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JULY 17TH, 2018

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Embrace The Darkness; See The Light on Page 3 in Self Esteem

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P.06 Tending To My Patch Published Bi-Weekly Next Issue: July 31st Deadline: July 23rd

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The Sussex Herald

This has been a wonderful journey for me, but at last it reaches its end. But before I deliver my final thoughts, there’s one more interview: PC member Bill Oliver (Kings Centre). Mr. Oliver says that a historical figure that inspires him is Winston Churchill. Mr. Oliver described him as a direct man who took charge and made good decisions. Making good decisions was a central theme of our interview, as he pointed out that government needs to focus on what’s best for the province, not just a party. He feels as though it’s time for the different parties, who he believes all have good members, to start working together to bring real change. He notes that we’re at an important moment in history, one where we’re going to have to make some unpopular decisions because that’s what’s best for the province. He feels as though one of the reasons some people don’t trust government is because of the lack of communication governments have with their people. He feels as though government needs to be very open and clear on its position. After that, people will start to understand why the government does what it does. He said that being a politician has actually made him more compassionate and has taught him how to multitask. Mr. Oliver noted that we need a better education system, one that encourages innovation. “Politicians don’t always make the best choices,” he says, which is why he wants input from the people legislation will actually affect, like teachers contributing to education reform. And based on precedent, you can probably guess that he said that he would be a blue crayon. To him, the question had nothing to do with associating a colour with a party, which he says is bad, (and wasn’t the intent behind my question), but simply because blue is a colour that calms him and that he enjoys. Now, I wanted to take this time to summarize some of the more important things the politicians said. One common theme was that the government needs to start working together more. As of late, politics

has become about division, about Viewpoint vs. Viewpoint. But as anyone who has ever been in an argument is aware, not much actually gets done when all you do is fight. Secondly, many feel that the lack of communication is causing a huge divide between the voters and the politicians. That’s one of the reasons we decided to start this column. The voters need to take some initiative, but politicians have a much larger role to play. Third, whipped votes. Some parties feel as though they mean politicians can’t serve their constituents, while others feel as though parties have to be united to get anything done. Finally: be aware and get involved. It’s easy to become cynical about politics, but not trying to change anything, nothing changes. And make sure you learn how to spot the stories that are real and the ones that aren’t. There are some people who spread false information to sway you into voting for one thing or another, so try reading about the same stories from different sources to make sure they’re valid. Just remember: your vote does matter. Sure, it’s just one vote, but if everyone who thought “my vote doesn’t matter” voted anyway, I think the province would be a much better place. Democracy is a group effort, we all have to play our part. That’s what makes it so difficult, but also so great. So, this September, go vote for who you think would run our province 0011 the best. I know I will be.

Edwin Earle Co-Op Student Ossekeag Publishing

SELF ESTEEM EMBRACE THE DARKNESS; SEE THE LIGHT Don't give into the pressure of becoming too positive. I know that must sound strange coming from me. And while I truly believe in the power of positivity, negative emotions must be addressed. We tend to pretend a lot. We pretend not to notice, or even hide what we truly feel. We want to bury resentment and anger. In today's society, the pressure to suppress or camouflage negative feelings is real. However, when we accept those negative emotions we can regain and maintain peace of mind. Acceptance of one's darkest emotions brings about emotional resilience, and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. Acceptance involves not trying to change how we feel, but staying in touch with the feelings and taking them as they are. Doing so leads to positive mental health and higher levels of satisfaction in life. How could that be? By accepting dark emotions like anxiety and rage, they will no longer have control over you. You are

in control. You always have been. We have all, at one point or another, said or did something in a moment of anger that we soon regretted. Accepting all emotions whether you view them as negative or positive makes you happier in the long run. We tend to fight with ourselves when we feel frustration, anger, resentment and the like. We feel bad for feeling that way. It is natural to feel that way from time to time. Do not fight it. Accept it. Know that feelings are fleeting. Personally, I follow the five year rule… is it something that will still bother me in five years? If so, I'll discuss it, work it out, and try my best to resolve it. If not, I let it go (no matter how long it takes). Fortunately, acceptance works for everyone. It is effective whether you are dealing with feelings related to intense life events or minor inconveniences. Habitually accepting all emotions not only reduces feelings of ill-being but also is more likely to lead to elevated levels of well-being. Emotions occur in the brain. They

Countryside Music 50 Perry Street Jubillee Hall with MC Bryant Simpson

Music by

Countryside Backup Group

Every Wednesday Night Doors Open 6:00pm 7:00-10:00pm Come and Join In Play, Dance or Sing Great Night of Fun! 50/50 Draw/Canteen Provided Contact Bryant Simpson 432-1439 or Sussex Senior’s Centre 433-8480

create reactions in your body that change your physical state (sweating, increased heart rate, panic, etc.) Feelings are mental experiences that arise from the body's physical state. Feelings are sparked by emotion, yet colored by thoughts, memories and past experiences. Your feelings are shaped by your own temperament, experiences and varies greatly from person to person and from situation to situation. You are unique and so is your perception of the world and how you feel about it. Do not fight the darkness. Instead, embrace it and only then will you truly see the light. You 0027 are the light! Martha Chown Community Education Coordinator CMHA-NB


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The Sussex Herald

Library News SUSSEX REGIONAL LIBRARY 46 Magnolia Avenue, 432-4585. Library Hours: Sunday & Monday closed, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:00am‐5:00pm, Wednesday 12:00 noon‐8:00pm. Wednesdays - Knit in from 4:00-5:30pm. Are you a knitter? Join the Fundy Fibre Artisans for a Knit In at the library. Beginners to experienced welcome. Fridays- Babies in the Library at 10:30am. Summer Reading Club - I will be what I read. Registration continues. Tuesdays - Story and craft 10:30-11:30am; Wacky Wednesdays, 6:00pm; Thursdays Storytime, 10:30am & crafternoons, 2:003:00pm; Fridays - great outdoors, 10:30am & Friday Fundays, 2:30pm; Saturdays STEAMurday, 2:30pm. Tuesday, July 17, 24 - Read & Play Soccer Baseball at McKnight Field at 2:30pm. Free program. Wednesday, July 18 - Retro Tech Zoo, 6:00-7:30pm. Check out the technology of yesteryear and see how far we have come. Play with old phones, TV’s, cassette players, computers and more. All ages. Saturday, July 21 - Book Club, 10:00am. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. Friday, July 27 - Sussex Fire Station Visit at 2:30pm. Meet us there.

Thursday July 19, 26 - Storytent at O’Connell Park, Sussex from 10:0011:30am. Come read, listen or color. Light snack provided. Free event. Thursday, August 2, 9, 16 - Storytent at Hampton Town Square Playground from 10:00-11:30am. Come read, listen or color. Light snack provided. Free event. For more information 432-4585, publiclibraries or Facebook at BibSussexPl.

Kristi Neilsen (Stuart), BComm, CIRP,

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

CAMBRIDGE-NARROWS 2216 Lakeview Road, 488-3971 (leave voicemail),, Hours: Tuesdays, 10:00am-4:00pm; Fridays, 10:00am-1:00pm; Saturdays, 1:00-4;00pm. The library will be open from 9:00am6:00pm every day thanks to our summer students; Camila Beam, Brooklynne King, Dawson Desylva and Joshua Burke. The Library provides a number of services along with a wide assortment of fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children. It provides fax, photocopying and a WIFI hotspot to name just a few additional services. We are more than a Library; we are also a Visitor Information Centre with a wide assortment of maps and what to do and see in NB. Check our website for other events happening in the area. Contact Brenda at 488-3418. 0017

SIGNATURE SUMMER EXHIBITION Queens County Heritage announces that our 2018 Signature Summer Exhibition is Impressions Expressions, a Bicentennial Celebration of the art of Anthony Flower. Opened on July 8th at the Court House

Museum, 16 Court House Road, in the Village of Gagetown. This event runs until Sunday, September 16. For information call (506) 488 - 2483 or email: info@queenscountyheritage. com or visit us on Facebook. 5023

Vacation Bible School Sussex Baptist Church

Your Personal Family Pharmacy

July 30th - August 3rd 9:00am - Noon (NO COST) Kindergarten - Grade 5

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Prescriptions Home Health Care Products & Equipment Injection Services Prescribing For Minor Ailments Giftware & Simply Noelle Clothing

Monday to Friday 9-9 Saturdays 9-5 Sundays 12-4 Holidays - Closed


Fax: 433-1042

3 Broad St., Sussex, NB E4E 2J7

(Corner of Main & Broad)

Prescription Delivery With A Smile

July 17th - July 30th, 2018 


TENDING TO MY PATCH KIDS AND GARDENING Gardening can be an introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors. There are few things children enjoy more than digging in the dirt and making mud pies. They are fascinated by looking for worms and bugs and love to water the garden and anything else in the near vicinity. A child’s garden should be about the excitement of discovery in a world that is always changing. Gardening is a wonderful training ground, teaching children botany, agriculture and the life cycle of plants and insects while helping them to develop a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. There is a wealth of educational experience locked in a little piece of dirt and a few plants. Many children have learned about seasons, plant physics, and insects. They practice math and reading, measuring and calculating. Many small gardeners have potential to develop good work ethics. Most importantly they have fun. The hours of entertainment that

comes from digging, gathering worms and collecting bugs are immeasurable. Gardening reinforces ecological lessons, from effects of weather on plants to the relationships between plants and insects. There are many ways we can encourage children to garden by planting fun flowers and plants especially just for them. Emphasize the rewards of gardening. Parents, grandparents and mentors can promote positive thinking, and by doing so can help raise the confidence and self esteem of their small gardening friends. Kids need to have a space to call their own, but keep the size manageable so the child does not become overwhelmed. Section them off their own little garden plot. Let them choose what and where they want to plant. After the site has been chosen, it is a good time to talk about what is required for a successful garden. Teach the young gardener that growing a healthy garden begins with good soil. Explain that plants, just like people, need to eat and drink. Make sure that the chosen spot gets

enough sun and has a readily available source of water. The garden should be located where is easily accessible to the child and can be admired by others. Allow them to play gardener. Your child’s garden can include flowers and vegetables. The rich rewards of gardening can last a lifetime. Become a garden facilitator for a child and do what you can to create a positive experience. Then stand back and let nature work its magic. Get the kids in your life hooked on the joys of gardening. 0034

Sally Colpitts Garden Center Manager, Co-op Sussex


Here he is once again, contemplating having a nap. Cooper is a 3 year old male. He has beautiful tabby markings with a white bib and spats and lovely green eyes. He has a great personality, friendly, loving and a great purrer. He also likes dogs - Bonus! Cooper has been neutered, de-bugged and vaccinations are up to date. Paws & Whiskers Sanctuary Inc. Email: PO Box 4816 Sussex, NB E4E 5L1 Paws and Whiskers Sanctuary Inc. is a registered non-profit charitable organization operated solely by volunteers.


The Sussex Herald

Cooper If you are interested in adopting Cooper, please contact the Sanctuary via e-mail or better still, fill out an Adoption Application Form from our Website.

Adoption fee for cats in our care is $125 which includes:

• Two veterinary examinations • Treatment for worms, ear-mites & fleas • Nail clip • Vaccinations with booster • Neuter/Spay • 30-day health guarantee Ad sponsored by Ossekeag Publishing

She isn’t OLD, she is only FIFTY!


Linda Dixon & Family would like to express our sincere gratitude for attending the 70th Birthday Party and making it such a successful and memorable event.

In Loving Memory of

Bernard Virtue

Gone is the face we love so dear. Silent is the voice we like to hear. Too far away for sight or speech, But not too far for thoughts to reach. The sweetness will linger forever As I treasure memories of you.

Love, Wife Ida & Family

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thda r i B 80 th

Warren Tabor Friends and family are invited to celebrate Michelle King Whalen’s 50th Birthday July 28th at St. John’s United Church Centre, Sussex Corner Drop in between 1:00pm-4:00pm

The Family of

Come & Celebrate July 21st from 1:00-5:00pm at the Sussex Seniors Centre There will be cake, sandwiches and music

All Welcome In Loving Memory of

Lois Cummings would like to express their deepest gratitude to all the friends, family and co-workers that visited, sent condolences, food, flowers and donations in her name since her passing June 26th, 2018. We appreciate it all so much. We also want to thank everyone who supported the music and silent auction benefit held on May 6th. Special thanks to Backstage Music, Sacred Heart Parish, all those who donated to the silent auction, Colleen Fair, Shelly O’Donnell, Gerald Pearson and all of the amazing performers. You all lifted Lois’s spirits and made her last wishes possible. We feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Shannon McFarlane who left us on

July 14, 2015 Our hearts were broken When angels took you that day But we have the memories Of all the good times we had They make us smile On those days We cry and are sad. We thank you for the time We had and we know the Next time we see you we’ll Be together forever. Love always & forever, Mom, Dad, Denise, Jodi, Sara & Angela and Families July 17th - July 30th, 2018 


Spirit of Our

Community 2002


Sussex Preferred Auto Services

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Mon-Thurs: 9-5 Fri: 9-6 Sat: 9-12 614 Main St.Sussex  433-8118


2008 Your one stop shop for all your computer service needs!

433-3672 432-0318

Ryan Evans

Kevin Crealock

The Sussex Herald


54 Aiton Rd., Sussex

Megan Hicks

* Please call us about our water delivery service! Available in the Sussex/Sussex Corner area.


Sussex 185 19

Sandy Nodwell

Data Backup & Transfer Wireless Networks Virus & Spyware Removal Reload Operating Systems Hardware Upgrades Printing & Faxing Services 12 Lowell Street Sussex, NB 433-5522

x Established In 59 - Village 904 - Town

2008 Sussex

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  

Summer Hours Monday - 9:30-4:00 Tuesday - Friday 9:30-5:30 Saturday - 10:00-2:00

60 Maple Ave, unit 1 Sussex NB 433-6173



34 Years Professional Service


• Professional windshield repair & replacement for all automotive and industrial

Barber Shop

• Safety glass for heavy machinery

1 Queen Street Sussex

• Plexiglass and lexan cut or to order

Tues-Friday: 8:30 - 5:00 Saturday: 8:30 - 12:00

• Mirrors, box liners & accessories

Peggy would like to welcome Allish Shaw! Mon - Thurs: 8:30 - 5:00 Every other Saturday: 8:30 - 12:00


New Smiles Welcome!

Antique Auto R


1143 Main St.,


ts S n Par


Corne x e s s Su

r - Various


r 506-433-8017

Family Dentistry Dr. Troy Barrett Dr. Elaine Evans Dr. William Rector Dr. R. Warren Tompkins Dr. William Merrithew

22 Eveleigh Street, Sussex NB July 17th - July 30th, 2018 


WHAT’S HAPPENING Friday, July 20 Hampton Take Out Supper 4:00-6:00pm at Masonic Hall, 6 Church Street. Ham, cold plate and all the fixings. $10/adults, $6/children 12 & under, free/under 3. Must preorder 832-6683, 832-4210 or 8327965. Saturday, July 21 Strawberry Festival at Havelock Memorial Hall from 4:00-6:00pm. Salad plate, fresh rolls, and strawberry shortcake $12/person. Sponsored by the Women’s Institute. ACW Roof Fundraiser at the Church of the Ascension, Apohaqui 6:30pm. Walking with Spirits, music, speakers, and dessert. $10/person call MaryLou, 4335796; Bev, 433-4734 or Barb, 433-2546. Class of 1993 - 25th Reunion Sussex Regional High School 7:00pm, Sussex Golf and Curling Club. Dance and appetizers. Tickets at the door, $20/person. RSVP &

information Car Show & Shine Central NB Woodmen’s Museum 11:00am. Free registration, all vehicles welcome. Public admission by donation. Live Music, BBQ & prizes. Info; Claude, 369-7214 or fundraising. 2nd Annual Pig Roast at Midland Baptist Church, 4 Upper Midland Road from 4:00-6:00pm. Free will offering. Featuring the roasting skills of Tim King. Come out for a community gathering. Yard Sale Sussex Rent-all Parking Lot, 994 Main Street, Sussex from 8:00am4:00pm. Proceeds go to Saving the Schoales Dam Ranger Camp. Info; Doris Fraser, 433-4331.

871-9485; Gordon Bannister, 756-2305. Church Service for the Cemetery at St. John’s Anglican Church in Highfield, Queens County at 2:30pm. Annual Londonderry Church Service, Old Shepody Road at 2:30pm. Outside service, weather permitting or inside if rain.. Bring a lawn chair, all welcome. Info: Verne, 433-1448.

Sunday, July 22 Codiac Classics Show N Shine Main Street Petitcodiac, 9:00am-3:00pm. $5/ registration or donation. Prizes, dash plates first 100, Legion Breakfast, Kiwanis BBQ, DJ, 50/50. Info: Robert Dunham,

July 30 - August 3 Vacation Bible School Sussex Baptist Church, 28 Church Avenue. 9:00am12:00pm for kids in kindergarten to grade five. No cost, just fun.

Thursday July 26 Community Cooking Class at Hampton Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Villa Drive 7:009:00pm. Foods to pack for a picnic. Please bring your friends and join us for a cooking good time.

PRAISE & WORSHIP Sunday 10:30am Worship & Kingdom Kidz (ages 2-11) Youth Classes (ages 12-18) 6:30pm Evening Service

All Welcome

Wednesday 7:30pm Adult Bible Study U-Turn (ages 12+)

Pastor Youth Pastor Rev Dwight Cole Rev Charles Kennedy 485-2635 2129 Rte 124, Hatfield Point • Church ~ 485-2257 “...I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10


Sunday, July 22nd: Al Brown Sunday, July 29th: Rev. Doug Cosman All of August: Rev. Jenn Brown 4 Morrison Ave, Sussex, NB


The Sussex Herald


To get on the Church Chart, Call 944-5613 or Email

WHAT’S HAPPENING Wednesday, August 1 Seniors Day Royal Canadian Legion #41, Petitcodiac. Doors open at 1:30pm, music by Judy and the Boys, Roast Loin of Pork at 4:30pm. $15/person also 50/50, door prizes. Saturday, August 11 Mallory/Mallery Family Reunion Apohaqui Community Center, 16 Jones Memorial Park Road. Registration beginning 1:00pm, Potluck starts at 4:00pm. Please Join Us On Facebook. SRHS Grads of 88, 30 Year Reunion. Poley Mountain Resort. All Grads, family and friends welcome. Also 1987 & 1989 Grads welcome. Must register by July 31 at KVHS Class of 78, 40th Reunion 65 Meehans Cove Road, Quispamsis 7:00pm. Bring your instruments, and voices. Grads, friends and guests welcome. Info: Debbie, Terry and Timmy; Facebook (KVHS Class of 78); August 11 & 12 Annual Yard Sale by Codys Women’s Institute at Codys WI Hall, 1 Codys Lane, just off Route 710 by Codys Post Office. Saturday, 8:30am-2:30pm and Sunday, 12:30-3:00pm. Proceed to Codys WI.


BUNDLE $ Get all

- Full Print Hang Bead Liner


-Step System - 1 Year Warranty On Installation

1:00pm at Sussex Candlepin Bowling. Every Wednesday. All Welcome. $10/ person. Info: 433-1854. G171


See in store for details

- 1.5 hp 2 Speed Pump With Timer

Get an 18’ Above

Ground Pool

- Hayward Auto Bug or Whale Vaccuum - Hayward Aqua Trol Salt System


Plug ‘n’ Play SPA


Saturday, September 1 Salmon Supper Kingston Parish Hall, 3946 Route 845, Kingston. 5:00pm, $15/ adults & $10/under 12. Seating is limited, order your tickets in advance at the Parish Office, 763-3283 or parishofkingston@

Seniors Bowling League


- Hayward Cartridge Filter

Sunday, August 26 Church Service at St. John’s Anglican Church in Highfield, Queens County at 2:30pm.

Sunday, September 23 Thanksgiving Service at St. John’s Anglican Church in Highfield, Queens County at 2:30pm.


Starting at



MON TO FRI 9am-6pm SAT 10am-2pm We Deliver in NB, PEI & Cumberland County NS 636 St-George Blvd Moncton, NB

854-3040 July 17th - July 30th, 2018 



NORTON TRIBUTE BANNER PROGRAM The two foot by four foot banners are a wonderful way to honour the Veteran in your family, both past and present. Banner sponsorship is a one time cost of $250 which includes graphic design, printing, brackets and installation. The Banners will hang on utility poles from early October to the middle of November. The banner depicts the Canadian and Union Jack Flags with a band of poppies at the bottom. The name of the Veteran, how they served (Navy, Army, RCAF, MN or RCMP) in the conflict noted (WWI, WWII, Korean, Afghanistan, etc.) and who has sponsored the banner (family or friend). The background colour of the banner is blue. The application form that needs to be filled out can be picked up at the Norton Legion, any evening, Monday to Saturday, between 7:00-10:00pm. Complete instructions are included in the application and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sandra Kierstead at 433-4965. The deadline for receiving the completed application and photo is Tuesday, August 7. 5024

50 Perry Street, Sussex 433-8480; The Centre is open MondayFriday from 9:00am-4:00pm (unless otherwise noted); memberships $20/ person/year. Monday, July 16, 30 - 9:00am Games, Cards, Chat; 1:00pm Auction 45’s. Tuesday, July 17, 24 - 9:00am Games, Cards, Chat; 9:30am Silverados; 10:00am Rughookers and Rummoli; 1:30pm Bingo for members. Wednesday, July 18, 25 - 9:00am Games, Cards & Chat; 1:00pm Crib; 7:00pm Jam Session with MC Bryant Simpson & Countryside Backup Group. Thursday, July 19, 26 - 9:00am Games, Cards, Chat; 9:30am Bridge. Friday, July 20, 27 - Closed Sunday, July 20, 27 - 6:30pm Early Bird Bingo, 7:00pm Regular Bingo. 0024

 

Show N’ Shine


$ Enter To Win BIG & Support Sussex Vale Transition House

Register a ticket and play every week to have a chance to win! Deadline to play is Wednesday at 11:00am in Sussex (8:00am out-of-Sussex) The draw takes place on Thursdays. Locations to register & play: ◆ Needs Fast Fuel ◆ Sobeys ◆ Circle K Irving (Four Corners) ◆ Superstore ◆ Mobil Gas Bar ◆ Circle K Irving (Main St) ◆ Mrs Dunster’s

◆ Sharp’s Drugstore ◆ Valley View (Midland) ◆ Circle K Irving (Norton) ◆ Off the Rail Café ◆ Jones’ General Store (Apohaqui) ◆ Corner Gas (Penobsquis) ◆ Curves ◆ Starlite ◆ Rite Stop

For more info: 433-4653 (GOLD). Follow & Like us on


The Sussex Herald

Sunday, July 22nd

Main Street, Petitcodiac 9:00am-3:00pm

Registration Fee or Donation

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place plaques to be awarded - judged by participants. - Dash Plates for first 100 participants. - Draws for prizes throughout the day. Royal Canadian Legion Breakfast 7:00-11:00am

Kiwanis BBQ • DJ • 50/50 Draws Contact Robert Dunham 871-9485 or Gordon Bannister 756-2305


SUSSEX RCL #20 66 Magnolia Avenue, Sussex; 432-6699 Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm. Bar Hours: Monday - closed; Tuesday 12:00 noon-5:00pm; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 12:00-10:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm (exception of special events). Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. 1st Tuesday each month - Executive meeting at 6:30pm, General Meeting at 7:00pm (September-June). Wednesdays - Weekly 50/50 Legion Lottery draw (open to public, tickets available at Superstore, Toni's Grocery, Needs Convenience, Star Lite Video, and the Sussex Legion); Bingo - Early bird 6:30pm, regular 7:00pm (open to public). Thursdays - 8:00pm, Crib (doubles). Fridays - Chase the Ace, tickets $5 for 3, ticket sales only from 5:00-7:00pm, draw at 7:15pm, must be present to win; 7:30pm, Crib (singles). HAVELOCK RCL #86 4684 Rte. 880, Havelock, 534-8285 2nd Monday of each month - Regular meeting at 8:00pm. Wednesdays 11:00am-2:00pm, Seniors’ bingo, games & light lunch ($5/person). Game Night - 7:30pm different games each week. Join in for some fun. Thursdays - 7:00pm, Bingo. Fridays - Darts for meat, $2/per

round, 8:00pm. Rentals call; Betty Maxwell, 2331372; Heather McLong, 534-2237; Eddie Vaughan, 756-0707. Like us on Facebook at Havelock Legion Members and Friends.

PETITCODIAC RCL #41 18 Kay Street, 756-3383 Mondays - F. P. MacLaren Air Cadets, #639, is at 6:00pm. For information on Cadets, please contact - C O Jason Forester 850-9276; Phillip Candy 433-6450. Mondays - Merry Makers 2 will resume in September. Wednesdays - Dominoes 7:00pm. Thursdays - Washer Toss, 6:308:30pm. In the back Legion parking lot. Info: Sue, 331-0120. Fridays - Chase the Ace. Tickets sold from 6:30-8:00pm. Ticket draw at 8:15pm sharp. 50/50 draw. Come and meet your friends and enjoy live music. Every month we donate 10% to a different charity. June charity is Petitcodiac Boys and Girls Club Teen Centre. In May the Petitcodiac Library received $283. Fridays - Darts for Meat, 7:30pm. Blind doubles, $2/person. Wednesday Dinners - Will resume again in September. Thursday, July 19 - An evening to honour the outstanding Community service of Bill Miller presented by the Petitcodiac Boys and Girls club from 6:00-9:00pm. Roast Beef Dinner $20/ person, tickets can be purchased at

the Petitcodiac Boys and Girls Club office, 45 Corey Avenue or phone 756-2841. If anyone wishes to share a heartfelt story of Bill's 40 years of generosity or if you have photos to share, please email to beardsworth. Sunday, July 22 - Legion breakfast from 7:00-11:00am. $8/adults, $4/ children 6-12, 5 and under free. Breakfast includes pancakes, sausage, eggs, tea, coffee and juice. Monday, July 23 - Coleman’s Therapeutic Foot care, Jessica Coleman, LPN advanced foot care technician. Call for an appointment, 381-5422. Thursday, July 26 - DD’s Foot Care Clinic at the Legion. For appointment call 389-1046 or 733-8199 (cell). If a Legion member know of another member who is ill or in the hospital, please call Jackie Miller, 756-8558. If no answer, please leave a message. Please check out our new Facebook page, Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 41, Petitcodiac and "like" it. The Petitcodiac War Museum can be visited by arrangements. Check our facebook page, Petitcodiac War Museum. 756-7461 or call Cathy at 756-2068. Chairlift facility available. Hall Rental: If you wish to rent the hall for a wedding reception, birthday celebration or any other function, please call the Legion for more information. 0013

SUSSEX DOWNTOWN CRUISE NIGHT 2018 Sponsored by the NB Antique Auto Club, in partnership with the Sussex Downtown Business Association, Sussex Downtown Cruise Night will be held every second Thursday (weather permitting) until September 16. All events start at 6:00pm with the exception of final event. 50/50 draw each night with proceeds going to local community groups.

Cruise Night schedule; Thursday, July 26 - Automotive Heritage Night Sponsored by Clark Chevrolet, Behind Tim Hortons; Thursday, August 9 - Cruise Night Sponsored by Carleton-Fundy Mutual Insurance Company, Behind Tim Hortons; Thursday, August 23 - Celebrate Sussex, Scotiabank (rain date Friday, August 24); Thursday, September 6

- Cruise Night, Behind Tim Hortons; Sunday, September 16 - Final Cruise Night Event, 1:00-4:00pm Sunday Afternoon, Behind Tim Hortons (rain date Sunday, September 23). Cruise Night is open to owners of antique, classic, street rods and special interest vehicles of all ages and manufacturers. Come 4502 out and join us in 2018.

Ferry Road Book Place Open on Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm and Sundays 1:00-5:00pm until

September. Books for all, at modest prices. Proceeds to repair the Lower

Jemseg Women's Institute Hall. Info, 488-6082. G170 July 17th - July 30th, 2018  13

SENIORS’ FRIENDSHIP GAMES UPDATE We have successfully completed our 27th Annual Seniors’ Games, which were held June 11-14, with over 100 participants. We would like to thank the following for their support - without this support it would not be possible to continue the games: NB Dept of Health, Heritage and Culture (Sport & Recreation Branch); Sussex RCL #20; Royal Canadian Legion New Brunswick Command; Sussex & Area Seniors’ Centre; Town of Sussex; Kings County Record; Ossekeag Publishing; Shur Gain Sussex; CJCW 590 Sussex; Sussex candlepin; Potash Corp Civic Centre. Seniors’ Games 2018 winners: Floor Shuffleboard - Marlene Leaver & Terry LaVoie; Table Shuffleboard - Marsha

Speight & Don Harrison; Bocce Ball - Olive Jewer & Max Estey; Darts Betty Holmes, Lynn Goodwin & Cathy Proctor and Steve Thomas, Brent Graham & Max Estey; Auction 45s -Edna Goddard & Max Estey; Washer Games - Leona Gionet & Steve Thomas; Cribbage - Leona gionet & Norm Soucy; Poker Walk - Mary Doherty & Hazen Cummings; Bowling - Pauline Thomas & Alfie Homes, With special medal to Roger Gionet for his great participation; Croquet - Eileen Brwon, Bruce Jewer & Don Harrison; Ladder Ball - Mary Doherty & Don Harrison; Bridge Sharon Loder, Janice and Dave Hanson. Thank you to all who participated in these events. 5016

ACT OF KINDNESS The Act of Kindness for Kim Leavitt of Portage Vale was a huge success. Kim's home burned in February and tickets were sold by the Danny & Jessica Angel Foundation to raise funds to help purchase a mobile home for her. Easy

Kleen donated a pressure washer for the event and the winner of the Easy Kleen pressure washer was Brenda Sharp. Thank you to all who supported this worthwhile cause. $10,000 was raised. 5020


Stu Lutes, Dan Pollock and Morgan Dupuis

Petitcodiac Kiwanis members Stu Lutes and Dan Pollock present Air Cadet Morgan Dupuis her backpack she will be taking to summer camp in Greenwood NS. Dupuis is a member of 639 F.P. MacLaren in Petitcodiac and was one of nineteen who were selected to attend camps in NB and NS ranging in duration of 2-6 weeks. A donation of $500 from the Kiwanis Club was used to purchase the packs. 5014

Community Classif ieds


TWO 3 BEDROOM COTTAGES fully furnished, on the water, Westpoint PEI, $550/week. Booking now. 832-3333. SELF STORAGE UNITS In Norton area, secure, dry, and clean. Various sizes. Call Doug Hall at 839-2241, 4330103 or email sandydhall51@gmail. com. SELF STORAGE UNITS Located at Dairytown Market, 607 Main Street, Sussex. Various sizes. Call Arnold Hopper at 433-6528 or email

mount, mounted riflescope, excellent shooter, $400. Quantity of rifle scopes from 3x9, 6x24, 8x30, all in excellent condition, some still in the box. 4 265/75/16 heavy tread tires mounted on chrome rims off GMC Yukon, $400. 2 - 365/75/16 summer tires $150. Large collection of Norman Rockwell plates, Creation series, Mother Goose, Diane-Queen of Hearts, Cottage, Sound of Music, total value $2,760, any reasonable offer accepted. 433-6690 or 567-0627.


52 ACRES ORGANIC FARM Land and old growth forest. 19km from Riverview Causeway, Nixon Road. 60’ Ravine & Brook on Property. Will subdevide, priced to sell, 534-2369.

STEEVES SETTLEMENT BAPTIST Church Independent, 250 Steeves Settlement Road. Pastor Paul Fosmark. Services every Sunday, 9:45am, Sunday School for all ages. 11:00am Morning Worship Service. All welcome! For information call 534-2714.



303 CALIBRE RIFLE MARK 4, all redesigned, 18.5” barrel, special rail

BOXES OF LICENSE Plates, 5 older Ford truck rally rims & trim, $250, 4



The Sussex Herald

Lincoln aluminum rims with centres, $250, Ford tailgate insert off ‘89, good shape. 506-567-6030.

SERVICES OFFERED MARTIN’S TRUCKING Yards, basements, clean-ups, tree removal, roofs/chimney repair, painting, interior/exterior. Light trucking. Free estimates. 607-7123. HENDERSON OVERHEAD DOORS - Sales and services of overhead doors, operators and weather stripping of all models. Phone 485-2151 or 609-8699. INTERIOR PAINTING. Ceilings, walls and trim. Free Estimates. Call Doug Hall at 839-2241, 433-0103 or email MARITIME RIGGING & INDUSTRIAL Supplies. We carry a complete line of traction chains, wire rope, chain, rope, barrier & sports netting, industrial products serving the logging, towing, trucking and marine industries etc. Call any time, 832-1198.





433-2121 We service and install:

Roofing • Siding • Windows • Doors Old or New Roofs

References Available / call 434-5046

We are W.E.T.T. Certified

Your fully licensed & insured heating technicians

Matt Plume • 721-7451



Tree reMOVAL

Journeyman Carpenter / 25 yrs. plus exp. complete renovations, additions, new construction, garages, Decks, asphalt and Steel roofs, Painting, ceramic tile & Log Home kit construction

• Oil, Wood, Electric Furnaces • Chimneys & Stainless Steel Liners • Oil Tanks • Oil, Electric & Wood Boilers


Steel Roofing Garage Doors

Sales/Repairs/Heat/Well Pumps UV Lights & Water Conditioners Certified in-floor Radiant Heating Back Flow Prevention Tester Phone 432-5199 Fax 432-6475 Dion 434-2622 Bob 433-0583


Call 944-5613 to book your space.

Licensed & Insured • Lux Warranty

Camerons Tree Removal You Call, I Cut! • Insured • Free Estimates

“Professionally”From 1 tree to many. Neil Cameron Home: (506) 433-4750 Cell: (506) 433-0021

Next Issue: July 31 Deadline: July 23


» Pressure Wash Houses,

Trucks, Equipment, RVs & Campers


» Fill Swimming Pools

» Buying Junk Cars » Snow Plowing We haul fifth wheels & travel trailers


We take Visa, Master Card & Debit

512-0321 Bill Kyte

Well Drilling Call to book your appointment

(506) 432-6222

We carry Western Saddles, Bits & Spurs, Gift Items

Health Items for Dogs & Horses - Excel EQ, Back on Track, Alpha Omega

42 Peter St. Sussex, NB

“WATER THE NECTAR OF THE GODS” Phone: 506-433-6767 Bill Kyte - Owner P.O. Box 7016 506-432-5266 Sussex Corner, N.B. Thomas Maceachern - Manager E4E 5M3 506-512-1207

July 17th - July 30th, 2018 


40 LEONARD DRIVE, SUSSEX 506-433-1890 • 1 (877) 677-9574 2017 CHRYSLER 300 C PLATINUM AWD

Now $33,777 Was $35,999


11,000 KM

Now $34,777 Was $35,999




35,000 KM

93,000 KM

Now $14,777 Was $15,999


56,500 KM


106,500 KM

Now $24,777 Was $26,999




Now $14,777 Was $15,999

Now $32,777 Was $34,699

2015 RAM 1500 REG CAB SPORT 4X4


Now $18,777 Was $19,999


105,000 KM

2012 RAM 1500 QUAD SLT 4X4

Sussex Herald - July 17, 2018  
Sussex Herald - July 17, 2018