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Helpful Skincare Tips, Just in Time for Summer Feature Article


From the Inside Out Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


June 2017

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OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

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by Natasha Bhalla There’s a beauty product for every skin issue and need— from basic moisturizers to collagen builders to heavy foundations that hide imperfections small and large. However, the most important and potent way to take care of your skin starts from the inside out.

Finished Product


by Dominque Tinkler Vitamin “C” is a superior anti-oxidant that helps to heal and repair damaged skin. It protects against environmental pollutants which can wreak havoc on your skin, causing it to age prematurely; loss of radiance, brown spots, freckles, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and a rough patchy texture. Learn more about this vital product here!

Manufacturer Profile

Therapy Trends

High Tech High Touch Skincare

Beauty Inside Out

Vitamin “C”

Notes From the Natural Nation

The Benefits of Oil for Superior Skin Care

100% Natural OKAY African Shea Butter Yellow Smooth

BlueCo Brands

It is common that many beauty colleagues we speak to here at OTC Beauty Magazine have been in the industry for quite a while; this is a lovely place to be, after all. Brenda Leckie, National Sales Director of BlueCo Brands, is no different as she has been in the business for over 30 years, starting in the salon atmosphere as a stylist and making her way to her current role. We spoke to Leckie to learn more about this company and their brands, one of which has stood the test of time—Barbicide. 저희 OTC 뷰티 매거진에서 그 동안 이야기를 나눈 많은 뷰티 관련업 동료 분들은 이 업계에 꽤 오랜 시간 몸을 담은 사람들입니다. 물론 많은 매력이 있어 정말 떠나고 싶지 않은 그런 업계이기도 하지만요. BlueCo Brands의 국내 영업 담당 이사를 맡고 계신 Brenda Leckie 씨의 경우도 미용실의 스타일리스트로서 시작하여 현재 자리에 오르기까지, 이 분야에 30 년 이상 몸 담으신 분입니다. 저희는 Leckie 씨와 이야기를 나누며 오랜 세월에도 건재한 회사와 그 브랜드인 Barbicide 에 대해 들어보았습니다.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


June 2017

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Knowledge To Know

Helpful Skincare and Shaving Tips, Just in Time for Summer!


by Iskra Tsenkova There are a multitude of tips that can help your customers get the up close and personal, perfectly smooth shave they want. This is especially necessary during the summer when bathing suits are out in full force. From exfoliation to using fresh blades and using the appropriate temperature of water, it can be quite the process.


by Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau Continued from the April 2017 issue, the second part of this series addresses the misconception that natural hair care is too time consuming compared to relaxed hair. According to this author, this fallacy is accepted as truth without question, but he challenges it.

The Risky Six

by Lei Wang Like all the knowledge and skills that people learn, fear of failure is also learned. And as you age, you gain more and more mental constraints. Those mental constraints remove creativity and replace it with yet more fear, but fear can be unlearned through practice. Learn how here. 위험한 6가지 사람들은 모든 지식과 기술을 배우는 것처럼, 실패에 대한 두려움도 배웁니다. 그리고 나이가 들면 정신적으로 점점 힘들어 집니다. 그러한 정신적인 제약은 창조력을 없애며 창조력이 더 많은 두려움으로 바뀌어집니다. 하지만 두려움은 연습을 통해 극복할 수 있습니다. 여기서 알아보도록 하겠습니다.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Beauty Ambassador

Styling Tools Beauty Ambassador Article



by Terri Taricco-Cropp The Forgotten Step in Hair Care: Scalp Care

Show Coverage

Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show


The Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show proudly celebrated their 20 year anniversary of empowering a community through an annual celebration of everything natural. This event was held April 22-23 in Atlanta, Ga.

자연산 아프로 모발의 유지 및 관리에 대한 오해 타결 4월호부터 연재해온 이 두번째 기사에서는, 릴렉스 헤어보다 네추럴 헤어를 관리하는데 시간을 더 소비해야 한다는 오해를 다루어 봤다. 필자에 의하면, 이러한 사실은 모든 사람들이 한치의 의심도 없이 잘못 생각하고 있는 부분이라고 한다. 이에 그가 기사를 통해 오해를 타결해 보려고 한다.

Business Tips

by Jill Johnson One of the most significant leadership skills you need to develop is your confidence. It is an essential core leadership competency. Building your confidence requires a disciplined focus on seeking and accepting bold opportunities to help you reach for higher rungs of influence and impact. Read on to discover the keys to building confidence. 자신감의 형성 리더십 기술의 가장 중요한 것들 중 여러분이 개발해야 할 필요가 있는 것은 자신감입니다. 그것은 필수적인 핵심 능력이라 할 수 있습니다. 자신감을 기르는 것은 과감한 기회를 모색하고 받아들이는 자세가 필요하며 이는 여러분을 더 높은 단계의 영향력에 이르기까지 도와 줄 것입니다. 이 기사를 통해 자신감을 만들어 보세요.

여름 시즌에 맞춘 유용한 피부관리법 및 제모 팁! 고객들에게 완벽하게 부드러운 면도 법을 배워보자. 각질제거와 새로운 면도날을 적절히 사용할 수 있는 물온도 등과 같은 팁들은 특히, 수영복을 입는 여름철에 더욱 필요한 기술이다.

Clearing up the Misconceptions About Care and Maintenance of Natural Afro Hair: Part II

Confidence Compounds


ON THE COVER: American International Industries

and Ardell Professional encourage your customers to layer their

lashes in luxury with their Faux

Mink Designer Lashes Collection.

What better way to accentuate the flawless skin of a lovely face than with show stopping lightweight

lashes? Add a dash of drama today! Learn more on page 53.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



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OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Studying up on Skincare We know, it is summertime and school is certainly not in session…any school aged child will proudly inform you of that. However, we want to make sure we stay up to date on the latest beauty trends and new industry information to better serve you. Likewise, we encourage you to always be studying up on varying sectors of the beauty business. This month we specifically chose to focus on skin. It is the largest organ of the body, and in the summertime skin can undergo increased stresses as it is typically exposed to more sun when the temperatures warm up. Whether laying by the beach or poolside, relaxing on a boat, hiking a new mountain trail or spending the day with family, friends and pets at the park, summer is a great time to explore the great outdoors. Just be sure to keep your skin protected from the sun and bugs, and always moisturized. SPF if actually a must all year round as the sun doesn’t take a break, even in the winter when chilly temperatures call for overcoats. In addition to articles covering a myriad of skin care topics, we have included a few interesting pieces on business advice this month. This issue’s “How Should You Sell It” topic addresses the allure of higher priced items and how having a variety of product price points among your shelves can appeal to various customers. Additionally, we’re providing some tips on becoming confident and staying positive, even when fear of failure is real. No matter what may come in your business life, we encourage you to keep a bright outlook and tread headstrong into the future, embracing all it holds. There’s no way we could fail this exam by omitting the latest trade news. Many of the manufacturers you know and love have big things happening and we urge you to flip to the “Industry News” on page 82 to learn all about it. Oh, and while you’re back there why not check out the show coverage of the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show? You might recognize someone in those photos!

스킨케어 학습하기 여름이고 학교가 방학 중이라는 사실을 알고 있습니다… 학교에 다니는 모든 어린이는 신나게 방학이 되었다고 알려 줄 것입니다. 그러나 우리는 최신 뷰티 트렌드와 새로운 업계의 최신 정보를 파악하여 더 나은 서비스를 제공 하고자 합니다. 마찬가지로, 귀하께서는 항상 뷰티 비즈니스의 다양한 분야를 학습하는 것이 좋다고 말씀 드리고 싶습니다. 이번 달에 집중할 것은 피부입니다.

피부는 신체에서 가장 많은 부분을 차치하는 기관이며 여름철

온도가 올라갈 때 햇빛에 더 많이 노출되기 때문에 피부가 스트레스를 받을 수 있습니다. 해변이나 수영장 옆에 누워있거나, 보트에서 휴식을 취하거나, 새로운 산길을 하이킹하거나, 공원에서 가족, 친구, 애완 동물과 하루를 보내는 여름은 멋진 야외를 즐기기에 좋은 계절입니다. 햇빛과 벌레로부터 피부를 보호하고 항상 보습해 주세요. SPF는 추운 날씨로 외투를 입어야 하는 겨울에도 햇빛은 있기 때문에 1년 내내 필요합니다.

이번 달 비즈니스 조언에는 수 많은 스킨 케어 기사 이외의 몇

가지 흥미로운 내용을 포함 시켰습니다. 이번 호의 “그것을 판매하는 방법” 주제는 고가품의 매력을 설명하고 진열대 사이에서 다양한 제품 가격 포인트를 갖는 것이 여러 고객에게 어필 할 수 있는 방법입니다. 또한 우리는 실패에 대한 두려움이 현실로 왔더라도 자신감을 얻고 긍정적인 자세를 유지할 수 있는 몇 가지 팁을 알려드리려 합니다. 귀하 사업에 어떤 변화가 생길 수 있더라도, 밝은 미래를 지키고 앞으로의 모든 것을 포용함으로써 미래를 향해 나아갈 것을 권장합니다.

최신 업계동향을 파악하고 있다면, 절대로 실패할 일이

없습니다. 여러분이 알고 사랑하는 많은 제조업체들에게 큰 일이 일어나고 있습니다. # 페이지로 이동하여 “산업 뉴스” 를 읽어 학습해 보시기 바랍니다. 아, 그리고 거기에서 돌아 왔을 때 왜 Taliah Waajid 월드 네츄럴 헤어 쇼에서 다른 내용을 검토해 보시는 것은 어떤가요? 그



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

사진 속의 누군가를 알아볼 수도 있습니다!

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Expert Advice by Dr. Vartan Mardirossian

We will admit that we’re not exactly up-to-date on our wrinkle knowledge here at OTC Beauty Magazine, but we certainly know we don’t want them! So, we reached out to Vartan Mardirossian, MD FACS, to learn more about the different types of wrinkles there are, and how to avoid them. We’re sure your customers, and you, may be intrigued to learn this information too!


Dr. Mardirossian reports, “There are essentially four types of facial lines and wrinkles:

Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids - Fine lines on the face that are almost perpendicular to each other. They show up in different areas of the face and body, but tend to disappear when skin is stretched transversally (this just means they shift when your body posture changes). These wrinkles are associated with loss of elasticity. Since these wrinkles are due to the loss of collagen, you need to protect your skin by using sunscreen. You can also use moisturizers to temporarily plump the skin with fillers and diminish the appearance of these fine lines. Micro needling is also a good treatment for this problem.



Permanent Elastic Creases - Crease lines in the skin that become


Dynamic Expression Lines - Wrinkles that are caused by facial

increasingly permanent over time, especially with sun exposure. These show up most frequently on the cheeks, the upper lip and the base of the neck. Sun exposure and smoking make this type of wrinkle worse. Don’t smoke, minimize sun exposure and use a sunscreen to prevent this kind of wrinkling.

muscle movement. These are commonly referred to as frown (or smile!) lines and crows feet. These wrinkles respond best to Botox or other similar injectable wrinkle treatments.

4. Gravitational Folds - As the name implies, these lines are due to the effects of gravity and become increasingly obvious as skin begins to fold and sag. The location of these wrinkles is related to the thickness of skin. While I would have thought this means that thicker skin shows more folds, surprisingly researchers have said that a plumper face may show fewer gravity folds than a lean face. Cosmetic surgery (like face lifts) are the most effective at removing these kinds of wrinkles. My best skin-saving advice is to minimize sun exposure, wear sunscreen and don’t smoke. Moisturizers can help temporarily “fill in” and plump wrinkles, but if you are looking for more permanent results you may want to consider cosmetic procedures like Botox or facelifts.” There you have it! We encourage you all to follow the doctor’s orders and “minimize sun exposure, wear sunscreen and don’t smoke.” Our skin will thank us!

Meet Dr. Vartan Mardirossian

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian is an Assistant Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology at the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla. and operates in his private practice in Jupiter, Fla. He is double Board-certified in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery, and has authored many studies on pivotal topics within the realm of Facial plastic surgery.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



Spoil Your Skin Everybody likes to be pampered every once and a while, whether with a free day on the weekend to relax, a spa day treat on your birthday or a pedicure now and again. Skin is the same way, but there’s no need to wait for a special occasion to show it some love. Use the products shown here, and others like them, to spoil your skin this summer and all year-round.

It’s Magic!

Shaving can easily irritate the skin, and it seems that no one knows this better than men; razor burn and ingrown hair on the face and neck are no laughing

matter! Instead, encourage your customers to use

SoftSheen-Crason’s Magic Skin Conditioning Shaving Powder. This depilatory is formulated especially for

Black Men to help stop razor bumps caused by razor

shaving. Product makeup includes Aloe and Vitamin E for skin pampering.

Day Defense

Who wouldn’t want to have a day with no worries at all? Now your customers can have just that, at

least in regards to their skin, thanks to Palmer’s Skin

Perfecting Moisturizing Day Cream. This lightweight

day cream gently hydrates, balances moisture and smoothes skin texture, all while providing SPF 15 protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s even

dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive skin.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Lighten Up

Take a deep breath. How good does that feel? Your

customers who deal with skin discoloration can also take that deep breath coupled with a sigh of relief. Mitchell

Group’s Carotis Lightening Serum reduces skin discoloration with aggressive lightening active, hydroquinone. It smoothes and firms with anti-oxidant Vitamin “A”, while absorbing and drying quickly. Users can see results in 7 days!

Hello Hydration!

Cleaning your face, especially before bedtime each night, is a must! If this practice is necessary, why not make it enjoyable? The 100%

Virgin Coconut Oil Hydration Face Milk Cleanser from SheaMoisture

delivers a creamy cleansing that gently removes impurities while hydrating all skin types. Restore and soften skin today!

Mad About Masques

Time to take a time-out from everyday life and spend a little time focusing you Y-O-U! The Mud Pack Masque from Queen Helene is perfect for use while soaking in the tub, or for a brief moment of facefocus before calling it a night. Enriched with Kaolin, a natural English Clay known to immediately lift away impurities and revitalize tired looking skin, it leaves skin feeling firmer, with fine lines and wrinkles diminished.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



Spoil Your Skin

Trust the Original

We know your male customers are easily

aggravated by skin irritations, and we have

yet to find a better treatment than the triedand-true Lucky Tiger Ointment. Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis and dandruff say

“goodbye” after use, and this product also

provides relief from itching, burns, bites and

scratches. It’s undeniable that this classic will continue to stand its ground.

No Nicks Today

Men, and even ladies too, what is more aggravating when shaving then to get a nick or minor cut that just will not seem to stop bleeding? Luckily Clubman has the answer with their Stypic Pencil. It works to stop bleeding fast, sealing the skin’s surface and preventing infection. Ease your customers shaving worries just a hair today.

Pamper with Powder

Odor protection is necessary all year

long, but especially so during the warm summer months. All of your female

customers deserve the best protection without worrying about powder, and Vagisil’s Deodorant Powder stands

to their defense. Keeping odors from

happening, this silky formula features a

light, fresh scent, is 100% talc free, and works to prevent chafing. It’s safe and gentle enough for everyday use. 18

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



Spoil Your Skin Let’s Get Something Clear…

Exfoliation is a vital step in skin care, and Topiclear provides your

customers with just the product they need for the job—their Lemon

Exfoliating Soap. Recommended for use at least 3 times a week, it is formulated with lemon extract, which that contains Vitamin C, that

stimulates collagen formation. It also helps brighten skin, promoting

overall healthier and smoother skin. Simply work into a lather, massage onto the face and body, then rinse away, ridding skin of dead cells.

Outstanding Oil

Have any of your customers voiced concerns about dry, irritated skin and scalp, or even sensitive scalp? My DNA Life Naturals Tea Tree Oil is designed to moisturize the hair and encourage a calming treatment for dry irritated scalp or skin troubled with eczema or redness. Suggest this oil to your shoppers; they are sure to thank you for it.

Glow Girl, Glow!

Experience healthy, beautiful skin with Ultra

Glow Cocoa Butter, an advanced moisturizer

great for all skin types. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, D and E, this formula helps to

smooth, soften and replenish moisture to dry,

rough skin. This item also helps reduce the

appearance of stretch marks.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


How should you sell it?

This month’s selling focus is…

The Allure of Higher Priced Items!

When owning a store it can be challenging to know just what items to carry on your shelves, and which to leave off because they might not move so well. For example, higher priced items may be avoided because owners believe customers might not be willing to choose them over lower-priced items. However, we think there’s

something to be said about the quality of a higher price point beauty good. You may also have like-minded customers who are willing to spend a little extra money, increasing your revenue.

As an end-user, what are some advantages of using higher price point items, especially in beauty? How can store owners communicate those benefits to customers, and encourage them to spend a little extra money for higher quality?

“Some consumers are willing to spend more on higher priced products if they feel the products ‘delivers’ and ‘addresses’ their needs. When store owners and staff are educated and

knowledgeable about higher priced items they are selling—can point out key ingredients, features, benefits, and can explain how it is used—it resonates well with customers and can be an added

value to their shopping experience. Being well informed about

products prior to purchasing can make shoppers more likely to shell out monies for higher priced goods.”

Sonja Watford-Mair, Sales & Merchandising Briggs Market Masters, Inc.

“As a merchandiser who is in beauty supply stores on a daily basis, I see first-hand the buying choices of consumers. Price point is only one factor consumers will consider. Quality is, now more so than ever, a careful consideration…often times, before price. ‘Natural’ is in. Consumers have become so savvy that they read the ingredient listings on products to see if Argan oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Monoi oil, or another desirable ingredient are among the first listed. Retailers can encourage the sale of these higher priced ‘natural’ products by offering a variety of products at various price points, but only utilizing the merchandising materials (posters, shelf displays, shelf talkers, etc.) from these higher priced brands. They will provide valuable education that will encourage a purchase. A consumer is more likely to choose the higher priced items if the retailer makes it more visible and the consumer perceives greater benefits than cheaper competing items. Choose to carry brands in this price point only if they offer merchandising materials and have visually appealing and professional packaging.”

Scott Zangwill, President Merchandise Brand Specialist Inc.

If you have input you’d like to share regarding this question, send an email to Your response could be featured in the July issue!


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


어떻게 판매해야 할까요?

이번 달 판매의 초점은…

고가 제품의 매력입니다! 스토어오너 입장에서 볼 때, 어떤 물품을 지속적으로 가지고 있어야 할 지 혹은 잘 팔리지 않아 진열대에서 빼야 할 물품이 어떤 것인지 구분하는 것은 어려운 일일 수 있습니다. 예를 들어, 고가의 물품들은 쉽사리 들여놓지 않게 되는데 그 이유는, 손님들이 저가의 물품들을 두고 굳이 고가를 선택하지 않으리라 생각할 수 있기 때문입니다. 하지만, 저희는 높은 가격을 지닌 뷰티 제품들의 질에 대해 이야기 할 필요가 있다고 생각합니다. 또한 여러분은 자신들의 돈을 몇 푼 더 쓰고자 하는, 결국 매장 소득을 올려줄, 그럴 의향이 있는 손님들을 이미 보유하고 있을 수도 있습니다.

최종 소비자로서, 특히나 고가의 뷰티 관련 제품을 사용하는 이점에는 무엇이 있을까요? 어떻게 하면 상점주가 손님들에게 그 이점에 대해 어필하며, 조금 더 나은 품질을 위해 돈을 더 투자하도록 할 수 있을까요?

“몇몇 소비자들은 제품이 그들의 욕구를 ‘충족’ 시켜주고 ‘반영’ 한다면

“매일같이, 뷰티 상품 창고에서 일하는 판매자로서, 저는 소비자가

더 고가의 제품을 살 의향이 있습니다. 상점주나 직원들이 자신들이

상품 구매 시 선택하는 모습들을 직접 봅니다. 소매 가격이라는 것은

파는 고가의 제품들에 대한 지식을 갖고 있고 잘 교육이 되어있다면 –

소비자가 고려할 하나의 요인입니다. 하지만 품질은, 더욱 더 심사숙고

주요 성분, 특징, 이점, 사용법 등 – 소비자들에게 잘 전달되어 그들의 쇼핑 경험에 추가적으로 가치를 부여할 것입니다. 제품 구매 전 많은

할 고려사항이며, 대체적으로 가격보다 우선시 됩니다. 이 때는 ‘천연’ 이 답이라 생각됩니다. 소비자들의 지식 수준은 굉장히 높아져서, 이제 아르간 오일, 시어 버터, 코코넛 오일, 모노이 오일, 혹은 원하는 다른

정보를 입수하게 된다면 소비자들이 고가의 상품에 돈을 투자할

성분들 등 자신들이 원하는 부분들이 성분 목록에 있는지 확인하고는

확률이 높아질 것입니다.”

합니다. 소매업자 들은 이 고가의 ‘천연’ 제품들을 다양한 가격대의

Sonja Watford-Mair, 판매 & 판촉

다양한 제품들로 추천하되, 이 고가 브랜드로부터의 판촉물 (포스터, 진열대 광고 등)을 이용하는 것이 좋습니다. 구매를 촉진시키기 위한

Briggs Market Masters, 법인.

좋은 정보들을 얻을 수 있기 때문이지요. 소비자들은 소매업자들이

제품을 더욱 가시화 시키고 더 싼 경쟁품들 보다 더 나은 이점들이 많다는 것을 인지한다면, 고가의 상품을 선택할 확률이 높아지게 될 것입니다. 이 가격대의 제품을 구비해두시려면 브랜드에서 판촉물을 제공하는지, 시각적인 매력, 그리고 포장 등이 전문적인지를 따져보신 후 결정하시기 바랍니다.”

Scott Zangwill, 대표이사

Merchandise Brand Specialist 법인.

질문에 대하여 공유하고 싶거나 답변하고 싶은 말이 있으시면, editor@otcbeautymagazine.com로 보내주십시오. 귀하의 답변은 7월 호에 기재될 수도 있습니다! 24

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


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OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

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OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Finished Product by Dominique Tinkler



FIRMING ANTI-OXIDANT • SKIN BRIGHTENER • COLLAGEN BOOSTER • WRINKLE MINIMIZER Vitamin “C” is a superior anti-oxidant that helps to heal and repair damaged skin. It protects against environmental pollutants which can wreak havoc on your skin, causing it to age prematurely; loss of radiance, brown spots, freckles, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and a rough patchy texture. This is related to visible changes in the behavior and appearance of the skin due to over exposure to the sun, known as “photo-aging.” Firming Vitamin “C” benefits skin in two important ways. First, it’s essential for the synthesis of collagen, a key structural protein of the skin. Second, Vitamin “C” is a super-powerful antioxidant that can help to reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals break down collagen, the “glue” that holds skin together, makes it firm, and preserves it’s wrinkle-free quality for as long as possible. Collagen also gives the skin resilience, lessening the likelihood of wrinkles. When Vitamin “C” is added to your daily skincare regimen it will help to reduce wrinkles, firm skin, create new collagen, produce healthier skin cells and improve skin texture, elasticity and resilience. Studies show that Vitamin “C” derivatives are either not absorbed or not converted to L-Ascorbic Acid in high enough concentrations to have an effect. Vitamin “C” (L-Ascorbic Acid) is one of the few topical agents whose effectiveness against wrinkles and fine lines is backed by a fair amount of reliable scientific evidence. Using this stabilized Vitamin “C” (L-Ascorbic Acid) will help to minimize fine lines, scars, and wrinkles. It is also a natural skin brightener and lightener and will reduce uneven pigment by inhibiting melanin production. And it appears to be a better choice for consumers wishing to avoid any exfoliating effects. Most Vitamin “C” formulas are highly acidic and therefore produce exfoliation (lightly peeling of dead skin cells). Too much exfoliation can cause dry, irritated skin which triggers inflammation, resulting in the skin becoming darker, especially with consumers who already have a dark skin tone. Having a lot of collagen in our skin is not enough. Collagen breakdown is an ongoing, natural process. It is excessively damaged by

Meet Dominique Tinkler

a number of external factors like UV rays, smoking, impaired glucose metabolism, chlorinated water, inflammation, irritation and others. Its structure becomes distorted, leading to poor skin texture, wrinkles and other imperfections. At a younger age, the synthesis of collagen predominates, whereas after about age 40, loss of collagen picks up speed. Therefore, to keep your skin’s collagen in balance you need to add Vitamin “C” to your daily skincare regimen which will help to boost collagen synthesis and reduce its degradation. Considering that collagen type I and III are predominant in the skin, using the topical Vitamin “C” (L-ascorbic Acid) has been shown to stimulate the synthesis of these types of collagen which is particularly promising.

Vitamin “C” Skincare Tips

• •

Vitamin “C” Serum is a popular texture among many consumers who have oily/combination skin, especially if you live in a hot, humid climate. It absorbs and dries quickly and will not promote a peeling effect. Vitamin “C” Gel works well as a primer before makeup. Its silky texture will help to soften and smooth out lines and wrinkles, promoting an overall healthier, brighter complexion. Gels are perfect for normal/combination skin. • Vitamin “C” Cream is perfect for consumers who have a dry, sensitive complexion and need nourishment and moisture to restore dehydrated skin back to its healthy and supple state. All in all, Vitamin “C” skincare is geared to preventing skin damage and fighting wrinkles. Its protective and firming benefits reduce signs of aging, giving you the younger and fresher look you desire every day. It’s never too early or too late to begin adding Vitamin “C” to your daily skincare regimen! It’s all about consistency, following a regimen and allowing it time to work.

Dominique Tinkler is an accomplished skincare guru who molded her career working alongside prominent cosmetic dermatologists and corporations. In November 2009, Dominique joined Mitchell Group as Product Development and Education Director. Her responsibilities range from the development of new products and marketing material to the supervision of promotional activity, copywriting and managing brand identity. Deeply motivated by her passion to educate individuals on skincare, which is also a Mitchell Group mission, Dominique believes that beauty is more than just skin deep.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


K t K Knowledge to know by Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau

Part II …Continued from the April 2017 issue. 2017 4월 호로부터 계속…

Clearing up the Misconceptions About Care and Maintenance of Natural Afro Hair 자연산 아프로 모발의 유지 및 관리에 대한 오해 타결 - 파트 II Misconception: Natural Hair Care is Too Time consuming Compared to Relaxed Hair

오해: 시술 된 머리에 비해 자연산 모발의 관리는 시간을 너무 많 이 잡아먹는다

This is just one more misconception accepted as truth without question.

이는 어떤 의문점도 제기되지 않은 채 사실로 굳혀진 오해 중 하나입니다.

Maintenance of Relaxer Women routinely have touchups every six to eight weeks to maintain a straightened hairstyle. This process takes three hours on average at a salon. This means that a typical person will spend at least three hours every six to eight weeks to straighten her hair. To maintain a relaxed hairstyle, a person spends a little more than two hours per week to wash, condition, dry and style the hair. This means that a person will spend 18 hours bimonthly to maintain a straightened hair style. Daily styling and nightly preparations take about half an hour per day; 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bedtime. This means that a typical person will spend at least 30 hours every two months to care for her straightened hair. By the end of two months, a person with relaxed hair has spent as much as 52 hours on hair care!

이완기의 유지 여성들은 일반적으로 정돈된 머리스타일 유지를 위해 6 에서 8 주 정도 간 격으로 터치업을 받습니다. 이 과정은 보통 미용실에서 3 시간 정도가 걸 리지요. 말인 즉, 보통의 사람들은 매 6 에서 8 주 마다 머리를 하기 위해 적어도 3 시간 이상을 소비한다는 뜻입니다. 잘 정돈된 헤어스타일을 유지하기 위해 한사람이 두발을 씻고, 컨디셔닝 후, 말리고, 스타일링 하는데 대략 주마다 2 시간 정도를 소비합 니다. 즉, 2 개월 마다 18 시간을 머리 유지에 사용한다는 말이지요. 매일 스타일링이나 야간에 하는 관리는 아침 15 분, 밤 15 분으 로 총 30 분을 하루에 쓰게 됩니다. 이 말은 일반적인 사람들이 만져진 머 리 관리를 위해 적어도 2 달 마다 30 시간 이상을 할애한다는 뜻입니다. 2 달이 지나면 시술된 머리를 가진 사람은 머리 관리에만 52 시간 이상을 썼 다는 말이 되지요!

Maintenance of Extensions to Natural Hair We chose to compare the maintenance of a relaxer to that of braided extensions because most people are aware that it is time consuming to complete such hairstyles. In general, a braider would need anywhere from five to 10 hours to complete a medium size braid style, depending on the skills of a braider. We chose medium size braids because micro braids are bad for hair; braiding the hair into too small box braids cause hair loss from the scalp (Tension Alopecia). We also chose to take more than the average time; let’s say it takes eight hours to complete a hairstyle with extensions. So it takes about eight hours to complete a box braid hairstyle that lasts for at least two months. That is normal grow out time.

자연 모발에 첨가된 가모술의 유지 땋은 머리 스타일을 완성시키는 데 상당한 시간이 소요된다는 것을 대부 분의 사람들이 알고 있기 때문에 저희는 그 시간을 이완기의 유지 시간과 비교하기로 했습니다. 미용사는 그 실력에 따라 보통 크기의 땋는 머리를 연출하는 데 5 에서 10 시간 정도가 필요합니다. 저희는 얇게 꼰 머리는 모발에 좋지 않기 때문에 보통 크기로 하기로 했습니다; 너무 작은 형태의 땋은 머리는 두피로부터 탈모 증세를 일으킵니다 (견인탈모증). 또한 평균 시간보다 더 많은 시간을 들이기도 했습니다; 가모술이 첨가된 스타일을 완성시키는 데 대략 8 시간 정도 든다고 가정했습니다. 최소 2 달 이상 유 지 될 땋은 머리를 완성 하는 데 8 시간이 걸리는 것입니다. 보통 그 정도 까지는 머리가 유지되지요.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Once the style is complete, there is nominal maintenance time to take care of the braids. Washing the braids will only take 20 minutes since deep conditioning is not recommended for extension styles daily, and nightly preparations take only one minute. Taking the braids out is the most time consuming part of wearing braids. But even so a person with extension braids barely spends 25 hours on hair care bimonthly. However, the message should be clear. The schedule proves that although it is time consuming to create natural hairstyles; the daily and weekly maintenance of chemically altered hair takes much more time than natural hair care. This is even true with exaggerating untangling times in the natural hair columns. In fact, relaxed hair maintenance always consumes more time than caring for natural hair.

스타일이 완성되면, 땋음을 유지 하는 데 명목적인 유지 시간만 이 남아 있습니다. 매일 사용하는 너무 진한 컨디셔닝은 이런 헤어스타일 에 좋지 않기 때문에 20 분 정도면 충분하고, 밤에는 1 분이면 됩니다. 이 런 브레이드 헤어를 제거하는데 가장 많은 시간을 소요합니다. 그럼에도 불구하고, 이런 스타일을 가진 사람들이 2 달 동안 소비하는 시간은 25 시 간을 넘길까 말까 합니다. 하지만 저희의 뜻을 정확히 파악하셔야 합니다. 스케줄에 의하면 화학적으로 변형된 머리는 자연산 모발보다 유지하는데, 매일 그리고 매주 더 많은 시간을 소비하고 있습니다. 이건 자연산 머리 부 분의 시간을 과장하게 풀어놓아도 여전히 변하지 않는 사실입니다. 실제 로, 만져진 머리는 자연산 모발보다 항상 많은 시간을 유지하는 데 쏟게 될 것입니다.

What Causes Noticeable Hair Loss when Extensions and Braids are Removed The human head loses up to 100 strands of hair each day due to normal attrition as the hair approaches the end of its normal lifespan of between five and seven years. When extensions are attached the natural elimination of hair is trapped instead of falling away naturally and unnoticeably. When the extensions are taken out, the trapped hair is released all at once, instead of a little at a time unnoticed.

익스텐션이나 브레이드 헤어를 제거 시, 모발이 빠지는 이유 5 에서 7 년 여의 수명을 갖는 머리카락들이 제 명을 다해 일반적으로 사 람은 하루에 100 가닥 정도의 머리카락을 소모합니다. 하지만 인모 등을 부착하게 되면 자연스레 빠졌어야 할 머리카락 들이 떨어지는 대신, 그곳 에 자연스럽게 붙어있게 됩니다. 그렇기에 제거 시 한 가닥 한 가닥 나도 모 르게 떨어지는 것이 아니라 한 번에 다 빠진 것처럼 보이는 것이지요. 2017 7 월호에 계속…

To be continued in the July 2017 issue…

Meet Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau

Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau received his doctoral from the National Beauty Culturist League (N.B.C.L.), and was sanctioned through Howard University in Washington, D. C. in 1985. Lloneau attended the institute as both a student and instructor. His specialized field of study is Trichology as it relates to ethnic cosmetology. He has written several books on this subject, and has authored many articles in trade magazines drawing attention to some of the pitfalls and professional related problems that ethnic cosmetologists and students encounter on a daily basis. To obtain a copy of his book, “What the Text Books & State Boards Ignored in Regards to Ethnic Cosmetology,” contact Dr. Lloneau at or call 310-283-7118.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


K t K Knowledge to know by Iskra Tsenkova

Helpful Skincare and Shaving Tips, Just in Time for Summer! 여름 시즌에 맞춘 유용한 피부관리법 및 제모 팁! First Thing’s First: The key to a clean shave begins before you even pick up

가장 먼저 해야 할 일: 청결한 제모는 면도기를 집어 들기 전부터

a razor. Your legs have probably been hibernating all winter, so exfoliating

시작됩니다. 여러분의 다리는 겨울 내내 동면하였을 거고, 제모 전 죽은

before you shave will help remove the dead skin cells that can clog up your

피부 세포들을 제거하는 일은 그것들이 면도기를 막는 것을 예방할 수

razor. Using a dry brush or a scrub also releases the oils and hairs trapped just

있습니다. 마른 빗이나 스크럽을 사용해 피부 표면 밑에 쌓인 기름이나

below the surface of your skin that can cause those little dark spots known as “strawberry leg.”

털들을 제거하여 “딸기 다리 (Strawberry leg)” 라 불리는 작고 어두운 점들이 생기는 것을 예방할 수 있습니다.

많을수록 좋다: 나약한 한 날짜리 면도기로는 절대 면도하지 마십시오. More is Better: Don’t shave with those wimpy single blade razors. Using

다중 날이 부착된 면도기를 사용하여 깔끔하게 면도를 함과 동시에

a razor with multiple blades ensures that you’re getting the closest shave

같은 곳을 계속 면도하게 되는 상황을 방지하여 면도로 생기는 상처를

possible and prevents you from having to shave over the same spot several


times, which can cause razor burn.

청결 유지: 여러분이 면도기를 얼마나 관리하고 Keep it Fresh: Your blades can get dull after just a few uses depending on how often you shave and how

사용하는지에 따라 면도날은 쉽게 무뎌질 수 있습니다.






자극을 일으키기 때문에 꼭 주기적으로 면도날을

well you care for your razor. Using an old, dull razor

갈아주시기 바랍니다. 만약 모든 털을 제거하기

can cause cuts and skin irritation, so make sure you’re

위해 같은 곳을 계속 면도해야 한다면 새 면도기로

changing your blades regularly. If you notice that you’re

교체해야 할 시기가 됐다는 뜻입니다.

having to shave the same spot several times to get all the hair, then it’s probably time to grab a new razor.

참을성을 가지세요: 샤워나 욕조에 들어가자마자 면도를 시작하지 마십시오. 물이 땀 구멍을 열고

Be Patient: Don’t shave as soon as you step in the shower or bath. Wait until the end to give the water a

털을 적실 시간을 주시고 끝까지 기다리십시오. 이것으로 더 깔끔하게 제거하실 수 있을 겁니다.

chance to open up your pores and saturate the hairs. This will help you to get a much closer shave.

비누거품을 사용하십시오: 그냥 마른 상태로 면도하거나




Lather Up: Don’t dry shave and never use bar soap; this will only dry

오히려 피부를 더 건조하게 만들 것입니다. 면도 크림이나 Sugar & Fig

out your skin. Always use shaving cream or a product like our Sugar & Fig

Whipped Shaving Soufflé처럼 면도날이 피부를 매끈하게 지나가게

Whipped Shaving Soufflé to help the razor glide smoothly over your skin.

만드는 제품을 사용하십시오.

차가워 질 필요가 있습니다: 우리는 모두 김이 자욱한 샤워를

Chill Out: We all love a steamy shower, but piping hot water can really dry

사랑합니다만, 이런 뜨거운 물은 여러분의 피부를 정말 건조하게 만들

out your skin. Be sure to use lukewarm water instead.

수 있습니다. 미지근한 물을 대신 사용하시는 걸 기억하십시오.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


No Pressure: Use a light touch when you shave. Too much pressure can

압박을 주지 마십시오: 가볍게 면도 하십시오. 너무 세게 면도를

damage your skin causing cuts and razor burn. Glide the razor lightly over

하게 되면 자상이나 면도 상처를 일으킬 수 있습니다. 가볍게 피부

your skin and let the blades do all the work. If you aren’t getting results after

위를 지나가시면 면도날이 그 역할을 다 할 것입니다. 같은 곳을 한 두

one or two passes over the same spot, it’s probably time for a new razor.

번 지나도 여전히 만족스럽지가 않다면, 새 면도기로 교체해야 한다는 뜻입니다.

Keep it Clean: Even if you’re using a new blade, it’s not going to work as

깔끔하게 유지하십시오: 새 면도날을 사용한다 해도, 털이나 죽은 피부

well when it’s clogged up with hair and dead skin cells. Make sure you’re

세포들로 인해 막혀 있다면 제 역할을 하지 못 할 것입니다. 만족스러운

rinsing the blade between strokes to get the best results.

결과를 위해서는 면도 사이사이 마다 헹궈 주시는 것이 중요합니다.

Soften Up: Moisturize your skin as soon as you get out of the shower. If you

부드럽게 만들어주세요: 샤워가 끝나자마자 피부를 촉촉하게

apply lotion while you’re still a little damp it will help keep the moisture in

해주십시오. 약간 축축한 상태에서 로션을 바른다면 피부의 촉촉함을

your skin where it belongs!

유지하실 수 있을 겁니다!

Meet Iskra Tsenkova

Iskra Tsenkova is a female entrepreneur and founder of the first mail order shave club for women, Angel Shave Club.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Business Tips by Lei Wang

The Risky


위험한 6가지

Six Keys to Shed Fear and Take Smart Professional Risks


두려움을 떨쳐버리고 현명하게 위험을 대응하는 6가지 키

ike all the knowledge and skills that people learn,

과사람들은 모든 지식과 기술을 배우는 것처럼, 실패에 대한 두려움도

fear of failure is also learned. And as you age, you

배웁니다. 그리고 나이가 들면 정신적으로 점점 힘들어 집니다. 그러한

gain more and more mental constraints. Those

정신적인 제약은 창조력을 없애며 창조력이 더 많은 두려움으로

mental constraints remove creativity and replace it with yet more fear.

바뀌어집니다. 두려움은 인지된 위험입니다. 두려움은 학습되며 연습을 통해서는 알 수

Fear is perceived risk; it is learned, and it can be

없습니다. 공포를 극복하는 능력은 근육과 같습니다. 공포 극복은 훈련

unlearned through practice. The ability to overcome fear—to combat

할 수 있으며 연습을 통해 더 강해질 수 있습니다. 두려움은 의도적으로

fear—is like a muscle. It can be trained and can get stronger through

실행하여 용감하게 대처할 수 있으며 정보에 입각하고 지능적이며

exercise. Through deliberate practice, you can become courageous, and

잠재적으로 수익성 있는 전문 위험을 받아들여 강하게 만들 수 있습니다.

harness your fear to take informed, intelligent, and potentially lucrative professional risks.

1. Harness Fear’s Positive Power

1. 공포의 긍정적인 힘 키우기 두려움은 극도로 강력한 감정이기 때문에 매우 강력한 동기 부여

Fear is an extremely powerful emotion—and thus, an extremely powerful

도구입니다. 두려움에 직면했을 때 정상적인 대응은 전투 또는

motivational tool. When facing fear, the normal response is fight-or-flight.

비행입니다. 비행은 두려움과 걱정이 마음을 제어하도록 하는 것입니다.

Flight is to let the fear and the worry take control of your mind. Fight is

싸우는 것은 두려움을 긍정적인 위험 관리 대응으로 전환하여 현재

turning fear into a positive risk management response, forcing you to focus

상황을 극복하기 위해 집중하고 적극적으로 최선을 다하는 것 입니다.

and actively do the best to overcome the present situation.

새로운 경력 도전에 맞서기 위해 믿음으로 도약할 때 “실패하면

어떻게 하지?” 라고 걱정하지 말고 더 이상 뒤로 물러설 수 없다고

When you take a leap of faith to confront a new career challenge,


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

instead of worrying “What if I fail?” imagine you have no opportunity to


back out.

두려움이 당신을 뒤로 있게 하는 대신, 첫 발걸음을 내딛고, 두려움에

Instead of letting the fear hold you back, take that first step, and

turn fear into a positive strength that compels you to focus and to make your best effort.

집중하여 최선의 노력을 하도록 두려움을 긍정적인 힘으로 바꾸어 놓으세요.

2. Act Early, Act Decisively

2. 빠르게 행동하고, 결단력 있게 행동하세요

Rather than waiting until your industry or department becomes

귀사의 산업 또는 부서가 불필요하게 될 때까지 기다리는 것이 아니라

dispensable, proactively manage your career growth; learn new skills

경력 성장을 능동적으로 관리하십시오. 새로운 기술을 배우고 지속적으로

and think ahead of the curve continually to prevent a career crisis from

유행에 앞서 생각하여 경력 위기가 발생하지 않도록 하십시오.


문제와 위험이 발생하기 전에 미리 예측하세요. 일단 위험이 닥치면,

대응하기에는 너무 늦은 경우가 종종 있습니다. 기다리는 것이 성공의

Anticipate problems and dangers before they occur. Once danger

does arrive, it is often too late to do much in response. Act early and act decisively, because waiting diminishes the chances for success.

확률을 낮게 해주기 때문에 조기에 행동하고 결단력 있게 행동하십시오.

Practice facing fear by taking chances. Even if you fail the first

기회를 잡아 두려움에 맞서는 것을 연습하세요. 처음엔 실패하더라도

time, you should try again. Start with a small task, such as a new project,

다시 해 보아야 합니다. 새 프로젝트와 같은 작은 일부터 시작하십시오.

something you have never done. The more you try, the easier it will become

더 많이 시도해 볼수록 두려움을 극복하는 것이 쉬워질 것입니다.

to overcome fear.

3. Separate Probability from Consequences Many working professionals are afraid of taking risks because the probability of success appears low and the consequences of failure are frightening. When you think about the consequences of a failure, it is

3. 확률과 결과를 분리하세요 많은 작업 전문가들은 성공 확률이 낮고 실패의 결과가 두렵기 때문에 위험에 맞서는 것을 두려워합니다. 실패의 결과에 대해 생각할 때 즉시 나타나는 결과와 궁극적인 결과에 대한 차이를 인식하는 것이

important to recognize the difference between the immediate consequences


and the ultimate consequences.

새로 창업하는 것이 성공할 확률은 낮습니다. 즉시 나타나는 결과는

Yes, the probability that a new startup will succeed is low, and

투자 비용을 잃을 수 있습니다. 신제품 출시 또는 신규 직업의 경우,

the immediate consequence could be losing investment money. For any

실패 할 가능성이 있으며 현재 위치를 잃을 수 있습니다. 하지만

new product launch or new job, there is a chance of failure, and losing your

이것은 일시적인 사항입니다. 위험을 감수하지 않으면 궁극적으로는

current position. But that is only temporary. Not taking the risk means that

실패한다는 것을 의미합니다.

the ultimate consequence is failure.

A low probability of success should not be the reason holding

일시적인 실패의 결과가 복구 될 수 있다면, 성공확률이 낮다고 하여

you back, as long as the temporary consequences of failure are recoverable.

위험을 감수하지 않고 그대로 있으면 안됩니다. 그 기회를 버렸을 때

Be more mindful of the ultimate consequence of not taking that chance.

궁극적인 결과가 무엇인지를 염두에 두세요.

4. Know Your Risk Management Capacity

4. 내가 감당할 수 있는 위험 관리 역량 파악

When approaching a risky situation, some people—often those who have

위험한 상황이 닥치면 특별한 재능이나 경험자들은 더 큰 위험을

some special talents or experiences—would go all-in and aim to grab the

감수하면서 기회를 빨리 잡기 위해 올인 합니다. 다른 사람들은 각

opportunity fast by taking bigger risks. Others take time to build a more solid foundation through each step so they have more control of the risk— at the cost of slower progress.

Which style should you choose? It depends on the situation,

단계를 통해 보다 견고한 기반을 마련하기 위해 시간을 내어 보다 느린 진척 비용을 감수하면서 위험에 대한 통제력을 높입니다. 어떤 스타일을 선택해야 할까요? 상황, 기술 및 위험 관리 능력에 따라

your skill, and your risk management capacity. There is no right answer for

달라지게 됩니다. 모든 사람이나 모든 조직에게 정답은 없습니다.

everyone or every instance.

이러한 위험을 감수하면서 비용과 수익이 어떻게 될지 생각하세요.

Consider what the cost and return of taking those risks may be.

대안들은 무엇이며 위험이 무엇이며 대안들에 의해서 얻을 수 있는

Think about the alternatives you have and what the risk and return of those

것인지 생각해 보세요. 손실을 감당할 수 있는지 평가하고, 일시적

alternatives will be. Evaluate what losses you can afford, and consider what

손실과 영구적 손실을 신중하게 생각해 보세요. 귀하의 선택으로

the temporary losses and permanent loss might mean. Ask yourself what your options are in the event of a soft loss, a hard loss, or a replaceable loss.

인하여 감당할 수 있는 손실, 감당하기 어려운 손실 또는 교체 가능한

Think about how you would recover from these possible losses. Keep in

손실이 무엇인지 자문 해보십시오. 발생할 수 있는 손실을 어떻게 극복

mind ways you could prepare yourself for the best outcome. You have to

할 것인지 생각하십시오. 최상의 결과를 얻을 수 있는 방법을 염두에

balance your skill level and risk management ability.

두십시오. 기술 수준과 위험 관리 능력의 균형을 맞춰 주셔야 합니다.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


5. Be a Smart Advice-Taker

5. 현명한 조언을 받아들이세요

It can be difficult to measure your own capability against the risk you

스스로 자신을 객관적으로 판단 할 수 없기 때문에 닥친 위험에 대응하는

are considering taking, because it’s hard for people to see themselves

자신의 능력을 측정하는 것은 어려울 수 있습니다. 그러나 자신을 더 잘

completely objectively. But there are mirrors to help you see yourself better. That mirror is the feedback from people around you, such as a mentor,

파악할 수 있도록 해주는 거울이 있습니다. 그 거울은 멘토, 동료 또는

colleagues, or your boss.

상사와 같은 지인들의 조언입니다.

Seeking advice is imperative before you take a risk. How do

위험을 감수하기 전에는 반드시 조언을 얻어야 합니다. 의견이 서로 다를

you decide which advice to heed when they conflict with each other? It is

때는 조언을 어떻게 결정하나요? 조언해주시는 분의 의도를 파악하는

important to discern the intention behind each person’s perspective.

것이 중요합니다.

Some might be over-protective of you because of emotional

친구나 가족과 같은 정서적인 애착 때문에 일부가 지나치게 관대 할

attachment, such as friends or family; some may be driven by personal

수도 있습니다. 일부는 개인적 이익을 위해 조언 할 수도 있습니다.

interest. Everyone has a bias; it is important to learn to recognize the value of different feedback. Do not just listen to the feedback that you want to hear. Do not brush aside opposing opinions too easily. Learn to form your own judgment based on those who give you advice.

누구나 편견은 있습니다. 다른 조언의 가치를 평가하는 방식을 배우는 것이 중요합니다. 듣고자 하는 조언은 듣지 마십시오. 반대 의견을 너무 쉽게 배척하지 마세요. 조언을 해주는 사람들을 기반으로 자신의 판단을 결정하는 방법을 배우세요.

6. Pushing Too Far vs. Not Pushing Far Enough The line between pushing too far and not pushing far enough is a fine line,

6. 너무 많이 추진하기 vs 너무 적게 추진하기

especially when the stakes are high.

너무 많이 추진하기와 너무 적게 추진하는 것의 사이는 이해관계가 높을

때 아주 좋은 경계선이 됩니다.

In business, not pushing enough causes mediocrity and may

eventually lead to a company’s demise. Pushing too far causes burnout and unsustainable growth, or pursuing economic return without regard to the wellbeing of the environment or community.

Managing this delicate balance is

사업에서 충분히 추진하지 않으면 평범함이 생겨 결국 회사의 폐업으로 이어질 수 있습니다. 너무 멀리 추진하면 번아웃 되고 지속될 수 없는 성장을 하거나 지구와 지역 사회의 안녕에 관계없이

a skill that can be learned, like courage and

경제적 이익만을 추구하게 되는 것 입니다.

other risk management skills. In order to avoid

이 섬세한 균형을 관리하는 것은 용기와 다른 위험

costly mistakes on either side of the line, you

관리 기술처럼 학습할 수 있는 기술입니다. 두 가지

need to learn the skill of heeding the feedback

사이에서 값 비싼 실수를 피하기 위해서는 조언을

you receive and improve your ability to make sound judgments. Through practice, you can gradually develop objective criteria before

듣는 기술을 배우고 올바른 판단을 내릴 수 있는 능력을 길러야 합니다. 연습을 통해 실제 위험이

real danger arrives, and become better at

도달하기 전에 객관적인 기준을 점진적으로 개발할 수

calculating risks.

있으며 위험을 계산할 때 더 잘 수행 할 수 있습니다.

Fear of failure is not the reason to avoid taking

실패에 대한 두려움 때문에 위험을 피해서는

risks. Of course it’s not smart to jump at every

안됩니다. 물론 모든 기회에 뛰어 드는 것도 현명한

opportunity—you have to calculate and make

것은 아닙니다. 지식과 비전의 상황과 제약 조건에서

the best decisions under the circumstances and constraints of your knowledge and vision. Even a calculated risk can prove

계산하여 최선의 의사결정을 해야 합니다. 계산한 위험 조차도 때로는

wrong sometimes, but when you take a chance you have the opportunity to

틀린 것으로 판명 될 수도 있지만, 기회를 잡을 때 배우고 성장할 수 있는

learn and grow. If you are afraid of failure and never risk anything, you will

기회가 있습니다. 실패를 두려워하고 위험을 무릅 쓰지 않으면 결국

risk everything in the end.

모든 것이 위험에 빠지게 될 것 입니다.

Meet Lei Wang

Lei Wang is an internationally-recognized adventurer, motivational speaker and author of “After the Summit: New Rules for Reaching Your Peak Potential in Your Career and Life.” The first Asian woman to complete Explorers Grand Slam (climb the highest peak on each continent and ski to both poles), Lei channels her experiences to convey a message of perseverance and steadfast determination that her audiences can use at work or at home. For more information about Lei Wang, please visit


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Business Tips by Jill Johnson

Confidence Compounds:


과감하게 기회를 잡는 것의 임팩트 One of the most significant leadership skills you need to develop is your

리더십 기술의 가장 중요한 것들 중 여러분이 개발해야 할 필요가 있는

confidence. It is an essential core leadership competency. Confidence allows

것은 자신감입니다. 그것은 필수적인 핵심 능력이라 할 수 있습니다.

you to have impact far beyond your title or level within your organization.

자신감은 여러분의 조직 내에서의 지위 혹은 능력을 막론하고 더

Building your confidence requires a disciplined focus on seeking and

큰 영향을 줄 수 있게 합니다. 자신감을 기르는 것은 과감한 기회를

accepting bold opportunities to help you reach for higher rungs of influence

모색하고 받아들이는 자세가 필요하며 이는 여러분을 더 높은 단계의

and impact. You don’t need to make huge leaps or take big risks, but each small

영향력에 이르기까지 도와 줄 것입니다. 커다란 혁신을 추구하거나,

effort or success will build your confidence over time. As your confidence

큰 위험을 감수해야 할 필요는 없습니다. 그저, 작은 노력 혹은 성공이

compounds, you will find you can do vastly more than you ever dreamed was possible. There are three keys to build your confidence; practice, preparation and your presentation.

Confidence is a Skill you need to Practice

여러분의 자신감을 시간이 지남에 따라 길러 줄 것입니다. 그 자신감이 형성되는 순간, 여러분 자신이 가능하다 꿈꿔왔던 것들 보다 훨씬 더 대단한 일을 할 수 있다는 것을 깨달을 것입니다. 자신감을 기르기 위한 중요한 세 가지에는 다음이 있습니다; 연습, 준비, 발표가 그 것입니다.

자신감은 여러분이 연습하셔야 할 기술입니다

Just as with any new skill, you have to practice it over and over for it to

새로운 기술을 습득했을 때 여러분은, 그것이 쉽게 할 수 있는 무언가가

become something you can do with ease. The key is to identify what skill you

될 때까지 반복해서 연습해야만 합니다. 중요한 것은 다음에 숙달해야

need to master next. Opportunities to practice new skills are all around you.

할 기술이 어떤 것인지 파악하는 것입니다. 새로운 기술은 여러분

You should plan to practice your new skills both inside and outside of work.

주위에 널려있습니다. 여러분은 이 새로운 기술을 직장 내외적으로

Find assignments you can take that will get you in front of more people

어떻게 연습해야 할지 계획해야 합니다.

and augment your experience. If someone you respect asks you to do an

여러분은 많은 사람들 앞에 서고 여러분의 경험을 증가시켜 줄 그런

assignment or join a committee, say “yes” to it. Tell people what you want to

과제를 찾아야 합니다. 만약 여러분이 존경하는 누군가가 과제를

work on next. Practice saying things before you ever need to—or feel ready

내주거나 위원회에 들어오라 묻는다면 ‘예’ 라고 답하십시오. 사람들에게

to—say them in front of others. Put yourself forward for consideration to

다음에 어떤 일을 하고 싶은지 이야기 하십시오. 필요하다 생각하기 전에

receive an award!

– 혹은 준비됐다 느껴지기 전에 – 사람들 앞에서 직접 말하는 연습을

하세요. 어떠한 상을 받을 수 있도록 자기 자신을 끌어 올리십시오!

Getting the opportunity is one thing—what do you do with it

when you get it is even more important. It is the consistency of your efforts 44

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

기회를 잡는 것 또한 하나의 일입니다 – 기회를 잡았을 때 그것으로

on practicing new skills that builds your confidence. This consistency is

무엇을 하는지는 더 중요하지요. 자신감을 기르기 위해 새 기술을

necessary before you can ever rely on it. You want this new skill to become

연습하는 것은 항상 일관성인 노력이어야만 합니다. 이런 일관된 노력은

so natural that you don’t even have to think about it. It just becomes a part

여러분이 그것에 의존할 수 있기 전에 꼭 필요한 것입니다. 여러분은

of you. When you consistently deliver your best, you will feel like you can

이 새 기술을 사용하는 것이 너무나 자연스러워져 생각조차 하지 않고

handle anything that comes at you.

있어야 합니다. 그냥 몸의 일부분이 된 것처럼 말이지요. 항상 최선을

다하다 보면 어떠한 일도 해낼 수 있을 것 같다고 생각이 들 겁니다.

Don’t expect to be confident in the beginning. Remember that all

skills build in small cascades. Often we think we are at a plateau because we are not making larger moves. At that point, you are likely growing in a spiral that is just too subtle for you to see just how far you have really come. You are deepening your abilities with your practice. Others will see your growing confidence too.

Preparation is Necessary - Do the Hard Work

시작부터 자신감이 넘쳐날 거라고 기대하지는 마십시오. 모든 기술은 작은 폭포에서부터 길러진다는 것을 기억하십시오. 우리는 흔히 안정기에 접어들었다 착각하는데 이는 그 이상의 것을 추구하지 않기 때문입니다. 그 시점에서 여러분은 너무 미묘해서 얼마나 왔는지 볼 수 없는, 그저 돌고 도는 소용돌이 안 에서 커가고 있는 것입니다. 여러분의 능력의 깊이는 연습에 따라 결정됩니다. 다른 이들도 여러분의 자신감이 커가는 것을 볼 수 있을 것입니다.

Most people want to take shortcuts. The more detailed and thorough your

준비는 꼭 필요합니다 – 어려운 일을 하십시오

preparation, the greater the likelihood you will have success. Preparation is

대부분의 사람들이 지름길로 가고자 합니다. 더 정교하게 그리고

especially essential to having confidence in yourself, especially when you are

철저하게 준비를 하다 보면 결국 성공할 확률이 더 높아질 것입니다.

dealing with power players.

준비 과정이라는 것은 자신감을 갖는데 있어서 특히나 더 필수요소라고

할 수 있는데 이는 힘 있는 자들과의 교류에서 빛을 발합니다.

Take calculated risks and do things you don’t expect will give

you a big win. What do you have to lose? Just keep trying as each attempt

위험을 미리 예측, 준비하고, 큰 성공이 생길 것 같지 않은 일들을

is building your skill and preparing you for the next opportunity. Leverage

하세요. 잃을 것이 뭐가 있겠습니까? 매 시도가 여러분의 능력을

everything you have in your arsenal to build your confidence and give you

키워주고 다음 기회를 준비시켜주기 때문에 계속 시도하시길 권합니다.

a boost to try something bold. Bring all of your skills with you as you move

본인이 갖고 있는 무기를 맘껏 펼치다 보면 결국 자신감의 상승과 과감한

through life!

일들을 행하는 데 힘이 될 것입니다. 인생을 살면서 모든 기술을 다


When you have the chance to make your dream come true, grab it

with both hands. Don’t let the golden handcuffs of thinking you should stay where you are hold you back from fully embracing your success. Don’t let your fears psych you out before you even see what you are truly capable of. Tell yourself, “Yes, I can! I will. I am. I’m gonna!”

But remember, not everything you try will work … but that does

꿈을 이룰 기회가 온다면 두 손으로 잡으십시오. 여러분이 있는 그 자리에 그대로 머무르려는 안일한 생각은, 여러분의 성공에 걸림돌이 될 것입니다. 어떻게 성공할 수 있는지를 확실히 파악하기 위해선, 두려워해서는 안됩니다. 스스로에게 말하십시오, “그래, 난 할 수 있다! 할 것이야. 난, 난 할거야!” 하지만 기억하십시오, 시도하는 모든

not mean you should stop your efforts.

일이 다 잘 풀리지는 않을 것입니다…

Build your confidence and your future

그러나 노력을 멈춰야 한다는 뜻은

by laying down a solid foundation of



단단한 준비과정을 토대로 여러분의




자신감과 미래를 설계하십시오.

Presentation – Let People See You To ever be noticed, you need to step

발표 – 사람들이 여러분에게

out in front and allow people to see

이목을 집중할 수 있게 하세요

you. You need to identify, enhance and

주목을 받기 위해서는 한 발짝 앞으로

believe in your own leadership abilities.

나아가 사람들이 여러분을 볼 수

If you don’t, why should anyone else?

있게 해야 합니다. 여러분 스스로의

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Don’t assume that people will recognize and reward your talents.

리더십 능력을 파악하고, 향상시키며, 믿으셔야 합니다. 본인이 그렇지

않다면, 타인은 더더욱 그럴 필요가 없어질 테지요? 사람들이 여러분의

Your posture and facial expressions play an important role in

becoming more confident. You need to look, act and speak with confidence

숨은 능력을 발견해 주기를 바라지 마십시오.

and clarity. People who project confident body language are listened to more

더 큰 자신감을 위해서는 여러분의 자세나 표정이 큰 역할을 합니다.

carefully. Standing tall or sitting up straight when you speak helps convey an

여러분은 보고 행동하고 말할 때마다 자신감 그리고 명료함을 가져야

air of confidence too.

합니다. 자신감 있는 몸짓을 행하는 사람에게는 더더욱 귀를 기울이기

마련입니다. 말을 할 때 바르게 서거나 곧게 앉는다면 자신감을 주변에

Make sure you control your emotions rather than let your emotions

control you. Giving an over the top or hysterical comment is going to minimize the confidence people have in you. Be measured and mindful of how you are appearing to others.

The gap between our dreams and believing we can achieve them

더 쉽게 퍼뜨릴 수 있을 것입니다. 감정이 여러분을 지배하게 하지 말고 여러분이 감정을 조정하십시오. 히스테리 적인 발언을 하거나 너무 지나친 행동을 하는 것은 여러분이 가진 자신감을 오히려 감소시킬 것입니다. 타인에게 보여지는 모습을 항상 계산하고 염두에 두시길 바랍니다.

is confidence. We all get stuck at

우리들의 꿈과 그 꿈을 이룰 수

various times in our lives. We all

있다는 믿음 사이에 있는 것이

have self-doubts. Self-doubt is

자신감입니다. 인생을 살면서 때로는

poison to confidence.

벽과 부딪칠 때도 있습니다. 누구나

Your confidence will

자기를 의심하기 하기 마련입니다.

fluctuate. Sometimes you will feel

이런 자기 회의는 자신감에게는

like you can conquer anything

독이나 마찬가지입니다.

and other times you will feel like

여러분의 자신감은 변동을 거듭할

you should have just stayed in

것입니다. 때로는 여러분이 모든

bed. When this happens, there is

걸 지배할 수 있다 생각하지만

something going on deep within

때로는 그냥 침대에 누워있을 걸

you. That is the time to step

하고 생각할 것입니다. 이런 일이

back and reflect, to reach out to confide in a trusted confidant, or just allow yourself to embrace the stillness of a momentary plateau.

Final Thoughts Confidence is something you work on your whole life. So continue to try new things! Stay resilient, even when you think you cannot. Remember the

벌어지면, 마음 깊은 곳에서 무엇인가 벌어지고 있다는 뜻입니다. 이 때가 잠시 한 발짝 물러나 돌아보며, 믿을 수 있는 친구에게 털어놓거나 스스로 순간적인 안정기의 고요함을 즐기는 것이 필요한 시간입니다.

최종 의견 자신감은 여러분이 평생 공을 들여야 하는 것입니다. 그러니 계속해서 새로운 것에 도전하세요! 할 수 없다 생각될 때도 유연하게 대처하세요.

compounded impact of taking small bold actions that don’t take a lot of time

시간도 들지 않고 아주 작지만 과감한 행동의 영향들이 모여, 여러분의

can morph into amazing opportunities with the potential to transform your

미래를 바꿀 수 있는 잠재력을 가진 멋진 기회로 탈바꿈할 수 도 있다는

future. Don’t waste any more time. Take control of your destiny! Think big

것을 명심하십시오. 시간을 낭비하지 마십시오. 여러분의 운명을

and be bold!

바꿔보십시오! 크게 생각하고 용감해지십시오!

Meet Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson is the President and Founder of Johnson Consulting services, a highly accomplished speaker, and an award-winning management consultant. Jill helps her clients make critical business decisions and develop market-based strategic plans for turnarounds or growth. Her consulting work has impacted nearly $4 billion worth of decisions. She has a proven track record of dealing with complex business issues and getting results. For more information on Jill Johnson, please visit


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Beauty Ambassador

Styling Tools

by Terri Taricco-Cropp

The Forgotten Step in Hair Care:

Scalp Care We all know the importance of keeping our skin healthy and moisturized, but what about our scalp? It’s easy to forget about taking care of our scalp because it’s hidden by hair. Daily shampooing and conditioning might be enough for healthy hair, but the skin underneath definitely needs a little extra treatment and moisturizing. An unhealthy scalp takes on various forms: waxy patches from oily buildup, itching, hair breakage, flaking from seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, and dandruff. Unhealthy styling habits (unnecessary tension applied to hair, and improper chemical application) can also lead to hair loss at the crown. Sadly, this damage is sometimes extensive and can become scar tissue, which can lead to permanent hair loss in the damaged area. Don’t risk getting weak, patchy hair. Follow healthy styling habits to help preserve your scalp, and keep your hair growing at the optimum rate of half an inch per month. An important part of effective scalp care is to use treatments like Sea Breeze, which is full of soothing, corrective nutrients critical to providing your scalp a healthy environment to grow hair. For professional results, Sea Breeze is best used as a pre-shampoo or scalp massage. Its gentle astringents remove dull excess oils from skin, and lift those dry, flaky cells that cause itching and unsightly scalp problems. A healthy scalp is perfect only if it supports beautiful locks

Meet Terri Taricco-Cropp

of vibrant, flowing hair. To keep those locks healthy, there’s nothing better than Infusium 23 PRO Original Leave-In Treatment. It infuses hair with a Pro-Vitamin B5 formula that deeply penetrates cuticle layers and repairs damage while helping to protect against breakage. This treatment detangles and strengthens hair, improving its manageability for better styling and increased shine and luster. Powerful and lightweight, the Infusium 23 PRO treatment won’t weigh hair down, and can be used immediately after chemical processing to help seal the cuticle, leaving hair protected with superb manageability and shine. Don’t forget to give your hair a break from the abuse of constant heat and chemicals, which will leave you with the long-term effects of damage. Pampering both your scalp and your hair with quality products is the best route to lasting hair health and vitality. Hot Tools® is looking for brand ambassadors to provide feedback on our products and increase brand awareness. If you are interested, please contact Veronica Guerrero at or visit our website at Also visit our website for how-to videos, style sheets, and tips from the pros. Be sure to follow (or like us!) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @ /HotToolsPro.

Terri Taricco-Cropp has been part of the Professional Beauty Industry since 1984, as a stylist and salon owner. She also has worked in fullservice distribution, on-line beauty, trade shows and is now Vice President of Marketing for Hot Tools. She leads a team of dedicated people devoted to bringing the best styling products to stylists and consumers globally.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Notes From The by Emma Young

Natural Nation

THE BENEFITS OF OIL FOR SUPERIOR SKIN CARE After a crazy winter, with coast-to-coast

the reduction of oils by producing even more

blended its Jamaican Black Castor Oil with

storms and cold, snowy weather, June is finally

oil, which further aggravates the sebaceous

Exotic Oils from around the world to create

here. Although summer doesn’t officially

glands’ activity, clogging pores and causing

the new Jamaican Black Castor Oil Exotic Oil

begin until the 21st day of June, no one is really

breakouts,” Dr. Raj explains. He concludes

Collection for Skin and Nails, which represents

waiting. Summer means folks can finally put

that by applying oil to skin instead of trying to

the skin care secrets of women throughout the

on their T-shirts, shorts, bikinis, sundresses,

remove what’s already there, sebaceous glands

world—from the Woodlands and Savannahs

or any kind of apparel that gives their skin

won’t feel the need to kick into overdrive and

of Southern Africa to the Rainforests of

some exposure to the welcoming sunshine

skin will stay balanced. (Hayes, Miki, BDG

Central America. Formulated with natural

after months of hiding it from the elements.

Media Inc. blog, “Why Oily Skin Still Needs

ingredients, vitamins and nutrients and

Oil,” February 24, 2016).

packed with omega fatty acids, these exotic

is finding its way into the beauty routines of

Oil is great for dry skin because it

oils penetrate skin like no cream can, keeping

people who desire flawless skin. It’s taking the

is more absorbent than crèmes, and therefore

skin soft, moisturized and radiant. Each oil has

place of crèmes and lotions; it’s even taking the

adds more moisture to the skin, while creating

an exotic aroma that lifts the mood and calms

place of soap for facial cleansing.

a protective layer that locks the moisture in.

the spirit while beautifying skin and nails.

What’s newest in skincare is oil. Oil

But what about oily skin? According

The practice of cleansing with oil

Choose from four exotic oils, which

to Celebrity Medical Expert and Co-Founder

has been around for a couple of years, but

include Marula (pronounced Muh-roo-luh)

of Tula, Dr. Roshini Raj, “using oil-based

as people are seeing the amazing results, it’s

with Sea Berry; Ojon (pronounced Oooh-jon)

facial products can actually help prevent the

becoming more popular. People can either

with Pearberry; Ungurahui (pronounced Un-

skin from producing excessive oil.” In an email

rub oil generously over their faces and then

gu-rah-wee) with Citrus Spice; and Ximenia

with writer, Miki Hayes, Raj explains that

remove with a hot, moist face cloth, or place a


this is because oil is produced in an effort to

small amount of oil on a warm wet face cloth


regulate the skin when the oil-water content is

and rub it gently all over the face.

out of balance. “So, if you’re trying to combat

The best oils for skin are Castor

learn the benefits of oil so they can begin

congested, oily skin by using harsh, stripping

Oils, with Jamaican Black Castor Oil being

blending it into their summer beauty routines.

products that remove your skin’s natural oils,

superior because it is so rich in fatty acids

your body will actually overcompensate for

and Vitamin E. Jamaican Mango and Lime®

Meet Emma Young




This summer, help your customers

Emma L. Young is a freelance writer who has written for various publications including ShopTalk Magazine, the Saints Magazine, South Shore Current and the Spiritual Perspective Newspaper.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Feature Article by Natasha Bhalla

Beauty Inside Out Incorporate these 8 items into your diet and get glowing!

There’s a beauty product for every skin issue and need—from basic moisturizers to collagen builders to heavy foundations that hide imperfections small and large. However, the most important and potent way to take care of your skin starts from the inside out. What we eat on a daily basis definitively affects the health and appearance of our skin and can keep our skin looking youthful and taut, or can accelerate the fine lines and wrinkles we want so badly to keep at bay.

We’ve heard it time and time again—you are what you eat. The food we eat acts as a message to our skin cells and tells them whether to

heal and rebuild, or deplete and unravel. Eating foods that are as close to as nature intended supports skin cells and, incorporating them into your daily routine is essential to healthy, beautiful skin. Integrate the following eights items into your daily routine and begin to look and feel incredible:


1. Avocado

2. Sesame oil

Avocados contain essential fatty acids that are

Sesame oil doesn’t get as much recognition as coconut

invaluable to skin cells. These fatty acids help

or olive oil, and surprisingly, it’s better for skin health!

moisturize the skin and reduce redness

Unroasted, cold-pressed sesame oil is

and inflammation. Avocados keep skin

nourishing and contains vitamins E and

cells healthy by locking water in, keeping

B, amino acids and important minerals

cell walls healthy. Avocados also contain

which repair, soften and protect the

vitamins C and E which prevent wrinkles

skin from environmental pollutants.

and lines. Mashed avocado can also be

Applying the oil at night before sleeping

applied directly to the skin as a moisturizer

is very beneficial, healing and nourishing

which calms and soothes the skin.

the skin.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Contact Your Sales Representative to Order


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

3. Kiwi

4. Seeds and nuts

Kiwis are small and low in calories, yet

From chia and sunflower seeds to walnuts

pack a potent punch. Kiwis are high

and almonds, seeds and nuts are vital to

in vitamin C, and stimulate collagen

healthy, supple skin. Incorporating a variety

production in the skin, leading to less

of seeds and nuts into your diet helps to

dryness and winkles. Kiwis also protect

repair the skin, fight acne and improves

the skin against UV light and aging. Eating

blood flow, creating a healthy glow. Seeds

kiwis several times a week will benefit the

and nuts fight inflammation and contain

skin and keep it looking younger and

important fats, minerals and proteins that

healthier over time.

cells need to function optimally.

5. Tomatoes

6. Green tea

Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which is

Having a couple of cups of green tea a day

a top natural, sun damage remedy. The

can work wonders for the skin. Green tea

lycopene in tomatoes also enables the

is full of antioxidants, polyphenols and the

skin to draw in more oxygen and fights

bags can even be applied directly onto the

free radicals and aging. Tomatoes are rich

skin to fight aging and inflammation. Green

in vitamins A, C and K which help skin

tea is known to reduce damage to the skin

rejuvenate and restore health. Tomatoes

caused by environmental pollutants and

can be mashed and applied directly onto

the sun.

the skin as a mask to improve healing and fight aging and UV damage.

7. Red, orange and yellow vegetables

8. Water



Hydration is necessary for healthy, good-

carotenoids which are essential to beautiful



looking skin! Aim to drink 8 to 10 glasses

skin. Carotenoids are converted into vitamin

of room-temperature water a day to add

A in the body, which slows down aging and

moisture and eliminate toxins from the

protects the skin from toxins. Red, orange

skin’s surface. When the body is well-

and yellow vegetables also contain beta-

hydrated, the skin takes on a supple,

carotene, which protects the skin from sun

glowing look and wrinkles and fine lines

damage and keeps cell membranes healthy.

are less obvious. Furthermore, drinking

Add pumpkin, yellow peppers and carrots,

enough water fights acne and refreshes the

among other vegetables to your diet to reap

skin. Lack of water can result in dull, dry

spectacular skin benefits.

skin that may age more quickly.

Healthy skin starts on the inside, not on the outside, and our appearance truly reflects what we eat on a daily basis. Incorporate the suggestions above into your routine and your skin (and body) will benefit tremendously! Meet Natasha Bhalla

Natasha Bhalla is a Health, Wellness & Beauty Coach who has been in the beauty industry for almost 15 years. Natasha has experience both behind the chair as a makeup artist and as a marketing and communications professional who has worked with a variety of beauty companies. Natasha’s mission is to help individuals become their healthiest versions naturally, by eliminating toxins from their diets, as well as from their beauty regimen. Natasha works with both individuals and corporations, and creates programs that encourage and motivate a healthy, beautiful lifestyle. 58

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Manufacturer Profile



t is common that many beauty colleagues we speak to here at OTC Beauty Magazine have been in the industry for quite a while; this is a lovely place to be, after all. Brenda Leckie, National Sales Director of BlueCo Brands, is no different as she has been in the business for over 30 years, starting in the salon atmosphere as a stylist and making her way to her current role. We spoke to Leckie to learn more about this company and their brands, one of which has stood the test of time—Barbicide.

저희 OTC 뷰티 매거진에서 그 동안 이야기를 나눈 많은 뷰티 관련업 동료 분들은 이 분야에 꽤 오랜 시간 몸을 담은 사람들입니다; 물론 정말 떠나고 싶지 않은 그런 분야이기도 하지만요. BlueCo

(Left to right) Alan Murphy, Leslie Roste and Brenda Leckie.

Brands의 국내 영업 담당 이사를 맡고 계신





미용실의 스타일리스트로서 시작하여 현재 자리에 오르기까지, 이 분야에 30 년 이상 몸 담으신 분입니다. 저희는 Leckie 씨와 이야기를 나누며 오랜 세월에도 건재한 회사와 그 브랜드인 Barbicide 에 대해 들어보았습니다.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Brenda Leckie

National Sales Director

OTC Beauty Magazine (OTC): Please tell us about the history of the BlueCo

OTC 뷰티 매거진 (OTC Beauty Magazine, OTC): BlueCo Brands의

Brands. Specifically, our readers may be familiar with King Research, your

역사에 대해 말씀해주십시오. 특히나 저희 독자들은 예전 이름인 King

former name. Please also explain this change.

Research 라는 이름에 더 익숙할 텐데요. 이름의 변화에 대해서도 설명

Brenda Leckie (BL): When the company was acquired in 2006 from the

부탁 드립니다.

King family, the name BlueCo Brands was established. We felt it was

Brenda Leckie (BL): 2006년 King 가문으로부터 회사를 취득하고

necessary to keep the King name as it was recognized in the industry. As we started acquiring more iconic brand such as Lucky Tiger and Triple Lanolin, it just made more sense to go back to BlueCo Brands and create our “family” of brands.

BlueCo Brands라는 이름이 탄생하였습니다. 저희는 King 이라는 이름을 유지하는 것이 필요하다 생각했는데, 그 이유는 이름이 업계에서 인지도가 있었기 때문이죠. 하지만 저희가 Lucky Tiger 나 Triple Lanolin 같은 상징적인 브랜드들을 취득하면서 BlueCo Brands 라는 이름으로서 저희만의 ‘가문’을 형성하는

OTC: Briefly describe the brands that make up your product

것이 더 옳다고 생각됐습니다.

portfolio. What tips do you have to help retailers incorporate each family of products in their stores? BL: We have our legacy brands including Barbicide,

OTC: 본사의 제품 포트폴리오를 구성하는

Clippercide, Ship Shape and Dy-Zoff,


as well as King Talc, Lucky Tiger and

드립니다. 소매업자들이 그들의 매장에서

Triple Lanolin.

각 제품들을 하나로 통합할 수 있도록





Our new Lucky Tiger display

도움을 주는 팁들에는 어떤 것들이 있나요?

is a great way to market the products

BL: 저희의 유산적인 브랜드는Barbicide,

in the store. We continually update

Clippercide, Ship Shape 와 Dy-Zoff,

our information on state specific

그리고 King Talc, Lucky Tiger 와 Triple


Lanolin 을 포함하고 있습니다. Lucky Tiger 의 새로운 디스플레이는 매장 내

OTC: What differentiates your company’s

마케팅에 큰 도움을 줄 것입니다. 저희는

products from others that are similar in

계속해서 특정 규정에 대한 정보를 업데이트

the market?

해주고도 있습니다.

BL: Speaking specifically about our flagship product, Barbicide, it has been around since 1947. What sets us apart from all other brands is our dedication to the industry by providing educational opportunities such as Barbicide certification.

OTC: 이 시장에서 비슷한 다른 제품들과는 어떤 차별화를 두셨나요? BL: 1947년부터 함께한 저희의 중요 제품인 Barbicide 에 대해 이야기 해보겠습니다. Barbicide 자격증과 같은 교육 기회를 제공하는

OTC: Is there a central belief that serves as the driving force behind the company? If so, please explain what it is. BL: Our core central beliefs are laser focused on our customers and their needs. We always put the voice of the customer first

등, 저희가 이 분야에 헌신하는 부분이 다른 브랜드들과 다르다고 말씀드릴 수 있는 가장 큰 부분인 것 같습니다.

and strive to provide a level of customer service second to none. OTC: In what community involvement activities does your company participate? BL: We are very committed to giving back to our community in the form of charity. We donate product to a local shelter for women who are victims of

OTC: 회사 뒤편에서 원동력 역할을 하는 그런 중심적인 신념이란 것이 있을까요? 만약 그렇다면, 말씀해주십시오. BL: 저희의 중심적인 신념이라 하면,

domestic violence. Being a runner myself, I

고객과 고객이 원하는 바에 대해 갖는

have coordinated teams within the company

첨예한 관심이라 할 수 있습니다. 고객의

to participate in run/walk activities to raise

목소리를 듣고 그에 따른 일정 수준의 고객

money for breast cancer research. We have also

서비스를 제공하는 것을 그 어떠한 것보다

sponsored events within our community for

가장 우선순위에 두고 있습니다.

pediatric cancer. OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Manufacturer Profile OTC: In your opinion, what makes our sector of the beauty industry so

OTC: 커뮤니티 관련 행사 등 회사에서 참여한 것이 있다면 어떤 것들이

unique and exciting?


BL: The great thing about partnering with OTC stores is that they are

BL: 저희는 자선 단체의 개념으로 사회로부터 받은 성원을 다시

open to the public. We do not sell any of our Barbicide products direct to

환원하는 것에 전념하고 있습니다. 가정 내 폭력 피해자인 여성들을 위한

the end consumer. This gives them an opportunity to purchase products,

지역 보호소에 물품을 기부하는 것이 그 예입니다. 마라톤을 좋아하는

such as our Ship Shape liquid,

which is an amazing multi-purpose





기금을 마련하기 위해 회사 내에서 걷기/


뛰기 활동을 개최하는 팀을 구성하기도 했습니다. 또한 소아 암 환자를 위한

OTC: What form of product promotion

커뮤니티의 행사를 후원했었습니다.

do you believe works best in OTC stores, and why? BL: Some of the promotions I believe






work best for OTC is combining a gift

유일무이하고 흥미롭게 만드는 것에는

with purchase or a cross promotion

어떠한 것들이 있다고 생각하시나요?

pairing a top selling SKU with a lower

BL: OTC 상점들과 파트너 관계를 맺음에

selling SKU at a discounted price.

있어서 좋은 점은 대중에게 열려있다는 것입니다. 저희는 어떤 Barbicide 제품도

OTC: What trend(s) have you seen

최종 소비자에게 직접 판매하지 않습니다.

grow the most recently in a part of the

이런 점은 훌륭한 다목적 용도 제품인

beauty industry this company resides

Ship Shape liquid 와 같은 상품을

in and how are they meeting consumer

그들이 구매할 수 있는 기회를 제공한다고

demand for it?


BL: The Men’s market has been, and is continuing to grow. Our Tiger

OTC: OTC 상점에서 어떠한 상품 홍보의

line fits well in this category as we

형태가 가장 효과적이라고 생각하시나요?

have everything from the classic

이유도 말씀해주십시오.

barbershop favorites to all natural

BL: OTC 에서 효과적인 몇몇 홍보 방법에는 물품 구매 시에 증정품

retail products.

제공 혹은 가장 잘 팔리는 SKU 와 그렇지 않은 SKU를 같이 묶어 할인된 OTC: What is a beauty concern you think is important for all beauty supply

가격에 파는 것들이라고 생각합니다.

storeowners to address/offer advice on to their customers? BL: Making sure they are up to date concerning the most

OTC: 귀사가 속한 뷰티 산업 분야에서 최근 들어 유행을 타고 있는

current rules and regulations in the industry.

추세에는 어떤 것들이 있고 고객들의 수요를 어떻게 충족시키고 있습니까?

OTC: What is BlueCo Brands doing to ensure

BL: 남성 시장이 여태껏 그래왔고, 지금 이 순간에도 지속적으로

excellent customer service to OTC retailers? How

성장하고 있습니다. 저희 Tiger 의 작업 라인은 고전 이발소에서 사랑

can they benefit from working with you?

받아 온 모든 제품들부터 모든 천연 소매용 제품들까지 구비하고 있기에

BL: We strive for excellence every day! We have a professional, well-trained customer service staff willing to keep our customers on top of everything from the latest trends to the most

이 카테고리에 아주 적합하다고 생각합니다.

OTC: 모든 뷰티 서플라이 오너들이 고객에게 조언을 하는 경우에 가장

current regulatory concerns.

중요시 여겨야 하는 것은 무엇일까요?

OTC: Which tradeshows do you participate in

체크하고 항상 새로운 부분에 대해 염두 해야 합니다.

BL: 이 분야에서의 규정이나 규칙이 너무 오래되거나 하지는 않았는지

throughout the year? How does this benefit the company, as well as visiting customers who stop


OTC: OTC 소매업자들에게 최고의 고객 서비스를 제공하는 BlueCo

by your booth?

Brands 만의 방법이 있을까요? 그들은 귀사와 동업관계를 맺음으로써,

BL: We participate in WBC and Cosmoprof.

어떤 이득을 얻나요?

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

We also participate in customer specific shows, such as all four of the

BL: 저희는 매일 최고를 추구합니다! 저희는 최신 동향 그리고 최신

Jinny shows. These shows allow us the opportunity to interact with our

규제 개념들에 이르기까지 모든 정보를 고객들에게 제공해 드리기 위해,

customers. They also give the customer the opportunity to see what

전문적이고 잘 훈련된 고객 서비스 직원들을 두고 있습니다.

is new. OTC: Does your company utilize social media? What channels is BlueCo Brands active on? BL: Yes, we do—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

OTC: 일 년 동안 어떤 박람회에 참여하셨나요? 회사 그리고, 부스에 방문하시는 고객들에게는 어떤 이점이 될까요? BL: 저희는 WBC 와 코스모프로프 에 참가합니다. 또한 저희는 4 개의 모든 Jinny shows 와 같은 고객

OTC: Are there any big plans in store for your company over

중심 행사에도 참여합니다. 이런 박람회 등을 통해

the rest of the year that you can share? BL: As we highlighted earlier, the voice of the

고객과 소통할 수 있는 기회를 얻는다고 생각합니다.

customer and meeting their needs is very important

또한 고객들로 하여금 새로운 것들에는 어떤 것들이

to us. To that end, we are currently working, with a few

있는지 볼 수 있게 합니다.

of our very strategic customers, on the development of several new products.

OTC: 회사의 소셜미디어 계정이 따로 있나요?

Without being too specific,

있다면 어떤 것들일까요?

I would look for at least

BL: 예, 페이스북, 트위터 그리고 인스타그램의

two new products and at

계정을 보유하고 있습니다.

least one greatly improved product in the second half

OTC: 남은 한 해의 기간 동안 회사에서 추진하는 큰

of the year.

계획 같은 것들이 있나요? BL: 일찍이 말씀 드렸다시피, 고객의 목소리와

OTC: What final thoughts

그들이 원하는 것을 충족시키는 것은 저희에게

would you like to share with OTC readers about the company and/or the beauty

매우 중요합니다. 그 목적을 달성하기 위해, 저희는 현재 매우 전략적인 고객 몇 분들과 함께 새 제품 개발에 힘을 쏟고

industry in general?

있습니다. 너무 자세하게는 말씀 드리기 그렇지만, 후반기에는 최소 두

BL: BlueCo Brands has

개의 새 제품과 많이 발전된 하나의 제품을 출시할 예정입니다.

allowed me to contribute to a company and an

OTC: 마지막으로 회사나 뷰티 산업에 대해 OTC 독자 분들께 하실


말씀이 있으신가요?




are the leaders in the

BL: BlueCo Brands 는 제가 사랑하는 분야와 회사에 헌신할 수 있도록

industry in sanitation and

만들어 주었습니다! 자사는 위생, 살균 관련 분야를 이끄는 회사입니다.

disinfection. There is only

이 세상에는 단 하나의 파란 색 (blue) 밖에 없습니다…바로 Barbicide

one blue…Barbicide blue!

blue 말이지요!

Company Information Company Name: BlueCo Brands Address: 7025 W. Marcia Road Milwaukee, WI 53223 Contact Number: 1-800-222-8160 Website: Years in Business: 11

회사 정보 회사명: BlueCo Brands 주소: 7025 W. Marcia Road Milwaukee, WI 53223 연락처: 1-800-222-8160 웹사이트: 사업 경력: 11 년

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



CLIPPER TIPS Sponsored by Andis Co.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Tools Running Smoothly and Boosts Customer Satisfaction by Kenny Duncan

There are two things that must happen to ensure that a customer will be satisfied with a clipper or trimmer purchase. First, sell them the right tool for their needs and second, educate them on how to maintain that tool. When a customer sends in a product for a warranty claim to the Andis Company, the tools are analyzed to determine the problem. The majority are found to suffer from oil deficiency. Most of these problems could be avoided if the end user simply followed the easy maintenance routine detailed below. Start by making sure your customers have the following items: clipper oil, Andis Dry Care™, Andis Cool Care™ and a cleaning brush. Every time a clipper or trimmer is used, the blade should be cleaned and lubricated. With the tool in OFF position, use a brush to clean out large surface debris on the blades. Next, use Dry Care™ with the concentrator nozzle to remove finer hair particles from the hard-to-reach areas such as the gap between the upper/lower blades. Follow this up by spraying lightly with Cool Care (the tool should not be running). After it’s sprayed with Cool Care, wipe residue with a dry towel. Next, place three drops of oil across the front of the blade and one drop on each side near the back where the blades touch. Hold the clipper upside-down and turn on for about 15 seconds to make sure the oil lubricates the interior blade surfaces. Finally, wipe off any excess oil. I call this “clipper insurance” because the process ensures the tool is well maintained and it will operate at peak performance. The end result of this process is that the blade is clean, disinfected, lubricated and ready for the next cut. So make sure your customers know the proper clipper/ trimmer maintenance steps. Not only will it keep their investment running smoothly, but it’s also an opportunity to upsell maintenance-related products and boost your bottom line! Kenny Duncan is a nationally known barber, stylist and educator, as well as co-owner of a 12-chair salon— Main Attraction Unisex Salon— based in Philadelphia. He is the barber for several Grammy Awardwinning artists and has toured the world as the barber for the Lady Gaga production team. Kenny’s styling work has also appeared in films such as “Fantastic Four” and “Creed” starring Michael B. Jordan. He is currently the Lead Educator for Andis Company.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Develop 10 Hand & Nail Cream and Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Used as a two part system, DeMert Brands’ Develop 10 Hand & Nail Cream and Exfoliating Sugar Scrub work together to soften and brighten hands after first-time use. Infused with Sweet Almond and Grapeseed Oil, Develop 10 Sugar Scrub nourishes rough hands while exfoliating unwanted dead skin, leaving hands moisturized with a youthful glow. Following with Develop 10’s Hand & Nail Cream, its non-greasy, fast absorbing formula— infused with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Keratin— seals in moisture and softens hands, leaving skin and nails happy, radiant and healthy.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



THERAPY TRENDS High Tech High Touch Skincare by Elayne McClaine

Innovation in skincare is evolving into an array of basic claims delivered with technological sophistication. Facial and body skincare products will all capitalize on claims for natural ingredients, hydration and anti-aging. These claims are the modern day cost of entry for the category. Products are still fragranced with exotic botanicals and enriched with exotic oils. Today’s products take it all a step further in a nano-second. Nano-cell delivery allows for ingredients to be penetrated into the skin at a level that is most efficacious. Product formulas are hosted in the finest lotions, creams and butters. Luxurious formulas must feel luxurious. Skin must ultimately look and feel moisturized. Stem cell claims are infused into new products that claim to rejuvenate and repair from the inside out. Basically derived from plants, these stem cell ingredients help to boost the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Advanced technologies claim to penetrate below the epidermis to deliver therapies. These formulas not only cleanse and moisturize, they deposit remedies for skin tightening, fighting acne and anti-aging. These high tech formulas are singly available for face, eyes, throat, hands and body. Targeting individual areas of the body allows retailers to offer some form of high tech products in every section of the store. OTC customers may demand basic products that fit into an existing skincare routine. However, there will be growing number of customers coming in for the more advanced high-tech therapies. They may have discovered these products in magazines or department stores, or from a dermatologist. There are postdermatology products that are recommended to enhance or repair medical procedures. Listen to your customers. Don’t let them get more sophisticated that what’s available on your shelves. Clients want science and beauty in their skin care products.

Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skin care and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pond’s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Women’s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with necklaces, earrings,

scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part of the largest beauty supply distributor, you can always buy items by the piece and at great prices. For more information, call 800-361-0786 or visit them at 4300 Northeast Expressway, Doraville, GA.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



TONSORIAL TIMES Consider Oil and Lotion by Dwayne Thompson I must say, choosing a lotion in a store or beauty supply nowadays is not an easy task. There are so many lotions to choose from, it seems to be out of control. Personally, during my youth my mother would buy a large bottle of lotion by Vaseline brand, but after an hour my skin would be dry and ashy again. Although lotion provides the following benefits you should also consider applying oil to help retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated. • Deeply moisturizes to heal dry skin. • Keeps skin healed for weeks. • Leaves skin stronger and noticeably healthier. • Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel. Lotions have the benefit of containing a number of beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, vitamin D, shea butter, and keratin. Oils are usually applied right after a shower or bath, while skin is still a little damp. This allows for quicker and deeper penetration into the skin. Oils are a concentrated form of moisture instead of using a lotion that has other artificial ingredients. Oils lock in moisture and help protect the skin against environmental effects and they deliver a potent dose of nutrients. Here are some great oils to consider: • Jojoba • Almond • Argan • Sea Berry • Rose Hip Consider layering the oil and moisturizer; the main challenge with using body oils however, is that they do leave an oilier residue compared to a moisturizer. Some people will be worried about leaving oily stains on clothing or bed sheets. What you can do on some days is to apply a layer of body oil and then top it with another coat of moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. I consider this a body treatment and it’s effective in keeping your skin smooth and moisturized. Keep up the good work!

Dwayne Thompson, aka “The Barber Ambassador,” is the CEO of The Fade Club LLC, a marketing and promotions company designed to grow the barbering industry through education and brand management. He wears many hats as the founder of The Barber Academy Tour, creator of “The Barbettes,” a term designed to promote female barbers, and the former host of Against the Grain Radio show, the first barber related radio show on Blog Talk Radio. He is a dynamic writer, educator, product broker, consultant and social media expert. He has held several Executive positions with a former barbershop publication and a national health outreach program. Mr. Thompson is also the Founder and Publisher of Tonsorial Times Magazine, “The Official Barbershop Trade Publication” focused on highlighting products, franchises, schools and educators directly connected to the barbering industry. For more information, visit 68

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Show Coverage

The 20th Annual World Natural Hair and Healthy Lifestyle Event Once Again Proves its Power in the Natural Hair Category This past April 22-23, Taliah Waajid

of total body through healthy living.

once again convened the World

This year’s event boasted more

Natural Hair and Healthy Lifestyle

than 300 exhibitors and over 50

Event (WNHHLE) in Atlanta, Ga. The



show which was originally launched





as an empowering, exciting annual celebration of natural hair has

Additionally, the event featured a Power Panel, a Men’s Den and the

come to be an essential source for new, emerging and cutting-edge

introduction of Taliah Waajid’s Protective Styles line of hair care

natural hair products and services to store owners, distributors

products to its more than 30,000 attendees from all over the world.

and consumers alike. In response to attendees’ desire to embrace

healthier living overall, the WNHHLE has since grown into a life-

among nine of the most powerful female entrepreneurs in the

changing convention aimed at empowering attendees to have a love

natural hair care industry. The nine ladies included Ms. Taliah

Photo Credit: Jay Douglas 70

health, hair

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

The Power Panel presented attendees with a discussion

A model has her makeup perfected at the Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics booth.

Waajid herself, Courtney Adeleye of the Mane Choice, Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution, Wendy Levy and Kim Etheredge of Mixed Chicks, Chris-Tia Donaldson of TGIN, Monique Rodriguez of Mielle Organics, Janell Stephens of Camille Rose Naturals, and Rochelle Graham of Alikay Naturals. Each of Carla Jones for NouriTress

these ladies had the opportunity to share their unique and empowering stories of launching their natural hair care lines.

The Men’s Den offered over 5,000

square feet of the men’s products and services as well as a video game station, a pool table, a gaming table and a round-the-clock, on-site barbershop. Presented by the Uncle Jimmy line of high quality men’s grooming products, the Men’s Den also featured a “Fastest Fade” battle and a best beard contest offering cash prizes of Show attendees fill the front of the J. Strickland booth while workers cater to each one.

$500 and $1,000 respectively.

Besides the amazing reception to the

event’s Culture Vibe Music Fest which featured live performances from several musical genres, attendees packed such workshops and classes as “Debt Ain’t Natural,” “Progressive Barbering Tips and Trends,” and “The Truth About Natural Hair.” Attendees were also eager to learn about the Protective Styles line newly released by Taliah Waajid. This latest crop of hair care products specifically targeted at those who protect their natural hair by wearing

Eventgoers speak with an Eden BodyWorks representative.

weaves, braids, wigs, updos, and faux locs strengthens, conditions and protects hair from hair loss and hair thinning before, during and after protective styling.

Just as it did this year, the WNHHLE

will continue to provide quality products at

The show floor entrance Idowu Etefia (right) of RA Cosmetics pauses for a photo with a representative from beauty supply store, Beauty and More.

the best, largest, most influential and most informative show of its kind. For anyone who missed this April’s event in Atlanta, they can look forward to the next event scheduled to take place in Atlanta during October of this

Crowds fill the foyer of the Georgia International Convention Center, waiting to enter the show floor.

year. The Curls, Kinks & Culture Festival promises to be a family-friendly extravaganza showcasing live music, food and drinks, and natural hair care vendors. Article courtesy of Taliah Waajid.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Hair styling in progress at the Ampro booth

A Creme of Nature hair model has her hair styled by a professional onstage using the company’s new natural products.

A presenter at the Mielle organics booth addresses the crowd.

Maddy smiles at the Honey Baby Naturals booth


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

A volunteer’s beautiful hair is styled using products from the Taliah Waajid new Protective Styles line.

Hairstyling was found at numerous booths on the show floor, making each stop along the event journey interesting. A volunteer smiles for a mid-style photo at the Luster booth.

The busy Luster booth

Styling action at the As I Am (Salon Commodities) booth

Randy Lee, Director of Domestic Sales, and Angela Ferguson, Marketing Director, of Luster Products

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


A customer learns about a product, and even takes a quick smell to get the full effect at the Obia Naturals booth. The large, colorful SheaMoisture booth had an undeniable attraction for customers.

Osman Mithavayani of Xtreme Beauty International explains product features to a customer.

The Bronner Bros. team

Airic and Tramelle of OYIN Handmade


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Serayah McNeill (left), best known for her role on the TV Show “Empire,” and now the new face of Txture Pro met with customers at their booth. A show visitor has her hair styled at the SheaMoisture booth.

Andy Morgan of Revlon stands alongside a Lottabody representative.

Sidonia Harris smiles as she holds up a bottle of OMT’s Beard Oil in front of the booth.

The Reshma Femme booth

The bustling Jane Carter Solution booth

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


These ladies, both surprisingly named Madison, are hard at work at the Moisture Love booth.

Customers stop by the Universal Beauty booth to learn more about, and stock up on, new products.

The House of Cheatham booth also featured a hairstylist to demonstrate how their products can be used to create fantastic styles.

A hairstylist in action at the Universal Beauty booth

Show visitors were welcome to have their hair styled once they purchased hair at the JBS/Urban Beauty Hair booth. Talk about a great opportunity!


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

A happy Urban Beauty Hair customer Photo Credit: Kiomara Gonzalez

Customers stop by in awe of the hairstyles being created using Urban Beauty Hair products at the JBS Hair booth. Photo Credit: Kiomara Gonzalez

Beautiful models for JBS/Urban Beauty Hair Photo Credit: Kiomara Gonzalez

A hair model for Urban Beauty Hair has her hair styled beautifully.

A JBS/Urban Beauty Hair customer has her hair styled at the show.

Roy Lee of Jinny Beauty Supply smiles while speaking to a customer.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Candice and Carla stop for a photo at the ORS booth. Notice their adorable necklaces!

A demonstrator and a model on stage at The Mane Choice booth.

A speaker performs on the show’s Mainstage.

Customers purchase products at the Mixed Chicks booth.

A few event visitors take a break from the show floor booth excitement to play a quick game of pool in the Men’s Den.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

A visitor has their hair styled at the Men’s Den on-site barbershop.

Dancers on stage at the Fit Zone

Matt and Mike represent the Beard Guyz and Van Der Hagen brands by Universal Beauty Products. The eye-catching Uncle Funky’s Daugher booth

Crowds filled the show aisles throughout the duration of the show.

Show visitors learned of NuDred products by watching them being used at the booth as a customer has her hair styled.

The ladies of The Power Panel surrounding Ms. Taliah Waajid (center). Photo Credit: James Hogan OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Jinny News Jinny Beauty Supply Alters Operation Schedule Beginning April 1, 2017, Jinny Beauty Supply, the best

how popular trends come and go and food preferences

the world, will be closed on Saturdays for all branches.

thing. This company has a goal for 2017 to be much

and largest multicultural beauty supply distributor in

This will help the company as a whole be more efficient and effective in business matters. Additionally, the

world headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. will only open for two Sundays each month—the 2nd and 4th.

This change is altering the way of business

that Jinny has followed for the past 36 years. Just as

more efficient than in the past and to remain a powerhouse in the beauty supply industry. Please take

note of these changes, and know that Jinny Beauty

Supply looks forward to continuing to work with you, making 2017 a fantastic year!

2017년 4월 1일부터 업계 최대규모의 다민족 뷰티

개점 하여 서비스를 제공 하기로 결정하였다.

서플라이업체인 지니뷰티 그룹이 미국 전지역의 모든 회사에

과거 36년동안 토요일 및 일요일에도 서비스를 제공해온

대해 토요일 휴뮤제를 실시한다.

지니는 새로운 시대의 요청과 비지니스환경의 변화에 적극

이는 전체적인 업무의 능률을 높이고 효율적인 비즈니스의

대처하고 보다 향상된 서비스를 지속적으로 제공하므로서

역량을 향상시키는데 도움이 될것으로 확신하며 다만, 본사인

업계를 이끌어 가는 모범적인 기업으로 변화해 나갈 것이다.

조지아주의 애틀랜타 회사들만 둘째 및 넷째 일요일에


evolve as you grow older, often times change is a good

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Industry News ORS™ Olive Oil Introduces Two Innovative New Products to Meet the Growing Needs of Consumers ORS™ Olive Oil Curl Stretching Texturizer and ORS™ Olive Oil Zone Relaxer™ now available in stores

Namaste Laboratories, the makers of ORS™ The Original Root Stimulator hair care products, continues to meet the changing needs of consumers. Under its Olive Oil product line, it recently rolled out two ground-breaking new products. ORS™ Olive Oil Curl Stretching Texturizer offers a solution for consumers who want to gently elongate their naturally curly hair for looser curls with easier manageability. The ORS™ Olive Oil Zone Relaxer™

is for consumers who choose to relax targeted sections of their hair verses their entire head. “At Namaste, we are passionate about the consumer and intently listen to her to ensure that we continue to meet her hair care needs,” said Nicole Ray Robinson, Category Head – Straightening, Maintenance and Hairdress. “Whether relaxed, texturized or natural, we aim to offer her quality products that deliver beautiful, healthier-looking hair and allow her to unapologetically embrace her individuality.” The innovative ORS™ Olive Oil Curl Stretching Texturizer gently stretches short to medium length naturally curly hair for easy to groom, easy to wear, looser curls. This superior quality texturizer features a proprietary formula and a unique “Mix-It-Yourself” boost of four potent exotic oils from around the globe: Mediterranean Olive Oil for moisture, Brazilian Pequi Oil for smoothing, African Shea

Eastern Buying Conference Takes the Hilton Meadowlands by STORM

The 2017 Eastern Buying Conference (EBC) Show was expanded to accommodate additional booths from 2016 to 2017. This year EBC, held April 1-2, was hit by a storm! Newark Airport shut down and other airports had delayed flights. Our manufacturers were having a difficult time traveling to the show. Thankfully, everything worked out, and everyone arrived at the show safely. Friday night the Association held a Manufacturer and Manufacturer Rep. get-together. It was well attended and everyone had a great time. Saturday and Sunday everyone was provided a hot breakfast and a delicious lunch. The attendees lined up before 9 AM at the show entrance to get in and get down to business. The show’s overall attendance was up. Saturday the Association hosted a very nice dinner for all. The after party, with DJ Mister Mike, was held in the Hilton’s Private Dining Room for many who danced late into the night. Anyone who wanted to watch the Final Four games had space reserved right next door in the Hotels Bergen Social Restaurant with 8 big screen TVs. There was late night networking and fun for everyone. Our 2018 show will be held at the Hilton Meadowlands, Saturday and Sunday April 14- 15. Be sure to save the date! As always, we would like to thank everyone for their support of the show.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Oil for softness, and Egyptian Black Seed Oil for strength. The game-changing ORS™ Olive Oil Zone Relaxer™ is the first-ever targeted, small section relaxer. This uniquely designed mini application kit provides the perfect amount for small section relaxing and offers easy and precise application via a luxurious crème on crème formula (rich crème relaxer base AND rich crème relaxer activator). Great for small section relaxer users, weave blenders and even semi-naturals, it allows consumers who relax to stay in the right zone whether relaxing their edges, sides or back. Plus, the system is infused with nourishing olive oil to help protect hair during relaxing to deliver smoother, silkier, softer hair with beautiful shine. “Our new Curl Stretching Texturizer and Zone Relaxer™ serve as examples of how Namaste celebrates and honors the beauty of our consumers regardless of her hairstyle choices,” said Shawn K. Tollerson, Chief Operating Officer. “Whatever hairstyle she chooses…relaxed, natural, extensions, braids, locs, our beauty should be embraced and not stereotyped.” For more hair care news and tips, please visit www.orshaircare. com or connect on social media at and @ORSHairCare on Twitter and Instagram.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Industry News Bronner Bros. Receives City of Atlanta’s Highest Honor for 70th Anniversary Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Presents Phoenix Award to Family Matriarch, Mrs. Robbie Bronner

The Bronner Bros. was recently joined by more than 100 VIPs, business leaders and beauty industry influencers for a special presentation of the Phoenix Award at its southwest Atlanta factory. Presented by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, the family matriarch, Mrs. Robbie Bronner, proudly accepted the city’s highest honor for the 70th anniversary of its semiannual beauty show. Sons Nathaniel Jr., Bishop Dale, Charles, Bernard, James, their spouses and loyal employees were also in attendance. After a heartfelt introduction by Arthur Bronner, III, “Mother Bronner” (as she is affectionately called), humored guests with dating advice and the story of how she met her husband—company co-founder, Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. While Mother Bronner has long shunned the public spotlight, she is referred as a woman of faith who quietly has served as a driving force behind the Bronner Bros.’ brand.

James Bronner, Show Director

(Left to right) Bishop Dale, Bernard, Charles, Mother Robbie, Mayor Kasim Reed, Nathaniel, Jr., and James Bronner

Mayor Kasim Reed and Dale Bronner

Mayor Kasim Reed greets Mrs. Robbie Bronner

“From the very beginning, my father had a clear vision,” said James Bronner, SVP of trade show operations. “To uplift our community by creating business opportunities and a platform for celebrating African American beauty. It is quite an honor to be recognized and witness our mother accept the equivalent to the key to the city.” Immediately following the formal presentation, guests mingled while enjoying refreshments. Mayor Reed was also given a behind-the-scenes tour of the factory. The stateof-the-art facility is located next door to the future home of Bronner Bros.’ new international headquarters, which will open its doors later this year. “Because of Bronner Bros., today thousands of stylists, barbers, and multicultural beauty brands can have a seat at the table,” added show manager, Erika Respress. “As we celebrate 70 years of excellence in beauty, we are grateful to be a part of such a rich legacy and remain committed to ensuring its continued success.” Photo Credit: Robin Lori

Mrs. Robbie Bronner with son, James Bronner who now serves as Show Director.

Mrs. Robbie Bronner alongside Mayor Reed.

It’s a family affair: The Bronner family celebrates 70 years of excellence.

Urban Call Briefs Returns to OTC Beauty Magazine Many of you  OTC Beauty Magazine  readers may remember a

this year and is eager to provide our readers with invaluable

“Urban Call Briefs.” Well, we have great news for you: the column

a leadership profile article featuring panelists of the ECRM Las

regular column article we featured in years past referred to as is returning! Beginning in next month’s issue the Urban Call

segment will return in full force, still authored by industry veteran

and Global Beauty Alliance board member/convener, Lafayette Jones. Jones has fantastic plans in store for the remainder of


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

industry information. This inaugural 2017 column article will be Vegas Multicultural Beauty Section. You don’t want to miss it!

If you have any input to share, or are interested in

participating in the column feel free to contact Lafayette Jones at

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Industry News Coty Professional Beauty Launches Branded Education Apps for Stylists

Coty Professional Beauty has released a fresh line-up of education apps for Wella Professionals, Sebastian Professional, Nioxin, Clairol Professional and Kadus Professional. The new brand specific apps now available for download on Apple iTunes Store and Google Play, allow each brand in the portfolio to maintain their unique brand identity with their stylist fans and provide quick access to on-trend tutorials, featuring some of the best hairstylists in the world. Not only does each application offer 24-hour access to education, the apps can be utilized by salon owners as a learning tool for their teams. With the ability to assign lessons to team members, salons can use the branded app of their choice to track team members’ progress and success. The ability to create a digital curriculum specific to a salon’s training needs makes these apps a unique resource. From product knowledge to collection basics to new techniques, these branded apps are the perfect addition to in-salon education from your preferred brand. “We are excited to expand our Digital Education program across our Coty Professional Beauty Professional Hair Portfolio to help reach and delight stylists where they shop, learn, work and seek education” notes Jeff Pierce, Coty Professional’s Director of Virtual Education for North America. As a stylist, Jeff knows firsthand the importance of staying in touch with trends, techniques and what’s relevant for clients. “There are a lot of places where you can go for inspiration, but it’s most important to know how to achieve the results you see on Instagram or Snap Chat.” Another unique element of each app is the “Ask the Experts” feature. With digital learning, a stylist is essentially on his or her own if they have a question, however Wella


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Professionals, Sebastian Professional, Nioxin, Clairol Professional and Kadus Professional apps offer the ability to chat with a brand expert. With a tap of a button, a stylist can ask brand experts anything from a question about color formulation in Wella Professionals to which Nioxin System Kit to recommend to their client, or what are the best Sebastian products to cocktail for curly hair. “It’s important to us that we stay true to what the stylist needs in terms of content and how they access that content. These apps were designed by a stylist, and used by our own stylists every day to enable our best-in-class education team across North America. While there are many functionalities and enhancements that will come over the next months, one thing will always remain true: our apps will feature the latest education content to build the required skills and inspire the artistry of hairdressing,” says North America Creative Director Carole Protat. App Features: • • • • • • • •

Tutorials and Step-by-Step Videos Sharable brand literature including Product Knowledge, Swatch books, Trends and More Live Customer Service through ‘Ask The Experts’ (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM CST) A selection of Virtual Seminars led by Top Artists Tips, Tricks and Techniques From the Industry’s Best Hairdressers Set Goals and Measure Your Results Assign Homework Enroll in Education Playlists

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Industry News Carol’s Daughter Debuts “Born in Brooklyn. Made with Love” Television Campaign Brand partners with women-led agency TAG Creative to showcase inclusivity for all women

Carol’s Daughter, a premier multicultural beauty brand with pioneering heritage in the natural beauty movement, unveiled it’s firstever television broadcast commercial! The launch of the campaign marks a monumental step into the exciting period of growth, expanded innovation and brand development. The 30-second ad, featuring Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price, showcases the rich history of the brand: “Born in Brooklyn. Made with Love.” It spotlights the diverse portfolio of naturally made products from the most beloved and best-selling Carol’s Daughter collections, including: Black Vanilla, Hair Milk, Almond Milk, and Sacred Tiare—all made with love as the first ingredient. Created to cater to the needs of multiple varieties of hair types and concerns, these recipes are blended for everyone’s unique beauty. “I began Carol’s Daughter in my Brooklyn kitchen more than two decades ago, and I couldn’t be more excited and proud to see how far the brand has come,” says Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter Founder. “My

mission has always been to inspire and empower women, and provide high-quality, accessible product solutions for every hair type. To have my story, which all started with handcrafted recipes in my kitchen, be

shared with millions of people in their own homes is truly a dream come true.” “Carol’s Daughter is a brand driven by a mission to encourage all women to embrace and love their individual beauty,” says Ana Maria Alonso Viola, Vice President, Marketing, Carol’s Daughter. “The launch of the brand’s first commercial truly underscores the exponential amount of growth, influence and expertise we have in the multicultural consumer segment, and celebrates the beauty of all women

Cosmoprof North America to Donate Trees Honoring each ‘Green’ Exhibitor to National Forest

As part of Cosmoprof North America’s (CPNA) ongoing commitment to sustainability,

and in celebration of Earth Day on April 22, CPNA is proud to collaborate with A Living

Tribute to plant a tree in honor of each exhibitor participating in Discover Green and Discover Green leaf at this year’s exhibition July 9-11 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. New trees will be planted in the exhibitors’ names in the Tahoe National Forest.  Each tree will help create clean drinking water and expand wildlife habitat. 

For more information on CPNA, please visit

or contact us at 88

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

and hair types.” Carol’s Daughter partnered with award-winning women-led advertising agency, TAG Creative, to develop the brand’s first television commercial. Founded by Gina Delio and Terry Rieser, TAG Creative has forged powerful emotional connections with image-driven clients and audiences for more than 15 years. Carol’s Daughter worked collaboratively with TAG to create an empowering campaign inspired by its nostalgic Brooklyn roots and Lisa’s artisanal approach to the brand that emphasizes the power and influence of love in every product. “Our visual inspiration for the creative came from Lisa’s wonderful product recipes,” says Gina Delio, Chief Creative Officer of TAG Creative. “And we wanted to express inclusivity for all women. These products and ingredients are great for everyone and every type of hair. Carol’s Daughter has always had diversity at the heart of the brand; it’s the centerpiece of who they are, and we wanted to communicate that.” For more information about Carol’s Daughter, visit or follow on  Instagram,  Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Industry News Sundial Brands Honors Tina Knowles Lawson with the Inaugural Community Commerce Impact Award, Presented by SheaMoisture

is a chance and had started making natural someone to invest handmade soaps and salves time, resources, in Sierra Leone in the early and a little love… 1900’s to support her family give some time after becoming a widow with to some young four children at the age of 19. people, volunteer Following her lead, we too Sundial Brands, a leading skincare and at your church or started our business out of a haircare manufacturer renowned for your organizations, need to survive, its innovative use of go hang out at an and we’ve built high-quality, culturally inner city school. it based on a authentic natural Photo Credit – Aurora Rose/Varity/ Just a little goes mission not only ingredients, recently REX/Shutterstock a long way in to help others awarded fashion icon, changing lives one survive, but entre pre n e ur an d at a time. You never know, we could have to prosper. This led to our philanthropist Tina the next Einstein, or Maya Angelou…Last purpose-driven business Knowles Lawson with but not least, thank you Sundial…From model called Community its first Community empowering women to be entrepreneurs Commerce, which uses Commerce Impact in Africa or constantly working in the the power of commerce to Award, presented by communities that truly need it, the equip underserved people SheaMoisture. Sundial generosity and personal commitment and communities with founder & CEO Richelieu of the owners of this company to make a access to the opportunities Dennis presented “Miss difference are exceptional.” and resources that enable Tina” with the honor Since 2014, Sundial’s Community them to create lasting during the Variety Power Commerce efforts have resulted in almost value for themselves and of Women Luncheon at 15,000 households in its Ghanaian Shea others—resulting in an Cipriani Midtown in New butter women’s cooperatives that now ability to build stronger, selfTina Knowles-Lawson and Richelieu York City, where she Dennis, CEO of Sundial Brands benefit from Community Commerce sustaining communities was among six other Photo Credit - Aurora Rose/Variety/ programs, including premium wages, and enterprises.” honorees recognized for REX/Shutterstock infrastructure investments that have “Based on that criteria,” dedicating their time and resulted in higher school attendance he continued, “when energy to philanthropic rates and more health insurance, and considering honorees for our inaugural and community efforts that improve the communities that Community Commerce world. Her fellow 2017 Power of Women have fresh piped water Impact Award, one name honorees include Jessica Chastain, (increased from 0 to 13). rose to the top—and that Chelsea Clinton, Gayle King, Blake Lively, In addition to its supply was Mrs. Tina Knowles Audra McDonald and Shari Redstone. chain, among the Lawson. A successful Community Commerce entrepreneur. A tireless efforts in the U.S. are philanthropist. A programs that have humble humanitarian… allowed dozens of this is a woman who women and girls to uses her platform, receive full fellowships her businesses, her to top entrepreneurial resources and her voice Photo Credit – Clint Spaulding/Variety/ REX/Shutterstock programs at schools to create organizations including Dartmouth that drive positive Tuck School of Business and Babson change for those in need…it seems only College. In 2017, approximately $2 million fitting that our paths would not only is projected to be invested in Community cross—but connect—in service to others Commerce programs based on sales of and ensuring we leave this world a better Tina Knowles-Lawson with Richelieu Dennis, CEO of SheaMoisture’s Community Commerce place than we found it.” Sundial Brands collections, which reinvest 10% of sales Miss Tina also shared: “This Photo Credit - Aurora Rose/Variety/REX/Shutterstock into these efforts. award is very special because it not only For more information on recognizes success, but also the giving Dennis, who founded Sundial WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater back part of our lives. There is a scripture Brands 25 years ago after graduating from Center (Miss Tina’s latest empowerment that has been one that I’ve taught my Babson College and being unable to return endeavor), Tina’s Angels and Richard’s girls from an early age: ‘To whom much is to his home country of Liberia because Warriors mentoring program, and the given much is required.’ In simpler terms, it of civil war, told the audience: “I started Mobile Theater—all of which she has ties means that everyone in this room has been our company based on the inspiration to—visit immensely blessed, and it’s important and recipes of my grandmother Sofi— events/gala and http://wacotheatercenter. to share those blessings with people another remarkable woman of power who com/programs/. who were given very little...all they need Knowles Lawson recognized during the Variety Power of Women Luncheon in New York City for her entrepreneurial achievements and community empowerment efforts, including the new WACO Theater Center


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Industry News CPNA Announced Tones of Beauty Exhibitors Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) announced its popular Tones of Beauty line-up of exhibitors for the July 9-11 exhibition at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The special area is conceptually dedicated to the evolving shades and types of beauty of the multicultural consumer. The showcase will have its own distinct premium look and customized marketing program. To ensure only the most innovative products at the event CPNA is curating in collaboration with love, Aunt Bonnie with each product being carefully selected by its founder, Mr. Corey Huggins. Tones of Beauty Exhibitors: B FRAGRANCED – B Fragranced is a Chicago-based Fragrance and Beauty company that launched its brand [ME]™ in 2013. Today, B Fragranced, a MBE and WBE certified company hosts a line of new and fresh aromas for both men and women, making what you wear the pinnacle of a two letter word… ME. GIRLANDHAIR - GirlandHair offers innovative natural hair care products to multicultural consumers. In 2015, GirlandHair launched UNDER HAIR CARE™, which is the first natural hair care system specially formulated to cleanse, nourish and moisturize hair underneath protective hair styles. All

products and packaging have been designed for easy application and use.

HONEY BABY NATURALS – Honey Baby Naturals is a premium honey-derived hair and skincare line created for families in need of natural ingredients that hydrate, heal and protect. Since hitting the market in October 2015, Honey Baby Naturals has been the bee’s knees in the multi-cultural and natural hair markets, winning the 2016 CosmoProf Trendsetter Award and 2016 Naturallycurly. com Editor’s Choice Awards for: Best Shampoo, Best Conditioner, Best Kids Line, and Best Emerging Brand. Made with HONEY; Made with LOVE, Honey Baby Naturals is not only for kids, but also for the fabulous Mommy on the go! OBIA NATURALS OBIA Naturals produces vegan, pH balanced, non-toxic hair and body care products that offer a natural alternative to conscientious consumers. Their products do not contain: mineral oil, sulfates, DEA, petroleum, synthetic colors, or drying alcohols. All preservatives used are free from parabens and formaldehyde. Fragrances used are phthalate free.

THANK GOD IT’S NATURAL - Thank God I’m Natural (tgin) is a Chicago-based manufacturer of natural products for the hair and body, created by Harvard Law graduate and breast cancer survivor, Chris-Tia Donaldson. tgin products are developed using the finest ingredients to support the health of hair, skin and body. THE ROOTS NATURELLE - The Roots Naturelle is focused on delivering safe and effective hair and skin care products through the creative and elegant design of targeted solutions using natural ingredients. For many years, the company has primed itself to take advantage of the vast opportunity in this fast growing natural personal care space. 103 COLLECTION - Lifestyle Brand of Vegan Organic Products for Him and Her.

For more information on Cosmoprof North America, and for a full list of brands exhibiting at the show, please visit CPNA’s website, www., or contact us at

2nd Annual 2017 ECRM Multicultural Update Educational Event An educational panel discussion entitled “Expanding Beauty Industry Horizons – Understanding the New Fundamentals” will be held Wednesday, June 7 at 5:30 PM at the Red Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. This discussion coincides with the ECRM Skin, Bath, Cosmetics and Fragrance Suppliers/Suppliers of Hair Care, Multicultural Hair, Hair Color, Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances and Tools event, and will provide actionable


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

insights and information to help buyers and sellers grow their beauty businesses. The three panelists taking place in the discussion are Michelle Breyer, CEO of TextureMedia; Sandra Miller Jones, Founder of Segmented marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi); and Richelieu Dennis, CEO of Sundial Industries. The talk will be moderated by Lafayette Jones, Urban Call Publisher and Global Beauty Alliance Convener.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



Purchase $200 of assorted Jane Carter products, get a

$20 Rebate! EXPIRATION DATE: June 30, 2017

Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.



Purchase $400 of Creme of Nature Argan products, get a

$40 Rebate! EXPIRATION DATE: June 30, 2017

Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.



Purchase $250 of Bigen Easy Color woman color products, get a

$20 Rebate! EXPIRATION DATE: June 30, 2017

Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017 of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.


Store name



Jinny Invoice Number






I. Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. 2. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. 3. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. 4. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. S. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

New Jersey

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.



















Store name



Jinny Invoice Number






I. Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. 2. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. 3. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. 4. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. S. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

New Jersey

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.



















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I. Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. 2. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. 3. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. 4. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. S. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

New Jersey

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.



















OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017




Purchase $300 of Naturalicious products, get a

$30 Rebate! EXPIRATION DATE: June 30, 2017

Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.



Purchase $200 of ORS Naturals products, get a

$15 Rebate! EXPIRATION DATE: June 30, 2017

Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


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1-800-535-6110 1-800-925-4669

Signature I. Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. 2. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. 3. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. 4.You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. S. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.


New Jersey

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.


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1-800-535-6110 1-800-925-4669



New Jersey ST. LOUIS

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Signature I. Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. 2. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. 3. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. 4.You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. S. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases. *Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Show Calendar / Ad Index JUNE:

3-5 Premiere Orlando Orlando, FL


ECRM/EPPS Skin, Bath, Cosmetics, Fragrances Henderson, NV 5-8

ECRM/EPPS Hair Care & Multicultural Hendreson, NV 11-14 ECRM/EPPS Latin America Health Beauty Miami, FL 24-26 International Beauty Show (IBS) Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 25-26 7th Texas International Hair & Tradeshow Mesquite, TX


New Orleans Natural Hair Expo (NONHE) New Orleans, LA 8 City of Hope Spirit of Life Las Nevas, NV 9

North America Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) Las Vegas, NV 9-11 Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas, NV 9-12 ECRM/EPPS Skin Care Orlando, FL 10 ICMAD CITY Awads Dinner Las Vegas, NV 17-20 Cosmobeauté Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 22-24 Chew’s 17th Annual Multicultural Hair, Skin and Nail Expo Lake Charles, LA 23

Wella Professional National TrendVision Awards Los Angeles, CA 100

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

AFAM Concept .............................................. 2, 3, 25, 35

Helen of Troy .................................................................. 33

American International ..................................Cover, 53

House of Cheatham ..................................................... 59

Ampro Industries .......................................................... 85

Innovative Beauty Products, LLC ........................... 47

Andis Co. .....................................................................9, 64

Inspired Beauty Brands .............................................. 27

Baby Sweet ...................................................................103

J2 Professional ............................................................. 38

Beauty Perfection ........................................................ 11

JBS Beauty Club ........................................................... 66

Butter Sweet .................................................................. 39 Carol’s Daughter ........................................................... 31 City of Hope ................................................................... 48 Colomer USA ................................................................. 94 Combe Inc. ...................................................................... 83 Conair ............................................................................... 23 Cosmoprof North America....................................... BC Coty............................................................................ 43, 81 Curls, LLC ........................................................................ 89 DeMert Brands .............................................................. 64 Dominican Magic .......................................................... 37 Dream World ........................................................... 68, 97 E.T. Browne and Drug Co., Inc. .....................................5 Fantasia Ind. ................................................................... 91 Giovanni Cosmetics ..................................................101 Gold ‘N Hot ...................................................................... 51

JBS Hair ...................................................... 14, 15, 54, 55 Jinny Corp. ...................................................................... 26 KAB Brands ..................................................................... 21 Liquid Gold Bonding/Lloneau Products ............... 93 M&M Products ............................................................... 65 Mane Selection ................................................................8 Mitchell Group ............................................................... 13 Nature’s Protein ............................................................ 29 One Bottle Products .................................................... 67 Prana Wellness .............................................................. 66 Queen Helene ......................................................... 32, 36 Sensitive By Nature...................................................... 98 SoftSheen-Carson ................................................ 19, 99 Sundial Brands .............................................................. 57 Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Products ....................... 69 Universal Beauty Products, Inc. ........................ IFC, 1 Xtreme Beauty International .......................7, 87, IBC

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Reader Feedback Let your voice be heard!

In this segment OTC Beauty Magazine wants to find out what is important to you, our loyal readers. Posing a handful of questions each month, our goal is to learn through feedback how to better serve you. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts; write responses on this sheet and mail it back to us, or send it through email.

여러분의 목소리를 내세요! 여러분의 목소리를 내세요! OTC 뷰티 매거진은 소중한 여러분의 의견을 수렴하려고 합니다. 매달 몇 가지의 질문을 통해 여러분의 의견을 듣고, 좀더 발전된 잡지를 만들고자 합니다. 약간의 시간을 내 주시어 여러분의 생각들을 전달해 주세요. 질문지에 답변을 하여 저희 사무실로 보내주시거나 이메일을 보내 주시면 됩니다. (연락처는 이 페이지 맨 밑에 있습니다)

What is the one skin care concern you get the most questions about from your customers? 귀하의 고객이 가장 많이 질문하는 피부 관리 관련 관심사는 무엇입니까?

Is there a beauty product and/or trend, or business topic you would like to learn more about? 학습하고 싶은 미용 제품 및/또는 트렌드 또는 비즈니스 주제가 있나요?

Do you run any sales on sunscreen during the spring and summer to entice your customers to keep their skin safe in the sun? It might be a good idea! 봄과 여름에 자외선 차단제를 사용하여 고객의 피부를 안전하게 유지해주는 제품을 판매하나요? 좋은 생각일 수 있습니다!

When we receive your feedback we will choose a few answers to feature in the next month’s issue. You could be famous just by answering a few questions – simple as that! We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for supporting this publication. 보내주신 답변 중 몇몇을 뽑아 다음달에 기재하도록 하겠습니다. 몇 개의 질문에 답변을 함으로써, 여러분이 잡지에 실릴 수 있는 것입니다! 여러분의 성원에 감사 드리며, 많은 참여 부탁 드리겠습니다.

Name (성함) _________________________________________ Store Name (​상호명) ___________________________________ State (주) ___________________________________________ 102

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

Mail this form to: (보내실곳: ) OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email:

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017


Product Spotlight

OKAY Pure Naturals Shea Butter Yellow Smooth Made from the nut of the African Shea Tree, OKAY African Shea Butter is a rich butter that has been clinically proven to provide many benefits. Such benefits include: • Daily skin moisturizer • Soothes skin rashes - including diaper rash • Eases skin peeling after tanning • Decreases itching due to dry skin • Eliminates stretch marks • Softens tough skin on feet • Diminishes blemishes and wrinkles • Offers sun and wind protection • Helps heal small skin wounds • Evens skin tone • Offers dry skin relief • Heals skin cracks • Calms eczema For use on skin, scoop or rub off the Shea Butter from inside the jar and apply to the area by massaging into the skin while spreading. In cold areas Shea Butter may become very hard. Simply place the closed jar into hot water; let it sit for five minutes and the product should become more manageable. For use in hair, apply Shea Butter to hair directly and leave in. Make sure to massage and comb to evenly spread. The product can also be applied as a liquid; to do so place a small amount of Shea Butter into a pot and warm up on the stove just enough so that it becomes a liquid. Do not overheat, nor warm up so that it is too hot to handle. Apply to hair from roots to tips, avoiding the scalp. Spread evenly and sit with a cap on for 30 minutes, then rinse. It may be used as a leave-in as well.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2017

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OTC June 2017  

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