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OTC Store Interview Inside Supreme Beauty Supply - Vidalia, GA

2013 AHBAI Proud Lady Show World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show

Presented by Taliah Waajid

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Editorial Letter.................... 10

Feature Article

최신 유행 머리

Protect and Hydrate Summer Hair ������������ 66

Trendy Tresses

Expert Advice.....................12 Look, Feel, Shake, Brush, Wash: The Quality Human Hair Test

MarketPlace........................18 Hair Care Heroes

How Should You Sell It?......24 Deep Conditioning

어떻게 판매할 것인가? 이 달의 판매 초점은..... 딥 컨디셔닝입니다!

Urban Call Briefs.................45

by Richard Bonn

With everyone running outside to enjoy the warm summer weather, we are exposing ourselves to the elements. Everyone knows how to protect their skin from sun and pool chemicals, but few think about the potential damage done to hair.

옛날식 면도가 어떻게 남성 스킨 케어의 인기 분야가 되고 있는가? 전통방식의 면도법은 트리트먼트가 주는 진정과 치료 효과 때문에 남성 스킨 케어의 하이라이트라 할 수 있다. 다음은 가정에서 사용되는 남성 피부 제품으로 재현 할 수 있는 면도에 관한 좋은 아이디어를 단계별로 구분해 보았다.

Black Celebrities on Magazine Covers (Part 1)

King of Locs........................63 Naturally Healthy Hair Starts From Inside

Clipper Tips �������������������������82 Smooth Shaven

Therapy Trends....................84

Retailer Profile

Supreme Beauty Supply ���� 76

by Tony Bae 시선의 전환은 편안함을 가져다 줍니다

Hair Care Fueled by Oil Imports

Tonsorial Times ..................86 Expect an Unexpected Service


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OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

On The Cover

Get silky, strong, shimmery, fresh-fromthe-salon hair with Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System. The formula protects previously chemically-treated hair from dryness and breakage while nourishing, conditioning and protecting hair during the relaxing process. After using this easyto-use system hair will be left looking strong, supple and super shiny. Visit www.motionshair.com.

CONTENTS June 2013 Finished Product

The Beauty of Bobby Pins. 30 by Brooke Watson

Anyone who likes to style and experiment with hair, or perhaps has children with long locks, knows the importance of the tiny hair gripping devices known as bobby pins. From everyday use tying down loose flyways to artfully crafting fancy updos on special occasions, these hair accessories are actually tools that have a multitude of uses.

Knowledge To Know

Business Tips

Mastering Life Balance: Achieving Greatness at Home and at Work ��������������52 by Gary Kunath People are overwhelmed with the complexities of their own lives and are desperately seeking a way to maximize happiness at home and work. A transition is in action where professional workforce priorities are leaning toward bringing humanity back to business. Learn ways you and your employees can find a valuable, healthy and much-needed work-life balance.

균형 있는 삶을 위한 방법: 가정과 직장 모두에서 위업 성취하기

Why the Term “Retouch” Should be Stricken from Cosmetology ................... 34

누구나 복잡한 자신의 삶에 압도되어 있으며, 그 가운데에서 가정과 직장 생활에서의 행복을 극대화할 수 있는 방법을 필사적으로 찾고 있다. 직장을 우선시하던 사람들이 점점 가정을 더욱 중요시하는 성향으로 바뀌고 있다. 여러분과 여러분의 직원들이 가치 있고, 건강하며, 일과 가정의 균형을 만들 수 있는 방법들을 찾아보도록 하자.

The term “retouch” is used in the cosmetology text books several times, especially in regards to permanent hair color and hair relaxing. It actually means to redo that which was not done correctly in the first place, but it’s often mistakenly used to refer to “filling in” from regrowth. Read this argument of why the term “retouch” should be changed.

by Lois Lang, Psy.D.

by Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau

“리터치(수정)”이라는 용어가 왜 미용업에서 엄격히 제외되어야 하는가 “리터치(retouch)” 이라는 용어는 미용 교과서에서 자주 쓰이는 말로, 특히 영구적인 헤어 컬러와 헤어 릴렉싱에서

Who Gets Dad’s Office? ���������������������������������������������56 Statistics prove over and over that customers, if given a choice, prefer to buy from those who provide support to charities and causes they see as valuable to their community. Learn a few ways you can give back.

누가 아버지의 사무실을 차지할 것인가? 가족 비즈니스 승계 계획에서, 한가지 분명한 것이 있다. 대부분의 가족 비즈니스 리더들은 그러한 계획을 세우지 않으며, 잘 하지도 못하거나, 혹은 때가 너무 늦도록 기다리기만 한다. 여러분의 뷰티 서플라이 스토어의 미래를 위해 계획을 세우도록 해라.

Manufacturer Profile

되지 않는 것을 다시 한다는 의미 하지만, 종종 다시

Belson ��������������������������������������������������������������������������70

자란 모발을 손질해 준다는 의미로 잘못 쓰이고 있다. 이

by Haley McNeal

기사를 읽고 왜 “리터치”라는 말이 바뀌어야 하는지를

According to Tom Gebhart, Belson’s Senior VP and General Manager, the beauty industry was built on newness: the latest hair styles, products and the newest tools. OTC Beauty Magazine was able to discover more about Belson and how the company fits into both the fashion world that Gebhart claims “dictates hair trends, colors and clothing designs,” and the beauty industry that “helps deliver trends to the everyday consumer through innovation, technology and vision.”

자주 쓰이는데, 실제로 그 의미는 처음에 정확하게 손질이


Trends to Follow From International Beauty Show New York......................... 38 by Torain

Let the trends found at the International Beauty Show (IBS) New York 2013 steer your business to success. Focusing on extensions, wigs and tools, the hair care market was thoroughly addressed. Find out about the latest innovations here!

우리가 알아야 할 International Beauty Show New York 트랜드 International Beauty Show New York 2013에서 트렌드를 배워 여러분의 사업에 적용해 봐라. 익스텐션과, 가발, 그리고 기구들과 같은 헤어케어 시장들을 집중적으로 살펴 보았다. 최신 제품들을 알아보도록 하자.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

벨슨사의 수석 부사장이자 총괄 매니저인 Tom Gebhart에 따르면, 뷰티업계는 최신 헤어 스타일과 제품들, 그리고 최신의 기구들과 같은 새로운 것들을 기반으로 세워졌다고 한다. OTC 뷰티 매거진은 벨슨사에 관한 많은 것들을 발견할 수 있었고, 이 회사가 Gebhart가 주장하는 “헤어 트랜드와 색상, 의류 디자인에 영향을 주는” 패션분야와 “혁신과 기술 그리고 비전을 통해 소비자들에게 날마다 트랜드를 전달하는” 뷰티 분야 모두에 잘 어울리는 이유에 관해서도 알 수 있었다.

Show Coverage

2013 AHBAI Proud Lady Show ����������������������������������88

The American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI) held its 24th Annual Proud Lady Beauty Show—Chicago, at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, IL. Thousands of beauty and barber professionals from across the country and abroad attended the show, held April 20-22.

World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show ���������������92 Taliah Waajid presented the 16th annual spring installment of the World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show on April 27-28 at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, Ga.


Ann Jhin


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OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

Editorial Letter

Trendy Tresses 최신 유행 헤어


eal talk: hair is BIG business. The majority of many morning routines consist of hair styling. Trends are always changing, maintenance practices are consistently important yet they keep becoming more and more elaborate, and it seems as though new products are released every month. Sometimes it’s exhausting, but it’s also glorious. The creativity and personality that can go into a hairstyle is what makes locks so lovely. From deep conditioning tips and information on up-and-coming commercial hair trends to new products and balancing home with work, this edition of OTC Beauty Magazine covers all things beautiful about hair. After all, if you do not stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest styling methods, hair trends and business practices, you may end up wanting to pull your hair out—and that’s contradictive to the essence of this issue. Perhaps the Senior VP and General Manager of Belson Products, Tom Gebhart, said it best as we gathered information for this months’ Manufacturer Profile. He explained how the fashion world dictates hair trends, colors and clothing designs. The beauty industry then strives to stay on the cusp of those trends, delivering them to consumers day after day. This is an interesting fact of the trade and how it continues to thrive; helping men and women alike craft trendy styles with tresses everyday. We express our gratitude and only ask that the industry doesn’t fail us now.

리얼 토크: 헤어는 거대한 비지니스다. 매일 아침 일상 중의

대부분은 머리 손질이 차지한다. 유행은 항상 변하고, 관리 방법도 지속적으로 중요하지만 그러한 방법들도 점점 더 정교해지고 있으며, 매달 새로운 제품들이 출시되는 것 같습니다. 때로는 이런 것들이 피곤하지만, 또한 즐거운 일이기도 합니다. 헤어스타일로 표현할 수 있는 창의력과 개성이 모발을 너무도 사랑스럽게 만드는 것입니다.

딥 컨디셔닝 도움말과 새롭게 뜨는 상업적 헤어 트랜드에

관한 정보부터 신제품 및 가정과 직장에서의 균형까지, 이번 호 OTC 뷰티 매거진은 아름다운 헤어에 관한 모든 것을 총망라하였습니다. 만일 여러분이 최신이자 최고인 스타일링 방법과 헤어 트랜드, 비지니스 방법들을 유지하지 않는다면, 결국에는 당신 스스로 머리를 잡아 뜯고 싶어질지도 모릅니다. - 그리고 그것은 이번 호의 본질과도 모순이 됩니다.

Belson Products의 수석 부사장이자 총괄 책임자인

Tom Gebhart는 트랜드를 파악하는 것은 우리가 이 달의 제조업체 프로필에 관한 정보를 수집하는 것만큼 중요하다고 말했습니다. 그는 패션 세계가 헤어 트랜드, 색상, 의류 디자인에 어떤 영향을 주는지를 설명했습니다. 뷰티업계는 이러한 트랜드의 첨단을 유지하고, 그것을 날마다 소비자들에게 전달해주고자 노력하고 있습니다. 모든 남성과 여성들이 날마다 최신 유행 스타일과 흡사하게 머리 손질하도록 돕는 것이 업계의 관심 분야이며 지속적으로 번창하는 방법입니다. 감사의 뜻을 표현하며 이 업계가 우리의 기대를 저버리지 않기를 바랍니다.

Editor hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com 10

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

June 2012OTC Beauty Magazine


Expert Advice by Holly Slear

Look, Feel, Shake, Brush, Wash:

The Quality Human Hair Test 12

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

Navigating the world of added hair can

be overwhelming. There are countless companies flooding the industry. With the hair overload comes a lot of misinformation about the origins of the hair and what constitutes the “best” hair. To sort out the quality hair from the tangling messes, you have to know more about the hair itself. There are three main types of hair found under a variety of names: Chinese, Indian and European. Even hair that you see listed as Brazilian, Italian, or Malaysian almost always comes from China or India. European hair is rarer and much of the hair labeled European doesn’t actually come from Europe. Next, you should know how the hair is gathered. The direction of the cuticle, the shingle-like outer layer of the hair strand, is important. The word “remy” is often associated with Indian hair, but what it means is that the cuticles of the hair are all going in the correct direction. Hair that is truly remy should not get matted. Hair that is not remy is usually swept off the floor; this is the most commonly used hair because it is inexpensive. The hair that is swept off of the floor is then dropped into a vat of acid where the cuticle is stripped to make it less likely to mat. It’s difficult to completely remove the cuticle, so the hair is coated with silicone so it will be easier to wash – at least until the silicone washes out. All of this brings us to the true challenge: the look, feel, shake, brush and wash test. Use this five-step test to determine whether the hair you are getting is of high quality. LOOK: Healthy, high-quality hair has a subtle, natural sheen. Bring hair into the sun or as close to natural light as you can. Low-quality hair of any origin is overly shiny, like Barbie™ hair. On the other end of the spectrum, Indian hair can look dull—a by-product of the Indian diet and natural hair texture. There is a lot of natural color variation within each strand of European hair, so it gives the most natural sheen of all the hair types. Virgin European hair looks like the type of hair you would see in a commercial for conditioner. FEEL: Chinese hair is naturally thick and coarse, but it must be bleached from its natural black shade, making the hair dry and prone to breakage. Indian hair is closer to the mark,

though it too only comes naturally in darker colors; if you’re going to purchase lighter shades, the hair will be damaged from bleaching. Remember, with the silicone you have to feel the hair carefully because it might give the impression of silky hair, but will not feel this way once the silicone is gone. You can often smell the silicone; it has a chemical scent similar to WD-40®. Remy European hair is the benchmark because it has a fine texture and does not require coloring from dark to light. Hair with cuticle will have natural drag when you run your fingers through it, but it should not become tangled when it is washed. SHAKE: One of the most obvious ways to spot lower-quality hair is the movement. A lack of natural movement can be seen from far away. When you watch celebrity singers perform, keep an eye on the movement of their hair. Bad hair moves in a chunk when the wind blows, or sometimes not at all. Good hair has much more flexibility, moves just like your own hair and has more distinctly visible strands. BRUSH: Bad hair is very hard to brush after washing. Sometimes it isn’t immediately apparent because of the copious amounts of silicone, but that manufactured sleekness will not last. If not right away, over time the hair will become increasingly harder to brush, until it is not even worth the time it takes to detangle. The hair can also get matted into your customers’ own hair. WASH: This should be called the wash, wash, wash, wash test. As mentioned above, most hair manufacturers deliver hair with lots of silicone on it to make the texture of the hair feel soft. It may last for a few washes or up to 30 washes, but in the end bad hair will always get tangled and matted. To avoid this, always buy remy hair. Some other names for remy hair are “cuticle-correct” and “ponytail” hair. If you get remy hair that mats, chances are it is not truly remy hair, despite the labeling. The best way to ensure you are getting quality hair is to arm yourself with knowledge. There is no government agency that enforces added hair regulations, so you must be your own detective. Labels may lie, but the hair cannot.

Holly Slear is the technical expert and educator for Follea® Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair™, the leading manufacturer of European hair Next Generation Wigs, Topette® Crown Extensions and traditional extensions.

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Hair Care Heroes No matter the hair care needs of your customers, these products are quick to the rescue.


1. Eco Custard

Provide your customers with superior shine and styling flexibility with Eco Custard Conditioning, Shining & Styling Cream. Infused with oils and conditioners to protect, hydrate and nourish hair, this product is alcohol free and safe for daily use on all hair types. It is excellent for taming flyaways, smoothing, twist-outs and ponytails. www.ecocoinc.com


2. Pillow Soft Curls

For your customers who want a larger expanded curl as opposed to ramen noodle definition, recommend Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls™. This quick drying styling lotion is perfect for achieving big, soft, curly hair that dreams are made of. www.missjessies.com

3. Grow Girl!

Help reduce breakage, split-ends and dryness while adding strength and moisture with Olive Oil & Mango Butter Anti Breakage Growth Oil from Elasta QP. It is a perfect multi-purpose oil for dry, brittle hair, scalp and skin. It is also excellent for frizz control. www.ElastaQP.com



OTCBeauty BeautyMagazine Magazine December June 20132008 OTC

Hair Mask The intense Argan Oil Restorative Mask treatment from Conair penetrates the hair cuticle to help reconstruct, rebuild strength and restore elasticity. It hydrates and moisturizes hair from within, improving texture and shine. It also helps reverse damage caused by environmental factors and heat stress as well as chemical and color treatments. www.one-n-only.com

Wrap ‘n Set The Mane ‘n Tail Wrap ‘n Set Mousse provides maximum styling hold for wrapping, setting, molding or general everyday styling. Containing no alcohol, the hair of confident users will not dry out. Give them the extra moisturizing and shine they want! www.manentail.com

Perfect 7 The 7-N-1 Leave-In Treatment from Creme of Nature is infused with Argan Oil from Morocco, and is great for natural and relaxed looks. The miracle product boasts these benefits: detangling and conditioning, heat protection, breakage defense, frizz control, moisturization, split end prevention and adding exotic shine. www.cremeofnature.com

Turn up the Heat Curls, ringlets, waves and cascades of volume can be achieved with the Andis 1” High Heat Titanium Curling Iron. Strong and lightweight, the damage-resistant titanium barrel creates smooth curls and bends with increased luster and shine. It also boasts a soft touch, easy-grip handle. www.andis.com

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



2 Dryers in 1 It’s true; two is better than one, especially in regards to styling tools. The HOT Tools Turbo Ionic Salon Dryer Convertible is a full-size dryer and compact-size dryer in one! Not to mention, it has a detachable concentrator attachment that fits both nozzles. This lightweight tool with multiple heat and speed combinations is perfect for home or travel. www.HotTools.com

Curl Power Elongate and define curls with the Curl Condition Hair Pudding, a part of Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E line. It adds moisture and shine to transform dull, frizzy hair into perfectly smooth curls. The creamy emulsion of pure coconut oil and keratin is just as good for hair as it smells. Perfect for creating long-lasting styles with naturally curly, wavy or frizz-prone hair. www.palmers.com

Smooth Serum Fantasia’s Argan Oil Smoothing Serum is the ultimate product for creating straight, smooth, soft hair. Eliminating frizz while protecting hair from heat during flat ironing and blow drying, it repairs damage as you style. It also controls moisture and adds intense shine to straight styles while improving elasticity to prevent breakage. www.fantasiahaircare.com

Hydrating Sleek Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Oil Sheen Spray provides instant lustrous shine while conditioning hair. Made with pure Moroccan Argan Oil it naturally absorbs for rapid nourishment as it moisturizes and protects hair from heat damage. Its lightweight formula gives a soft finish with longlasting shine. www.hawaiiansilkyusa.com


OTC Beauty Beauty Magazine Magazine June December OTC 2013 2008

June2008 2013 OTC OTCBeauty BeautyMagazine Magazine December


OTC Beauty Magazine December 2008

December 2008 OTC Beauty Magazine

How should you sell it?

This month’s focus is...

Deep Conditioning! Think back to the last time you shampooed your hair. Was the extra step of conditioning added to the routine before you stepped out of the shower? If so you understand what a difference it made to the softness, shine and overall health of hair. Did you know that you can take that process even further?

(a) What exactly is deep conditioning and what makes it different than using a regular conditioner after washing hair? (b) What makes it important to hair maintenance? (c) What is the best way to deep condition? (a) The main difference between a deep conditioner and a regular conditioner is that the former is a treatment and the latter is a maintenance product. They differ in the amount of time they’re applied to the hair and the fact that deep conditioning formulas can actually affect the health of the strands and sometimes the scalp. A regular conditioner only temporarily changes superficial aspects of the hair: its shine, perceived volume, slip after being rinsed and comb-ability. A treatment can be a conditioner, but a conditioner isn’t always a treatment.

Deep conditioners are made to stay on the hair for about 15 minutes in order to penetrate the strands’ outer

cuticle layer, as opposed to a 2-minute rinse-off formula that lightly or partially coats the hair with temporary benefits. (b) Since everyday combing and brushing removes the effects of conditioning, it’s best to deep condition after every third shampooing (or co-washing) and to always deep condition after using a clarifying shampoo. (c) The best way to use a deep conditioner is to apply it to damp, freshly washed hair and cover the hair with a plastic cap to retain the moisture and capture heat emitted from the scalp. As an extra boost in a case when both the hair and the scalp need conditioning, apply external heat from a hair dryer or a hot-towel wrap. In the case of extremely dry hair, supplement the process with a steamer to help increase the hair’s ability to accept moisture and to deepen the conditioning effect.

Will Williams, Director of Education and Product Development M&M Products Co. www.Sofnfree.com, www.NothingButHairCare.com

If you have input you’d like to share regarding this question, send an email to hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com. Your response could be featured in the July issue! 24

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013


어떻게 판매할 것인가? 이 달의 판매 초점은 ...

딥 컨디셔닝 입니다. 여러분이 마지막으로 헤어 샴푸했던 때를 생각해보세요. 샤워를 마치기 전 평소보다 더 추가한 컨디셔닝이 있었습니까? 그렇다면 여러분은 그것이 모발의 부드러움이나 광택, 전반적인 모발 건강 상태에 있어 어떤 차이를 만드는지를 알고 있는 것입니다. 그렇다면 그 이상의 과정을 추가할 수 있다는 것도 알고 있습니까?

(a) 딥 컨디셔닝은 정확히 무엇이며, 머리를 감을 때 사용하는 일반적인 컨디셔너와는 어떤 차이가 있는가? (b) 모발 관리에서 중요한 것은 무엇인가? (c) 최상의 딥 컨디션 방법은 무엇인가? (a) 딥 컨디셔너와 일반 컨디셔너의 가장 큰 차이는 전자는 트리트먼트이고 후자는 유지 및 관리 제품이라는 것이다. 이 둘은 모발에 사용하는 시간의 정도가 다르며, 딥 컨디셔닝 성분은 실제로 머리카락의 건강과 때로는 두피에까지 영향을 준다는 점에서 차이가 있다. 모발의 광택, 볼륨, 린스 후의 매끈함이나 빗질의 용이와 같이, 일반 컨디셔너는 단지 모발의 외형적인 면에만 일시적인 변화를 준다. 트리트먼트는 컨디셔너가 될 수 있지만, 컨디셔너가 항상 트리트먼트가 되는 것은 아니다.

모발을 가볍고 부분적으로 코팅하여 일시적인 효과를 주도록 바르고 2분 후에

씻어내는 제품과는 반대로, 딥 컨디셔너는 모발의 외피층을 뚫고 들어갈 수 있게 15분 정도 모발에 발라두도록 만들어진다, (b) 매일하는 빗질로 컨디셔닝의 효과가 점점 없어지기 때문에, 3회 정도 머리를 감거나 샴푸를 한 후, 클레리파잉 샴푸(딥 클렌징 샴푸) 사용 후에 딥 컨디셔너를 사용하는 것이 제일 좋다. (c)딥 컨디셔를 사용하는 가장 좋은 방법은 깨끗하게 감고 약간 젖은 상태의 모발에 바른 다음, 비닐 캡으로 모발을 감싸서 수분 상태를 유지하고 두피로부터 열을 내는 것이다. 모발과 두피 모두 컨디셔닝이 필요한 경우의 추가적인 방법으로는, 헤어 드라이어나 뜨거운 타월을 덮어서 외부에서도 열을 가하는 것이다. 매우 건조한 모발의 경우, 모발이 수분을 받아들일 수 있는 능력을 증가시키고 컨디셔닝 효과를 높이기 위해서 스티머를 보충 단계로 사용할 수 있다. Will Williams, Director of Education and Product Development 이 문제에 관해 여러분의 의견을 공유하고 싶은 분들은, hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com로 이메일 보내주세요. 여러분의 의견은 7월호에 게재됩니다!


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

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April 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


by Brooke Watson



BObbY PINS What is your preferred method of getting a daily dose of news, celebrity gossip and little laughs? For me it is Twitter, the social media tool that has taken the Internet by storm. Account holders can craft short informative, witty, funny, outrageous or simply random statements and throw them out into the open communication forum that is the Internet in hopes that someone appreciates them. Or perhaps they simply want to get something off of their hearts and minds. Either way, it is a mode to relay messages to the rest of the online community. One message, or “tweet” as they are referred to by users, caught my attention because I immediately felt a connection with the author. I feel like many of you will too… 30

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

@WomensHumor: I should have stock in bobby pins.

Anyone who likes to style and experiment with their hair, or perhaps has children with long locks, knows the importance of these tiny hair gripping devices known as bobby pins. From everyday use tying down loose flyways to artfully crafting fancy updos on special occasions, these hair accessories are actually tools that have a multitude of uses. I say multiple uses because they have been known to hold potato chip bags closed and serve as paperclips when in a pinch, but we aren’t going to focus on those functions. Instead, we are going to examine what purposes they hold in regards to hair.

What Exactly are They? Technically speaking, a bobby pin is defined as “a flat, spring-like metal hairpin having the prongs held close together by tension” by dictionary.com. Most common bobby pins are made of metal or plastic and colored in general hues of hair color: black, brown, bronze, gray or blonde. They are also made with patterns or designs printed on them, or even jewels on the ends to draw attention as accenting accessories. Petite in size, slender in shape and light as a feather, they can easily be stored in a pocket, bag or wallet for women to have quick access to them throughout the day. After all, you never know when a strand of hair may fall out of place or ruthlessly refuse to stay put. Bobbies: The Cat’s Pajamas Bobby pins are believed to have become popular around the 1920s when the on-trend hairstyle was the “bob.” During this era women kept short hair tight to their head, often in wavy patterns. For this styling practice the bobby pin was extremely useful. The trend stayed around throughout the decades that followed and is still prominent today. As mentioned before, bobbies are common in daily use and for special occasions, but many other people use them regularly. Ballerinas may use them to hold buns perfectly in place, headbands and bandanas may be held tight with them, and head coverings of many religions may be secured with them. The uses for bobby pins are endless and this makes them one accessory that is sure to maintain its popularity. How to Effectively use Bobby Pins Given the technological theme of this article, a little Internet surfing was performed to gather information on exactly how to use this kind of pin. I was sure there had to be attributes that made this simple looking device more amazing. Sure enough, one blog proved that there is more than meets the eye to bobbies! My entire life I have been using bobby pins one way, placing the flat side against my scalp with the jagged edge on top, holding hair in place. Little did I know I could switch things up. Using them in this fashion (wavy side up) makes them easier to slide into the hair, adds texture and dimension to tresses, and blends nicely with curly hair. Turning that little guy upside down has its perks too. Placing the flat side on top provides a better hold, leaves a neat appearance in the hair and gives you the ability to use decorate the pin as you like— adding ribbon, feathers or gluing on your own addition, such as a jewel. Bobby pins are small and discrete, reasonably priced, strong and durable. These qualities, along with their ability to appease users of all hair types, make them a staple product in any woman’s hair supply collection. Be sure to provide your customers with the bobby pins they want and need. Women’s Humor, the account mentioned earlier also wrote, “#ifihadasuperpower I’d know what men are thinking.” No matter how much women try, they may never know what goes through men’s minds, or vice versa for that matter. Nevertheless, here is a little insight into the thoughts of women for curious men: having stock in bobby pins. You can never have enough and there’s no telling when the need for one might arise. I really think the owner of the Women’s Humor Twitter account is on to something. June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Knowledge to Know by Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau

Why the term “ Retouch ” Should be Stricken from Cosmetology How it is Misused, Misleading and Costly “리터치(Retouch)”이라는 용어가 왜 미용업에서 엄격히 제외되어야 하는가 어떻게 오용되며, 어떤 오해의 소지와 비용이 발생되는가

The term “retouch” is used in the cosmetology “리터치(retouch)” 라는 용어는 미용 교과서에 text books several times, especially in regards to permanent hair color and hair relaxing, and it actually means to redo that which was not done correctly in the first place. In legal terms, no price should be associated with this service. In other words, when you do a service that you advertise as retouch, you are advertising a service that your patron does not have to pay you for. Morally he/ she may be responsible to pay you, but legally he/she is not; the spirit of the law may dictate that he/she has to pay you for this service, but the letter of the law does not. The term retouch refers to corrective work and no price is associated with this service. This term is costly because most beauty salons will charge a lesser fee for a service advertised as retouch. For example, if you charge $65 for a virgin relaxer and $45 for a so-called retouch, then you have just cheated yourself out of $20. Why cheated? For several reasons: If you actually timed yourself in doing a so-called retouch on one inch of new growth as opposed to doing a virgin head of eight inches, it will take you longer to do one inch of new growth than it would to do eight inches of virgin hair, because you have to be careful to not overlap beyond the point of new growth to keep from damaging hair that was previously relaxed by over processing. This extra precaution requires 34

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

서 자주 쓰이는 말로, 특히 영구적인 헤어 컬러와 헤어 릴 렉싱에서 자주 쓰이는데, 실제로 그 의미는 처음에 정확 하게 손질이 되지 않는 것을 다시 한다는 의미이다. 법률 적인 용어로는, 이 서비스는 비용과 관련되지 말아야한 다. 다시 말해서, 당신이 서비스를 제공할 때 리터치로 광 고를 한다면, 당신의 고객은 이 서비스에 대해서는 비용 을 지불할 필요가 없다는 것을 광고하는 것이다. 도덕적 으로 그들은 당신에게 비용을 지불할 책임이 있지만, 법 적으로는 그렇지 않다. 법의 정신은 그들이 이 서비스에 대한 비용을 지불해야 한다고 하지만, 법의 문자로는 그 렇지 않다. 수정이라는 용어는 작업을 교정하는 것으로 이 서비스는 비용과 관련이 없다는 것을 언급한다. 대부분의 미용실들은 리터치로 광고를 하면서 적 은 비용을 고객들에게 부과하기 때문에, 실제적으로는 비 용이 많이 든다. 예를 들어, 당신이 순수한 릴렉서 서비스 로 65불을 청구하고 45불을 소위 말하는 리터치로 청구 한다면, 당신은 20불상당을 스스로 손해보고 있는 것이 다. 왜 손해인가? 그 이유는 다음과 같다. 만일 당신이 8 인치의 긴머리에 작업을 하는 대신 1인치의 새로 자라는 모발에 소위 말하는 리터치, 수정 작업을 하는 것으로 시 간을 소비한다면, 8인치의 긴 머리 작업보다 1인치의 새 로 자라는 부분 작업이 더 오래 걸릴 것이다, 왜냐하면 이 미 여러 차례 릴렉서를 사용한 기존의 모발 부분의 손상 을 방지하고 새로 자라는 모발과의 경계와 겹치게 리터 치되지 않도록 더욱 신경을 써야하기 때문이다. 이런 추 가적인 세심한 예방을 위해서 당신은 더 많은 시간과 주

more of your time, attention and professional know-how, yet you are charging less money for this service. The only reason why is because you used a maximum of $2 worth of less product, but in terms of cost, this amount of product reduced your price for a service that is going to take you longer to do with more professional skills. If you check back on all the treatments you have completed in the last 12 months, you will probably find 70 percent or more were so called retouches that you do for less money, and of those retouches I believe you will find only a small percentage of them were patrons you or any other professional did the original treatment on. The fact is, most virgin perms are not done in beauty salons, they are done at home with drug store kits, but they come to you, the professional, for this service. They come to you

의와 전문가적인 노하우를 할애하게 되지만, 실제적으로 는 더 낮은 비용을 고객들에게 청구하고 있는 것이다. 이 렇게 하는 단 한가지 이유는 이 작업을 위해 당신이 사용 하는 제품의 비용이 겨우 2불 정도이기 때문이다. 그러나 비용과 관련해서는, 이러한 제품의 비용이 당신의 서비스 비용을 낮추게 하지만, 더 많은 전문가적인 당신의 기술 과 긴 시간을 소요하게 만들 것이다. 지난 12개월간 제공한 모든 트리트먼트 서비스 를 체크해보면, 아마 70% 혹은 그 이상이 당신이 적은 비 용을 청구하면서 수행했던 소위 말하는 리터치였을 것이 며, 내가 보기에 이 리터치 고객 가운데 단지 몇 퍼센트만 이 당신이나 다른 전문가가 이전에 오리지널 트리트먼트 를 제공한 경우일 것이다. 문제는, 대부분의 첫 번째 퍼머 는 미용실에서가 아니라 약국에서 구입한 제품으로 가정 에서 행해지고, 그들은 리터치를 위해서 당신이나 전문가 를 찾는다는 것이다. 그들이 당신에게 오는 이유는 새로 자라는 모발을 손상시키지 않고 정확하게 손질하려면 어 떻게 해야 하는지를 알기 때문이고, 당신은 낮은 비용으 June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


K-t-K because they know that you know how to do it correctly without damaging the hair where they don’t, and you can do it for less money. If this makes sense to you then keep on doing what you are doing; if not, the following may be of help to you. If you are charging $65 for a virgin relaxer and $45 for the new growth treatment, then simply reduce the price of the virgin relaxer to $60. Advertise this reduction in order to take advantage of the fact that you are coming down on the price of something, and then quietly, with no fanfare, increase the price of your so-called retouch to the same $60. Owing to the fact that 80 percent of your relaxer services are so called retouch anyway, you are automatically going to increase your income without increasing your efforts to do so. What terminology should replace the term retouch? “New Growth Application.” This is the correct term to replace retouch because it is implying exactly what it is. When a person needs another treatment due to new growth, you should call the service exactly what it is. Do not run the risk of advertising a service you may or may not be paid for. This same information also applies to any service that may need to be redone due to new growth, such as tinting, bleaching, permanent curling, and hair relaxing. Many times a patron will come to you for a relaxer treatment and every time they come back, no matter how long duration there may be between treatments, they always expect to pay the lesser fee. If you insist on charging a lesser fee for the so-called retouch, now known as new growth application, then this is your prerogative. However, you should know when a retouch ceases to be a retouch; a retouch should no longer be valid after five days if being performed as corrected work, and not longer than two weeks as a redo. If you are forced to charge a reduced price for a new growth “retouch” treatment for any reason, after six months it should be considered a whole new perm. Charge accordingly, especially if the new growth is longer than two inches.

로 그 작업을 해주는 것이다. 이런 내용을 이해했다면, 당 신이 지금하고 있는것처럼 계속하면 된다. 만일 그렇지 않 다면, 다음의 내용들이 아마 도움이 될 것이다. 만일 당신이 순수한 릴렉서 서비스에 65불을 청구 하고, 새로 자란 모발 트리트먼트에 45불을 청구하고 있다 면, 간단히 릴렉서 가격을 60불로 낮춰라. 당신이 무언가 의 가격을 낮춤으로써 어떤 이점을 얻기 위한 것이라면 이 가격을 광고해라. 그리고 조용하게, 어떤 시끌벅적한 팡파 레없이 리터치 가격을 60불로 인상해라. 당신의 릴렉서 고 객 중 80%는 어찌되었거나 리터치 작업를 위한 것이기 때 문에, 당신은 이를 위해 더 많은 노력을 기울이지 않고도 자동적으로 수입의 증가를 보게 될 것이다. 리터치를 대신할 수 있는 용어는 무엇이 있을까? “New Growth Application.” 이것이 리터치를 대신 할 수 있는 정확한 용이이다. 왜냐하면, 이 용어는 그것이 정확히 무엇인지를 의미하고 있기 때문이다. 사람들이 새 로 자란 모발이 자랄 때나 어떤 트리트먼트가 필요할 때, 당신은 그 서비스가 정확히 무엇인지 부를 수 있어야만 한 다. 당신이 비용을 받을 수 있을지 없을지도 모르는 어떤 서비스를 광고하는 위험 부담을 갖지 말아라. 이같은 정보 는 염색이나 부분 탈색, 영구 컬링이나 헤어 릴렉싱과 같 이 새로운 모발의 성장때문에 다시 행해져야하는 어떤 서 비스에도 적용된다. 당신의 단골들은 릴렉서 트리트먼트를 위해 다시 올 것이고, 그들이 매번 올 때, 트리트먼트 사이에 얼마간 의 간격을 두었는지에 상관없이, 그들은 늘 지난 번 보다 는 적은 비용을 지불하기를 기대할 것이다. 만일 당신이 소위 말하는 리터치 또는 New Growth Application 작업에 낮은 금액을 책정하고자 한다면, 그것은 당신의 자 유이다. 그러나 당신은 리터치를 하기 위해 언제 리터치를 중단해야 하는지를 알아야만 한다. 만일 정확하게 작업이 된 상태라면 5일 이후에는 리터치를 하지 말아야 하고, 재 작업(redo)을 위해서는 2주를 넘겨서는 안 된다. 만일 당 신이 어떤 이유로든 새로 자라는 모발에 대한 리터치 트리 트먼트에 인하된 비용을 청구해야만 한다면, 6개월 후에는 완전히 새로운 펌으로 간주되어야 한다. 정확하게 청구해 라. 특히 새롭게 자라난 모발이 2인치 이상 길다면 더욱 정 확하게 비용 청구를 해야 한다.

Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau received his doctoral from the National Beauty Culturist League (N.B.C.L.), and sanctioned through Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1985. Lloneau attended the institute as both a student and instructor. His specialized field of study is Tricology as it relates to ethnic cosmetology. He has written several books on this subject, and has authored many articles in trade magazine drawing attention to some of the pitfalls and professional related problems that ethnic cosmetologist and students encounter on a daily basis. Contact Dr. Lloneau at liquidgoldbondng@aim.com or call 310-323-7100. 36

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Torain stands outside the show alone in front of the massive sign advertising the event.

Knowledge to Know by Torain

The International Beauty Show New York was an

exciting surprise for the importers, distributors and users of human hair. Although all of the major products companies were not present, there was nevertheless a full house. The entire show seemed to be devoted to hair extensions. It was surprising to see how large and elaborate some of the stages were.

Extensions This major resurgence of the popularity of hair extensions was basically all dedicated to peoples other than the black race. Actually this is not a strange thing. The blacks are known to be a group in which a considerable number utilize a tremendous variety of different types of hair additions. However, they represent a minority of the people in this country and they depend almost entirely on some form of braids to attach the commercial hair securely to the natural hair. It is a healthy, dependable method with them only. Other ethnic groups do not enjoy this advantage and as a result have come to depend on the Fusion technique and the many offshoots of this highly popular method to extend their hair. The basis of which is a small bit of adhesive that is colored to match the shade of the natural hair at the upper ends of the hair strand. This pre-attached adhesive is melted through the use of a pair of heated plyers in order to add it to the natural hair at the root. Consequently it will appear to be a normal hair strand that is growing right out of the scalp. Every company that displayed this technique (and there were

many) had a slightly different spin on it. This was seen in either the tools that they used to achieve this or the shape of their adhesive. A common technique was what is called the lace tip. This is when the adhesive tip is shaped like a shoe lace tip. To attach this one, the natural hair would be pulled through the top of a small tube that is commonly called micro ring. The lace tip is inserted from the bottom, leaving the tip inside of the Micro ring and smashing the ring closed tightly with a special pair of pliers that has been manufactured for that express purpose. In order to achieve a longer lasting effect with the glue, there is another method that is used with somewhat greater frequency to secure the hair to the head. In this case the adhesive is shaped like a fingernail so that the natural hair strands lays snugly into the groove created by the shape and then the electrically heated pliers melt and squeeze the glue together, binding the natural and commercial strands together at the root. Wigs The Korean dealers represented an impressive number of the exhibitors that were there to display there wares. Another area that showed tremendous popularity was the wigs. Among the most dramatic innovations was a truly fashionable cap made by Hair Art. It was the most advanced technologically produced wig ever, using a filament that was so sheer that it was virtually undetectable when worn by (among other persons) the company’s president Mr. Jackie Yu. Everyone that

Trends to Follow Beauty Show New

우리가 알아야 할 International B IBS New York 2013에서 발견한 최신 트랜드


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

The International Beauty Show New York 은 수입업자와 유

이 기술을 전시한 업체들이 많이 있었는데, 이 모든 업체들

통업자, 천연 모발 사용자들 모두에게 아주 흥미로운 놀라움이었다.

은 약간씩은 다른 방법들을 갖고 있었다. 이 작업을 위해 사용하는 기

비록 주요 제품업체 모두가 참석한 것은 아니지만, 그럼에도 불구하

구나 접착제의 모습에서 차이를 볼 수 있었다.

고 아주 풍성한 시간이었다. 전체 쇼는 헤어 익스텐션을 위해 만들어

진 듯 했다. 몇몇 스테이지가 보여준 거대한 규모와 정교함은 보는 것

끝이 신발 끈의 끝과 같은 모양인 것을 말한다. 이것을 붙이기 위해

만으로도 놀라움이었다.

서, 천연 모발을 마이크로 링이라고 불리는 작은 튜브의 상단을 통해

일반적인 기술은 레이스 팁이라고 불리는 것이었다. 접착제

집어 넣는다. 레이스 팁을 아래로부터 집어 넣으면, 마이크로 링의 안 익스텐션

쪽 팁을 통과하게 되는데 특별히 제조된 집게로 링을 꼭 눌러 부순다.

헤어 익스텐션 유행의 주된 부활은 기본적으로 단지 흑인들만이 아

닌 모든 사람들을 위한 것이었다. 실제로 이것은 이상할 것도 없다. 흑

게 붙이기 위해 더 자주 사용되는 다른 방법이 있다. 그것은, 손톱 모

인들은 여러 형태의 헤어 제품들을 다양하게 활용하는 그룹으로 알려

양으로 만들어진 접착제에 천연모발을 자연스럽게 부착하여, 전기로

져 왔다. 그러나 그들은 이 나라에서 소수 민족을 대표하고, 자신의 모

가열된 집게로 접착제를 꼴 눌러 녹여 붙이는 방법이다. 그러면 천연

발에 인조 모발을 연결하는 블레이드 형태를 사용하는데 거의 전적으

모발과 인조 모발 가닥이 뿌리 부분에서 함께 연결된다.

접착제의 보다 오랜 지속력을 위해서, 머리에 모발을 단단하

로 의존한다. 이것은 단지 그들을 위한 건강하고 의존적인 방법인 것 가발


다른 인종들은 이러한 이러한 용도 외적으로 제품들을 사용

아주 많은 한국업체들이 제품 전시를 위한 출품자로 참여했다. 엄청

하고 있으며, 그 결과 새롭게 파생되어 커다란 유행을 하고 있는 퓨전

한 인기를 보인 다른 분야는 바로 가발이었다. 가장 드라마틱한 혁신

방법이나 익스텐션 사용법에 의존하고 있다. 이것은 모발의 상단 끝부

가운데 하나는 Hair Art에서 만든 패션 캡이었다. 그것은 지금까지

분에 천연 모발과 같은 색조의 접착제를 바른 제품을 사용하는 방식을

가장 앞선 기술로 만들어진 가발로서, 아주 가는 필라멘트를 사용했

기초로 시작되었다. 이미 부착된 접착제는 뿌리 부분의 천연 모발에

기 때문에, 이 업체 사장인 Jackie Yu 씨가 직접 착용을 했을 때 거

붙이기위해 가열한 집개를 사용하면서 녹게된다. 따라서 그것은 두피

의 육안으로는 감지할 수가 없었다. 이것을 본 모든 사람들은 가발 제

밖으로 성장하는 정상 모발처럼 보이게 된다.

작 분야의 이 비범한 발전에 놀라워했다. 뷰티 서플라이 업자들은 가

from International Let the trends found at IBS New York 2013 York steer your business to success

Beauty Show New York 트랜드 드로 당신의 비즈니스를 성공적으로 이끌어보자.

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Mr. Jackie Yu of Hair Art poses with Torain at their very busy, well placed booth. He is wearing a specialized version to the exciting new wig that is as near as undetectable as has ever been seen in the manufacturing of wigs.

Ms. Valda Youngblood wears two different styles and colors of the newest wigs that she styled especially for herself at the International Beauty Show in New York.

saw it was amazed at this extraordinary advancement in the field of wig making. Beauty suppliers should make every effort to investigate this novel breakthrough in wigs. It will undoubtedly be a fabulous seller as soon as the consumers that depend on wigs are made aware of this phenomenal development. Tools There were many new ideas in flat irons and blow dryers, but the one that was the most exciting and most technologically advanced was by far the apparatus called the “Fume Iron.” Its purpose was to draw any smoke or fumes from the air through small vents in the sides of the flat iron and through a tube down into a box to which it was attached. It was fashioned to take the toxic fumes out of the air that are created by the use of Formaldehyde in many of the new straightening formulas that are becoming very popular today. Any smoke that comes as a result of using the hot iron or any other source in the salon would be drawn into the flat iron and down into a vent in a box that sat on the floor. It attracted a great deal of attention.

발 분야에서의 이 새로운 방식에 많은 투자를 해야 할 것이다. 가발에 의존하 는 소비자들이 이 놀라운 방식을 인식 하는 순간 대단한 판매자가 되는 것은 의심의 여지가 없을 것이다. 기구들 플랫 아이언과 드라이어에 관한 많은 새로운 아이디어들이 있었다, 그러나 그 중 가장 흥미롭고 기술적으로도 진보된 것은 단연 “퓸 아 이언(Fume Iron - 연기 아이언, 혹은 증기 아이언)으로 불리는 기 구이다. 이것은 공기중의 증기나 연기를 플랫 아이언의 측면에 있 는 작은 튜브를 통해, 부착되어있는 박스로 보낸다. 이 아이언은 오 늘날 새로운 스트레이트닝 성분으로 다양하게 사용되고 유행하는 포름알데히드를 사용함으로 생성되는 유독가스를 공기로부터 빨아 들인다. 미용실에서 쓰는 핫 아이언이나 다른 방법을 사용해서 나 오는 어떤 연기도 플랫 아이언안으로 말려들어가거나 바닥에 설치 된 박스의 통풍구로 내려간다. 이 아이언은 행사장에서 많은 사람 들의 관심을 한 몸에 받았다.

Torain has been a major force in the beauty industry for more than 30 years. He is well known in Europe, South America, the West Indies, Canada and throughout the U.S. He is responsible for several dynamic innovations that have made him an icon of enduring fame. The respect and adoration that he enjoys is truly remarkable.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Urban Call Briefs by Lafayette Jones

Black Celebrities on Magazine Covers Part One of a Two Part Series More than ever before, black celebrities are gracing the covers of United States and United Kingdom magazines. They have always been featured on the covers of Jet and Essence but what is unique about today is that they are also constantly on the covers of magazines with broader audiences like Vogue, Elle and Latina magazines. This signals a global acceptance of black beauty. These leading black actors, singers, entrepreneurs and political figures are chosen to represent the editorial brands due to lead a consumer into purchase. Some people spend hundreds of dollars a month on magazines and many readers believe that magazines and periodicals have the power to shape society, influence decisions and even impact the economy. Black celebrities on the covers of recent magazines include rapper and American Idol host Nicki Minaj; First Lady Michelle Obama; singer Rihanna; Super Bowl XLVII halftime performer Beyonce; Cover Girl Janelle Monae; actor and clothing designer Blair Underwood; Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price; and Afro-Latin actress Zoe Saldana.

Lafayette Jones

Each month, Urban Call Briefs covers subjects that provide readers of OTC Beauty Magazine with information on multicultural consumers, Hispanics and African Americans, who are the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. The mission of this column is to build a bridge of communications and information between manufacturers and retailers and the ethnic consumers they wish to serve better. The column offers resources covering marketing, retail merchandising, consumer research, purchase behavior, fashion and beauty trends, industry events and people, trade association news, new product launches and a potpourri of information designed to help the readers make intelligent decisions about the customers they serve. Urban Call is a registered trademark of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi). For more information, call 336-759-7477 or visit www.segmentedmarketing.com.

The preceeding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Urban Call Briefs Beyoncé On the Cover: Beyoncé Magazine: Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide Article: “The 10 Best Styled Women of 2013” Magazine Website: sophisticatesblackhairstyles.com Profession: Singer, Actress, Clothing Designer Celebrity Website: beyonce.com Social Media: twitter.com/beyonce Hometown: Houston Biography: Beyoncé’s journey to superstardom began with best-selling girl group Destiny’s Child featuring Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. After going solo in 2003, she’s accumulated 17 Grammy awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Beyonce’s fashion line, House of Deréon, launched in 2005 and has appeared in advertising for such brands as L’Oréal, Pepsi and Tommy Hilfiger. In April 2008, Knowles married rapper Jay-Z and in January 2012, gave birth to their first child, Blue Ivy Carter. Beyoncé was featured as the only 2013 Super Bowl XLVII half-time performer. (Above) Beyonce Knowles (center) during the live ABC Telecast of the 81st Annual Academy Awards® from the Kodak Theatre, in Hollywood, CA. credit: Michael Yada / ©A.M.P.A.S.

Michelle Obama

On the Cover: Michelle Obama Magazine: VOGUE Article: “Leading By Example” Magazine Website: vogue.com Profession: Lawyer, Writer and First Lady of the United States Celebrity Website: whitehouse.gov/administration/first-lady-michelle-obama Social Media: twitter.com/michelleobama Hometown: Chicago Biography: Michelle Obama is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School who has remained passionate about promoting service and working with young people. She is iconic for her beauty, choice of apparel, hairstyles and toned arms. As the wife of the 44th U.S. President Barack Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia, Mrs. Obama launched Let’s Move!, an organization that helps kids become more physically active and combat childhood obesity. She also co-founded Joining Forces, an initiative that encourages society to support military service men and their families. Article Beauty Quote: “I always say that women should wear whatever makes them feel good about themselves. That’s what I always try to do…In every interaction that I have with people, I always want to show them my most authentic self.”

Rihanna On the Cover: Rihanna Magazine: ELLE UK Article: “Rebel” Magazine Website: elleuk.com Profession: Singer, Model, Actress, Clothing Designer Celebrity Website: rihannanow.com Social Media: twitter.com/rihanna Hometown: Saint Michael, Barbados Biography: Rihanna’s music has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including seven Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, and 18 Billboard Music Awards. She’s created five albums which peaked in Billboard’s top ten including number one album, Unapologetic (2012). In 2012, Forbes ranked her as the fourth most powerful celebrity, earning $53 million. Time magazine ranked Rihanna as one of the most influential women in the world. That same year, she released her popular Rebelle perfume and the Rihanna for River Island clothing line. Article Beauty Quote: “The stylish kids on the street, they’re the ones that set the trends. The designers see what they’re doing and go and design their line and sell it back to the same kids and it’s like, why not go directly to the source?” 46

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

(Below) Michelle and Barack Obama have two daughters: Malia and Sasha. Like their mother, the girls were born on the South Side of Chicago. Credit: whitehouse.gov

Nicki Minaj

On the Cover: Nicki Minaj Magazine: ELLE Article: “Agent Provocateur” Magazine Website: elle.com Profession: Rapper, Actress Artist Website: mypinkfriday.com Social Media: twitter.com/nickiminaj Hometown: Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago Biography: Nicki Minaj is a female rap artist and American Idol judge on Fox network. Her single “Super Bass” became certified quadruple-platinum and has sold more than four million copies, becoming one of the best-selling singles in the United States. Minaj also became the first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. She has collaborated with OPI, creating a six-piece nail polish collection, and MAC Cosmetics, releasing several limited edition lipsticks including Pink 4 Friday and Viva La Glam. In 2011, Mattel produced a custom Nicki Minaj-themed Barbie valued at an estimated $15,000 dollars. Article Beauty Quote: “…I never realized that I wore, quote unquote, a lot of makeup, because I just like playing with it. Seriously, I’m like a drag queen. I like transforming. That’s my whole thing-and it feels good. I do it for the art.”

(Above) Rapper Nicki Minaj worked with Adidas designer Jeremy Scott for his Adidas Original collection. Credit: Adidas

Blair Underwood On the Cover: Blair Underwood Magazine: Urban Call Publication Article: “Looking Good ‘Suits’ Celebrities” Magazine Website: issuu.com/smsiurbancallmarketing Profession: Actor, Director, Clothing Designer Celebrity Website: facebook.com/blairunderwood Social Media: twitter.com/blairunderwood Hometown: Tacoma, WA Biography: Blair Underwood is an American television, film, and stage actor and director who gained critical acclaim throughout his career, receiving numerous Golden Globe Award nominations, three NAACP Image Awards and one Grammy Award. Underwood also launched a line with K&G Fashion Superstore because of its proven track record of bringing well-made designer clothing to the public at affordable prices. Article Beauty Quote: “I am absolutely passionate about delivering well-made, affordable clothing that allows men to express their personal style.”

(Above) Actor Blair Underwood and K&G Fashion Superstore plan to expand the BU Collection line and introduce new BU-branded merchandise and accessories. Credit: K&G Fashion Superstore

Lisa Price

On the Cover: Lisa Price Magazine: Black Enterprise Article: “Natural Hair is Big Business” Magazine Website: blackenterprise.com Profession: CEO of Carol’s Daughter Celebrity Website: carolsdaughter.com Social Media: twitter.com/peacenlovelisa Hometown: Brooklyn Biography: Founder Lisa Price began working on the products for her line in the 1980s when she was working on the set of “The Cosby Show” featuring comedian Bill Cosby. In her free time she made organic beauty products in her kitchen, including pure oils such as sweet almond, jojoba and soy. During the fall of 2005, Price opened a second store on 125th Street in Harlem. Investors included actors Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, rapper Jay-Z, and singers Mary J. Blige and Thalía. The current spokeswomen for the line include Mary J. Blige and Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange Knowles. Article Beauty Quote: “Years ago a woman who decided to go natural was more or less a rebel… Now when people transition, it’s a much more mainstream conversation.”

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Urban Call Briefs

Zoe Saldana On the Cover: Zoe Saldana Magazine: Latina Magazine Article: “Zoe Saldana” Magazine Website: latina.com Profession: Actress Celebrity Website: zoesaldana.com Social Media: twitter.com/zoesaldana Hometown: Passaic, NJ Biography: Partly raised in the Dominican Republic, bilingual Zoe Saldana started her acting career in films like “Crossroads,” “Drumline,” “The Termina”l and “Pirates of the Caribbean” before landing leading roles in the blockbusters “Star Trek” and “Avatar.” She’s also been a model for Avon, the Gap and Calvin Klein. Saldana has appeared in many other magazines as well, including Elle, Vanity Fair, Latina, GQ Italia, Essence, Nylon and InStyle. Article Beauty Quote: “I grew up in Queens and the Dominican Republic. ‘I would ask Mami, but what am I?’ and she would say, ‘You’re my daughter…you’re Zoe.’ My mom wouldn’t go, ‘tu eres una mujer de color [you are a woman of color] and always remember it, this world is going to be rough.’ My mom never told us that, why would she? Why would she stop my flight before I even take off?”

(Above) Actress Zoe Saldana prior to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards in Beverly Hills, CA. credit: Darren Decker / ©A.M.P.A.S.

Janelle Monae On the Cover: Janelle Monae Magazine: Essence Magazine Article: “Adventures in Wonderland” Magazine Website: essence.com Profession: Singer, Model Celebrity Website: jmonae.com Social Media: twitter.com/jonaemonae Hometown: Kansas City Biography: Janelle Monae became one of the faces of the Cover Girl Cosmetics brand in 2012. Known for her signature tuxedo outfit and pompadour hairstyle, she’s also a Grammy nominated singer, composer and record producer. She’s been called “a different kind of diva” by Vogue magazine and “a true visionary… one of the most important signings of my career” by mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Monae’s signature style and timeless confidence made her a perfect candidate for Cover Girl. Article Beauty Quote: “I never wanted to look like anybody else. I made a decision to be unique and now it’s part of my DNA.”


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

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05/21/2013 09:43:09 AM

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Business Tips by Gary Kunath

Mastering Life Balance:

Achieving Greatness at Home and at Work 5 Tips from Former Businessman of the Year

균형 있는 삶을 위한 방법: 가정과 직장 모두에서 위업 성취하기 올해의 비즈니스맨 수상자가 전하는 5가지 방법


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

People are overwhelmed with the complexities of their own lives and are desperately seeking a way to maximize happiness in their home and work lives. I used to be caught up in the spin cycle of thinking that net worth automatically afforded me life worth. I sacrificed time with my family with the justification that I was providing necessary material things, but at a certain point you realize that money doesn’t make you rich, it just allows you to buy more stuff. Priorities for professionals have shifted; now, U.S. workers seek family wellbeing above all else. We need to bring humanity back to business. Leading corporations are aware that most professionals today – 70 percent – would trade a pay raise for an increase in personal wellness, but employers are struggling with that. According to a new American Psychological Association survey released in March, 48 percent of employees say their employers don’t value a good work-life balance.

누구나 복잡한 자신의 삶에 압도되어 있으며, 그 가운데에서 가정과 직장 생활에서의 행복을 극대화할 수 있는 방법을 필사적으로 찾고 있다. 나는 순자산이 나에게 인생의 가치를 제공해준다는 생각의 굴레에 사로잡혀 있었다. 물질적인 것을 제공하고 있다는 나름대로의 정당성을 가지고 가족과의 시간을 희생시켰다, 그러나 어떤 시점에서 당신은 돈이 당신을 부유하게 만들지는 않는다는 것을 깨닫게 된다, 단지 당신이 좀 더 많은 것을 살 수 있게 해줄 뿐이다. 직장인들의 우선 순위도 변하고 있다; 현재, 미국의 노동자들은 가족의 웰빙을 우선으로 추구한다. 우리는 비지니스안에 인간미를 되돌려놓을 필요가 있다. 선두기업들은 오늘날 70%의 대부분 직원들이 임금 인상과 개인의 건강을 교환하고 있음을 감지하고 있지만, 고용주들은 그에 따른 어려움을 겪고 있다. 3월에 발표된 새로운 미국 심리학 협회의 조사에 따르면, 직원의 48%가 자신의 고용주는 좋은 직장 생활의 균형에 가치를 두지 않는다고 말했다. 더 많은 직장인들이 자신의 행동을 순자산 가치의 중심으로

More professionals are trying to find a path to life worth, rather than centering their behavior on net worth. Below are five ways career-minded individuals can achieve both:

두기보다는 삶의 가치를 위한 길을 찾으려 노력하고 있다. 다음은

1. Look for signs you’re falling into the net-worth trap: For me, those signs were clear. One day it was like someone had smacked me on the head when my son, then 12, walked away in dismay after I said I couldn’t play baseball with him because I was too busy working on a business proposal. The look of disappointment on my son’s face was something I will never forget. I dropped everything and spent the day with his son. I promised that would never happen again. The next occurrence included a mental and physical breakdown after I pushed myself to make an unnecessary business trip while sick. After a 19-hour ordeal in a delayed flight to Spain I knew in my bones that if I did not draw the line right there I would ruin every part of my life that mattered to me.

1. 당신이 순자산 가치의 함정에 빠져있다는 징후를 찾아라.

커리어 마인드를 가진 개인이 이 두 가지를 모두 성취할 수 있는 5 가지 방법들이다:

나에게, 그런 징후들은 명확했다. 어느날, 사업 제안서때문에 너무 바빠서 함께 야구를 할 수 없다고 아들에게 말하자, 12살짜리 내 아들이 당황한 기색으로 가버리는 것을 보았을 때, 누군가 내 머리를 후려치는 듯했다. 아들의 얼굴에서 보았던 실망한 표정은 결코 잊을 수 없을 것이었다. 나는 모든 것을 내려놓고 그날 아들과 시간을 보냈다. 그리고 다시는 그런 일이 없을 거라고 약속했다. 다음은 아픈 몸을 이끌고 꼭 필요하지도 않은 출장을 강행한 후 심신이 완전히 지쳐버린 일이 발생한 적이 있다. 스페인으로 가는 비행기가 지연되면서 19시간의 시련을 겪은 후, 나는 만일 바로 거기에서 선을 긋지 않으면 나에게 중요한 인생의 모든 부분들을 망치게 될 것이라는 것을 뼛 속 깊이 알게 되었다. 2. 단지 고용되지 말고, 고용될 자격을 갖춰라. 당신이 자영업자가 아니라면, 당신의 직업적 운명을 조정하는 누군가에게는

2. Don’t be an employee, be employable: Unless you are self-employed, you are always vulnerable to someone else controlling your professional destiny, and therefore, your life worth. But employees can empower themselves by diversifying their skills so that they can have more choices about where and for whom to work.

항상 약자가 된다, 그 때문에 당신 인생의 가치도 다른 사람에 의해 좌지우지된다. 그러나 직원들은 자신의 능력을 다양화하여 스스로에게 권한을 부여할 수가 있고 그로인해 그들은 어디에서 누구를 위해 일한 것인가에 관한 다양한 선택권을 가질 수 있게 된다. 3. 나쁜 일들은 좋은 사람에게 일어난다. 역경은 우리 모두에게

3. Bad things happen to good people: Adversity finds us all. No one enjoys the worst, most painful moments of their lives. Nonetheless, life events like loss of a loved one, financial ruin, divorce, addictions or illness tend to define us. We need adversity in our lives. Anyone can be a rock star when life is perfect, but when adversity strikes, then the “real” you is revealed. How you face adversity can either extinguish you or distinguish you.

찾아온다. 아무도 최악의 상황, 자기 인생의 가장 고통스러운 순간을 즐길 수는 없다. 그럼에도 불구하고, 사랑하는 사람을 잃거나, 재정적인 파탄, 이혼, 중독, 질병과 같은 인생의 사건들은 우리를 더욱 확고하게 만드는 경향이 있다. 우리 인생에서 역경은 필요하다. 인생이 완벽할 때는 누구나 록 스타가 될 수 있다, 그러나 역경이 닥칠 때, “진정한” 당신의 모습이 드러난다. 당신을 소멸시킬 수도 있고 반대로 더욱 도드라지게 만들 수도 있는 역경을 당신은 어떻게 대처할 것이가.

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4. Believe in something bigger than you: There will be times when you are utterly helpless, with no control over an outcome. All the money in the bank and all the authority at work will do no good when it comes to, for instance, the death of a loved one. Believing in something bigger than you is an important part of having life worth; it helps you maintain your emotional health when you face life’s biggest challenges.

4. 당신 자신보다 더 큰 무언가를 믿어라. 당신이 완전히 무기력해져서 결과에 대한 어떠한 제어도 할 수 없을 때가 언젠가 있을 것이다. 그런 때가 오면 통장의 모든 잔고나 직장에서의 모든 권위도 소용이 없게 될 것이다, 예를 들자면, 사랑하는 사람이 죽었을 때처럼. 당신보다 더 큰 무언가를 믿는다는 것은 삶의 가치를 갖는 중요한 부분이다. 그것은 당신이 인생의 가장 큰 도전에 직면했을 때, 당신의 정서적 건강을 유지하도록 도와줄 것이다.

5. Don’t Major in the Minors: As Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” For every evening spent late in the office there are moments professionals miss out on and can never get back. Many of us spend time on things that ultimately don’t matter. “The three greatest gifts you can give to your family are: time, memories and tradition,” Thoreau said. “These are things in life that matter.”

5. 사소한 것을 중요하게 여기지 말라. Henry David Thoreau( 헨리 데이빗 소로)가 썻듯이, “어떤 것의 대가는 당신이 그것을 위해 교환한 삶의 양이다.” 매일 저녁 늦게까지 사무실에서 시간을 보내는 동안, 당신이 잃어버리고 결코 다시 돌이킬 수 없는 순간들이 있다. 우리들 대부분은 궁극적으로 중요하지 않은 일에 시간을 보내고 있다. “당신이 가족들에게 줄 수 있는 가장 큰 3가지 선물은: 시간, 추억, 그리고 전통이다” 고 Thoreau가 말했다. “ 이것들이 인생에서 중요시 되야 할 것들이다”.

Gary Kunath is the founder of The Summit Group, which is ranked among the top sales-training companies in the world by Selling

Power magazine. He received the “Innovative Practice of the Year Award” by 3M worldwide, was named Businessman of the Year for the US, and was recognized at a dinner hosted by the president of the US. He has lectured extensively at several prominent business schools, and he is currently an adjunct professor at The Citadel’s Sports Marketing graduate program. Kunath is as an owner of several professional minor league baseball teams along with his partners, Bill Murray, Jimmy Buffet and Mike Veeck. The group is famous for managing its teams around the “Fun is Good” approach.


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Business Tips by Lois Lang, Psy.D.

Who Gets Dad’s Office? 5 Tips for Family Business Succession Planning

누가 아버지의 사무실을 차지할 것인가? 가족 비즈니스 승계 계획을 위한 5가지 방법


hen it comes to family business succession planning, one thing is certain: Most family business leaders don’t do it, they don’t do it well, or they wait to do it until it’s too late. While the CEO longevity in non-family businesses is an average of six years, for a family owned businesses CEOs tend to stay for 20-25 years. Sure, that long tenure contributes to leadership stability and consistency, but it can also fuel flat growth, narrow business focus, and decreasing leadership drive. Additionally, when the CEO and other top level executive family members do not step aside in a timely manner, it causes a high level of frustration in the next generation who is ready to charge forward and make their mark. Once it becomes clear that the children might reach their mid to late fifties before taking over, it becomes hard to hold on to the ambitious ones. That’s why all family businesses need to have a solid succession plan in place—one that helps the senior generation leave with ease and welcomes the well-prepared next generation. While succession planning can happen at any level within the organization, we commonly think about the top five to eight key positions for a written, structured succession plan. So as you plan your company’s future leadership, keep these points in mind. 1. Think beyond seniority. Many family business executives choose their future leaders based on seniority (i.e.: “She’s the oldest, so she will be our next CEO.”). In some families, the next in line is the oldest male. Of course, a single owner can make the easy decision to pass the business leadership to the child of their choice. But this “easy” choice can backfire if the adult child or the one with the most seniority has not gained respect from other family members and employees. In other words, often the easy choice or the obvious choice isn’t the best choice. Therefore, be open to broadening your search beyond the next of kin. 2. Embrace a more professional process of skill evaluations, performance assessments, and reviews of career history. The more thoughtful, objective, and inclusive the process of bringing on the next leader is, the more likely that the transition will be embraced. Succession readiness calls for a written transition plan and an individual development plan for the future CEO within three years of the planned succession date. 3. Rank possible successors based on key criteria. Rather than just appoint the next oldest family member to the leadership role, consider creating a list of all the possible successors and rank them, from 1 to 10 (with 10 being high), in each of the following areas: • • • • •


Past work experience and advancement Education Learning agility Prior leadership positions—size and scope of leadership responsibilities Advancement potential

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족 비즈니스 승계 계획에서, 한가지 분명한 것이 있다. 대부분의 가족 비즈니스 리더들은 그러한 계획을 세우지 않으며, 잘 하지도 못하거나, 혹은 때가 너무 늦도록 기다리기만 한다. 비가족 비즈니스의 CEO 수명은 평균 6년인데 반해, 가족 소유의 비즈니스 CEO들은 20-25 년까지도 유지하는 경향을 보인다. 물론, 긴 임기는 리더쉽의 안정성과 일관성에 기여한다, 그러나 평면 성장, 좁은 비즈니스 초점, 리더쉽의 약화 등을 부채질하게 될 수도 있다. 게다가, CEO와 다른 고위급의 가족 구성원이 적절한 시기에 물러나지 않을 경우, 만발의 준비를 하고 자신의 두각을 드러낼 준비가 되어 있는 차세대 승계자에게 큰 당황스러움을 줄 수가 있다. 그럴 경우, 자녀들은 승계를 하기 전 이미 50대 중, 후반이 될 수도 있다는 것은 자명한 일이며, 그런 그들이 열정을 가지기에는 더욱 힘들어진다. 이것이 모든 가족 비즈니스가 시니어 세대가 편안하게 떠나고 잘 준비된 다음 세대를 맞을 수 있도록 준비된 단단한 승계 계획을 가져야만 하는 이유이다. 승계 계획은 조직 내의 모든 레벨에서 일어날 수 있지만, 우리는 일반적으로 상위 5-8개 정도의 주요 직책을 서면으로 구체화된 승계 계획으로 생각한다. 그러므로, 당신의 비즈니스 차기 리더쉽에 대한 계획을 세우고, 항상 염두에 두기 바란다. 1. 연공 서열 이상을 생각해라. 대부분의 가족 기업 임원들은 연공 서열에 따라 자신들의 미래 지도자들을 선택한다. (예를 들어, “그녀가 가장 연장자니까, 우리의 다음 CEO가 될 거야”). 어떤 가족들에서는, 다음 순서는 가장 나이가 많은 남성이다. 물론, 단독 소유주인 경우는 자신이 선택한 자녀에게 사업 권한을 넘겨주면 되니까 결정은 쉬울 수 있다. 그러나, 이러한 “쉬운” 선택은 성인 자녀나 가장 연공 서열이 높은 다음 승계 예정자가 다른 가족 구성원들이나 직원들로부터 존경을 얻지 못할 경우 역효과를 낼 수 있다. 다시 말해, 손쉬운 선택이나 말할 나위 없이 당연한 선택이 종종 최선의 선택이 아닐 수가 있다. 따라서, 친족 이상의 범위까지 넓게 둘러볼 수 있도록 시야를 열기 바란다. 2. 기술 평가, 수행 평가, 경력 검토 등 보다 전문적인 과정을 포괄해라. 다음 지도자를 선정하는데 보다 사려 깊고, 목적 의식이 있으며 포괄적인 과정을 거칠수록, 더욱 포용력 있는 전환이 이뤄질 수 있다. 승계 준비에는 계획된 승계일로부터 3년 이내의 미래 CEO를 위한 개인개발 계획과 서면 전환 계획이 필요하다.

3. 주요 기준에 따라 승계 가능자의 순위를 매겨라. 다음 순서로 가장 나이가 많은 가족 구성원을 차기 책임자로 예정하기 보다, 승계 가능한 모든 사람들의 목록을 작성하고 다음의 항목에 따라 1부터 10까지(10이 가장 높은 점수) 순위를 매겨봐라. • 과거 업무 경험과 발전 경력 •교육 •학습 민첩성 •이전 리더쉽 위치- 지도력의 규모와 범위 •발전 잠재력 •발전 욕구

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Business Tips • • • • • • •

Advancement desire Interpersonal skills Assessment of the individual compared to the company’s values and leadership competencies Past performance ratings The ability to take risks Decision-making ability Problem-solving ability

Doing this for each potential successor will help you see which ones are best positioned to move the company forward. Finding a successor with the right mix of skills, attitude, drive, character and experience that matches your business will ensure the family company succeeds for the long term. 4. Groom the next generation. Once you have a successor in mind, offer him/her additional development through such things as job rotations, stretch assignments, additional responsibility and additional exposure to customers. The more emphasis you place on prepping the next leader, the smoother the transition will be. 5. Consider a non-family leader. When a family business member utters the words, “Let’s consider a non-family CEO,” the first reply is usually a colorful no! However, a non-family CEO frequently brings diverse, in-depth experience to drive business growth, bringing professional alliances, partnerships and strategy opportunities. They can be a great mentor for the next generation of family leaders—often then known as a “bridge CEO” from one generation to the next. While the family may hold all the stock, it is critical to develop a performance incentive that will reward and retain the non-family CEO and an employment agreement that will fairly treat and protect the CEO. Choose Who’s Next Thoughtful, on-going planning for succession is a must for long-term business success and sustainability. Therefore, start now. Develop a clear plan about the succession of senior leader positions, including who will be next, when the transition will take place, and how that successor will be groomed to make the move smoother. The more planning you do now, the better the future will be—for you and your family business.

•대인 •개인 •과거 •위험 •의사 •문제

관계 능력 평가와 회사의 가치 및 지도자 역량 비교 실적 평가 감수 능력 결정 능력 해결 능력

각각의 승계 가능자들에게 이 항목을 적용해보면, 회사를 더욱 발전시키기 위해 누가 가장 적임자인지를 구별하는데 도움이 될 것이다. 당신의 회사와 잘 어울리는 능력과 태도, 추진력, 성격 및 경험들이 적절히 혼합된 승계자를 찾는 것은 가족 회사의 장기적인 성공을 보장할 것이다.

4. 다음 세대를 준비해라. 마음 속으로 결정한 승계자가 있다면, 그들이 업무 순환이나 업무량 증가, 고객들과 대면하는 기회를 늘이거나 추가적인 책임 등을 통해 보다 더 자기 개발을 하도록 제시해라. 당신이 다음 지도자를 위한 준비를 더욱 강조할수록, 보다 부드러운 승계의 전환이 이뤄질 것이다. 5. 가족 구성원이 아닌 지도자도 염두에 둬라. 가족 비즈니스 구성원이 “ 가족이 아닌 CEO도 생각해 보자.” 고 발언을 하면, 첫 번째 반응은 일반적으로 다양한 목소리로 “No” 이다! 그러나 가족이 아닌 CEO 는 비즈니스의 성장을 촉진하기 위해서 종종 다양하고 깊이 있는 경험을 가져온다. 그들은 차세대 가족 지도자를 위한 훌륭한 멘토가 될 수 있다. - 종종 한 세대에서 다른 세대로의 “다리 역할을 하는 CEO”로 불린다. 가족이 모든 주식을 보유할 수는 있지만, 비가족 CEO를 보호하고 공정하게 대우할 수 있는 고용 계약을 유지하고 성과에 따른 인센티브를 개발하는 것이 중요하다. 누가 다음이 될지 선택해라. 승계를 위한 사려 깊고 진행 중인 계획은 장기적인 비즈니스의 성공과 지속 가능성을 위한 필수요소이다. 그러므로, 지금 시작해야 한다. 누가 다음이 될지, 언제 전환이 이뤄질지, 부드러운 승계로의 전환을 위해 다음 승계자는 어떻게 준비시킬지 등을 포함한 명확한 승계 계획을 만들어라. 지금부터 많이 계획할수록, 당신과 당신의 가족 비즈니스를 위한 미래는 밝을 것이다

Lois Lang is a speaker and consultant with Evolve Partner Group, LLC where she helps organizations become high performance workplaces. Lois works with clients on management succession readiness, organizational/team strengthening, executive coaching, executive compensation design, wage studies and mediated conflict resolution. For more information on Lois’ speaking and consulting, visit www.evolvepartnergroup.com or contact Lois at lois.lang@evolvepartnergroup.com or (209) 952-1143.


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N 50

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King of Locs

Naturally Healthy


by Cyrus Jackson

Hair Starts From Inside

Natural is the key word for all types of products and services offered in today’s society. The average consumer is becoming more aware of their health and wellbeing as it relates to looks and long life. The hair care industry is no different. We now have a well developed ethnic hair care category for natural hair with all types of products that have a dash of natural this and a bit of organic that. The aisles are filled with an array of oils, essences, fruit and vegetable extracts. With all this talk of ingredients it makes one think of the main concepts of healthy natural living. If we take this type of care to choose products with natural ingredients to go on top of our head, imagine the effect of a well-balanced, natural diet. Healthy hair starts from the inside. The key to a good head of hair is always a combination of what goes into the body as well as what is applied externally. This type of knowledge will only enhance the OTC shopping experience. I became a pescetarian over 17 years ago. This type of diet is based mainly in vegetarianism, but my diet also includes dairy and seafood. The change arose out of a need to have a more natural lifestyle and way of living. I saw a dramatic change in my overall wellbeing and though I use the number one loc and twist category in the game, Jamaican Mango & Lime, the growth and strength of my hair changed dramatically. It is important to not only sell products to our customers, but to also educate them on how diet can and will always affect their hair. If you encourage customers to switch to a more naturally-based diet to supplement their use of quality hair care products you add value to the service and goods you provide to them. It also comes with a great deal of credibility that builds customer loyalty—which is paramount within the OTC class of trade. A well balanced diet is good for anyone and can often reverse the effects of many mild ailments, but it is interesting to look at how different foods affect both skin and hair. One of the top hair care concerns is hair loss and thinning. Some causes are genetic and others can be attributed to damage cause by chemicals our hair care tools, but the professionals agree that certain foods have been proven to help fortify the hair over time. Hair is made from cells and foods that are high in protein help the body build healthy cells. Foods such

as salmon and yogurt that are high in protein, vitamin D and vital fatty acids that reinforce the hair and can fight against damage and breakage. Fruits like blueberries have qualities that aid in healthy blood flow throughout the scalp. This nourishes the hair production center within the hair follicle and distributes nourishment evenly. Beta Carotene and Vitamin A, found in veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes, are also a good source of nutrients for the hair development process. We also cannot forget to suggest our customers eat their greens as folate is essential to strong moisturized natural hair. Though it can be hard in today’s society, finding time to fit some sort of aerobic activity in has been reported to improve the quality of skin, hair and nails. As consumers purchase their pick of natural shampoo, it is good to suggest that water is good for cleansing and nourishing the hair both inside and out. The latest statics show that the jury is out on the 8 to 10 glasses a day as scientists have discovered that the proper amount is relative to body type and weight. And finally, sleep is essential to good hair production. We sell a lot of hair nets, wave caps and satin bonnets for all hair styles, but 8 to 12 hours of rest is truly needed to make magic happen under any bonnet. During the hours of sleep the body replenishes moisture and nutrients while regenerating and producing healthy cells. According to the Journal of Medicine, it only takes a daily balance of food to truly produce what the body needs. So there is no point in over eating any one particular food to produce a result. Careful food selection is all that is needed to see a result, and improvement is seen over time. Studies show a change can take up to 10 weeks of consistent diet and lifestyle change. I am always pleased to give the consumer what they need and I truly believe that it is more than just my business to produce good quality products; it is my responsibility to educate the consumer on all aspects of hair care. This is good customer service and a great value to add to any naturally based product that is sold. So while the industry works hard at bottling nature’s goodness, let’s be sure that the consumer is educated on how to truly get the full benefit of all natural products by choosing their foods wisely.

Cyrus Jackson has had a successful career in the hair care industry for over 30 years including sales, marketing and product development with companies such as World of Curl, D-Orum Products and Leisure Curl. Jackson is the owner and president of Professional Products Unlimited, Inc. makers of one of the first complete products lines in the industry for the care and maintenance of natural ethnic hair types, Jamaican Mango & Lime. Jackson’s continued development and promotions of quality products for natural ethnic beauty has made him the self proclaimed King of Locs. June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


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Protect and Hydrate Summer Hair 여름철 모발 보호와 수분 공급


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

With everyone running outside to enjoy the warm summer weather, we are exposing ourselves to the elements: organic and synthetic. Everyone knows how to protect their skin from sun and pool chemicals, but few think about the potential damage done to hair. Excessive sun exposure can cause hair to become brittle, frizzy, dry or faded. Chlorine from pools also dries and discolors hair. Luckily there are ways to prevent or reverse damage. The best way to keep hair healthy is to keep it moisturized, in spite of summer sun and heat. When spending a considerable amount of time in the sun, people should protect their hair and prevent loss of moisture. Wearing hats is the prime method for this. Hats with broad rims are especially effective, especially for long hair, and also protect the face. Opaque scarves are also a good option. Wearing hair up in a bun, knot, or braid protects hair by exposing less of it and prevents frizz. Avoiding other drying activities will also help prevent hair damage. Avoid hot styling tools like blow dryers, hot irons, and rollers. If you must blow dry, use a dryer that has different heat levels and use a lower one. Shampoo less. Shampoo prevents hair from absorbing natural moisturizing oils produced by the body, so wash hair less or use gentler cleansers like conditioner only or diluted shampoo washes. When washing with shampoo, try a more moisturizing one than normally used. However, definitely use a cleanser to wash out harsh pool chlorine every time you swim. But use less of other hair products and try to avoid those containing different forms of alcohol. Use products that are as natural as possible. Of course summer hair damage can still occur despite one’s best efforts, but there are options for restoring hair health when this happens. Experts suggest using silicone-based hair products to fight hair damage wreaked by UV rays. These products condition and moisturize hair. Leave-in conditioners and styling creams are also good for hair after a day of sun. These also moisturize and can be used even if hair hasn’t been shampooed. Deep conditioning treatments are great for hair frequently exposed to sun. These treatments are applied to hair and then wrapped and worn for an extended period of time, such as overnight, in order to repair and remoisturize damaged hair. Having hair trimmed will get rid of unhealthy frizzy ends, preventing split ends and making hair look better. Hair can get sunburned just like skin, and severely burnt hair is best cut off. When going out to enjoy summer weather and activities be sure to take preventative action against hair damage and take care of previously damaged hair. Following these tips you’ll be able to enjoy summer vacation while looking and feeling great with healthy hair.

모두가 뜨거운 여름을 즐기러 외출하는 시간이 잦아지면서, 우 리는 여러 요소들에 노출된다. 유기(오가닉)와 합성. 자외선이 나 수영장의 화학 성분으로부터 모발을 어떻게 보호해야하는 지는 모두 알고 있다. 그러나 모발에 미치는 잠재적인 손상에 대해서 생각하는 사람은 많지 않다. 과도한 자외선 노출은 모 발을 잘 부서지고 푸석하고 건조하며 퇴색되게 만들 수 있다. 수영장의 표백액 또한 모발을 건조하게 만들며 탈색시킨다. 다 행히도 이런 손상을 방지하거나 되돌릴 수 있는 방법들이 있다. 모발을 건강하게 유지하는 최선의 방법은 여름철 자외 선이나 더운 날씨에도 지속적으로 수분을 유지하는 것이다. 자 외선에 노출되는 시간이 많을 경우, 반드시 모발을 보호하고 수분 손실을 방지해야한다. 모자를 착용하는 것은 주된 방법 중 하나이다. 테두리가 넓은 모자가 긴머리에 특히 효과적이며 또한 얼굴도 보호할 수 있다. 불투명한 스카프도 좋은 방법이 될 수 있다. 머리를 묶거나 틀어올리는 것도 자외선에 노출되 는 것을 줄일 수 있어서 모발이 곱슬해지는 것을 방지하게 된 다. 기타 여러가지 건조한 활동을 피하는 것도 모발 손상을 예방하는데 도움이 될 것이다. 헤어 드라이어나, 아이언, 롤러 와 같은 열처리 기구의 사용을 피해라. 만일 부득이하게 드라 이를 해야한다면, 온도 조절이 가능한 드라이어을 저온으로 사 용해라. 샴푸를 줄여라. 샴푸는 인체에서 만들어지는 천연 보습 오일이 모발로 흡수되는 것을 막기 때문에, 가급적이면 머리를 너무 자주 감지 말고, 컨디셔너와 같은 아주 부드러운 세정 제 품이나, 희석된 샴푸를 사용해라. 샴푸로 머리를 감을 때는, 평 소보다 더 충분한 보습을 하도록 애써야 한다. 물론, 수영장을 다녀온 후에는 반드시 클린저로 독한 수영장 표백액을 씻어내 야 한다. 그러나, 다른 헤어 제품의 사용을 줄이고 알콜의 다른 형태가 함유된 이런 제품들은 가급적 피하는 것이 좋다. 가능 하면 천연 성분의 제품을 사용해라. 물론 여름철에는 최선의 노력에도 불구하고 모발 손상 이 여전히 발생할 수 있지만, 손상된 모발의 건강을 복구할 수 있는 몇 가지 방법들이 있다. 전문가들은 모발이 자외선에 의해 손상되는 것에 맞설 수 있 는 실리콘 기반의 헤어 제품을 사용할 것을 권장한다. 이런 제 품들은 모발에 컨디셔닝과 보습을 공급한다. 자외선의 노출이 많은 날에는 leave-in (바른 후 씻어내지 않는) 형태의 컨디 셔너나 스타일링 제품을 사용하는 것도 좋은 방법이다. 이 제 품들은 보습 효과도 있으므로 모발에 샴푸를 하지 않았을 때도 사용할 수 있다. 딥 컨디셔닝 트리트먼트는 자외선에 자주 노출되는 모 발에는 아주 좋은 방법이다. 이 트리트먼트를 모발에 바른 후 덮어서 장시간 혹은 밤새도록 흡수되도록 두면, 손상된 모발을 보수하고 보습하는데 도움이 된다. 모발의 끝부분을 손질함으로써 건강하지 않고 푸석한 부분을 제거하고, 끝이 갈라지는 것을 방지할 수 있으며 머리결도 더 욱 건강해보일 것이다. 모발도 피부처럼 자외선에 의해 화상을 입을 수 있으며, 자외선으로 심하게 상한 모발은 잘라내는 것 이 최선이다. 여름 날씨와 활동을 즐기러 외출할 때는 모발 손상을 방지할 수 있는 예방법을 반드시 지키고 이미 손상된 모발은 관리를 하는 것이 중요하다. 이런 방법들은 건강한 모발 상태 를 유지하면서 여름 휴가를 즐길 수 있는데 도움이 될 것이다. articlesbase.com에서 발췌한 내용입니다.

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June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine




Belson Products

by Haley McNeal

According to Tom Gebhart, Belson’s Senior VP and General Manager, the beauty industry was built on newness: the latest hair styles, products and the newest tools. OTC Beauty Magazine was able to discover more about Belson and how the company fits into both the fashion world that Gebhart claims “dictates hair trends, colors and clothing designs,” and the beauty industry that “helps deliver trends to the everyday consumer through innovation, technology and vision.” 벨슨사의 수석 부사장이자 총괄 매니저인 Tom Gebhart에 따르면, 뷰티업계는 최신 헤어 스타일과 제품들, 그리고 최신의 기구들과 같은 새로운 것들을 기반으로 세워졌다고 한다. OTC 뷰티 매거진은 벨슨사에 관한 많은 것들을 발견할 수 있었고, 이 회사가 Gebhart 가 주장하는 “헤어 트랜드와 색상, 의류 디자인에 영향을 주는” 패션분야와 “혁신과 기술 그리고 비전을 통해 소비자들에게 날마다 트랜드를 전달하는” 뷰티 분야 모두에 잘 어울리는 이유에 관해서도 알 수 있었다. 70

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

OTC Beauty Magazine (OTC): Briefly describe the history of Belson. How did this company get started and what is it founded on? Tom Gebhart (TG): A recognized name in the hair appliance business for more than 50 years. Belson began in 1963 by Mr. Belvin Friedson, who took the “Bel” from his first name and “son” from his last name to create its identity. Acquired by El Paso-based Helen of Troy in 2007, Belson currently has eight professional brands ranging from hair tools to professional shears. OTC: How is the company structured and what brands is it comprised of? TG: Belson has a wonderful portfolio of brands, but the most important brand is definitely Gold ‘N Hot. Originally designed for the ethnic hair care market, Gold ‘N Hot has grown into a very strong multicultural brand with a broader focus on expanding its consumer base. Under the Gold ‘N Hot brand, we have added the Laila Ali signature series, TITANIUM, Carino, and GNH. Each sub-brand is targeted to key consumer groups. Laila Ali was designed as professional tools anyone can use. TITANIUM has the latest technology offering affordable pricing. Carino is an Italian inspired product line offering performance and style. GNH is an entry price brand for those on a budget.

OTC 뷰티 매거진(OTC): 벨슨의 역사에 대한 간략한 소개 부탁드립니다. 회사는 어떻게 시작되었고 무엇으로 설립되었는지요? Tom Gebhart(TG): 저희 회사는 50년 이상 헤어 기구 산업 분야에서 넓게 인식되고

있는 이름입니다. 벨슨은 1963년Belvin Friedson에 의해서 시작되었는데, 그의 이름 앞 글자인”Bel”과 성의 뒷 글자인 “Son”를 합쳐서 회사 이름으로 사용하게 되었습니다. 2007년El Paso에 기반을 둔Helen of Troy에 인수되면서, 벨슨은 현재 헤어 기구부터 전문가용 가위에 이르기까지 8개의 전문 브랜드를 가지고 있습니다. OTC: 회사의 구조는 어떻게 되며, 어떤 브랜드로 구성되어 있습니까? TG: 벨슨은 아주 멋진 브랜드 포트폴리오를 가지고 있습니다만, 가장 중요한 브랜드는

단연코Gold ‘N Hot입니다. 원래는 특정 인종의 헤어 케어 시장을 겨냥해서 디자인 되었는데, Gold ‘N Hot은 소비자 기반을 점점 넓혀가면서 아주 강력한 다문화 브랜드로 성장했습니다. Gold ‘N Hot 브랜드 아래에, Laila Ali 시그네쳐와, TITANIUM, Carino, GNH를 추가했습니다. 각각의 하위 브랜드는 주요 소비자 그룹을 목표로하고 있습니다. Laila Ali는 누구나 사용할 수 있는 전문가용 기구로 디자인되었으며, TITANIUM은 저렴한 비용으로 제공되는 최신의 기술을 갖고 있습니다. Carino는 기능과 스타일을 동시에 제공하는 이탈리아적인 제품 라인이고, GNH는 저렴한 가격의 브랜드입니다 OTC: 2012년, 벨슨은Gold N Hot 이름으로Laila Ali와 라이센스 계약을 하였습니다.

OTC: In 2012, Belson acquired a license agreement with Laila Ali under your Gold N Hot name. What prompted you to target Laila to be targeted as a spokesperson for Belson? TG: Laila Ali has been branching out with liquid lines and other assorted items. After meeting with her about the appliance segment, it was obvious she is a good fit to partner up with Gold N Hot. Not only has she used Gold N Hot products for several years, but she also has a background in beauty that not too many people know about. She attended beauty school at a very young age and shortly after had a nail salon. She prides herself on the fact that she does her own hair and wanted to partner up with a company that she trusted. We feel her wholesome family image, sports and fitness background, and celebrity status made this a perfect fit for Gold N Hot and Belson.

벨슨의 대변인으로서, Laila를 선택하게된 배경이 무엇인지 설명해 주시겠습니까? TG: 벨슨은 아주 멋진 브랜드 포트폴리오를 가지고 있습니다만, 가장 중요한 브랜드는

단연코Gold ‘N Hot입니다. 원래는 특정 인종의 헤어 케어 시장을 겨냥해서 디자인 되었는데, Gold ‘N Hot은 소비자 기반을 점점 넓혀가면서 아주 강력한 다문화 브랜드로 성장했습니다. Gold ‘N Hot 브랜드 아래에, Laila Ali 시그네쳐와, TITANIUM, Carino, GNH를 추가했습니다. 각각의 하위 브랜드는 주요 소비자 그룹을 목표로하고 있습니다. Laila Ali는 누구나 사용할 수 있는 전문가용 기구로 디자인되었으며, TITANIUM은 저렴한 비용으로 제공되는 최신의 기술을 갖고 있습니다. Carino는 기능과 스타일을 동시에 제공하는 이탈리아적인 제품 라인이고, GNH는 저렴한 가격의 브랜드입니다. OTC: 2012년, 벨슨은Gold N Hot 이름으로Laila Ali와 라이센스 계약을 하였습니다. 벨슨의 대변인으로서, Laila를 선택하게된 배경이 무엇인지 설명해 주시겠습니까? TG: 오늘날, 소셜 미디어의 출현과 함께, 저는 마치 90년대 브룩클린에 있던 저희 미용

OTC: Who is the main audience for your products and what steps are you taking to ensure their needs are met? TG: Gold ‘N Hot is still the number one brand in the ethnic market; however with recent success of sub-brands added for all ethnicities, the market is expanding in virtually every sales channel. Our customers want quality products at competitive prices. Belson is a trusted leader. Our company has the resources to bring the latest in technology at value prices. The quality control and Engineers at Helen of Troy is top.

재료 매장 계산대 뒤에 서 있는 것처럼 고객들의 소리를 들을 수 있습니다. 어떤 이들은 제품이 너무 비싸서 쉽게 구매하기 힘들다는 비평도 하더라구요, 그래서 저희가Makari Naturalle을 만들게 되었는데요, 고품질의 천연성분이 다량 함유되어 있으면서도 더욱 저렴해진 라인으로 Makari의 대명사인 제품입니다. 포장 원가를 절감하여 고객들에게 제공함으로써 저희 제품의 가격을 더욱 저렴하게 할 수 있는 것이죠. 따라서 대중들과 더욱 가까워질 수 있게 되죠. 이제 저희 Makari 제품이 유색 피부를 가진 모든 여성들의 일상적인 뷰티 관리의 일부라는 것에는 변명의 여지가 없습니다. OTC: 벨슨 제품의 주요 대상은 누구이며 그들의 요구를 충족하기 위해 추진하고 계신

OTC: What sets your products apart from similar ones in the industry? TG: The way we develop our items. We work very hard to stay trend conscious and consult our stylists. We also travel extensively attending shows, events, salons, and beauty stores where we hear directly what our customers’ needs and wants are. This keeps us focused on what is trending in the category.

다음 계획은 무엇인가요? TG: Gold ‘N Hot은 여전히 소수 인종 시장에서는 최고의 브랜드이지만, 모든 인종을

위한 하위 브랜드를 추가하는데 최근 성공했으며, 모든 판매 채널 확대로 시장을 넓혀가고 있습니다. 저희 고객들은 경쟁력있는 가격의 질 좋은 제품을 원합니다. 벨슨은 신뢰할 수 있는 선두주자입니다. 저희 회사는 최신의 기술을 저렴한 가격으로 제공하는 방법을 가지고 있습니다. Helen of Troy의 기술진과 품질 관리는 최고입니다.

OTC: What is the best way for retailers to position your items and effectively market them in their stores? TG: The simplest answer is that they need to make products accessible to the customer. Many stores keep our appliances behind the counter forcing the customer to engage the staff if they want to buy something. The best way to sell something is to have the price clearly marked on the items and have them presentable and accessible on a shelf. Consumers like to read the package to identify its features. They want to make sure before they purchase that it is the right tool for their needs.

OTC: 귀사의 제품이 업계 유사 제품들과 구분되는 이유는 무엇일까요? TG: 아이템을 개발하는 저희만의 방법이죠. 저희는 유행에 민감하기 위해 대단히

노력하며 스타일리스트들과도 많은 상담을 갖습니다. 또한 쇼나 이벤트, 살롱, 뷰티 매장 등 고객들의 요구와 그들이 원하는 것을 직접 들을 수 있는 곳이면 어디든 찾아 다닙니다. 이런 것들이 바로 저희가 지속적으로 현재의 트랜드에 집중할 수 있게 합니다. OTC: 소매상인들이 귀사의 제품을 효과적으로 배치하고 판매할 수 있는 가장 좋은 방법은 무엇일까요?

OTC: Explain how your OTC store partners and our readers can benefit from carrying Belson products. TG: The products we manufacture are all tested and pass the most stringent certification process to make sure we have the absolute best tools. All of our products carry a 1-year warranty; a testament to their quality. We have virtually all the important price points and styles that will enable a consumer to find something that fits their unique style and preference. OTC: What is the biggest challenge with doing business in the beauty industry? How is the company rising to that challenge? TG: There is more competition, but consumers still recognize and trust Belson for

TG: 간단히 답하자면, 소비자들이 쉽게 접근할 수 있는 제품을 만들 필요가 있습니다.

많은 매장들은 저희 기구 제품들을 계산대 뒤에 배치해서 소비자들이 구매를 원할 때는 직원들에게 먼저 문의를 하도록 하고 있습니다. 제품 판매를 위한 가장 좋은 방법은 제품에 정확하게 가격을 표시하고 고객들이 진열대에서 쉽게 접근할 수 있도록하는 것입니다. 소비자들은 제품의 특성 파악을 위해 포장에 명시된 내용들을 읽고 싶어합니다. 그들은 제품 구입 이전에 자신들이 원하는 제품인지를 우선 확인하길 원합니다. OTC: OTC 매장 파트너와 저희 독자들이 벨슨 제품을 취급함으로써 얻을 수 있는 혜택에 관한 설명 부탁드립니다. TG: 저희가 제조하는 제품은 모두 테스트를 거쳤고 엄격한 인증 과정을 통과했습니다.

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Manufacturer Profile

quality products. Our company has the resources to bring the latest in technology at competitive prices, which a lot of these newer companies coming out in the marketplace do not. Many of these lower end brands are built without the strict quality control and engineering prowess we have at Belson. OTC: What is the newest innovation and/or advancement Belson has undertaken? TG: Titanium technology. It is a safer conductor of heat. The straightening irons have Titanium plates and the curling irons Titanium barrels; it glides through the hair smoother, eliminating cool and hot spots. This means you have to pass less through the same section of hair. The less you pass heat through the section of hair (even safe heat), the less damaging to the hair. Also, it saves styling time. OTC: How do you educate consumers and retailers on product knowledge? Do you have an online presence? TG: We are actively involved with social media including, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We have been utilizing these networking models with great success in promoting our new items, public relations and education. Our YouTube channel serves as a great educational tool to show exactly what styles our tools create. OTC: What are Belson’s plans for the rest of 2013? Specifically, do you plan on attending Cosmoprof North America in July? TG: We are launching 18 new items this summer at Cosmoprof. These items have been carefully chosen to expand the Gold ‘N Hot brand with the newer technology and styles needed enabling our customers to achieve those new looks trending today. We are always working to expand our global presence and plan to introduce new items with universal voltage, and also more products in different categories leveraging the power of the Gold ‘N Hot name.

절대적으로 최고의 기구 제품들을 저희가 보유하고 있음을 확신하는 것이죠. 저희의 전제품은 품질 보증, 1년 보상 기간을 갖고 있습니다. 저희는 실질적으로 모든 중요한 가격 포인트와 스타일을 보유하고 있어서, 소비자들이 자신의 독특한 스타일과 취향에 맞는 제품은 무엇이든 찾을 수 있을 것입니다. OTC: 뷰티 사업을 운영하는데 있어서 가장 어려운 점은 무엇입니까? 그런 어려움을 회사는 어떻게 잘 대처하는지요? TG: 수많은 경쟁이 있습니다만, 소비자들은 벨슨의 품질을 인식하고 신뢰할 것입니다.

저희 회사는 최신의 기술을 경쟁력있는 가격으로 제공할 수 있는 방법을 갖고 있습니다. 이 가격은 시장에 새롭게 등장하는 많은 신생업체들은 결코할 수 있는 것이죠. 대부분의 저가 브랜드들은 저희 벨슨이 갖고 있는 엄격한 품질 관리와 기술력을 갖고 있지 않습니다. OTC: 벨슨이 실행하고 있는 새로운 혁신이나 발전은 무엇입니까? TG: 티타늄 기술입니다. 보다 안전한 열 전도체입니다. 스트레이트닝 아이언은 티타늄

플레이트가 장착되어 있고, 컬링 아이언에는 티타늄 베럴이 있습니다. 이것은 모발에서 더욱 부드럽게 미끄러지며, 차갑거나 뜨거운 스팟을 제거합니다. 이것은 모발의 같은 부분을 가급적이면 적게 지나가야한다는 뜻입니다. 모발의 각 부분에 열을 적게 가할 수록( 안전한 온도라 할지라도), 모발의 손실이 적어집니다. 손질 시간 또한 줄일 수가 있죠. OTC: 소비자와 소매상인들을 위한 제품 정보 교육은 어떻게 이뤄지나요? 온라인을 통한 방법도 있는지요? TG: 저희는 페이스북, 트위터, 유튜브 등의 소셜 미디어에 활발하게 참여하고

있습니다. 신제품 홍보, 대중과의 관계 및 교육 등에 아주 성공적으로 이런 네트워크들을 활용하고 있습니다. 저희 유튜브 채널은 저희의 기구로 만들 수 있는 스타일을 정확히 보여주는 대단히 교육적인 수단이 되죠. OTC: 소비자와 소매상인들을 위한 제품 정보 교육은 어떻게 이뤄지나요? 온라인을 통한 방법도 있는지요? TG: Cosmoprof에서 올 여름 18개의 신제품을 출시할 것입니다. 저희 고객들이 현재의

OTC: What is the best business advice you can give store owners? TG: The best advice I can any store owner is to make the sure the buying experience is comfortable for the consumer. This can be achieved by having: an assortment of products in different price categories, clean and uncluttered store shelves, friendly and knowledgeable store staff, and clearly marked prices on the store shelves or the products themselves. If a consumer feels comfortable in a store, they will shop longer and buy more.

최신 트랜드를 추구하는데 필요한 신기술과 스타일을 가지고 있는Gold ‘N Hot의 확장을 위해 이 제품들은 엄선되었습니다. 저희는 세계적인 입지를 넓히기 위해 항상 일하고 있으며, 세계 어디에서도 사용할 수 있는 전압의 신제품을 소개할 계획입니다. 또한 Gold ‘N Hot의 명성을 활용하여 다른 분야에서도 많은 제품들을 소개할 것입니다. OTC: 매장 운영자들을 위한 최고의 비즈니스 조언은 무엇입니까? TG: 어떤 매장 운영자들에게든 제가 할 수 있는 최고의 조언은 고객들이 반드시

OTC: What final thoughts would you like to share with OTC readers about Belson and your product offerings? TG: Belson has a very strong portfolio of products that are built on innovation and quality. We are aggressively marketing our brands throughout the very different media channels and continue to gain tremendous exposure through press in national magazines, celebrity stylists, trade shows and other media events. At Belson, we have all the different products for any type of hair, style, or price point needed for the store owner.

편안하게 구매를 경험하도록 하는 것입니다. 이것은 다양한 가격대별 제품 모음과 깨끗하고 정돈된 진열대, 친절하고 제품에 관해 많이 알고 있는 직원들, 그리고 명확한 제품 가격 부착 등을 보유하고 있을 때 얻어질 수 있습니다. 고객들이 매장에서 편안함을 느낀다면, 더 오래 더 많이 구매를 하게 될 것입니다. OTC: 벨슨사와 벨슨 제품이 제공하는 것에 관해 마지막으로 OTC 독자들과 공유하고 싶은 의견이 있으시다면? TG: 벨슨은 혁신과 품질을 기반으로하는 아주 강력한 제품 포트폴리오를 갖고 있습니다.

저희는 다양한 미디어 채널을 통해 적극적인 브랜드 마케팅을 펼치고 있으며, 다양한

Company Name: Belson Address: One Helen of Troy Plaza, El Paso, TX 79912

지속적으로 방대한 노출을 유지하려 노력합니다. 저희 벨슨은 매장 운영자들이 원하는

Contact Number: 800-327-8384

모든 형태의 모발과 스타일, 가격대에 맞는 다양한 제품을 보유하고 있습니다.

Website: www.BelsonUs.com Year in Business: Over 50


국가의 매거진과 유명인의 스타일리스트들, 트레이드 쇼, 각종 미디어 이벤트를 통해

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine



Profile by Tony Bae

시선의 전환은 편안함을 가져다 줍니다 Supreme Beauty Supply • Vidalia, GA 20년 전인 1993년, 삼성 이건희 회장의 “마누라하고 자식 빼고 다 바꿔라” 라는 유명한 말로 시작된 신경 영이 오늘의 삼성을 있게 했다고 한다. 그 당시에 국 내 1위 기업이었음에도 불구하고 ‘자신의 처지를 알 고, 의식부터 바꾸자’ 라는 이건희 회장의 남다른 사 고방식 때문에 가능한 일이기도 하였다. 하지만 현재 세계 굴지의 회사로 자리매김한 삼성이 또 다시 새로 운 변화를 예고하고 있다. 지속적으로 생각을 전환하 고 시선을 돌려 끊임없는 발전을 꾀하고자 함이라 한 다. 지난 수년간 뷰티 업계가 불황을 겪고 있어 많은 뷰티인들이 경영상 어려움을 토로하고 있다. 이는 전 세계적인 경제 침체를 미국도 같이 겪고 있다는 근본 적인 이유도 있지만, 그 동안 넘칠 정도로 많은 뷰티 서플라이 스토어가 생겨, 과도한 경쟁을 하고 있는 현 실 때문이기도 하다. 이를 타파하기 위해 많은 뷰티 인들은 새로운 방향을 모색하려 하고, 가격만으로 경 쟁을 하고 있는 현실에서 벗어나야 한다고 입을 모으 고 있다. 하지만, 실질적인 변화를 만들어 가는 스토 어는 찾아보기 힘들다. 물론, 하루아침에 생각을 바 76

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

꾸고 새로운 경영방향을 결정한다는 것이 쉬운 일은 아니다. 하지만, 주어진 환경을 잘 둘러보면 반드시 그 해답을 찾을 수 있을 것이다. 이번에 OTC 뷰티 매 거진에서 인터뷰한 Vidalia, GA 에 위치한 Supreme Beauty Supply 의 임경숙 사장은 오래 전부터 대부 분의 뷰티 서플라이 오너들과는 다른 방향으로 계획 을 세우고 십 여년 간의 노력으로 그 결실에 한 발짝 씩 다가가고 있었다. 그러한 임사장의 얼굴에선 조급 함이란 찾아볼 수가 없었다. 그녀의 이야기를 풀어보 도록 하자.

내 몸에 맞는 옷 1994년에 도미하여 1995년부터 뷰티 서플라이 스토어를 운 영하기 시작했다는 임사장은, 미국으로 온 후 5~6 개월간의 뷰티 서플라이 근무경험을 전부로, 과감히 스토어 운영에 뛰 어 들었다. “미국에서 일어서려면 본인의 비즈니스를 해야 한 다고 생각했습니다” 라는 임사장은, 남편의 직장과 자식들의 학교 때문에 10년간 1시간 30분 거리의 스토어로 출퇴근 하 였다고 한다. “제가 일을 하던 스토어 근처에 스토어를 열 수 는 없었기에 좀 멀리 떨어져 있는 장소에 스토어를 오픈하게 되었습니다. 하지만, 아이들이 학교에 잘 적응을 하고 다니고 있는 터라, 갑작스러운 환경변화를 주고 싶지 않아 왕복 3시 간 거리의 출퇴근을 강행하였습니다” 라고 한다. 그 10년동안 자동차 3대를 바꿀 정도로 운전을 했다는 임사장은 스토어를 경영하는 오너이기도 했지만, 두 아이의 엄마이기도 하기 때 문에 가능한 일이었다고 한다. 그렇게 억척으로 스토어를 운 영하던 임사장은 몇 년 후, 더욱 넓은 스토어로 옮기고, 하나 의 스토어를 더 열어 비즈니스 규모를 키워갔다고 한다. “처 음에 1,200 sq ft 규모의 스토어에서 시작하여 6,600 sq ft 규 모의 스토어로 넓혀 갔는데, 이상하게 큰 스토어가 어딘지 모 르게 불편 하였습니다. 그러다 태풍피해로 스토어를 정리하면 서 현재의 3,000 sq ft 규모의 스토어로 옮겼습니다” 라며, ‘ 지금의 사이즈가 나에겐 가장 적당한 규모’ 라는 생각을 했다 고 한다. “사이즈가 중요한 것이 아닌 것 같습니다. 좀 작은 사이즈라도 안정감 있게 잘 관리를 해 나간다면 훨씬 알차게 운영해 나갈 수 있다고 생각합니다” 라며, 어떠한 상황에서도 본인이 전체적인 컨트롤을 할 수 있는 규모가 가장 적당하다 는 본인의 생각을 덧붙이며, 요즘도 아침에 스토어 문을 열고 들어설 때가 가장 행복할 정도라고 한다.

백인들을 공략한 새로운 시장 임사장의 스토어가 위치한 Vidalia 시티는 흑인보다는 백인들 의 인구가 더 많다고 한다. “현재 백인 고객들은 35% 정도 되 는 것 같습니다” 라는 임사장은 이러한 환경을 구축하기 위해 June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Retailer Profile

객들간의 분위기가 좀 어색한 것도 없지 않았다고 한다. 임사 장은 “하지만 시간이 지나다 보니, 지금은 굉장히 자연스러워 졌습니다” 라고 한다. 현재 많은 뷰티 서플라이 스토어들이 극 심한 경쟁을 피하기 위해 흑인 이외의 다양한 인종을 겨냥해야 한다고 말한다. 하지만, 지역적인 문제도 있고, 또 어떻게 시작 해야 할지를 몰라 피일차일 미루고 있는 실정이다. 하지만 임 사장처럼 수많은 실패를 딛고, 시간을 투자하다 보면 노력에 대한 대가가 돌아오는 날이 반드시 생길 것이다..

남다른 고객 응대법 사람들은 월마트의 가격이 저렴하다는 것을 알면서도 게스 스테이션에 가서 물건을 사기도 한다. 이는 원하는 제품을 신 10년이 넘는 시간 동안 각고의 노력을 기울였다고 한다. 처음

속히 구입할 수 있는 편리함 때문일 것이다. 또한, 직원을 찾

엔 여느 뷰티 서플라이 스토어와 마찬가지로 흑인 고객들을 주

아볼 수 없는 대형마트에 비해 OTC 스토어들은 원하는 질문

대상으로 스토어 운영을 하였는데, 지역이 백인지역이라 스토

의 답을 바로 들을 수 있다는 장점도 있기 때문이다. “스몰 비

어 앞을 그냥 지나가는 수 많은 백인들을 보며, ‘백인들을 겨냥

즈니스의 장점은 오너와 직원들이 손님들을 직접 응대한다

한 제품들을 취급해야겠다’고 맘을 먹었지만, 시작부터 순탄하

는 점일 것입니다” 라는 임사장은 손님을 응대하는 방법도 남

지는 않았다고 한다. “처음에는 어떠한 제품을 취급해야 할지

달랐다. “손님은 친구가 될 수 없습니다” 라는 신조를 가지

너무나 지식이 없어서 눈앞이 깜깜했습니다” 라는 임사장은

고 있다는 임사장은, 손님들과 너무 친하게 지내다 보면 가격

혹시라도 우연히 스토어를 방문한 백인 고객들을 붙잡고 어떠

이 무너지는 수가 있고, 모든 고객들을 공평하게 대할 수 없

한 제품들이 필요한지를 물어보는, 속된말로 ‘맨땅에 헤딩(?)’

게 된다고 한다. 이는 대다수의 스토어 오너들이 고객들과 더

부터 시작하였다고 한다. “긴 시간 동안 많은 시행착오를 거쳤

욱 친밀한 관계를 만들려 노력하는 것과는 상반된 생각인 것

습니다. 오늘 아침에도 오랫동안 움직이지 않은 제품들을 싱

이다. “물론, 고객들과 인사하고 안부를 물으며 친하게 지내

크대에 그냥 쏟아서 버렸습니다” 라는 임사장은, 초창기엔 백

고는 있지만, 스토어 운영자와 고객의 관계는 확실히 지켜져

인 제품들을 취급하기 위해 고객들에게 물어보고, 그 제품들을

야 공평한 서비스를 제공할 수 있다고 생각합니다” 라고 임사

취급하는 도매상을 일일이 찾아 한 제품, 한 제품씩 직접 주문

장은 딱 잘라 말한다. “저는 흑인고객이던, 백인고객이던, 제

하기 시작했다고 한다. 한 도매상에서 대부분의 제품을 취급하

기분이 어떤 상태이던, 상관없이 모든 고객들을 항상 같은 자

는 흑인 제품들과는 달리, 거의 제품마다 다른 도매상들을 접

세로 응대하고 있습니다. 그러다 보니 항상 한결 같다는 고객

촉해야 했다고 한다. “처음엔, 그렇게 찾은 도매상들이 취급해

들의 칭찬을 듣기도 합니다” 라고 임사장은 말한다. 임사장의

보라는 톱 10 제품을 취급했다가 수 많은 제품을 버리기도 하

또 한가지 특별한 서비스는, 아이언이나, 클리퍼 같은 제품들

였고, 제품을 가지고 있어도 영어와 제품에 대한 지식이 부족

의 간단한 고장은 임사장이 스토어에서 직접 수리를 해주는

해서 제품에 대한 신뢰를 주지 못해 판매가 부진하기도 하였습

것이라 한다. “처음부터 그런 건 아니었는데, 하다 보니 간단

니다”. 게다가, 처음엔 스토어 안에서도 백인고객들과 흑인고

한 것들은 수리를 할 수 있게 되어 고객들에게 그러한 서비스


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

를 해주기 시작했습니다. 물론 돈은 받지 않습니다”. 이러한 Supreme Beauty Supply 만의 서비스로 인해, 특별한 마케팅 없이도 입소문으로 고객들이 찾아온다고 한다.

적절한 제품의 구비가 손님들의 발길을 움직인다 스토어 오너라면, 어렵게 스토어 안으로 들어온 고객들이 빈 손으로 나갈 때만큼 속상한 경우는 없을 것이다. 하지만 무수 히 쏟아져 나오는 신제품들을 모두 취급할 수는 없는 노릇이 라, 지역의 고객들이 어떠한 제품들을 필요로 하는지 잘 파악 하는 것이 재고 관리의 핵심일 것이다. 임사장은 “가장 많이 판매되는 제품군은 Hydrating, Moisturizing, Volumizing 의 기능을 가지고 있는 제품들 입니다” 라며 Supreme Beauty Supply 를 방문하는 고객들이 어떠한 제품들을 원하고 있는 지를 명료하게 정의 하였다. “이러한 기능의 제품들이 새로 출시되면 가급적 취급을 하려고 합니다” 라며 “고객들이 스토 어에 들어 왔을 때, 필요로 하는 제품들이 있어야 단골이 됩니 다” 라고 덧붙였다. 선반의 제품들을 줄 맞춰서 깔끔하게 정 리하는 것은 물론, 제품의 패키지가 바뀌면 과감하게 할인을 하여 기존의 제품들을 소진한다고 한다. 이는 제품의 최상 품 질을 유지하려는 일환으로, 고객들에게 신뢰를 쌓아가는 또 하나의 노하우라고 한다. 이제는 자녀들이 모두 성인이 되어 부모로서의 역할을 어느 정도 해냈다는 마음에 안정적이고 편안함을 느끼고 있다는 임 사장은, “애들도 다 잘 자라주었고, 저도 특별히 큰 지출이 없 기 때문에 마음이 한결 여유롭습니다. 예전에는 계획한 목표 가 있었고, 그것을 이루기 위해 계속 달려 왔지만, 이제는 그 목표들을 이뤘기 때문에 앞으로 또 다른 큰 계획을 세우지는 않을 것 같습니다” 라는 임사장은 “마음을 내려 놓았기에 욕 심도 버릴 수 있어 마음이 편안합니다” 라고 한다. 인터뷰 내 내 밝은 표정을 하고 있는 임사장의 얼굴에서 요즘 다른 스토 어 오너들에게선 좀처럼 보기 힘든 편안함이 묻어 나왔다. 그 녀의 앞날도 지금과 같이 편안한 날들이 지속되길 바래본다.

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine




Sponsored by Andis Co.

Smooth Shaven

Many individuals suffer from razor bumps and uncomfortable shaves, due to sensitive skin, curly hair patterns and shaving options that irritate the skin. The Andis co. has created two products that will help solve this problem for millions of people. The combination of the Andis Superliner trimmer with shaver attachment and the Andis Bumpcare solution provide an alternative method of bump and irritation-free shaving. Men and women alike can enjoy smooth skin in commonly shaven areas, by using the combination of these two products. The suggested process to obtain bump-free shaving is as follows: First, with the trimmer blade attached to the Superliner trimmer apply the trimmer to areas desired to be shaven, reducing the hair down to short stubble. Second, remove the trimmer blade from the Superliner and connect the shaver attachment. Apply firm, overlapping strokes with the Superliner shaver to the short stubble left behind by the trimmer blade. Use your opposite hand to stretch the skin to allow the shaver attachment to shave as close as possible. Third, moisten a hand towel or wash cloth with hot water and apply to shaven areas for 30 seconds to open the pores. Fourth, apply Andis Bumpcare solution to the skin with a cotton ball or cloth to the shaven areas to prevent razor bumps and calm the skin. The combination of the smooth shave obtained by the Superliner shaver attachment and the prevention of razor bumps by the Bumpcare solution leaves the skin smooth, bump and inflammation-free. Andis Bumpcare is available in the form is pre-saturated wipes and liquid in 4 fl. oz and 12 fl. oz sizes. I would suggest placing the combination of these new Andis tools together in highly visible, high traffic areas because most of the customers entering into your store can benefit from both items. You can also benefit from increased sales while solving a problem that millions of people suffer from. Kenny “The Professional� Duncan is a National educator for the Andis Co. He has presented classroom demonstrations and platform education at many tradeshows such as Empire Future Professionals, IHS International Hair Show, Bronner Bros International Hair Show and many more. He brings a wealth of information and experience to clipper cutting education. He teaches styling professionals the simplest approach to multicultural hair styling through a combination of solid technical demonstrations, creative interpretations, and entertaining presentations. Kenny is co-owner of Main Attraction Unisex Hair Salon, located in Philadelphia. He is reaching stylists around the world through www.ClipperEducation.com, where his goal is to provide inspiration, motivation and education to clippers cutters of all experience levels. He truly is a trailblazer in this industry. 82

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

#1 Beauty Cash-n-Carry JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with necklaces, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part of the largest beauty supply distributor, you can always buy items by the piece and at great prices. For more information, call 800-361-0786 or visit them at 4300 Northeast Expressway, Doraville, GA.


Therapy Trends Hair Care Fueled by Oil Imports Drilling down to the various sub-segments of the hair care industry is like drilling for oil—argan oil, olive oil, Moroccan oil, Marula oil and castor oil. Imported natural oils are the basis for many weightless conditioners, styling products and even relaxers. As most OTC consumers experiment with hairstyles that are physically and chemically traumatic, products that restore and strengthen continue to fuel the industry. Ten thousand hair care products were launched in 2012. Over 10 new oil-based ingredients have been flagged as the secret elixir from the Orient, Africa or the Caribbean. Your customers will decide if the key ingredient is an exotic oil that will add shine, provide color protection, guard against heat styling, and define curls or defeat frizz. Oily concepts can also fuel misconceptions. Whether a naturalista or sporting color-treated or processed locks, breakage is the consumer’s number one concern. Dryness of the hair and scalp causes a wide array of hair care issues; a rough surface looks and feels dull, tends to frizz, is prone to tangling and splitting. Dryness is combated by oils, volume is produced with oils, and hair is fortified against breakage by oils. Whether oil qualities are natural or delivered as a silicone, every beauty treatment requires an aftercare serum. Anti-frizz, color protection and replacement of natural oils are required qualities. Every product on the shelf must deliver a basic function and a beautifying finish. Nourished, healthy hair is a lifestyle. Your clients want a well-oiled fusion of performance and protection for their portrayal of personal style. Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skin care and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pond’s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Women’s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit www.esmemarketspecialists.com. 84

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

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RA Shea Butter Lotion Our # 1 seller, 100% shea butter with Jojoba Oil is the ultimate moisturizer to vitalize and soften skin while blocking the harsh effects of sun, wind, cold and aging. Apply the healing and cooling power of cucumber to your skin. Cucumber melon lotion is a great skin moisturizer packed with vitamin E that softens and heals damages skin. Now customers can take their favorite shea butter lotion wherever they go. By popular demand, we’ve introduced a fit in the palm of your hand size for those who don’t want to be without! For more information, visit www.racosmetics.com.


TONSORIAL TIMES Expect an Unexpected Service

Recently I visited a few barbershops in New York, Florida and Atlanta, and I found some differences in the service levels in these regions. Some of these challenges may be related to time, profits, product knowledge, or the lack of owner preferences and barber board requirements.This brings me to the topic of washing the clients’ hair before cutting and styling their hair.There are strong opinions concerning this topic in all the regions I visited, so I personally feel obligated to educate and share the pros and cons of making the service mandatory in the barbershop. Upon visiting the Legends barbershop located in Harlem, NY, which is owned and operated by Kamal Nuru, I was surprised to see a nice selection of products—shampoos, conditioners and other grooming products—available to the clients. After checking in, the barber directed the client to the wash bowl to get his/her hair washed and conditioned.This was all part of the service they provide. Now in Florida we were given a choice to get a wash for an additional charge and in Georgia there was no choice offered in most, but not all shops; clients went directly from the street to the chair. Pros of washing: • Hair is now free of oils and debris before placing clippers and trimmers in the hair. • This will prolong the life of the clipper blade and reduce infection of the scalp and skin. • This is also an opportunity to find moles, colic’s ringworm or lice in your clients’ hair or scalp. • Retail products to clients for increased revenue. Cons of not washing: • Some barbers prefer not to wash because it reduces the amount of clients they can cut in a day. • You may need to hire a person to simply wash and prep clients which may cost more money. • Oil and debris will cause your blades to dull faster and increase your need to service and deep clean your clippers. • You will reduce your opportunity to increase revenue by retailing products to clients. Overall, we have found an increase within the industry to offer washing the clients’ hair prior to cutting. This service can be found largely in franchises like SportClips, Kennedy’s All American Barbershop, Roosters and Knockouts. Keep up the good work!

Dwayne Thompson, aka “The Barber Ambassador,” is the CEO of The Fade Club LLC, a marketing and promotions company designed to grow the barbering industry through education and brand management. He wears many hats as the founder of The Barber Academy Tour, creator of “The Barbettes,” a term designed to promote female barbers, and the former host of Against the Grain Radio show, the first barber related radio show on Blog Talk Radio. He is a dynamic writer, educator, product broker, consultant and social media expert. He has held several Executive positions with a former barbershop publication and a national health outreach program. Mr. Thompson is also the Founder and Publisher of Tonsorial Times Magazine, “The Official Barbershop Trade Publication” focused on highlighting products, franchises, schools and educators directly connected to the barbering industry. For more information, visit www.tonsorialtimes.com. 86

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

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2013 Proud Lady Beauty Show


Great Success: Thousands Flock to Chicago T

he American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI) held its 24th Annual Proud Lady Beauty Show—Chicago, at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, IL. Thousands of beauty and barber professionals from across the country and abroad attended the show, held April 2022, 2013. The 2013 Proud Lady Beauty Show— “The Nation’s Leading Educational Event in the Beauty Industry”—featured over 27 free classes, seven glamorous competitions, a Hair and Fashion Extravaganza and a comprehensive trade show featuring key beauty products and educational opportunities for professional hair stylists, barbers and nail technicians, as well as cosmetology and barber students. Some of the prominent participating manufacturers included Andis, Avlon (Affirm), A.J. of Chicago Hair Care, Benison (Indigo), Bronner Brothers, Dudley, Essations, Golden Supreme, JF Labs/AFAM Concepts, Luster Products (Designer Touch), Nairobi, Namaste (Organic Root Stimulator), Salon Concepts, Summit Laboratories, Universal Beauty 88

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

Products, and Wahl. The Proud Lady Hair and Fashion Extravaganza featured awe inspiring creativity from Dr. Laqueshon Gushon Harris, Co-owner, Aytce Beauty School, Chicago. Kevin Carter of Artistry of Hair Salon, Detroit, was the Master of Ceremonies for this event. AJ of the Chicagolicious TV Reality Show also did an awe inspiring presentation on the Centerstage each day. The Proud Lady Beauty Show has become world renowned for its excellent educational offerings and exciting competitions. The 2nd International Masters Barber Forum was a highlight of the barber classes. This panel featured top barbers from across the country including Derek Davis, Chairman of the District of Columbia Barber and Cosmetology Board/ Vice President, National Association of Barber Boards of America; and Dawn Tatum, Master Barber of Leverette’s International, Chicago—Forum Coordinator. Also, the 1st Proud Lady Natural Hair Care Forum was held for those stylists and

barbers who wanted to stay on top of the natural hair care business. Industry greats including Amazon Smiley of Amazon’s Natural Essentials, LLC Salon & Spa, ChrisTia Donaldson, President, Thank God I’m Natural Products and Tracey Bond, da Hair Doctor shared vital information on how you can excel in the natural hair care business. In addition to a host of national educators teaching hair coloring; barbering; natural hair care; hair weaving, cutting and hairstyling trends; the Avlon’s Style Team offered classes to showcase the latest in ethnic hair care. “Stylists and barbers came from across the country to compete in our prestigious competitions,” Geri Duncan Jones, Executive Director, AHBAI, declared. For more information on the Proud Lady Beauty Show, visit www.proudlady.org. The Proud Lady Beauty Show featured seven competitions designed exclusively for barbers, students and stylists.

2013 Proud Lady Beauty Show

the Golden Supreme booth

An AnAFAM AFAMConcept/J.F. Concept/J.F. Labs representative waits to speak with customers.

the booth TwoSalon stylishConcepts booth representatives stand ready to greet visitors.

Two friendly and knowledgeable women are hard at work at the ORS booth.

A representative for Avlon strikes a pose at their booth.

The Universal Beauty Products is well-stocked with My DNA products.

the Luster booth

A barber works meticulously on a unique style at the Andis booth.

Liv hair care products are featured at the Summit Labs booth.

This model flaunts one of the many elaborate hair designs found at the show.

Floyd Greer, the barber who took 1st place for “It’s All About Men – Urban/Progressive” proudly accepts his award.

Spring is in full bloom at the tgin (Thank God I’m Natural) booth.

Barbers show off their creative skills with elaborate hair designs.

Bright colors are added to clipper designs to add excitement to competition hairstyles.

Haven Hobbs, winner in the “It’s All About Men” - Conventional category, stands with AHBAI representatives to claim his prize.

Precious Taylor of Epiphany’s Beauty College graciously accepts the honor of winner in the Evening Style Student Competition.

Vibrant hairstyles, like those shown here, are found all throughout the show

Stylist Kristina Beatty created the “out of this world” fashion that claims the title in the World Class Fantasy Competition.

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine

189 89


2013 Proud Lady Beauty Show

2013 1st Place Competition Winners: IT’S ALL ABOUT MEN—CONVENTIONAL


BARBER: Haven Hobbs, Silver Shears Barbershop, Florissant, MO

BARBER: Brandon Cash, Silk and Classy, Dolton, IL

MODEL: Anthony Fowler

MODEL: Willie Morris



BARBER: Floyd Greer, Pretty Boy Floyd’s, Dolton, IL MODEL: Kenneth Trotter WORLD CLASS FANTASY STYLIST: Kristina Beaty, Studio Glamour, Eastpointe, MI MODEL: Ariel Griffin STUDENT EVENING STYLE STYLIST: Precious Taylor, Epiphany’s Beauty College, Richton Park, IL MODEL: Jasondra Campbell

BARBER: Andre Fredrick Ellis, Jr., McCoy Barber College, Chicago, IL MODEL: Reginald Thomas BATTLE OF THE SCHOOLS STUDENT COSMETOLOGIST COMPETITION 1st PLACE –Dudley Beauty College Stylists: Chelsea Locke, Alicia Cooper, Bridgette Brundidge, Delano Randle Models: Lucera Aceves, Sakeena Green, Danielle Young, Daianna Heirman, Brianna Smith, Christina Anthony. Leticia Boddie, Alicia Cooper 2013 Proud Lady Beauty Show Airline Ticket Winner: Chericka Dooley, Shear Elegance Hair Salon, Clarksville, TN


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

July 2012 OTC Beauty Magazine

91 89

World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show Taliah Waajid Celebrates 16 Years of Show Business


he World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show

book signings at the Book Nook, children played in the

presented by Taliah Waajid celebrated their “Sweet 16”

Children’s Corner, Social Circle broadcasters live streamed

April 27-28 in College Park, Ga. The Georgia International

the show worldwide, healthy living was explored in the

Convention Center housed the event, which drew

Wellness Way Pavilion, and live musical artists graced the

fashionable Naturalistas from near and far. Men and

main stage. Not to mention, consumer and professional

women alike came to find deals on their favorite tried-

workshops were held in classrooms within the Convention

and-true products and to discover what was new in the

Center covering an array of interesting end educational


topics. This truly was an all-inclusive, quality show.

During both days visitors were able to immerse

The celebration does not end with the conclusion

themselves in the best of the natural beauty world. In

of the spring show. Plan to join in the festivity October

addition to the multitude of manufacturer booths set up

12-13 for the fall installment of the World Natural Hair,

along the show floor that offered exquisite hair, health

Health and Beauty show. You will be surprised what new

and beauty products for sale, live entertainment was

products they will unwrap!

provided around the clock—writers recited their poetry in Da Poet’s Corner and authors were available for 92

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

Visit www.naturalhairshow.org to learn more.

World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show 2013

The crowded show floor entranceway.

Adeea Rogers, the Trendy Socialite, poses with Will Williams of M&M Products.

Not all booths featured beauty products. Some, like this one, had shirts, hats and jewelry for sell.

An attractively designed and well-stocked Sunny Isle booth

Brian Washington shows off the Wahl Rapid Fire clipper.

Customers are helped at the Taliah Waajid booth.

Show attendees stopped to watch a hair styling demonstration at the Taliah Waajid booth.

Dr. Kanika Jamila at the Khemistry Kosmetiks booth

The Jane Carter Solution booth was quite colorful with their signature yellow packaging.

A poet stands, passionately presenting her poetry to an attentive audience at Da Poet’s Corner.

(Left to right) Ryan Cameron and Micaiah Glover stand just outside the Kids Corner section of the show, representing Taliah Waajid.

(Left to right) Maria Thompson and Simone hard at work at the Mizani booth.

Hair models pose for a photo on stage at one of the Taliah Waajid booths.

Anze proudly holds an RA Cosmetic product at their booth.

Walking through the Wellness Way pavilion, show attendees learn from exhibitors who promote a healthy way of living.

June 2012 OTC Beauty Magazine



Brittany Fullwood and Kyera Hooks show off their vibrant color dipped braids.

Hair styling techniques were demonstrated at the Professional Products booth.

(Left to Right) Deleal Williams and Sandy Johnson at the Reshma Femme booth

Erika Parker-Smith, author of “Miya’s Hair Day,” stands alongside the book’s illustrator, J. Phillip Smith, in the Book Nook area.

Sunja Friend holds a Vitale product at the AFAM Concept, Inc. booth.

Tercia is hard at work at the Bronner Bros. Tropical Roots booth.

Artist Oliver Adams and model Kat, representing P&G’s Textures and Tones products

The Universal Beauty booth, stocked with My DNA products

(Left to right) Leigh Slagle, Diane Charpentier, MaryRose McLaren and Susan DeLucia of Procter & Gamble


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show 2013

The ORS booth housed a DJ who kept the event upbeat all weekend long.

Oils for every need were found at the B’s Hair and Beauty Products, Inc. booth.

The Mixed Chicks booth

Show attendees flooded the aisles, making their way from booth to booth.

A busy Ampro Industries booth

Taylor Akins’s hair was colorful and creative, matching the trim of her shirt. It’s never too early to start having fun with fashion!

A show visitor stops for a quick photo on the World Natural Hair “red carpet.”

A model for Luxor Couture poses along with a show attendee.

Letrice Reed at the nuNAAT booth

Curious visitors had a multitude of vendors’ booths to see. From hair and beauty products to clothes and accessories, this show had it all.

One of the many musical acts that took the stage throughout the show

Jessica Williams, the reigning World’s Top Natural Hair Model, pauses for a quick photo.

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine

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Free goods should be used to run consumer offer below. Use the bottom portion of this ad as a shelf talker to promote the offer in store to consumers. 무료 품목은 다른 용도로 사용하실 수 없으며, 광고 지면 밑 부분을 프로모션 안내 지로 사용하시면 됩니다.

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FNBS (구 NBSDA) 총 연합회 FNBS총 연합회는 지난 5월5일 일요일 2PM에 협회 회의실에서 53명의 협회 이사들, 지역 협회장들 및 관계자들이 참석한 가운데 정기이사회 및 정기총회와 함께, 제 13대 총회장으로 선출된 유중현 총회장의 취임식을 가졌다. 이날 총회에서는 서구영 이사장 권한대행의 인사말로 시작하여, 참석한 이사들의 간단한 본인소개가 이어졌다. 그리고 이 사장 선출에 단독 후보로 나온 박은실 부회장이 정관 34조 1항에 의거하여 무투표 당선 되었으며, 부이사장에는 투 표를 통해 김영중 후보가 부이사장으로 선출 되었다. 뒤를 이어 2012 회계연도 결산보고 및 심의에선 이선기 재무부 회장이 보고를 하였고, NBSDA 에서 NFBS의 공식 협회명칭 변경을 투표하여, 찬성28, 반대 11, 기권1로 협회명칭 변경이 통과 되었다. 이날 취임식에서 13대 총회장으로 취임한 유중현 총회장의 임기는 2015년 12월까지이다. 이는 종전 6월1일부터 다음해 5월31일까지이던 회계연도를 1월1일부터 12월31일까지로 변경했기 때문이다.

SC 미소협 SC미소협은 오는 6월 30일에 개최할 Carolina Beauty Expo를 준비하기 위해 바쁜 일정들을 보내고 있다. 업계의 전 반적인 침체 속에서 첫 번째 Expo를 개최하려다 보니 여러 가지 어려움이 따르고 있다고 한다. 하지만 협회는 모든 협회원들이 단결하여 보다 성공적인 쇼를 개최하기 위해 지역 뷰티서플라이 스토어에 직접 초대장을 보내는 등 다 방면으로 노력을 하고 있다고 한다. 생산 및 도매상들과의 소통부족으로 이러한 상품정보 지식부재 해소와 매출 향 상의 기회를 마련해 보겠다는 취지의 Carolina Beauty Expo 는 Jamil Shine Temple (206 Jamil rd. Columbia, SC 29210)에서 개최될 예정이다. 참가신청은, 신청양식을 작성한 후 Carolina Beauty Expo, P.O.Box 3995, Greenville, SC 29608로 보내거나, Fax: 864-226-1587, 864-242-9183, 또는 scbsra@gmail.com으로 이메일을 보내면 된다.


OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013


조지아 협회 조지아한인뷰티서플라이협회(회장 김일홍)가 지난 4월 28일 오후7시 애틀랜타 한인회관에서 임시총회를 개최했다. 구금서 수석부회장의 사회로 진행된 이번 임시총회는 환영사, 2013년 사업계획 및 진행사항, 방문업체소개 등을 비 롯해 지난 3월에 개최된 제6회 조지아 뷰티 트레이드쇼에 대한 행사 보고식 및 행사 위원장(김영수, 김동환, 박남권) 들에게 공로패가 증정됐다. 김인생 부회장은 “협회가 안정적으로 세력을 확대중에 있다”면서 “공식지정 가맹점에는 뷰티협회가 제공한 스티커가 부착돼 있으며 회원 멤버십카드 발급을 통해 다양한 혜택을 제공할 예정”이라고 말했다.

휴스톤 협회 휴스톤 협회는 오는 10월 6일 제 15회 Hair & Battle Show를 개최한다. 휴스톤 협회의 주관으로 매년 개최되며, 지 역의 뷰티션과 뷰티스쿨의 학생들을 상대로 열리는 이 행사는 휴스톤에 위치한 Crown Plaza에서 개최될 예정이다. 협회는 오는 6월 8일에 주최사인 뉴지구사와 전체회원이 참석하는 간담회를 통해 쇼에 관해 세부사항들을 조율할 예 정이다.

클리브랜드 오하이오 협회 클리브랜드 협회는 오는 6월 30일에 협회가 주최하는 장학기금 마련 골프대회를 개최할 예정이라고 한다. 이에 협회 공창배 회장은 많은 뷰티 관계업자들의 관심 및 참여를 부탁하였다. 또한, 숙식 및 운영관계로 참여하실 분들은 2013년 6월 10일 전까지 참여 일정을 알려달라고 당부 하였다. 관심 있으신 분들은 아래의 연락처로 연락을 하면 된 다. 일시: 2013년 6월 30일 오후 1시 장소: Boulder Creek Golf Club 9700 Page Rd, Streetsboro, OH 44241 Tel: (330) 626 - 2828 연락처: 골프대회 위원장 대회 위원장 한명호 Tel :(330) 898 - 1149, Fax : (330) 898 - 0711 June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


IndustryNews New Speed-O-Guide® Product Release Spilo is proud to announce the release of their new 1” size Speed-O-Guide Clipper Comb. This larger size rounds out the popular product line. Now there is a Speed-O-Guide size to create every style! Available July 2013, this universal comb fits virtually any major electric clipper brand. Superior quality ABS plastic combs provide strength and flexibility while a nickel-plated, heat-treated clip can withstand frequent guard changes. Smooth, evenlyspaced teeth with rounded tips enhance comfort for clients. The product is also backed with a 2-year guarantee. Visit www.spilo.com for more information.

Wella’s Reuben Carranza Named Spirit of Life Honoree

City of Hope’s National Professional Salon Industry will honor Reuben Carranza, North American CEO of Wella, the Salon Professional Division of P&G, with its 2013 Spirit of Life® Award. The Spirit of Life Award is City of Hope’s most prestigious philanthropic honor, presented annually to an industry leader who has demonstrated outstanding business and altruistic achievement. City of Hope will bestow the Spirit of Life Award on July 13, 2013, at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas. Carranza has chosen to direct funds raised during his Spirit of Life campaign toward City of Hope’s cutting-edge research in diabetes. Coming from a family ravaged by this chronic disease, Carranza has seen the impact diabetes had on his mother and his aunt, both hairdressers, as they struggled to continue to work behind the chair. Building on more than four decades of groundbreaking discoveries, City of Hope’s lifesaving research and treatment advances improve the lives of people around the world. Numerous breakthrough diabetes and cancer drugs are based on technology pioneered by City of Hope researchers, including synthetic human insulin, now used by millions of diabetics every day. “I’m proud to support City of Hope and the groundbreaking diabetes research being conducted there. City of Hope is an organization that is

committed to creating longer and healthier lives for our salon professionals,” said Carranza. “I’m humbled and honored to receive The Spirit of Life Award and be recognized by my peers in the beauty industry – all of whom believe that City of Hope’s lifesaving research improves the quality of life for our hairdressers and for people around the world.” Reuben Carranza joined P&G in 1990 and has held significant positions in many divisions. Carranza can be credited for integrating Clairol and Nioxin into Wella’s portfolio, and for the re-staging of two legendary salon brands, Sebastian Professional and Wella Koleston Perfect. Most recently, as CEO he has led the blockbuster launch of Wella Professionals Care and Styling in North America and the relaunch of the iconic Clairol Professional brand. He serves as an active member on the boards of the City of Hope National Professional Salon Industry, Beauty Changes Lives, and the Professional Beauty Association. “We are privileged to honor Reuben Carranza, whose extraordinary vision and innovation has redefined the beauty industry,” said Britta Bucholz, City of Hope, Sr. Director of Philanthropy. “It is fitting that he receives The Spirit of Life Award, which recognizes an honoree’s outstanding leadership and contributions to the community and his profession.” For information about purchasing tickets for the July 13 event, or to make a donation, contact Kathleen P. Talbot at 213-241-7192; kptalbot@coh.org.

Andis Offers Superliner™ Trimmer/ Shaver with Free Shaver Head Andis Co. is proud to offer customers their popular Superliner™ Trimmer/ Shaver paired with a free shaver head attachment. The tool already comes equipped with a close-cutting carbon-steel T-blade and detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning, but now it has even more to offer with the shaver head.

The powerful rotary motor trimmer boasts a smooth, sleek and lightweight design. The high-quality carbon-steel blades are specially hardened for long cutting life and they make the tool perfect for outlining, detailing, shaving and shaping. The ergonomic design with soft grip inset fits comfortably in the hand and the maintenance-free motor is extremely quiet. Learn more at www.andis.com.

MegaGrowth “The Mane Event” MegaGrowth, an anti-breakage system created by Strength of Nature to strengthen and protect both relaxed and natural hair, celebrated the re-launch of the brand at the King Plow Art Gallery on April 11 in Atlanta with a star-studded event hosted by Tatyana Ali & Laz Alonso with special guest Porsha Stewart. Celebrity attendees included Quad Webb-Lunceford & Mariah Huq (Married to Medicine), Egypt Sherrod (V103, Property Virgins), Ariane Davis (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta) Andrea Kelly (Hollywood Exes) and Alexandra Dilworth (TakingAtlanta). The awe inspiring “Mane Event” included a RELAXation massage zone, hair styling booths for styling tips, product demonstrations and information. In addition, Tasheara Neshell, celebrity hairstylist known for styling clients like Jennifer Hudson and Viola Davis, was also in attendance mixing and mingling with guests as they enjoyed complementary cocktails, desserts and music by DJ Toni K. To get product information, find out about contests and giveaways, ask questions, or simply keep up with MegaGrowth in realtime, take to Twitter and follow @MegaGrowth and “Like” the brand on Facebook at facebook.com/MegaGrowth 100

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

IndustryNews Philips Norelco and Bump Patrol Search for Smoothest Man on Facebook A man’s competitive nature drives him to try to prove himself constantly in most every aspect of his life: sports, careers, cars and women. To tap this penchant to prove it, Bump Patrol, the no. 1 razor bump treatment from M&M Products Co., and Philips Consumer Lifestyle, which markets and sells Philips Norelco shavers, have joined forces to create the “Prove Your Smooth” Facebook app campaign, suggesting that a smooth look goes hand-in-hand with smooth actions. It engages men in a rivalry among friends while it introduces the new Philips Norelco CareTouch electric razor, a razor that is smooth on skin and tough on ingrown hairs. At ProveYourSmooth.com, a man can take the challenge by connecting his Facebook account to the microsite, allowing it to analyze his public profile and social interactions for how they convey his smooth factor. The website, which also has a mobile version, gathers his information and runs it through a custom “smooth” analysis to generate a score up to 1000 points. A high score means he’s a smooth operator; a low score means he needs to “man up” and work his magic. Each man sees a breakdown of his results and how he could earn more points. He is then encouraged to size himself up against his friends by sending challenges to their walls on Facebook that dare them to join the competition. All participants are eligible to enter a sweepstakes to win one of five Grand Prizes that includes the combination of a Philips Norelco CareTouch electric razor and a year’s supply of Bump Patrol shave gels and aftershaves, a value of over $100. An additional five men will score a Philips Norelco CareTouch electric razor, and five others will receive the entire Bump Patrol collection. Each of the first 5,000 to enter will receive Bump Patrol samples packs. The brand alliance targets African American men, who more commonly suffer from shaving irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs since their hair tends to be thick and curly. CareTouch is Philips Norelco’s best shaver for ingrown hairs. Bump Patrol’s shave gels lubricate the skin and hair for an easy-glide shave. Its therapeutic aftershaves contain soothing agents, antiseptics, humectants and emollients to prevent and treat skin irritation, which could otherwise lead to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Learn more at www.ProveYourSmooth.com.

Discover Beauty 2013 Overview

The Discover Beauty program, an exclusive initiative of Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), returns for its seventh successful year of matching leading retailers with emerging beauty brands in 2013. Companies from all over the world must be approved to participate in Discover Beauty, ensuring an exclusive array of unique, cutting-edge brands that are sure to be the “next big thing.” For these brands, CPNA show organizers arrange pre-scheduled sales meetings and events with important retailers; however, the area is open to all attendees throughout the 3-day event. CPNA is proud to announce the Discover Beauty line-up for 2013: African Botanics, Control Corrective Skincare Systems, Doll Face Beauty, Dr. Rey Anti-Age Skin Care, Fairiche, Greenland Body Care, Jenetiqa, Layla Cosmetics, Karora Cosmetics, Manuka Doctor, Marilou Bio, MDSolarSciences, Million Dollar Hair, Mirabella Beauty, Montiel, Skin&Co Roma, True Girl Skin Care and VitaMan. The Discover Beauty program is a high-end, curated section centrally located on the show floor combining the best of both worlds: a one-on-one customized buyer program complete with pre-arranged faceto-face meetings to take place in private meeting room spaces as well as a traditional exhibition presentation. This allows the brands to enjoy the exposure to all attendees at the show, but it also guarantees the face-to-face time with select specialty retail buyers to secure placement into key accounts. All Discover Beauty brands are automatically enrolled for the 2013 Discover Beauty Award. This award is given to one brand, which is recognized for its creativity in concept, packaging and overall ability to succeed in this competitive retail market. The winner is selected by industry leaders, beauty editors and participating retailers. The Discover Beauty Award winner will be announced on the evening of Sunday, July 14 as part of a private reception.

Sunny Isle Featured on Dr. Oz Beauty Website Sunny Isle, the product line created by JBC Distributors, was recently featured on Dr. Oz’s beauty website, YouBeauty.com. This brand of Jamaican black castor oil was mentioned in an article titled, “Caribbean Beauty: Three Must-Have Brands.” The article explains how Jamaican black castor oil has increasingly gained popularity throughout the U.S., “but it’s taken Jamaicans a while to come back around to using their grandmothers’ hair and skin staple.” Regardless of the time it took customers to come around, this product is making quite a stir within the industry. Find the article at www.youbeauty.com/skin/caribbean-beauty-brands, and learn more about the JBC Distributors at www.jamaicanblackcastoroil.com.

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JUNE: 1-3 Premiere Beauty Show

Advanced Beauty Imperial Dax �������������������������96 Procter & Gamble ������������ Insert Systems ���������������� 41, Gatefold www.imperialdax.com www.pg.com

Orlando, FL www.premiereorlandoshow.biz


8-10 Hair Expo Australia Sydney, Australia www.hairexpoaustralia.com

16-17 Texas Hair Show Mesquite, TX www.texashairshows.com

18-20 HBA Global Expo New York, NY www.hbaexpo.com

22-24 IECSC Las Vegas Conference Int’l Las Vegas, NV www.iecsc.com

22-24 International Beauty Show Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV www.ibslasvegas.com

23 Milwaukee Natural Hair Care Expo Milwaukee, WI www.milwaukeenaturalhaircareexpo.com

JULY: 13-16 PBA Beauty Week Las Vegas, NV www.probeauty.org/beautyweek

14 NAHA Awards 2013 Las Vegas, NV www.probeauty.org/naha

14-16 Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas, NV www.cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

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OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

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Reader Feedback Let your voice be heard! In this segment OTC Beauty Magazine wants

to find out what is important to you, our loyal readers. Posing a handful of questions each month, our goal is to learn through feedback how to better serve you. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts; write responses on this sheet and mail it back to us, or send it through email.

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여러분의 목소리를 내세요! OTC 뷰티 매거진은 소중한 여러분의 의견을 수렴하려고 합니다. 매달 몇 가지의 질문을 통해 여러분의 의견을 듣고, 좀더 발전된 잡지를 만들고자 합니다. 약간의 시간을 내 주시어 여러분의 생각들을 전달해 주세요. 질문지에 답변을 하여 저희 사무실로 보내주시거나 이메일을 보내 주시면 됩니다. (연락처는 이 페이지 맨 밑에 있습니다)

1. What is your best selling hair care item – styling products, tools or hair accessories? Please explain.

1. 여러분의 최고 판매 헤어 케어 아이템은 무엇입니까? - 스타일링 제품, 도구 혹은 헤어 액세서리입니까? 설명해 주세요.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Do you often counsel customers on hair care? If so, what is your favorite piece of advice to share? 2. 여러분은 고객들과 헤어 케어에 관한 상담을 자주 하십니까? 그렇다면, 여러분이 가장 즐겨 하는 조언을 함께 공유하자면, 어떤 것을 꼽을 수 있습니까?? ___________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

3. What is the most popular type of commercial hair in your establishment 3. 여러분의 매장에서 가장 있기 있는 헤어 제품은 무엇입니까? _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. How common is it to find shelf talkers along your store aisles? Do you find these effective? Why or why not? 4. 여러분의 매장 진열 통로에서 광고 인쇄물을 얼마나 쉽게 찾을 수 있습니까? 그리고 여러분은 이것의 효과를 보고 계십니까? 그 이유는 무엇이며, 효과를 보지 못했다면 그 이유는 또 무엇입니까? ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

When we receive your feedback we will choose a few answers to feature in the next month’s issue. You could be famous just by answering a few questions – simple as that! We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for supporting this publication. 보내주신 답변 중 몇몇을 뽑아 다음달에 기재하도록 하겠습니다. 몇 개의 질문에 답변을 함으로써, 여러분이 잡지에 실릴 수 있는 것입니다! 여러분의 성원에 감사 드리며, 많은 참여 부탁 드리겠습니다.

Name (성함) _________________________ Store Name (스토어 이름) ____________________ State (주) _____________ 110

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Mail this form to: OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email: editor@otcbeautymagazine.com


OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email: editor@otcbeautymagazine.com

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Via Natural

Avocado Oil

Who says a product has to be created to satisfy the needs of only one beauty industry sector? Universal Beauty doesn’t see any reason to keep products strictly targeted, and we think they are on to something spectacular. With this in mind, they give you Via Natural’s Avocado Oil. Avocado Oil is a moisturizing formula that boasts multiple uses, making it an all-in-one product for healthy hair, scalp and body. It can be 112

OTC Beauty Magazine June 2013

used as a hair treatment, body massage, hot oil treatment and for skin care—specifically as a dry skin moisturizer. Not only does it penetrate deeply to help smooth away rough, dry or cracked skin, but it also nourishes hair. Try it for yourself today! Customers are guaranteed to be happy seeing this product on your shelves. www.universalbeauty.com