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the future of dentistry starts here

2012 Annual Report

Below: Light micrograph of orofacial mesenchymal stem cell-mediated bone regeneration

Cover: Image of Biofilm

We are rooted in tradition,

but our teachings transcend the traditional.


Michelle Aeck, Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Songtao Shi, Professor

Dr. Pascal Magne, Associate Professor

Edward Rugama, DDS ’13

We are leaders, innovators, and visionaries,

united to better dentistry and the world.

The future of dentistry starts here. We invite you to be a part of it. This year, the Ostrow School of Dentistry annual report not only looks back at 2012, the school’s monumental 115th year, but also illustrates how we prepare for and shape the future of dentistry. Since 1897, we’ve set the gold standard in clinical techniques, technologies, and biomaterials. That tradition is more vital now than ever as digital and 3-D imagery, computer-aided design and manufacturing, and other advancements become a part of dentists’ daily lives. In order to graduate professionals who will take dentistry forward, we must continue to provide our students with access to the technologies that will become tomorrow’s dental essentials. Introducing students to groundbreaking research conducted by our faculty promotes understanding of how science powers this profession and strengthens our culture of discovery. Another part of our legacy is our commitment to serving Southern California through health education, patient care, and public health research. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped those in need not because of any mandate, but because it is simply the right thing to do in order to better our community and give our students the best education. We’ll be making the most of new opportunities— including a new, record-breaking grant of $18.4 million from First 5 LA—to support our outreach and continue blazing trails with new public health knowledge and interventions.

These aims are all underscored by an even deeper commitment, one that informs all that we do as educators. Being committed to promoting an environment of learning, support, and camaraderie among our students and faculty means both respecting our students as the next torchbearers of our profession and honoring our faculty as the key mentors and influencers of future Ostrow dental professionals. The school’s $115 million fundraising initiative, announced in March 2012, will support our school well into the future, including scholarships for students; faculty and research support; patient care and community outreach; and school facilities. It is our commitment to a high-quality learning environment that has brought this school to the forefront of our profession, and our support of these crucial priorities will keep us there for decades to come.

avishai sadan, d.m.D. Dean G. Donald and Marian James Montgomery Professor of Dentistry Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Tomorrow’s innovation starts today. Tiny stem cells, including those found in dental pulp, have huge possibilities for healing. Professor Songtao Shi’s research has not only discovered new sources of stem cells but has also revealed how the immune system inf luences stem cell regeneration. “Stem cell-based tissue regeneration is regulated by immune cells, specifically T cells,” Shi says. His work has shown that changing the T cells’ activity—even with something as simple as aspirin— improves tissue regrowth.

Above: Professor Songtao Shi studies how influencing stem cells can improve tissue regeneration.

Illustrative close-up of an eight-cell stage stem cell cluster

Community outreach is our duty. In her work with our Community Oral Health Programs, Dr. Michelle Aeck spends a lot of time on the road. The faculty member—and executive director of the Children’s Health Access and Medical Program—visits underserved neighborhoods where she teaches children the importance of keeping their smiles healthy. This year, the Ostrow School of Dentistry received an $18.4 million First 5 LA grant—the largest in our School’s history—to help us reach almost 50,000 more disadvantaged youth in the next five years.

With help from willing volunteers—like this bug with a set of teeth—we teach children proper oral health care.

Above: Dr. Michelle Aeck teaches young children the basics of good oral health care.

Photography by Dr. Pascal Magne

ART AND SCIENCE MUST COEXIST. First-year dental students in Dr. Pascal Magne’s Dental Morphology, Function, and Esthetics class learn not only about tooth structure but also about using both sides of their brain. Using what Magne terms a “2-D-3-D-4-D” approach, students first draw a tooth, then sculpt tooth structures in wax, and then build tooth layers with acrylic and composite resin. “Dentistry is a form of art; therefore, first we try to unleash the artist within each student,” he says.

Above: Dr. Pascal Magne, Don and Sybil Harrington Professor of Esthetic Dentistry, directs Dental Morphology, Function and Esthetics to first-year DDS students.

Lingual anatomy of extracted human lateral incisor coated with silver powder



$1,484,006 $1,227,674







$870,166 $695,052









annual scholarship award amounts



Scholarships bring dreams within reach. Edward Rugama first dreamed of becoming a dentist at 5 years old. It was a long shot because Rugama’s family didn’t have money for college. The young man defied the odds, though, becoming his family’s first college graduate. This spring, he’ll receive a DDS degree, thanks in part to the Foutz scholarship. “I wouldn’t have been able to attend USC without this scholarship,” he says. “I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams.”

We’ve raised more than $10 million in the past decade for scholarships.

Above: Edward Rugama DDS ’13 has been able to study with less financial worry thanks to the Dr. Reynold L. and M. Vivian Foutz Endowed Scholarship.



Revenue Total: $110,724,000

.1% Other / 2.5% Continuing Professional Oral Health Education

3% Research

9% Clinics

12% Education (including Facilities, Teaching Materials, Operating Budgets, Etc.)

13% Gift and Grant Support

33% Clinics / Patient Care

75% Tuition

52% Salaries

2012 Projected Revenue Breakdown

2012 Operating Expenses (Not including gifts or grants)



Our Donors $1,000,000 and up


Edward and Virginia Lew

Lawrence Bailey David Phoon Choe Derick and Yoko Tagawa Vident Inc.

American Heart Association Inc. John and Nelanne Aschieris Michelle Higue Brenner John Aun Chao Dental Material Gesellschaft Dreisezun Family Foundation David W. Eggleston Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation Hiossen Inc. Robert E. Huntington Gloria J. Kaplan Patterson Foundation The Piemonte Foundation Proactive Oral Solutions Inc. Barbara and Roger Rossier Miyachi Unitek Corporation John D. West



Alexandre Amir and Alina Aalam Ralph and Sigrid Allman Kathleen E. Bice The California Wellness Foundation Stanton R. Canter Su-Wen Chang Vivian W. Chui Charles A. Dana Foundation Frank and Gina Enriquez Gary and Susan Harmatz March of Dimes Procter & Gamble Mel and Linda Rowan Abdi Sameni Anatoly and Yana Sedler Linda Tarrson Donald Pat and Carolyn Tormey UniHealth Foundation Stephen and Lynne Wheeler

American Physical Therapy Association Stanley and Joyce Black Darren and Sandra Chu W. Howard Davis Scott Fishman Gregory D. Kaplan Howard M. Landesman Michael T.C. Ma Bruce G. Muff Newport Harbor Academy of Dentistry QueensCare Foundation Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Revelle Training & Development Annie Chin Siu Marilyn Sweeney Frank K. Yorita



3M ESPE Samir and Enaam Batniji Wayne and Peggy Bemis S. Shaun Daneshgar Steven Yungta Huang W. Michael Madden The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Wayne Wong

American College of Prosthodontics Education Foundation Scott and Lee Adishian Wilson Baugh Frank T. Curry DENTSPLY International Donald C. Dornan Paul Guggenheim International Society of Biomechanics Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.

$500,000-$999,999 Carol Summerhays

$300,000-$499,999 Edward Ruiz and Nila Cainglit Mark Edward Tarica Samuel R. Tarica



Mary M.N. Jew Thomas Levy Michael Long North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity Plaza Dental Sumalee Sangsurasak James Howard Simon John W. Westmoreland Andrew S.H. Wong Hooman M. Zarrinkelk

$1,000-$2,499 AAID Research Foundation Marc Anderson Gregory Ryan Anthony Parviz Azarmehr Fred T. Barry Jack Bayramyan Ruth C. Blair Linda Brookman Paul J. Carroll Winston Chee Roy Chinn Janice C. Chou Colgate Speakers Bureau John C. Dehner The Dentists Insurance Company Justin Do Megan Drake Leon MacIntosh Ellis John Furesh GC Advanced Technologies Robert B. Gerber George T. Goodis Mark Heiss George Barton Heuler Charles Timothy Hinkle Kimberly Hiroshige-Okumura Victoria Wong Ho Janelle Holden Yungta Huang Phillip Ming-Hsii Hwang Robert and Marcia Ibsen Steven Kallman Daniel G. Kline Komet USA LLC Franklin Kometani Terrence K. Lau Janet Lent Terry Lim Annette Lyles William Edwin Lyons

Carol E. Martin James W. Mellert Kimberly K.C. Nguyen Jeffry Erich Persons Ross W. Prout Carl and Charlene Rieder Richard K. Rounsavelle Ernest S.H. Salazar Victor Stuart Sands Cherilyn G. Sheets Sandy Takeyasu Toyota 100 Cars for Good Andrew A. Vorono Woodside Family Dental PLLC Roy Takashi Yanase John Yekikian

$500-$999 Randall H. Acevedo David W. Alfaro R. Michael Alvarez Mark J. Baldeck Janice L. Beierle Benco Dental John Robert Bottala Brasseler USA Burbank Dental Laboratory Inc. Hubert Kar Chan Matthew C. Cheung Steven B. Chou Donna Jamison Cocke Katherine Maryoung Cope Martin Courtney Robert D. Cushnie Cyber Medical Imaging Inc. William M. Dern Design Centre Inc. Designs for Vision Inc. Oshmi Dutta Edison International Daniel A. Farkas Calvin L. Garland Garrison Dental Solutions Inc. General Scientific Corporation M. Marlene Godoy Great Lakes Orthodontic Ltd. Nouman Hannoun Leeann Harris Elvin Patrick Hoag Hu-Friedy Henry K. Kawamoto Steve H. Kigawa Beverly Koppe Donald J. Kornblau Tracy T.Y. Ku Donald Lightfoot Richard B. Lines LumaDent Inc. David Maahs Stephen F. Mann

John L. Mc Andrew John D. McQuillen The Medical Protective Company Greg Miguel Marlene Montgomery Irma S. Mozer Feroz M. Nawabi Huy Tuan Ngo Leif E. Nordstrom Dennis Paul Nutter Christopher Oates Obtura Spartan Pacific Dental Services Seung W. Paik Dennis Papp and Associates Ryan C. Partnoff Premier Products Co. Corina Ramirez Niki B. Rapattoni Stephen Rasch Rafael A. Roges Androush Safarian R.F. Saldamando Shofu Dental Corporation Fredrick C. Stalley Charlene A. Stein Hong-Suk Suh Katherine Anita Thomson Robert Erich Tiegen Corry L. Timpson William Toth Anthony Trong Tran Ultra Light Optics Elana E. Vaughn Frank J. Wilkinson Laura Wittenauer Richard C. Wittenauer Ronald Wolf Curtis R. Wong Dennis-Duke Ryoichi Yamashita Daniel S. Yanagihara

$1-$499 9 Round Franchising LLC Anthony Abdalla Brianna Abilez Michelle Alexis Aeck Danny Aframian Jacqueline Aguillon Kang M. Ahn Alex A. Albarian Samia Ali Joli S. Allen David Alley Hala Al-Tarifi Rina Ambaram Mark A. Amundsen Diane Parker Andrew Richard Lester Ardis Mary M. Arsenian Justin S. Ashton


Souhel Askar Paulina J. Attebery Robert K. Avakian Mirian G. Avila-Eckert Mazin E. Aziz William Baalbaky Stewart R. Balikov Tamara Haroldson Ballard Jack E. Bamesberger Donald Bare Helen J. Bare Margaret K. Barker Esta Wheeler Barnes Jim T. Baugh S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation | Stephen Bechtel Fund Thomas J. Becker Barbara A. Beller Maria Bello Edwin A. Benjamin Jeannette Bentley Dana M. Berliner Carol N. Bernstein Randall Blazic Gary C. Borge Robert L. Borland Bonnie L. Bradbury Stewart M. Bradford Steven Branberg Joan Kay Brandlin Suzete Brasil Elsie Wann Bree James H. Brenner Lynn Ronald Bridgman Daniel Brigham Betty Britt Christina Britt Gregory Matthew Brooks Diana Broumandi Augosto Brown Jack Brown John C. Brown Norma H. Burch Karen L. Burgoyne Norma U. Burnley Thomas Burr L. Nelson Butler California Coast Dental Arts Timothy A. Caligiuri Susanna Marie Cammann Ray Cannon Annette Carrillo Michael Stephen Casagrande Rose Casagrande Ernest L. Casares Matthew B. Casey Denise A. Castaneda Silva Olga Ivett Castro P. Cavadini Yang Chai Patrick Y. Challita

Jack Chang Malcom Chang Susan Chang Elizabeth FD Charnley Michele R. Chartier John Chen Chaur-Yang Cheng Ching-Ching Lien Cheng Nicole Cheng Chethan Chetty R.K. Chetty Linda Chiang Vernon Chinen Clayton V. Ching Stephen Chou Simon Choyee Virgina B. Christison Wan-Yi Chu Cynthia L. Chubbuck Charles E. Claypool Sandra Clayson Sherry Marie Clesceri Daniel S. Clifford Sarah Clinton Edgington Marge H. Closson Louis Cohen Yael Cohen-Tawil Mark A. Collons Jack Conley Jo Ann Conley Carolyn Conrad Ronald Jay Cooper Santos Cortez Brenda Cotton Donald Couch Nancy Nowlan Craddock Nancy Lee Craddock Ruth Crockatt William Crockatt June Kellogg Cromwell Manuel Cruces Xuewen Cui Cathye Dewhirst Curreri Maurice Cutler Warren D. Cutting Janice G. Da Silva Jessica Annette Daclan Moshrefi Daneshmand David R. Davenport Frederick Davidowitz Sherwin Davidson Randall Davis Carol L. Davis Stephen Douglas Davis Carol Brown Davis Claudia De La Flor Mary Lu Debolt Jean Wilson Decker Guy A. Delgadillo Charles A. Delio Helen Dennis Marye Allard Deo

Jeffrey C. Derickson Navneet Dhillon Luis Diaz Michael J. Dinius Dhanya Divakaran Sam Djang Harris Done Ujjwala Dorlikar Alka T. Doshi Yvonne M. Douglas Stephen C. Driggs Hayden Bruce Driscoll Steven Victor Dryden Ken Duong Patrick Emigh Patricia Engel Lolita K. English Barry Stephen Erbsen Crystal Espinoza Linda Esterly Genoveva Estrella Woodrow E. Evans John Faia John Farsakian Naila Farukhi Sharon Faust Gerald N. Felando Dace N. Felton Frederick Fenderson Douglas Fenton Jane Bresee Fergus Gilbert Fernandez Amanda Michelle Figueroa Silvio A. Filippelli Deborah H. Finegold Thomas W. Firth Karyl E. Fisher Colleen Annette Floryan Terrence L. Fong Suanhow Howard Foo Beverly Quon Foon Jack Fraider Steven D. Fraker Rose Frampton Mary Beth Froman G. Wayne Frost Derrick Fu Jon Dellivan Fuiks Alan Fujimoto Corey Fujita Dennis Galanter Marilyn L. Garstang-Campoy John H. Gauger James R. Gibbons Jonathan M. Gidan Douglas Gilio Peggy Gilkerson Janet E. Gilmore Maria Giraldo Judy H. Girardot Linda S. Glatstein Merle Seymour Glick


Rozita Goel Golshid Gohari Joyce Goldberg Christine Goodfellow Kathleen Goodman David M. Goodwill Mariet Gorji Joan Gottfried Nancy K. Gouvion Wayne Gouvion Ashwath Gowda Vinita Goyal Don Graham Donna R. Graham Bao-Thy Ngoc Grant David E. Grant Ann Story Gray James Gray Richard Green Alberta Green Robert E. Green Daniella E. Gregory Phillip Bryan Griggs Candice Groat Albert R. Grosnick Linda Ralls Groth Liliana Gutierrez Frank Hackman Haili Investment Corporation Susan Hamasaki Lehua H. Hamashige Robert H. Hambleton Stan A. Hanes Gary Harmatz Bruce Reed Hartley Judith Hasting Derek Hauser Mary T. Hawkes Patrick C. Hayashi Yu He Sharon Heard Kamyar Hekmat Shirley Shimmin Henderson Rex Asher Henegar Steven D. Hernandez Gary Howard Hess Tram Quynh Hoang Stuart J. Hoffman Jane H. Holland William Holve Beverly Hom Steven Hom Gary R. Hopper Kathryn Patricia Houston Richard Lee Hover Leslie Lynn Hovey Ann Sullivan Howell Richard Eugene Hoyt Denise Joanne Huang Fred M. Hufnagel Lisa Dedios Huiras Ardys K. Hunter

Janis Hutchison Phuong Huynh Herbert M. Hyman Rex Ingraham William Ingwersen Intel Corporation James Smith Isom Koharik D. Janoyan Scott Lane Jensen Edward Johnson Mary Johnson Nina Johnson Paul Wesley Johnson Chaitanya Joopally Robert L. Junell Michael Louise Kadera Richard Kahn Victor Kaleta Patricia S. Kanda Judy L. Karinen Gilbert T. Katz Rupinder Kaur Bennett R. Kawata Nancy Kawata Sakae Kawata Janet D. Kazanjian Sona Kazazian Carmen Keshishian Safa Khaleel Laura Liberman Kieffer Martha Kikuchi Kihyo Kim Tae Hyung Kim Kapil Kirpekar Nancy W. Kirshberg Ralph Klink Daniel Joseph Kolzet Kona Dental Office Cara Cummingham Koolmees Mun Koon Ernest Lynn Kostlan Wilma M. Kowal Barbara H. Kraft Robert Krause Kathleen Gerlach Kulper Howard S. Kunihiro Clay Stuart Kurisaki Carol Louise La Briola Charlotte Lacour Ladera Presbyterian Women Richard Lampert Robert Larner Algis V. Lasas Theresa Lathrop, RDH Frederick T. Lau Judith Clair Lawson Thuan N. Le Lilia Leandro Linda Mee-Young Lee Janet Lee Peggy Lee Bruce O. Lensch

David F. Levine Brent S. Lew Carol Kandarian Lieber Bruce William Lilly Renee Lim Jin Hwan Lim Marianne Lindsay Eric Tsung-En Liu Xia Liu Dennis G. Longwill Armando G. Lopez Thomas Donald Lund Jessica Hoa Luong Hoi Luu John J. Lytle John Lawrence Lytle M.H. Macarthur Jeanette Kappa Maclean Nolan Maehara Margaret W. Mahannah Kambiz Mahdavi Ralph J. Maiello Beverly C. Malamed Elizabeth Mallen Albert Malouf Alan L. Manheim Glenn Mann Eugene V. Manusov Regina B. Mar Bernard Martin David Martin Edwin Orton Matthes Richard Alan Mays Michael Mc Laughlin Gerald W. McClellan Patricia Redden McClure Helen McCracken Marjorie M. Mckee Karen A. McKenzie Sally Ellen McKenzie McKinley Alumni Association of Hawaii Eileen McMinn Robert Ken Mehlman Rodrigo C. Melendez Eugenia Mendez William Clark Merkel Charles A. Meyer Kathryn Meyer David W. Miller Duana L. Miller Joyce Millikan Cedric Minkin Bita Mirrashed Judy Miyashiro Albert Mizrahi James N. Mobaser Ali Modarres Mark Moehlman Robert C. Mokbel Gary Elwyn Monell Caitlin Julia Monheim


Stephan Moradians Douglas A. Morehouse Janet Fukuda Morita Lianne Y. Morita Megan Morris Horace Eugene Moses Mohammad Mostofi Jean Mueller Joe Bruce Mullen George A. Murrell Lina Yacoub Musleh Fredrick C. Myers Barbara Trook Myers Gayle Myers Jeffrey J. Nagasaki Marc K. Nakamura Stephanie A. Nelson Jared Nesbit New Smile Dental Alan Nguyen Manuel P. Nguyen Victoria Nguyen Don Nguyen Masumi Nitta North Hills Dental Center Inc. Shahram Nourian Diane Oates Lane Ochi Patricia Masako Okada Hambik Oktanyan Joseph Oliver June Hedge Olney Cindy O’Loughlin Eugene A. Olson Joyce J. Ono Lisa Ezumi Oshiro Larry Ostenberg Donna Ostman Joanne K. Ota Alfred Otero L. James Ottesen Calen D.B. Ouellette Joel Ovadia Elaine Ritsuko Ozawa Steven Ozer Sharon Page Bernard J. Pallares James H. Parton Judith L. Parton Pasadena Community Foundation Michael R. Pashley Rita Patel Rajiv Patel Arthur N. Pedersen John David Pedersen Alexis L. Pelekanos Carol Talkov Penido John Penrod Theresa Jones Perry Kelly Petillo Craig Pettengill Lorraine Pfirrmann

This list reflects donations made Jan. 1, 2012-Dec. 31, 2012. Although every effort has been made to ensure completeness and accuracy, errors or omissions may occur. Please notify the Office of Development and Alumni Relations with any corrections at (213) 740-0428 or at


James A. Vaughn Rahul Ved Prakash Henry S. Vong Tamara B. Vwich Karen A. Wager-Zadeh Todd G. Wahlin Jasdeep Walia Frederic Glade Wall Judith Palmer Wallace Barbara L. Wann Lawrence J. Warner Melanie D. Washington Jane M. Watanabe Lori J. Watase Larry Webber Maryanne Wedner Sherry Weeks Mark A. Weiner Fred Weiner Rita E. Weisberg Arthur W. Weiss Alice Somers Weit Diane Weldon Yi Wen Louis E. Wenzlaff William F. Werner Cathy Grewe White Shirlee White Daniel Wicorek Ronald Wilson Robert Wilson Ralph Winge Gary Winslow Shirley C. Winslow Michael W. Winter Donald Wise Dorothy G. Wise James Peter Witcher Elsa M. Wittbold Shelia Wolf Allen King Wong Kristen Nicole Wong Mark Wong Karin J. Wong Paul Wong Charles Wood Xandrya Woods Daniel K. Woodson Janice Woolverton Anthony R. Yamada Eugene T. Yamaguchi Craig A. Yamamoto Robert N. Yamasaki James T. Yang Karl Yauch Neda Yermian Kim Young Calvin Woolley Young Mark Zaplin Niloofar Zarkesh Carmela Zavaleta Charlene Zettel

Executive Leadership Dean

board of councilors

Avishai Sadan, D.M.D. Dean

Scott Adishian, D.D.S., PROS Chair, Dental Alumni Association Ralph B. Allman Jr., D.D.S., ORTHO Chair, Board of Councilors John M. Aschieris, D.D.S., M.S. Robert K. Avakian, D.D.S. Wayne G. Bemis, D.D.S. Vivian W. Chui, D.D.S., ORTHO Chair, Friends of Dentistry David W. Eggleston, D.D.S. Paul Guggenheim Gary Harmatz, D.D.S. Kingdon Hughes Edward K. Lew, D.D.S. John J. Lytle, D.D.S., M.D. Baldwin Marchack, D.D.S. Gerald W. McClellan Jr., D.D.S. Diane Melrose, M.A. Avishai Sadan, D.M.D. Abdi Sameni, D.D.S. Cherilyn Sheets, D.D.S. Carol Summerhays, D.D.S. Derick Tagawa, D.D.S. Mark E. Tarica, D.D.S. Linda Tarrson Rex Yanase, D.D.S. President, Century Club Frank Yorita, D.D.S.

associate Deans

Photography: John Skalicky /

Wesley M. Sherman Yoshindo Shibuya Herbert T. Shillingburg Honey Shirian Robert Allen Shuken Joseph R. Simaie Donna A. Simien Robert L. Simon Krikor M. Simonian Ralph M. Simonian M.D. Ronald Lee Singer Ward B. Skinner Preston Lyle Smith Donna Smith Nancy Herold Smith Malcolm L. Snead Gilbert H. Snow Lawrence L. Solig Arpad Sooky Erik Southers Duane E. Spencer Alan R. Stein William G. Stephens Robert W. Stevens Peter Stone Mary E. Strawn Jayne Stubbendorff John K. Sudick Jeremy Suess Korine D. Suess Janice M. Sugiyama Hong Sun Betty Sunofsky Steven T. Swager Thai T. Ta Ellsworth Takata Alan M. Tamashiro W. Frank Tanner Floyd Tanner K. Ernest Terao R. Thomas John Thomas Devon Thormodsgaard Van Roger Tibbetts Matt Tocuseanu Wayne Tofukuji Richard K. Toguchi Hillard L. Torgan Dustin J. Torres Khanh Tran Chris P. Travis Angela V. Trivers Christopher P. Truhan Joseph S.L. Tsai Roger H. Tubbesing Thomas L. Tucker John F. Tylicki Norma Ubalde Leon Frank Unterman Gary Uriu Linda Mayumi Uyeda Roy R. Valantine Sydelle Vale Angie Van Every

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Sigmund Abelson, D.D.S., M.S. Clinical Affairs Yang Chai, D.D.S., Ph.D. Research Florence Clark, Ph.D., OTR/L Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy James Gordon, Ed.D., PT Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Roseann Mulligan, D.D.S., M.S. Community Health Programs and Hospital Affairs Mahvash Navazesh, D.M.D. Academic Affairs and Student Life Ilan Rotstein, D.D.S. Continuing Education

Division chairs Casey Chen, D.D.S., Ph.D. Division of Periodontology, Diagnostic Sciences, and Dental Hygiene Florence Clark, Ph.D., OTR/L Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Malcolm Snead, D.D.S., Ph.D. Division of Biomedical Sciences Sillas Duarte, D.D.S., Ph.D. Division of Restorative Sciences James Gordon, Ed.D., PT Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Roseann Mulligan, D.D.S., M.S. Division of Dental Public Health and Pediatric Dentistry Ilan Rotstein, D.D.S. Division of Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Orthodontics

honorary board of councilors John P. Lehman, D.D.S. Annie Siu, D.D.S.

Back cover: Image of Biofilm

ostrow school of Dentistry of usc university park, los angeles, ca 90089-0641

This annual report was made possible by the Maurice Amado Foundation.

Patient Care In a time when 100 million Americans cannot afford to see a dentist, the Ostrow School of Dentistry strives to bridge the gap to dental care access by offering a wide range of services at affordable rates. Not only do we provide care here at the School, we’re also in some of Southern California’s most underserved neighborhoods treating children, the elderly, and our city’s homeless population. These programs foster a sense of social responsibility in our student population and, perhaps most importantly, ensure the smiles of underserved individuals stay healthy for years to come. Facilities Norris Dental Science Center—Located on USC’s University Park campus, this low-cost clinic provides services ranging from routine dental cleanings to more complex procedures performed in our specialty clinics. Students provide treatment here under the careful supervision of our expert faculty members. Faculty Practice—Recently relocated to the new Engemann Student Health Center on the University Park campus, this clinic is the dental practice arm of the Ostrow School of Dentistry. Our faculty members provide treatment for USC faculty, staff, and students as well the general public. Community Clinics—With an array of mobile dental clinics that visit area schools, a group of fixed-satellite clinics, and community partnerships, we extend our reach into some of the city’s most underserved neighborhoods. Community Oral Health Programs The Ostrow School of Dentistry has 36 community oral health programs, including our mobile dental clinics; Hollenbeck-Palms, a continuing care retirement home; and Union Rescue Mission, one of the nation’s only school-run clinics dedicated solely to the homeless population.

patient care


Total number of individuals seen by Ostrow students and residents


Percentage of our 2012 graduates that reported community health programs as one of the greatest assets in preparing them to practice dentistry

9,000 Children ~1,300 Disabled and Elderly Patients ~1,200 Homeless

Number of patients served by our Community Oral Health Programs

Endowed scholarships And awards Because we believe no one should give up on a dream due to financial hardship, the Ostrow School of Dentistry strives to match talented students with financial aid so they can pursue their educational goals. The following alumni, friends, and family members have gifted Ostrow with educational endowments to help us provide scholarships for future generations:

Herbert Benton Endowed Scholarship Violet S. Bonney Endowed Dental Hygiene Scholarship Edward and Niloufer Cainglit Endowed Scholarship Century Club Endowed Scholarship Su-Wen Chang Endowed Scholarship Leslie and Nancy Christensen Endowed Scholarship Class of 1964 Endowed Scholarship Albert and Grace Colby Endowed Scholarship Dental Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Dental Hygiene Endowed Scholarship Clifton Dummett Endowed Scholarship Wesley A. and Helen M. Feith Endowed Fund Louis and Erma Feldman Endowed Scholarship Herbert Finley Memorial Scholarship Dr. Reynold L. and M. Vivian Foutz Endowed Scholarship Lourya K. Freedman Endowed Scholarship Friends of Dentistry Endowed Scholarship Graduate Orthodontic Endowed Scholarship Dr. Neil Graham Endowed Scholarship Charles and Shirley Goldstein Endowed Community Service Award Erric Green, DDS Memorial Fund Guerrieri Family Endowed Scholarship Guy C. Ho Endowed Scholarship L. Edna Hatcher Hughes, DDS Endowed Scholarship M. Louise Jung, DDS Endowed Scholarship Alex Koper Endowed Scholarship Howard M. Landesman Endowed Scholarship Edward K. and Ginny O. Lew Endowed Scholarship John J. and Marcia L. Lytle Endowed Scholarship

Joanne Mayne Endowed Scholarship Ned Momary Endowed Scholarship G. Donald Montgomery Endowed Scholarship William Motley Endowed DDS Scholarship Wilma E. Motley Endowed Dental Hygiene Scholarship George A. and Anne-Merelie Murrell Endowed Scholarship Norman R. Page Endowed Scholarship Alfred and Kathleen Pellicciotti Endowed Scholarship Carol Anne Pincus Endowed Scholarship Carl Rieder Endowed Scholarship Charles V. Schutz Scholarship Fund E. David Shooshan Endowed Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. J.A. Slaughter Endowed Scholarship Max Sosin Endowed Scholarship Cecil C. Steiner Endowed Scholarship David and Sucy Stevenson Award Tarica Family Endowed Scholarship Linda Tarrson Endowed Scholarship Fund Ruth Van Zile Endowed Scholarship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Leo and Sydelle Ward Foundation Endowed Scholarship Ansel and Marjorie W. Watrous Endowed Scholarship Tracy Wong Endowed Scholarship Ian Woo Endowed Scholarship Yoshio Yamaguchi/Academy for Excellence in Dentistry Endowed Scholarship Karl Hilton Young Endowed Scholarship

endowed scholarships

84 percent of dental hygiene students receive financial aid.

87 percent of DDS students receive financial aid.

78 percent of ASPID students receive financial aid.

Continuing education The Ostrow School of Dentistry’s Continuing Education program provides life-long learning opportunities to oral health care professionals all over the world. With more than 100 courses, including lectures, hands-on workshops, and travel courses, the Continuing Education program helps dental practitioners stay apace in an ever-changing world.

Home countries of Continuing Education students

>30 Our Continuing Education program has increased its global footprint, with students hailing from more than 30 countries.

continuing education

>$3m Last year, Continuing Education raised more than $3 million, representing a significant increase in our operating budget.

60,000 The number of dental professionals who are now on our mailing list has increased substantially to include more than 60,000 professionals.

~ 3,500 Number of dental professionals who chose the Ostrow School of Dentistry as their Continuing Education provider

120 Number of instructors—the majority of whom are USC faculty members—teaching Continuing Education courses

36 Number of Continuing Education courses offered online

Research The Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC has long been a leader in dental and craniofacial research. Topics currently being explored by Ostrow investigators include the development of the head, face, and mouth; microbial infections and biofilms; stem cell regeneration and tissue restoration; head and neck cancer; dental public health and disease prevention; diagnosis of disease via saliva; and much more. 2012 Research Honors and Highlights: - Associate Dean of Research Yang Chai was named chair of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research Board of Scientific Counselors. A total of nine board members, including the chair, are selected from among the most accomplished and celebrated experts in biomedical, dental, and craniofacial science; Chai has been a member of the board since 2008. - A study appearing in Cell Stem Cell and led by Ostrow professor Songtao Shi outlined the specifics of how autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled by infusions of mesenchymal stem cells. - Poor oral health, dental disease, and tooth pain can put kids at a serious disadvantage in school, according to an Ostrow study published in the American Journal of Public Health. Author and Division of Dental Public Health and Pediatric Dentistry Chair Roseann Mulligan said kids who had oral health problems were more likely to miss school and have a lower grade point average than their peers. - Ostrow School of Dentistry postdoctoral research associates Yi Liu and Junichi Iwata received the School’s first-ever Innovative Scientific Achievement Awards honoring prestigious scientific publications authored by Ostrow students and post-doctoral fellows. Liu authored a November 2011 Nature Medicine article outlining the effects of a stem cell transplant recipient’s immune system on successful tissue regeneration, and Iwata authored a February 2012 article in the Journal of Clinical Investigation regarding the cellular pathway involved in the onset of Loeys-Dietz syndrome. - The American Association of Dental Editors honored The Explorer, a magazine published by the Ostrow School of Dentistry Student Research Group, as the best North American dental student publication of 2011 with the 2012 Lawrence H. Meskin Award.


92 Research articles published by Ostrow researchers in 2012

32 Research associates and postdoctoral research associates

15 Visiting scholars

Total private grants: $824,220 Total federal, state, and local government grants: $8,424,097

Total grants to the Ostrow School of Dentistry in 2012: $9,248,317

School Overview The Ostrow School of Dentistry has been educating some of the industry’s finest dental practitioners since 1897. While staying focused on the fundamentals necessary for a successful dental career, we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of dentistry well into the 21st century. To accomplish that, we’ve pushed our curriculum in more innovative ways, including teaching students to use the latest in technology, offering an ever-growing number of online education programs, and focusing on the artistry behind dentistry.

Academic Programs Doctor of Dental Surgery Bachelor of Science, Dental Hygiene Master of Science, Dental Hygiene Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists Master of Science, Craniofacial Biology Master of Science, Orofacial Pain/Oral Medicine Master of Science, Geriatric Dentistry Doctor of Philosophy, Craniofacial Biology

Postdoctoral Degrees Endodontics, General Practice, Operative Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/MD (Keck School of Medicine partnered program), Oral Medicine, Orofacial Pain, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, and Prosthodontics

Faculty & Staff 95 Full-Time Faculty 166 Part-Time Faculty 303 Volunteer Faculty 311 Staff Members

school overview

Applications received: >3,400 Students admitted: 144

Dental Admission Test scores Academic Average: 20 Science: 20 Perceptual Ability Test: 20.3

DDS admissions

Applications received: >225 Students admitted: 40

Average GPAs Sciences: 3.10 Overall: 3.23

DH admissions

Applications received: 556 Students admitted: 35

ASPID admissions

Financial information $106m The School’s 2012 operating budget, including the divisions of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy and Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy

5 th Our budget is the fifth largest of all academic units across the University.

>$100m The School’s endowment has a market value of greater than $100 million, ensuring our financial stability well into the 21st century.

4 years The Ostrow School of Dentistry has enjoyed four consecutive years of growth, earning stability, and sound investment.

top 5 gift accounts for 2012 based on number of gifts Dean’s Renaissance Fund, Century Club, Community Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, and Dental Alumni

Giving back In March 2012, the Ostrow School became the second academic unit at USC to launch its fundraising initiative of $115 million. It is only through the generosity of our alumni, corporate, and philanthropic friends that we have been able to position ourselves as one of the top dental schools in the nation.

Our goal: $115 million Amount raised: $50 million

The Ostrow School of Dentistry set out to raise $115 million—more than any other dental school—as part of the Campaign for USC. So far, we’ve raised more than $50 million toward our goal.

Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC Annual Report 2012  

Annual Report for the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USc