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Ten little indians

By: Alex Yañez

3º ESO


Table of contents 3-Information 4-Bibliographic references

Ten Little indians Summary The book is about 10 people who go to an island. In the island the persons are killed one by one by one of them. Characters Armstrong: diagnoses the causes of the deaths. Blore: african settler. Brent: single inflexible Claythorne: ex-nanny Legge: Soldier that had to make very serious Lombard: The only one in the island with a handgun Macarthur: He does very serious things in the world of war Maine: Journalist in charge of the case of the Black Island. Marston: The only famous guest in the island Narracot: Takes the guest to the island in his motorboat Rogers (Mr. and Mrs.): butlers Wargrave: judge known as "the hanging judge" Agatha Christie Agatha Christie was born on 15 September 1890 in Torquay, Devon, England. She wrote 79 novels. Vocabulary Diagnose: Diagnostica Setter: Colono Handgun: Pistola Charge: Encargado Guest: Invitado Motorboat: Motora Butlers: Mayordomos Hanging: Ahorca

Bibliography -Image: *Centro Jubutsu, (accessed 28/02/2013) -Information: *Wikipedia, (accessed 26/02/2013) *La Familia, 20Christie%20-%20Diez%20negritos.pdf (accessed 19/02/2013) *Wordreference,

Ten little indians  

2nd Term Project about my favourite book (3º ESO)

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