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Electric Items That Are Sure to Sell How Should You Sell It –

Flat Irons and Curling Irons

7 Reasons Why You’re Losing Customers

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OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

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OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


July 2018

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How Should You Sell It?

The Best Products for Use with Electrical Tools

Flat Irons and Curling Irons 어떻게 판매해야 할까요? 플렛 아이언과 컬링 아이언

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Beauty Super Powers Both Inside and Out Clipper Cutting with Ceramic Blades Offer Unique Advantages


Knowledge To Know

How to Choose the Right Clippers and Trimmers

By Eric Cheek There’s nothing better than a fresh cut and a fantastic fade. Perhaps one of the hardest, yet most crucial, things to achieve either cut is to master the decision for choosing the right clipper or trimmer for your grooming needs. What most don’t realize, is that different hair characteristics – like texture and density – will determine which tools will achieve the best performance. We tapped Andis Educator and awardwinning Master Barber, Eric Cheek, to share insight on choosing the best tool for your next cut. 올바른 클리퍼와 트리머 선정법 깔끔한 컷트와 환상적인 페이드 컷트만큼 좋은 것도 없겠죠. 하지만 그보다 더 중요한 건 본인의 헤어스타일에 가장 적합 한 클리퍼와

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5 Tools for the Professional Stylist’s Arsenal

If you have a lot of professional hairstylists or barbers shopping at your store, chances are they are looking for products for their salon. But stylists who travel have kits that will need the right equipment to handle any situation that may arise on set, at a wedding or any other occasion that requires their services. BaByliss specializes in providing superior products that cater to these needs and recommends five items to keep in stock for the convenience of your professional customers.

Electrifying Essentials


We take a look at the 5 fastest-moving Electrical Items at Jinny Beauty Supply.

독자 피드백

Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Elongating Pudding

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

트리퍼를 고르는 것인데, 그 또한 만만치 않습니다. 대다수는 질감과 밀도와 같이 각자 모발의 특성이 어떤 기구를 사용했을 때 최상의 결과를 낳을 것인지를 결정한다는 것을 깨닫지 못합니다. 저희는 여러분의 헤어컷트에 가장 적합한 장비를 선택할 수 있도록 Andis Educator(앤디스의 교육 전문가)이자 각종 수상 경력에 빛나는 마스터 바버인 Eric Cheek을 만났습니다.

NEW ORS™ Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray™ gives you

The Power to


the Power of More. More shine. More moisture. More nourishment. Olive Oil together with Coconut Oil delivers long-lasting, brilliant shine in a lightweight formula. For all hair types and styles. Embrace your power to shine! Check out the complete line with a fresh new look!

Together we’re strong. Together we strive. Together we embrace



1 (888) ROOT-Stim (766-8784) #nostereotypes ©2018 Namasté Laboratories, L.L.C.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


July 2018

c ont en t s


Business Tips Confident Over Smart

By Kate Zabriskie Although Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield may have been right about love relationships when they penned their hit, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do,” when it comes to business, that notion rings less true. Customers frequently break up with their suppliers, vendors, and partners. And guess what? Most of them don’t find it hard. Are breakups inevitable? Not always, but businesses need to understand the four reasons customers leave and how they can avoid them.

똑똑함보다 중요한 자신감

사랑에 관련되어 Neil Sedaka와 Howard Greenfield의 히트작인

자신감이야 말로 잘 사는 것의 핵심이라고 생각한다. 자신감 있는

“Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (무너진 사랑)” 가 옳았을 지는

사람은, 대중이 잘못된 길을 갈 때 그 뒤를 따르게 될 가능성이 적다.

모르지만, 사업에서는 그 개념이 잘 맞지 않습니다. 고객들은 공급자,

자신감 있는 사람은, 인생에서, 그리고 커리어에서 새로운 도전을

벤더 그리고 파트너사와의 관계를 자주 끊어버립니다. 그런데 생각해

하려 한다. 무엇보다도, 자신감 있는 사람에게는 가장 중요한 것에

보셨나요? 대부분의 고객들은 이를 어렵다고 생각하지 않습니다.

대한 확신이 있다. 바로 자기 자신이다. 자신감이 있으면, 능력을

계약 해지는 불가피한가요? 항상 그런 것은 아니지만 고객이 떠나는

최대로 발휘할 수 있다. 자신감이 있다는 것은 어려움과 힘든 일을

4가지 이유와 고객이 떠나지 않도록 하는 방법을 이해해야 합니다.

힘든 일을 맡기를 원하게 된다는 뜻이다. 똑똑함 보다 자신감이 어떻게 여러분의 경력과 비즈니스에 도움이 되는지 알아보도록 하자.

1+1=7 Leveraging Intangibles for Business Wealth

By Baldwin Tom Every day, businesses lose money by not understanding or leveraging their investments. When one considers the financials of organizations, it is clear that a significant portion of those investments are not captured in financial statements. Why? Because these are the people-side or soft-side intangible investments the accounting industry has yet to document. This may be a reason one views these same intangibles as not of significant value. But your intangible investments can be just as valuable as those that appear on your quarterly report. 1+1=7! 사업의 자산을 늘리기 위해 무형적 요소들을 활용하라 투자를 잘 이해하지 못하거나 활용하지 못해서 손해를 보는 사람들이 많습니다. 조직의 재정 상태를 평가할 때 재정 문서만으로는 투자의 상당 부분을 이해하지 못합니다. 왜 그럴까요? 회계학으로는 기록할 수 없는 인적 측면의 투자가 존재하기 때문입니다. 사람들은 이러한 요소들이 겉으로 드러나지 않는다고 해서 중요하지 않다고 생각할 수 있습니다. 하지만 무형적 투자는 분기별 보고서에 나오는 수치 만큼이나 가치 있는 요소일 수 있습니다.


Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do: Why Companies Lose Customers and What to Do About It

By Nathan Jamail A person’s confidence is the nucleus of their wellbeing. A confident person is less willing to follow the wrong crowd. A confident person is more willing to take chances in their lives as well as their careers. Most importantly, a confident person believes in the most important thing- themselves. When we are confident, we are at our best. This isn’t the opposite of avoiding challenges or hard work. This is being confident so that we rush towards challenges and desire to work even harder. Learn how embracing confidence over being smart can be beneficial for your career or business.

피하는 것의 반대말이 아니다. 오히려 어려움을 향해 돌진하고, 더



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

관계를 끊어버리는 것이 어렵지만은 않습니다: 회사들이 고객을 잃는 이유와 이에 대한 조치


Beauty Ambassador

Styling Tools Beauty Ambassador

By Detra Smith Natural Hair with the Hooded Dryer

ON THE COVER: Experience the high of Ecoco’s Eco Natural Cannabis Sativa line. This collection includes lotion, cowash, conditioner and more. This deeply nourishing and CBD-infused collection moisturizes, repairs and revitalizes the hair, skin and scalp, while relaxing the mind. To learn more, visit

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Š2018 SPARKS. All Rights Reserved. 1-855-9-SPARKS. To learn more, please visit |

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



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OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Editorial Letter

! c i tr c tI ’s Ele by Jessica De Vault Hale

When you’re getting ready in the morning, you’ll be hard-pressed to start your day without an electrical beauty item. Men will reach for their trimmers to maintain that five o’clock shadow. Women may grab a diffuser to set their natural curls or a curling wand to create the perfect ringlets. Even those who avoid heat styling may spend their weekends sitting underneath a hooded dryer to deep condition their hair. Electrical tools are a necessity in the beauty industry for professionals and customers alike. And just like the hair products category, electrical items are prone to frequent upgrades, with newer and better models to choose from every year. Will you keep the latest tools in stock for your customers?

전기 제품입니다! 아침에 준비할 때, 전기 미용 제품없이 하루를 시작하기는 어려울 것입니다. 남성들은 수염을 깎아 깔끔한 모습 유지를 하도록 할 것입니다. 여성들은 컬을 자연스럽게 유지하기 위해 헤어 드라이어를 사용하거나 고대기를 이용하여 웨이브를 만들 것입니다. 열로 스타일링을 하지 않는 사람들조차도 주말에 후드 드라이어 밑에 앉아서 머리 관리를 받을 수도 있습니다. 전기 도구는 뷰티 업계에서 전문가 및 고객 모두에게 필수입니다. 헤어 제품 카테고리와 마찬가지로 전기 제품은 더 빠르게 업그레이드되어

Maybe it’s a little overwhelming to keep up with all of the hot new merchandise. That’s understandable, but keep in mind that the consumer is constantly tracking the latest and greatest items from their favorite brands. They’ll want to buy the premiere products when they are released. So in this edition, we hope to inform you of what’s new in electrical beauty products, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

매년 새롭고 더 좋은 모델을 선택할 수 있습니다. 고객을 위해 최신 도구를 구비할 예정인가요? 어쩌면 모든 인기 신상품 트렌드를 따라잡기가 다소 힘들 수도 있습니다. 이해가는 점이지만, 소비자가 자신이 좋아하는 브랜드의 최신 제품 및 최고의 제품을 지속적으로 주시하고 있음을 명심하십시오. 고객들은

Our Marketplace story (page 16) will feature tons of new items, as well as some classics that are still just as popular as they were before. Our Top 5 roundup (page 68) will clue you in on what’s flying off the shelves now! And for those moments when your customers come in with questions about what products to buy for their professional and at-home needs, we’re offering lots of tips. In our Knowledge to Know section (page 30), we’ll discuss the difference between clippers and trimmers and how to answer your customers’ questions. And you’ll be armed with the knowledge necessary to help your hairstylists stock up on the must-haves for their profession with our tips from BaByliss in our Feature story on page 64. This month, we hope you’ll be equipped to address all of your shoppers’ beauty needs and electrify your sales!

신상품이 출시될 때 초기에 제품을 구매하길 원할 것입니다. 이번 호에 최신 전기 미용 제품에 대해 다루었기 때문에, 여러분은 최신 소식에 뒤처지지 않을 것입니다. 마켓 플레이스 스토리 (16 페이지)에는 아직 인기가 식지 않은 일부 클래식 제품뿐만 아니라 수 많은 신상품을 다룰 것입니다. 우리의 Top 5 요약(페이지 68)에서는 지금 불티나게 팔리는 제품들에 대한 정보를 줄 것입니다! 고객이 전문적이고 가정에서 필요한 어떤 제품을 구매해야 하는지에 대한 질문에 대해 많은 팁을 드립니다. Knowledge to Know 섹션 (30 페이지)에서는 가위와 트리머의 차이점과 고객의 질문에 어떻게 대답해야 하는지에 대해 설명합니다. 그리고 64 페이지의 특집 기사에서 BaByliss의 팁으로 헤어 스타일리스트가 꼭 필요한 것을 준비하는 데 필요한 지식이 무엇인지에 대해 알려드릴 것입니다. 이번 달에, 쇼핑객이 원하는 모든 미적 요구 사항을 해결하고 판매

Jessica De Vault Hale EDITOR


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

실적을 향상시킬 수 있는 장비가 갖추어지기를 바랍니다.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



 For Professional Finish

100% K-LON 12

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

Remi Touch I REM CH TOU

Natural Healthy


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Expert Advice By David Wright

High Quality

Grooming Products Why an excellent haircut requires more than great clippers and trimmers Clippers and trimmers are two of the most important electrical tools used

clipper blades and cause the

in barbering. Clippers can be used for a variety of cutting techniques, from

blades to either stop cutting

blending to texturizing. Trimmers, also referred to as edgers or outliners,

or slow down. This ensures

are essential for finish and detail work. Today’s barber has a vast array of

that my electrical cutting

clipper styles to choose from. However, in order for these electrical tools to

tools deliver the best final hair

perform their best, quality grooming products are a necessity before and

cut results. I have tried to cut

after using electrical tools. An excellent shampoo ensures that the barber

clients’ hair with hair products

is working with clean hair that is free from oils, debris, perspiration and

in it and it made it impossible

hair products that can interfere with electrical cutting tools and the final

for my clippers to give them

hair cut results. Follow-up hair conditioning treatments after the shampoo

the best hair cut results. That’s

help keep the hair healthy and manageable condition for the client and the

when we decided to come up

barber. Hair conditioners moisturize the hair and help restore some of its

with the No Grease Rule in my

natural oils and proteins and

barbershop. There can be no grease in your hair if I was going to render a

ultimately improve the hair’s

haircut without a shampoo.

strength and body.

The second recommended shampoo should be done after the haircut

As a professional barber,

itself to remove all of the loose hairs that were cut or trimmed. Follow

I would shampoo the hair

that shampoo up with a hair conditioner to moisturize the hair and restore

twice. I shampoo the hair

some of its natural oils and proteins.





electrical clippers to remove all oils, debris, perspiration

The Importance of Using Quality Products with Your Electrical Tools to Maximize Beard Grooming Results

and hair products from the

Clippers and trimmers are two of the most important electrical tools used

hair. Gels, pomades, oils,

to shape and trim beards. Before shaping the beard with electrical clippers,

moisturizers and other hair

shampoo with a gentle sulfate-free, beard shampoo to ensure that the beard

products clog the electrical

is clean and free of beard products that could interfere with the electrical


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

cutting tools and final shaping results.

After the second wash, it is time to

Barber Shop Aid® Volumizing Beard Wash

condition the beard. Barber Shop Aid®

is Sulfate Free, Pareben Free and Fragrance

Volumizing Beard Conditioner helps

Free and will leave the beard clean and

restore hair strength, body and adds

soft. After the beard is clean, you can

volume and softness.

either towel dry it or use an electrical blow dryer to dry it. Electrical clippers and trimmers will perform at their optimum best when the hair is clean and dry.

After conditioning the beard, towel dry and use Barber Shop Aid® Leave in Conditioner Spray to detangle, soften and wake up the beard. After combing

After shaping the beard with clippers

through the beard use Barber Shop

and trimming it with outliners, you are

Aid® Beard Oil to seal in the moisture

now ready to use a little aftershave on the

and give freshly trimmed beards the

trimmed areas to cool the skin down from any irritations that may have been caused by the electrical trimmers. Also, it’s time for the second wash to remove all of the loose cut and trimmed hairs. Loose hairs can fall onto your shirt, clothes, food, etc. So the second wash is just as important as the first.

ultimate healthy, shiny look and feel. As you can see, there is a significance to using quality products with your electrical tools. Maximize the results of your quality tools with quality products. You can’t have one without the other.

Meet David

David (Bebe) Wright, the founder of Barber Shop Aid Brand Products, has relied on his skills as a Master Barber & Barbershop Owner to succeed in business. This knowledge helped to aid in the research and development of Barber Shop Aid Brand Products. Learn more at www. or contact David at 251-533-5625 or

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



Electrifying Essentials

Whether you’re a professional stylist or barber or a customer who prefers to take care of your own hair needs in the comforts of home, everyone needs a few electrical items to achieve their beauty and grooming goals. Even the cordless variety of products rely on an electrical source for a recharge. That’s why we gathered the top products in this category, so you can offer the best selection for your shoppers.

CORDLESS CLIPPERS The new Andis Supra ZR® II takes

inspiration from the brand’s beloved Supra ZR®. Featuring an updated

removable battery design, the cordless Supra ZR II is the efficient choice

for busy barbers. Lithium-ion power delivers up to a 3-hour run time on a single charge, while a

heavy-duty, detachable blade design offers the

versatility of UltraEdge®

and CeramicEdge® blade

options for just the right cut

length. Made for high-volume work, the powerful rotary

motor clipper cuts any hair

type, wet or dry, with 5-speed -versatility adjusting from

1,800 to 3,800 strokes per minute. Backed by a oneyear warranty, the American-made Andis Supra ZR II comes with a charger stand,

charging adapter and blade oil.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



For professional-grade results,

The BioIonic FlatIron One Pass

customers can rely on the ConairPRO

is a fast-acting straightener that

1875-Watt dryer features the latest in

straighten hair in one pass.

YellowBird Hair Dryer. This pistol grip,

technology and includes a concentrator nozzle and straightening pic. It also

has two speeds, four heat settings and a dual protection thermal system to prevent a shutdown.

does what its name suggests: The iron leaves hair straight

and shiny, thanks to its silicone speed strips and nanolonic

ceramic plates. The Nanolonic

minerals emit natural, negative ions to hydrate and condition tresses. With heats up to

400°, this iron will leave your shoppers’ hair straight in no time.

IRON HEATER The Gold N’ Hot Professional Jumbo Ceramic Heating Stove has the

same fast, thorough heating as the

Professional Ceramic Heater Stove, but it is bolstered by a jumbo-sized heating compartment that accommodates multiple large stove irons. The

precision-crafted stove’s maximum steady temperature of 860ºF gives

stylists nearly instantaneous access to the highest heats available for heating

styling tools. A stainless-steel base and a 4-ft. Professional Power Cord with a



The Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper is

The Challenger Nu Golden Electric

and designed to deliver the sharp

years past. This comb is powered

intended for professional use only

performance that experts demand with the convenience of a smaller size. With its compact size and sleek design, this stylish trimmer offers an appealing aesthetic in addition to top-notch

precision and function. All of the power of a full-size clipper in a miniature size that fits in the palm of your hand.

Comb isn’t the typical hot comb from by electricity and is equipped with a heat-resistant handle to prevent burns. Solid-brass teeth are also designed to not pull on the hair

and cause damage. This product is

perfect for customers who want the

old school feel without having to use a kitchen stove.

safety grounding plug helps make this professional salon tool one of the safest in the industry.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Electrifying Essentials

STANDING HOT DRYER The Hot Tools Stand Up Dryer Ionic is an 1875-Watts dryer that is equipped with the

Pro-Moisture System™ with

Tourmaline and the Direct ION TECHNOLOGY® for frizz-free

styling. The dryer also has two speeds, four heat options and a large, adjustable bonnet to accommodate the largest of

rollers. Ideal for

professionals or customers who

prefer to do their

hair at home, this

standing dryer is a must-have.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

TAPERED IRON The One ‘n Only Argan Heat Taper Iron features a ceramic barrel

infused with Argan Oil – a bonus for fans of this popular oil. It is

also tapered in diameter from 1” near the handle to ½” at the tip,

making it easy to create tight to

loose cascading curls in seconds

with just one curling iron. The wand comes with a clipless barrel and an

instant heat-up

of up to 400°F.

LITHIUM-ION CHARGED CLIPPERS The Oster® Octane® Heavy Duty Cordless

Hair Clipper uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for a longer cutting time between

charges. With more than twice the running

time of a regular battery, you have the ability

to cut more and recharge less. It holds steady power for as long as the battery runs without

torque reduction in the motor for cut after cut on any hair type. With a dual battery charging base, you can always have an optional backup charged and ready to go.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Electrifying Essentials



The J2 Triple Barrel Curling Iron

Straightening one’s hair has never

to achieve a beach wavy look

Straightener Brush. This brush has an

is perfect for customers seeking or a Hollywood glam S-wave

curl without the fuss of curling the hair in small sections. This

tool is not only convenient but affordable, as well.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

been so easy as it is with the J2 Hair

instant heat up to 430°F. And it’s ceramiccoated brush teeth allows the tool to

slide through hair for easy straightening.

WAX WARMER The GiGi Honee Warmer is designed

to meet the demands of a professional

waxing center. This professional warmer is intended for all day use, with an

adjustable thermostat control to ensure reliable wax temperature.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

















100% DMA


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018




100% DMA














OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


How should you sell it? By Scott Zangwill

This month’s selling focus is…

Flat Irons and Curling Irons When it comes to flat irons and curling irons, there is certainly a bounty of options to choose from. Whether

it’s a single barrel or a triple barrel iron, electric or stove-heated, or a flat irons with ceramic plates or irons with quick, high heating capabilities, there is no shortage of products and brands for customers to consider.

How can store owners display their growing inventory of curling irons and flat irons? “I was recently in several OTC stores and was amazed to see how many flat iron and curling Irons were out there for the store customers to choose from. In the curling irons category, you have sizes from ½ inch to 3 inches. And there are so many types and

where the customers walked in. We put a small assortment of irons on that table with special deals on them. By putting this small table in front of the sales floor, it reminded those that may not always go into that section about these products and changed things up a bit in the stores, as well. The consumer really benefits from so many types of irons these days. With ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium flat iron plates available, along with different lengths and automatic shut-offs for safety and temperature adjustments, it can be fun for the customer to shop this variety of hair straightening irons. Flat irons tend to run in length from about 8 inches to 18 inches and their price range is from $10 to $100. However, the cheaper ones tend to burn out faster.

K.C. Beauty, Towson, Maryland

brands, as well. You have Gold ‘n Hot, Hot Tools, Belson, Helen of Troy and BaByliss just to name a few. So how can the OTC display these? In most cases, they are in a section of their own. At one particular store last year, I set up a round table on the sales floor,

There are a few manufacturers that have heat protection lines to help the customers preserve the health of their hair while using these electric products. Heat protectant items can include shampoo conditioners, gels, and hair shines. This is a growing niche and isn’t going away. So I suggest displaying these products in combination with your store’s flat irons and curling tools, to maximize your units per transaction.”

Scott Zangwill

Merchandise Brand Specialist Inc.

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DevaCurl is available for purchase only in the continental US, excluding NY, NJ, MD, DC, VA and only available for resale through your physical OTC store location.




OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


어떻게 판매해야 하나? By Scott Zangwill

어떻게 판매해야 할까요?

플렛 아이언과 컬링 아이언

플렛 아이언과 컬링 아이언 제품들은 선택의 폭이 넓습니다. 단일 배럴이든 3중 배럴이던, 전기 또는 스토브 열이던, 세라믹 판이 있는 스트레이트 고대기 또는 빠르고 고열을 낼 수 있는 고대기 이던간에 고객이 고려해야 할 제품 및 브랜드는 매우 많습니다.

매장내 컬링 아이언과 플랫 아이언을 어떻게 진열해야 하나요?

“저는 최근에 몇몇 OTC 매장을 방문했고 상점 고객이 선택할 수 있는 스트레이트 고대기와 웨이브용 고대기가 굉장히 많은 것을 보고

있습니다. 그렇다면 OTC는 이를 어떻게 진열할 수 있을까요? 대부분의 경우, 이 제품들은 헤어 섹션에 진열됩니다. 작년에 한 상점에서 저는 고객이 들어오는 곳에 둥근 판매 테이블을 세워놓았습니다. 그리고 이 테이블에는 특별 조건으로 아이언들을 진열하였습니다. 이 작은 테이블을 가게 앞에 놓음으로써, 이 제품에 대해 해당 섹션에 들어가지 않는 고객들에게도 제품을 선보일 수 있었습니다. 요즘 소비자들은 수 많은 종류의 아이언으로 혜택을 누리고 있습니다. 세라믹, 전기석 및 티타늄 평면 철판을 사용하여 다양한 길이와 안전 및 온도 조절을 위한 자동 차단 기능을 통해 다양한 종류의 머리를 펴는 아이언을 구매할 수 있습니다. 스트레이트용 아이언은 길이가 약 8 인치에서 18인치 사이이며, 가격 범위는 10 달러에서 100달러 사이입니다. 그러나 더 싼 제품은 빨리 타는 경향이 있습니다.

K.C. Beauty, Towson, Maryland

놀랐습니다. 헤어 고대기 카테고리에서는 ½ 인치에서 3 인치 사이의 크기가 있습니다. 그리고 많은 형태와 브랜드가 있습니다. 브랜드명도 Gold ‘n Hot, Hot Tools, Belson, Helen of Troy 와BaByliss 등이

이 전기 제품을 사용하는 동안 고객이 머리카락 건강을 유지할 수 있도록 해주는 열 보호 제품들이 있습니다. 그러한 제품에는 샴푸 컨디셔너, 젤 및 헤어 샤인제등이 있습니다. 이 제품들은 성장하는 틈새 시장이며, 앞으로도 사라지지 않을 것입니다. 따라서 상점의 스트레이트 아이언 및 컬링 아이언과 함께 이러한 제품을 전시하여 구매시 같이 구입할 수 있도록 하는 것이 좋습니다.”

Scott Zangwill

Merchandise Brand Specialist Inc.

위와 관련하여 질문이 있으시다면 로 보내주십시오. 8월호에 여러분의 의견이 채택될 수도 있습니다! 26

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Coily, Kinky, Curly Hair

• Nourishes and soothes dry scalp • Strengthens to promote length retention • Detangles and defines coils and curls @justformehair OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018






OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Knowledge to Know


최고의 컷트

There’s nothing better than a fresh cut and a fantastic fade. Perhaps one of the hardest, yet most crucial, things to achieve either cut is to master the decision for choosing the right clipper or trimmer for your grooming needs. What most don’t realize, is that different hair characteristics – like texture and density – will determine which tools will achieve the best performance. We tapped Andis Educator and award-winning Master Barber, Eric Cheek, to share insight on choosing the best tool for your next cut.

깔끔한 컷트와 환상적인 페이드 컷트만큼 좋은 것도 없겠죠. 하지만 그보다 더 중요한 건 본인의 헤어스타일에 가장 적합 한 클리퍼와 트리퍼를 고르는 것인데, 그 또한 만만치 않습니다. 대다수는 질감과 밀도와 같이 각자 모발의 특성이 어떤 기구를 사용했을 때 최상의 결과를 낳을 것인지를 결정한다는 것을 깨닫지 못합니다. 저희는 여러분의 헤어컷트에 가장 적합한 장비를 선택할 수 있도록 Andis Educator( 앤디스의 교육 전문가)이자 수상 경력에 빛나는 마스터 바버인 Eric Cheek을 만났습니다.

Understanding the Motor

모터방식 이해하기

To identify the best clipper, you must first establish which motor type will meet your cutting needs and complement the needs of your client. Electric clippers and trimmers are the top choice but it’s imperative to identify the best motor based on its unique benefits.

가장 좋은 클리퍼를 찾아내기 위해 당신은 먼저 당신이 원하는 컷트 및 고객의 니즈를 보완하는데 알맞은 모터의 유형을 결정해야 합니다. 전기 클리퍼 및 트리머가 최상의 선택이긴 하지만 각각의 고유한 장점을 바탕으로 최고의 모터를 찾아내는 것이 반드시 필요합니다.

The most common choice is a rotary motor. The balance between power, speed, size and weight makes rotary motor tools extremely versatile and the preferred option for high volume, heavy-duty cutting for wet or dry hair. “The high power and medium blade speed are great for cutting a lot of short styles,” said Cheek. “It has incredible torque that allows you to move quickly, especially on straight hair.”

A magnetic motor tool is best for smooth cuts on dry, light textured hair due to the high speed. Less moving parts make these motors simple, reliable and long-lasting. Cheek specifically recommends the Andis Master Adjustable Blade Clipper series saying, “If you cut a lot of hair each week, you will want a magnetic motor clipper at your workstation. The Master’s high-speed design delivers 14,000 cutting strokes per minute.”

Last of the motor types is the pivot motor. It has high power and a lower blade speed making it a great choice for students or beginner clipper cutters. However, don’t let the lower blade speed fool you! The motor is twice as powerful as magnetic motors making it ideal for cutting thick, coarse hair.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

가장 일반적인 선택은 로터리 모터입니다. 동력, 속도, 크기, 그리고 무게 간 균형은 로터리 모터방식을 사용한 기구들을 매우 유동적으로 만들어 주며, 많은 숱, 건조 또는 젖은 모발의 견고한 컷트에 적합하도록 만들어줍니다. “강력한 동력과 중간 정도의 블레이드 속도는 많은 짧은 스타일의 머리를 자르는데 적합합니다” 라고 Cheek은 말합니다. “ 그것은 특히 직모에서 당신이 신속하게 움직일 수 있도록 하는 엄청난 회전력을 가지고 있습니다.”

마그네틱 모터방식의 경우는 고속으로 작동하므로 건조하고 가벼운 모발을 부드럽게 자르는데 적합합니다. 움직이는 부품수가 적기 때문에 이 모터는 간단하고 안정적이며 오래 사용할 수 있다는 특징이 있습니다. Cheek은 특히 Andis Master Adjustable Blade Clipper 시리즈에 대해 언급하며 “매주 많은 양의 머리카락을 자른다면 당신에게는 마그네틱 모터방식의 클리퍼가 필요할 것입니다. Master의 고속형 제품은 분당 14,000 번의 컷트를 해줍니다 “ 라고 했습니다.

마지막으로 소개할 모터의 유형은 피봇 모터입니다. 이 모터 형식의 클리퍼는 높은 동력과 낮은 블레이드 속도가 특징으로 학생 또는 초보자에게 탁월한 선택입니다. 하지만 느린 블레이드 속도에 속지 마십시오! 이 모터는 마그네틱 모터보다 두 배나 강력하여 두껍고 거친 머리를 자르기에 이상적입니다.

COLOR THAT CONDITIONS Show us how you wear it


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Adjustable Blade vs. Detachable Blade

조절 식 블레이드 vs. 탈착식 블레이드

The choice of an adjustable blade vs. detachable blade tool depends on the work pace at your salon or shop, volume of cuts and the styles of those cuts. It’s important to understand which tool will work best for you, as both types will deliver different benefits.

조절식 블레이드와 탈착식 블레이드의 선택은 귀하의 살롱 또는 샵에서 작업 속도, 컷팅하는 양, 그리고 컷팅 스타일에 따라 다릅니다. 두 유형 모두 각자의 장점이 있으므로 귀하가 작업하는 데 어떤 기구가 가장 적당한가를 이해하는 것이 중요합니다.

Adjustable blade clippers are for professionals who want a quick touch of the lever and do not want to lose their rhythm by starting and stopping. Typically, barbers or stylists who cut several fade styles favor the adjustable blade design.

조절식 블레이드 타입의 클리퍼는 신속하게 레버를 조작하고 싶거나 컷팅 시작과 종료의 리듬을 잃고 싶지 않은 전문가를 위한 것입니다. 일반적으로, 여러 가지 페이드(fade) 스타일의 컷트를 실시하는 이발사 또는 스타일리스트는 조절식 블레이드를 선호합니다.

If your tool has a lever on the side that moves the blade open and closed, it’s an adjustable blade clipper. This is important, as varying the blade length will change the cutting length of the attachment comb. When purchasing, the package should identify the cutting lengths, oftentimes between 000 – 1. However, some specialty clippers like the Andis Fademaster cut more closely from 00000-000.

만약 당신의 기구가 블레이드를 여닫게 하는 레버를 양 옆에 갖고 있다면, 그것은 조절식 블레이드 타입의 클리퍼입니다. 블레이드 길이를 조절하면 부착된 빗의 절단 길이가 변경되므로 이는 중요한 요소입니다. 구매 시, 패키지는 절단 길이를 종종 000-1 사이로 표시해야 합니다. 하지만, Andis Fademaster과 같이 일부 전문 클리퍼는 좀 더 짧은 00000-000에 가깝게 절단합니다.

According to Cheek, “If you’re going to do a lot of shear style cutting with clippers, I recommend a cordless adjustable blade clipper that’s lightweight with at least two hours of runtime, a lithium-ion battery and comes with various attachment combs. My go-to is the Andis Cordless Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper.”

With a detachable blade clipper design, the blade length is achieved by changing out the entire blade set. There is no need to switch tools, and detachable blades will generally deliver a smoother, finished cut in a single pass than a clipper with an attachment comb. Oftentimes, hair professionals that use clippers for the majority of their work will favor detachable blade clippers.

When picking a trimmer, Cheek suggests a trimmer blade that is adjustable, not fixed. “Since clipper companies do not zero gap (refers to the alignment of the blade) the blades from the factory, they do not cut the hair to maximum closeness. Therefore, learning how to zero gap your trimmer blade is essential to producing sharp crisp lines.”

Cheek에 따르면 “만약 귀하가 많은 shear 스타일의 컷을 할 계획이라면, 가볍고, 두 시간정도 사용할 수 있는 리튬 이온 배터리를 내장하고 있고, 다양한 부착 빗을 가지고 있는 무선 조절식 클리퍼를 추천합니다. Andis Cordless Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper가 추천할 만한 클리퍼입니다.”

탈착식 블레이드 클리퍼의 경우, 블레이드 길이는 전체 블레이드 세트를 변경함으로써 블레이드 길이를 조절합니다. 기구를 전환할 필요가 없으며, 탈착식 블레이드는 일반적으로 부착 빗을 가지고 있는 클리퍼보다 한번에 부드럽고 완성된 컷트를 선사합니다. 일할 때 주로 클리퍼를 사용하는 헤어 전문가들은 종종, 탈착식 블레이드 클리퍼를 선호합니다.

트리머를 선택할 때, Cheek은 고정식이 아닌 조절식 블레이드의 트리머를 제안합니다. “클리퍼 회사들은 공장에서 블레이드의 틈이 없게끔(블레이드의 날 조정을 통해) 만들지 않으므로, 이러한 기구는 머리카락을 최대한 바싹 가깝게 자르지 못합니다. 따라서, 귀하의 트리머 블레이드의 틈새를 어떻게 없애는가를 배우는 것이 뚜렷하며 깨끗한 라인을 만드는데 필수적입니다.”

Cutting the Cord

선을 없애다

Deciding whether to go with or without the cord can depend on your lifestyle and individual client needs. In most cases, corded tools have more power than cordless. However, Andis’ new Cordless T-Outliner Trimmer is changing the barber game worldwide. Delivering the same power, speed and reliability, the advancement of cordless tools has created more convenience and less clutter.

귀하의 라이프 스타일과 고객 개개인의 니즈에 따라 유선 또는 무선을 선택할 수 있습니다. 대부분의 경우에, 무선 보다는 유선이 더 강력합니다. 하지만 Andis’ new Cordless T-Outliner Trimmer는 전 세계적으로 이발업계를 변화시키고 있습니다. 동일한 동력, 속도, 그리고 안정성을 제공하는 무선 기구의 발전으로 편리함은 더하고 어수선함은 줄였습니다.

“When considering cordless trimmers, make sure that you pick one that is high speed, has a lithium-ion battery and the option to plug the clipper in while cutting, if necessary,” said Cheek. “I’ve found T-blades to be a favorite because you get more coverage if needed, or you can use it like a pencil for designs.”


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

“무선 트리머를 고려할 때, 빠른 속도를 고려해 고른다면 리튬 이온 전지를 내장하고 있는 것과 필요하다면 커팅하는 동안에 클리퍼를 플러그에 연결할 수 있는 조건을 확인하십시오” 라고 Cheek은 말합니다. “저는 T-블레이드를 사용하면 필요에 따라 더 많은 적용 범위를 확보할 수 있고, 디자인 컷을 위해 연필처럼 사용할 수 있기 때문에 선호합니다.”

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Maintaining Your Tool

당신의 기구를 유지 보수하는 방법

To ensure your tool lasts over time and produces high-quality cuts, it’s imperative to take care of your blades. Using blade oil and disinfectant are helpful to maintain performance and kill viruses living on the tool’s surface.

시간이 지나도 기구를 오랫동안 사용하고 고품질의 컷을 만들어 내기 위해서는 귀하의 블레이드를 관리하는 것이 필수적입니다. 블레이드 오일과 살균제를 사용하는 것은 성능을 유지하고 장비의 표면에 존재하는 바이러스를 제거하는데 도움이 됩니다.

Truly understanding the tools for the trade is one of the most important skills you can learn. Next time you’re looking to get started or simply upgrade your barber station in shop or at home, take notes on which types of motors, blades and cordless tools are best for your lifestyle and client needs.

사업에 사용되는 장비들을 진정으로 이해하는 것은 당신이 배울 수 있는 가장 중요한 기술들 중 하나입니다. 나중에 샵이나 가정에서 미용실을 오픈하거나 단순히 업그레이드하려 한다면, 어떤 유형의 모터, 블레이드, 그리고 무선 기구들이 귀하의 라이프 스타일과 고객의 니즈에 적합한지 주목해야 합니다.

For more tips on understanding cutting tools, visit Andis’ Master Barber School website at to receive a free copy of Clipper Cutting 101 and 201.

컷팅 장비에 대한 더 자세한 정보는 Andis’ Master Barber School 웹사이트인 master-barberschool.com을 방문하여 Clipper Cutting 101과 201의 무료 유인물을 참고하십시오.

Meet Eric Cheek

Eric Cheek is a successful barber salon owner, educator and platform artist based in Charlotte, NC. Possessing multiple competitive barbering victories, years of practical experience and an artistic eye, his approachable and easy-to-understand style of teaching is second to none. He is often invited to tradeshows and events to share his artistry and knowledge where novices and experienced pros alike uncover hidden gems of advice and translate them into profit.

Eric Cheek(에릭 칙)은 성공한 헤어 살롱의 소유주이자, 교육 전문가이며, North Carolina(노스 캐롤라이나)주 Charlotte(샬롯) 에 기반을 둔 플랫폼 아티스트입니다. 여러 번의 미용대회에서 우승을 거머쥔 점, 수년간의 실무 경험, 그리고 예술적 안목, 그의 접근하기 쉽고 이해하기 쉬운 스타일의 교육은 그 누구에게도 뒤지지 않습니다. 그는 초보자 및 숙련된 전문가들이 숨겨진 보석과 같은 조언을 발견하고 이를 수익으로 전환할 수 있도록 하는 산업박람회나 행사에 종종 초대되어 그의 예술적 기교와 지식을 공유합니다.

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Business Tips By Nathan Jamail

Confident Over Smart “Confidence creates success” 똑똑함보다 중요한 자신감 “자신감이 성공을 만든다” My daughter is very young for her grade. She missed the cut off by one day to be in the grade below her. With that being said, she had struggled for most of the school year with her reading and writing. We decided to hold her back next year so that she will be one of the older kids in her grade instead of the youngest. We felt this aligned with her learning abilities with her age and maturity level. This was based on our belief that we would prefer our kids to be confident kids rather than ‘smart’ kids. This does not mean that our kids are not smart or that being smart is not important; it means that we feel a person’s confidence determines their happiness, success and their willingness to fail and learn. This lesson from our six-year-old applies to us as adults, as well.

내 딸은 또래에 비해 성장이 느리다. 딸은 자기보다 낮은 학년으로 내려가는 것을 간신히 면했다. 사실 우리 딸은 학교에서의 시간 대부분동안 읽고 쓰는 능력을 익히는 것도 버거워했다. 우리는 학교에서 아이의 진급을 늦춰서, 딸이 자기보다 성숙한 아이들이 아니라 자기보다 어린 친구들과 함께 공부하게 하기로 결정했다. 우리는 이렇게 하는 것이 아이의 성숙도와 학과의 난이도를 조화시키는 일이라고 믿었다. 우리의 아이가 ‘똑똑한’ 아이보다는 ‘자신감 있는’ 아이로 성장하기를 바랐기 때문이다. 우리 아이가 똑똑하지 않다거나, 똑똑해질 필요가 없다는 말이 아니다. 다만 어떤 사람의 행복과 성공, 그리고 실패를 두려워 않고 그로부터 배우려는 의지를 만들어내는 것이 바로 그 사람의 자신감이라는 말이다. 이는 여섯 살짜리 우리 아이에게만이 아니라,

The power of confidence:

우리 어른들에게도 물론 적용된다.

I believe a person’s confidence is the nucleus of their wellbeing. A confident person is less willing to follow the wrong crowd. A confident person is more willing to take chances in their lives as well as their careers. Most importantly, a confident person believes in the most

자신감의 힘


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나는 자신감이야 말로 잘 사는 것의 핵심이라고 생각한다. 자신감 있는


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important thing- themselves.

사람은, 대중이 잘못된 길을 갈 때 그 뒤를 따르게 될 가능성이 적다. 자신감 있는 사람은, 인생에서, 그리고 커리어에서 새로운 도전을 하려

When we feel confident, we are more motivated and happier in general. When we believe in ourselves, others will believe in us too. When we are confident, we are at our best. This isn’t the opposite of avoiding challenges or hard work. This is being confident so that we rush towards challenges and desire to work even harder.

한다. 무엇보다도, 자신감 있는 사람에게는 가장 중요한 것에 대한 확신이 있다. 바로 자기 자신이다.

사람에게 자신감이 있으면, 그는 전반적으로 더 활기차고 행복해진다. 우리가 우리 자신을 믿으면, 다른 사람도 우리에게 신뢰심이 생긴다.

What being a confident leader is: 1.

Being a confident leader is about believing in themselves and also having humility. It takes great confidence to be willing to learn and take constructive feedback.


Being a confident leader is taking the blame for everything that goes wrong inside and outside of one’s control.


Being a confident leader is always looking to do the right thing despite the consequences or amount of effort required.

What being a confident leader is not: 1.

Being a confident leader is not being arrogant. In fact, arrogance is a sure-fire result of a person being insecure; the exact opposite of confident.


Being a confident leader is not about going against the grain or being a rebel without a cause.


Being a confident leader is not about making the popular choice or worrying if your team likes you.

A confident leader is about always doing the right thing versus still being right.

자신감이 있으면, 능력을 최대로 발휘할 수 있다. 자신감이 있다는 것은 어려움과 힘든 일을 피하는 것의 반대말이 아니다. 오히려 어려움을 향해 돌진하고, 더 힘든 일을 맡기를 원하게 된다는 뜻이다.

자신감 있는 리더가 하는 것 1.

얻고 건설적인 조언을 받아들이려면 강한 자신감이 필요하다. 2. 3.


A leader achieves this goal by challenging their employees to do more than they think is possible through empowerment and encouragement.


A leader demands the best from their employees and recognizes them for their achievement.


A leader never allows an employee to give up or do less than they are capable of doing.


A leader encourages their employees to fail and learn to embrace their mistakes, rather than the alternative of being too afraid to try.

Where leaders go wrong: So often, leaders have the right intentions but the wrong actions in building their employee’s confidence.

자신감 있는 리더는 그 결과가 어떻든, 얼마나 힘들든 상관없이 옳은 일을 하려고 한다.

자신감 있는 리더가 하지 않는 것 1.

자신감 있는 리더는 오만하지 않다. 사실 오만함이란 자신감과는 완전히 반대인, 뭔가 불안하고 위축된 사람에게서 발견되는 태도이다.


자신감 있는 리더는 어떤 사안이든 이유 없이 반대하거나 퇴짜 놓지 않는다. 자신감 있는 리더는 팀원들의 선망을 잃을까 두려워 인기 있는 결정만을 하려고 하지 않는다.

Great Leaders build their people’s confidence.

The key is how a leader builds their team’s confidence:

자신감 있는 리더는 자기 책임 하의 업무상 발생하는 모든 비난을 회피하지 않고 받아들인다.


Great leaders understand that a confident employee is a better employee. But don’t confuse confidence with cocky or arrogant.

자신감 있는 리더는 자기 자신을 믿으면서 동시에 겸손하다. 교훈을

자신감 있는 리더는 상황에 관계없이 옳은 결정을 내리려고 한다.

훌륭한 리더는 자기 사람들의 자신감을 키워준다. 훌륭한 리더는 자신감 있는 직원이 더 일을 잘한다는 것을 안다. 다만 자신감을 오만함과 헷갈려서는 안 된다.

리더는 어떻게 팀원의 자신감을 키울 수 있는가? 1.

직원의 힘을 북돋아, 그가 스스로 할 수 있다고 믿는 한계 이상을 하도록 격려한다.


직원이 최선을 다할 것을 기대하고, 그들이 이룬 성취를 인정해준다.


직원이 포기하거나 스스로 할 수 있는 것보다 적게 이루는 것을 용납하지 않는다.

팀원의 자신감을 키우려면 해서는 안되는 행동: 좋은 의도로 한 일이지만, 결과적으로 직원의 자신감을 떨어뜨리게 되는 일이 자주 일어난다.


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A leader will reward undeserving employees or give false praise in hopes it will give them something to build on. In reality, all it does is reward “less-than” behaviors and results. A leader will accept an employee’s excuses for not achieving or doing more and let them get away with doing only what is minimally acceptable. A leader will defend their employees to their boss; saying, “My team can’t do any more” or “they are doing their best despite their lackluster results.”

All of these situations have good intentions, but the actions limit the team’s confidence and success. The issue is when the leader sympathizes with their employees rather than empathizes. Empathy is used when a leader recognizes the issues but does not let the employees give up. They give a lit bit of tough love like when my daughter is screaming, “I can’t do it!” as she floats in the water, holding a ski rope as we get ready to pull her up. This is when my wife yells, “We don’t say ‘can’t’. You can do this and all it starts with is you trying!” My wife loves my daughter but knows this is not the time to sympathize, rather it is a time to encourage her, so she understands she is big enough, brave enough and confident enough to ski like her big sister.

A leader’s job, similar to parent’s, is to make those they lead become the most confident person they can be so that they can be the best version of themselves. This includes making tough decisions, which become a little easier when backed by the intention of great expectations and great encouragement. Despite the difficulty, it is always worth it when results soar and confidence is leading the way.


뭔가 좋은 영향을 주기 위해 명분 없이 상을 주거나, 진심이 아닌 칭찬을 하는 경우. 이것은 사실상 ‘자신 능력보다 못한 경우’에 상을 주는 격이다.


직원이 실패하거나 적게 성취한 것에 대한 핑계를 인정해주거나 최소한의 일만 하도록 내버려두는 경우.


상급자에게 “우리 팀에게 더 이상은 무리입니다” 라거나 혹은 “ 어쨌든 그들은 최선을 다하고 있습니다” 라고 자기 팀원을 변호해주는 경우.

이러한 행동들은 의도는 좋았지만, 결과적으로 팀원의 자신감을 떨어뜨리고 성공 가능성을 낮추게 된다. 그 원인은, 직원들이 겪는 문제에 ‘동정’ 이 앞서 그들과 ‘공감’ 하지 못하는데 있다. 직원과 ‘공감’ 한다는 것은, 직원들의 문제를 이해하고 그들이 포기하지 않도록 독려하는 것을 말한다. 우리 딸이 헤엄을 치며 “못 하겠어요!” 하고 도움을 요청할 때, 아내가 ‘못 한다’ 는 건 없는 거야. 하려고만 한다면, 넌 할 수 있어!” 라고 말하는 것과 같은, 약간은 터프한 방식의 사랑과 같은 것이다. 아내는 딸을 사랑하지만, 동시에 지금은 아이를 동정할 때가 아니며, 아이가 자기 언니처럼 용감하고 훌륭하게 할 수 있다고 믿어줘야 할 때임을 알고 있는 것이다.

리더의 역할이란 부모와 비슷하게, 이끄는 사람들의 자신감을 최대한 키워줘서 그들이 될 수 있는 최고의 능력을 발휘할 수 있도록 만드는 것이다. 그렇게 하려면 때론 혹독한 결정을 내려야 할 수 있으며, 여기에 그들에 대한 큰 기대와 큰 격려가 뒷받침되어야 한다. 땀방울과 자신감으로 일하게 만드는 것은 쉽지 않지만, 언제나 그 보람이 있다.


Nathan Jamail, president of the Jamail Development Group, and author of the bestselling “Playbook Series,” is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and corporate coach. As a former Executive Director, life insurance sales professional and business owner of several small businesses, Nathan travels the country helping individuals and organizations achieve maximum success. Nathan has worked with thousands of leaders in creating a coaching culture. Get your copy of Nathan Jamail’s most recent book released by Penguin Publishers, “The Leadership Playbook” of the Best Selling Playbook series. Nathan’s newest book “Serve Up & Coach Down” will be released on October 1, 2018.

베스트셀러 “플레이북 시리즈”의 저자이며 Jamail Development Group의 회장인 Nathan Jamail 은 기업가를 훈련하는 코치이기도 하다. 전무이사이자 중소기업 대상 생명보험 판매 전문가 출신인 Nathan은 개인과 조직이 최대의 성공을 거둘 수 있도록 여러 나라를 방문하고 있다. 그는 코칭 문화를 만들기 위해 수천명의 리더들과 함께 일해왔다. 대표적 저작이자 베스트셀러 플레이북 시리증 중 하나이자 Nathan Jamail 회장의 가장 최근 저작인 “대표직을 위한 플레이북” (출판사 <Penguins>)를 지금 서점에서 구입할 수 있다. 또한 2018년 10월 1일에는 그의 신작 “위로는 봉사하고, 아래로는 지도하라” 가 출간된다. 42

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Business Tips

1+1=7! By Baldwin H. Tom

Leveraging Intangibles for Business Wealth 1+1=7! 사업의 자산을 늘리기 위해 무형적 요소들을 활용하라 Every day, businesses lose money by not understanding or leveraging their investments. When one considers the financials of organizations, it is clear that a significant portion of those investments is not captured in financial statements. Why? Because these are the people-side or soft-side intangible investments the accounting industry has yet to document. This may be a reason one views these same intangibles as not of significant value. But your intangible investments can be just as valuable as those that appear on your quarterly report.

The Magnificent 7

There are seven capital investments available to every organization. Two are strictly on the task or tangible work side, and five are focused on people and what they produce. This means that five of the seven, or 71%, of all capital investments, are on the people, or the soft (intangible) side of the equation. Not surprisingly, there is hidden wealth and power buried in these people-side investments. When people work together, such as in teams, there is powerful leveraging such that 1+1 is no longer 2, but is more like 1+1=7.

투자를 잘 이해하지 못하거나 활용하지 못해서 손해를 보는 사람들이 많습니다. 조직의 재정 상태를 평가할 때 재정 문서만으로는 투자의 상당 부분을 이해하지 못합니다. 왜 그럴까요? 회계학으로는 기록할 수 없는 인적 측면의 투자가 존재하기 때문입니다. 사람들은 이러한 요소들이 겉으로 드러나지 않는다고 해서 중요하지 않다고 생각할 수 있습니다. 하지만 무형적 투자는 분기별 보고서에 나오는 수치만큼이나 가치 있는 요소일 수 있습니다. 7이라는 놀라운 결과 모든 조직에서 활용할 수 있는 자본 투자의 영역은 일곱 가지가 있습니다. 두 가지는 엄밀히 업무 혹은 유형적 측면에 속하며, 다섯 가지는 사람들과 그들이 만들어 내는 것에 초점을 맞춥니다. 즉 모든 투자 영역인 7가지 중에서 5가지 혹은 71퍼센트는 인적(무형적) 영역에 속하는 것입니다. 이러한 인적 측면의 영역에 부와 힘이 잠재되어 있다는 것은 당연한 일일지 모릅니다. 사람들이 함께 팀을 이루어 일할 때, 1+1은 더 이상 2가 아니라 7이라는 강력한 힘을 발휘하게 됩니다.

When people work together, such as in teams, there is powerful leveraging such that 1+1 is no longer 2, but is more like 1+1=7.

As a simple means to frame the seven investments, all work and efforts can be separated into two components – the Task side and the People side. The Task side encompasses tangibles such as hard issues and assets, work to be done, things, structures and fixtures. The People side is comprised of the intangibles like soft issues and assets, those who do the work, interactions, teamwork, culture and norms.

7가지 투자 영역을 단순하게 정리해 본다면 모든 업무와 노력을 두 영역인 업무 측면과 인적 측면으로 구분해 볼 수 있습니다. 업무 측면에는 해결하기 어려운 문제나 자산, 처리해야 할 업무, 구조 등을 포괄합니다. 인적 측면에는 업무를 수행하는 사람, 상호 관계, 팀워크, 문화 및 규범 등의 무형적 요소들이 포함됩니다.

Task Side (Tangibles)

업무 측면(유형적)

Financial capital is the monetary currency used to run the business by purchasing materials/resources and investing in people to facilitate its success. There is little mystery here. Financial capital is one of two currencies of exchange between people who do the work and the work they do. The other currency of exchange on the intangible side is spiritual capital.

금융 자본은 재료나 리소스를 구매하고 ,성공을 거두기 위해 사람에게 투자하는 등 사업을 운영하는 데 사용되는 통화 자금을 가리킵니다. 흥미로운 점은 금융 자본은 일을 한 사람이 그 일에 대한 대가로 주고받는 자금을 가리키는 반면 그러한 과정에서 정신적 자본이라는 무형적인 측면의 자본도 주고받게 된다는 것입니다.

1. Financial Investments

2. Physical Investments

Physical capital is represented in fixed materials needed for products and services. This includes tangible machinery, buildings, equipment, computers, 44

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1. 금융 투자

2. 물리적 투자 물리적 자본은 상품과 서비스 공급에 필요한 고정적인 물질에 필요한 자본을 가리킵니다. 여기에는 유형적인 기계, 빌딩, 장비, 컴퓨터와

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together with land and labor. The benefit of timely investments here is so the enterprise remains competitive. Importantly, a commensurate investment on the people side —either in human, relationship and/or customer capital – is necessary to maximize ROI.

토지, 노동력이 포함됩니다. 이러한 것들에 적절한 시점에 투자를 하면 회사의 경쟁력을 유지할 수 있습니다. 중요한 점은 사람이든 관계이든 및 그리고/또는 소비자 자본이든 인적 측면에 적절하게 투자를 하는 것은 투자 수익률(ROI)을 최대치로 높이는 데에 필수적입니다.

People Side (Intangibles)

인적 측면 (무형적)

Investing in human capital is an easy one. Just as with physical capital investments, without upgrades, technology becomes slow and/or obsolete. It is the same with people; you need continuous upgrades. Training, coaching, education, mentoring, and internships are obvious ways to increase people’s value. Importantly, the value of this investment spreads throughout an enterprise—in organizational capital (patents, processes, procedures), physical capital (innovative products and services), spiritual capital (morale, work satisfaction), and relationship capital (teamwork, customer relations).

인적 자본에 투자하는 것은 쉬운 개념입니다. 물리적인 자본 투자와 마찬가지로 기술은 업그레이드 하지 않는다면 느려지고 도태되게 됩니다. 사람도 마찬가지이어서 지속적으로 업그레이드할 필요가 있습니다. 사람의 가치를 높이기 위해 트레이닝, 코칭, 교육, 멘토링, 인턴쉽 등의 방법을 동원합니다. 이처럼 인적 자원에 투자를 하게 되면 회사 전반에 파급 효과를 주게 되어 조직의 자본(특허권, 과정, 절차), 물리적 자본( 혁신적인 제품 및 서비스), 정신적 자본(의욕, 업무 만족감) 및 관계 자본 (팀워크, 고객과의 관계)에 영향을 줍니다.

3. Human Investments

4. Relationship Investments

One of the most valuable assets in an organization is relationships. Value is derived from this investment daily from leveraging people’s interactions. It’s about power and influence. The network of relationships (people inside and outside the organization) that interact with a business represents a significant resource. Building relationship capital delivers a host of ROI benefits resulting from a higher level of trust in products, sales, customer retention, and even resolving disagreements. The multiplier for ROI may appear small, but secondary impact and synergies of relationships can be huge.

5. Spiritual Investments

Spiritual capital in a business is derived from the values created by an organization’s leadership. With a great deal of spiritual capital, there is ethical decision-making built into a value-based culture where the goal is less shareholder gain and more gain for customers and stakeholders. The culture engendered energizes and enriches the human spirit, fostering social connectedness and personal satisfaction. It spurs people to go the extra mile. It is about ethical leadership and how people are treated. It is about consistency in leadership, i.e., no surprises. Such investments include a conscious effort to


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

3. 인적 투자

4. 관계 투자 조직에서 가장 소중한 자산 중 하나는 바로 관계를 형성하는 것입니다. 사람들 사이의 관계를 통해 매일 가치가 창출됩니다. 여기에는 능력과 영향력이 관련됩니다. 사람들이 (조직 내부와 외부에서) 사업 거래를 하며 맺는 복잡한 관계는 중요한 자원입니다. 자본 거래 관계를 할 때 제품에 대한 신뢰도 및 판매와 고객 점유율, 그리고 심지어 분쟁을 해결하는 면에서 높은 수준을 유지하면 투자 수익률이 높아지게 됩니다. 투자 수익률의 상승이 처음에는 크지 않을 수 있지만 사람들 간의 관계로 인한 2차적인 영향과 시너지 효과는 상당할 수 있습니다.

5. 정신적 투자 정신적인 자본은 조직의 리더쉽을 통해 창출됩니다. 정신적 자본 중 상당 부분은 소유주가 이익을 덜 취하고 고객과 주주들이 이익을 더 취한다는 문화에 근거한 윤리적 결정과 관련됩니다. 그러한 문화는 인간의 정신에 힘을 불어넣고 사회적 소속감과 개인의 만족감을 높여 줍니다. 그렇게 되면 사람들은 추가로 더 많이 일하고자 하는 동기를 부여받게 됩니다. 이것이 윤리적 리더쉽이며 여기에는 사람들이 어떤 대우를 받느냐가 관련된어 있습니다. 물론 그러한 리더쉽에는 일관성이 있어야 합니다. 정신적 투자에는 구성원들이 가족처럼 서로를 존중하고 도와주는 문화가

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


build a family culture that honors and supports each other.

형성될 수 있도록 지속적으로 노력을 기울이는 것이 포함됩니다.

6. Customer Investments

6. 고객에 대한 투자

Customer capital is the relationship value a business builds with its customers. This goes beyond customer loyalty and includes customer feedback to the business, and partnering with the customer to produce new products and services. Value also manifests in the form of referrals and great press about the business from customers. Every executive recognizes the importance of paying attention to the customer. But just being nice (sending holiday cards or gifts) is only the beginning when it comes to enhancing ROI. Making efforts to partner with the customer is the ideal investment.

7. Organizational Investments

Organizational capital represents the value of an enterprise derived from mostly intangible assets such as processes, procedures, systems, patents, trade secrets, reputation, brand and intellectual property. An organizational investment is one of the most important investments leaders can make because this is where the memory of the enterprise resides. Building, investing in, and maintaining one’s brand and reputation and protecting intellectual property (trade secrets, patents, processes, and procedures) are critical to sustaining the enterprise. This is where one protects the knowledge, skills, and expertise from being lost when talented people depart from the organization.

고객 자본은 고객과 거래 관계를 맺으며 얻는 수익을 가리킵니다. 여기에는 고객의 충성심과 사업에 대한 피드백, 새로운 제품과 서비스 제공을 위해 고객과 협력하는 것 이상이 관련됩니다. 고객에게 위탁을 하고 그들의 의견을 수렴하면 수익이 창출됩니다. 모든 경영진들은 고객에게 관심을 기울이는 것이 중요하다는 것을 알고 있습니다. (휴일에 카드나 선물을 보내는 등의 방법으로) 고객의 환심을 얻는 것은 투자 수익률을 높이는 첫 단계에 불과합니다. 고객과 협력하여 일하기 위해 노력하는 것은 최상의 투자라 할 수 있습니다.

7. 조직 투자 조직 자본은 과정이나 절차, 시스템, 특허, 거래 기밀, 평판, 브랜드 및 지적 자산 등의 무형적인 자산을 통해 창출되는 수익을 가리킵니다. 조직 투자는 경영인들이 가장 중요하게 여겨야 하는 투자 영역 중 하나라고 할 수 있습니다. 그러한 투자로 인해 기업에 대한 이미지가 남게 되기 때문입니다. 기업의 브랜드와 평판을 만들고 투자하며 관리하고 지적 재산(거래 기밀, 특허, 과정 및 절차)을 보호하는 것은 기업을 유지하기 위해 필요한 매우 중요한 요소입니다. 그렇기 때문에 기업에서는 재능 있는 사람이 조직을 떠나게 되어 지식과 기술, 전문 지식을 잃게 되는 일이 없도록 하기 위해 노력합니다.

Intangibles Control Business Success As a means to discern which of the Magnificent 7 investments were most critical in a merger or acquisition, the corporate, healthcare, and the accounting industries were studied. In nearly every merger, success or failure was predicated on alignment or misalignment of culture between the merging entities. Culture in the Magnificent 7 theory is established within the collective investments of Human, Relationship, and Spiritual capitals. These people-side intangible investments reinforce the notion that soft-side investments have significant impact in generating success or failure in a business.

무형 요소들이 사업의 성공을 좌우한다 합병이나 인수 때 이러한 7가지 투자 유형 중 어느 것이 가장 중요한지를 판단하기 위해서는 기업 및 보건 그리고 회계 분야에 대한 공부가 필요합니다. 대부분의 합병자의 경우에, 합병 대상인 기업들의 문화적 차이를 분석했는지에 따라 성공과 실패를 예견할 수 있었습니다. 7 대 투자 이론은 인적 및 관계 그리고 정신적인 자본 등을 종합적으로 고려하여 정립되었습니다. 이러한 인적 측면의 무형적인 투자를 고려해 보면 사업의 성공 혹은 실패 여부가 무형적 투자 요소에 크게 좌우된다는 것을 알 수 있습니다.

How do you discover and leverage hidden wealth in your organization? Here are the steps:

여러분의 조직에 잠재되어 있는 수익을 어떻게 찾고 활용할 수 있습니까? 다음의 단계를 실천해 보십시오:



2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

I nventory your investments: Identify the investment areas you are focused on. Pair investments: Match any task side investment with a people side one. Thus, if you invest in new technology, be sure to invest in training for personnel. Set goals for each investment: Determine goals and completion dates for each investment. Determine where you are now: Track the success of reaching investment goals. Monitor progress toward goals: Evaluate the investments and how you are doing in achieving goals. Make corrections or change course as needed. Celebrate success: Reinforce success to encourage new efforts. Repeat steps 1-6

There is no doubt that judicious investing on the People-side components when paired with Task-side investments yields significant ROI. Leveraging the intangibles accentuates power, creativity, innovation and thereby new products, services, and thus value generation and wealth in organizations.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

투자 영역을 조사합니다. 어느 영역에 중점을 두어야 하는지 확인합니다 투자 영역끼리 짝을 지으십시오: 한 영역의 업무 투자를 다른 한 영역의 인적 투자와 매칭을 합니다. 예를 들어 새로운 기술에 투자를 한다면 동시에 직원 훈련을 위해 투자할 수 있습니다. 각 투자 영역의 목표를 설정하십시오: 각 투자 영역의 목표와 완료 날짜를 정하십시오. 현재의 상태를 확인하십시오: 투자 목표와 비교하여 얼마나 성공을 거두었는지 확인하십시오. 목표치와 비교하여 얼마나 발전했는지 관찰하십시오: 투자 영역을 평가하고 목표 달성을 위한 진전 상태가 어떠 한지 점검하십시오. 필요하다면 수정을 하고 방법을 바꾸십시오. 성공을 축하하십시오: 이제 다른 영역에 노력을 기울이도록 격려하여 성공의 가능성을 높이십시오. 1-6 단계를 반복하십시오.

인적 측면의 영역과 업무 측면의 영역을 신중하게 매칭하면 투자 수익률 (ROI)이 높아질 것입니다. 무형적인 요소들을 활용하면 능력과 창의성, 혁신성이 극대화되어 새로운 제품과 서비스를 제공하고 조직의 이익과 부를 창출하게 됩니다.

Meet Baldwin Tom

Baldwin H. Tom is a management consultant, professional speaker, and author of “1+1=7: How Smart Leaders Make 7 Investments to Maximize Value.” A medical school scientist, professor, leadership program developer, and founder of an award-winning science and technology firm, he leverages his experiences in those fields to provide insight and strategies to fit client needs. Tom is a Certified Management Consultant and served as the National Board Chair of the Institute of Management Consultants USA. For more information on Tom, please visit 볼드윈 H. 톰은 경영 컨설턴트이며 전문 연사이자 “1+1=7: 현명한 리더들은 최대의 수익을 얻기 위해 일곱 분야에 투자를 한다(How Smart Leaders Make 7 Investments to Maximize Value)”의 저자입니다. 또한 그는 의과 대학의 과학자이자 교수이며 리더쉽 프로그램의 개발자이고 수상 경력이 있는 과학 기술 회사의 설립자이기도 합니다. 그는 이러한 다양한 분야의 경험을 활용하여 고객의 필요에 맞는 통찰력과 전략을 전수해 드릴 수 있는 인물입니다. 톰은 경영 컨설턴트 자격증을 취득하였으며 미국 경영 컨설턴트회 국가 이사회의 의장이기도 합니다. 톰에 대해 더 많은 정보를 알아보시려면 www.geoddgroup.com를 방문하세요. 48

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

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Business Tips By Kate Zabriskie

Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do Why Companies Lose Customers and What to Do About It 관계를 끊어버리는 것이 어렵지만은 않습니다 회사들이 고객을 잃는 이유와 이에 대한 조치 Although Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield may have been right about love relationships when they penned their hit, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do,” when it comes to business, that notion rings less true. Customers frequently break up with their suppliers, vendors, and partners. And guess what? Most of them don’t find it hard. Are breakups inevitable? Not always, but businesses need to understand the four reasons customers leave and how they can avoid them.

더 좋은 제품

Better Product Sometimes customers decide to breakup because they find a better product. They discover something that addresses their needs that’s faster, easier, healthier, more effective, more enjoyable, or improved

사랑에 관련되어 Neil Sedaka와 Howard Greenfield의 히트작인 “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (무너진 사랑)” 가 옳았을 지는 모르지만, 사업에서는 그 개념이 잘 맞지 않습니다. 고객들은 공급자, 벤더 그리고 파트너사와의 관계를 자주 끊어버립니다. 그런데 생각해보셨나요? 대부분의 고객들은 이를 어렵다고 생각하지 않습니다. 계약 해지는 불가피한가요? 항상 그런 것은 아니지만 고객이 떠나는 4 가지 이유와 고객이 떠나지 않도록 하는 방법을 이해해야 합니다.

때로 고객은 더 좋은 제품을 찾기 위해 계약 해지를 결정합니다. 고객들에게 중요하고 필요한 더 빠르고 더 쉽고 더 건강하고 더 효과적이며, 즐길 수 있거나 방식을 개선할 수 있는 무엇인가를 찾습니다. 20 ~ 40년 전에 산 것과 똑같은 물건을 구매하나요? 워크맨을 아직 사용하시나요? 아마도 사용하지 않을 것입니다. 똑똑한 기업은 고객이 원하는 것을 듣고 그러한 요구를 넘어선 것을 생각하여 혁신하고 개선하기 위해 노력합니다.

Smart companies listen to what their customers want, think beyond those demands, and push themselves to innovate and improve.

in other ways that are important to them. Are you buying the exact same things you were buying 20 or 40 years ago? Have you any use for a Walkman? Probably not. Smart companies listen to what their customers want, think beyond those demands, and push themselves to innovate and improve.

관계 확장 Relationship Extenders 1.


Pay attention. Know what you’re selling, what others are selling, and how your customers are using what they buy from you. What problem are you solving? What would customers buy if you weren’t around? What did they buy instead?


Challenge the status quo. It’s easier to innovate when you’re not being reactive. Don’t wait for a customer exodus to motivate you. Challenge yourself to innovate before you’re faced with no choice. What could you do better?

Better Process Leaving for a different product isn’t the only reason customers tell 50

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


나는 무엇을 팔고, 다른 사람들은 무엇을 판매하는지, 그리고 내 고객이 어떤 제품을 사용하는지에 대해 집중하십시오. 무슨 문제를 해결해주고 있나요? 근처에 내 가게가 없다면 고객들은 무엇을 구매하나요? 고객들은 어떤 물건을 대신 구매했나요? 현재 상황에 도전하십시오. 현재 고객에게 대응하고 있지 않을 때는 혁신이 더욱 쉬워집니다. 고객 이탈로 인한 동기가 부여될 때까지 기다리지 마십시오. 불가피하게 선택할 수밖에 없는 상황에 처하기 전에 스스로 혁신에 도전하십시오. 더 잘 할 수 있는 것은 무엇인가요?

더 좋은 프로세스 고객이 다른회사의 제품을 사용하기 위해 우리 회사에게 작별인사를 하는 것만이 유일한 이유는 아닙니다. 좋은 프로세스도 중요합니다.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


companies goodbye. Good processes count too.

Without them, the

customer experience suffers. For instance, imagine a movie theater with great films, state-of-the-art sound, pleasant employees, and clean facilities. So far, so good. Now pair that vision with long lines, staff members who can’t figure out how to work the cash registers despite their good manners, double-booked theaters, and so forth. Would you risk taking someone you cared about to such a place, or would you choose to avoid the headache and go somewhere else? Most people would prefer to opt for a breakup and avoid potential pain and problems. The lesson? At a minimum, doing business should not be hard. If you’ve got processes in place that inflict pain on your customers, don’t be surprised when they bolt the minute they find an acceptable alternative.

Relationship Extenders 1.

Make doing business easy. Walk in your customers’ shoes, and

좋은 프로세스가 없으면 고객 경험은 나빠지게 됩니다. 예를 들어 훌륭한 영화, 최첨단 사운드, 유쾌한 직원, 깨끗한 시설을 갖춘 영화관을 상상해보십시오. 지금까지는 그런대로 잘 운영 되었습니다. 상영관 입장을 위해 길게 이어진 대기, 좋은 매너임에도 현금 출납기 사용에 서투른 직원들, 이중 예약된 좌석등의 문제가 발생할 수 있습니다. 이러한 영화관에 소중한 사람을 데리고 갈까요? 아니면 골치 아픈 문제를 피할 수 있는 다른 곳으로 가시겠습니까? 대부분의 사람들은 잠재적인 문제를 가지고 있는 골치아픈 그 영화관에는 가지 않는 것을 선택할 것입니다. 교훈이요? 최소한 사업을 하는 것은 어렵지 않아야합니다. 고객에게 고통을 주는 프로세스가 존재한다면, 잠깐 시간만 내어 대안을 찾을 수 있다는 것에 놀라지 마십시오.

관계 확장 1.

experience your business the way they do. What are you making difficult? What could you make easier? Where are you wasting their time? What used to make sense but doesn’t anymore? 2.

Borrow from others. Process improvement ideas are everywhere you look if you know how to find them. When you are interacting with


other businesses, ask yourself what they are doing well and what you can do to adopt or adapt.

사업을 쉽게 하십시오. 고객의 입장에서 생각해보고, 내가 고객이 되어 사업을 경험해 보십시오. 어떤 것이 어렵게 만들고 있나요? 더 쉽게 할 수 있는 것은 무엇일까요? 어느 부분에서 시간이 소비되나요? 어떤 것이 합리적이고 어떤 것이 합리적이지 않은가요? 다른 사람으로부터 프로세스를 가져오십시오. 프로세스 개선 아이디어는 개선할 것을 어떻게 발견할지 안다면 모든 곳에서 찾을 수 있습니다. 다른 사업과 연관되어 진행될 때, 어떤 프로세스들이 잘 진행되고 있는지, 프로세스들을 채택하거나 적응시키기 위해 무엇을 할 수 있는지 자문해 보십시오.

Better Service All else being equal (or even in the ballpark), customers will often

더 좋은 서비스

break up with organizations because someone else is paying them more

사람들이 모두 같지 않습니다. (심지어 야구장에서조차도) 고객은 누군가가 더 많은 관심을 기울이거나 더 나은 관심을 보이기 때문에 종종 조직과 계약 해지를 하게됩니다. 일관된 관심은 우연히 발생하지 않습니다. 조직은 훌륭한 서비스를 정의하고 그러한 약속을 이행할 수 있는 사람들을 고용하고, 어떻게 할 수 있는지 교육하고, 프로세스를 감독할 관리팀을 배치해야 합니다.

attention or better attention. Consistent caring doesn’t happen by accident. It requires organizations to: define great service, hire people who are capable of delivering on those promises, train them how to do it, and put a management team in place to oversee the process.

Relationship Extenders 1.

Define what you expect. If you don’t identify what A+ service looks like, don’t be surprised when your employees don’t deliver.


관계 확장 1.

Train people and hold them accountable. Plenty of organizations offer training, but they treat it like a one-and-done activity. After you’ve defined what you want to see and hear, you need to put a plan in place


to teach people how. Once they know what they are supposed to do and how to do it, hold them accountable. Reward the good, and coach the deficiencies. 3.

Don’t get too comfortable. If you think your customers will just be there because they’re there, you’re mistaken. You must earn and reearn your customers’ business. Look for signs you’ve gotten sloppy or lazy, and take immediate steps to get back to your best behavior and woo your customers again.


당신이 기대하는 것을 정의하십시오. 어떤 서비스가 A+인지를 파악하지 못한다면 직원들이 서비스를 제공하지 못하는 것은 당연합니다. 직원들을 훈련시키고 책임감 있게 만들어 주십시오. 수많은 조직에서 직원들 교육을 제공하긴 하지만 일회성으로 끝나게 됩니다. 보고 듣고 싶은 것을 정의한 후, 직원들을 어떻게 가르칠지 계획을 세워야합니다. 일단 직원들이 해야 할 일과 행동 방법을 알게되면, 책임감을 유지 해 주도록 하십시오. 잘한 것은 보상을 해 주고, 잘못한 점에 대해서는 지도해주십시오. 너무 편안해 하지 마세요. 고객들이 거기에 있기 때문에 그 곳에 있을 것이라고 생각한다면 잘못 생각하신 겁니다. 당신이 수익을 내고 고객들의 사업도 수익을 내야 합니다. 부주의하거나 나태해진 징후를 찾고, 여러분의 가장 좋은 행동으로 돌아가서 여러분의 고객들이 다시 매력을 느낄 수 있도록 즉각적인 조치를 취하세요.

Better Price The final reason customers will leave a business is the price. If customers

더 좋은 가격

can get the same product and service they receive from you from someone

고객이 사업을 떠나는 결정적인 이유는 가격입니다. 고객이 비용을 적게들이고도 이전에 나에게 받은 것과 동일한 제품과 서비스를 받을 수 있다면 떠날 것입니다. 다시 말하면, 가격 방정식에 대한 가치가 제대로 돌아가지 않을 때, 사람들은 다른 곳을 찾게 됩니다. 그렇다고해서 조직이 가격을 낮추어 경쟁해야하며 저가로 공급하는 것으로 노력해야 한다는 것을 의미하지는 않습니다. 기업은 고객에게 가격에 상응하는 서비스를 제공해야 합니다.

who charges less, often they will leave. In other words, when the value to price equation gets out of whack, people look elsewhere. That doesn’t mean organizations should race to the bottom and strive to be the lowcost provider. What it does mean is businesses need to ensure they have a value proposition that matters to customers and aligns with the price being charged. 52

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


you t oil to give u n o c o c re split ith pu Enriched w soft curls. It smooths , y s k sly hiny, defined, sil for gloriou z iz fr s e m ends and ta s! bouncy curl ing hout weigh it w s rl u c s • Define down hair nds gthens stra n e tr s & s e • Moisturiz ry curls oisturize d -m re to t a • Gre frizz • Reduces od Sets for Flexi-R t n e ll e c x E •



Fantasia Industries Corporation • 201.261.7070 • • Made In USA OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Relationship Extenders

관계 확장



Shop around. Know what your competitors charge and what they deliver for that money.


Find out what matters to your customers other than price. What do


주변에서 쇼핑하십시오. 경쟁업체의 가격과 경쟁업체가 그 가격으로 판매를 위해 무엇을 제공하는지 파악하십시오. 가격 이외의 고객에게 중요한 것이 무엇인지 확인하십시오.

they care about? What are they happy to pay more for? What are you offering that they don’t seem to value? What should you add? What should you subtract? Staying in any relationship requires work, and when it comes to customers, many a suiter will try to take them away from you. With some diligence, you can avoid the break-up blues and spend many happy years together.

고객들은 무엇에 관심이 있습니까? 고객들은 무엇때문에 더 기쁜마음으로 지불하나요? 당신이 제공하는 것이 고객에게는 가치가 없는 것 같습니까? 무엇을 추가해야 할까요? 무엇을 없애야 하나요? 관계를 유지하는 것에는 노력이 필요하며, 더 좋은 서비스를 재공하는 경쟁업체들이 나로부터 고객을 빼앗아 가려고 노력할 것입니다. 부지런히 일하면, 고객을 놓치는 것을 피할 수 있고 행복한 해를 보낼 수 있습니다.

Meet Kate Zabriskie

Kate Zabriskie is the president of Business Training Works, Inc., a Maryland-based talent development firm. She and her team help businesses establish customer service strategies and train their people to live up to what’s promised. For more information, visit www.businesstrainingworks. com. Kate Zabriskie는 메릴랜드에 기반을 둔 재능 개발 회사 인 Business Training Works, Inc.의 대표입니다. 그녀와 그녀의 팀은 기업이 고객 서비스 전략을 수립하고 약속 한 바에 따라 사업을 수행할 수 있도록 직원 교육을 도와줍니다. 자세한 내용은 www.businesstrainingworks. com을 참조하십시오.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

Urban Call Briefs by Lafayette Jones

Kathyrn Leverette

Acne Specialist and Industry Educator

Michael Barker

President and COO of House of Cheatham

Kathyrn Leverette,

Acne Specialist and Industry Educator Kathryn Khadija Leverette is an acne specialist, ethnic skin care expert, licensed esthetician, independent product development consultant, freelance writer and industry educator. Her areas of expertise include protocols for acne treatment, razor bumps, skin tone issues (including dark spots and Kathyrn Leverette uneven skin tone), sensitive skin, sports Acne Specialist and Industry Educator and obesity-related skin problems, and acne scar treatment. She has stayed on the cutting edge in the areas of acne treatment and ethnic skin care to this day. Leverette opened the Bay Area’s first acne clinic in 1987 in Oakland, California. Leverette’s clientele has always been about 85% AfricanAmerican, 40% of which are men, and a 15% mix of African, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, West Indian, Asian Indian, Pacific Islander and Native American clients. She practices at Clinically Clear Skin Rehab Center, located in downtown San Leandro near Oakland, California. The facility is an acne clinic and skin care center, dedicated to urban skin solutions for black skin, multicultural skin care, African-American skin care issues and all darker skin tones. Most of her referrals are related to acne treatment, hyperpigmentation, keloid scars, sensitive skin conditions, scalp issues and razor bumps. She also trains acne specialists and medical professionals in her protocols. She is best known in the industry for developing the first internationallyrecognized program to successfully treat razor bumps and acne keloidalis nuchae scalp bumps and scars. She was also the first esthetician to utilize and write about the alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic and lactic acid) and the very first to introduce the use of alpha hydroxy acids in Europe.

Dr. Bridgette Jones Brooks Dentist and Columnist

Gary Gardner

retired president of Namaste Laboratories, LLC

Her clientele includes actors Danny Glover, Laurence Fishburne and Ben Stiller, director/actor Bill Duke, singer Angela Bofill, Latin bandleader Pete Escovedo, bluesman Joe Louis Walker, and dozens of professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB including Tim Brown, Ray Lewis, Anthony Dorsett, Zack Crockett, deceased Oakland Raiders Eric Turner and Darrell Russell, Don Griffin, Sam Adams, Mitch Richmond, Rod Higgins, Marc Jackson, Eric Dampier and Rickey Henderson. In addition to being an acne specialist, Leverette is an advocate for burn survivors and donates her time to perform pro bono scar reduction chemical peel procedures in the community. She has developed effective non-invasive scar reduction techniques for severe burn scars and keloid scarring. Leverette is also a skin care industry speaker, writer, consultant, and educator. Her articles regularly appear in Dermacope Magazine. Her articles have also appeared in the International Society of Clinical Plastic Surgeons newsletter, Black Elegance, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, Salon Sense and Skin Inc. She was a contributing editor to the popular but now defunct Black Journal of Cosmetology known as ShopTalk magazine for many years. Her interviews have appeared in Essence, Elle, Black Elegance, Allure, Upscale, Uptown, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Self, Shape, Glamour, Vogue, BBW, Men’s Health, Modern Salon, Black Tress, DaySpa, Good Housekeeping, Parenting, Dermascope, Oakland Magazine and many more. Leverette is listed as a skin care referral source in “The Silent Healer: A Modern Study of Aloe Vera by Bill C. Coats, R.Ph. and Robert J. Ahola. She is also mentioned in the best-selling book Body and Soul”, a health and beauty resource for black women published by Essence magazine, as an ethnic skin care expert and acne specialist. Leverette is also an independent consultant, trainer and educator and works with skin care companies and clinics, helping them develop specialized protocols, write label copy ad content and educational materials, and develop state-of-the-industry products. She has worked with Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care, June Jacobs Spa Collection, the Cornelia Signature Collection, and Coats Aloe International.

The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc . - and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Urban Call Briefs by Lafayette Jones

Michael Barker,

Dr. Bridgette Jones Brooks,

President and COO of House of Cheatham Michael Barker is currently the president and COO of House of Cheatham (HOC), Inc. He has held various positions within HOC in the last 19+ years to include vice president of sales and marketing, sales manager and production supervisor. HOC is one of the oldest continuing Michael Barker manufacturers of personal and beauty President and COO of House of Cheatham products in the United States. It is a global marketer with international distribution throughout the Caribbean, South America, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and Africa. Founded in 1924, and currently headquartered in Stone Mountain, Georgia, this company is one of the oldest continuing manufacturers of personal and beauty care products in America. From Polly Peachtree products sold during the early 1900’s to the popular 21st-century brands such as Organics by Africa’s Best; HOC brands have become household names in the United States and abroad. Its product therapies address and satisfy basic skin and hair care needs for people of all ethnicities, with a special emphasis on women of color throughout the world. HOC’s retail partners trust the company’s business ethics, dependability, and the strength of our brands, while consumers rely on it high-quality products with value-added benefits and affordable prices with every purchase. The company’s products are sold in mass market retail chain, drug and grocery stores including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Kroger, Dollar General, CVS, Kmart and Sally Beauty Supply. Its products are also found in most neighborhood beauty supply stores, nationwide. House of Cheatham brands include Africa’s Best, Kids Originals, Aunt Jackie’s Argan Smooth, Men’s texture My Way, Red Fox, Trends Natural Therapy, and Blue Duchess. Barker was previously appointed by the State of Georgia’s Insurance Commission as the Director of Consumer Affairs. He also spent 18 years with United Parcel Service in various management capacities prior to his tenure at HOC.

Dentist and Columnist

Bridgette Jones Brooks is a very unique person –quiet and unassuming but determined to be successful in serving others. She was born in Chicago, and raised in Winston Salem, North Carolina. While attending Spelman College, a Historically Black College and University in Atlanta, Georgia, she fell in love with Dr. Bridgette Jones community service and became heavily Brooks involved with volunteer work, both inside Dentist and Columnist and outside of the Spelman College gates. The college also provided her with the opportunity to learn more about a growing passion for dentistry as a leader within the Spelman College Pre-Dental Institute. Brooks’ first interest in dentistry began after receiving orthodontic treatment and seeing how much it improved her overall confidence. At this point she wanted to be able to give that gift to others, especially those who do not readily have access to dental care. Upon graduation from Spelman, she was fortunate to become a member of the inaugural class of East Carolina University School (ECU) Dental Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina. In dental school, she helped to found the ECU Chapter of the Student National Dental Association and the Student Professionalism and Ethics Association. Brooks was involved with many other services, including Mission of Mercy Charitable Dental Cares (MOMS), and mentorship organizations on campus and in the Greenville community. During those four years in dental school, she became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. Brooks also served in a one-year General Practice Residency in Asheville, North Carolina and is now enrolled in the Georgia School of Orthodontics (Class of 2020). Today, she is married to her to her college sweetheart Patrick Brooks, a Morehouse graduate who earned a master’s degree of Finance at Eastern North Carolina University. Brooks, the daughter of Sandra and Lafayette Jones, has also been a columnist for Sophisticates Black Hair Styling Guide magazine and a researcher for Urban Call publications.

He is also the treasurer of the Global Beauty Alliance (GBA), a trade association, engaged in educational and informative programs that include the domestic and international beauty industry. They network and collaborate on projects that foster business growth and development. The members work together to support and promote growth in the professional and retail multicultural industries. Business entities that are established and invested in the multicultural beauty industry may join and hold membership in the GBA. These business entities include manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and communication professionals. In addition, Barker is veteran of the United States Marine Corps and married to his wife Leigh for 36 years. They have three children and two grandchildren.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

Gary Gardner,

Retired president of Namaste Laboratories, LLC

Gary Gardner

retired president of Namaste Laboratories, LLC

Gary Gardner’s parents, Edward and Bettann Gardner, created SoftSheen Products, Inc. in their family’s Chicago basement in 1964, That company muscled its way to the top of the Black-owned beauty company community during the 1970s and 1980s. Gardner took over as president during the company’s heyday, but in 1996 Gardner resigned from his

position. Two years later, SoftSheen was sold to L’Oreal. However, Gardner wasn’t finished with the Black hair business. He started his own company, Namaste Laboratories, LLC - the makers of the popular Organic Root Stimulator brand. The Organic Root Stimulator products – that includes relaxers, conditioners, shampoos, scalp treatments and more - were sold in Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. Many would say Gardner continued in his parents’ footsteps creating another successful, Black-owned business that capitalized on the booming Black hair industry. However, in 2010, Gardner sold Namaste - which by then commanded

12% of the total United State’s market share of ethnic hair products - in a $100 million cash deal. But the buyer for the company wasn’t Caucasia or European. Dabur India Limited, an Indian company looking to enter the ethnic hair care market, made Gardner an offer he couldn’t refuse. As a part of the deal, Gardner maintained disposition as CEO at Namaste until he later retired. Referenced from “Hair Story -Untangling the roots Of Black Hair In America”, by Ayanna D. Bird and Lori L. Tharps (ISBN 978-1250-04657-trade paperback)

Each month, Urban Call Briefs covers subjects that provide readers of OTC Beauty Magazine with information on multicultural consumers, Hispanics and African Americans, who are the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. The mission of this column is to build a bridge of communications and information between manufacturers and retailers and the ethnic consumers they wish to serve better. The column offers resources covering marketing, retail merchandising, consumer research, purchase behavior, fashion and beauty trends, industry events and people, trade association news, new product launches and a potpourri of information designed to help the readers make intelligent decisions about the customers they serve. Urban Call is a registered trademark of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. Lafayette Jones

(SMSi). For more information, call 336-759-7477 or visit The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil


The Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil is hand processed from organic, nature-crafted Jamaican castor beans. This oil stimulates hair growth, cleanses the scalp, and is a perfect moisture sealant. Made of 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil imported straight from our farms in Jamaica. It Starts With Us!

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Beauty Ambassador

Styling Tools

By Detra Smith

An Iron For Every Occasion Electric irons are necessary tools in today’s fast-paced world of travel and session styling. In almost every bridal suite you’ll find a styling team with electric tools, as well as a few bridesmaids with electric tools of their own. The same can be said for runway shows and photo shoots. Everyone seems to have their favorite sizes of curling irons and straightening irons. Some of us even carry an arsenal of tools with one to fit our every need! One tool that serves a very big purpose but receives very little attention is the Gold ‘N Hot 3/8” Ceramic Root Straightener. With incredible speeds (heating up to 430 degrees in 60 seconds) this iron is perfect for getting close to the scalp for those sleek, silky looks. The size gives you the ability to easily smooth thin sections at the scalp without bulk because there is less of a chance of the iron burning the scalp. In today’s world of long hair and extensions, we need tools that will straighten fast. That’s why a modern favorite is the Gold ‘N Hot 2 1/4” Professional Ceramic Straightening Iron. This straightening iron heats up to 450 degrees and straightens lots of hair quickly. With one or two passes on thin strands, hair is transformed into a silky, beautiful style. Don’t forget to keep the iron moving over the hair when straightening to create sleekness and prevent those annoying clamp marks. The Gold ‘N Hot Jumbo Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver is another great accessory for your styling tool kit. This iron is a favorite among stylists because of the unique “fingerwave” texture it creates on long hair – a coveted look that typically takes much longer to achieve. The Jumbo Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver is also a necessary tool for those beachy waves that are all the rage these days. With heats up to 450 degrees, you can always hit your styling high marks.

The essential tools in our working kits are the Marcel irons, which Gold ‘N Hot makes in 4 sizes. Because it is ideal for creating coils and touching up natural hair to eliminate frizz, the 3/8” is one that most stylists keep for working with curly hair. The most versatile iron to have in your kit is the 1” Marcel curling iron, which can be used for firm curls when used with a heat setting product and small sections. By using larger sections and dragging the hair down the barrel while curling, you can create loose, beautiful curls and waves. With 24K gold on the barrel for even heat distribution, and maximum heats up to 450 degrees, any style and any size curl can be formed with these irons. If you prefer a spring iron, Gold ‘N Hot has you covered with 7 different sizes. They have the same features as the Marcel irons, along with a couple of larger sizes. The 1 ¼” and 1 ½” barrels have been requested more recently for the more relaxed styles that feature the popular “lived in” look. These larger sizes are perfect for updos and loose braid styling because they provide hair a little bend, making it smooth on the surface and more workable, which saves you from pesky flyaways later. The set of tools described here will have you prepared for any styling situation. Need glamour waves? Curly girl? Sleek and sexy? No problem! You’ll have complete versatility. Remember that your kit defines who you are as a stylist. As a professional, you must have everything ready at your fingertips, so you can expertly pull off styling feats -- from simple to difficult -- in a short amount of time. Your clients are counting on you. When you exceed their expectations, that’s the perfect reason for them to call you back.

Gold ‘N Hot is looking for brand ambassadors to provide feedback on our products and increase brand awareness. If you are interested, please contact Gold N’ Hot Product Manager Jessica Gallegos at or visit our website at www. Be sure to follow (or like us!) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube @ /goldnhotelite.

Meet Detra

Detra Smith is the artistic director for Belson/Gold ‘N Hot and is a Matrix Artistic Educator.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Feature Article


Tools for the Professional Stylist Arsenal If you have a lot of professional hairstylists or barbers shopping at your store, chances are they are looking for products for their salon. But stylists who travel have kits that will need the right equipment to handle any situation that may arise on set, at a wedding or any other occasion that requires their services. BaByliss specializes in providing superior products that cater to these needs and recommends five items to keep in stock for the convenience of your professional customers.

BaBylissPRO Rapido The BaBylissPRO® Rapido is the lightest, high-performance professional dryer in the world. Incredibly lightweight – at significantly less than 1 lb. – this dryer weighs as little as common, everyday items such as a can of soda, a mini tablet, or a small deck of cards. With an ultra-light, Ferrari designed MaxLife® Pro Brushless engine, this dryer has increased air power to dry hair faster than high heat alone and works for up to 10,000 hours with exceptional power, performance and quality. Features -

Up to 50% Faster Dryer Time: Increased air power dries hair faster than high heat alone and delivers unprecedented power and performance. Handcrafted at BaByliss’ own manufacturing facility in Bergamo, Italy.


Over 50% Quieter Operation: Removable noise-reducing filter lowers the dryer’s decibel level. For salons: creating a quieter working environment and a better overall salon experience.


Up to 10,000 Hours at Full Power: The MaxLife® PRO brushless motor eliminates parts that wear out over time – delivers up to 5 times longer life than traditional dryer motors.


40% Lighter Than Other Dryers: The secret is inside – internal construction expertly engineered to significantly reduce dryer weight. Add to that the ultra-light MaxLife® PRO brushless motor to experience the lightest weight, highperformance professional dryer ever made. This dryer is exceptionally comfortable to use.


Reduced Heat Exposure/Ion Generator For Healthy-Looking Hair: True ion generator emits millions of negative ions to eliminate frizz and seal the hair cuticles for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Features the ideal combination of temperature and air performance to respect hair cuticles and natural hydration

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium™ 1” Marcel Curling Iron For the waves of the future, choose Nano Titanium! These irons are engineered with advanced technology to create textured curls and waves. Nano titanium is an exceptional conductor of heat and maintains stability in ultra-high temperatures. It yields maximum far-infrared heat, penetrating the hair shaft from within for professional styling without damage. Sol-Gel technology makes the iron barrels 37% stronger and 22% smoother than those of standard irons. Available in 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/4”. Features



Sol-Gel nano titanium/ceramic barrel


50 heat settings – up to 450°F


Turbo Heat button instantly boosts heat


8-foot tangle-free swivel cord OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

BaBylissPRO MiraCurl and MiraCurl SteamTech Pro Curl Machine The new MiraCurl® SteamTech, with a steam option that creates 20% higher curl definition, 50% better curl formation and 24-hour hold, features an additional heater for even faster and more powerful surround heat. Creates curls that outlast and outshine anything you’ve ever experienced. Features -

Instant heat-up and recovery – ready in seconds


3 direction curl control (right/left/alternate) for uniform or more natural curls


Timer settings for different curl effects


Signals when it’s time to release the curl, so perfect results are foolproof every time


Imparts silky shine to hair

BaBylissPRO ROSEFX™ Trimmer There’s more to this trimmer than its stunning rose gold design. Its features boast the must-haves that every professional is looking for in a trimmer. Features -

Stainless Steel, Adjustable Zero-Gap Blade


High Torque, Brushless, Ferrari-Designed Engine


Lithium-Ion Battery 3-Hour Cordless Runtime


All-Metal Housing/Knurled Barbell Grip


Cord/Cordless – Dual Voltage


Detent Hanging Hook


Includes 4 Comb Attachments


Limited 2-Year Warranty

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium PRIMA3000 Stainless Steel Straightening The BaBylissPRO® Nano Titanium™ PRIMA3000™ Stainless Steel Straightening Iron takes the very idea of a straightening iron to unprecedented heights. Crafted from the most advanced materials. Designed with cutting-edge features that redefine ease of use and excellence of performance. Straighten or curl with smoother, shinier, more beautiful results. Features -

Stainless steel housing is lightweight, corrosion and warp resistant. The purpose of stainless steel construction is to allow parallel and even distance between heating plates at all times. Heat will not warp stainless steel as it does most plastics.


Dual function – straightens and curls with maximum ease and effectiveness.


Aircraft-grade titanium plates deliver highly efficient heat transfer and instantly smooth, condition and shine.


HiDensity Dual-Ceramic Heating System delivers more power for up to 20% faster heat-up* and exceptional heat transfer – up to 465°F.


FullWave Thermal Science provides instant heat recovery and constant temperature.


IonMultiplier Technology – 2x greater ion concentration* for smoother, shinier, more beautiful results.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



Electrical Items Electrical products are the foundation for many professional barbers, hairstylists and even the average consumer. In order to achieve a dynamic range of hairstyles, many

will rely on a head dryer or the perfect set of clippers or trimmers. But which products are flying off the shelves?

We compiled the top 5 selling electric items at Jinny Beauty Supply.

1. Andis Trimmer T-Outliner AN4710

Why It’s the Top Contender

Andis is already known for its state-of-the-art gadgets, so customers expect nothing less from this magnetic motor

trimmer. The close-cutting, carbon steel T-Blade is perfect

for detailing. And the powerful high-speed motor runs cool

and quiet. Best of all, this trimmer – that fits perfectly into the


hand – is cordless for maximum convenience.

Best For: • Outlining • Dry Shaving • Fading

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

2. Gold ‘N Hot Hood Dryer There’s no need to go the hair salon for a hooded dryer experience. The Gold ‘N Hot 1200-Watt Professional Hard Hat Salon Dryer offers a fully

vented hood that has powerful, steady airflow from the unit’s 1200-Watt blower. It’s 3 Heat/Speed styling combinations also

allow for a wide array of custom styling options. GH9271

3. Wahl 5-Star Shaver Shaper This little shaver is not only pleasing to the eye but is also very convenient,

thanks to its rechargeable battery feature. The rotary motor can run full speed for up to 60 minutes per charge. This shaper is also made with hypoallergenic

gold foil to avoid irritating sensitive skin. WA8061100

4. Andis Ultra Clipper Easy Cut This popular clipper is known for its powerful, yet quiet, magnetic motor. It

is engineered for easy cutting on fine to coarse hair. Its blades are also ideal

for precious cutting, and like most Andis products, the clipper is designed to fit

comfortably in any hand. AN18365

5. Wahl 5-Star Clipper Magic Clip Barbers don’t attempt a fade without grabbing this clipper. The

lightweight product is designed specifically for scalp tapering and fading and is perfect for comb-over work. Powered by a V9000

electromagnetic motor and equipped with close-cutting, #2191

adjustable 0000 blade, it’s no wonder that this clipper is a fan favorite. WA8148

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



Products to Stock

Some items are just too good to pass up, regardless of the season. Essential beauty and grooming products are always going to be on trend. Stock up on these popular products.

BEARD OIL The Nappy Styles Beard Oil Carnal is a lightweight beard and hair oil is enriched

with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Black Castor Oil, and is the perfect blend to add

shine and moisture to the beard, hair and skin. It rehydrates dry hair and skin, and adds brilliant shine to beards. Helps thicken and fill in beard spots.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


HAIR LOTION This strengthening lotion is

just what mom needs for back

to school. Perfect for coily,

kinky, curly moisture. Prevents

breakage during braiding

and styling by nourishing and

hydrating kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; natural textures

for easier detangling. Hair is

left moisturized, balanced and

protected during styling.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



DRY SHAMPOO Refresh your strands with the scent of the tropics with the OGXÂŽ Extra

Strength Refresh & Restore + Coconut Miracle Oil Dry Shampoo. Infused with coconut oil and the essence of tiare

and vanilla bean extract, this product

helps extend your style and revive your strands. Bring life to those strands with

an oil-absorbing secret for the ultimate island-girl hair!


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



Organizer - North American Beauty Events LLC.: Sales Office US, Canada, Mexico: PBA - Scottsdale, AZ - USA - ph. +1.480.281.0424 - fax +1.480.905.0708 - Sales Office Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America: BolognaFiere spa - Bologna - Italy - - for info: ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 | Marketing and Promotion: BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - Italy - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 - OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



CLIPPER TIPS Sponsored by Andis Co.

Clipper Cutting with Ceramic Blades Offer Unique Advantages by Kenny Duncan

In the clipper world, ceramic blades are still a relatively new innovation compared to the steel blade. When I am using my detachable blade clippers in clipper classes, I am often asked: What’s the white blade for? or Why is the blade plastic? It’s a common misconception among those new to clipper cutting that the steel blades, made popular on iconic tools like the Andis Master and T-Outliner, are better. However, the ceramic blade offers a number of advantages over an all-steel blade set. Ceramic blades were developed to be longer lasting, cooler running and smoother-cutting than steel. For the clipper cutter who uses a particular blade set more often than others, the benefits should be clear. At the same time, ceramic blades provide the novice clipper cutter with a major benefit – the ability to keep the clipper turned on for extended periods of time without causing the blades to get too hot for their customers. Cool and comfortable tools can help deliver a great customer experience, which leads to positive word of mouth advertising. I use my Andis Cool Care to help keep my steel blades cool, but with ceramic blades they don’t get hot in the first place! Andis offers a complete line of ceramic detachable blades ranging from size 00000 to 3 ½ called CeramicEdge. Some people might be surprised to learn that the ceramic blades cost a bit more money, but the benefits are worth every penny. My personal favorite CeramicEdge blade set size is the 1 1/4. I use it the most for classic wave length cuts with short, curly hair and it always gives me smooth, cool-cutting results. So to meet the demands of clipper cutting customers who desire a higher quality cut, consider stocking ceramic-equipped clippers and blade sets as an alternative to steel. Visit to learn more about the CeramicEdge line.

Kenny Duncan is a nationally known barber, stylist and educator, as well as co-owner of a 12-chair salon— Main Attraction Unisex Salon— based in Philadelphia. He is the barber for several Grammy Awardwinning artists and has toured the world as the barber for the Lady Gaga production team. Kenny’s styling work has also appeared in films such as “Fantastic Four” and “Creed” starring Michael B. Jordan. He is currently the Lead Educator for Andis Company. 76

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

#1 Beauty Cash-n-Carry

JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with necklaces, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part of the largest beauty supply distributor, you can always buy items by the piece and at great prices. For more information, call 800-361-0786 or visit them at 4300 Northeast Expressway, Doraville, GA.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



THERAPY TRENDS E-Commerce Could Re-Route Consumers to E-OTC by Elayne McClaine

Understanding the dynamics of e-commerce is the best way to remain a viable brick and mortar OTC. Consumers are driven to e-commerce sites to obtain information about products they may be considering. Major brands recognize this and will utilize a shopping portal to raise awareness about a technology or an ingredient story. Consumers expect to experiment with color matches or an online skin care diagnosis. Shoppers rely on these blind endorsements to support their purchase decision which often happens in their favorite brick and mortar location. When it is time to use the online shopping cart, they should be re-directed to the local OTC. There are concerns that e-commerce will overtake beauty business sales and that it will transform the way consumers purchase their beauty products. In reality, e-commerce should be viewed as a companion to brick and mortal retail sales. E-commerce portals can compete on discounted pricing and sampling through subscription programs. They cannot replace the in-store service and experience. Makeup, Skincare and Haircare are the key e-tailed categories. Routine beauty care regimens are easy to replenish and make recurring purchases online. This type of e-commerce does threaten OTC, beauty chains, drugstores and luxury department stores. Consumers will opt for convenience in shopping for routine purchases. However, a true beauty enthusiast will shop online and purchase in person. Within the OTC beauty business, a key sector that is being threatened is the online sale of wigs. OTC stores cannot keep up with the required variety of inventory in style and shade selections. E-Commerce offers an affordable direct from manufacturer option that is very cost effective. E-commerce gives consumers the confidence to shop with authority. Rather than fight the e-commerce trend, many manufacturers and store owners should tap into the e-commerce pathway to their OTC. Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skincare and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pondâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit 78

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Industry News K-beauty continues its quest to be the best of the best at incosmetics Korea 2018 The education programme aims to help k-beauty professionals develop new skills and create leading products for the global market Korean beauty professionals who are looking to further their careers through practical learning and a better understanding of global consumer trends should attend this year’s in-cosmetics Korea education programme.

Asia Pacific Beauty Care Technical Manager for SEPPIC Asia.

Dozens of industry leaders from around the world will come together in Seoul from 13-15 June to take their turn on stage in the event’s Marketing Trends & Regulations Seminars, Formulation Lab and Technical Seminars.

Marketing Trends & Regulations Theatre

The three-day programme opens with a brand new Formulation Day on 13 June which will deliver a series of exclusive sessions, presenting cosmetic chemists with the latest formulation techniques, processes and developments.

Formulation Day 2018

Kicking off proceedings in the Marketing Trends & Regulations Theatre will be Professor Jin Woong Kim from the highly respected Hanyang University. He will give fascinating insight into how cosmetic chemists can stabilise and emulsify with colloid surfactants, before Mintel takes the floor to discuss cosmeceutical trends in China. Later, Dong Wook Shin from AmorePacific R&D Centre will focus on protection of the skin with emphasis on understanding the extrinsic factors for improving aged skin. Meanwhile in in-cosmetics Korea’s purpose-built Formulation Lab, Belinda Carli, a director at the highly acclaimed Institute of Personal Care Science, will host three not-to-be-missed sessions. She will help chemists solve common formulation problems and then create unique customisable formulations, before demonstrating how to create unique liposomes that incorporate a specific combination of actives. In addition, Hemant Jagadish Deshmukh, Scientist - Hair Care at Ashland Singapore Pte Ltd, will give attendees an exclusive demonstration of how its ClearHance C technology can be used in a highly effective micellar shampoo. in-cosmetics Korea will also put on Live Sensory Formulation Demonstrations throughout the show. These represent a unique opportunity to discover formulations with innovative and transforming textures, new sensations, heating/cooling properties as well as pigments with a strong visual impact. With a line-up full of innovative products and ideas, Yuka Matsuyama, Research & Development at Japan Corn Starch Co, will be up on the first day with a replacement for microbeads called Pearl Starch. The audience will also get to see GELTRAP – a new patented technology from SEPPIC acting as a gel-in-oil emulsion with a high water content. This will be presented by Carla Perez,

All these sessions and more are free to attend when registered for the event. K-beauty manufacturers keen to expand their presence outside of the region will be enlightened by Euromonitor International’s presentation on 14 June. The research consultancy’s Beauty & Fashion Research Analyst, Lisa Hong, will uncover key insights into the skincare industry, as well as exploring the strengths and weaknesses in its global expansion. Complementing this session will be Ju Rhyu, the Founder/CEO of Inside the Raum LLC, who will explain how to create a winning growth strategy for the US. Jorge Larranaga, Deputy Director, Number Three Company, will take a session on the sustainable sourcing of cosmetic ingredients in Asia for successful formulations while Belinda Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science, will educate attendees on picking the right preservative.

exports from Korea.

Elsewhere, with the colour cosmetics category ready to explode in Korea, Chaewon Lee, Marketing & Sales Director – Korea at Beautystreams, will uncover some of the colour trends set to come to the fore in spring/summer 2019. And, April Guo, Cosmetics Regulatory Affairs Manager of CIRS, will cover the latest Chinese cosmetic regulations and how they will affect

Technical excellence

For those looking to better understand the technical information behind some of the world’s leading ingredients, the Technical Seminars are invaluable. Free to attend, they will provide the perfect opportunity to discover new approaches to several aspects of the cosmetic product development process. Over three days representatives from Adeka Korea, Ajinomoto, Ashland, bitop, DKSH, DSM, Givaudan Active Beauty, Incospharm Corporation, RADIANT Inc, SEIWA KASEI Co., SEPPIC, SKbiolan, Spec-Chem, Stearinerie Dubois and UL Prospector will all give attendees valuable insights and details on how their products can aid the NPD process.

Ingredient Regulations, Science & Technology Seminars

Only on 14 June, there will also be a series of free-to-attend Ingredient Regulations, Science & Technology Seminars jointly organised by Korea Cosmetic Association, NCR (National

Continued on page 84 82

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Industry News Coordinating Centre for Global Cosmetics R&D), and the Foundation of Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute. They will explore the recent progress of projects on new targets of anti-ageing and the development of eco-friendly cosmetic ingredients, understanding Nagoya Protocol and current response of Korean cosmetic industry as well as formulations and alternative evaluation methods.

Sarah Gibson, Event Director of in-cosmetics Korea, commented:

“This year’s education programme will be the strongest we have ever delivered. Korea’s position in the cosmetics industry

is growing rapidly, but manufacturers need to keep pace with what’s happening elsewhere and be aware of the intricacies and complexities that come with building a brand in Europe and the US. Our speakers will help deliver this in abundance, while ensuring that R&D teams are able to develop new skills on their quest to continue developing innovative, market-leading products.” Registration for in-cosmetics Korea is now open, with cosmetic industry professionals able to attend Formulation Day and all subsequent educational sessions free of charge. For more information and to register visit register.

in-cosmetics Latin America returns with new programme to help manufacturers target growth in the region 29th May 2018 - With the countdown on until in-cosmetics Latin America (19-20 September) returns, space in the halls of São Paulo’s Expo Center Norte is at a premium with the show already at 98% exhibitor capacity. The Brazil-based date in the in-cosmetics calendar is stirring up worldwide anticipation, with around a third of booked exhibitors hailing from international countries, including the USA, India, Japan, China, Korea and Switzerland. The big industry names will be back with companies such as Croda, Ashland, Dow Chemical, Symrise and Evonik all confirmed. Each will showcase their latest raw materials and technological breakthroughs, with Campo Research bringing a selection of exciting new products all the way from Singapore. One product set to pique the interest of visiting beauty professionals is its Campo Pearl Extract, ideal for enhancing skin products such as moisturisers, whiteners, reparatives and UV protection. Also hailing from Asia, China-based Fenchem Biotek will come armed with its range of natural products, including Alkyl Polyglucoside. The nonionic surfactant comes from renewable, natural raw materials, such as vegetable oil and starch – ideal to meet rising consumer demand for green solutions.

functional and active ingredients specifically designed for these formulations. As well as introducing visitors to the latest developments on the products front, this year’s in-cosmetics Latin America will host a wide-ranging education programme. The Marketing Trends Theatre will see Mintel covering shifting trends in haircare for Brazilian consumers; while Beautystreams will provide a look ahead into beauty colour trends for spring and summer 2019. Stylus Group will open visitors’ eyes (and intrigue their tongues) with the future of flavour in cosmetics and a half-day panel will discuss a range of topical and essential issues from regulations and R&D to fragrances and haircare. Meanwhile, dozens of Workshops and Technical Seminars will ensure beauty professionals leave the show with a wealth of knowledge and new formulation techniques under their belts.

Daniel Zanetti, Exhibition Director of in-cosmetics Latin America, commented:

“The in-cosmetics brand continues to go from strength to strength and our Latin America instalment is following suit. To be almost at capacity four months out from show highlights the importance of the event in this region and we are excited to make this the best edition yet.

Helping R&D professionals identify the most exciting active and functional ingredient launches of recent months, the Innovation Zone will be back with an easily-accessible collection of the best products new to market. Each product in this area will also be entered into the in-cosmetics Innovation Zone Awards, with visitors invited to the ceremony to see which companies walk away with the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes, as well as the coveted ITEHPEC Innovation Award.

“After three years of recession, industry attention is increasingly gathering on the potential of the LATAM region and in-cosmetics Latin America affords us front row seats to watch this exciting area grow. Historically, the beauty industry in Brazil accelerates two to three times faster than the national economy, according to João Carlos Basilio, president of the Brazilian Association of Industry of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics. To that end, we are very excited to see all the best innovations on display at the show this September.”

Brand new to the 2018 event, and a guaranteed highlight, will be the new Spotlight On programme. Dedicated areas at the show will focus on various market categories, such as haircare and anti-ageing, with attendees able to test and learn more about

For more information and to register your interest, please visit Travel deals, such as OneWorld discounts are available for international visitors at


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018




96% LESS BREAKAGE for Healthier-looking, Stronger Hair





Industry News SUNDIAL BRANDS NAMES KIMBERLY EVANS PAIGE CHIEF OPERATING AND BRAND-BUILDING OFFICER - Paige will oversee Global Operations in the newly-created role AMITYVILLE, NY – (May 21, 2018) Sundial Brands, leading

skincare and haircare manufacturer renowned for its innovative use of high-quality, culturally authentic natural ingredients and maker of SheaMoisture, Nubian Heritage, Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture and nyakio™, today announced that Kimberly Evans Paige has joined the company in the newly-created position of Chief Operating and Brand-Building Officer. She will report to founder, CEO and Executive Chairman Richelieu Dennis. Paige will partner with Dennis and the executive team to craft and support the overall strategic direction of the company and develop a plan for continued growth, including the existing Coty, Paige product portfolio, new and innovative products and line extensions, and building the business in existing and new channels. She will be responsible for operations, which includes end-to-end supply chain, marketing and sales, and will continually assess and build out the organization and infrastructure for company growth. “As we continue to experience and plan for future robust growth, it became clear that we needed to create a role that would help ensure that we are appropriately positioned and resourced for our next phase,” Dennis. “It was even more clear to us that the right partner to help scale the work we have done is Kimberly Paige. Her unique combination of analytical and creative prowess, cultural sensibilities and her passion for people and purposedriven companies make her a natural fit for Sundial. We are thrilled to welcome her to the team as an accomplished leader whom we are confident will drive breakthrough impact and results for our company.” Paige is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of brand, innovation, and general management experience and a proven track record of building billion-dollar brands and businesses. She joins Sundial from her most recent role as Chief Marketing Officer of Coty, Inc. where she stewarded the repositioning of several flagship brands. “I am immensely honored to join Sundial Brands in this newlycreated role and am looking forward to working with Rich and the entire Sundial family to drive the company’s growth through purpose, inclusion and Community Commerce,” said Paige. “I have long admired Sundial for its disruptive market leadership and its DNA of innovation and engagement, as well as its commitment to underserved women and communities. I am excited to now be


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

able to contribute to the company’s ongoing success delivering maximum performance and maximum impact.” Prior to Coty, Paige spent 17 years at The Coca Cola Company where she led several businesses to unparalleled revenue growth while driving brand loyalty for brands including Sprite, Fanta, SmartWater and more. In addition to multiple brand leadership roles, she was Vice President & CMO of Coca-Cola’s Ventures & Emerging Brands, where she led innovation and marketing support for emerging and recently acquired brands. Prior to that, Paige co-founded and was President of Kickoff Marketing, a strategic planning and brand consulting firm where she drove profitable growth and assessed new business venture opportunities for a variety of consumer brands and non-profit organizations. She started her career at Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she worked in brand management and drove results for the largest division of the company (formerly Package Soap and Detergent). Paige’s direct reports will include Sundial’s Chief Customer Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations.


Sundial Brands, a leading skincare and haircare manufacturer renowned for its innovative use of high-quality and culturally authentic natural ingredients, is the maker of SheaMoisture, Nubian Heritage, Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture and nyakio™. A certified B Corp company with a Fair for Life social and fair trade certification, Sundial engages in ethical and cruelty-free business practices and manufactures its products at its stateof-the-art facilities in Long Island, NY. Through its Community Commerce purpose-driven business model, the company creates opportunities for sustainable social and economic empowerment throughout its supply chain and communities in the United States and Africa, focusing on entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, education and wellness. Sundial has previously received the WWD/Beauty Inc. award for “Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Year.” Credited with introducing the “New General Market” inclusion concept to the beauty and retail industries, Sundial Brands founder, CEO and Executive Chairman Richelieu Dennis began the company in 1991 with his college roommate, Nyema Tubman, and mother, Mary Dennis, and architected a first-of-its-kind deal in the beauty and personal care industry with the landmark acquisition of Sundial by Unilever in 2017. In addition to marking one of the largest natural personal care deals in the U.S. and the largest consumer products deal by a blackowned company, this purpose-driven agreement resulted in the creation of a groundbreaking US$100 million New Voices Fund to invest in and empower women of color entrepreneurs.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Industry News Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Honors the Best in Beauty Industry experts select the top new products of 2018 NEW YORK, May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) hosted its 24th annual Beauty Awards, recognizing the year’s most creative and innovative products. Winners were named across 47 categories, including indies, hair care, fragrance, skin care and cosmetics. The CEW Beauty Awards are the only awards selected by industry experts who know the beauty industry best. CEW members selected 256 finalists from more than 1,000 entries representing 500 different brands. The winners were chosen from the finalists by CEW’s Board of Governors and a select group of beauty industry experts.

Hair, Nutricosmetic Product and Niche Fragrance. And for the first time, the awards include two categories that recognize industry suppliers: Packaging Innovation and Formula Innovation. The New York Times was the media sponsor of the event. Winners of the 2018 CEW Beauty Award will be announced in a full-page ad in The Times on May 27, 2018. The New York Times Sunday newspaper reaches 4.2 million readers.

“As innovation in the beauty space grows, so does the abundance of products for consumers to choose from. Now, more than ever, the CEW seal of approval helps consumers navigate the beauty space to make their purchase decisions,” said Carlotta Jacobson, President of CEW. “That’s why the CEW Beauty Awards have become the industry’s most important recognition for brands and manufacturers.”

CEW is an international organization of 9,000 individual members representing a cross section of beauty and related businesses. The composition of membership includes leading brands, indies, retailers, media and suppliers. CEW’s primary purpose is to provide programs online and in person to develop careers and knowledge of the beauty industry. CEW provides opportunities to connect and gain industry knowledge through networking events, trend reports, industry newsletters, interactive workshops and industry leader talks. For more information, please visit

In response to the speed of innovation in the industry, CEW added several new product categories this year, including Indie

Shop the CEW Beauty Award Winners today at

About CEW:

The Beauty Marketplace Inc. Opens Applications for Independent Brands Ahead of Fall Launch AI-Powered Beauty Matchmaker Features 23 Independent Global Brands to Date NEW YORK, NY – May 16, 2018 – The Beauty Marketplace Inc. (TBM), an e-commerce platform specializing in globally-sourced, independently-owned, niche beauty brands, has unveiled their platform. Created by Honest Beauty LLC Founder Mary Palmieri, TBM has opened applications for brand partners in advance of a consumer launch in Q3 2018. TBM’s proprietary technology will use artificial intelligence to select brands and products that are most effective for a client’s trouble spots. A human touch is present through on-call beauty experts and formulators that who available to answer consumer questions and ensure transparency. Leveraging their current portfolio of 23 mass and prestige brands, TBM promises to reinvent the current purchase model with their carefully curated list of partners, each with unique attributes that set them apart in a saturated marketplace. They are inviting owners and creators to join the movement through their seamless online application. “The time has come to represent a new breed of entrepreneur in the beauty space,” said CEO Mary Palmieri. “Independent brands 88

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

are the industry innovators and bring their creativity to oftenunderserved clientele. Our site will highlight them and present them to new consumers.” TBM founder and CEO Mary Palmieri is known for establishing Honest Beauty LLC, the first B2B beauty industry site, in 2009. Honest Beauty ran for seven years, exiting in 2016. Previously, Palmieri immersed herself in the beauty world with roles at the world’s leading media companies including Vogue, W and Forbes. Brands interested in joining the platform can learn more at: https://


The Beauty Marketplace is an online product matchmaker and community of industry experts. Specializing in independent beauty brands, emerging breakthroughs and niche favorites, we connect you with exactly the products, insights and guidance you’re looking for. TBM does every bit of the vetting, testing and curating of thousands of indie beauty finds - and personalizes the choices to boot - all so you don’t have to. Learn more at http://



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Industry News COSMOPROF ASIA 2018 Introduces New Intiatives that Set the Beauty Industry Abuzz HONG KONG, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Save the date for Cosmoprof Asia, the leading b2b event for the cosmetic

industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The 23rd edition of Cosmoprof Asia will once again adopt the “1 Fair, 2 Venues” formula, bringing together the entire Asia-Pacific beauty industry in Hong Kong this November.

From 13 to 15 November 2018, Cosmopack Asia, to be held at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), will present avant-garde products and solutions, focusing on raw materials and ingredients, machinery and automation, primary and secondary packaging, contract manufacturing and private labels. From 14 to 16 November 2018, Cosmoprof Asia, to be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (HKCEC), will host companies and professionals specialising in finished products in various sectors -- perfumery and cosmetics, beauty salon and spa, hair, nail and accessories, naturals and organics. The 2017 edition of Cosmoprof Asia saw a total of 2,877 exhibitors coming from 54 countries and regions, 25 international pavilions and the attendance of 83,793 professionals, with over 60,000 of them from overseas. These figures testify to the continuous growth of the fair, which reached an exhibition space of 108,600 sqm in 2017. The data above shows why Cosmoprof Asia is the ideal stage for companies, distributors, buyers, retailers and multinational brands to discover the latest products and trends of the beauty market not only in the AsiaPacific region, which is the second largest cosmetic market after Europe, but in the entire Asian continent as well. There will also be special initiatives dedicated to exhibitors and professionals to facilitate networking and promote the products of exhibiting companies.


After the success of previous editions, Cosmoprof Asia proposes an integrated project between the two exhibition venues to provide visitors with a unique experience of the production process of a luxury cosmetic product, from design to innovative technologies used. Thanks to the collaboration with international design agency centdegres and selected companies exhibiting at Cosmopack Asia, an exclusive prestige serum with dual effect -moisturising and concealing skin imperfections, will be “produced” in the “factory” area of AWE. From 14 to 16 November at HKCEC, visitors will be able to experience an innovative shopping experience, thanks to the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, in a “concept store of the future”. The initiative will demonstrate how the influence of IoP - Internet of Product solutions is growing at an international level, bringing the relationship between product and customer to a whole new level.


CosmoTalks is a series of presentation and roundtable discussion 90

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

participated by international leaders, market experts and key figures in the cosmetic industry focusing on the latest issues in the beauty industry: from market and regulatory analysis in Asia-Pacific countries to the most fashionable trends in Asia, with the aim of understanding needs of local consumers and how the beauty industry will evolve as a consequence of digital transformation, new technologies and social evolution. CosmoForum, an area in Hall 3G, HKCEC, will host the Spa Conference and Natural & Organic Symposium, in addition to thematic seminars by trade organisations and experts. Meanwhile, shows and live demos are scheduled for Cosmoprof Onstage, to be held at Hall 5C of HKCEC, giving visitors a preview of new make-up techniques, nail trends, as well as the most innovative beauty treatments and product designs.


ON HAIR, a highlight in Cosmoprof Asia dedicated to the hair sector, will feature live demonstrations and shows at Cosmoprof Onstage, Hall 5C, HKCEC. The event is made possible through the collaboration with AHMA -- Asia Hair Masters Association, Hong Kong, which will host the Hong Kong Hair and Styling Arts Festival 2018 on 14 and 15 November comprising hair contest, awards ceremony and industrial summit. This muchanticipated event is expected to see the participation of 200 contestants and close to 1,000 audience at the award ceremony and hair show.


Cosmoprof Awards Asia and Cosmopack Awards Asia, curated in partnership with Beautystreams, recognise the best company in each venue for their ourstanding product, based on criteria like brand awareness, formulation, packaging , design and technologies. Two specialised juries comprising journalists, influencers, designers, researchers, brands, retailers and professionals in the beauty sector, will select the best products and solutions from exhibiting companies.


Apart from the exciting programmes mentioned above, the organiser strives to continuously bring in quality buyers from potential markets via the International Buyer Programme. Running on its 12th consecutive year, this programme is a special initiative to promote b2b meetings between companies and international buyers. Buyers and distributors from specific international markets will be invited for business meetings with exhibitors at both fairgrounds, providing a unique opportunity to evaluate and develop projects in key markets yet to be explored. For further information, visit Online visiting pre-registration now opens: www.cosmoprof-asia. com/en-us/VISITING/Pre-registration

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Industry News Wahl Professional’s New 5-Star Look is Golden

Sterling, Ill. (April 28, 2018) Mention the name 5-Star Senior or Magic Clip and what comes to mind? Most likely it is the precision, power and ease of fading that barbers and stylists rely on from Wahl Professional’s 5-Star Series for their multi-cultural clients. Now look again, because precision fading with the name Wahl 5-Star is taking on a new gold-star design. Every one of the tools will receive an update and be revealed over the next month. “Each product will progress into the new 5-Star look at different times during the second quarter of 2018,” said Tracy Vock, Senior Product Manager, Professional Division, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “The completion date for the full line to be transferred over to the new look and feel is the end of May.”

gives this product a lot of class,” says Nicholson. “The black and gold accents balance well together and give the product more of a high-end look that reflects the product’s performance.” Barbers will also notice a color change in the attachment combs in some trimmer sets to help elevate the appearance of the line. “There are not any new features for each product,” says Vock, “Each product is already unique, so we basically gave the line a face lift, so to speak.” Just last year, a similar update to the Wahl Designer Clipper Family of tools was introduced, featuring a classic black color scheme to keep everything consistent in that line.

As the new 5-Star look begins to unfold, each of the classic styles will be transformed by a consistency in look with gold color accents as the dominate design feature, along with easily identifiable Wahl logos that are laser cut into each tool.

“We are focused on making the Wahl 5-Star Series look consistent and upscale,” says Nicholson. “Our customers love our products, so making the looks consistent as well as enhancing the packaging was an easy decision.”

“Think of it as an enhancement to the products,” says Jesey Nicholson, Senior Graphic Designer, Professional Division, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “The new look was designed with barbers in mind, providing the consistency of tools for the busy barber and stylist. Gold levers and switches throughout the line separates the 5-Star products from our other clippers and trimmers.”

The branded look of the new 5-Star packaging reveals a clean design on the front. On the back of the package, pertinent information easily identifies how each product differs, and printing enhancements to the package design make the products stand out when displayed on store shelves.

The idea for the new gold-star look originated from discussions on the line in general and working with Wahl’s marketing team and design engineers to test samples and colors to finalize the style. “I’m excited about the upgrade to the 5-Star Senior clipper that 92

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

As for marketing the new line, Wahl Professional created firstclass product videos to help show off the new looks, along with website updates and social media posts to reflect this new design. Those interested in learning more about the new 5-Star line can view the latest product improvements at products/5-star/.

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Industry News Carol’s Daughter Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with the #NoApologies #BornandMade Campaign, Encouraging Women to Celebrate their Individuality Unapologetically There are no limits. No rules. No one to please. #NoApologies. NEW YORK, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Carol’s Daughter

is thrilled to celebrate its 25th Anniversary with the launch of

the #NoApologies #BornandMade campaign, a movement that encourages every woman to celebrate her individuality unapologetically. In order to tell this story, the brand has returned

to its Brooklyn roots by filming a series of videos throughout the borough that inspire viewers to be who they authentically are. The campaign features Lisa Price, the brand’s founder, as well as ten

local influencers, and a spoken word artist who came together to help celebrate the stories of unique beauty.

Carol’s Daughter is engaging every mother, daughter, sister and beyond, through its digital and social platforms—which will roll out the campaign’s series of videos—highlighting individuality, while inspiring viewers to be who they authentically are.

“To celebrate 25 years, there was only one place to be, Brooklyn,”

said Lisa Price, Founder, Carol’s Daughter. “I wanted to incorporate

the magic, love and community of Brooklyn—the place my family

• Cynthia Andrew, @simplycyn. Made to be Strong.

Cynthia is a Cameroonian attorney and the voice behind the

popular blog SimplyCyn. Her blog provides daily inspiration

on juggling a busy career, beauty, and fashion, while also serving as inspiration for other African bloggers who aspire

to develop a platform that reaches beyond their local communities.

• Kokie Childers, @kokeadile. Made to be Original.

Kokie is a full-time student at St. John’s University, majoring

in biology. Last summer a photographer discovered her, and her modeling career has since blossomed. She is known for her striking, original look.

• Latonya Staubs, @latonyayvette. Made to Shine.

Latonya is a master of juggling her multidimensional creative

career as a writer and stylist, while also being a mother to two. She particularly loves to help new mothers style themselves as they entire a new phase in their life.

and I call home—and where Carol’s Daughter was born. The goal

The #NoApologies campaign also highlights some of the brand’s

milestone, but to also celebrate and continue to herald the power

the Black Vanilla Collection, and the Almond Milk Collection.

was not only to celebrate the brand reaching such a significant of women and who we were #BornandMade to be with #NoApologies. I am Lisa. I am

unapologetically me. I was

born and made to be Carol’s Daughter.”

most coveted product lines, including: the Hair Milk Collection, These



collections offer solutions

for all hair types, from

dry and brittle to frizzy and fragile—with a range of






Staying true to its history, Carol’s Daughter filmed the campaign in

and caring for all haircare needs. Available at Walmart, Target,

advertising agency Laundry Service, spoken word artist Mahogany

nationwide, as well as and

Brooklyn and partnered with Brooklyn-based creatives, including L. Browne—who worked closely with the brand to create original

Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, ULTA Beauty, and Sally Beauty stores

spoken word poems for the campaign—and a team of natural hair

Join the #NoApologies movement, celebrating who you were


and YouTube, and by visiting

and beauty influencers. The campaign’s inspirational influencers,


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

born and made to be, by following @carolsdaughter on Instagram

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Industry News McBride Research Laboratories CEO Awarded Business of the Year Award by DeKalb Chamber of Commerce June 01, 2018 (Atlanta, Georgia)-- On May

and McBride Sr. established Mcbride

24th, the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

Research Laboratories in 1990.





annual honors









their outstanding standards in business

Essentials in 2010, Cornell McBride

development, employee programs, business


innovation and contribution to Dekalb County

exponentially in the ever-shifting and

and the metro Atlanta area. This year’s

growing world of beauty. An example

awards featured community leaders such as Ted Cummings, Chair of Onyx MS Group;

The 2018 Apex Business Awards. Photo courtesy of





of his innovation was the launch of Design Essentials Naturals®, which

Sharon Macaluso, Co-Chair of Small Business Advisory Council

was developed to give naturally curly and kinky hair luxurious

Area Director at the University of Georgia; Wendy Corona, from

nourishment. This line also features vitamin drops, scalp itch

Channel 2 Action News; Rachea Brooks, from Dekalb Chamber of

relief, thermal protectant cream, and curl enhancing hydration

Commerce; Katherina Taylor, President & CEO of Dekalb Chamber

milk. Within nearly 30 years, the company has expanded on a

of Commerce; and James Bailey, President & CEO of Russell

global scale nurturing ethnic hair around the world. McBride’s

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Among the people

ability to stay in

honored this night was haircare entrepreneur Cornell McBride

pace with the fast

Jr., CEO of McBride Research Laboratories, who received the

track beauty world,

Business of the Year Award in the $10-20M category.





Hailing from a family of beauty trailblazers in African American



hair care, Cornell McBride Jr. is the second generation CEO of


McBride Research Laboratories and President of internationally renowned hair care line Design Essentials®. A multimillion-dollar

Cornell McBride Jr. posing with the 2018 Business of the Year Apex Award. Photo courtesy of

business, Design Essentials was conceived by Cornell McBride Sr.

Cornell McBride Jr. and Katerina Taylor, President & CEO of Dekalb Chamber of Commerce. Photo courtesy of

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



mass retailers and globally, makes it obvious why McBride Research Laboratories


was awarded Business of the Year by the DeKalb Chamber of






their first product

“Something we always try to make sure to do as a company is to see

“S ta-Sof-Fro,”

what difference do we make to our stakeholders, our consumers,



our employees, and even our community,” says Cornell McBride

1980’s, which was

Jr. in his acceptance speech. “The goal is to wake-up every day

the first black hair

figuring out ‘how can I make a difference?’ It’s not what you can

softener on the

do for me...our thought process is always what can I do for you?”


market at the time. The company has grown exponentially since


while accelerating









July 1-5

Paris Fashion Week—Haute Couture

Paris, France

July 7-9

July 8-9

July 9-12

Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Keune 1922 by J.M. Keune

Cosmobeauté Asia

Gatlinburg, TN

Atlanta, GA

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 14-15

Hair Art-A-Con

Las Vegas, NV

July 14-17

American Assoc. of Cosmetology Schools

Las Vegas, NV

July 16-19


Miami, FL

July 17-19

July 22-23

July 28-31

July 28

July 28-30

July 29

July 29

July 29-31

July 30

July 29-30 August August

August 4-6

August 4-6

August 5-7

August 6-9

August 8-9

August 9-12

August 12-13

August 12-13

August 12-15

August 13

August 19-20

August 19-21

August 20

August 22-23

August 23-26

August 25-27

August 26

August 26-27

August 26-28

August 26-28

August 27

August 27

ECRM/EPPS Personal Care, Grooming, Travel

Keune Cut and Color Collaborative

PBA Beauty Week

City of Hope Spirit of Life

Beacon by Professional Beauty Assoc.

PBA Business Forum

North American Hairstyling Awards

Cosmoprof North America

ICMAD CITY Awards Dinner @ CPNA

Miami, FL

Atlanta, GA

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV,

800-831-1086, CEA & AMP Annual Convention

440-528-0427 ,

440-528-0427 ,

Keune Correct It

Atlanta, GA

SpaHive Mini MasterMind & Pop-Up Boutique

Cleveland, Ohio

Bronner Brothers Mid-Summer Show

Keune Creative Color

Strategies How to Recruit & Retain Staff

World Massage Festival/Hall of Fame

The Spa Buzz Retreat Rocky Mountain Region,

Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo

Keune Next Level Cutting

Keune Next Level Color

Toronto Gift Fair

National Aesthetic Spa Network Event

Keune Blonde Out

Strategies Skill Certification: Team-Based Pay

Evo Commit to the Chop 2.0

Indie Beauty Expo

State/RDA Sales Conference

NACDS Total Store Expo

Keune Beyond True Beauty

Keune Texture

Skin Inc.’s Face & Body Northern California

The BTC (Behind The Chair) Show

Keune StreetSalon: Cut, Color & Styling

Evo Commit to the Chop 2.0

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Centerbrook, CT

Las Vegas, NV


Scottsdale, AZ

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Toronto, ON, Canada

Overland Park, KS

Atlanta, GA

Centerbrook, CT

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Kansas City, MO

San Diego, CA

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

San Jose, CA

San Antonio, TX

Atlanta, GA

New York, NY


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



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OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


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(RR39845, 39766, 39771, 39769, 39770, 39768)



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018





OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Ad Index AFAM Concept ........................................................................ 9, 29, 93

JBS Hair .................................................................... 12, 22-23 and 28

American International Industries ............................................... 35

Kendo, LLC .........................................................................................100

Ampro Industries ................................................................................ 46

M&M Products ..................................................................................... 47

Andis Co. .............................................................................................. 77

Murray’s Worldwide ......................................................................... 51

Barbershop Aid ................................................................................... 15

Namaste Laboratories ........................................................................5

Beauty Perfection .................................................................................7

Nature’s Protein................................................................................... 83

Brock Beauty ........................................................Inside Front Cover

OMT Nappy Styles ........................................................................... 55

Cosmoprof ........................................................................................... 75

Queen Helene ............................................................................... 34, 54

Coty ................................................................................. 31 and Poster

Respected Roots................................................................................. 40

DevaCurl ................................................................................................ 25

Softsheen-Carson..........................................................................5, 85

E. T. Browne ......................................................................................... 45

Strength of Nature.............................................................................. 27

Ecoco Inc.................................................................. Cover, 11 and 79

Sundial Brands...................................................... Inside Back Cover

Fantasia Ind. ......................................................................................... 53

The Mane Choice Hair Solution ........................................ Gatefold

GIBS Grooming ................................................................................... 49

Tropic Isle Living ................................................................................. 61

Gold ‘N Hot ............................................................................................ 63

Universal Beauty ................................................................................. 91

HairUWear ............................................................................................. 39

Vogue International ........................................................................... 89

Helen of Troy ........................................................................................ 43

Xtreme Beauty International............................................ 13, 33, 87

Innovative Beauty Products, LLC .......................................2 and 3 Inspired Beauty Brands..................................................................... 19


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018




1 CASE DARK & LOVLEY RELAXER KIT (CR1907, 1903, 1906)



OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Reader Feedback Let your voice be heard!

In this segment, OTC Beauty Magazine wants to find out what is important to you, our loyal readers. Posing a handful of questions each month, our goal is to learn through feedback how to better serve you. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts; write responses on this sheet and mail it back to us, or send it via email.

여러분의 목소리를 내세요! 여러분의 목소리를 내세요! OTC 뷰티 매거진은 소중한 여러분의 의견을 수렴하려고 합니다. 매달 몇 가지의 질문을 통해 여러분의 의견을 듣고, 좀더 발전된 잡지를 만들고자 합니다. 약간의 시간을 내 주시어 여러분의 생각들을 전달해 주세요. 질문지에 답변을 하여 저희 사무실로 보내주시거나 이메일을 보내 주시면 됩니다. (연락처는 이 페이지 맨 밑에 있습니다)

What are some of your top-selling electrical products? 가장 많이 판매되는 전기 제품에는 어떤 것들이 있습니까?

Are there any flat iron or curling iron products that are difficult to keep in stock due to high demand? 수요가 많아 제품 구비가 어려운 플랫 아이언 또는 컬링 아이언 제품이 있습니까?

How do you display your electrical items?

전기 제품을 어떻게 디스플레이 합니까?

When we receive your feedback we will choose a few answers to feature in the next month’s issue. You could be famous just by answering a few questions – simple as that! We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for supporting this publication. 보내주신 답변 중 몇몇을 뽑아 다음달에 기재하도록 하겠습니다. 몇 개의 질문에 답변을 함으로써, 여러분이 잡지에 실릴 수 있는 것입니다! 여러분의 성원에 감사 드리며, 많은 참여 부탁 드리겠습니다.

Name (성함) _________________________________________ Store Name (​상호명) ___________________________________ State (주) ___________________________________________ 110

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

Mail this form to: (보내실곳: ) OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email:

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


Product Spotlight

RED PALM OIL & COCOA BUTTER ELONGATING PUDDING Minimize natural shrinkage and temporarily reveal a longer fro or curly-coily style with this ultra-moisturizing pudding. Moisturizing Cocoa Butter infused with Red Palm Oil, rich in antioxidants and Vitamins, is blended with Flaxseed Oil to create this Coconut Oil free, anti-shrinkage styling cream that elongates and defines twist and braid out styles. Light hold smooths cuticles for a frizz-free finish. Great for 3-4c hair types.

How to Use Generously apply to sectioned, detangled hair from roots to ends. Style as desired. Make sure hair is

completely dry before taking down braids or twists. To refresh your style, smooth a small amount between palms and lightly pat on hair.

Tip: Pair with our Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Styling Gelee for added hold.


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018


COCOA BUTTER Extra moisturizing, helps replenish oils to dry hair

RED PALM OIL Excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins

FLAXSEED OIL Nourishes hair at the root and improves elasticity

DEFINE & STRETCH SheaMoistureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Red Palm & Cocoa Butter Collection is the perfect assortment for showing off the length of shrinkage prone hair. It helps elongate, define and prevent hair reversion. Red palm, cocoa butter and flaxseed oils are blended to create amazing formulas free of Coconut oil and sulfates. Great for stretching curly and kinky hair and elongating twists and coils. Leaves locks soft, shiny and defined. Contact Your Local Distributor to Order 113

OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

Provides temporary color Covers roots and conceals gray hair Controls, holds, & smoothes edges Fills in thinning edges

Coconut & Shea Oils with


OTC Beauty Magazine July 2018

OTC Beauty Magazine (July 2018)  

OTC Beauty Magazine offers useful business tips and effective selling tools to boost revenue and customer traffic for OTC retailers. The mag...

OTC Beauty Magazine (July 2018)  

OTC Beauty Magazine offers useful business tips and effective selling tools to boost revenue and customer traffic for OTC retailers. The mag...