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“True Friendship”

Gregory Colbert

Antía y Noa 3º ESO

Table of contents: 1. Introduction--------------------------------------p.2 2. Author----------------------------------------------p.2 3. Action-----------------------------------------------p.2 4. Setting----------------------------------------------p.2 5. Theme----------------------------------------------p.3 6. Characters----------------------------------------p.3 7. Clothing--------------------------------------------p.3 8. Pose-------------------------------------------------p.3 9. Expression----------------------------------------p.3 10. Techniques----------------------------------p.3 11. Point of view--------------------------------p.3 12. Lightning-------------------------------------p.4 13. Framing---------------------------------------p.4 14. Cropping--------------------------------------p.4 15. Understanding the context and intended use of the photograph--------------------------------p.4


1. Introduction We choose this image because we thought that it was very emotive and we liked the color of the photograph. 2. Author: Gregory Colbert was born in Toronto, Canada in 1960. He is a Photographer and filmmaker who started his career in Paris in 1983 making documentary films on social issues. His first exhibition is Timewaves which was exhibited for the public in 1992 at the Museum of Elysée in Switzerland. He is the creator of the exhibition Ashes and Snow that is about nature. This exhibition is the most attended one by any living artist in history with over 10 million of visitors. 3. Action In this picture we can see an elephant and a girl and they are on a lake because they are saying goodbye. The subjects of the image are both, the girl and the elephant. In the background of the image there are plants and turbid water. In the foreground there is a photographer and we can’t see more. Noa: I think that she is a girl who had an elephant as a pet and they agree on the place that they met because the elephant will be killed. Antía: I think that the girl and the elephant work in a circus, the circus belongs to the girl’s parents and because of money problems they will have to kill the elephant.

4. Setting We think that the photograph was taken in the 21’s century and maybe the place where it was taken is in Africa or India. Because the clothes and the elephant seem from Africa and the photograph seems from the 21’s century.


5. Theme: The story behind the photograph Noa: The girl who is in the photo has the elephant because is her pet and the parent’s girl say that the elephant will be killed and the last day of the elephant, the animal and the girl go back to the place where they first met. Antía: Behind this image there is the story of a true friendship between the elephant and the girl, but the elephant is going to be killed because in the circus of the girl’s parents there is no money enough to feed the elephant.

6. Characters In this picture we can see a big gray elephant and a white girl. We think that the girl is 12 years old and maybe she is from Africa because there aren’t elephants in a lot of places. The photography is from the 21th century.

7. Clothing The girl is wearing something that looks like a white nightdress, her long, black hair combed in a braid; maybe she is a rich girl because her clothes don’t look old.

8. Pose She is resting her head on the elephant’s they are both in a lake. Her hand over her heart expressing her love for the elephant and sadness because she will miss him.

9. Expression She is sad because she loves the elephant and maybe the elephant is going to leave the city.

10. Technics The photographer is using a different effect of the real image to cause sad feelings.

11. Point of view The photographer is crouching in front of the girl and the elephant 3

12. Lightning The light of the image is artificial. Maybe the light is from the camera flash or a lantern, it is a dark, soft and diffused light. The photograph focuses on the light on the girl and the elephant.

13. Framing Inside the picture frame we can see the girl, the elephant, a lake and some vegetation. The photographer chose this frame because it is the important theme of the image. Outside the frame: Noa: Outside the photograph there is more vegetation. AntĂ­a: Outside the photograph there are more people watching the scene and vegetation too.

14. Cropping The photographer crops this image because he wants that people pay attention to the girl and the elephant.

15. Understanding the context and intended use of the photograph The purpose of the image is to show the true feelings of friendship. We think that the photograph was taken in the 21’s century. The difference between other artists is that he always using sepia color.


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3ºESO Antía & Noa - Girl and Elephant  

Girl and Elephant by Gregory Colbert