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Volume 6 Issue 2

Summer 2018

From the Dean Dear Colleagues: Although I have presided over many convocation ceremonies during my time as a dean, I can honestly say that I still find each one exhilarating and uplifting. Such was the case with this year’s graduation ceremony for the dental hygiene and dental Classes of 2018. The excited students, the proud families, and our dedicated staff and faculty created another memorable event that is showcased on the cover of this issue of The Dental Journal. Filling the remaining pages of the magazine are all sorts of other proud moments for our college. I am so pleased that we are able to present the many ways our graduates and our college community are doing great things on this campus, around Ohio, and across the country. In this issue, an item that is particularly noteworthy is the list of alumni and friends who are recognized for their generous contributions to our college. That list of names spans twelve pages and the donations support a variety of initiatives, but in recent months we have seen an increasing number of gifts that are dedicated to our new facility. These could not come at a more important time, as it is critical for us to reach our target of raising $25 M to build a new Postle Hall. As you read about the numerous endeavors that are described in this issue, I urge you to think about all the things our college has done and continues to do for our graduates and our profession. I hope you will remember your time in Postle Hall and all the memories you have from those days. As you consider your professional dental education and the lifestyle it has provided for you and your family, I ask you to consider making a personal financial contribution to the College of Dentistry that is comparable to your means. Give these thoughts some serious consideration, and I am confident you will feel that supporting our capital campaign is the right thing to do. The State of Ohio has stepped up. The University has made a commitment. And now we must do our part. This is an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude for all we have and to support our profession. We truly need everyone’s help to meet this goal. If we are not able to raise the $25 M that is our share of this building project, the new facility will not be completed in the way we have planned. In advance of receiving your gift, I thank you for “paying it forward” in the best of all Buckeye traditions. It will mean so much to so many, for decades to come. All the very best,

Patrick M. Lloyd, DDS, MS Dean and Professor College of Dentistry

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Mixing Dentistry and Politics





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Ohio State Goes to Orlando

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29 Student Government Association Honors Outstanding Faculty

A Transformative


Lydia Lancaster, ’16 DDS, Reflects on Her Two Years as Graduate/Professional Student Trustee

Q) What has the time you spent on the Board of Trustees meant to you personally? A) Serving on the Board of Trustees has been nothing short of life-changing.

Going into the position, I knew it was an especially unique opportunity that carried major responsibility, but I could not have fathomed how transformative the experience would be. The board experience has exposed me to a level of leadership that I did not realize existed prior, and has blessed me with lifelong relationships and professional development that I hope to utilize in my post-graduate career. It has been an incredible honor to serve at this level for this university that I love dearly. Unequivocally, the most personal part of my board experience has been the people. From my fellow board members and the board office, to the various university and medical center leaders, I have had the opportunity to work alongside very inspiring people. They have given me examples to push myself to strive further, and they have kindly taken time out of their compact schedules to mentor me. Through the board, I have met mentors and friends that remind me of the closing song from the musical, Wicked: “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” And I am confident these established relationship will last well beyond my years at The Ohio State University.

Q) What have been some of the highlights of your time on the Board of Trustees? A) When I look back on the past two years, there have been some rather special circumstances I have been privy to because I was a board member. I had the honor of being part of Albert II, Prince of Monaco’s welcome team as he arrived in Columbus to visit the university in the fall of 2016. I attended various athletic, arts, and university events that I will always remember. University leaders, legislators, and other prominent community leaders—whom I have admired from afar prior to this term—have become personal acquaintances and even friends. Brutus even proposed to me at a football game! Needless to say, there have been many, many, fun and special memories that have enhanced and expanded what it means for me to be a Buckeye. However, with the fun also came an immense amount of time, responsibility, and pure hard work, which I also cherished. I was proud to be able to contribute to the development, approval, and

4 the ohio state university dental journal

In April, Orthodontic resident Lydia Lancaster, ’16 DDS, concluded two years of distinguished service as the graduate/professional student member of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees. Characterizing her time on the board as “lifechanging,” Dr. Lancaster reflected on her most memorable moments during her term.

initial implementation of the university’s strategic plan, “Time and Change.” My input helped add the graduate/professional student perspective to the plan. My fellow board members valued my views on issues, and I truly believe those views were additive to the work we were doing. One of the most special highlights of my work was being the first graduate student trustee in the state of Ohio’s history to have voting rights. Ironically, I had to abstain from my first vote due to potential conflict of interest issues, but each time I voted, the privilege was something I did not take lightly. At my first meeting, the board approved the planning phase of Postle Hall renovations. My last vote was approving the consent agenda, which included the approval to enter construction for Postle Hall. It is an exciting time for our college, and I am honored to have been able to be part of approving such incredible advancements. Finally, I am especially proud to have represented the College of Dentistry and the dental profession in my board role. In this enormous university and health sciences academic center, dentistry is, candidly, a small part of the Ohio State enterprise. I was able to bring the college to the table, and bring to light that the Ohio State College of Dentistry is not only training excellent dentists, but also that we are the only public institution in the state doing so. Our college provides the majority of dentists serving Ohioans across the state and, to me, that’s what our land grant mission is all about—taking care of Ohioans, specifically their dental needs. And to be able to advocate and bring light to our college accomplishments university-wide, Columbus-wide, and state-wide, has been an incredible privilege.

Q) Any final words or thoughts you’d like to share? A) Coming from rural Missouri, becoming a Buckeye has been the truest honor.

I love Ohio State and the state of Ohio, and being able to serve both as a trustee has been an utmost privilege. This opportunity would not have been possible without the support of Dean Lloyd and the College of Dentistry, as balancing residency and board responsibilities has never been a small task. My family and friends cannot be thanked enough for supporting me along the way. I leave the board with more Buckeye pride than ever, knowing that our university’s leadership is in excellent hands. And as always, How firm thy friendship, Ohio! ■

alumni news 5


- Lawrence and Jim Hughes -

Having a brother in dental school can make a big impression on a sibling—especially a sibling who is 11 years younger. Jim Hughes, state representative for the 24th District of the Ohio House of Representatives, recalls visiting the College of Dentistry’s dental clinic so his older brother, Lawrence (Larry) Hughes, ’77 DDS, could practice his clinical skills.

6 the ohio state university dental journal

“I was eight or nine years old and just a huge Ohio State fan. The way the clinic was positioned next to the stadium then, I could see into the south end every time I leaned over to wash my mouth out,” laughs Representative Hughes, who credits having a dentist for a brother with helping to shape some of his thoughts on policy from insurance payment windows to scope of practice issues. His close relationship with his brother may have also informed Representative Hughes’ choice of food and beverages. He remembers looking on as his brother, in dental school at the time, put a tooth in a glass of soda and watched the acids begin to dissolve the tooth. Representative Hughes has only had one cavity in his life. “That made an impact on me,” he said.

to the dental profession. As their father stood to speak on the bill, some worried he wouldn’t know what to say. Those who knew the senior Lawrence said, “Don’t worry. His son’s in dental school. He’s got this.” And he did; the legislation failed. In addition to being a member of the legislature, the former state senator and current state representative is also a practicing attorney and partner for the Columbus law firm Isaac Wiles. It was only natural for Representative Hughes to follow his father’s lead into politics. But for Dr. Hughes, dentistry made more sense. “Growing up, I always liked woodworking, biology and other mechanical things. What really appealed to me was the artistic part of dentistry, where you see a broken tooth and picture in your mind how you're going to fix it.” always liked

People are often surprised “Growing up, I about his breadth of woodworking, biology and other knowledge of the issues Dr. Hughes’ practice, facing dentists, but located in Columbus’ mechanical things. What really Representative Hughes’ Clintonville neighborhood, appealed to me was the artistic undergraduate degree in has thrived for nearly 40 business administration years. Despite his focus part of dentistry, where you see a from Ohio State and on dentistry, Dr. Hughes broken tooth and picture in your Juris Doctorate from maintains a healthy interest Capital University Law in the family business mind how you're going to fix it.” School contribute to his of politics. And while he -Lawrence Hughes, ’ 77 DDS understanding. “People is quick to minimize his often forget that dentistry role, Dr. Hughes is also an is a business that needs to elected official, serving on make payroll and have enough accounts receivable the Republican Central Committee for Dublin, Ohio’s coming in.” He thinks other legislators should fourth ward. He enjoys getting to know people who spend time in clinics observing and talking with seek the Republican Party’s endorsement as they run doctors and dentists to learn about the challenges for office, and encourages others in the profession to they face. “It would give them a firsthand view of get involved, as well. “There are many opportunities to what dentists and doctors experience every day.” donate to campaigns, walk in a candidate’s parade, or meet with representatives and get our message out.” Representative Hughes’ long legislative career follows in his late father Lawrence Hughes, Sr.’s As for the younger Hughes brother, Representative footsteps. The senior Hughes was a member of the Hughes will try out a new government role as he Ohio House of Representatives from the 66th District runs for a seat on the Franklin County Common from 1969-1982. Both sons fondly recall when a bill Pleas Court in November—his dentist and brother, Dr. came to the house floor that many deemed averse Hughes, undoubtedly campaigning by his side. ■

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(From left) Dean Patrick Lloyd, Judy Steck, and David Steck, '83 DDS, with the winning Archie Griffin-signed football at the Hinman Dental Meeting on March 23 in Atlanta, GA.


T he Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Dental Honor Society presented the society's newest alumni members at the OKU annual banquet in April. The new Class of 2018 OKU members include: Blake Chaney, DDS; Esther Chien, DDS; Nathaniel Frye, DDS; Richard Gray, DDS; Sookyon Lee, DDS; Victoria McLaughlin, DDS; Mary Beth Mueller, DDS; Justin Runyon, DDS; Mattie Stowell, DDS; Adam Swan, DDS; Michael Vieth, DDS; and James Zimmerman III, DDS.


College of Dentistry staff and faculty, along with family and friends, participated in the OSU Alumni Association's "Buckeyes Give" Month of Service in April. The group, organized by Anna Madden, Clinic Operations Manager - Outpatient Care in Upper Arlington, visited four homes to do yard clean-up and maintenance.


The Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene Honor Society presented the society's newest alumni members at an annual banquet in April. The new Class of 2018 Sigma Phi Alpha members include: Kaylyn Goshe, BSDH; Kristen Petit, BSDH; and Sierra Poillucci, BSDH.

8 the ohio state university dental journal







Dean Patrick Lloyd served as the keynote speaker at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Dentistry commencement on June 11 at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.


Abby Siefker, '21 (DDS), was joined by her father, Thomas Siefker, '88 DDS, at the AADR conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, on March 22.


Debbie Moore and Steven Moore, '80 DDS, MS, at the College of Dentistry reception at the Hinman Dental Meeting on March 23 in Atlanta, GA.


Richard Archer, '90 DDS, MS; Lisa Archer, and John Nusstein, DDS, MS, chair, Division of Endodontics, at the College of Dentistry reception at the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) annual meeting on April 26 in Denver, CO.


Dental hygiene students, alumni, and faculty gathered at the college's 2nd annual Dental Hygiene Networking Night to meet and learn about resources and opportunities. Panel members included (from left) Rebecca Sexton, '99 BSDH; Anna Madden, '97 BSDH; Carolyn Gardner, '16 BSDH; and Holly Zugaro, '92 BSDH. college news 9

On May 3, the College of Dentistry honored the Classes of 2018 during the Senior Awards Ceremony. More than 50 scholastic, achievement, and division awards were presented during the annual event. For a complete list of award winners, visit:

10 the ohio state university dental journal


On Friday, May 4, family members, students, staff, and faculty gathered for the College of Dentistry’s annual Convocation to celebrate the achievements of the graduating Doctor of Dental Surgery and Dental Hygiene Classes of 2018. Presided over by Patrick Lloyd, dean of the College of Dentistry, the ceremony included honored guests Ashok Das, DDS, president, Ohio State Dental Board; Steven Moore, ‘81 DDS, president, Ohio Dental Association; Kimberly Moore, president-elect, Ohio Dental Hygienists Association; Barbara Hickey, president, Ohio Dental Association; and Urban Picard, '83 DDS, president, Dental Alumni Society.

Addressing the 105 Doctor of Dental Surgery students and 32 dental hygiene students that comprise the Classes of 2018, Dean Lloyd urged the graduates to make their mark. “Get involved, lead the way, and take responsibility – in our profession and in your communities,” Dean Lloyd said. “You’ve been given much and, therefore, much is expected from you. As you’ve done at the College of Dentistry, make a difference.”

Dental Alumni Society President Dr. Picard congratulated the graduates on their alumni status, and urged them to remember the lessons they learned as students. “As you enter your new careers, there will be trepidation…but as you face hurdles, I urge you to rely on the integrity you brought with you and fostered at the College of Dentistry.” ■

student news 11

12 the ohio state university dental journal

student news 13

Ohio State Goes to Orlando American Dental Education Association’s Vision 2030

For a few days in March, the “O” for Ohio stood instead for Orlando for the more than 30 College of Dentistry students, staff, and faculty who traveled to Florida to attend the 2018 American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Annual Session, “Vision 2030.” The conference, which kicked off on March 17, focused on dentistry’s continual transformation and examined how educators and current students can prepare for and influence the future of the profession. “Each year, we find it extremely productive to network with peers and colleagues from across the country to learn about teaching practices and programs at other colleges and to share what we’re doing at Ohio State,” Patrick Lloyd, dean of the College of Dentistry, said. “It’s through working together that our dental colleges can continually improve dental education and ensure today’s students are ready for the future.”

(From left) Rabia Arif, DDS, MS, assistant professor, Division of General Practice and Materials Science and Lisa Lang, DDS, MS, MBA, chair, Division of General Practice and Materials Science and interim chair, Division of Restorative Science and Prosthodontics.

“I attended Ohio State for my undergraduate degree, my dental degree, and my residency, so I find it incredibly valuable to talk to colleagues from other dental schools to learn what they do at their institutions and to hear about their successes,” Erin Gross, ’09 DDS, ’09 PhD, ’11 MS, assistant professor-clinical, Division of Pediatric Dentistry, said. Dr. Gross, who chairs ADEA’s Council of Faculties, led discussion during the event about educators’ prominent role

(From Left) Darryl Hamamoto, DDS, PHD, associate dean for Academic Affairs; Sarah Mikhail, BDS, MS, assistant professor-practice, Division of General Practice and Materials Science; Erin Gross, DDS, PHD, MS, assistant professor-clinical, Division of Pediatric Dentistry; Susannah Turner, MS, director of Student Affairs; Brian Partido, BSDH, MSDH, assistant professor, Division of Dental Hygiene; and Dawne Stefanik, DDS, assistant professor-clinical, Division of General Practice and Materials Science.

14 the ohio state university dental journal

Dimitris Tatakis, DDS, PhD, professor, Division of Periodontology.

in determining what licensure will look like in the future. She also participates in the pediatric dentistry interest group. Brian Partido, BSDH, MSDH, assistant professor, Division of Dental Hygiene, encouraged five of his dental hygiene students to present their research during the event. He left the conference feeling as enriched as they did. “I learned helpful teaching tips like how to make students more receptive to information.” Damian Lee, DDS, MS, assistant professor, Division of Restorative Science and Prosthodontics, and chair-elect for ADEA’s prosthodontics interest group, enjoyed a discussion with his colleagues about the American College of Prosthodontists’ digital dentistry curriculum initiative. Together, prosthodontics faculty discussed strategies related to IT, course integration, and predoctoral and postgraduate clinic integration when implementing a digital dentistry curriculum. “The topic was a perfect tie-in to the Vision 2030 theme since this is what the future will look like for our dental students,” Dr. Lee said. ■

Canise Bean, DMD, ’95 MPH,

Recognized With Prestigious Gies Award Canise Bean, DMD, ’95 MPH, professor-clinical, Division of General Practice and Materials Science, was among 10 “trailblazers” recognized with a William J. Gies Award during ADEA’s Gies Awards Gala at the Annual Session in March. Selected by a distinguished panel of judges and industry experts, including the ADEA Gies Foundation Board of Trustees, Dr. Bean was honored for her “superior demonstration of outstanding vision as a dental educator.” "I had the distinct privilege of introducing Dr. Bean at the Gies Awards event, which was a proud moment for our entire college,” Patrick Lloyd, dean of the College of Dentistry, said. “These awards are especially prestigious and highly competitive, and I am so pleased that Dr. Bean received this recognition that is so well deserved." In addition to her role as clinical professor, Dr. Bean serves as director of the college’s Office of Community Education, which coordinates the 50 days fourth-year dental students spend providing supervised care in community clinics under the direct supervision of associated faculty.

Brian Partido, BSDH, MSDH, assistant professor, Division of Dental Hygiene.

“Recently a student shared with me that her extramural experiences had helped her understand some of the obstacles that prevent Ohioans from seeking and receiving dental care and she was inspired to take an active role in providing a dental office the community can trust to provide care to everyone,” Dr. Bean said. “Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my job is the chance to help students think critically and to witness their transformation into oral health professionals.” ■ college news 15

DONOR CONTRIBUTIONS Calendar year January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017 Thank you to our donors for investing in the College of Dentistry. Your support helps solidify our students' futures, advance research, and enhance patient care. We are grateful for your generosity.

$300,000 - $999,999 Dr. James R. Karpac Dr. Jeffrey L. Kleinman and Dr. Yana Kaz-Kleinman Ms. Edna A. Knabe UT-Battelle LLC

$20,000 - $49,999

American Academy of Implant Dentistry Foundation American Association of Endodontists Foundation The American College Of Prosthodontists The Bob and Peg Hinkle Family Fund of the Ohio Dental $100,000 - $299,999 Association Foundation Dr. Dominic & Helen Bitonte Dr. Timothy W. Conley and Family Foundation Mrs. Sherry D. Mullins-Conley Dr. Adrian G. Bonser and Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Crowley Mr. Brian R. Bonser Delta Dental Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Caldwell Dr. Rubin Gutarts and Dr. Barbara A. Churchill Ms. Inga Becker-Gutarts Dr. Mark P. Fixari and Dr. Shayne F. Fixari Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Harlan Florida State University Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell I. Henn LSU Health Sciences Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Lawrence in Shreveport Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. McTigue Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Marinelli Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Messina Dr. and Mrs. Michael Masonbrink Osseointegration Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Dillon D. Rhodenbaugh OSU Orthodontic Alumni Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Brett S. Pelok $50,000 - $99,999 Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. Raisch Dr. and Mrs. Fred O. Sakamoto DeAngelo Charitable Trust Zimmer Inc Dr. James A. De Vengencie and Dr. Laura De Vengencie $10,000 - $19,999 Hummel Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Holzinger Dr. and Mrs. J. Victor Bean Dr. Sally Z. Lauterjung and Dr. and Mrs. Garry D. Boyd Mr. Kevin S. Lauterjung Dr. Dante A. DeAngelo and Ms. Patricia A. Dr. Carlo Marino and Dr. Angela K. Marino De Angelo Delta Dental Plan of Michigan Dr. Ronald E. Myers and Dr. and Mrs. Stan K. Doty Ms. Kathleen A. Kiefer Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Dunbar Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Paumier Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Fonagy University of California Los Angeles Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Hall Dr. and Mrs. Eric W. Hickman Dr. John D. Davis DDS Inc.

16 the ohio state university dental journal

KLS Martin LP Dr. Emily T. Lammers McMaster University Dr. and Mrs. Urban M. Picard Dr. Jack R. Postle Dr. and Mrs. John E. Price Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Seghi Mr. and Mrs. Terry P. Weisenstein Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams

$5,000 - $9,999 Align Technology Inc Matthew B. Balasco DDS Inc Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Breymaier Dr. and Mrs. George G. Brown II Cecilia A. Moy DDS MS Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Clemens Dr. John R. Clugh Dr. Randall L. Lonsbrough DDS Inc. Dr. Anna S. Dressman and Mr. David Dressman Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. Drozdowicz Dr. and Ms. Spencer J. Elmore Dr. Henry W. Fields Jr. Henry W. Fields Trust Dr. and Mrs. David R. Haas Dr. and Mrs. Brian N. Hockenberger Dr. John A. Hudec J E Rhodes DDS Inc The Kent W. and Sue E. Cunningham Family Fund of Vanguard Charitable Dr. Matthew V. Lindemann Dr. Joyce F. Palik and Dean Patrick M. Lloyd Dr. Matthew J. Martin Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Merwin Merwin Family Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable Dr. and Ms. Jon B. Musser Ohio State University Dental Alumni Society

“When Danette and I graduated from Ohio State, all we had were debts and dreams. The debts have become an extraordinary investment. The dreams have become a wonderful reality. We hope our scholarship will help future generations fulfill their dreams and aspirations.”

-Danette Kriwinsky, ‘79 BS Nathan Harris, ’21 (DDS), Mark Kriwinsky, ’80 DDS

Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Owens Dr. and Mrs. Kent G. Palcanis Thomas M Paumier DDS Inc Risolvato Dental Group LLC Robert M. Hinkle 2007 Revocable Trust Dr. and Mrs. David G. Rummel Dr. and Mrs. William D. Stanley Dr. Kerry R. Stein and Mr. David J. Stein University of Florida University of Pennsylvania Dr. and Mrs. William R. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zinn

$1,000 - $4,999 Dr. Vaishali Agarwala American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics American Academy of Periodontology Foundation Dr. Brian L. Amison and Dr. Laura R. Amison Dr. and Mrs. Dale M. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Aros Dr. Canise Y. Bean and Mr. Michael R. Bean Dr. Karen L. Beard and Dr. Jacinto W. Beard Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Beattie Dr. and Mrs. Gerhard A. Berberich Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Berlin Dr. Michael J. Bernard Dr. Daniel B. Van Bibber and Dr. Hannah Beus Dr. and Mrs. John M. Bevan

Dr. and Mrs. J. Jason Bigby Dr. and Mrs. Barry F. Biniker BIOLASE Technology Inc Dr. Bryan K. Blankenship Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Blickenstaff Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Bole II Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bomeli Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bookwalter Dr. and Mrs. Walter C. Buchsieb Sr. Dr. Saadia Bukhari Dr. and Mrs. Rick J. Burger Dr. Aaron P. Burleson Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Burman Dr. Yvette L. Burns Dr. Richard A. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. John J. Carr Casey L O'Conor DDS MS Inc Dr. and Mrs. Paul S. Casamassimo Dr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Chen Dr. Hua-Hong B. Chien and Ms. Hsiaoyun Tsai Dr. and Mrs. William J. Cho Dr. and Mrs. Roger L. Clouse Mr. Stephen Ranck and Mrs. Jane F. Coulman Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Cox Ms. Karen G. Crown Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. De Angelo Dental Faculty Practice Association Inc Dentsply Endodontics Dr. Michael P. DiMauro and Ms. Sabina M. Ziegelhoffer Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Dinkins

Dr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Dodd Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dornauer Dr. Gregory T. Droba and Dr. Elaine J. Markowski Dr. Melissa M. Drum and Mr. Jason Drum Dr. and Mrs. Roland C. Duell Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Dundee Dr. Nancy E. Dysinger East Ohio Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Inc Dr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Ebert Dr. and Mrs. D. Michael Eibling Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ellis Dr. Grace S. Evans and Mr. Kyle B. Evans Dr. and Mrs. Maynard A. Faris Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Faulkner Dr. and Mrs. James E. Felix Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Fenell Dr. Anne M. Fields Dr. and Mrs. David F. Fishbaugh Dr. Sara M. Fowler and Dr. Ronald D. Fowler Ms. Constance B. Freundlich Dr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Friedman Dr. and Mrs. David S. Fuller Dr. and Mrs. Spencer C. Fullmer Gary A Thomas DDS Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Goble Ms. Anita Gohel Dr. Amanda A. Goodman Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Goodman Dr. Janiene F. Gresla and Dr. Timothy R. Gresla Mr. and Mrs. Shannon L. Grieshop alumni news 17

I vividly remember being informed that I was a Hummel Family Scholarship Recipient. The mixture of joy, honor, and shock rushed over me and the moment felt so surreal. This meant that my hard work, late nights of studying, work, and constant pursuit of being my best self was being noticed and encouraged. This scholarship relieved my financial burden and let me solely focus on growing as student this past year. Thank you so much.” Sahro Elmi,’18 (DHY) Scholarship Recipient

Dr. David L. Grubb Ms. Helen S. Hall Dr. Darryl T. Hamamoto and Ms. Susan Hahn-Hamamoto Dr. and Mrs. James W. Hanna Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Hards Dr. and Mrs. Jimmie L. Harper Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Noel P. Hayden Hicks Family Trust Dr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Hinkley Dr. James A. Hoddick Dr. James D. Isett Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta Dr. and Mrs. Young K. Jin Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Jones Dr. Carole J. Kelley and Mr. Thomas J. Kelley Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Koberlein Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Komara Dr. and Mrs. James G. Kotapish Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robin D. Kurtz Dr. and Mrs. Jan H. Larson Dr. Martin W. Layman Dr. Sarah M. Leach and Dr. Daniel C. Leach Dr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Lev Dr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Linscott Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Logeman Dr. Paul M. Loper and Dr. Judy F. Loper Dr. Susan R. Mallery The Marilyn J. Hecker Family Trust Dr. and Mrs. James A. Maxwell Jr.

18 the ohio state university dental journal

Dr. DeWitt T. May Ms. Denise S. May Dr. Laurie K. McCauley Mr. and Mrs. Mitch H. Melfi Merck Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Philip B. Mikesell Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Miller Dr. Shaheen M. Moezzi Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Myers Dr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Ness Dr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Niemiec Dr. and Mrs. Scott H. Nightingale Dr. Michael L. Nippert and Dr. Megan V. Nippert Dr. and Mrs. John M. Nusstein Dr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Nuzum Ohio Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Ohio Dental Association Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. O'Leary Dr. Griselle C. Ortiz and Mr. Jeff D. Ramsey Dr. and Mrs. James M. Palermo Dr. and Mrs. John W. Peck II Penturf Enterprises LLC Periodontal Health Center PL Dr. Seth M. Pezar Pinnacle Orthodontics Inc Dr. and Mrs. Randall M. Pohjola Ms. Esther Ponzani Dr. and Mrs. Ted R. Pope Dr. and Mrs. Sidney D. Price Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Ralston Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rankin

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Reader Dr. Priyadarshin V. Reddy Rhonda F Company DDS Inc Dr. Shelley M. Ridenour and Mr. Chester D. Ridenour Robert F Faulkner DDS Inc Dr. Fonda G. Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Rocco Dr. and Mrs. David M. Rolsten Dr. Tisha L. Ross and Mr. Michael A. Ross Dr. and Mrs. Shaun A. Rotenberg Dr. Robert P. Rubins and Ms. Carol Newton Mr. and Mrs. William S. Rudner Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Sauber Dr. and Mrs. Karl L. Schmitter Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Schumacher Dr. and Mrs. Darrel L. Scott Scott W Nieman DDS Inc Dr. and Mrs. E. Steve Senia Dr. and Mrs. Dale S. Sharples II Sheldon Peck Orthodontics Dr. and Mrs. Philip M. Showalter Dr. Steven M. Smith and Dr. Brenda Roman Dr. Michael S. Steinmetz Dr. and Mrs. R. Jeffery Stephens Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Stone Straumann USA LLC Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Stronczek Dr. Janice A. Struckhoff and Mr. Robert Cafera Student Chapter of ADHA Dr. and Mrs. Louis W. Susi

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Theil Thomas P Hinman Dental Meeting Dr. Beth A. Troy Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Verbanic Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Volpe Dr. Zheng Wang and Dr. Meng Tong Dr. and Mrs. William F. Waggoner Dr. and Mrs. James R. Weaver Dr. and Mrs. Joel M. Weaver II Dr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Welsh Ms. Honor L. Whitacre Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Whitcomb Jr. Dr. Herman E. White William Joseph Hill Intervivos Trust Dr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Winters Dr. Jody L. Wright and Mr. John M. Wright Dr. and Mrs. Newell H. Yaple Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Yonchak Jr. Zanesville Endodontics LLC

$500 - $999 Dr. and Mrs. H. Scott Ayle Professor John D. Bartlett Dr. Frank H. Batsche Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Beem Dr. and Mrs. George G. Blozis Ms. Theresa M. Bowers Colonel and Mrs. Timothy S. Brady Dr. and Mrs. William A. Brantley Dr. Michelle J. Brichacek Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Gary P. Brunk Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Burlingame Capitol Periodonal Group Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Carstens Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Cimaglio Dr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Claman Community Dental Care Inc Dr. Julie P. Corbin and Mr. Joseph Corbin Dr. and Mrs. William E. Coyne Dr. and Mrs. R. Ted Crawford Cruise and Travel Partners LLC Dr. and Mrs. Kent W. Cunningham David P Lubinsky DDS LLC Dr. George E. "Jerry" Ralph D.D.S. Dr. Richard M. Cronley D.D.S. Ltd. Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Ellinger Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Fiehrer Dr. Mari C. Fukami Gary R Baughman DDS MS Dr. Ann L. Griffen and Dr. Eugene J. Leys Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Hadaway Dr. Christine A. Harrington and Dr. Matthew J. Harrington Dr. and Mrs. Craig A. Hasselschwert Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Herbert Ms. Joanne K. Hosey Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Hum Joseph Will DDS MS PLLC Dr. and Mrs. John R. Kalmar Dr. Ann Marie Matusak and Mr. James A. Karrer Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Kirlough

Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Kissell Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Kluener Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Knuth Larry J Gessner DDS Dr. Joyce F. Palik and Dean Patrick M. Lloyd Maple Grove Dental S.C. Dr. Ceceilia M. Markham and Mr. Richard J. Markham Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Maynard Dr. and Mrs. John M. McLay Melanie A Metzler Living Trust Ms. Patricia A. Monaghan Dr. Dennis M. Murphy Dr. Elmer J. Newness Dr. and Mrs. Tam N. Nguyen Dr. Thomas D. O'Neil Dr. Selena Pape and Dr. Richard A. Pape Dr. William F. Partridge Dr. Lisa M. Poweski and Mr. Thad Poweski Dr. and Mrs. George E. Ralph Dr. Elizabeth D. Ramos and Mr. Joseph Thesing Robert R. Mellor Revocable Trust Gwendolyn York Rowlands Dr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Ryan Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Scheetz Jr. Dr. Lawrence P. Schmakel Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Seward Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Simpson Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Snyder Ms. Linda A. Snyder Socha-Cardillo Foundation Trust Stephen J. Ralston D.D.S.

“I believe in passing it forward. I appreciated my experience at The Ohio State University and the College of Dentistry and I am grateful for the dental profession and all it has given me.”

-Richard Hecker, ’57 DDS, Janell Herron, ’21 (DDS), and Marilyn Hecker

alumni news 19

Receiving a scholarship has eased the financial burden, allowing me to focus less on money and more on becoming the best dentist I can be for my future patients.” Ronit Majumdar, ’21 (DDS) Scholarship Recipient

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Stevens Dr. Zongyang Sun Mr. Robert A. Tanquist Dr. and Mrs. Dimitris N. Tatakis Mrs. Jessie F. Tudor-Tangeman Mr. and Mrs. Armand W. Tremblay Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Van Hala Jr. Dr. Meade C. Van Putten Dr. and Mrs. David R. Ventker Dr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Weaver Dr. Brabara R. Webster and Mr. Bryan J. Webster Dr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Wiley Williams Family Dental Group Inc Dr. and Mrs. David S. Winston

$250-$499 Dr. Dina L. Ambrose and Stanley F Kear DDS Dr. and Mrs. Jody W. Ames Mr. and Mrs. David A. Anon Donor Anonymous Dr. Sandra L. Aretino Dr. and Mrs. William M. Azallion Mr. and Mrs. Rodney T. Backus II Dr. Annette M. Bauer Dr. and Mrs. John B. Bennet Jr. Beth A Loew DDS LLC Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bourke Dr. David E. Brandfass

20 the ohio state university dental journal

Dr. and Mrs. Louis W. Brasaemle Dr. James H. Broughton Dr. Daniel T. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Burke Mr. Mark E. Brado and Mrs. Sandy L. Burkett-Brado Dr. Melvin D. Burns Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bush Dr. and Mrs. Howard E. Calver Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc CJGMA Properties Dr. Maria C. Cordero-Ricardo and Mr. Michael Ricardo Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Cunin Danh Kuennemann DDS Inc David Scott Lipps DDS Inc Davis Dental Associates Dr. Michael D. Derosa Dr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Downs III Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Eckert Endura Family Dental Care Dr. Robert D. Farrell and Ms. Marjorie J. Eaton Farrell Dr. Henry Fischbach Dr. and Ms. Thomas M. Fitzsimmons Dr. Troy A. Frazee and Dr. Darlyne L. Frazee Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Giovinazzo Dr. Vejayan Krishnan and Dr. Siew-Ging Gong Gordon F Leden DDS Dr. Elizabeth M. Graham and Mr. William S. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gray Dr. and Mrs. Oliver M. Hackett Dr. and Mrs. Louis E. Halkias Ms. Roberta S. Halpern Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Heckler Hull & Associates Inc Dr. Joseph L. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Hubert J. Jacob Jr. Dr. and Ms. Carl R. Jeffery John T. Green Revocable Living Trust Dr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Kear Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club and Scioto Reserve Country Club Dr. Stuart Klassman Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Koren Kori & Everhart Advanced Dentistry Dr. Tammy A. Korylko-Carny and Mr. George P. Carny Dr. and Mrs. Jay D. Krasne Dr. Purnima Kumar and Dr. Kumar Subramanian Lake Anna Dental LLC Dr. and Mrs. James H. Lange Dr. and Mrs. David P. Lubinsky Lynnette & Daniel Goldberg Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mahfood Ms. Marylin J. Marrinson Dr. Katie H. McMillen and Dr. Kevin A. McMillen Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. McNelis Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. McWilliams

Dr. and Mrs. Winfield C. Meek Dr. and Mrs. Glen R. Meyer Dr. Lytha K. Miller Ohio Dental Association Dr. John M. Olis Dr. and Mrs. Lee P. Oneacre Osprey Perio Consulting LLC Mr. Thomas E. Paxton Dr. Bradford J. Porter Dr. and Mrs. Myron R. Porter Dr. Elizabeth F. Ralstrom and Dr. Samuel Blanchard Colonel and Ms. Robert E. Rainsberger Dr. Hamid Rashidi and Ms Firoozeh Ghoorkhanian Dr. and Ms. Timothy J. Richter Dr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Scheer Dr. Lee Michael Shapiro DDS Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Shaul Shawnee State University Dr. and Mrs. John F. Sheridan Dr. Mary K. Shuba and Dr. Sean A. McNeeley Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Skillicorn Dr. and Mrs. Larry E. Sluss The Smile Shack Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Smith Ms. Nanette F. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Bradd C. Testerman Dr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Tipton Uhlenbrock Family Foundation of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Dr. and Mrs. J. Gregory Wall

Dr. Lisa S. Weaver and Dr. Timothy G. Weaver Dr. and Mrs. John A. Weisenseel Jr. Dr. Ryan T. Wenger and Ms. Maureen E. Daly Whip Mix Corporation Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Wilson Ms. Jamica R. Wright

$100-$249 Colonel and Mrs. George H. Aberth Jr. Ms. Alice R. Alexander Ms. Janet L. Alfonso Alven and Barbara Herstig Philanthropic Fund of the Columbus Jewish Foundation Dr. David K. Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Andrews Jr. Dr. Jonathan M. Ash and Dr. Dorene S. Ash Dr. James D. Aust and Ms. Tracy M. Di Sabato-Aust Ms. Patricia W. Avery Dr. and Mrs. William A. Ayers III Dr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Bachman Dr. James V. Baker Ms. Lorriene C. Barker Dr. Amy M. Barricklow and Dr. Brad D. Barricklow Ms. Deborah A. Baymiller Dr. Rhonda E. Beal Ms. Mary A. Beck Dr. Vanessa F. Bednarik Dr. and Mrs. John B. Bennet Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Sean A. Benson Dr. Theodore Berg Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Norman K. Berg Dr. and Ms. Stanley A. Berman Dr. Monica E. Berninghaus Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Biggio Dr. and Mrs. John M. Billy Dr. Alan H. Black Dr. and Mrs. Olin M. Bleichrodt Boeing Company Mr. and Mrs. John Bourne Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Bradbury Dr. and Mrs. George W. Bradley Dr. and Mrs. James E. Breisch Dr. and Mrs. David T. Brown Bruce E Treiber DDS Dr. Elizabeth C. Buckley and Mr. Timothy M. Buckley Dr. and Mrs. David A. Cacchillo Dr. and Mrs. Paul S. Casamassimo Dr. Thomas F. Christ Dr. Hayley M. Clause Dr. Nancy L. Clelland Dr. and Mrs. Jay S. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. James R. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Cornett Mr. and Mrs. Ira Coron Ms. Valerie J. Cost Ms. Carol L. Cummins Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Cunningham Dane Bowen DDS Inc Ms. Karen P. David David E. Chlysta D.D.S. Inc. David G. Chesnut DDS

“Ohio State was my saving grace and so was dentistry so, to quote Woody Hayes, ‘you’ve got to pay it forward.’”

- Donna Burns and Norman Burns, ’57 DDS

alumni news 21

Receiving scholarships to help pay for dental school has made a tremendous difference not only for me but for my family as well. Balancing my studies with being a supportive husband and father while in dental school can be a challenge, but the help I have received from scholarship donors has definitely eased that burden for me. I will be forever grateful for their generosity.� Jordan Lamb, ’20 (DDS) Scholarship Recipient

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Davidson Debra S. Hurtt D.D.S. LLC Dr. Sheldon L. Degenhardt and Dr. Cheryl R. Degenhardt Dr. Joseph R. Deliman Dental Hygiene Class II Dr. Dwight D. Dessart Dr. and Mrs. Jon P. Detwiler Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Di Giacomo Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Dierksen Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dilley Ms. Barbara L. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Dolezal Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Dormire Dr. Angela P. Doyle and Mr. David M. Doyle Dr. Claude T Beitler DDS Dr. Marino And Associates Inc. Dr. Joseph V. Dubielak Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Dysert Dr. Diane M. Ehrbar Dr. and Mrs. Jad S. Elkhoury Elvin M Krabill DDS Ernst & Young Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Ryan N. Eskridge Dr. Raymond R. Fenner and Dr. Linda J. Fenner Dr. Catherine M. Flaitz Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fogel Ms. Patricia L. Foltz Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Fountain Dr. Max J. Friedman

22 the ohio state university dental journal

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Friedman Dr. and Mrs. Hiram R. Fry Dr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Gaebelein Dr. and Mrs. George R. Galehouse III Ms. Donna L. Gallaway Ms. Nancy H. Gardiner Ms. Jo Ann George Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Giammarco Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Gia-Quinta Mr. Mark A. Gibson and Ms. Lisa C. Pensiero Dr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Gille II Ms. Melinda W. Gitzel Dr. and Mrs. Seymour I. Glick Dr. and Mrs. William R. Glockner Mr. Robert H. Gorman Dr. Michael A. Goyette and Dr. Julie R. Goyette Dr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Green Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Greer Dr. Erin L. Gross and Mr. Ryan Gross Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gustaferro Ms. Cheryn L. Hackworth Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Hadaway Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Haenick Dr. Kim L. Halula and Mr. Stephen Halula Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hammond Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hampson Dr. John A. Harchanko Dr. and Mrs. George Haritonovich Dr. and Mrs. James A. Hartnett Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Haynes

Dr. and Mrs. Dale R. Hazelbaker Dr. Ned B. Hein Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Alan R. Heller Dr. and Mrs. John R. Heringhaus Dr. and Mrs. S. Craig Herman Dr. Alfredo I. Hernandez and Dr. Zinaida Kaleinikova Ms. Martha D. Hisey Dr. Abraham J. Hoellrich, USN Dr. and Mrs. J. Terrell Hoffeld Dr. Jennifer L. Hoffner and Mr. Ty A. Hoffner Dr. J. Marc Holser Dr. Berta I. Howard and Dr. Philip M. Howard Mr. Paul Hudanick IBM International Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William M. Johnston Joseph M DePalma DDS Joseph R Deliman DDS Inc Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Judy Dr. Harvey W. Kaiser and Gayle Smith Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Kaput Karl G. Espeleta DDS LLC Ms. Rachel C. Kearney Dr. and Mrs. William P. Kelsey V Dr. and Mrs. John T. Kennard Kenneth C Warren DDS Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Klespies Dr. and Mrs. H. David Knepshield Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Kreider Dr. Danh T. Kuennemann and Kim T. Tang Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kunkel

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Labishak Dr. Catherine S. Lawler and Mr. James S. Lawler Dr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Leden Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Leistner Dr. and Mrs. James J. Lipaj Dr. and Mrs. Ellis K. List Dr. and Mrs. Gary S. Louderback Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Love Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore P. Lowry Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Luce Ms. Emily Y. Lyles Mr. John B. Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Madden Mr. Michael D. Manor and Ms. Sally L. Schively-Manor Mr. and Mrs. James C. Martyna Dr. and Mrs. Rick V. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mazzone Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. McCamey Dr. and Mrs. Howard D. McCleese Dr. and Mrs. Clyde E. McKeand Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. McMahon Ms. Marsha E. McNutt Dr. and Mrs. Arturo J. Mendez Dr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Merker Dr. Cathy L. Merritt and Dr. Daniel C. Harper Mr. Brandon S. Mihalich Mr. Dennis H. Thornton and Ms. Catherine M. Miller-Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Moran Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Morrison

Ms. Kathy Mowry and Dee Mowry Dr. and Mrs. James A. Murphy Dr. Lisa P. Nagle and Dr. Douglas J. Nagle Ned B Hein DDS Dr. and Mrs. Curtis O. Nelson Dr. and Mrs. Frank C. Nichols Dr. Patrick J. Nolan Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Orlosky Dr. and Mrs. Lee Ortman Dr. and Mrs. Conrad N. Ottelin Ms. Rhonda L. Owen P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Ms. Tammarra R. Pace Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Pagliarini Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Park Mr. Brian B. Partido Dr. Fred H. Peck Pediatric Dentistry of Erie Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro M. Peregrina Ms. Martha K. Perry Dr. Kathleen A. Petit and Mr. Matthew A. Petit Dr. Dat V. Pham and Xume P. Pham Dr. Thomas E. Phelps Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Pickens Dr. and Mrs. Maitland W. Place Dr. Wayne H. Pressler Dr. David M. Primo Rae Management LLC Dr. and Mrs. Duke M. Rakich Dr. and Mrs. A. Rakoci Jr.

Dr. Robert G. Rashid and Ms. Joyce Durnford Dr. Robert L. Rassie and Georgeanna Rassie Mr. and Mrs. James A. Renard Dr. and Ms. Jay C. Resnick Dr. and Mrs. David A. Rhodes Dr. Mary E. Ricotta and Mr. Anthony J. Ricotta Rider & Reinke Financial Group LLC Dr. and Mrs. Tyler J. Robb Mr. and Mrs. Brent D. Robbins Roger D. Burleson DDS Dr. and Mrs. Louis H. Rohrkasse Dr. Douglas A. Rolfe Dr. Lisa A. Alvetro-Rossman and Mr. Thomas M. Rossman Ms. Mary A. Roth Dr. and Mrs. David G. Rummel Dr. and Mrs. Gary H. Salenger Dr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Scheingross Dr. Christopher J. Schiappa and Ms. Marlene Peek Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Schmuck Ms. Lisa F. Schneider Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Schumacher Dr. Nathan D. Schwartz Scott W. Wemmer D.D.S. Ms. Marilee N. Seegers Mr. Steven D. Shanks Ms. Janice G. Shape Dr. Ewa B. Shoaf and Mr. Robert T. Shoaf Dr. Kathryn M. Shroyer and Dr. Michael P. Kramer Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Shuman

“It is a privilege for me to support the College of Dentistry as acknowledgement of the opportunities that were benefited to both me and my father (DDS Class of 1960) as alumni of the program. Giving back is not only my way of showing gratitude, but also a representation of the passion that I have for The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and the future of the program.” -(From left) Micheal Andes, ’20 (DDS); Anthony Rader, ’20 (DDS); Nancy Dysinger, ’83 DDS; and Logan Dilik, ’20 (DDS)

alumni news 23

For me, receiving a scholarship in dental school was so much more than just helping relieve financial burden. While I am very grateful for this, my scholarship helped me see that someone is believing in me and that I will succeed. This encouragement has helped me countless times to persevere in dental school. I’m grateful for the generosity given to me and hope to return it in the future.” Brianna Durnwald, ’19 (DDS) Scholarship Recipient

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Shuster Dr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Simon Ms. Patricia J. Slaman Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Slate Dr. and Mrs. George F. Slaughter Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Burton G. Smith Dr. Jason R. Smithberger Dr. Frederick E. Soller Dr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Spritzer Stark County Dental Society Dr. Dawne E. Stefanik and Mr. Drew Stefanik Dr. F. Dale Stevens and Dr. Lourdes E. Stevens Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Strauss Dr. Stephanie M. Stuck Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Sturgeon Dr. Ernest D. Svensson Dr. Randy N. Swade Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Swartz Dr. and Mrs. Evan D. Tetelman Dr. and Mrs. David S. Teufel Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Theil Thomas F Yash DDS Inc Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Thuma Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Tilton Dr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Toth III Mr. and Mrs. Armand W. Tremblay Mr. and Mrs. Armand W. Tremblay Dr. Michael Tuan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Unrue Dr. and Mrs. Edmar N. Upite 24 the ohio state university dental journal

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Vendemia Village Green Dental Professionals LLC Dr. Brad A. Vosler and Dr. Paula P. Vosler Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph L. Vostatek Dr. George Vukmir Ms. Edith S. Wacksman Dr. Darcy Wakefield Dower and Mr. Christopher Dower Dr. and Mrs. Jarod L. Walls Dr. Ann W. Walters and Dr. John D. Walters DDS Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Watts Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Weaver Dr. and Mrs. Chad S. Webb Dr. Barbara R. Webster and Mr. Bryan J. Webster Dr. Barbara R. Webster and Mr. Bryan J. Webster Dr. and Mrs. Brandt L. Weininger Dr. and Mrs. Brandt L. Weininger Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Welfare Professor and Mrs. Jay W. Wellman Dr. Daniel T. Welsh Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Westbeld Dr. Rebecca A. West-Natale Dr. and Mrs. Carl H. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Whiteman Dr. David M. Willen and Dr. Carol K. Willen Dr. and Mrs. George R. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wilson Dr. John H. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wise Dr. Lawrence S. Witter Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wnek Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Woodworth Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Worton Dr. Robert H. Wright Mr. Bruce T. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Yenrick Dr. and Mrs. James F. Yonally Ms. Susan J. Yontz Dr. and Mrs. Philip L. Younts Dr. Jessica K. Zatroch and Mr. John Mayer

Less than $100 5FBT2 LLC Dr. Sudha Agarwal Dr. Paul H. Allen Ms. Harriet J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ash Dr. and Mrs. David J. Astrachan Dr. and Mrs. Jason J. Augustine Dr. Michelle K. Ayres and Mr. Jason Ayres Dr. Shereen S. Azer Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Bader Dr. Dawn C. Baker and Mr. Benjamin R. Baker Dr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Baum Mr. Clifford J. Beall Dr. and Mrs. John E. Berry Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Berusch

Dr. Kacy D. Bielozer and Mr. Matthew C. Bielozer Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bierbaum Ms. Janice M. Blackburn Dr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Blair Dr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Block Mr. Steven Bognar and Ms. Julia B. Reichert Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Bonifas Ms. Antoinette S. Bristol Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Bronsdon Ms. Susan J. Brooks Ms. Candace C. Brown Mr. and Mrs. W. Larry Brunk Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Brunner Ms. Carol W. Burnett Dr. Emily R. Burns Mrs. Sue E. Burreson Dr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Caldwell Mr. Arnel N. Capulong Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Cathers Cercek Living Trust Cesar Augustin DDS Inc Dr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Clark Dr. Starla D. Clark and Dr. Kenneth E. Clark Mr. Jon D. Clark Dr. Robert V. Clendenen Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Clowson Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cohen Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals Incorporated College Traditions Inc Ms. Anna Colliflower

Mr. and Mrs. Brock Colman Dr. Heather M. Crockett-Miller Dr. and Mrs. William B. Crowl Dr. Alexandra M. Dahm Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Dapore Dr. and Mrs. David G. Darany Mr. Leslie G. Wood and Ms. Heather N. Daugherty-Wood Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Randall S. Del Bene Ms. Elizabeth M. DeLong Mrs. Erinn A. Dennis-DaCunha Dr. Joseph A. DeNunzio Ms. Allye L. Deskins Ms. Barbara DeWitt Ms. Brittney G. Dietsch Dr. and Mrs. C. Randall Doan Donald M. Centofante Trust Donatos Pizzeria Dr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Downs III Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dunn Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Durbin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Duskey Ms. Suzanne G. Edie Ms. Betty L. Eichenlaub Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Erbaugh Dr. Lynn M. Farrey and Mr. Darren Scher Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Fetters Dr. and Mrs. Patrick O. Flannery Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn D. Flee Mr. Herbert M. Foote and Ms. Deborah L. Bernard

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Foster Dr. Harry W. Fraas Frank G Radis DDS MS Inc Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Frankel Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Fridley Ms. Susan P. Frost Ms. Jane C. Frye Dr. and Mrs. Michael N. Gabor Ms. Kristina A. Garner Ms. Rebekah J. Gayley Ms. Kristin A. Geiger Ms. Amie E. George Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Giangardella Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Gillig Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Goetz Gordon F Leden DDS Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gray Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Green Dr. and Mrs. Brian E. Greenfield Ms. Kimberly A. Grubka Ms. Jane W. Guzauskas Dr. and Mrs. Francis T. Hagman Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hanes Dr. and Mrs. Richard-James M. Hansen Dr. Jay C. Hansen II Ms. Kelly A. Hartman Ms. Patricia S. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. L. Joe Hensler

Obtaining my dental degree has been one of the great journeys of my lifetime. Far from a solo achievement, I owe so very much to those who have paved the way before me and believed in me enough to contribute financially to the achievement of one of my greatest dreams. With all that I am I express my sincere gratitude, and as I now stand on the precipice of graduation, the time has come to pay it forward.� Ricky Gray, ’18 (DDS) Scholarship Recipient

alumni news 25

The Richard C. Veler, DDS, and Betty G. Veler Dental Scholarship has alleviated the huge financial burden of dental school tuition and will allow me to start my career in dentistry free from the constraints of student loans. I am deeply grateful to the Ohio State College of Dentistry and to all of the donors for this contribution to my education and to the future of the dentistry.� Mary Margaret Habel, ’20 (DDS) Scholarship Recipient

Dr. Serena M. Chacko and Mr. Michael S. Herpy Ms. Vanessa M. Hill Dr. Harold T. Hill Dr. and Mrs. William H. Holaday III Ms. Carol L. Holdren Dr. and Mrs. Gregg B. Holtkamp Dr. and Mrs. George D. Hoover Ms. Roberta N. Hoptry Dr. and Mrs. Jason C. Horwitz Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Houtz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Howard Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hudec Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Huggins Dr. Jordan J. Humbert Dr. and Mrs. Terence A. Imbery Mr. Daniel J. Isaacs Dr. and Mrs. Harold C. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Philip B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Jones Ms. Patricia A. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Tim A. Kalb Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kemmerer Dr. and Mrs. William F. Kern III Mr. and Mrs. James Kidwell Dr. DoGyoon Kim Mr. Philip M. Georgenson and Ms. Anne B. King Ms. Kathryn A. Kirn

26 the ohio state university dental journal

Dr. and Mrs. Earl E. Kisker Dr. Clayton A. Kline Dr. and Mrs. James L. Kloss Mr. Kevin J. Koesters Ms. Tamara N. Kolli Dr. and Mrs. Brent M. Koudelka Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Kubinski Dr. Eleonora Kucharska Captain and Mrs. Gregory J. Kvaska Dr. and Mrs. James W. Kwasniak Dr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Lander Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Laurent Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Lautman Mr. and Mrs. Gene D. Ledbetter Dr. and Mrs. William A. Lee Jr. Ms. Susan L. Leiken Dr. Matthew J. Lemke Dr. Robert S. Levering Dr. and Mrs. Howard B. Levin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Levings Dr. Michael L. Lochtefeld and Dr. Caitlin E. Lochtefeld Dr. Stacy A. Love and Mr. Scott Love Ms. Julie A. Lovell Dr. and Mrs. Rand A. Luckner Dr. Kimberly N. Luna and Mr. Paul Stewart Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Macke Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Marino Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Marino Dr. and Mrs. Steven P. Marsh Mr. Edwin D. Martin

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Masoner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McBride Dr. Adam P. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Dane McKitrick Ms. Annette M. McMurry Dr. and Mrs. James H. McQuigg Mr. Alex J. Meade Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Meagher Mr. and Mrs. James H. Medley Mr. and Mrs. John A. Melaszus Mr. and Mrs. John H. Menke Dr. Leslie J. Messner and Mr. Charles B. Messner Michael R. Vorherr DDS Ms. Sarah S. Mikhail Ms. Julie A. Miller Dr. James R. Miller Mr. John A. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Miller Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Minson Mohave Dental Center Mr. and Mrs. Neal F. Monnin Ms. Donna S. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Moran Dr. and Mrs. David O. Morgan Ms. Marsha L. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. John Myers Mr. and Mrs. William C. Myers Ms. Jill A. Nacke Ms. Jillian Neimeister

Dr. Ruth E. Nowjack-Raymer and Mr. John W. Raymer Ms. Whitni H. Nye Mr. and Mrs. David E. O'Carroll Mr. and Mrs. James L. Olsavsky Mr. and Mrs. Scott O'Neal Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Oslar Dr. Giulia M. Pagano and Mr. Vincent Castrigano Ms. Lindsey C. Park Dr. Robert E. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patulo Ms. Jacqueline C. Pazaropoulos Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Pennington Perkins Living Family Trust Ms. Teresa G. Pierce Mr. Raymond O. Predmore Mr. and Mrs. Hans Pretscherer Ms. Shannon O. Prince Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Purnell Dr. William Rakower Ralph E. Gallimore Revocable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ramsey Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rethman Richard F Bestic DDS Inc Dr. Cara J. Riley Warmbold and Mr. David T. Warmbold Dr. Sandra M. Rittman Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Rogers Ms. Sarah J. Rogers Ms. Marilyn H. Ronstadt Mr. and Mrs. Herman R. Rosenbusch Dr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Rosenvall Dr. and Mrs. Allen R. Ross Dr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Rotolo Ryan Gale DDS PA S Nicole Conrath Family Dental Care Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Sabo Dr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Salmon Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Sander Mr. David A. Savage Dr. Laura L. Schleucher and Mr. Benjamin E. Schleucher Dr. and Mrs. David J. Schlueter Mr. and Mrs. Zackary A. Schneider Ms. Brittney L. Schreier Ms. Kellie H. Sellers Mr. Christopher J. Setzer Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Shaffer Ms. Debra L. Shaw Mrs. Jessica L. Shaw Colonel and Mrs. Richard D. Shipley Ms. Jacolynn J. Shrider Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Skillicorn

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Slavik Dr. Carole A. Slencsak Dr. and Mrs. Claude D. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Speer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Spencer Dr. and Mrs. Louis R. Spronz Dr. Jon E. Staley Mr. and Mrs. Erik M. Standerfer Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Stang Dr. Joseph S. Stanko Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Steakley Dr. and Mrs. James F. Steiner Dr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Stewart Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Stickrath Jr. Ms. Gail L. Still Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Stonestreet Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Strall Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Street Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Strukel Dr. and Mrs. George J. Stuart Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. David J. Stucky Ms. Ashley R. Stutzman Dr. Kathryn L. Sutton and Mr. Mark W. Sutton Ms. Rebecca A. Sweeney Mr. Earl S. Sweigart Tanya K Sackrider DDS Mr. and Mrs. Myron N. Terlecky Dr. Sarah J. Thompson and Mr. Andrew Thompson Ms. Vivian W. Thornhill Ms. Amanda L. Tuttle US Bank Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Vance Mr. Bryan K. Bellamy and Ms. Jenna M. Victor Dr. Colleen G. Vienna and Mr. Robert J. Vienna Dr. and Mrs. Fred S. Vigder Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Wackler Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wagstaff

Ms. Ann J. Walker Dr. Gregg A. Warner Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Warren Mr. and Mrs. John D. Warren Ms. Pauline G. Weinschenk Ms. Diane L. Whitener Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Wiley Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Willen Ms. Betty V. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Eric R. Winders Dr. and Mrs. John H. Winkler Jr. Dr. Jonathan A. Winnyk Mr. and Mrs. Steven V. Wise Dr. and Mrs. Eric S. Wissler Mrs. Bridget M. Wright Dr. Rebecca P. Yoxthimer and Dr. Robert P. Yoxthimer Ms. Courtney S. Yurt Dr. and Mrs. Albert P. Zakel Ms. Rosie C. Zeno Dr. and Mrs. Jared C. Zwick

alumni news 27

First Dr. Ronald Kerby Scholarship Recipient Named

“I am so grateful to the donors who made this scholarship possible and I feel inspired to try my very best to live up to the example Dr. Kerby set for his students.” - Joe Benson, ’20 (DDS)

A beloved faculty member to the thousands of dental students he taught during his three decades at the College of Dentistry, Ronald Kerby, DMD, was passionately devoted to instilling in students a drive for perfection and a commitment to going “above and beyond” for patients. When he passed away in July 2014, Dr. Kerby was recognized with a scholarship named in his honor. This spring, second-year dental student Joe Benson was selected as the first recipient of the Dr. Ronald Kerby Scholarship. “I never had the privilege of meeting Dr. Kerby, but everything I have heard about him makes me extremely proud to be honored as the first recipient of this scholarship,” Mr. Benson said after receiving the award. “I am so grateful to the donors who made this scholarship possible and I feel inspired to try my very best to live up to the example Dr. Kerby set for his students.” The Dr. Ronald Kerby Scholarship Fund provides $2,500 annually to a second-year dental student who is determined by pre-clinical faculty as having demonstrated diligence, a commitment to excellence, and the most significant improvement in hand skills between the first and third years in the DDS program. Scholarship recipients also must demonstrate the attributes Dr. Kerby valued most – self-discipline, high ethical standards, and the desire to go “above and beyond” in their academic performance. “Dr. Kerby was committed to teaching his students to always strive for improvement,” Patrick Lloyd, dean of the College of Dentistry, said. “I believe he would have been very pleased with Joe Benson as our first recipient because he’s a student who has demonstrated the utmost persistence and excellence in the preclinical lab.” ■

To learn more information about the Dr. Ronald Kerby Scholarship Fund or other gift opportunities and options, please contact Ted Backus, Senior Director of Development, at 614-292-9307 or email

28 the ohio state university dental journal

Student Government Association

Honors Outstanding Faculty at 25th Annual Awards Event

Faculty, staff, and students gathered at Ohio State's Longaberger Alumni House on Wednesday, March 28, to recognize outstanding faculty at the 25th annual Student Government Association Awards event.

From left: Bryant Cornelius, Sukirth Ganesan, Ben Kushnir, Eileen Kalmar, Matthew Messina, Erin Gross, Mark Morrison, Susan Mallery, Mark Ziolo, Denise Kissell, Shereen Azer, Robert Uhlin, Edwin McGlumphy, Denise Hering, Joen Iannucci, James Stone, Heather Daugherty-Wood.

This year’s award winners are as follows: DDS Class of 2018 Clinical: Shereen Azer, BDS, MSc, MS Associate Professor, Division of Restorative Science and Prosthodontics DDS Class of 2018 Clinical: Edwin McGlumphy, DDS, MS Professor, Division of Restorative Science and Prosthodontics DDS Class of 2018 Clinical: Robert Uhlin, DDS Assistant Professor-Practice, Division of General Practice and Materials Science DDS Class of 2018 Clinical: John Walters, DDS, MMSc Associate Dean, Advanced and Graduate Education Professor, Division of Periodontology DDS Class of 2018 Didactic: Susan Mallery, DDS, MS, PhD Chair and Professor, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Radiology DDS Class of 2018 Specialty: Sara Fowler, DMD, MS Assistant Professor, Division of Endodontics DDS Class of 2018 Specialty: Erin Gross, DDS, PhD, MS Assistant Professor-Clinical, Division of Pediatric Dentistry

DDS Classes of 2018-19 Honorary Resident: Sukirth Ganesan, BDS Periodontology Residency

Dental Class of 2019 Clinical: James Stone, DDS Assistant Professor-Practice, Division of General Practice and Materials Science

DDS Class of 2018-19 Honorary Resident: Ben Kushnir, DDS Endodontics Residency

DDS Class of 2019 Didactic: Bryant Cornelius, DDS, MBA, MPH Assistant Professor-Clinical, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Anesthesiology

DDS Class of 2018 Associated Clinical: William Helmkamp, DDS DDS Class of 2018 Associated Clinical: Denise Hering, DDS DH Class of 2018 Didactic: Joen Iannucci, DDS, MS Professor-Clinical, Division of Dental Hygiene DH Class of 2018 Clinical: Heather Daugherty-Wood, BSDH, MDH Division of Dental Hygiene DH Class of 2019 Didactic: Denise Kissell, BSDH, MPH Assistant Professor-Practice, Division of Dental Hygiene DH Class of 2019 Clinical: Heather Daugherty-Wood, BSDH, MDH Division of Dental Hygiene

DDS Class of 2020 Pre-Clinic Lab: Matthew Messina, DDS Assistant Professor-Practice, Division of General Practice and Materials Science DDS Class of 2020 Didactic: Mark Ziolo, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Cell Biology, The Ohio State University College of Medicine DDS Class of 2021 Pre-Clinic Lab: Mark Morrison, DDS Assistant Professor-Clinical, Division of General Practice and Materials Science DDS Class of 2021 Didactic: Eileen Kalmar, PhD Assistant Professor-Clinical, Department of Biomedical Education & Anatomy, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

DDS Class of 2019 Clinical: Mark Morrison, DDS Assistant Professor-Clinical, Division of General Practice and Materials Science college news 29

Dear Friends, The Ohio State Dental Alumni Society (DAS) was founded in 1976 and the constitution was finalized in 1977. A committee made up of the following individuals developed the Society’s objectives and the constitution: Drs. John Kramer, Bob Bowen, Tom Hull, Norman Burns, Kenneth Clemens, Barry Gilbert, David Bell, Richard Weaver, and Richard Jeffrey. At their first meeting, Dr. Morgan Allison was added to represent the faculty and Scott Sayre to represent the students. At that meeting, Mr. Ron Hopper of the OSUAA and the dean’s assistant, Mr. Harold Wilson, were added.* Throughout my years on the DAS board I have come to greatly appreciate this group’s foresight. We still operate using the framework they established more than 40 years ago. Yes, four decades and we are still going strong! I am using this space to inform and encourage Life Membership in our Society. Annual dues are used to directly support our needs while Lifetime dues allow the great work of the DAS to continue.

D E N TA L A L U M N I SOCIETY President’s Letter

On behalf of The Ohio State Dental Alumni Society I thank our members. We support student activities with enthusiasm and generosity. We are very proud to recognize our accomplished graduates with The Distinguished Alumni Award. We now recognize deserving Dental Hygiene and Young Professionals of the College of Dentistry. The Homecoming Tailgate is just the best and our CE game watch in the fall is a rapidly growing tradition. I say with confidence that The Dental Alumni Society is good for our members and our college. * From A Historical Remembrance of The Ohio State College Dentistry, published in 2002 by The Dental Alumni Society with special detail by Dr. Thomas E. Hull on page 133.

Urban M. Picard, ’ 83 DDS Dental Alumni Society, President

30 the ohio state university dental journal

D E N TA L A L U M N I S O C I E T Y B OA R D O F G OV E R N O R S President

Student Representative

North Carolina

Urban Picard, ’83 DDS Lakewood, OH

Jimmy Schooley, '19 (DDS) Columbus, OH

Thomas Buttler, ’71 DDS Raleigh, NC


District 2

Ohio (At Large)

Rebecca Henderson, ’01 BS, ’06 MS Columbus, OH

Greg Myers, ’99 DDS, ’02 MS Chagrin Falls, OH

Tara Haid, ’01 DDS Worthington, OH

Past President

District 4

Ohio (At Large)

Larry Hutta, ’83 DDS, MS Worthington, OH

Shana Duling, ’14 DDS Ottawa, OH

Paul Loper, '80 DDS Reynoldsburg, OH

Vice President

District 5

Ohio (At Large)

Cesar Augustin, '91 DDS Youngstown, OH

Heather Appel, ’02 DDS Worthington, OH

Brett Pelok ,’93 DDS Toledo, OH


District 6

Ohio (At Large)

Mark Morrison, '77 DDS Columbus, OH

Karen Kramer, ’77 DDS Grafton, OH

John Rhodes, ’80 DDS Brookville, OH

Alumni Advisory Council Representative Robert Haring, ’85 DDS, ’87 MS Dublin, OH

Faculty Representative Lisa Knobloch, ’91 DDS, ’94 MS Columbus, OH

District 7


Larry Towning, ’86 DDS, '90 MS, MD Zanesville, OH

Kenneth Clemens, ’54 DDS Lima, OH

Florida Nicholas Dundee, ’80 DDS Fort Myers Beach, FL

It's time to renew your membership! Contact Michelle Thomas, Assistant Director of College Alumni Affairs email: | phone: 614-292-1891

alumni news 31

CA L E N DA R O F E V E N TS July 20-21, 2018

Lasers in Dentistry: A Two-Day Certification Course

July 28-29, 2018

Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist

August 2-3, 2018

EFDA Clinical Review

August 3, 2018

October 5, 2018

Post College Assembly “Preparing for the Worst: How to Be Ready for the Inevitable Office Emergency”

October 5, 2018

Wade Orthodontic Lecture

October 6, 2018

College of Dentistry Tailgate

Translational Head & Neck Anatomy

Ohio Union 1739 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43210 Time TBD **Starts 3 hours before kickoff

August 25, 2018

October 19, 2016

Digital Advanced Radiology for the Dental Auxiliary

August 24, 2018

Dental Sealants for the Certified Dental Assistant

Cone Beam CT: Contemporary Breakthroughs and Current Trends in Applications and Interpretation

September 14, 2018

Alumni Reception at the Ohio Dental Association Annual Meeting Hyatt Regency Columbus 350 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

September 29, 2018

Nitrous Oxide Sedation for the Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant

October 5, 2018

DDS and DHY Classes of 1968 50th Reunion Luncheon Ohio Union 1739 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43210 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM 32 the ohio state university dental journal

For additional information and online registration, please contact: Continuing Education or 614-292-9790 CE courses are being added regularly – please check the website for the updated calendar.

Alumni Events Email: or 614-292-1891

IN MEMORIAM 1940’s Paul Kaase ’46 DDS Westlake, OH

1950’s William Foster, ’51 DDS Enon, OH, January 21, 2018 Nancy Stroebel, ’54 DHY Worthington, OH, January 23, 2018 Ralph Spahlinger, ’56 DDS Sylvania, OH, March 11, 2018 Richard Weaver, ’56 DDS Perrysburg, OH, February 18, 2018

Leo Brown, ’62 DDS

College of Dentistry alumnus Leo Brown, ’62 DDS, made Ohio State history when he became the first African American to become captain for The Ohio State University football team in the late 1950’s. Playing for Woody Hayes, Dr. Brown was a three-year Varsity O letterman for Leo Brown photo courtesy of Ohio State from 1955-57. He played October 6, 1956 Ohio State Buckeyes game day program on the 1955 Big Ten championship team, the 1956 team that set a Big Ten Conference record by reaching 17 consecutive conference victories, and the 1957 team that won the UPI national championship, the third national title for Ohio State football and the second under Hayes. An end who played both ways on the field, Dr. Brown earned first-team all-Big Ten honors as a junior in 1956 before being selected as a team cocaptain as a senior in 1957. Following his Ohio State career, Dr. Brown joined the U.S. Air Force, where he worked as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for more than 20 years before retiring as a colonel. Originally from Portsmouth, Ohio, Dr. Brown made his home in Lakewood, Colorado, where he passed away at age 84.

Barbara Komives, ’59 DHY Morgantown, WV, March 16, 2018

1960’s Thomas Miller, ’61 DDS Powell, OH, May 10, 2018 Leo Brown, ’62 DDS Lakewood, CO, March 18, 2018 Dale Blaine ’63 DDS Hinckley, OH, March 23, 2018

1970’s James Ingrassia, ’70 DDS Charleston, SC, December 18, 2017 James River, ’71 DDS Circleville, OH, May 21, 2018 Jack King, ’73 DDS Kettering, OH, December, 16 2017 T. Michael Murphy, ’74 DDS Marion, OH, April 30, 2018 William Borchers, ’77 DDS Dayton, OH, March 8, 2018

T. Michael Murphy, ’74 DDS

Former associated faculty member T. Michael Murphy, DDS, graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1974 and remained at the college to complete his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency. Following graduation, Dr. Murphy opened a dental office in Marion, Ohio, where he practiced for 40 years.

T. Michael Murphy, ’74 DDS

Dr. Murphy served as president of the Ohio Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons from 1993 to 1994. His other memberships included the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the Great Lakes Society of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and the Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honor society. Dr. Murphy’s license plate, which read “Great Life,” highlighted his zest for life. He raced cars at racing venues in Ohio and throughout the United States, earned a pilot’s license, and liked to scuba dive. Dr. Murphy passed away on April 30, 2018. alumni news 33


Pamella Shaw,

Janice Townsend,


DDS, ’07 MS

On July 1, Dr. Pamella Shaw joined the College of Dentistry as the Assistant Dean for Admissions. Dr. Shaw earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and a Master’s in Public Health degree from the University of Kentucky. Prior to joining Ohio State, she served as an Associate Dean in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Indiana University’s School of Dentistry, a position she had held since 2010. Her professional experience includes a number of other leadership roles, including those of Director of the Office of Health Career Programs at the University of Kentucky Medical Center, and Assistant Provost at Purdue University. Throughout her career, Dr. Shaw has been active in education-related research on an array of topics. She has served as the Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI for a number of grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, as well as several foundations. Her dedication to graduate and professional education has been recognized with honors that include the Outstanding Woman of Purdue Award from Purdue University, and the Excellence in Access Award from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. As the college’s Assistant Dean for Admissions, Dr. Shaw oversees and develops admissions processes to recruit a well-qualified and broadly diverse dental hygiene and dental student body. She also serves as chair of the dental hygiene and dental admissions committees, and she is the college’s liaison to the university’s Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. ■

34 the ohio state university dental journal

Dr. Janice Townsend joined the Columbus dental professional community as Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and as Chair of the Division of Pediatric Dentistry in the College of Dentistry on July 1. Dr. Townsend was previously an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the Louisiana State Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry, where she was also the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Professor in Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Townsend received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Marquette University’s School of Dentistry. She then earned a Master of Science degree in pediatric dentistry in 2007 from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and a certificate in pediatric dentistry from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. As a practicing pediatric dentist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Townsend’s clinical and research interests include various aspects of behavior management and dental pain management, respectively. Other areas of interest and significant endeavor focus on community outreach and national initiatives involving professional dental organizations whose goals include improving the oral health of the nation’s children. In her roles as Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Chair of the Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Townsend is committed to improving preventive dental care for atrisk populations, enhancing the efficiency of dental services provided to children, and developing a population-based approach to oral health care. ■

NEWS NOTES Katie Vincer Sears, ’08 DDS, Receives the ADA’s Inaugural 10 Under 10 Award

Homa Amini, ’93 DDS, ’96 MS, ’96 MPH, Recognized With Distinguished Teaching Award

In March, College of Dentistry alumnus Katie Vincer Sears, ‘08 DDS, was recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) as one of 10 new dentists who has made a difference by demonstrating “excellence in their work, their community, and by inspiring others.” Selected from among 200 nominees by the ADA New Dentist Committee, Dr. Vincer Sears was recognized for her work at two dental practices that accept Medicaid in underserved areas and for her educational program to help local community members find dental-related employment.

In April, Homa Amini, ’93 DDS, ’96 MS, ’96 MPH, professorclinical, Division of Pediatric Dentistry, was among 10 Ohio State faculty members who received one of the university’s most prestigious teaching awards, the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. Selected by a committee of students, previous recipients, and alumni, Dr. Amini was surprised by Bruce McPheron, PhD, executive vice president and provost of The Ohio State University, who came to her workplace to inform her of the award in person.

"Being recognized as the ADA's 10 Under 10 is both exciting and humbling," said Dr. Vincer Sears. "I have proudly chosen to focus on treating the underserved—those patients who are on Medicaid and managed care plans."

“If I am told someday that I treat my students and patients the way Dr. Amini does, I will have accomplished my career dream,” one of Dr. Amini’s students wrote for her nomination. Another student wrote: “Dr. Amini is all heart. I chose this program because of her enthusiasm and sheer joy for teaching.”

In the ADA’s announcement about this year’s recipients, New Dentist Committee chair Nipa Thakkar, DMD, said, “These selected 10 new dentists display a passionate and deliberate effort to change the face of the dental profession." ■

“We’re so proud to recognize you. The smile on your face right now is what every person acknowledges in terms of your teaching style,” Dr. McPheron said.

Earlier this year, Dr. Amini won the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Lewis Kay Award for Excellence in Education, a peer-driven national recognition of the best teacher in the field of pediatric dentistry. As a university award recipient, Dr. Amini received a $5,000 honorarium made possible by gifts from The Ohio State University Alumni Association, University Advancement, and the Office of Academic Affairs. In addition, the Office of Academic Affairs awards increased her base salary. ■ alumni news 35



COLUMBUS, OHIO Permit No. 711

305 West 12th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry

Sterilization Monitoring Service Ohio’s only in-state testing facility, SMS is experienced, efficient and reliable in providing hassle-free, state-of-the-art monitoring of your sterilization equipment.

Advantages and benefits you can count on: • Free CE Credits • Informative Newsletter • Troubleshooting • Monthly Reports and Verifications • Local Ohio-based Expertise • No Extra or Hidden Fees

For more Information: 614-292-6737 or 888-476-7678

Sterilization Monitoring Service The Ohio State University College of Dentistry As a non-profit organization, we support the next generation of dentists and dental hygienists.

Ohio State Dental Journal Summer 2018  

Published quarterly, the Ohio State Dental Journal shares what is new and exciting among our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends. T...

Ohio State Dental Journal Summer 2018  

Published quarterly, the Ohio State Dental Journal shares what is new and exciting among our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends. T...