, 뒤쳐지는 재고에 대한 부담으로 인 해 잘 판매되는 제품들 위주로 구비를 하고 있는 스토어 들이 많은 것이다. 다시 말해서, 부지런히 제품들을 신경 쓰지 않으면 다양한 제품 군을 구비하기 어렵다는 말로 해석할 수 있을 것이다. 고객과의 친밀한 관계 구축 Star Beauty Supply 의 두 번째 경쟁력은 고객들과의 친 밀한 관계라 할 수 있다. 위에 언급하였듯이, 고객들과의 September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Retailer Profile

친밀함을 갖기 위해선 소통을 많이 해야 한다. “손님들의 이름을 기억하려 하고, 그들이 지난번에 구입한 제품들도 기억하려 합니다”. 스토어를 들어 섰을 때 자신의 이름을 불러주고, 심지어 지난번에 구입한 제품이 어땠는지를 물 어보는 매장이 있다면, 고객들은 훨씬 친근함을 느낄 것 이고, 자신을 알아봐주는 스토어에 충성을 하게 될 것임 은 당연한 사실인 것이다. 심지어 자주 오는 손님들은 자 신의 핸드폰에 전화번호를 저장해 놓고 직접 연락을 하 기도 한다고 한다. 이만하면, 거의 개인 맞춤 서비스라 할 수 있을 것이다. 이는 대부분의 소비자들이 바라는 최상 의 쇼핑 환경이 아닐 수 없다. 제품정보 섭렵의 중요성 세 번째 경쟁력은 제품에 관한 지식이라 할 수 있다. 제품 에 관한 전문 지식은 기본으로 갖추고 있어야 하며, 그들 의 의문점을 풀어줄 수 있는 유연한 언어구사가 동반되어 야 할 것이다. “미국에 처음 왔을 때는 영어도 잘 못해서 제품 라벨들을 하나하나 읽어가면서 고객들을 도와주었 었습니다. 저도 지식이 없었기 때문에 직접 공부하는 수 밖에 없었습니다. 그러한 것이 버릇이 되다 보니, 저도 모 르게 차곡차곡 제품에 대한 지식이 쌓여 가는 것 같습니 다” 라는 보람씨는 이제는 제품에 관한 설명은 물론, 고 객에 따라 어떠한 제품을 사용해야 하는지도 바로 권해 줄 수 있는 전문가가 되었다고 한다. 심지어, “제품의 함 유 성분에 알레르기 반응을 하시는 분들이 간혹 있습니 다. 그러한 것들도 고객들과 함께 제품 라벨을 읽어 가면 서 도와주기도 합니다” 라고 한다. 여기에 덧붙여 제품들 을 직접 사용해보고 제품의 장단점을 고객들에게 설명해 주기도 한다고 한다. 이러한 풍부한 제품지식을 갖고 있 는 경영자가 있는 스토어로 고객들의 발길이 돌아가는 것 은 당연한 이치일 것이다.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

트렌드 간파! 마지막, 네 번째로 Star Beauty Supply 가 가지고 있는 경 쟁력은 현재의 트랜드 파악이라 볼 수 있다고 한다. “현재 의 트랜드를 잘 파악하여 흐름을 따르는 것이 중요하다고 생각합니다” 라는 보람씨는 이를 위해 TV나 인터넷을 통 해 많은 정보들을 얻고 있다고 한다. 또한, 흑인 전용 잡 지들도 섭렵하며 현재 유행하는 제품들을 파악한다고 한 다. 현재 Star Beauty Supply 에서는 가발을 많이 취급하 고 있는 편이다. 뷰티 스토어를 경영하시는 분들은 잘 알 겠지만, 가발은 유행에 민감하여, 자칫 잘못하면 소위 ‘물’ 을 먹는 경우가 많이 발생한다. 따라서, 가발을 취급하는 데 있어서 현재의 트랜드 파악은 반드시 동반되어져야 할 요소인 것이다. “저희는 세일 섹션을 만들어 놓고, 움직임 이 좀 둔하다 싶으면 바로 세일 섹션으로 옮겨 놓습니다. 백화점에 가면 사람들이 새로운 제품들도 보고, 그 다음 은 세일 섹션으로 발을 옮기는 것이 대부분입니다” 라는 보람씨는 그러한 전략으로 오래된 재고가 거의 없다고 한 다. “사람들은 같은 자리에 같은 제품이 계속해서 진열되 어 있는 것을 보면, 다시는 그 제품에 눈을 돌리지 않는 것 같습니다. 그래서 자리도 자주 바꿔줘야 합니다. 계속 자 리를 바꿔 주다 보면, 손님들에게도 새로운 제품들이 계 속 들어온다는 느낌을 줍니다”. “저도 은행이나 다른 스토어들을 가면 직원들이 고객들 을 어떻게 응대하는지에 따라 발 걸음이 정해지는 것 같 습니다. 그래서 저희도 고객에게 친근한 쇼핑 환경을 만 드는데 집중을 하려고 합니다” 라는 보람씨는 많지 않은 나이지만, 비즈니스에 대한 그녀만의 생각을 확고히 가지 고 있었다. 끝으로, 도매상들이 좀더 소매상의 입장에 서 서 이해해주고, 배려해 주는 경영을 해줬으면 한다는 당 부의 말을 전하며 인터뷰를 마쳤다. 인터뷰 내내 조리 있 는 말투로 비즈니스에 관한 자신의 생각을 쏟아내는 보람 씨를 보면서 Star Beauty Supply 의 성공적인 미래를 볼 수 있었다.

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine




Sponsored by Andis Co.

Replacement Blade Size Matters!!!

When it comes to detachable blade sets, the Andis Co. has raised the bar again by introducing blade sizes no other company has available. There are over 40 different blade sets available in UltraEdge & CeramicEdge blades. We are going to focus on blades that are nonexisting in others brands, they are the size 1 1/4 , 1 3/4 , & 2 3/4 blades. These sizes do matter especially to the barber who desires to use blade sets over attachment combs. These sizes fill in the gaps that existed for barbers who service clients with shorter hair and also the barber who desires to create tapers and fades with his detachable blade clipper. The 1 1/4 blade set is the perfect blade set for barbers who service clients with short textured hair that desire to keep a wave pattern in their hair after it is cut. The 1 3/4 blade set is great for filling in the gap between the 1 1/2 blade set and the 2 blade set. For barbers who fade with detachable blade clippers this gap can leave a fade appearing to be unfinished, but with the 1 3/4 blade set being used fading becomes flawless. I have found that the 2 3/4 blade set has its greatest use for clients with short straight or longer curly hair. It offers the ability to create the perfect buzz cut fast as well as a better blending option for longer curly hair. All of the Andis detachable blade sets fit the Oster 76 series of clippers and the Wahl detachable blade clippers. The wide variety of sizes, coupled with the high quality materials used to create Andis blade sets makes it easy to see why Andis blade sets are preferred amongst most barbers as well as stylists. Including Andis blade sets in your in inventory will meet the needs of your local barbers and will communicate to them that your store is the place to go for all their barbering needs. (Contact your local Andis Distributor for an Andis blade chart to use in your store. They are FREE to all OTC stores). Kenny “The Professional” Duncan is a National educator for the Andis Co. He has presented classroom demonstrations and platform education at many tradeshows such as Empire Future Professionals, IHS International Hair Show, Bronner Bros International Hair Show and many more. He brings a wealth of information and experience to clipper cutting education. He teaches styling professionals the simplest approach to multicultural hair styling through a combination of solid technical demonstrations, creative interpretations, and entertaining presentations. Kenny is co-owner of Main Attraction Unisex Hair Salon, located in Philadelphia. He is reaching stylists around the world through www.ClipperEducation.com, where his goal is to provide inspiration, motivation and education to clippers cutters of all experience levels. He truly is a trailblazer in this industry. 86

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Meet Maven™

the ergonomically designed, lightweight and uniquely balanced clipper wearing your favorite print with a finish that will not chip or fade. It is easy to cut wet or dry hair with its quiet running motor that generates more than 7,200 cutting strokes per minute. Maven™ makes clipper cutting fun and fashionable while providing a smooth, clean finish. To purchase Andis products please call us at 1-800-558-9441 or visit our website at www.andis.com.


Therapy Trends Rallying Around Recovery Imagine a tsunami in New Jersey! The nation is experiencing floods, tornadoes and hurricanes in neighborhoods that are least expecting a disaster. We each mirror the awe and wrath of nature in a very personal way. There are calls for donations and assistance from coast to coast. Major corporate contributions are made to support national recovery efforts. Locally, food and clothing drives contribute to survivors. Some forms of charity are monetary whereas some involve hard labor. In the aftermath of disaster, communities tend to extend a helping hand. Businesses and customers collaborate to survive. Stay informed with new social media tools such as eCards, Twitter, Facebook, widgets, and mobile alerts. Focus charitable efforts on timely high impact, highly visible recovery campaigns. Charitable giving is becoming a responsibility that is necessary for healing the nation, neighborhood by neighborhood. Recovery efforts are vital to restoring the economic viability of a community. Bear in mind that many of your customers may be environmentalists who want to prevent or minimize natural disasters. Promoting preparedness and prevention is as important as rallying together for recovery. It is important to be sensitive to practices that are considered “Green” and sustainable—recycling packaging, reusable bags, spray products. The focus on recovery results in an immediate charitable cause related program. Loss of life, limb and property has hit the nation like a plague. Disasters disrupt businesses, municipalities and your customers’ everyday lives for years. Being responsive to the needs of your neighborhood or community is critical to being a good leader in the business community. Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skin care and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pond’s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Women’s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit www.esmemarketspecialists.com. 88

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

#1 Beauty Cash-n-Carry JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with necklaces, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part of the largest beauty supply distributor, you can always buy items by the piece and at great prices. For more information, call 800-361-0786 or visit them at 4300 Northeast Expressway, Doraville, GA.


Includes 3 t-shaped trimming guides.




Barbers are Booming

Alright, alright, alright! So I predicted this barbershop boom over seven years ago and now the numbers don’t lie. The Barbering business has grown by double digits from 2012-2013, especially in the Hispanic community. We are experiencing a significant number of customers coming back to the traditional barbershop, and simply passing by the franchise locations who offer cookie cutter haircuts by cosmetologists or stylists instead of true barbers trained to provide the techniques and skills to create the latest cuts and shaves in demand shows it. The male grooming industry has morphed into a small tsunami of profit and product re-branding. It was proven by the Old Spice re-branding that it only took a new perspective of the iconic brand and a new marketing plan to bring your fathers’ favorite brand back to life. We have seen the one dollar razor and the No-No hair remover explode on the scene due to the change in men’s spending habits and grooming regimen. The Art of Shaving by Proctor and Gamble along with their Gillette Fusion razors has now emerged on to the counters of retail giant Macy’s. I also predicted several years ago that fragrances and colognes will return to the barbershop through splashes and tonics. Men also need to freshen up during their transition from work to after hour business meetings. In the professional barbering industry we have taken an introspective look at the future of the business of barbering. We understand clearly that we can no longer wait for the traditional barber product companies to come up with the new products and tools we need to create new techniques, trends and forums. Now there are pockets of Barber Associations, groups, teams and industry experts pooling their resources and time all over the globe, especially here in the United States, Canada and the UK. Barbers are now creating their own apps, education classes, products, new techniques and now reality TV shows like Barbers Inc.TV. To learn more, visit www.barbersinconline.com. Also visit www.tonsorialtimes.com for more information on upcoming events and ways to connect with the barbering community. Keep up the good work!

Dwayne Thompson, aka “The Barber Ambassador,” is the CEO of The Fade Club LLC, a marketing and promotions company designed to grow the barbering industry through education and brand management. He wears many hats as the founder of The Barber Academy Tour, creator of “The Barbettes,” a term designed to promote female barbers, and the former host of Against the Grain Radio show, the first barber related radio show on Blog Talk Radio. He is a dynamic writer, educator, product broker, consultant and social media expert. He has held several Executive positions with a former barbershop publication and a national health outreach program. Mr. Thompson is also the Founder and Publisher of Tonsorial Times Magazine, “The Official Barbershop Trade Publication” focused on highlighting products, franchises, schools and educators directly connected to the barbering industry. For more information, visit www.tonsorialtimes.com. 90

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

RA Shea Butter Lotion Our # 1 seller, 100% shea butter with Jojoba Oil is the ultimate moisturizer to vitalize and soften skin while blocking the harsh effects of sun, wind, cold and aging. Apply the healing and cooling power of cucumber to your skin. Cucumber melon lotion is a great skin moisturizer packed with vitamin E that softens and heals damages skin. Now customers can take their favorite shea butter lotion wherever they go. By popular demand, we’ve introduced a fit in the palm of your hand size for those who don’t want to be without! For more information, visit www.racosmetics.com.

Sow Time Join us for advertising! Call 678.805.3291 advertising@otcbeautymagazine.com

Cosmoprof 2013 North America Record Growth in Exhibitors and Attendees


osmoprof North America (CPNA) continues to exemplify the energy and creativity that drive the beauty industry. As such, 2013 proved to be a record year for the show both in terms of the largest number of attendees in the show’s history and the largest number of participating exhibitors. CPNA prides itself on uniting attendees and exhibitors, acting as the ultimate platform for networking, sharing new and upcoming products and cultivating new business relationships. Encompassing all sectors of the industry under one venue, CPNA remains the single most important forum for the beauty industry in the United States. The show is organized by North American Beauty Events, a joint venture between BolognaFiere Group, a leading Italianbased organizer of international trade shows such as Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, and the Professional Beauty Association, North America’s largest and most influential trade association representing all sectors of the professional beauty industry. “BolognaFiere Group and the Professional Beauty Association remain committed to providing not only an amazing event for the industry to come together, but also an amazing experience for all who attend,” said Max Wexler, Chair, Professional Beauty Association. “Cosmoprof North America continues to expand and innovate while remaining North America’s most influential event for the professional beauty industry. Along with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and Cosmoprof Asia, BolognaFiere Group provides a unified platform that continues to meet the needs of the global beauty industry,” said Duccio Campagnoli, President of BolognaFiere Group and SoGeCos.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

The event, which was held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 14 – 16 featured a sold out show floor with 892 exhibiting companies along with over 26,000 attendees, an eight percent increase over the previous year. As in past years, CPNA attracted many new and innovative brands in addition to industry leaders such as CONAIR, CND, Essie / L’Oreal Professional, OPI Nail, Orly, RUSK, Schwarzkopf, Zotos International and Sexy Hair. CPNA continues to further solidify its position in the U.S. marketplace as the premiere international beauty destination and featured an array of importers, distributors, manufacturers and global beauty leaders all under one roof. This year’s event delivered a strong international presence with exhibitors from 38 countries, eight official Country Pavilions and a contingency of foreign buyers from six different countries. Cosmoprof North America 2014 will take place July 13 – 15 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. For more information on exhibiting or attending, please visit www. cosmoprofnorthamerica.com.

Cosmoprof North America 2013

A view of the show floor aisle as it begins to fill.

The Graham Professional booth

Curious attendees stop by the Miss Jessie’s booth.

The Nubar booth

Business meetings are held at the Fromm booth.

The Fisk booth, which boasts an array of sought after brands, hosted business meetings throughout the show.

Brenda Leckie and Alan Murphy of King Research

A crowded American International Industries booth

The Rock Your Hair booth attracts attention with the hot pink color that fills their booth.

Ron Kothari of American Dawn pauses for a photo with the ladies that helped with the booth.

A hair stylist demonstrates a set of curlers at the FHI Heat booth.

(Left to right) David Stern and Larry Roses of Fantasia

Always vibrantly decorated, the Amika booth caught show attendees as they entered and left the show floor, handing out samples.

The JD Beauty Group booth

The Oster team September 2013

OTC Beauty Magazine

93 89


Antoinette Taylor, Christina Park, Philip Choe, Young Kim and Ryan Lee of Universal Beauty

The ORS booth featured an array of beauty products for attendees to explore

Cosmoprof Trend Scouts were found all around the show exploring new trends, like those at the Johnny B. Hair Care booth.

Michael Dovellos of Royal and Langnickel

Fuad Ravat stands at the M&M Products booth.

The expansive Conair booth had a large waiting area where visitors could sit and mingle.

Conair’s eye catching booth decorations

Willie “Doc” Johnson shows off products for JM Products – Isoplus.

(Left to right) Mitchell McKinney, Judi Redmond and Mike Barker of House of Cheatham

Maggie Ocasio and Artia Moses of Bronner Bros. take a photo with broker JC Douglas.

Connie Curry of Koeè Skin Lightening System

Jack Sammons, Robert Lee and Jonathan Rudner (left to right) of Ampro stand alongside Roscoe Thomas of Jinny Corp.

Show attendees enter the show floor and pass beside the Helen of Troy booth.

(Left to right) Tracy Deck, LeRon Grier and Tanisha Savage of Professional Products

Attracting quite a crowd, Pamela Anderson visited the Obliphica Professional booth.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Cosmoprof North America 2013

(Left to right) Leo Alba of Beauty Consultants Group stands with Bob Perry at the Hayashi booth.

The Strength of Nature team

Andrew Yoo, Jessica Lee, Roscoe Thomas and Sue Seok of Jinny Corp. meet with Yunus Kalla and Fuad Ravat of M&M Products.

(Left to right) Felicia Washington, Director of Sales, Nadine Lee, Senior Brand Manager, and Boris Moore, VP Sales, of DRM-JPC Brands

The Ecoco Inc. team

(Left to right) Evelyn Henderson and Fama Sedlacek, both with L’Oreal Technique

Amy Chong and Steve Ma of Jinny Corp. meet with representatives of William Marvy Co

A model for Amika has her hair styled on the show floor.

Trase Waller from Kayline and Jesey Nicholson from Wahl

The DeMert Brands booth

The Cosmoprof Worldwide booth greeted attendees that entered one of the entrances to the show.

A view of one of the many show floor aisles

The unique vintage car inspired Beauty & Pin-ups booth featured an entertaining DJ

The Zotos Professional team

The Beautique beauty bar was a huge success at this year’s Cosmoprof show.

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine

95 89

The Jinny Corp. team meets with Hollywood Beauty.

Jinny Corp. team members meet with representatives of Murray’s and JM Products.

The Earthly Body booth

The Spilo booth saw a steady flow of traffic.

Models display products at the Olez booth

Belson and Jinny Corp. members: (left to right) Tom Gebhart, Janette Morales, Kevin Lee, Dean Kim, Patrick Ratcliff and Garrett Wright

Matt K. Andis, President and CEO of Andis Co., and Marcia Andis, Sr. VP Market Development. Not pictured: Laura Andis-Bishop, Sr. VP Finance

The Oasis Day Spa had a massage station conveniently set up at the entrance of the show floor.

A demonstrator showed onlookers how to create beautiful temporary glitter body art.

Jinny Corp. meets with J. Strickland.

Friendly faces stand ready to greet attendees at the International Beauty Exchange booth.

The Cala Products booth

Soo Ahn stands alongside a fellow Amazing Shine representative.

Jinny Corp. meets with Belson

(Left to right) Steve Ma of Jinny Corp. meets with James William, Yvonne Chavez-Sein and Linda Harris at the Inspired Beauty Brands booth.


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Cosmoprof North America 2013

A busy show floor aisle

(Left to right) Jessica Lee, Amy Chong and Sue Seok of Jinny Corp., Art Davis of American International Industries and Todd Smith of the Kirschner Group.

Carnell Billups and Jacqueline Cibrian pause for a quick photo at the AFAM/JF Labs booth.

A meeting in progress at the Taliah Waajid booth

Mr. Eddie Jhin of Jinny Corp. stands with members of the Oster Professional team.

Roscoe Thomas, Iman Al Bashiti and Garrett Wright of Jinny Corp. meet with John Graterol of International Beauty Exchange

The Kirschner Group booth

The Reshma Femme booth

The Extreme Beauty International (XBI) booth

New Products 13 0 2 f o r p o m s o C t a

Belson: Carino & Gold ‘N Hot Styling Tools Andis: Excel Ultra Detachable Blade Clipper

nuNAAT: Real Me Natural Hair Line

DeMert Brands: Hi-Pro-Pac Frizz Taming Treatment Coconut Oil and Lime Peel Formula Fisk: BB Cream 8-in-1 Skin Perfector Max Skin Care Inc.: Max Fair Whitening Collection

Universal Beauty: Remi Hair Care Leave-In Conditioner with Argan Oils September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



P&G Customer Recognition Event and Celebration After a busy first day on the Cosmoprof North America show floor, P&G Salon Professional welcomed visitors to their annual Customer Appreciation Event and Celebration. Held at Tryst Nightclub at the Wynn hotel, this event boasted delicious food, a stellar opening performance and an honorable distribution of highly regarded awards.

Gold Award

Jinny Beauty Supply New York City Beauty Supply Ben’s Beauty Supply Dist. Sally Beauty Supply

Silver Award

Bee Sales Co. Beauty Systems Group

Bronze Award

7-Dollar Beauty Supply Gordon Brothers Supply Inc. Beauty Enterprises Cicely’s Beauty Supply Ultimate Beauty National Beauty Group Elegante Beauty Hamil Barber Supply Company Emiliani Enterprises (Salon Centric)

Achievement Award South Tex Beauty Supply Fosca Beauty Kut N Beauty LA Peer Beauty Ricky’s Vecina Beauty Ventnor Beauty


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

업계소식 조지아 협회 조지아 협회는 지난 8월 11일에 협회 사무실에서 정기 이사회를 개최하였다. 이날 이 사회는 10여명의 이사들이 참석한 가운데 오는 9월 15일 열릴 장학기금마련 골프대회 에 관해 논의 하였다. 조지아 협회는 장학기금 마련을 위해 이번 골프대회를 개최할 예 정이라 한다. Tucker 에 위치한 Heritage Golf Link 에서 열릴 이번 대회는 참가비 $80 이며, 뷰티 업계에 종사하지 않는 일반인도 참석이 가능하다. 또한, 개인 스트로크 방 식으로 진행될 것이며, 입상자들에겐 푸짐한 상품도 마련되어 있다. 참여를 희망하시 는 분들은 조지아 협회 사무실, 770-454-7993 로 전화 문의할 수 있다.

뉴욕협회 뉴욕협회는 오는 10월에 있을 한상대회 일정 때문에 협회의 행사를 9월로 모두 앞당겼다. 협회의 9 월 행사 일정은 다음과 같다. 9회 12일 정기 이사회, 9월 25일 추계 이사장배 골프대회, 9월 26일 정기총회.

SC 미소협 사우스 캐롤라이나 미소협은 지난 8월 24일에 Dreher Island State Park로 협회 친목도모 야유회 를 다녀왔다. 협회원 18명이 참석한 이날 야유회는 호수가에 위치한 빌라를 빌려 낮에는 배를 타고 호수를 가로지르고, 저녁에는 캠프파이어를 하며, 그간에 지친 협회원들의 스트레스를 한방에 날 려 버렸다고 한다. 협회원들은 오랫만의 나들이에 모든 시름을 잊고 서로 더욱 친목을 다지는 시간 을 가졌다.

클리브랜드 협회 클리브랜드협회는 지난 6월 30일에 있은 골프대회에서 마련된 장학금 모금의 정산을 마치고, 연말 에 장학금을 수여할 장학생 및 단체를 선정하는 회의를 9월에 갖기로 하였다. 이는, 협회가 7년동안 해온 장학금 모금 및 전달 행사이며, 이러한 행사를 통해 많은 학생들에게 혜택을 주어 왔다고 한다


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013


ShowReport JinnyNews

Jinny Corp. of Maryland Opens Up August 19, 2013 Jinny’s top three operation managers arrived in Maryland on Sunday, July 14th and they began to do what they do best the following day with their warehouse men – opening the new branch. Mr. Devin Ok (Dallas branch), one of the top three Jinny United operation managers, stated, “We have a very unique way of opening any branch we decide to open. We know all the mistakes from the past openings and we made notes so we do not make these same mistakes ever again. Basically, we open the warehouse before we actually get there in our minds, and we communicate this over and over with our staff members until we get tired of talking about it.” The Jinny Maryland staff members are made up of all Jinny key members lead by Mr. Ji Ho Yoo (Dallas branch). Yoo stated, “Our company has been telling us we will be opening in this market since mid-last year, so we are just glad that the time has finally come.” Yoo added, “Just like our warehouse set up team, our whole company functions with a mission and goal always. The top management always gives us the guidelines with its time management schedules and we make sure that the job gets done. Our main job is to service our customers with the best service, promotions and prices, and our full inventory selection. These are the most important elements in order to succeed in Maryland.” When OTC Beauty Magazine asked Eddie Jhin of Jinny United if there was anything special about this opening compared to others he stated, “Maryland OTC stores take their business very seriously, and I really respect this and I know that we will do everything possible to uplift them to the higher level.” This new warehouse in Maryland will be Jinny United’s eighth distribution center across America. Maryland distribution will be the very first warehouse in the northeast region and now Jinny will be able to deliver almost 95% the very next day. Eddie Jhin stated, “Our ultimate goal is to deliver to 95% the very same day.” With this statement, we are to assume Jinny United will open more locations...

Jinny의 지점개설팀의 핵심팀장 3명이 지난 7월 14일 일요일에 메릴랜드에 도착하여 그들의 건설팀원과 함께 지점 개설 작업을 시작 하였다. Jinny United의 핵심 개설팀장의 한명인 달라스 지점의 Devin Ok 팀장은“어디든 지점개설 결정이 되면 그에 따르는 아주 독특한 지점 개설 방법을 우리는 갖고 있습니다. 이는 그동안의 지점 개설 공사를 해 오면서 격었던 시행착오를 메모하고 이를 거울삼아 같은 실수를 두번 다시 범하지 않게 되었기 때문 입니다. 기본적으로, 저희는 새로운 지점을 개설하기전에 건설 팀원들과 피곤할 정도로 끊임없는 대화와 점검을 통해 우리의 마음을 몰입시켜 지점을 개설 합니다 “ 라고 말했다. Jinny 메릴랜드 지점의 직원은 달라스 지점의 Yoo Jiho팀장을 중심으로 지니의 핵심 멤버들로 구성되어있다 유팀장은 “회사로부터 작년 하반기부터 이미 메릴랜드지점 개설에 대한 지침을 받았으며, 마침내 그 때를 맞이하게되어 기쁩니다” 라며 “지점 개설팀이 하는것과 마찬가지로 저희는 모든 부문에서 목표와 임무를 수행합니다. 항상 최고 경영진으로부터 정해진 시간과 일정에 대한지침을 받고 그임무를 완수하기 위해 최선을 다합니다. 저희의 궁극적인 임무는 저희의 고객분들께 최대한의 제품재고를 갖고 최선의 가격과 판촉지원을 통해 최고의 서비스를 제공하는 것입니다. 이것이 바로 메릴랜드 지점이 성공하기위한 가장 중요한 요소입니다” 라고 언급했다. Jinny United 의 Eddie Jhin대표는 금번 지점개설에 있어 다른 지점들과 비교해 차별화된 특별한 것이 있는냐는 OTC Beauty Magazine의 질문에 대해 “메릴랜드 OTC Store들은 매우 신중하게 비지니스를 하고 있습니다. 저는 진심으로 이점을 존중하며 그분들의 비지니스를 한차원 더 높게 끌어올릴수 있도록 지원 가능한 모든 것을 제공하고자 합니다.” 라고 답변하였다 금번 메릴랜드의 새지점은 처음으로 북동부 지역에 문을 여는 Jinny United 8번째 지점으로 95%의 익일배달 서비스가 가능한 지점으로 자리 매김 할것이며 Eddie Jhin 대표는 “우리의 궁극적인 목표는 95%의 당일배달 서비스입니다” 라고 말했다. 미루어 보건데, Jinny United는 더 많은 지역에 지점을 오픈할것으로 추정된다.

Address:: 8700 Larkin Rd. Suite E. • Savage, MD 20763 Phone:: Toll Free: 855-299-6909 • Main: 240-294-1861 • Fax: 240-294-1865


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013


Jinny Corp. Customer Appreciation Deal Winners The following OTC stores purchased over $2,000 of the brand below in July and were rewarded for their efforts of taking part in the Customer Appreciation Deals. Jinny Corp. and the participating manufacturer congratulate the winners. Xtreme Beauty Winners: Essence Beauty 6099 Jonesboro Road Morrow, GA 30260 Atlanta Branch

Casabella Limited 13180 Ashford Point Drive Houston, TX 77082 Houston Branch

Steven Winds 8190 NW 71st Street Miami, FL 33166 Miami Branch

Battle of the Best OTC Stores Winners The following stores purchased the highest quantities of the brand below, earning them the title of Jinny Corp.’s Best OTC Stores for July. Their efforts were rewarded by the manufacturer. Xtreme Beauty Winners: Essence Beauty 6099 Jonesboro Road Morrow, GA 30260 Casabella Limited 13180 Ashford Point Drive Houston, TX 77082

Steven Winds 8190 NW 71st Street Miami, FL 33166

Fashion Beauty Supply & Salon 20700 Avalon Boulevard #105 Carson, CA 90746

Jenny Beauty 4238 Lincoln Highway Matteson, IL 60443

Angel Beauty Supply 2003 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94612

Beauty For U Super Center 5145 Lake Ridge Parkway Suite 115 Grand Prairie, TX 75052 September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Introduction to Mizani “I’m Back” and very excited to be back in OTC beauty business; my name is David Mohammed and I have been in a multicultural beauty business for 15 years. I spent the last seven years working in the Professional Product Division of L’Oreal USA developing one-to-one relationships with the Mizani© Brand in national chain salons. So why am I excited to be back? Because of our new strategic partnership with Jinny Beauty Supply (the only exclusive distributor in America) that will allow the Mizani team to develop similar one-to-one relationships with OTC Beauty Supply owners and their staff members so we can better service your needs and the beauty needs of your customer. I look forward to providing you with the support and tools that are significantly needed in our business from education to turnkey retail solutions to drive your professional products business. We have tremendous respect for Jinny Beauty Supply and we believe that by having a mutual partner like Jinny Beauty Supply, we will be able to better serve all of our OTC stores nationwide. No one can service your education needs better than Mizani, THE PROFESSIONAL AUTHORITY FOR ALL CURL TEXTURES with a thorough understanding of multi-cultural hair and our customer base that ranges from relaxer clients and transition hair customers to long time natural curly hair product consumers and our seasonal human hair clients. Mizani has a complete portfolio with over 76 SKUs that provide the total solution servicing both the professional salon customer and the at home consumer. Mizani is the original inventor of the Natural Curl key™ which is a very useful educational tool. It would allow beauty retailers to better understand multicultural hair and the Mizani product portfolio so retailers can better merchandise and recommend Mizani products to their prospective hair products seeking customers. With the current beauty business in transition from new regional brands to trendy product line extensions being introduced into the marketplace, it becomes a challenge on what brands you should invest in. Mizani is a trusted brand with over 20 plus years in the business; equipped with a growing devoted national customer base that is seeking beauty supply stores in which to purchase on-trend Mizani products. They are being driven by consistent digital (Internet) and consumer print advertisements in addition to ongoing national press from the industry top beauty publications. “Help me help you!” Thank you for your attention to this article and I look forward to earning your business! 104

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

Mizani 소개

“내가 돌아왔습니다.” 그리고 OTC 뷰티 비즈니스로 돌아온 것이 매우 흥미롭습니다. 제 이름은David Mohammed이고 나는 15년 동안 다문화 뷰티 비즈니스에 종사해왔습니다. 저는 최근 7년 동안L’Oreal USA의 전문가용 제품 부서에서 일하면서 전국적인 미용실 체인에서Mizani© 브랜드와 친밀한 관계를 형성하는 일을 했습니다. 그런데 제가 다시 돌아온 것에 왜 흥분되어 있을까요? 그것은 바로Jinny Beauty Supply(미국 내 유일한 독점 대리점)와의 새로운 전략적 제휴때문인데, 이로인해Mizani팀이 이전에 했던 것처럼, OTC 뷰티 매장 소유주 및 직원들과도 일대일 관계를 발전시킬 수 있게 될 것이며, 따라서 우리는 여러분과 여러분의 고객이 원하는 미용에 관해 보다 나은 서비스를 제공할 수 있게 되는 것입니다. 저는 여러분의 전문가용 제품 마켓을 촉진시킬 수 있는 교육부터 중요한 소매 솔루션까지, 우리 비즈니스에 확실히 필요한 지원과 방법들을 여러분에게 제공하기만을 기대하고 있습니다. 우리는Jinny Beauty Supply를 무한히 존경하며Jinny Beauty Supply와 같은 상호 협력 파트너가 있음으로 OTC 매장 전체에 더 나은 서비스를 제공할 수 있을 것이라고 확신합니다. 누구도 Mizani의 THE PROFESSIONAL AUTHORITY FOR ALL CURL TEXTURES보다 나은 교육을 제공할 수는 없을 것입니다. 이것은 다문화 헤어는 물론, 릴렉서를 사용했거나 과도기에 있는 모발부터 오랜 시간 자연적인 컬 헤어 제품을 구매하는 소비자 및 계절별 인조 모발 구매 고객에 이르기까지 철저한 이해로 구성되어 있습니다. Mizani는 전문 미용 고객과 가정용 구매 고객 모두에게 토탈 솔루션 서비스를 제공하는 76 가지 제품 이상의 완전한 포트폴리오를 보유하고 있습니다. Mizani는 아주 유용한 교육용 도구인Natural Curl key™의 원 개발자입니다. 이것은 미용 소매업체들이 다문화 헤어와 Mizani 제품 포트폴리오를 더욱 잘 이해할 수 있게 해주며, 그로 인해 소매업체들은 앞으로 더 나은 헤어 제품을 찾는 고객들에게Mizani 제품을 더욱 잘 권유하고 판매할 수 있습니다. 새로운 지역 브랜드에서부터 이미 시장에 소개된 트랜디 제품 라인의 확장으로 전환을 맞고 있는 현재의 뷰티 사업에서, 어떤 브랜드에 투자를 하느냐가 중요한 도전이 되고 있습니다. Mizani는 20년 이상 사업을 해 온 신뢰할 수 있는 브랜드입니다. 유행하는Mizani제품을 구매할 수 있는 뷰티 매장을 찾고 있는 헌신적인 소비자층이 전국적으로 성장하고 있습니다. Mizani 제품은 업계 최고 미용 서적과 지속적인 국내 언론은 물론, 일관성있는 디지털(인터넷)과 소비자 인쇄 광고에 의해 주도되고 있습니다. “제가 여러분들을 도와줄 수 있도록 도와 주세요!” 이 글을 읽어주신 것에 감사하며, 여러분의 사업이 번창하기를 바랍니다!

David Mohammed - MIZANI

April 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


IndustryNews Children With Hair Loss Hosts 9th Annual Fall Charity Ball Fundraising Gala on Saturday, October 26

Children With Hair Loss, a Michigan-based non-profit organization that provides customized human hair replacements at no cost to children with medically-related hair loss, is planning their 9th Annual Charity Ball fundraising event, that will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at Laurel Manor in Livonia, Michigan. Through CWHL, each recipient child receives a free customized human hair replacement & care kit annually until the age of 21. Each complete package can cost up to $5,000, which includes manufacturing and products. Fall Charity Ball: This year’s Charity Ball will be a festive night to celebrate CWHL’s 2013 donors and recipients, while raising funds to assist even more children in 2014. The evening will be filled with entertainment and silent and live auctions, including a special appearance by Kayla Martell, who was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata at age 10. Martell was crowned Miss Delaware in 2010. The 2013 Charity Ball will also feature a special fashion show featuring CWHL donors and recipient children. Tickets for the event are $75 each and are available by emailing Info@ ChildrenWithHairLoss.us or by calling 734-379-4400 / 888-454-3742. Full-table discounts are available. All profits from this event directly benefit Children With Hair Loss. Sponsorship Opportunities: Sponsorships for CWHL and for the Charity

Ball event, including professional haircare and beauty product partnerships and corporate opportunities are available. With its growing national network of partners, CWHL has the capacity to provide free customized human hair replacements to thousands of children annually, with the proper funding for manufacturing costs. Regina Villemure, founder of CWHL, has been honored by the Paul W. Smith show on WJR Radio in Detroit, as one of 12 outstanding “Women Who Lead,” a program designed to recognize women who are positively influencing the community. “I have been fortunate enough through my work at CWHL to be able to experience the most heartwarming feelings of helping children overcome a huge obstacle to their happiness. At a time when many children need to channel their full energy into healing, the last thing they should be worried about is their looks and their hair loss, but it’s a reality. I’ve seen kids go from being afraid of being bullied at school and having low self-esteem, to gaining self-confidence and completely turning their lives around. When you turn a child towards a mirror so they can see their new hair for the first time, you see their smile return and you actually witness life coming back to their eyes. It is absolutely amazing.” Additional information about CWHL can be found at www. ChildrenWithHairLoss.us; www.Facebook.com/CWHLMI and www.twitter.com/ CWHL_org.

Gold ‘N Hot® Introduces Carino™ Sub Brand Italian-Inspired Line Features Dryer, Curling Iron and Straightening Iron

Belson Products has earned a reputation for creating brands stylists can trust for consistent quality and performance. To remain competitive in a tool-heavy market, it recently added a new sub-brand of Italian-inspired styling tools to its already impressive Gold ‘N Hot line. With the addition of Carino by Gold ‘N Hot, the brand now appeals to a new generation of stylists who are looking for sleek design and European innovation. The Professional Ionic Turbo Dryer (GH3211) offers a lightweight, compact design that is well balanced in the hand. Ionic technology outputs tens-ofthousands of negative ions to dry hair faster with less damage resulting in healthy, shiny, hair. Two speeds and six heat settings give the user ultimate control. It also comes with a concentrator for precise spot drying and snap-on pik attachment that lifts, shapes and smoothes hair as it is dried. A removable end cap provides easy cleaning, and like all Gold ‘N Hot dryers, it includes the ESP® Electric Shock Protector safety device. The 1 ½” Professional Ceramic Slim Straightening Iron (GH3026) offers seal-in conditioning for silky-soft hair. Made with an ergonomic ultra-sleek/slim design for maximum comfort, this iron comes with ribbed accent pieces for extra grip and finger rests, which are ideal for two handed styling. Other benefits include

a five temperature setting and variable temperature up to 450 degrees to style all hair textures from fine to coarse. In addition, instant heat/instant recovery translates into faster styling. The 1” Professional Ceramic Spring Curling Iron (GH3119/December availability) features a temperature range up to 450 degrees through rheostat control for easy temperature variation. This ergonomic sleek/slim design is comfortable to hold. Quick, 60-second heat up, a built-in safety stand and easy access controls round out its features. Like all Gold ‘N Hot products, Carino comes with a one-year limited warranty. Since its inception almost 30 years ago, Gold ‘N Hot instantly became and remains the No. 1 selling brand in the professional ethnic beauty marketplace. Under the guidance of parent company Belson Products, the line has expanded on its offerings of stove irons to include blow dryers, bonnet dryers, hard hats, curling irons, flat irons and straightening combs in 24K gold and ceramic coatings. Gold ‘N Hot can be found in salons and beauty supply retailers nationwide. For more information, please call 888-738-1212 or visit www.belsonproducts.com.

Bump Patrol Takes Extreme Shaving Online If you haven’t seen Bump Patrol’s online fun already, visit www.ShaveLav.com! Its social media team is getting downright wacky on Twitter trying to shave a comedian head to toe. The gist of this campaign is to generate as many #ShaveLav hashtags as possible. The more people that tweet it,


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

the more their in-house barber shaves Lav Luv, the comedian. Yes, even his eyebrows … and elsewhere. Shaving may be serious business for Bump Patrol, but it still knows how to have a little fun.


August 7, 2013 To: All Current Multicultural OTC Distributors and Diverters RE: Advertising and Inventorying of Mizani Brand This letter is to inform you that it is prohibited for any non-direct distributor of the Mizani brand to advertise and inventory the Mizani brand on any type of sales paper and catalog in print and/or to electronically solicit business with this exclusive brand. We will enforce this policy to the fullest and it is in effect as of September 1, 2013. Jinny reserves the right in maintaining an exclusive authority and control over all advertising on this brand for the OTC channel and also the current level of inventory in your warehouses and in exercising that control we shall: • Lawfully restrict distributors and/or third parties from placing or conveying any type of advertisement of the Mizani brand • Enforce legal action against the NON-direct distributors who has violated the company policy • Cease the current inventory in your warehouse


Best Regards,

Mizani Team

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

IndustryNews BEAUTIQUE Gains Nationwhide Recognition While Also Raising $11,000 to Benefit City of Hope Cosmoprof North America introduced BEAUTIQUE to its already exemplary program of new initiatives this year. Cosmoprof North America is the first beauty trade show to introduce a customized sampling model and with vast nationwide recognition. Other trade show organizers have already expressed interest in the idea and it will most surely be replicated in upcoming beauty trade shows. The exhibiting brands had the opportunity to participate in the first-ever onestop beauty sampling concept. BEAUTIQUE allowed attendees to select deluxe-sized samples, including the latest in trending cosmetics, skin care, nails, hair and some classic beauty favorites. Once at the sampling bar, attendees could hand-pick seven deluxe samples from 20 featured exhibiting brands in exchange for a small charitable donation that would benefit CITY OF HOPE. Cosmoprof North America is proud to announce that they raised $11,000.00 from the proceeds of BEAUTIQUE sales, commendable results for an inaugural platform. As the official BEAUTIQUE sponsor, HCT Packaging produced the luxurious, high-end box and

packaging materials exclusively for this new beauty initiative. Brands included Amika, U R Curly, Bain De Terre, Balanced Guru, Chateau de Versailles, Coiffance, Daily Concepts, Dragonfly, Layla Cosmetics, One’n Only, OPI, ORLY, Royal Apothic, RUSK, Sebastian, Skin & Co Roma, Wella and XFusion Keratin. “The BEAUTIQUE program is one of the most innovative approaches to date in the trade show arena. The ability to have trade participants actually try samples of brands has not been done before and is a smart innovation from PBA / Cosmoprof North America. I’m thrilled with the results from our participating brands in Sebastian Professional and Wella Professionals and as the 2013 Spirit of Life awardee, I’m grateful to NABE for donating the proceeds from the 2013 BEAUTIQUE execution,” says Reuben Carranza, North American CEO of Wella, the Salon Professional Division of P&G. Cosmoprof North America 2014 will take place July 13 – 15 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. For more information on exhibiting or attending, please visit www.cosmoprofnorthamerica.com.

Naturally Curly Fashionistas Take on New York during New York Fashion Week, Sept. 5-8 Atlanta’s ‘Fro Fashion Week makes its NYC debut convening hundreds of curly and proud fashionistas for an extended weekend of beauty, style and fashion ‘Fro Fashion Week, the premier celebration for the natural hair experience created by Naturally Me! Media, announces its New York debut taking place September 5-8. Now in its 6th cycle, this Atlanta-based event will take to the streets of New York City, along with its crowd of ‘curly and proud’ fashionistas, to make its mark on the nation’s fashion scene during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The Sheraton Brooklyn New York Hotel is where it all goes down from Sept. 5-8th. ‘Fro Fashion Week has reserved a block of discounted hotel rooms for attendees to enjoy the full roster of planned festivities. The much anticipated NYC ‘Fro Fashion Show, themed GOTHIX, takes place at Brooklyn’s posh and fashionable Kai Studio on Sept. 7th. Tickets to attend planned events are available online at www.frofashionweek.com. “My vision was always to bring ‘Fro Fashion Week to New York,” says founder and CEO Tarin Boone of Naturally Me! Media. “This represents an opportunity for us to shine the light on the growing acceptance of naturally curly and textured hair beauties as they celebrate 110

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

their unique style, creativity and desire to be their absolute fiercest in the beauty world.” The upcoming ‘Fro Fashion Week will offer naturalistas worldwide the chance to experience the high-energy and excitement of New York during NYFW while adding the “naturally curly flair” that’s geared directly toward them. With over 62 million social media impressions from the spring 2013 event, this Fall show promises to be bigger and better with the partnership of NaturallyCurly.com, providing pre-event highlights and glimpses of all of the behind the scenes action from Sept. 5-8. Additionally, beauty brands such as Motives for LaLa, ORS, Dr. Miracles and the newly launched BASIC Hair Care will all be on hand offering everything from pop-up salons, beauty trend showcases, shopping and nightly parties to make the New York ‘Fro Fashion Week debut the very best! For more event information including showtimes and event passes, visit www. frofashionweek.com.


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September: 5-8 ‘Fro Fashion Week Brooklyn, NY www.frofashionweek.com

7-10 9th Annual Beauty Fair Sao Paulo, Brazil http://beautyfair.com.br/us/

8-9 World’s Fair of Cosmetic Arts & Sciences San Antonio, TX www.worldsfairhairshow.com

22 NAILPRO Sacramento Sacramento, CA www.nailprosacramento.com

22-23 Image Expo Los Angeles, CA http://theimageexpo.com

29-Oct. 1 Bronner Bros. International Hair Show Arlington, TX www.bronnerbros.com

OCTOBER: 6-7 Premiere Beauty Classic Columbus, OH www.beautyclassicshow.biz

12-13 World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show College Park, GA www.naturalhairshow.org

20-21 Premiere Birmingham Birmingham, AL www.premierebirminghamshow.biz


OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

American Int’l.................23, 109 JD Beauty Group....................35 RA Cosmetics ..................74, 90 www.jdbeauty.com www.aiibeauty.com www.racosmetics.com Andis Co.................... . 25, 57, 86 JBS Beauty Club ..............44, 88 www.andis.com JBS Hair .................... 26, 54, 101 Belson .......................................7 www.jbshair.com www.belsonproducts.com JF Labs/AFAM ...... 8, 13, 99, 111 www.jflabs.com Bonfi Natural/ Wet-n-Wavy ...........................64 JM Products – Isoplus ............75 www.wetnwavy.com www.isoplus.com Brock Beauty, Inc. ..................91 KAB Brands, LLC ....... IBC, 120 www.brockbeauty.com www.aphogee.com Conair ...............................20, 21 Kemi Organics .......................63 www.conair.com

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Taliah Waajid/Black Earth Products .................................27 www.naturalhair.org Wahl .................................47, 88 www.wahlclipper.com Xtreme Beauty Int’l ..........3, 85 www.xbi.co

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OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

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OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email: editor@otcbeautymagazine.com

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


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This one step, leave-in formula combines the strengthening properties of keratin protein with the antioxidant benefits of green tea. It helps reduce breakage and split ends and adds body to limp, lifeless hair. Heat makes it work! Active ingredients bond into the hair shaft with natural body heat or heat from styling tools. 120

OTC Beauty Magazine September 2013

ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is especially recommended for at-home care of relaxed, permed or color treated hair and may be used between shampoos during touch up styling. Learn more at www.ApHogee.com.

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