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My Husband and I had a lovely Sunday afternoon, I went shopping while he puttered away at his shop. Arriving home for supper I was absolutely dismayed when Kevin discovered a puddle in the middle of our kitchen floor. I immediately began wondering how I would convince Kevin that it wasn't necessary to re-home my incredibly difficult cat, now that she had decided to use our floor as her litter box. Then a drip from our ceiling vent landed in the puddle and that created a whole new concern. We investigated, thought we solved the issue, cleaned up and settled in for supper. A few minutes later and I realized my Sunday evening had been completely high-jacked as the vent had started dripping again. Then the drip began increasing in intensity and, thanks to our vaulted ceiling, the water was trickling across the ceiling towards the cupboards. My father-in-law was driving in from Pearsonville to have a look, and Kevin left to find a ladder, leaving me alone with the drip. So there I was standing in the middle of the kitchen holding my swiffer dust mop wrapped in paper towel up to the ceiling to soak up the drip, as the bucket system was no longer working, when one of our friends arrived. Talk about being happy to see someone! Kevin had sent him a text when the drip first appeared asking for suggestions and Brent came over to check things out. I learned more about air circulation in the next half-hour than I ever thought I would need to know, but we still weren't certain what exactly was going on. When Kevin and his Dad

arrived, Brent was elbow deep in our ceiling, soaking up the water pooling in the vent pipe. It was decided that a more thorough investigation was necessary so I spent the next two and a half hours tucked up in bed, out of the way, while the men climbed up and down the ladder, sticking their arms in various vents trying to discover the problem. When it became clear that we needed to wait for daylight, I was left with a bucket sitting on my step stool, which in turn was sitting on a towel in the middle of my kitchen floor. The bucket was collecting water that was slowly dripping from a piece of bendable pipe sticking out of my ceiling. Brent came back on Monday to have another look and, thank heavens, determined there was an ice build up on the roof which has since been fixed. The pipe and bucket need to remain while we wait for the water to dry up, which to a neat freak like me is really hard to look at, but I can't complain because, hey... my cat gets to stay. I'm not sure that Kevin will agree with my assessment given his dislike of the cats but I'll take it as a win. 0001

Amanda Crealock

Wallace Funeral Home If you have children, you should take the time to give them the greatest gift you will ever give them...pre-arrange your funeral arrangements so they don’t have to. Did you know you can pre-arrange without prepaying...I pre-arranged mine when I was 22 and I’m so glad I did. Steve Baldwin Owner/Funeral Director Give us a call so we can help. You will be glad you did.

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Please visit us and enjoy 10% off all fruit wines from February 21st-25th.

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Megan Hicks

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Ryan Evans


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433-6173 February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


WhAT’s hAPPENING Wednesday, February 22 Golden Years Fellowship for ages 55+, 10:00am-1:00pm, at the Penobsquis Baptist Church. Theme “God helps me make good choices” with speaker Linda Goggin. Menu: hamburger goulash, salad & dessert. Free will offering; invite a friend. Friday February 24 Trivia Night at the Havelock Legion (Rte 880). Doors open 6:30, game starts at 7:00pm. $120/team, max six players. For more info call Alicen at 534-2592. Hosted by the Havelock Homecoming Committee. Saturday, February 25 Kings County Historical & Archival Society meeting at the Courthouse in Hampton starting at 2:00pm. There will be a tour of the building. Annual Charity Auction, Dinner & Dance at Poley Mountain, in support of local chapter of Canadian Assoc

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2 lb Spray Foam Fiberglass & Cellulose Old & New Homes Radon Testing & Mitigation

for Disabled Skiers and Addictions & Mental Health Sussex. 4:00-7:00 & 9:0011:00pm, live music with Crossroads; 6:00-7:00pm Dinner; 7:00-9:00pm Live Auction. To reserve tickets ($20) 4337668.

Church, with proceeds going to Salvation Army Family service in Sussex. Freewill offering - homemade baked beans, pancakes, sausages, layer cakes for dessert. 4:00-6:30pm. All welcome!!

Sunday, February 26 Pancake & Bean Supper, 4:00-6:00pm at Millstream Rec Centre. Gingercake for dessert. $8/adults, $4/children 6-12; $20/family, pre-schoolers eat for free. All welcome. Sponsored by the Millstream Rec Council.

Friday, March 3 World Day of Prayer Service at the Salvation Army (79 Main Street, Sussex) at 2:00pm. For more information 4333302.

Monday, February 27 Pancake Supper at the Salisbury United Church (Peter Street) from 4:00-6:30pm. Pancakes, homemade baked beans, sausages, rolls, dessert and beverage. $8/adults, $4/children under 12. All welcome. Nature Sussex will meet at 7:00pm in St. Mark's Anglican Church Hall, 4 Needle Street Sussex Corner. Guest speaker is horticulturalist, Don Miller, from St. Martins speaking on 'Plant Nutrition and Soils'. All welcome to attend! Tuesday, February 28 Sussex Art Club meeting 1:00pm in the Sobey’s Community Room (upstairs, elevator available, ask Sobey’s staff for help). We have a short meeting followed by an art program. New members are always welcome. Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, at the Jemseg Lions Club, 5:00 to 6:30pm. Free Will Offering, proceeds go the the Parish of Cambridge and Waterborough. Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, sponsored by St. Mark’s Anglican

Saturday, March 4 Hearty Breakfast at Apohaqui Rec Centre, 16 Jones Memorial Park Road, 8:00-10:30am. Sausage, eggs, pancakes, home fries, homemade beans, brown bread, donuts, juice/tea/coffee. $7/ person. Entertainment by Happy Go Lucky Fiddlers. Proceeds to Kiwanis Nursing Home Renovation Fund. Fiddle-Doo & Potluck, hosted by the Maritime Fiddling Assoc and Kim & George Boone, at the Hampton Resource Center (DeMille Court) from 2:00-6:30pm. Bring your favourite pot luck dish for supper. Saturday, March 11 Fundraiser for Restoration of Ranger Camp (Shepody), sponsored by Homesteaders Association at Jubilee Hall (Perry Street), Sussex 7:0010:00pm. Live music (Doris & Friends, Ken & Bernice, Jim Morrison, Debbie Sproul and others), canteen, 50/50, door prizes. Donations at the door. Friday, March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at the Waterford Hall (in Waterford), 6:00pm.

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WhAT’s hAPPENING Ham dinner & gingerbread dessert. Card game to follow. Advance tickets only ($10), call Doris 433-5442, Edward 433-1386 or Marshall 433-4517. Hosted by Beaconsfield #78 & Waterford Gems #1407. Pancake Bean & Sausage Supper, sponsored by the Havelock Lions Club, at the Havelock Memorial Hall from 4:00-6:00pm. $8/adults and $4/children. Proceeds to Havelock Homecoming.

SUSSEX & AREA SENIORS’ CENTRE NEWS 50 Perry Street, Sussex 433-8480; sasc@ The Centre is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm (unless otherwise noted); memberships $20/person/year. Monday, February 27, March 6 9:00am Games, Cards, Chat & Art Class with Fred Harrison; 1:30pm Auction 45’s; 4:00pm, Rughookers. Tuesday, February 21 & 28 - 9:00am Cards, Chat; 9:30am Silverados; 10:00am Rughookers and Rummoli; 12:00noon Lunch ($6-7); 1:30pm Bingo for members; 6:30pm Shuffleboard. Wednesday, February 22, March 1 9:00am, Games, Cards, Chat: 1:00pm

Crib & Line Dancing; 7:00pm, Jam Session. Wednesday, March 1 - 3:00pm Centre closes; 3:30pm Aktion Club. Thursday, February 23, March 2 9:00am Cards, Chat; 9:30am Bridge; 1:00-2:00pm Tai Chi. Note: no Tai Chi on February 23). Friday, February 24, March 3 - 9:00am Games, Cards, Chat; 10:00am Rummoli; 11:00am, Line Dancing for beginners. Friday, March 3 - 1:30pm, Movie - Doc Martin, Season 3. Sunday, February 26, March 5 - 6:30pm Early Bird and 7:00pm Bingo (March 5 - Sonic Ball Bingo). 0024

COMHALTAS Come join in the fun listening, playing and enjoying Irish Music and culture in a traditional setting! Comhaltas offers Traditional Irish music sessions on Tuesdays at O'Leary's Pub (46 Princess Street, Saint John). The session begins at 7:00pm; this is a great opportunity to sit with experienced musicians and learn tunes at a slower pace. We transition to an 'up to speed' session

at 7:30. At 8:30 the circle welcomes individual tunes, songs, stories, poetry, jokes, step dance and much more! All are welcome, regardless of experience. Feel free to bring your traditional instrument or your voice and join in - or simply sit with the other bar patrons and enjoy the traditional setting. Spread the word! Bring your friends! Listen to: fiddles, bodhrans (Irish

drums), harps, tin whistles, accordions, guitars, mandolins and other traditional instruments and songs for free! G092

SENIORS’ BOWLING Bowling for Seniors will take place Wednesdays, 1:00pm at Sussex Corner. $10 for the afternoon. All welcome. G155


SHOW HOURS: Fri., 10am - 9pm | Sat., 10am - 9pm | Sun., 10am - 5pm ADMISSION: Reg. Adult $10 | Senior/Students $8 | Children Under 10 Free Family Pass $25 (2 adults, 2 Jrs) | Event Pass $15

PLUS over 60 exhibitors for all your RV lifestyle needs!

Sussex Suicide Prevention Committee

February 21st - March 6th, 2017 



excessive weight while pregnant. The extra weight around your neck can cause your throat to close off during sleep. Those with gestational diabetes or high blood pressure are at higher risk as are those with allergies and nasal congestion commonly caused by higher estrogen levels of pregnancy. OSA causes lowered oxygen levels and increased inflammatory processes during sleep. The associated risks of having untreated OSA during pregnancy include gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. These conditions are very dangerous for mum and baby. Mums with sleep apnea are three times more likely to have a caesarean section, have smaller babies that are more likely to be admitted to the Neonatal ICU for breathing problems. You most likely will not notice that you are stopping breathing at night, but your bed partner will notice increased snoring and even cessations in breathing at times. You may feel more tired during the day and even doze off at times. If you think you have sleep apnea,

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. The marvelous changes to your body, the preparations for your home and hopes for the future are all highlights of that time. Some aspects of pregnancy are not so pleasant, such as heartburn, extra weight gain and sleep disturbances. Getting comfortable during sleep can be near impossible when you are pregnant. Your larger belly can be difficult to position. Another common and dangerous condition is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA is a common breathing disorder marked by heavy snoring, pauses in breathing, gasping for air and daytime sleepiness. Other factors in OSA include morning headaches, a large neck, being overweight and high blood pressure. Pregnant women at risk for developing OSA are those who are already overweight or obese, or who have gained

103 Hampton Road, Rothesay Home Renovations Insulation Solar Panels

for parts, compressor, and all labour.


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or having started snoring since being pregnant and especially if you have high blood pressure, discuss this with your doctor. You should be tested. This can be done in the sleep lab, or done in your home with a simple device. Sleep apnea can be treated very effectively to keep you breathing through the night for you and your baby. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the gold standard of treatment. You wear a little mask over your nose and it blows fresh air in while you sleep to keep your throat opened. Be sure to get this looked after as soon as you suspect there may be a problem. You want your pregnancy to be a joyous and healthy as it possibly can be for you and your baby. 0038 Angie Cummings, BSc RRT, Sussex Sleep Clinic

One Maintenance Cleaning Per Year for 12 years $39/month Dual Zone - $80

Duct-Work Cleaning


Peak Central High School students writing letters

We have received a number letters from the students we are supporting in Piggs Peak. I thought I would share some of their words “I am a 14 year old girl whose father died last year. My life is difficult since my father died because my mother is unemployed. I was to drop out of school due to lack of money but because of your help, I am proud to be at school. I would like to thank you that you give to Swazis even though it is distant from your home country Canada. Because of your help, I rejoice

and wish you all the best.” “I want to thank you for paying school fees for me. I want to grow up to motivate young people to work hard at school, despite the challenges they face. It is a wonderful blessing to be in a relationship with you even though you are far away. I feel blessed to have you. When I grow up I also want to give back to society like you did to me and the other students at Peak Central High School.” “Since I started high school the sponsorship has been there for me and I appreciate that. I am eager to be part of the sponsorship when I am old enough and financially able to do the same thing for other vulnerable children.” “Thanks a lot for all you have offered to me and all that you are still doing for me. You saved my life. In times of hardship when nobody was there, no willing people to pay my school fees, where I almost gave up hope, you warmly picked me up and opened your wide warm hands for me. I love you and wish you all the best.”

“I write this letter to once again thank all the people of Hampton for helping me with my school fees. You kind people have been sunshine on a cold day. Ever since I received your financial help I have been able to apply more hard work to my school work because I believe you chose me and put me in your hearts because you saw something great in me. Once I am done in school I assure you that I will give back to you.” “I thank you, Hampton, for the help you offered to me as I was struggling to pay school fees. You became the saviour of my future. May God bless you and continue helping others who are needy like me.” If you are interested in supporting the work we do or just want some information, contact me, Mark Bettle, at or 8320003. Also visit us on Facebook at: hamptonpiggspeak. 0010


“THE SMART CHOICE” 0% Financing 12 Months 15% Down 54 Aiton Road, Sussex • 433-3672

FACE CANCER WITH CONFIDENCE Patients can register for upcoming workshops by calling 648-6885

Look Good, Feel Better workshops are held on the third Monday of each month from 1:303:30pm. This program is geared towards patients experiencing skin and hair changes due to radiation and/or chemotherapy. The workshop is free of charge and is held in the Oncology Conference Room at the Saint John Regional Hospital.




March 20



April 24



May 15






February 21st - March 6th, 2017 



Help make his world a safer place to

Play For info on helmets & how to fit them properly, visit

We welcome new members at the newest Canadian Pony Club, NB/ PEI Region, in Penobsquis at Achilles Equestrian. We are looking for horse crazy kids to come join our club. We have a fantastic facility with 17 stalls, an indoor riding arena, outdoor riding ring, dressage ring, a great cross country field and miles of trails. We are part of the Canadian Pony Club, which is an organization that has been around for 80 years, giving

children and young adults (6-25 years) a solid foundation in horsemanship skills and stable management. We have lots of great activities including riding, weekly theory lessons, fitness, fundraising, regional and national events such as quiz and rallies, youth conferences, team building events such as bowling and more. Visit our Cardwell Pony Club Facebook page or go to: achillesequestrian. to see our facility. 4422

“FOUR PLUS ONE” EQUALS FIVE Symphony New Brunswick presents the renowned Saint John String Quartet and Principal Bass player Andrew Miller, giving audiences an unusual quintet performance in “Four Plus One.” They will be performing this unique concert at St. Francis Xavier Church in Sussex on Saturday, February 25 at 7:30pm. One of the pieces they will be playing is Dvorak’s Quintet, op 77, written in 1875.

Also on the program is “Dynamus for String Quintet” written by Canadian Juno-winning composer Allan Gordon Bell in 1980 and the Haydn String Quartet, op 20 no. 4 - a comical and witty string quartet with a melancholy second movement in a beautiful theme and variation form. Admission is $26/adults, $10/students and children under 12 are admitted free. 4428

COUNTRY MUSIC JAM & OPEN MIC A Country Music Jam is held every Wednesday 7:00-10:00pm at the Sussex Senior’s Centre (Golden Jubilee Hall off Leonard Drive), Perry Street off Leonard Drive. Back-up musicians: Ed Arsenault, Jim Morrison, Stan Ruthan, Ken Rossiter, Ken Campbell and Percy Clouston with MC Bryant Simpson. Everyone welcome

- bring a friend - play, sing, just listen dance the night away. Canteen is open at 6:00pm. Admission Sundayat the door. For more info by donation 10:30am Worship & contact George Cripps at 512-2210 or Kingdom Kidz (ages 2-11) Bryant Simpson 432-1439 or(ages the Seniors’ Youth Classes 12-18) Evening ServiceG126 Centre6:30pm (Carolyn) 433-8480.

All Welcome

Wednesday 7:30pm Adult Bible Study U-Turn (ages 12+)

Pastor Youth Pastor Rev Dwight Cole Rev Charles Kennedy 485-2635


2129 Rte 124, Hatfield Point • Church ~ 485-2257

“...I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

All Welcome

Sunday 10:30am Worship & Kingdom Kidz (ages 2-11) Youth Classes (ages 12-18) 6:30pm Evening Service Wednesday 7:30pm Adult Bible Study U-Turn (ages 12+)

Pastor Youth Pastor Rev Dwight Cole Rev Charles Kennedy 485-2635 2129 Rte 124, Hatfield Point • Church ~ 485-2257 “...I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10


The Sussex Herald

You Are Invited! Are you interested in knowing more about the Bible? Do you enjoy discussing God’s Word with others? If so, why not consider joining our small group Bible Study on Tuesday mornings from 11:00-12:00. This FREE Bible Study offers opportunity to learn, discuss, and ask questions about various topics in the scripture. For more details please contact Dwight Cole at 485-2635 or simply show up. Outreach Pentecostal Church 2129 Rte 124, Hatfield Point



Birthday Come help celebrate Evelyn Folkins’ 90th Birthday on March 5th, 2-4 pm at the Belleisle Community Centre, Springfield, NB. Best wishes only.

The family of the late

In Loving Memory of

Ora Buchanan

Blair Coates

would like to thank all for their support and kindness during our most difficult time.

A dear husband, father & grandfather who passed away

Also, special thanks to Dr. Sharon McCutcheon, Extra Mural nurses and staff, Sussex Health Centre and Rev. Allen Tapley for their care. It was greatly appreciated.

Silent thoughts, tears unseen, Wishing your absence was only a dream. Today, tomorrow our whole life through, We will always remember you.

Harriet, Betty, Clarence, Martha and Families

Forever loved & missed Wife Lois & Family

February 28th, 2013

Call 832-5613

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Congratulations to

COME CELEBRATE WITH US!! Vivian Patriquen’s Family would like to invite you to celebrate with them on the occasion of Vivian’s 100th Birthday What: Drop In and say Hello – Best Wishes Only Please When: March 12th, 2017 from 2 - 4 Where: Village of Norton Offices 10 Municipal Dr, Norton, NB E5T 0C8

Maggie Easton,

daughter of David and Patricia Easton (Coggar) of Dartmouth NS, formerly of Sussex, winner of a $100,000 Loran Scholarship. She is the granddaughter of Cheryl Ward (Sussex), Nelson Easton (Vernon) and Helen Dearman (Truro).

(Directly across from Norton 1 Stop Irving)

If you have a special memory there will be a memory jar

We are all so proud of our girl. February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


LEGIONs SUSSEX RCL #20 66 Magnolia Avenue, Sussex; 432-6699 Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9:00am4:00pm. Bar Hours: Monday - closed; Tuesday 12:noon-5:00pm; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 12:00noon10:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm (exception of special events). Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. Executive Meeting - 1st Tuesday each month at 6:00pm. General Meeting - 1st Tuesday each month at 7:00pm (September-June). Wednesdays - Weekly 50/50 Legion Lottery draw (open to public, tickets available at Superstore, Toni's Grocery, Needs Convenience, Star Lite Video, and the Sussex Legion); Bingo - Early bird 6:30pm, regular 7:00pm (open to public). Thursdays - 8:00pm, Crib (doubles). Fridays - Chase the Ace, tickets $5 for 3, ticket sales only from 5:00-7:00pm, draw at 7:15pm, must be present to win; 7:30pm, Crib (singles). HAVELOCK RCL #86 4684 Rte. 880, Havelock, 534-8285 2nd Monday of each month - 7:00pm Executive meeting; 8:00pm, Regular meeting. Tuesdays - 7:00pm, Crib League, more info Raymond 534-1107; Men’s City League Darts. Wednesdays - 8:00pm, House Dart League; 8:15pm, Chase the Ace draw. Thursdays - 7:00pm, Bingo & drop-in cards “200” ($5) Saturdays & Sundays - Bookings..

PETITCODIAC RCL #41 18 Kay Street, 756-3383 Mondays - F. P. MacLaren Air Cadets, # 639, is at 6:00pm. For information on Cadets, please contact - C O David Budd - 872-1397; Phillip Candy 4336450. Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9:00-10:00am, Walking Club. Wednesdays - 7:00pm, Dominoes. Wednesday Dinners ($10) - 12:00noon: February 22 - Codfish; March 1 Roast Beef; March 8 - Chicken Breasts; March 15 - Corned Beef & Cabbage; March 22 - Pork Chops; March 29 Codfish. Fridays - Chase the Ace, the jackpot was won on February 10. A new Chase the Ace will start as soon as our new licence comes in. For more info call the Legion. February 24 - Chase the Ace - tickets sold from 6:00-8:00pm. Ticket draw at 8:15pm, sharp, 50/50 draw. Come and meet your friends and listen to some live music. For more information, call the Legion at 756-3383. Thursday, February 23 - DD’s Foot Care Clinic at the Legion. For appointment call Donna at 389-1046 or 733-8199. Thursday, March 2 - 7:00pm, Executive Meeting; 8:00pm, General Meeting. Thursday, March 2, 9 & 23 - DD’s Foot Care Clinic. Call 389-1046 or (cell) 733-8199 for appointment. Monday, March 6 & 20 - 10:00am2:00pm, Merry Makers 2. Cards, bingo etc with light lunch at noon ($6). Saturday, March 11 - 7:00-11:00am,

If your home is unhappy because someone drinks too much... We can help you. Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups For families & friends of problem drinkers


The Sussex Herald

Breakfast, sponsored by the F.P. MacLaren Air Cadets #639. More info to follow. Monday, March 13 - Coleman’s Therapeutic Foot Care. Call 381-5422 for appointment. Saturday, March 25 - Maritime Motorsport Hall of Fame banquet & bike draw. More info 756-2110. Please check out our new page, Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 41, Petitcodiac, NB and "like" it. The Petitcodiac War Museum can be visited by arrangement. Call Cathy at 756-2068. Chairlift facility available. Hall Rental: If you wish to rent the hall for a wedding reception, birthday celebration or any other function, please call the Legion for more information.

NORTON RCL #76 1935 Rte 121, Norton NB Mondays – 8:00pm, Auction 45’s. Tuesdays & Saturdays – 8:00pm, Double Crib. Wednesdays – 8:00pm, Summer Darts (open to all, no set teams). Thursdays – Family Charitable Bingo. Children are welcome to play if accompanied by an adult. Fridays - Chase the Ace Fundraiser for Belleisle Community Pool 5:007:00pm, Minimum Jackpot of $1,000. Tickets 3 for $5, 7 for $10, 15 for $20. Must be over 19 and present to win the draw at 7:15pm; Texas Hold’em Poker, registration begins at 7:00pm, play starts at 7:30. Ticket to play $20 with one rebuy at $20 allowed until the first break at 8:30pm. Saturdays - (evenings) Single Crib. Are you a veteran who does not receive a pension or health care benefits? For more information contact Gordon McKenzie, Service Officer RCL #76 at 432-0779. The Legion Hall is available for rent (birthdays, anniversaries, showers, etc) by contacting the Legion or Sandra at 433-4965. 0013

FUNDRAISING DINNER In support of Tara & Joel Hoyt, a Fundraiser Dinner is being held on Saturday, February 25 from 4:006:00pm at the Hampton Legion (1032 Main Street, Hampton). A Spaghetti Dinner (including Caesar salad, garlic toast & dessert) will be followed by an amazing Dessert Auction. Supper by freewill donation. Tara Hoyt, a loving wife to Joel, and mother to daughter Zoe, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer over a year ago. Since then, it has spread to other organs, and treatments have ended. Understandably, the Hoyt family wish to spend their time with each other as much as possible, and we, as friends, want to assist them however possible to be able to do so. We are raising money to help this beautiful family through their next journey. All proceeds from this event will go directly to the Hoyt family. To make a donation online go to: GoFundMe. com/tara-and-family. 4427


SENIORS’ SPRING FEST Seniors’ Spring Fest (for 50+) will be held on Thursday, April 6 from 1:004:00pm at Exhibition Park.  This annual event will include bingo (cards are 1 for $2 and 3 (max) for $5), musical entertainment with Delbert Worden and Debbie Harrity. Refreshments provided.  Tickets are $5 and will go on sale at the Seniors’ Resource Centre, Brunswick Square, Level III, on Wednesday, March 15, 9:00am and at Exhibition Park at 10:00am.   For further information, please call the Seniors’ Resource Centre, 6338781.  4372



1. Front lights for nighttime driving 7. Indroduced in 1966, subcompact and compact cars manufactured by Toyota 9. Altima, Micra, Maxima make 11. Official document permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motor vehicles 13. Full-size pickup truck manufactured by FCA US LLC 14. American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan 15. Sonic make

2. Vehicle manufacturer founded by William C. Durant in 1911 3. Two or three-wheeled motor vehicle 4. A filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil or hydraulic oil 5. A group of autonomous Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries. 6. System that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle 8. Front window of a vehicle 10. Compartment built into the dash board of a motor vehicle 11. An internal combustion engine in which heat produced by the compression of air in the cylinder is used to ignite fuel 12. Small, two-seater automobile made for best performance and handling

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February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


Living Well

Aging Well weight and survived two abusive relationships, both mentally & physically. I hit rock bottom a few years ago and because of it had to declare bankruptcy, fell into a depression, and have a form of high functional anxiety, which makes it hard to leave the house some days. Despite all that which could very well have caused me give up hope and trust, there were days I had given up hope, I have always felt deep down that I had something to share with this world.

conversation growing up. People would tell me I was too skinny or felt the need to make a point of it when I did gain weight. I grew up in a house where my Mom was always on a different diet and never happy with her own body. So, I become very self-conscious about my body at a young age.

After university and into my 20s I gained weight because I was always the “skinny” kid so I never had to think about food, I just ate. Then I started drinking more & more So today I wanted to share a to fit in and was trying a little too piece of my story of how through hard to be one of the “cool” kids. I Hi my name is Colleen DeVine, Fitness, Clean Eating, Personal worked in the restaurant industry today I am a Health & Fitness Development and becoming for 15 years and therefore never Coach, Personal Trainer and involved in a positive, supportive had to learn how to cook or what is Certified in Nutrition. What community helped me to turn it all healthy; I never had to deal with it. people may not know about me around. When I finally changed careers, is that I was a binge eater, binge My weight was always a topic of I moved into an office job and by drinker; I’ve been bullied about my

What are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to start hearing what you’ve been missing!

Mon - Fri 8:30-4:30 • (506) 432-4709 • 60 Maple Ave., Unit 3 • Sussex 12 The Sussex Herald

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that time old habits had caught up to me. I didn’t know how to stop and I certainly didn’t know how to start being “healthy”. I used to say things like “I can lose 10lbs anytime, I’m just not ready yet”, but who was I kidding, I was slowly dying inside.

My mission is to help others believe in themselves enough to have the courage to want to take those first steps towards change and to know that I will be right there with them, helping them along the way. You see, in the end my desire to change I believe that once we are able to my circumstances was greater than help ourselves and get ourselves my acceptance to stay in the same I can remember trying to tell stable then it becomes our place. people how I felt about my weight obligation to help others. This is and how uncomfortable I was, only why I became a Health & Fitness If any of my story has resonated to receive responses ranging from Coach, so to could help others like with you and you’d like to learn “Colleen, you’re crazy” to “Wait! me. more about how you can work What weight, you look fine”; but I with me please feel free to contact wasn’t fine. My self-confidence was me at: or gone, I stopped smiling, stopped come visit me at: wanting to leave the house, and devinefit1. my drinking got heavier to try and escape my reality that I didn’t know how to get out of. taking care of ourselves first that we can then be present to take care of others. A saying that has always stuck with me is “you have to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others”.

It took me two years to work up the nerve to ask for help and even then, my now Coach, I deleted her friend request three times before I finally agreed to listen to what she had to say. To this day, I don’t know how I found her that fateful night in February 2015, but that conversation has forever changed my life. Through the process of learning how to take care of myself I learned an important lesson; that it is not selfish to want to be happy & healthy and it’s only through

If your sleep machine is 5 years old, it needs a FREE a tune up! Call Now! Angela Cummings BSc, RRT, CTE, CRE February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


EXERcIsE FOR hEALTh HAVE A HEART, A STRONG ONE! February is heart month in more ways than one, yes it tends to be all about love and relationships but it is also Heart and Stroke month, which makes it all about you. Focusing on love and relationships keeps us healthy in its own way, we are social creatures and the company of others gives us relaxation, security and a sense of belonging, something each and every one of us needs to thrive. Focusing on our physical health can also be social and relax us, a good workout at the gym with friends makes us happier, relieves stress and the extra blood flow helps maintain a strong heart, which makes it and us work more efficiently. The security we can achieve from exercising is confidence from having strength, good balance and the stamina to accomplish day to day activities with ease. Giving yourself a good foundation of muscle helps to maintain healthy weight levels, muscle burns calories even while your body is at rest. Muscle tone can

be achieved by working out for short periods several times a week. Cardio gets the blood pumping strengthening your heart (which is also a muscle) and the circulatory system, sufficient cardio exercise can also be accomplished by doing it for short periods several times a week. Exercise also helps to reduce your risk of stroke, getting the blood pumping reduces blood pressure, stress, increases good cholesterol, helps with weight loss, fat loss, reduces risk of or helps to control diabetes and helps improve overall health. What you put in your body is as important as what you do with your body; eat healthy, lots of fruits and veggies, fibre is your friend, limit fatty meats, avoid heavy salted or processed sugar foods. Drink lots of water, try to make your own meals as much as possible, that way you know what is in the dish you are eating. Keep snacks healthy and easy; think old school, an apple or banana can be the perfect on the go snack, they are packed with the

Saint John Outdoor Sports and Leisure Trade Show Saint John Trade and Convention Centre

necessary nutrients to keep you satiated until meal time. Whip up a pitcher of smoothies, pour into small jars or drink containers these are the perfect grab and go when you need an extra boost. Apple/Kale Smoothie: 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup raw kale (or spinach), 2 inch section of cucumber, 1 medium apple cored (and peeled if preferred), 1 tsp lemon juice. Healthy living is a lifelong commitment, you are deserve it! 0046

Lisa Cooper Owner, Curves Sussex

Empowerment Group

April 21-23, 2017 Friday 3-9pm Saturday 9am-7pm Sunday 10am-4pm

An opportunity to showcase your products and services. For information on becoming a vendor please contact Paul Basque: 506-672-8299, Al Dowling: 506-672-7349, Organized by the Knights Of Columbus Council 8094 Father Thomas Beck Lancaster. Proceeds from the Trade Show will be donated to local charities.


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Only 12 seats available!


LIbRARY NEWs Sussex Regional Library 46 Magnolia Avenue, 432-4585 Library Hours: Sunday & Monday closed, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:00am‐5:00pm, Wednesday 12:00noon‐8:00pm. Upcoming Events: Play Group - Tuesdays, 10:00am12:00noon, playtime for pre-schoolers and their caregivers. Storytime & Toddlertime - Thursdays, 10:30am – all preschoolers welcome! Seniors’ Coffee Hour – Fridays, 2:30pm. New Release Fridays - Check out new materials. Coffee & cookies served all day. Wednesday, February 22 - 6:30pm, Build with LEGO. Friday, February 24 - 2:30pm, Technology Q & A. Saturday, February 25 - 2:30pm, Barbie Club. Wednesday, March 1 - 6:30pm, Creative Writing Circle. Saturday, March 4 - St. Patrick’s Day Family Drop-in. Saturday, March 18 - Book Club, “Paris Wife” by Paula McLain. March Break at the Library: Tuesday, March 7 - 10:30am, Bingo; 6:00pm, Movie - Pete’s Dragon. Wednesday, March 8 - 6:00pm, Movie - Secret Life of Pets. (Please note, both movies are being shown in partnership with the Town of Sussex Community Services Dept). Thursday, March 9 - 10:30am, Storytime and Toddlertime; older

siblings welcome to join in on the fun! Friday, March 10 - 10:30am & 3:30pm, Puppet Shows for all ages. Friday, March 10 - Colourful Canada Drop-in all day event. Saturday, March 11 - all day Family Drop-in with stories, crafts and activities for families to share together. Play with Barbies and LEGO every day from 2:30-4:00pm. For more information please call the library at 432-4585 & like us on facebook for further updates!

Cambridge-Narrows 2216 Lakeview Road, 488-3971 (leave voicemail),, Regular Hours - Tuesdays 10:00am4:00pm; Fridays 10:00am-1:00pm; Saturdays 1:00-4:00pm. Remember, the Library has free WiFi. If we are closed, you can still access it from outside. There are also a number of computers for you to use and we have fax and photocopying services for your convenience. These are just a few items besides the large assortment of fiction and non-fiction books available. Membership is free of charge. All are welcome to join the Lakeview Bookworms Book Club as they meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 1:30 to 3:30pm. The next meeting is February 21. Contact Marilyn at 4883344. 0017

Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program

Grow Here Sussex & District Chamber of Commerce

Are you a forever home?

(506) 433-1845 February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


NB YOUTH CHOIR 2017 The New Brunswick Youth Choir 2017 takes place May 19-21 at Mount Allison University, Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music, Sackville, NB. The NB Youth Choir is a threeday auditioned choral residency for New Brunswick singers between the ages of 16 and 24 from all across New Brunswick and from both of New Brunswick’s official linguistic communities. It is an intensive weekend of training and education and a unique opportunity for singers to pursue excellence in choral music under the direction of a renowned conductor. It is an opportunity for

like-minded students to learn and collaborate with one another, and to meet and connect with their peers. New Brunswick singers aged 16-24 are eligible to audition for the NBYC. Candidates by no means need to be voice students, but they should have some singing experience and it is strongly recommended that they be able to read music. Application deadline is Wednesday, February 22. For complete details email Leo Macneil at or under Youth Choir 2017 at: nbcfsite. 4419

OPEN MIC IN SUSSEX CORNER Roy Clayton’s Sussex Corner Open Mic at the St. John’s United Church “Centre” Sussex Corner. Join the “Country Gold Band” for an evening of great music “Where the Star is You!” from 7:00 to 10:00pm every Tuesday night. Band Members Include: Greg Stevens (lead guitar and vocals), Ray Cassie (steel guitar), Herb Isbill (rhythm guitar and vocals), Mike Hanlon (bass),

Mike Macquarrie on drums, and Don Baker as your Emcee and vocalist. We welcome all types of instruments and music, Admission is $5. Canteen, door prizes, 50/50 draw. The evening is not a concert or contest, just good folks who enjoy playing and listening to some good tunes and a bit of fun! For more information contact Roy Clayton at 847-9328. G153

DIABETES LEARNING SERIES Everyone is welcome to attend any of the remaining sessions of the Diabetes Learning Series, which will be held in the Conference Room of the Sussex Health Centre on the following Tuesdays from 9:00-10:30am: February 28: Preventing Complications - learn about the potential complication of diabetes and what you can do to prevent them! March 7: Diabetes Medications and Insulin - A review and discussion of the current diabetes medications and insulins available to help manage Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. March 14: Diabetes Burnout - Learn about dealing with the stresses of everyday diabetes management, for individuals with Type 1 or 2 diabetes as well as friends and family members! Call 432-3251 to reserve your seat! Class is subject to cancellation if fewer than five people register. 4393

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TALEs FROM ThE cAMERA bAG MINDFULNESS While meditating the axiom “One day at a time” a single word sprang forward with such clarity - “Mindfulness”. Mindfulness plays a big role in thoughtful, considerate, photography. Let’s start with the simple things like gear selection. I am very fortunate to have three great cameras. At the start of my day of making images I will be mindful of the camera I chose; will it be full frame, does it need to be lightweight and quick or rugged with fast focus for the outdoors. Which lens should I bring to get the images I want. These are the practical aspects of mindfulness. I have a dear friend that says ( jokingly) that I spend my life looking through a small hole on the back of my camera. What he fails to realize is that while gazing through the viewfinder I am mindful of what I am seeing, I become more aware of what I am seeing. The play of fog on the Hammond river, but being still and waiting I begin to see the red canoe

emerge from the fog or the camouflaged owl in the tree. Considering that photography can be a mediation, also consider how grace brought you to this moment. While travelling along Route 790 I felt compelled to stop by a tiny cove; it took me nine images to get to that one image that was meant to be. Sometimes, I need to put my camera down and “Be in this Place” (a true New Brunswicker, eh) mindful of what pulled me here. There is an extreme satisfaction that comes from this kind of imagery, ecstasy if you will. I have other photographers who call this ‘being in the zone’ - when, the world somehow disappears and now it’s just you and your gear and the images you will create. Mindful photography lets us become aware of shapes, light, shadow play, composition, the way things interact with one another. Being mindful will mean putting away your preconceived ideas, your anxieties and possibly technique. While on Grand Manan I was not

aware of an image that I was drawn to. My dear friends strived for perfect exposure to get the perfect image of the dories at sunset. My image, was one of a severe underexposure, where the setting sun only highlighted the gunnels of the beached dories. Yep, technique right out the window. Can I encourage you to be childlike in your naivety, wander aimlessly without expectations. Don’t look for your next image, be mindful, aware. Let it quietly tap you on your shoulder as you begin to see things you have overlooked before. Shoot-Print Share. Edited for space, see full article at: 0032

Karl Maskos Local Photography Enthusiast Photo by: Sheila Chapman

Jacob: Definitely not co-operative at the

photo shoot. Just kept acting silly. He’s a stocky, domestic short-haired male with lovely green eyes. His coat is a pale grey with white bib, belly and large mittens. Jacob has a very affectionate personality, definitely a lap cat who gets along with all his bunk mates. He’s 4 years old, has been neutered, vaccinated and ‘de-bugged’, in other words, a very happy camper. Paws & Whiskers Sanctuary Inc. Email: PO Box 4816 Sussex, NB E4E 5L1 Paws and Whiskers Sanctuary Inc. is a registered non-profit charitable organization operated solely by volunteers.

Jacob If interested in adopting Jacob, please contact the Sanctuary via e-mail or better still, fill out an Adoption Application Form from our web site.

Adoption fee for cats in our care is $125 which includes:

• Two veterinary examinations • Treatment for worms, ear-mites & fleas • Nail clip • Vaccinations with booster • Neuter/Spay • 30-day health guarantee Ad sponsored by Ossekeag Publishing

February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


FLOWERS IN BLOOM AND OPEN HOUSES Is anyone else as tired of winter as I am? Don’t get me wrong! There’s something peaceful about watching a gentle snow fall and I love the way my yard looks when covered with a pristine blanket of white. However, I’m not a fan of cold temperatures or icy roads at the best of times and after having an entire season’s worth of snow arrive in a twenty-four hour period, coupled with the joy of digging out of literally several feet of snow, I am more than ready for spring temperatures and green grass. Which got me to thinking about my favourite spring pass-time, gardening. What better way to overcome the winter blues than dreaming of the smell of fresh turned earth and the colours of those first spring flowers? Every year about this time I start pouring over my Vesey’s catalogues, circling all the new blooms, bulbs and seed I want to try. I start looking at different ideas on Pinterest and wishing I could wander around one of the local nurseries. My husband, Kevin, starts reminding me of the size of my current gardens and

the fact that, no, I don’t really need six new plants, because where will I put them? One thing led to another, and the Ossekeag team has decided to welcome spring with a complete overhaul of our office’s garden and yard. It seems fitting: new management, new look. Also, I get to look at all sorts of new and interesting products, and not worry about fitting said items into my garden at home. In that regard, Kevin and I would love to hear from our friends and neighbours- what would you like to see take place on the grounds of 242 Main Street? Red and white annuals to help celebrate our great Nation’s 150th? Maybe a riot of colour and different blooms in a variety of containers? Or something calming, such as shrubbery and evergreens? Personally, I love the wild abandon of the bushes and lilies that are currently trying to overrun the driveway, but it may be time to regain control - in as much as anyone can control the freedom associated with nature. The choices are endless, and we welcome your comments. You

can contact me at amanda@ossekeag. ca, Kevin at, or the Ossekeag staff at Kevin and I will be hosting an open house on Saturday, June 3, from 1:004:00pm, as an opportunity to meet everyone and hear your thoughts about the garden and other upcoming ideas. We welcome you to stop into the office to share some treats, look over our garden plans, and see where the magic happens. We will also be holding our first colouring contest, so bring the whole family. All pictures submitted by children under the age of 12 will be featured on our website and Facebook page as part of our upcoming “Kids’ Corner”. Looking forward to your input as we move forward with the next stage of our adventure! 4436

Help support the programs of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Havelock, Petitcodiac and Salisbury


The Sussex Herald


Paul McLaughlin presented with winnings Paul McLaughlin cut the Ace of Spades and won $3,187.50 on February 10 at the Norton Legion. The cheque was presented, by Legion members and members of the Belleisle Pool Committee, following the ticket draw.

We raised $2,621 that will go toward the Belleisle Pool. A new Chase the Ace began on Friday, February 17. Tickets go on sale at 5:00 and the draw takes place at 7:00pm.

MEMORY CAFÉ IN SUSSEX Sussex Memory Cafe will be held on Sunday, February 27 from 2:00-4:00pm at the Salvation Army Community Church Hall, 79 Main Street. Sponsored by the New Brunswick Alzheimer Society and hosted by a local volunteer committee, the Cafe provides an free afternoon of entertainment, music, education, refreshments and socialization for people with dementia and their family members or caregivers, and anyone interested in learning more about dementia. Previous Cafes have been a great success, enjoyed by all who attended. Upcoming monthly cafes will be held on March 27 and April 30. For more information: memorycafe@alzheimer. 1-800-664-8411 or Linda Goggin at: lgoggin@xplornet. ca, 756-3956. 3771


Saint John Kings Adult Learning Inc. Our goal is simple: To help learners reach theirs

February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


Goshen Snowmobile Club Inc. presents:

Annual Russell Sprott Memorial Snowmobile Poker & Steak Run Goshen Snowmobile club Don Carll Memorial Hall Highway 114 Fundy Park Road Trail number 31-852

Register that day at the Don Carll Memorial Hall or by calling: Les Sherwood 433-3131 Goshen Snowmobile Club 433-1888 Danny McCully 756-8556

Saturday, February 25 Starting at 10:00am

$10/Poker Hand $10/Steak Dinner Free Hot Dogs & Pop for Kids

All proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society, NB to support important cancer research, advocate for healthy public policy and offer support programs and services for those living with cancer and their loved ones. The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. If you or someone you know have questions about cancer, please all Cancer Information & Support at 1-888-939-3333 (toll free) or visit:


The Sussex Herald

sELF EsTEEM GRIEF AND SELF ESTEEM From the moment we learn of a loved one’s death, our life changes forever. Our self esteem can easily be impacted by the grieving process. We become more fragile, sensitive and vulnerable when struggling with our loss. As many who have experienced loss know, grief and bereavement can be complicated and no two people grieve the same. However, a common experience that some share is a loss of self esteem. Low self esteem can manifest itself in many ways. Often, we feel we have no control and this can leave us feeling powerless. We lose our identity - we are no longer a mother, daughter, husband, brother, friend, etc. We may also feel that we are no longer needed. Uncertainty for the future may make us feel vulnerable and like a victim. We may set unrealistic goals as to how long it should take us to ‘get over’ the death of our loved one. We most likely feel insecure because our life changes so drastically after a loss. It may cause us to

distance ourselves emotionally. Having low self esteem prior to a loss only complicates grief issues even further. You’ve lost a loved one - don’t lose yourself too! So often, others expect you to ‘get back to normal’ within weeks. This is unrealistic due to the fact that your life has changed and it will never be the same as it was before. The grieving process is healthy and adaptive. There is no time limit! Be gentle with yourself. Deal with your pain. You don’t have to forget the person who has given you so much to remember. Cherish the time you had with them. Speak of your fond memories. Notice the small acts of love and kindness that people bestow upon you and know that you deserve it. Do something good for someone else in need. This is not only good for your self esteem but it is also good for the person you have helped. Find a nurturing support group where you are accepted for who you are. Accept yourself.

Accept that you are hurting. Your pain is natural and is nothing to be ashamed of. You may feel incomplete or ‘less than’ without your loved one. The truth is you are complete, whole and so much more because of them. They helped mold you into the person that you are today. Be thankful. Self esteem is the resource you must boost, to heal yourself and move on. Go ahead and know deep in your heart that your loved one is proud of you. Edited for space, see full article at: 0027

Martha Chown Mental Health Facilitator/ Coordinator

CroSSword anSwerS


Non-Profit, service & community Groups (churches, seniors, schools, etc)




we are currently updating our list of editorial for on-going events, that is those that run on a weekly or monthly basis - meetings, card parties, music, bingo, bowling, breakfasts etc. on-going events information is kept on file and placed as often as space allows. we have not heard from many groups in the past year and are looking to update our contact and event info. in order to ensure all information is current and accurate, by the first of March, any information we have on file which has not been updated this year will be removed. Please let us know if your group would like to update event info. to update your group’s information please call us at 832-5613 and ask for “Editorial”; or email: February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


cOMMuNITY cLAssIFIEDs FOR RENT KODIAC PLACE AFFORDABLE housing apartments. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available. Includes cable TV. The building is secure & we have a common room. Close to all amenities. Call Bev at 860-0338. ROXANNE’S SPECIAL CARE Home. With one large private room available immediately. For more info call the office 432-6070. HAMPTON, $625 UNHEATED, 2 bedroom, 1 level walk in apartment. Quiet neighbourhood. Fridge, stove, washer & dryer hookup. Call 832-7322.

NOTICES STEEVES SETTLEMENT BAPTIST CHURCH, 250 Steeves Settlement Rd., will be having a Sunday afternoon

service on March 5, at 3:00pm. All welcome! For more information call 534-2714.

SERVICES OFFERED INTERIOR PAINTING – Time to freshen up for Spring? Experienced at walls, ceilings and trim. Reasonable Rates with Free Estimate. References Available. Contact Doug Hall at 4330103 Cell or email dougearlh@gmail. com. CALL JD’S YARDMAN for all your yard service needs. Now accepting new customers in Sussex/Sussex Corner area for driveway snow services offering seasonal rates. We provide Handyman services for anything else in and around your property. If it is in your yard we do it. Call 434-5843. HENDERSON OVERHEAD DOORS

- Sales and services of overhead doors, operators and weather stripping of all models. Phone 485-2151 or 609-8699. MARITIME RIGGING SUPPLIES - Traction chains - wire rope cable - chain - towing & lifting - tie down products...Action Car & Truck Accessories...Tonneau Covers Aluminum Utility truck boxes etc. Please call 832-1198 Day or Evening. MOBILE HAIR STYLIST, perms, cuts, etc. Will come to your home. Call 432-7620. SUSSEX UPHOLSTERY & REFINISHING - Craftsmanship. RV’s, boat covers, recovering & restyling repairs. 832-7870. HD foam, T-Trailers, caning, seagrass, canvas. Village Upholstery & Refinishing – Craftsmanship.


Garage Doors

HEATING SPECIALIST Cooke’s Heating Service Ltd. 433-2121 We service and install:

• Oil, Wood, Electric Furnaces • Chimneys & Stainless Steel Liners • Oil Tanks • Oil, Electric & Wood Boilers

We are W.E.T.T. Certified

Your fully licensed & insured heating technicians

PLUMBING & HEATING GODDARD’S PLUMBING & HEATING Sales/Repairs/Heat/Well Pumps UV Lights & Water Conditioners Certified in-floor Radiant Heating Back Flow Prevention Tester Phone 432-5199 Fax 432-6475 Dion 434-2622 Dave 434-3172 Bob 433-0583

Next Issue: March 7 Deadline: February 28 call 832-5613 to book your space.

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AT YOuR sERVIcE Health Wellness Services:

Dr. Wesley Michaud BSc. D.C.

Direct Billing Available

With Two Locations to Serve You

Saint John - Lancaster Mall 693-4056 Mon - Fri: 9am-4pm Hampton - 582 Main Street 832-2367 Wed & Fri : 9am-4pm

Linda Dempster Owner & Evan Phinney B.A., M.Sc. Aud. (C) Registered Providers of WorkSafe NB, Veteran's Affairs Canada, Health & Community Services, Blue Cross Advantage and all other Insurances. Need Assistance with Your Claims & Paperwork? We Can Help You with That!

Chiropractic Care Clinical Acupuncture Custom Orthotics (506) 567-2852 / 1 Winter Street, Sussex


• Free Hearing Test with Licensed Audiologist • Free Clean & Service on Any Make / Model • Free Batteries for 1 Year with Purchase • Ask About Our Referral Program

Lil Red Grooming Barn Pet Grooming & Pet Supplies

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(506) 432-6222


We now have tack.

42 Peter St. Sussex, NB

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506.381.7832 For all of your mortgage needs. Serving Sussex and Moncton Areas.

To be included in this page call our office at 832-5613

tel: 832-5613 242 Main Street Hampton, nB e5n 6B8

A cure for Diabetes could be hiding in your closet, thank you for your support! The Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline program collects items you no longer want in order to generate revenue to help those suffering from Diabetes. People wishing to donate can call the Clothesline at 1-800-505-5525 for a free home pick-up of your reusable clothing and household items. The Donation Centre is located at 362 Rothesay Avenue. Individuals can also drop off soft items only at one of our drop box locations listed below. Sussex Post Office - 60 Maple Ave Sussex Tourist Info Center - 66 Broad Street Sussex Sussex Legion - 66 Magnolia Ave Sussex Belleisle Gardens - 931 Main Street Sussex

February 21st - March 6th, 2017 


Deere Quality.

Loader sold separately.

Unexpected Affordability.

Visit Green Diamond Equipment at 70 Aiton Road, Sussex for details or call us at 432-6470

See us at the Atlantic Home Show from March 17-19 Harbour Station in Saint John! John Deere the leaping Deere symbol and the green and yellow color scheme are property of Deere and company.

Sussex Herald February 21, 2017  
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